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Common and Sacred Fire - part 2 of 4

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00:41 Hello, and welcome, to Behold the Lamb Presents.
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton your host.
00:46 And I want to welcome and invite you
00:48 to join us in the second message of our four part series
00:52 that we have entitled Common and Sacred Fire.
00:57 During the first message we were reminded
00:59 of Aaron's two sons, Nadab and Abaihu
01:02 and after clouding their minds with alcohol
01:05 they used the wrong fire in their service to the Lord.
01:09 God had told them specifically that
01:11 they were to use the fire that He had kindled.
01:14 But instead they used fire that was kindled by man.
01:18 The big question for all of us to think about here is this.
01:22 Is it possible, is it possible
01:25 that over the centuries of the church
01:27 that our minds have become cloudy
01:29 when it comes to spiritual things of God
01:32 and is it also possible that we too may have been
01:36 well, you know, a bit drunk
01:38 with the commonness of this world
01:39 and allow this commonness to influence our worship
01:43 and may be even our parents before God.
01:47 Remember the song we used to sing when we were kids.
01:50 It was entitled Dare to be a Daniel.
01:53 The song was written about
01:54 Daniel's steadfast obedience to God
01:57 no matter the consequences
01:59 from the world of people around him.
02:02 And in Daniel's case that easily meant that
02:05 his life could be in jeopardy and it was more than once
02:09 for standing firm on God's principles.
02:12 Daniel knew that there was, there was absolutely no excuse
02:17 to dishonor God in any form or any fashion
02:20 even as a prisoner in a foreign country.
02:24 Yet, many who claim to be Christians today
02:26 don't give much thought to following
02:28 the precepts of God's word.
02:30 In fact, their excuse not to for the most part
02:35 is that they don't well, feel.
02:37 They don't feel
02:38 that what they're reading in the Bibles is meant for them.
02:40 They believe that somehow the "time" has changed things.
02:45 Yet, the Bible teaches us that God does not change.
02:49 He is the same friend, yesterday, today and forever.
02:53 You can read this if you like in Hebrews 13:8,
02:57 "Common and Sacred Fire."
02:59 How could this principle of thought is denoted
03:03 from the title applied to us write now, today.
03:07 I want you to stay tuned.
03:09 Stay tuned and listen as Pastor Kenny Shelton
03:13 opens up the Word of God on this subject
03:15 in our study time today.
03:17 But first we are so blessed to listen to a song
03:21 that is entitled my Jesus I Love Thee,
03:24 and sung by Annette Campbell from the 3ABN Worship Centre.
03:44 My Jesus I love Thee
03:51 I know Thou art mine
03:56 For Thee
03:59 all the follies of sin
04:05 I resign
04:08 My gracious Redeemer
04:15 My Savior art Thou
04:24 If ever I loved Thee
04:31 My Jesus, 'tis now
04:45 I love Thee
04:49 because Thou hast first loved me
04:57 And purchased my pardon
05:03 on Calvary's tree
05:09 I love Thee for wearing
05:16 the thorns on Thy brow
05:22 If ever I loved Thee
05:27 My Jesus, 'tis now
05:45 In mansions of glory
05:51 and endless delight
05:57 I'll ever adore Thee
06:03 in heaven so bright
06:08 I'll sing with the glittering crown
06:16 on my brow
06:23 If ever I loved Thee
06:31 My Jesus
06:37 'tis now
07:00 Praise the Lord,
07:01 it's good to spend sometime with you once again
07:03 as we examine another very important subject.
07:06 We are going to be talking about
07:08 the common and sacred fire.
07:10 Do we really know the difference?
07:13 You know it's sad to say of many people we talk to,
07:15 many people email they call
07:16 and they ask a lot of questions and it's good.
07:18 We can pray together, we can study scripture together.
07:21 But you know some are just really you know
07:23 they just say I'm not sure if this is,
07:25 is it right thing to do or we shouldn't be doing this
07:27 or if this belongs to God
07:29 and yet somebody else is using for common things.
07:31 You know, what is the difference,
07:32 what does really mean common and sacred.
07:35 So in our study, our four part series
07:37 this is the second part,
07:39 we're gonna be examining many things
07:42 that will help us to understand that
07:44 which belongs to God as sacred.
07:46 And then you have the common that's things out in world.
07:49 And we need to separate those things.
07:51 You know there need to be separation among us
07:53 as God's last day people.
07:55 So, you know, get your Bible ready,
07:56 pencil and paper and I might say
07:58 before we have our prayer
08:00 we're so thankful for each one of you
08:01 who are tuning in.
08:03 Some are setting your DVRs and others are you know
08:05 just make sure they verily set their alarms and they get up.
08:08 We're very grateful and thankful for that.
08:10 And there's many people who really love the,
08:13 you know, dilute truth.
08:14 They want the straight testimony.
08:16 Most people say they do but you know where are they?
08:19 Let's come to the surface what he says
08:20 and we believe in getting back to the principles of God's word
08:24 and by God's grace and strength
08:25 we're going to advocate those things.
08:27 So I'm thankful for you today.
08:29 I want you to pray for us as we go into this subject
08:32 and I might mention again that we are thankful that
08:34 you call and that you write and you're all in the DVDs
08:37 and score this ministry
08:38 so the message can continue to go out.
08:41 So let's have prayer, shall we?
08:42 And let's ask the Holy Spirit to be with us
08:45 and help us as we study His word one more time.
08:49 Our kind loving heavenly Father,
08:50 we thank You, for the privilege of prayer.
08:52 Now, we ask for Your Holy Spirit,
08:53 the anointing of the spirit of a living God in our hearts
08:57 and our minds that the things of this world
08:59 will grow strangely down.
09:01 Help us to hear Your voice, help us to heed Your voice,
09:03 help us to know and certainly
09:06 listen to Your voice for what is truth
09:08 and then apply to our hearts and to our lives.
09:10 Lord, we need you today bless us as we pray,
09:13 cleanse us covers with Your blood
09:14 in Jesus name we pray, amen.
09:19 Again as we you know dwell into this subject--
09:23 much more you say well, I have heard before.
09:25 I want you to, this is remember four part
09:27 so its about four hours you are going to be spent
09:28 on the lot of different subject to still back
09:32 and clump together to help us to understand that
09:35 number one, that pleases God not man.
09:39 I spent so often talking to people that
09:43 its all about pleasing mankind or pleasing, you know,
09:47 certain church or that-- its about pleasing God isn't it.
09:50 So we have to look at it in the light as heaven right,
09:53 light of heaven that we'd be able to find out what truth is.
09:57 Now some of you it may shame on you,
09:59 you probably did not you know
10:00 say you're listen to that first part.
10:03 So if you allow me to go over several part
10:04 that we discussed and if they're interest
10:07 you won't want to miss that first part too
10:09 when you order the whole series.
10:11 In our first part we discovered number one,
10:14 that God would have a clear and definite ideas
10:18 preserved between the sacred and the common.
