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Common and Sacred Fire - part 3 of 4

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00:42 Hi, I'm Chris Shelton
00:44 and welcome to Behold the Lamb Presents.
00:46 And the message that we are about to share with you today
00:49 it is the third in the series of four
00:52 that we have entitled Common and Sacred Fire.
00:56 In the first two messages Pastor Kenny Shelton
00:59 has slowly been revealing areas of worship.
01:02 Well, perhaps we have thought of them as being common
01:05 when in fact we're finding out that they
01:07 should have been thought of as being sacred.
01:10 And with the short biblical illustrations
01:13 that I have shared with you
01:14 Nadab, Abaihu and one of the Daniel
01:18 we certainly have begun to get a clear picture
01:21 that our service and our worship to God
01:23 is not something to trifle with.
01:26 God says "That He winks at our ignorance."
01:29 But once we know what is expected of us as Christians
01:33 who are to be a reflection of Christ in our lives
01:36 we certainly become more responsible for our actions.
01:40 Remember, Christ said,
01:42 "If you love Me keep My commandments."
01:46 Our Faith and our Love for God is a working faith.
01:50 Some like to call it the faith that works.
01:53 It is a faith that results in actions of love,
01:56 actions of kindness, devotion, respect and proper worship.
02:01 Our faith in the Word of God teaches us
02:03 what is best for us as God's children.
02:07 Therefore, as a result of study our action should also result
02:11 a noticeable changes in our character
02:14 and how we live our everyday lives.
02:17 As we grow in grace, we should begin to understand
02:20 that we serve our high and a holy God
02:23 who is teaching us that, that to obey Him in all areas of life
02:28 only brings us joy and contentment and peace.
02:31 And like Daniel and others who have formed a loving bond
02:35 with our heavenly Father to do other than to obey God.
02:39 Now listen, should totally be out of the question
02:42 no matter the cause.
02:45 It's very possible that before this study
02:49 you may have been one of those that thought that, you know,
02:51 partial obedience to God was good enough.
02:55 Well, that really doesn't make or may be you thought it
02:58 really doesn't make any difference
03:00 between the common and the sacred
03:02 and if that has been the case over the years
03:05 then the study is for you.
03:07 And of course, its, its actually for all of us
03:10 who want to more fully understand how to serve God.
03:13 So won't you stay tuned?
03:15 Stay tuned for part three of Common and Sacred Fire
03:19 with Pastor Kenny Shelton.
03:21 But before our study today we are so blessed with our niece
03:25 Melody Firestone, she is going to be singing a song
03:28 that is entitled "We Have Each Other"
03:31 and its from the 3ABN Worship Center.
03:50 See the all over there
03:54 Sitting in the pew
03:57 The things she's got to make
04:01 And her troubles they were few
04:05 But you don't know the life she's led
04:09 All the miniature she shares
04:12 If you knew what goes on
04:15 Behind closed doors
04:20 May be you wouldn't feel
04:23 So alone any more
04:28 For there are others
04:33 Just like me and you
04:36 Who need the love of Jesus
04:40 To help them make it through
04:44 We can make a difference
04:49 By what we say and do
04:53 They are our sisters and our brothers
04:59 Thank God
05:03 We have each other
05:11 See that couple over there
05:16 Just across the isle
05:19 The leverages indeed
05:22 And they've known it for a while
05:26 I know that they look problem free
05:30 Like the perfect family
05:33 The things just haven't turned up
05:37 Like they've planned
05:41 Daily to know
05:44 They were those who understand
05:49 And there are others
05:54 Just like me and you
05:57 Who need the love of Jesus
06:01 To help them make it through
06:05 We can make a difference
06:10 By what we say and do
06:15 They are our sisters and brothers
06:21 Thank God
06:24 We have each other
06:29 So many hurting people
06:33 Searching for hope
06:37 Will they feel loved here
06:40 And all they're not alone
06:48 Because we have each other
06:53 And it's up to me and you
06:56 To show the love of Jesus
07:00 And help them make it through
07:05 We can make a difference
07:09 By what we say and do
07:14 They are our sisters and the brothers
07:20 Thank God
07:23 we have each other
07:31 I thank God
07:34 we have each other
07:53 Thanks for joining us again here in Behold the Lamb.
07:55 It's already been mentioned that this is the,
07:57 the third part of this series.
08:00 We're talking about Common and Sacred
08:02 you won't want to miss this,
08:03 this is gonna be very, very important
08:05 as we focus in a little bit tighter on the message
08:08 that God has for us today.
08:10 Don't you believe that God has a straight testimony
08:12 for His last day church?
08:14 Don't you believe with all your heart
08:15 that God has certain requirements that
08:17 He wants us to meet in order to bless us
08:19 and prepare us for His soon coming?
08:21 I sure do.
08:22 And in this, I want people to realize
08:24 it's not trying to be critical.
08:27 You know, when you call sin by its right name
08:30 take the axe and lay it to the root of the tree.
08:34 Let's not take it personal
08:36 if there will be something that might
08:37 kind of upset you a little bit why not
08:40 just go the Word of God, or say God,
08:43 what would you have me to do here
08:45 rather than just turn it off or turn it deaf ear to it.
08:47 You know, do some self examination
08:50 that's what I'm doing as I study for these
08:52 and now I'm gonna pray that you're gonna do the same thing
08:55 because I know sometime in preaching these messages
08:57 I heard people would say "oh, everything is okay,
08:59 everything is just right.
09:01 You know heaven is going to be our home
09:02 we don't need to make any changes."
09:04 Oh, bless your heart.
09:05 You know we're a far cry from being real material
09:08 for the heavenly kingdom, aren't we.
09:09 So we're preparing right now
09:11 and we pray that we're talking about the Common and Sacred Fire
09:14 will help us to understand that God is particular.
09:18 As usual we need to pray.
09:19 So I hope you'll be able to kneel with me
09:21 as we pray together.
09:23 There will be some who'd listening may be on CD
09:25 you can't close your eyes as you're driving
09:29 but you can certainly utter a prayer
09:30 that Holy Spirit will take these words that are spoken
09:33 and put in the ears, the hearts, and the minds of each one of us
09:36 that we might be better prepared to meet Him.
09:38 Let's pray, shall we?
09:40 Loving Father in heaven,
09:41 we thank You for the privilege of prayer.
09:43 We thank You that we can call You our Heavenly Father.
09:45 Oh, how desperately we need the Holy Spirit
09:48 to give us proper understanding of Your word.
09:50 We plead for that spirit today to illuminate
09:53 these beautiful truths into our hearts and to our minds.
