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Does Our Appearance Really Matter to God? Part 3

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00:41 Hello, and welcome to "Behold the Lamb Presents."
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton your host.
00:46 And as always we're so blessed
00:48 to be able to have this time together
00:50 with you to study God's word.
00:53 Today's message is the third in our three part series
00:56 that we have entitled
00:57 "Does our Appearance Really Matters to God?"
01:01 In 1 John 3:18, we read "My little children,
01:06 let us not love in word,
01:08 or in tongue but in deed and in truth."
01:12 We are to be doers of the word and not hearers only.
01:16 James 1:22 says, "That if we're only hearers of the word
01:21 we're deceiving ourselves."
01:24 So as we study God's word
01:26 here a little and there a little line upon line,
01:29 precept upon precept, we begin to ascertain
01:32 that God is calling each and everyone of us
01:35 just as we are.
01:37 Yet, as we continue to study
01:39 and learn the truth in no way
01:42 does God want us to stay just as we claim to Him.
01:46 He wants us to be transformed
01:48 into His image, His likeness,
01:51 prepared as a bride that waiting for her groom.
01:54 These beautiful truths of God's word
01:56 are given to do a wonderful work in our hearts,
02:00 and in our minds.
02:01 And if we surrender our will,
02:03 our very will to God at each step of the way
02:06 our deeds in actions will follow just as noted in scripture.
02:12 And as we have seen in parts one and two
02:14 of "Does our Appearance Really Matter to God?"
02:17 the Bible does have something to say about our appearance.
02:21 And that our choice of dress and adornment,
02:24 they really do matter.
02:26 And I'm very sure that Pastor Kenny Shelton
02:29 will bring more of these verses in view today
02:32 during the study.
02:33 So get prepared won't you
02:35 to take notes and allow God's Spirit
02:38 to work on all of our hearts
02:40 as we conclude this series
02:42 on "Does our Appearance Really Matter to God?"
02:46 But first we're blessed to visit the 3ABN worship center
02:50 and listen to a song that is entitled "The Lord's Prayer"
02:55 as performed by Eva and Klara Palhegyi.
05:45 Thanks for joining us today.
05:46 Our subject "Does our Appearance Really Matter to God?"
05:52 And we've been finding out
05:53 part one and part two of the series
05:57 that we're going to be discussing something's here
05:59 that we're going to just hit lightly
06:01 on that we've covered in part one and part two.
06:04 So you don't want to get the whole series
06:06 so it really makes sense to you.
06:07 Very important subject that we feel
06:10 that the standard needs to be raised once again.
06:12 Before we get into this, vital part, part three,
06:15 we're going to have prayers, we always do.
06:17 Won't you pray along with me
06:18 as I kneel ask God's blessing upon this message.
06:22 Merciful Father in heaven, we thank You,
06:24 for the privilege of Your Prayer.
06:25 We ask forgiveness of sin anything in our hearts
06:27 and lives that would separate us from thee.
06:30 We need to hear Your voice.
06:31 Lord bless as we pray, open our ears,
06:34 our hearts and our minds
06:35 that we may understand these beautiful truths.
06:38 These truths that You have left for us in last day people,
06:42 may we present them in the way that pleasing in thy sight.
06:45 Bless each one who has views
06:46 and those who listen in Jesus name
06:48 we pray and for His sake, amen.
06:51 Again as I mentioned before we have a lot of subject matter
06:54 so you need to get a pencil and paper
06:56 and jot everything down.
06:57 And if you find me moving fast,
06:59 I always do but little faster than normal
07:01 you'll know why because this is the third part
07:03 and we need to get right on with it.
07:05 And we're left off at this point in part two
07:08 in 1 Timothy 2:9, 10.
07:10 I'm just going to refer to it not read it.
07:12 You can look it up in the scripture.
07:14 And the comment is made in the spirit of prophecy
07:16 about this passage of scripture.
07:18 Here what it says, 1 Testimonies 460 says,
07:22 "Where the apostle Paul alive, today
07:26 as he behold women professing godliness
07:29 with this style of dress, he would utter a rebuke."
07:33 So we're talking about dresses,
07:34 we're talking about the shortness,
07:35 we're talking about too long.
07:37 So if Paul would alive today he would utter a rebuke
07:41 what was going on among God's professed children today.
07:44 Does God really care?
07:46 Yes, He cares.
07:48 Little article in Signs of the Times,
07:50 nice little magazine 498-499 listen to this carefully.
07:55 Remember read it all if you can.
07:57 I'm just going to try take a few lines here
07:58 that may be will help us.
08:00 And the Spirit of God was working upon Ellen White
08:02 when she said this.
08:03 "I am often pained as I enter the house of God
08:06 as where is to be God is to be worshipped,
08:08 to see the untidy dress of both men and women.
08:13 If the heart and the character
08:15 where indicated by the outward apparel,
08:18 then certainly nothing would be heavenly about them.
08:22 They have no true idea of the order,
08:26 the neatness, and the refined deportment
08:29 that God requires of all who come
08:32 into His presence to worship Him."
08:35 God requires us, doesn't He,
08:38 to come before Him the very best that we can.
08:42 And He is wanting just to have a real knowledge
08:43 of this last day message to go into all the world
08:47 and part of it including in here is, what.
08:49 What we put on our body?
08:50 What we take into our body?
08:52 Now, much more to be said about that subject
08:55 that kind of finish part two.
08:57 But I want to touch upon and I think we must go ahead.
09:00 I'm going to mention lightly the subject of Make Up.
09:03 Not a subject that many people want to deal with.
09:05 But, you know, the Bible deals with it.
09:07 And the Bible says something about it,
09:09 shouldn't we be interested as Christians I think so.
09:12 Back to Book of Jeremiah 4:30, the Bible says,
09:16 it talks about a-- now notice this,
09:18 the Bible talks about here Jeremiah about a harlot
09:21 and how she dresses
09:23 and what she puts on her face.
09:25 Now we don't want to be a harlot, do we?
09:27 But here is what the scriptures says.
09:30 It says, "Though thou clothest thyself with crimson,
09:34 though thou deckest thyself with ornaments of gold,
09:39 though thou rentest thy face with painting"
09:41 notice "in vain shalt thou make thyself fair,
09:46 thy lovers will despise thee."
