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The Origin of the Sabbath

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00:41 Hello, and welcome to "Behold the Lamb Presents."
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton your host and we cordially invite you
00:47 to stay tuned in for our study of God's word today.
00:51 We are going to look at a subject
00:53 that we've referred to quite often but,
00:56 perhaps have just not made it
00:58 the focal point of our time together
01:00 on "Behold the Lamb Presents."
01:02 But in reality it is a major issue for our day and age.
01:06 In fact, it is a vital part of God's last warning
01:10 to His remnant people as found partially
01:13 in the Book of Revelation chapter 14.
01:16 And here we find that three angels' messages
01:19 that are to be proclaimed around the world
01:22 with a loud cry warning God's people to come out of Babylon
01:27 or religious confusion and you will find here
01:30 an earnest call to worship God
01:32 who has made heaven and earth and the sea
01:36 for the judgment of this world has begun.
01:39 We are warned in Revelation 14
01:42 that if we do not come out of Babylon
01:44 and would rather choose to worship
01:46 the beast power and his image we will be tormented
01:51 with fire and brimstone
01:53 in the presence of the holy angels
01:56 and in the presence of the Lamb, Jesus Christ.
01:59 Upon close examination as we progress
02:03 through this study we will also discover
02:06 that to worship the creator God
02:09 we must also keep His Ten Commandment law
02:12 and at the heart of God's law
02:14 we find a commandment that men has thought to change,
02:18 cunningly change over the years.
02:20 Men over the decades have crafted arguments
02:24 as to why they choose to worship God
02:26 without keeping this portion of His law
02:29 and that being the fourth commandment.
02:33 Let's look at Exodus 20:8,
02:36 here it states that we are clearly, clearly it states
02:40 we are to "Remember the Sabbath day,
02:42 to keep it holy."
02:44 But God doesn't stop there.
02:46 He continues to tell us
02:48 how we are to keep it holy in verses 9 through 11.
02:51 I want you to look that up
02:52 when you have time for yourselves.
02:54 Therefore, we have developed this five part series
02:57 that we've entitled "The Sabbath, a Test of Faith"
03:02 and within this series we will be covering messages
03:05 that are entitled "The Origin of the Sabbath"
03:07 which is today's, "The Law and Grace"
03:10 "How to Keep the Sabbath" "Revelation 14"
03:14 and finally "Avoiding the Mark of the Beast."
03:16 You don't want to miss any of these messages.
03:20 But before as always we being the message
03:23 "The Origin of the Sabbath" with Pastor Kenny Shelton.
03:26 We are blessed to listen to a song that is entitled
03:30 "More Love to Thee" as performed
03:32 by the "Ouachita Hills Academy Bell Choir"
03:36 from 3ABN worship center.
06:01 Thanks for joining us once again here at "Behold the Lamb"
06:04 and as you've already heard
06:05 we have an exciting five part series.
06:08 You can't afford to miss one of that.
06:11 They all build on the other.
06:13 This is the first part "The Origin of the Sabbath"
06:16 and again we just know as we build upon this.
06:19 We are laying a platform of how the Sabbath began.
06:22 So those who are saying well, once again there is going to be
06:25 a Bible study about the Sabbath and going looking
06:27 from passage to passage oh, that be beautiful to do.
06:29 That's not the purpose of this message.
06:31 May approach it little bit differently than maybe
06:34 many of you have.
06:35 But I think this will be a great blessing.
06:38 It has been a blessing for me
06:39 and I want to pass that blessing on to you.
06:41 And I want to encourage you once again to that--
06:44 you need to respond.
06:45 If you are hearing these things
06:47 and maybe for the very first time
06:49 so we want to be able to get back to those who,
06:53 you will say I've heard it over and over
06:55 but there is millions that have not.
06:57 So would you, you know, be gracious and let us--
06:59 just, you know, kind of begin it
07:00 and look from an angle that we are doing it
07:03 to reach those who maybe,
07:04 maybe have never heard this before.
07:07 So we pray that it will be a blessing.
07:09 We need your prayers and so we just--
07:11 we pray today that each one of us will be united together,
07:14 power of the Holy Spirit
07:15 would be poured out on as we look.
07:17 You know, we talked about the Sabbath.
07:18 You know, it's a test of faith for us.
07:20 And so I pray that you will be encouraged
07:22 about these five part series.
07:24 So if we miss a little some of you say oh,
07:26 he should have brought in this and he should--
07:28 people are really good at that.
07:29 You know, and I'm pretty good myself looking back
07:31 and say well, we should-- remember there is five parts,
07:34 so lot of these issues that we are just covering one
07:37 if we don't get it by God's grace number two,
07:40 if not then number three, four and five.
07:42 So let's pray about it. Shall we?
07:43 We can't do this without praying
07:45 and we need your prayer along with us.
07:47 So I know that you are going to where you can
07:49 and I love it when you say, you know, pastor,
07:51 when you pray in kneel in front of my set
07:53 and I pray with you.
07:54 Thank you for doing that. Let's pray together, shall we?
07:59 Father in heaven, we thank You for the privilege of prayer.
08:02 We pour heart out to you right now and our mind.
08:06 Many times words just cannot express what's in,
08:10 in our hearts but You do, You read them
08:13 and so You know that we want this to be
08:15 an honor and glory for You.
08:17 We wanted to bring forth a God of heaven our Creator,
08:20 our Redeemer, our Sustainer.
08:22 We want to bring home the points
08:24 that will convict and convert hearts.
08:26 Only Your Holy Spirit can do that.
08:28 Lord, we stand before you bear today,
08:31 we have nothing which to offer
08:32 that's good within ourself but you do.
08:35 So I pray that you will take that
08:36 what we are ready to present now
08:38 by Your grace and Your strength
08:40 and that You will let the hearers hear exactly
08:42 what they need to.
08:43 Again we ask for that conviction
08:45 of the Holy Spirit.
08:46 Illuminate our hearts and our minds,
08:48 forgive me of any sin in my heart and life
08:50 anything that will separates.
08:52 I need to hear Your voice this morning
08:53 and I thank You in advance for in Jesus name, amen.
08:59 Again we thank you for tuning in, on such a regular basis.
09:02 You know, that's very, very important.
09:04 We believe that we need present truth messages.
09:08 We don't need some of those messages
09:09 that show water down
09:11 and they are soldiers for everyone.
09:13 I heard people say today that some of these message
09:15 that are found in the scripture and it just kind of blows
09:18 my mind if all right to say that.
09:20 They will say, you know, that's for this group only
09:22 or that's for the Baptist or that for the,
09:25 you know, the church of God,
09:26 that's for the Adventist folk, that's for us to enter.
09:29 If it's God's word it is not for a specific group,
09:32 it's for every one.
09:34 So let's obey-- if it comes
09:35 from the Bible everyone say
09:36 well, that's the message is just for the Adventist.
09:38 Is it?
09:39 If it's from God's word, you know, it's for all of us.
