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00:41 Hello and welcome to "Behold the Lamb Presents."
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton, your host and we want to welcome you
00:46 to our Bible study of God's word today.
00:49 This is the fourth message in a five part series
00:52 that we have in titled "The Sabbath, A Test of Faith."
00:56 Today's message or subject
00:58 we're simply calling Revelation 14.
01:01 The information given to us through the beloved disciple
01:04 and Prophet John and this one chapter alone
01:08 in Revelation is certainly more than can be fully covered
01:12 in just one hour of Bible study.
01:15 It is material that one would classify
01:17 as the need of the word to fully understand
01:20 all that was shown to John here
01:23 we need a good understanding of God's word
01:25 along with accurate history that corresponds
01:28 with the prophecy to make it clear.
01:31 So much is touched upon in these few verses,
01:34 but our focus today will be on the verses
01:37 that pertained directly to the study of this series
01:40 and that again being "The Sabbath, A Test of Faith."
01:44 And oh, what a solid message of warning,
01:47 understanding and urgency is given in these verses
01:51 as represented by the Three Angels
01:54 that are spoken of in this chapter.
01:57 Have extreme importance to all of us
01:59 is the timeline of this message
02:02 as you will see in today's study,
02:04 this cry began in the mid 1800s
02:07 and it still being given to day.
02:10 Revelation 14 paints a graphic picture
02:14 of God's last call of obedience
02:17 and what those who accept and follow Him
02:20 will be like as well as what the fait of those will be
02:24 who choose not to accept this truth
02:28 and thus receive the mark of the beast.
02:31 Please take notes with us today
02:33 and join us in a spirit of prayer
02:36 as we now begin this study in Revelation 14
02:39 with Pastor Kenny Shelton.
02:41 But first we are blessed with the song that is in titled
02:45 "He Who Trusts" by Stephanie Dawn
02:48 from the 3ABN worship center.
03:02 These are periled times we live in,
03:07 trouble everywhere
03:11 Weary hearts will often
03:14 give in to this world's despair
03:20 But high and over all,
03:23 our Father knows our every care
03:28 So in His Book, if you will look,
03:33 you'll find His promise there
03:40 He who trusts in the Lord
03:44 Mercy shall surround him
03:48 He who trusts in the Lord
03:53 Mercy shall surround him
03:57 Be glad in the Lord and rejoice
04:01 You upright in heart
04:04 Lift up your voice
04:05 For great is His mercy toward
04:10 All who trust in the Lord
04:21 Soon will be the time
04:24 when we will see the Holy One
04:30 And oh, how sweet to know that He'll complete what He's begun
04:38 And blessed is the man
04:41 who stands forgiven in God's son
04:47 And blessed are they who
04:49 in that day will hear Him say,
04:54 "Well done"
04:58 He who trusts in the Lord
05:02 Mercy shall surround him
05:06 He who trusts in the Lord
05:10 Mercy shall surround him
05:14 Be glad in the Lord and rejoice
05:19 You upright in heart
05:21 Lift up your voice
05:23 For great is His mercy toward
05:27 All who trust in the Lord
05:34 Gracious is He and slow to anger
05:42 His loving kindness has no end
05:50 With love to embrace both friend and stranger
05:58 He is Reaching out to one and all,
06:02 who upon His name will call
06:09 for He who trusts in the Lord
06:14 Mercy shall surround him
06:18 He who trusts in the Lord
06:22 Mercy shall surround him
06:26 Be glad in the Lord and rejoice
06:30 You upright in heart, lift up your voice
06:34 For great is His mercy toward
06:39 all who trust in the Lord
06:45 Mercy is His reward
06:48 For all who trust, for the pure and just
06:52 Who put their trust in the Lord
07:01 Mercy is His reward
07:09 For great is His mercy toward
07:14 all who put trust in the Lord
07:33 Thanks for joining us once again
07:35 as you all already have heard
07:36 this message is very, very important
07:38 and always we encourage you
07:40 to get a pencil and paper and get your Bible out,
07:42 there are so many things
07:43 that need to be covered on this subject.
07:46 And I might say in one hour,
07:47 my wife just mentioned it's all my.
07:49 You know, it's impossibility to cover all the information,
07:52 so we're no gonna try to.
07:54 We're gonna give you a lot in a nutshell here.
07:56 But we did the study many years ago
07:58 and I did at least ten hours
08:00 on the first angel's message and about eight hours
08:02 on the second and ten or twelve on the third.
08:04 So you understand we're putting it in just a few minutes.
