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00:42 Hello, and welcome to Behold the Lamb Presents.
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton your host and I just want to thank you
00:46 for taking this time to study God's word with us today.
00:50 Today's message is actually
00:52 the second in a three part series
00:54 that we have simply entitled, Women's Ordination.
00:59 Recently I had the pleasure speaking with a listener
01:01 from Georgia who is very concerned about the--
01:04 the debates that are currently going on in our church
01:07 dealing with this very issue.
01:09 One thing that this listener made very clear to me
01:13 is that there has always been hierarchy
01:16 in God's kingdom above as well as
01:19 how He has established his kingdom here below.
01:22 We can read about the position of cherubim
01:24 and seraphim and the archangel in scripture
01:27 and which position Lucifer himself held before his fall.
01:32 And how that there are to be elders and deacons,
01:35 teachers and so on in our churches today
01:38 but in no way does once hierarchical position
01:41 change our equality of love with God.
01:45 God is not a respecter of persons the Bible says
01:48 and I believe that this is a key element
01:51 to remember during this time of study.
01:54 Many women over the ages have been called of God
01:57 to be used in His service.
01:59 Many have been instruments in winning souls
02:02 for the kingdom of heaven and many women
02:05 have lost their very life for standing firm
02:08 in the truth of God's words.
02:11 I want you to listen to this quote about ministry,
02:13 it's found in Manuscript Releases 18, page 380
02:19 and it was written by Ellen white.
02:22 "Sunday March 15, 1891,
02:25 I attended the ministers' meeting.
02:27 The blessing of the Lord came upon me,
02:29 and I spoke with the demonstration
02:31 of the Holy Spirit of God and with power.
02:35 There are those who are working out a great circle.
02:38 The Lord has given Christ to the world for ministry.
02:42 Merely to preach the Word is not ministry.
02:45 The Lord desires His ministering servants
02:48 to occupy a place worthy of the highest consideration.
02:52 In the mind of God, the ministry of men and women
02:57 existed before the world was created.
02:59 He determined that His ministers
03:02 should have a perfect exemplification
03:04 of Himself and His purposes.
03:07 No human career could do this work
03:10 for God gave Christ in humanity to work out His ideal
03:15 of what humanity may become through entire obedience
03:19 to His will and His way.
03:22 God's character was revealed in the life of His Son.
03:25 Christ not only held a theory of genuine ministry,
03:29 but in His humanity He wrought out an illustration
03:33 of the ministry that God approves.
03:36 Perfection has marked out every feature of true ministry.
03:41 Christ, the Son of the living God,
03:43 did not live unto Himself, but unto God."
03:47 Friends, let us therefore both men and women
03:52 strive to pattern our calling after Christ's example.
03:56 So stay tuned with us today as Pastor Kenny Shelton
04:00 brings us part two of Women's Ordination.
04:04 But first we are so blessed to listen to a song
04:07 that is entitled "Oh How He Loves You And Me"
04:11 with Lyndon Carriger from the 3ABN worship centre.
04:32 Oh, how He loves you and me
04:40 Oh, how He loves you and me
04:49 He gave His life
04:52 What more could He give
04:58 Oh, how He loves you
05:02 Oh, how He loves me
05:06 Oh, how He loves you and me
05:14 Jesus to Calvary did go
05:23 His love for mankind to show
05:31 What He did there
05:35 brought hope from despair
05:40 Oh, how He loves you
05:45 Oh, how He loves me
05:49 Oh, how He loves you and me
06:01 Oh, how He loves you and me
06:09 Oh, how He loves you and me
06:17 He gave His life
06:21 what more could He give
06:28 Oh, how He loves you
06:33 Oh, how He loves me
06:37 Oh, how He loves you
06:42 Oh, how He loves me
06:46 Oh, how He loves you and me
07:13 Thanks for joining us again here Behold the Lamb,
07:16 most import subject for today.
07:18 We're talking about Women's Ordination.
07:21 Quite a stir in the advent moment whether we should,
07:24 whether we shouldn't, is it right,
07:27 does it really make a difference?
07:28 Sure it makes a different.
07:29 Everything that we do in the cause of Christ
07:31 makes a difference.
07:32 And where we are going to get our information?
07:33 Certainly from the Word of God.
07:35 It's not gonna be I think, I feel
07:37 or so and so has been training and educated for this that--
07:41 what does God's word have to say
07:42 that's what we are gonna get into.
07:43 This is part two, if you miss part one
07:46 you want to make sure you get that.
07:48 Remember part one, two and three,
07:50 they build on each other
07:52 and you need them to put together.
07:53 But before that we get into our subject let's --
07:56 let's pray together shall we and I again appreciate
07:58 those of you who can kneel and pray with me
08:00 where you can.
08:01 Let's kneel right now
08:02 and asks God's blessing, shall we?
08:05 Merciful Father in heaven,
08:06 we thank You for the privilege of prayer.
08:08 Now we ask for Your Holy Spirit
08:09 to take possession of our hearts, our minds,
08:12 our soul, forgive me my sins
08:14 and mistakes anything that would separate me
08:16 from hearing Your voice right now.
08:18 Open the mind, ears, the hearts of Your people
08:20 everywhere may we see Jesus today.
08:23 May we see this beautiful truth
08:25 that You have for us regardless of our possession
08:28 that we may have had before let's look at God's words,
08:31 let's weigh the evidence
08:33 and let's get have one mind, mind of Christ.
08:35 We thank You for hearing
08:36 and answering prayer in Jesus name, amen.
08:40 Again we are very thankful that you join us,
08:43 you know from program to program
08:45 and many of you are sitting down
08:46 taking lot of notes and your calling us
08:48 and emailing and you're ordering these DVD's
08:51 and you know whatever, so you could study at home.
08:54 Many people are taking these
08:56 and they are coping down word for word
08:59 how interesting that is,
09:00 so they can get the truth of God's word.
09:03 Let's just start with this, this is part two
09:05 and something that we talked about on our first part,
09:07 we would do rather quickly here.
09:09 We're talking about remember,
09:10 above all that's going on we're talking about true unity
09:14 and true harmony in the cause of Christ.
09:16 In the church comes about
09:19 because we agree on and in truth.
09:23 Did you get that?
09:24 Unity, unity, unity we talk about and we need it
09:27 but it only comes about
09:28 by as we agree on and in the truth.
09:32 Now, let's say this, the issue of women's ordination
09:36 raises a lot of questions
09:37 and I think we need to answer those questions
09:39 and they need to be what?
09:40 Not I feel like I think should be based upon God's word.
