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00:41 Hello and welcome to "Behold the Lamb" presents.
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton, your host.
00:46 And once again we want to give a warm welcome
00:49 for tuning in with us today.
00:52 Today's program is the last of the three part series
00:56 that we have entitled "America in Prophecy."
00:59 If you were with us during the first two programs
01:02 you are no doubt beginning to understand
01:04 how important it is for us to study prophecy
01:08 just as it has been given to us by God.
01:12 Remember, Christ has warned us not to be deceived.
01:16 And I truly believe that as we are living
01:19 in the last years of this world's history
01:22 that the proper understanding of prophecy
01:26 is crucial to our not being deceived.
01:29 Revelation 13 introduces this great nation
01:32 the United States of America into prophetic grid.
01:36 And it warns us of worshiping the beast rather than God.
01:40 So it is vital for us to understand who this beast is?
01:45 Who the image of the beast is comprised of?
01:48 And how we maybe worshiping,
01:50 listen how we may be worshiping and our showing
01:53 our allegiance to it right now without even realizing it?
01:59 Friends, this message helps us to put all the pieces together.
02:04 It reinforces the importance of our understanding
02:07 and keeping the whole law of God.
02:11 Therefore it is our prayer that in this third message
02:14 that all will become crystal clear as to America's part
02:19 in the prophecy of Revelation 13.
02:22 And as we are God's people
02:24 we have to come out of spiritual confusion
02:26 and be among the number that is described
02:30 in Revelation 12:17 as keeping the commandments of God
02:34 and having the faith of Jesus.
02:37 But before we begin today's message
02:39 with Pastor Kenny Shelton,
02:41 we are so blessed to visit the 3ABN Worship Center
02:44 and listen to a song that is entitled
02:47 "Wonderful, Merciful Savior" as sung by Emma McDonald.
03:08 Wonderful, merciful Savior
03:15 Precious Redeemer and Friend
03:21 Who would have thought that a Lamb
03:26 Could rescue the souls of men
03:32 Oh you rescue the souls of men
03:43 Counselor, Comforter, Keeper
03:49 Spirit we long to embrace
03:55 You offer hope when our hearts have
04:01 Hopelessly lost the way
04:05 Oh, we hopelessly lost the way
04:13 You are the One that we praise
04:19 You are the One we adore
04:25 You gave us healing and grace
04:30 Our hearts always hunger for
04:36 Oh, our hearts always hunger for
05:17 Almighty, infinite Father
05:23 Faithfully loving Your own
05:29 Here in our weakness You find us
05:35 Falling before Your throne
05:40 Oh, we're falling before Your throne
05:47 You are the One that we praise
05:54 You are the One we adore
05:59 You gave us healing and grace
06:04 Our hearts always hunger for
06:10 Oh, our hearts always hunger for
06:18 You are the One that we praise
06:24 You are the One we adore
06:30 You gave us healing and grace
06:34 Our hearts always hunger for
06:40 Oh, our hearts always hunger for
07:03 Thanks for joining us here at "Behold the Lamb"
07:05 and again as you've already heard the introduction
07:07 this is a dynamite subject, it's so important
07:10 that we had a grasp based upon heaven to this subject.
07:14 So get your pens and paper, get ready,
07:16 we're gonna have prayer.
07:17 Lot of material to move through, so, you know,
07:19 we're gonna do the very best we can and pray
07:21 that Lord would give us proper understanding of His word.
07:23 We're gonna go on our knees right now, we're gonna pray.
07:26 This is a vital life and death issue and subject today,
07:30 so we need the Holy Spirit.
07:31 Let's pray. Shall we?
07:34 Merciful Father in heaven,
07:35 we thank you for the privilege we have a prayer,
07:37 we thank you that we can come boldly to the throne
07:39 and we can ask help in our time of need.
07:41 Lord, send your Holy Spirit, illuminate all of our hearts,
07:44 all of our minds, all of our ears
07:46 may we see Jesus in a special way.
07:48 May we understand this warning message
07:51 that involves the whole world.
07:53 Bless now we pray to this and we'll give You praise,
07:55 give You honor, give You glory in Jesus name. Amen.
08:01 As mentioned this is life and death subject
08:04 and so we need to think along those lines
08:06 as we study Revelation Chapter 13.
08:08 This is the third part of America in Prophecy.
08:12 Remember if it involves America you live here,
08:14 you need to be interested in it and it will what?
08:18 Eventually just take in the whole world.
08:21 Very interesting subject, Revelation Chapter 13.
08:25 We've already identified first, second part,
08:28 this is a third about Revelation 13: 11-18
08:31 we've identified this lamb like beast with two horns
08:34 representing none other than what?
08:36 United States of America.
08:38 Make no mistake about it, it's very, very clear.
08:41 God's word speaks about this United States.
08:45 Two fundamental principles we realized
08:47 on about that the two horns of that lamb like beast,
08:50 Republicanism and also Protestantism.
08:52 We can say civil authority and certainly religious.
08:56 And we're going to see all these come into play together.
08:59 We see this little lamb begin to speak
09:01 as the dragon that causes us concern.
09:03 So as it speaks, it begin to speak
09:05 like the first beast power.
09:08 Very interesting and we identify that just quickly
09:10 without going to lot of detail
09:12 Revelation 13:1-10 is the papacy.
09:15 So United States in begins to speak as the papacy spoke
09:19 during those Dark Ages, remember that.
09:21 And this is the power Bible talks about was wounded
09:24 by a sword and then did live.
09:27 This wound would be healed,
09:29 the world would wander after this.
09:31 Simply meaning that once again
09:33 this religious power would be involved what,
09:36 in religion and also in our civil authority.
09:39 So we have these two things
09:41 we need to really be interested in today.
09:44 Papacy as we think about again
09:47 will come back to power and life again,
09:49 because listen this, because of Protestantism.
09:54 Many people say, well, I don't understand that.
09:56 Protestants are what?
09:58 Are just encouraging the papacy really to just step forward
10:02 and take a position in leading in religious things.
10:05 Something we'd never heard of,
10:07 something we'd never even thought of years ago.
10:10 And you say, well, what is this little thing
10:12 that draws us together, Sunday observance.
10:16 Papacy says, we changed the seventh day
10:18 to the first day of the week and the world does what?
10:21 Follows after us.
10:22 You think maybe that you're not,
10:23 but you need to reconsider
10:25 if you're listening for the very first time for today.
10:27 The world wanders after the beast.
10:31 Sad, then you gonna say they are those
10:32 whose names are not written in the Lamb's Book of Life.
10:35 We talked about Sunday little bit about
10:37 Sunday observance in part one and also in part two.
10:41 And so I'm going to go over and just remind you this.
10:44 And some of the things would be very tough
10:46 and I realize that they are, you know,
10:48 God help us to understand.
10:49 Again these are life and death issues.