08:07 So pray for us as we get into this message.
08:09 And we appreciate you, I appreciate your cards,
08:11 your letters, your phone calls, all praise God
08:14 and of course ordering of this material
08:16 to share with others.
08:18 Before we get into our study always we pray.
08:20 So I want you to pray with me.
08:22 Some of you maybe listing, you know,
08:24 going down on a road whatever,
08:25 some of you in your homes and I do appreciate
08:27 so much you call and you say,
08:29 when you kneel down I kneel down and I pray with you.
08:32 Thank you for that, let's pray, shall we together.
08:36 Loving Father in heaven, we pray for Your Holy Spirit.
08:38 I commit myself into thy care and thy keeping.
08:41 Pray that You'll cover me with Your blood,
08:43 I pray that You'll clear my mind,
08:44 clear my heart forgive me if any sin,
08:46 anything my heart and life, that need not be there,
08:48 Lord I need Your people need to hear Your voice.
08:50 Your people need to hear Your voice.
08:51 We need to hear We rely upon the Holy Spirit
08:54 and I thank you in advance for what You're going to do
08:57 as You stop all-- stop all of our ears
08:59 and all Your people can hear this message
09:01 and then respond and I thank You in Jesus name, amen.
09:06 Thank you again for joining us and again you need
09:08 that pencil and papers as we go quickly
09:10 because I'm gonna give just in a nutshell
09:12 and we're talking about Revelation 14:6, 7.
09:16 Talking Three Angels Message
09:17 but specifically the first angel's message.
09:20 If you allow me, I have my Bible turned here,
09:21 you may have your Bible turned to Revelation 14: 6, 7.
09:25 Now we have to remember
09:26 we're doing this program just many people
09:28 who are tuning in around
09:29 the world never have read this before.
09:32 So if you just allow me I read these two verses quickly
09:34 as we begin our study.
09:35 Revelation 14:6, 7.
09:39 The Bible says, "And I saw another angel fly in the midst"
09:42 notice this "of heaven, having the everlasting gospel
09:46 to preach to them that dwell upon the earth to every nation,
09:49 and kindred, and tongue, and people,"
09:51 verse 7 says, "Saying with a loud voice,
09:54 Fear God, give glory to Him,
09:56 for the hour of His judgment is come.
09:58 Worship Him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea,
10:02 and the fountains of waters."
10:04 This is the basis of our study
10:06 and if we had a lot of time to go into which we do not
10:09 I want to give you just some quick points here of truth.
10:12 Now remember these quick points of truth
10:14 you are not going to be able to remember them all
10:16 unless you recording at or you calling in for the DVDs
10:19 and this whole set that we're doing on the Sabbath.
10:21 The devil has been furious with us
10:24 as we begin the study about the origin of the Sabbath
10:26 and the Sabbath how to observe it
10:28 in the Revelation 14, the mark of the beast, law and grace.
10:31 This is very important, we pray for us as we study.
10:34 But you know, if we put this in a nutshell,
10:36 let me tell you about this the Revelation 14.
10:40 Here is what it does in a nutshell.
10:41 Number one, it announces the hour of God's judgment.
10:45 Number two, it calls for men and women to worship God.
10:50 Three, it calls the attention to the true Sabbath.
10:54 It announces the coming of Jesus.
10:55 What wonderful news.
10:57 It's designed to separate the people
11:01 from the corrupting influence of the world.
11:05 It's given to test and purify the church.
11:08 We're talking just the first angel's message here.
11:11 It tells of a great religious awakening in the world.
11:16 It tells truths about the everlasting Gospel
11:19 this given to the world.
11:21 First angel's message
11:23 prepares the people to stand in the judgment.
11:26 Notice as we continue on,
11:28 the first angel's message leads men to keep the Sabbath.
11:32 How important that is?
11:34 The first angel's message in Revelation 14
11:37 must be proclaimed at the time of the end.
11:41 Look for people proclaiming the Three Angels message,
11:43 you gonna be on target.
11:46 We are to give this message to the world
11:50 as mentioned in our opening.
11:51 This is the most solemn message maybe in the entire Bible
11:55 that's ever been given to mortals.
11:58 We've seen the first angel's message, it tells us
12:01 about the investigative judgment going on.
12:05 And we find that their obedience to God
12:07 and requirements to build obedient to His law.
12:10 Not a peg or pin of these messages
12:13 should be changed to be removed.
12:15 So quickly the first angel's message
12:18 is designed to simply to arouse God's people
12:21 and bring then to a testing point.