09:43 This we know-- wake up,
09:45 this we know for sure that-- this is the foundation
09:48 we're gonna have to build on
09:49 this we know, there was never any record.
09:51 There is no record at all of any women
09:54 being ordination as elder or pastor in the New Testament.
09:58 No record of that.
09:59 Two, the Old Testament women were not ordained as priest.
10:04 Now, number three,
10:06 Jesus did not appoint a single woman to be an apostle.
10:11 Even though they were present and played important role.
10:15 Number four, when one replacement was necessary
10:18 you'll remember the story in Apostle Acts Chapter 1
10:21 we remember that with women present
10:24 Jesus still what, a male was chosen.
10:27 Number five, Paul his letters to Timothy
10:30 and to Titus contains information
10:33 that only men may hold the offers
10:36 of an elder or a pastor.
10:38 Now keep that in mind, I'm gonna read this quickly
10:41 we will talk more about it little bit later on.
10:43 1 Timothy 2:12,
10:44 have your Bible make sure you turn there.
10:46 Paul said this oh, I have heard so many excuses and so many oh,
10:52 this is what he mean, this is what.
10:54 Listen Paul said exactly what he meant.
10:57 This is interesting now,
10:58 you think that's little difficult
10:59 we will explain this little bit later on.
11:01 But boy, this is pretty difficult
11:03 for some people to swallow.
11:05 Notice what-- this is how it reads here
11:07 1 Timothy 2:12 Paul speaking said,
11:11 "But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to" what?
11:16 "Have authority over the man, but to be in silence."
11:23 Then he gives two arguments why,
11:26 and the good argument is number one he says,
11:28 then he gives these two number one
11:29 "Adam was first formed and then Eve."
11:32 And in verse 14, his second point he says,
11:35 "And Adam was not deceived,
11:38 but the woman being deceived was in the transgression."
11:42 Now, remember that's pretty powerful
11:43 its gonna turn some people off
11:45 to begin with not trying to do that at all
11:47 but the Apostle Paul said this,
11:50 he said these words now must be explained
11:52 and in the context of what he is talking about.
11:55 I think we also consider this point here
11:58 this is from the Acts of Apostle page 91
12:01 talking about the organization
12:03 of "The church at Jerusalem was to serve as a model".
12:07 Now what was to serve as a model?
12:09 The church in Jerusalem.
12:11 A model means simply a blueprint,
12:13 an example it means a copy
12:16 "for the organization of all churches
12:19 in every place where messengers
12:22 of truth should win converts to the gospel."
12:25 That did-- that not just mean just in
12:27 but it means what?
12:28 It means, even today it's an example.
12:31 Now, listen we understand and I think most of us
12:34 as we study the issue we understand the church.
12:38 Now, I remember some will jump up and scream
12:39 before I finish but let me finish with this.
12:42 The church as a legislative body
12:46 cannot make doctrines and teachings and policy.
12:52 You said, oh, they do? Yes.
12:54 Listen, but hit head on with the teachings
12:58 that Christ has already spoken off in scripture. Why?
13:02 Because He doesn't change truth doesn't change.
13:05 So, we can't make any--
13:06 we can't get a group of people together and say
13:08 well I know what scripture says
13:09 but in our church we decided move together
13:12 and we are gonna do it this way.
13:14 No, you can't do it that way.
13:15 We can't ever do that Jesus appointed the 12.
13:18 You remember the 12 in Matthew Chapter 10.
13:22 It says He sent them out and he ordained them.
13:26 He commissioned them,
13:27 He empowered them the Bible says, interesting.
13:32 They were giving the teachings, notice when they went out
13:36 they were giving the teachings of the Old Testament.
13:39 Wow, not certainly combined with new but --
13:41 notice they were teachings
13:43 the Old Testament to be carried out.
13:45 They were studying and preaching and teaching,
13:47 they were carried out in the New Testament church.
13:50 They were written by the apostles
13:52 and it certainly carried on a little bit later on.
13:55 Interesting, he gave the elders
13:57 and the pastors of the flock spiritual authority.
14:01 Who did he give spiritual authority to?
14:03 The elders and the pastors of the flock.
14:05 He gave them the authority,
14:06 grounded and rooted in Jesus Christ.
14:10 Please take note we'll talk about it more
14:12 as time permits here, but remember
14:14 the New Testament church the apostles what?
14:16 Reach back into the Old Testament
14:18 of how it was set up then
14:19 and brought that from no Old Testament
14:21 into the New Testament, interesting.
14:25 Now, do you remember
14:26 when Moses was counseled by Jethro,
14:28 do you remember when he needed some help
14:30 a plan to distribute some of his responsibilities.
14:34 Sure, you do, you read that in Exodus Chapter 18
14:38 and in Exodus Chapter 18 Moses notices what he did.
14:42 "Moses chose able bodied men out of Israel
14:45 and made them heads over the people."
14:48 Notice that word he made heads over people.
14:51 Moses made them leaders, leaders or heads in charge.
14:57 They were put in positions of headship.
15:00 Now, you say boy,
15:02 there could be more on that too as we go along.
15:04 Then later Moses chose 70, remember, 70 elders
15:07 to show you know, that responsibility.
15:12 Acts of the Apostles page 94 gives us comment notice.
15:16 "Moses was careful to select, as his helpers," notice this,
15:20 "men possessing dignity, sound judgment, and experience.
15:26 And In his charge to these elders
15:28 at the time of their ordination,
15:31 he outlined some of the qualifications
15:34 that fit a man to be a wise ruler in the church."
15:39 These will fit if you don't just start
15:40 crossing them all of one at a time.
15:42 We weigh them out.
15:44 Now, notice in Numbers 11:16, 17
15:48 it says "And the Lord said unto Moses,"
15:50 here is what the Lord said.
15:51 Moses look I want you to "gather me"
15:53 you remember this?
15:54 "Seventy men of the elders of Israel,"
15:59 now, notice "whom thou knowest to be the elders of the people"
16:03 and God said in verse 17
16:05 "and I will take the spirit" listen to this
16:08 "which is upon thee and I will put it in them."
16:11 Oh, what a spirit think about that.
16:13 I will take the spirit I have given you Moses
16:15 and I'm going to put it on these, these leaders.
16:18 God would ordain these men with His spirit.
16:23 And remember God the ordination of God
16:24 is more important than any man can put on you.
16:26 Are you still with me?
16:28 Notice Acts of the Apostles page 95,
16:30 now don't miss this,
16:32 I know we do some reading here but don't miss this.
