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Deciphering God's Code, Part 1

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00:41 Hello, and welcome to Behold the Lamb presents.
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton your host and we are so glad
00:46 that you have tuned in today
00:48 for another wonderful Bible study in God's word.
00:51 Today's message is entitled "Deciphering God's Code"
00:55 and it is a first of a two part series.
00:59 You know, in recent years there has been so much emphasis
01:02 on deciphering the Da Vinci Code.
01:04 The Da Vinci Code, is in great part based on pure fiction
01:08 and mental surmising of possible events,
01:11 places and meanings.
01:13 Yet, the Bible, the Bible has been prove it accurate
01:17 through out the study of history, anthropology,
01:20 and most importantly through God's spirit
01:23 working literal miracles in our lives.
01:26 The Spirit of Prophecy teaches us
01:29 that the Ten Commandments
01:30 are the transcript of God's character
01:32 and we asked to retain the same principle
01:35 as we study through the Bible.
01:37 The Ten Commandments are so much more
01:40 than a simple list of do and don'ts.
01:43 They revile who God is?
01:45 What He likes and what He would like for us to become?
01:49 Through the Ten Commandments God teaches us right from wrong
01:53 and He teaches us just exactly what sin is.
01:57 The Ten Commandments are such importance
02:00 that they are the standard of righteousness
02:03 by which each of us is to be judged.
02:06 In other words, we will be judged
02:08 by the character of God himself.
02:10 Do we fully reflect His character
02:13 or have we chosen to reject His character?
02:16 With such importance associated with the Ten Commandments
02:20 it's certainly demands our attention and study
02:23 as we begin today "Deciphering God's Code"
02:27 with Pastor Kenny Shelton.
02:29 But first let's listen to a song entitled
02:32 "He hideth my soul" as sung by Diane Anders,
02:35 from the 3ABN worship centre.
02:56 A wonderful Savior
03:01 Is Jesus my Lord
03:04 A wonderful Savior to me
03:12 He hideth my soul
03:16 In the cleft of the rock
03:20 Where rivers of pleasure
03:25 I see
03:28 He hideth my soul
03:32 In the cleft of the rock
03:37 That shadows a dry, thirsty land
03:45 He hideth my life
03:49 In the depths of His love
03:53 And covers me there with His hand
04:01 And covers me there
04:06 With His hand
04:22 A wonderful Savior
04:26 Is Jesus my Lord
04:31 He taketh my burden away
04:38 He holdeth me up
04:42 And I shall not be moved
04:47 He giveth me strength as my day
04:55 He hideth my soul
04:59 In the cleft of the rock
05:03 That shadows a dry
05:07 Thirsty land
05:11 He hideth my life
05:16 In the depths of His love
05:21 And covers me there with His hand
05:28 And covers me there
05:33 With His hand
05:37 He hideth my soul
05:41 In the cleft of the rock
05:45 And covers me there with His hand
05:53 And He covers me there with His hand
06:15 Thanks for joining us today here at Behold the Lamb.
06:17 Once again we have-- we believe
06:19 that's a very, very important subject
06:21 and we want you to get your pencil and paper
06:22 and jot these things down.
06:24 We're going to cover a lot of material.
06:26 This is very, very important as we're doing
06:28 this two part series on "Deciphering God's Code."
06:32 Deciphering God's Code.
06:34 You heard the introduction,
06:35 you know, lot of people love to read fiction.
06:39 Like to read things that are not true
06:41 and then try to apply a lot of things to that.
06:44 We're going to read from the Word of God.
06:47 We are going to hear from God today
06:48 and I know you want to hear from Him
06:50 as we study this most important subject.
06:53 And we would like to take just for a moment to thank you
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06:58 your phone calls, your support of this ministry
07:01 that we may keep the gospel going into all the world
07:04 and I hope some of you take this personally,
07:06 we really just can't do it without you.
07:08 God uses people, you know, when He has been using you.
07:11 So, we praise the Lord for that.
07:13 If you have any comments
07:14 and lot of you by the way have been calling
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07:21 Don't think that we don't care here, we do.
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07:37 We thank you so much for that.
07:39 As usual as we get into our subject
07:42 we always pray several times as we're doing the program
07:45 but you know once we begin here we are going to pray again.
07:47 So I invite you to join me
07:49 and I'm so thankful that many of you say
07:51 I get down on my knees and I pray when you pray.
07:56 There are the other who say we are listening to it
07:57 you know on CD or something and we're going down the road
08:00 and we are still in the attitude of prayer.
08:02 Thank you for that. Let's pray together.
08:04 Shall we?
08:06 Loving Father in heaven,
08:07 we thank you for the privilege of prayer
08:08 now we ask for the guidance of thy Holy Spirit.
08:11 Oh, Lord, I pray that you take this old feeble mind
08:14 and you just energize us
08:15 with the spirit of the living God.
08:17 May my ears be open that we will hear
08:19 You speak through the power of the Holy Spirit
08:22 and may relate what heaven has in store for us today.
08:25 May we stand behind the Cross of Calvary
08:28 bless each watcher, each viewer, each listener.
08:30 We pray that the Holy Spirit will bring conversion.
08:33 Help us to understand this subject,
08:35 the importance of it, how it can change our lives
08:38 and our heart prepares for heaven.
08:39 I thank you for that in Jesus name, amen.
08:44 Now, think about as we study the-- the Word of God.
08:47 It brings to my mind it's just a little small story
08:50 I don't tell the whole lot of story
08:51 but sometime, you know, they fit.
08:53 And this is about a--
08:54 a young boy six or seven years old
08:57 and you know that age are very curious
08:59 and he was very curious and one day he was with mom
09:02 and he was in the house and he was walking around
09:04 and you know sometime you see some children
09:06 that age they'll be walking around
09:08 and they just walk by a drawer
09:10 and for you know not really any reason
09:11 just open the drawer and they'll look in
09:13 or they'll just kind of curiously
09:14 look around things and see what's going on and so.
