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00:41 Hello, and welcome to Behold the Lamp Presents.
00:43 I'm Chris Shelton your host
00:45 and as always we're so thankful to have this time
00:48 to spin with you today in the study of God's Word.
00:52 Today's message is the first in our four part series
00:55 that we have entitled "Common and Sacred Fire."
00:59 For many of us when we hear these words
01:01 common and sacred fire our minds immediately retreat back
01:05 to the story of Aaron's two sons Nadab and Abihu.
01:09 Let's read a bit of their story
01:11 as we're told in the book Temperance on page 43
01:15 "Aaron's sons took the common fire
01:18 which God did not accept,
01:20 and they offered insult to the infinite God
01:23 by presenting this strange fire before Him.
01:26 God consumed them by fire for their positive
01:31 disregard of His express directions.
01:34 All their works were as the offering of Cain.
01:37 There was no divine Savior represented.
01:41 Had these sons of Aaron been in full command
01:44 of their reasoning faculties they would have discerned
01:47 the difference between the common and sacred fire."
01:51 You see, friends, the priest would have burn incense
01:55 into the Lord from the fire of the Lord's kindling.
01:58 The Lord's fire was a sacred fire.
02:01 It represented the communication between God and man
02:05 they could only be opened through Jesus Christ alone.
02:09 And this fire was to never be extinguished.
02:12 And it was the only fire that was to be used
02:15 during the sacred services in the sanctuary.
02:19 Remember, God is an all knowing God.
02:23 He distinguishes the meaning of everything.
02:26 He is extremely particular as to who or what
02:30 is to rightly represent Him, the high and holy one.
02:34 So it behooves us to look into this subject and to see
02:39 if we as God's representatives
02:41 have compromised the common for the sacred
02:45 may be in our sanctuary services
02:48 or in any respect of our lives
02:50 where God is to be fully representative.
02:53 But before our study begins
02:55 we are so blessed to visit the 3ABN worship center
02:59 and listen to a song that is entitled "Hallelujah, Amen"
03:03 as sung and performed by Denise Barclay.
03:15 Holy, holy
03:23 Only You Lord
03:28 You're holy
03:32 Heavens and earth proclaim
03:41 Hallelujah to Your name
03:50 Hallelujah to Your name
03:59 Holy, holy only you Lord
04:11 You're holy
04:16 Heavens and earth proclaim
04:24 Hallelujah to Your name
04:32 Hallelujah to Your name
04:43 We sing hallelujah
04:49 Hallelujah, hallelujah
04:57 Amen
05:00 We sing hallelujah
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05:14 Amen
05:18 Holy, holy
05:27 Only You Lord
05:31 You're holy
05:35 Heavens and earth proclaim
05:44 Hallelujah to Your name
05:52 Hallelujah to Your name
05:59 We sing hallelujah
06:05 Hallelujah, hallelujah
06:12 Amen
06:16 We sing hallelujah
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07:29 Praise the Lord
07:36 Hallelujah to Your name
07:56 Thanks for joining us here
07:57 once again at Behold Lambs Ministries.
07:59 We sure appreciate you tuning in.
08:02 You know, each and every time that we're on the air
08:04 and certainly we know that the Holy Spirit
08:06 is leading, guiding and directing
08:08 and we pray that we can be a blessing
08:10 to the power of the Spirit.
08:11 Today, as you've heard already
08:13 it's a very, very important subject,
08:15 you won't want to miss this.
08:16 Get things ready pencil and paper your Bible
08:18 because we're gonna be talking about the common and sacred.
08:21 This is one of the things that the enemy wants to use
08:24 and is using among God's last day people
08:28 to try to intermingle the two
08:30 so that we can't be what God wants us to be.
08:33 So we're gonna identify some of these things.
08:35 We're gonna have to see how the enemy is working.
08:37 We're gonna have to be able to detect
08:39 that which is common and that which is sacred
08:41 and holy unto God.
08:43 And that what you're sacred and holy
08:45 we need to be keeping, don't we?
08:46 Now, for that I want to say this.
08:48 We're grateful and thankful for those who call,
08:51 those who write, those who send emails
08:53 and you're love gifts to the ministry
08:55 that helps us continue to bring forth
08:57 these programs to you.
08:59 Without you, without God's people,
09:01 you know, it can't be done.
09:02 But with God's blessing and you working together with us
09:05 and helping us, so that we can continue
09:07 to get these I want to call them straight testimonies.
09:09 Now I pray and you've been watching
09:11 you'll say straight testimony called present truth
09:13 and God's people we need to get back to our roots.
09:17 Why don't we pray right now
09:18 ask the Holy Spirit to be with us
09:21 and because as we approach this subject
09:23 it is probably would be may be distasteful to some
09:27 but you know if you love the truth
09:28 and if want to lineup, square up with heaven,
09:31 we're going have to pay attention,
09:32 we're gonna read the words that God has left for us.
09:35 So let's pray together,
09:36 let's ask for the Holy Spirit power.
09:38 Where you can would you just kneel with me?
09:40 I know some of you can't but where you can,
09:42 why don't you kneel with me as we pray together.
09:45 Kind and loving heavenly Father,
09:47 we thank You for the privilege of prayer.
09:48 Now we ask for the power of thy Holy Spirit
09:50 to consume each and every one of Your children.
09:53 O Lord, we need to hear from heaven.
09:55 We need the power of thy Spirit.
09:57 We pray that our minds will be clean
09:59 and heart will be clean and our hands will be clean
10:01 as the Holy Spirit now speaks to each and every one of us
10:04 and we pray now that things will grow dame of the earth
10:08 and we won't have to worry about
10:09 what's going on you know around the world
10:11 and some other part but right here right now
10:14 we're going to have encounter with You.
10:16 We thank You for hearing, for answering prayer
10:18 and Lord, I ask You to cover me with Your blood
10:20 that anything in my life at least not be there
10:23 it can be covered by Your blood.
10:24 And I thank You in Jesus name, amen.
10:27 Again as mentioned already be sure
10:29 to have a pencil and paper, jot down.
10:31 I say this every time because, you know, I--
10:33 there's too many people that take whatever said
10:36 from the pulpit or just face value
10:37 and that's just the truth that's the way it is.
10:39 But if you write these down and you pray
10:41 and ask the Holy Spirit to help you in your study
10:43 you can see well these things are important or not.
10:47 I feel right here at Behold the Lamb Ministry
10:49 we do not need to waste our time on just things
10:51 that really they don't make any difference.
10:53 We're focusing on things that would be pleasing
10:56 in the sight of heaven.