16:35 "The same principle" is talking about here
16:37 of "principles of piety" or the spirit
16:40 "and justice that were to guide the rulers
16:43 among God's people in the time of Moses and of David,
16:48 were also to be followed by those given the oversight
16:53 of the newly organized church of God
16:56 in the gospel dispensation."
16:58 Did somebody get that?
17:01 No, you find it, please don't find it.
17:05 The same rules you're talking about the principles of piety
17:08 and justice of the sprit leading and guiding
17:10 you say well, that's not quite clear
17:12 it gonna get little clear as I read on.
17:14 Now, notice right here, they are using what,
17:16 the same principles of the Old Testament
17:18 are to be used in the gospel dispensation.
17:21 "In the work of setting things in order in all the churches,"
17:26 and notice "and ordaining suitable men
17:30 to act as officers, the apostles held
17:33 to the high standards of leadership outlined
17:37 in the Old Testament Scripture."
17:39 The apostles in the New Testament
17:41 held high authority of what?
17:43 That which was ordained in the Old Testament
17:45 and they put it, they said okay,
17:46 we are gonna bring that over
17:48 well, God said that in the Old Testament
17:50 into the New Testament.
17:52 Now, of course if you want to read
17:53 and you can do that in Titus 1:7-9
17:56 those two verses there are very, very important here,
17:58 it's a important point.
18:00 And it will give you a little background
18:01 quickly verse 5 and 6 they were to it says,
18:04 they were to ordain elders in every city.
18:07 Now, remember we are talking about ordination,
18:09 we are talking about elders.
18:11 There are some people in the church today
18:12 who doesn't make any difference.
18:13 You got women elders and some are ordained,
18:15 some of them are not.
18:16 Is it biblical or its not? It's either okay or its not.
18:20 And if it's okay with God its okay with me.
18:22 If it's not okay with God and God's word
18:24 then it's not okay with me.
18:25 And somebody needs to what, blow a little horn, okay,
18:29 Titus 1:7-9 these two verses remember ordaining
18:32 elders in every city and there were,
18:35 notice this in verse 6 It says,
18:37 "they were to ordain the husband of one wife."
18:44 Hello, they were to ordain the husband of one wife
18:48 so you must be a husband.
18:51 Interesting and if you read verses 7 through 9
18:54 and I wish we had time to do that I have in my Bible
18:57 but time is getting by quickly right here.
18:59 You will see the qualification of an elder
19:02 or you take a bishop or in a pastor.
19:04 You see the qualification,
19:06 remember if you don't fit the qualification
19:08 you cannot be one.
19:10 Man might say you can be but God-- God says you can't.
19:14 Is that makes sense?
19:16 So the qualification are given here
19:18 you can read those qualification.
19:20 And it simply says this what?
19:21 They must be men, they must be a husband.
19:26 Oh, I could say an awful lot
19:27 and I'm just biting my tongue right now,
19:29 I'm telling right now I'm fighting it brother,
19:31 I'm just fighting sister, on this,
19:32 right now, because -- I know some people are saying
19:35 oh, yeah, here is the qualification
19:37 that being an elder they must be a man.
19:40 They must be the husband.
19:42 Now, some of you say, yeah,
19:43 but you know some of those words they will say,
19:45 "Paul here in these verses uses the term "anar"
19:49 and when he does this anar
19:50 which is a term that someone capable of being a husband
19:56 that rules a lot of you out then.
19:59 That means that it's a male person distinct from a woman.
20:05 See the Bible is pretty if we want look at remember
20:08 man and women may both be set apart,
20:12 they can lay on hands and pray
20:13 and be involved in the work of Christ
20:15 to perform certain functions.
20:18 This is important now, I'm going to read this quote
20:21 from the Adventist Review, July 9th, 1895.
20:25 This has been some people have used this to say you may,
20:29 we may ordain women as elders and pastors.
20:32 Oh, my they brutalized it.
20:35 I'm gonna explain why, I read it first.
20:37 It says, "Women who are willing to consecrate"
20:41 notice this consecrated.
20:43 Consecrate some of their time
20:45 "Women who want to consecrate some of their time
20:48 to the service of the God
20:51 should be appointed to visit the sick,
20:55 look after the young,
20:57 and minister to the necessities of the poor."
21:01 Now, notice this,
21:02 and "In some cases they will need to counsel
21:07 with the church officers and the minister."
21:11 Interesting its talking about a ministry here
21:14 so there is three points we need to look at.
21:16 So we say, well, well there can be a ministry.
21:18 Well, yes, we are talking about ordination
21:20 you are not ministering or having
21:22 you know some work in the church
21:24 which is a ministry.
21:25 But notice this here,
21:27 we are talking about a part time position here
21:30 not the full time of an elder or a pastor of the church
21:33 so that would rule that out.
21:36 It's not the work of the-- they are talking about the work
21:39 necessarily of the minister or the church officer.
21:42 Number three, the work that they were talking
21:45 about the women here it was different
21:46 than what they were ordinarily doing.
21:49 So its like we come to church we have different job
21:51 but we are involved in may be ministry
21:52 doing something after you know church
21:54 or what ever it might be.
21:56 Five testimonies of Titus 6:17 says,
21:59 now this is in reference to this passage
22:02 that I'm going to read here
22:03 because Paul said this in Titus.
22:06 He said do this, now, Titus 1:5
22:08 "Set in order of the things that are wanting."
22:10 See there are something's wanting here
22:12 we need to get to the bottom of it.
22:14 When people say it doesn't matter
22:15 it does matter things that are wanting.
22:17 It says, "Ordain elders in every city,
22:20 as I appointed thee."
22:22 Notice this "If any be blameless,
22:25 the husband of one wife, having faithful children
22:31 not accused of riot or unruly.
22:34 For a bishop must be blameless, as the steward of God."
22:39 What does the Bible say?
22:40 Bible says elders, elders in the church
22:43 they must be the husband of a wife,
22:45 having wife, having faithful children.
22:49 So you say okay, look and reading that passage
22:52 going to the spirit of prophecy notice what it says there
22:54 5, page 617 in this reference.
22:57 "It would be well for all our ministers
22:59 to give heed to these words and not to hurry men
23:03 into office without due consideration
23:06 and much prayer that God would designate
23:10 by His Spirit whom He will accept."
23:14 So it says here He will accept some
23:15 and some He will not accept.
23:17 Men may put people in positions,
23:19 wait God wouldn't do that but men try to do that.
23:23 Remember who He will accept
23:26 He'll only accept those who fulfill
23:29 the guidelines that He has set up.
23:32 Oh, I want that to make sense to you.
