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Does Our Appearance Really Matter to God? Part 2

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00:41 Hello and welcome to Behold the Lamb Presents.
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton your host
00:46 and as always it is such a blessing
00:48 to be able to have this time together to study.
00:51 And on behalf of Behold the Lamb Ministries
00:54 I'd like to thank each and every one of you,
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01:07 as this one here today
01:09 and especially over this wonderful network 3ABN.
01:15 Last time we were together
01:16 we begun a three part series entitled,
01:19 "Does our appearance really matter to God?"
01:23 A question that makes people,
01:25 many people begin this scrum just a bit.
01:27 But others who are studying God's word
01:30 or wanting to know more about this topic
01:32 and we know this for certain.
01:35 Because so many of you have written or called and asked
01:39 that we study this out together.
01:41 So today we are beginning part two of
01:44 "Does our appearance really matter to God?"
01:48 And as a child of God, I know that you have the desire
01:51 in your heart to follow and obey His wishes.
01:54 So get out whatever means of note taking
01:57 that you wish to use and prayerfully let's continue
02:01 our study with Pastor Kenny Shelton once again
02:04 as he bring this part two of
02:07 "Does our appearance really matter to God?"
02:10 But first let's allow the Holy Spirit to prepare our hearts
02:14 for this study through a song that is entitled
02:17 "Chorus of Faith" and is sung by Sandra Enterman.
02:30 Sing it with your life, Sing it with your heart
02:34 Make melody with the words of your mouth
02:38 To bind that, you listen, tell it to others
02:42 Hear the chorus of faith
02:45 Live the chorus of faith
02:52 The first note of the song split the darkness
02:59 And was sung by the planets and stars
03:06 And their light spoke "hallelujah"
03:10 And the words of the chorus were sung by angels before us
03:17 Now come join in the tune
03:23 Sing it with your life, sing it with your heart
03:27 Make melody with the words of your mouth
03:31 But mind that you listen, tell it to others
03:35 Hear the chorus of faith
03:38 Live the chorus of faith
03:45 Then in time Jesus came to be for us
03:52 And His coming made our life a song
04:00 And His word is the chorus
04:03 Is the Light that is burning
04:07 Is the truth beyond learning
04:10 Is the reason we sing
04:17 Sing it with your life, sing it with your heart
04:20 Make melody with the words of your mouth
04:24 But mind that you listen, tell it to others
04:28 Hear the chorus of faith
04:31 Live the chorus of faith
04:39 Singing this song's what life is about
04:42 And if you refuse the stones will cry out
04:46 We do not sing that we might be more blessed
04:50 He loves us with passion, without regret
04:54 He cannot love more
04:55 and will not love less
05:05 Sing it with your life, sing it with your heart
05:08 Make melody with the words of your mouth
05:12 But mind that you listen, tell it to others
05:16 Hear at live the chorus of faith
05:20 Sing it with your life, sing it with your heart
05:23 Make melody with the words of your mouth
05:27 But mind that you listen, tell it to others
05:31 Hear at live the chorus of faith
05:35 Sing it with your life, sing it with your heart
05:39 Make melody with the words of your mouth
05:43 But mind that you listen, tell it to others
05:46 Hear and live the chorus of faith
05:50 Hear and live the chorus of faith
05:54 Hear and live the chorus of faith
06:03 Thanks for joining us here, "Behold the Lamb."
06:05 Again we got important subject
06:07 and you've already heard about it in the introduction.
06:10 So we're going to, we've so much material to cover.
06:12 We gonna have to go very quickly.
06:14 And so we ask you to get your pencil and paper
06:16 notebook get things down.
06:17 Because, we're going to cover some material,
06:19 we're going to rather quickly on the unction of the Holy Spirit
06:22 but always before we study the word--
06:23 because we're going to be talking about,
06:25 "Does our appearance really matter to God."
06:27 And it has to do with the way that we dress.
06:29 What we put on to our body.
06:31 And, you know, and just our general appearance.
06:33 So we're going to be covering all of the subjects.
06:34 This is part two.
06:35 Let's pray, shall we together
06:37 for the power of the Holy Spirit.
06:38 As I kneel up here, you can kneel
06:40 if you have the opportunity or just pray along with us.
06:42 Will you please?
06:43 Father in heaven, we thank You for Your precious word today.
06:46 We pray now Your Holy Spirit
06:48 would draw now to each and every one of us
06:50 and help us to understand Your word.
06:53 This is a vital subject
06:54 that we have overlooked for a long time.
06:57 Realizing its very touchy
06:58 but as a Christian we need not be.
07:00 We need to thank God for the information that He has for us
07:03 that we might be pleasing in His sight.
07:06 Open our ears, our hearts and our minds
07:08 cover me with Your blood I pray.
07:10 Not my will but thine be done,
07:12 in Jesus name we pray and for His sake, amen.
07:18 Again the importance of going to the word of God to see
07:20 what God's word has to say on the subject
07:22 and then you and I are confronted with the issue,
07:25 are we going to please ourselves,
07:26 are we going to please God.
07:28 Are you a real Christian or professing Christian?
07:31 And again, that I think the important about this subject
07:34 is it really does challenge us.
07:36 So I pray that you've been prayed up
07:38 as we study this lesson.
07:39 "Does our appearance really matter to God?"
07:43 Now, when it comes to Christians standard
07:45 that's what we're going to be talking about.
07:47 Many believe that there should be you know no,
07:49 no absolutes, there should--
07:51 everybody should just do as they want to do
07:52 or do how they feel or may be even do as the world is doing.
07:57 They want no restrictions, they don't want any, any rules
08:01 and some say well I shouldn't have to give up anything.
08:05 That's not what Jesus said in His word it all, it isn't.
08:08 So we're going to look at this study.
08:09 Remember the true Christian, here is the bottom line,
08:12 the true Christian who loves Jesus
08:14 with all of their heart and their mind
08:16 and their soul they're willing to give up anything.
08:20 They're willing to put all upon the altar,
08:22 let self die and say God "what pleases you?'
08:26 This is the big test of each and every one of us.
08:30 In fact, Job 5, the Bible says in verse 17.
08:34 It says, "Happy is the man that God correcteth."
08:37 So when God corrects us we should be what?
08:39 We should be happy, praise God we're learning more things
08:42 because we want to be pleasing in His sight.
08:44 So, as we search this subject
08:47 we want to find that which, what,
08:49 ones again, 'pleases God.'
08:51 And while you're doing this
08:52 please keep in mind 2 Corinthians 4:4.
