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Deciphering God's Code, Part 2

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00:41 Hello, and welcome to Behold the Lamb presents.
00:44 I'm Christ Shelton your host and I would like to welcome
00:47 and invite you to another wonderful study of God's Word.
00:51 Today we'll be concluding the second
00:53 and final part of Deciphering God's Code.
00:57 For those of us who are Bible students
00:59 we place confidence and we say
01:02 we place our full faith in the Word of God.
01:05 Yet, many of us somehow fail to agree on important subjects
01:09 such as the Ten Commandments,
01:11 the very true script of God's character
01:14 and certainly with nominal understanding
01:17 of the great controversy between good and evil
01:20 of which we are most certainly a part of.
01:23 It is only reasonable to ascertain
01:27 or come to the knowledge
01:29 that it is exactly part of the enemies plan
01:32 by diverting our minds away from the vital importance
01:36 of fully deciphering and living out
01:38 all the principles of God's holy
01:41 and just Ten Commandment law.
01:43 Satan keeps us from fully reflecting
01:47 the character of our Creator.
01:49 He stifles us from being fully prepared
01:51 to live in the kingdom of heaven
01:54 and if that is your goal
01:55 to make it to the kingdom of heaven
01:58 then we need to rightly decide for God's code of law
02:02 and it should be paramount
02:04 in our study, in our lives today.
02:06 So get out to your source of truth,
02:08 you're Bible and let's begin this
02:10 all important study with Pastor Kenny Shelton
02:13 and again it is entitled Deciphering God's Code.
02:17 That is always we're first
02:19 we're gonna be blessed to listen to a song
02:21 that is very familiar to most of us.
02:23 It's entitled "Amazing Grace" as sung by Lyndon Carriger
02:27 from the 3ABN Worship Center.
02:34 Amazing Grace
02:38 How sweet the sound
02:44 That saved a wretch
02:50 like me
02:55 I once was lost
03:01 but now am found
03:06 Was blind
03:09 but now I see
03:17 T'was Grace that taught
03:23 My heart to fear
03:29 And Grace,
03:31 My fears relieved
03:39 How precious did
03:44 That Grace appear
03:50 The hour
03:52 I first believed
03:59 Through many dangers
04:05 Toils and snares
04:10 I have already come
04:20 'Tis Grace hath
04:23 Brought me safe thus far
04:30 And Grace
04:32 Will lead me home
04:39 When we've been there
04:44 Ten thousand years
04:49 Bright shining
04:52 As the sun
04:59 We've no less days
05:03 To sing God's praise
05:09 Than when we first begun
05:24 Thanks for joining us here once again
05:25 at Behold the Lamb ministry.
05:27 It's already been mentioned this is the second part
05:30 of the two part series of Deciphering God's Code.
05:33 You know what is this all about?
05:35 Very simply, we're going to be tracing
05:38 and we're going to be looking all the way back
05:40 form the very beginning in Genesis
05:41 to the end of the New Testament
05:44 to find out if God has had a moral code
05:47 to direct His people and this world.
05:49 Does He have a right?
05:51 Well, I think you're gonna figure that out
05:53 as we make this wonderful,
05:54 wonderful study in the Word of God.
05:56 You won't want to miss it.
05:57 Get a paper and pencil and jot something's down.
06:00 We found we just have a little bit of time
06:02 I know it seem maybe long for some of you
06:04 but just goes by so quickly.
06:05 And lot of information to cover and many times
06:07 we just can't get it all covered.
06:10 But what we do jot it down and study for yourself.
06:13 I might mention before we have prayer
06:15 that we certainly enjoy your phone calls
06:17 and your letters and you know
06:19 many people are ordering these series
06:22 and if for chance that maybe you've
06:24 don't get your series that you've ordered,
06:27 don't hesitate to call back say "I haven't got it yet."
06:29 We want to make sure you're happy,
06:31 we want to make sure you can spread the Word of God.
06:34 This is an opportunity for you God's people.
06:37 You say well I can't give a study and I can't.
06:39 Listen, you can take these DVDs and CDs
06:41 and you can share them with your neighbor,
06:43 what an opportunity.
06:44 Before study God's Word, open beautiful pages
06:48 and the information that is left.
06:50 We're gonna pray and I'm getting very grateful
06:52 and thankful for those of you who prayed right along with us.
06:54 So why don't we do that right now?
06:56 I'm going to kneel up here.
06:57 We're gonna ask once again for God's blessing
06:59 because we need God's blessing, don't we, lets pray together.
07:05 Loving Father in heaven,
07:06 we thank You for the privilege of prayer.
07:07 Now we invite the Holy Spirit.
07:09 Please come and take possession
07:11 of our very hearts our minds our soul.
07:14 Lord, we pray that You'll open the ears the hearts
07:17 of Your people who hear this message.
07:19 Pray that my heart, my mind will be open that
07:21 I may hear Your voice and may respond to it.
07:24 We pray that You'll cover me with your blood
07:26 I ask for forgiveness of anything
07:27 in my heart and life and these not be there.
07:30 We're gonna thank You in advance
07:31 for what you're going to do in Jesus name we pray
07:33 and for His sake, Amen.
07:38 You know isn't that wonderful to be a child of God?
07:40 Isn't it wonderful to know that
07:41 we can go to the blessed pages of Scripture
07:44 and we can find exactly God's will for us?
07:48 What are my favorite passages at least food for thought
07:52 is found in the Book of John 7:17.
07:56 And I'm just gonna just say a quote a few words of it.
07:59 Jesus is speaking and when Jesus speaks
08:01 you know we need to really listen, don't we.
08:04 Jesus simply asks a question
08:06 "He said if any man is willing to do the will of God."
08:09 Is there anybody that willing to do the will of God?
08:13 Are you willing to do that?
08:15 Are you willing to submit to power of the Holy Spirit?
08:18 And then He said-- another translation says
08:20 "If any man will do his will."
08:24 So here's what we're gonna study
08:27 is there any one who is willing to do the will of God?
08:31 And so as we study the Scripture Isaiah 1:19 says
08:36 if you're willing to be obedient now remember
08:39 "If ye be willing and obedient
08:41 ye shall eat of the good of the land."
08:44 First of all you had to what?
08:45 Willing and then we must be obedient to the will of God.
08:50 Another passage is very, very I think prominent
08:52 that we need to re-look at is 2 Thessalonians 2:13.
08:57 It says "God hath from the beginning"
09:00 notice this "chosen you to salvation."