23:34 God will only accept those who meet the guidelines
23:39 that He has set up.
23:41 That makes sense to me.
23:43 We won't set our own guidelines,
23:45 God didn't qualify you.
23:46 He didn't say you could do that
23:48 but we have to meet those qualifications there.
23:52 So, let's say well, if we don't and you know
23:54 follow the inspirited word
23:56 He is not going to accept that individual really.
24:01 He can't accept them
24:02 if they don't fit the qualifications.
24:05 Now, concerning elders
24:07 we are talking about started in verse 17
24:09 if we do 1 Timothy 5
24:11 and I'm gonna read verse 22 quickly
24:13 but if you start with verse 17 and go on
24:15 it gives you a little bit of feel
24:17 for what we are talking about here.
24:18 It says notice its talking about ordination
24:21 of elders and pastors.
24:22 It says, "Lay hands suddenly on no man."
24:27 People only that say, well,
24:28 that could be mankind in general
24:30 and then you have-- see just praise God
24:33 for the spirit of prophecy because you can go
24:35 because that can a debate for some.
24:37 If you look at the whole context of it
24:38 there will be now but most people won't do that
24:40 because they are trying to make something fit that doesn't fit.
24:43 You ever try to put a size ten foot
24:46 into about a seven size shoe?
24:49 You know what I'm talking about some people would try it
24:52 and they'll try to get away with it.
24:53 But now concerning this verse
24:55 notices what 5, T 617 and 618 says.
24:59 Did somebody hear me?
25:01 This is refereeing specifically
25:02 to what I just read in the Bible.
25:05 Here is what it said, this goes powerful now.
25:08 It speaks to us today,
25:10 it says, if some of our churches,
25:13 notice this "In some of our churches,
25:15 the work of organizing and of ordaining
25:17 elders has been premature."
25:20 Lot of times there is no one else we say
25:22 hey, how about you doing it male,
25:24 qualification the Bible said though.
25:27 And consequently grievous trouble
25:29 has been brought upon the church.
25:31 See if we don't follow God's councils
25:33 eventually there is going to be grievous problems
25:36 are going to be at your door.
25:37 It may take a while but I guarantee you
25:39 if we don't follow the council of God
25:42 grievous problems going to not only in the church
25:44 but in our own personal home.
25:47 There is Bible rules Bible rules are disregarded
25:52 so if you disregard Him grievous trouble
25:54 is going to broad in.
25:55 Notice this reading on,
25:56 "There should not be so great haste
25:58 in electing leaders as to ordain men
26:03 who are in no way fitted for the responsible work
26:06 men need to be converted."
26:09 A man how I -- I say amen to that.
26:11 Men need to be converted.
26:14 It will be better not to have them
26:15 if they are not what fulfill the qualifications
26:18 of God has set up in His word.
26:20 Rather and say we have to have an elder
26:22 or we have to have a deacon,
26:24 we have to have this office fill,
26:25 that may be so but you don't put them in there
26:27 if they don't fit the qualifications
26:29 because God will not say amen to that.
26:32 I hope you follow what I'm saying.
26:34 Again in 5 Testimonies 618, 618 say this.
26:38 "The leaders of churches
26:39 in every place should be earnest,"
26:42 yes, "full of zeal and unselfish interest"
26:46 notice this, "men of God."
26:49 See we need unity, we need unity on this issue,
26:55 it shouldn't be up to this group we can do it,
26:58 this group shouldn't do it.
27:00 This preordained here but it' only in this local area
27:03 its not ordination you know around the world
27:05 which we have a worldwide work.
27:09 But some how we're what, once we get away
27:11 from the Bible rule and teachings,
27:13 we begin to you know fragment,
27:15 we will be going to all different directions
27:17 and becomes very complicated.
27:19 Unity is so important in fact you know,
27:21 Jesus prayed that you remember that in John 17.
27:25 He said, "That we may all be one as thou,
27:28 Father, art in me, and I in thee,
27:31 there may be one in us."
27:34 What now notice this, when there is unity
27:36 and were collected together in unity of scripture
27:39 and doctrine and teaching that right there says,
27:42 that the world may believe that thou has sent me.
27:46 Wow, if all the disruptions we have in the church
27:49 in different doctrines and teachings
27:50 of things going on.
27:52 Now, you will say well, that passage can go many ways,
27:54 praise God for the spirit of prophecy again.
27:57 You know we can really, really interesting
27:58 you study in scripture here
28:00 the Bible you are take you read the Bible.
28:02 you have-- many times you have
28:03 historical accounts as beautiful and you can go to
28:06 and then you have the spirit of prophecy to go.
28:09 Many people are not using there you are missing out on that.
28:11 Concerning this passage its says
28:12 nothing different than what the scripture says,
28:14 listen to this in 5 "T" 620 concerning
28:17 this passage spirit of prophecy says this.
28:20 "All professed Christians should do
28:22 their utmost to preserve peace, harmony,
28:26 and love in the church."
28:28 Do their utmost to have love peace
28:29 and harmony in the church. Why?
28:32 Because "The unity of the church is convincing
28:36 evidence to the world, that Jesus" what?
28:40 "He is our Redeemer."
28:42 Convincing unity of the church convince.
28:44 God sent Jesus into this world and then it goes my,
28:50 it says, "God is dishonored by those who profess the truth
28:56 while they are at variance and enmity with one another."
29:00 This is heavy, "It would be better for us never,"
29:03 notice the word never "to have seen
29:05 the light of truth than to profess to accept it
29:09 and not be sanctified through it."
29:12 There is the problem well I know,
29:14 I know, I know what it said
29:16 but it has sanctified it hasn't change you.
29:19 That's what truth does.
29:20 That's why many people are still the same old,
29:22 same old because they won't let the truth.
29:24 They'll say okay, I recognize I see
29:25 what it is when you let it inside it will change you.
29:28 You will be different.
29:30 You are sanctified John 17:17 sanctified by the truth.
29:34 So the women's ordination can you say it doesn't matter?
29:37 No, you know it matters
29:40 because truth matters every bit of it.
29:44 Notice again, in direct response to this verse
29:47 that we read in scripture what it say lay--
29:50 lay hands suddenly on no man.
29:53 4 Testimonies 406 says this we go,
29:56 oh, that man, that means that a mankind
29:58 that can be man or woman now listen
30:00 406, 4 "T" 406 says this.
30:03 "In the days of the apostles the ministers of God
30:06 did not dare rely upon their own judgment in selecting
30:10 or accepting men to take the solemn sacred position
30:15 of mouthpiece for God."
30:16 Wow.