10:51 And things will be spoken very plainly just say
10:53 Lord, help us to understand them.
10:56 Challenge our minds and then get into the word of God.
10:58 But as I mentioned before, we talk about Sunday,
11:01 the world, majority of the world goes to church on Sunday.
11:04 But realize Sunday there is not one scripture
11:07 in the entire Bible, not one that tells us
11:10 that Sunday is holy, that Sunday is blessed,
11:13 that Sunday is been set apart or sanctified.
11:17 It simply refers to as the first day of the week.
11:22 And think about a common working day that's all it is.
11:26 You can try to say well, it's blessed.
11:27 God blesses something it stays blessed, remember that.
11:31 Almost all the Protestant world we see are fooled.
11:35 They're trying to make something holy
11:37 that is not been made holy by God,
11:39 but man has done this thing.
11:42 That's why we see United States
11:43 in prophecy coming and bearing here.
11:45 I mentioned before at least the Roman Church
11:48 is truthful to the fact.
11:50 You know, they're honest, they say we change the day.
11:53 Yes we did, we have the power and authority to do so
11:55 and all the Protestant world follows after us.
11:57 You know, following the after what?
11:59 Sunday which is no Biblical authority at all in it,
12:01 that's pretty bold, isn't it?
12:04 And you know, what is Protestants?
12:05 We say nothing.
12:07 We don't even protest that's what we're supposed to be
12:08 as protestors in Catholicism, but we don't even protest.
12:11 We say nothing and then we say what?
12:14 Almost-- we don't know what to do,
12:17 we don't know whether it's true, whether it's not,
12:19 why don't we study to show ourselves approved unto God.
12:23 I just read an article and I want to share it with you,
12:26 because I'm kind of shocked about it
12:28 and I hope we have time to go through all
12:29 that we need to go through here.
12:31 But it comes from an individual.
12:33 It comes from people who should know better.
12:35 People in high position, people who're supposed to know
12:37 this last day message when it comes to Revelation 13.
12:41 Part of the Three Angels' Message
12:43 that we're to give to the world
12:45 and they have a different take on it.
12:47 I want you to listen how they come across with this
12:50 and just see how you, how you view their opinion.
12:54 And remember they're in high position,
12:56 so therefore they affect hundreds
12:58 or maybe thousands and thousands of people.
13:02 You know what they say about Revelation 13.
13:04 The title of the subject was,
13:06 rethinking our position in prophecy.
13:10 Rethinking our position in prophecy, see.
13:13 How do we support rethinking our position on prophecy
13:18 when we have a sure word of prophecy.
13:20 That it's not gonna be changed, you see,
13:22 God has spoken in His word.
13:24 So how is that supposed to be?
13:25 We have a foundation that cannot be moved,
13:28 but yet this person in high position
13:31 should know better has made this.
13:33 And I want you to listen, here's what he said.
13:35 Number one, listen,
13:37 some of the details this person says,
13:40 a prophecies may have changed.
13:44 Some of the details of the prophecies
13:47 may have changed.
13:48 Not if it's the sure word of prophecy.
13:51 We're looking like for excuses not to be able to do
13:53 what God has said and preached,
13:54 what God has said in His word what,
13:56 to get along with other people?
13:57 Point number two they made this point.
14:00 Well, it happened so many years ago.
14:02 So what, does that change?
14:04 You know, truth and err doesn't remain the same
14:06 regards to how long it's been there, it never changes.
14:10 But they're saying well, we have to change with the times.
14:12 No we don't, we stay with the word of God.
14:14 Third point they made and really as I read it
14:17 kind of sicken me to be honest about I may say that to you.
14:20 Point number three, it says, maybe,
14:23 and they're thinking maybe
14:25 another power will come up other than the papacy.
14:29 Impossibility, think about it.
14:32 And they're gonna-- and say,
14:34 and act like the beast of Revelation 13.
14:36 You realize all the identifying marks
14:38 at least 10 identifying marks of the papacy
14:40 in Revelation 13:1-10.
14:43 And the timeframes, and how long it would last,
14:46 what it would do, thinking to change time.
14:48 See it can't be possible,
14:49 there's not gonna be another one.
14:51 Number four they said this.
14:53 Why can't we preach the everlasting gospel
14:57 without identifying the beast of Revelation 13.
15:00 I was shocked.
15:01 Did they realized what they're saying here.
15:03 That's part of the Three Angels' Message
15:05 of Revelation 14, isn't it?
15:07 It says the everlasting gospel,
15:09 but there's three messages to go into the world
15:11 and one of them is to identify the beast power, the papacy.
15:15 And number four, their fifth point was this.
15:18 Well, after all
15:20 the papacy is not the same church as it used to be.
15:24 Friend, you have to, all you have to do
15:25 is read their own writings.
15:26 We're not trying to come down on individuals,
15:28 we're talking about an organization here
15:30 and we have to really look at it closely.
15:32 They say in their own writings,
15:33 we have not erred or have we ever erred.
15:37 So how you gonna change?
15:38 I realized few apologies kind of went
15:40 here and there and so on so forth,
15:41 but not all of the atrocities that has taken place
15:44 to get rid of God's last day people.
15:46 How sad when you think about how sad this is.
15:50 See why the world is in such a mess
15:52 and even may be our movements in such a mess,
15:53 because we have these people saying
15:55 well, why can't we or maybe it's changed.
15:59 Friend, again we have the prophecy
16:01 the book God has given us
16:02 that what we need to be preaching to the world.
16:04 And so we need to be that.
16:06 We got a call sin by its right name.
16:08 We have to give the Three Angels' Message
16:10 and we need to quit trying to imitate
16:12 the other world's soft pedaling,
16:15 you know, just make it really easy for everybody
16:17 or try to be like everybody else,
16:18 to try to get along, changing our doctrine and our teaching,
16:21 so that the rest of the world
16:23 and Christian world would accept us.
16:25 How is that separate? How is that different?
16:27 You see, we had to be
16:29 a separate different people here in these last days.
16:32 You know, you think about this verse
16:34 here in Revelation 13:12.
16:35 You have your Bible keep there
16:37 we're gonna be going back and forth through here.
16:38 is dealing with worship.
16:41 Please keep that in mind we're talking about the beast power,
16:43 it's dealing with worship and when you're dealing
16:46 with worship about this lamb which is what,
16:49 we've identified United States in Bible prophecy
16:51 is going to be exercising her power, think about that.
16:56 And enforce something which would be a religious observance.
17:01 They're going to enforce,
17:02 that's what the Bible says as we study here.
17:05 And this act that they're going to do
17:07 and they're going to perform here.
17:08 We have to think about it,
17:10 it will be an act on our allegiance to the papacy.
17:13 The law is going to be passed as such as Sunday law.
17:17 An act on allegiance, wow.
17:20 Well, first of all we'd say
17:22 well, we know that's gonna be contrary.