09:03 From the very beginning
09:04 God has "chosen you for salvation
09:06 and through sanctification
09:08 of the Spirit and in the truth."
09:11 So we're studying we want to get behind of what is truth.
09:15 What is-- does God have a code
09:17 does He laws rules and does He have a right.
09:22 You know He never forces the will
09:25 that's why we have to be willing.
09:27 Kind of interesting maybe just little question
09:29 food for thought with you here.
09:31 You know, is it the divine will
09:35 that needs to be changed or the human will?
09:38 What needs to be changed the divine or the human?
09:41 Why because we study the Word and we find out God has said
09:44 this is what He wants from mankind.
09:47 And we don't sometime we don't like it.
09:49 And so we try to change God's mind.
09:52 We try to set our own plans.
09:54 But really if we really read the Word of God
09:56 you know who what needs to be changed here
09:59 divine or the human?
10:02 And may I put it this way a God's code--
10:04 does His code need to be changed
10:06 and may be put in His place human.
10:08 Many people are trying it today without certainly
10:10 without success and blessings from God.
10:14 Another question made food for thought right here.
10:17 I have noticed you know traveling about
10:20 and this make sound a little bit strange to you
10:22 but I have noticed a lot on some buildings,
10:24 I have a noticed a lot of weathervanes.
10:26 A lot of weathervanes
10:27 and there are some good looking weathervanes but notice this
10:30 does the weathervane change the wind.
10:35 Does the weathervane change the wind
10:37 or does the wind change the weathervane?
10:42 Get that food for thought.
10:45 Does God allow us to have a real freewill?
10:51 This all has to do with God's code.
10:52 Does He really allows to have a freewill?
10:55 Now let me ask you another question.
10:56 There's a lot of question today.
10:58 What part of the ship?
10:59 Let's say a ship that's sailing along in the ocean,
11:02 what part of the ship that is would say
11:05 that's most important part of the ship
11:07 that has to do with navigation?
11:10 Lot of people may come up with different answers
11:12 but you know we're talking about
11:13 navigation here so what part of it.
11:15 It's the needle of the compass, the needle of the compass.
11:20 Then remember the needle of the compass
11:22 needs to be free to navigate with a magnetic current.
11:28 What is something in the ship? There is lot of steel in there.
11:32 What if that needle
11:33 you see was affected by the steel in the ship.
11:36 It would have all kind of different readings
11:38 we would get off course
11:40 and then we'll find ourselves in a lot of trouble.
11:44 I'm thankful that God gives us that freewill
11:47 that free choice that we can decide.
11:49 Remember, He wants us decide on the information
11:52 given from the Word of God.
11:54 If that little needle you know navigation gets out of focus
11:57 we're gonna shipwreck aren't we.
11:59 Remember the needle is not to run the ship.
12:05 The needle is not to run the ship
12:07 but to be submissive to the pole.
12:10 Please keep that in mind spiritually.
12:12 We're just simply to just submit to do the will of God.
12:17 And so today it may take some submitting
12:19 when we decipher the code of God.
12:21 We have to submit our will to His.
12:24 In Part 1, we talked about the question was asked
12:27 does God have a right?
12:30 Does He have a right to set up laws?
12:32 Does He have a right to set up rules
12:34 or codes to govern His plan?
12:38 The Bible gives us many reasons why God does have this right.
12:42 And we read a few and I'll just read it just for reminder.
12:45 The Bible said in Isaiah 9:6 it says
12:49 "The government shall be upon His shoulders."
12:51 Talking about Jesus does He really have a right to do it?
12:55 People say "I don't want rules, I don't want regulations."
12:58 But how interesting in this world
12:59 that we live in its full of laws
13:02 and rules and regulations.
13:04 And many times we say "Well that's okay
13:06 but when it comes to God's moral code
13:09 or His Ten Commandment law we have some problems.
13:12 Why?
13:14 Jeremiah Chapter 10 the Bible just reaffirms
13:17 what we've been talking about verse 12 it says
13:20 "He hath made the earth by his power."
13:22 So we're establishing right that God does have a right.
13:26 He is establishing notice this "the earth by His power,
13:29 He established the world by His wisdom
13:32 and has stretched out the heavens by His discretion."
13:37 Little book I like to read in Testimonies series 80,
13:41 page 263 says this.
13:44 "Mighty power that works through all nature
13:47 and sustains all things is not,
13:50 as many men of science represent,
13:53 merely an all-pervading principle an actuating energy."
13:58 Or puts things God's more of then
13:59 just putting things into motion and letting them just run.
14:03 The Bible says this article says "God is a spirit,
14:07 yet He is a personal being, for man was made in His image."
14:13 Does God really cares this why we're looking at the code,
14:16 we're looking at what God has done to protect us
14:19 and to take care of us.
14:20 Is it for our own good?
14:24 My dad said many times he said "son,
14:25 I'm telling just for your own good."
14:29 And I didn't want to hear it right then in there, why?
14:31 Because I want to do something different
14:33 and maybe the world today we want to do
14:34 what we want to do when we want to do it
14:37 but God has given us these little rules
14:39 and regulations and His spirit
14:41 which to help us for our own good.
14:45 God has a code. What is that code?
14:48 We could just condense it down.
14:50 We would say God has a code it's a code of principles.
14:53 It's a body of laws.
14:55 Its rules for living in His world.
14:59 Now think and keep this in mind.
15:01 He's given us rules, principles for living in His world.
15:05 Some people walk around like they own the world.
15:07 Do you ever hear that "Oh, hey, like we own the world."
15:10 Now you don't own anything.
15:12 God has create all things
15:13 and what He's loaned it to you to see my grandpa use to say
15:15 "I'm gonna see how you're gonna act."
15:18 He would take us out on the farm
15:20 and he'd give me a shovel for shovel corn
15:23 and he'd handed to me is to saying "get busy shoveling."
15:25 He said "I'm gonna give you shovel
15:26 how you're gonna act with it."
15:28 Well, there's a lot of people I see today
15:30 that they've a shovel you know what they do.
15:32 They lean on it. They take a break.
15:35 You have five guys leaning on a shovel
15:36 and one man maybe working.
15:38 Look out now.
15:40 So maybe grandpa wasn't too far off.
15:42 Give you a shovel.
15:43 See how you're gonna act with that shovel.
15:46 God does have the body of laws.
15:49 And they're for ruling His world.
15:51 He has a right to implement those
15:54 but the other part of this is
15:56 there can be no orderly government without laws.
