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Common and Sacred Fire - part 4 of 4

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00:41 Hello, and welcome to Behold the Lamb Presents.
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton your host and as always we're so thankful,
00:48 so grateful that you had chosen to take this time
00:52 in the study of God's word with us today.
00:54 Today's message is the fourth message,
00:57 the last message in our four part series
01:00 that we have entitled Common and Sacred Fire.
01:04 During our first three messages
01:06 we've been learning that there're so many ways
01:09 in which a person may mingle the common with the sacred.
01:13 And I hope that you're also learning the lesson that
01:16 when sacred and holy things are brought down
01:19 to the level of common and ordinary
01:22 that God is displeased.
01:24 Listen to the short quote from the book Testimonies
01:27 to Ministers and Gospel Workers,
01:29 it's found on page 466 and it reads
01:33 "Sacred things are brought down to the level of the common,
01:36 and a condition of things is created
01:39 that pleases the prince of darkness
01:41 and grieves away the Spirit of God."
01:44 Friends, when self takes over and does exactly
01:48 what self thinks is correct and right
01:51 the battle is always lost.
01:53 Spiritual things are spiritually discerned.
01:56 We must be willing to learn
01:59 to fully rely on God's word for a sure foundation
02:02 and finding our direction and guidance in this world.
02:07 Our minds must be stayed upon God and His grace
02:11 in order to distinguish the common from the sacred
02:15 and we must learn to trust
02:17 our heavenly Fathers wisdom and guidance
02:19 so as to always,
02:21 always obey His commands in all areas of our lives.
02:26 No one loves us more than He.
02:29 No one wants the best for us more than He does.
02:32 And no one absolutely no one but Christ
02:37 can save us from ourselves and our own messes.
02:41 But we must trust in Him fully in order to receive His grace
02:45 and rightly distinguish between the common and sacred fire.
02:51 But before we join Pastor Kenny Shelton for today's message,
02:54 we're going to be blessed with the song
02:56 from the 3ABN Worship Center
02:58 that is entitled "Chasing of the Wind"
03:01 as sung by Jennifer LaMountain.
03:29 Every heart
03:33 Is filled with longing
03:38 To be free
03:41 From all life's pain
03:46 Yet the search
03:50 Through earthly pleasures
03:56 Always ends
04:00 In vain
04:04 Only God
04:07 who made the heavens
04:12 Can satisfy our souls
04:20 Apart from Him
04:25 And all His meaning
04:29 All things fail
04:33 As they begin
04:38 And hearts deceived
04:42 Can only know
04:48 A chasing of the wind
05:00 All achievements, all possessions
05:08 These all with time return to dust
05:16 Only God
05:19 Can be our reason
05:25 For deep and quiet trust
05:32 He will guard us
05:36 From the dangers
05:41 That gladly make men fools
05:49 Apart from Him
05:52 and all His meaning
05:57 All things fail
06:01 As they begin
06:05 And hearts deceived
06:09 Can only know
06:15 A chasing of the wind
06:25 A chasing of the wind
06:38 Why do we live
06:42 Without Jesus?
06:49 Why do we waste
06:52 Another day?
06:57 He is the life
07:00 That sustains us
07:06 The only hope for us today
07:13 So tell me, why do we live
07:21 Why do we live
07:26 Without Him?
07:52 Thanks for joining us here at Behold the Lamb
07:53 as you just heard on the introduction,
07:55 this is the fourth part of a series
07:58 that we've been talking about the common and the sacred.
08:00 You know it's sad to say many of us today in the world
08:03 we have a difficult time trying to figure out
08:06 what is that which is common or things of the world
08:08 and that which is sacred that belongs to God.
08:11 Let me just say upfront the enemy
08:13 as you've seen in the first three parts,
08:15 the enemy is trying to confuse us
08:17 so that we don't understand the issues facing us today.
08:22 On this fourth part,
08:23 we left off last time
08:24 we were talking about the early Christian church
08:27 and the reformers the early Christians
08:29 and how they loved the truth of God's Word
08:32 and how they would live their lives
08:34 so that they could proclaim the truth
08:37 and not be sidetracked.
08:39 How they taught it to their children
08:40 and how they themselves loved it.
08:42 But before we really get into it as always
08:45 we ask you to join us as we kneel
08:47 and have prayer together.
08:48 And I know where you can
08:49 you're gonna kneel right there in your home,
08:51 you're gonna pray right along with me.
08:53 And be those who may be on the CDs
08:56 whatever you're listening
08:57 you're in your car you can't do it
08:58 but all you can shoot up a prayer.
08:59 And I pray that you'll
09:01 that the Holy Spirit will take all we say the mess that I make
09:04 if the Holy Spirit can take it put real truth in your heart
09:07 and real conviction in your mind.
09:08 So we pray about that together.
09:11 Our Father in heave,
09:12 we thank You for the privilege of proclaiming
09:14 Your word to the world.
09:16 Thank You for Your sweet Holy Spirit
09:17 as promised
09:19 now as we claim Your blood and forgiveness of sin
09:22 that your Holy Spirit now will revive us.
09:25 We may be able to hear You speak us
09:27 and the word that comes across today will touch hearts
09:29 and lives like never before.
09:31 Lord, we rest all of these things
09:33 in thy care and thy keeping and promises that You have made
09:36 that Your word would not return void.
09:39 We thank You, for everyone who listens,
09:41 everyone who watches we're gonna give You praise
09:43 and give You honor and glory in Jesus name, amen.
09:47 We encourage you here Behold the Lamb always
09:49 so much material we could just go on,
09:51 and on and on we're not going to do that
09:52 we have so much time to cover.
09:54 Pencil and papers always good to jot down
09:57 because I know a lot of you are checking everything.
09:59 I heard people say I just, I have to slow,
10:01 I put it on, I watch it and then I pause
10:04 and I write down what you say and you know,
10:06 you know where its found and so on.
10:07 And I look all these things and thank you for doing that.
10:10 You need to keep the preachers honest.
10:11 You know, and I'm a believer in that.
10:13 So praise God for you
10:14 and of course your response here Behold the Lamb.
10:17 We've talked about the early Christians
10:20 they had to deal with three major attacks.
10:24 That's where we left off on part three, part four,
10:26 three major attacks and I'm gonna saying
10:27 they're valid today.
10:28 Three major attacks that the enemy is doing what?
10:31 He is brining upon the church.
10:32 And here is what he is doing.
10:33 Number one, the Bible is not accepted
10:36 as the standard of faith and righteousness.
10:40 Isn't that sad, this is the standard of righteousness
10:43 and standard of, of our faith.
10:46 Too bad, that it's not accepted by the majority of people.