17:24 We have our constitution, we have our bill of rights
17:26 and so that can possibly take place.
17:29 It's interesting as we read, it says,
17:31 "Congress shall make no" what?
17:33 Good, "No law respecting
17:35 an establishment of religion,
17:38 or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."
17:43 So you say oh, well, we've got it made here.
17:45 But we have to realize here that the principles
17:48 that are out here something's going to change,
17:51 something in the world is going to happen,
17:53 it's going to make that things change
17:55 into where it's gonna be very, very easy,
17:57 very simple for the world at large to say,
18:00 hey, there is a small group of people
18:01 that's causing trouble here.
18:03 Remember we're talking life and death,
18:05 buying, selling, killing.
18:07 That's what the Revelation 13 is talking about.
18:09 And United States is going to be
18:10 in that power to pass these laws.
18:13 Now remember this talk about this beast,
18:16 the lamb like, gentle, pure
18:20 which speak as a dragon that's what concerns me
18:23 and should concern you.
18:24 Now please remember when you say,
18:26 we have this constitution,
18:27 we had the bill of rights, the Supreme Court.
18:30 Remember I think I closed this
18:31 in the first part of this series right here
18:35 of what one of the Supreme Court justice had said.
18:37 You know what he said, about the constitution.
18:38 He said the constitution is exactly
18:40 what we as the judges say it is.
18:44 Interesting, because, you know, you can leave the words there,
18:47 but you can turn it around and make it say something
18:49 that was never intended for it to be said.
18:51 In fact in 1961 chief justice of Supreme Court warned.
18:56 He made this statement.
18:57 I read, I want to do it again,
18:58 so you can see it's not impossible for this.
19:00 This is talking about establishment of a religion.
19:04 And so he wrote several pages on it,
19:06 we're gonna condense it down what he said.
19:08 This was dealing with our first amendment liberties.
19:12 He said, "The original laws" notice this,
19:14 "The original laws which dealt with Sunday labor
19:18 were motivated by religious forces."
19:21 Huh, interesting.
19:24 They had to do, they said, we're trying to separate here.
19:26 This is dealing with religion and the Supreme Court is saying
19:29 well, really it's not dealing with religion.
19:33 Is it?
19:34 If they set a law
19:35 to say you have to worship on a certain day?
19:37 Be fined, maybe thrown in prison.
19:39 This is interesting, his take on
19:41 and this was his verdict he said on this.
19:43 "But we must decide whether the present Sunday legislation,
19:49 having undergone extensive change from the earliest forms
19:54 still retains its religious character."
19:57 So lot of words in here, but they're saying
19:59 does it really retain its religious character.
20:02 Here's what he said bottom line.
20:03 He said "The present purpose
20:06 and effect is not to aid a religion."
20:09 'Cause they know they're not supposed to.
20:11 "Not to aid religion" but said.
20:13 "But is to set aside a day of rest and recreation."
20:18 Interesting why would it be Sunday.
20:20 Well, you know, one of them said, Chief Justice said,
20:22 because most of the world keep Sunday
20:24 and so we do the popular thing.
20:26 What's it gonna happen with the rest of the people
20:28 who say, no we don't believe that.
20:30 Could there be persecution, absolutely.
20:32 Have your Bible Revelation 13:13, 14.
20:36 Let's dissect a little bit here in the time that we have.
20:39 The Bible says, "And he doeth great wonders,
20:41 so that he maketh fire come down
20:43 from heaven on the earth in the sight of men."
20:46 Now let's do the first part of verse 14 it says,
20:49 "And he deceiveth them that dwell on the earth
20:52 by those miracles which he had power
20:54 to do in the sight of the beast."
20:57 Can we stop here?
20:59 Thing about what is Satan doing here?
21:01 Satan is determined to secure the allegiance
21:04 of the human race through, listen, through religion.
21:09 This is his goal, and always has.
21:11 Remember it started in Europe, right?
21:13 People came over to America for religious freedom.
21:15 The devil came on over here with it, right?
21:17 And he's gonna try to finish it
21:18 and make America end up just like Europe.
21:21 He's not giving up trying to take over the world
21:23 and trying to get what? Get rid of the Christian.
21:26 Now remember through religion a apostate religious system,
21:32 kind of interesting. Union coming together.
21:35 Here's what you have, you have the papacy,
21:37 you have a apostate Protestantism,
21:39 and you also have what? Good Spiritism.
21:43 So the enemy is going to be working in and around
21:45 and through the church
21:47 and still his goal is to get rid of Christianity.
21:50 We say well, that can't happen.
21:53 You realize the enemy and when you think about these
21:55 and dissect them and we have more time.
21:57 Listen, the enemy is behind when someone mentions
22:00 the new world order, the enemy is behind it.
22:04 When someone mentions you to you a one world religion,
22:07 the enemy is behind it.
22:09 When someone talks about a one world monitory system,
22:13 the enemy is behind it.
22:15 When someone talks about the Illuminati,
22:16 the enemy is behind it.
22:18 When someone talks to you
22:20 about secret societies operating in America,
22:22 dear friend, the enemy is behind it.
22:24 When someone begins to talk about Sunday laws been passed
22:28 to take away our religious freedom that we have,
22:31 the enemy is behind it.
22:33 Please keep that in mind and many other things.
22:35 Revelation 13:13 Bible said, "He doeth great wonders."
22:40 Here's how the enemy is going to work,
22:41 here's how he comes, here's how he works.
22:44 And you know what, majority of the world will be fooled,
22:46 because we will not read our Bible
22:48 and we will not listen to the word of God.
22:51 See I'm pleading with you.
22:52 Here's how the enemy is going to work,
22:54 but you know what, you're going to be fooled,
22:56 because you don't know the truths of God words
22:57 or you say, well, this is impossibility.
23:00 The enemy will use miracles
23:02 to persuade the world that he is God.
23:06 Remember in Isaiah 14 He says,
23:08 he's gonna set himself up as God,
23:09 gonna be higher than God, and sit on the throne,
23:11 you remember that, sure.
23:13 He still plans on that. He still working on that.
23:17 He wants people to think that he is God.
23:20 And he is going to be, what?
23:21 Unmasking, hey, listen, a new religious organization.
23:27 You have to keep in mind and hopefully
23:29 we'll get to this as we go along here.
23:30 But the enemy that devil is going to appear as who?
23:33 As an angel of light. We've read that.
23:36 They say, he is going to be walking
23:38 around here on the earth.
23:39 If you can only understand this truth
23:40 remember when Jesus comes back the second time,
23:42 His feet will not touch this earth.
23:44 If there is a power that's walking around on this earth,
23:47 performing miracles even you say,
23:49 you know, healing the sick and doing all kind of thing.
23:51 It is not Jesus Christ, it is the enemy,
23:54 his look as it were--
23:55 transform himself into an angel of light.
23:58 Deceived, people are looking for miracles now?