16:01 Please keep this in mind.
16:03 No orderly government without laws
16:05 there can be no peace there can be no happiness--
16:09 listen unless society accepts those laws.
16:13 See God has some standard but unless we accept
16:17 those standards we have chaos.
16:19 He wants us to be happy. He wants us to be in unity.
16:23 In fact, as I was reading 1 Timothy 1:2-- 2:1-3.
16:30 It's very interesting.
16:31 God said "we need to give thanks."
16:33 Thanks for all that are in authority.
16:36 Oh, its hard to do sometime
16:37 because some of the things are happens unfair we feel
16:40 but we need to give thanks for those who are in authority
16:43 that we may lead a quite and peaceable life.
16:46 God has established things that will protect His people
16:51 if we're certainly conduct it properly.
16:54 I have accepted this and I think most people have.
16:56 I have accepted that there are many laws
16:59 that has been made that man has implemented
17:03 and many are just simply to keep us safe.
17:07 And may I add this word.
17:08 Not only to keep us safe, but to keep us honest.
17:11 I have heard people say that something too.
17:12 They say "well, I just want to keep you honest here."
17:15 Well, I believe instead of lot of laws we look at
17:18 and you can say oh, well this.
17:20 We're talking about here that
17:21 there are supposed to be directed by the hand of God,
17:25 given to the world through his leaders
17:29 that will help God's people.
17:31 So we say thank you Lord,
17:33 you have that right, You've made it.
17:35 And I have this people say
17:36 "I don't like rules and regulations."
17:38 You know you have difficult time
17:40 living in this world don't you.
17:42 Why? Because everything has rules.
17:44 If everything that you think about in your business
17:48 there are rules and regulations.
17:49 In fact there's paperwork like this sometimes
17:52 that overwhelms you with the rule.
17:54 We call it sometime red tape
17:55 but there're rules and regulations.
17:57 How about in the school?
18:00 When I went to school all I could think about
18:01 it was do's and don'ts.
18:03 School you gonna have to and do this and do that
18:06 there's rules and lot.
18:07 We get accustomed to that
18:09 and we say well, made for our own good.
18:11 How about in the home?
18:12 Rules and regulations okay games.
18:16 Maybe games you see people
18:17 want to play games all the time.
18:18 Well, every game has rules.
18:22 And you had to follow those rules.
18:25 I got a code of conduct think about that.
18:28 In the home in the marriage code of conduct.
18:32 So good rule, conduct, laws
18:36 are the very foundation of human society.
18:40 We have to have those things.
18:41 Man cannot just do what he chooses to do.
18:44 Have you ever thought about that?
18:46 What if everybody, everybody in this world
18:50 just decided I'm gonna just do as I please?
18:55 We think we had chaos now.
18:59 Think what it would be if every man just decided to do
19:02 you know what he wanted to do
19:03 without respecting other people's laws
19:07 or they respecting there we call space sometime.
19:11 What a mess it would be.
19:14 If a person does this they pay the price.
19:17 And this is just common you know and west coast
19:20 that we travel and we drive there
19:22 and you know you could be very close
19:23 and you know, high in the mountains
19:24 and you can see just a little old small guardrail
19:27 you look over and its hundreds of feet below.
19:29 But before that you come to that
19:31 you'll always see a sign that warns you of the curve.
19:34 You'll see speed limit that is there.
19:36 That's for your own good. That's for my own good.
19:39 If you choose not to just ignore
19:42 and go the speed you want to
19:44 you'll find yourself over the precipice
19:46 and certainly death and disaster
19:48 would be the result.
19:50 So we need to learn to follow
19:52 east coast and one of the mountains
19:53 and so on and so where still with the signs
19:55 there's rules that we need to follow.
19:58 I have noticed in this life and I think you have too
20:01 where someone goes against the rules
20:03 have you ever noticed that?
20:05 You'll find that even in games you know were took plays
20:08 that they just they want to go against the rules
20:11 and almost like they want to-- they're cheating.
20:14 And some time they get found out
20:16 while they're cheating
20:17 and that's in lot of areas of life
20:19 and they're quickly told now these are the rules.
20:23 Isn't that interesting we can abide by that.
20:26 But when God set some codes or rules we said
20:29 "well, we don't have to do that or they've changed."
20:33 How many of you have ever purchased
20:34 and we're just doing a game at the store and monopoly
20:37 whatever it might be and you're playing it
20:39 and right in the middle the man says
20:42 "Oh, well, we've changed rules."
20:44 What do you mean you change the rules?
20:47 We don't change rules.
20:48 This is the way they've always been.
20:50 This is the way when they came out.
20:51 Very interesting if we're looking at God's code
20:53 it's something that is always been from the very beginning
20:55 and it does not change and it cannot change
20:57 and it doesn't change in the middle of the game.
21:00 Well, many people will say "Well, things have changed."
21:02 Well, have they?
21:04 And people will say "Well, no, you have to follow the rules
21:06 because we need it fair for everyone."
21:09 Well, I see that sure.
21:12 And most of us are all right with that.
21:13 We say "Well, that's we need to be fair."
21:16 What about God's moral code?
21:17 What about His laws, His principles for this world.
21:22 The Book of Isaiah 33:22 it makes a statement.
21:26 Its good God is the law giver.
21:29 Interesting, what God is what? God is the law giver.
21:32 But we're fighting against God, aren't we.
21:34 God is the law giver.
21:36 God's moral code then is code,
21:39 what is the code, is His Ten Commandment law.
21:42 That Romans talks about Romans 7
21:44 and you read verses 12 through 14.
21:46 It says "it's holy, it's good and it's spiritual."
21:50 Oh, you can't change that what is spiritual can you?
21:53 Now, but its interesting here,
21:56 man says "Well, they've done away with that."
22:00 If so Romans 4:15 we've some difficulty here.
22:04 Well, it's been changed, it's been done away with
22:06 because the Bible tells us in Roman 4:15."
22:09 "Where no law is, there is no transgression."
22:13 Where there is no law there is no transgression.
22:16 I've spend the lot of time on that
22:17 and I think you're understood that.
22:19 Well, I understand that.
22:21 This we know for sure
22:24 there is still sin in the world.
22:28 There is still transgression and as long there is sin
22:33 there must be a law, interesting.
22:37 For the Bible said in 1 John 3:4
22:40 "For sin is the transgression of God's law."
22:45 Very interesting thought.
