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The Law and Grace

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Participants: Chris Shelton (Host), Kenny Shelton


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00:42 Hello, I'm Chris Shelton
00:43 and welcome to "Behold the Lamb Presents."
00:46 Today's message is the second message of a five part series
00:50 that we have appropriately entitled
00:52 "The Sabbath, a Test of Faith."
00:56 And a test of faith it is.
00:58 In today's world
00:59 we find a tremendous amount of information
01:02 that is written about whether we, as Christians,
01:05 are to worship on Sabbath or on Sunday.
01:09 And we find it easy to research various arguments
01:12 for against Sabbath worship in our technological age,
01:16 simply by just a few clicks on our web devices.
01:20 Many of us, who are searchers for the truth,
01:22 love these easy-to-use tools
01:24 to very quickly and conveniently
01:26 look up information.
01:28 But just as all books
01:30 that are written are not the truth,
01:32 all web searches are not truth as well.
01:36 All GPS guided location finders do not always lead you
01:40 to the correct desired address either.
01:43 They are all great much of the time
01:45 but they are not guaranteed to work correctly
01:48 all of the time.
01:50 And certainly, it wasn't the internet
01:52 that God preserved for instruction
01:54 to lead us to salvation.
01:57 As difficult and as simple as it may sound,
02:00 I challenge you as a searcher for truth,
02:03 to use the only guide
02:05 that has been preserved through all the ages for us to use
02:09 and that simply being the Bible.
02:12 Our salvational studies
02:14 are not to be left to human guidance.
02:16 But rather prayerfully open God's book.
02:20 Studying only the scriptures
02:21 and not man-supplied study helps.
02:24 Reading line upon line, precept upon precept,
02:28 here a little and there a little
02:30 and you will find truth.
02:31 In fact, the truth will illuminate your mind
02:33 through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
02:36 And that, my friends,
02:38 is just what we are going to do today.
02:41 Today's message is the second in our series,
02:44 "The Sabbath, a Test of Faith,"
02:46 and it is entitled "The Law and Grace."
02:50 The Law and Grace have been so chisled away by man
02:54 that they are taught to mean
02:56 and say something that is totally foreign
02:59 to what is given in the Holy writ, the Bible.
03:01 So by God's grace, Pastor Kenny Shelton
03:04 will be presenting this subject in a way
03:07 that it was meant for us to understand
03:09 and to interpret from God's point of view,
03:12 as he follows scripture
03:14 and then lets the scripture interpret itself.
03:17 Every single one of us as God's children,
03:20 we all need to learn to do this very same thing
03:23 as we study the Bible.
03:25 Allow scripture to interpret scripture.
03:28 Then it all fits together as a beautiful portrait
03:32 of God's will for our lives.
03:34 But first, we are blessed to listen to a song
03:37 that is entitled "What a Friend"
03:39 as sung by our dear friend
03:41 Pastor John Lomacang from the 3ABN Worship Center.
03:58 What a friend we have in Jesus
04:08 All our sins and grieves to bear
04:17 What a privilege to carry
04:26 Everything to God in prayer
04:36 Oh, what peace we often forfeit
04:46 And, oh, what needless pains we bear
04:55 It's all because we do not carry
05:05 Everything to God in prayer
05:20 Are we weak and heavy-laden?
05:29 Are we cumbered with a load of care?
05:39 Precious Savior
05:43 Still my refuge
05:49 Take it to the Lord in prayer
05:59 Do thy friends despise
06:03 Forsake thee
06:07 So take it to the Lord in prayer
06:18 In His arms He'll take
06:23 And shield thee
06:31 Thou wilt
06:34 Find a solace there
06:48 Take it to the Lord in prayer
07:02 Thanks for joining us here once again at Behold the Lamb.
07:04 I'll tell you what I studied today,
07:06 you won't want to miss it.
07:07 This is the second part of our five-part series.
07:10 And we're going to be talking about Law and Grace,
07:13 a subject that many times missed,
07:15 people are studying they just miss the whole point.
07:19 And I don't want you to miss it today.
07:21 We're going to be looking
07:22 at Law specifically and its function.
07:24 We're going to be looking at Grace and its function.
07:27 Is it possible for both of them to work together
07:30 or does one void out the other?
07:34 You won't want to miss this
07:35 because, I'll tell you in the Christian world today,
07:37 oh, there is so much misunderstanding.
07:39 But you know, we are going to misunderstand here
07:42 if we don't pray first.
07:43 And we always have that habit and it's a good habit.
07:46 And I know, you are gonna pray along with me
07:48 so I'm going to kneel down and have prayer
07:50 and ask God to bless us as we read His word.
07:53 Remember when you're studying at home,
07:55 never open the Bible,
07:56 never those beautiful pages of life
08:00 and try to read them
08:01 without asking for the power of the Holy Spirit,
08:03 like we are doing right now.
08:04 Let's pray together, shall we?
08:08 Kind loving heavenly Father, we approach your throne,
08:10 not because of who we are
08:12 but because of Jesus Christ, our Lord.
08:14 We come boldly, we ask for divine help.
08:18 You said we could do it.
08:19 You said in your word,
08:21 we can count on you to send your Holy Spirit,
08:23 that you'll illuminate these beautiful truths,
08:25 shall open our minds and our hearts
08:27 and pray that you bless everyone of your children
08:29 around the world today,
08:30 who is striving to be like Jesus,
08:32 striving to put sin and the world behind them
08:35 and to look forward to spending eternity with you.
08:38 Lord, help us to understand this vital subject
08:42 and again, we are going to thank you in advance
08:44 as you send Your Holy Spirit to completely,
08:46 completely wrap your arms and your heart around
08:48 each and everyone of us
08:50 and I thank you in Jesus' name, Amen.
08:53 Ain't it nice to be able to go to God in prayer
08:55 and just know when you've prayed,
08:58 that He's heard you and He's going to answer?
09:01 Oh, that is so wonderful.
09:02 Again, we appreciate your cards and your letter
09:04 and questions that you have.
09:06 Keep calling in.
09:07 These series are so important,
09:09 you can just get one or two or three.
09:10 It's five parts.
09:11 You are going to need them all
09:13 because they all fit together like a glove
09:15 and it will help you in your study.
09:17 And I can guarantee you this.
09:18 It will help you
09:19 when you're looking for souls to win for the kingdom.
09:22 'Cause people will have these questions.
09:24 Have your Bible, I know that you do, pencil and paper.
09:26 I want you to turn with me at the book of Titus.
09:28 Titus, Chapter 1, Titus Chapter 2,
09:31 we're gonna read several verses here.
09:33 So kind of bear with me, I'll just take a moment.
09:35 Titus chapter 2,
09:37 we're going to be reading verses 11 through 15.
09:39 You have your Bible? Good.
09:40 Let's read, Titus Chapter 2, verses, starting verse 11.
09:45 Now let's read, shall we? It says, notice this.
09:47 "For the grace of God that bringeth salvation
09:50 hath appeared to all men."
09:53 Oh, this is beautiful.
09:54 "Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly," what?
09:58 "Lusts, we should live soberly,"
10:01 the Bible says, and what?