12:25 They should decide either for or against what is truth.
12:29 Now this is just a few points, just in the few words
12:31 that we read right here.
12:33 It's heavy duty if you go on for hours.
12:35 So Revelation 14 says there three angel's message.
12:39 Remember as we study for this angle.
12:41 This angels is flying, this is the symbolic,
12:44 this is the symbolic vision.
12:46 So the angels then what?
12:48 They represent people.
12:50 God's saints proclaiming an everlasting Gospel
12:53 or giving a message to the world at the time--
12:57 listen when the judgment is going on.
12:59 Sad to say, many people in the world have no idea about
13:02 the judgment is going on
13:03 and how long it's been going on.
13:05 God help us to realize we are near the end of time.
13:09 This all makes sense, it fits together like a glove.
13:14 And you say, well, angels don't they proclaim the God?
13:17 Oh, praise God, the there are angel's
13:19 that assists human beings.
13:20 So when you see the angels flying and giving a message,
13:23 it's a worldwide message
13:24 that God's people will be giving
13:27 assistance by the angels, assisted by heaven,
13:30 I praise God for that.
13:32 It's worldwide message
13:34 and it's to be go to every nation,
13:36 kindred, tongue and people.
13:37 Revelation 14:6, 7 notice it,
13:41 why is this message given?
13:43 Most people don't want to hear it,
13:45 they don't want to deal with it
13:46 because it brings them to the point of making decision
13:48 for Christ and most people don't want to do that.
13:51 They want to push it aside but many is gonna be too late.
13:54 Don't push this aside, please listen to the message.
13:57 Why Revelation 14:6, 7 and then first,
14:00 second and third angel's message, why?
14:02 Because the principles of the churches
14:05 have become corrupted.
14:07 Did some of you get that?
14:09 The principles, the principles of the churches
14:12 have become corrupted and that could be the very church
14:15 that you sit in, just look well at this church is that,
14:18 our principles have become corrupted.
14:21 We're loosing our spiritual inside that God has given us.
14:24 So He brings these messages to us.
14:26 You remember these messages were given
14:28 to John the Revelator, praise God for that.
14:31 But remember as they were giving
14:33 and this timeframe will talk about little bit more
14:35 in the you know, early 1800s, 1840s and 44
14:38 we realize that these messages
14:41 will be repeated again before Jesus come through.
14:44 They're being repeated right now
14:45 warning us of the hour in which we live.
14:48 We believe Seventh-day Adventist Christian,
14:50 we believe that Christ is coming.
14:52 We believe with all of our hearts.
14:54 And this Revelation 14
14:55 is a preparation for these events.
14:58 And then preparing for this great event
15:00 of the second coming, what does He do?
15:02 He sends us a message.
15:04 Hasn't He always done that?
15:06 Yes, all through the history of this world God
15:09 always sends a message first to warn His people.
15:13 Now remember these angels represent those individuals
15:17 who receive this message or the truth
15:19 and with power of the Holy Spirit give it to the world.
15:24 God has a message for the world
15:27 for the in time people, for everyone
15:29 if they would just listen.
15:32 Oh, please my brothers and sisters,
15:34 in Revelation Chapter 14, John sees that people.
15:37 He sees people in the last days.
15:39 They love God with their whole heart,
15:41 their mind, and then what?
15:43 Then there's people that rise up
15:45 with contempt against God, against keeping His laws.
15:49 They don't like God, they don't want to hear about God,
15:52 they are trying to reject Him, they're trying to take Him out,
15:54 they're trying to bury Him,
15:55 they're trying to do away with Him.
15:57 They can't do it.
15:59 But what happens during this time?
16:01 It's happening right now, right today.
16:03 Men are trying to do away with God, the Creator.
16:06 But while men is trying to do away with the Creator
16:09 they're risings about the grace of God,
16:11 these angels, these messages
16:13 and these message warn the people
16:15 that we need to go back to the Creator
16:17 then we'll be able to stand fast,
16:19 we'll be able to cry with the loud voice,
16:21 we need to be obedient to God.
16:23 We need to get glory to Him We need to honor Him
16:26 and we do it by being loyal to Him.
16:29 What is going to be our response
16:31 when we see that man is trampling on the law of God?
16:34 Most denomination, most churches
16:36 had just thrown it out the window and say,
16:37 we don't need it anymore.
16:39 That we just love, love, love, love, how wonderful it is.
16:42 We have to have love
16:43 that's a certainly that the foundation of it all.