08:55 And again, you got to jot these things down.
08:57 Said "The God of this world" here's a warning.
08:59 "The God of this world hath blinded" our eyes or our minds
09:02 to them that believe not."
09:04 So the enemy has blinded the eyes
09:07 or he can blind the mind of those who believe not.
09:09 What does that mean?
09:11 It really means those who have separated from Him.
09:14 So today if you're separate for Him,
09:16 you're not going to, you're not going to dig this.
09:18 You're not going to understand this or you won't want to
09:21 and you're going to put up a wall
09:22 but why because the God of this world
09:24 has blinded our minds and our eyes.
09:27 But do you know what, the God of Heaven
09:28 can open our hearts and minds and say
09:30 you know, we want to please you.
09:32 You know, many people talk about the voice of the enemy.
09:35 Do you realize what he has done?
09:36 He so disguised his voice that it is accepted
09:41 as the voice of Jesus when it is not.
09:43 The true test is what? Scripture, the Bible says.
09:46 Psalms 81:11, 12,
09:49 Jesus is talking about His people.
09:51 He said my people.
09:53 So remember it's not all this, the world is the other.
09:55 He says "My people would not hearken to my voice."
09:58 And what does He do?
10:00 He said "So I gave them up to their own lust."
10:03 Imagine their own hearts' lust.
10:05 "And they walked in their own counsel."
10:08 Friend don't walk in your counsel of day.
10:10 That's not how God to give up on us.
10:12 We don't need to we have direction here.
10:14 It's simple, its good, its strong,
10:16 its concrete, it's a good foundation,
10:17 lets really build on that, shall we.
10:20 So we really must do what Ephesians 5:10 talks about.
10:23 And also what Romans 12:1 talks about,
10:26 1 Thessalonians 5:21 talks about.
10:29 We need to prove what is acceptable unto the Lord
10:33 and then when we prove all we need to holdfast.
10:37 Are you willing to do that today to holdfast to His word?
10:41 I want you to take your Bible quickly,
10:42 I want you to turn and we kind of addressed it
10:44 in the first part, the Book of 1 Peter,
10:46 1 Peter 3:3-6.
10:50 I want to, I want to do quickly,
10:51 I hope you already have it there.
10:53 1 Peter Chapter 3 beginning with verse 3,
10:56 the Bible said, "Whose adorning let it not be
11:00 the outward adorning of the plaiting of the hair,
11:03 or the wearing of gold, or putting on of apparel."
11:08 Verse 4, "But let it be the hidden man of the heart,
11:13 in which is not corruptible." Oh, my.
11:17 "Even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit,
11:22 which is in the sight of God of great price."
11:25 Verse 5, "For after this manner in the old time
11:28 the holy women also."
11:30 Notice, "Who trusted in God, adorned themselves,
11:34 being in subjection unto their own husbands."
11:38 As that "Even as Sara obeyed Abraham."
11:40 Come on put it together, "Calling him Lord,
11:43 whose daughters ye are, as long as ye do well,
11:47 and are not afraid with any amazement."
11:49 These are powerful passages of scripture.
11:52 You know, here we find that at 1 Peter here lays it out
11:56 really clear, really simple, straightforward just like
12:00 we read before in 1 Timothy about it.
12:03 Is it a truth that we have just read?
12:05 If we do let's dissect it little bit.
12:07 Look at it closer here or we're going to this,
12:11 we're going to try to get around it.
12:12 We know what we have read here.
12:13 But many people try to get around it.
12:16 And still please God.
12:17 Is it possible to get around His word
12:19 and still be pleasing to Him?
12:20 No it's not. You know that.
12:23 Why? Because God has spoken.
12:25 Now, let's dissect these verses if you will.
12:27 Just a little bit, let's dissect them,
12:30 let's think about them a little bit.
12:31 1 Peter 3:3.
12:34 The word adorning, just look at that word adorning.
12:38 Now notice talking about need of the hour.
12:39 Let the adorned that what you have on.
12:42 And that means that arrangement that which you put on your body,
12:46 that means the arrangement, that means the decoration
12:50 and it's applying what way the world is doing it
12:53 or what the world does.
12:55 The way the world does it.
12:57 Don't do it that way
12:59 is what the admonition is given to us.
13:02 And notice its dressing woman here.
13:04 We talked about in our first lesson.
13:06 Why because they're moral subject to it
13:08 because the Bible says the woman.
13:11 So we're going to look that very carefully here
13:13 a Christian woman then should not wear or put on
13:17 any ornaments that draws attention to herself.
13:21 Isn't that interesting?
13:23 Not put on anything that would draw attention to herself.
13:27 It becomes wrong is what the Bible tells us here.
13:30 It talks about the plaiting of the hair.
13:32 Think about that.
13:33 Oh, many people will raise and say oh no,
13:35 well, that's not really what it means.
13:36 And many people try to-- even pastors try to avoid this.
13:40 You can only go by what the prophet wrote.
13:43 You can only go by what the Greek
13:45 or the Hebrew and the Bible talks about.
13:47 Plaiting of the hair here is an intricate hair do,
13:53 it's a time consuming style.
13:55 Much time spend upon the hair.
13:57 Which the Bible said is not in harmony
13:59 with the modest Christian.
14:02 So we need to as Christians avoid-- Peter says.
14:05 I'm not saying, I'm reading from the Bible.
14:07 Peter says, avoid that with spend much time
14:10 and much energy and so on and so fort with it.
14:13 That it draws attention as a bottom line
14:15 to ourselves its wrong.
14:18 It really talks about in elaborate even abrading
14:21 or entwining or entangling as it were of the hair.
14:26 And then the Bible goes on and says,
14:27 you know, those-- no wearing of gold.
14:31 Isn't that interesting?
14:33 As those who are professing Christian the Bible said no.
14:38 Let it not be, no wearing of gold.
14:41 The wearing of Gold is in, is contrary to Christian modesty
14:46 it's what Peter is talking about here.
14:48 We need not say "oh well it's just the little bit.
14:50 It really doesn't matter."
14:53 The Bible says, no wearing of gold period.
14:58 Now do we want to harmonize with the scripture?
15:00 We need to consider that passage.
15:02 Make excuses if you want to. God has already spoken.
15:06 Now let's get more specific. No wearing of gold.
15:09 That could be a lot of thing.
15:11 That could be no rings, no bracelets,
15:13 no necklaces and nothing around the legs, the ears,
15:15 the nose, the tongue, the belly, you name it.
15:19 Bible said no wearing of gold that's what.