09:49 Notice the dress of the harlot.
09:52 Now are we trying to talk bad about that?
09:54 Jeremiah the prophet of God penned these words.
09:57 Notice that how the harlot dressed.
09:59 Surely we won't want to dress like that.
10:02 She put ornaments of gold and things on her body
10:05 and she painted her face.
10:07 We'll see more about that.
10:08 In fact Revelation 17:4 that we find here
10:12 another harlot as it were clothed herself
10:14 in a very deceitful way.
10:17 The Bible says "There that the women was arrayed
10:20 in purple and scarlet and decked herself with" what?
10:24 "Gold and precious stones."
10:27 Interesting precious stones,
10:28 gold, jewelry, painted faces.
10:31 All had to do with what?
10:33 The past date church or what,
10:35 the harlot as it were
10:36 or someone who strayed away from God.
10:39 So we need to be careful if we're doing those things
10:41 we need to examine ourselves to see whether we be in the faith.
10:45 It's just an interesting point
10:47 and may be interesting thought I want you to think with me.
10:49 Four Testimonies 645 says, this makes sense.
10:53 "When the mind is fixed upon pleasing God."
10:56 Is your mind fixed upon pleasing God, today?
10:59 And "God alone,
11:01 all the needless embellishments of that person disappear."
11:07 Notice that.
11:08 If our mind and heart is really on pleasing God alone
11:12 all the needless things on our body will disappear.
11:15 Praise God for that.
11:17 You know, the little book I like it
11:18 Message to Young People page 353.
11:21 This is very-- this will get some of you.
11:24 Now listen, it says
11:25 "When we lose our taste for order
11:28 and neatness in dress, we virtually leave the truth."
11:35 Is it important in this subject?
11:36 You better believe it is.
11:37 When we lose our taste, order,
11:40 neatness what we put on to our body
11:42 and we virtually leave the faith, the truth.
11:46 See to me it's interesting when God's people
11:48 where in the backslidden state.
11:51 In other words they were, you know, going away from God.
11:53 And the farther they get away from God
11:55 the prophets when they begin to right things down,
11:58 the prophets always called the people a harlot.
12:02 The harlot or an unfaithful wife.
12:05 Notice that is what we study here
12:07 you'll see it coming little clear focus on prayer.
12:10 1 John 3:22 the Bible says this.
12:12 "And whatsoever we ask, we receive of him,
12:16 because we keep his commandments."
12:18 Pay attention to this.
12:20 "And we do those things that pleases him."
12:24 Did you get that?
12:26 We do those things that please him.
12:28 See we live in such a selfish world today
12:31 that everybody just wants to please themselves.
12:34 Oh, it's such a little thing.
12:35 Oh, it doesn't make any difference.
12:37 Friends, in our study we're going to see
12:38 much different than that
12:40 every little detail God is interested in.
12:43 And there're test of our fellowship with Him.
12:46 There is nothing little, there is nothing minute,
12:49 there is nothing that doesn't make a difference.
12:52 See I believe this with all my heart
12:54 God's last day people will be careful
12:57 what they put on their faces.
13:00 The Bible calls it painting up the face
13:03 or putting on--here's what-- putting yon a lot of make up.
13:08 Now again the Bible refers to this
13:10 as a sign of apostasy against God.
13:14 A sign of following after the heathen nations
13:17 and it also what defined as being unfaithful wife
13:21 or unfaithful people to God.
13:24 So you don't want to be unfaithful,
13:26 you don't want to follow after the heathen,
13:28 you don't want to be an apostasy.
13:29 But always the Bible refers to what we're painting up
13:32 and putting these things on.
13:34 I'm going to give you some illustration
13:35 so you'll understand.
13:36 We're going to read from scripture.
13:37 The Bible says, now notice the use of colorful--
13:41 we're talking about you know cosmetics and a painter.
13:44 Have you heard that the saying I painted up like a Jezebel?
13:49 You know, 2 Kings 9:30.
13:53 It comes to it says Painted up like Jezebel.
13:55 "She painted her face" the Bible says,
13:58 "and she tired her head,"
14:00 Or she arranged herself or she tried to look good
14:03 "and she looked out the window."
14:05 So the Jezebel right Jezebel the harlot right,
14:08 that in apostasy against God
14:10 notice how she conducted herself.
14:13 Notice, what she did to her face.
14:15 Notice what she did to her body.
14:16 You don't want to be like that.
14:18 I don't want to be like that.
14:20 See we can trace this custom then painting up the face
14:24 and putting things on our body.
14:25 Back to the heathen queen that's what she was.
14:29 And she was known for killing the prophets of God.
14:33 That would be an opposition of God then, wouldn't.
14:36 I want you to listen this counsel
14:37 found in Child Guidance page 424,
14:41 it says, "The pure religion of Jesus"
14:43 this is what we're after today.
14:44 "The pure religion of Jesus requires its followers"
14:48 now notice this, "the simplicity and the natural beauty."
14:52 God wants us to have what?
14:54 "Simplicity natural beauty"
14:56 and then the "A polish
14:58 of natural refinement elevating purity,
15:03 rather than artificial and false."
15:07 Purely religion of Jesus.
15:10 Is that what you're after today
15:11 or you just after your-- you know what you want
15:13 and how you want to may be accepted by the world
15:16 or do we want to really follow the God's Counsel.
15:18 And where is that there we can say that
15:19 well, we'll follow this but we don't follow that.
15:22 When you say, thus say of the Lord.
15:23 Oh, surely you're not that way today.
15:25 Child Guidance again page 425.
15:28 It starts down and says if.
15:30 "If our hearts are untied with Christ's heart."
15:34 Are you not united with Him today or you with together?
15:37 It says notice "Nothing will be put upon that person
15:42 that will attract attention or to crate controversy."
15:46 Two points don't miss these things.
15:48 We will never put anything upon our body
15:50 that attracts attention to ourselves.
15:54 You know what's opposite is that is in the world today.
15:56 When people in Hollywood when they get out
15:58 they're just they have so much of this,
15:59 and that and everything on
16:00 we will talk about more in a minute.
16:03 Do you notice that?
16:04 Okay, but then it says here notice this
16:06 or we will not wear or put on anything
16:07 that will create controversy.