10:22 Did you noticed that clear, definite
10:25 that which is common and that which is sacred.
10:28 Two, it may be shocking to some
10:31 I have mentioned this several times before
10:33 but you know Satan has a church
10:35 the synagogue of the devil, of the enemy, Revelation 3:9.
10:39 No we realize his members you can identify his members.
10:43 I want you to think for a moment.
10:45 How can we identify-- it has to be right God's church
10:48 or it's the church of the enemy.
10:50 And I understand this some people will say oh,
10:53 it's just too difficult, its too hard oh,
10:54 we don't want to hear the same, bless your heart.
10:57 It either is you're for God or you're against him.
11:00 You're member of his church
11:02 or you're a member of the synagogue of Satan,
11:04 the Bible talks about.
11:06 How can we identify
11:07 those who are the members of the enemy's church?
11:10 Number one, naturally they are children
11:13 of disobedience that Bible talks about.
11:16 They're disobedient to the world.
11:17 They're disobedient that lot of things
11:19 that are being taught in the church
11:20 and they want to have their own opinion
11:22 and do their own thing.
11:23 So they're rebelling against the Word of God.
11:26 Number two, they chose to do the wrong thing.
11:30 And just make clear they chose to sin.
11:33 They understand many of the issues
11:35 but they chose to please themselves.
11:38 Number three, very powerful, please pay attention.
11:41 The synagogue of Satan, right, Satan's members of his church,
11:45 they try to mingle, truth and error.
11:49 This is what we are talking about
11:50 when we are talking about common and sacred.
11:51 They are trying to make mingle the truth and error together.
11:55 Make it little easier, no self denial,
11:58 no giving up anything in the cause of Christ.
12:01 Now again, how can we find out
12:03 what church that we belong to that we're member of?
12:07 Remember, I think this is so important,
12:09 Satan's church tries to make void the law of God.
12:15 And I'll just be, I'll just bold with you here
12:17 that anyone who is saying you know God's law,
12:19 you know we don't have to worry about keeping it anymore.
12:21 Friend, we belong to what.
12:24 The enemies church because that
12:26 he has started that in heaven you remember.
12:28 Oh, we can't be telling that you know
12:29 we can't do all these things of God says to do.
12:32 Same argument going on today.
12:35 So we need to realize that, you know,
12:37 God's law is here and it's certainly is binding.
12:40 Now, number three, I think it's very interesting.
12:43 Errors are being presented-- we discussed this in part one.
12:46 Errors are being presented as the truth.
12:50 We almost must realize to that the same sense
12:53 that the enemy use at the time just before the flood,
12:57 he will use again.
12:59 See, we can look back and we can go over these things
13:02 and we can say oh, well that was for them.
13:04 No, it's for us today.
13:05 Go back, recount, read, study these things
13:08 because he will use the same things again
13:11 because they were affected, how sad.
13:16 And we know it also that God's church
13:18 is accountable to Him and Him alone, bottom line.
13:25 God's church is what accountable to Him.
13:28 It's interesting actually Apostle Tim,
13:30 some rise up in opposition but, you know,
13:32 I love to read the Bible,
13:33 I love to read the Spirit of Prophecy.
13:35 And you know, if it's clear and simple
13:36 and clear that's just the way it is.
13:38 God helps to me to understand it and to follow it.
13:41 And so I can read something like this
13:43 and I will say thank you, Lord
13:44 because we're always talking about His church
13:46 and the faithful followers.
13:48 But actually Apostle Tim says, from the beginning
13:52 faithful souls have constituted the church on earth.
13:57 Interesting, what's constitute the church on earth?
14:00 The faithful soul. Are you a faithful soul?
14:03 Friends, if you're advocating the teachings
14:05 and doctrines of God's word right now
14:06 you're not a faithful soul.
14:07 If you know better and you're doing things
14:09 that you shouldn't be doing,
14:11 you really can't say that you're faithful soul.
14:13 Okay, by God grace good news is we all can.
14:16 You know, let's get self out of way
14:17 and let's look at God's word and say God,
14:19 I want, I want to reach that high standard
14:21 that You have, You have for your people.
14:23 And You'll help us to do that. We can't do it without You.
14:26 And number seven is the third angels message
14:28 as we look at here calls for us to worship the true God.
14:33 Make sense that we just spend little bit of time
14:35 on that in the first part.
14:36 God calls us third angel message to worship the true God
14:39 and understand that by God's grace
14:42 by God's power man can completely obey God's law.
14:47 Isn't that wonderful?
14:48 What by God's grace by His power and His strength
14:51 He will enable us just like
14:53 Jesus did while He was here on earth.
14:55 Last point, we're talking about the church is Satan
14:58 and we talk about Revelation 3:9.
15:00 It says this, it says that man can never obey God's laws.
15:06 Did you get that?
15:08 Satan is still advocating today
15:10 and you know what's they have say.
15:11 Majority of Christians today are saying the same thing.
15:13 May be it's because they don't understand it.
15:16 But you know what that's our job, isn't it?
15:17 To bring it to light.
15:19 And I thank God for that light and I'm praising for that light
15:22 and accept that light, embrace that light,
15:24 be excited about that light.
15:27 You know, we have to realize in this world that we live in
15:31 as we really pick up here on part two as we begin.
15:35 I want to go just a little deeper in some of the things
15:37 that we just discussed in a moment ago.
15:39 If we, if we go little bit deeper into
15:41 a Revelation Chapter 14,
15:43 we start talking about the second angel's message
15:45 please bear with me a minute.
15:47 The message is simply bad one it's fallen, it's fallen.
15:50 And then, you know, I believe that Satan
15:52 you remember once we hear this message, once we say boy,
15:55 I understand because it's all needed
15:57 come apart we need to separate, we need to accept the doctrines
15:59 and the teachings of God's word.
16:02 And so we need to take a bold stand for what is right.
16:06 But and once we say well, you know I see that may be
16:08 I need to do this I remember this is the thing really to do.
16:11 But, you know, if you refuse to do it
16:13 once it comes to light to your mind or to my mind,
16:16 let me just be bold with you.
16:18 Satan will take possession of your mind,
16:21 he is going to take possession of the churches
16:23 as the whole, as the body.
16:25 I'm not talking about every individual.
16:26 As a body for those who reject this message.
16:31 Now think about it.
16:32 So it seems to shocking because most Christians will say
16:35 something like this is a Christian church.
16:38 You know, this is where the Holy Spirit sat.
16:40 Oh, should be, yes.
16:42 But you know were conditions of the Holy Spirit
16:45 being poured out upon God's last day people.
16:47 Are you part of God's last day people?
16:49 I'm sure that you want to be. You're striving.
16:51 Aren't you about the grace of God?
16:52 I'm striving to be part of that remnant church,
16:56 that last day church
16:57 that keep the commandments of God,
16:58 have the testimony of Jesus.
17:00 Friend, don't be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
17:03 Don't be ashamed of three angel's message.