10:03 "Righteously, and godly, in this present world."
10:07 Notice verse 13, "Looking for that blessed hope,
10:11 that glorious appearing of our great God
10:15 and our Savior Jesus Christ."
10:18 Verse 14, the Bible said, "Who gave himself for us,
10:21 that he might redeem us from all inequity,"
10:24 don't read that too quickly,
10:26 "that he might redeem us from all iniquity"
10:30 and then he goes on to say,
10:31 "and to purify unto himself a peculiar people,
10:36 zealous of good works."
10:38 Oh, I just need to read verse 15.
10:39 Stay with me, notice,
10:41 "These things speak, exhort, and rebuke with all authority.
10:47 Let no man despise thee."
10:49 All these words, we could just go on
10:51 for a long time with them but you know,
10:53 we have to move on in this subject
10:55 if law and grace.
10:56 And just a quick thought here
10:57 about Paul, what he was saying,
10:59 Paul, Paul looking in these verses
11:02 from, for the recovery from sin.
11:05 We've fallen in the sin. Paul sinned.
11:06 Oh, there's some hope here that we can recover from sin.
11:10 And you know, it's a powerful example
11:12 of divine grace that God applies
11:15 and gives to us in our life.
11:17 Isn't it powerful?
11:18 Isn't it wonderful to know that God doesn't just talk
11:22 about a free grace that winks at sin?
11:27 It's a little more heavy duty than that.
11:30 He talks about here in Paul and his writing,
11:32 he talks about a grace that delivers man
11:35 from the bondage of sin.
11:38 Isn't that what you're looking for today?
11:39 Some of you, your bound, you are in chains.
11:42 Whether it's circumstances,
11:44 whether it's things in your heart in your life,
11:46 things that you are putting before God,
11:48 I'm telling you dear friends, you are in bondage.
11:50 Notice the ministry of healing in a little book page 115.
11:55 It gives some real good thoughts,
11:56 just a couple of lines.
11:57 Listen carefully what it says,
11:59 "It is His grace," His grace "that gives man power to obey"
12:04 oh, that's beautiful, but obey what?
12:06 "Obey the laws of God.
12:09 This is the only power that can make him
12:12 and keep him steadfast in the right path."
12:17 What is it? It's God grace.
12:19 He gives us, help us to be steady,
12:22 help us to walk in the path that God has marked out for us.
12:25 This is the only way it can be done.
12:28 Now does law and grace then fit together.
12:31 We addressed that just a little bit.
12:33 But does it really fit together or are they really separated
12:37 or how can we put 'em together
12:39 or must we eliminate one or the other.
12:44 Is it all law? Is it all grace?
12:48 Well, that's how we getting into the word of God
12:50 when we begin to study
12:51 and we begin to show our self approved.
12:53 We might find out that both have a function
12:56 that they can work together.
12:58 Ain't that wonderful?
13:00 Have you would've notice that the-
13:01 you know, when you are working
13:02 may be around the house or you're on you're job,
13:04 how nice it is to have some body
13:06 that will work along with you.
13:08 Not against you,
13:10 not trying to eliminate this or eliminate that.
13:12 But simply cooperating together, working together,
13:15 you'll find as much easier, don't you?
13:17 Now so, in order to understand your position,
13:20 see I don't know your position.
13:21 But you know what?
13:23 You're going to know mine before this is over.
13:25 In order to understand your position on this subject,
13:28 law and grace now, we have to ask just a simple question.
13:32 Are you ready for this question?
13:34 Is the law of God opposed to grace?
13:38 It's simple.
13:39 Is the law of God opposed to grace?
13:41 Many is going to say right quick,
13:42 "Oh, yeah, oh, it is.
13:44 We've been thought that in our church."
13:45 But is that the right answer?
13:48 Is it really correct?
13:50 Is it really Biblically correct,
13:52 is it theologically correct?
13:55 That's what we have to chunk, line upon line.
13:57 Is this what the Bible said
13:58 or is it what the church is teaching?
14:00 Hmm, well, I can, can see,
14:04 it's kind of easy and don't say that lightly but pay attention.
14:08 It's kind of easy to see
14:09 why many people answer this way.
14:12 They answer because they see the subject of law
14:16 and they see the subject of grace as,
14:19 listen carefully, as like a billboard would read out side
14:23 when you pass it by and you see a little advertisement
14:27 that which says, "Muhammad Ali versus Foreman. "
14:32 Wow.
14:34 Do you remember those, years ago,
14:35 so many of you are older but notice the word,
14:37 just an illustration, "versus" now what does that mean?
14:41 See that's how people view law and grace,
14:43 one versus the other.
14:44 One's against the other.
14:46 There's only one who's going to come out standing
14:48 when the fight is all said and done.
14:51 Well, you know when you have versus, one,
14:54 you have number one, you have the legalist view,
14:57 you have the, you call that the law camp
15:00 and then you have the grace camp
15:02 which says you don't have to worry about
15:04 being obedient, there's no laws,
15:06 you are just under grace.
15:08 That's it.
15:09 Well, first let's check something.
15:11 First of all, law is a Biblical principle.
15:16 We find that all through scripture.
15:17 Grace is a Biblical principle.
15:21 So we find quickly
15:22 that the battle is not between two, the two principles,
15:26 but it's between how the law is abused
15:29 and how grace is abused.
15:31 And let me tell you some of you
15:33 who would believe in grace only.
15:34 You're abusing grace
15:36 and some of you who believe in just law,
15:39 yeah, you are abusing that too.
15:41 But I believe there is a way.
15:42 That is, we look at scripture that we can balance the two
15:46 and we balance it not by how man thinks
15:48 or man's words he prints but by the word of God.
15:52 It's only when, the law, let's take that first,
15:56 only when the law is used as a means of salvation
16:00 does it hit on with grace.
16:03 Did you get it?
16:04 When we use law out of this position
16:07 that god has it in
16:08 all of the sudden it begins to hit grace,
16:10 if you take grace and now this position
16:12 hit on with the law.
16:13 And so sometimes we do that not really meaning too.
16:17 Remember, these two principle work together.
16:21 They are a team. Now what?
16:23 Oh, yeah, each, having its own job to do.
16:27 There's nothing more frustrating
16:28 maybe in the world today as when you know,
16:30 two God's people are working
16:32 and this guy is always trying to your job.
16:35 He is not doing on his own but he's messing around
16:37 trying to do what you do in messing you up.
16:40 And so he's kind of out of his sphere.
16:41 He needs to be.
16:43 So let's look at it kind of that way.
16:44 Let's make this clear
16:46 and I think it's very important that we do to begin with.
16:48 The law was never meant, the law was never made,
16:55 the law was never, never, never designed to save.
17:00 Wow, interesting thought.
17:04 The law never opposes grace. Never.
17:09 So what is the law designed to do?
17:13 What is the law supposed to show us?
17:18 See, these are the things that questions our legitimate
17:20 and we need ask our self.
17:22 The answer is simply this.
17:24 From the word of God, what is the law designed to do?
17:27 To show us, what is sin.
17:30 Very interesting, what do I mean?
17:32 It's simply the law is designed to show us right and wrong.
