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Does Our Appearance Really Matter to God? Part 1

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00:41 Hello and welcome to Behold the Lamb Presents.
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton, your host
00:46 and I want to thank you for tuning in with us today.
00:49 In fact in many ways today's program
00:52 truly belongs to many of you.
00:55 How could that be you are wondering?
00:57 Well, several times Pastor Kenny has asked you to write him
01:01 or to call with your questions
01:02 or subjects that you would like to know more about.
01:05 And today's message is the first of a three part series
01:09 that we have put together
01:11 to answer a reoccurring concern
01:14 that we have been asked about
01:15 over the past several months.
01:17 And that is "Does our appearance
01:20 really matter to God?"
01:22 Does our appearance really matter to God
01:26 and since so many of you have asked
01:29 that this subject be addressed
01:30 we felt that God was directing through His people
01:33 that it be studied here on Behold the Lamb Presents.
01:37 And really why not look into this topic?
01:40 It's certainly not a new topic for a Christian to study into,
01:44 it may be that its just one as a bit blurry
01:47 for many of us in today's society
01:50 was so much emphasis on high fashion, tradition,
01:54 and just peer pressure to fit in.
01:57 And may be that's the question
01:59 that all of us should ask ourselves
02:01 who or what group exactly do we want to fit in with.
02:06 Hopefully, hopefully your hearts desire
02:08 will be to fit in with God and His heavenly beings.
02:11 If so I want you to stay tuned with us
02:14 as we delve into another
02:17 so searching study with Pastor Kenny Shelton.
02:20 But first we are so blessed
02:22 to listen to a song that is entitled
02:25 "He Hideth My Soul "as sung by Diane Anders
02:29 and coming to us from the 3ABN worship centre.
02:51 A wonderful Savior
02:56 is Jesus my Lord
02:59 A wonderful Savior to me
03:07 He hideth my soul
03:11 in the cleft of the rock
03:15 Where rivers
03:18 of pleasure I see
03:23 He hideth my soul
03:28 in the cleft of the rock
03:32 That shadows a dry, thirsty land
03:40 He hideth my life
03:44 in the depths of His love
03:48 And covers me there
03:52 with His hand
03:56 And covers me there
04:01 with His hand
04:17 A wonderful Savior
04:22 is Jesus my Lord
04:26 He taketh my burden away
04:33 He holdeth me up
04:37 and I shall not be moved
04:42 He giveth me strength as my day
04:50 He hideth my soul
04:54 in the cleft of the rock
04:59 That shadows a dry, thirsty land
05:07 He hideth my life
05:11 in the depths of His love
05:16 And covers me there
05:20 with His hand
05:23 And covers me there
05:28 with His hand
05:32 He hideth my soul
05:36 in the cleft of the rock
05:41 And covers me there
05:45 with His hand
05:49 And He covers me there
05:54 with His hand
06:10 Thanks, for joining us here in Behold the Lamb Ministries.
06:12 We certainly appreciate all the cards,
06:14 letters and phone calls and many--
06:17 a lot of good questions that you send in.
06:19 We thank you for that. Continue to do it.
06:21 Many of you have written in or some emails,
06:23 and some of you know, you do three or four, five, six pages
06:26 praise God that's all good.
06:28 You have taken lot of time to let out
06:29 what's on your heart and on your mind
06:32 and we get lot of those,
06:33 some time we are very slow in responding,
06:36 we don't mean to be.
06:37 If we are too slow in responding
06:38 and it's really something that you really need
06:41 that's why we have a phone number here
06:43 that you need to call us.
06:44 And some times you don't get a hold you call again
06:48 so that we can get back with you
06:49 because you are important,
06:50 this is what makes the programming
06:52 that's coming out is people just like yourself.
06:54 So you are important and some of you say,
06:56 well, we didn't get--
06:58 if you first don't succeed what is that say, try, try again
07:01 because we want to get back with you.
07:03 We are not trying side track anything.
07:05 In fact, if we were we would not be doing
07:07 the subject three part series that we are doing right now.
07:11 It would be a subject that's better
07:13 some time left to the side.
07:16 Why? Because people get so upset.
07:18 You know does God really, you know, does He really
07:21 care about our appearance? Does He?
07:23 Does it really matter what we wear, what we don't,
07:25 or what we put in our bodies, does He?
07:27 The Bible has a lot to say.
07:29 In fact, there is so much in my study
07:30 that had to show through it
07:32 and just kind of get some of the high points.
07:35 So this is a subject you won't want to miss.
07:37 I am going to cover what we wear,
07:40 I am going to cover make up,
07:41 and what we are going to cover jewelry.
07:43 And again subjects that were thinking
07:45 oh wow, these--they don't need to be controversial.
07:48 If you are a child of God, I am a child of God
07:51 and the Bible says that what difference does it make
07:53 if God is spoken on this subject let's take Him at his word.
07:56 What do you say?
07:57 Okay, before we really get into lets pray
07:59 we always do for the power of the Holy Spirit
08:02 and if the wall wins up right quick in front of you
08:04 ask God to take that wall down
08:06 because I know as a child of God
08:08 you are going to want to know,
08:10 or be reminded of this these important issues.
08:13 Let's pray together. Shall we?
08:16 Loving Father in heaven, we thank You for Your word.
08:18 We pray now for the power of the Holy Spirit
08:20 to take position of each and every one of us.
08:23 Lord, we pray that you will take the blinders also
08:25 as we take things that stop up our ears many times.
08:28 We pray that You will You give a spiritual discernment
08:31 that we may understand
08:32 that all aspects of life is important to You.
08:35 We are Your witnesses.
08:36 Help us Lord, as we study this word
08:39 make it clear in our ears, may we hear from heaven,
08:42 may it be a joy
08:44 and may we thank You for the things that we learn.
08:46 Thank you for each one of the viewers
08:48 those who hear, those who are passing on duplicating
08:51 and passing on this message to many people.
08:53 We thank you, for each one in Jesus name we pray. Amen.
08:58 So important, you know, as you study the word of God
09:01 to ask for the power of the Holy Spirit
09:02 because we can't understand these things.
09:05 And the first thing people do
09:07 when we cover these kind of subject
09:08 is they want to stop up their ears,
09:10 and I tell you why.
09:11 Because we become so selfish
09:13 and self centered God's words say is
09:15 but we like, we want to do,
09:18 and what difference does it really make.
09:19 I think you will see if you watch
09:21 all three of these programs
09:22 "Does our appearance really matter to God?"