24:01 They're going to be deceived
24:02 if they don't understand these truths.
24:05 So this union then we'll see
24:06 that the devil is going to be using.
24:08 He is going to be using the papacy, we understand that.
24:11 He is going to be using a apostate Protestantism.
24:15 Protestant, apostate turning their back on the truth,
24:18 we won't listen to truth anymore, right.
24:20 We're drunk on that wine the doctrine.
24:23 Right and he is going to be using Spiritism or Spiritualism.
24:27 Have you ever thought about that?
24:30 The world's been set up for years now
24:32 about spiritism of--spiritualism.
24:35 Let me just read something here Great Controversy page 588.
24:39 This will make sense to you. Just listen.
24:42 It said, "Through two great errors,
24:44 the immortality of the soul and Sunday sacredness,
24:49 Satan will bring the people under his deceptions."
24:53 Don't you see all the spiritualism,
24:55 all the stuff that's going around the world today?
24:57 The enemy is planted a seed, it's producing a harvest
25:00 and there's talk about Sunday law, Sunday closing,
25:02 and blue laws and all other in the court.
25:05 You know, in 1960s, there are several court cases
25:07 went all way to the Supreme Court.
25:09 The Protestants of the United States will be,
25:12 listen, foremost,
25:13 who? Protestants.
25:15 I made this statement a while ago.
25:16 Now listen, the Protestants are going to be foremost
25:19 in stretching their hands across the gulf
25:22 to grasp the hands of Spiritualism,
25:26 under the influence of this threefold union,
25:30 the country will follow in the steps of Rome.
25:34 Please remember this,
25:35 remember the first beast and the second beast.
25:37 First beast, I'm gonna go over and over is the papacy.
25:39 Second beast is United States, Revelation 13.
25:42 We remember the United States speaks
25:45 like the first beast is what the Bible says.
25:47 So it's easy to see that we're going back
25:49 it says here we reach across we will follow in the steps of Rome
25:54 in simply trampling upon the, what?
25:57 Conscience, the right of the conscience.
26:01 Interesting, oh, it just can't happen,
26:03 as they are worried about oh, it can't happen.
26:05 Friend, listen, religious liberty challenged every day,
26:11 we see these things happening.
26:12 Listen, in the Great Controversy,
26:13 page 589, and we realize here,
26:16 I mentioned about the devil coming as angel of light
26:19 in 2 Corinthians 11:14, jot that down.
26:23 It says, "Through Spiritualism,
26:25 Satan appears as a benefactor of the race."
26:29 So when the world is in a mess, please think about it.
26:31 The world is in a mess and all of a sudden,
26:33 you have this devil appearing as angel of light
26:36 and he has all the answers.
26:40 He's healing the sick,
26:41 it looks like here and diseases of the people.
26:45 And he's professing, notice this that he has a new
26:47 and more exalted system of religious faith.
26:51 Isn't that interesting?
26:53 I'll give you little PS here--
26:56 Satan has control of all whom God does not,
27:02 especially, guard--
27:03 The devil has what?
27:05 Control of everyone that God does
27:07 and especially guard and guide--
27:09 Nine Testimonies, 16, it says
27:12 "Satan, will work miracles of all kinds."
27:16 Are you basing your religion?
27:18 Are you, you know, Christianity on signs
27:21 and miracles and wonders, you need to be careful.
27:23 I'm reading on 9T--, 16, he says
27:25 he's working his miracles to do what?
27:27 "To deceive, if possible, the very elect."
27:31 Of Matthew 24:24,
27:33 that's how good he's going to do it.
27:36 God's people will not find safety
27:39 in the working of miracles
27:41 for Satan will counterfeit the miracles."
27:45 Have you ever read that?
27:46 Revelation 16:14, the Bible says,
27:49 now we're talking in preparation for the battle of Armageddon,
27:53 last battle to be fought, what?
27:55 In preparation for this battle,
27:56 notice this, the Bible said,
27:58 there go spirits of devils working miracles
28:03 and will go forth to the kings of the earth
28:07 and the whole world. Interesting.
28:11 It says here just so, we say black and white.
28:13 So simple what the enemy is going to be doing
28:15 and how he's gonna be doing it,
28:16 so you won't be able to trust your sense,
28:18 you're not be able to trust your eyes.
28:20 You're gonna have to know the word of God
28:22 because this is how the devil is going to work,
28:23 because it fools people so easy,
28:25 he's going to deceive the whole world. Interesting.
28:30 What is God's people then for the power?
28:32 You think about what kind of power that we're gonna have?
28:34 How we're gonna be supported along this line?
28:38 What's gonna be our message and our theme?
28:41 Well, certainly Exodus 31,
28:42 you can read in verses 12 through 18
28:45 and I'm just gonna condense it down in a few words.
28:47 Jesus said that "Verily my Sabbaths ye shall keep,
28:51 for it is a sign between me and you
28:54 throughout your generations."
28:55 The Sabbath, the question, there are Sabbath,
28:58 Sunday issue, the great battle,
29:00 the great controversy going on, right.
29:02 We're gonna serve the God of heaven
29:04 or we're gonna serve the enemy.
29:05 Remember enemy has a counterfeit for everything.
29:09 Say, God's true people then will be identified
29:11 by their loyalty to the fourth commandment.
29:14 Let's keep that in mind.
29:16 The sign of God's creative power,
29:19 the claim that God has upon the human race,
29:22 and among us as individuals,
29:25 He's asking for our reverence
29:27 and homage we have to pay Him.
29:30 Friend, you love Him that much,
29:31 you see what we're getting at here,
29:35 okay, then you say well, how about the wicked.
29:36 How will they be distinguished?
29:38 How do you going to distinguish the wicked right here?
29:42 Remember the wicked is going to be, what?
29:43 Their efforts are going to be to tear down
29:46 the Creator's memorial or the Sabbath.
29:49 And they're going to try to exalt the false day of Rome
29:53 or the first day of the week.
29:55 That's what they are gonna be doing.
29:57 They are gonna be elevating the first day of the week.
29:58 God's people gonna be elevating the seventh day of the week.
30:01 Man's, man's day or God's day, seem pretty simple choice to me.
30:06 Now look-- let's move on,
30:07 lot can be said, now let's move on.
30:09 Last part of Revelation 13:14,
30:11 "Saying to them that dwell on the earth,
30:14 that they should make an image," what?
30:16 "An image to the beast which was wounded by the sword,
30:20 and" what? "And did live."
30:23 So the Bible is going on and on
30:24 and here I'm trying to make sure that we understand
30:26 and repeating as I am so that we get the message,
30:29 so we don't have to say, well, I think it's just power to say.
30:32 It's very simple the powers we are talking about.
30:34 It's that eventually United States is going to do what?
30:37 Protestantism is going to make an image to the beast, who?