10:50 They say I feel, I think,
10:52 it's seems like it doesn't matter.
10:54 Doesn't it make sense that we need to have
10:55 just one central right book that we read
10:58 and this where we learn what is right
11:00 and what is wrong I think so.
11:02 The Bible says in Psalms 33
11:04 if you're jotting it down verse 4
11:05 says "For the word of the Lord is right."
11:08 The Lord-- the word of the Lord is what?
11:10 It is right.
11:12 And then James 1:22 says
11:14 "But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only."
11:18 So we do have a standard of righteousness right here.
11:21 This is how we find out what is right and what is wrong,
11:23 not I think or someone said.
11:26 Number two, if the devil is attacking.
11:27 There is point here.
11:29 Religious freedom is termed a heresy.
11:34 What do I mean by that?
11:35 Religious freedom.
11:37 I pray that you believe in freedom of speech, right.
11:41 I pray that you're believing
11:43 that we should have freedom in our religion
11:46 to choose whether you want to serve God
11:48 or whether you don't want to serve God.
11:50 You know, we realize we should
11:51 but there is those who chose not to do it.
11:53 But if anyone wants to follow God
11:55 and they have religious freedom
11:57 that all of the sudden what hey this is heresy.
12:00 Now I want you to think with me
12:01 do you realize even in this country
12:04 other countries around the world
12:05 where it's finding out many of you don't know--
12:07 as Christians you've forgotten this
12:09 there is a certain law on the book
12:11 that's called hate crime.
12:12 That means the enemy is doing this.
12:15 Please note the enemy is doing this.
12:17 He is getting to where that the preachers
12:20 and you know elders or pastors
12:21 whoever they might be in the pulpit
12:23 cannot really expose error according to the Bible
12:26 because somebody is gonna get their feelings hurt.
12:29 That's, that's sad.
12:30 You can be fine, you can be in prison
12:32 by disagreeing with what some of the faith teaches.
12:35 Is that really right?
12:38 Think about this for just a moment,
12:39 and this might just get under something peoples skin
12:41 just a little bit.
12:43 You know, we're told many times
12:45 that we can't preach against homosexuality.
12:48 We just can't preach. Why not?
12:50 The Bible teaches against that we understand it.
12:53 We should have the freedom to be able to speak it.
12:56 It might offend we're trying to offend anybody
12:59 but you know the Word of God if it talks about it
13:01 and does in many, many places of the Word of God.
13:04 In fact Romans 1:26, 7, 2 Peter 2:6
13:09 and certainly in the Book of Genesis Chapter 19
13:13 dealing with law and so on.
13:14 You know that God's word is very strong
13:16 but you know what we are told
13:17 oh you can't say that.
13:18 Why, because some people is going to get upset.
13:21 Well, do we have religious freedom or do we not?
13:24 Do we have freedom of speech?
13:25 It's very interesting, may I just elaborate for a moment.
13:28 This really gets me to wound up here
13:29 I just I can't help this.
13:31 It's interesting in this country we can--
13:34 I'm not saying it's not rightly so we're time.
13:36 We criticize the president of the United States.
13:38 We criticize the lawmakers.
13:40 We call them they say every name in the book.
13:43 We spit on the flag as it were,
13:45 we burn the flag, we curse God,
13:48 we do all of these things and people will say well,
13:51 we have the freedom to do that.
13:53 But if you may gets some kind of a big group
13:55 like the homosexuality then, you know,
13:57 guys and lesbians lets be just be honest
13:59 all of the sudden oh no you can't do that.
14:01 So what is the difference here?
14:03 You see the Bible has some instruction
14:05 that's when the devil rises up against us
14:07 when you look to the word and say God has sin.
14:11 Number three, anyone who upholds the truths is hated
14:16 and persecuted by the ungodly.
14:19 Anyone that does what?
14:20 Anyone that holds up the truths of God's word
14:22 you'll find the Bible say all they live godly
14:25 in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.
14:28 Think about that.
14:29 Example, let me give you an example quickly.
14:32 You remember righteous Abel was hated
14:35 by ungodly Cain or the brother, right.
14:38 One brother hated the other brother
14:40 and you remember what happened
14:41 because one was standing for right
14:43 the other one didn't like though his position on that
14:46 so he murdered him.
14:48 He killed his own brother.
14:49 See this is just examples in scripture that tells us
14:52 what we're talking about its not so far fetched.
14:55 We need to look at it.
14:57 We need the principles revived
15:00 in the church among God's people.
15:02 And again how can we do that if we don't know the common
15:05 or just things that are going on that we say is all right
15:08 and we don't know what is sacred.
15:10 Should we be a sacred people or common people
15:13 if we belong to the Lord Jesus Christ?
15:15 You know, we're all faced today
15:18 but different teachings in God word.
15:21 We're all challenged with these things.
15:23 So what do we do with that?
15:25 We look in the past and we look in the,
15:26 you know the present, we look into the future
15:30 and we realize as we look at all these here
15:32 there're people who live today
15:34 by the grace of God to expose error.
15:37 And you know what, we need to do that.
15:39 It's important.
15:40 We're told that we're supposed to do that.
15:43 Now I will just say again the majority of the world
15:45 and I know this is not popular
15:47 and I'm really not trying to be popular as it were
15:50 but I sure like the approval of heaven
15:53 you see upon these programs that go out.
15:56 The majority of the world is under the control of the enemy.
16:01 You'll wonder why you're having so many problems
16:02 and test and trials and things are blown up in your face,
16:05 problems in the home, problems in the school,
16:07 problems in our marriage.
16:09 Wherever you go there is problem why,
16:11 because the enemy has the vast control of the majority
16:14 of this world.
16:16 Why, because we are not using the righteous standard
16:18 that God has given us.
16:20 Everyone wants to feel like this.
16:22 Well, I feel this way or it seems.
16:24 You know, I say this here.
16:26 When the Gospel is presented
16:28 the way that it needs to be presented.
16:30 When Jesus is lifted up to behold Him the Lamb of God,
16:34 I'll tell you it just rubs the ungodly the wrong way.
16:39 Remember, you're not gonna have any problems.
16:40 You want to just keep a low profile
16:43 and you don't want to cause any problem
16:44 not that anybody wants to.
16:45 But remember when you live the godly life
16:48 the ungodly is going to get mad at you
16:51 and they're gonna try to cause problems.
16:53 They rise in opposition to what you're saying.
16:57 Now because what?
16:58 Because their life is totally different
17:01 and they want anybody exposing
17:03 what they're doing so they rise up and rebellion.
17:06 Come on if you've wondered why the gospel,
17:09 you know, the truth of God's word
17:11 the Bible here is called the sword.