17:06 Friend, when we hear these things
17:07 and if we will not accept them as member individual,
17:10 as a body, as a church the enemy comes over
17:14 and he takes possessions as a whole of those churches
17:18 and as individual what, because we're rejecting light.
17:21 Somebody will say oh,
17:22 listen the devil is crowding his way.
17:24 He is pushing his way into the churches today
17:28 and little do we realize it.
17:30 My friend, why?
17:31 Why is it that we can't realize, why can't we see? Why?
17:34 Because, we're lowering the standards
17:35 and teachings of God's word and as we lower these standard,
17:38 bless your heart the enemy comes in.
17:40 It's him that's influencing
17:42 to lower the standards little bit
17:44 and make brother so and so happy or sister so and so happy
17:46 or the pastor happy whatever it might be.
17:48 Rather than say we need to elevate
17:50 the teachings of God's word,
17:53 elevate, as you elevate those
17:55 it will cause people to look at them closely.
17:57 And yes, they will make a decision
17:59 and yes some will be offended.
18:00 Jesus, said as they heard the truth.
18:02 He said, "by and by they where."
18:03 What? "Oh, good."
18:05 They were offended.
18:06 Now what happened when you offended?
18:07 Sometime we leave.
18:09 Now think about that the enemy then is chosen
18:12 to mingle the common with the sacred
18:16 and we'll realize that God will not bless.
18:19 He will not bless any kind of compromise of the truth.
18:24 So what are we doing?
18:26 What are many, what are many doing?
18:28 We know there's a not a teaching in God's word.
18:30 We might even admit
18:31 that it's not of teachings of God's word.
18:33 But you know bless our heart if it's not in the Word of God
18:36 why don't we lay it aside?
18:37 You know what, because self is so wrapped
18:39 you know we want to see it, we want to do it.
18:41 Oh, friend, let's pray for the anointing of the spirit
18:44 the God will break us down as
18:45 it were by the power of His Spirit
18:47 that we may be hearers of the word,
18:50 hearers not only but doers of the word.
18:52 Are you listening are you a doer
18:54 or let's ask God to help us to do that.
18:57 Now many will say well I understand
18:59 oh you're talking about the enemy
19:00 taking control of the church.
19:01 What do you think he is working
19:02 we've talked about it many times and we will continue
19:05 because of the hour in which we live.
19:07 The enemy has invaded the church,
19:09 everyone that he possibly can.
19:11 You know, how he invades it?
19:12 He invades through people may be like you or may be me.
19:15 And I don't want that and I know you don't either
19:17 but that's how he invades the church.
19:18 He calls its confusion and vision and separation
19:21 and fusses in the church and argument in church
19:23 and separation the church.
19:25 Oh, he is having a heyday
19:26 and we just don't detect that's him.
19:29 Friend, we need to really have some eyesight
19:31 to put on that God may help us.
19:33 Now no, shut it off please don't shut it off.
19:35 Don't say well, I don't close your ears
19:38 I think it's worth listening to today.
19:41 Do you realize the enemy has the plan?
19:43 And the plan is we just touched on the moment ago
19:46 as he has the plan to takeover all the churches.
19:51 You know, remember
19:52 he doesn't worry about the world.
19:53 Okay, how often you hear this, dear friends?
19:54 How often I hear and understand?
19:56 He has the plan to takeover every church.
20:00 He hates every child of God.
20:04 Now as the enemy has his plan to takeover the churches
20:07 let me just remind you this,
20:09 he has not forgotten the formulae that works.
20:14 Some of you are not with me.
20:15 You realize the enemy has a formulae
20:19 and he uses that formulae on you and me any body
20:23 who just leaves the cracked open just a little bit,
20:26 a little of wedge right there he is able to come in.
20:30 And once he comes in
20:31 and we begin to question scripture,
20:34 we begin to question the truth,
20:36 the church that may be we attain and we're gonna--
20:38 it's okay to ask queries its okay to study.
20:41 But when we begin to doubt the Word of God
20:43 we're on dangerous ground.
20:45 Why, because that's the enemy.
20:46 He is the father of all doubts.
20:48 And he plans that in you and me.
20:49 But praise God right, He's given us eyes and ears
20:52 to hear the Word of God the Holy Spirit to lead
20:55 and guide us into all truth.
20:57 We have to realize regardless of how many times
21:01 we have read these scriptures
21:03 especially in First and Second Timothy.
21:04 1 Timothy 4:1 it talks about
21:07 there is going to be in the last days
21:09 seducing spirits and doctrine of death.
21:12 The devil is a seducer.
21:15 He is gonna kind of tell you what
21:16 you might want to hear.
21:17 He is going to try to say well, with it-- this is freedom over,
21:20 this is not the way that really is.
21:21 And many of us because we don't want to make
21:23 the changes with that what you know
21:25 that kind of mix little bit a sense to me.
21:28 Friend, anything outside the Word of God
21:30 just doesn't make sense to me.
21:31 Praise God, and I hope it doesn't makes sense to you.
21:33 Here is the Word of God it makes sense.
21:36 Now remember, the devil is going to try to influence you.
21:39 He is going to try to seduce you
21:42 but he is going to give you notice
21:44 doctrines of devil's.
21:46 So either is the doctrine of Christ
21:48 or it's the doctrines of devil.
21:50 Why is that we are so seemed like confused on
21:53 so many teachings of God's work?
21:54 Is possible that may be we have taken, is it possible
21:57 that we have taken the common or mans teaching
22:01 and we just intermingle with some truth a little bit
22:04 and we're trying to get something little more,
22:05 something we can chew on little bit better,
22:07 something that fits our lifestyle, a little bit better
22:09 or do you want to really be converted,
22:11 you really want to be changed into the image of Jesus Christ.
22:14 Oh, I'm sure that you do.
22:17 You know Paul understood this very well.
22:20 I'm sure much better may be than any of us.
22:22 But he explained it in 2 Timothy 1:13.
22:26 Here simply what he said bottom line and he says it to me
22:29 and I know he says to you, today.
22:31 He says "Hold fast to the form of sound words."
22:38 Something is sound, something is concrete in the Word of God.
22:41 You know that it is. He says, "Hold fast to that."
22:44 Why you're gonna hold fast?
22:46 As soon as you get a hold something that's
22:47 you know its truth and its right.
22:49 The old devil comes against this,
22:51 he starts beaten and banging and challenging you
22:53 and challenge your family, challenge your children,
22:55 everything is a challenge to see
22:57 whether you're gonna hang by faith are you.
23:00 This is what it's all about.
23:02 Or you're gonna try to mix a little common
23:04 and little bit you know, the far together
23:06 and you're gonna make it that where it's pleasing.
23:08 He said hold fast and what sound words.
23:11 You know what that means? That means healthy words.
23:14 That means-- that's called of free of error.
23:17 We're to hang on to things that are free of error.
23:20 2 Timothy 3:5, this is one everyone quotes
23:23 because we see it's so often.
23:25 I don't want to see it to my own life.