09:42 So we will, we're searching the scripture
09:44 and so what we are going to do, you have your Bible
09:46 what I would like for you to do is to turn with me.
09:49 We need a good foundation, don't we?
09:51 And as we begin we go back to the Word of God.
09:54 May I encourage you this and we are talking about
09:56 the origin of the Sabbath, how it began?
09:58 We always go back.
10:00 You want to know what truth is.
10:02 If you really want to know what truth is what you do?
10:04 You always go back to the beginning
10:07 the way that God said it.
10:09 I cannot emphasis this enough go back the way
10:14 that God set it up before sin come in the world.
10:17 Why?
10:18 Because one day he is gonna go right back
10:20 and he is going to what?
10:22 He is-- we're gonna be
10:23 in that garden again.
10:24 We are gonna be just like it was before man sinned.
10:27 So we can learn that what truth is the way
10:30 that God set it up in the very beginning.
10:33 After all God's ways are best, isn't that right?
10:35 So let's go back, take your Bible
10:36 if you are going with me and I'm gonna turn mine
10:38 right now to the Exodus Chapter 20.
10:41 And if you allow me I will read these verses.
10:42 I know lot of you say, oh, we don't want to read.
10:44 I want to read these to you
10:45 and I pray that you have your Bible open,
10:47 you will read with me
10:48 because may people don't go back to the Old Testament
10:51 because they are told by the pastor
10:52 oh, we just, we're not gonna do that.
10:54 I want you to read the verse with me 8 through 11.
10:58 Okay, read that with me right now.
11:00 "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy."
11:03 That's what the Bible said.
11:04 "Six days shalt thou labor, and do all thy work
11:08 but the seventh day
11:09 is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God."
11:12 Did you notice? Listen to every word carefully.
11:16 "Seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God."
11:20 Not a group, not a denomination as it were,
11:22 not-- e very--
11:23 it's a Sabbath of Lord thy God.
11:26 "In it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son,
11:29 nor thy daughter, manservant,"
11:31 the Bible says, "maidservant, nor the cattle,
11:34 stranger that is within thy gates" why?
11:38 Here's the reason why the Sabbath.
11:40 Because the Bible said
11:41 "For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth,
11:44 the sea, and all that in them is,"
11:46 and notice what He did.
11:47 "And He rested the Sabbath day, wherefore the Lord"
11:50 notice what, "He blessed the Sabbath day,
11:52 and He hallowed it."
11:54 How beautiful when we read scripture
11:57 and it tells exactly why, why God did it
12:01 and who it did it for.
12:02 So I hope you are taking these things in
12:04 because remember we serve a God that doesn't change, right.
12:08 Anything coming out of His mouth
12:09 He cannot change or alter.
12:10 He is the same yesterday, today and forever
12:13 and you can't go wrong following God.
12:15 Can you? You just can't go wrong.
12:17 So we get back into just the simplicity of scripture.
12:22 Now, if your - you know,
12:23 you are with me in the Bible
12:24 so forth then let's go back to the Book of Genesis.
12:27 Shall we?
12:28 Now this is very, very important for us to do.
12:30 In the Book of Genesis 2:1-3.
12:33 Genesis Chapter 2 now where we are going to the back.
12:37 We're going to-- some of you may not know
12:39 that the Old Testament
12:40 so that's a first book of the Bible.
12:42 Genesis Chapter 2, we are going to the second chapter,
12:45 we are going to read verses 1 through 3.
12:47 This is very, very important. Notice this.
12:50 It says, "Thus the heavens and the earth were finished,
12:55 all the host of them."
12:58 Now notice "And on the seventh day God"
13:02 notice this, what did God "ended his work
13:05 which He had made and He rested on the seventh day
13:09 from all His work which He had made."
13:11 Verse 3 the Bible said,
13:13 "And God blessed the seventh day,
13:15 and He sanctified it" you can say well, why?
13:18 "Because that in it He had rested
13:21 from all the work which God created and made."
13:27 It's really simple when we look and just simple the Bible.
13:31 God created the heavens and the earth
13:33 and He was done with creation on six days
13:36 and on the seventh day God said I rested,
13:38 so I'm going to set aside a day the seventh day of the week
13:41 every on a weekly cycle so that you can remember
13:44 who did the creating and God rested.
13:46 He said set example that we should do.
13:48 The world is not doing it, you see.
13:50 That's a busiest day probably of the week
13:52 always it's on the Sabbath.
13:53 Why?
13:55 Because God said He wanted you to rest.
13:56 He wants to spend some time with you.
13:59 You will say today well, I understand the Sabbath.
14:01 I have heard some people say this.
14:02 I know about the Sabbath
14:04 because it was made for the Jews.
14:06 Just one passage and again they will be elementary to you
14:09 but Mark 2:27 talks about--
14:12 we will read couple of verses there before and after.
14:14 If you want get the context of it.
14:16 The Bible simply said, "The Sabbath was made for man,"
14:19 God made it.
14:21 He knew we need it and so He made it special
14:23 and then He did something special.
14:25 The Bible said that He blessed and He sanctified it.
14:29 we are going to look at some of those words in a moment
14:32 but I want you to again as you think about
14:34 these verses in Genesis 2:1-3 here we have something
14:39 that we call a weekly cycle, seven days, seven literal days
14:44 that the Bible says here.
14:46 Six for work, one for rest.
14:50 Now remember don't say bless your heart
14:52 some of you writing say,
14:53 well, I keep every day like a Sabbath.
14:55 You can't do that, number one.
14:56 Don't have time to go in, you can't.
14:58 Because you ever do any work you understand
15:00 there anything else.
15:01 Okay, so He says we have seven day cycle.
15:05 Now remember God preserved the seventh day
15:10 down through the history of time.
15:13 We can trace it in the Bible and we can trace it in history.
15:16 For those of you say,
15:17 well, time laws we don't know which day.
15:19 May I say today, many of you just looking
15:21 for excuse not to honor.
15:23 You might try to convince yourself,
15:25 you might try to convince others
15:26 but God has preserved the Sabbath
15:29 from the very beginning of creation.
15:31 He's preserved it.
15:32 Why would He give us something and then we can't find out
15:36 what day it is.
15:37 Say I want to bless the seventh day
15:39 but we can't figure it out, God wouldn't do that.
15:42 And you know what, He knew it didn't take very much
15:44 to confuse this all so He just says seven days, right,
15:47 and just put one day aside
15:49 so that we could get away from the world
15:50 and things are in the world.
15:52 Some will say, we just can't know
15:55 which day is the Sabbath?
15:57 Let's think it through today,
15:58 this is called the origin of the Sabbath.
16:00 Let's think it through a little bit,
16:01 just what I meant.
16:02 Would God give us a weekly cycle seven days
16:06 and not be able we couldn't track them,
16:09 that we couldn't keep track of them
16:11 when He said expressly the seventh day?
16:13 Why would God say that and then we can't figure it out?
16:16 Something is not right here.
16:18 This we do know that time is measured
16:22 by the heavenly bodies.