16:45 But there is a love and there must be obedience,
16:47 God's giving a message and when the world
16:50 begins to trample upon the law of God,
16:53 God's last day people will be giving this Psalm's 119:127.
16:59 They will say something as David said,
17:00 "Therefore I love thy commandments
17:03 above gold, yea, above fine gold."
17:06 Do you really love God today?
17:08 Do you really want to be obedient to Him?
17:11 Are you really searching for what is truth?
17:14 You remember we read in Revelation 14
17:16 as it started out, let's do it verse 6 again.
17:18 It said, "And I saw another angel fly in" where?
17:21 "In the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel
17:24 preach to them that dwell on the earth."
17:26 If you live on this planet,
17:28 if you're feet are on this earth,
17:29 this message is for you.
17:32 It's called the everlasting gospel,
17:34 it's to every nation, kindred, tongue,
17:36 and people saying this message that's giving
17:39 about the judgment hour, going back to the creation,
17:42 going back to the Sabbath,
17:43 going back to all these beautiful truce
17:46 that have been covered you see.
17:48 They covered by the doctrines of the enemy.
17:51 Now notice that this verse to me
17:53 that leads to me brings out some work
17:57 that God's last day people will be doing,
17:59 when you say the gospel.
18:01 Many people say, the gospel and they say it so lightly
18:03 like its just one word and just has one meaning.
18:06 Everlasting gospel.
18:08 What is the everlasting gospel?
18:10 Well, number one, everlasting gospel
18:12 is the power of God into salvation.
18:15 So God is what?
18:16 Giving power and He is offering us salvation.
18:19 Here is what it includes, you may have the list twice
18:22 as long as long it, this is okay.
18:23 But this gives us an idea
18:25 when we say, everlasting gospel.
18:27 First of all it includes the grace of Christ.
18:31 Where we will be without the grace of Jesus Christ?
18:33 Praise God for that grace, we need it.
18:35 Remember you need grace when we done what?
18:38 When maybe we've done some of the wrong things.
18:40 All right grace is when we need forgiveness
18:42 because we transgress God's law.
18:44 So we need that grace, praise God for that.
18:46 We realize that this everlasting gospel
18:49 is the only remedy there is in this world,
18:52 you know, for the sin and misery that's going on.
18:55 What is it?
18:56 Sin, misery, worlds in a mess
18:59 but what at the gospel is the remedy,
19:02 we need that gospel.
19:04 And part of that everlasting gospel
19:06 is a medial missionary work.
19:08 It's a health message that will be given to the world.
19:11 Why?
19:12 Because God wants us to be healthy people.
19:13 mainly physically, spiritually, that we may hear His voice,
19:16 we may respond to Him.
19:18 And the devil is putting all his junk stuff out there
19:20 in the world to junk up our mind
19:22 so that we may not hear the spirit of the living God.
19:26 You know, part of the gospel that we are talking about here,
19:29 there will be a people preaching
19:31 the second coming of Jesus,
19:32 they'll be preaching victory over sin.
19:35 They're gonna be preaching that we need to be
19:38 like Jesus in all things, everlasting gospel includes.
19:43 You know, as we think about
19:45 and go back in the Old Testament,
19:46 it included the types and all the symbols,
19:50 and prophecy pointed to what?
19:51 The everlasting gospel. The truth is the gospel.
19:57 Calvary is the gospel.
19:59 Calvary is good news that we need today.
20:03 And you know, the work of proclaiming
20:05 this good news has been notice has been
20:09 God has appointed men to give that message.
20:12 Angels could have done it, God could have done it,
20:14 it could be done in thousand different ways
20:15 but God has chosen mankind to give this message.
20:20 Do you remember, how He said in Matthew 11: 29,
20:25 He says that "come and yoke up with me."
20:28 Interesting word quickly the word yoke means,
20:30 we need to connect up with Christ.
20:33 That means we need--
20:34 the interesting word here we need to balance.
20:38 Through Christ is the balance that we need.
20:41 Even in the Christian life
20:42 we need a good balance of scripture.
20:44 Many people are off balance, many people don't understand
20:47 what the Word of God is really saying to them
20:50 because they are not balanced,
20:51 because they are not studying word line upon line,
20:54 precept upon precept,
20:55 here a little and there a little.
20:57 Why did God give this work to men and not to angels?
21:01 The little book that I dearly love called "Steps to Christ"
21:04 page 79, notice it said,
21:06 "He chose to make us co-workers with Himself."