23:26 I'm sure I have seen it there before
23:28 and you know God forgiving and help to be made on fire
23:31 because you know people accept religion
23:32 they have a form of what, good.
23:35 Godliness, 2 Timothy 3:5 "But they're denying,"
23:38 what good "the power there of for such turn away."
23:42 They hear the Word of God right, that has a form of it
23:45 but its not changing their heart and their life.
23:47 They can quote it, they can talk about it,
23:49 they can elaborate on it but
23:51 they do not let into their heart,
23:54 they do not let it into their minds,
23:57 they do not let it come into where it changes their character
24:00 into the very image of Jesus Christ.
24:02 Friends, that's what truth will do.
24:04 I'm interested in that.
24:06 I need these changes, don't you?
24:09 Do you desire these changes, do you?
24:11 Do you really want them?
24:12 Let's not have this for godliness
24:15 but denying that power that word is dynamite word
24:19 that power that's the force of the Holy Spirit as it were,
24:23 the strength of the Spirit of the living God,
24:25 the miracle working power of God,
24:27 the wonderful work of God we're denying it in our life.
24:31 And safe to say there will be millions today,
24:34 they don't know what it is
24:35 to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.
24:37 They don't know
24:38 whether they've been saved or not.
24:39 They've been getting these water down, sugar down,
24:42 these little old sermons
24:43 they are not got to the point of decision.
24:45 They're not going to brought to the point
24:47 to when you hear the straight testimony
24:48 you gonna have to make a decision.
24:50 You know, in the Bible you read it many times.
24:52 If you're on the Lord side get over here,
24:53 if you're on the enemy side get over there,
24:56 hot and cold.
24:57 But yet we found another way,
24:59 we think in the Christian world
25:01 that if we can mingle a little bit
25:02 compromise on this truth then we are gonna kind of be happy.
25:05 No, you will be discontent.
25:07 The only happiness that you can find,
25:09 the only happiness that I can have in my heart
25:11 and life a life is a total surrender to Jesus Christ,
25:15 heart, mind soul, body everything of man.
25:17 So I don't want a form of godliness.
25:21 I need to separate that, that right there.
25:23 I need that power.
25:25 It's interesting because we are talking
25:26 about the form of godliness means a formation of God.
25:30 Something that kind of formed up all the time,
25:32 that's what you do.
25:33 The appearance that is godly.
25:36 A formula, it's a fashion after what is religion?
25:40 That means that Bible carry,
25:42 that means a tithe payer, that means the church,
25:44 that's talking about you know,
25:46 enemy doesn't care about that.
25:48 Let me be just honest with you.
25:50 The enemy cares when you hear the truth
25:52 and you love the truth
25:53 and you're asking for the Spirit of God
25:55 that truth to come inside
25:57 and all of the sudden, the man that you wants
25:59 where you're not that way anymore.
26:00 The woman, that you were, the child, that you were
26:02 you're no longer the same anymore.
26:04 You don't have to go around and say
26:05 "oh, I'm not the same anymore.
26:06 Boy, I tell you I have got everything all together."
26:09 Friends, that's not what about,
26:10 your neighbors and your friends
26:11 and your mom and you're dad everybody is involved.
26:13 You are gonna say what happened?
26:16 Something has happened.
26:18 And they're going to say well, what how can they have peace
26:21 in a midst of a storm in living in this world
26:23 that we live in today
26:24 and the economy that we live in today.
26:26 Well, it just, it's just going to crumble any day.
26:29 All the laws are being passed like its just mind boggles.
26:33 I'm sure that Bible student
26:34 as you read the signs of the time
26:36 you need something to hang on.
26:38 You must have an experience
26:39 and most people do not have right now.
26:42 I want that experience.
26:43 If I do not have it,
26:45 I will not be able to endure.
26:47 I'm gonna take oh Lord, help us.
26:48 I'm gonna take the easy road out.
26:50 It's too many they call themselves Christian
26:52 and they want to take that easy road why,
26:54 because everybody is doing, everybody is going,
26:57 everybody is going here,
26:58 everybody is talking about this, everybody is--
27:01 Friend, if everybody please, please,
27:03 we will talk about that little bit more,
27:04 just a little bit later.
27:05 But please that means what we need to be a separate people.
27:08 We need to come apart from the world
27:10 of don't touch those unclean things.
27:12 We'll read something Desire of Ages, page 172,
27:15 oh please bless you're heart.
27:16 Please pay attention. Please pay attention.
27:19 It said, "He who is trying."
27:21 And that-- I read this because there's many people
27:23 who think because of their church membership
27:26 or because they profess in keeping
27:29 the Ten Commandment law
27:30 that automatically everything is fine.
27:34 Going to make it the health.
27:35 Got a one way ticket
27:36 because this is where I go to church.
27:38 Friend, please don't fool yourself.
27:41 I find nothing in scripture that says that.
27:43 Is it not-- oh, somebody, somebody pray for me.
27:46 Is it not our personal relationship with Jesus Christ?
27:49 I believe it is.
27:50 I believe that's what it's all about.
27:51 I realized Christ is the head of His church
27:53 but He is calling you and He is calling me
27:55 to be like Him.
27:57 He is not calling us as in some have converted lukewarm
28:00 some kind of state or we just go to church.
28:03 And you know when I go to church
28:04 when we hear they are saying
28:05 through services I expect a blessing.
28:07 I come to receive a blessing.
28:09 When I leave I have got a blessing
28:11 I don't know about you.
28:12 That's what it is all about.
28:13 Or is it grudgingly that you go to church,
28:15 it's grudgingly that you pay your tithe.
28:17 Is it grudgingly that you just have to go
28:18 may be do something that in the church
28:20 and may be you really didn't want it?
28:21 Oh, friend, you're serving Jesus Christ
28:23 isn't it what it's all about.
28:25 Let's not be compromising the truth and the things
28:28 that we're talking about here.
28:29 Remember he who is trying to reach heaven,
28:32 oh I can just see the hands going up.
28:34 Oh, yes, yes, yes, it's me
28:37 I'm trying to reach heaven.
28:38 Oh, that's good I'm glad that you make that commitment.
28:40 But if you're trying to reach heaven
28:43 but by our own works in keeping the law
28:47 we are attempting an impossibility.
28:50 Did you get it?
28:51 He is who is trying to reach heaven
28:52 by his own what?
28:54 By his own works, by his own merits,
28:57 and by keeping the law is attempting an impossibility.
29:02 Notice how clear.
29:03 "There is no safety." Did you get it?
29:06 "There is no safety
29:08 for one who has merely a legal religions."
29:13 And that's called what?
29:14 "A form of godliness."
29:17 We're just talking about that scriptures didn't we.
29:20 Many times we don't realize that's what's all going on here.
29:25 And I also thought about this and jot it down.
29:27 It says in the Christian life,
29:30 there must be a death to self
29:33 and sin and a new life, all together.
29:37 Man that's really sums up. Doesn't it?
29:40 That sums up what it's all about here for us today.
29:44 A new life, did you get it.
29:46 Death to self,
29:49 a new life in Jesus Christ.