17:37 Oh, wow. Good and bad.
17:40 Well, that's interesting.
17:41 The Bible defines sin and if you don't know this,
17:45 it's going to mess you all up
17:47 and many don't because many churches,
17:48 they just don't want to talk about
17:50 what the Biblical definition of sin is.
17:53 Well, you can read in the Bible, verse John 3:4.
17:56 Bible is very clear.
17:58 "Sin is the transgression of God's law.
18:01 Oh, well, you don't what that tells me,
18:04 it tells me that the law is in operation.
18:07 You'll say, well, no,
18:09 we've been told that the law has done away.
18:10 That tells me sin is the transgression of God's law.
18:13 It says right then that God's law is in operation
18:16 and let me just prove that
18:17 because in the book of Romans Chapter 4, verse 15,
18:21 here's what the Bible said.
18:22 It tells us, "For where no law is,
18:26 there is no transgression."
18:29 So if there is no law there is no transgression.
18:32 If the law has done away with,
18:33 we can do anything we want to do.
18:35 What a messed up world.
18:36 Mostly world's doing that anyway
18:38 and you see what a messed up world we live in.
18:40 What did the Bible say?
18:42 Where there is no law, there is no transgression.
18:44 So when you are one of those for god sake
18:45 the law is been done away with,
18:47 my mean, you mean every thing goes.
18:50 You need to re-think that,
18:51 don't you, don't you believe it.
18:52 And then Romans 5 verse 13 says this.
18:56 It helps, it helps to build this case.
18:58 "But sin" notice,
19:00 "is not imputed where there is no law."
19:04 Sin is not what? Imputed.
19:06 It's not put to your account. That's what it means.
19:09 Sin is not put to my account when there is no law.
19:13 But then I read the Bible.
19:15 It simply says in Romans 6:23 that talked about
19:17 "the wages of sin is death" wow.
19:20 Wages of sin.
19:22 But you know, praise God. The works goes on.
19:24 For some of you who are just clawing and digging
19:26 and not really sure
19:27 and when you wanted to make a decision
19:29 but sin has dominion over you.
19:32 The verse goes on.
19:33 You say, "All I hear about is sin brings down."
19:35 Read the verse on "but the gift of God
19:39 is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."
19:43 Oh, huh, wonderful news.
19:47 But may I just kind of stir you a little bit
19:49 but how many have sinned?
19:51 I'll do it just two or three times as we study.
19:53 But how many have sinned?
19:54 Well, the Bible is very clear in Romans 3:23.
19:57 The Bible says, "all have sinned" and what?
20:00 We've "come short of the glory of God"
20:02 So some of you who are self righteous,
20:04 ooh, be careful.
20:06 You need to get over it. Hmm.
20:08 All have sinned.
20:10 Some of you think you own a little boat over there.
20:11 We're on the same boat.
20:12 We're going down
20:14 unless we ask Jesus to come in help us.
20:16 I hope that makes sense to you.
20:18 And then the Book of Romans, Chapter 5 verse 12,
20:20 even makes it clear, the Bible says,
20:24 "Wherefore," notice this,
20:25 "as by one man sin entered into the world"
20:29 and the Bible says, "and death" by what?
20:31 "By sin."
20:33 Wow, "so death then passed"
20:35 notice, "upon all men for all have sinned."
20:40 Wow. What I have thought.
20:43 Let, get your thinking cap on, get your thinking cap on
20:45 'cause you can go in a lot of different directions here.
20:47 But I think it's imperative by the power of the Holy Spirit
20:50 now we think this through.
20:51 If I go back to the beginning, Genesis, Chapter 1, verse 28,
20:56 we find that the dominion of this world,
20:59 when God create the world,
21:00 created, created Adam and Eve,
21:02 He gave the dominion of this world to Adam and Eve.
21:05 Is that true? Somebody said, "Amen" good.
21:08 Listen, listen very carefully,
21:11 if just oh, Lord, help it,
21:13 if just one of those two
21:18 had been faithful, had been faithful to God,
21:23 this world would've been lost.
21:25 But notice, they weren't faithful to God.
21:28 But in order for sin to have dominion
21:31 over the world, they both had to fall.
21:35 And they did. Wow.
21:39 They changed leadership.
21:42 If just one,
21:45 what a paradise it would still be.
21:48 You see this is important.
21:50 Found this in Review and Herald,
21:51 in little magazine in June 10th.
21:54 Now notice this, it is written in 1890.
21:56 Listen, truth back then
21:58 and is still just too much truth
22:00 today maybe even more so for us.
22:03 Said, "He, Christ, He met Satan,
22:05 he met Satan's attacks again and again,"
22:10 how did he meet the Satan's attack?
22:11 "With, 'It is written.'"
22:12 Do you remember Matthew chapter 4.
22:14 This is how Jesus defeated the enemy with
22:17 "It is written" notice.
22:19 What happened?
22:20 Satan left as soon as He begin to quote,
22:22 Jesus begin to quote scripture.
22:25 Now notice.
22:26 This article says
22:28 "he left the field of conflict a conquered foe."
22:32 Jesus always conquered enemy because He knew the word.
22:34 He had the word of God in his heart
22:36 that he might not sin against His Father.
22:39 But notice how deep this goes.
22:42 Notice it, notice.
22:44 "Christ has redeemed,"
22:46 no, "Christ has redeemed
22:50 Adam's disgraceful fall."
22:53 Christ came to this earth to redeem",
22:56 notice this, "the disgraceful fall of Adam,"
23:00 and he in his, and he developed a perfect character,
23:04 please pay attention.
23:05 "A perfect obedience" and what did Jesus do?
23:09 "He left us an example" that we should what?
23:12 Follow in his footsteps.
23:13 He "left us an example for the human family,
23:16 that they may," the article says,
23:18 "they may imitate the Pattern."
23:21 Now listen carefully.
23:22 Had Jesus "failed on one point, in one point,
23:27 in reference to the law of God,
23:30 he would not have been a perfect offering."
23:35 "If he failed in one," one what?
23:37 In one point only.
23:39 Now notice what, you say oh, no, no wait there.
23:42 Listen, how many points did Adam fail?
23:46 One and the world was lost, interesting thought.
23:51 But-Then I'd say well, that makes sense.
23:55 Because we cannot have one unconfessed sin
23:58 and think we're going to make it to heaven.
24:01 Adam and Eve, one transgression,
24:03 they were out.
24:05 Jesus could not in one instance, have sinned
24:08 or he could not be my savior,
24:11 couldn't have won the world back.
24:12 What a mess that would've been.
24:15 And then I look it up in the Bible
24:16 in James, chapter 2 and 10 through 12,
24:19 we can read them all, especially verse 10.
24:22 It said, "For whosoever shall keep the whole law,"
24:26 notice, "and yet offend in one point, he's guilty of all."
24:31 Oh, I want you to see how that it adds up please.
24:35 Think of what Christ's obedience means to me.
24:39 Think about it, a lost sinner. No hope for me.
24:43 So what does Christ's victory,
24:45 his obedience mean to us today, all of us?
24:48 You know what it means?