16:24 Everybody knows that, we should know that.
16:26 Well, interesting.
16:28 See, God set this world, created this world
16:31 and can I say a globe?
16:33 He made this globe, He made this world
16:35 and He took it out of the space and He began to spin it.
16:40 Maybe we will get that its spinning.
16:42 Now it spins on its axis.
16:44 You say well what is the axis?
16:46 It's a line on which a turning body revolves, okay.
16:52 So He put it on axis, He's put in spin and so it's spinning.
16:56 So God then spins the world on a yearly course--
17:02 interesting notice, on a yearly course
17:05 around the sun turn it together with the moon.
17:08 These called heavenly bodies.
17:11 We are talking what?
17:12 Origin of the Sabbath, we are saying God
17:14 then put something into the heavens
17:16 so that we could keep track of the time
17:17 so we wouldn't forget the seven day cycle.
17:20 That's interesting how different
17:22 the seven day weekly cycle
17:24 is from the monthly and from the yearly,
17:27 even from the daily, interesting.
17:30 All these others depend upon some
17:32 but the seven day cycle does not.
17:34 Stay with me, I want you to think with me.
17:37 So we have the heavenly bodies,
17:39 they are going to govern the earth
17:41 which we call day and night.
17:45 The Bible says in Genesis 1:14,
17:47 they would be fore signs, and for seasons and for what?
17:52 For days and for years.
17:55 And we know this
17:56 that the heavens are in perfect order.
17:59 Do we know that? Absolutely.
18:00 Right, God put them there.
18:02 God spoken them in existence
18:04 and they stay and they obey what's human beings don't.
18:08 They do exactly what God has designed them to do.
18:12 In fact, the astronomers, you know,
18:13 through their great telescopes,
18:16 some of you-- we call them stargazers,
18:18 some of you really love to view the heavens and things in it.
18:20 I know you are amazed by the greatness
18:22 and the goodness of God.
18:24 And so as we look at-- we begin to observe
18:27 the heavens and the stars and things that there,
18:30 are there they regulate our time,
18:33 seconds and minutes and hours.
18:37 And so as we see this there is something to it.
18:39 There-- what do we do?
18:41 Interesting, we set our watches or we say our clocks,
18:44 our phones, the time what,
18:48 but by the myth its right of heaven.
18:50 We set them with God's timepiece to make sure
18:53 they are perfect because it's always perfect,
18:55 it's always in order.
18:57 Kind of a interesting thought.
18:59 Now, some of you will say, well,
19:00 you know, I still can't quite get the date thing,
19:03 I can't-- Let me just read you,
19:04 I've got jotted down a couple things here.
19:06 I want to read to because it's very important.
19:08 It's very important that we understand this.
19:10 For those who say it can't be done
19:12 there has been changes in the weekly cycle.
19:14 There have been changes that we can't figure it out.
19:17 These are just two little letters,
19:18 two little accepts from letters from the two observatories,
19:22 kind of interesting.
19:23 Here's what one said.
19:24 This is a US Naval observatory says this.
19:27 "The chronological order of the specialist
19:30 have no doubt about the continuity
19:33 of the weekly cycle long before the Christian era."
19:38 Notice this, "And no calendar changes
19:41 in the past centuries have disrupted the weekly cycle."
19:48 The weekly cycle has been going on since God created,
19:51 right, in the first six days
19:53 and He rested the seventh, interesting.
19:55 Now let me give you another hear
19:56 from the Royal Greenwich observatory.
19:59 Notice what it says here.
20:01 And a letter was written and he said,
20:02 "We don't know of any change in the seven day cycle
20:06 which came down from the very earliest periods of time."
20:09 Notice this.
20:10 Further he states this,
20:12 it has been-- no,
20:13 "It has run independently of the month
20:16 and all the astronomical periods.
20:20 Therefore no astronomical evidence can be furnished
20:24 in the connection with the week."
20:26 Remember we talked about everything else
20:28 is kind of conditional.
20:30 You know, you have your days and your weeks,
20:33 your months and your years, you will see
20:35 how they hinge on something in just a moment.
20:37 But something about the seven day cycle,
20:39 the seven day cycle it doesn't--
20:42 here the astronomers, I call them stargazers,
20:45 the people who study the heavens are saying,
20:46 well, the weekly cycle was just a little bit different
20:50 than all these other things
20:51 because they hinge on something else.
20:53 But the seven day cycle doesn't.
20:56 Wow, that's just what we've been reading,
20:58 that's what we've been studying here.
20:59 Awesome thoughts.
21:02 So how then is a day really measured?
21:07 Well, let's begin to think about it.
21:09 A day is measured by the earth's what?
21:12 Good, I heard some of you out, rotation.
21:14 Now you know, I'm just talking when I say
21:16 I heard that people right and say well,
21:18 you can't hear us talk.
21:19 No, but I know that you are asking those questions,
21:22 so they are very simple.
21:23 A day then is measured by the earth's what?
21:25 Rotation.
21:27 So what we have here is half of the world, we say the globe.
21:31 Half of it is in light and the other half is in good--
21:35 in darkness, good.
21:38 Genesis 1:5 the Bible said God called
21:40 the light day and He called the darkness what?
21:43 Night. Okay, this makes sense here.
21:46 And so we know long ago
21:48 we know people really didn't need a clock,
21:50 they didn't really have watches but they understood
21:52 when the sun come up and when the sun went down,
21:54 very interesting the setting of the sun.
21:58 See a calendar day is what?
22:00 A calendar day is measured
22:01 by one complete rotation of the earth,
22:05 and interesting.
22:08 You would say one complete rotation?
22:10 And that includes what?
22:12 A night and then it includes the day.
22:15 You see the Hebrews if we go back far enough
22:17 we realize that Hebrews each full day ran from--
22:21 notice this and this is Bible reckoning
22:24 from the evening to the, the morning.
22:27 That's how we-- right,
22:28 that's how we look at time.
22:30 So interesting thought that the time right, begin,
22:33 the day begins when the sun goes down,
22:36 not when the sun comes up.
22:38 So when we being to think about that
22:39 for those of you who say well,
22:41 how come your folks keep Sabbath on Friday sundown?
22:44 Oh, when the sun goes down on Friday
22:46 that's the beginning of Sabbath the 24 hour period of time.
22:49 We'll have time to talk more about this as we go.
22:51 So evening and morning, the dark part first.
22:55 Now I can read in the Bible
22:57 and you can too Leviticus Chapter 23
22:59 you can read verses 32.
23:01 You can read Mark Chapter 1 verses 21 and 32.
23:07 Mark Chapter 1-- Chapter 22 versus 6 and 7.
23:11 Okay, so we have them what we've been talking about
23:14 the day is measured by the earth's rotation.
23:17 Now, so we're gonna say now how about the monthly?
23:21 Okay, the month.
23:22 We look at the month, the month is governed by what?
23:24 The moon.
23:25 How many of you look out the window and--
23:27 you know, night time and star you see,
23:29 the moon is in different, you know, phases of the month.