10:58 Focusing on preparing our hearts and our lives
11:00 so we can meet Jesus when He shall come.
11:02 That as when He comes He is gonna find His church.
11:05 The Bible talks about here
11:06 without spot or wrinkle or any such thing.
11:11 You have your Bible and again get your Bible and turn
11:13 so that way we can make sure
11:15 with this is what the truth is coming from here.
11:17 In the Old Testament in the Book of Ezekiel
11:19 Chapter 22, Ezekiel Chapter 22,
11:23 this is a fantastic study here in Ezekiel
11:26 but also you'll find once again God is correcting His people.
11:31 Why does God seem to always be correcting His people?
11:34 Simple answer, we need it. God help us.
11:36 You see, we need it and most of the time
11:39 we think everything is all right.
11:41 But as we look through the eyes
11:43 as it were of our Creator our Redeemer
11:45 and our Sustainer how He views you,
11:48 how He views me.
11:49 O Lord, have mercy. We need some help.
11:51 And so as He looks His children of Israel
11:53 He talks about some of the sins
11:56 the things that need to be corrected.
11:58 So just overall, quickly
11:59 we're gonna have to read about eight verses.
12:01 Hope you don't say "you know that's too much."
12:04 And so we read these verses
12:05 we will find this is our foundation
12:07 that we're going to building of or expanding
12:09 and growing to the Holy Spirit.
12:12 So if we look at this chapter we find
12:14 that it's a literally it lists some of the sins of Jerusalem.
12:20 It starts listing some of the sins.
12:22 What if some of your sins
12:23 where listed out there, some of mine.
12:25 Oh, so some of the sins will be listed
12:28 that need to corrected.
12:30 Two, again this is overall of chapter 22
12:33 that the general corruption that went on with the prophets
12:37 and with the priests and with the rulers
12:39 and the princess and the people.
12:42 God calls out all who're involved
12:44 and He is saying there are some things
12:45 that need to be changed.
12:47 And then third point is how God is going deal
12:51 with these issues and how He is going to correct it.
12:54 Listen carefully He's gonna correct it with fire.
12:57 That's in verse 31 of Ezekiel 22.
13:00 He's going to do some correcting here.
13:02 So let's just read these verses you have Ezekiel 22,
13:05 I like to start reading with the verse 23.
13:08 Now remember this is powerful,
13:10 keep focused with me as we read
13:12 because in this chapter we will see that God says
13:15 "You have despised My holy things."
13:20 God says "Here that you've profaned My holy things."
13:25 And then He says "You put no difference between
13:28 the holy and the profane."
13:30 So God has something here, he is speaking to us here.
13:33 It's a possible that may be
13:34 we might be doing some of that today.
13:37 Let's read these verses. Shall we together?
13:39 You have your Bible lets read together,
13:40 starting from verse 23.
13:42 I like the way it starts.
13:43 It says "And the word of the Lord
13:45 came saying, Son of man, say unto her,
13:50 that Thou the land that is not cleansed,
13:53 nor rained upon the day of indignation."
13:56 Now notice what happened
13:58 it says right now the word of the Lord came
14:00 and He started to saying unto her.
14:01 There's a land that's what? That's not cleansed.
14:04 There is some cleaning up that needs to take place here.
14:06 Verse 25 "There is a conspiracy."
14:09 Oh, if you're getting that.
14:10 "There is a conspiracy of her prophets."
14:14 Why is this the first thing that comes out
14:17 as it where mouth of God to prophet Ezekiel?
14:21 It says number one, there is some problems with prophets.
14:24 Why should there be problem?
14:25 Why are the problems with prophets here?
14:28 The difference in the true prophet
14:29 and a false prophet.
14:31 You remember a false prophet
14:33 is a continual hindrance to the work of the true prophet.
14:38 Did you get it? A false prophet continual, what?
14:41 He is working against the true prophet all of the time.
14:44 Why, what happens? The people become confused.
14:49 One voice will be saying one thing
14:51 and another voice will be saying another thing.
14:54 When we should be reading
14:55 the scriptures here and finding out.
14:57 Here and then what happens to the people?
14:59 One is saying this and another one saying that.
15:02 And now the people find,
15:04 we find excuses to be disobedient to God.
15:07 Many times it's sad to say
15:09 that people of God are looking for excuses not to serve God.
15:13 Friend, if you, if you want heaven
15:14 to be your home why would you look for?
15:16 Why would I look for an excuse
15:18 not to be obedient to God
15:20 or to say God is not particular, God doesn't care?
15:24 As we read these verses you'll see that God says
15:26 there is a difference in that which I have said holy
15:29 and that which is common.
15:31 And too much that common stuff has come in to the church
15:34 and we need to deal with this issue
15:36 and God is dealing with it here
15:37 as He did his last day people of the then
15:40 and His last day people today.
15:41 Verse 25, there is conspiracy what?
15:45 In her prophets, among her prophets.
15:47 See we need divine direction today
15:51 just like back then.
15:52 In fact, may be even more so. Christians are divided.
15:56 That many times the church is divided
15:58 on just a subject that we should be very clear,
16:00 we should have a clear understanding of it.
16:02 And you know what, the only anecdote
16:05 for all this confusion just going on
16:07 against the false prophets and in the true prophets
16:10 you know is simply a personal investigation
16:14 yourself of setting down with the power of Thy Spirit
16:17 and studying what is truth.
16:19 Remember, we can never ever
16:22 depend upon that somebody else's research,
16:25 somebody else's opinion, somebody else's wisdom,
16:29 somebody else's and you know education,
16:32 wisdom of any man.
16:33 No, we can't do that.
16:35 Let me just give you if don't mind
16:37 I want to just give you five real quick points.
16:39 Now this has to do with our subject
16:43 but remember laying a good foundation
16:45 is so, so, so very important.
16:48 If, I can give you five little points
16:49 and you will jot these things down
16:52 because they're again, we're trying to see
16:53 if the God makes it difference between
16:55 what the holy, right and, the common,
16:58 the sacred, okay, and the unholy.
17:00 Five, little things that you can do
17:02 in your own personal study right here.
17:04 Five rules, so important to distinguish between
17:07 the un-tempered mortar or the what?
17:11 We're talking about here the unholy
17:14 and that which is genuine or the holy.
17:17 This is what we're distinguishing here,
17:19 five little points.
17:20 Number one, they're very simple,
17:21 they're the ABCs that were
17:22 but sometime we certainly forget in the Word of God.
17:26 One, the Bible this is it, right of the game.
17:29 The Bible this is what we look.
17:30 The Bible study, must be studied in the attitude
17:34 or in the setting of prayer.