09:25 Christian standards. Does it really matter to God?
09:28 Well, if doesn't matter then I am wasting my time.
09:30 If it does matter praise God,
09:32 let's look at it, let's evaluate it,
09:34 let's compare line upon line, precept upon precept.
09:37 Let's put it in the balance.
09:38 Let's get some weight of evidence here. Shall we?
09:41 One very important passage in the scripture
09:43 and I found this in the Book of Job
09:45 and you may want to write these things down in Job 5:17.
09:48 The Bible is-- it says this,
09:50 "Happy is the man whom God correcteth."
09:54 What?
09:56 "Happy is the man whom God correcteth."
10:00 So if we need correcting
10:02 instead of being long face, upset,
10:04 well, I am going to quit if that's what God desires
10:06 or that's what He want, happy.
10:08 So we should be happy so we will thank You, Lord.
10:10 Didn't really realize it is such.
10:12 And so as we study
10:13 pray for the power of the Holy Spirit
10:14 to consume us all.
10:15 We are going to be happy Christians.
10:17 Let me just start with some things
10:19 that really are starling to the mind.
10:20 At least to my mind as I read this
10:22 and I looked at the Spirit of Prophecy,
10:24 I look at the Bible and say, oh,
10:25 God is clear on these issues.
10:28 Does God really just accept-- you know half service?
10:32 Does He just accept us because we read something?
10:34 We will say, I choose this and the rest of it I leave out.
10:37 Oh, what kind of God do we serve?
10:39 Notice what this says here, this is First Testimony.
10:42 If you have the book page 137
10:44 those of you have them you need,
10:45 need to be reading them. Here's what it says.
10:48 "As soon as any have a desire to imitate"
10:52 listen to me "imitate the fashions of the world,
10:57 and they do not immediately subdue."
11:00 Did you get that?
11:01 Any time, any of us here right we have a desire to imitate,
11:05 notice this, the fashions that's plural of the world
11:09 and we don't immediately subdue those things.
11:12 Notice this, "Just so soon God ceases" did get--God what?
11:18 "God ceases to acknowledge them as His children."
11:25 Wow, some of you are gonna say, ouch.
11:31 Evidently this is important what we are talking about here
11:33 because the things of the world
11:36 as soon as we start to go after those things,
11:38 if we don't subdue them immediately
11:40 then in that very moment
11:41 we go after the world it said God ceases,
11:43 is called as what? His children.
11:46 And none of us want that, do we?
11:47 This is very, very important. You say, well, I am not sure.
11:50 Look as we look in passage-- scripture in 1 John 2: 15,
11:57 the Bible says, "Love not what?
11:58 Good you got it.
11:59 "Love not the world or the things that are" what
12:02 "that are in the world," why?
12:05 "If any man loves the world,
12:07 the love of the Father is not in him."
12:10 Is that plain?
12:12 That's why when they--
12:14 we want to imitate the fashions
12:15 or the things of this world
12:17 that we have to subdue it rather quickly
12:19 or we cease to be the children of God, what.
12:21 Because the Bible said,
12:23 the love with the Father is not in Him,
12:25 when we do the things of the world.
12:26 Its real easy test as we go through all of these subjects
12:30 three part series is that we look
12:32 and if we look like everybody else in the world.
12:37 If we just fit in when we go to Wal-Mart.
12:40 If we just fit in where ever we go
12:42 and we fit right in, there is something wrong.
12:46 We are to be a peculiar people, different.
12:49 That means not only the way we dress,
12:51 the way that we talk, the way that we act,
12:52 our conversation.
12:54 See the Bible says this in Ephesians 5:10
12:58 and read all of it.
12:59 This simple says, "Proving what is acceptable unto God."
13:04 Do you really want to know what's acceptable to the God
13:07 or if you just so steeped in what you want
13:10 and how you want it and this is the way it's going to be?
13:13 You are not going to listen with that attitude.
13:15 Please don't do that.
13:17 Again if we want to do a subject,
13:18 you know that be pleasing and everybody shout
13:20 and say hallelujah it wouldn't be these subject.
13:23 But, you know, what?
13:24 We see such a-- a vast change,
13:27 changes are going on in all churches,
13:29 all denominations around the world
13:31 that it makes me hot sick I don't know about you.
13:34 I can't understand it.
13:36 And we looked at the world so much
13:38 and we doesn't want to imitate the world.
13:40 Well, as soon as we do
13:42 we are no longer the children of God.
13:44 The love of the world, the love of the father is not in us.
13:46 So there must be something going on here
13:48 that we need to examine may be closer than we ever have.
13:51 So the Bible says we need to prove
13:53 what is acceptable unto God.
13:56 And while about as we look
13:58 2 Thessalonians 5:21 makes a statement.
14:01 It says, "Prove all thing
14:03 and hold fast to that which is good."
14:08 Now, I am not asking too much here, am I?
14:10 The Bible says, to prove, good,
14:14 good all things
14:16 and then you hold fast to that which is good.
14:19 So even--these subjects that we are talking about
14:21 here we have to prove if it's good.
14:23 If it is good we have to hold on to it.
14:26 And if it's not good why is it in scripture?
14:29 Why does the Spirit of Prophecy talk over and over about it?
14:31 Does our witness not matter or why they get to us.
14:35 Have may of our churches fallen apart
14:36 because of the things that we that we put on our body
14:38 or may be we don't put on?
14:41 Or the way we talk, the way we act. Oh, yes.
14:44 So its imparity than that we are to be like Jesus.
14:47 Psalms 32:8 the Bible says,
14:50 "I will instruct thee and I will" what?
14:53 Good the next word is
14:54 "Teach thee in the way which thou shalt go,
14:58 I will guide thee with mine eye."
15:02 Beautiful precious promises his here.
15:04 So just those couple of passages
15:06 put in together quickly with me, if you will do that.
15:09 So we are to prove what?
15:10 What is acceptable to God
15:13 and then we are to hold on to it.
15:15 Shall have problems in years passed.
15:16 Even in our moment here we prove from scripture what is,
15:20 what is good but we are not been holding fast to it.
15:22 We have been slowly slipping, slipping, slipping,
15:24 ever so slightly away, away, away
15:26 until we are so far away.
15:28 Is--can there be a coming back?
15:30 Can there really be a reformation
15:32 among our churches? Can there really be a change?
15:37 Well, we know the Holy Spirit can do that
15:38 but you know what he needs a willing individual.
15:41 Willing to change, willing to be pleasing in the side of God.
15:44 So we are to prove and then we are to do what?