09:17 He was going around the house
09:18 and he happened to see a Bible in the corner.
09:22 And he looked at that Bible
09:23 and he had seen that Bible had some dust on it.
09:25 We always hear that,
09:26 it was just staying there no being used and so,
09:29 it's a very interesting, what does he do?
09:32 Saw the book, saw it had lot of dust on it in the corner
09:34 and so he just-- he ask a question.
09:36 Evidently he was not familiar.
09:39 He ask his mom he said is this God's book?
09:43 Is this God's book?
09:45 And mother quickly said, oh, yes, son, it is God's book.
09:50 He said oh, well, mom, may we better
09:53 send it back to Him because we don't use it here.
09:57 I hope some of you heard that if you're not using it why not.
10:02 So we want to use the Word of God
10:04 it's not just together dust
10:07 and I think about the poor little,
10:08 little young man didn't know any difference
10:12 and his honest thought was it for not gonna use it
10:14 and if its God's let's just give it back to Him.
10:16 Why don't we use it today? Why don't we do that?
10:19 We're gonna do as we study the Word of God,
10:20 "Deciphering God's Code," does God have a code?
10:24 Does God have any kind of standard?
10:28 Well, we're going to look in the Bible
10:29 and we're going to see.
10:30 And is that standard, He has a standard,
10:31 He has a code, He has laws
10:33 are they binding today and who is God
10:36 that He can make some requirements of me.
10:39 Wow, some people emphatically
10:43 said things like that who is God?
10:46 Well, today I hope you're saying
10:47 who is God because first of all
10:49 we want to establish in our study who God is
10:53 and why God has that authority to speak what He will
10:59 and require what He will and it's up me, you,
11:02 it's up to us to accept it or to reject it.
11:06 You know, one of my favorite may be just simple text
11:09 but one of my favorite text found in the Bible.
11:12 this gives me hope and I know
11:14 you read it many times found in the Book of Matthew 1:21
11:19 it says, "Thou shalt call his name Jesus
11:23 and he shall save his people from their sins."
11:27 You realize what a message is in that passage?
11:31 You realize the power that a companies that promise.
11:35 The promise of a Savior a promise of one
11:38 that was called Jesus that He shall come to this world
11:41 and He is going to save His people from their sins
11:44 because we can't save ourselves.
11:46 No, hope for us.
11:48 And so therefore as we are looking
11:50 at this subject the Deciphering the Code
11:54 the Bible says, number one,
11:55 that there's going to be someone come to this world.
11:57 His name is Jesus because the world has a problem.
12:00 Man has a problem and only God can solve that problem
12:03 and He is going to solve it through His son Jesus Christ.
12:07 It has a lot of meaning I know that as you study that,
12:11 though Jesus we realize He died I heard this so often.
12:15 He died not to save men in his sins but what?
12:19 Oh, good some of have been studying but from his sins.
12:24 So then man is so simply lead the errors of his ways.
12:29 He use to what improve by the grace of God
12:32 and to follow the example
12:33 the Bible says, it's Jesus Christ.
12:36 We're to take up the cross, deny self and to follow Him.
12:42 What a wonderful encouraging, exciting message that is
12:46 and may I say as we deny self,
12:48 take up the cross and follow Him
12:50 we need to obey God.
12:53 Please listen my brother and sisters,
12:54 obey God at any cost
12:59 regardless of what it might cost us in this life.
13:02 These are life and death issues.
13:06 It's very interesting I want you to
13:07 contemplate this with me if you will.
13:10 I thought on it,
13:11 you know I just don't have all the answer
13:13 I pray for the Holy Spirit to give me answers
13:14 but this-- this runs the--
13:16 you know sometime the simple you know confines the wise
13:20 and you know this was something that I thought about
13:23 and there's lot of answers to it
13:24 but just listen there was a -- there was a man,
13:26 a man who having heard the story
13:29 of the cross for the very first time.
13:32 It's hard to imagine there are people in the world
13:34 may be I have never heard the story of the cross
13:37 and so as he heard this for the very first time
13:40 he asks a question.
13:43 Notice the question, he says,
13:45 what does one man's death have to do
13:49 with another man's sins?
13:53 Wow.
13:54 what does one man's death have to do
13:58 with another's man's sins?
14:01 See that may be an elementary to you
14:03 but man this confound that this guy I can say wow,
14:07 you know what having heard this story, that's heavy.
14:12 When you say heavy why?
14:13 Because the human mind will never ever, ever know
14:18 all the answers about the cross,
14:21 about the atonement,
14:23 about you could say the science,
14:25 the philosophy, the theology
14:28 behind the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
14:32 Through the Caesar's ages we will be learning.
14:36 Good news for you today, you say,
14:37 oh, I have a hard time learning
14:38 I haven't-- listen, the good news is
14:40 you don't have to know all this behind it
14:43 but you need to know the one that hung on the cross.
14:47 All you have to do the Bible says,
14:48 now we are establishing that
14:50 there is a God that rules the universe.
14:54 That He is able
14:55 and then in order to make His government work
14:58 there must be regulations, there must be laws
15:02 and people fight that but you know
15:04 the Bible says today by faith
15:06 we just need to touch the hymn of His garment.
15:09 The garment of the-- of the cross
15:12 and we will be made whole.
15:14 That's the good news but we must understand that
15:17 and if we understand that then I know
15:20 that we will be willing to follow Christ
15:23 and it will be more than my wife mentioned
15:25 it will be much more than bunch of do's and don'ts.
15:29 We love to serve Jesus with our whole heart and our mind.
15:34 In fact in the very first verse in the Bible
15:36 when you begin to read in Genesis 1:1 I love it.
15:41 It says "In the beginning
15:43 God created the heavens and the earth."
15:47 Notice in the beginning God
15:51 all of a sudden they're starting to establish
15:53 that what God is in his-- is headship He is in control,
15:58 He is the king, He is the creator
16:01 and interesting then as the creator He made man,
16:05 He made the heavens and He made the earth.