17:36 We must have that attitude of prayer
17:39 as we approach God, ask for the Holy Spirit
17:42 to give us proper understanding of the Word
17:44 rather than to say "this is my believe
17:46 and I'm gonna read something here
17:47 to try and make sure this is,
17:48 you know, that all comes together."
17:50 The setting of prayer, the setting of I want to know
17:53 what truth is.
17:54 We have to pray because what?
17:56 You cannot understand the Bible
17:59 without the power of the Holy Spirit.
18:00 We know that spiritual things are spiritual discerned.
18:03 Now I realize many of you are far advanced to that.
18:05 We realize many, many people
18:07 may be tuning for the first time.
18:09 May be, their ears are hearing things
18:10 for the first time.
18:11 So we had to be very as we are elementary
18:13 and then continue to build and continue to grow.
18:16 Some may be have never heard that,
18:17 that may shock some of you never heard
18:19 that before you open the pages right of the God's word
18:22 you pray for the power of the Holy Spirit.
18:24 That's it, remember of course we're trying to make
18:25 a difference between that which pleases God
18:27 that which displeases Him.
18:29 Number two, there must be a wilt of strength follow
18:34 all the revealed light.
18:36 Everything that God reveals to us
18:38 as we read the Word of God here
18:40 we must be willing to follow that light.
18:43 Or you can read more in John 7:17
18:45 when you have an opportunity do that.
18:47 Let me just say this to if any read it
18:50 and we say, oh boy, I see that.
18:52 But if we refuse to walk in that light
18:55 you know what happens?
18:57 It locks the door to any future understanding.
19:00 It may be you'd see, it may be I could see better
19:03 now than ever before if why many never advance.
19:07 Many were on the milk and they go and stay
19:08 on the milk they don't want anything else
19:10 they don't want to chew on the meat.
19:11 They don't want their fresh bread.
19:13 They just simply want to,
19:14 they're happy where they're at,
19:15 because they refute they come to a certain point of truth
19:19 in the Bible they'll read and say
19:20 "Oh, Boy, I-- you know,
19:22 I see that but I just, you know,
19:24 right now I don't I think I need to do that.
19:26 I can't read change my life right now."
19:28 Remember, you will not receive any more light. Why?
19:31 Because you simply refused what He gave you.
19:34 Hope that makes sense to you.
19:35 Point number three, the Bible must be,
19:37 keep this in mind, the Bible must be interpreted
19:41 according to analogy and according
19:43 to that the rest of scripture.
19:45 So that's all put to adhere. You get that.
19:48 The Bible does not contradict itself.
19:53 Many people who read it, who doesn't have spiritual
19:55 "oh the Bible contradict it says this word."
19:57 The Bible does not contradict itself.
20:00 It never has, it never will.
20:02 It's only what?
20:04 It's only us, it's only the people, right.
20:06 The Bible is true holy inspired word of God.
20:08 Number four, Bible must be interpreted
20:11 in the light of its context.
20:14 Now getting if we don't get these
20:16 we're not gonna find out what this is sacred this is common,
20:18 God accepts this. He doesn't accept that.
20:20 So as we study it has to be interpreted
20:22 in the light of the context and then, listen,
20:26 we have to limit the application to the bounds
20:30 set by the author of the book.
20:32 Is that makes sense? I hope it does too.
20:35 Remember, we limit the application.
20:37 Many times people do not limit the application
20:39 they try to draw in something else
20:41 make the scripture try to save
20:43 what is really not saying right here.
20:45 So we have to be very careful of that.
20:46 What the author is bringing out
20:48 inspired author is what we need as certainly
20:50 to learn and say thank your Lord.
20:52 Number five, the Bible.
20:54 Bible must be permitted to be what?
20:56 Good. Its only interpreter, it's just simple.
20:59 That simply means take all of the Bible right.
21:01 Bible has to stay on any kind of topic.
21:04 You want to know what truth.
21:06 Take what the Bible has to say,
21:07 all the Bible from the beginning to the end
21:09 on this subject before you draw a conclusion.
21:14 Hope that makes sense to you.
21:15 You know it may be elementary
21:17 and you will say why spent time on it
21:18 because people don't understand.
21:20 If we understood that, if you want to know
21:22 what a truth is what we're type,
21:23 what the Bible has to say from Genesis
21:25 to Revelation on that subject
21:28 before you draw conclusion.
21:30 If you go in there with the conclusion
21:31 already drawn friends, you will never,
21:33 never receive that knowledge that understanding
21:36 that the Holy Spirit wants to give you.
21:38 Have an open mind, open heart and say
21:40 "God I just--I want to know what You have for me."
21:43 Let's read shall we as do it in Ezekiel 22:23.
21:49 Remember it said and I would talk--
21:50 we need to go over these things still we understand it.
21:52 "The word of the Lord came unto me, saying,
21:54 Son of man, say unto her, Thou art the land that is" what?
21:56 Good, "Not cleansed, nor rained upon in the day of indignation.
22:00 There is a conspiracy of her prophets."
22:03 In case you forgot we're covering the prophets.
22:05 "In the midst thereof,
22:06 like a roaring lion ravening the prey,
22:10 they have devoured souls, they have taken" Notice this.
22:14 "They have taken the treasure and precious things."
22:18 They have taken the treasure
22:19 and they've taken the precious things.
22:21 "They have made her many widows in the midst thereof."
22:25 Verse 26 begins to be real powerful,
22:27 please pay attention notice what it says.
22:29 "And HER priests have violated my law."
22:33 Very interesting, they defile God's law.
22:36 "They have profaned my holy things," notice that.
22:41 Thus "They have put no difference
22:43 between the holy and profane."
22:47 Did somebody get that?
22:49 Do you know what, he starts out saying what,
22:50 he's naming them.
22:52 They have violated My law, they profane My holy things
22:55 so there're things that God says what?
22:58 God says they're holy, they're holy unto me,
23:00 they belong to Me.
23:02 And then He says they had put no difference between
23:05 the holy and the profane.
23:07 "Neither have they shewed difference"
23:09 listen carefully "between the unclean"
23:14 the defile, the common "and the clean."
23:18 With holy, that which is pure.
23:20 "And have hid their eyes from my Sabbaths,
23:23 and I am profaned among them."
23:27 Interesting.
23:29 God says I'm profane that means I'm defile.
23:31 Do you know what's that?
23:33 I'm broken, we treat it as common.
23:38 Wow, and He says that they have hit
23:40 their eyes in the Sabbath.
23:42 This is not just back then, this is today.
23:44 We're profane, right?