21:10 You remember I just read in scripture where it said,
21:12 He Jesus had come to me, He yoke up with me,
21:14 co-labors, He's gonna working along with us and enable us,
21:17 balance us, connect us.
21:18 "With Himself that we might share the blessing,"
21:21 notice "the joy, the spiritual uplifting,
21:25 which results from this unselfish ministry."
21:28 Interesting, God chooses us to give the message
21:31 because it brings joy to our hearts.
21:34 It helps us to become unselfish.
21:36 It's a spiritual uplift, a spiritual blessing.
21:40 So the everlasting gospel
21:42 is simply a Revelation of God's love to man.
21:46 Isn't that wonderful when you go
21:47 through these things that start dissecting?
21:50 Everlasting gospel is God's law unfolded.
21:55 And how it needs to be unfold, some of you folded it up,
21:57 you've thrown it away, you need to go back to trash
21:59 can that you threw it in, open back up again
22:01 and look those precepts which you will be judged
22:03 with in the judgment hour, which we are in.
22:07 The everlasting gospel,
22:08 the glory of the everlasting gospel notice
22:11 this is to restore the divine image in fallen man.
22:17 The everlasting gospel is to restore us
22:19 into our state before what?
22:21 Before it's end.
22:23 Remember as you've read in Revelation Chapter 10,
22:27 there is a mighty angel that comes down,
22:29 remember from heaven, and he stood up on the earth
22:32 and he had a open book,
22:33 the Book of Prophecy in his hand.
22:35 Do you remember that?
22:36 If you not, open the Bible
22:37 and go back and study that whole chapter.
22:39 See we can see here that there--
22:41 this is the spreading of truth in the last days.
22:45 God's going to open, right, God's in charge.
22:48 The angel proclaims notice this quickly,
22:50 he proclaims time should be no more.
22:54 What time was he referring to?
22:57 The time should be no more.
22:59 He is referring to the 2,300 days of Daniel 8:14.
23:03 Now remember when he says this quickly
23:04 because of our time,
23:06 that we need to think about this as time should be no more.
23:11 What is it really--
23:12 what is it really talking about?
23:13 What it's really referring to?
23:15 A specific time? Absolutely.
23:17 Oh, in the judgment hour? Absolutely.
23:19 Can that be proven?
23:20 Absolutely, it can.
23:22 See when this time frame comes
23:25 or just before it took place this judgment hour
23:28 that will talk about in 1844,
23:30 remember the prophecy given a Daniel Chapter 8, right,
23:34 and then what,
23:35 the opening in Revelation of in Daniel Chapter 9.
23:38 But notice that just before
23:40 this message was to be proclaimed to the world,
23:43 Revelation 14 God commissioned an angel to fly it
23:47 to the earth with this message
23:49 so that would prepare the hearts of men
23:52 to get ready to give this message.
23:55 The message described in Revelation 14
23:57 that we're talking about
23:59 the first of which is know as the three angels message.
24:02 Now remember quickly here,
24:03 I just want to show you something here,
24:05 we have a new folder here, it has a lot of information
24:08 about the 2,300 day prophecy, 2,300 year prophecy.
24:13 It's a time line chart,
24:14 there are some many things involved with it,
24:16 you need to give us a call so we can send you one.
24:18 It might help you in your study.
24:20 It might really help you.
24:21 I tell you, we need to be studying
24:22 the signs of the times.
24:23 We need to know.
24:24 So as we look at this first angel's message,
24:26 remember we said in the beginning
24:28 that the angels are symbolic, all right, this again symbolic.
24:31 How do we know they are symbolic?
24:34 Because number one, just common sense
24:36 because it deals with preaching the gospel,
24:39 the everlasting gospel to the people on the earth.
24:43 So literal angels have not-- I must say this lightly here,
24:48 literal angels have not been entrusted to give this message.
24:53 Wow, the angels that could give it
24:56 so much better than we,
24:58 who have a knowledge of God
25:00 and the heavenly universe and all that takes place,
25:02 the God is not entrusted them to give it,
25:04 He entrusted you and me.
25:06 And you know what?
25:07 We've let Him down, how sad.
25:10 How sad that we have let Him down.
25:14 God help us to get back on track.
25:17 You see, this three angel's message are to be given,
25:19 what?
25:21 By men, special truths for our time.
25:25 There is a work that's appointed to the people of God.
25:28 And Revelation 14 actually,
25:30 it can be seen by those who study it,
25:32 it's a special message
25:34 for a special time in earths history.