16:08 In fact, in Genesis 1:26 He said,
16:10 "let us make man in our own image."
16:12 So he made the heavens and the earth and he made man.
16:15 Everything he established it
16:17 so certainly there are rules there are things
16:19 that we must follow in order to have harmony.
16:22 Harmony with each other and harmony with God.
16:27 So you might say, you may have a question,
16:29 does-- does God really been have the right to set up
16:33 and I know you don't like the word laws
16:35 but I'm gonna use it any way.
16:37 Now I have a loss or rules or codes to govern this planet.
16:42 The question is does He have a right,
16:44 if He has the right then what is our obligation?
16:51 The Word of God tells us this, so let's establish who He is,
16:55 who we are and then see
16:57 if you want to set yourself against Him.
17:00 Book at Jeremiah 10:6, 7
17:03 listen to as I read these verses oh, they're powerful.
17:06 It simply says here, let's just condense it down.
17:09 You have your Bible you can jot it down
17:10 and you read it all.
17:11 It simply says, "God is king" now notice this as it goes on,
17:16 "He is king and he is throne is in heaven."
17:20 We serve a God that sits up on the throne
17:22 that rules the universe why?
17:24 Because He created it and He what?
17:27 He made man in His own image, He created.
17:30 Wow, how wonderful and then it says,
17:33 "There is none like Him."
17:35 If you're looking for someone like Him today
17:37 oh, you know we need to by faith into the heavens.
17:41 There's no one like Him. No, one can compare.
17:44 There's nothing even closely that we could compare to God.
17:48 So, first of all what are establishing God has a code.
17:51 Why does He have the code?
17:52 Why does He require us to follow certain things?
17:56 Let's put it that way.
17:59 Number one, because He is a creator isn't He?
18:01 He made all of these things.
18:03 It's very interesting even in this world
18:05 someone will say, say a business.
18:09 The president or they have started this business up
18:12 and sometime you know they'll say dear sir,
18:14 I have started this business.
18:16 You will be careful this business is mine
18:19 and I want you to do what I ask you to do.
18:23 Do they have that right?
18:24 Well, they're the owner of it, they started even in this life
18:27 and they require that of you.
18:28 So you don't say, well, that's too bad
18:29 I'm not going to do it.
18:30 You know what you don't have the job.
18:33 Interesting so we're establishing
18:35 who He is-- He is king,
18:38 He sits on the throne in the heavens
18:40 and then as we read Jeremiah 10,
18:43 once again but verses 10 through 12
18:46 it says this "But the Lord is the true God"
18:49 not a false God's in the world.
18:50 "He is a true God,
18:52 he is the living God, the everlasting God."
18:56 And then once again it says,
18:57 "He made he created what this earth by his power,
19:01 he has established the world by his wisdom,
19:04 he stretched out the heavens by his discretion."
19:08 He stretched them out, He created,
19:11 He's in charge, He is the ruler.
19:13 None can stand against him.
19:16 I hope you're getting to see what we are getting at here
19:19 as we begin to establish
19:21 and trace the God of the universe
19:25 and the authority that He has.
19:28 One author I was reading made this statement
19:32 and it's like this because there's lot of people
19:34 who look at nature
19:36 and they say that nature is God.
19:39 Oh, nature is a wonderful thing we talked about this morning
19:42 as coming in here and having prayer
19:44 and starting the program is how beautiful day,
19:48 blue skies, cool temperature,
19:50 you know grass, green tress of flowers.
19:52 Just beautiful things of nature but you know that's beautiful
19:55 but notice the statement says,
19:57 the thing "The thing made is not the man.
20:03 It is not the work, but the workman,
20:06 that is counted worthy of honor."
20:10 Did you get that?
20:11 The thing made is not the man,
20:14 it is not the work but the workmen
20:16 that is counted worthy of honor.
20:19 So, while nature is an expression of God's thought.
20:23 It is not what?
20:26 "Though it is not nature but the God of nature
20:29 that is to be exalted."
20:31 What's the bottom line, it's not nature to be exalted
20:33 but it's the God of nature because He is what?
20:36 The Creator of all these things.
20:39 And then as I think about that and contemplate it
20:42 I read in the Psalm 103:19 it becomes very clear,
20:47 "The Lord has prepared his throne in the heavens
20:51 and his kingdom ruleth over all."
20:55 See there can be no question if we are Bible believers.
20:59 If we believe in the God of the universe
21:02 that He had prepared His throne in the heaven.
21:04 No, one prepared that throne for Him.
21:07 There was no one before Him.
21:09 He is first and last and best isn't He?
21:12 He prepared His own throne and He sits and He rules
21:15 and Bible says, over all.
21:18 So, therefore we're establishing
21:20 then that there are someone who is in control.
21:22 Someone has that authority
21:26 to give us certain things in this life
21:29 that will help us to get along with each other
21:31 and make sure that we correspond
21:33 correctly with heaven.
21:35 In the Book of Psalms there a wonderful
21:37 that continues in Psalms 119:89.
21:41 Again, establishing God it says,
21:44 "For ever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven."
21:50 For ever, thy word is settled in heaven.
21:52 What does that mean forever?
21:54 Does that mean that He is not changeable?
21:56 That does mean he is a same yesterday, today and forever?
22:00 Does that mean that God's--
22:02 God's word is settled for all times
22:05 and again unchangeable as God's character
22:07 that He's consistent, that He is immovable.
22:12 See, that helps me to realize
22:14 that God is faithful in dealing with me a sinner.
22:20 I need to know that. Listen to Him please.
22:23 Listen to the word.
22:26 You may think that God's not faithful
22:28 but I tell you based on the Word of God today
22:30 that God's character that He is faithful in dealing with you.
22:34 And so everything that He might require of you
22:38 is for your-- for your good because He loves you,
22:42 because He wants to spend eternity with you.