24:50 It means that in His strength, I may obey His requirements.
24:54 Through His strength, I may obey.
24:57 And some of you out there
24:59 fooling around with this subject
25:00 bless your heart when you say we don't have to be obedient.
25:03 We don't have to gain victory over sin in our life.
25:05 You, need to re-think this questions.
25:08 You need to get back in the word of God.
25:09 That's the devil putting those thoughts in your mind.
25:13 I want to put your cap on once again.
25:16 Because you know, Christ overcame the enemy
25:19 and He overcame the enemy not because He needed to
25:22 but He did in my behalf.
25:23 He did it in your behalf. And when did he do it?
25:27 Christ came to this earth 4000 years,
25:32 4000 years after Adam.
25:35 And then when He came to this earth,
25:36 listen to this article
25:38 The Review and Herald on July 28, 1874,
25:40 listen, it says, "the human family was departing
25:45 every successive generation farther and farther
25:50 from the original purity and wisdom and knowledge
25:53 which Adam possessed in the garden.
25:56 Christ bore the sins, the infirmities of the race
26:01 as they existed when he came to this earth to help man."
26:06 Notice that, "with the weaknesses
26:08 of fallen man upon him,
26:11 he was to stand the temptations of Satan upon all points
26:15 where with man would be assailed."
26:18 My Bible says, and I read, Hebrews 4, verse 15,
26:21 "but He was tempted in all points,"
26:23 the Bible said as we are yet without sin.
26:26 Oh, how wonderful. What good news.
26:28 What kind of news would you want today?
26:31 This is wonderful news.
26:33 He came, He lived a perfect life,
26:35 and He offers it to me.
26:37 He says now, "Because I did it,
26:38 I offer you, you can do it too."
26:40 By his grace, by his strength.
26:42 You see, we got to be careful and not try to replace
26:47 the law with grace or replace grace with the law.
26:51 Be careful how you juggle, you mess with it,
26:54 you try to erase one,
26:56 build one up and leave the other.
26:57 The Bible does not do that. They are both valid.
27:00 Yes, they are different,
27:02 have different functions but they are valid.
27:04 Why?
27:05 My Bible makes it very clear
27:07 in Romans Chapter 8 verse 4, the Bible says,
27:10 we've- here's where we find the righteousness of the law,
27:13 notice this, in this passage
27:14 and we find the power of grace here.
27:18 So what do we find?
27:20 The righteousness of the law and we find the power of grace.
27:23 Let's read Romans 8, verse 4.
27:25 The Bible says,
27:27 "The righteousness of the law might be fulfilled" where?
27:30 "In us who walk not after" what?
27:33 Oh, "not after the flesh, but after the Spirit."
27:37 The righteousness of the law.
27:39 Don't anyone come and start saying,
27:40 "Well, the law is no good."
27:42 The Bible says it's righteous.
27:45 Wow, the righteousness
27:46 of the law might be fulfilled in me
27:49 who, if I won't walk after the spirit,
27:51 you the world, but if I walk after the spirit.
27:54 Oh, how wonderful that is.
27:56 You remember, it said, it might be fulfilled.
27:58 The word fulfills simply means, it might be,
28:01 it might be realized in my life.
28:04 It means that it might be met in my life
28:07 if I let the things of the world go,
28:09 let go the hand of the devil
28:11 and put my hand in the hand of Jesus Christ.
28:13 I walk after the spirit.
28:15 You see grace here in this verse
28:17 enables us to walk after the spirit.
28:20 Isn't that beautiful? Grace enables me.
28:24 I don't deserve it.
28:26 Grace allows me to walk after the spirit.
28:29 Praise God.
28:31 How about a little food for thought?
28:33 Some of you are going to say,
28:34 "Well, I've got too much to think about already
28:36 but a little more food for thought.
28:39 Remember, those of you who say,
28:40 "Well, the law of God has done away,
28:41 we won't have to worry about all of that anymore."
28:43 God did not give his son in order to change
28:47 or to abolish in any way for more fashion his law
28:51 or to release us from the necessity
28:55 of building a perfect character.
28:57 Wow, perfect obedience.
29:01 Wow.
29:03 Christ came to make it possible.
29:05 Listen, my brothers and sisters,
29:06 Christ came to make it possible for men
29:09 to render perfect obedience.
29:12 You know what that means.
29:14 That means the law fulfilled in us.
29:17 Wow. The law fulfilled in us.
29:21 And let me say for you doubting Thomases
29:23 that you are not getting it because you are fighting it.
29:25 Listen, then Cross of Calvary,
29:29 proves beyond the shadow of a doubt
29:31 that the law of God cannot be changed.
29:33 It cannot be done away with. Please keep that in mind.
29:37 Thank God for grace clearly seen in both
29:40 the Old Testament and the New Testament.
29:43 Let's take a few moments, shall we?
29:44 To cut it, just to dissect the law and dissect grace.
29:49 Oh, I could go on and on
29:50 and many of you have different thoughts on it
29:52 but just maybe this will give you some food for thought
29:54 and you can dig in for your self.
29:56 And then we need to follow the Bible
29:58 and rightly divide the word of God.
30:01 Have you read that in 2 Timothy 2:15?
30:03 And then we add a little bit more here in 2 Timothy 2:5,
30:06 the Bible said, It tells us this,
30:09 "And if a man also strive for masteries,
30:13 "is anyone striving for the mastery?
30:16 And "yet he is not crowned,"
30:17 oh, he's striving but he can't the crown.
30:20 He can't win.
30:22 Look what it says, "except" "except he strive lawfully.
30:27 What does that mean?
30:28 You're trying to get a crown, you want to go to heaven.
30:30 You don't have to strive.
30:32 But you can't get that crown of victory unless you,
30:35 what does this Bible says, "unless you strive lawfully."
30:39 And the Greek word, nominals, is what that Greek word is.
30:42 You know what that means,
30:44 that means he agrees
30:45 or he is agreeable to the list of rules.
30:50 Huh, the man that strives, the man that wins the victory,
30:54 is because he's agreed to the list of rules
30:57 that God has set up not man.
31:00 Interesting, huh.
31:02 The man once said, he said that the crying need of our times,
31:08 the crying needs, it ain't just the needs of our times,
31:10 he said the crying and certainly,
31:12 maybe with tears, the crying need of our time,
31:14 is a deep conviction of sin
31:18 and if this is ever going to take place,
31:21 if it's ever going to be brought about is that he said,
31:24 it must be by the religious teachers being led to study.
31:28 Notice this, study the law and the gospel.
31:34 You see, we can miss out on something
31:36 if we rule one out
31:37 or if we don't believe that we should.
31:39 You know, law or grace or grace or law.
31:43 Wow, what a revival we need in this subject.
31:46 Let's look at the law shall we and see what part it plays?
31:49 And that only might jump off your seat just yet
31:51 because the law plays a part in our salvation.
31:55 Oh, that's going to scare some of you.
31:56 But let's see how the Bible defines that.
31:58 Bible says, let's begin with in Psalms 19:7,
32:01 you know it well.
32:03 It says, "The law of the Lord" or the law,
32:05 it means the doctrines, the teachings of the Lord,
32:07 they said, they are "perfect," they are "converting."