16:10 So we need to be careful even though we say,
16:11 well, I don't think there is anything wrong with this and,
16:13 you know, the Bible may be clear on
16:15 but you're saying what.
16:16 You don't want to hurt your fellowman, do you?
16:18 You don't to be a controversy in the church
16:20 or causing division in the church.
16:22 3 Testimonies 377 says this.
16:25 "There are those who may pass for Christians
16:28 but who are unworthy of the name.
16:34 They have not Christian characters.
16:37 When their Christianity is put to test,
16:41 its falsity is too evident.
16:44 True religion is seen in its deportment."
16:49 Now notice all of these things here.
16:52 Falsity, when it's put to test-- when you're Christianity
16:55 or my Christianity is put to the what,
16:58 to the test how will it prove.
17:02 Will it be false, or will it be real?
17:05 See God's people are represented in Revelation 12
17:09 as the women standing on the moon, you remember?
17:13 She is dressed in white-- now be careful now,
17:15 she has no make up on and she has no jewelry on.
17:19 This is representing God's true church.
17:24 We need not deviate from that
17:25 but we find ourselves really going way off on the other side.
17:29 And we need to comeback to sinner to the word of God.
17:32 Because, now Revelation 17
17:34 we discussed just a little bit the harlot,
17:37 the whore the Bible says dressed in scarlet.
17:40 She is dressed in purple
17:42 and she is decked herself with God
17:43 and all precious stones.
17:45 Wouldn't that make us think you have the true
17:47 and then you have the false
17:49 God says this is what the true is going to look like,
17:51 this is false is going to look like.
17:53 And let's just address a little clearly as we can.
17:57 This subject we say, jewelry.
17:59 Because this is quite an issue in the church today.
18:02 And it really--it shouldn't be an issue in the church.
18:05 It has to do with the heart.
18:07 It has to do with the connection that we have with Jesus Christ.
18:11 You know, as Christians we know that we are not,
18:13 to try to please ourselves.
18:16 Deny self, take up to the cross
18:18 and follow Jesus path this is the Christian walk.
18:21 But yet somehow as we approach this subject
18:26 we need to say now look, "What is it that pleases God?
18:31 See not what pleases myself, not what I'm all used to
18:34 but what pleases God as I read His word.
18:38 What's God's attitude toward the wearing of ornaments?
18:43 Isn't that what's important?
18:44 It's not I feel or so and so said
18:46 or everybody else is doing it.
18:48 How does God feel about us wearing ornaments,
18:52 jewelry, heavy make up?
18:54 What--how does that God feel about this?
18:56 Well, the Bible is very, very clear on it.
19:00 Interesting we serve a God
19:02 because we're going to read some passages,
19:03 where we serve a God that the Bible said
19:06 "Never changes His position."
19:09 Isn't' that interesting.
19:11 The Scriptures says that he-- we serve a God who changes not.
19:14 You remember reading that in Malachi 3:6.
19:18 Jesus Christ is saying "Yesterday, today and forever"
19:22 Hebrews 13:8.
19:23 So God is always is the same
19:25 because He doesn't have to change,
19:28 He never changes His position as it were to these to the truth
19:32 because it is the truth.
19:33 Keep this in mind.
19:35 I want you to keep this mind.
19:36 Let's balance it.
19:37 I know it's touchy, I know it's hurtful
19:39 but you know what we've got
19:41 to get really into the word of God.
19:42 We got to get into the straight testimony
19:44 and come in line with that.
19:46 Keep this in mind when God refers to objects of ornaments,
19:53 things that we put on to our body.
19:55 That's a cosmetics or jewelry even the cloths
19:57 that we wear especially, jewelry.
20:00 Here is how God refer.
20:01 There's three points.
20:02 Number one, God says jewelry and ornaments
20:05 He calls them filth.
20:06 We'll prove that in moment.
20:08 Number two, God calls them strange God's,
20:12 Ornaments strange God's.
20:15 And always in relationship to this,
20:18 God calls then it's a sin and has to do with apostasy,
20:23 it has to do with heathen
20:25 following after the heathen way.
20:27 And so God always says
20:29 we need to be taking some of these things off.
20:33 As people turn away from God.
20:35 You've seen this.
20:36 You've seen it in the church you see it out in the world
20:39 people--when they're following God they want to be like Him.
20:41 But it say turn their back on him.
20:43 They're going to apostasy.
20:44 They show quickly by how they dress,
20:46 what they put on their body
20:47 almost every time without question.
20:51 Remember, the way dress we're talking about sin,
20:53 we're talking about apostasy,
20:55 we're talking about following after the heathen.
20:57 See Isaiah said it like this listen very carefully.
20:59 He said this way "As the people turned away from God"
21:04 notice this "and they begin to put on different ornaments."
21:08 Isaiah said this. Isaiah 3:9.
21:11 He said, "it declared their sins."
21:16 What they put on their body did you get it,
21:18 it declared their sin.
21:20 So what either or isn't.
21:22 The Bible says it is.
21:23 How we gonna deal with this issue.
21:27 You see there is no lack of scripture that clearly,
21:32 clearly declares God's position about ornaments,
21:37 gold and silver and things we put on our body.
21:42 And you know, there is always, there's always people who say,
21:45 you know, it doesn't really, it doesn't really matter.
21:49 But please remember with me
21:50 if God says it does, it does matter.
21:54 It always matters when God says it does.
21:58 Now remember those who use these things
22:01 always symbolize a falling a way or a departure from God,
22:08 a departure from God.
22:10 Are you departing from God today?
22:12 Am I departing from God today?
22:13 Am I dressing, like the world?
22:16 Are we allowed things to come into our church
22:19 that should be there?
22:22 Because, people in position may be,
22:24 people of prominence, leadership.
22:27 Let's just examine just a few texts quickly here.
22:31 Hosea 2:13 is what the Bible says.
22:34 Now remember, he is describing the apostasy.
22:38 He is describing the unfaithfulness of Israel
22:41 or His people.
22:43 Here is what he said.
22:44 And now notice he always-- he uses a women
22:47 and how she has decorated her body with ornaments.