23:45 We have turned against, you know, the Sabbath.
23:49 We don't know how to even keep this thing like any more.
23:51 We call ourself we were Seventh-day keepers
23:53 but yet do we really keep the Sabbath
23:55 or we just professing that we're keeping it?
23:57 Professing that we-- are we professors
24:01 or are we looking to the word of God?
24:03 He says right here they profaned it.
24:05 And you'll say well yeah the Sabbath
24:07 that could be well, that's may be
24:08 the ceremonials and that's right.
24:09 Listen, you know, what this is talking about here
24:11 this word in original language.
24:12 It says Sabbath here that means a sees that means to keep.
24:17 That means the intermission about the Sabbath.
24:20 And it says the Sabbath,
24:22 not a Sabbath, not-- the Sabbath.
24:26 Every Sabbath.
24:28 God says there when you profane
24:29 you'd been keeping my Sabbath, every seventh day, wow.
24:35 Hey, I believe this all of my heart.
24:37 Book of Revelation Chapters 12, 13, 14
24:40 and we'll read on and on.
24:41 It talks here for, you know, we read to return,
24:44 we need to return back to proper Sabbath observance.
24:49 Up Sabbath observance.
24:51 You know, the true Sabbath.
24:53 People say well I'm keeping the Sabbath.
24:55 Well, you know Sunday is the Sabbath,
24:58 Sunday is not the Sabbath.
25:00 Seventh-day is the Sabbath of the Lord Thy God.
25:03 And people are closing their eyes today.
25:06 Friend, we need the scripture, we need to be reading them.
25:09 God says here in verse 27 "Her princes in the midst
25:12 thereof are like wolves ravening the prey,
25:15 to shed blood, and to destroy souls,
25:17 and to get dishonest gain.
25:19 Her prophets have daubed them with un-tempered." What?
25:23 "Un-tempered morter, seeing vanity,
25:26 and divining lies unto them, saying,
25:29 Thus saith the Lord."
25:30 Listen, "When the Lord hath not spoken.
25:34 And people of the land have"
25:36 notice this "have used oppression, exercised robbery,
25:40 they have vexed the poor and needy, yea,
25:41 they have oppressed the stranger wrongfully."
25:44 Verse 30 as far as we'll go, notice. "And I sought."
25:47 Here is the thing that bothering me as I read.
25:49 Oh, it just all of the stuff bothering me
25:51 but as I read this, I said, O Lord, have mercy.
25:54 The God of the universe searches out somebody
25:56 that will stand for what is truth.
25:58 He is searching for somebody here to say
26:00 will you talk to my people?
26:02 Will, you do it, will you be My mouthpiece?
26:04 Will you expose these wrongs?
26:06 And He said "And I sought for a man among them,
26:09 that should make up the hedge."
26:11 Do you know what's that? Isaiah 58 by the way.
26:14 Now notice, "Make up the hedge and stand in the gap
26:18 before me for the land, that I should not destroy it."
26:22 Will there be somebody, will there be man
26:25 that will stand in the gap.
26:27 You know what the sad answer is?
26:30 God of this universe says "But I found none."
26:37 How sad.
26:39 How sad that God of this universe
26:42 is looking for somebody
26:44 to stand in the gap for the land
26:46 doesn't have the right to be desolate.
26:48 God's were getting ready to burn with fire
26:51 and He said I looked around and there is, there is no man.
26:55 You think God, makes a difference between
26:59 the common and the sacred?
27:01 Please turn with me your Bible of 1 Timothy 3:15.
27:05 This is good instructions for us.
27:07 1 Timothy 3:15, Bible says "But if I tarry long,
27:13 that thou mayest know how thou oughtest
27:16 to behave thyself in the house of God."
27:20 Interesting what, there's a proper way
27:22 to behave yourself in the house of God
27:24 and there's an improper way.
27:26 There are things that are acceptable,
27:27 thing that are not acceptable.
27:29 How you ought to be behave yourself in the house of God,
27:33 "Which is the church of the living God,
27:36 the pillar and ground of the truth."
27:40 Interesting what this is saying here.
27:43 The pillar and the ground of truth
27:46 means that which is that which stays.
27:49 That which has a firm foundation
27:51 that the under girding of the truth.
27:55 Friend, do we see the importance of here
27:57 behave thyself in the house of God
27:59 which is the church of the living God.
28:03 Very interesting here, it might confuse a few people
28:05 and it really shouldn't do that because as you look up
28:08 and you look in the original language there
28:10 about when you see church in the Bible
28:12 you realize a church here just means a calling out,
28:15 the people called out.
28:16 It means it could be a meeting,
28:18 it can be an assembly, it's a religious congregation.
28:24 Very interesting because many times
28:26 when we say church we think for sure
28:27 that is talking about a building
28:29 or something you know to that affect.
28:31 Here God talking about His churches,
28:32 His peoples where they gather together.
28:34 So we find that people are together,
28:35 they gather in the name of Jesus Christ
28:37 there is His church.
28:38 But pretty heavy duty, very simple to understand
28:41 but how often we reject.
28:45 So if we talk about this church of that living God,
28:50 that it is the pillar, it is the ground of truth.
28:53 Please, keep this in mind.
28:54 Studied many, many times and must continue to say it
28:57 for every truth that God has what happened
29:00 the devil has a counterfeit, very good.
29:04 But I believe this, God is going to have a clear definite idea.
29:09 He is going to present it to us
29:10 between that which is sacred and that which is common.
29:14 So He is going to make it very clear, its not--
29:17 a need for us to be confused about it.
29:19 But it is going to be so clear that we can understand it.
29:22 I get really tired, I'm guess I can say
29:24 they all are right about all these grey areas
29:26 that are really not grey at all.
29:28 It's our excuse for not doing for what we should be doing.
29:30 You know, you get grey.
29:32 You know how you get color grey?
29:34 You mix black and white together, truth in err.
29:36 Look at now.
29:37 Now the Bible tells us not only does God have a church
29:42 but do you realize this the devil has the church.
29:45 Yes, he does.
29:46 So you're gonna belong to one,
29:48 I'm going to belong to one or the other.
29:51 Its not there is others other out there.
29:52 Do you belong to God's church
29:53 or you'll belong to the enemies, enemy's church?
29:57 How do we know that? Because the Bible tells us so.
30:00 Revelation 3:9 it says here
30:03 "Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan."
30:10 None of us would has profess Christians as Christians to say,
30:12 "well I belong to the Satan's church."
30:14 Now various people out in the world
30:15 I understand, saying yeah we.
30:17 But talking about those who say
30:18 well, we're Christians, we love Jesus,
30:19 we long for Him to come.