32:10 Did you notice that?
32:12 Converting means, it's the "restoring the soul."
32:15 "The testimony or the witness of the Lord is sure,
32:19 making wise the simple."
32:21 Well, there's a lot,
32:22 oh, I'm going to be careful of this one.
32:23 There's a lot of us simpletons running around.
32:26 Somebody with me?
32:27 Lot of us are simple but praise God,
32:29 He's promised, the what?
32:31 His word, His law, His teaching,
32:32 His doctrine is to convert me, it can restore me,
32:35 it can bring me back...
32:38 and it makes the simple wise.
32:41 Praise God for that.
32:43 And of course, if you got time,
32:44 read all of Psalms 19 especially 7 through 14.
32:49 Read those verses.
32:51 Here's what you'll find quickly in a nut shell
32:52 what the Psalmist writes down.
32:55 He says, you know, that the law of God
32:58 in the natural world is what we are looking at,
33:01 He connects them together.
33:02 The laws in the natural world
33:04 with the laws given to His created beings.
33:08 He's connected them together.
33:10 Wow, so what's the bottom line here?
33:13 You're going to take-- do a lot of reading,
33:14 is simply obey the voice of God.
33:17 You say, "Yeah, but wait,
33:19 we were not taught in our church to be obedient.
33:22 1 Samuel 5 isn't it?
33:23 15:22 says it is better "to obey than to sacrifice."
33:29 As you read the Books of Acts, chapter 5,
33:32 you read here in verse about what?
33:34 32, it says "The Holy Spirit
33:36 is given to those who obey him."
33:38 If you are obeying him
33:39 you cannot have the Holy Spirit.
33:41 You can say all you want.
33:42 The Bible said,
33:44 the Holy Spirit is given to those who obey God.
33:46 If you are disobeying you are lead by another spirit.
33:48 Somebody needs to fasten up here.
33:50 We need to get down to it right now
33:52 because some of you are not.
33:53 You are playing church...
33:56 you are going to be caught
33:58 one of these days brothers and sisters.
33:59 We don't want to be caught.
34:00 Does the law play a part in helping us?
34:03 Think with me, does the law play a part in helping us?
34:06 Let's do point one quickly jot it down.
34:08 Roman's 3:20 says, in fact it gives us the answer,
34:12 it says "for by the law is the knowledge of sin."
34:16 So quickly, we get down.
34:17 What is that-- what's the function
34:19 of God's Ten Commandment law?
34:20 The Bible says,
34:21 that "By the law is the knowledge of sin"
34:24 so therefore I will know what is wrong.
34:26 I will know what I should not do.
34:28 I will know, I know what's-- might hurt me,
34:30 hurt my family, hurt the world,
34:32 hurt my brothers and sisters, hurt God.
34:34 That's the function of it. Paul makes it perfectly clear.
34:39 The law points out sin and then he goes on in Romans 7:7.
34:44 It's even clearer.
34:45 He said, "What shall we say then?
34:48 Is the law sin? God forbid."
34:51 He says, "Nay, I had not known sin, but by the law."
34:55 He said, I wouldn't know what was sin.
34:57 I didn't know what was right or wrong,
34:58 except the law pointed it out.
35:00 Oh, there's a function there, isn't there.
35:02 So what if he's all done way with,
35:04 would you know, what's right or wrong.
35:05 Would you?
35:06 I don't think so.
35:08 Paul goes on, he said, "for I had not known lust,
35:12 except the law had said," what?
35:14 "Thou shalt not covet.
35:16 Wow. So it makes sense.
35:19 If there was not a law
35:22 how would we know right from wrong?
35:25 You see, so how many have, that devil has this.
35:30 He has full, bless your heart, you would not know what sin is,
35:34 you wouldn't know what a transgression is,
35:37 if it wasn't for the law.
35:38 There's a purpose. Please keep that in mind.
35:40 Point number two.
35:42 The law brings a sense of guilt.
35:47 The law brings a sense of guilt.
35:49 In other words, I look and I read and nothing,
35:50 whoa, oh, boy hmm, I missed that one.
35:53 So sense of guilt.
35:55 Now notice, in other words, the Lord speaks to us.
35:59 Have you thought, when we read the word of God,
36:00 it speaks to us.
36:02 Romans 3, verse 19, Lord have mercy.
36:05 Now let's see what it says, "Now we know that
36:07 what things soever" notice, "the law saith,
36:11 it saith to those who are under the law"
36:15 or in the law or subject to the law,
36:18 or maybe some of those who are saying,
36:20 we keep the law, oh, boy we're going to be saved.
36:23 Hmm, and to every mouth the Bible says,
36:26 "may be stopped,
36:28 all the world may become guilty,"
36:30 that means what?
36:31 Accountable "before God."
36:34 These are heavy duty passages I wish we had more time
36:36 to talk about them but we don't.
36:38 Some of you say, "Yeah, but law and grace
36:40 and if you just kind of look at the Old Testament,
36:43 let's just say it quickly here,
36:45 just food for thought and we just move on.
36:46 The Old Testament was divided into three sections
36:50 as most of you know.
36:51 It was divided into the law,
36:53 into the profits, and in the Psalms
36:56 okay, and notice, especially, Paul was talking to those
37:00 whom this was given and he's talking to us today.
37:04 Wow.
37:05 You mean, he's speaking to the New Testament church?
37:07 Absolutely.
37:09 Once again, Romans Chapter 3, verse 23.
37:11 Notice what does the Bible say?
37:13 "All have sinned,
37:15 "wow, we've "come short of the glory God."
37:17 So what does the Law do once again?
37:18 I'm going to go over and over.
37:20 The law simply points out sin
37:23 it tells us that man has sold out.
37:25 He's sold his self out to the enemy.
37:28 And there is no way he can get back.
37:30 He's off course, he can't get back on his own,
37:33 there is no way he can get back on his own.
37:35 He's going to need some help.
37:37 His only help is in Christ you know that.
37:40 Point number three: Now notice, what is says?
37:44 I know, it's kind of-- you know,
37:45 I know we have to think
37:47 and we need to be jotting these down.
37:48 Point number 3: The law acts as a spiritual mirror.
37:51 You've read this many times, I know.
37:53 James brings this out.
37:54 I'm telling you rather you know, nicely.
37:57 It is clear. We can't miss it.
37:59 So you have your Bible or pencil and paper,
38:01 just jot down,
38:02 James Chapter 1 and read verse 23, 24 for right now.
38:06 The Bible says, notice this in James,
38:08 "if any man be a hearer" of what?
38:11 "Hearer of the word, and not a doer,
38:14 he is like a man" okay, so we got a man here.
38:18 He is hearing but he is not a doer.
38:20 There's a lot of Christians sitting in the pews today,
38:21 you are hearers but you are not a doer,
38:23 it's not acceptable to God.
38:25 Let's get down to it.
38:27 Let the Bible define what's going on here.
38:28 Not me, not we, I'm not judging you.
38:30 I don't know you.
38:32 But let the Bible speak to us.