09:56 Lord, helps us not to be close minded
09:58 but to be open to be receptive as the spirit speaks to us.
10:03 May we do some self examinations today.
10:06 Thank You for the promise that You'd be with us
10:07 and encourage us.
10:09 Now as Your people gathered together all of us
10:11 in unity of the spirit we pray You'll speak to us.
10:14 Thank You Lord, for hearing and answering prayer
10:16 for everyone who listens
10:18 and everyone who watches in Jesus name, amen.
10:22 You know, I really count it a privilege to be able to,
10:24 to be able to come into your home
10:26 or in your automobile wherever it might be
10:28 and spend some time with you.
10:30 And, you know, what's as here on 3ABN
10:33 they have the Dare to Dream channel
10:34 and praise God we're on that everyday,
10:37 you know, eight to nine central time.
10:39 So we want you be tuning in to that
10:41 and certainly and that the channels
10:43 and the Mondays and Fridays.
10:45 And so you just look at the internet find out
10:48 what's going on so that we can stay together
10:50 in these studies Common and Sacred Fire.
10:53 And we do appreciate your cards
10:54 and your letters and your phone calls,
10:55 your orders, all helps us to continue to preach the Word.
10:59 And I might say, if you believe in the straight testimony
11:03 and you believe in the truth and boy,
11:05 do we hear some good things about people say we love it.
11:07 You know what?
11:08 When we love something
11:09 and we really believe in it what,
11:10 we're going to help to get it out.
11:12 So we're going to count on you.
11:13 Let's take our Bible, shall we?
11:14 Lets really do some study today.
11:16 And I want to start out
11:17 with Testimonies to Ministers 451.
11:20 That's just a quote.
11:22 But I want you to listen to it carefully
11:23 see how it lines up today
11:25 and why we're interested in presenting this topic.
11:29 It says this, "Sacred and holy things are brought down to the"
11:34 talking about "to the level of commonness, and cheapness,
11:39 its working itself into our churches.
11:43 The standard must be elevated."
11:46 It's not something that we dreamed up
11:48 or something that's not really happening.
11:50 Remember, we're taking the sacred and we're taking,
11:52 we're bringing things down to the commonness.
11:55 Its inside our churches we need to raise the standard
11:59 so when you're raising your standard it means
12:00 we need to speak about it, don't we.
12:02 We need to address the issues
12:04 so that we can by God's grace if there need to be some changes
12:07 we'll be willing to make those changes, elevate.
12:10 What does it mean?
12:11 Well, certainly, the elevate means
12:13 I need to first, you need too.
12:15 Right, just it where, we're talking about
12:16 Revival and Reformation begins.
12:18 You know, where it begins?
12:19 It begins with you and it begins with me.
12:22 So I can start with elevating a standard and you will say why.
12:27 Because if we are not really thoroughly converted,
12:30 we become the stronghold of the enemy.
12:33 Did you get that?
12:34 If we are not thoroughly converted
12:37 we become the stronghold of the enemy.
12:40 Now you're going to say "how can this be?"
12:43 You know and it may be a shock to you.
12:44 How can this be? Well, you know you might say--
12:48 and I have heard this
12:50 "Oh, a little bit a religion is better than nothing."
12:53 Really?
12:55 "A little of church is better than nothing.
12:57 A little bit of you know
12:58 being born again is better than nothing."
13:00 You know is that true.
13:02 You know what I'm going to say to that, no.
13:04 And let me tell you why I say.
13:06 Because as we, a partial surrender to truth
13:10 gives Satan a free opportunity to work.
13:15 Did you get that?
13:16 A partial surrender to Jesus Christ
13:19 gives the enemy an opportunity to work
13:21 like he couldn't work before.
13:23 Why because you're not completely surrendered.
13:25 Jesus, said He wants us to be what?
13:27 Completely mind, soul, body surrendered to Him
13:29 so the enemy gives to take over.
13:32 Isn't that what we have read in Revelation 3:15
13:35 where Jesus says, you know I would this you would be hot
13:38 or what good or cold.
13:40 In the Review and Herald in 1902 this was written.
13:44 Talking about the Laodicea
13:46 or that you knows the lukewarm church,
13:48 it says "The Laodicean church is applicable to all
13:52 who have had great light and many opportunities,
13:55 and yet have not appreciated them."
13:57 Oh, my brothers and my sisters,
13:59 do you appreciate the truth?
14:01 Do you really appreciate being involved in these last,
14:04 you know, quick movements in earths history
14:06 that all the light that God is shining on you,
14:08 all the opportunities and privileges
14:10 He is giving us as a people to present this.
14:12 Are you really excited about it today?
14:15 Remember, this message applies to those
14:17 who have had great opportunities, notice here,
14:19 and yet what, they have not appreciated them
14:23 or I want you to appreciate them.
14:26 Please do that.
14:27 So I would say to you a partial surrender lukewarmness
14:32 if I might add that--
14:34 Satan uses this kind of individual to do a work
14:39 that no one else can do.
14:42 Did you get that?
14:43 If you're a lukewarm, if you're partial
14:46 you know and you can to church
14:47 go through all the motions Satan will use you,
14:50 he will use you like, like no other.
14:54 So you don't want that and I don't want that.
14:56 So remember, if we're not really on fire
14:57 and love Jesus in total surrender
14:59 the enemy is going to come in and try to takeover.
15:02 Hot or cold?
15:04 Another article in Review in Herald
15:06 I want you to just listen very carefully
15:07 12-15-1904 this was written.
15:11 Now most of you don't want to hear I know,
15:13 I know but some of you will rejoice.
15:15 I'm rejoicing as I try to way these things out.
15:18 "The message to the Laodicean church
15:20 reveals our condition as a people."
15:23 So instead of just saying no, it doesn't exist.
15:25 No that's not the way it is.
15:26 Should we not listen?
15:28 Should we not do some self examination and say
15:30 "oh, if that condition belongs to us now
15:33 as a people that is a lost condition."
15:36 It is a condition that the devil can use us
15:39 in a way different you knew that and no one else.
15:43 Oh, I don't think you won't.
15:44 Oh, please, please think about this for a moment with me.
15:48 One Testimony 153 says this talking about this group.
15:52 It said "They may flatter themselves
15:54 that they will be saved."
15:57 "They may flatter themselves that they will be saved,
15:59 but God has no pleasure in them."
16:04 Now that's what He is talking about in Revelation,
16:05 there is no the lukewarm church He is gonna spew them out.
16:07 He has no pleasure.
16:08 We're gonna say oh Lord,
16:09 we're saved there is all so good.