29:51 See I believe this all my heart that eyes must be open.
29:56 Why are we closing our eyes and our hearts
29:59 and our ears to this beautiful message
30:03 and as we close them we're deteriorating spiritually.
30:09 I will be safe to say there are those today who--
30:13 Well, my mother said it
30:14 and I mentioned it several times before
30:16 when I do something oh, may be that
30:17 I shouldn't be doing.
30:18 She said, Kenny, Kenny, Kenny
30:20 you're cutting your nose off despites your face.
30:23 Now you know that an old saying.
30:25 You know, sometime I didn't really want to hear it.
30:28 But you know what, it's a true statement.
30:30 Sometime we just, cut your nose off
30:32 and it despites our own face.
30:34 You know what, people are simply what fighting themselves
30:38 and we are fighting what, truth.
30:40 Don't fight the truth.
30:41 You know, it's gonna hurt you, it's gonna come back.
30:44 Well, that when you fight the truth listen,
30:46 you're fighting against yourself.
30:48 Does you get it?
30:49 We know you're fighting its God
30:50 but there's a fight within in you there.
30:52 Paul says it something like this made it clear
30:54 in 2 Timothy 2:25, 26.
30:58 He said in meekness
31:00 instructing those who that oppose themselves.
31:04 Did you it?
31:05 There are people who oppose themselves--
31:07 you're fighting against yourself,
31:08 it's says because you won't deny yourself.
31:11 "In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves."
31:15 That means fight themselves.
31:16 "If God peradventure will give them repentance
31:20 to the acknowledging of the truth."
31:23 Verse 26 "And that they may recover themselves
31:27 out of the snare of the devil."
31:29 When you're finding yourself,
31:31 you say when you don't want to give up,
31:32 you deny yourself, you're fighting,
31:34 you see, you're in the "snare of the devil
31:37 who taken captive at his will."
31:41 Wow, that means you're easy prey.
31:42 We fight the truth, we're fighting all,
31:45 you know, what is right, we don't want to do it,
31:47 we're doing everything
31:48 that we can to stay away from those
31:50 who may be are advocating the truth.
31:53 We don't want to go at the meetings,
31:54 we don't want to talk to him,
31:55 we don't want to study the word with them.
31:57 We're fighting against the truth.
31:58 Surely, it's against the Holy Spirit,
32:00 certainly, it's against God.
32:02 But there is a fight and then fight is inside of you
32:05 and Paul's says boy,
32:06 and "that they may recover themselves."
32:09 Some of us need to be recovered.
32:11 Here I'll think that were there
32:12 when you're recovering from alcohol, recovering--
32:14 how about recovering ourselves from the devil?
32:17 That can only be done by the Holy Spirit
32:19 by appointing your heart, your life,
32:20 your mind out to say God "Oh all I need some help."
32:24 And just falling into every snare that the enemy sets
32:26 and I need some help I can't it all my own.
32:28 God says you know what I'm gonna help you.
32:31 But you know what?
32:32 I really believe this,
32:33 we need to make sure that your soul,
32:36 that my soul is thoroughly converted.
32:39 Please listen to that word thoroughly converted.
32:42 Now I mean, truly converted.
32:44 If we're not careful,
32:46 we will lose that which we have gained.
32:50 Does that make sense?
32:51 If we are not thoroughly converted, right we're going on,
32:53 we've learned and we're doing and blah, blah, blah.
32:55 Make sure that soul is thoroughly converted,
32:58 rooted and grounded in the truth of God's word.
33:00 Friend, I'm telling you today if you're not,
33:02 and you're not staying there
33:03 you'll end up losing all that,
33:05 that's been gained by the power of the Holy Spirit.
33:07 Please don't lose what you've gained
33:09 to his power and to his Word.
33:12 See God is calling man today.
33:14 He is calling people, teachers.
33:17 He is calling them into his service.
33:18 Men, women filled with the spirit of the living God.
33:22 Giving them power, giving them ability,
33:25 giving them the grace.
33:27 Think about it, to preach the truth did you get it?
33:30 Knowledge, strength, power,
33:32 He is calling us to preach the truth.
33:33 You know what?
33:35 Preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.
33:38 You know, when you think abouts
33:39 that power He wants to be strong,
33:42 He wants us to be decided,
33:43 He wants us to be clear.
33:47 What, because I just can't get away from it.
33:49 Thank you God, that the world must be warned
33:52 and then Jesus is going to come.
33:55 It must be warned
33:57 because the evil one is what we talked
33:59 about while ago he is seducing the world,
34:02 the miracle working power
34:03 and we see him going about defying whom he will.
34:08 He is working on the whole world.
34:11 He is planning on seducing you by the way.
34:15 He wants to get the job done,
34:17 he is working with everything is in him.
34:18 Oh, friend, may I plead with you today
34:21 are you pleading with God.
34:23 Everything that goes in you, they say from your toes
34:25 to top of your head for the Holy Spirit,
34:27 the living God to come in, to cleanse you,
34:30 to make you that new person that you need to be.
34:33 To find that contentment and that peace
34:35 that the world does not know.
34:37 It can only come by knowing Jesus Christ and Him crucified.
34:41 Are you pleading for that new mind?
34:43 Are you pleading for victory over sin?
34:46 Is God calling you?
34:48 Remember if He calls you He is going to equip you,
34:50 He is gonna give you ability and that strength.
34:52 He is gonna give you that mind, mind of Christ.
34:55 And if He calls you will you give by the grace of God
34:58 that strong undiluted testimony.
35:03 Friend, I apologize for the moment
35:04 because there's things through my mind right now
35:06 I'm say well help me to be able to good-- Holy Spirit
35:08 take it then work with the right way.
35:11 There's many people in the world today
35:13 in the moment today that hurling straight testimony.
35:17 We're talking about you know
35:18 let's give the straight testimony.
35:19 Let's give the real doctrine,
35:21 let's give the real truth and bless your heart.
35:24 Many are missing the mark.
35:25 Not saying I have everything all together
35:26 but where I'm studying to show myself appoved unto God
35:29 but many are missing the mark in the same time
35:31 saying we have got it, we have got it.
35:35 Friend, could that be somewhat a little bit of the common
35:37 and sacred coming together that we,
35:40 that we have it and its, its going to be kind of,
35:42 its going to be good enough, no.
35:45 Is it good enough for God
35:48 mingling of the common and sacred?
35:51 How about in the days of apostle
35:52 let's just take that for a moment.
35:55 Some of the most foolish teachings,
35:58 heresies were presented as the truth.
36:02 You remember reading the scripture?
36:04 Even some they belief the disciples had time
36:05 before, you know, that Jesus is really working
36:07 on their heart and life and bring them here.
36:09 There was all kind of heresies and doctrines of devils
36:12 that were being thrown around in there
36:14 and then you know history we find out will be repeated.
36:18 So we look back and say we are what some of those.
36:21 You know, talking about the soul or heaven and hell
36:23 and some of these things and Jesus Christ
36:25 and Him crucified on the Cross of Cavalry.