22:45 What a wonderful God that we serve unchangeable.
22:51 In fact, as we read Isaiah 9:6
22:55 you realize that God shares His rulership with Christ.
23:01 Interesting we are talking about God then we say
23:05 talking about Christ sharing rulership here.
23:08 Because Isaiah 9:6 says,
23:10 "the government shall be upon" who?
23:12 "Upon his shoulders." Please think about that.
23:16 Who was it talking about here? Talking about Jesus.
23:19 It said "the government in charge of this earth" what,
23:23 the government shall be upon His shoulders.
23:27 You know, I read that beautiful book
23:29 Desire of Ages, 56
23:32 it made this comment just a small
23:34 but please listen to it.
23:37 Talking about Jesus it said,
23:39 "He desires me and to behold Him."
23:42 Isn't that beautiful through out this book?
23:46 This blessed precious book that many of you are neglecting
23:49 bless your hearts because you are just too busy.
23:52 Oh, cutting the lawn you're too busy,
23:54 punning the trees,
23:56 you know, what I'm talking about here.
23:58 Things that may be need to be done
24:00 but they're not, they're not the priority.
24:03 God is speaking to us today He desires us to behold Him.
24:09 Songs that has been written about beholding Christ
24:13 as we be behold Him it's like -- we become changed.
24:17 And so He says, "I want you to behold me
24:19 but not merley as the deliverer of Israel,"
24:24 but notice this.
24:26 "But as the redeemer of the world."
24:30 We have a redeemer He has redeem Jew.
24:34 What does that put Him in your life?
24:36 He has redeemed you from the curse
24:38 as we are the law, death.
24:41 He is your redeemer does He have a right
24:43 to ask anything in return?
24:47 Many of us are not willing to give anything in return.
24:52 He has offered us eternal life we're too busy
24:55 we have too many things to do,
24:57 too many important things we say.
24:59 There's nothing more important today than God.
25:01 Put Him first, we have been talking about that
25:05 put God first and others second and yourself last.
25:07 You know how that goes.
25:10 It's interesting He wants us to
25:11 and understand He's our redeemer.
25:13 He wants us to behold the Cross of Calvary
25:16 and the Bible says He is going to come again.
25:18 Now, remember we are looking at establishing
25:21 why He has a right, what He says
25:25 and the power that goes along and tense what His words say.
25:30 And then we are required to do something
25:33 rather than say I'm not interested.
25:36 He has a right.
25:40 Remember if you work at one place
25:42 and somebody who works in another place
25:44 try's to tell you what to do
25:45 they really don't have a right do they?
25:47 Other people say they don't sign my pay check.
25:50 But the man who signs your pay check
25:51 when you're working for Him,
25:52 He has a right to require certain things don't He.
25:55 So let's establish that
25:56 and we will talk more about it as we go.
25:58 But my Lord and Savior says,
25:59 when He comes again Revelation 19:16 said
26:05 "he's coming as king of kings and Lord of Lords."
26:08 So, He is still in control,
26:10 still Creator of heaven and earth.
26:11 All right He has created us. He made us in His own image.
26:15 He has a government right on His shoulders
26:17 the whole world and so those things
26:19 that are set into motion and God set them into motion.
26:23 Early Writings page 179,
26:27 this was at His crucifixion as we just read when He comes
26:29 He's going to be King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
26:32 If you just think with me for a moment
26:35 let your mind go back those of you
26:36 have not being laying dust settle on this book
26:39 and you have been reading it and we--
26:40 we go back to Calvary.
26:42 We go back to the crucifixion.
26:45 The time of the crucifixion
26:47 how humiliating that must have been.
26:49 How sad that must have been
26:52 because those who were surrounding Jesus
26:55 may I say this, they were murders.
26:59 They were murders.
27:00 Listen to this article Early Writings 179 it said,
27:03 "His murderers were greatly annoyed by the superscription"
27:09 even His murderers were angry because that superscription
27:12 there above His name said King of the Jews.
27:16 Interesting, but now see they didn't like that
27:22 but you know when He comes again
27:23 they're going to be obligated to see Him
27:26 in all of His kingly power.
27:28 They will see Him come
27:31 not as one hanging upon the cross
27:34 and at that time they'll bear --
27:37 ask for no evidence,
27:39 no evidence of all of His kingly
27:41 are being king of Israel.
27:44 Interesting, no, no evidence they were asking for evidence.
27:50 They didn't like the sign that was king of the Jews.
27:56 But when He comes they're not going to demand any evidence
28:01 they're going to be overwhelmed with the sense of His majesty
28:05 and exceeding glory
28:07 and they're going to be compelled to say this,
28:09 "Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord."
28:14 Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.
28:18 You find that in Psalms 118:26.
28:22 So, with all of this sin
28:25 much more to go God is in control.
28:29 Who you might think that you're.
28:32 I heard people say well, I come and I go,
28:33 as I want I do as I please
28:36 don't have to give an answer to anybody.
28:38 You know don't be so sure of that,
28:39 the Bible says, you'll.
28:42 You may think for a season
28:43 that you're getting away with it but you're not.
28:46 There's a king, there a God.
28:49 God is in control and may I say that God makes the rules.
28:56 God has a code so what is God's code?
29:02 Could we simply say God code then
29:05 is simply a set of principles?
29:07 It's a body of laws
29:11 and its rules for living in this world
29:15 and in preparation for the next world.
29:19 Does He ever write to that for that think about it?
29:23 You realize there could be no orderly government
29:26 without laws are you still with me?
29:29 There could be no orderly government without law,
29:32 there can be no peace, there can be no happiness
29:35 unless society accepts these laws.
29:39 See laws can be passed for peace
29:40 and you know prosperity and everything going good
29:42 but if man doesn't aspect those things what do we have?
29:44 We have chaos just like we have in this world today.
29:49 Men are not abiding by those laws
29:52 those who are even in the government today.
29:56 We need to thank God now, bring this up for the laws
30:00 the civil laws that we have.