15:47 Hold fast to that which is good.
15:50 Now and then God will instruct,
15:53 God will teach, and God will guide.
15:57 That all three passage scripture that we read.
15:59 So we are we are told here
16:01 that God will do all of these things for us
16:03 if we first--the Bible said if there first be what?
16:06 Come on. Good.
16:07 If there first be a willing mind.
16:10 Oh friend, do you have a willing mind today?
16:13 Isn't, oh.
16:14 And listen I realize these subjects
16:16 that we are doing here in the series.
16:18 Listen, the first and the most important thing as you--
16:21 is to come to Jesus Christ,
16:23 is to get to know Him, fall in love with Him.
16:26 And when you do
16:27 these things that we are talking about
16:28 will fall into place.
16:30 So if you are just getting acquainted with Him
16:33 just pray the Holy Spirit will help you to understand
16:35 what you need to understand.
16:37 But I am really addressing
16:39 those who have been in and around
16:40 we call Christianity in the church for many years
16:43 and we are letting down standards that God has set.
16:47 You know better
16:48 but you know as we continue to let the stand or down
16:50 spiritually we go darker and darker and darker.
16:53 We don't know day light from dark.
16:56 May God help us to see the importance of the issue.
16:58 See God is willing as we read in these passages,
17:01 He is willing to show us.
17:03 He is willing to teach us what is acceptable in His side.
17:06 But let me tell you this, my brother and sisters.
17:08 He will never force you. God will never force you.
17:13 He will make the information available to you.
17:17 In fact notice with me in Job 5:27
17:20 we read a passage while ago
17:21 but Job 5:27 says this, he was--this was speaking
17:26 if you read the whole chapter
17:27 and I like we always do that.
17:28 Read before and read after
17:29 but it says here, this is speaking of God's
17:31 His justice and His mercy and all His truth.
17:35 And here's what it says, what Job said.
17:37 He said, "Lo this, we have searched it,
17:42 and so it is, we hear it,
17:46 and we know that it is for thy good."
17:51 Interesting, we searched it.
17:53 So as we are studying we are doing what?
17:55 We are searching it
17:56 and we are going to do as Job said,
17:58 we hear it and then we are to know it
18:01 and then what because this is for our own good.
18:04 See this passage of scripture that we can really,
18:06 we can really chew on.
18:08 Let's give you a little bit example about
18:10 God's not going to force you.
18:12 You remember-- you remember Balaam?
18:14 He is supposed to be you know a prophet of God.
18:17 What happened with Balaam?
18:18 Balaam fell apart.
18:19 You know why he fell a part and he went against God?
18:22 Listen he wanted his own way.
18:27 I have to pray a lot of times
18:28 when I hear--when you read a passage or scripture
18:30 and it's very, very clear.
18:31 And some one will say, well I know what it says
18:34 but I know what it says
18:36 but I know what God will want me to do
18:39 but I want too.
18:41 Do we not really understand
18:43 what we are saying in the face of God?
18:46 Are we not throwing Him out?
18:47 Are we saying we don't want that teaching?
18:49 And then we turn on say but I like this over here. Why?
18:52 Because may be our lifestyle was acceptable to that
18:55 and it's easy over here.
18:57 Then when something else is comfortable
18:58 or something we like to do we just say
19:00 well, you know, God is not really particular.
19:02 Well, listen to the study.
19:03 You stay with this program and you're gonna see.
19:06 You see if God is not particular
19:07 if He is or He isn't.
19:09 But remember God--
19:10 Balaam here he followed his own will
19:14 and there became trouble.
19:17 God let him follow his own will.
19:20 Number one, is because--
19:22 can read this in Spirit of Prophecy
19:23 in Patriarchs and Prophets 440.
19:25 You can read it in the Book of Numbers
19:27 Chapter 22 through 24.
19:29 Balaam, listen Balaam was determined
19:32 to have his own way.
19:35 This is the problem we have in every area of life.
19:39 If we are determined, if you are determined
19:40 to have your own way today
19:42 nothing is going to change your mind.
19:44 God is not going to force you to do it.
19:45 He is gonna give you plenty of information.
19:47 He loves you. He wants you to be his child.
19:49 He will give you information
19:50 and then you have to make that choice that decision.
19:53 And remember Balaam once again
19:55 for those who may be have not studied or read,
19:58 he was once a good man, once a prophet of God.
20:01 But what? He slipped into apostasy.
20:04 You hear this word all the time,
20:06 I think we are slipping further and further in apostasy
20:08 and we are calling everything good,
20:09 everything is going fine.
20:11 My friend, all we have to do is just look around.
20:13 Balaam slipped into apostasy, apostasy is simply this.
20:17 He abandon what he wants believe to be the truth.
20:22 So many of you today listening, watching
20:25 you are in apostasy. Not trying to judge.
20:28 I don't--no, I am not talking about specific individual.
20:31 Those of you who know better,
20:32 those of you who have learned what truth is
20:34 and you said I know what it is
20:35 but then you turned on that today,
20:37 you are in apostasy.
20:39 That simply says listen carefully,
20:40 you are in a lost condition. Oh.
20:42 you don't want to stay there, do you?
20:45 It's easy to make that turn around
20:46 by the grace of God, isn't it?
20:49 Now remember Balaam here
20:50 he didn't seek to do the will of God.
20:53 This is all in setting up a platform
20:56 for the subjects that we talking about.
20:58 He did not want to follow the will of God
21:01 he wanted his own way
21:03 and he tried to then to then justify
21:06 and then he tried to convince himself that God approved.
21:11 Have you ever met any one like that
21:13 or may be have you-- have you ever been that way.
21:16 I think I found myself in there several times.
21:19 That, you know, God's word has said
21:21 but yet we want our own way
21:23 and so then we begin to justify it
21:25 and we try to get a group of people
21:27 who will say amen to it
21:29 and, you know, and lot of times they--
21:31 they wants to end up for what is right
21:33 and afraid of own Jew
21:34 and so they just say, oh yeah.
21:35 And so and then we begin to say
21:37 oh I believe God approves of this.
21:40 I wonder if the word is so clarity
21:42 that we can't figure out what God approves us
21:44 or what He does or what He doesn't.
21:46 Isn't that clarity?
21:47 No its not, its clear, its straight.
21:49 See, many are doing the same thing
21:51 that I am talking about today.
21:54 They have no problem with giving up
21:58 or doing something for God as long
22:02 as it's in harmony with what they want.
22:07 Have you ever met anyone like that
22:08 or may be have you been like that?