36:28 And so there was lot of err that was being in --
36:30 it mingled in, in the place of truth.
36:33 And I find it, I find it sad to say
36:36 you know I just say it today,
36:37 but its true, its intermingled
36:40 and why not friend if you believe
36:43 that there's God's last day movement,
36:45 do you think have you buried your head so far in the sand
36:50 that you don't think that He is not going to be working
36:52 overtime on this movement, on you and on me?
36:56 I'm not trying blame any one specifically here.
36:59 But there is something wrong.
37:02 We take teachings today
37:03 that is not found it in the word of God
37:06 and then you'll find a group that will say
37:08 well that's not found in the Word of God,
37:09 the other group says well you know its close enough
37:11 we'll just accept then He will be good priesting
37:13 the rest of His law, doing this law
37:14 you're gonna be happy.
37:16 It's not found in the Word of God, I'm mean solid.
37:19 My friend, we don't need to participate with that.
37:22 We can't do it, its wrong.
37:24 And God help us to see how the enemy is doing, why.
37:28 I said well, history won't be repeated.
37:31 You know why and think about this,
37:33 you'll say what you're talking about, err?
37:36 Err is wearing some kind of new garment,
37:40 what does that mean.
37:42 You see err will come this way and then it will go that way
37:45 but please pay attention to this,
37:47 when err comes along it has new cloths
37:50 on sometime, it has a new face,
37:53 it has a new garment.
37:55 But I'll tell you this dear friends,
37:56 you unmask that err regardless
37:58 how good it looks on the outside
38:00 and you and unmask that err--
38:02 that regard you take the garment of it and nothing appears.
38:07 Why because it was just what, something it was put over.
38:11 Take it off, there is nothing there.
38:15 Satan works today to attract attention
38:18 to man in the place of God,
38:20 I see it, I hear all the time.
38:22 He is doing what?
38:23 He is trying to get me and you
38:26 to be attracted to as it were to may
38:30 I say looking to some call the bishops
38:33 or look to the elders, look to the pastors,
38:36 or look at our professors of theology,
38:41 look at someone special.
38:43 And the enemy saying, "Look to these guys,
38:45 look to these guys, look to these guys.
38:49 Look to these guys as your guide
38:52 and they'll help you along to understand these things."
38:56 Friend, we are told in scripture to do what?
38:59 Put your eyes upon Jesus Christ
39:00 and we are told to search the scriptures for in them
39:04 you think you have eternal life.
39:06 I search the scriptures today to learn my duty,
39:10 I need not be told by some men.
39:12 Oh, people can counsel together
39:13 and get encouragement that's fine.
39:14 The Holy Spirit will teach you what your duty is.
39:18 So the moment common sacred
39:21 the man says look at this one,
39:23 follow what he is doing,
39:25 listen what he is doing, be careful with that.
39:28 Our attention is off of God
39:29 then right off the scripture and we're looking at this man.
39:32 I wonder if that makes sense to you,
39:35 if it makes sense to me, it does makes sense to me
39:37 because then the enemy will do what?
39:39 Doesn't mean that person is not a good person,
39:41 doesn't mean they don't love Jesus,
39:42 there's a lot of good professors,
39:44 there's a lot of good bishops, elders, teachers.
39:48 But the enemy then begins
39:49 to work many 2o folk, 30 folk on that leader.
39:53 And if he can get that leader to fall down
39:56 then he is taking a multitude of people with him.
40:00 Our words have influence.
40:02 Your words have influence,
40:03 you be careful how to use,
40:04 mine I have to be careful how I use them.
40:06 I would not for anything try
40:07 to influence you in the wrong way.
40:10 But when I believe that something is truth in God's word
40:12 oh I want to present it.
40:14 You know I want to Holy Spirit to take it
40:15 and present in your heart
40:16 and to your ears and to your life.
40:19 Friend, we are dealing with some big problems,
40:21 we are dealing with common, we are dealing with sacred
40:23 and we're gonna be naming some specific things,
40:26 don't get worrying while doing it,
40:28 we're establishing some facts,
40:30 but something will touch that I'd really rather not
40:34 but you know what Holy Spirit says
40:37 go ahead, present it, challenge my people,
40:40 test my people, remind them.
40:43 Oh, but there won't be anything new its there
40:44 but somehow we've forgotten.
40:46 Sometimes it's like we open the book
40:47 and the Bible we see it and then we put a cover over.
40:50 Please don't do that.
40:51 Take the blinders off, take the cover off
40:53 and say God, reveal
40:54 what You would have me to do in here
40:56 and you know He will do it.
40:57 So I say again we're dealing with a huge big problem here
41:02 and the problem is people are beginning to love the common
41:07 or error more than they are the truth.
41:10 They love listen,
41:11 they love the shadow over the substance.
41:16 Friend, you remember chasing a shadow
41:17 you'll never gonna catch it.
41:19 And when you do there's nothing there as it where if you could.
41:24 So what do you prefer today?
41:26 Do you prefer the shadow, oh it's closing there
41:29 for it seems like it or the real substance?
41:35 Could you, let me challenge God's people today.
41:38 Could you detect if error is being taught
41:42 in your church any kind of error.
41:45 Could you really detect it as a child of God?
41:49 I will just name a few things
41:50 and just see if you may be can detect error
41:53 it's happening in your church.
41:55 And just notice with me the several ways here.
41:58 Number one, would you be able to detect in your life--
42:03 this is personal examination,
42:04 if you're losing your first love
42:06 or if you've lost your first love,
42:09 love for the truth.
42:11 Can you even see that about yourself?
42:13 You know what, probably safe to say,
42:15 you can probably look at somebody else
42:17 that they've lost their first love.
42:20 Well, they're not the same anymore.
42:22 Friend, look in the mirror,
42:24 see we have to be able to detect that
42:25 and if somehow we detect something
42:27 it's not only judgmental way
42:28 but we want to encourage that person
42:30 if we feel or sense by the Spirit of God
42:33 that they've lost that first love.
42:36 Friend, if you lost that first love
42:37 we're in trouble that experience
42:40 that you had with Jesus Christ.
42:42 Love, love that you have lost that love
42:45 and you begin to see, notice this,
42:48 and when we lose that first love, it's not just well,
42:50 I have lost it but when you lose that first love then worldliness
42:53 begins to creep and take its place
42:55 and it comes into the church.
42:58 I've hear lot of worldly ideas
43:00 and I have heard on the phone
43:01 and different things and people
43:02 and I've been around a long time
43:04 that is as people begin to lose their grip
43:06 from the hand of the Savior
43:08 they begin to grasp, the grasp the world
43:10 and they bring the world
43:11 in to try to make up for what they have lost.
43:16 Friend, don't lose your first love.
43:20 And would you be able to detect this?
43:21 Would you be able to the sometimes
43:24 we see there is much more we mentioned it
43:26 this little ago, a while ago, that the loyalty to man
43:30 more and more and more
43:31 its loyalty to man, look what man has done.