23:32 And so that's what the month is governed by the moon
23:35 and what does that mean?
23:36 That means that's by the time required
23:39 for the moon to go once around the earth,
23:42 interesting.
23:44 If the visible phases that we have,
23:47 some of you will say yeah, but you remember,
23:48 some will say well, yeah,
23:50 its from the crescent to the full moon
23:53 and then from the full back to the crescent.
23:57 Now that's, now we use the calendar
23:59 in which to do that.
24:01 Very interesting the monthly. How about you thing about?
24:04 Okay, now we will get little bit deeper here.
24:06 We talked about three phases
24:07 now we are talking about the yearly.
24:09 We are talking about time, how it can be kept,
24:12 how it can be traced, how it hasn't been changed.
24:14 And remember because the heavenly bodies
24:16 are in perfect order, they lose a second
24:18 because God put them there and they are perfect.
24:21 So we look at the year measure what?
24:23 Measured by the sun, that's interesting.
24:26 So we have our spinning earth, right our globe,
24:29 it's spinning right
24:30 and it circles continuously right by the moon
24:34 and it travels around the course of what?
24:37 Of the sun.
24:39 So as it goes around that course we see it,
24:41 it makes the seasons, right,
24:44 spring and summer and oh, autumn and winter.
24:47 It's the four seasons.
24:49 So as we look at that we say oh,
24:51 okay, I can see what God is saying
24:53 so when that completion is made,
24:55 all way around that, that's we call it a year.
24:59 Wow.
25:01 So the days, the months, and the years
25:06 as we come together and we look at it
25:08 it's depending on other things that are going on
25:11 but somehow that weekly cycle is not.
25:15 I wonder why?
25:17 Only the week seven days had no natural landmarks.
25:24 Think about it.
25:25 You view the heavens there is landmarks
25:26 that are there but the weekly cycle of seven days
25:28 has no natural landmarks at all
25:30 when you look and you really study.
25:32 Now what do I mean by this?
25:33 Just look at just three things that we just talked about.
25:35 Why?
25:36 Because the daily rotation of our globe.
25:40 What does it do? It marks off the days.
25:43 Two, the monthly that we just talked about here
25:45 the circuit of the earth by the moon and number three,
25:49 is the yearly revolutions of the earth
25:51 and the moon around the sun.
25:54 Hope that make sense. These mark off our time.
25:59 Interesting.
26:01 But there is no astronomical cycle connected
26:06 with the seven day week.
26:08 Did you get that?
26:10 Now what you say, oh, astronomical that--
26:12 listen, that astronomical is simply--
26:14 it's a science of the study of some different things.
26:17 Notice, what does it study off? It's study of the stars.
26:20 It's a study of the planets,
26:23 all other heavenly bodies that are up there
26:25 so they are studying all of these things.
26:27 And what does it deal with? It deals with several things.
26:31 It deals of the size of them, it deals with the composite,
26:35 what they are made up of.
26:37 It deals with their motion. It deals with their positions.
26:41 But interesting the weekly cycle
26:43 there is nothing else, you know,
26:45 nothing that really depends upon.
26:48 Wow.
26:49 There must be something special
26:51 about the weekly seven day cycle?
26:54 Wow.
26:55 The Sabbath given in the beginning
26:58 and it was given by who?
26:59 Good, it's was give by God, the God of nature.
27:04 Definitely marked off as we see by giving--
27:08 we'll go back to the Bible you'll say
27:09 but was it really marked off by something?
27:11 Absolutely.
27:12 If we go back we can look when God gave us the manna.
27:16 Oh, you remember that, sure.
27:17 Exodus 16:22-30.
27:22 Now remember he marked something off.
27:24 This was before the law--
27:27 Ten Commandment law was given on Mount Sinai.
27:30 Does that make sense to you?
27:31 This was before.
27:32 Lot of people say well, there was never a Sabbath,
27:34 never observed of it until after God gave the law.
27:37 It shows the Ten Commandment,
27:38 the seventh day Sabbath was in operation
27:40 from the very beginning in creation.
27:42 And then so God began to make it off and He said,
27:44 okay, look, let's go back and it is giving of the manna.
27:49 And it's still identified certainly
27:50 in the New Testament so you can read a lot there.
27:52 Now, let's go back.
27:53 Because of our time we speed along.
27:56 But let's go back just a little bit and read,
27:58 you know, read the accounts.
28:00 Now, read the accounts of these things
28:02 that we are talking bout showing about the week.
28:06 Going back to the past and then to the present
28:09 and then future, interesting.
28:12 How do we go? What you are talking about?
28:14 Well, you can go back to the past,
28:15 you can go with certainly, you can take known dates
28:18 that are given in scripture and prophecy
28:20 and we can go back
28:22 and we being to trace certain periods of time.
28:25 See that helps us to realize no time has been lost
28:27 that we can, we can know
28:29 which day is the seventh day Sabbath,
28:32 beyond the shadow of the doubt.
28:34 So kind of interesting, you know,
28:36 thinking along this line for some reason we talk about.
28:41 The world has been-- can I use the word snookered?
28:44 The world has been snookered
28:46 when it comes to the real seventh day Sabbath.
28:48 It's been deceived, it's been cheated, interesting.
28:52 Why?
28:53 Well, we just read in Genesis 2:1-3,
28:56 the Sabbath was instituted, it was established,
29:00 it was set into operation in Eden before sin.
29:06 See, those are facts that we must approach
29:08 if we are honest in heart and we want to look
29:10 at how the origin of the Sabbath.
29:13 How did it begin? Who began?
29:15 Well, it's a very interesting here,
29:17 well, we have to just go back to the beginning we see.
29:21 Now think about, it was God, notice this,
29:23 it was honored of God the seventh day Sabbath, right.
29:26 It was set apart by God the Bible said.
29:29 It was set aside by divine appointment,
29:32 remember that and it was given then
29:35 to man, man, right.
29:38 God made the Sabbath for man.
29:41 And when He gave it to him
29:42 He said this is a perpetual covenant.
29:45 Man, what does that mean?
29:48 When it has to do with the Sabbath
29:50 it says here it means it's ceaseless.
29:52 It means it continues on. It's unlimited in time.
29:57 It's permanent, it's uninterrupted.
30:01 Wow.
30:03 It's a memorial of His creation, a finished creation.
30:08 So what is the Sabbath then based upon?
30:11 Please, think with me, you love Jesus, don't you?
30:14 You want to know about these things
30:16 and you've heard it.
30:17 I'm just amazed, I'm amazed.
30:20 Think with me for a-- I'm amazed with this.
30:22 Many people I talk to who go to church on a different day
30:28 and when you sit and talk to them it's very interesting
30:31 as I just did well not too long ago,
30:33 a couple of days ago and they said
30:36 there is no question which is the Sabbath day,
30:39 the seventh day, it's Saturday.
30:42 I knew that, they said when I was just a little guy.
30:45 My dad said, told me even that Saturday
30:48 is the seventh day of the week but we--
30:50 I say, but we what?