22:11 May be you are.
22:13 Why have any problem giving this up
22:15 and that up as long as it doesn't cross me.
22:18 Is that really denying self taking up the cross?
22:22 See the Bible here really reveals truths for us today.
22:26 So clear that we can understand them,
22:29 a child can really understand them.
22:31 But when these Bible truths come home to us
22:35 and it tell us things that rub against the grain
22:39 that goes against my--
22:43 my desires, may be your desires,
22:46 then we have we can do one or two things.
22:48 We can say, thank you Lord, for revealing it.
22:51 I am a happy man now. Thank you, Lord.
22:55 Or we can begin to lay aside scripture.
22:58 Oh, lay a side scripture and we begin to justify it.
23:03 Well, I did because or God doesn't really mind.
23:07 Things have changed.
23:08 Let me tell you for those who keep saying that,
23:10 please don't keep saying that.
23:12 Please don't say, God is the same
23:13 yesterday, today and for ever.
23:15 We read that in passage and scriptures, we go along.
23:18 Never say God changed so the times change.
23:21 They change every minute.
23:24 But God doesn't change.
23:25 And we are balancing now with the word of God.
23:28 Now how I feel, not what I want,
23:30 not what the world is doing, not what the church is doing.
23:32 But what does God say
23:34 that I need to be doing as part of His family.
23:38 We begin to justify, we begin to tell ourselves,
23:41 and begin tell others.
23:42 Here is what I have heard people say.
23:45 They have been just proving on the spot was clear they--
23:47 you know what they say?
23:48 They say, look I will tell you what I am gonna do.
23:49 I tell you I am gonna-- I know what's clear
23:52 and I think I understand what it is
23:54 but, you know what I am gonna go home
23:55 and I am gonna pray about it.
23:56 I am going to search the scriptures a little bit more
23:58 and I am gonna pray a little bit more.
24:00 Now I am not, I'm not down charting that, dear friend.
24:02 But you know what?
24:03 Sometimes when people say,
24:05 many say it because there are seriously searching.
24:08 But many say it because they are trying
24:09 to buy time as it were, to say, well I am praying
24:13 and I am searching about and they go on and on
24:15 for years and months in the same old route.
24:17 They never change and they are saying I am praying.
24:20 Yeah, but they just say it,
24:21 I know what the word say it.
24:24 If you know what the word says
24:25 what are you doing praying more about the answer?
24:28 I think you get when I am talking about here.
24:30 You already--God has already reveled that truth to you.
24:34 You already know the answer.
24:37 And here's something very interesting.
24:39 If you already know the answer,
24:43 you have already prayed about
24:44 and time pass and you already know
24:45 but you are not willing to do it,
24:47 let me tell you,
24:49 God leaves those individuals to their own desires for him.
24:55 Look, we can't be left--we need the power of the Holy Spirit.
24:59 We need God, we need Jesus,
25:02 we need the powers of heaven in our life
25:04 but if we want to do our own thing
25:06 after we already know and we are just saying,
25:08 well, we will pray more of that and we will see what's going.
25:10 If you already know,
25:11 God will leave you to your own desires.
25:14 You say, loud.
25:15 Listen I will give you a passage
25:16 in Psalms 81:11, 12.
25:21 Here's what, here's what the Bible says.
25:23 Jesus talking about his people,
25:24 whether Old Testament or New Testament
25:26 God loves His people, loved them back then,
25:28 He loves us today, all He loves us all the same.
25:31 God says here and I know
25:32 this is not talking about the world
25:34 and the devil and the innocent.
25:35 "My people would not hearken to my voice."
25:39 Now remember if God says something in His word,
25:41 whether it's he, dress, put on,
25:43 take or whatever it might be,
25:44 He means what He says.
25:46 This is what we have to get to our head.
25:47 If no longer as a child of God,
25:50 I believe in Christian to say well I know but.
25:52 No, not any more
25:55 because He will leave us to those stouts.
25:57 The Bible says here, "My people would not
25:59 hearken to my voice."
26:02 Listen, oh how painful this must be from heaven.
26:05 I don't understand all of that.
26:07 But I know how painful in this life
26:08 when your family, your friends
26:09 or people you study with and you love leave you.
26:13 Jesus said, "So I gave them up unto their own hearts' lust,
26:20 they walked in their own counsels."
26:24 Comes a point God says, I gave them up.
26:28 Why, because they wouldn't listen to counsel.
26:31 They wouldn't listen to His voice.
26:33 So when God then shows us what is right,
26:37 we really see it.
26:38 Now I mean, may be you have never heard it.
26:40 You never--these three series you never heard
26:42 may be before many of you have
26:44 when you rejected what the Bible has said
26:46 we need to get back to the word.
26:49 All we need to revive. All we need a reformation.
26:51 Yes we do, and that's more than
26:53 just talk about it is acting, it's doing something about it.
26:58 But when, you know God shows us it's right
27:00 and we say, all I understand is right.
27:02 Don't please, don't presume,
27:04 presume to go to-- to God and to pray that
27:08 somehow He is going to excuse us
27:12 from following his counsel.
27:14 That's what some people mean.
27:16 Well, I want to go back and pray about it some more.
27:18 Well, you already said you understood the subject,
27:20 I am not talking about those who really don't understand.
27:22 We pray about it, you continue to study.
27:23 Get that square to way down.
27:25 Talking about that already been squared away.
27:27 You know what it says, do not go to God
27:29 and say God is going to make exception,
27:31 you the exception,
27:33 He is going to excuse you from following his counsel.
27:37 Oh friend, when we see these beautiful truths
27:41 and with the humble spirit.
27:42 Praise God, you have to have a humble spirit,
27:45 a submissive spirit what it means, doesn't it.
27:48 Ask God for strength and ask Him for victory.
27:50 Ask Him for love for the truth
27:53 and a love for Him and say Lord help us,
27:57 help me, help us to be obedient to Your word.
28:02 See, are we willing to-- willing to do that
28:07 say, Lord I want to be submissive.
28:10 We are going to be talking about
28:11 some things people say, oh.
28:13 This is what I hear all the time.
28:15 Well, God won't keep me out here
28:16 not really for just one little thing.
28:20 He has some real okay, oh its just one little thing
28:22 I am doing all these other things right, are you?
28:25 We might say that, but not just one little thing.
28:31 We will touch on that in just a moment
28:32 but notice, I just I was kind of moved
28:34 as I read this article from Review and Herald.