25:36 Will you please remember God has always
25:38 through the entire world form the beginning of time,
25:41 He's always had a special message
25:44 for special people at all times.
25:46 Because He always warns us, right,
25:48 to begin with before something is going to happen.
25:50 So this is no different in the last days.
25:52 Some people say, oh, we never heard of anything
25:53 because you're not reading the Bible,
25:54 you're not studying the Bible.
25:56 God always has a message.
25:59 And everybody, everyone must put forth
26:01 and effort by the grace of God to--
26:04 and say, God I want to understand
26:06 what this message is all about.
26:07 I want to so order my life
26:09 that I may come in harmony with Your word.
26:11 You see, Paul understood this in Acts 17:31,
26:15 Paul said that "God hath appointed a day,
26:18 in the which He will judge the world."
26:20 So when we say that we are living
26:22 in the judgment hour,
26:23 we're talking about the first angel's message
26:25 that announces that we are living
26:26 in the hour of God's judgment,
26:27 we have been for it long time since 1844.
26:30 Again this pamphlet who is talking about while ago,
26:32 what just make it clear in your mind.
26:35 So how long will God persevere with us?
26:38 How long would He continue to deal with us as a people
26:42 who are in rebellion against Him?
26:44 It's soon to cut it short I can tell you that
26:46 as soon as you gonna cut it short in righteousness.
26:48 Paul said, there is a day that He will the judge the world.
26:51 And also Paul said in 2 Corinthians 5:10 he said,
26:55 it's called about the future.
26:56 He said "We must all appear
26:58 before the judgment seat of Christ."
27:00 Everyone whether you like it or whether you don't,
27:03 whether you believe or whether you don't,
27:04 you're going to have to appear
27:05 before the king of the universe.
27:09 Revelation 14:6, 7 is powerful
27:13 and again this little pamphlet I been talking about here,
27:15 you need to get.
27:16 I wish we could go in time and talk about,
27:18 you know, that there is three decrees that were you know,
27:21 issued in the timeframe when it start
27:23 and talks about Jesus coming and being baptized.
27:26 It talks about His death on the cross,
27:28 it talks about the stoning of Stephen
27:30 the message going to the gentiles and then 1844,
27:33 and the judgment hour began.
27:36 Friend, we live in that time,
27:38 the message going into the world.
27:40 So this first angel's message here,
27:43 this first angel's message,
27:45 I want you to think with me just a little bit.
27:48 Worldwide message, it's to go to every nation,
27:52 kindred, tongue and people.
27:54 You see, some people say, well, this is a new message.
28:00 Is it?
28:01 Is this a new message
28:03 or is it an old message, has it always been?
28:06 Yes.
28:07 Has it always been?
28:08 Sure it has.
28:10 Noah understood it, Adam understood it,
28:13 Abraham understood it, Moses understood it.
28:17 And you know what?
28:18 Some people have become confuse,
28:21 they've confused because they said,
28:24 oh, everlasting gospel
28:25 and all the portions of scripture
28:27 they hear something like
28:28 the gospel of God, the Word of God.
28:32 These are all called the everlasting gospel.
28:34 The gospel of Jesus Christ, the gospel of grace,
28:37 the gospel of His kingdom.
28:40 These are just different expressions
28:44 that are used for the good news or the glorious gospel.
28:49 Every time you hear that oh, glorious gospel
28:51 that wonderful Word of God,
28:53 oh, I should do something to our hearts and to our minds.
28:56 But many, many are too absorbed in things of this world.
29:00 We don't have our eyes on Christ.
29:02 We're lowering the principles
29:04 and the truth that God has given us and the message
29:07 He is given us.
29:08 Let me tell you we're going away
29:09 from it rather than into it.
29:11 Are you following me on this?
29:12 We're getting away from giving the three angel's message,
29:16 we want to conform to the world,
29:17 we want other denomination and all other people
29:19 to get along with us.
29:20 We want to be one of the boys.
29:23 That's not what God says in the word, come apart,
29:25 be separate don't touch the unclean.
29:27 Have a people that will give a specific message.
29:30 Well, how do we know, God's people?
29:31 Because they give that message.
29:33 If you are not giving that message,
29:34 I'll say bolder you cannot be
29:37 the people that God has called in the last days.
29:39 Because He is given the message.
29:41 He is given the message
29:43 and we must respond to what He has given.
29:47 Because you seen as we talked about here all of these--
29:49 when it talks about the first angel's message
29:52 and all of that it announces and all of that it calls,
29:54 you know, attention to it,
29:55 it arouses the people of God in last days.