16:10 He said He has not pleasure in us.
16:14 In fact, Four Testimonies 87 says this.
16:16 "This message of Laodicean applies to the people of God."
16:20 Notice "who profess to believe present truth."
16:24 See that's His is hope
16:25 so I'm not trying to pick on this or that.
16:27 I'm talking about myself today
16:29 and I'm looking and I'm saying God,
16:30 if this is the way to that is then what is the problem?
16:32 Could it be that we are looking at the common things
16:35 and saying they're sacred and the sacred is saying
16:37 that the common and some are saying
16:39 lets just combine both I mean,
16:41 in a big pot stir it up that way everybody is going to be happy.
16:45 We can compromise and we can love one and another.
16:48 Is that what God wants?
16:50 Is that what He wants from you?
16:51 Is that what He asked of you?
16:52 Oh I don't think so.
16:54 What a message we have to give to the world.
16:57 And I believe this if we have real love for God,
17:01 real love for the truth,
17:04 this will be expressed in words and in actions and in deeds.
17:09 Is that makes sense?
17:10 Now, there is going to be,
17:12 there is going to be a big difference
17:13 between you and the world.
17:15 There is going to be a big difference in you
17:17 than those who profess to be Christian.
17:19 There is going to be a big difference in him
17:22 that serveth God and him that serveth Him not.
17:25 Do you remember reading that in Malachi 3:18?
17:29 See there is a difference and our problem today
17:31 we look and we act so much like the world.
17:37 Can any difference really be seen in you
17:39 as a Christian as a child of God?
17:43 Is there a difference? Can it be seen?
17:47 Oh, I pray that it can't be.
17:49 See we live in, we live in a time
17:51 and almost universal apostasy.
17:54 That's hard for people to grasp
17:55 but that's the time God calls His messengers
17:58 to proclaim His law in the spirit
18:01 and in the power of Elijah.
18:04 It's not a tame message,
18:05 its not one that's supposed to put people to sleep.
18:08 It's supposed to wake people up.
18:10 The spirit and the power of Elijah,
18:14 the message is to be given with no uncertain sound.
18:18 That means there's not going to be oh,
18:19 we're going to take the common and sacred
18:21 and we're going to putting that together.
18:22 No, there is a distinction and God makes a distinction.
18:26 There will be in God's last day church no great areas.
18:32 They must go.
18:33 Our message is to in Revelation 14 is to fear God
18:37 and give glory to Him
18:39 for the hour of His judgment is at hand.
18:42 How many of us we have taught that,
18:44 we're taught it, we've listened, we've heard it
18:46 but we really have never grasped
18:49 what that really, really means to be
18:51 in the hour of God' s judgment.
18:53 Its almost over with it, somehow we're--
18:55 we're not seeing it and we're coming more
18:57 you know compromising in every area
19:00 just of kind of to keep peace.
19:03 Let me read this little article in Letter 136a in 1898.
19:08 Please listen to these words, and said this is not true.
19:12 "We may expect that everything will be brought in
19:18 and mingled with the sacred doctrine,"
19:21 or sound doctrine "but by clear,
19:24 spiritual discernment, by the heavenly anointing"
19:28 here we're talking about Holy Spirit, right.
19:30 "We must distinguish the sacred from the common
19:35 which is being brought in to confuse
19:38 faith and sound judgment, and demerit the great, grand,
19:43 testing truth for this time."
19:46 We can expect it.
19:48 So why is it people were in denial?
19:50 I've talked to lot of people, we visit a lot of places
19:53 and many, many, many blessed their hearts
19:55 are in denial of this verdict.
19:57 We can expect that the enemy is going to bring
20:00 every possible thing that he can
20:02 in to confuse sound doctrine and teachings.
20:08 It doesn't have to be that way
20:10 because we can tell the difference
20:11 by the power of the Holy Spirit.
20:12 Can't we?
20:14 And so when we hear there is a call that goes out.
20:17 And don't you hear, don't you hear it?
20:20 Don't hear it in your ear when you go from day to day
20:22 preach the word, teach the word?
20:25 Don't you hear? Go and witness.
20:27 Go be My witnesses.
20:28 We're in the world of My coming.
20:30 Preach the word, see the Word of--
20:33 Word of God we've realize the weapon of our warfare.
20:36 The Word of God is what?
20:38 The weapon of our warfare and we are in a warfare.
20:42 We definitely are in a very heavy duty situation--
20:44 Well, it's gonna be many casualties.
20:48 Many who are wounded, many who are hurt.
20:51 But out of that you see God is going to,
20:53 God is going to blast, He is going to--
20:55 there is going to be group of people that will come forth.
20:58 Why, because they've been abiding in Christ.
21:01 And what Christ is in them the hope of glory.
21:05 But my friend, will you be able,
21:07 will I be able to discern the lies under deception,
21:12 the dilutions of the enemy.
21:16 You see, we-- we must not be ignored of his plans,
21:20 his devices that he is using to do what?
21:23 His devices to destroy us.
21:26 And really what he likes to do is
21:27 to work on those who are unsuspecting.
21:30 So if you are one of those kind of individuals
21:32 that you're unsuspecting or I don't know anything is wrong.
21:37 You know, is that going on I didn't know that.
21:40 The enemy loves it, he loves it
21:43 whether you be a man, women or child
21:44 young people the teenager it doesn't matter.
21:46 If you're unsuspecting you're not aware
21:48 what's going on been taught.
21:50 He says man, there is good one I can take them very quickly.
21:53 Now I do, I fear this
21:55 and I want to you say in the right way.
21:56 I fear this, that as a people we're trying to mingle
22:00 as we have been talking about the common things
22:02 with that which is sacred.
22:03 Now, what would be a good definition?
22:05 You may have another one that's all right
22:08 but what is just a good definition
22:10 of a strange fire and sacred fire?
22:14 The Bible uses this term
22:15 so we have to look at it and to say what?
22:18 Remember, where there is a truth
22:19 there is also there is a counterfeit
22:21 so where there is a sacred there is a common.
22:23 The devil wants to work through the common, right.
22:24 Holy Spirit is gonna work through the, through the sacred.
22:28 See, interesting both of them have the word fire in them.
22:33 Did you notice it?
22:34 They have the word fire,
22:36 telling us that both are doing and active work.
22:40 Doing active work.
22:41 One is burning or purifying a people,
22:46 the other is trying to burn up the truth
22:48 as it is in Jesus Christ or supplanting truth with error.
22:53 My, my.
22:56 Have you thought about that what the enemy is trying to do?
22:58 He is trying to just get rid of the truth.