28:37 And notice the writing it takes place
28:40 November 17, 1885. Wow.
28:43 You wouldn't think that some of these issues,
28:45 these topics would be something back then.
28:47 Yes, they were.
28:50 It says, we need, "We must become aware"
28:53 notice this "aware of pretended holiness
28:59 that permits transgression of the law of God."
29:03 Did you get the word pretended, holiness,
29:07 that permits transgression of the God's law?
29:12 "Those cannot be sanctified
29:16 who trample upon the law of God
29:19 and put it under their feet" and notice this,
29:22 "and then judge themselves
29:25 buy a standard of their own doing."
29:30 See, that's what happens.
29:31 God gives us a standard, we don't like what it says,
29:34 it doesn't meet our lifestyle of what we think it all
29:36 because we watch the world,
29:37 and we have been out of the world
29:38 and that's what the world look
29:39 and we do want to be different from.
29:40 Are you following?
29:43 He set the standard up but we put His standard aside
29:46 and we set up our own standard.
29:48 Are we any different from the enemy
29:50 who said I will go what?
29:51 I will go, I will be above.
29:53 I will sit in the seat of the most high.
29:57 Wow, are we any different when we do that?
30:00 Some that to consider when you think?
30:04 So in our search for what pleases God,
30:08 in our search--now remember not pleasing the church,
30:11 not pleasing man, not please--
30:14 but in our search to please God,
30:16 to be part of His family.
30:19 Please consider this passage with me
30:21 found in the Book of 2 Corinthians 4:4,
30:24 2 Corinthians 4:4. Here's what is happened.
30:27 Here's what the enemy has done.
30:29 This is why we have so many problems in the world
30:33 and in the church and we don't even realize it
30:36 and we would just fasten and carry on and leave
30:39 and take our names off and every thing
30:42 because we think that we are right.
30:44 The Bible says, "The God of this world."
30:49 "The God of this world
30:51 hath blinded the minds of them
30:55 which believe not."
30:57 But you say, well, no I believe.
31:00 The enemy doesn't care whether you say
31:02 I believe or not,
31:03 not long as you are not willing to conform.
31:07 God of this world has blinded
31:08 the minds of them which believe not,
31:11 or they read something in scripture
31:12 and say well I see it
31:14 but I don't believe God is going to really require that.
31:16 He is not going to hold me accountable for that.
31:18 He become an nonbeliever because the word already says.
31:22 It puts this in a bad light here.
31:23 See, we need God,
31:24 let's not say this is something lie.
31:26 I am talking about eternity for you an eternity for me.
31:30 Changes must come. They must develop.
31:33 It's getting worst and worst
31:34 and worst and not better.
31:37 And so God is giving us some clear input here.
31:41 Remember He is drilling the minds,
31:44 he's blinded the minds.
31:46 There is another part if when I say
31:47 of which do not believe
31:49 or they which will not separate from him.
31:54 He blinds the minds the enemy does are those
31:57 who do not separate from Him.
31:59 So if we have the worlds you see
32:01 and running around us and we are following all that.
32:03 Then what?
32:05 We are not separated from the enemy
32:07 or for the world and so he blinds your mind
32:09 to say right is wrong and wrong is right,
32:13 very interesting. Five Testimonies 5:12.
32:16 See part of our problems we are not reading scripture,
32:18 we are not reading the Spirit of Prophecy.
32:19 Well, I have a book or two I have a--
32:21 you are not reading it friend, that's why we don't know.
32:24 Praise God for the help that
32:25 He's given his last day church
32:27 so that we can understand these things that what--
32:29 about please Him that's acceptable to Him.
32:33 Five Testimonies 5:12, this powerful. Oh, pray.
32:37 Uncle always said pray kids. Pray kids, pray.
32:40 That we hear these words and then we say,
32:43 oh Lord what would you have me to do?
32:47 Notice this we just talked it in passage of scripture
32:50 in 2 Corinthians 4:4 about the God of this world.
32:53 But now listen to this.
32:56 His voice, now we are talking about Jesus.
32:59 As a Christian I am interested in His voice
33:00 I know you are too.
33:02 His voice and what we are talking about its not important
33:04 I wouldn't be talking about it. It is important.
33:07 It can be life and death, yes it can.
33:10 "His voice Jesus will be is recognized if."
33:15 "Jesus voice will be recognized
33:17 if we do not separate our souls from Him."
33:23 Somebody needs to listen.
33:26 We can recognize the voice of the Savior
33:29 if we don not separate from Him by--by what?
33:35 Listen, "By walking in our own ways,
33:40 doing according to our own wills,
33:45 following and following the promptings"
33:48 notice "of an unsanctified heart,"
33:53 here is what happens and then,
33:55 "until the senses have become so confused"
33:58 somebody stay with me,
34:00 "so confused that eternal things are not discerned,
34:07 and the voice of Satan is so disguised
34:11 that it is accepted as the voice of God."
34:15 Friends, these are not just little words
34:17 I am talking about here.
34:20 That people says, well, the Lord tell me,
34:22 the Lord told me.
34:24 If we are following our own ways,
34:27 if we are doing according to our own wills,
34:30 if we are following the promptings
34:32 of our unsanctified hearts.
34:35 See the sanctified heart is one thing
34:37 the unsanctified belongs to the enemy.
34:41 We become so confused--
34:42 well I am going to do because this is my,
34:43 I am a grown up I can do what I want to do.
34:45 You are walking in your own will,
34:46 you are walking in your own ways,
34:48 you are own devising. It's an unsanctified heart.
34:52 And all of a sudden we think we are hearing
34:54 and we are impressed what we need to do
34:56 but if the enemy we become so confused we cannot--
34:59 the Bible says spiritual things are
35:00 spiritually to descend didn't it.
35:03 But we can't descend a spiritually immortal
35:05 somebody brings it up to you.
35:06 Oh, I don't want to hear it anymore,
35:07 I don't make any difference.
35:09 A child of God will never say
35:11 when it comes to something in scripture
35:12 that it doesn't make any difference.
35:14 My Bible as I read it, it says every word
35:16 that proceeds out of the mouth of God.
35:20 If you are child of God,
35:21 if you are not in your ways of the world you say,
35:22 well I am a willing I don't care anymore then say it.
35:26 Don't want you to, but you say it.
35:28 Don't say I am a Christian and I know
35:30 but I don't have to listen to God.
35:33 Please do not, please do not accept
35:35 the voice of the enemy as the voice of God.