30:54 Instituted in the garden, right.
30:55 Appointed by God.
30:56 Made by God, gave to man,
30:58 commanded us to be obedient too.
31:02 But I'm almost shock that people say
31:03 that's not really an issue, we know what it is.
31:07 Well, what--
31:08 there's something is missing here.
31:10 What is the Sabbath really based upon?
31:14 Remember, laws, regulation, rules, and people call them--
31:18 keeping the Sabbath means nothing
31:20 if you don't know the God behind the Sabbath.
31:22 It means nothing, it's dos and don'ts.
31:24 You don't want it, it helped but you from doing
31:26 what you like to do and how you like to run,
31:27 what you like to buy, what you liked to do
31:29 until you know the God behind that Sabbath.
31:32 Why He instituted?
31:34 Oh, friend, it makes all the difference in the world.
31:37 Listen, that God of the universe
31:41 rested on that Sabbath day.
31:46 You know its very simple but please think with me,
31:48 it wasn't because He was tired,
31:50 it wasn't because He was worn out--
31:52 He doesn't get worried, He doesn't get tired,
31:55 He doesn't need sleep but He did it for an--
31:59 the God of the universe rested on it
32:02 and set an example that I need to do it,
32:04 I need to follow.
32:06 Wow, what a God we serve?
32:09 He rest, He blessed His Sabbath.
32:13 He blessed His rest day, the Bible says here.
32:16 He sanctified His day.
32:19 It set apart the Bible said for man.
32:22 We read that in Mark 2
32:23 or at least you look to that jot it down 2:27, 28.
32:26 Jesus the Son of God, who was the Creator
32:30 the Bible tells us in Genesis 1:1-3.
32:34 It was Jesus who appointed the original Sabbath.
32:40 Boy, I read it, I get just a little bit excited about it
32:43 because I'm saying wow,
32:45 what a good example that I have as a Christian?
32:50 What a good example that I can look to Jesus
32:53 who is the Author and finisher of our faith.
32:54 Why are we as Christian, some of you are very selective.
32:58 I serve Jesus, we follow in His footstep,
33:01 we are gonna make it to heaven,
33:02 we do what Jesus did, we are gonna make it.
33:04 You say, well how about the seventh day Sabbath?
33:06 Well, we don't do that.
33:07 Why? You are not following Jesus?
33:11 If we follow Jesus we will do what He did,
33:13 what He counsels to do in His word.
33:15 Would we not?
33:17 We are looking back at the beginning.
33:18 We want you to question why you go on another day?
33:23 Any other day that is not the seventh day
33:26 it has to be a counterfeit.
33:28 It has to be because God, He only blessed one day.
33:32 He only sanctified one day.
33:34 He only set apart for worship and holy use
33:36 a 24 hour period of time that belongs to Him
33:40 and He said My true followers will hear My voice
33:42 and they will respond.
33:44 They will rest with Me on that day.
33:45 They will rest in Me on that day.
33:47 They will be blessed in Me on that day.
33:50 Boy, how beautiful this is, please don't miss this.
33:54 it's not a bunch of dos and don'ts and I can't
33:56 and you will say, well, it's not a matter,
33:58 and you will keep it in order to be saved.
34:01 It's because you have a relationship with Christ,
34:03 you see you are willing to follow in His footsteps.
34:07 Why?
34:08 You say, whatever thing mean it was really that good
34:11 when God created it.
34:12 We need to take that in consideration
34:14 in Genesis 1:31, Bible says right here,
34:18 "God saw that every thing that He had made,
34:21 and, behold, it was very good."
34:24 Everything that He had made.
34:26 Now, that mean everything He made,
34:28 that mean the seventh day too?
34:31 Absolutely.
34:33 Everything that He made He says very good.
34:36 So we see that He rested and He wants us
34:39 to rest in the joy of His completed work.
34:43 He made this world.
34:45 Who he make it for? For us.
34:47 Everything that's in He made it for us.
34:50 He wants us simply to remember who He is.
34:53 And let me tell you the blessings will come
34:54 if you remember who He is, your Creator God.
34:59 He will bless you for it.
35:01 The world may count you as the strange thing
35:03 but God said I'll bless you for it.
35:05 A memorial Bible says of His creation.
35:08 It's a sign of God's power. It's a sign of God's love.
35:13 It's a sign that we are obedient to Him
35:15 because we love Him.
35:16 Not as if-- well,
35:17 if I do then He will take to heaven
35:19 and I'm going to do it because--
35:20 No, willing you want to do it. Your love to do it.
35:25 Well, if the Bible because you can go into Psalms 111:4
35:29 the Bible says "He hath made His" listen
35:32 "He has made His wonderful works to be remembered."
35:37 Wow, He said He's made His wonderful works
35:40 to be remembered
35:41 and in the heart of the commandment
35:43 it says remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
35:46 Oh, friend, don't forget what He is saying.
35:48 Please don't forget.
35:50 "To be remembered" the verse goes on to say
35:52 "the Lord is gracious and full of compassion."
35:56 Oh, I hope you found that out.
35:57 If you don't know that today please get to know Him.
36:00 He is gracious. Praise God for His grace.
36:02 Praise God that He is gracious and long suffering.
36:05 Thank God He is full of compassion.
36:08 And so when I think about the Sabbath the day it brings,
36:11 the Sabbath brings our thoughts, you see,
36:14 into communion with the Creator.
36:18 You remember He want's us. Jesus prayed this.
36:20 Remember in John 17, He said He prayed Father
36:22 that we maybe one as they was one
36:25 the Father and the Son, that we maybe one with Him.
36:27 The Sabbath brings us in communion with Him.
36:29 When we let the world out, we throw the world out
36:32 because we've have enough for six days
36:34 and we spend that time with Him.
36:35 Clears our mind, clears our thinking,
36:37 energizes us spiritually
36:39 to do that work that God has called us to do,
36:41 to let our light shine before man.
36:44 Oh, friend, to me this is just exciting.
36:47 Bible reminds us that all things were made by Him.
36:52 Oh, notice it, all things were made by Him.
36:57 I've mentioned this before but I'll mention it again.
36:59 Remember, if all things were made by Him then what?
37:03 Let's just over few things, what?
37:04 Then He before all things.
37:08 It have to, isn't that right? Common sense, sure.
37:12 See no person needs to be confused here whether they--
37:16 if they are Bible student or not.
37:19 I don't think God holds against us.
37:21 We try to use some logic and we try to think it through.
37:23 We read the scripture, we think it through.
37:25 We read some more, we think it through.
37:27 If He had created all things He had to be here
37:29 before all things.
37:32 Now I make this big statement that blow some of your mind.
37:34 Christ was God.
37:38 You say, how can that be, Christ is God?
37:41 Yeah, essentially in the full of sense,
37:46 in the highest sense and then we've been studying,
37:50 we will have studies out on that about the God head,
37:52 you don't want to miss those.
37:54 He was God from all eternity, yet he was a distinct person.