15:21 And keep this in mind as we study
15:23 because we will get more into that as we go along.
15:25 Especially in our third part.
15:27 It says no putting on of outward apparel or that apparel.
15:31 What's that referring to?
15:33 It's talking about here in a social aspect of
15:36 where people change cloths two or three times,
15:38 not as a need but just to be social.
15:40 Just to you know, so they look good
15:41 and so peoples are going to talk about what they have on.
15:44 A fashion, a waste of money.
15:47 Bible say, we've read 1 Peter it says here,
15:49 that's not in harmony with modesty
15:51 or that of what, as a true Christian.
15:54 Verse 4 said that let it be the hidden man.
15:57 Here's what let it be the hidden man of the heart.
15:59 That's what God is looking not the outward adorn
16:01 but the inward part of man here.
16:04 So wouldn't you say we need to work more on our,
16:06 our characters and the insight which is certain
16:09 and certainly more profitable, rather than the outside
16:13 or the decorations that we put on.
16:16 Because the Bible said not corruptible.
16:19 So we must work on the incorruptible, what?
16:22 That the character,
16:24 more important to work on the character
16:26 or to put on the robe of Christ righteousness here.
16:29 Not the robe of the world or the fashion of the world.
16:33 Now Bible says of meek and quite spirit.
16:37 What does that really mean?
16:39 You see the disposition,
16:40 we think about dispositions of the mind
16:42 need not be on fashion.
16:45 Its not people who can't talk to you at all,
16:47 they're talking about the fashion things
16:48 that are in the world and such and such name brands
16:51 and bla, bla, bla.
16:52 That's the fashion of the world
16:53 which are things of the world is enmity,
16:56 the Bible says against what, against God.
16:59 Not about styles, not about fashion,
17:02 the Bible said no jewelry, no gold, no silver
17:06 but what a simple Christian lifestyle.
17:10 What a contrast the Christian following the Bible here
17:14 is against the contrast of the world
17:16 and the way the world looks, even many professed Christians.
17:23 Bible said, it's of a great price.
17:26 And so we realize, you look at gold and silver.
17:28 Oh my they're expensive cost a lot
17:31 but what about the comparison with heaven.
17:35 You compare the cost of all these things,
17:36 you compare heaven, living forever with Jesus.
17:40 Then all these cost of its significant.
17:43 Let it be the inward adorning,
17:45 a quite meek spirit, it's great price.
17:48 See God requires this meek and quite spirit.
17:54 Is that the kind of spirit that you have today that I have?
17:58 The Bible is real clear on it.
18:00 And we think about this.
18:01 Let's talk about with all these things in mind quickly
18:05 what has happened with the professed people of God.
18:08 What's happened into many of our churches today
18:12 that seem to have gone wild?
18:15 What's happened?
18:19 Would you say that if person is coming to church
18:23 and they're wearing things
18:24 and may be they shouldn't be wearing
18:27 and say as I'm going to try to do this
18:29 for the sake of you know I want to be careful with it
18:31 but we say that and again the Bible is addressing women here
18:34 much more than addresses a man.
18:36 So we have to dresses the way the Bible says.
18:38 Its just still say well he is got this problem,
18:39 he has got that problem, the Bible says--
18:43 and so as we look at this, we have say there
18:45 you know is it really proper for a woman
18:49 then to show any part of her chest.
18:52 Oh, that's modest enough for.
18:53 That's any part of her chest to be showing
18:57 is it modest and is it acceptable to God?
19:01 That's what we have to look at here.
19:04 And here is where the big fight sometime begins.
19:07 And we begin to try to justify well its just okay if we do show
19:11 a lot of chest here or whatever it might be.
19:13 Or we just might say you know, in order to reach
19:16 the standard of Christian modesty.
19:19 I must cover up.
19:21 We'll see that more as we go along in our study.
19:24 And may I say just as I may
19:27 and I can't understand why any woman
19:29 would want to wear something or it may be the lack of it
19:33 or to reveal any part of her body that should be covered up.
19:38 That's hard to understand.
19:41 See people of the world do I understand that.
19:44 As wrong as it is they do it because they really don't care
19:48 whether a man or woman
19:49 both parties draws attention to them.
19:52 They really don't care.
19:53 They want that attention.
19:55 They want both men and women to look at them
19:57 that's why they're wearing what they're wearing
19:59 or the lack of it showing things they should not be showing.
20:03 See it must, it must be, because of this.
20:07 Because they're not covering up what they need to cover up.
20:10 And to be modest as what the Bible said.
20:13 Now, hopefully that's kind of subtle but
20:16 modern people would say well no that's not really subtle.
20:20 How about let's talk a little bit about,
20:21 let's talk about short dresses worn by many women.
20:25 Well, short dresses and lot of time that's considered
20:28 they all six inches above the knee.
20:30 May be, even a foot above the knee.
20:33 We could say as a Christian what, what,
20:35 what's going on down here?
20:37 Can we say that the short dress six inches
20:40 any thing above the knee is modest?
20:42 Because, the Bible gives the word modesty.
20:44 Is it really modest?
20:48 See it's bad enough when a person even standing up,
20:51 a woman is standing up with the dress way above her knees.
20:54 You see, but what about when she sits down?
20:58 That thing withdraws another foot.
21:00 Yeah I think you're following what I'm talking about.
21:02 And this is very interesting then--
21:04 I need to be careful but hey, Lord helps me.
21:07 Look and then she tries to pretend like she is modest
21:10 and she is always pulling and pulling
21:12 and trying to stretch that
21:13 because evidently it's too short.
21:16 Ah, you know what it is.
21:21 You know, it's too short
21:22 or why would you keep trying to pull it down.
21:24 Oh, come on now or you kind of acting
21:27 like you're trying to be modest.
21:31 And as I say then we sit down it even, even get worst.
21:34 You know what we do when we're pulling and tugging
21:36 we're calling attention to ourselves.
21:39 This is not in harmony at all
21:43 with the counsel that God has given us of a godly woman.
21:47 And if you're not, you don't want to be a godly woman,
21:49 dress and do what-- but those who are professing
21:51 to be godly woman will not wear such things.
21:55 They just will not do it.
21:57 They're not, you cannot call that modest apparel at all.
22:01 See this is almost in all churches,
22:03 this is sad part.
22:05 We become so accustomed to it.
22:06 A little bit at a time nothing is really being said about.
22:11 Wherever you go you see this issue
22:13 and you know heaven has a lot to say about it.
22:16 God has the lot to say about it.
22:17 The prophet has said a lot about it.