30:40 To the papacy, something that will point to,
30:42 what the papacy has instituted
30:43 and we eventually will say this is what we--
30:46 okay, then we're gonna make an image to the beast
30:48 and has to do with our worship, remember?
30:51 Wounded by a sword and did live.
30:53 Image simply means a lightness, a lightness.
30:57 Make an image to the first beast then would be to make, what?
31:01 An organization that would function on the same principles
31:07 as the first beast or the papacy.
31:09 So with the United States in what?
31:11 Will begin to put in operation something
31:13 that the papacy did back in the old country,
31:16 that's what Bible is talking about here.
31:18 That we operate on the same principles.
31:20 What principles then did that first beast
31:23 operate on or the papacy?
31:25 Many of you could say the first beast,
31:27 it might just fool you, you know, I'm not sure--
31:28 the papacy, what did they do?
31:31 Remember the principles they operated on
31:33 was civil government to enforce
31:36 and support the religious institution.
31:39 So they pass religious laws and they had the government
31:42 as it were a civil power to enforce it.
31:45 That's going to happen here, remember the two horns,
31:48 he's speaking as a lamb,
31:49 there after it begin to speak as a dragon, the Bible says.
31:53 So in order for the United States of America,
31:56 the second beast to be like the first beast
31:59 or the papacy, it would have to some,
32:02 something's going to have to happen,
32:04 there's something's going to change.
32:06 It's gonna have to change its principles and freedom.
32:10 Which don't you see is being attacked
32:12 on every side right now, our religious freedom,
32:14 our freedoms in general were being attacked
32:16 right and left everyday that we're here.
32:18 They're being attack more and more and more all sides.
32:21 You have hate crimes, you have gun patrols,
32:23 you have terrorism, you have your religion,
32:26 religious liberty on every side there's an attack going on.
32:31 And there is laws been passed
32:32 more stringent each and everyday.
32:35 Friend, I might say, you know,
32:37 there is different movements going on.
32:39 They feverishly, listen to me carefully,
32:42 movements going on in the world that's feverishly working
32:45 to make an image to the beast.
32:48 You say, well, I didn't.
32:50 Do you realize that we're talking
32:51 about here group I take it back 1888.
32:54 We're talking about righteous by faith.
32:55 We're talking about an institution
32:58 where they have their magazine.
33:00 I was gonna bring it up here and I did not do it.
33:02 But a magazine on there and the cover
33:03 you open it up called Lord's Day Alliance.
33:06 I know, many of you know that one.
33:08 And then open here first page it says,
33:10 they came into being to do, what?
33:13 To make Sunday the national day of worship.
33:16 In 1980 they've been working feverishly
33:18 to make sure that we all keep Sunday as the Lord's Day.
33:22 You can't make something Lord's Day,
33:24 it's not the Lord's Day.
33:25 The Lord's Day is the Sabbath day
33:26 that's what the Bible says.
33:28 Sure I'm gonna push you, you better believe
33:29 I'm gonna push you to get into the word to find out
33:31 well, this be true or not.
33:34 See what is the image to the beast?
33:35 Since the United States is going to Protestantism,
33:39 it's going to make an image to the papacy.
33:42 In other words something that the papacy stands for
33:44 that we begin to say, okay,
33:46 we're pushing just like they would.
33:48 See, everybody I know there's lot of people
33:50 especially in Adventism,
33:51 they always want to watch the pope here,
33:53 we're gonna watch the papacy.
33:55 Listen, my advice you better watch Protestants,
33:58 apostate Protestants.
33:59 Protestants are going to push for this movement
34:02 and certainly the papacy will join right in.
34:05 Now, listen to this here, image to the beast
34:07 and I'm gonna make these statements
34:09 about seven quick ones as fast as I can go here.
34:11 The image to the beast will be formed before probation closes.
34:17 It's gonna be before probation closes.
34:20 It's gonna be a test of the people of God
34:23 and they must have this test before they can be sealed.
34:27 Interesting, what a controversy
34:28 is going on in the movement today.
34:31 Remember, this test is going to be out there
34:32 where before God can seal His people is who want to test.
34:36 Three it deals with the union of church and state.
34:40 The image of the beast deals what?
34:41 With the church and the state.
34:44 We find the image of the beast is formed
34:46 by the Protestant churches. Interesting.
34:49 Five, it is an image to the papacy or a lightness
34:54 to what the papacy has instituted.
34:57 It should be pretty simple.
34:58 The law is going to be passed for Sunday observance,
35:03 instead of God's seventh day Sabbath. Interesting.
35:07 Point number seven, it's going to be given life and power
35:11 by that little lamb with two horns
35:14 United States of America, wow.
35:17 Revelation 13:11 on.
35:20 So when we think about the Protestant churches,
35:23 when they begin to and they're already doing it.
35:26 Blessed your heart we're doing it
35:27 and you sit there and say, no you read it
35:28 and you still say, no.
35:30 At Protestant churches they are uniting
35:33 with the secular powers to give life to a false day of worship.
35:39 United States is going to give life
35:40 to this false day of worship.
35:42 And this then it's is going to use its power
35:45 then to sustain the institution of what?
35:49 Of the church.
35:50 Don't you see the church and state
35:51 should be a vast separation
35:53 and people are just in such denial,
35:55 you know, the state can give funds to the schools
35:58 and they can help and they give grants
36:00 and they can do everything to relit
36:01 and then we turn on and say, well, no
36:03 they're separating between church and state.
36:06 The enemy is going to make sure that's not going to happen,
36:08 because again the enemy might know
36:10 that you have to have the secular power,
36:12 the civil power to enforce the laws,
36:15 you see, the religious laws that Protestants wants us
36:18 to have pass and also the Catholic Church.
36:21 It's gonna have to have a power to back it up.
36:24 And remember the first beast we're talking about here,
36:27 we're talking about this first beast is the papal power.
36:29 You know what it does? It admits, it admits.
36:33 In Daniel 7:25, the prophet put down,
36:36 Daniel put down and this power shall think to change, what?
36:39 Good, times and laws.
36:42 So we identify here so the beast,
36:44 the papacy admits, yes, we've changed the law.
36:49 We changed the seventh day of the week,
36:51 the fourth commandment in the ten.
36:53 Friends, they either all binding or they are not.
36:55 It's just that simple.
36:57 You can't just take one out and exchange it.
36:58 Resurrection didn't change the Sabbath
37:00 to the first day of the week.
37:01 There's no Bible passage to it.
37:03 Only mentions, what?
37:04 Sunday, first day of the week,
37:06 eight times in the entire New Testament,
37:08 six times refers to the same instance.
37:11 So there's not-- there's nothing in scriptures.
37:14 What I am saying, that will gives you a foundation
37:17 which to stand on the Bible, it's not.
37:19 The Papacy said, "We did it long time
37:21 before there's ever been Protestants."
37:24 That's why many people don't know
37:25 and most of you don't care
37:27 because you are not gonna get in the word.
37:28 You are not going to study.