43:35 But remember when we give
43:36 and its good to be loyal in the right sense,
43:38 let-s, let's balance it a little bit here.
43:41 Love and respect our brother and working along with him.
43:43 But when we have more loyalty to a man
43:46 that we have a loyalty to God, something is wrong.
43:49 But can you detect that?
43:51 See common and sacred has been so intermingled
43:56 and that we can't really tell the difference
43:58 may we only by right, the great light right here
44:02 that God has given us and by the lesser light.
44:05 Peace should be easy for us to detect error, loyalty to God.
44:12 And then could you detect may be in the church
44:16 that very few may be in the congregation
44:21 are really able to detect truth from error.
44:28 How is that, that just can't right
44:31 it's because may be it's not preached
44:32 from the pulpit, may be it's not lived in the life.
44:37 So it's been absent for so long that we really don't know
44:41 and I'm shocked truly shocked
44:46 by the lack of knowledge of professing
44:49 people of God as supposed to know the Word of God.
44:52 Now again don't say oh, somebody will say oh,
44:54 we're talking about knowledge is gonna say.
44:56 You know better than that if you've watched this program,
44:58 knowledge is the wonderful thing
44:59 thank you God, for the Holy Spirit
45:01 and knowledge that He gives.
45:04 That's not what I'm talking about here.
45:06 Has it been so long
45:09 that may be you've forgotten the difference?
45:11 You don't really know truth
45:13 and error people get praying
45:14 and tell you something's
45:15 and let me just mention a few,
45:17 we have got a few minutes left
45:18 and let me tell you, hang on to your seat.
45:20 Yeah anybody have seatbelt? I have fastened if for you.
45:23 It may you know what some of you here
45:25 listen you just be offended by and by
45:27 and you don't want to hear it and say
45:28 "oh Lord, I don't want to hear
45:29 that anymore because you know,
45:30 I don't believe that anymore."
45:32 Really, was it a truth one time to you?
45:36 And now may be because the world
45:37 is taking over it no longer matters
45:39 or you don't see it this way anymore.
45:41 Oh, friend, oh how God is calling us to be loyal to Him.
45:46 I just wonder if, you know,
45:50 sometime in the church people think
45:53 that salvation depends upon belonging
45:57 rather than a hard conversation
46:00 because I belong that does not take place.
46:02 It's nice to belong to something
46:04 but, you know, its heart conversion
46:06 that God is looking for and that's what we need.
46:08 It's not because well, I belong here
46:09 therefore I have got it made.
46:13 Would you be able to tell if these beautiful truths
46:16 that God has given His last day church
46:19 was thrown into the trash heap?
46:21 Is somebody still with me?
46:23 Would you be able to know the difference?
46:26 Somebody changed up something
46:28 just a little bit would you really
46:29 be able to identify that?
46:31 Or even if you did if there is little quickening
46:33 of the spirit, you might say
46:36 well, there not picking on the professors
46:38 but the professor said that it was,
46:41 the pastor said that it was.
46:44 Friend, go the Word of God get your Bible find out
46:47 whether it is, is truth or its not.
46:49 So would you know if some of these beautiful truths
46:52 have been thrown into the trash heap?
46:54 I pray that you have.
46:56 You will say well, what?
47:00 Friend, I'm very concerned
47:01 and just let it-- if I have a concern
47:03 let me error it would you do that?
47:05 And I've seen it and I have studied it
47:07 and I have a problem with some of the teachings
47:09 about the nature of Christ.
47:14 Such division on that, it's so complex
47:17 but yet it's simple enough that we can all grasp
47:21 the basic principles of this truth.
47:23 Why can't we grasp this beauty of the nature of Christ?
47:28 Would you know in the church we'll be able to identify
47:31 we are talking about the nature of sin.
47:35 Do we understand the issues righteousness by faith?
47:40 Why are we hearing more about that,
47:42 again the nature of sin, the nature of Christ?
47:45 Many of these things we call that the pillars of the truth.
47:48 The list goes on,
47:50 but what about unity in the church?
47:52 God's promised that to the church,
47:54 what's wrong with the God help us?
47:56 Are we having problems in the church realizing
47:59 that God has promised us victory over sin?
48:02 He has promised us to us.
48:03 He is able to produce that.
48:05 He wants you to live that kind of life.
48:08 He is coming after a people
48:09 who have gained that victory through Him.
48:12 Would you be able to detect a preacher got up
48:15 and he was preaching a message
48:16 and he said "oh, praise God for Cavalry"
48:18 and you will say "oh glory hallelujah."
48:20 That's right.
48:21 Praise God for the Cavalry,
48:22 and you know what praise God it end at the Cavalry.
48:27 No, did not end at cavalry.
48:32 That's another doctrine, another teacher
48:33 and may teaching may I say of the enemy.
48:37 But I'm saying would you detect it
48:38 or would you say well,
48:40 I heard that it doesn't sound quite right
48:42 what I have been talked but they should know.
48:45 Yeah, they should know.
48:48 But can you detect that error?
48:50 And they have what is it,
48:51 the common man has come up with this
48:54 and sacred, put it together
48:56 and to make us acceptable to other faiths,
48:59 other denominations, other preachers,
49:02 teachers whatever it might be acceptable
49:04 but I want to be acceptable to God, don't you.
49:06 That's the most important thing right there.
49:08 You know, and then how about the three angels message.
49:12 Can you detect-- do you even understand what it is?
49:15 I know I'm limited on knowledge true,
49:16 but you know I strive to understand
49:18 at least the basic principles of this teaching.
49:21 What this church is built upon.
49:24 I hold Him in high esteem
49:25 because the God has put it in His word.
49:28 I cherish those taught and those words on there
49:31 and I feel convinced by the Holy Spirit power.
49:33 This is something we're to won the world with.
49:36 Not give that and water down version of it
49:39 and water down version means
49:41 you have taken the common teachings of man
49:42 and you have mingle it what,
49:44 with the sacred, the spirit of the living God.
49:46 Friends, you're not gonna come up with truth.
49:48 The world will not be converted like that as it were.
49:51 People of the world--
49:52 oh, the world is gonna be as the whole as we know that.
49:54 But God has good people
49:55 they need to hear the truth not saying
49:57 I'm going to water down, sugar coded
49:59 so more people will accept it.
50:00 You won't have to converter to come in.
50:03 no, we want the truth of God's word,
50:05 we want it to hit hard.
50:09 so little about the gift of prophecy and the church?
50:12 Why is that we can't talk about the Spirit of Prophecy?
50:15 Oh, some of you can't.
50:16 When you're very limited about to identifying
50:18 mark of God's last day church what is wrong with that?
50:21 Why is it we here so water down in this life
50:23 well it's that well and denial many times,
50:25 please don't do that.
50:27 The Mark of Beast the Heavenly Sanctuary,
50:29 the things are not being taught the way they use to be.
50:32 I have a burden not telling about anything or anybody,
50:34 I'm just saying I hear differently.