22:51 Now notice, scripture says
22:53 "I will visit her in the day Baalim,
22:57 wherein she burned incense to them,
23:01 she decked herself with earrings and jewels
23:06 and she went after her lovers,
23:08 and she forgot me, saith the Lord."
23:12 So as the people departed did you notice that
23:16 away from God it was a tell tail sign
23:18 what they begin to put on their bodies.
23:22 Say God moved on the prophets there is no doubt about it.
23:25 You see, you know we talked about to represent His church.
23:29 He is talking about here God moved on His prophets.
23:33 And He begun to speak to his prophets
23:36 and He gave us words of truth here
23:38 when He used a woman to represent, what, as His church.
23:43 And that's why we're talking about lot of time
23:45 about woman representing what, the church, Jeremiah 6:2.
23:50 See when His people were in apostasy
23:52 when they were backslidden you see,
23:55 they were spoken of once again as harlot as unfaithful wife.
24:00 Jeremiah 4:30 says,
24:02 "Thou clothest thyself with crimson,
24:05 though thou deckest thyself with ornaments of gold,
24:09 though thou rentest thy face with painting,
24:12 in vain shalt thou make thyself fair,
24:15 thy lovers will despise thee, they will seek thy life."
24:21 Again the Ezekiel 23:40,
24:23 the Bible said God describes there, who?
24:26 Israelites backsliding and their conduct.
24:31 And it says it would be shown their conduct
24:34 their back sliding will be shown by what they were wearing.
24:36 Very interesting isn't it.
24:39 Bible says "For whom thou didst wash thyself,
24:43 thou paintedst thy eyes,
24:45 and deckesdst thyself with ornaments."
24:47 Did you notice every time as we pull away from God
24:51 further and further we get the more of the stuff
24:53 of the world we put on our poor bodies.
24:58 Remember, I don't need to remind you
25:00 but the true church of God in Revelation 12:1
25:05 is called what, the bride of Christ in Revelation 21:9.
25:11 There are no ornaments, no jewelry, no make up,
25:16 on the bride of Christ, interesting.
25:19 Revelation 17:4 describes once again the what?
25:23 The false church. Decked with what?
25:26 Keep this in mind we'll go-- over several times
25:28 gold and precious stones.
25:31 One false, one true which one you belong to.
25:34 Which one are you following after today?
25:39 My brothers and sisters what we are discussing today
25:41 is so important because the enemy has found ways
25:44 in which to come in.
25:46 He is dividing and separating causing contention
25:49 and problems of separation among God's last day people.
25:53 But it is a serious problem in God's last day church.
25:58 And many times women especially women
26:01 have to deal with some issues may be little more touchy
26:05 than may be with men.
26:06 Especially when she is listen carefully,
26:09 especially, when she is married to an unbeliever.
26:13 And sad to say sometimes when they're married to an believer.
26:19 Now this could be man or a woman
26:22 but the woman sometimes have a--
26:23 put in a real pressure cooker here
26:26 and will have make some real decisions.
26:29 So let me ask you one,
26:30 how far should-- now we're looking at
26:33 some Bible principle here.
26:34 How far should the wife, how far should the husband go
26:38 or do in order to please her husband
26:42 or in order to please his wife.
26:44 How far should the Christian go?
26:48 I hear some men, I hear woman say,
26:50 well, I don't have a choice my husband said.
26:53 And husband said, well I don't really have
26:55 a choice in my wife will-- my wife will leave me
26:59 or she will divorce me if I change something's.
27:02 And yeah we're talking specifically
27:03 about the wedding band and so on so forth.
27:08 And so where you're confronted with some real serious issue
27:11 and I have heard them say
27:13 and tell me I don't have a choice.
27:14 Well really?
27:17 How far does one go in order to please their spouse
27:21 to keep peace in the home?
27:23 Can she compromise, he compromise
27:26 the truth of God's word?
27:29 See is there a compromise in the word of God.
27:32 May be just a little, may be just a little bit.
27:37 It's interesting that the apostle Peter--
27:40 you know what he says.
27:43 He says not to compromise truth and principle at all,
27:49 truth and principle at all.
27:53 We're to please God.
27:55 Yes it can cause contention.
27:57 But how can we say well I know what the word says but.
28:01 What kind of a Christian are you?
28:02 What kind of a Christian am I?
28:03 every time I come up whether something is going to
28:05 cause a little anxiety or little problems
28:07 I'm just going to say well I can't do it
28:09 because God doesn't say that in His word.
28:15 It's interesting--here's what the Bible says about
28:17 and still saying well I'm going to have to compromise
28:19 and I'm going to do what my husband
28:21 and my wife wants me to do.
28:22 You remember what first Peter 3:1, 2 says.
28:25 It says especially about the woman.
28:26 It says, if she is faithful she may win her husband
28:31 by her conduct or her conversations
28:35 what the Bible says.
28:38 She will never win her husband or vice versa
28:40 by lowering the standards is by being willing to stand
28:44 for the truths of God's word.
28:47 God has set a standard up.
28:50 Now I know many of them would say,
28:51 yeah, but, you know, God doesn't want me to--
28:53 God want you to follow His word
28:55 He will work everything else out
28:57 if you're willing to stand on His word what He says.
29:01 We must be faithful to his word.
29:04 Remember, who do you want to please?
29:08 Who do you really want to please?
29:10 Or are we may be trying to find a way
29:13 around God's plain word.
29:16 And then why is it that the wedding band of jewelry
29:19 and different things that just not so important
29:21 to a lot of people.
29:23 You don't say a much about that
29:24 because may be you're wearing it and so on so forth.
29:27 But yet, you know, you will start on somebody else
29:29 about some other kind of issue.
29:32 Its like well, I know the Bible says
29:33 I'm not supposed to it
29:34 but I'm going to go ahead and do it anyway.
29:37 Is that being obedient or is that being disobedient.
29:42 See the Bible is very clear.
29:43 God said, I will have My daughters of Zion washed.
29:48 What's does that mean?
29:50 I'm going to have My daughters in Zion washed.
29:53 And then if washed what is that mean?
29:59 If it means He is going to wash them
30:02 that mean then--that mean something needs to come off.
30:06 If He is going to wash them-- why would you wash them
30:08 if nothing needs to come off?
30:09 He says, I'm going to wash them and make them clean.