22:47 And then the Bible goes on now let we're weighing it out.
22:49 The wages of sin in Romans 6:23 is what?
22:53 Is death.
22:55 You'll say yeah, but did I-- the Bible says
22:57 if were talking in the New Testament
22:59 in Romans 5:14 it says,
23:02 from Adam to Moses death reigned.
23:06 Death reigned from Adam to what?
23:09 "To Moses." And then quotes on down.
23:13 So evidently there must have been a law
23:15 that's been in effect.
23:18 There must have been even before given on Sinai
23:21 and people will say "Well there was none before then."
23:23 But he Bible says "The wages of sin is death."
23:27 And death reigned from it says "From Adam to Moses."
23:30 Now, as we trace God's code did it very simply
23:34 but we're just like if you really realize
23:36 the people that have an argument
23:38 with what well I'm talking about
23:39 here it seems to be so simple for many.
23:43 They really want to argue the point here
23:45 but we trace God's code,
23:47 God's code we find that man knew
23:50 God's commands or his commandments
23:52 even before they were written stone.
23:54 That makes sense doesn't it? You've heard it?
23:57 Even before they were written on stone
23:59 man knew right from wrong.
24:02 Very, interesting.
24:04 They argument that well, the laws
24:07 it was in operation until Sinai.
24:10 The Ten Commandment law was for the Jews and the Jews only.
24:16 The law was for Old Testament believers
24:18 not for the New Testament believers today.
24:21 That all goes out the window
24:22 as we study as we look and let's do it.
24:25 Let's do it for instance let's go back to the beginning
24:28 and let's trace as quickly as we can to the end.
24:31 Now, what happened in the Garden of Eden?
24:33 Well, you know this subject but so as you realize
24:35 there're many people who do not
24:37 and so we're addressing those who do not know today.
24:40 Adam and Eve the Bible said they sin.
24:44 Now, what happened when they sin?
24:46 They' were cast out of the garden.
24:48 Evidentially there was a code, there was rules
24:52 and if they didn't follow those rules
24:54 and they didn't they transgress.
24:56 They were what? Asked to leave the garden.
24:59 And notice after they did the wrong thing,
25:02 you know they knew they did the wrong thing
25:04 because the Bible said after they had sinned,
25:07 after they transgressed what?
25:08 They hid. Very interesting.
25:11 You find that today, you find that with little children even.
25:15 They do what mom and dad asked him not to do.
25:18 And then you'll find you'll say "Stay out of the cookie jar."
25:23 And they take that little cookie real quick
25:25 and they go hide behind the couch and they eat it
25:27 and they come out with the crumbs all their face.
25:30 Don't seem to know anything what happened to the cookie.
25:33 But they went hid because they even knew that
25:35 they were not supposed to what, because they were told.
25:40 Then if we go a little bit farther
25:41 we realize that Adam's son Cain killed his brother.
25:47 As so interesting the Bible talks about he's sinned.
25:51 Well, how can there be sin when there is no law.
25:57 And when asked him after he killed his brother,
26:01 "am I my brothers keeper?"
26:03 Very, interesting thought
26:06 and then God had a little conversation you see with Cain.
26:10 Genesis 4:7-11. Notice what God said.
26:15 Now, I want you to pay attention just please.
26:18 God said to Cain "sin lieth at the door."
26:24 At your door.
26:26 How could sin lie at his door if there was no law
26:30 for that point for that time there was not the knowledge
26:33 of good and evil, right and wrong.
26:36 How could there be if God said him "sin lies at your door."
26:40 Something must have been in operation.
26:42 Did God have a code?
26:45 How could they really know
26:49 if there was no right and wrong?
26:52 There's we travel right on down we think about Noah and Lot.
26:57 This is very important, Noah and Lot.
26:58 They lived the Bible said "among lawbreakers."
27:02 This was before Sinai so how cold they,
27:06 we're talking about they lived among lawbreakers.
27:08 If there was no law how could they be lawbreakers.
27:12 In fact, if you want to read about the New Testament
27:14 speaks boldly about this in 2 Peter 2:4-8.
27:20 And so they lived in a time
27:22 where man was going against God's government.
27:25 Remember, God has a right. He's God, He has this code.
27:29 He has rules right to govern this world this universe.
27:34 And so we need to say okay God what is it.
27:37 What is your will?
27:38 What is that you would have me to do?
27:41 Very interesting, we can trace go right down to Abraham.
27:44 You remember Abraham?
27:47 The Bible said "Abraham obeyed God's statutes and His laws."
27:53 Well, how could he have done that?
27:54 He obeyed God's statutes and His law.
27:56 That's in Genesis, Genesis 26:5.
28:01 "Abraham obeyed God's rules,
28:03 His statutes, His laws His codes."
28:06 How could he be before they were given
28:07 unless there was what?
28:08 A law that's given that that man understood.
28:11 That was past down from the creator
28:13 to Adam and Eve and all the posterity.
28:16 There had to be because where there is no its right
28:19 there is no law there is no sin that's what the Bible said.
28:23 God said sin lies at the door.
28:24 There were lawbreakers in Noah, Lots day.
28:27 Abraham obeyed God's-- see in order to have done this
28:31 God's code must have been enforced.
28:36 So lot of people want to use this say
28:37 "Well, we don't have to do it."
28:38 And we go back again we back to Genesis 13:13
28:44 the Bible is very clear.
28:46 Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed.
28:49 Now notice what the Bible says.
28:51 "They were destroyed because" there was wicked.
28:54 "They were wicked and sinners before the God exceedingly."
28:58 He just didn't say "They were sinners."
29:00 Just didn't say "That was bad things going on."
29:02 It said "they were exceedingly sinners."
29:06 They went above and beyond.
29:09 Well, how could that take place in Genesis Chapter 3?
29:16 How could you define sin if there was no rules
29:19 there was no code that God has always have?
29:22 See people will think to establish
29:24 that it was given at Sinai-- I was given for specific period
29:26 but if it goes right back from the very beginning
29:28 we trace it right on down then
29:30 presumed we're left without excuse
29:32 that God has always had and He always will have.
29:35 Why because He is God.
29:38 Remember, there are deeds the Bible says in 2 Peter 2
29:45 talking about Sodom and Gomorrah and the sins
29:47 it says that there were unlawful.
29:50 To be unlawful means there must be a law
29:52 that you went against that makes it unlawful.
29:56 Unlawful deeds 2 Peter 7:8 we shouldn't read that
29:59 when you have all that opportunity that you can give.