23:01 So strange fire or common fire how is it produced?
23:06 Strange fire, sacred fire--
23:08 if you look at this the common fire,
23:10 we're talking about, strange fire, common fire
23:13 its produced by, by compromising the truth.
23:18 We become possibly and I might be not you,
23:21 you know it won't upset you here.
23:23 But you know we have learned to compromise.
23:25 We have listened to the politicians for so long
23:29 that we become politicians rather than children of God.
23:33 And so rather than that they get the root of the issue
23:35 and to work it out based upon the Word of God
23:39 we find that we're compromise and therefore he will be happy,
23:42 she will be happy.
23:44 You know, if we can that's wonderful
23:46 if we don't neglect the truth of God's Word
23:48 but many times we let down that standard
23:51 in order to keep peace in the church.
23:56 Have you ever been involved in anything like that?
23:59 I hope not.
24:01 You know what compromising of the truth will happen?
24:04 If you compromise the truth you know,
24:05 it will lead to ruin every time.
24:08 Now the enemy is all times he doesn't do it immediately,
24:11 he lets it go for while.
24:13 And so those who are made, making those decisions think,
24:15 no this is not so bad see its, its all working out.
24:19 Strange fire is used by those
24:23 who have not let the truth in to sanctify.
24:27 Have you read that John 17:17?
24:30 Now remember those who are using what?
24:32 That strange fire then what, because they haven't
24:34 let the Holy Spirit in the word inside,
24:37 to change them and put them on fire for Jesus
24:40 so they have a substitute.
24:44 And so they'll bring in the ways of the world.
24:49 They bring them right in among us
24:51 and we are so spiritually dead
24:53 that we cannot discern the difference many times.
24:58 We criticize as we read history or different accounts
25:02 and we'll talk a little bit about that in a moment,
25:04 paganism in Christianity and we look back
25:07 and we try to figure in Word of God.
25:09 You know, where did this originated in paganism
25:11 or was it written in the Bible
25:12 is it the truth is it sacred, is it common
25:16 and we're so blind now that as we take those things
25:18 that are straight from paganism
25:20 and bring it to the church and saying its okay.
25:23 Are we any different?
25:25 Are we any different from the ages past?
25:28 Friend, why not why haven't we learned
25:30 from those things of the past?
25:32 We need let the truth in to sanctify us
25:36 not to compromise the truth.
25:39 We should never ever compromise the truth of God's word.
25:43 Now listen I was saying this, the Bible is clear.
25:44 If you are a friend of the world we are an enemy of God.
25:51 That's what the Bible says you know that
25:52 James 4:4 read it yourself.
25:56 And I mentioned just a few times but it's interesting and because
25:58 you know, you can always remember growing up
26:01 and you can remember things that has been told you
26:03 and I've often said is, I would like to go some places
26:05 when I was growing up as a teenager
26:06 and I'd always asked mom or dad
26:08 you know if I could go to certain event,
26:09 they were always asked who is going to be there what's,
26:12 what's the event who is going to be there.
26:14 What's going to be taking place and so on
26:15 and you know I'll be a little hush, hush about it,
26:17 because I didn't want to go into lot of details
26:19 because they would say, no.
26:20 So I just would can I, can I, okay go and finally they'd say
26:23 what's it all the, all this all the class is going,
26:25 junior class, senior class all is going.
26:27 Then she will say that's why you don't get to go.
26:30 If everybody is involved in that in the world
26:33 that's not a good place for you to be.
26:36 And then as I got older I realized more of what
26:38 she was talking about.
26:40 Because the Bible is very, very clear
26:41 that broad and wide is the path that leads to destruction.
26:45 You remember that, narrow and straight
26:47 is the gate to lead to eternal life.
26:49 Please read that Matthew 7:13, 14.
26:52 So we have to be very careful about
26:54 there is a big group on this road.
26:56 Now they see we have got backwards,
26:58 everybody is going this way.
26:59 Oh, every-- all the church is, so what.
27:02 Is that what the Word of God teaches?
27:05 Was there everybody for Jesus
27:06 while He was here and everybody for the disciples?
27:09 Oh wow, strange fire, common.
27:16 What if it lives in, it lives in your heart.
27:19 And you know whose heart that this strange fire lives in?
27:23 It lives in the unconverted.
27:25 It lives in the unconverted life.
27:28 You remember, truth has not found
27:29 a lodging place in their heart.
27:32 They have no personal experience
27:36 with Jesus Christ or the things of God.
27:38 They just don't have a personal experience.
27:40 See, instead of trying to say you'll say
27:41 we're criticizing and our heart goes out
27:44 to these precious individuals who have no experience
27:47 and they sit there and look in your faces
27:49 and say oh, it doesn't matter.
27:51 Do you know when strange fire is started, you know,
27:54 you may say what we have holy fire, you know,
27:56 what its good sacred fire in our church.
27:59 But somehow along I hear many, many
28:01 people respond and say you know
28:03 there are things happening, I don't understand.
28:07 Strange fire is started when truth is rejected.
28:11 Somebody with me? Strange fire is what?
28:14 Is started when truth is rejected.
28:17 And then what happens as we reject the truth listen,
28:22 as we reject the truth we begin to walk in the sparks
28:26 of our own kilning or we begin to walk in our own ways
28:32 and we begin to substitute the things of God
28:35 with the things of man or the arm of flesh.
28:38 Let me just read a quick passage here
28:39 I have my Bible turn to it and you please do it if you can.
28:42 Isaiah 50:10, 11, Isaiah 50:10-11.
28:49 Notice these strong words, notice how strong they are.
28:55 And it starts out the question.
28:57 "Who is among you that feareth the Lord,
29:00 that obeyeth the voice of his servant,
29:05 that walketh in darkness, and hath no light?
29:09 Let him" notice "trust in the name of the Lord,
29:13 and stay upon his God."
29:16 Verse 11, "Behold, all ye that kindle a fire,
29:21 that compass yourselves about with sparks,
29:25 walk in the light of your fire,
29:28 and in the sparks that ye have kindled.
29:31 This shall ye have of mine hand
29:33 ye shall lie down in sorrow."
29:37 You see we're just talking about
29:38 walking in the sparks of our own light.
29:40 When we reject what is truth
29:42 then we start to coming up with this called what error.
29:46 Common not sacred and then we begin to walk
29:50 in the sparks of our own kilning.
29:52 We have created it.
29:54 When we need the spark the fire from heaven to come down
29:57 and consume, you see.
30:00 And many do that.
30:01 How sad that it is? Strange fire.