30:23 But you know what Satan members are,
30:25 here Satan's members, you all know his members.
30:27 I'm not gonna trying saying names,
30:29 you know, God can take care of that.
30:31 But the members of Satan's church are those
30:34 who are children of disobedience, yes.
30:37 They chose number one, they chose to sin.
30:40 They understand may be some differences
30:42 but they chose to sin.
30:44 Number two, they try to mingle
30:47 truth and error together.
30:49 Are you still with me?
30:51 These are the identifying marks of Satan's synagogue,
30:53 Satan's members of his church. Is that all right?
30:55 Number one, they're children of what?
30:57 Good, disobedience all right. They chose to sin.
31:00 Number two, they try to mingle truth and error together.
31:05 Three, listen to this one.
31:07 Here is what they worked together
31:09 to try to make void the law of God.
31:12 Many people in the world today are saying what?
31:14 Well, we don't worry about keeping God's law anymore.
31:16 We are not, you know, we are under grace, we're not.
31:18 Friend, we need to be careful here.
31:19 We need to-- the synagogue will Satan,
31:22 Satan says what?
31:23 God, we're going to make void the law of God.
31:25 We're going to do our best.
31:28 Are you in that group
31:29 that's trying to make void the law of God?
31:32 Someone is saying no, no, no I'm not.
31:35 We would never do that.
31:37 Then how about our actions?
31:38 How about our words, our thoughts, our deeds?
31:42 Truth and error, sacred and strange.
31:47 1 Timothy 1, you turn with me 3:15
31:50 you know what He is talking about there.
31:52 But, you know, God's people are conscience,
31:54 they're conscience of something's.
31:56 And I want you to know what their conscience of.
31:58 Number one, their conscience of that they,
32:01 they how they behave themselves
32:04 in the house of God.
32:06 How they behave, how they think, they remain,
32:10 that's another word in the original language.
32:12 They have, they've remained in the church,
32:14 their conversation in the church,
32:15 their life in the church.
32:18 So they're careful how they behave in the house of God.
32:23 They realize that their church is a living church.
32:27 That means a church that is alive,
32:29 a church that you know that is talking about here
32:31 that has, has a little life in it.
32:34 God's church does certainly.
32:36 Number three, the pillars and the foundation is its,
32:39 its grounded in the truth of God's word.
32:43 How is your church today?
32:46 Is it grounded and rooted right
32:47 in the truth of God's word and you're just holding
32:50 on to all of the truth that you know,
32:51 living up the every bit of there
32:53 and the truth that you understand is right?
32:55 Is that what the church is advocating
32:57 or somehow we have the common
32:58 and the sacred and we're trying to put them together,
33:00 see how close we could be to the world
33:02 and still make it to heaven?
33:04 Oh, friend, I say this is a word of caution.
33:08 We need to be on guard. Why?
33:12 Listen, carefully because the experiences
33:16 past will be repeated.
33:19 What was that?
33:20 Yes, the experiences of the past will be repeated.
33:25 You know the enemy is a rerun artist.
33:29 He just-- why would he want to come up
33:32 with anything new what he is being doing
33:34 basically works sad to say?
33:37 Don't have to come up with anything new.
33:38 So he just simply repeats because he sees
33:40 how easy his job is because of our nature
33:43 we want to do those things.
33:44 That's why it needs to be converted.
33:47 We find that Satan is going to use the power,
33:50 you see, of mans mind.
33:51 they will use the power of mans mind
33:53 to influence other minds.
33:56 So we find people in the church right working,
33:59 using their minds things that they think is right
34:01 on other influence of other peoples mind.
34:03 So simply carry out His plans.
34:06 He doesn't have to show up.
34:07 He doesn't say hey, I'm here I'm the enemy.
34:09 He is using other peoples minds to get what?
34:12 What he once said, to try to confuse us.
34:15 Its very, very simple.
34:16 Errors are being presented as what?
34:20 Ah, as truth.
34:22 We have error, we have false theories are presented
34:25 but they're presented in the garment of light.
34:29 Remember it's never,
34:30 this is an error, this is not true.
34:31 It's always, well this is lie, well this is present truth,
34:34 well this is what we.
34:35 Friend, how are you gonna know
34:36 if you don't know the scriptures,
34:38 if you're not studying the scriptures
34:39 to know for yourself?
34:41 How can we really tell the difference?
34:42 Well, we went through five steps already
34:45 but we need to understand this.
34:47 If we would understand
34:48 and I want to call it the magnitude,
34:50 the magnitude of this of the enemy's thrust
34:54 of what he is going to be doing.
34:56 We only need to go back and we need to study,
34:59 you know, further and see the same things
35:02 that he impressed the children of Israel owe to do
35:05 and to be involved with and he is gonna do
35:07 the very same things to us.
35:10 The same corruptions, the same sins,
35:12 that he inspired God's people before
35:15 he will be using again in the church.
35:17 Why? To take my mind captive.
35:19 To take your mind captive.
35:21 He is after, oh, my brothers and sisters
35:23 he is after your mind.
35:24 He is after your mind
35:27 that's why he is trying to destroy,
35:28 and all these things of the world
35:29 that we are taking in each and everyday.
35:33 If we turn from the truth, if we refuse the truth,
35:37 the plain Word of God
35:39 when it is made plain for us today,
35:41 are these truths will be turned into pleasing fables.
35:45 Do you remember reading that in 1 Timothy 4:14?
35:48 Do you remember that?
35:49 Do you realize when he take the truth
35:51 and then turn it into what?
35:52 Pleasing fables.
35:54 That's you know, that's the hypnotic influence
35:58 of the enemy of Satan.
36:01 You realize he has that power?
36:03 He can just throw it out there
36:05 and say okay, you're going to do.
36:06 We have to open the door somewhere to let him in.
36:09 We have to invite him in somehow,
36:11 someway and it doesn't take very much
36:13 to the enemy, he knows how to get in.
36:15 He is gonna try to hypnotize you.
36:16 He is gonna try to make you oh,
36:18 think that error is what its truth
36:20 and so on, and so for.
36:21 When you look the church of the living God today,
36:24 1 Timothy 3:15 that we already read.
36:27 The church of the living God
36:29 and the church of Satan are battling for souls.
36:34 If we could only realize that great battle
36:36 that is going on for your soul and mine
36:38 each and everyday of our life.
36:41 Let's not help the enemy out. What do you say?
36:44 Let's not help the enemy out.
36:45 Let's pray to Holy Spirit it will give us, you know,
36:47 encouragement and strength and victory over sin
36:49 and just you know move forward
36:51 in the name and the power of Jesus Christ.