30:01 Those are in authority we can talk about
30:02 that the local and the state and government
30:05 even though sometime our ears tingle just a little bit
30:08 we need to praise God, they are there for a purpose.
30:12 What would this world be like today without those
30:14 who were your law enforcement officers?
30:17 Those are even though we see a lot of things
30:19 we don't agree so anybody just jump up in the air.
30:21 You know, what I'm talking about.
30:23 What a mess it would be.
30:27 In fact, it's very interesting
30:29 Jesus told His followers to obey
30:34 those who were in charge.
30:35 "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's."
30:38 In fact, at one time He told the disciples
30:41 He said to they should discharge every obligation
30:45 even if it were beyond the law of the land
30:49 and what the government require.
30:51 He said go beyond that you remember that
30:53 as for you're shirt you will give him your cloth and so on.
30:57 Interesting, go beyond that where we can.
31:02 Now, notice 1 Timothy 2:1- 3 then we will get--
31:06 we are looking at the codes God has His requirements
31:09 that He has what Jesus taught.
31:13 1 Timothy 2:1-3 tells us,
31:15 "We should give thanks, thanks for all men.
31:19 For Kings, and for all that are in authority,
31:24 that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life
31:27 in all godliness and honesty.
31:30 For this is good and acceptable
31:34 in the sight of God our Savior."
31:37 For peace prosperity even in this world
31:42 what would we do today with out rules and regulations?
31:47 Do you realize people
31:49 cannot even conduct a business without rules?
31:55 And I'm sure, and I'm sure you have seen this,
31:57 I have seen a lot of times
31:58 you know what I'm thankful for this sign
32:02 that out posted sometime in front of some stores.
32:05 They'll so no shirt, no shoes, no service.
32:11 What gives them the right to say that?
32:15 Do they own the business? Sure.
32:18 They pay the bills? Yeah.
32:20 I'm grateful for that too because sometimes it's well,
32:23 I'll leave it there.
32:27 Now, wait, wait you know think about these rules.
32:29 There are many rules and regulations and laws
32:33 that are not always bad.
32:36 They're for the good of the people.
32:40 Let me give you an example.
32:43 We're talking about rule but regulations
32:46 what if we didn't have some kind of regulation set up
32:50 to measure things.
32:54 You guys are-- oh, bit careful here
32:56 how many cheeks there are in the world?
33:00 There has to be a system set up so that we can measure things.
33:07 Give you an example, here such as gallons.
33:09 You know every time I go get gas
33:11 I can't help because it's like gold.
33:14 That it's so high priced
33:16 I kind of look at the seal just placed over.
33:18 You see somebody is been checking
33:20 if they don't take a drop of my gas that I'm paying for
33:23 and when I get done putting the gas
33:24 and I kind of get the hose--
33:26 some of you are not going to get it.
33:27 Kind of rise it up a little bit because I want every drop.
33:32 And every drop should measure out exactly
33:34 what the law has said and come to what a gallon is.
33:38 Anything less so you see some rules
33:41 and regulations are good in laws.
33:43 Make sure we get a gallon
33:45 because that's what we paid for it isn't it?
33:49 Same thing with quart, when I want a quart of peaches,
33:51 I want the full quart.
33:54 Somebody taken one my peaches out there,
33:56 well, somebody cutting it down.
33:57 You see what I mean there's rules and regulations
34:00 and not all of them are bad.
34:02 They are for our own good and God has some codes
34:04 there for our own good if we would just listen
34:07 it keeps-- the honest man honest.
34:10 Oh, I think you know what I'm talking about.
34:12 These things in the world
34:14 I used them for many, many years
34:15 and we will continue to a measuring tape.
34:19 Sometime, I have looked at a board
34:20 looks like about 10 feet and it's actually 12
34:22 and you know what the man is going to sell me 10 foot
34:24 and he is gonna charge me for 12?
34:25 No I get my tape and I, I tape it.
34:28 Oh, its 12 feet.
34:31 So these things are good.
34:34 How about weight?
34:38 I kind of find this difficult at times
34:40 somebody stays with me here you go to some of these places
34:43 and you say I want it, oh, boy, a ton of rock.
34:47 He go get's his little tractor
34:49 and he puts a little bit in the scoop and he dumps them.
34:51 Now, he didn't get on any scale at all.
34:52 He said, that's about a ton.
34:56 May be it is. May be it isn't.
35:00 Interesting that we trust I have never challenged
35:04 I see them do it all the time, but you see there's laws,
35:08 there's rules we had those things
35:10 we measure with determine how much rock makes a ton.
35:16 We don't complain about that,
35:17 we want that the laws to go into effect
35:20 we want to say I want a ton
35:22 not one rock more not one rock less.
35:25 Some one follow me,
35:28 so we don't have a problem with those things
35:31 and how about any kind of a game.
35:36 You cannot play one game with out rules.
35:42 You just can't do it.
35:44 The first thing you do when you sat down
35:46 you'll say well I have never -- I don't understand
35:48 I have never played this before and somebody in authority
35:51 somebody just played it said, here's what we do.
35:54 You do this, this, this
35:55 and if you don't do that you can't play.
35:59 They call you a cheat God has some rules too
36:03 and you know if we don't abide by those we are cheat.
36:06 And we can't play that game,
36:08 we can't be involved because we won't follow.
36:12 No one wants to play a game with a cheat
36:17 and so we-- no game here-- marriage has a lots
36:22 and lots of rules and regulations as it were.
36:27 Certain rules you must follow if we are to keep our job.
36:33 I have mentioned before there are certain ways
36:36 you dress when you to places,
36:38 this is the costume this is what they wear
36:40 if you don't wear you don't have a job.
36:45 I like one sign that I see many times in the rest room
36:48 talks about employees it says,
36:50 simply wash your hands before you return.
36:55 That's a rule.
36:58 They have it posted don't they? Why?
37:01 It's for the good of everyone involved.