30:04 Please circle that in Isaiah 50:10, 11
30:07 read it again when you have the opportunity.
30:09 Because I believe this,
30:10 the Lord will never accept strange fire, common fire.
30:14 He will never, ever accept it.
30:17 And we have individuals or people
30:20 in responsible positions when they neglect,
30:23 when they reject, when they just push aside
30:26 that which God has said it's sacred
30:29 and they begin to use this common fire.
30:31 Remember, God will not accept him.
30:35 In fact the Bible says
30:36 "He will despise their offerings."
30:40 Despise their what? Despise their offering.
30:42 He will not accept them.
30:44 And yet somehow we think that
30:46 we can torn it down and we can curb it.
30:48 Push it to the curb, push to the side.
30:50 And it doesn't make any difference.
30:52 God is going to be accepting. Why?
30:53 Because His judgment doesn't fall immediately.
30:56 In mercy you see in mercy
30:59 God is trying to get our attention.
31:02 We cannot and I beg you
31:04 we cannot lower the standards right now
31:06 and I know it's not popular.
31:08 We cannot lower the standards now
31:10 in order to win people into the church.
31:14 Many, many people are doing that we know,
31:16 we bring them in, what, by worldly customs.
31:20 When they come in they'll bring them with them.
31:24 That's not, what God said would it come apart be separate.
31:28 I've often asked myself these questions.
31:30 Oh, there are so many we could go for a long time.
31:32 I'm not going to do that on this program.
31:35 But listen I have asked myself as may be you have,
31:37 may be you haven't but please just just way it out.
31:41 What place, we're talking common and sacred.
31:45 What place does contemporary or gospel,
31:49 we call, they call it rock music
31:50 I think there's no such thing have in common with the sacred.
31:55 Think about it.
31:58 What is the new theology coming?
32:01 Is it common or is it sacred?
32:05 I have often asked myself
32:06 where does these dramas and plays
32:08 and, you know, in the church and puppets
32:10 and theatrics and magic
32:12 and all of this stuff come in at?
32:17 What does this have to do is it common or is it sacred?
32:21 And I hear a lot of people they've used the,
32:22 cop out, they've used this term you know diversity.
32:25 How many times do you hear oh, yes.
32:27 And does accepting diversity
32:31 mean that we have different beliefs
32:34 and we're just not going to bring those things up anymore
32:36 because we don't want any division
32:37 because of the way may be we were raised
32:39 or may what country we came from,
32:41 where we were born.
32:42 Is that really what it means?
32:45 You know what about celebration.
32:49 Is it common or is it, is it sacred?
32:53 See, we know that strange fire
32:55 is going to be used in our services
32:57 but I say this, I plead with you God will not accept it.
33:02 You know whether it be a whole big church
33:04 or there just be a minuet little few.
33:06 What do you want?
33:08 Many people just want numbers today.
33:09 I want people and God wants people.
33:12 He wants us to be born again.
33:14 He wants us to stand for what is right for what is true.
33:17 I get so sad and times
33:18 when it's so call after call after call,
33:21 where people will say there is things going on.
33:25 And I have just I'm not sure whether it is right or wrong.
33:28 But it seems like it's different than it used to be.
33:33 See the points a bit a so clear that we can't mingle.
33:35 What's happening is the mingling
33:37 and once again common fire with the sacred fire.
33:41 Do you realize as we read the scripture
33:43 and I know that you do
33:44 and I'm not trying to get on to you.
33:46 I have a burden because I just
33:48 I sense it by talking with people
33:50 and reading the Word of God.
33:51 You know that the darkness,
33:53 light and darkness just they do not go together.
33:56 The Bible is clear and read John 12:35
33:59 and then also in 2 Corinthians 6:14
34:02 the Bible says "We are not to be unequally yoked together."
34:07 Did you get that?
34:08 Unequally yoked together with unbelievers.
34:11 What fellowship has righteousness
34:13 with unrighteousness
34:15 and what communion hath light with darkness
34:18 that's what the Bible says
34:19 but yet we think we can combine the two
34:21 and everything is going to be all right.
34:23 We need to be on the same page.
34:26 See, to me the point is very clear
34:28 we must realize as we unite with the world,
34:33 you see, the more corrupt we're going to become.
34:36 Even in our services in our beliefs
34:40 and in our action never, never mingle these--
34:44 the strange fire, you see and the sacred fire together.
34:48 Why, death will surely follow.
34:51 Certainly spiritual death as well as physical death.
34:54 Let me just give you few examples just quickly here.
34:57 If you think that I'm little bit out of line
34:58 and it's just too heavy
35:00 please, way this out what I'm talking about here.
35:04 This is simple you've been over many times
35:05 but these are good illustrations in my opinion.
35:08 What did what did Cain offered to God?
35:11 Was it strange fire or sacred fire?
35:16 Look at the results.
35:19 What did Adam or Aarons two sons offered to God?
35:23 Was it strange fire or was it sacred fire?
35:28 Look at the results.
35:30 As mentioned here Nadab and Abaihu
35:33 did they offered strange fire
35:35 or sacred fire what was the results?
35:39 See the same God today forever,
35:42 there is a difference between the common isn't that right,
35:45 strange and the sacred.
35:48 You know what, it was always death resulted
35:51 a separation from God and yet we think
35:53 we live in a different society and in a different age
35:56 where it doesn't matter any more.
35:58 I'm saying we have let it go that way
35:59 so long that there is ton of rubbish
36:01 that needs to be removed.
36:05 Have you wondered, a question,
36:07 have you wondered why, why some people in your church,
36:10 you know friends may be we're discussing the Bible
36:12 and having a subject you know you're covering it all
36:15 and you get it done within?
36:17 And some people will say oh, that's so plain.
36:19 Oh, I understand it well, most get it.
36:23 But there is always a few that'll say,
36:26 I don't see anything wrong with it.
36:29 I don't know where you're coming from.
36:31 And that may be true
36:32 because let me tell you the Bible clear
36:34 and there because they what,
36:37 they don't have the spiritual eyes, ears or mind
36:39 and they really don't see
36:40 and they really don't understand.
36:43 They have a hard time comprehending
36:46 some of the spiritual issues in the church
36:48 and sometime when they see these
36:50 little bit of church services and stuff going on
36:52 they look at them and say it doesn't seem like its right
36:55 but I guess its okay.
36:56 The pastor allows it, the elder allow,
36:58 the church seems to enjoy.
37:00 Listen, the Word of God that's what we look to,
37:02 to say if it's right or if it's wrong.
37:04 It's not what the people feel,
37:05 it's not what the people say we want.