17:13 Have you ever, you've heard that haven't you?
17:14 Why is it really called a sword?
17:17 Because, you know, the gospel that is presented in here
17:20 and when it's held high because the Bible does what,
17:23 the truth rightly divides and separates
17:26 what is and what isn't.
17:27 What is common and what is holy.
17:29 We can understand it as we spend time
17:31 reading the Word of God.
17:33 You know, people say well,
17:34 I'm interested in the word I want to go to heaven,
17:36 I just want to.
17:37 Notice how much time we spend on other things of the world
17:40 and we get really acquainted with it
17:42 and we know our business on this
17:43 and we know our business on that and we know a bit.
17:45 When it comes to the word of God,
17:48 we think its none of our business.
17:50 What do you think with me little bit
17:51 as we think about this sword?
17:55 As we think about it rightly dividing and separate.
17:58 In fact, Ephesians 6
17:59 if you're looking something's Ephesians 6:17
18:02 it talks about the sword of the spirit which is the word.
18:06 And then Hebrews 4:12
18:08 it says "For the word of God it is quick and powerful."
18:12 How interesting that is.
18:14 Revelation 1:16
18:15 it says out of his mouth where they sharp what,
18:18 two-edged sword.
18:20 Now let's go back if I might just for a moment here
18:22 in 2 Timothy 3:12
18:25 but remember we quoted this while ago
18:26 "All that live godly in Christ Jesus
18:29 shall suffer persecution."
18:30 There is no one walks to suffer persecution.
18:32 No one wants to go through it
18:34 but the Bible said if you live godly
18:36 you're going to have the enemy going
18:37 or rubbing sword against you.
18:41 Now let me just challenge you.
18:43 Let's get some people kind of getting scratching their head
18:45 and getting a little bit excited about this.
18:48 So the Bible does say what?
18:49 If you live godly what you're gonna--
18:50 there is going to be persecution.
18:52 Now may I say that
18:53 why is there so little persecution
18:56 in the religious world today?
18:58 Think about that just for a moment.
19:00 Why is there just hardly any persecution--
19:02 now I know there is some,
19:03 I realize there's some in the world.
19:05 And but why is it?
19:06 Let me give you about three reasons
19:08 and you have many more
19:09 I'm sure but these three just hit my mind
19:12 as a Holy Spirit is opening us to the answer to this question
19:16 God's people have so conformed to this worlds standard
19:21 that it's not necessary for any opposition.
19:24 Did you get it?
19:26 Why is there so little persecution?
19:27 Because we've so compromised the principles of God's word.
19:31 Because don't know what is sacred is.
19:33 We don't know what is common,
19:34 we don't put it difference between the two.
19:36 When God plainly says in His word,
19:38 "Come apart and be separate
19:40 and touch not the unclean things."
19:42 We think we can touch that which God said is unclean.
19:45 Friend, there will be a price to pay
19:47 if we think that we can go against God's word.
19:49 Oh don't do that.
19:51 Don't cause yourself
19:52 someone unnecessary problems in this life.
19:54 Just read His word and say God,
19:55 by your grace and by Your strength.
19:58 Number one, what is it?
19:59 What was it? Because we've go--
20:01 so conformed as Christians
20:04 as we call ourself to the worldly standard.
20:07 There is no opposition.
20:08 Devil doesn't care about that.
20:09 Number two, the religion of the day listen,
20:12 the religion of the day is almost harmless.
20:16 Oh, we've got lot of people in the pulpit,
20:17 we have a lot of radio, TV, lot of stuff is going on
20:19 but most of the messages, most of the thing,
20:23 most of the things that we hear today,
20:25 most of the stuff, the stuff that we its harmless,
20:28 it doesn't, it doesn't.
20:30 You know, the Word of God,
20:31 you know, it talks about and remember
20:32 we talk it's the sword.
20:34 It's the step on the toes that's it where.
20:36 Its get the attention.
20:37 It's cutting away things that we don't need to maintain
20:41 in our hearts and in our lives.
20:43 And so we see the day the most of the messages
20:45 they are harmless.
20:47 It's not a pure, holy teaching
20:50 as it was let's say in the days of the apostle,
20:53 in the days of Ephesus Church.
20:56 What if we have that kind of preaching
20:57 and teaching today and living among God's people?
21:01 See people again do not understand
21:03 the difference between the sacred and the common.
21:06 So now what I said we'll ask a question,
21:09 why it's popular,
21:11 you know, Christianity is so popular today?
21:14 Because most people will say oh, yeah well it's good
21:15 we should be go to church and we should do,
21:17 what its just like we go through emotions
21:19 and "We should" and that's way reason I do.
21:21 Oh, there must be more than that.
21:22 There's got to be more.
21:25 So why is it so popular because listen carefully,
21:28 because the spirit of compromise with sin.
21:32 See, very few will call by its right name.
21:34 We'll compromise it and basically
21:36 say that you could be saved in your sins
21:40 and don't have to make any changes.
21:42 I heard people say we just come to church.
21:43 Just come as you are and that's the way
21:45 that what you do it, you come as you are.
21:46 But God is gonna change you.
21:48 You're not gonna remain the same.
21:49 Not if you're in His presence and you do it consistently.
21:52 Don't you want to change?
21:53 Don't you want things different in your life?
21:55 Aren't you tired of being defeated?
21:57 Aren't you tired of fighting everyday?
22:00 Why not just give Him a chance.
22:01 You see give Him a chance.
22:03 We compromise with the sin issue way too low.
22:06 Number two, the great truth of scripture is likely regarded.
22:11 The truth of scripture are likely regarded.
22:14 We read it and we'll say "oh yes."
22:16 Now think about this.
22:18 Why are the truths taught in this beautiful,
22:21 beautiful Word of God? This is dynamite.
22:24 This is dynamite.
22:26 And yet why they're so like we read it
22:28 and we lightly regard it.
22:30 Friend, I don't know about you but if I get something you know
22:33 and whether it's a lawn mover
22:34 or whatever it might be want to put something together
22:37 I immediately open up the what,
22:40 good I heard somebody "the directions."
22:43 And I read those directions and I follow those directions
22:46 and I that whatever it is,
22:47 will come together rather nicely.
22:50 But you'll realize if you don't read it and many times
22:52 you've been like me.
22:53 I put on the wheels
22:54 when I should have been put an axle.
22:55 You know what I'm saying.
22:57 I had to go back and redo it again
22:58 and it's much more difficult to redo why,
23:00 because I lose some parts
23:01 or I burger up the threads or something on.
23:04 You know what I'm talking about.