37:04 Its good for all of us to do that
37:06 but you follow my thinking here
37:07 as we are looking at some not all rules and regulation
37:09 laws are bad before the good of mankind.
37:14 Good rules and laws
37:16 are the very foundation of human society.
37:20 We have to have them
37:23 if we are going to live in peace and harmony.
37:28 See, each man just cannot do exactly what he wants to do
37:33 when he wants to do it and there will be harmony.
37:36 What if I wake up in the morning and I decide,
37:39 well, I get my vehicle
37:42 that I'm gonna drive in the left way.
37:46 Is that going go over very well?
37:48 Well that may be the last time I have drive vehicle.
37:51 See what if some-- what if I decided
37:53 when I pulled up at the stop sign
37:54 that I'm not going to abide by that
37:56 I'm just going right on through.
37:58 It may cost you a vehicle, it may cost you alive,
38:00 and you may kill somebody.
38:01 I'm just saying you that we have to look at these
38:05 we can't do just what we choose to do without respect to law.
38:10 We have to keep that in our mind.
38:13 Interesting we start with rules
38:15 early in the home with the child.
38:17 You start with rules when they begin to go to school
38:20 the playground has rules.
38:23 Interesting.
38:25 The government has rules, the church has rule.
38:28 I know what you think badly about that
38:30 but you know that they do the home has rules.
38:35 We shouldn't fight all of those saying
38:37 because they are for our what?
38:38 Good. For our own good, praise God.
38:42 Now, what if? You say, what if?
38:44 What if human beings or some rulers pass laws.
38:49 Remember if the human being we talk about God is fairy,
38:52 just and good we'll read more about that but now,
38:54 human beings pass certain laws it may not be so good.
38:58 In fact, lot of the laws that are passed
39:00 we say are unfair.
39:04 In every, oh, I like to say this
39:05 but you know I'm just going to do it any way.
39:08 When it comes time to paying taxes
39:10 I look at it the income tax,
39:12 you know, the local tax you talk about the state tax
39:14 and the federal tax and oh, even the death tax.
39:21 And look they say this it's not fair misusing.
39:25 So what's my point man passes rules and regulations
39:29 they have some laws on there they-- they may be unfair,
39:33 they may be even cruel to some people
39:36 and they may be oppressive to other folks.
39:40 But God's not that way.
39:42 You can count on it because in God's government
39:46 He issues the laws.
39:49 Oh, I read that in Isaiah 33:22 it says,
39:55 "For the Lord is our judge" notice this
39:59 and "the Lord is our lawgiver."
40:02 So I can be sure its not man
40:04 that's passing these things down to me
40:06 it's for my own good.
40:07 But he is the law giver that gives me encouragement
40:10 because I know He cares me, I know He loves me.
40:12 I know Christ came and died for me.
40:17 And I know this that God's laws
40:19 are a reflection of His character.
40:23 So we can be sure of that, we can be sure of this
40:26 because Psalms 89:14 says that
40:31 "His righteous and His justice
40:33 are the foundation of His throne."
40:35 Righteousness and justice is a foundation of what?
40:39 Of His throne. Could it be?
40:42 Could it be anything else
40:44 if it is the Bible has not told the truth?
40:47 My Bible says, that His-- He's just, He is righteous,
40:53 this is the foundation, this is what He builds off of.
40:58 So I can be sure that, you know, what
41:00 working along with God is the right thing to do.
41:02 I can-- I can listen to Him
41:04 because I know He knows what's best.
41:06 I know He has my best interest at heart.
41:10 See, God's moral code which is simply what
41:14 surely the Ten Commandments
41:16 the Bible says, because all we don't want.
41:18 Romans 7:12-14 the Bible says,
41:22 that God's code, God's laws they are holy, they are just,
41:28 and they are good, and they're spiritual.
41:32 Wow, that's heavy and people say,
41:35 well, I read that they are spiritual
41:36 but now, we are going to throw them out
41:37 the devil would have you to throw them out.
41:39 Remember what God has written for us is for our what?
41:42 Again our own good.
41:44 The Bible says, they're holy
41:45 and they're just and they're spiritual.
41:47 What a blessing?
41:50 You mean, all of His commandments, all ten?
41:53 Oh, absolutely, all His commandments are sure.
41:56 The Bible said they stand fast forever
41:58 and ever have you read that in Psalms 111:7, 8?
42:04 I stand fast for ever and moreover his rules listen,
42:08 His rules are unchangeable
42:11 because it is in harmony with His unchangeable nature.
42:17 Malachi says 3:6,
42:19 "For I'm the Lord and I change not."
42:23 It's in harmony with His character,
42:25 it's His foundation
42:27 so they all must be good so, who of us had the audacity say
42:30 well, this one here is and this one is not.
42:32 Does He have a right?
42:33 Oh, absolutely He has a right we are establishing that
42:36 before we begin to trace it or some people say well
42:39 there was no law, well, there is law, there's no sin.
42:42 It's gonna be issues and we're going to look at carefully.
42:45 We need to look at through the eyes
42:47 of the Holy Spirit do the Word of God.
42:51 Luke 16:17,
42:55 I think this was mentioned here in our opening that
42:57 "Its easier for heaven and earth to pass"
43:00 we talked about "one jot or twiddle from the law to fail."
43:04 So, heaven and earth can pass away
43:05 and it's mentioned its not so they still must be minding
43:10 because they're good.
43:11 Because God can't do anything that's bad
43:13 and everything he does is for our own good
43:14 so, we need to look at it here. See God calls us today.
43:21 He calls his people today to listen to these words.
43:24 Please listen carefully Deuteronomy 30:19, 20
43:30 please listen.
43:32 Jesus-- Jesus says and God said, I call,
43:35 " I call heaven and earth to record this day against you,
43:40 that I have set before you life and death, blessings"
43:45 come on good some of you are like cursing.
43:49 Now, notice this word, "therefore choose life."