37:08 Look at Israel in the Old Testament
37:09 and the old time what the people wanted.
37:11 And many times look what they, what they got.
37:13 Wow, here's the problem.
37:17 They're not minds need to be converted.
37:20 Minds need to be converted what,
37:23 from the world to the mind of the Christ
37:26 then we begin to see things that way that Jesus sees it.
37:30 Wouldn't it be wonderful to be in the church
37:31 and settings to people say you know what,
37:33 regardless of the changes that may need to take place
37:36 in my heart in my life or this church.
37:38 We're gonna look at the Word of God
37:40 and we're gonna follow it, write down.
37:42 Not as a legalistic way but to be obedient
37:45 and to be loving and kind to our Savior.
37:48 Oh, friend, wouldn't it be nice to be able attend a church
37:52 where everybody would have the mind of Jesus Christ.
37:56 Wouldn't you-- He offers that to you today.
37:58 He offers it to me today.
38:01 You know, I think, I think of the church
38:03 and I think of us as a people
38:04 in where God would have us today.
38:07 Do you think may be
38:08 that we're missing the mark just a little bit?
38:10 Is it possible we have lowered the standards?
38:13 I have heard some people say
38:14 and many by the way will say,
38:16 if we just lower the standards a little bit oh,
38:17 oh the more people will come in,
38:19 all our churches will grow, we'll keep our youth.
38:22 You know it-- God can never bless
38:24 when we lower the standards
38:26 for anything or anybody it, it never works.
38:30 Please keep that in mind.
38:31 I mentioned before it might be, you know,
38:34 for a while it seems like its going to work.
38:37 But as soon as you think it's gonna work the old devil
38:39 just pulls your rug right out from under you.
38:42 But listen, I say hang in there because God will help you.
38:45 He will send help to encourage and strengthen those
38:48 who are standing, standing to keep
38:49 the standards elevated and high.
38:52 You know, we need to be very careful,
38:53 I believe this we have been talking about it,
38:55 about it in entertainment style of worship service.
38:59 And I know people don't want to hear this or celebration
39:01 but you know what, be careful to this listen carefully.
39:04 One of first things I hear people will say
39:06 oh, oh, I believe its okay.
39:07 I don't see anything wrong with it.
39:09 Really, I don't see anything with this in here and--
39:12 may be we need a little more spiritual discernment.
39:14 What you think about that today?
39:16 Some people have a difficult time trying to figure out
39:18 what kind of worship style they need or the lifestyle.
39:22 Friend, I encourage you to go to the Word of God today,
39:25 that's where you're going to get your direction.
39:27 The answer is right here.
39:29 Just don't listen to somebody
39:30 because that they have may be have something to say.
39:32 Make sure it lines up with the Word of God.
39:35 Be sure someone is counseling you today.
39:37 Be sure that what the counselors that given to you
39:40 is found in the Word of God.
39:42 And you know secondly, I want you think about this.
39:44 If the world of the majority says oh this is wonderful
39:48 then you know what, be careful with it.
39:49 Check it with the Word of God.
39:51 I'm so thankful today that we can to the word
39:53 and we check what Jesus said.
39:56 And He said this in John 17:14.
40:00 Listen, he says "They are not of the world
40:04 even as I'm not of the world."
40:07 How interesting.
40:09 Jesus said this, "they are not of the world."
40:14 Romans 12:2 Bibles says
40:16 "don't be conformed to this world but the yee, transform."
40:20 You can read all of that when you have the opportunity.
40:22 He comes to all and say "don't be like the world
40:24 there needs to be a transformation
40:25 or needs to be a change that takes place."
40:27 And too often that change is not happened.
40:32 I believe this we cannot be half saved or half converted.
40:38 It's all of noting. I think the Bible teaches that.
40:40 Don't you? Sure it does.
40:42 The Bible says you cannot serve two masters.
40:45 Have you read that?
40:47 Read that in Matthew 6:24, because I believe this
40:50 many are striving to serve Jesus always.
40:52 And if they are they're gonna ask this question.
40:56 When they're approached upon any subject
40:58 first thing you're gonna do-- any subject that comes your way
41:00 because there's people approaching you on every sides
41:02 saying "well, this is the truth, well this is new light
41:05 or this is the way it is supposed to be.
41:06 Oh, we have missed all."
41:07 First questions is this, is this the truth?
41:10 Well, let's go to the Word of God
41:12 and let's see that if it's a truth.
41:14 Has it changed any of the pillars
41:16 and the doctrines of this movement?
41:18 If it is, there is some serious problems here
41:21 or it just may be coming in from a different angle
41:23 and seeing it little bit more in growing
41:25 nothing wrong with that
41:26 but is it changing those things that we have held dear
41:29 as truths for the many, many years.
41:31 But the Bibles teaches they always asked this question
41:38 and they'll, they'll say it's not how many--
41:40 remember this, it's not how many will be for it.
41:44 I've heard this said sometime that almost
41:46 I don't know if I can say this or not.
41:48 It almost makes me sick but I'm going to,
41:51 I have heard it so often and comes from a pastor one time
41:55 who was looking and weighing out a situation
41:57 and he says to me, how many will be for it or against it.
42:02 And I said you know what lets look at it first
42:05 what is the truth what is right.
42:07 It's not how many or for it
42:09 or how many against that matters.
42:12 Does the Bible preach it, does the Bible teaches to you?
42:14 That, that's what we do.
42:16 This is not the political thing
42:18 where you try to please the people to get the vote.
42:21 But many times that's the way it's orchestrated.
42:25 The standard of the Bible will always be or judged for us.
42:29 But there are many who are injecting
42:31 that common, that strange you see,
42:33 wrong standards not biblical standards at all.
42:36 And then they'll go on to say-- I have heard people say this
42:38 well, I know it doesn't really teach that but it works.
42:43 It seems like it might work for a little season
42:45 but it does not work anytime we go
42:47 against the plain teachings of God's word.
42:50 Please know that.
42:51 Everything must harmonize
42:54 if the instructions given to us by God.
42:56 Review and Herald 6-20-82 says this.
42:59 "Conformity to the worldly customs
43:01 converts the church to the world."
43:03 Did you get it? Some of you're not getting it.
43:05 Look, conformity to what?
43:08 The worldly customs, the customs of the world.
43:11 This is what we do on this day,
43:12 this is what we do on this day,
43:13 this is what the world does on this day.
43:15 Notice, "Conformity worldly customs
43:17 converts the church to the world.
43:20 It never converts the world to Christ."
43:24 Wow. 6 Testimonies 144 nails it.