35:40 Oh my brother and sister,
35:41 if you ever have any doubt on any subject
35:45 always first consult scripture
35:49 and then you fully put your self in the hands right of Jesus
35:56 and say, Lord, listen I will follow thee
36:01 where ever this leads I want Your will to be done.
36:07 Lord, even if it's against my will,
36:10 if its against my taste
36:13 and my desires I need to desire You more.
36:16 I need to love You more than all these
36:18 little weedy nothings of the world
36:21 and sometime I put those ahead of You.
36:24 And then sit in this not my will but thine be done.
36:30 Isn't that what Jesus prayed three times
36:32 Matthew 26:44 oh read it.
36:36 See God done agonizing,
36:37 He said, "Not my will, but thine be done."
36:39 Can we do that's a-- you realize how that would
36:41 just turn this moment around
36:44 if all goes well, we could owe for a higher house
36:46 and want to please our self and do what we want to do,
36:47 regard of being a witness for Jesus--
36:49 it doesn't matter, we say it doesn't matter. It does.
36:53 That's why Jesus said if any man will come after Me,
36:58 let him deny his self.
37:00 See the first thing you find where the person
37:02 who is just wants to be like the world
37:03 and do the things of the world,
37:05 they don't want to deny their self.
37:06 They are just not going to do. Why?
37:08 Because they walk to do it. They follow their own council.
37:13 He said, "Take up the cross and follow Me" Luke 9:23.
37:20 Since we dig into this subject
37:22 and we are just-- we are scratching
37:23 but I want a foundation that's so solid
37:26 that when we really begin to boom, boom, boom
37:28 from the word of God from the Spirit of Prophecy
37:30 you are going to say, I realize its is not these individual,
37:32 its not the Pastor Shelton,
37:33 here is not this group or that group,
37:36 it's the word of God.
37:37 It's God speaking to me that I am His child
37:40 and He does expect some things from me.
37:46 And can we say at the close of the day
37:47 I wonder how I have done my best for Jesus
37:51 because He is done so much for me.
37:54 Yeah, we are never willing to give up a thing,
37:56 He gave up all of glory to come down here to seek
37:58 and save you and me.
38:01 As we really dig into the subject
38:03 on Christian standards or you know does God really
38:07 you know, approve, does it really matter about
38:09 our appearance to God?
38:12 Does our appearance really matter to God?
38:16 Christian standards, see already what little bit
38:20 we've read the word of God is already reminding me
38:25 that there are things that are acceptable
38:27 which automatically means there are things
38:29 that are not acceptable to Him.
38:32 I am thankful that He makes them plain.
38:34 Why--why is the water become so muddy?
38:38 Why are we so confused?
38:41 Is it because we don't read
38:43 what the way God says in his word,
38:45 we don't want to hear it.
38:47 See God is willingly we read to show us,
38:50 He is willing to guide us but He will not force us
38:53 against our will to accept any part of the scripture.
38:59 And to me it's kind of interesting.
39:00 When it comes to Christian standards
39:04 many believe this there should be--
39:06 wow, there should be no absolutes.
39:09 Oh, there should be-- there should be
39:11 no right and really wrong.
39:13 There should be no restrictions
39:15 and I just need to do what I feel is right.
39:20 Friend, what if everybody began to do what they feel is right.
39:27 Do you see we need a standard from the word of God.
39:30 This is why the world is in the mess that's in
39:32 and many, many different areas
39:34 because everybody wants to do what they feel is right.
39:39 This is not any motions here this is principle of God's word.
39:43 And if we have this one standard up here
39:45 we would all be thinking pretty much the same, would we?
39:48 If we use the standards, sure we would.
39:50 Is it worrying about people, worried about our job,
39:52 and worried about saying anything about in the church
39:54 because people will get all upset about it?
39:59 So will you-- I have no absolutes,
40:01 I don't have no restriction, no rules and then you'll say
40:04 people are bold enough to say I just not gonna give it up.
40:07 I say where it is, wow.
40:10 Please may I remind you this,
40:13 true Christians who love Jesus,
40:16 right who love Him with all of their heart they want
40:20 and they strive to please Him in all things
40:26 if you love Jesus.
40:29 And because of the choices of many professing
40:33 to be God's children today,
40:35 God's people we face certain issues
40:39 in teachings and doctrines
40:41 that's conforming us day in and day out
40:45 and surely it includes eating and drinking
40:49 and what we put on our bodies.
40:54 It, it talks about it.
40:59 And then we mentioned a few moments ago,
41:01 few minutes ago is God really that particular.
41:05 Does He really care?
41:06 This is kind of interesting please pay attention to this.
41:08 We need to get this home we get nothing else
41:10 as we delve into this
41:12 fascinating at least to me in subjects
41:15 but something that I see that's going haywire
41:19 in among God's last day people.
41:21 Must be addressed, must be talked about,
41:23 must be dealt with.
41:26 I heard people say, well, God is not that particular.
41:31 It's not a life and death situation,
41:34 it's not a life and death deal does not really particular.
41:38 Surely God will not keep me out of heaven
41:40 because I choose to ware something
41:43 or not to wear or to put something on.
41:46 Even though God has made it clear in His word,
41:49 oh no He is not going to keep me out of heaven,
41:51 I heard people plea their case.
41:57 This question let me pose it to you
41:58 right now or you are thinking.
42:00 If I got, hopefully we got your attention,
42:04 can one thing keep you, keep me out of heaven?
42:10 Oh, we have got people bawling,
42:11 scrolling right now, oh no, no--
42:14 what does God's word had to say.
42:15 See how I feel about it in my emotions
42:18 and all the sins it doesn't has,
42:19 cannot play a part in learning
42:21 and knowing what truth is.
42:23 I must go to God.
42:24 Can one thing keep me out of heaven?
42:29 Oh, yes pretty powerful isn't it.
42:32 Listen, I happened to read the Bible
42:33 one time in James Chapter 2
42:36 and you have read it too I know verse 10.
42:39 God said this in his word.
42:40 Listen he said, if you offend in one point,
42:45 you are guilty of all.
42:48 Surely God won't keep me out of heaven
42:50 just for one little thing, after all, all these good things
42:52 what you are doing.
42:55 God doesn't look at all like that.
42:58 The Bible says, if I offend in one point I am guilty of all.
43:02 Now let's give some illustrations here
43:04 of our Lord and our Savior Jesus.
43:06 Does it make it different?
43:07 Jesus said this in Matthew 10:37 very simple,
43:13 he said, "He that love of father
43:18 or mother is not worthy of me."