30:03 Because sometime we become confused
30:04 because we get you know open the Bible
30:06 and we'll say well, let's see here
30:07 and we read one verse and we become confused.
30:09 Don't, don't do that.
30:11 You know, line upon line, precept upon precept,
30:13 here a little and there a little
30:14 it's what God have you.
30:16 This is how we find out what truth is.
30:18 So how can these things-- see instead of just write it all,
30:21 here's a easy word for Christians we call it,
30:23 Christians in the world they just write it off very quick
30:26 and say "Well, we don't do that anymore.
30:27 Well, let's-- its changed now."
30:29 But when you have a weight of evidence that coming
30:31 and God said you know "Sin lies at the door."
30:34 He said the "Sodom and Gomorrah was sinful exceedingly sinful.
30:38 It was unlawful."
30:40 He's saying there must have been a code.
30:42 There must have been something there.
30:46 So as we continue tracing God's code,
30:51 we can see that there has
30:52 always been a knowledge of right and wrong.
30:57 Think about it. There has always been what?
31:00 A knowledge of right and wrong
31:02 and again it can be seen in the garden
31:04 and we're following it right on down
31:07 before the law was given at Sinai.
31:10 So man always had that put in his mind
31:13 God gave it to him things are right and wrong.
31:17 Now the knowledge that he had people say yeah,
31:19 but it wasn't written on stone, that's truth at that time.
31:21 Notice, but they had an idea of what was right and wrong
31:25 to meet men where they were at in the history of the world.
31:31 God always takes care of this doesn't He?
31:33 He knows what we are need of. He wants us to be protected.
31:38 He wants us to love Him supremely.
31:40 He wants us to love our fellowman.
31:43 So He gave us some codes
31:45 and which would help to guide us
31:46 to be able to do the right thing
31:49 under the unction of the Holy Spirit.
31:51 Now as I'm thinking on, I'm thinking about Joseph.
31:56 How did Joseph know?
32:00 He must have known what sin was.
32:03 He had to know what sin--
32:06 he had to know the difference between right and wrong.
32:11 Is that make sense?
32:12 See even though these are simple
32:14 and you heard them all at your life
32:16 you'll say right here this is weight of evidence.
32:18 These are things that we have to weigh out in the scale.
32:21 He had to know what was right and wrong
32:25 because he made quite a statement
32:27 as we look in Genesis 39:9.
32:32 When he was tempted you remember don't have to go
32:34 into that you've heard the story many times.
32:36 When he was tempted he simply said.
32:38 "How then can I do this?"
32:41 Notice this, he said this great wickedness.
32:46 "How can I do this great wickedness,
32:50 and sin against God?"
32:52 How could he do it?
32:54 Well, how did know that it was wrong.
32:55 How did he know when he broke the code,
32:58 the Commandments of God?
33:00 How did he know that he was sinning against not only man
33:04 but sinning against God?
33:06 Very interesting, thought. So we look at God's moral code.
33:12 And remember God's moral code of what?
33:14 Of righteousness existed before Sinai.
33:18 Oh, there is lot of other examples
33:19 but this just get you right on track here.
33:23 Do you remember as God's people how is it--
33:26 how could God rebuke the people
33:28 for something that they didn't know?
33:30 They must have known it, God would not.
33:32 He said in times of ignorance he wouldn't accept.
33:34 But very interesting in Exodus 16:28,
33:39 God said He is talking Moses how long the people,
33:42 "How long refuse you to keep my commandments and my laws?"
33:46 This was before Sinai.
33:49 There must be something true this right here
33:51 because God rebuked the people
33:54 for gathering manna on the Sabbath.
33:57 So there was Sabbath and it existed before Sinai
34:00 and the Ten Commandment law.
34:02 God rebuked them for getting out
34:04 and gathering manna on the Sabbath
34:06 and God said how long refuse you
34:08 to keep My commandments and My laws.
34:12 Now we could turn that and read some more on it
34:14 but I thought its very interesting
34:16 as I have here in my Bible
34:17 Exodus Chapter 16 it said in verse 23.
34:22 Bible says "Tomorrow is the rest
34:24 of the holy Sabbath unto the Lord."
34:27 Wow, verse 26.
34:30 "Six days you gather but on the seventh day,
34:34 which is the Sabbath," there's not going to be anything.
34:38 There's going to be any manna.
34:40 Because it's the Sabbath of the Lord
34:41 thy God we need to examine
34:42 what God would have us to do on the Sabbath.
34:44 Why, He's creator, He made a Sabbath.
34:46 It's His day.
34:47 And He let us know what we should do on that day.
34:49 Does He have a right? Yes, He does.
34:52 Does He give you a freewill? Yes, He does.
34:54 Can you choose? Yes, you can.
34:56 Will there be consequences? Yes, there will be.
34:59 Instead of the-- with the old excuses
35:01 well its different now we don't do it,
35:03 we're in the New Testament, we're under grace.
35:05 Praise God, for grace, praise God for grace
35:09 but I say and you've heard it said many times,
35:11 grace is not a license to sin.
35:15 Why do we need-- people talk about grace,
35:17 grace, grace praise God for it.
35:19 But what is grace?
35:20 Grace, you need grace when you sin or you break the law.
35:23 Is that makes sense?
35:26 If you didn't break the law you didn't--
35:28 well, we need grace.
35:29 Grace was instituted because man broke the law of God.
35:33 It's not a license to continue on to sin,
35:35 praise God for if we sin we have advocate
35:38 with the Father now.
35:40 Praise God for that.
35:42 Its wonderful its good news but its not these excuses
35:45 that people use all the time
35:47 that now we don't have to do that anymore.
35:49 Well, you don't have to do anything if you don't want.
35:52 But God says this is what He commands us to do.
35:55 We trace these codes down God's moral codes.
36:00 See the people knew then
36:02 about God's holy Sabbath, didn't they.
36:05 The people knew before it was written on stone.
36:10 Because God said "How long you refuse?"
36:14 The Lord said listen, the Lord himself said this.
36:17 "Tomorrow is the rest of the holy Sabbath."
36:21 In Exodus 16:23 "Tomorrow is the rest of the holy Sabbath."
36:27 What does that mean?
36:28 Tomorrow is the, they had, that had to be Friday
36:34 that He was talking about
36:38 because they gathered twice as much
36:39 and then they rested on the Sabbath.
36:43 The seventh day of the week,
36:47 God said it's the rest of the holy Sabbath
36:51 instituted by God.