23:05 We read the directions and what a man has written down
23:08 and we follow them more than we follow the Word of the God.
23:11 Number two, three very
23:13 there is very little vital godliness in the church today.
23:18 And you know what, somebody is gonna say
23:19 "oh now I just don't" but listen let me,
23:22 let me say this.
23:23 If you disagree with that
23:25 let me just give you some food for thought.
23:27 Let there be which people say we're praying for all the time.
23:31 Let there be a real revival of true godliness
23:35 as it was in the early church
23:38 and persecution will be revived.
23:41 Persecution will be revived when we do
23:44 what we are supposed to be doing.
23:46 You read the scripture
23:47 you'll find that's always consistent in scripture.
23:50 Oh, my brothers and sisters,
23:52 we have so much to pray about.
23:54 The devil hates the remnant people.
23:58 He hates the commandment keepers by the grace of God.
24:01 And so he begins to work compromise.
24:04 This word always bothers me.
24:06 I like to people saying oh,
24:07 this is one there are people in the world
24:09 who are just compromisers.
24:11 They just don't want any issues, they don't want to tangle.
24:14 They don't want to get into a study
24:16 but they just want to oh lets,
24:17 oh somebody is unhappy let's compromise.
24:20 Compromise is not wrong as long as it doesn't go
24:22 against the teachings of God's word.
24:24 Do we really understand?
24:26 This is the whole you know, the,
24:28 the ball of wax we say in this study.
24:31 Do you we really understand the sacred and the common.
24:33 Do we really understand compromise?
24:36 Compromise if we're not careful dear friends,
24:38 we find that is something that is common.
24:42 Do we really understand compromise
24:44 dealing with scripture?
24:46 Interesting if we go back,
24:48 lets just go back little bit into the time
24:50 as the pagans were coming into the church.
24:52 You remember baptizing them bringing them into the church.
24:56 We thought well, you know with the pagans
24:57 oh they're coming into the church
24:58 now we're baptizing.
24:59 You mean to say we were thinking--
25:01 now remember historians have written about.
25:03 We're thinking that possibly that we were conquering paganism
25:07 while at the same time what was happening?
25:10 Paganism was conquering the church.
25:13 It was coming into the church.
25:16 The compromise between paganism and Christianity
25:20 resulted in the development of the man of sin.
25:24 Now some of you won't get that, some of you will never get that,
25:26 others will be hungry for and you'll search it all out
25:29 it can be found.
25:31 This man of sin prophecy talks about,
25:34 the one that opposes God,
25:35 the one that tries to exalt himself above God.
25:39 This huge false religious system cloaked you see,
25:45 in the garb of religion
25:47 its Satan effort to overthrow Christianity.
25:52 Even as we speak today this man of sin is in operation.
25:58 He is calling today for unity among the whole world
26:03 and all religious faith just to come together
26:06 and just kind of agree upon that which is,
26:08 you know, that we can agree upon.
26:10 We'll talk a little bit more about that
26:11 when we have time and that's what we do this about unity.
26:14 There is a true unity and there is a false unity
26:16 and let me tell you false unity is rampant
26:18 in the world today in Christianity.
26:21 You see, then we compromise,
26:23 is it, listen is it new to the enemy?
26:25 Is compromise new to the enemy?
26:27 No, not at all.
26:29 Let me give you quick illustrations.
26:30 You remember when Jesus had to face the enemy as it were
26:33 in the wilderness of temptation?
26:36 What did the enemy do?
26:37 The enemy promised Christ the world.
26:41 Do you remember that?
26:42 Yeah, you've read that Luke Chapter 4.
26:45 He offered Jesus, think about this,
26:47 the audacity of the enemy to offer Jesus the world
26:51 in which He had made and which He created.
26:53 But he said I'm gonna offer this to you,
26:55 I want to give this to you if you will worship
26:57 and you will acknowledge me as the ruler.
27:01 Compromise is it, is it rampant in the world today.
27:05 You remember 2 Thessalonians 2:3-8?
27:07 We are not gonna read them you look them up please.
27:10 Paul states something
27:11 I think it's very, very interesting to us plainly
27:14 and he talks about the man of sin.
27:15 Do you remember the man of sin?
27:17 He is going to continue until Jesus comes.
27:20 Sad to say the majority of the Christian world
27:22 has no idea about the man of sin.
27:24 I never heard so many theories in my life
27:26 rather than go to the Word of God.
27:28 I'm not angry at you my brothers and sisters,
27:30 I just say well please get into the Word of God.
27:33 Why, because God's word
27:35 warns us against this man of sin.
27:37 You've got to know who it is.
27:39 You've got to know about the Mark of the Beast.
27:41 You got to know how this man of sin is operating
27:43 here in the last days.
27:45 You realized the enemy what we just, we just said?
27:47 The enemy is rough with God's last day people.
27:51 You see, we have got to,
27:52 we have got to resist the advances
27:56 of this most dangerous foe to civil and religious liberty.
28:01 We've got to fight it.
28:03 We have got to do some exposing and it's not easy.
28:07 May I get on to this is Protestants today?
28:09 I talk about the Protestants
28:10 and a little bit about the catholic faith.
28:12 You know, basically the world
28:13 you have Protestantism and Catholicism.
28:16 But see Protestants today--
28:18 look we must be, listen to me closer,
28:21 we must be in great darkness
28:23 or we would discern the signs of the time
28:26 what's taking place.
28:28 See, I believe this as studying scripture
28:30 Rome is applying every device to extend her influence
28:34 and increased her power.
28:38 Catholicism is gaining ground around the world today.
28:41 Protestants, what is that?
28:43 You know, that Protestants means in protest of Catholicism.
28:46 That's why we're like in the old country
28:48 we came across here to new country
28:50 so we could have religious freedom.
28:53 Protestants have and are making
28:56 compromises right now and concessions with Rome.
29:00 Even now, right now.
29:02 We should realize the papacy, pope
29:04 and his associates and those who are involved with him
29:07 are asking for the Protestants of the world to unite with him.
29:11 Did you get that?
29:13 And do you know what they said?
29:14 For the common good of all.
29:17 Wow, it's kind of interesting when you think along that.
29:22 And here is what they're embracing.
29:23 They're embracing a couple of thoughts,
29:25 lot of thoughts but here is couple and they're embracing.
29:27 They're saying what?
29:28 Those who would be saved by their merits.
29:32 They're embracing this teaching.
29:35 You can be saved by your merits about what you do
29:37 and that's not true at all is it.
29:39 And then also they're embracing this
29:42 that we can be saved in our sins.
29:45 And you know what, that people like to hear
29:47 that even in the church.
29:48 We can just continue unlike we are
29:50 and kind of make a little changes here and there
29:52 and everything is going to be all right.