38:00 Yet He was-- the Bible said
38:01 He was one with the Father.
38:04 And He thought it not robbery to be equal with God.
38:09 Yeah, I know you read that in Philippians 2:6.
38:13 And also little bit more read Proverbs 8 when you time
38:16 and just jot down verses 22 through about 30.
38:19 Read those sayings when you have time.
38:22 So we realize that we studying scripture here
38:24 and we are studying about the origin the Sabbath
38:26 that we need to understand that relationship of God,
38:28 of Christ and why the Sabbath was made.
38:32 You see, Christ, He was equal with the Father.
38:35 Bible said before
38:36 the foundation of the world 1 Peter 1:20.
38:40 "Testimonies to Minister" page 264 says this.
38:44 Notice this, listen, "The Son of God was given to die
38:49 before the foundation of the world."
38:52 See all that does it just confirm
38:53 what the scripture has already told us.
38:55 It's in harmony with scripture.
38:57 So the seventh day Sabbath then located where?
39:01 In the very heart of the Commandments of God
39:04 as we've been talking of Mark 2:28 reveals
39:07 the Son of man is Lord also of the Sabbath, interesting.
39:12 He is the author of it. He is the protector of it.
39:16 He is the maker as it were.
39:18 So the Sabbath we know as we look in scripture
39:21 Exodus 20:10 tells us that the Sabbath,
39:24 is the Sabbath of the Lord Jehovah God.
39:30 Think about if God's created, He's protected it,
39:33 He's made it for you, He's made it for me,
39:35 He gave it to us as a gift
39:38 because He knew that we needed it.
39:40 The Sabbath belongs to Him.
39:42 He is Lord, is He not?
39:44 It's His day, it's the Lord's day.
39:47 And friend, don't, please don't,
39:49 this is sad when you look at Sunday or Monday or Tuesday
39:51 and say that is Lord's day.
39:53 That's an impossibility.
39:54 The Lord's day is the seventh day of the week.
39:58 The Bible is clearer on that.
39:59 Don't let the devil come in to try to change
40:01 some of the words around and confuse our thinking on it.
40:04 Man has done that, the Bible is not confused at all on it.
40:06 God's not confused and you need not be confused either.
40:10 Sabbath should be, you know,
40:12 it should be revealed in our lives.
40:15 You think, well, people look at me
40:16 little bit strange and odd.
40:17 Let them look.
40:19 Maybe that will be the only thing
40:20 that will help to change their hearts and life
40:22 and ask a question as why?
40:26 Sabbath for given for man's benefit, we know that.
40:29 It was beginning in the, the beginning
40:30 is for the highest good of mankind.
40:33 God loves you,
40:34 He wants a very best for you and me.
40:37 He wants us to have that fellowship together.
40:40 He want's to give us that rest that we need.
40:44 Friend, that's not all spiritual, physical.
40:47 All the things that the piles on you during the week
40:51 God wants to take all of those off,
40:52 cast your burden He says on Me.
40:56 And we find out of course,
40:57 many centuries later as we study the weekly--
41:00 the weekly Sabbath was reaffirmed at Mount Sinai.
41:03 You remember that?
41:05 We've been talking about all these things here,
41:06 it was done before the law,
41:07 you know, given on Mount Sinai.
41:10 This of this it was given on Exodus 20:8-11
41:13 we read and Exodus 31:16, 17
41:16 you can read all of these verses.
41:19 Now what does God do?
41:20 God looks down the stream of time,
41:22 He sees what's going on.
41:23 He says, I'm gonna give My people,
41:24 My people an organized system of worship.
41:29 Wow, what a thought.
41:31 God's people need to be organized.
41:32 He said, I'm gonna give them a organized system
41:34 so that they will be consistent every week,
41:37 every Sabbath, every seventh day of the week.
41:41 He wants us to be consistent. Some of you are not consistent.
41:45 You will have three or four Sabbath
41:46 and you attend church one time, you think that's good enough.
41:48 That's not consistency at all. Think about it.
41:51 Remember the Sabbath was placed where?
41:54 In the middle of the moral Ten Commandment law.
41:57 Which was given by what? Given by God to man.
42:00 These are principles are eternal,
42:02 they last forever, their applications then we say,
42:05 we look them, we say well,
42:06 they are based on our relationship with God
42:08 and our fellow man.
42:10 Isn't that right?
42:11 Have you read that in Matthew 22:36-40?
42:15 On this two hang all the law. Sure you read that.
42:18 So the Sabbath in, the origin of it reminds us of what?
42:22 That Christ is our Creator.
42:26 He wants to care for us. He is our Redeemer.
42:29 He is our sustainer. He is our provider.
42:32 How many people sing about it and they,
42:33 you know, praise about it and they say He is here
42:35 but we don't follow His example.
42:37 What's wrong?
42:39 But He came-- that love
42:41 that He showed became, He showed that love
42:44 more and more and more as Calvary, sin.
42:49 He showed up and He said I'm gonna be your Redeemer.
42:52 Wow.
42:54 Because of sin came in these thing
42:57 we call the ceremonial services.
43:00 See, we get confused sometime in this world
43:02 from the moral law, form the ceremonial law.
43:06 Many people read passages
43:08 that pertain to the ceremonial law
43:10 which end up at the cross
43:11 because all the ceremonial things,
43:13 you know, that were in the law of God all these things,
43:16 all pointed to Jesus coming right,
43:18 living the prefect life and dying for us
43:20 and after He came there was no use to do it.
43:23 The gospel going to the gentiles by Paul.
43:25 Paul was this transitioning period
43:27 and things were written there in the New Testament
43:29 we say sometime oh, it can cause confusion.
43:31 There is no need as long as we realize
43:33 the moral Ten Commandment law is by itself over here,
43:36 unchangeable, can't change it.
43:39 Has heaven and earth will pass away before that does
43:41 and then you have the ceremonial laws over here.
43:44 I wonder if I read some of them to you today.
43:47 If you would know the difference and you can say,
43:49 well, that's the moral law, oh, no, that's the ceremonial law.
43:52 Most people cannot by the way, they just can't do it.
43:57 But we need to be studying to show ourself approved.
44:01 We need to understand about the sacrificial services
44:03 and all those things that pointed to Christ.
44:07 We need to understand those today.
44:09 Simply the prefigure the coming,
44:11 there are shadow of things to come of Jesus
44:14 coming and dying for us.
44:16 You need to have your Bible and pencil and paper
44:17 we may ask you a question here in just a moment
44:20 because I'm thinking now about the ceremonial services.
44:23 We said, what happened?
44:24 Right when Christ died they seized.
44:28 But the word that was spoken,
44:29 that was given by God can never come to an end.
44:32 It's above all ceremonial rights.
44:35 All the practices of the Jewish nation.
44:39 You'll say well, how can this be?
44:42 Well, number one from the fact the Bible said
44:44 that the seventh day Sabbath was established before sin.
44:50 Interesting.
44:51 Ceremonial was after sin,
44:53 seventh day Sabbath was before sin
44:55 so it was perfect, everything was good, right.