36:54 Do you realize before the law was given and written
36:57 Moses taught the people God's laws.
37:01 Moses taught them long before they were written on stone.
37:06 You can read that in Exodus 18:16 very interesting.
37:10 Now notice when he said
37:12 "When you have a matter, they and you come unto me."
37:17 Moses said "I will judge between one and another."
37:21 Now notice, "I'll do and make them know"
37:24 listen "the statutes of God, and his laws."
37:30 Showing certainly if they were in existence
37:32 long before Mount Sinai even there is a difference
37:35 when there is a problem bringing the people before me
37:37 and I'm going to show them I'm going to make known
37:39 the statutes of God and His laws.
37:42 That's what Exodus 18:16 says.
37:44 Now, doesn't maybe this proof
37:49 without a question that the law of God,
37:53 His code existed from the beginning,
37:58 from Adam to Moses from Moses to Christ,
38:03 Christ to the apostles, to the New Testament church.
38:09 Wow, so simple just to trace it right on down
38:13 the message is solid, the message is right on target
38:17 and the devil is out to try to change things.
38:20 But friends if you stay in the Word of God
38:22 it's not going to happen, is it.
38:24 You listen to mankind today man has his own little ideas.
38:27 He sure trying to jot God off of the throne
38:29 he's trying to put himself upon the throne of God.
38:34 We know, we know that God spoke and wrote the Ten Commandments.
38:39 I don't think that's really a question, do you.
38:41 We know He wrote it, and we know He spoke them.
38:43 What, Deuteronomy 4:13 you can take
38:45 and you can read what it tells us.
38:47 He said He wrote them upon two tables of stone.
38:53 God wrote them.
38:54 You'll say well this is simple we've been over.
38:56 It's not for many people. The world is confused.
39:00 And I think this many times
39:01 we don't go over the simple parts of the message
39:04 because we have heard it so often and we think we know it.
39:07 Friend, do you realize this-- I may be careful here
39:10 that this message is bigger than you.
39:12 It's bigger than me.
39:14 We have to try to reach the masses who do not believe
39:18 what I'm talking about today.
39:20 And know other ways through the powers of the Holy Spirit
39:22 by doing simply what A-B-C, 1-2-3
39:25 that they can trace it we're talking to the people
39:28 the Bible says go to the highways
39:30 the hedges go to the worldwide and tell them these truths.
39:34 Aren't you excited about these beautiful truths?
39:36 I'm really excited about them because the Word of God
39:40 you don't have to really you don't have to worry about
39:43 because the more of there its challenge than more
39:44 that it shows itself to be what it is, what.
39:47 The Word of God--unchangeable-- never changes.
39:51 In fact the man the audacity of man to open the pages
39:55 and say this part is okay and the other part is changed.
40:00 This part seems to be all right
40:01 and the other part we don't worry about it.
40:03 What do you mean you don't worry about it anymore?
40:07 Is this not all inspired than what scripture tells us.
40:11 Sure, all scripture is given by inspiration of God.
40:14 So do you have greater inspiration
40:15 or because you think well I feel like.
40:17 I hear that a lot, I feel, I sense.
40:19 So what is the Word of God say? Get back to the Word of God.
40:22 Quit living on your feelings and your emotions
40:24 what a mess the world is in
40:26 because there are they're feeling--
40:27 they're living on emotions and feeling.
40:28 What do you think all of the killing
40:30 and all the stuff is going on in the world?
40:31 People, living on emotions, they don't have a code.
40:35 They don't have laws they have to regulate
40:37 to govern society in this world.
40:39 They're not willing to follow them.
40:41 We're in such a mess today.
40:44 And lot has to do with that beyond
40:45 some of the preachers in the world today
40:47 and some of the teachers
40:49 who are not willing to follow the Word of God.
40:53 Bible said "God wrote His testimony."
40:57 Have you ever heard that the testimony of Jesus Christ?
41:02 The stones contained that he wrote
41:04 the Ten Commandments on, what,
41:06 they're written on they're written
41:07 and said it's a testimony.
41:09 Read that in Exodus 31:18, please.
41:11 Two tables of testimony the Bible says.
41:15 So the testimonies then are what?
41:17 And we say testimony it's the written right will of God
41:22 and they were based upon the spoken Word of God.
41:26 He spoke it and He wrote it
41:29 on tables of stone not to be removed,
41:32 not to be changed, not for man to add
41:34 one little bit two or to takeaway.
41:36 He can't do that.
41:38 Bible says in Isaiah 8:20, you know what it talks about.
41:43 It says to the law and to the testimony.
41:45 But remember the law of God
41:47 is the divine test of all teaching.
41:51 Did you get that?
41:52 The Word of God is a divine test of all teaching.
41:57 And then we quote to the law and the testimony
41:59 if they speak not according to this
42:01 because there is no light in them.
42:03 The man may be just challenge you a little bit today.
42:06 How many maybe of us, how many of you,
42:11 you're willing to sit down and TV and the radio
42:13 and different and read things that you know
42:15 and what you're going to hear is
42:16 not the truth as you understand it.
42:19 The law of the testimony if they speak not according to it
42:22 is because there is no light in them.
42:24 If they're speaking against the Ten Commandment law of God
42:29 they may not know any difference
42:30 but the Bible said there is no light in them
42:33 to His testimonies or two tables of stone.
42:37 So how could there be light when the Bible
42:38 when they're teaching well nine is good
42:41 but the one is done away with.
42:44 Friend, I know its startling to someone I know it's hurtful
42:46 to some that's not the intentions at all here
42:49 at Behold the Lamb but simply get you stirred up to say
42:52 "Why are we doing?" Do you say?
42:54 Has the enemy not attacked God's law?
42:56 Has he not attacked God's character?
42:58 Has he not attacking the remnant people of God?
43:00 He is like to say absolutely he is.
43:02 And I am determined by the grace of God to stand
43:04 and fight how about you.
43:06 I know He says He'll fight our battles for.
43:07 But He doesn't want you to sit and recline and do nothing.
43:10 We have to respond because there is many honest
43:13 good hard people that have never
43:14 maybe heard these simple things before.
43:19 So it's God's code could not, could not be done away with
43:23 or we would not have known what was sin or not right and wrong.
43:30 And then it maybe another point here--
43:32 code cannot be done away with or how will we prove
43:35 what is right and what is wrong?
43:37 Because the Bible in Romans 3:20 says
43:40 by the law is the good.