22:20 And yet somehow we ignore that
22:21 because we want to be accepted by the world.
22:24 And since we've gone this far
22:26 why not go little bit farther with it.
22:28 It's good to think about this now.
22:30 We're going to look at this passage
22:31 couple of different times so don't get excited with me.
22:34 Deuteronomy 22:5 the Bible says,
22:37 do we believe that all scripture is given by God.
22:40 Do we believe it? Sure.
22:41 If we believe that then we want to go ahead
22:43 and read this passage.
22:44 Deuteronomy 22:5 it said
22:46 "The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man,
22:50 neither should a man put on a woman's garment
22:52 for all that do so are abomination
22:56 unto the Lord thy God."
22:58 So professed Christian
22:59 do you want to be an abomination to God?
23:01 No I don't' want to be.
23:03 I can hear some moment some of you screaming right now
23:05 oh, no, no not that.
23:07 The Bible said the woman should not wear that
23:09 which pertaineth unto the man.
23:10 And listen there will be some of you say, you know,
23:12 in some of these other countries the man wear that--
23:14 listen you're not in other country.
23:16 You're not accountable for another country does.
23:18 You're not accountable for the time of Jesus.
23:20 You're not accountable for other parts of the world.
23:22 You're accountable for where you live.
23:24 And that which pertaineth, unto a man
23:25 God said don't do it.
23:28 You know what He said well, we make excuses we go.
23:30 We cannot ignore.
23:31 This is my point here
23:32 its not trying to condemn the group or the ladies.
23:34 It's just simply saying,
23:35 why do we ignore certain parts of scripture.
23:37 In other parts we think so, so important.
23:40 It has to do with self, has to do with convenience,
23:42 has to do with what's easy.
23:45 This is its interesting point may be you thought about it.
23:53 It's easy for a man to understand
23:56 what pertains to a woman, isn't it?
24:00 It's easy for a man to understand
24:01 what pertains to a woman and, you know, we've shown that.
24:06 But for a woman they just can't figure out
24:09 most of them what pertains to a man, why not?
24:14 See woman can come up wearing men's cloth,
24:17 clothing and we probably say nothing about it but I,
24:20 I guarantee you if I come up wearing a dress
24:23 and somebody would say woo that guy is out of world here.
24:27 What's the difference?
24:30 Could it be that we're just going to ignore that passage
24:33 because we just don't' want.
24:35 We want to wear what we want to wear
24:37 and when we want to wear it.
24:38 And we're just not going to change.
24:40 I've heard people say
24:41 I know what it says but I'm just not gonna change.
24:43 I like wearing what I wear and it's just the way it is.
24:46 See its pleasing self rather than trying to please what?
24:48 Rather than trying to please God.
24:50 This is a whole issue here.
24:51 It is a test. Why?
24:52 Because God has spoken on the subject, it must be important.
24:56 When you say it, oh, yeah it's very important.
24:59 Every word that receives out of the mouth of God
25:02 and remember, we're talking about that people
25:04 are little bit you know, squeamish about it.
25:06 They're little bit touchy about it.
25:07 When we're doing the wrong thing we're always touchy about.
25:10 And doing the wrong thing we're touchy aren't we sometimes?
25:13 We should be rejoicing and say
25:14 oh God does have a lot to say on this subject.
25:18 The scripture condemns it, its condemned.
25:21 But you will say it's convenient.
25:22 It's, you know, it really doesn't matter
25:26 but remember I say once again the Bible says it does.
25:29 The Bible says it does matter.
25:32 You know we just can't try-- we just can't avoid
25:35 this passage of scripture
25:36 because we don't want to deal with it.
25:39 Because if you avoid that one somebody else is going to avoid
25:43 another one that they're little pet peeve.
25:45 And so what if it comes to every times something
25:47 we don't want in our own personal life
25:48 that we just lay it aside and say well it doesn't matter
25:51 and we justify it.
25:54 We can't do that and still be what?
25:56 A child of God.
25:59 We need to continue to seek to please God not ourselves.
26:04 I know it's across, I know it's difficult
26:08 but do we want to be pleasing in the side of God.
26:12 Do we want to please God
26:13 or do we just want to do it because we want to.
26:18 See the apostle here we just read
26:21 he exhorted the women and the faith to be chased
26:25 in all their holy in their own all conversation
26:28 and in modesty and in dress and deportment.
26:33 See that's a just a lesson for us today
26:35 it applies the Acts of Apostle 523 said,
26:39 it applies to every age.
26:41 To all ages, did you get that?
26:44 And of course, the Bible says in Matthew in 7:20.
26:46 It says "By their fruits you shall know them."
26:50 The Bible says, this is the way a woman,
26:51 this is way a man or conductive self
26:53 and in modesty not showing anything
26:54 they shouldn't be showing to all.
26:56 Anything that draws attention to themselves
26:58 but what happens here?
27:02 By their fruits you shall know them.
27:05 This article goes on I want you to notice it says
27:07 "In the life of the true Christian the outward adorning
27:12 is always in harmony with the inward peace and holiness."
27:17 What? The outward adorning is always, what, good.
27:21 "It's in harmony with the peace and holiness
27:23 and Self-denial and sacrifice will mark the Christian's life."
27:30 Listen to this carefully, evidence.
27:32 "Evidence that the taste,"
27:36 choices we make, is not converted
27:40 will be seen in the dress of all who walk in the path
27:45 cast up for the ransomed of the Lord."
27:48 Did you get that? That's here's to do.
27:49 Evidence that we've not been converted in our taste,
27:52 in our choices, in what we wear is about what?
27:56 By the dress that what we put on our bodies.
28:00 Acts of Apostle 5:25 " says this.
28:02 Jesus, He will purify His church,
28:05 even as Christ purified the church
28:08 during his ministry on earth."
28:10 Did He do that? Yes He did.
28:12 Acts of Apostle 5:26. Here's what it says.
28:14 Listen to this, pastors are needed.
28:17 And I may say, oh boy, you too picky.
28:18 Pastors are needed people need to pay attention.
28:22 "God causeth the shepherds they're needed,
28:25 faithful shepherds who will not flatter God's people,
28:30 nor treat them harshly,
28:33 but who will feed them with the bread of life."
28:36 Pastors are needed that will feed the people
28:38 that put us in harmony with heaven.
28:40 "Faithful warning" listen "are to be given
28:43 sins rebuked and wrongs made right."
28:48 See many times pastors are not doing this because
28:50 they're afraid the congregation they're afraid of their job,
28:52 they're afraid that we talk, they're afraid of everything
28:54 rather than the God of Heaven to fear God.