29:53 Jesus, said "I'm gonna wash you whiter than snow.
29:56 I'm coming after church without spot or wrinkle
29:58 or any such thing."
30:00 And then the papacy and the Protestants
30:02 coming together because they have
30:03 what they call a common day of worship.
30:08 We're seeing that.
30:09 That's nothing new.
30:10 That happened in our colonies
30:13 when they had Sunday laws.
30:14 You remember our colonies
30:15 when they first started up here in United States
30:17 and its been progressing right along, right long
30:19 and today the call is being vocalized around the world
30:23 for us to come together agree what we can agree
30:25 and then most of all are common day of worship
30:27 we need to have one day to worship together.
30:31 Man, and of course that's what?
30:32 That's Sunday.
30:34 Then I have to say what about those of us
30:36 and may be some others around the world that says "well,
30:38 we believe in Seventh-day Sabbath."
30:39 Should we not have that freedom?
30:41 Should we not have that freedom to say
30:43 this is what I read from scripture?
30:45 Everybody else you should have your freedom.
30:47 Even if you don't agree with me
30:49 you still should have your freedom
30:50 to worship Him on another day.
30:51 If you chose against the Word of God,
30:54 if you don't want to serve Me at all that's your right
30:57 but see man is not gonna led it lay,
30:58 that devil is not going to let it lay there.
31:01 We're in this right the battlefield right now.
31:05 The beliefs of this movement that we just mentioned quickly
31:07 or in progress right now today in the United States
31:10 and they originated in Rome.
31:12 Please don't forget that.
31:14 Around the world.
31:16 Protestants little know what they are doing
31:19 when they accept the aid of Rome.
31:22 See, God's words give us warning after warning after warning
31:25 of the impending danger that's right set
31:28 before us each and every day.
31:30 Rome is strengthening her forces
31:31 furthering her own ends and she desires--
31:34 all she is waiting on right now is vantage ground
31:36 and Protestantism is going to give that to her.
31:40 And then what's going to happen?
31:42 Read this little quote here
31:44 from The Great Controversy in page 588.
31:46 This is happening right now.
31:48 "The Protestants of the United States
31:49 will be foremost in stretching their hands across the gulf
31:52 to grasp the hand of spiritualism."
31:55 They will what?
31:56 "They will reach over the abyss to clasp hands with Roman power,
32:02 and under the influence" notice this
32:04 "under the influence of this threefold union
32:07 this country will follow in the steps of Rome
32:10 and then they will trample on the right of conscience."
32:15 Don't you see those things are being taken away
32:17 from us day in and day out?
32:20 Can't you see the change is taken place
32:22 over the last several years?
32:23 Have you seen those changes?
32:25 Have you seen how many freedoms
32:26 have been taken away from us?
32:28 Can you see how this world that we live in today has
32:31 so changed in the last few years
32:33 we can hardly recognize it anymore?
32:36 How the government is taking full control?
32:39 They tell you whether to fasten your seatbelt or not right?
32:42 They'll tell you what you can do and what you cannot do.
32:45 Now there're gonna mandate, you know, hospitalization--
32:47 all kind of things it's in there.
32:48 It's just marked out in the scripture
32:50 that we realize this is going to take place.
32:53 And then people are screaming for the common,
32:55 you know, worship day of Sunday.
32:58 There're many churches I believe today are uniting
33:02 on common points of doctrine.
33:05 You know, and as I come together-- now remember
33:07 if they can't agree on it then what happens?
33:10 Listen, if they can't agree on it they don't talk about it.
33:14 See that's not real unity at all is it.
33:16 Other words we agree what we can
33:17 and then we'll disagree we don't make an issue.
33:22 That's difficult for me I don't know about you.
33:25 In any other business that might be
33:28 if you're working on it, you know,
33:29 dealership or car or different or you know
33:31 whatever it might be out there and you know that
33:34 and you're saying this is what makes this thing tick.
33:36 This is what makes this thing wrong,
33:38 this is the way that it is.
33:40 And somebody else says well, that's not the way it is.
33:42 Lot of times you'll say well, now wait a minute
33:43 here is the reason its why.
33:45 We need to get back to that.
33:47 I want you to notice this statement with me
33:49 if you will in Testimonies to Ministers page 16.
33:53 It says "If in defiance of God's arrangements
33:56 if the world be allowed" notice this
33:59 "to influence our decisions."
34:02 Is the world allowing you as it coming in now
34:04 and affecting the decisions that you may make
34:06 or the church makes today?
34:09 "Or our actions, the purpose of God is defeated."
34:13 Did you get that?
34:14 If the world comes in and affects how we think
34:18 and how we react and our actions God is displeased with that.
34:22 I can see that because that's the teachings of His Word.
34:27 I believe with all my heart its not time,
34:29 time for us to lay down and play dead.
34:32 Its time for us to lift our standard high
34:34 by the grace of God.
34:35 Its time to show our colors as it where.
34:38 It's time for us to not be ashamed about faith
34:41 and the gospel of Jesus Christ.
34:44 It's not the time to say, oh, lets not make our self
34:49 so different than the others in the world.
34:52 That Jesus never ever taught that in scripture.
34:56 See, there's many today say,
34:57 let's not make ourself a spectacle here.
34:58 Let's not make them create any waves here.
35:03 You see, I believe this with all my heart.
35:04 The banner that God has given this movement,
35:07 the banner that God has given this movement
35:10 must be raised higher and higher with the words on it.
35:13 "Here is the patience of the saints
35:16 here are they that keep the commandments of God
35:18 and have the faith of Jesus."
35:20 Have you read that?
35:21 I hope that you have.
35:25 God has pen those words on there
35:27 and He says raise it for the world to see.
35:30 Truth must be presented in order to reach souls.
35:35 Souls that are perishing
35:37 because they don't know any better
35:39 or no one has talked to them about it.
35:41 These truths must not in any way be hidden watered down,
35:45 sugarcoated they need to be straight today.
35:48 If we do any form or fashion God is not honored.
35:52 I have heard people say sometime
35:54 well, let's be careful someone is visiting in the church today
35:56 be careful what you say.
35:59 I understand that just certain extent but you know
36:01 what God's word has said, we must reveal that.
36:04 That's very, very important.
36:06 And may be that person is looking for these things.
36:09 May be the Holy Spirit will impress their minds too.
36:12 Just keep this in mind in every generation
36:16 God has had people.
36:18 He is had and He sent His servants to rebuke sin
36:22 inside and outside the church.
36:25 Did somebody get that?
36:27 Instead of making all of these excuses
36:28 we need to be careful now what we say.