29:58 We need to be aroused because we are asleep.
30:01 And when you are asleep you say you are not asleep.
30:05 And things are not you know,
30:06 well, we're going to the church
30:07 we can't understand what's going on,
30:08 here we can't understand.
30:09 The Bible is clear what should be going on in the church.
30:12 So many people are confused, they don't know if it's right
30:14 or if it's wrong because I'm tell you, you are not studying.
30:17 Should be very simple, should be very simple,
30:20 like message that God has given has.
30:23 Gospel of God, the gospel of Jesus.
30:25 God has given me spiritual goose-bumps
30:26 when I-- well, think about it.
30:29 You know, let's just talk about men of every age.
30:32 You think about it, and say, well, this is something new.
30:34 Now men of every age are saved from sin,
30:37 notice this by the same grace and by the same Savior.
30:43 From the very beginning to the end,
30:44 praise God for that same grace, I mean, same savior.
30:48 The good news that gospel of Jesus Christ.
30:51 So you know today that everlasting gospel,
30:53 the judgment hour.
30:55 There is a special emphasis put on that
30:59 and what does it do?
31:00 It's a focus on the second coming of Jesus,
31:03 preparing the people, Jesus is coming,
31:05 probation is closing, get your life right,
31:07 gain the victory, right,
31:09 victory over sin, victory over sin.
31:12 Some of you might feel-- I feel sorry for you,
31:13 I don't mind, I don't mind playing it out to you,
31:15 I kind of feel sorry.
31:18 Because you're saying, oh, I just going like I'm going
31:20 and everything is gonna be all right,
31:21 when Jesus come, he's gonna change me
31:22 and everything is gonna-- know it that's not true.
31:24 You have this life what if how long that is,
31:26 to get yourself right with God.
31:28 You know, that just takes a little prayer,
31:30 some of you don't understand that.
31:31 You can just like refresh your sins,
31:33 ask Him to come into your heart, into life.
31:34 Make a ride, begin to live, begin to read the word
31:36 and then by God's grace to follow it.
31:39 Everlasting gospel pronounces the judgment,
31:42 the coming of Jesus.
31:44 And you know what?
31:45 This message announces a call to worship the Creator.
31:52 I like that, we need to be reminded.
31:54 Call the worship that Creator in Revelation 14,
31:57 you remember the last part of verse 7
31:59 "worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea,
32:03 and the fountains of waters."
32:05 Why would this message say that?
32:08 It saying we need to go back why?
32:09 Because we're so far off from the way it uses to be.
32:13 The man of sins coming in,
32:14 and tried to destroy all the truth
32:16 covered him with the darkness of sin.
32:19 You know, the things in the world
32:21 that we are looking and say, oh, this is so bad
32:24 that it's covered up we can't see it anymore,
32:27 we don't understand it anymore.
32:29 Traditions of man, rules and regulations of men
32:34 in the place of our Creator.
32:36 Go back worship the one.
32:38 Call to go back where?
32:39 To the beginning. Go back to creation.
32:43 You see, these beautiful truths have been--
32:45 oh, man, they just been so covered up for so long,
32:48 but as they been covered up, God said,
32:51 His last day people are going to bring them up
32:53 to the surface again.
32:54 And they're gonna elevate them again.
32:56 But how my heart aches when I see
32:58 that we're not elevate them in a lot of areas,
33:00 we're toning them down, we're cutting them down
33:02 and we are doing, where you know,
33:03 making concession to the man of sin, please don't do that.
33:08 Nothing is acceptable to the God except
33:10 what He has asked us to do in His word.
33:11 You cannot cut anything off it
33:13 or nor I, nor do I add anything.
33:16 Please my brothers and sisters,
33:17 it's time to get ourselves right with God.
33:20 So there will be a people that will be bringing
33:22 these beautiful truths to light.
33:25 What?
33:26 Let the time of the beast of Revelation Chapter 13
33:29 think about it, the beast in his image running rapid.
33:32 They're demanding worship from the world,
33:34 laws are being passed.
33:36 People are being prosecuted.
33:38 Why?
33:39 Because of their faith, because of religious freedom,
33:41 because of freedom of speech,
33:42 all these are being inhibited today.
33:45 Challenge's they are on the right
33:46 and on the left that you can only say certain things,
33:49 you can't say anything that might offend somebody.
33:52 They don't want to do it.
33:53 The devil is trying to cut down
33:54 the religious freedom and freedom of speech,
33:57 which what the devil doesn't want himself to be exposed.