28:57 God has spoken on this. It's not like, he hasn't spoken.
29:01 It's not like He has not given us direction because He has.
29:05 And any part of the Bible He has given direction on
29:07 He requires that of us as we understand it as we know it.
29:11 I consider this pretty heavy. And it is heavy duty.
29:16 But it as a pastor,
29:19 giving the last day messages a straight testimony
29:23 and I believe we need to do
29:24 where the people will hear or forbore.
29:25 Whether they're here and accepted
29:27 or whether they're rejected, we must give that
29:29 because God doe require that of us.
29:32 Listen this is one is found in 4 Testimonies 6:47 and 8.
29:38 This is in the sadness I read it.
29:39 It says "Christ is ashamed of His professed followers.
29:43 Wherein do we" resemble "have any resemblance to Him.
29:53 Wherein does our dress conform to the Bible requirements?
30:01 Fashion is deteriorating the intellect
30:04 and eating the spirituality of our people.
30:08 Obedience to fashion is pervading our churches."
30:11 And doing-- listen to this,
30:13 "And doing more than any other power
30:15 to separate the people of God."
30:18 Why shouldn't I be concerned why shouldn't you be concerned?
30:21 Why try to ignore this because this is like--
30:23 I want to talk to about here
30:25 is doing more fashioned of the world.
30:29 Dresses go up and fare God to go up.
30:30 And they go down but let me go down.
30:33 Rather than just playing modesty.
30:37 See that the question,
30:40 see what its more than saying I understand it
30:42 but as pastors and leaders what should we do
30:45 because we're confronted with that.
30:48 Now remember as spoken in the word of God,
30:50 spoken in the Spirit of Prophecy its heavy duty.
30:52 We're only goign to touch on the thing
30:54 because of time and so on
30:55 but I want to catch this importance to heaven.
30:59 What should a church do in regard to member
31:01 who dresses in accordance, you know,
31:04 does not dress in accordance with scripture.
31:06 What are we going to do with that member?
31:08 Let him continue to come in, let him to go ahead
31:10 and you know provoke the whole church as it were
31:13 or we get accustomed to it
31:14 and we begin to figure that it's all right.
31:18 That's what god's servant wrote in 4 Testimonies 647, 648.
31:22 It says "Our church rules are very deficient.
31:27 All exhibitions of pride in dress" notice this,
31:32 "which is forbidden in the word of God."
31:35 Does God forbids certain kind of dress? Yes he does.
31:38 "Should be sufficient reason for church discipline.
31:42 There is a terrible sin upon us as a people
31:46 that we are permitted our church members
31:48 to dress in a manner inconsistent with their faith."
31:55 That causes me to stop and think.
31:58 It's a terrible sin, inspiration says.
32:01 If we let, we permit our church members
32:06 to dress in a manner inconsistent with their faith.
32:14 Article goes on and it says, "We must arise at once
32:17 and close the door against the allurements of fashion"
32:21 oh boy "unless we do this,
32:24 our churches will become demoralized."
32:28 Or have no morals.
32:29 If we don't close the door to fashion, we let you know,
32:32 everything come in and dress like--
32:35 we've lost our morals.
32:38 Can that be a church, it would be pleasing to God?
32:40 Oh, I think not, don't you want the blessings of the Lord?
32:43 What is it that it really hurt?
32:44 You think about what it just a choice.
32:46 I'm going to dress like a Christian.
32:49 Professing godliness, I profess to be a child of God.
32:52 Men and women both we need to dress and act accordingly.
32:56 See God requires that we wear the best that we have to church.
33:02 I have heard all kind of excuses over my years.
33:05 You know and I just a point out plans so you see it.
33:07 I like to hit on the nose a time wise
33:10 is that we need not be wearing everyday cloths to church.
33:13 We need not wear, men to be wearing these, the jeans,
33:17 women wearing pants to church.
33:20 It's out of place in God's in God's house.
33:23 And I know somebody, well, that's all I have.
33:25 No you had to buy what you're wearing somewhere.
33:28 It was a matter of a choice of what you bought.
33:30 I have been through that a lot.
33:31 Pants of any kind for woman should not be worn to church
33:34 and let alone shorts and tennis shoes
33:37 and dressings like we're going to picnic
33:40 rather than to meet with God.
33:43 See some of you won't get this
33:45 because spiritual things are spiritually discerned.
33:48 God has spoken in His word.
33:52 Listen before I move on let me make this a little clear
33:54 because we addressed Deuteronomy 22:5,
33:57 we did it but I want to do it for another minute, or two.
33:59 If you just allow me stay with.
34:02 There should be a distinction made between men and women.
34:06 It's cloths, there is no doubt about it.
34:09 Second, Selected Messages 477-8 says,
34:12 it says, notice there's the women,
34:14 it says "They will imitate the opposite sex,
34:18 as nearly as possible.
34:20 They will wear the cap and the pants,
34:23 and the vests, and the boots, the coat."
34:27 Listen carefully, "In this style of dress
34:30 God's order has been reversed,
34:33 and his special directions disregarded."
34:36 Oh, we want to disregard God's special instruction on this.
34:40 And they test of obedience to God
34:42 do we love Him more than we love our dress.
34:45 Woman trying to dress like men.
34:46 And again that seems to be more acceptable in the world
34:49 because the world just doesn't accept
34:50 the man going around wearing the dress.
34:53 You know, what I'm talking about.
34:55 Let me read that if you forgotten.
34:57 Deuteronomy 22:5 says, "The woman should not wear that
35:01 which pertaineth to a man,
35:02 neither shall a man put on a woman's garment,
35:04 for all that do this are in abomination
35:07 to the Lord thy God."
35:10 So this is talking about the style of dress.
35:13 God would not have his people to adopt.
35:17 The word of God said it's not modest apparel.
35:21 It's not all a fitting for a modest,
35:24 humble follower female
35:28 who professes to be a follower of Jesus Christ.
35:31 The article goes on, It says,
35:32 "God designed that there should be
35:34 a plain distinction between male and female dress,
35:40 and has considered the matter
35:42 of sufficient importance to give"
35:45 listen "explicit directions in regard to it."
35:49 I'm not trying to make it more difficult on someone at all.
35:53 But if God has given explicit directions
35:56 why aren't we following those.
35:59 Isn't a test? Sure, it's a test.
36:01 Test of obedience to God.
36:03 Oh, its simpler, well, it's too cold.
36:05 Its just say that-- we always make a--
36:06 God give explicit directions.