38:35 He says like this man,
38:36 he "beholding" his self in a "natural"
38:39 his "face in a glass" "he beholdeth himself,
38:43 and then he goes away," the Bible says.
38:45 "And straightway, he forgetteth
38:48 what manner of man he was."
38:49 Why?
38:50 Because he's not looking into that glass.
38:52 He's not looking into that mirror on a regular basis.
38:56 So he looks.
38:57 Some of us who look in the mirror you know,
38:59 everyday and you're getting cleaned up or whatever,
39:01 you don't like what you see,
39:02 think about if you didn't look in the mirror.
39:04 Now we are talking about just the looking glass.
39:06 But how about using that as a spiritual.
39:08 You are not opening the Bible, you are not reading
39:09 the word of God and pursuing you're not reading it,
39:11 you are not looking into and you go your way pursuing
39:13 and you forget what kind of man you are.
39:15 You think you are right.
39:17 When God says "You know what?
39:18 It's all wrong" Then James Chapter 1 verse 25,
39:21 oh, he answers that question.
39:23 What kind of a man is he? What is he?
39:26 Bible says "whosoever," "whosoever looketh
39:29 into the perfect law of liberty,
39:31 and continueth therein" oh, "he being not just
39:36 a forgetful hearer, but he's a doer of the work,
39:40 this man shall be blessed in his deed."
39:43 God said, if we continue to look in this mirror,
39:45 in this glass, he's going to bless us
39:47 and we become a doer, not just a hearer.
39:50 Now what is this?
39:51 We're talking about this glass. This mirror.
39:54 Oh, the Bible is clear.
39:56 It's the perfect law of liberty.
39:58 Let no one tell you in an any church
40:00 that the law of God puts you into bondage,
40:02 it handcuffs you.
40:04 Ties your feet together.
40:05 You can be a Christian as do and don't.
40:07 My Bible says the law of God is the perfect law of liberty.
40:12 Liberty wherein I know is I walk with God.
40:15 I'll know if I got off the path,
40:16 I'll know if I stayed on the path
40:18 by the grace of God.
40:19 Lay your head down tonight knowing your having wilfully
40:21 broken any of His commands.
40:23 Of course James goes on and says
40:24 about this perfect law of liberty.
40:27 Chapter 2, 10 through 12.
40:29 It's going to be used in the judgment.
40:32 God's righteous Ten Commandment Law
40:34 will judge every man.
40:37 Wow, shouldn't we be looking at it now?
40:39 Shouldn't we? Absolutely we should.
40:42 Bible says that it's a Holy Law of God.
40:45 The Holy Law of God is the mirror.
40:48 But notice this, that mirror can only point out
40:52 the defects in my character.
40:54 It can only point out that dirt which is in my life.
40:57 It can only point out where I've failed.
40:59 It can only point out these dirty spots,
41:02 maybe no one else sees them
41:03 but God sees them and when I look in that mirror,
41:06 it points them out to me.
41:08 But it can't take them away.
41:09 The law of God can't take away that sin and that stain.
41:14 You might say, well,
41:15 "Hey, I'm not worrying about all that, man.
41:17 I'm a New Testament believer.
41:20 I live by grace alone, I live by faith alone."
41:24 Is that possibly true?
41:25 Is that the way the Bible really teaches?
41:27 Well, if I look at my Bible in Romans Chapter 3, verse 31,
41:31 it tells me,
41:33 "Do we then make void the law through faith?
41:36 You said, "Oh, I'm just living by faith."
41:37 Do we make void the law through faith?
41:39 The Bible says, "God forbid: we establish the law."
41:42 Well, I can't do there.
41:44 We're going to have to re-think the issue.
41:46 Please again, what? Is the purpose of the mirror?
41:51 Can it take away my sins?
41:54 Can it take away my spots? No.
41:57 Hmm, it can only point out
42:01 that you, me, that we all have spots.
42:04 And then I'm going to need some attention.
42:07 I'm going to have something done
42:09 that's going to eat me up.
42:11 And you know what that law does?
42:14 'Cause I see all of this here and I need some help.
42:16 It points me to Jesus Christ, who is my only help.
42:21 Let's look quickly at what the law cannot do.
42:24 Can we do that?
42:25 Uh, couple of little things here.
42:27 Notice what the law cannot do.
42:29 We've looked at several already.
42:31 The law cannot bring forgiveness,
42:34 or it cannot bring justification,
42:36 which is forgiveness.
42:37 Justification, the law cannot do that.
42:41 Romans 3:20 reveals, "By the deeds of the law,"
42:45 notice this, "there shall no flesh be justified."
42:49 That clears it up for me, by what?
42:51 By the deeds of the law, that no flesh can be justified.
42:55 I cannot have forgiveness through the law.
42:57 Notice that.
42:58 The law says, "Kenny you are a sinner,
43:01 you are under the condemnation of the law."
43:03 There is no forgiveness in that law.
43:05 There's no justification in that law.
43:08 So it must be, there's a function for the law.
43:11 There is a function for grace.
43:13 Number two: The law cannot provide.
43:16 Listen carefully.
43:17 The law cannot provide power over sin
43:20 or the life of sanctification.
43:22 It cannot. It's clear.
43:24 The Bible said the law is holy.
43:26 It's just, it's good, it's spiritual
43:28 but it cannot be done away with
43:31 and it cannot be just changed or replaced.
43:34 But, listen, it cannot
43:37 and it cannot change the sinner.
43:40 The law cannot change, the Ten Commandment Law of God,
43:42 even holy, just, good, spiritual,
43:44 it cannot change the sinner.
43:46 The sinner is hopeless. He now sees the dirty spots.
43:49 He now sees the sin.
43:51 He sees he's weak, he sees there's no help.
43:53 Not anywhere else, he just needs to look to someone
43:55 who one can help him and begins to look up.
43:57 He begins to look to Jesus.
44:00 Sinner needs this thing called grace.
44:05 See there would be no need for grace if there wasn't sin.
44:08 All you New Testament believers, grace, grace, grace,
44:10 you wouldn't need grace if there wasn't sin
44:12 and you can't have sin unless there's a law.
44:14 Wow, something must be in effect here for us.
44:19 I need it.
44:20 I've come to Him and I need this thing called grace.
44:23 Quickly let's look everything that we enjoy.
44:26 Bless your heart just Christians.
44:28 Every experience is because of the matchless grace of God.
44:33 Everything you experience, everything you read in it
44:36 praise God for that grace.
44:38 Galatians Chapter 1, verse 5, the Bible,
44:40 talks about grace.
44:41 It said, "We are called into His grace."
44:43 Praise God.
44:45 Acts Chapter 18, verse 27, the Bible is clear.
44:47 It says, "We even believe through His grace.
44:50 And then we dig a little bit deeper in Titus 3:7,
44:53 when the Bible said, "We are justified by His grace.
44:56 Notice, and 1 Corinthians 15, verse 10.
45:01 Do you remember Paul said, "I am what I am."
45:04 What, "Because of God' grace I am what I am."
45:08 You are what you are in your walk with Jesus
45:10 because of grace.
45:12 Friends, don't ever forget that.
45:14 It has a function.