44:58 Now think about-- here's cause confusion
45:00 that we talked about.
45:01 Maybe we'll have time the way we can do that,
45:03 confusion between the moral and the ceremonial law.
45:06 You have your Bible maybe you like to turn with me,
45:08 you can turn with me to Book of Colossians.
45:12 I hear this read all the time, people are confused
45:15 and I think maybe you know, maybe honestly so.
45:19 And you know, so we need to study it,
45:22 we need to look at it.
45:23 Book of Colossians 2:14-17.
45:28 You know these but listen many honest hearted people do not.
45:32 They said, "The blotting out of the handwriting
45:34 of the ordinances that was against us,
45:36 which was contrary to us, took it out of the way,
45:39 nailing it to his cross,
45:42 and having spoiled principalities and powers,
45:45 he made a shew of them openly,
45:47 triumphing over them in it."
45:50 The Bible goes on to say, notice this.
45:52 "Let no man therefore judge you in meat,
45:55 or in drink, or in respect to a holyday,
45:58 or of the new moon, or of the Sabbath days."
46:00 Interesting.
46:01 Verse 17 says
46:03 "Which are a shadow of things to come,
46:04 but the body is of Christ."
46:06 Many people say well, the Ten Commandment law
46:08 and maybe honestly so best they,
46:09 he was nailed to the cross.
46:11 Friend, if I ask you today, does that pertaining to God's
46:13 Ten Commandment moral law or the ceremonial law?
46:16 You got to come to grips with it.
46:19 Well, certainly it says, here what was it--
46:21 it was blotting out of the handwriting
46:23 of the ordinances that was against us,
46:26 nailing it to the cross, notice this.
46:30 So what would be therefore it says you the meat
46:32 and the drink offerings and so--
46:34 those were things what?
46:35 That were instituted in the ceremonial law
46:37 that they observed pointing to Christ
46:39 but after He come well,
46:41 those things were nailed to the cross with Christ
46:43 when He was nailed.
46:44 It says the new moons and the Sabbath they--
46:46 not these seventh day cycle, the seventh day of the week
46:49 but those seven special days
46:50 that they had they called Sabbath.
46:52 So we look say, oh,
46:54 that pertained the moral law at all then.
46:56 Does it? Wow.
46:57 You can also read that also in Ephesians 2:15,
47:02 take time to do it.
47:03 We can't do it because our time
47:04 just really going by here quickly.
47:07 What if I gave you another one,
47:08 maybe let's say Luke Chapter 23?
47:10 Oh, we're don't have time.
47:11 If don't get any further I still want to do this
47:13 because I want to hear what your opinion.
47:15 I want to hear what you had to say about it.
47:17 So would this be moral law or this be the civil law
47:21 that we are talking, the ceremonial law?
47:23 So notice this, let's look at Luke Chapter 23--
47:26 I turn here my Bible quickly as I can.
47:28 Luke chapter what?
47:29 Good verse 23, gonna read verses 52,
47:33 23 I'm gonna read verses 52,
47:39 okay through 56.
47:41 Notice this, it says, "This man went unto Pilate,"
47:44 talking about the death of Christ.
47:45 The burial of Jesus.
47:46 Notice it says "This man went unto Pilate,
47:48 he begged the body of Jesus.
47:50 And he took it down, and he wrapped it in linen,
47:53 he laid it in a sepulcher that was hewn in stone,
47:56 wherein never man before was laid."
47:58 Notice this, oh,
47:59 "And that day was the preparation day,
48:02 and the Sabbath drew on.
48:04 And the women also, which were came
48:06 with him from Galilee, followed after,
48:08 and beheld the sepulcher, and how his body was laid."
48:11 Notice verse 56 "And they returned,
48:13 and prepared spices and ointments,
48:16 and rested the Sabbath day
48:18 according to the commandment."
48:20 Interesting, no confusion in the Bible.
48:22 Bible certainly can be,
48:23 you can trace time isn't that right?
48:26 Now would you say that was ceremonial
48:28 or is that part of the Ten Commandment moral law?
48:31 You had to say oh, that's commandment
48:33 because God said He rest on the Sabbath.
48:35 Crucified on Friday, right, died, rested in the tomb,
48:39 rose on the first day of the week.
48:41 So that passage there it had to do certainly with the moral.
48:43 That's simple enough, you understand
48:45 but we have to make-- we make a difference in those
48:48 so that we don't become confused
48:51 and many people are today.
48:53 Now God has a plan. He had a plan for Israel.
48:56 He gave them the Sabbath.
48:57 He gave them Ten Commandment law
48:58 because they were special and better than anyone else.
49:00 Now He put that and He said this is your job.
49:02 I want you to give it to the world.
49:03 Take it and let it change you
49:05 and then give this message to the world
49:08 and they begin to keep it well all into themselves.
49:11 Friend, how about us today?
49:12 Are we doing what God want's us to do?
49:15 Are we really worshippers of the true God?
49:18 Are we really keeping that which He said is the sign
49:21 and seal of His people in His last days?
49:23 Do you really know how the Sabbath really began
49:25 and why it began and who was the author of it?
49:29 And what He asked us to do as His children?
49:32 You know, that could be quite a challenge today.
49:36 Most of even call self Sabbath keepers,
49:39 we have a hard time keeping the Sabbath holy.
49:42 Twenty four hour period of time remember
49:44 belongs to the Creator, doesn't belong to you.
49:47 We are going to be covering a lot of things
49:49 about Sabbath keeping, how to keep the Sabbath
49:50 law and grace in this series.
49:52 So below thanks need to be said,
49:54 it's going to be said by the grace of God
49:55 that I wanted just kind of build this foundation
49:58 that we've been doing in Genesis Chapter 2.
50:01 God said He just simply ended His work
50:03 on the sixth day He rested the seventh.
50:05 What more do we need,
50:07 what does that mean for us today?
50:09 Is that mean anything special to you today?
50:13 Simply for God has said what, He seized His work,
50:17 things that He had done.
50:19 He seized from creating.
50:22 Shouldn't we not seize the work
50:23 that we do during those six days?
50:26 And again it's a whole period,
50:27 whole 24 hour period of time it was devoted to rest.
50:31 With order that you are church going to doing good,
50:33 it's God's day.
50:34 Anything you do on the Sabbath must be what?
50:36 Around centered, around God and it need to be holy things
50:40 and good things that pertain to Him.
50:41 If it pertains to yourself you are breaking the Sabbath.
50:44 We will whole lot more in that.
50:47 I want you to think along with me, rest, praise God.
50:52 So He said He rested on the Sabbath.
50:54 He said, He blessed it.
50:57 He couldn't have blessed the sixth day of the week,
51:00 could He?
51:02 He didn't blessed it.
51:03 I couldn't have been Friday
51:05 because He said the seventh day,
51:07 Friday is a sixth day is what it says.
51:10 Plus on the Sabbath day the Friday had already passed
51:14 so He is not putting blessing on something
51:15 that's already been passed
51:17 but present and then into the future.