43:28 Notice this "There must be no cloaking"
43:31 no covering up "of our faith."
43:34 How many people cover up some of the truths
43:37 that God has for us to proclaim to the world?
43:39 "Truth must come to souls ready to perish.
43:43 If it is in anyway hidden, God is dishonored,
43:49 and the blood of souls will be upon their garments."
43:52 We have been studying that Ezekiel 3, Ezekiel 33,
43:56 did you get that we can't cloak,
43:59 we can't cover up our faith and how often we try to hide it.
44:04 We're ashamed of it, it seems like sometime
44:06 but the truth must come
44:08 because their souls ready to perish.
44:11 If we hide it in any form or fashion God is displeased
44:16 and their blood will be on our hands.
44:18 Isn't that enough to say "okay God,
44:20 look I want to get straightened up here.
44:22 I want to do the right thing."
44:24 Many Christians I noticed they are examining
44:27 their experience with the Lord.
44:29 Now, I have said this several times
44:32 and I want to go back just a little bit more with it.
44:34 Many people are examining
44:36 their experience with God right now.
44:39 Many are seeing and hearing things,
44:41 things new and strange to them.
44:45 And they'll say this, they're different.
44:48 I'm not sure but they're different than the--
44:52 stay with me, they're different than the old days.
44:55 There're different things going on than way
44:58 I was brought into this movement
45:00 and they just can't figure it out.
45:05 They said it's different than
45:06 when I gave my life to Jesus Christ.
45:08 When I heard these beautiful grand truths,
45:10 I accept Him with all my heart, my soul, my mind
45:12 and now I see some change.
45:14 I don't know what's going on because
45:15 there's very few people to say anything any different
45:17 and why it just goes wrong.
45:22 So what they're seeing and what they're hearing
45:25 many don't understand.
45:26 And do you know what it is,
45:27 bless the heart its many of the aged
45:29 those who have been movement a long time.
45:31 They are in their 70s, they're in their 80s
45:33 even a few in their 90s I have been talking to
45:35 and their heart is just aching.
45:37 They're saying what has happened I don't understand this?
45:42 Friend, what is happening?
45:45 They don't know, they need help
45:48 and then when they go to some of their friends
45:51 the friends say, oh, I don't see anything really wrong with it.
45:54 I mean, we don't want to be a troublemaker.
45:56 What do these individuals do?
45:59 Some I have talked to said you know what,
46:01 if there is common fire and things are taking place
46:04 that mean doctrines of men coming in
46:07 to replace the doctrines of God teachings
46:09 something must be done they say.
46:12 And then they come to the very bottom line as
46:16 may be I have to do something about it but oh, wow.
46:20 And then the others will see some changes need to be made.
46:25 But they will say this, I'm not gonna cause it upheaval here
46:30 so I'm going to hang in.
46:32 I'm just going to hang in there.
46:33 I'm going to stay in there and I'm going to hope
46:36 that a change will come.
46:37 Oh, bless your heart. It will it will get worst.
46:42 Any time you let the truth go it will get worst.
46:44 It won't get better. We need God's blessing.
46:47 So all or most of these individuals
46:51 see that the standards have been lowered.
46:54 Should we be concerned? Absolutely.
46:58 And as it's been little time on this
47:00 and then in the next fourth part
47:01 we will get a little bit deeper in it but you know,
47:03 as a person studies little bit of the Christian history
47:06 what do we see it becomes clear.
47:08 The enemy wanted what pagans and Christianity to do what?
47:13 Come on, somebody say common and sacred
47:15 to come together and compromise.
47:17 Water down, dilute the truths of God's Word.
47:21 They wanted that the pagans to accept what.
47:24 The all of the Christians they would not.
47:27 And so they want the pagan the heathen to accept
47:29 and so they did and they accepted
47:31 part of the Christian faith.
47:35 And so as they just accepted part of the Christian faith,
47:38 many Christians felt like
47:40 that there was their obligation to go and to give them more.
47:44 So as they accepted they wanted to give them more.
47:48 But notice in order for the Christians
47:51 to be accepted by the pagans what happened?
47:55 They had to lower the standards.
47:57 They saw an interest, they wanted to give them more,
48:01 pagans would not-- they didn't want anymore.
48:03 They said, we will but you know
48:04 what we have to change this and this and this
48:07 and they begin to lower the standards.
48:09 This made it easy to unite paganism and Christianity.
48:15 The historical account given in Early Writings 210 and 211
48:20 it just makes this comment.
48:21 Listen carefully, it said
48:22 "At last the standard was lowered."
48:25 Oh, how sad.
48:27 "The heathen were uniting with the Christians.
48:31 As the followers of Christ gradually united with them,
48:36 the Christian religion became corrupted
48:40 and the church lost its purity and its power."
48:46 How does the church as a people lose our purity and our power
48:51 when we compromise the truth,
48:54 when we mix the common with the sacred?
48:58 Try to combine it so everybody is happy.
49:01 So the church grows so we have numbers rather than
49:04 people who are converted fully to Jesus Christ.
49:08 So we don't bring up all the standards,
49:09 we don't make them issues anymore.
49:12 Friend, I'm saying we need to really be
49:14 checking the Word of God like never before.
49:17 The church needs its purity.
49:19 The church needs power.
49:23 And I sense today and I know you can sense it too.
49:25 I know you can that as we today, that men will try anything
49:29 and everything to lessen the distance
49:32 between those who keep the commandments of God
49:35 and those who keep the commandments of man.
49:38 One is sacred right, the other is common.
49:40 Now we were talking specifically the Seventh-day Sabbath.
49:46 Man is going to do everything he can
49:47 and what the enemy is going to be working
49:49 to the lessen the distance.
49:52 You see, we have to look how does the,
49:54 the world the worldly practices then
49:56 come into the church today.
49:58 How do they come in to the church?
50:00 How is that we let them into the church?
50:04 Do we not have a voice?
50:05 Don't you realize my brother and my sister,
50:07 you have an obligation to God.
50:11 You have it okay.
50:12 You don't say well, that's the pastor job
50:13 and already it is.
50:14 But it's your job too.
50:17 It's your job don't let that paganism come into the church,
50:20 these worldly customs.
50:23 So how do they get into the church?
50:24 Let me just read an article in Review and Herald, 6-20-1982.
50:29 Notice this, its says,
50:30 "Worldly customs and practices are introduced"
50:34 listen "because of the hearts of the unconsecrated ministers
50:41 and church-members still cling to the love of the world."
50:47 So how does all of that paganism,
50:48 how does all that you see that common,
50:52 how does the enemies tactic
50:54 how does they come into through those church doors?