36:08 There has to be a difference between
36:09 that what a woman wears and that which a man wears.
36:12 So God has given these instructions.
36:15 Again, do we want to please Him or we gonna please ourselves.
36:19 Are we going harking into the voice of the Lord
36:21 or we just going to, you know, just, just to give up.
36:25 Are willing to forsake all and to follow Him.
36:30 Christ may be saying to you today,
36:33 He may be saying to me, we covered this in part one.
36:35 You lack just one thing.
36:38 We find out as we studied scripture,
36:40 one thing will keep us out of heaven,
36:41 out of heaven. Yes it will.
36:44 We're going to, you need part one,
36:45 you're going to and he is--
36:46 I know that someone say, ooh, ah, oooh, ah it just hurts.
36:49 I understand it.
36:52 And it's easier not to address the study,
36:54 its easier not to say anything about it then it is to
36:56 because people get angry actually but it's a--
36:58 what is, how does heaven view it.
37:01 Does heaven required of me? Yes.
37:03 Of you? Yes.
37:05 Does God, does it really matter what we wear?
37:09 Yes, and when you bring it to some people's attention some,
37:14 you know, time that they already went over
37:16 and they've already read it
37:17 and you bring back to their attention sometime.
37:19 Some people will say this is to try to, you know,
37:21 get the preacher off their back.
37:23 Well, I'm going to pray about it a little bit more
37:25 and we'll see where God is.
37:28 Remember what God has already made plain in His word
37:30 He is not going to change His mind.
37:33 And I know prayer is important
37:35 but praying about something God has already said.
37:38 Come on, let's think about this.
37:42 And thus saith the Lord.
37:45 Our biggest enemy is not God,
37:46 it's ourselves, isn't it? We want.
37:51 See if we're honest, and I think we should be.
37:55 Be honest in this hour in which we live.
37:58 We're not even close to being what God would have us to be.
38:01 We're not even close and that probably is the big issue.
38:04 Oh, well, we don't want to go in His streams,
38:06 we don't want to be--
38:07 listen, we're not even close to being
38:09 what God would have us to be to repopulate heaven.
38:12 And He is trying to get us there.
38:14 And He is presenting these things
38:16 and bringing up straight testimony
38:17 to challenge me and to challenge you.
38:19 Are we willing to follow Him? Are we willing to be different?
38:22 Are we willing to separate what the Bible says from the word?
38:25 Are you really honest and hard?
38:27 Am I honest and hard?
38:29 If we are we're not even close.
38:32 We're calling dark light and light dark.
38:37 May be I will give you a quick example
38:40 of many women and also men who profess godliness.
38:47 Now it is pretty touchy here. I want to just--
38:49 but I want you to try to balance.
38:50 God give you reasoning power.
38:54 How our minds have become so confused.
38:59 When we go swimming and we swim
39:05 especially the woman in their underwear.
39:07 Let's be honest about it. That's all the there is or less.
39:13 We go swimming in our underwear in front of people
39:16 but you know what, we're justified
39:18 and what we'll say? It's a bathing suit.
39:21 The word doesn't change, what's there.
39:25 If it doesn't matter, if it's our bathing--
39:27 so I want you think about it for we become so confused.
39:33 If its acceptable if it's right
39:34 why can't wear that bathing suit as it were to work.
39:40 Well we can't wear to work because there are people there.
39:42 Well, there's people at the beach,
39:43 there's people at the lake.
39:45 What makes a difference? People, people.
39:50 We have to realize what's acceptable and what--
39:52 because you call your undergarments a swimsuit.
39:57 Still wrong, we should not be out in that.
40:00 God's word, that's not modesty
40:04 even the world understands it better
40:07 than we do as professed Christian.
40:08 I will give you an example real quick.
40:09 I heard on a radio on a St. Louis station
40:11 that a woman who went out into the--
40:13 one of the parks out there in a park
40:15 she went out in her two piece bathing suit.
40:19 It wasn't just a few minutes and the authorities were called
40:22 and they said, she is dressed indecently
40:24 out here in the park because there's people.
40:29 Well, they called the authorities,
40:30 authorities come out, threw her out.
40:33 So you can't be dressed like that because there's people.
40:36 Her response is, "So are there at the beach
40:38 hundreds and thousands
40:40 and I dress like this but they accept me at the beach
40:43 but they don't accept me here.
40:45 Oh, see, have our mind becomes so confused.
40:51 See we're dealing with spiritual principles here
40:53 making up Christian standards
40:55 that the Bible has put here for us.
40:58 And the motivating facture
41:00 and there must be a motivating factor here.
41:02 There must be love for God, to please God.
41:06 I want to please Him in all things.
41:09 Do we loving Him with our whole heart,
41:11 our whole soul and our whole mind?
41:13 Friend, if you can't see
41:14 what I'm talking about here how sad that it is?
41:19 If you lay those swimsuits out on the bed
41:22 most people wouldn't be able to tell
41:23 what swimsuit and what's underwear
41:24 but you can call at the other and you think its okay, its not.
41:28 It's how dark our minds are.
41:32 Do we really love Him?
41:35 If we really love Him
41:36 listen, we'll have no problem dealing with this,
41:38 the issue or the problem of make up and jewelry
41:43 and what we wear or the lack of what we wear.
41:47 See as we look at this subject we're going to be confronted
41:51 with how God views the wearing or the putting on of things.
41:57 And that's what's important, isn't it how God views it?
42:01 Because remember you cannot make a case
42:04 that you can run around.
42:05 It's wouldn't be nice about half naked
42:08 and say your modest as a Christian, no you're not.
42:12 1 Testimony 136 says this,
42:14 listen, you've heard it so many times
42:17 but please listen again.
42:18 See if it makes sense.
42:20 "The outward appearance is the index to the heart."
42:26 I wanted to make sense to you. I'm pleading with you.
42:29 I wanted to make sense to you.
42:31 It's not a matter of do's and don'ts.
42:32 The Bible has spoken.
42:34 God said "I accept this and this I do not accept."
42:37 You're professing but not like, you can't do this.
42:42 Did you really get what I was talking about?
42:44 The outside appearance is the index to the heart.
42:47 It's just coming out what you're wearing.
42:49 That's really what your heart and your mind is really like.
42:52 Listen to this very carefully.
42:54 A Christian's way of dressing
42:58 listen, the Christian's way up dressing conceals,
43:04 the worldly way of dressing reveals.
43:08 Does that make sense?
43:11 The Christian conceals, the world reveals.