45:16 And of course Ephesians 2, verses 5 and 8
45:18 really brings it on down,
45:20 "We are saved by grace not by keeping a law.
45:23 We're saved by grace. The Bible says that.
45:26 And I looked at the meaning of grace
45:28 and there are so many different meanings,
45:29 it's just, it goes over my head.
45:31 But I tell you when I say, grace.
45:32 There is something powerful about that word.
45:34 There is something that is abounded about that word.
45:37 There's something that's saving in that word.
45:41 There's something about grace that tells me
45:43 about the love of God that has for me,
45:45 He has it and for you.
45:47 There's something about grace
45:50 that shown towards sinners, that's all of us in this world
45:53 and that grace can be seen,
45:55 that love can be seen in His Son, Jesus Christ.
45:59 How beautiful it is when you look at this.
46:03 As mentioned, "All have sinned
46:04 and come short of the glory of God."
46:06 We are worthy of death.
46:07 But God showed us favor. God shows us pardon.
46:12 And you know what?
46:13 This act of God is Holy undeserved,
46:17 is Holy unmerited by the human race.
46:20 And you say, "Well, well,
46:22 I think I'm pretty-" let me tell you why.
46:23 It's unmerited. You don't deserve it.
46:25 I don't deserve it. Why?
46:27 Because my Bible says, in Romans Chapter 1, verses 21
46:31 and 31 and 32.
46:33 Read them carefully.
46:35 It says, because we were built against God, we've hated Him.
46:38 We've done everything against God.
46:40 That's why we don't deserve it.
46:42 Now Bible even gets clear.
46:43 Romans 1, 18 and verse 25, keep jotting these down.
46:47 Again, the Bible simply says, Romans chapter 1,
46:50 did you jot that down 18 and 25.
46:52 It says we have perverted the truth.
46:55 Sad to live in so what we call it Christian world today.
46:59 And the Christians are perverting the truth.
47:01 It's not the infidels and the unbelievers.
47:03 People sitting in the pews, twisting them,
47:05 maligning scriptures
47:06 so they can live a life for the devil
47:07 and still call themselves a Christians.
47:09 Somebody needs to get with the program today.
47:11 God said, I give you grace,
47:13 Holy, undeserved and you don't deserve it.
47:15 It's unmerited favor. Why?
47:18 Romans 1:23 says,
47:20 we don't want to worship God only.
47:23 We want to have all the other gods.
47:25 Romans Chapter 1, 24 through 27, says,
47:28 we were made in His image and we defaced that image.
47:32 Why does he still love us like he does?
47:34 Romans 2, verse 24.
47:36 He said, we've even come to disappoint.
47:38 We've blasphemed His name.
47:41 Book of Acts, Chapter 7, verse 52,
47:43 it said, we killed His son.
47:46 You think you are deserving of anything that I'm deserving.
47:48 Oh, we're not deserving.
47:49 But let me tell you there's good news for you
47:51 and there is good news for me in Romans Chapter 2, verse 4.
47:54 Because number 1, God continues to love you.
47:58 He continues to love me,
47:59 He continues to show that He loves me.
48:01 He continues to shower loving kindness upon each one of us.
48:04 He extends His grace to me
48:07 when I'm fighting against Him, why?
48:10 Well, Romans 2:4 says why,
48:13 "that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance"
48:18 wow.
48:19 Why is God putting up with us? Because He loves you.
48:22 He's drawing you. His love, the, what?
48:24 Lead you to repentance. That's what he's doing.
48:26 I'm showing you love when you don't deserve it.
48:28 I died for you when you didn't. You didn't deserve it.
48:31 You are worthy of death. I took every thing for you.
48:33 You would've already get beat up,
48:35 you getting beat, nailed to a cross.
48:36 I did it for you and hope say
48:38 that you will someday turn to me.
48:40 Devine grace is called in scripture
48:43 in Romans 5:15, "a free gift"
48:46 In 2 Corinthians, quickly, 12:9.
48:48 We are running out of time.
48:49 The Bible said, God's grace is sufficient.
48:52 How wonderful. 2 Corinthians 4:15.
48:55 It says, its grace is abundant, it's abounding grace.
48:59 There is no limit to His grace.
49:01 However rotten your sin is, how low down your sin is,
49:04 God has more grace to cover that.
49:06 His grace is greater.
49:07 Second Corinthians 9, the Bible says, verse 14,
49:10 he says, it's an exceeding grace.
49:12 You need it. I have to have it.
49:15 God's grace, it's unlimited.
49:18 And it takes everything into account.
49:21 His grace is transforming.
49:22 It's changing hearts and lives and men and women and children
49:25 around the world today.
49:27 And let me just say this quickly.
49:28 God's grace is not merely,
49:30 you know, we talk about grace is not merely
49:31 just God's mercy and His willingness
49:35 to just to forgive us.
49:37 It's more than that. It's deeper than that.
49:40 But it's an energy that he puts inside.
49:43 It's active, it's energizing.
49:46 He puts the power inside of us to save us.
49:49 How wonderful grace is.
49:51 Praise God. Gospel Workers, page 70.
49:54 It says, "Divine grace."
49:56 Listen carefully
49:57 "is the great element of saving power."
50:00 Oh, awesome.
50:02 The grace, listen to this carefully,
50:04 the grace of God is the love of God
50:08 going on every direction.
50:10 It's all over the place. Jump into it.
50:13 Ask him to give it to you.
50:15 Here the Bible says in Acts 13:43,
50:17 "We are to continue in his grace."
50:20 2 Peter, the Bible says, 3:18 "We are to grow in grace."
50:24 Romans 5:2, "We are to stand in grace.
50:27 We are to rejoice in this hope.
50:29 Seven Testimonies, "There is only one power."
50:32 One eighty-nine say, "There is only one power
50:35 that can either make us steadfast or keep us so,
50:39 It's the grace of God," notice this, "in truth."
50:42 Wow.
50:44 Salvation has never been by law.
50:47 It's never been by works.
50:49 Salvation, the Bible said is by grace
50:51 extended to us by Christ.
50:53 Nothing that man has done. Nothing that man will ever do.
50:56 He cannot work his way in.
50:58 It's not away of working his way of salvation.
51:01 Works though are the sure results that you are saved.
51:04 There will be. We're justified by faith.
51:07 The Bible said.
51:08 And we are justified by faith that works.
51:10 Read it back at 2:4. Romans 6: 14, 15.
51:14 Read those verses when you have an opportunity.
51:17 The Bible said, "For sin shall not have dominion over you:
51:20 for you are not under the law,"
51:22 now remember that means under the law
51:23 that means as a means of salvation.
51:25 But you are under grace. Verse 15 says, "What then?
51:28 Shall we sin, because we are not under the law,
51:30 but under the grace?
51:32 God forbid." The Bible said.
51:33 Two quick points, we are running out of time.
51:35 I want to, for you new babes,
51:37 those who are coming into the church.
51:38 You are coming to have knowledge of Jesus Christ.
51:40 Don't just come and you know, and just come to him and say,
51:43 "Well, I'm going to--
51:45 I'm going to work my way into heaven.
51:46 I'm going to have to get busy.