30:13 He says just going come off one way or the other
30:15 and then as Isaiah 4:3,4,
30:19 He say just going come off by judgment or by fire.
30:23 How interesting, by judgment or by fire.
30:29 See we gonna have to give it to God.
30:32 We're gonna have to choose to serve Him.
30:35 We're gonna have put him first in our hearts and in our life.
30:39 What a tough decision for many.
30:43 But how many of us are really willing to say God,
30:47 I want to put you first.
30:48 And Bible says all these other things
30:50 will be added unto you.
30:53 Those of you who know better I will just add a little bit
30:55 to that passage and you take it for what its worth.
30:59 But when you know what the Bible says
31:01 what God has said take these things off
31:03 and you refuse to do it because man has said.
31:06 Its okay or your husband said it's a necessity
31:11 and you cling to those things.
31:12 Is there a possibility?
31:15 When the Bible talks about is there possibility
31:17 that you can leave those things on
31:18 but you won't make it to heaven.
31:21 Absolutely, because we're disobeying
31:23 a direct command of God.
31:25 Let's look a little deeper and let's dig in
31:27 and view some of these, these ornaments right here, shall we.
31:31 Let's look at what God has to say.
31:33 You remember, in Genesis we go all way
31:35 back to the beginning in Genesis 34,
31:38 reveals that Jacob, Jacob and his sons
31:41 right his sons had committed some grievous,
31:44 the Bible says, some grievous sins.
31:46 Jacob was to bring them and the rest of his family
31:50 and to make an atonement for them
31:53 so that God could bless them.
31:55 Now we noticed that grievous sins,
31:58 sins separate us from God.
32:00 God want to bring them back
32:01 so Jacob says, right, I'm going to take--
32:03 God told Jacob bring the family, bring them all.
32:05 In fact he brought them to the place
32:07 to where he had that dream.
32:08 You remember the ladder?
32:10 And he said it was before I can bless you
32:13 there's gonna have to be an atonement made,
32:14 there's gonna have to be some changes made.
32:17 And Genesis 35:1-4.
32:21 I love to read all those
32:22 but see time just won't permit us to do that.
32:26 Genesis 35:1-4 before the atonement
32:31 or you know atonement with God
32:33 or to make things right with God could be made.
32:36 Here is what Jacob told his family
32:38 under the direction of the Holy Spirit in verse 2.
32:42 He said "Put away those strange God's
32:46 that are among you."
32:48 Strange God's what does that mean?
32:51 Those strange God's.
32:52 Where did they get these strange God's.
32:55 Where have you gotten those strange God's
32:57 that you have put on your body?
33:01 Well, Jacob and his family,
33:02 you know, where his family had gotten those strange God's.
33:04 Sure you do.
33:06 Because his family had spent some time
33:08 dwelling with the heathen.
33:10 And the heathen was dressed
33:11 and put all kind of things on their body
33:14 and all of a sudden it was like
33:15 well we don't have all the things that they have on
33:17 and dress like they do
33:19 but just one or two little things won't hurt.
33:23 God said before you make an atonement
33:26 for atonement can be made.
33:27 Things right so that I can bless you.
33:29 There is gonna have to be something's taken off.
33:30 Isn't that interesting?
33:32 God called them strange God's that are among you.
33:39 And then verse 4, the Bible said.
33:41 You know, we're gonna identify these strange God's.
33:44 The Bible does it I don't' have to do it.
33:48 So his family as it where he says
33:49 "They gave unto Jacob all their strange gods"
33:56 listen "which were in their hands.
33:58 Is somebody with me?
34:00 "On their hands and all the earrings
34:03 which were in their ears."
34:05 We just cannot misinterpret that.
34:08 It's too clear.
34:10 Stuff they had in their ears,
34:12 earrings is what the Bible said on their ears.
34:15 Things that they had on their hands
34:17 before an atonement could be made.
34:18 Before God could bless them.
34:20 Before things could be made right.
34:22 God told Jacob take those strange god's off of them.
34:26 Why they picked it up in the heathen land.
34:29 Very interesting.
34:32 See and there will be many who will say,
34:33 I didn't say, well, you know,
34:35 it's just a little something to do.
34:36 I've heard it, but you would say it's not go great earring
34:39 it's just a little bit. So what?
34:40 What is the little sin, little sin, big sin.
34:43 God said no earrings, He said no gold.
34:49 See we have again such a habit of justifying
34:53 because we want to do something.
34:55 Then you can do it but there is price to be paid
34:58 because God said don't do it.
35:01 Earrings, we mean the earring, listen Jacob knew this.
35:05 You should know what is that you study the word of God
35:07 and was talking about earrings
35:09 these earrings were worn by the Ishmaelites, you see.
35:13 Judges 8:24.
35:15 And this--their earrings were a mark of apostasy
35:19 from the true God of heaven.
35:24 And they put those things on.
35:25 And as God said you got to take them off
35:28 before God could bless them.
35:31 And then Exodus 32, we find another instance,
35:36 you remember the golden calf, sure.
35:38 You remember that the story of,
35:40 you know, of Israel and of Aaron
35:43 and the apostasy of Israel.
35:48 How did that all come about.
35:51 Because they were accepting many of the heathen customs
35:55 that came with them out of Egypt.
35:58 They were wearing the wrong things.
36:01 They had some gold and they had some silver.
36:04 But notice how Exodus 32:31 says.
36:08 God talking to His people.
36:10 He said they "This people have sinned a great sin,
36:14 and have made them God's of gold."
36:18 God's of gold.
36:20 See some of you who realize this,
36:22 this is so simple to believe but you will say
36:24 well I know these are not god's really.
36:26 Are you willing to take them off
36:27 if God makes it very clear in His word
36:30 or has it become your God?
36:33 God of heaven said they've made God they've sinned.
36:36 So we're dealing with the heavy issue here of sin.
36:40 I sinned the great sin.
36:42 God's of gold.
36:43 Then in Exodus 32:34 you got to go read it all.
36:47 God said "I will visit their sin upon them."
36:52 Wow.
36:55 It's interesting even God's people of Israel what to have.
36:57 It says, you know, when they Moses didn't come back
37:00 from the mountain you remember what happened.
37:01 Sure you do.