36:30 God through every generation has sent His servants
36:34 to rebuke sin in the world and in the church.
36:39 Did God has called us today to preach the message
36:41 the good news that the gospel?
36:43 You'll say "well, what is the good news of the gospel."
36:45 Remember "If I be lifted up will draw
36:47 all men on to me" that's Jesus isn't it.
36:49 But whatever happened to this good old teaching
36:52 and preaching sorrowful for sin, repentance and confession,
36:56 getting right with God.
36:59 What's happened? Have we lost our first love?
37:03 See, people need to be educated today
37:04 and I'm still I'm in school of learning.
37:08 We need a solid experience that very few
37:11 have today with our Creator.
37:14 And when many people do not have that--
37:15 oh, listen carefully when you do not have that real
37:19 solid foundation in footing with Jesus Christ
37:23 you begin to look for something new and strange.
37:29 It begins to sound appealing.
37:30 Somebody comes and say "did you hear I read this
37:33 oh, I think this is what it means."
37:36 I think this may be is what it mean and then start to say
37:38 well something new and something strange
37:39 I need may be that.
37:42 We have to realize today that the enemy is going to be working
37:46 with the, with the, you know excitement in the church.
37:49 You know, I get excited I praise God,
37:51 you know, for the message there is legitimate excitement
37:54 and there is a false excitement as you will know.
37:57 The enemy is working with emotions in the church today.
38:00 He is working with sensationalism
38:02 in the church today.
38:04 He is working with the senses.
38:07 And you know I have read something
38:09 about man senses were corrupted as soon as he sinned.
38:13 What happened to Adam and Eve?
38:15 Had the pure mind and pure heart
38:16 but as soon as they rebelled against God their senses,
38:19 the way they seen, the way they thought it changed.
38:22 Read that in Genesis 3:8.
38:26 And what happened man sinned, what did he do?
38:28 When God came around he hid. You know he hid.
38:31 You know he-- what, he broke his relationship with God.
38:35 And then what happened?
38:37 Eve then began to believe her senses
38:40 and Satan's life more than she believed God.
38:46 Doubt always leads to disobedience
38:50 read that in Genesis 3:1-7.
38:53 Patriarchs and Prophets page 57.
38:55 I know I'm hurry I have to go.
38:56 You know, this is-- lot of information here.
39:00 "Satan exulted in his success.
39:03 He had tempted the woman to distrust God's love,
39:08 to doubt His wisdom, and to transgress His law,
39:13 through her he had caused the overthrow of Adam."
39:21 Think along with me for just a moment.
39:23 It was through Eve that Adam what, that he sinned.
39:27 The enemy is using the senses.
39:31 We have a religion today that's based upon senses or
39:34 a sensational religion it's to be shunned.
39:39 Not so we can't have excitement,
39:40 we can't have the spirit of God in among us
39:44 but we need to really examine this.
39:47 But you know what, it's very difficult to get
39:50 as it were to work with some individual
39:52 whose experiences the feelings and emotions and senses
39:55 as they use them rather than the Word of God.
39:59 We practiced the word because God said so.
40:02 One must practice true godliness and here where it's revealed.
40:06 We cannot feed on feelings and sensational things
40:10 or we call it here strange fire or strange things.
40:14 If we do we will fail
40:16 and you will say I don't know why.
40:18 Because we are not feeding on Christ
40:19 we're feeding on something else.
40:21 We're gonna fail.
40:22 If we are not feeding on Christ then what,
40:25 we're not going to be sound in the faith.
40:27 Are you sound in the faith today?
40:28 Are you really sound?
40:32 Please remember we can never judge
40:34 the value of any something by wrong standards.
40:38 Did you get it?
40:39 We can never judge the value of something
40:43 if it's by wrong standards.
40:46 We must-- let's not place the standards so low
40:49 that people who come into the church
40:51 or say they accept these truth are still breaking God's laws
40:54 and they don't even know it.
40:56 Why, because they haven't been taught any difference.
40:58 It's like well, just its okay, it's gonna be all right.
41:03 Would you agree with me today that more study is needed
41:07 and then not so much as a social club
41:10 that's not what church is, isn't it? No.
41:12 A social club or an entertainment,
41:15 you know, community these all night church sleepovers
41:19 and these swim parties all of these things that go on,
41:23 there may be a place for certain things
41:25 we need to be very, very careful
41:27 that is not the religion of Christ.
41:29 It's the religion of the world.
41:31 It's mixing the common with the sacred and why,
41:34 because people are more interested in the common.
41:36 They're more interested in coming over for swim party
41:40 then they're coming for what, in the Church.
41:43 They're more interested in the fellowship lunch
41:45 than they're coming and feeding on the Word of God.
41:47 They're more interested in the social club.
41:49 They go because they have friends here
41:51 and they want to socialize with them.
41:53 Well, our time we come in here people will say oh,
41:55 we come in here you know we're gonna--
41:57 you come what, in the sanctuary to spend time with God.
42:00 You have got six days in which do other things
42:02 and socialize and do all these other things,
42:04 it's a time we need along with God.
42:06 You know that, so that we can detect the common,
42:09 right and from the sacred?
42:12 You know God's law as we look at today
42:16 binding upon God's people today.
42:19 It's a standard of righteousness.
42:23 Some people will say well, I'm following the word. Really.
42:25 Are we obeying it?
42:26 We hear it but are we really obeying the Word?
42:29 More is needed today we know that.
42:31 And I suggest today that we take a fire extinguisher
42:36 and just extinguish out all strange or common fire.
42:40 How about you?
42:41 Extinguish, how could you extinguish it?
42:43 How do you get rid of it?
42:44 Well, by presenting the truth that's how you do it.
42:46 You dwell on holy principles Bible Spirit of Prophecy
42:51 which to us is sacred fire.
42:53 Well, don't we need that today? I do.
42:56 Let me ask you a question
42:57 how, how is it that I, how do I know
42:59 if I'm really serving God?
43:01 People will ask this.
43:02 How do I, how do I know if I'm or not?
43:04 Most people say "well, I'm in my own little away."
43:06 What do you mean your own little way?
43:08 Does God not had standards in them?
43:10 And I know they'll mean well sometimes
43:11 but I'm gonna challenge your thinking with it today.
43:14 How do I know that I really serve God?
43:18 Number one, we realize in order to,
43:20 if I'm really serving God
43:21 then and I need to be acceptable to Him.
43:25 The Bible talks about that.
43:26 Little article in Youth Instructor, 9-9-1997.
43:32 "In order to serve God acceptably,
43:35 we must be 'born again.'"
43:36 Isn't that makes sense?
43:38 Yeah the old man has to die, he has to be a new man.