43:16 So you see if we dress modestly
43:20 it diverts the mind from the physical.
43:23 Did you get it?
43:24 If a woman, a man would dress properly
43:27 it diverts my mind and your mind, his mind
43:30 and all their minds away from the physical.
43:34 The devil wants the physical out there,
43:36 he wants our attention drawn to certain things.
43:40 If we dress immodestly
43:44 it attracts attention to the physical.
43:49 Now is that, is that all that you are,
43:51 men and women, you want to be,
43:54 you know, people to look at you and gaze at you
43:57 because of the physical or who you are.
44:02 And if you're really a child of God
44:03 what, they're gong to see Jesus in you.
44:04 They're not going to see the nakedness of your body.
44:07 You wonder sometimes why you have so many friends,
44:09 you know, one of the other
44:10 male friends or the ladies, vice versa.
44:13 May be it's the way you conduct yourself.
44:14 May be that's the way you dress.
44:16 May be that's the way you talk.
44:18 Please keep in mind because of that lack of clothing
44:23 worn by a lot of woman, listen, it makes bad men worst.
44:33 It tempts them to sin.
44:37 And you're accountable to that and I'm accountable for that.
44:41 If we make someone think something we've--
44:43 they shouldn't be thinking.
44:44 That's what the devils call the tempter
44:46 and he is going to have pay for all those temptations.
44:48 He is put out you see.
44:51 And if we tempt other people to think something else
44:53 or draw attention to ourself
44:54 or this is how we get people to notice us,
44:56 oh, dear friends, you're gonna have to pay a price for that.
45:00 Bad men become worse.
45:04 Book called Education, page 248, listen carefully.
45:08 Because we always talking about,
45:09 you know, the way a women dress
45:11 or the way she conduct herself and men too,
45:13 notice it says, "Chaste simplicity in dress"
45:16 simple dressing, "When," listen,
45:19 "when dressing properly united with"
45:22 notice this, "modesty of demeanor
45:26 will go towards surrounding a young girl
45:29 with the atmosphere of a sacred reserve
45:33 which will be to her a shield from a thousand perils."
45:37 A shield from a thousand perils
45:40 simply by that what we have on our body
45:42 and the way that we talk to one and another.
45:47 Because, you know, yeah, be very careful
45:49 some people you talk them
45:50 they take it differently than what you're ever meaning it.
45:51 You have to be carefully about your conversation.
45:53 I need a shield,
45:55 you want your daughters to have a shield, isn't that right?
45:57 You want your sisters, you want you mother--
45:58 everybody have a shield around her.
45:59 It has to do with the way they dress and they way they talk.
46:02 Talk to many people who are in prison right now
46:04 for doing the wrong things.
46:06 They will tell you, it's the way they were talking
46:08 and in the way they were dressed
46:09 that's why I did what I did.
46:11 That makes sense, the Bible knows that,
46:13 it's trying to warn us.
46:16 Have we as a people become so lay or deceive
46:19 we become so lukewarm that we don't know
46:22 that we don't know that we have enough cloths on or not
46:26 or you know, the lack of it.
46:28 Clothing that is worn to the church or anywhere.
46:33 That gets undue attention and we need to reevaluate.
46:38 And when we wear it to church knows what happens.
46:41 People begin to think over a period of time
46:44 that it's okay and its all right
46:46 because someone else has brought it in.
46:48 And we get, we do get used to things, don't we?
46:50 Time after, time after we get used to
46:52 and presume we think it's a normal way.
46:54 When it's all wrong we think it's normal.
46:57 Pastors-- listen, pastors can't make church members
47:02 you see, lined up with the word of God
47:05 or wear what the Bible approves of
47:08 but they can educate the church.
47:10 They can educate the people of God.
47:13 And they can make sure this if they still will not listen
47:16 they are not to get up in front and they're not to hold office
47:20 if they will not dress according to scripture.
47:22 Because that's a matter of test of obedience
47:24 like many other things in the Bible.
47:26 And yet we let it go because we don't want to cause a wave.
47:31 We're willing to go against preachers,
47:32 come on, against the word of God.
47:37 You can't make them but you can make sure
47:39 they don't participate, they don't get upfront.
47:44 Why? Because other people are going to think that it's okay.
47:48 Leaders, Lord have mercy.
47:50 Leaders lead, lead the people, set up a standard.
47:55 If the things are out of hand
47:57 and may be they'll go out of hand in you're church
47:59 it's not too late to go to the church and beg forgiveness.
48:03 Asking them to forgive you for what you've let slip by.
48:06 The failures sometimes that we're capable off, the failing.
48:10 And ask them to forgive you and ask God to forgive you.
48:13 And tell them the God is not pleased
48:15 with the condition of the church.
48:16 He can't bless the church the way He wants to
48:18 because we won't stand for what is right here in scripture.
48:22 And a call for a reformation, a call for reforms.
48:25 Says, there has to be a change.
48:29 Friend, do you want to receive the blessings of God or not?
48:32 Then we have to follow through
48:33 with what the word of God has said
48:35 regardless of who the people might be
48:37 or who they think they are.
48:39 There are no exceptions, I'm no exception,
48:41 you're not an exception to God's plain truth.
48:46 You say, yeah we have to be, we have to be bold.
48:50 We have to go back to the word of God.
48:52 We have to get back on track.
48:54 We have let it go to far.
48:55 Do you agree? We have let it go too far.
48:59 Buckle up and listen to this, please.
49:00 This is met to help not to hurt.
49:03 Not trying to point out any certain person here
49:05 but please think on this, please think on this.
49:08 Listen, a woman of the world,
49:11 you know what I'm talking about some of you listen that.
49:13 A woman of the world
49:15 advertises her business by the way she dresses.
49:20 A woman of the world does what?
49:21 She advertises her business by the way that she dresses.
49:25 So what does the Christian advertise
49:28 when she wears similar things?
49:33 We have those who on purpose deliberately wear the clothing,
49:39 be careful now of the street walker.
49:42 We have those maybe who are ignorant
49:46 really of what they wear.
49:47 I mean these are not really--
49:48 they're not aware of it at this point and time.
49:50 But this is important for the Christian
49:53 or for the ignorant those who don't know
49:56 to dress like the harlot, to dress like the harlot.
50:03 When the Christian or the ignored
50:06 dresses like the harlot
50:08 it makes their dress more acceptable.
50:11 Man, that makes reason, that's reasonable.
50:14 1 Testimony 189 says, "In these last days"
50:18 listen, fashion "fashions are shameful and immodest."