43:22 He didn't say mom and dad at one or two or three thing.
43:25 He said if you love daddy, father,
43:27 more than you love Me you are not worthy of Me.
43:30 If you love mother more than Me
43:32 you are not what worthy of Me.
43:34 If you love anyone thing in this world
43:37 more than you love God you are not worthy of Him.
43:40 Well, one thing keep you out of heaven you,
43:42 you decide for that.
43:43 You go through that and see what was Jesus saying.
43:49 Oh you want another one, good.
43:51 You remember the rich young ruler.
43:53 What did Jesus say to him?
43:55 He said, go and sell what you have and give all.
43:59 Wow, and then Jesus came to him
44:03 and said to him, now listen carefully.
44:05 Jesus said, all this you lack one thing.
44:11 How many things? You lack one thing.
44:17 He had to sell all the right and give.
44:20 Read that in Luke 14:33.
44:22 So we must be willing to forsake all or give up all
44:27 but the rich young ruler loves something what--
44:30 one thing more than God.
44:33 Will one thing keep us out of heaven? Absolutely.
44:39 Here is the bottom line.
44:41 If we just allow one thing,
44:44 one person to separate us from God
44:49 and doing his will--
44:52 I must say this so plain we won't miss it.
44:54 We can't go to heaven. I'll include myself in all this.
44:59 I am trying to point a figure.
45:00 I don't know who you are,
45:01 what your relationship with Christ
45:03 until when you put the Bible's here.
45:04 What the Holy Spirit impress me,
45:06 we cant go to heaven.
45:08 Why, because the commandment says what?
45:10 "Thou shalt have no other" come on "Gods before me"
45:16 Not just one God before him.
45:18 We are not worthy of Him.
45:20 So does one thing make a difference in our life?
45:23 Yes, it does. See Jesus is serious.
45:29 That's what made me think.
45:31 Just a few days ago
45:32 I heard of some kind of reading here
45:34 on the rich young ruler.
45:36 You see because this is what we face in the church.
45:38 We face issues that need to be corrected
45:40 and need to be changed
45:41 but the pastor has not the spiritual backbone
45:43 to do anything about it
45:44 or the elders don't do anything about it
45:46 and so we let the situation go
45:48 and it get worse and worse and worse.
45:50 Remember when Jesus has spoken
45:52 He doesn't change His mind.
45:55 And so you think about the rich young ruler here,
45:58 He told the rich young ruler
45:59 what he need to do to have eternal life.
46:01 And that's what Jesus said
46:02 I came to seek and save that was lost.
46:04 The rich young ruler said, no.
46:06 Are you still with me, he said no.
46:09 Jesus didn't say what--
46:11 ah okay we don't want you to leave the church.
46:13 Now, okay we don't want you hurt your feelings now
46:15 and follow with Me. Come on.
46:17 We don't want you cause you troubles
46:19 don't tear the church apart.
46:20 So why don't you just give half,
46:23 just give half and you can stay.
46:24 We will all be friends everything will work out good.
46:26 Jesus doesn't compromise truth
46:29 and you should either at your church
46:30 and I should either.
46:33 The young man turned away sorrowfully because why?
46:36 He had great riches.
46:37 He lost his soul because of one thing,
46:42 but Jesus never change what true, isn't it?
46:45 He never changed it and He still doesn't change it.
46:48 So this is one thing matter you better it.
46:53 We have to remember its not--
46:57 don't get me wrong board meetings are important,
46:59 churches are important, council is important
47:01 but you know its not what a board says,
47:05 its not what a denomination says,
47:07 its not what a church says,
47:10 what a man says that's important.
47:15 You know where I am going with this.
47:16 It's what God word tells us.
47:18 See immediately change their mind
47:21 but as we quoted earlier Hebrews 13:8,
47:24 "God is the same yesterday and today and forever."
47:27 He changes not. I am glad He doesn't change.
47:33 I am glad He doesn't change his mind.
47:35 I am glad He doesn't compromise.
47:38 You can't compromise truth
47:40 because if you do it's a lie.
47:43 You wanted it down, you have nothing.
47:44 Holy Spirit cannot accompany on truths compromised.
47:49 Share those areas or you can't
47:50 but not the truth of God's word,
47:52 things are eternal.
47:55 So how do the people of God view modesty?
47:59 How do we view modesty?
48:03 It's in the word the Bible talks about it
48:05 how important it is.
48:07 Webster's dictionary says modesty and keep these in minds
48:10 we do all this three part study in this,
48:12 its talking about behavior, modesty deals with dressing,
48:17 it deals with speaking in a way that is considered proper,
48:21 the course, decent, humble in appearance and style.
48:28 That's what a worldly--
48:29 be careful worldly dictionary says.
48:33 So how does spiritual house the Bible talk about,
48:35 so how should we fit here?
48:39 Just to share one passage in few moments
48:40 we have got left on this,
48:41 we are just now started to dig now
48:43 in the book of 1 Timothy 2:9, 10
48:46 lets really scratch a dig here.
48:49 When we are dealing with how a Christian dresses
48:52 thus the Bible really look at this issue
48:54 absolutely yes, modesty.
48:56 1 Timothy 2:9, 10.
48:58 The Bible says, "In like manner also,
49:00 the women adorn themselves in modest apparel."
49:04 Now let me just make this plain
49:05 I am not picking on the woman
49:06 I will have a lot to say about it.
49:07 You know why?
49:08 Because the word of God addresses the women
49:11 and not the men. Did you get it?
49:15 Say first excuse the person we will get
49:17 and I am not picking on.
49:18 The Bible say, in like manner also,
49:21 that women adorn themselves what?
49:24 Be honest about.
49:25 As you will know the biggest problem
49:26 in dressing in what we put on our body
49:28 women have it more than men.
49:31 It's a fact.
49:33 I am not picking on it's a fact,
49:35 some of you not going to like it.
49:37 But you know what?
49:38 The Bible addresses women so that what we will address.
49:42 Doesn't mean the men don't have the issue.
49:43 Oh yes absolutely.
49:45 Bible said that, in like manner also,
49:48 that women adorn themselves in modest apparel."
49:50 That means orderly,
49:51 that means an good arrangement,
49:54 that means something that's good.
49:55 You know something with and it says
49:57 "with a shamefacedness."
49:59 You know what that means that means while you dress
50:01 and while you go out you should do it.
50:02 Well listen when it comes towards men
50:05 it should be with bashfulness
50:08 not exposing but for bashfulness
50:13 and then we talk about
50:14 in reverence and all towards God.