37:30 You are gonna accept the power of the Roman Catholic Church.
37:33 Now remember, we have to rethink about the--
37:36 what are we accepting as Protestants,
37:38 that the whole world is wandering
37:40 after the Catholic Church.
37:42 We're not talking about maybe you go into confession.
37:44 We're not talking about penance.
37:46 We're not talking the law, the other things that they have.
37:48 It's Sunday, the Protestant world wanders
37:51 after what the papacy put into motion.
37:54 It's what? Sabbath Sunday issue.
37:56 And the whole world wanders after.
38:00 Isn't it very, very sad?
38:02 Bible says, they wander after the beast,
38:04 the papacy whose names are not written
38:07 in the Lamb's Book of Life.
38:08 Read that in Revelation 13:8.
38:10 I am talking this is heavy duty stuff.
38:12 It's not for the weakened heart.
38:13 You gonna get aggravate,
38:14 some of you gonna turn it off dear friends,
38:16 but you may wish that you never did turn it off,
38:18 that you listen.
38:21 This United States of America is right.
38:24 Right now, we are ripe, we are ready for these Sunday laws.
38:28 Let me just give you about four points real quickly here.
38:31 And you think on with me.
38:34 There's hardly any difference, point one,
38:36 there's hardly any difference between
38:38 now we are talking about
38:39 the professing Christian world and, what?
38:44 And the world that we live in.
38:45 There's hardly any difference. The church is so worldly.
38:50 The church--you know the rules come into the church
38:52 so there's hardly any difference between the two.
38:54 So there's not gonna be much of a fight put up
38:56 when this begins to take place.
38:58 Point number two,
39:01 Satan is going to unite people together by the--
39:06 in the ranks of spiritualism.
39:08 He's going to unite us together through what?
39:11 Spiritualism, he's ready.
39:13 Did you get it?
39:15 The church, the world is ready.
39:16 They are so much like they are ready for this deception.
39:19 The enemy is ready for this deception.
39:21 Number three, the papacy tells us this,
39:25 papacy says, "You know what, we believe in miracles.
39:28 And when we see miracles used it,
39:29 it tells us whether it's right or it's wrong."
39:31 So they are set up to say if we see some miracles,
39:34 we're gonna know when to make our move too.
39:37 Protestant world is already ready
39:38 for these miracles, these signs.
39:41 In fact they say miracles in signs,
39:42 it's sign of a true church.
39:44 But Rome says, "Rome is ready."
39:48 And you know Protestant point number four.
39:50 Protestants have rejected the truth of God's word.
39:55 They are right, they are ready to be deceived,
39:59 because they will not listen to the Bible
40:01 teaching of what happens when you die.
40:04 They won't get that. They don't want to know.
40:06 They believe that the dead can speak to us.
40:10 They believe that the dead can come back.
40:13 And that something you know,
40:14 out of space there's you know the flying saucers
40:17 and visiting from other planets, people are coming back.
40:20 You have programs, hunted houses--
40:23 that are on detecting by some kind of mold heat,
40:28 you know, some kind of-- something you can detect ghost
40:30 that's in a house right now.
40:32 People are fascinated by it visiting from other planet,
40:35 T.V., movies.
40:37 For years now have been setting people up
40:40 to believe that there's other life,
40:43 life beyond death.
40:45 Friend, think about it that you love ones can come back.
40:47 No, the Bible doesn't teach that
40:48 but Protestantism is ready, they are right.
40:51 The devil got them right
40:52 because they reject the truth of God's word.
40:55 So here you think about, here we see the rulings,
40:58 we see the enemy, we see Protestants,
41:02 we see papacy willing and ready to accept what?
41:06 A new form of religion but denying the power of God.
41:12 Please hear that. Here's what they are saying.
41:13 Let's come together. Let's have unity.
41:16 Let's just degree where we came on you know,
41:18 common points you know, doctrine.
41:21 We just let the rest of them go.
41:22 No, you can't do that.
41:24 You can never lower the principles.
41:25 You can never say, well, okay we accept this
41:27 and we-- we just keep silent.
41:29 Truth is, truth us truth.
41:30 This is what the devil is doing to try to bring something about.
41:34 And he said, "As we bring this about
41:36 he's going to support by sciences
41:38 and miracles and wonders."
41:40 I hope you see that.
41:41 And then here's what they are gonna--
41:43 listen, people are teaching it all over the place
41:45 by the millions right now.
41:47 They are saying as they see the signs of miracles
41:49 and wonders began to take place.
41:52 They say, "Look, the world is going to be--
41:54 listen, before Jesus comes here
41:56 the world is going to be converted.
41:58 And then now comes the long expected millennium
42:02 or the 1000 years on this earth before Jesus come.
42:05 Thousand years, oh friend, brothers and sisters,
42:08 it never takes place on this earth.
42:11 The millennium does not but the world
42:12 is been thought that it does.
42:15 And so its, they are ready.
42:16 They are right because they what?
42:18 Reject, Thus saith the Lord.
42:20 Because may this not popular,
42:22 may this just not what they want to hear.
42:25 The world is going to accept what?
42:27 The Papal Sabbath.
42:29 That's what they are going to do.
42:31 Not the seventh day but the first of the week,
42:33 you gonna follow after Rome.
42:35 Quickly on time. Revelation 13:15,16,17.
42:38 I am gonna read three verses because of our time
42:40 discussing as fast as we can.
42:42 Bible said, "He had power to give life
42:44 unto the image of the beast,
42:46 image of the beast should both speak,
42:49 cause that as many as would not"
42:51 notice the word
42:52 "worship the image of the beast should be killed."
42:56 Why am I excited about this?
42:57 Why am I trying to say, Oh God, help people to understand,
43:00 Help me to understand because if we don't go along with it
43:03 we will be killed because the lamb speak with--
43:06 is a lamb but it speaks as the dragon or as the papacy.
43:10 We see all these things taking place in the world.
43:12 Please don't close your mind to it.
43:14 Verse 16, He calls us.
43:16 He calls us, legislative action, laws passed
43:19 "Both small, great, rich, poor, bond
43:21 and free to receive a mark in the forehead or in the hand."
43:24 Not notice this, verse 17 says that,
43:27 "That no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark,
43:31 or the mane of the beast or the number of his name."
43:33 The time is coming where no one can buy, sell,
43:35 do anything to get food unless you have the mark of the beast,
43:38 you have the mark of the beast you're lost. Wow.
43:43 Now do you remember we talking about here
43:45 the image that would setup in Babylon.
43:47 Do you remember that, the image was set up there
43:49 on the plain of Dura.
43:50 And all the people had bow down and worship
43:53 if not it cost them their very life.
43:55 Without going to detail because out of time--
43:57 you realize a false Sabbath is being set up
44:00 even as talk right now.
44:02 Its about to be setup, it's gonna be pass,
44:04 it's gonna become law of the lamb.