50:24 Interesting as we get older, little bit out of shape--
50:27 come on, somebody--
50:29 listen we gonna have that just plain here.
50:30 Get a little older and we get, and we get out of shape.
50:33 And that some cases I have to say we get a little bit saggy
50:37 and we get a little bit wrinkled up.
50:39 You know what we do? We cover up.
50:45 Even more because we'll say lot of,
50:47 we like the way that I, that I look.
50:49 I don't like the way my body looks.
50:52 We might say it even looks ugly.
50:56 Many must think that their body looks good
50:59 and they want to show it.
51:03 This just might be one of the reasons
51:04 that some people dress the way that they do
51:06 because they think they look good.
51:09 They want to think that they look good.
51:10 They want others to see that they look good.
51:13 Or else why would they want to show it?
51:18 There's a bottom line,
51:20 some of you are not going to get this now.
51:21 Well, here is a bottom line, I love bottom lines.
51:25 If it's ugly or if it looks good
51:30 or if it's sexy, cover it up.
51:34 That makes sense, doesn't it?
51:36 We must--we have to remember that we're accountable
51:39 for the sins that we, you know, tempt others to commit.
51:43 4 Testimonies 638, listen carefully.
51:47 "Our people have been steadily retrograding
51:50 in the work of reform.
51:51 Wisdom and judgment have seemed paralyzed.
51:54 Selfishness, love of display have been corrupting the hearts
51:58 and deteriorating the character."
52:00 4 Testimonies 629, come on, I'm hurrying,
52:02 time just almost gone.
52:04 "Satan invented the fashions
52:07 in order to keep the minds of women
52:09 so engrossed with the subject of dress
52:12 that they cannot think of but little else."
52:15 3 Testimonies 366,
52:17 "Self-denial in dress is a part of our Christian duty."
52:22 4 Testimonies 647, check it out.
52:24 "The world is crazy after show and fashion and pleasure.
52:28 Will not Christians be true to their high profession!"
52:34 Many have not been reading scripture,
52:36 many have not been reading the Spirit of Prophecy
52:38 concerning of what we wear
52:40 and what we put on these poor old mortal bodies.
52:43 There is a lot, lot more could be said
52:45 but I'm only going to make it,
52:46 give it a few, just a few lines here
52:49 in direction to our last few moments here.
52:50 May be we'll pick up just a little bit more
52:52 but we're going to get in to jewelry in part three,
52:54 you don't want to miss that.
52:57 Some times we just feel that it's up to us what we wear.
53:02 Notice, 1 Testimony 464 says,
53:05 "My views were calculated to correct the present fashion,
53:09 the extreme long dress" some are--
53:11 we got taken consideration of the time but notice this,
53:14 "The extreme long dress, trailing upon the ground,
53:17 also to correct the extreme short dress"
53:21 What's the short dress? "Reaching almost to the knees."
53:25 That's the extreme short dress.
53:27 Think about the extreme short dress today,
53:29 "Reaching above the knees which is worn by certain class.
53:33 I was shown that we were to shun both extremes."
53:38 So we need to be something middle there
53:39 that our dresses need to be below the knees.
53:43 This dress here that was shown by God
53:45 that above the knees is too short.
53:47 God has said that and I'm not saying,
53:48 I'm not setting a criteria for you.
53:51 1 Testimony 460, it says, listen to this
53:54 we're going to try to close with this
53:55 and have prayer but listen.
53:56 "Were the apostle Paul alive, and should behold women
54:01 professing godliness with this style of dress,
54:05 he would utter a rebuke."
54:08 It's what the Bible says.
54:09 It's what the Spirit of Prophecy says.
54:11 Does God really care? Yes He cares, I know He cares.
54:18 Are you pained about it today?
54:19 Do you sense that a changes need to take place?
54:24 That may be you have exhibited an influence around,
54:26 that the people are following and looking
54:28 and remember they'll only get worse than what you,
54:30 what you have put up there as a standard.
54:32 As the pastor sets standard, the church is lower than that.
54:35 We have to lift up a high standard.
54:37 Let's pray about it right now, Shall we?
54:39 Let's pray that the Holy Spirit
54:40 will help us to set the right kind of standard
54:42 that would be pleasing in the sight of God.
54:44 Let's pray together, Shall we?
54:46 Father in heaven, we thank You for Your precious word.
54:48 We realize, oh, it maybe hurtful to many
54:50 but Lord, may we just come in harmony with the scripture.
54:53 And the Bible had said, God has spoken
54:56 and I pray that each of Your people now.
54:58 I know the power of thy Holy Spirit
55:00 we just commit right now.
55:01 Oh, Lord, if whatever I have done in the past doesn't matter.
55:03 I want to give it all to You right now.
55:05 I want to be pleasing in Your sight.
55:07 Lord, help us right now
55:08 as we commit to Your will and to Your way.
55:10 May there be a real reformation break loose in our churches
55:13 and then we can receive
55:14 the power of the Spirit and the living God.
55:16 In His name we praying for Jesus sake, amen.
55:20 Thank you for spending this time with us.
55:22 We're going to go next time part three.
55:24 We're gonna deal little bit more of the little make up,
55:25 and a little bit of jewelry.
55:26 You won't want to miss it.
55:27 Thank you for your love, thank you for your support
55:29 and we look forward to spending more time with you, see you.
55:34 Hello and welcome back.
55:35 As I mentioned after our first program on
55:38 "Does our appearance really matter to God?"
55:41 It's simply amazing how God begins to remold
55:45 and remake us into His image.
55:47 And that means brothers and sisters,
55:50 that all of this world's rubbish must go.
55:53 Just as a potter remolds
55:55 and refinishes and refines his clay
55:57 into a beautifully sparkling piece of China.
56:00 So the master potter is symbolically
56:03 doing the very same thing in and through us
56:07 to fit us for His kingdom.
56:09 There is nothing in this life absolutely nothing
56:14 that is worth our missing out of heaven for.
56:18 Just don't be one of the unnumbered masses
56:21 that finds this out simply too late for them to be saved.
56:26 Does our appearance really matter to God?
56:30 You know, we're finding out from God's word
56:32 that indeed it sure it does
56:34 perhaps, more than we ever before realize.
56:38 So I know that you'll want to tune in next time
56:41 for the conclusion of this series
56:43 as well as call and order
56:45 this three part series for your very own.
56:48 It's a two way blessing when we hear from you.
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57:55 Friends, brothers, sisters, loved ones
57:58 until next time may our precious Lord
58:01 richly bless you and yours.


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