50:18 The woman addresses herself with shamefacedness.
50:22 That means bashfulness toward men.
50:25 That means reverence and all towards God.
50:29 And then it says they need to be with sobriety.
50:32 That means they need to have self control,
50:34 soundness of mind and says not with braided hair.
50:38 I have heard all kind of excuses
50:39 in different interpretations of this
50:41 but it means hair that is twined
50:43 that means its binned its plated
50:45 that's folded it could be any kind of a hairstyle
50:49 that's made up to attract attention.
50:53 This is what Timothy was talking about.
50:54 Her something that attracts attention to yourself is wrong.
50:57 Jesus never did one thing that brought attention to Himself
51:01 when he be lifting at Jesus Christ.
51:04 We don't want anything here. Why?
51:07 It would be against the principle set forth.
51:14 That Paul is concerned, Timothy is concerned
51:17 for the Christian style
51:18 the lifestyle, the respectful modesty.
51:23 Have we lost our respect for modesty?
51:27 Does it not matter is there no difference
51:29 between men and woman?
51:32 Does it no longer matter that we cover our, our bodies?
51:38 Does God really care?
51:41 Here's--you know we think about bottom lines
51:45 when we read these things.
51:47 See Paul goes on makes it even more.
51:49 He talks about mentions no gold,
51:52 no pearls, or costly array.
51:55 How is that a Christian can somehow look at this
51:59 and it says mentions no gold, no pearls, no costly array.
52:07 How do we overlook that? Can we?
52:11 Compare that scripture with 1 Peter 3: 3-6
52:16 we just have a few minutes,
52:18 it takes a little bit longer in which to do that
52:20 but may be if we give you that to think on
52:22 if you haven't read it in a while.
52:24 1 Peter, turn with me your bible to 1 Peter.
52:27 Now as we read this right here,
52:28 notice these are words from God this is God's word.
52:32 1 Peter 3:3-6
52:35 1 Peter 3:3-6 the Bible said,
52:40 "Whose adorning" right,
52:43 "let it not be that" of what? "Of the outward adorning."
52:48 Talks about the "Plaiting the hair,
52:49 and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel,
52:52 But let it be the hidden man of the heart,
52:56 in which is not corruptible,
52:58 even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit,
53:02 which is in the sight of God of great price.
53:06 For after this manner in the old time
53:07 notice this in woman holy women also,
53:11 who trusted in God, adorned themselves,
53:13 being in subjection to their own husbands.
53:16 Even as Sara obeyed Abraham,
53:19 calling him Lord whose daughters ye are,
53:21 so long as ye do well,
53:24 and are not afraid with any amazement."
53:26 Passage of scripture you see Peter lays it out.
53:31 He lays it out clear and simple straight
53:33 just like Timothy is it the truth
53:35 or is it not the truth.
53:37 Can we get around it?
53:39 And still we please into God,
53:41 who has God really spoken here.
53:44 Now we are gonna take this in our next program,
53:46 we are going dissect these passages
53:49 that I just read quickly here
53:51 because it deals with adoring
53:53 and arrangement and hair and gold
53:55 and all that apparel that we put on
53:56 and it will give the spirit of prophecy in the Bible.
53:58 It becomes very clear to us
54:00 that God does care about our appearance.
54:03 We are his children and he loves us.
54:07 And there is something that we gotten away from,
54:09 so far away that it demands a change
54:12 and we will talk about some of those changes
54:13 and may be how those changes can take place
54:16 if we have real spirit of filled men and woman leading out
54:20 is there in the church things can happen.
54:21 We can receive the blessing,
54:23 we can get the, what, the council of God
54:25 and put it in operation again.
54:26 Won't you pray with me about that
54:28 right now before we close?
54:29 Would you do that? Let's pray for the Holy Spirit.
54:32 Merciful Father, in heaven.
54:33 We thank You, for your precious word.
54:34 We thank You, for helping us
54:36 to set a solid foundation
54:37 in which to build these beautiful truths.
54:39 We thank You Lord, for hearing and for answering prayer.
54:42 We thank You, for the words that are clear,
54:43 with none need to be mistaken how You care about us
54:47 and what You desire for us and we thank You
54:50 and we praise You in Jesus name. Amen.
54:54 As we say so often
54:56 now this program is coming to you
54:57 wouldn't be possible with out,
54:59 you know, wonderful love gifts that you send to us
55:02 and so that's so, so, so, so very important.
55:04 We don't talk about it too often
55:06 and we are not trying to do that.
55:07 We are in great need in the cause of Christ.
55:09 The more we preach these messages
55:10 the more people want to hear it,
55:12 the more cards and letters that we get to say
55:14 we haven't heard this kind of messages in a long time.
55:16 But mine is why not, we should be hearing them all the time.
55:19 And so people who are wanting more material
55:21 and so sending out, so would you just
55:23 prayerfully consider what you can do
55:25 to help this ministry to continue on help 3ABN
55:28 to continue on to be supportive
55:30 around the world for what is truth.
55:32 We believe in a straight testimony.
55:34 Straight testimony is going to divide
55:36 and separate the bunch of people isn't it?
55:38 Who is giving a straight testimony?
55:40 We need to be praying.
55:41 Now who's table are you eating at,
55:43 who are you been fed by?
55:44 We know it is by the spirit
55:45 of living God by the Holy Spirit.
55:47 But dear friends, we just we solicit your prayer,
55:50 your support, your question, your comment
55:52 anything we can do to help you,
55:53 you helped us so much.
55:54 Let's continue to get these programs into your home.
55:56 We thank you, God loves you,
55:57 we will see you next time.
56:01 Hello and greetings once again.
56:04 As we study and get to know our Savior more intimately
56:09 we begin to see much more clearly
56:11 that God accepts our coming to Him
56:14 just as we are.
56:16 All banged up and molded like the world
56:20 but He very gently take our clay bodies
56:23 and in such a loving passion He begins to remolded
56:26 and reshape us into the image of Jesus
56:30 and to fit us for His kingdom.
56:32 What a beautifully loving impatient God that we serve.
56:36 If only we extended the same care towards others
56:40 as God does towards us.
56:42 We have so much, so very much to learn
56:46 and I know that you will want to hear this message again
56:49 allow with the two that are yet to follow.
56:52 Therefore we are making this three part series
56:55 "Does our appearance really matter to God?"
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57:13 In closing we would also like to remind you that Pastor Kenny
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57:56 Friends, until next time may our precious Lord
58:00 continue to richly bless you and yours.


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