37:02 It says, they begun to take the Gold
37:04 they had on their bodies off an of course Aaron told to them
37:08 if you remember he said, I just do in the fire
37:10 and here come a calf.
37:15 They had those gods of gold.
37:19 God said those things are going to that have to come off.
37:21 Exodus 33:5, 6 this is what God said.
37:25 In order to get things right
37:26 because God said I'm going to visit them
37:29 and when He meant visit them He is going to set things right.
37:31 And Moses began to plead in verse 33:5, 6.
37:35 Here's what God said.
37:36 "Therefore, now put off thy ornaments from thee,
37:40 that I may know what to do with thee."
37:43 Get those things off,
37:45 therefore, I know what to do with thee.
37:46 Verse 6, it says here what happened
37:48 "The children of Israel stripped themselves
37:51 of their ornaments."
37:54 Does God know what to do with you today,
37:56 He know what to do with me today?
37:58 See saying the same thing today--same God,
38:00 same yesterday and today and forever.
38:03 God that doesn't change.
38:06 So we must keep in mind God's plan to restore Israel.
38:10 You see, Israel falling apart right apostasy,
38:13 back sliding and it was always evident
38:15 by what they put on their body,
38:17 the way they talk, the way they dressed,
38:18 the way they action.
38:22 But we have to-- we have to think in terms
38:24 God's plan to restore Israel
38:25 was not just to change of the heart
38:28 but it was a change of dress.
38:30 It was what they put on their bodies.
38:33 And this change had to take place--listen,
38:37 before they entered their Promised Land,
38:40 the people were getting ready to go in to the Promised Land
38:44 and God said you gonna have to take off
38:47 those strange god's
38:48 if you want to enter into the Promised Land.
38:50 Are you getting it here?
38:53 And then Paul tells us that in 1 Corinthians 10:11.
38:59 He said, now listen, you say well why are we talking about?
39:02 "All of these things happened unto them for examples
39:07 or types and they are written for our admonition
39:11 upon whom the ends of the world are come."
39:16 You see the command to remove the ornaments
39:20 that God said before, they entered the Land of Canaan
39:24 applies to all of us before we go into the heavenly Canaan.
39:31 You say it's just a little ban, really?
39:35 It didn't cost anything, really.
39:38 The Bible doesn't talk like that or teach like that.
39:41 It just said no gold.
39:44 Now the Prophet Isaiah sent a message
39:48 and I'm glad we have some time to go over this
39:50 because I want to do it.
39:51 I had my Bible turned here I hope you do too.
39:53 Is Isaiah Chapter 3.
39:56 What an address that he gave
39:58 and he listen--he addressed the daughters of what?
40:01 Of Zion.
40:03 Now, who are the daughters of Zion?
40:05 That's must be God's people.
40:06 Remember, what he was pinning down here.
40:09 The prophet of God he was talking to the church
40:13 and you can very well to the church today.
40:15 Some changes need to come about
40:17 not just to recognize well I'm okay.
40:19 We're gonna serve God and we love God
40:21 and we want to put Him first this is what--
40:22 notice in Isaiah Chapter 3 God talking to His people.
40:27 We're going to read verses 16 and onward, notice.
40:30 "Moreover, the Lord saith, because the daughters of Zion."
40:35 Right, I'm talking about his church
40:36 and we can talk about Isaiah 6:2
40:38 and Isaiah 10 and Isaiah 16 so and so forth.
40:41 It says, "They are haughty,
40:43 they walk with stretched forth necks,
40:45 right getting some attention.
40:47 "And wanton eyes."
40:49 Deceiving eyes is what that means.
40:51 "They're walking and mincing as they go."
40:54 That means they're walking in such way
40:56 somebody stay with me.
40:57 That they're getting the attention of men
40:59 that's exactly what it means.
41:02 "And making a little tinkling with their feet."
41:04 They have got some things on they shouldn't have on.
41:06 "Therefore, the Lord will smite thee with a scab
41:10 of the crown of thy head of the daughters of Zion."
41:14 The Bible says "And the Lord will discover" notice this.
41:18 He is going to "discover their secret parts."
41:20 Somebody stay with me.
41:22 He is going to discover what?
41:23 Their secret parts.
41:24 "In that day the Lord will take away
41:27 the bravery of their tinkling ornaments
41:30 about their feet, and about their cauls"
41:33 which is in the mid section
41:35 "and their round tires like the moon."
41:38 Ornaments round what do you think
41:40 all this round business came in.
41:42 But from the heathen and pagans and we put it on our body.
41:45 God said "I am going to take those things round tires,
41:47 away from you in that day.
41:49 He said "I'm going to take away the chains,
41:51 and the bracelets and the mufflers,
41:53 or things that are hanging."
41:54 notice this "and the bonnets,
41:57 the ornaments, the ornaments of the legs.
41:59 Notice this, "the headbands, ornaments and the tablets."
42:04 Again things that are hanging.
42:05 Notice this and He says "And the earrings."
42:10 There is no mistake in that.
42:12 That's what it means. I'm going to take the earrings.
42:14 And then verse 21.
42:16 "And he said I'm going to take away the rings
42:19 and the nose jewels and the changes of apparel."
42:25 He says he is going to take away the earrings,
42:27 he is going to take away the rings.
42:29 Well, what a mess we get involved with today,
42:33 when people begin to try to make it excuses.
42:39 Remember, he said in we've talked about Isaiah 6:2
42:42 He said "I have likened the daughter of Zion to"
42:44 what "a comely and delicate woman."
42:49 Isaiah 3:9, he said "The shew of their countenance
42:52 doth witness against them.
42:55 And declare their sin as Sodom."
42:57 This is a heavy duty issue that we have let the standard down
43:01 and these to be raised up once again
43:03 among us, last day people.
43:07 See God identifies listen, God identifies rings
43:11 as filth of the daughter of the Zion.
43:14 That's what the word of God says.
43:16 Rings are filth in God's sight.
43:19 And who are we to say it doesn't make any difference.
43:22 Oh, it's a sign of this.
43:23 It's a symbol of this. Really?
43:26 God said they're filth.
43:31 Bible says notice this the word ring.
43:34 Let's discuss this. We have a few minutes to do it.
43:36 Rings, this my friend, my brother,
43:39 my sister includes all of them.