43:41 "Our natural dispositions,
43:44 which are the opposite of the Spirit of God,
43:47 must be put away."
43:49 Is that why Paul said the things he once loved he now hates?
43:52 Yeah, he changed
43:54 didn't he as we become acquaint with God and we accept Him?
43:56 The things we used to love, we don't--
43:58 we don't love those things anymore, we change.
44:00 You'll notice that in somebody
44:01 who has been out on the world all the life
44:02 and finally they get their heart to Jesus
44:04 and they go to church and they start this, and,
44:06 and that and this throwing things away
44:07 and they'll say, well, I don't like to do that anymore.
44:09 That's the Spirit of God living inside them.
44:11 See there has to be a change take place.
44:13 You're not going to just float in the heaven.
44:17 You're not just gonna well we just gonna make it.
44:18 Notice "Unless the change takes place,
44:22 we cannot serve God aright.
44:27 Our work will be defective,
44:31 earthly plans must be"
44:32 you know "plans will be brought in."
44:34 And we call this what this strange fire.
44:37 "Dishonoring God with our offerings."
44:42 Wow, what are we to,
44:46 are we just show the world.
44:49 Is there something that we can show the world
44:50 or something that they need to see?
44:53 We need-- they need to see God's character.
44:56 They need to see the character that's been to the cross.
44:59 The character that's been changed, character like Jesus.
45:03 I believe this with all my heart, everyone needs
45:06 even those in high positions that might had.
45:08 Every church member needs to closely examine the work
45:13 God has given us to do.
45:14 I hope that makes sense to you.
45:16 Closely examine--
45:17 remember not somebody else's work
45:19 but the work that God has asked you to do.
45:23 And you'll examine it by what, the teachings of God's word.
45:26 We must watch, we must pray,
45:29 we must imitate Christ in all words and in all actions.
45:33 We need His help don't we.
45:34 We can't do it on our own.
45:37 Somebody said you know, I have got,
45:38 I have got a name to maintain,
45:40 I have got a character to maintain.
45:41 That may be but let me tell you
45:43 it must be the character of Jesus Christ.
45:46 Please keep this in mind.
45:49 What we believe and how we worship
45:53 determines whom we worship.
45:57 Remember error never sanctifies,
46:02 error is never harmless.
46:05 A little itzee-bitzee, are you still with me
46:07 it's never ever harmless as it where.
46:10 If you big glass of water
46:12 and one little drop of poison in there.
46:13 Oh, it's deadly.
46:15 Error is always dangerous,
46:18 error always brings in confusion,
46:23 error always makes it where we can't find out
46:25 what is right and what is common and that which is holy.
46:28 We must be careful of strange fire
46:30 that the enemy is offering.
46:32 And he is offering it in order for our message
46:38 not to change in any way,
46:40 in any form our foundation must run deep.
46:45 How many foundation today your,
46:47 your foundation is it really running deep,
46:48 is it really rooted and grounded in the Word of God today?
46:51 If you're not you're going to lose out on it.
46:55 Here is a warning that we must take real serious
46:57 and I pray that you do today or common
47:00 and strange fire you're what,
47:02 that common and strange fire will come in
47:05 if you don't feed this.
47:07 We cannot forget the way that the Lord has let us in the past.
47:13 That means we can't forget His teaching, can't we.
47:17 If we do we have much to fear
47:19 but see something's has changed, a lot of things have changed.
47:24 That which is sacred and we call sacred the moment
47:26 it was built upon have been changing,
47:29 the world is changing and we think we need to change
47:32 but the Word of God never changes.
47:34 Our foundation and the truths that we believe
47:37 must not and cannot be moved.
47:40 Why is it that many have moved
47:41 and we say and the people will quote this
47:43 and at the same time moving these pillars
47:45 and these pegs and these panes?
47:48 Are we that dark spiritually that we don't understand it?
47:52 Do we want more light to come in
47:54 do we want to stand on that platform?
47:57 Well Proverbs 4:18
47:59 says "The light will shine more and more unto the perfect day."
48:03 So that tells me what?
48:04 Light is progressive and that and that means what,
48:07 more lights-- God has got more light for us.
48:10 How about you?
48:11 Are you ready for more light?
48:12 I have lot of people say call
48:14 and they write in and they say why we man,
48:16 I have tell you I have received new light.
48:18 You know, as soon as you do that to me
48:19 you know what I'm going to do?
48:21 I'm gonna jot it down and I'm gonna go to the Word of God
48:22 and I'm going to check you out.
48:25 That's what you should be doing.
48:26 Somebody I've got new light
48:28 and it can't just be one little line or one little verse.
48:31 It must be line upon line, precept upon precept,
48:33 here a little and there a little.
48:34 And, you know, I listen to,
48:35 some of you here in Bible students
48:37 and I get this because people,
48:38 you know, they will call in and they will say
48:41 "you know well, you know, I believe this
48:43 and I believe that and I'm teaching this and that."
48:46 If you think that God has given some new life remember,
48:50 Jesus never presented any new light
48:54 while He walked this earth.
48:55 He presented that which is always been.
48:57 Wow, but all of a sudden we have new,
48:59 it may be new to us see, as light is progressing.
49:05 But if it varies and it's different than that
49:07 which we are foundation and our pillars
49:09 that have been given to us then you know what,
49:12 you need to sit down and counsel with somebody else
49:14 before you present it is truth.
49:16 One man by himself can be misled if he is not careful.
49:20 And so we need to be studying these things
49:21 that were that be so.
49:22 Because you're gonna lead lot of people down the wrong path.
49:25 They're gonna think that this is strange.
49:27 We'll say this is strange and this is common
49:29 and this is sacred pretty soon they're bowled up
49:31 you don't know and well what.
49:33 Why, because we're not in the Word of God.
49:36 I believe this one when God testifies
49:38 what truth is line upon line
49:40 and we talked about Isaiah 28 read verses 9-13
49:44 that His word stands forever.
49:46 Have you read that Isaiah 40:8?
49:48 It never changes.
49:50 Anything contrary to this is not to be entertained.
49:55 It is not to be entertained
49:57 which is contrary to our teachings
49:59 this movement was raised upon the Word of God,
50:01 it says clearly.
50:03 Many of us are afraid almost of what?
50:05 People come and saying new light, why?
50:08 Because many voices are proclaiming it everywhere,
50:11 this new light and they'll bring it this way.
50:13 Well, if you don't listen this is salvation issue.
50:17 I believe this with all my heart the salvation issue
50:19 and then its error and we can figure out what it is
50:21 and we'll praise God for it, its okay.