30:18 "They selected the men
30:19 and whom their judgment would accept,
30:22 and then they placed them" notice
30:24 "before the Lord to see if He would accept them.
30:28 No less than this should be done now.
30:32 How many times that we really follow that council?
30:36 How many times if we really follow
30:38 that council we have committee meetings,
30:40 we nominate and we place in now here
30:42 and we say human reasoning this seems
30:44 like Joel should be, and then we what we what,
30:48 give him to God and let God answer.
30:50 Will God accept him?
30:53 See, so it's very, very important
30:54 that we say this ordination isn't proper.
30:57 Should woman really be ordained?
31:00 Does it stop them in any work any form or fact?
31:02 Absolutely not but there is a truth to this.
31:06 See we believe as a people God has given us great light.
31:10 Don't you?
31:11 It's great light,
31:13 but if that light doesn't lead us into the--
31:18 I want to call to unity of the spirit.
31:21 If it doesn't lead us to greater devotion
31:23 and great consecration to God and to live holy our lives,
31:29 our willingness to become more and more
31:30 like Jesus to be obedient to the truth
31:33 then what good is it?
31:36 See what good is it if it doesn't change us?
31:45 Are we not to that-- Titus talks about here 1:14
31:50 it manages, manages that it says,
31:52 "Not giving heed to Jewish fables,
31:55 and commandments of men, that turn from the truth."
31:59 See very, very interesting when we read this
32:02 because so many times especially in the Adventism
32:05 we read that passage
32:07 and we read certainly Matthew 15:9
32:10 and we quote it many times,
32:11 we'll say "In vain do they worship me,
32:13 teaching for doctrines
32:15 the commandments of" again "men."
32:16 And so we point there about and say
32:18 in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines
32:20 the commandments of men.
32:21 The ordination of women is a commandment of man
32:23 or it's a commandment of God?
32:26 In vain do they worship me, he says.
32:28 Its pretty heavy duty, isn't it?
32:31 Testimonies to Ministers 229, comments on this verse,
32:34 in case we are going out in the north 40 somewhere
32:37 we are fortune and carrying on right now,
32:39 somebody ladies are pulling your hair
32:41 about to scream don't do that.
32:43 Don't do that listen to what the Word of God says,
32:45 it says by the grace of God I want to line up with it
32:47 because that's the best way.
32:50 You know, what sometime we may have to make some changes
32:52 and you know how difficult that would be
32:54 we talked about before,
32:55 since we have already moved in certain direction
32:57 for those who are in charge to say,
33:00 oh, we made a mistake
33:01 or we really shouldn't have done this and to back up.
33:03 I tell you God's people would unite and have some unity
33:07 if sometime we went with the wrong direction
33:09 and we found our way.
33:10 We found God, we found the truth which stand up
33:12 and say we went the wrong way God help us.
33:15 We want to do the right thing.
33:16 Watch the people stand up in support of that
33:19 rather than you keep making it verse and verse.
33:21 Testimonies to Ministers 229, comments on this verse,
33:25 Matthew 15:9
33:28 "Every conceivable deception will be brought into our work."
33:33 No side issues must be advanced until
33:37 "No side issues must be advanced until
33:40 there has been a thorough examination
33:43 of the ideas entertained, that it may be ascertained
33:48 from what source they have originated."
33:50 So people come to say well,
33:52 well somebody is doing it over here,
33:53 this church has done it over here,
33:55 he is doing it over here.
33:56 Doesn't matter what he is doing,
33:57 doesn't matter what somebody is doing over there.
33:58 What does God's word say, hope you see them
34:01 not trying to be too difficult
34:02 not trying to be hard on this issue,
34:04 but too often we just say well you know,
34:07 be careful almost said the doctors said or you know,
34:10 somebody in the high position the lawyer says
34:12 so I'm not going to say that.
34:13 And think all of a sudden
34:14 that's God speaking well its not.
34:17 God's words speak loud and clear on these issues.
34:21 We hear somebody say well,
34:22 this is we can do this right now,
34:24 we live in a different dispensation,
34:25 we live in a different time
34:26 and you know men are there and women are there.
34:28 God's words till the same yesterday, today, and forever.
34:32 We find these issues coming on,
34:33 then we find out where they originated
34:35 and notice this I'm reading on, "They will create"
34:40 in other words, they will try to create
34:41 and "some will claim this will be advanced light."
34:45 Oh, this is advanced light we haven't seen this,
34:47 this is new light.
34:50 "And they will proclaim as new and wonderful things,
34:53 and yet while in some respects the message is"
34:57 notice this in some respects see how the devil works,
35:00 he always mingles what somebody help me,
35:02 truth and err together.
35:04 So in some respects what they're saying,
35:06 there is some truth to it.
35:08 This article says "some respects the message is truth.
35:11 It will be mingled with men's inventions,
35:15 and will teach for doctrine the commandments of men.
35:19 There may be supposable things
35:21 that will appear as good things."
35:23 How many times have you heard something
35:24 that just initially it appears good.
35:27 Oh, wow, this is good and then you begin to listen
35:29 and hear little oh, wait a minute here wait.
35:32 The article goes on and says,
35:34 but "Yet they need to be carefully consider
35:37 with much prayer,
35:39 for they are specious devices of the enemy
35:43 to lead souls in a path which lies so close
35:46 to the path of truth
35:48 that it will be scarcely distinguishable
35:50 from the path which leads to holiness and heaven.
35:54 At first" notice this "it may be thought positively right,
35:58 but after a while it is seen to be widely divergent
36:02 from the path of safety,
36:04 make straight the paths for your feet."
36:07 That makes sense doesn't it?
36:09 Make straight the path,
36:11 see there is no use of saying that
36:13 well, it's not clear doesn't matter so leave off.
36:16 What is there in the word that's not clear?
36:19 What?
36:20 Come on and challenge in somebody.
36:24 What is God put in here,
36:25 you think He would put something in here
36:27 that we can by the grace
36:30 and the power of the Holy Spirit figure out
36:32 line upon line preset upon-- He would never do that.
36:35 Because the problem is not with God
36:37 not with scriptures with what?
36:38 With us, we try to make it say
36:40 what we want and we are doing a lot of this with it
36:42 and we need not do that.
36:44 No, one -- intentionally may be would do that
36:46 but it's been done that way.
36:50 We must carefully consider with much prayer
36:54 Bible talks about we must continue on in Colossians 1:23
36:58 we must continue on in the -- in the truth.
37:02 It says continue on in the faith,
37:04 grounded and settle notice that and be not moved.