43:53 God of the universe says today,
43:55 I set before you a blessing and cursing
43:57 and you choose life.
44:00 Notice this and He says, "If you do
44:02 that both thou and they seed may live."
44:06 He is offering what eternal life,
44:08 right to those who will be obedient to Him
44:10 and He says this,
44:11 "that thou mayest love the Lord thy God,
44:15 and that thou mayest obey his voice."
44:21 So, obedience plays a part then, doesn't it?
44:24 Recognizing who He is, recognizing His foundation,
44:30 recognizing Him as redeemer or sustainer or creator,
44:35 a government He is in control of
44:39 and then He says I'm the same yesterday today and forever.
44:42 And I said these things before you today
44:45 listen, to be obedient and live.
44:49 What a wonderful--
44:50 wonderful thought that is and live not die.
44:55 So as we decipher God's code it would be well for us
45:00 to do a little tracing of its beginning.
45:04 So listen to the question,
45:06 did God-- did God have some kind of a moral code,
45:12 rules, laws before Mount Sinai?
45:16 This is important for us to trace
45:18 did he have those before Mount Sinai?
45:20 Many people say oh, no that's when the law was given
45:22 that's when-- listen what the Bible has to say
45:27 how can God set up a government with out any kind of rules?
45:30 How can we set up any kind of business here
45:32 in this life without some rules?
45:36 And then we're willing to follow those
45:37 in order to be successful.
45:42 Bible makes us very clear
45:44 and I may be-- jot these things down
45:45 as we go there simple to many of you
45:47 but you know what they'll be new to many.
45:50 And the Holy Spirit the living God
45:52 wants to reach you
45:54 who have not been listening and not been responding
45:56 because somebody has been telling you something
45:59 different than what the Word of God says.
46:02 Bible is very clear in Romans 4:15
46:05 remember this, "Where no law is" what?
46:09 "There is no transgression." Did you get it?
46:12 Keep this in mind as we go through
46:14 "Where there is no law, there is no transgression."
46:21 Interesting, some of you say, I still don't get it.
46:26 Well, let's do the sample right,
46:28 we talked about this many times before.
46:30 If there is no law out here on the highway
46:33 for the speed limit
46:34 you can go any speed you want, can't you?
46:36 Sure, you can.
46:38 Some of you who are oh, bless your heart
46:39 fisherman and hunters and so on so forth
46:41 when they say there is a limit they mean there is a limit.
46:44 When there is no limit,
46:46 catch as many or whatever that you want to.
46:49 So, where there is no law then there is no sin.
46:53 So did the law really God's code exists
46:55 before Mount Sinai here we're going to see.
46:57 Bible says, in Romans 5:13
47:00 "For until the law sin was in the world."
47:04 What was it?
47:06 Before the law was given on Mount Sinai
47:09 there was sin in the world, wow.
47:12 Well, then something must have existed before that law
47:15 man must have known something
47:17 because where there is no law, there is no sin.
47:20 So something the Bible says here, but then it said
47:23 "sin is not imputed when there is no law."
47:28 So interesting I want you think about this do you mean,
47:33 do you mean that all the people
47:35 all that took place before Sinai
47:38 people were not accountable for their sins?
47:41 You mean people were not accountable until the law came?
47:46 Think about it for sin is not imputed
47:49 when there is no law.
47:51 So evidently there must have been
47:53 because sin was imputed
47:54 and we will discuss that from the word of God so,
47:57 before the Ten Commandment law written on tablets of stone.
48:02 You see for the law was given at Sinai
48:05 proving that the law God's code existed before.
48:09 We're gonna prove that, God's code,
48:10 His laws existed before written on tablets of stone.
48:17 Because people use this, this is important yes, it is
48:19 because people use this as the excuse.
48:21 We need not make excuses we just need to be teachable
48:24 and learners in the school of Christ
48:26 and right given in to His word.
48:28 Let's start with Adam quickly shall we?
48:31 We can be sure that
48:33 Adam knew the principles of God's law, why?
48:37 First of all we say because 1 John 3:4,
48:40 sin is the transgression of what?
48:43 "Sin is the transgression of God's law."
48:46 And certainly is mentioned in Roman 4:15
48:48 we mention where no law is there is no transgression.
48:52 So if there was no law,
48:54 no principles in the garden then
48:57 how could Adam have sinned?
48:59 Think about if he did know any better,
49:01 he is not accountable think.
49:04 We know that Adam sinned.
49:09 What is sin? Transgression of God's law.
49:11 The true law wasn't written from the mount yet,
49:13 it wasn't given on tables of stone
49:15 but the Bible said that Adam sinned.
49:18 Romans 5:12
49:20 "Wherefore, as by one man" who was that Adam.
49:25 "Sin entered into the world"
49:27 and notice this when sin entered in it says,
49:29 "And death by sin and so death
49:32 passed upon all men, for that all have sinned."
49:39 If he didn't have the principles
49:40 of right and wrong a moral code.
49:44 God's government in operation how could it be called sin?
49:48 Why would he be kicked out of the garden?
49:52 See once again the Bible is very clear
49:54 the wages of sin is good, death Romans 6:23
50:00 and sin was charged against men.
50:03 The Bible, listen, in Romans 5:14 the Bible says,
50:06 "Sin was charged against men from Adam to Moses
50:10 and so on and so forth."
50:12 Death reigned so, if death reigned
50:15 there must have been some principle
50:16 there must be a law in effect or they would be no death.
50:21 They wouldn't have known right and wrong.
50:23 Won't that makes sense to you? Trace it on down.
50:27 What does all of this mean once again?
50:31 Man, starting with Adam knew God's laws,
50:36 His principles, codes.
50:39 Even though they had not been written on stone,
50:42 God had put them verbally in with Adam.
50:46 If you trace it down you'll find that Adam
50:48 and then you know,
50:49 Methuselah and so on so forth their lives over had 960
50:53 so whatever and Methuselah the oldest you know.