51:19 Once He blesses its blessed forever the Bible tells us.
51:23 Wow, seventh day.
51:27 Think about it the day that He blessed, He set apart
51:31 and He tells us how we need to be
51:32 keeping it as His people.
51:35 Do you think maybe in this life as we go through
51:37 and we keep thinking well, we just go through,
51:39 we can't do the best we can and we stumble through it
51:41 and we kind of do what we want to do all the time
51:43 and the heaven's gonna be our home.
51:46 Does God as our Creator have a right
51:48 to maybe just set up some test for us
51:50 to see whether we love Him or we just,
51:52 oh, boy, little bit windy?
51:55 We talk about Him, you know,
51:57 we quote scripture and we go to church and,
52:00 but have you really made that commitment to Him?
52:03 Are you blown about by every wind of doctrine?
52:07 See this is awesome times in which we live.
52:10 God has set out a special message
52:12 for this hour of world's history
52:14 and He challenges us today.
52:15 He said, I will give you the grace,
52:16 I'll give you the strength
52:19 and yet many of us will say yeah,
52:20 we realize we need to keep by God's grace all ten
52:23 but you know, we just do the best we can.
52:24 No.
52:25 God says, I'm gonna give you victory,
52:27 a victory, complete victory in your life.
52:29 He enables us just like Jesus.
52:32 He was enabled what?
52:33 He gained the victory through His father.
52:35 Same things offered to us today.
52:36 Well, we accept that.
52:39 After all He said I set this day apart
52:41 and I set you apart.
52:43 You are to be different.
52:45 If you look around and you are just like
52:46 the rest of the world something is wrong.
52:49 You are talking like them, eating like them,
52:51 dressing like him, speaking like--
52:52 going the same places they go.
52:54 You are not a follower of Christ.
52:55 He said, my people will be a particular, peculiar people.
53:00 I'm not talking about so different that--
53:02 I'm talking about that
53:03 they are gonna represent Jesus Christ.
53:05 Jesus was different when He walked.
53:06 Jesus walked the earth
53:08 there was something special about Him.
53:10 He didn't have to say anything.
53:11 He just walked by and people detected something special,
53:14 a father in Him.
53:17 Christ said no longer I but Christ.
53:18 When will that be with you? When will that be with me?
53:22 God said I've sanctified this day
53:24 and I gave it to man and its good for man.
53:28 It will be a blessing for man.
53:31 It originated with what? God.
53:33 Originated in creation.
53:36 It originated before there was sin
53:39 and He said, oh, this is good.
53:41 And notice this,
53:42 and then He commanded us to keep it holy.
53:47 This is not if you feel like it
53:49 or if you think well we can what to--
53:51 God commanded. He challenged it.
53:53 Put it in the heart of His law.
53:55 Why? It's simply just a test.
53:57 Not a means of salvation.
53:58 Salvation comes because we accept Christ
54:00 in our heart, in our life.
54:01 We accept His sacrifice, we are cleansed from sin.
54:04 But then He said, well I'm gonna--
54:05 here's a test for My people.
54:06 My people hear My voice, My sheep hear and they follow.
54:12 Friend, are you a follower of Jesus Christ?
54:16 See, all the human race received this command
54:19 through Adam and Eve.
54:20 It's not for this denomination,
54:22 not for this group of people it's for the whole human race.
54:27 See as soon as it was given to Adam, notice this,
54:31 soon as it was given to Adam
54:32 he had to begin to count the days
54:35 until the next Sabbath, interesting.
54:38 So there we see the weekly cycle,
54:39 the seven day cycle.
54:41 It owes its origin where?
54:43 In these facts, they go back into creation.
54:46 Sabbath established in Eden, kept by Adam and Eve,
54:51 kept by the patriarchs and the prophets
54:53 and the people of God.
54:55 Even through the dark ages and a wonderful example,
54:58 no other, no better than Jesus Christ our Lord.
55:01 He came to this world,
55:02 He observed the seventh day-- weekly Sabbath.
55:06 He is Lord of the Sabbath.
55:08 Friend, today we run out of time
55:11 but I want to encourage you,
55:12 you need to get this whole series.
55:13 We're just touching on some things
55:15 but there is five parts in it.
55:16 You need to get all of them
55:18 and let them be a one upon other.
55:19 If you believe in I need to know
55:21 about the origin of the Sabbath,
55:23 I need to know about law and grace,
55:25 I need to know how to keep the Sabbath,
55:27 it will be pleasing to God,
55:28 I need to know the message of Revelation 14 little better,
55:31 I need to know about the mark of the beast.
55:33 I want to pray with you right now.
55:36 These are life and death issues.
55:37 This is not just touring around with something.
55:39 We need to pray right now.
55:40 Would you pray with me as I kneel?
55:44 Merciful Father in heaven,
55:45 we thank You for Your precious word.
55:46 We thank You, we thank You that You made this special dad.
55:50 You made it for man.
55:51 You knew we need this time with You.
55:53 So matter of our love and our obedience to You,
55:55 we want to be, we want to do what You've asked us to.
55:58 Give us that strength, give us that ability.
56:00 Not that looking around the world but to look to Jesus,
56:03 the author and finisher of our.
56:04 I thank You for the Sabbath day,
56:05 for the seventh day of the week.
56:07 Thank You for Your people who observe it
56:08 and for those who were here and make that change now.
56:11 In Jesus name we pray and for His sake, amen.
56:15 You know, what a privilege it is,
56:17 lot of times you hear different, you know,
56:18 people come in preachers and teachers and they,
56:21 and they begin to bring different things up.
56:22 You know, you have the opportunity
56:24 to jot things down and then do your own study.
56:27 See if its not, well,
56:28 you are not being told the truth here.
56:29 Not some little flimsy thing its going,
56:31 not some of that lukewarm or some sugar coated thing
56:34 that really get down at the word of God
56:35 and say how can I be pleasing in the sight of God?
56:38 Friend, we encourage you to send those cards,
56:40 those letters and you know,
56:41 we can only continue on as you support this ministry.
56:45 So I pray that you will.
56:46 We will be praying for you, you pray for us
56:47 and we look forward to spending some more time with you.
56:53 Hello, and welcome back.
56:54 I recently was blessed to discuss the Sabbath issue
56:57 with acquaintance of mind.
56:59 After discussing just a small part of the Bible
57:02 upon this subject she concluded by saying
57:05 but that really changes your life.
57:08 I answered and said, yes, it does.
57:11 God is calling for us to change your lives
57:14 but He will never ever force us to do so.
57:17 He simply gives us a choice and explains
57:20 what will happen to us for eternity
57:23 depending upon the choices that we make right now.
57:27 Our prayer for you today
57:29 is that you will make the decision to follow Jesus.
57:33 Yes, your life will be changed.
57:35 Praise God, it will be changed for the better
57:38 and we hope that you will order this five part series
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58:40 My dear friends, may God richly bless
58:42 you and yours until we meet again.


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