37:08 Are you grounded are you settled in the truth
37:11 or you just waving about
37:12 by which ever group that you're in?
37:14 Oh, well they said this, well she said
37:16 that well he said something.
37:19 Oh, I just want to say so what?
37:23 So what, what does the Word of God say?
37:26 "Use no man, no word, no--
37:28 Child whatever you say well, they say they teach."
37:30 What does the Bible teach?
37:33 We must continue in the faith round it settled,
37:37 rooted not to be moved.
37:39 We need a straight path.
37:41 You know, Book of Isaiah 45:2
37:44 he said there will be people in the last days
37:46 they are gonna make the crooked roads straight.
37:49 You realize that most of the churches today
37:51 the people that got crooked road any how
37:52 and they are making little more or so.
37:54 They are so tangled up and can't figure out one doctor
37:57 and one teaching from another.
37:58 The Bible is clear we need to stay--
38:00 oh, it will change your life.
38:01 Yeah, sure it will because that's what the truth does.
38:04 So our message is the same we have mentioned many times
38:06 as that of what John the Baptist
38:08 when he said repeat--
38:09 repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.
38:12 You remember that?
38:16 Three Testimonies 279
38:18 on Matthew 3:3 that we are talking about
38:20 and in concerning Elijah on Mount Carmel.
38:23 "The condition of Israel in their apostasy
38:26 demands a firm demeanor."
38:28 Okay, you say sometime well, he is a little bit too tough.
38:30 He is little bit too firm on this right.
38:32 Listen at the time John the Baptist
38:34 the time of Elijah message the Bible talks about here
38:38 that they had to stand fast.
38:40 They had to lift up a standard.
38:41 Here is the spirit of prophecy says right here
38:43 it calls for men of their firm demeanor,
38:46 stern speech, and commanding authority.
38:50 God compares -- he compares
38:52 and prepares the message to fit the time and the occasion.
38:57 God-- God directs, God send a commanding
39:02 message that fits the time and the occasion.
39:04 Notice reading on, it says,
39:06 "Sometimes He puts His Spirit upon His messengers
39:10 to sound an alarm day and night"
39:13 and what, just as He did John, just as He did Elijah notice.
39:19 And He says, "Prepare ye the way of the Lord.
39:22 Then, again, men of action are needed."
39:24 Not men that want to sit by and do nothing.
39:27 Men that are going to retire early,
39:28 but men of action are needed.
39:30 Men are spiritual inside
39:32 so that God could take control of that man
39:34 and He is going to sound the trumpet.
39:35 He knows when He's sounding it peoples are not gonna like it.
39:38 But you know what, I'm not a people pleasure are you?
39:41 I would like to get along with everybody
39:43 but we need to what? We want to please God.
39:45 We want to bring the message home.
39:48 He is looking for men.
39:49 Women today "Who will not be swerved from duty,
39:54 but whose energy will arouse"
39:57 and He is going to say this, "Who is on the Lord's side?"
40:02 May be you need to be challenged today
40:03 what side you are on.
40:05 You been or sitting on the fence
40:06 and just getting spinners that's all your are doing.
40:08 Get off of the fence. Who is on the Lord side?
40:11 Get over here and do it and sad to say
40:14 when you say who's on the Lord's side
40:16 who is gonna stand for God?
40:17 Many people stand and say well, I don't know.
40:19 Oh, you got to know now is the time to say
40:22 I'm on the Lord's side.
40:23 Not trying to get along with this group
40:25 with that group over here I want to get long
40:27 I want to do what God wants me to do.
40:29 Who is on the Lord's side?
40:32 You need a Mount Carmel experience I need that.
40:35 The Lord He is God, the Lord He is God.
40:38 Have you read that 1 Kings 18?
40:41 People begin to chant the Lord He is God.
40:46 Something needs to be said us today
40:47 3 testimonies 255 says,
40:49 I have been shown that the greatest reason
40:52 somebody doesn't want it
40:53 I know you don't want to hear this but listen.
40:55 "I have been shown that the greatest reason
40:57 why the people of God are now found
41:01 in this state of spiritual blindness
41:04 is that they will not receive correction."
41:08 No one wants to read those things
41:11 but if there are in there
41:12 and they are from the spirit of prophecy should we not,
41:15 and the Bible speaks about the blind leaders of the blind.
41:19 The reason they went--
41:20 see people read this and they don't like it
41:22 and they just push aside
41:23 they don't want to talk about any more,
41:25 talk about how good things are going.
41:26 The reason, if a spiritual blind in the day
41:29 that these words were pen we are little more blind today.
41:31 Do you follow me?
41:33 Spiritual blindness,
41:35 they will not receive correction.
41:36 So, here is our problem we begin down path.
41:40 And then we begin to see that path it
41:41 looks okay to begin with because there are some demands
41:44 and some people warning certain things
41:45 in higher positions and we get our feet down
41:48 on the path and then they guess a little bit broader
41:50 more people want and pretty soon
41:51 we begin look say, may be this is not quite right.
41:54 But we can't turn around.
41:55 We don't want to turn around
41:56 we are afraid there is going to be uproar.
41:58 We are afraid somebody is going to say
41:59 oh, my don't you people know what you're doing.
42:04 We will not receive correction
42:05 we should be willing to be corrected.
42:08 Same page 3 "T" 255, says,
42:11 "Satan has ability to suggest doubts
42:15 and to devise objections to the pointed testimony
42:21 that God sends, many think it a virtue,
42:24 a mark of intelligence" have you met those?
42:27 "In them, to be unbelieving and to question and quibble.
42:32 All should decide" listen this all should decide
42:36 that you today that's me.
42:39 "All should decide on the weight of evidence."
42:43 On the weight of what? Evidence.
42:46 You look in the Old Testament,
42:47 oh, there is no evidence the women's orientated.
42:48 Oh, you look in the New Testament
42:50 oh, there is no weight of women.
42:53 So where do we get it?
42:58 See its okay to say, its okay to challenge your mind,
43:01 my mind has to be challenged with this too.
43:03 Everything should be decided by the weight of evidence
43:06 rather than I think of what?
43:08 Here is the question.
43:10 We have explained several and read several passages
43:14 from the Apostle Paul.
43:16 Now what was Paul teaching?
43:20 What was Paul teaching here in the New Testament?
43:24 Well, I mentioned a while ago,
43:25 that you know he was teaching that the office
43:28 and we just did a sample.
43:30 He was teaching that the office of deacon,
43:32 elder and pastor was to be a male.
43:37 Ah, listen since Paul was qualified isn't that right?
43:41 It guided by the Holy Spirit.