43:43 Wouldn't it be silly that if you thought
43:47 that you could wear one
43:48 because God is going to make an exception for you
43:52 because you are different you can wear it?
43:57 See it's always easy to try to justify the one
44:01 that we have isn't it.
44:04 What kind of rings is God talking about here?
44:10 Because again rings for many people will say,
44:13 well I can't take it off because my lodge gave it to me.
44:18 Oh, it's a retirement ring
44:19 I worked for forty years for the railroad,
44:21 whatever it might be.
44:23 Oh, it's a birthstone ring.
44:25 Its all right, it's a classic ring.
44:27 You know, it's an engagement ring,
44:29 it's a wedding ring, it's moms ring,
44:32 it's grandma's ring.
44:35 Again retirement ring or sports ring.
44:39 See everyone also say well, we have it that's special
44:41 so God is gonna overlook.
44:42 Is it God said rings.
44:46 That means all rings.
44:51 See we--all of these rings I just mentioned
44:54 and many more all have, listen, symbolic meanings.
44:59 Did you get that?
45:01 They all have symbolic meanings but God said no rings.
45:09 Oh, it's jut little. He said no gold.
45:11 Remember, of reading that 1 Timothy and Peter.
45:13 No gold.
45:17 So we must not fight over
45:19 what God has made plain in His word
45:22 no 'hmm' means no.
45:26 Oh I know it's difficult always it's going to twinge you,
45:28 you are gonna fighting some going to
45:30 all we just turn it off.
45:31 We're not going to listen to it.
45:32 You're still accountable for it.
45:34 You had the opportunity to listen.
45:37 See I believe this with all my heart
45:38 a born again Christian, a born again Christian
45:43 will not go against the clear revealed will of God.
45:49 We're not gonna justify, we're not going to rationalize.
45:54 And we will not by the grace God wear any rings
45:59 because the Bible said no.
46:00 He is going to take them away from us, wow.
46:05 Let's say if we try to justify one.
46:08 And let's just say the wedding ring
46:09 because that's really touchy.
46:11 Engagement and wedding ring.
46:14 Remember, a ring is what.
46:16 It's symbolic, isn't it? Yeah.
46:18 Of course all of the other rings are symbolic,
46:20 symbol of something, aren't they?
46:23 So then we all still could once again justify
46:27 anything that we put on our hand
46:29 or you know in our ear we can justify not with scripture
46:31 but humanly speaking.
46:36 And let me say this,
46:37 nowhere in the Bible do we find,
46:40 nowhere in the Bible do we find
46:43 that the wearing of a ring a physical sign of marriage.
46:49 Nowhere in the Bible so where do we get this stuff.
46:55 In fact the ring in marriage has Pagan son worship
47:00 written all over it.
47:03 It's easy to trace as well as papal of authority or customs.
47:10 Wow, as Cardinal Newman said in his book
47:15 "Development of Christian Doctrine."
47:18 He speaks about Constantine and trying to compromise
47:21 whenever the Christians and the pagans
47:23 and bringing them in to the church
47:24 and worship practices.
47:26 You know, what he tells us?
47:28 He tells us the use of--listen temples,
47:31 dedicated to the saints, incense, candles,
47:34 holy water, processions,
47:36 listen, the ring in marriage turning to the east
47:40 and later images, are all of Pagan origin.
47:47 The ring in marriage is Pagan origin.
47:50 So how is it we stand for certain things
47:52 that man it's ritual in paganism I'm not going to do it.
47:54 And other times you'd say that ritual are in paganism
47:57 but well come on.
48:00 And they were adopted into the church.
48:03 And certainly this would bring us
48:05 don't you think to the back to the New Testament
48:08 in 1 Timothy 2:9, 10 here what it says.
48:11 "In like manner also" we've covered it
48:13 "that women adorn themselves in modest apparel,
48:16 with shamefacedness and sobriety
48:18 not with broided hair or gold,
48:20 or pearls, or costly array."
48:23 You can take time to read that.
48:24 Compare 1 Peter 3:1-5.
48:27 We have already covered these passages
48:29 we're talking about the New Testament
48:30 how God says no pearls, no gold,
48:33 no silver, no exceptions.
48:37 Some of you might say and usually you know,
48:39 usually is the one who wants the one who wants
48:42 to not to give up-- I don't want to give up my ring
48:46 and but when here's, here's I have heard these.
48:49 You say, you know, this what the Bible teaches
48:50 and she would say well, I can't give up my ring.
48:52 This just shows that I'm married.
48:54 Wow, no one says I won't because it shows that
48:58 I love my husband.
49:01 I had one who said, well we wear so men won't hit on me.
49:06 Very, very interesting.
49:08 So men won't hit on me.
49:09 You realize ladies, men if your conduct--
49:13 it's your conduct how conduct yourself,
49:17 how you talk, how you act,
49:19 how you dress, where the men will approach you or not.
49:24 Godly woman just don't have that kind of problem
49:27 I could tell you that.
49:30 Now I heard a lot of men and out there in a study
49:32 is that men look for women who have a wedding ring on
49:36 in this society, kind of interesting.
49:38 You know why?
49:40 Is there anything, question, is there anything more important
49:43 than the marriage because man we'll put some stuff.
49:45 There are something's down the line.
49:46 The Bible is putting on the line here.
49:48 There is a real test.
49:50 Is there anything more important than marriage?
49:54 Now I can say here now let's, yes. What?
49:58 What you're marriage to Christ.
50:01 You're marriage to Christ
50:02 is more important than an earthly marriage.
50:04 Did you get that?
50:07 Because we can't put anything
50:08 above our relationships with Jesus Christ.
50:10 Remember, put Him first
50:12 all these other things will be added.
50:15 See what is really being tested here.
50:20 Is it not really,
50:21 is it not your love for Christ it's being tested?
50:25 See the Bible has spoken and it's going to test you
50:28 and it's going to test me.
50:30 And please may I bring this,
50:32 please don't be a stumbling block.
50:35 There are many church members,
50:36 there are many who continued to wear their ornaments
50:39 or their rings and may be even necklaces
50:42 even among God's last day people,
50:44 some leaders of the church and church officers
50:46 and pastor and elders.
50:49 They know the truth but they refused to follow the truth.