36:53 We need not be defeated at every turn.
36:56 I talk to people sometime blessed their heart
36:58 and all they want to talk about is defeat.
37:02 You realize what Jesus Christ
37:03 there is no such thing as defeat.
37:07 He was never defeated while He was here on earth.
37:10 He has never been defeated
37:11 and so as we're His children right
37:13 we cannot be defeated by the grace and strength
37:16 and power of Jesus Christ.
37:17 We defeat ourselves, the enemy comes in
37:19 and we allow him right to come in
37:21 and all of the sudden we are defeated
37:23 we don't know what to do.
37:24 There is a battle going on
37:26 please, please keep in mind thank God, thank God,
37:29 thank you for Jesus, thank you for the sacrifice,
37:31 thank you that we have won that confide our battles for us.
37:34 I need that in my own life I know you do to.
37:38 The enemy is gonna use every dirty tactic
37:41 that he that he can to gain members into his church.
37:44 Do you know that? He is mixing a little tonic.
37:47 I just seen their laboratory
37:48 he is mixing his little tonic of drink
37:51 and in that you got two ingredients.
37:53 You have truth and error.
37:54 This is tonic that he wants,
37:56 God's people to start drinking,
37:57 truth and error or it really doesn't
37:59 make any difference or the times have changed and...
38:02 Oh, my look at where we are at.
38:03 And then we are here and errors history is here
38:05 and the God's not the same as He was yesterday.
38:07 And God doesn't, you know, operate with us the way
38:09 He used to operate with them.
38:10 And we make all kinds of excuses
38:11 for not doing what God has asked us to do.
38:14 It is the same God today as He was back then.
38:16 You see, God still as particular as He was then.
38:19 Dear friends, He is calling his people
38:21 not to drink of that little tonic
38:24 that the enemy is swiping up.
38:26 So the God's church will not,
38:28 will not operate the way the enemy operates.
38:31 Do you know that?
38:32 He doesn't operate the way that devil,
38:34 he forces his way in.
38:36 He tries to, you know,
38:37 he calls all kind of havoc wherever he can.
38:39 But you know God's church His people will operate
38:43 on the principle number one of what?
38:46 Love, love to God, right,
38:48 and love for our fellowmen on these two hand all.
38:50 So it's going to be some principle
38:52 that will be used here.
38:53 And a potter was going to be gauged upon
38:55 do we understand the worth of the soul.
38:58 Do we understand why we are here?
39:00 Do we understand the message
39:01 that we're supposed to be given?
39:02 Friends, we are so far away
39:03 from that right now God, help us.
39:06 We have got sidetracked and all these sides,
39:08 these issues all this and that
39:10 rather than focused on the Word of God
39:11 say this is what you're called to do.
39:13 This is what I'm called to do.
39:15 He did that to Israel right here.
39:17 And He said and we would say you profane my Sabbaths.
39:21 We professed to be Sabbath keepers
39:23 you know for breaking Sabbath we are Sabbath breakers.
39:27 Friend, we need to look at these things here
39:29 and say you know there is a lot things
39:32 that's coming in and around us
39:33 that's just it just pagan, that's heathen.
39:35 We're brining it in.
39:36 we're trying to baptize it
39:38 as it where and make, and make it holy.
39:40 And God says I don't accept that.
39:42 If you read that whole chapter verse 22
39:44 it is almost it preventing something inside
39:47 your stomach and almost makes you sick
39:49 because God said I'm gonna come into the midst of him
39:52 and I will gather my anger and fury
39:55 and I leave you there.
39:56 He said I'm gonna burn you.
39:59 That's the language, you know, we don't want to hear.
40:01 Well, that's bad.
40:03 Read verse 20, see what He is talking about there.
40:06 He is talking about the people bring their gold, and silver
40:08 and put fires step on.
40:09 He says that's what He is gonna do to His people, why?
40:11 Because we turned our back on Him
40:13 and we think that we're right there
40:14 just everything is going well.
40:18 Friend, we need to able to tell the difference between
40:20 the common and the sacred,
40:23 the church of the living God, church of Satan.
40:28 Who you're member of the day? Who you're member of?
40:32 You know, Book of Proverbs 15:19,
40:36 it says "The way of righteousness is made plain."
40:41 See, God's church, last day church
40:43 is going to be a church
40:44 that plain that presents the truth.
40:47 Its plain, it's going to be something
40:50 that's easy to understand
40:52 because the Holy Spirit is gonna help us
40:53 and lead us and guide us
40:54 and we're gonna be able to see it.
40:56 We're not gonna have to question that.
40:58 John 11:14, the Bible says
41:00 "Then Jesus said unto them plainly."
41:03 Jesus spoke plainly.
41:05 Our message will be plain message.
41:07 Friend, why have we made it so difficult?
41:10 Why is it that all controversy?
41:12 Why is it so much division and yet we call it
41:15 you know unity and diversity?
41:16 Come on, now.
41:20 The Bible is clear.
41:22 In fact, in Habakkuk 2:2 Bible says
41:26 "Write the vision and make it plain."
41:30 Write the vision and do what? Make it plain.
41:34 So the path to God's throne His truths are plain.
41:39 There is really not any reason for us
41:41 to not understand what is acceptable to God
41:44 and what is not acceptable to Him.
41:45 Our problem with that is because we want, we want.
41:50 Well, I know what God says but we want.
41:56 Bible says in Romans 14 "And so every one of us
41:58 must give an account of himself to God."
42:02 You're gonna have to give an account to God.
42:05 Well, I chose to, I know what He said but I chose--
42:07 oh, friend, don't do that.
42:08 Say I chose to be on God's side.
42:11 I chose by the grace of God to do the right thing.
42:15 That's the thing you say
42:16 when you get up in the morning.
42:17 Right, before you get up as you have your prayer
42:19 I chose to be on the side of Christ.
42:21 I chose to give my will to Him.
42:23 I cannot control myself I need some help.
42:26 I do not trust myself but I trust Him.
42:29 My mind is not a good mind I need His mind.
42:31 You see what we are talking about here?
42:34 If you rely upon yourself you're already defeated.
42:37 Realizing your subject to the old enemy
42:40 and you need a higher power
42:42 one that's outside of you, one you need to invite in.
42:45 Everybody is gonna have to give an account
42:48 you see of those things that have done in the body.
42:51 So I say this and you check it out,
42:53 see if it's not true.
42:54 God's church is accountable to Him and Him alone.
42:59 Did somebody hear me?