50:24 But many times it's so called light,
50:27 this common are you still with me, this common,
50:31 it contradicts what the Bible has taught the Word of God.
50:36 It contradicts the pillars of our faith.
50:39 Remember, if it contradicts the pillars of our faith
50:42 dear friends, its going to move us in the wrong direction.
50:46 You don't want to go in the wrong direction.
50:48 I don't want to go in the direction.
50:51 And so I will just make this clear
50:52 is there such a thing as new light?
50:55 Yeah, more light. Absolutely yes, there is.
50:58 And if we are connected to Christ,
51:00 we're connected to the Holy Spirit,
51:03 light will always it will show us brighter and brighter right.
51:06 These new truths will be revealed and they're what,
51:09 they're old truths they are just gonna brighter and brighter
51:13 and many times these old truths, you know,
51:15 again which is been there all the time
51:17 same like new truths to many people.
51:20 You hadn't seen it before.
51:21 Now I pray that you're here encountering something's like
51:24 that why because it means you're studying
51:25 and you're praying and you want to know.
51:30 Think about this with me for a just a moment.
51:33 In order to curb, right, in order to curb or stop
51:37 strange fire false doctrine, false teachings
51:43 and not listening to them anymore,
51:48 don't want to hear them anymore what do we need?
51:51 Do we need something fancy?
51:53 Do we need lot of preaching and teaching?
51:54 We just simply need to plan simple
51:56 teachings of the Word of the God.
51:57 If you want to stop and if you want to curb it,
52:00 if you don't want it to curb just simply what,
52:03 give us the plain teachings of God's word.
52:05 I want you to listen this statement
52:07 and see if it kind of helps back this
52:10 about what is already been established
52:12 and how it will not change 60:17.
52:15 It says, simply we have the old landmarks of truth,
52:19 experience and duty.
52:22 We are to stand firmly, notice this
52:24 and defense of our principles in full view of the world.
52:29 Too many people are hiding, you're embraced, you're ashamed.
52:32 Why are you're embarrassed or you're ashamed of that which
52:34 used to be once-- oh, praise God I found this out
52:37 I'm little embarrass, I'm little bit ashamed why
52:39 because you're different from the world, praise God.
52:41 You're gonna have to be different.
52:42 I'm gonna have to be different from the world
52:45 and I have to stand in defense of the principles
52:49 in full view of the world.
52:51 Early Writings 258-- 259 last couples of minutes we have
52:54 "God had led his people" notice this
52:57 "along step by step until He had placed them
53:01 upon solid immovable platform."
53:04 Friend, are you on that solid immovable platform today
53:10 or have you got off from that platform and starting
53:12 and looking of what's holding it up?
53:14 Are you beginning doubt it and to question?
53:18 Don't you believe that God has been leading you
53:20 and guiding you and your heart and your life?
53:23 Friends, we need to know the difference
53:26 that the truth has been taught from the pulpits today
53:29 rather than a hellish torture of Satan.
53:32 We need to know the difference may God help us to see
53:35 because the Bible said "There is a way
53:37 which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof
53:40 are the ways of death" in Proverbs 14:12.
53:42 I encourage you today dear friends, to take that stand.
53:45 I want to pray with you before we close today.
53:49 I know that Holy Spirit is working on your heart
53:51 and I know you want to know the difference between that
53:54 which is common and that which is sacred.
53:57 I know I do.
53:59 The closer we get to the Lord
54:00 the more it's easy to detect these things
54:03 and the Lord has commissioned us to go into the all the world
54:05 and proclaim this wonderful beautiful message
54:08 to know that you stand on a firm foundation.
54:11 The principles of God's word don't back away be strong,
54:15 now is the time to do that.
54:16 Let's pray shall we together as we close this message
54:19 where you can kneel, with me, would you.
54:22 Merciful Father in heaven,
54:23 we thank You for Your precious word today.
54:25 We thank You that you've reminded us of who You are.
54:28 You've reminded us there is a difference
54:30 and we are to be separate from the world.
54:31 We are to understand and not try to mingle
54:34 the two together the common and the sacred.
54:36 Lord, help us to see it through Your eyes today.
54:38 Thank You for hearing and answering
54:40 prayer in Jesus name, amen.
54:45 As we close out this section
54:47 I want to encourage those of you who still
54:49 you know we do, we shall appreciate your cards
54:51 and your letters and your support,
54:53 your questions that you have please feel free always.
54:55 Emails we get those all the time.
54:57 And some of you bless your hearts you always tell me how
54:59 I mispronounced something or whatever that's all right,
55:01 you feel free to do that.
55:03 You know, but you know first of all
55:04 I want you to listen to God's word
55:06 it either is from God or its not.
55:08 It's either from God or it's from the enemy.
55:10 How are you gonna know unless you get into the Word of God?
55:12 That's my challenge to you today.
55:14 It's to get into the Word of God study to show yourself
55:17 proved unto Him.
55:18 This is the hour the movement is on,
55:21 the enemy is right now as a roaring lion.
55:23 Do not let him devour you.
55:24 Please make that decision for Him today
55:26 and when you have an opportunity give us a call,
55:28 or you write us a letter, tune in,
55:29 write to our programs everyday.
55:31 We love you and we'll see you next time.
55:36 Hello and welcome back.
55:38 It seems as we pray about what messages
55:40 that we are to share with you
55:42 the Lord always directs us to a subject of preparation.
55:46 Preparation to be ready when our name appears before
55:50 the great heavenly court and not to be found wanting.
55:54 This four part series that we just finished
55:57 Common and Sacred Fire is really no different.
56:00 In order to live the victorious life in Christ
56:04 we must learn to separate the common and worldly things
56:07 form the sacred and the holy things of God.
56:11 God is sacred and there is none holier than He.
56:15 What He has sanctified listen closely.
56:19 What He has sanctified no man can change.
56:22 The Bible teaches us that we are to worship Him
56:25 and spirit and in truth.
56:27 Listen to those two identified marks spirit and in truth.
56:31 And to do this we must understand
56:34 that there is indeed a distinguished difference
56:37 between the common and the sacred
56:40 and they're never to be mingled.
56:42 And we certainly hope brothers and sisters,
56:45 that this message has truly blessed your heart
56:48 and that you would like that you desire to have it to study
56:52 and to become part of your home library.
56:55 This four part series entitled Common and Sacred Fire
56:59 is being made available to you
57:01 for a love gift of just $29 and more,
57:04 having a series on hand as a tool
57:06 that you may use to help others as well as yourself.
57:10 And always remember every donation
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57:21 many others around the world.
57:23 All you have to do is to contact us here
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57:58 Until next time friends, may our precious Lord
58:01 continue to richly bless you and yours.


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