51:48 It had nothing to do with works, does it?
51:51 Yeah, when you are saved there will be works.
51:54 You said, "Well, I've got to work"
51:55 but, you can earn any merit with God.
51:57 Remember, what He gives you, right.
51:59 It's unmerited favor.
52:02 And those who are trying to be holy by keeping the law,
52:06 this is impossible.
52:08 Keep that in mind.
52:09 Holiness is only achieved by faith
52:12 through the grace of Jesus Christ.
52:13 And point number two:
52:15 It's dangerous for you to come in and say,
52:16 "I want to, I'd just live by faith.
52:18 I'd just, just believe
52:19 and everything is going to be just fine.
52:21 Oh, and "it's going to release me from keeping the law,
52:24 God' law, I'm just, that grace no works."
52:27 Funny when you read a book of James chapter 2: 20 through 26.
52:30 "Faith without works is dead."
52:32 The Bible said and then it goes on and says,
52:34 oh, but the, "By works faith was made perfect.
52:38 We need to re-reading our Bibles.
52:40 Don't you think? Like never before.
52:41 There is a time we really need to study.
52:44 We really need to look at this thing called grace.
52:49 1st Selected Messages 394,
52:51 the Bible, the spirit of prophecy says,
52:53 "Abundant grace has been provided
52:55 that the believing soul may be kept free from sin."
52:59 Wow.
53:00 3 Testimonies 541, "We must have new grace
53:04 fresh strength daily in order to be victorious.
53:08 Wow.
53:12 In order to be victorious, in order be free.
53:16 3 Testimonies 452,
53:17 "God's grace is needed to correct defects of character."
53:22 Grace is the great element in saving power
53:25 and man cannot be saved without it.
53:27 God's grace, let me tell you,
53:29 God's grace can restore you
53:30 mentally and physically and spiritually.
53:34 That's the grace of God.
53:36 Friends, you know in this study
53:38 we need to think about it carefully, in this study.
53:40 We can see that there is no actual conflict,
53:42 oh, no, we just touched a little bit on it.
53:44 But I pray that you can see there's-
53:45 there's no conflict here between grace and law.
53:49 Not at all. Each serves its purpose.
53:53 It serves its purpose in God's plan.
53:55 Grace is not opposed to the law of God,
53:58 which is a standard of righteousness.
54:01 The law is not opposed to grace.
54:03 Each has its place.
54:05 Neither one crossing over on the other.
54:07 Not trying to take the other one's place,
54:09 not trying to void out the other.
54:12 Man's made in the image of God.
54:14 When he was made in the image of God,
54:15 he was sinless.
54:17 Man sinned.
54:18 Now praise God through Jesus Christ, by God's grace,
54:21 man is to be restored back into the image of God sinless.
54:27 Man, I want you to do some study.
54:29 You may have comments, you may have some questions.
54:31 Our time has run out. You feel free to call.
54:34 You need this series. You need them all.
54:36 You need to be calling in right now and say,
54:38 "Oh, I need, I've got to have that."
54:41 My friends need to understand this.
54:42 I need to understand it better.
54:44 If we just had a better understanding,
54:46 how simple this would be to present the gospel.
54:50 God help us to see the importance of it,
54:52 there are souls on the line today.
54:53 Don't you want to help someone?
54:56 You know, song says their souls that are sinking today.
54:59 What are you going to do,
55:00 you're going to throw them a life line
55:01 or you're going to turn your head
55:03 and say "Well, somebody else will do at the pastor."
55:04 Oh, friend, not today. I'm going to pray.
55:05 I've got to pray with you, I always pray before we--
55:07 before we close.
55:08 Would you pray, that the Holy Spirit will impress us
55:10 to move forward together in the truth?
55:12 Let's pray.
55:14 Merciful, Father, in Heaven,
55:15 we thank you for your sweet spirit.
55:17 Thank you for illuminating our hearts and our minds
55:19 and for opening these beautiful,
55:21 beautiful truths to us.
55:23 Lord it just helps us to love you more.
55:25 We see it clearly through the power of thy spirit.
55:28 Thank you for your grace.
55:29 Thank you for the law that points out sin
55:30 and for the grace that gives us the victory.
55:33 We thank you and we praise you.
55:34 Open hearts, minds of your children everywhere today,
55:37 that we might be more than conquerors
55:39 through you in Jesus' name, Amen.
55:43 Ain't that wonderful to be able to take
55:45 a little bit of time and study the word of God together.
55:47 You know, you make that possible for us
55:50 here Behold the Lamb.
55:51 We can't do it without you.
55:53 Dozens of people say,
55:54 "Well, you know, you really shouldn't do it?
55:56 We have to. We have not because we ask not.
55:59 So you believe these are present truths,
56:00 you believe these are the messages
56:02 that need to be aired,
56:03 and then you are going to help us do it.
56:04 You are going to be sending those love gifts.
56:06 Why? Because it takes it.
56:07 It takes it to get this gospel out.
56:10 I believe Jesus is coming. I believe probation is closing.
56:12 I believe that we are falling apart.
56:14 I believe that we got luke-warmness
56:15 going on all over the place
56:17 and well, I'm praying that God's going to put a fire
56:19 in our bellies that we may finish this work.
56:22 Will you help us? God Bless you.
56:24 We look forward to seeing you next time.
56:28 Hello, once again and welcome back.
56:31 Law and grace, what a beautiful picture
56:33 of a just and a loving God.
56:36 God changes not.
56:38 He's the same yesterday, today and forever.
56:41 His law is a transcript of who He is
56:44 and how His kingdom is to operate in love
56:47 and devotion to Him and to our fellow men.
56:51 As with any law that is broken
56:53 a punishment or a consequence is the result.
56:56 And in this case God's law was broken by men
57:00 and the result was to be eternal death,
57:03 eternal separation from our heavenly Father.
57:06 That's when His grace fully presented itself to us.
57:10 His grace gives us something that we as a person
57:13 who has broken God's law and has thus sinned,
57:17 we don't deserve and yet that forgiveness,
57:21 that forgiveness and the eternal life
57:23 that God has promised, He is giving it to us for free.
57:26 Praise God for grace.
57:28 Grace is available to us through Jesus Christ.
57:32 It is because of His righteousness,
57:34 His righteous life, that grace has extended to all of us
57:39 who choose to accept it.
57:41 There is no hope without Christ
57:43 and the Grace that he alone extends.
57:46 Won't you choose to accept this free gift of Christ
57:49 and His grace today?
57:51 You'll be so glad that you did.
57:53 To help you in this decision,
57:55 we are offering this five-part series
57:57 for a love gift of just $35 or more
58:00 here in the United States.
58:02 This series, "The Sabbath, a Test of Faith"
58:05 contains the following messages.
58:07 The Origin of the Sabbath, The Law and Grace,
58:11 How to Keep the Sabbath, Revelation 14 and finally,
58:15 Avoiding the Mark of the Beast.
58:17 You don't want to miss any of the messages.
58:20 Mailings outside of the United States
58:22 will incur additional shipping fees.
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58:56 My dear friends, until next time,
58:59 may our precious Lord richly bless you and yours.


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