50:56 Its because worldly customs and practices are introduced
51:00 because the hearts of the ministers
51:02 and the church members still cling to the love of the world.
51:05 That's what the article says fight with that.
51:08 Doesn't make me happy.
51:10 See, to read those things but we--
51:11 I need to examine so it's that what's happening there.
51:14 There has to be a reason for these things.
51:17 Friend, we make changes, we make changes in your life.
51:20 Please make sure these changes,
51:22 right or not changing the messages itself.
51:26 Did you get that?
51:27 Make sure when you say "oh I'll read this article."
51:29 If it changes, you know,
51:31 one little dotting than "I" are crossing
51:32 of the truth of a "T" be careful, be careful.
51:39 We need not go.
51:40 May I just say we need not go--
51:42 listen brothers and sisters, please listen carefully
51:44 we need not go outside of our faith.
51:48 We need not go outside of the Bible
51:51 and the Spirit of Prophecy to learn
51:54 how to conduct a service or to win souls.
51:59 Somebody pay attention.
52:00 We do not need to do that.
52:03 We're going from the common and the sacred.
52:07 We speak often about unity that's good.
52:10 I believe in unity and how about you?
52:12 But notice this, I want to start leave
52:14 we're winding down, hey stay with me.
52:17 I hear unity all the time and people will say unity well,
52:19 we're just comprising, we're just you know blah, blah,
52:21 diversity will just listen.
52:23 "If unity," this is The Great Controversy 45.
52:27 "If unity could be secured only by compromise
52:32 of the truth and righteousness,
52:35 let there be differences and even war."
52:39 That's heavy duty words.
52:43 Did you get that?
52:45 We're pagan unity
52:46 but you know you can't unify what on truths.
52:51 Unity could be secured only by compromise of the truth.
52:55 And compromise of righteousness
52:57 let there then be differences and let there be war.
53:03 That's pretty heavy duty to me, I don't know about you.
53:06 But that makes me want to stand up
53:07 as a child of God and say,
53:09 if I see something in church it's not right
53:10 I want to say here is why.
53:12 Bring to the attention of those who are in charge
53:14 and lets say go over this thing and lets see.
53:17 So here we might say, as we close
53:19 we might add the early Christians
53:21 dared not tolerated error that was fatal to the soul
53:26 and to the souls of their children.
53:28 Oh, friend, are we there today.
53:30 That we will not tolerate as the reformers did.
53:33 The early Christians they wouldn't tolerate
53:35 any kind of error that would come in
53:36 that would be fatal to their soul or to their family.
53:40 Won't you realize when you let it go
53:42 its going to be fatal to your family and to your children?
53:46 The early Christians had to deal with three major attacks
53:51 and we're gonna get that in our fourth part.
53:52 They had to deal with three major attacks
53:55 and we need to learn those things.
53:57 As we close today on this
53:58 I'm praying the Holy Spirit is convicting your heart right now.
54:01 I will pray the Holy Spirit
54:02 why because some of you have not been standing
54:04 and not given the trumpet a certain sound and you need to.
54:08 Things are falling apart and you want it revive.
54:11 You want it back the way it supposed to be.
54:14 And I'm gonna pray as we close here
54:15 that the Holy Spirit will help you,
54:17 help me, help us all too unite together.
54:20 We're on the standard elevation of what is truth.
54:23 Not lowered but raise the standard.
54:25 That you're gonna be willing
54:26 as we get ready to have a prayer here.
54:29 As you see the things that are happening you're not happy
54:31 where you're gonna say oh God,
54:32 please help me to be Your voice.
54:35 You know what, God will use you to do that.
54:37 We've got to get back.
54:38 Friend, if we don't it just worse and worse and worse
54:41 and it where people is dying,
54:42 the world is dying for one of these message.
54:44 Let's pray about it right now shall we,
54:46 before we you know you may have some prayer request
54:48 we want to take those too to the God of heaven.
54:51 Father in heaven, we thank You for Your precious word today.
54:54 We thank You that You're warning us
54:56 there is a difference between the common and sacred.
54:59 You're inviting and You're addressing
55:02 and You're arming Your people
55:04 to have a voice, a word in due season.
55:06 I pray each one will rise to that occasion
55:08 may we give the trumpet a certain sound.
55:10 We thank You for hearing for answering prayer
55:12 thank You for your love and again we thank You
55:15 for the power of the Holy Spirit.
55:16 In Jesus name we pray and for His sake, amen.
55:20 Again we are very grateful and thankful for those of you
55:22 who've supported here the ministry 3ABN,
55:26 Behold the Lamb and we often say,
55:27 you know, I hear a lot of you say
55:28 oh, we love the truth, we love the truth,
55:30 we love the truth, we want to hear the truth.
55:32 Friends, if it's true that's what you're hearing,
55:34 why don't you serve us,
55:35 why don't you encourage 3ABN,
55:37 won't you encourage Behold the Lamb
55:38 to continue to get this Word out so that Jesus can come.
55:42 We need your help, we need your encouragement.
55:44 So why not, let's hear those who really love the truth.
55:46 We love you, we thank you for spending time with us
55:48 and we'll see you, next time.
55:54 Hello and welcome back, friends.
55:56 We certainly pray and we hope
55:59 that the Holy Spirit has spoke to your hearts today
56:02 as he has to ours.
56:04 God is gently reminding us that there must be a difference
56:07 between the common and the sacred.
56:10 Often, we can find in Scripture
56:12 where God asks his people to put away the common
56:15 when coming into His presence.
56:17 He had requirements for the children of Israel
56:20 to meet before they were to gather around Mount Sinai.
56:23 And these requirements were to be met
56:26 before the God of heaven would actually descend
56:29 upon that mount in their very presence.
56:33 God is the same yesterday, today and forever.
56:37 So if we desire His presence, we need to heed His wishes.
56:42 And in order to help remind you of the difference between
56:45 that which is common and that which is sacred,
56:48 this four part series, entitled just that
56:51 "Common and Sacred Fire" is being made available
56:54 to you for a love gift of just $29 or more.
56:59 Having a this series on hand is a tool,
57:01 is a tool that you may use to help yourself
57:04 and to help others as well and remember always
57:08 every donation that you make to be Behold the Lamb Ministries
57:12 enables us to continue to bring you timely messages
57:17 to yourself and to others around the world.
57:20 All you have to do is contact us here by calling our ministry
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57:34 or you may write to Behold the Lamb Ministries
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57:42 You're always welcome to email us
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57:55 Friends, until next time may our precious Lord
57:58 continue to richly bless you and yours.


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