43:44 Since he was inspired to write by the Holy Spirit
43:50 then don't you think surely
43:52 he would not teach something contrary
43:57 to what the Holy Spirit approved on?
44:00 See we can -- see instead of reading this
44:02 and say these are harsh words I don't think he meant what--
44:05 what do you mean you didn't think?
44:06 What do you mean?
44:09 There must be a reason than to say well it doesn't matter.
44:12 We needed to say why did he say it like this
44:16 and then we began to put evidence together
44:17 and say oh, I think I'm beginning to see
44:20 and it become little clear as we go here.
44:23 Surely he wouldn't teach anything contrary
44:25 to what the Holy Spirit inspired him to do.
44:29 But the Word of God says only a male can fill the role
44:34 of leadership of deacon, elders and pastors.
44:41 Wow, that's pretty plain isn't it?
44:45 See, I don't want to mince around with it
44:46 because you mince around with it stir up a little bit
44:49 and try to please this group and that group.
44:51 You got to mess on your hand
44:52 because no matter how far you go
44:54 somebody will go a little bit further.
44:55 I think you know what I'm talking about.
44:59 So Paul has said this,
45:01 he said the male is to fill the role of leadership,
45:03 deacon, elders and pastor.
45:05 So would that now-- so now,
45:06 would the Holy Spirit call a woman to fill an office
45:10 which the Holy Spirit has already said
45:12 should be filled by a man.
45:13 Are they not?
45:16 Wow, shouldn't we be the people who obey the Bible?
45:22 Shouldn't we not have biblical grounds
45:27 for a position which we stand?
45:32 Shouldn't we have the authority to contradict
45:35 or to change or pass some new rules or new policies
45:39 which contradict the Word of God?
45:40 No, we shouldn't.
45:41 We don't have the authority to change.
45:45 Now its clear in scripture,
45:48 now, I'm already pretty deep isn't that right some of you,
45:52 more of you above I understand that.
45:54 But you know what I go a little bit deeper
45:55 and its gonna get that.
45:56 This is only part two and its get deep.
45:59 But people love Jesus say you know what,
46:01 His way is always the best.
46:03 His way is always oh,
46:05 it gets sweeter as the days go by.
46:08 Don't find what God has instituted here.
46:11 What did Paul mean in 1 Corinthians 14:34
46:16 oh, I wish-- I almost wished I didn't have to say this.
46:21 1 Corinthians 14:34 he said,
46:23 "Women are to keep silent in the church."
46:27 Boy, if heard some dandies on this one.
46:30 He said it and it's in the word.
46:33 Now, he had there was a reason why he said what he said.
46:37 Now, let's try to evaluate it based upon all the writings
46:40 of scripture what was he really talking here.
46:43 I mean they could never say anything?
46:44 I don't think so.
46:46 But the original word in the language
46:47 and silence means hold your peace that means hush.
46:51 No one wants to hear that.
46:54 But if we examine other scriptures,
46:57 other scripts indicate that Paul would like
47:00 the women to use their gifts.
47:03 Are you still with me?
47:05 Paul wanted the women to use their gifts
47:10 under certain conditions and guidelines.
47:14 Well, that begins to make sense.
47:18 And then Paul went ahead
47:19 and it's like he was digging it deeper
47:21 and I guess may be I'm too.
47:22 But he said he wanted he encouraged women
47:24 to learn in silence.
47:26 I have heard some dandies on these
47:28 of why you said that.
47:30 Listen, learn in silence.
47:32 What 1 Timothy 2:11 say,
47:35 "and He didn't allow woman to teach
47:39 or to have authority over men."
47:42 Keep this word in mind, headship and authority over men
47:46 whether in the home or in the church.
47:49 We will prove that as we go along in this teaching.
47:53 This is what it told by in ordination.
47:55 If some is ordained as an elder or pastor they have headship,
47:59 ruler ship over the other people
48:01 that would be in the church
48:03 and there is a women to hold that office.
48:06 He said, I don't want--
48:07 the woman is not going to teach or have authority over men.
48:10 Now, you think,
48:11 well, what's wrong here 1 Timothy 2:11.
48:14 But this passage is not forbid a woman
48:16 to teach in every form or in every condition.
48:20 He wants them to use their gifts
48:23 and then shouldn't we not as 2 Timothy 1:3 tell us,
48:27 right, once we begin to hear these things
48:29 "Hold fast the form of" what good,
48:32 you heard "sound words, which thou hast heard of me,
48:36 in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus."
48:40 Would you say today that Paul was --
48:42 well, Paul had some you know firm words.
48:45 Solid given by the Holy Spirit, he was a man of God?
48:49 Sure, so we have to take serious the points
48:53 that he made and bring them into where we can look at them
48:57 and say wow, how interesting.
49:00 1 Timothy 5:1 has some weight.
49:03 It says, "Rebuke not an elder"
49:05 notice this, "Rebuke not an elder,
49:07 but entreat him as a father."
49:10 A woman can't be a father can she?
49:13 Talking about the elders.
49:16 If a father must be a man the overseer,
49:19 the elders, pastors, the bishops all you know,
49:23 New Testament all man deacons.
49:25 1 Timothy 3:2-4,
49:27 "A bishop must be blameless the husband of one wife."
49:31 Verse 4, "One that ruleth well his own house,
49:34 having his children" his children "in Subjection."
49:38 Notice 1 Timothy 3:8
49:40 starting talking about deacons here
49:42 but it talks about let's read verse 11 focuses on it.
49:46 It said they are talking about those who ordained
49:48 what as deacons and elders.
49:50 It says, "They so must their wives"
49:54 notice this, notice what, be what in subjection to them.
49:58 "Even so much their wives."
50:01 And so that means there must be a man if they have a wife.
50:03 Verse 12 said, "Let the deacons be the husbands of one wife."
50:08 There's lot of the information.
50:09 Notice these texts apply strongly in the Greek
50:13 to someone who is teaching
50:15 in the leadership role in the church.
50:19 Jot this down.
50:20 I wish we had time to read them all, we do not.
50:22 1 Timothy 3:2, 1 Timothy 4:11,
50:27 1 Timothy 6:12, 2 Timothy 2:2,
50:32 read these you just find in the Greek
50:34 that it referring to what?
50:36 Leadership role in the church.
50:40 And then you link this with the authority over men.
50:44 So, Paul is not forbidding all teaching of women
50:48 but he is teaching about the teaching in a church
50:52 which puts a woman in authority over a man.