43:43 Oh, I hurry yes it's the knowledge of sin
43:46 by the law doesn't save you.
43:50 It condemns you.
43:52 But by the law is the knowledge of sin
43:55 so we're able by looking at the Ten Commandment law
43:58 to know what is pleasing in the side of God
44:00 and best for what, love to Him and our love for our fellowman.
44:04 So it could not be possibly be done away with
44:07 because we would not know what is right and what is wrong.
44:12 And so it's there, it's the eternal.
44:15 You know, it's very interesting that Jesus in His life--
44:19 listen carefully He lived out the law.
44:23 He lived that out in His life.
44:25 Isaiah 42:21 says
44:28 "He would magnify the law and make it honorable."
44:32 Lot of people have their thoughts on that
44:34 because we've really studied the Word of God,
44:36 the principles of God's word.
44:39 And I found this article in the Acts of the Apostles page 505.
44:43 It's quite lengthy a couple of paragraphs
44:44 but please listen carefully, listen how much sense it makes.
44:47 "In the precepts of His holy law of God
44:51 has given us a perfect rule of life."
44:54 God's Ten Commandment law
44:56 gives us a prefect rule of life.
44:59 "He has declared that until the close of time this law,
45:04 unchanged in a single jot or tittle,
45:07 is to maintain its claims upon" the human race, "human beings.
45:12 Christ came" the Bible said we just read.
45:15 And so Christ came to do what?
45:17 "To magnify the law,"
45:19 Isaiah 42 we just read "and to make it honorable.
45:24 He showed that it's based upon the broad foundation
45:27 of love to God and love to" our what?
45:30 "Our fellowman, that obedience to its precepts"
45:35 listen obedience to its precepts just
45:38 "compromises or comprises the whole duty of man."
45:43 You'll read that in Book of Ecclesiastes 12:13
45:48 it says it about there that we are to
45:50 "Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter.
45:53 Fear God and keep his commandments,
45:56 for this is the whole duty of man."
45:58 Some others not hearing that, this is the whole duty of man.
46:03 Wow, people say "Well, we talk a lot about
46:07 you know in the mount of-- Sermon on the Mount
46:10 that He showed, you know, He taught some great lessons."
46:14 But listen very carefully "In his own life he gave
46:16 an example of obedience to the law of God.
46:20 In the Sermon on the Mount He showed
46:21 how its requirements extended beyond the outward acts"
46:26 and then it went what "on the thoughts
46:29 and the intents of the heart."
46:32 He went beyond. How is your heart?
46:35 How are your thoughts today?
46:39 In reference there is Manuscript 82,
46:41 this paragraph 1900 says "The strength of his army
46:46 is to be used for a one great purpose.
46:48 Its efforts are to be concentrated
46:51 upon one great point."
46:52 Notice this we as Christian we belong to the army of God.
46:55 We are to "magnify the law" and we're to do what?
47:00 We're to take it "before the world
47:01 and before angels and before man."
47:03 We're to magnify. We're to bring it out.
47:05 We're to make it clear.
47:06 We are to present it to the world.
47:08 Well, the enemy has taken and what
47:09 and said we don't need to do anymore.
47:12 Bible said "The law was in his heart."
47:14 I know you've read that in Isaiah 40:7,8, Hebrews 10:7.
47:18 See in order for fulfill God's moral code
47:21 His Ten Commandment law Jesus would have to do
47:25 what it required He chose to do what it required.
47:30 Hebrews 1:9 God said "That Jesus loved righteousness."
47:33 How about you today?
47:36 He said "He loved righteous, He hated iniquity."
47:38 Shouldn't we come to that point in our Christian experience
47:41 that we love to do the right thing
47:42 but we don't want to do the wrong thing?
47:45 We love Him with all of our heart our soul and our mind.
47:47 You know Jesus stresses the importance
47:49 of keeping His law, Matthew 5:19.
47:51 I have heard many people misquote this
47:53 and then they come up with an answer
47:55 that we'll talk about here in just
47:56 and they do it and in kind of context.
47:58 Jesus said "Whosoever therefore shall break
48:00 one of the least of these commandments
48:02 and teach men to do so shall be called the least
48:05 in the kingdom of heaven.
48:07 But whosoever shall do" and notice it "and teach them,
48:11 the same shall be called great."
48:12 Jesus said if you do and you teach
48:14 you're gonna be called great.
48:15 But the others will be called the least.
48:17 I heard one man say to me well,
48:18 what the Bible mean about the least?
48:22 I can't really gain the victories, he said.
48:24 I'm just can't see defeated all the time
48:26 and I don't know but you know what as I read that passage
48:28 you said it means I'm gonna make it.
48:32 Oh, I'm not going to be the great
48:33 and I am not going to be the first on in
48:35 but I will be the least anyway.
48:36 You know, what this verse is clear
48:39 that person who'll have no place
48:40 in the kingdom of heaven keep this in mind.
48:44 It's not how great the sin or the act of the disobedience
48:50 that constitutes what sin is.
48:52 But it's the fact that we have varied
48:56 from God's expressed will in the least part in His code.
49:02 Interesting, willfully breaking commandments of God
49:06 shows us that we still have a communion
49:08 as it were between the soul and sin.
49:10 We've not eradicated it.
49:12 We don't have the connection that we need.
49:15 The heart is still divided. It doesn't know which master.
49:19 It's divided even in the least of things.
49:22 Paul said in Romans 3:31, Romans 3:31 he says
49:28 "Instead of saying that the law was done away with"
49:30 he said "strongly that by faith we establish the law."
49:36 What do you with those passages of scripture?
49:38 I'm not trying to cover all those passage
49:40 and maybe you've heard before
49:41 just give you good food for thought.
49:43 And his own personal life he said
49:45 something very interesting in Acts 24:14.
49:49 He said "believing all things which are written in the law
49:52 and the in the prophets."
49:54 Paul what it is?
49:55 Isn't it interesting how selective people are
49:57 when it comes to Paul?
49:58 And he says something that I agree with I say Paul,
50:00 when he says something that no well.
50:04 He is either inspired or he was not.
50:07 Jesus said we're going to be judged by the law
50:09 whosoever still offend in one point is guilty of all,
50:12 James 2:10-12.
50:15 God's always to be the standard in the judgment.
50:19 I wonder how many of you read this passage
50:21 in Revelation 11:18-19
50:25 and had any idea may not you were reading.