43:01 God's church is accountable to Him and Him alone,
43:07 much principle and scripture in spirit of prophecy
43:09 we don't need to go in that.
43:11 That's it--oh yeah, but I hear this
43:13 oh yeah but we need--
43:16 We're accountable to God and to God alone.
43:20 But you know what, if we do not follow His plans
43:24 we are going to be judged.
43:26 Judged by what you say?
43:28 We're going to be judged by the privileges
43:30 and by the advantages and the opportunities
43:32 that He has given us.
43:34 We're going to be judged by those--
43:37 by those assignments that He has given to us
43:40 that we have refused because we were too busy.
43:44 We didn't have time.
43:45 But boy, did we have time for all the unholy
43:48 and the common and all the other stuff
43:50 in the world that we had no time for Him.
43:52 Friend, my point on this is if the shoes fits
43:54 then go ahead and wear it.
43:55 I have to do it. And you must do it too.
43:58 And it's together raveled say you know what I do have time.
44:02 One man told me one time
44:03 he said I just have a hard time reading the scriptures.
44:06 And I said well,
44:07 what is there problem within your eyes?
44:09 No, not there is not. Well, why is that you--
44:12 Well I fall asleep. I said well, you do.
44:15 Well, is there is something that may be we can do about it.
44:17 Is it really important?
44:19 Well, you know but then he confessed he said,
44:21 you know, but I can take the newspaper
44:23 and I can read it from the beginning to the end
44:25 and I'll never fall asleep.
44:27 Is somebody not with me?
44:29 He didn't fall asleep, he could read the newspaper.
44:32 He had interest in what?
44:35 I almost used his name Wes,
44:36 I guess I'm not going to do that.
44:39 But I say Wes, friend, that-- where is your heart?
44:44 It's in the things of the world because that kept you awake.
44:48 But you couldn't spend a few minutes
44:50 with the Word of God because you fell asleep.
44:52 Help us to-- God help us to look
44:53 and to see where we spend our time
44:55 and spend our energy.
44:58 We're accountable for those the advantages
45:00 those privileges given to us and then what for the work
45:03 He assigned me to do that may be I haven't done.
45:05 The sentence listen, let me tell you this,
45:07 the sentence will be pronounced upon you
45:10 and it will be pronounced up on me if I don't do
45:14 what He is laid out for me to do its going to be just like
45:17 He did, you remember in Daniel 5:27,
45:21 He said He weighed in the balances
45:23 and found wanting.
45:26 Friend, please don't be when you're weighed
45:28 in the balances, don't be found wanting
45:30 but we will be if we are not working to works of Christ.
45:35 Found wanting how sad that's going
45:37 to be pronounced upon your name
45:39 or my name in the judgment.
45:41 He found in the morning because he had time to do
45:43 all these other things but he had no time for me,
45:46 God help us to see that.
45:48 What I have been talking about around right now
45:50 you can read lot of Desire of Ages page 414
45:52 and onward here.
45:54 This is plain in the word of God.
45:56 This is plain. The church is built upon Jesus Christ.
46:02 Jesus Christ is the foundation of the church
46:06 and it is to obey Him as the head.
46:10 You remember reading that in Ephesians 5:23
46:14 and 1 Corinthians 11:3.
46:18 His church does not depend upon any man
46:22 or it's not to be controlled by any man.
46:26 It's his church, its holy unto God.
46:30 It's not common.
46:31 Watch out man tries to come in and to takeover
46:36 God gives us the warning here He does in Proverbs 3:5.
46:39 He says to me I don't if He is saying to you
46:41 I want Him to say this to you.
46:43 "Lean not unto thine own understanding."
46:49 "Lean not unto thine own understanding."
46:52 Why because we're gonna be confused.
46:55 We think we understand that we need
46:56 the power of the Holy Spirit to help us.
47:00 May I say this we have to realize
47:01 the enemy is not playing games.
47:05 Realize the enemy is getting people
47:07 in the world today there everything is kind of sin
47:09 at around social activity and games and festivities
47:12 and lot of those stuff.
47:16 He is get us to think that this life
47:17 that we live is kind of, kind of a game
47:20 and that will go on and when the timing is right
47:23 we will get ourself right and friend,
47:25 that's not going to happen.
47:27 He wants to lure you into this trap of the world
47:30 and the things of this world.
47:31 And then when the time is right
47:32 he will pull that rug out from under you.
47:35 He will try to take your life
47:36 while you've turned your back upon God.
47:39 God's calling a holy people the people
47:43 who is willing to a stand and say this belongs
47:45 in the church and this does not belong in the church why,
47:48 because God had said so.
47:51 Is He playing games? No.
47:55 Did He play games in the days of Christ?
47:59 Before Christ after Christ? No, He is not.
48:02 Is he--we look at here and nations sin
48:05 and the nations ruin would do.
48:08 This is heavy some of you won't want to hear it.
48:11 The ear buds go on.
48:12 Fingers go in the ears but listen,
48:14 a nations and the nations ruin will do to religious leaders.
48:21 Oh, Desire of Ages 738
48:25 now we have to chew on that for just a little bit.
48:27 That mean every one is that way
48:29 but listen these are things
48:31 that many people prefer to leave out
48:33 because it's distasteful to some
48:36 rather than say lets have it all.
48:38 Let's chew on all of it right here
48:40 and let's ask God to help us.
48:43 Is that a true statement or is it not?
48:45 It absolutely is the truth among God's people and in the world.
48:50 Many a nation has come crumbling down.
48:53 God's people come crumbling down many, many times
48:55 because of the religious leaders and what,
48:58 because they did not want to do the right thing.
49:00 They couldn't separate that which is belongs to God
49:02 and that which is in the world.
49:04 And they try to combine them together.
49:05 Dear friend, we're going to sync that way.
49:08 May I accuse your leader? Who is your leader today?
49:12 Remember, we talked about earlier
49:13 there is how many churches?
49:15 Good, there's two churches.
49:18 Which one do you belong to?
49:19 It's the church of God or the church of Satan?
49:23 Which one do you belongs to?
49:26 I doubt if anyone who is listening to me,
49:28 said well, you know, I belong to Satan's church.
49:32 The enemy doesn't want it, he wants you to be fool
49:35 of thinking that you belong the other way
49:37 but you refuse His laws.
49:38 You refuse right to be obedient to Him.
49:41 That's gonna tell you what church you are.
49:42 You're saying God's commandments no longer binding.
49:45 You can be sure dear friends,
49:47 that you belong to the wrong church there.
49:50 So I believe this we're gonna have to
49:52 and in this study we've got
49:53 three more studies coming up here.