50:37 And many people who should know better
50:39 because they've been mingling the common with the sacred.
50:43 Here very little about the diet anymore.
50:45 Things we take into our body,
50:46 we have very little that of things
50:48 that we put on our body anymore, put on our body.
50:50 Oh, we don't want to talk.
50:51 You know why, because it's not popular.
50:56 Most people are afraid to talk
50:57 about ordination, ordination of women.
51:00 That's where is elders and pastors
51:01 and so on, so forth.
51:03 Well, we're getting ready to do a series on that.
51:04 You know, it either is a biblical teaching
51:07 and if it is lets be supportive.
51:09 Everybody get it together as a worldwide work,
51:12 if it is not let's put an end to it.
51:15 Come on what do you say? It's a blessing or a curse.
51:17 You see this is what it boasts down to.
51:19 It's not that we're gonna make somebody happy over here.
51:21 What is God saying?
51:24 Surely, He will not have us confused on these issues.
51:26 Surely, He wants His people here in these last days to know.
51:31 You know bottom line, if you love the world
51:34 and you love the common things,
51:37 eventually you will hate the truth.
51:41 Oh, I don't want to say that.
51:43 Eventually, you will hate the truth
51:45 and not just hate the truth but you will turn on those
51:48 who may be have been teaching the truth.
51:50 If you don't love it, you will, because yes, it is testing,
51:53 yes, it is been trying sometime.
51:55 Yeah, its life changing thing
51:58 and it should be, that's what the truth
51:59 does in your heart and in your life.
52:01 Manuscript 33 and written in 1911
52:05 please listen to this course.
52:06 Our time has almost gone come on stay with me
52:08 please listen, this is important.
52:11 "People seemed to be growing cold to the gospel."
52:15 Its starts out this way
52:17 and how my heart related to that.
52:21 And how I believe that I would be growing
52:24 cold to the gospel if the Holy Spirit
52:26 when constantly impress me to be reading
52:29 and studying and praying and witnessing.
52:32 You'll understand what I talking you about.
52:34 I'll be growing cold too.
52:35 But I have noticed in the world
52:37 the world just seems like its not subject to God anymore.
52:42 They not really want-- they want to talk around Him
52:44 and over Him and to through Him a little bit
52:46 but not really get involved
52:47 with the personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
52:51 It's like that you know God where are they.
52:53 I can see in the Bible that God's professed class
52:55 it says is there anybody anymore.
52:57 Is there somebody that loves truth?
52:59 If you love the truth why don't you show up?
53:01 If you love the truth, why don't you,
53:03 won't you write us and tell us about your love the truth.
53:06 We need to understand of these things
53:07 are either affecting by the power of the Holy Spirit
53:09 or they're not affecting you.
53:13 And that you might-- do you love them?
53:14 I hope so.
53:16 So this article starts out here quickly.
53:19 It seems that people are growing cold to the gospel.
53:22 Notice this, so again why is there
53:24 so much resistance to the truth notice this.
53:28 "Those who resist the light and truth
53:31 will become more hardened
53:33 and unimpressible, more bitter
53:36 against those who love God and keep His commandments."
53:41 Friend, you thank your path is going to be easy.
53:46 I know you hear a lot but please keep in this mind.
53:49 There is test and trials that are waiting you.
53:52 You accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior
53:54 the enemy is gonna come against you to tear you down.
53:57 It's impossible if you keep your hand in the hand of God.
54:01 Friend, will you do that today?
54:02 There are some of you who are cold right now,
54:04 you're lifeless was right now.
54:05 You've been in the movement for so long, you've lost it.
54:07 Please why not right now,
54:08 why don't come back to Him? Why don't you?
54:11 You're sick of this common,
54:12 you're sick and you, you want the sacred,
54:15 you want that which is pleasing in the sight of God.
54:17 And all the cause that we get I'm telling my heart goes out
54:20 because it says we just don't hear it anymore, why not?
54:23 Why not, let's get back doing.
54:24 Why not let's get back to the word of God,
54:26 let Him rule and rain in your heart and your life.
54:28 This is time to make that decision.
54:30 It's very simple, just, you know, get on the knees.
54:32 If you're driving along and whatever
54:34 you're watching listening what it might be,
54:36 just say to Lord, you want,
54:37 I want back what I once had. I've lost it.
54:40 But I want it back please give it back to me.
54:43 Oh, how he longs to hears that-- that plea from you.
54:46 You know what, you will give it back to you.
54:47 And more abundantly
54:49 I want to pray with you right now as we close.
54:52 And remember you're gonna pray for us right.
54:54 You're going to be calling in and you're going to email
54:55 and you're going to writing in encouraging
54:56 and say these are the messages
54:58 that we need to hear in these last days to be ready.
55:00 So as I kneel here maybe where you can kneel
55:02 along with me, lets pray together.
55:05 Merciful Father in heaven,
55:06 once again we so thank You for Your precious word.
55:08 Thank You Lord, that You remind us
55:10 to come apart and be separate
55:11 from the world touch not the unclean.
55:13 You've forbidden us to join together
55:15 the common and the sacred
55:17 and oh how often in so many different ways
55:19 and we will be going into more of those.
55:21 How we see it happening today
55:22 not just in the world but in the church.
55:23 Lord, help us we pray bless those
55:25 who made that decision for you today in Jesus, amen.
55:29 Well, we thank you so very much for joining us.
55:32 And we know sometime it takes
55:33 I hear people say we set our alarm
55:34 we get up at 6 o'clock and we are here.
55:36 Whether it's Dare to Dream
55:37 or if it's, you know, on 3ABN or it's on the radio.
55:40 Listen, we thoroughly appreciate
55:41 that we realize that is a commitment
55:44 that you made to Jesus Christ
55:45 and because you want to hear these things
55:47 and would you help us
55:48 to continue to make these to get these things out.
55:51 Want Jesus is soon to come.
55:53 We're going to be accounted for time that we have.
55:54 We have no time to lose.
55:56 Lord, we just that pray
55:57 that Lord will be with you, be with your family,
55:59 and answer that prayer of faith that you pray to Him today.
56:02 You've asking to come back
56:04 to enrich you and I'm so thankful
56:05 that you did it today until next time
56:07 God bless you, we'll see you then.
56:11 Standing by a purpose true Heeding God's command
56:15 Honor them, the faithful few!
56:17 All hail to Daniel's band!
56:20 Dare to be a Daniel
56:21 Dare to stand alone!
56:23 Dare to have a purpose firm!
56:26 Dare to make it known
56:29 Friends, God has given us
56:30 a purpose true and absolute moral,
56:34 more realistic way of living
56:36 and He instructs us to make this known to other people.
56:40 Many are called but few are chosen.
56:43 What you decide, decide today right now,
56:46 where you are
56:47 to be a vital part of God's faith for few
56:50 this very moment
56:52 and to encourage you in this decision
56:54 as always we are so pleased to offer you
56:57 this four part series.
56:58 We'd love to send it to you.
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