50:52 And I say there is what a sad example
50:55 to the new people that are coming in.
50:58 When they were taught by the one
50:59 who give them Bible studies
51:01 that they need to give up these ornaments
51:02 because God said before they entered the heavenly Canaan.
51:05 What a stumbling block and I'm gonna be both
51:08 that you are if you continue to do that--when you know better.
51:11 A stumbling block.
51:14 You don't want to give these things up.
51:18 Now how about the other new members that are coming in,
51:20 they are looking at the older members
51:22 and they'll say why should we give them up
51:23 when they're not giving them up.
51:26 Why should we dress like this when they dress well they do.
51:29 Why should we be careful with our make up,
51:31 you see, when there are painted up like Jezebel.
51:33 I hope you hear what I'm saying.
51:35 Shouldn't the church practice what it preaches.
51:39 Bible is clear about stumbling block
51:41 let me do this quickly here.
51:42 Romans 14:13 it says,
51:44 "That no man put a stumbling block
51:46 or an occasion to fall in the brother's way."
51:51 Romans 14:21. "it is good neither to eat flesh
51:54 nor to drink wine, nor any thing
51:57 whereby they brother stumbleth,
52:00 or is offended, or is made weak."
52:03 You think you're not causing trouble,
52:04 you think you're not nervous
52:05 when you're wearing those things.
52:06 You're getting upfront and you're doing the picture
52:08 is on magazines and things.
52:09 You're stumbling block that's what the Bible says.
52:14 Luke 17:2 "If it were better for him
52:17 that a millstone were hanged around his neck,
52:20 and be cast into the sea,
52:22 than that he should offend one of these little ones."
52:27 Isn't it time we held up the standards of dress.
52:29 Oh, all kind of issues
52:31 to yet we're going to have time to do that
52:33 but isn't it time
52:34 then the time we take these things of right now.
52:37 Right now while you're listening this
52:38 you just being and the inspiration
52:39 of the spirit of the living God
52:40 just take off these ornaments.
52:43 Take off that heavy make up, take off that jewelry.
52:46 I'm a talking about the wedding rings to the Pagan wedding rings
52:50 and conduct ourselves like God's last day church.
52:54 You see, it's straight testimony time.
52:57 Not because some groups set up some rules.
53:00 Not because some groups said
53:02 it's okay to wear of these things now.
53:05 Listen God is the same
53:06 as in the other countries as He is here.
53:08 It's the same Bible that we read.
53:10 I hear its a custom in other lands
53:11 and so we don't mess with that.
53:13 The Bible the same God is in that country.
53:15 He requires the same of all of us.
53:18 Friend, you know Bible talks about
53:21 we need not do warn and leave the other undone.
53:24 Isn't it time that we begin
53:26 to conduct ourselves like Christians.
53:28 Isn't' it time that we pray about it right now.
53:30 Bring conviction upon the hearts of the God's last day people.
53:33 What's the straight testimony do?
53:36 Bible says, it cause, you know,
53:37 the Spirit of Prophecy said,
53:38 it causes the shaking among the church.
53:40 These are things that we don't want to hear.
53:42 These are things that we don't want to approach
53:44 as pastors and leaders but you know what,
53:46 you need to if you want the blessings of God.
53:48 We study just real quickly
53:49 and I want to pray about it right now.
53:51 Will you pray with me?
53:52 So Holy Spirit, will lead and guide us in all truth.
53:54 Let's pray.
53:56 Merciful Father in heaven, we thank You
53:57 for your precious word.
53:58 We know it's very difficult for many
54:00 others will see the importance of following You
54:03 and putting You first.
54:04 Our marriage to You
54:05 is more important than anything else.
54:07 Lord, I pray for conviction to come upon all of our hearts
54:10 and all of our lives that we may follow You.
54:13 That yes what we wear what we put on our bodies
54:16 does make a difference.
54:17 We want to be placing in Your sight.
54:19 We're in conviction and we pray in victory right now.
54:21 In Jesus name we pray. Amen.
54:25 Well I pray right now in last few seconds
54:27 that we have here with you that you're making
54:28 that decision right now.
54:30 You don't have to talk to anybody else about.
54:32 The Bible has said, You gonna reach,
54:33 you girls gonna take things off, you gonna put them down
54:35 and say God thank you for giving me that victory.
54:38 Friend, do you want that victory right now.
54:40 It's yours.
54:42 Do you love Jesus with all your heart?
54:43 Oh, I know I do.
54:45 And I want to follow Him.
54:47 And so you have that opportunity right now.
54:49 And these things that we brought out
54:50 we're just barely right
54:52 and we say tickling the edges of the scripture
54:54 that's so much more on this subject.
54:56 But I know that you're going to follow
54:57 what God has said because you love Him
54:59 with all your heart.
55:00 You know, we love you we'll see you next time.
55:05 Welcome back, friends.
55:07 God is calling us back from the allurements of this world.
55:11 And many times we find that
55:13 our affections have been placed upon objects
55:15 that are contrary to God's design for our lives.
55:19 I encourage you to trust Him today.
55:23 There is no trinket that this world has to offer
55:27 that is worth our placing up above them before God.
55:31 As God has told us time and again in His word that,
55:35 "When we chose Him as our Lord and Savior
55:38 that our whole hearts are to be surrendered."
55:41 And that only makes good sense.
55:43 If a part of our heart is withheld from Him
55:46 and it must be holding on to something,
55:49 something in this world.
55:51 And we know that this world is amenity against God.
55:54 The dwarfs of this world must fall away from our heart,
55:58 from the hearts of God's saints.
56:00 Therefore, it is our earnest prayer
56:03 here at Behold the Lamb Ministries
56:05 that during this series of messages
56:08 that the Holy Spirit has convicted
56:10 and strengthened you to make whatever changes are necessary
56:15 for the Kingdom of Heaven to one day be your home.
56:19 Does our appearance really matter to God?
56:22 Yes, indeed it does.
56:24 So chose you this day whom you'll serve
56:28 and join us as we concur with Joshua in 24:15
56:34 when he says "As for me
56:36 and my house we will serve the Lord."
56:40 We thank you once again for taking the time
56:43 to study God's word with us today.
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57:59 may our precious loving wonderful Savior
58:03 continue to richly bless, you and yours.


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