50:28 It speaks about a time of the wrath of God
50:30 and talks about a time of judgment of the nations
50:32 and even of the dead.
50:34 Take time to read it all.
50:36 And it says "The temple of God was opened in heaven,
50:39 and there was seen in his temple."
50:40 Notice "the ark of his testament."
50:43 In heaven, heaven was open and we're seeing
50:45 and it was what the Ark of his testament.
50:47 Two tables of stone God's Ten Commandment law,
50:50 God's moral code from the right
50:52 very beginning of time till the very end.
50:55 Even in heaven notice, the work of judgment takes place where?
51:00 In the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary.
51:03 What's there?
51:05 Oh, the Bible is real clear on it.
51:06 The Ark of His testament. The Ten Commandment law.
51:11 The one that will be used in the judgment.
51:15 Deuteronomy 30:19-20 it says "I will call heaven
51:19 and earth to record this day against you
51:23 that I have set before you life and death."
51:25 Notice this statement he said I set before you life and what?
51:28 Life and death "blessings and cursings"
51:31 notice this "therefore choose life,
51:36 that both thou and thy seed shall live."
51:41 What a promise that is made to God's people?
51:45 Choose life that verse goes on to says that we're to love
51:51 "thou mayest love the Lord thy God,
51:54 and that thou mayest obey his voice."
51:56 How many really love God today?
51:58 If you say you're loving then we're willing
52:01 what all of us to be obedient to His voice.
52:04 Please don't say oh, "I love Jesus"
52:06 and then you're not willing to be obedient.
52:07 Don't say I love Jesus
52:09 and then but we're gonna change His sayings and--
52:11 don't say we love Jesus
52:12 and we're not willing to follow in His footsteps.
52:14 Don't say we love Jesus and we're not willing
52:16 to nigh self take up the cross and follow Him.
52:18 Don't say we love Jesus when a job is more important
52:21 than keeping of the Ten Commandments of the Sabbath.
52:24 Don't say we love our fellowman when you spend
52:26 no time in doing anything with your fellowman
52:27 or for your fellowman as for salvation.
52:31 But let's say quickly, Calvary has settled the issue.
52:36 Two very, very important points.
52:38 God's law is eternal, it's unchangeable,
52:42 if we sin that's mean its transgression of God's love
52:46 even one, break one it brings death.
52:50 We've all sinned we all need a Savior
52:53 one who did no sin praise God.
52:56 One to take our place thank God for His grace,
53:01 thank God for His perfect life which I have mentioned before
53:06 is not you know because He's lived that life
53:09 it doesn't permit me what to knowingly sin.
53:13 Sin brings death Jesus took my place.
53:19 Praise God for that.
53:20 Two, Calvary proves that God is what?
53:22 God is love.
53:23 First of all it prove that law is unchangeable.
53:25 It can't change. It proves that God is love.
53:30 It proves that Satan lied against God,
53:32 God's government against Jesus against His character
53:36 and that thank God for the Cross of Cavalry.
53:40 Bible said in Revelation 22:14 in the last chapter
53:42 it said "Blessed are they that do his commandments,"
53:44 that keep his codes, notice
53:46 "that they may have a right to the tree of life."
53:49 Friend, don't you want to follow Jesus today?
53:52 Don't you want to have that right to the tree of life
53:55 then we must be willing by the grace of God
53:56 to do His commandments.
53:58 We're willing to keep it-- you can't do it on your own.
54:00 But He can empower you His grace and strength,
54:03 His power, His mind let it be in us.
54:07 It will enable us to gain the victories over the enemy.
54:10 I gonna pray for you right now before we close.
54:12 Those who you may be this is new to you,
54:14 may be this is still little bit startling to you
54:16 and it deserves the whole lot more study I understand.
54:18 But let's pray the Holy Spirit will take and right
54:20 and use what's been said here
54:21 that will help us to gain a richer experience with Jesus.
54:24 Let's pray, shall we?
54:25 Father in heaven, thank you for your precious Word.
54:27 Thank you that You've spoken to our hearts today.
54:30 There is saying yesterday, today and forever.
54:33 You have a code its eternal and we thank You
54:35 for the cross of cavalry and we thank you for grace,
54:37 now we ask to You blessed the believers today
54:39 in Jesus name we pray and for His sake, amen.
54:44 It's been good to spend some time with you.
54:45 Remember we enjoy your cards and your letters
54:48 and your phone calls just keep them coming.
54:51 Some of you have specific subjects that may be
54:53 you want to cover you have to write us
54:55 or give us a call and let us know.
54:57 We thank you also we could not bring these things to you.
54:59 It was for your love and your prayers and your support.
55:02 Please by the grace of God pray about what you can do
55:05 to support the Behold the Lamb
55:06 so we may continue to bring these timely messages.
55:08 God bless you, we'll see you next time.
55:11 Welcome back, our prayer is that you have gained
55:15 greater insight and wisdom on the subject
55:18 of God's Ten Commandment law and they all important role
55:22 that it is to play in each of our lives.
55:26 Think with me for just a moment.
55:28 If indeed it is the transcript of God's character
55:31 and we're called to fully reflect God's character
55:35 then would it not be logical to conclude
55:38 that God's Ten Commandment law
55:40 is to become the transcript of our characters.
55:44 Should it not be a reflection of who we are and who we serve
55:48 and show our preparation to be inhabitant of God's kingdom.
55:54 I think so and as we have deciphered God's code
55:58 here together we should now by the aid of the Holy Spirit
56:03 understand that this means all ten precepts of God's holy love
56:08 in describing the last conflict between the enemy
56:12 and God's last or remnant church.
56:14 John identifies God's people as a people listen,
56:19 who keep the Commandments of God
56:21 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
56:24 You can read this for yourself look at up
56:26 in the Book of Revelation 12:17.
56:30 Deciphering God's code should cause each of us
56:35 to examine our walk with our Savior
56:37 and question whether or not we're fully following Him
56:41 wither so ever He leads.
56:43 If not shouldn't be our decision right now
56:47 this very moment to make all the necessary changes
56:52 and our lives to do just that.
56:56 God, I promise you He will give you His grace.
56:59 He will give you His power to accomplish this.
57:02 It's His will and we hope that you want to call in
57:06 and get your very own copy of this two part series
57:10 Deciphering God's Code because we know
57:13 that it will continue to assist you
57:15 and help you to make these necessary changes.
57:20 This set is being offered for a love gift of just $15
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57:57 My dear friends, until next time may our precious Lord


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