50:57 There's more reasons they will give you
50:58 some little bit later on but notice this,
51:00 Paul forbids that a woman should be in the church
51:03 or in the home have authority over the man.
51:06 Remember, Paul in Titus 2:3-5,
51:10 he givers an example of certain teaching that women can do.
51:14 He just simply says that he can each that
51:15 which is good and to train other women.
51:19 Certainly not forbidding women at all
51:21 to speak or to teach, do evangelism,
51:25 help with the evangelistic service,
51:26 you know, go out and just work,
51:27 work be involved in ministry has to nothing to do.
51:30 We're taking about ordination or elevating a woman
51:33 in the church or in the home
51:35 higher than that are they meant to have men underneath them.
51:39 Interesting.
51:41 Authoritative teaching that an elder
51:44 or pastor should be doing,
51:46 do you notice that the big question doing what?
51:48 Should women in the church be teaching in a position
51:51 that gives them authority over the men?
51:56 That's what the elders and the pastor is to be doing.
52:00 They should not have authority over.
52:03 Now, may I say this it has nothing to do with how good,
52:09 has nothing to how smart they are,
52:11 how educated that they are, how qualified that they are,
52:16 they are smarter than brother so and so,
52:17 they do a better-- that's not the issue.
52:20 The issue is God sets up the qualifications
52:23 and He wants us to follow it.
52:25 Paul's instruction to Timothy is clear.
52:29 He prohibits a woman to teach or have authority over man.
52:37 Even this passage alone, just like here you know,
52:41 it rules out a woman as a pastor or an overseer of man,
52:45 1 Timothy 1:3 read it and then let me tell you this,
52:48 this deal is also with the home.
52:51 Let me give you some examples here quickly,
52:53 I know we just have a few minutes left, okay.
52:54 We will work on a quick right backup
52:56 when we comeback for the third part.
52:58 You remember Paul was visiting a town
53:00 and he was staying with Aquila and Pricilla.
53:03 See Paul dealt with these issues and Ephesus
53:06 and Corinth and in time in these places,
53:10 he actually stayed with these people.
53:12 He actually became acquainted with these women,
53:15 well educated women,
53:17 women who ran their own business,
53:19 they were professionals.
53:22 And he stayed with them, he lived with them,
53:23 he ate from their table but he still talk
53:26 that a woman was not to teach in a capacity
53:29 that would have authority over a man.
53:34 What was one of the reasons or principle of this position?
53:38 Well, he used 1 Timothy 2:13,
53:41 at the first we've mentioned this,
53:43 Adam was formed first and then Eve.
53:47 So Adam had the responsibility, Adam had the leadership,
53:51 he had the, we call that the headship,
53:54 he was the first born in the family.
53:57 Read that in Colossians 1:15-18.
54:00 So, we or some,
54:02 we're challenged with Paul's teachings.
54:05 We're really challenged.
54:07 But will we be willing to accept
54:12 what the word of God says?
54:13 Even if we've already went too far?
54:15 We'll be willing to say,
54:16 wait we shouldn't have went that far.
54:18 And will women today would be willing to use their gifts
54:22 and teaching and speaking within a biblical structure
54:27 the way that Paul, the way that God,
54:28 the way the Holy Spirit said to do it
54:31 as they should under the leadership,
54:34 the headship of a man called of God
54:38 and they hold the office of an elder or a pastor?
54:43 See that the Bible clearly teaches
54:45 that a man is head in leadership role
54:47 is to be like Christ and we're gonna hit
54:48 that little bit more but I want to--
54:50 so our time is running out
54:51 to have prayer with you before we close.
54:55 Remember this is not putting anything
54:56 or anybody down or the woman down at all.
54:58 We're gonna have prayer right here with you.
54:59 I want your mind and your heart to be open
55:01 and say what does God word say?
55:03 It's very important, let's pray together shall we?
55:06 Loving Father in heaven,
55:07 we thank You for Your precious word,
55:09 we thank You-- may be as needling
55:11 as it might be for some today,
55:13 we pray Your Holy Spirit will leave God
55:14 in direct in our hearts and in our minds
55:16 and help us to fit the way that You have told us
55:18 in Your word that we made line up with Your word
55:21 and that we can be what You would have us to be
55:24 in this last days of earth's history.
55:25 Thank You for hearing and answering prayer
55:27 in Jesus name, amen.
55:30 You know we want to thank you
55:32 for joining in and making its that,
55:33 may be a part of some people watch on dare to dream everyday
55:36 and then in our regular programs and radio,
55:39 we appreciate your cards and your letters
55:40 and your support to keep this messages going.
55:43 If you want them to keep going,
55:44 if you want to hear the truth of God's word
55:46 we encourage you to you know,
55:47 to make behold the Lamb Ministry
55:48 just a part of your giving,
55:51 so that we can get the word out so that we can go home.
55:53 We're gonna be doing part three,
55:55 that are really continuous to get
55:56 really, really heavy duty but you know what,
55:58 I know you love Jesus,
55:59 I know you love the word, I do too.
56:01 We love you and we look forward to seeing you next time.
56:06 Hello and welcome back.
56:08 In closing I just like to share one more quote
56:11 from the pin of inspiration is found
56:13 in Manuscript Releases 16 pages 73 and 74
56:18 reading it says, "God's promises to the obedient
56:22 are 'good tidings of great joy.'
56:24 They are gladdening to the humble, contrite soul.
56:28 The life of the true Christian is radiant
56:30 with the beams of the Sun of Righteousness.
56:33 If men and women would act as the Lords helping hand,
56:37 doing deeds of love and kindness,
56:40 uplifting the oppressed, rescuing those ready to perish,
56:44 the glory of the Lord would be their reward.
56:47 They would call, and the Lord would answer,
56:50 'Here am I.'
56:51 They would turn to the one close beside them,
56:53 who has given them the promise, 'Lo, I'm with you always,
56:57 even unto the end of the world.'"
57:00 Again friends, no matter our hierarchy
57:03 or position in this life, our focus,
57:06 our aim should always be the fulfilling of the ministry
57:10 as exemplified by Christ himself,
57:13 our Savior and our Lord.
57:15 And to help you in this study we are offering this series,
57:19 "Women's Ordination"
57:21 for a love gift of just $23 or more.
57:24 All you need to do is call us here
57:26 in the United States at 618-942-5044,
57:31 that Central Standard Time
57:33 or write us at Behold the Lamb Ministries,
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57:40 You may email us
57:42 at BeholdtheLambMinistries
57:45 or you may also order these messages
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57:50 at www.
57:56 Until next time friends, may our precious Lord
57:59 continue to richly bless you and yours.


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