50:55 They over lapped several hundred years
50:57 and so on so forth so, it kept going down
51:00 there is repeated by the righteous.
51:01 They understood right and wrong will prove that as we go along.
51:05 They understood remember, it is the law of God
51:09 that shows the difference between right and wrong.
51:12 Does that make senses?
51:13 The law of God points out what sin is.
51:18 We would not know right and wrong
51:21 if we didn't have God's moral law, His code.
51:26 The devil doesn't want you to believe that
51:28 but he is a liar.
51:30 Pay no attention to him.
51:33 God says, I want you to know right and wrong
51:35 and then you choose, you, make a decision.
51:39 Let's give a kind of a quick example
51:43 of what we are talking about here to show that sin.
51:46 Adam, you remember the beginning example,
51:48 Adam's son Cain sinned.
51:53 How could Cain sin when there was no
51:57 Ten Commandment law written on tables of stone?
52:00 That's what the Bible says,
52:02 so there must be something to this here.
52:05 Read that in Genesis 4:6, 7 and notice this, remember
52:11 where there was no law the sin cannot be imputed
52:14 but notice this Cain's was imputed
52:19 or put against his charge.
52:21 So there must have been some law involved here.
52:25 What was put to his account was murder.
52:28 How did he know he should murder?
52:31 Ten Commandments weren't written yet.
52:32 But notice Genesis 4:7-11
52:36 this was God simply speaking to Cain after the murder.
52:41 "If thou doesn't well, shall thou not be accepted?"
52:48 If you're doing well God said I'm going to accept you.
52:50 He is saying that to you today, He is saying that to me today.
52:52 If you do well, you follow His instructions
52:56 it's going to be well.
52:58 "And if thou doesn't not well," notice what God said,
53:04 He said "sin lieth at the door."
53:07 Well, how did they know what sin?
53:10 There was no Ten Commandment law at that time.
53:12 You follow my thinking here there was law
53:15 and it was imputed.
53:16 They were charged with it
53:17 because they knew right from wrong.
53:20 Interesting, and He God said, now when God speak
53:25 we need to listen my brothers and sisters, listen,
53:27 "What has thou done?
53:30 The voice of thy brother's blood
53:32 crieth unto me from the ground."
53:35 Now, notice this, And He says to Cain
53:38 "And now art thou cursed from the earth."
53:44 You know in Revelation Chapter 22
53:46 in the last chapter verse 3 it says,
53:48 "There shall be no more curse."
53:53 Praise God.
53:55 Some how, right some how there Adam's son Cain was a murdered
53:59 and they knew it was murder and it was wrong
54:01 and God said to him, "Sin lieth at the door."
54:05 So they had to know what is right.
54:07 They had to know right and wrong.
54:09 They were held accountable and was charged to them.
54:13 After all you know there was a big difference
54:15 as we close here of this first part,
54:17 we are gonna get in deep as we go.
54:20 There was a big difference between the two brothers.
54:23 In the New Testament 1 John 3:12 said,
54:27 "Because his" or Cain's "works were evil
54:31 and his brother's righteous."
54:35 Interesting how would you know
54:36 that one was evil way back then before the law
54:38 and one was righteous if there was no law,
54:41 if there was no more code?
54:43 Oh, friends, you know that there was,
54:45 we got many, many more examples
54:46 as we go along in our study.
54:48 So I encourage you be sure you tune in
54:50 you know every time the program is on
54:52 get your pencil and paper.
54:53 We're gonna have prayer right now.
54:55 Got some of the things I believe that
54:56 we talked about today as simple as that may be to some of you
54:59 is very may be confusing to some, complex
55:02 and all of a sudden they are sorting it out
55:03 by the grace of God and we need to pray
55:05 that the Holy Spirit will not keep-- you know
55:07 the Holy Spirit will illuminate these beautiful truths
55:10 that we may step out and follow God all the way.
55:13 He's creator, He is redeemer, He is a sustainer.
55:15 He has a right, it's His government
55:17 He makes the rules and by God's grace we accept.
55:19 And let's pray, shall we?
55:20 Father in heaven, we thank You for Your precious word today.
55:23 We pray now for each and every one of Your followers
55:26 as they heard these words
55:27 that they'll only hear what they need to hear.
55:28 Conviction will come from the power of the Holy Spirit
55:31 and will give them the victory that
55:32 they-- that they need today.
55:34 May we follow Jesus His example in all things
55:36 and I thank You for hearing
55:37 and answering in Jesus name, amen.
55:42 Remember jot down the time that Behold the Lamb is on
55:45 again we should appreciate that
55:46 your phone calls and your letters
55:48 and your cards and your support
55:50 we needed to continue on can't say any more than that.
55:53 I think you understand what I'm talking about
55:55 and so would you pray and would you pray.
55:57 We'll be praying for you, you pray for us
55:58 and we'll see you, bless your heart next time.
56:03 Hello and welcome back.
56:05 You know it's so unbelievable how something so important
56:09 that God choose to write it out for us
56:12 with His very own finger and it has become the object
56:16 of so much confusion in the Christian world.
56:19 Many Christians have long claimed
56:21 that the Ten Commandments were done away with.
56:23 That they were nailed to the cross
56:25 and literally millions have claimed
56:27 that they have been changed in some form or passion
56:31 even though it is recorded that Christ himself said,
56:34 "Not one jot or tittle shall in no wise
56:38 pass away from the law, until all be fulfilled."
56:41 Read it for yourself
56:43 this verses is found in Matthew 5:18
56:46 and as far as I can tell, we are all still here
56:48 we are still living on this earth
56:51 Christ has it returned for the second time
56:53 not just yet and all has not been fulfilled.
56:57 We need to study to show ourselves
56:59 approved on this subject.
57:01 So I know that you're going to want to join us
57:03 for the second part of this series
57:06 and we hope that you'll also desire to contact us
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57:56 Dear friends, until next time may our precious Lord continue
58:00 to richly bless you and yours.


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