49:55 We're gonna have put a great distance
49:57 between us and the world.
50:00 The enemy, false worship, that man of sin
50:05 we're gonna have put great gulf
50:06 or great distance in between
50:09 and we must be striving daily by the grace of God.
50:13 If we are not dear friends,
50:14 we start to become a backsliding people
50:18 we can never ever just let go
50:20 and say well this time here
50:22 I'm gonna kind of let this right.
50:23 We can't do that.
50:24 Once we understand light, come on again and again
50:26 once we understand its right,
50:28 the thing to do is proven in scripture
50:30 we must stand by the grace of God for that.
50:33 Never make compromises.
50:35 You cannot compromise to truth.
50:38 People over and over say well, you know,
50:40 we've got to compromise, we got to do.
50:42 When you can compromise things of the world
50:44 you might be able to do.
50:45 But the things of God you can never compromise.
50:47 If not you'll compromise let there be war.
50:51 It's what inspiration says
50:53 before we compromise truth let there be war.
50:56 Your life depends upon and my life depends upon it.
51:00 I don't want to be a backsliding people.
51:02 Do you? I don't be backslidden state.
51:06 I'm sad to say so many people think
51:08 oh, there is nothing, nothing to worry about.
51:11 Every thing is good, every thing is going great.
51:15 I want to say if they realize
51:16 that we are commissioned by God
51:18 to give the third angels message
51:20 and it calls us to worship the true God.
51:24 It calls us to call attention to the fact
51:27 but God's power by His grace
51:30 by His authority that man can live
51:33 and perfectly obey the law of God
51:37 and how sad we hardly ever hear that.
51:40 And yet, we'll quote oh all things
51:42 are possible through Him.
51:43 You follow my point here.
51:45 Oh, yeah well, God can do anything
51:46 and then you'll say yeah but keep His--
51:48 Oh, no well. Hey, I can't do that.
51:51 Why would He come and set the example for us
51:54 and win that victory and then say I'm going to what--
51:56 everything I have I give to you.
51:59 Wow, to His grace and to His strengthen
52:03 and His power, we can completely obey the law of God.
52:07 How wonderful that is,
52:09 nothing in you it's all about Him.
52:11 But let me tell you as this is done,
52:13 as you purpose this in your heart
52:15 and in your life
52:18 you'll say this is what I want to do.
52:20 But let me tell you what the counterfeits
52:21 is going to be saying.
52:22 Here is what the counterfeit--
52:23 hey, may be you fit in,
52:24 may be we're gonna expose you today.
52:27 Think about with me.
52:28 The counterfeit is gonna be proclaiming
52:31 men cannot obey God's law.
52:37 That's the counterfeit.
52:40 We have to realize that there are those
52:42 who say that man cannot keep the law of God.
52:48 And I'm gonna say that this is from an article
52:50 that I read in Signs of the Times,
52:51 three, page 264 I believe it is.
52:57 But let's notice how powerful please this is.
53:00 "We must realize that there are those who say
53:02 that men cannot keep the law of God.
53:05 These are under the control of Satan."
53:09 Wow, oh what he is using the same accusations
53:16 as what as he did in the heavenly court.
53:20 And now he is warning us to say
53:22 and majority of the world is saying that's right.
53:24 No we realize we can't work in our own selves
53:27 but we can through His power, He is sufficient.
53:30 He is all sufficient praise God for that.
53:33 Let me go just a little farther
53:34 a last few minutes we have right here.
53:36 In Revelation Chapter 14, Sacred Angels Message says
53:39 "Babylon is fallen come out.
53:42 If this message is rejected or the truth is rejected
53:46 then I think this the Satan
53:48 takes full possession of those churches as the body."
53:52 We must realize those evil angels are over the land
53:55 and they're crowding to the churches
53:59 if we do not follow the council of God.
54:01 Oh, friend, don't you want to follow?
54:03 Don't you want to know the difference between
54:04 the common and sacred the holy?
54:06 Things that God will accept and things He will not accept.
54:10 Remember the enemy is crowding inside the church.
54:14 No one think its going to help and protect us
54:15 as to know what the truth is.
54:19 God looks upon us there and He will speak to us
54:22 in a audible voice that we could hear today.
54:24 He might say some of these same things.
54:28 He might say something like
54:30 you know these are list of sins right here.
54:33 There is corruption in the church.
54:36 My people are not listening to my voice.
54:38 They're not following me as their shepherd.
54:42 They're not really spending their time
54:43 they need to be with Me that needs to be.
54:47 I just wonder today there may be some out there
54:49 just say you know I just don't know
54:52 I want to pray for you in the last few seconds
54:53 that we have that the Holy Spirit
54:55 will work upon your heart and upon your mind.
54:56 Let's pray right now. Shall we?
54:58 Merciful Father in heaven,
54:59 we pray for Your Holy Spirit power.
55:01 We pray for things that we have heard today.
55:03 We pray that will put them to the test of Your word
55:05 and to find out as we study the Word of God
55:07 that Your word is truth
55:09 and you've given us power to obey.
55:11 We thank You for hearing and answering
55:12 prayer in Jesus name, amen.
55:15 I want you to remember that the pray
55:18 for the Behold the Lamb,
55:20 pray for the ministry each and everyday.
55:22 And pray what you can do to help to continue
55:24 to support this ministry
55:26 so these messages continue to go out.
55:28 We live in the hour that they need to go out.
55:31 God's people need to hear what we just talk about today
55:34 refers to us today as much as it did back.
55:36 And then we love you. We see next week.
55:41 Hello, and welcome back.
55:43 This topic as all topics dealing with our preparation
55:46 for heaven is one of self examination.
55:49 And looking back again to the story of Nadab and Abaihu
55:54 their fall came when they chose to cloud
55:56 their judgment with alcohol.
55:59 Let's read Leviticus 10:9, 10 together.
56:03 "Do not drink wine nor strong drink,
56:06 thou, nor thy sons with thee, when ye go
56:08 into the tabernacle of the congregation, lest ye die.
56:13 It should be a statute for ever throughout your generations.
56:17 And that ye may put difference between
56:20 holy and unholy, and between unclean and clean."
56:24 Friends, the Bible call us as God's children
56:27 to be a royal priesthood, a chosen generation.
56:32 You can look that verse up in 1 Peter 2:9.
56:36 It's a beautiful thought that God has called us
56:39 from the pits of this earth
56:40 to rightly represent Him and His character.
56:44 Today's message was just the first in this series of four
56:48 and we pray that it will be a series
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57:59 Friends, until next time may our precious Lord
58:02 continue to richly bless you and yours.


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