44:06 Are we talking prophesy something in the future?
44:08 You better believe it because the Bible talks about it.
44:11 It's talking about Sunday.
44:13 Remember once again has no sanction what so ever,
44:16 a common working day, a day that's dedicated to the sun.
44:21 I know there's a lot of honest hearts everywhere
44:23 but friend you can't keep silent.
44:24 We have a message to give, its not just love,
44:27 its not just goody, goody.
44:28 It is a message of warning. A trumpet has to blow.
44:31 We have to sound an alarm on the Holy Mountain.
44:34 We have to rise and shine.
44:35 You see this is what it's all about here.
44:37 If you love because these things will takes place
44:40 as I stand here, they will take place.
44:42 It's going to affect the people of God.
44:44 Its going to affect the world
44:45 and the majority are just sitting back laughing
44:47 and saying it's not going to happen.
44:49 There's going to be disasters by land and sea and air,
44:53 terrorist attacks, money problems,
44:55 food problems, job problems.
44:58 You know we talk about global warming,
45:00 anything you possibly think of.
45:02 People are lying about and everything else
45:04 but I am telling there are some real problems in the world.
45:06 We have to have clean air, we have to have clean water,
45:08 we got to have clean food, we got to have--
45:10 oh we are having problems, dear friends.
45:13 And somebody, they are gonna be looking around
45:15 saying that everything is not going right.
45:17 Who's to blame here?
45:18 Somebody is to blame.
45:20 You know we always have that in this world.
45:21 Oh there's a small group over here,
45:23 you know what after the Sunday law
45:24 you know put an agitation and it's passed.
45:27 There's a small group over here,
45:28 they are not gonna honor that day.
45:31 They are still keeping all the commandments,
45:33 the forth day-- and the seventh day Sabbath.
45:36 We're gonna blame them.
45:39 The world supposed to be keep in Rome,
45:41 Papacy's day, child of the Papacy,
45:42 that's what the Sunday is. Worship of sun God.
45:48 Friend, we have to realize here--
45:50 you know what they say, remember in Jesus time what they said,
45:53 you can read that in John 11:50,
45:55 the time will come and you say,
45:57 "Oh, I just can't--" don't worry about that
45:59 the Bible said that it will have faith to believe
46:01 and prepare for it. It said the will come.
46:04 It said it would be better--
46:05 listen, would be better for a few members, yes.
46:08 Better for a few to perish than the whole nation, you remember.
46:12 Time will come in this country
46:14 when those words will be repeated again.
46:15 Its better for this little group,
46:17 the majority of us over here,
46:18 we are all together, we are working together.
46:20 Remember those working together
46:21 and accepting beast power over here.
46:22 Their names are not written in the Lambs Book of Life.
46:26 The devil is mad at you because you want to honor
46:28 and keep the Seventh-day Sabbath in the honor of the creator
46:30 and our redeemer and out sustainer.
46:33 And then you won't be able to buy yourself
46:34 and I guarantee you this,
46:36 your bread and water will be sure.
46:37 God is looking for people who will stand
46:40 in the midst of turmoil, in the midst of a war.
46:43 And friend we are in a spiritual warfare right now.
46:47 In fact you talk about an attempt
46:48 to make all the world, all the people give a legions
46:52 to this first beast or the papacy.
46:55 The second beast, United States of America will pass a bill,
46:59 will pass a decree threatening with death
47:03 all who will not cooperate.
47:05 Dear friend, if you are commandment keeper
47:07 you need to look up, lift up your head and say,
47:08 "Oh God, give me help, give me strength,
47:10 give me a new relationship with you."
47:12 In Revelation 13:16, I am going fast,
47:15 --there's a mark-- oh like to spend
47:18 two or three hours on this but can not do it.
47:20 A mark, that means there's going to be stamp
47:22 as it were, there's going to be an impress.
47:24 There's something that tells the world
47:26 that the one who has this mark
47:28 is worshipping the first beast or the papacy.
47:32 It's a sign of legions to the papacy
47:34 for what they have instituted which is Sunday.
47:38 Wow.
47:39 Revelation 13:8, I said this before.
47:42 I quoted and said what?
47:43 All these people have this mark,
47:45 their names are not written in the Lambs Book of Life
47:47 that's the urgency that I feel and I know you do too.
47:50 When this takes place, the passing of the Sunday law
47:52 in opposition to the Seventh-day Sabbath
47:56 there's gonna be contention.
47:58 There's gonna be some real issues here
48:00 about the law of God.
48:01 Remember Jesus said in Matthew 15:9, He said,
48:06 "In Vain do they worship me,
48:07 teaching for doctrines the commandments of men."
48:11 You have the Law of God, you have the law of man,
48:13 the beast power, the papacy.
48:16 What are we gonna do about giving the three angels message?
48:19 Three angels message, when its being given
48:21 its gonna bring light, you see,
48:22 to the commandments of God
48:24 or its gonna be the commandments of men.
48:26 You have to choose which side you going to be on.
48:29 We go to stand this time,
48:30 you guys have to be stand right now.
48:32 Each person has to decide who they are going to follow.
48:34 Are you gonna follow the first beast or the papacy
48:36 and gonna keep Sunday day,
48:38 the child of the papacy, are you?
48:40 The one who said he thought to change times and laws.
48:42 It's a proven fact in the history,
48:43 proven fact in the Bible.
48:45 Or you gonna honor the God
48:47 by keeping His commandments including the fourth.
48:50 See if a person-- I am gonna, Oh, get heavy here.
48:52 If a person knowingly, listen, time will come
48:56 and you chose to support the institution of the beast
49:00 or the Papacy or the image to the beast,
49:04 talking United States of America,
49:05 we're taking--Sunday against a direct command of God
49:09 you will receive the mark of the beast.
49:12 No one has it right now,
49:13 when that Sunday law is passed you will have to choose.
49:16 If you chose the wrong,
49:17 you choose to go with the man of sin,
49:19 dear friends you will receive the mark of the beast
49:21 and you know what the warning is on that.
49:22 Mark of the beast, in the right hand it says
49:25 or in the forehead dealing with labor,
49:27 dealing with forehead with decision.
49:28 I wish we had more time than we have.
49:30 Conviction that we have by the power of God.
49:33 Oh friend, one who worships the beast the Bible is clear,
49:36 also worships the image and has the bearer of that mark.
49:44 Bible says you are not gonna be able to buy or sell,
49:45 unless you have the mark,
49:48 the name or the number.
49:49 Quickly, if I get just a little bit over here
49:51 in last couple of minutes that we have.
49:53 If you look at the mark, the name and the numbers
49:54 so all three phases when they come together they indicate--
49:59 they are all connected with the beast and the image.
50:02 Verse 18 said, "Here is wisdom.
50:04 Let him that hath understanding
50:05 count the number of the beast for it's the number of man,
50:08 and his number is six hundred
50:10 threescore and six" or six, six, six.
50:13 You realize that man was created on the sixth day,
50:16 did you get it? Man's day, six, six, six.
50:20 Think with me, six, six, six.
50:22 Some differences come to light.
50:23 A lot of differences, people were just
50:25 fighting over a lot of things. Please don't do this.
50:26 First six, six, six in the Bible
50:29 came out of the reformation period of time
50:31 there stood for Vicarius Filii Dei
50:34 meaning Vicar of the Son of God.
50:35 Do you remember that?
50:37 1915, the Catholic journal.
50:39 Our Sunday visitor said,
50:41 this was on the pope's crown, do you remember?
50:44 This is just one of the titles of the Pope
50:46 and the numbers were on there six, six, six.
50:49 Again in letter quickly, 1941,
50:51 same question was put to them again on the Pope's tiara.
50:55 They come back and said there's nothing on that.
50:57 The Catholic encyclopedia says
50:59 there's a difference between the mightier
51:00 and between the tiara.
51:02 Now, it says the number of a man
51:04 it would represent then a human organization,
51:07 a religious political government
51:10 who stands at the head of this power.
51:12 Who is that last power, oh friend,
51:14 who is the last power that's going to stamp out
51:17 God's last day people?
51:19 Who is it?
51:20 Quickly-- the Mother of Harlot.
51:23 Bible talks about the mother of Harlot is a papacy.
51:25 She is always pleading for her daughter,
51:27 the protestant to come home.
51:29 But let me tell you our eyes need to be on the daughter
51:31 who needs to be on what? On the protestant. Why?
51:35 Because we're gonna have the same mind
51:37 is what the Bible says
51:38 and we gonna exercise all of our power
51:40 of the first beast against God's people.
51:42 Friend, you realize what the time we are in?
51:46 Three selected message, 385. Couple of minutes left.
51:49 "All who will not bow
51:51 to the decree of the national councils,
51:53 and obey the national laws to exalt the Sabbath institution
51:57 by the man if sin.
51:59 To disregard of God's holy day,
52:00 will feel, not the oppressive power of popery alone,
52:06 but of the Protestant world, the image of the beast."
52:09 Protestant world makes the image of the beast.
52:11 Unites States are going to be the last power on this earth,
52:14 it's gonna put what?
52:15 The death decree upon God's people.
52:17 It's just heard to get through our head
52:19 but you all friend you see it A Word to the Flock,
52:22 last power that treads down the saints
52:24 is brought to view in Revelation 13:11-18
52:28 what we've been discovering, six, six, six.
52:30 Word to the Flock, 19,
52:32 "I saw that the number (666) of the Image of Beast
52:35 was made up and that it was the Beast
52:37 that changed the Sabbath and the image,
52:39 United States of America Beast followed on after
52:43 and kept the Pope's and not God's Sabbath."
52:45 Friend, do you see what's going on here?
52:47 Our lad has become a battle field
52:50 on which is going to carry on struggle
52:52 for religious liberty. Why?
52:53 Because the people are not practicing
52:55 or walking in the truth of God.
52:58 We must take a firm stand like we've never taken before.
53:00 To reverence the day that God has given to us as seventh day.
53:04 And if we--knowingly, knowingly reverence Sunday
53:08 we place ourselves on the side of the great deceiver.
53:12 No homage to that man of sin. Not the first day of the week.
53:15 The people of God must be clothed with his righteousness
53:18 be fortified with the truth
53:20 or the delusions of the devil will take us.
53:22 We are not to be found in neutral position.
53:24 Please remember, listen,
53:26 don't be found in neutral position right now
53:29 on matter of these great consequences.
53:31 The people have as their banner on the commandments of God.
53:35 How about let's pray about it?
53:37 I want that to be realizing
53:38 what we were talking life and death issue.
53:39 Oh, we need prayer, let's pray.
53:41 Merciful Father in heaven,
53:42 we thank you for your precious word.
53:44 So much material covered but Lord,
53:45 I pray your Holy Spirit will make things light.
53:47 People will be able to understand it
53:49 and I thank you for it in Jesus name. Amen.
53:52 I now I spend a pretty tough and ferocious almost
53:55 and trying to get something's said
53:57 but friend when its life and death
53:58 and your life is on the life for eternity
54:00 I am serious about it. I am serious about my own life.
54:03 And you know these messages need to come
54:05 and need to be come with more force
54:06 and more clarity and straight and right to the point in time.
54:09 Your free will offering that make us available.
54:12 So please pray,
54:14 God called we do to help keep this message going.
54:17 We're going be praying for you.
54:18 Thank you for your cards, comments.
54:19 We'll see you next time.
54:24 Hello again.
54:25 In closing please allow me to share few words
54:28 dealing with Revelation 13:11-15
54:32 as found in the book The Great Controversy.
54:36 Reading, it says,
54:38 "The prediction that it will speak 'as a dragon'
54:41 and exercise 'all the power of the first beast'
54:44 plainly foretells a development
54:46 of the spirit of intolerance and persecution
54:49 that was manifested by the nation
54:52 represented by the dragon and the leopard like beast.
54:56 And the statement that the beast with two horns
54:59 'causeth the earth and them which dwell
55:02 therein to worship the first beast'
55:05 indicates that the authority of this nation
55:08 is to be exercised in enforcing some observance
55:12 which shall be an act of homage to the papacy.
55:16 'Sating to them that dewll on the earth,
55:18 that they should make an image to the beast.'
55:21 Here is clearly presented a form of government
55:24 in which the legislative power rests with the people,
55:28 a most striking evidence that the United States
55:32 is the nation denoted in the prophecy."
55:36 Friends, what we would start seemed impossible
55:41 as we ask retained this prophesy from scripture
55:44 is now clearly becoming overwhelmingly foreseeable.
55:50 There is evidence, historical evidence
55:53 that the moral laws pertaining to our times of worships
55:57 have been established
55:59 with more in making for many years now.
56:03 And with the collapse of our lifestyle
56:05 as we have noted in this country
56:07 for so long due to economic troubles,
56:11 wars, natural disasters of all kinds,
56:14 terrorism and so on.
56:16 One begins to see how a nation would do
56:19 whatever they deem necessary to fix these problems.
56:24 But friends, don't be fooled.
56:28 We must claim to the Bible now as never before
56:31 and the Bible only as it's been written.
56:34 Only those who are faithful
56:36 until the end will receive a crown of life.
56:40 And it is our sincere desire here
56:42 Behold the Lamb Ministries to help you,
56:45 to strengthen you in the word of God.
56:48 Therefore we are making this three part series
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57:02 And as you continue, listen,
57:05 as you continue to make God's word a part of your heart
57:08 and a part of your mind be in prayer for God
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57:17 You may be the only source of truth
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57:57 Until next time friends may our precious Lord
58:00 continue to richly bless you and yours.


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