34:00 God's last day people will be exposing
34:03 the beast and his image.
34:07 We need to think about this,
34:09 God calls forth His people today.
34:12 The one that made heaven and earth
34:14 and sea everything that's in it.
34:17 Why?
34:18 He is calling us back
34:19 because we have forgotten the Creator.
34:22 He is call us back to worship Him.
34:25 You know, I read the Book of Romans 1:25 it said,
34:30 "Men today are worshipping
34:32 the creature more than the Creator."
34:35 There is something wrong with that picture.
34:38 Demons working through mankind, through human philosophy,
34:44 through science, they've tried to cover up
34:48 who God really is.
34:51 One man said it like this just a line
34:53 please listen carefully, one man said like this,
34:56 he said, the Creator has been lost in His creation.
35:01 How sad?
35:03 The Creator has been lost.
35:05 Do you see the significance of Revelation 14
35:08 first angel's message?
35:10 It's calling us back to the Creator God.
35:14 It's calling us back to the beginning.
35:15 Why?
35:17 Because things have been, truths have been covered up
35:19 by the man of sin, by tradition,
35:22 by just man saying, well, we've change.
35:25 Yeah, the world has changed but God never changes.
35:29 Call to come back to worship the Creator
35:34 which we must recognize
35:35 that is a sign of His creative power.
35:38 Do you remember, reading those things,
35:40 what is the sign of the Creator's power?
35:45 The sign on the Creator, creative power.
35:48 Well, the sign certainly would be the Seventh-day Sabbath.
35:50 Would it not be?
35:52 Exodus 20:11 the Seventh-day
35:54 is a Sabbath of the Lord thy God,
35:56 it's the Fourth Commandment.
35:57 The sign please listen carefully,
36:00 the sign-- God said,
36:02 He has a sign right, of His people in the last days,
36:05 Exodus 31:17, 18.
36:08 He said, the Sabbath, the Seventh-day Sabbath,
36:11 is the sign, it's the seal, it's between Me and My people.
36:15 You say, well, yeah, but you know,
36:16 that says, that's Old Testament, that's Israel.
36:18 Too bad bless your heart, too bad we don't understand
36:21 who Israel is today in the New Testament.
36:24 If you understood that subject
36:26 and if you don't please call in,
36:28 ask for information, it's vital.
36:30 It's vital that you understand this.
36:33 My wife mentioned that this is a solid message,
36:35 most solid message ever been given
36:37 to mortals to give to the world.
36:40 It's not one you play around with.
36:42 It's not one that you say, it doesn't make any difference.
36:44 I'm talking life and death issues today.
36:46 Then if I believe that in my own heart,
36:48 I believe it for you.
36:49 I want you to accept it,
36:50 that I want you to respond to that.
36:53 God said, it's the sign--
36:54 it's a seal between Me and My people.
36:57 And the enemy comes along and says,
36:58 well, it's no sign and seal, that's Old Testament.
37:00 My Bible says all scripture is given by inspiration of God.
37:04 Think about it.
37:05 All scripture what?
37:06 Given by inspiration of God.
37:10 It's profitable for doctrine and for teaching.
37:12 We understand that, don't we?
37:14 God said, the Sabbath.
37:17 Bible says, for in six days, do you remember that?
37:20 Oh, I'm sure you know.
37:21 "Six days the Lord made heaven and earth,
37:23 and He rested" what?
37:24 "He rested the seventh day.
37:25 Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day,
37:28 and He hallowed it."
37:29 The first angel's message points us back to the Creator,
37:32 points us back to creation week,
37:34 points us back to the Seventh-day cycle,
37:36 points us back to the God of the Seventh-day Sabbath
37:39 that no man can change, the man of sin has tried to change it
37:44 and before Jesus shall come
37:45 the laws of the land will say, we changed it.
37:47 You cannot change God's law,
37:49 it's steadfast as God is Himself.
37:53 We need to know what you're up
37:54 against my brothers and sisters,
37:56 before it's too late.
37:58 God said, He blessed it and then He sanctify.
38:00 God bless us something no one can take
38:03 that blessing away, please remember that.
38:08 Who is man that he can take what God has blessed?
38:10 No one can do that.
38:12 He said, once it's bless it's bless forever,
38:14 it doesn't change.
38:17 Sanctify and so we observe, we recognize God,
38:23 when we keep the Seventh-day Sabbath,
38:24 we observe and we recognize God as Creator,
38:28 and may I be so bold, if you do not,
38:30 maybe because you don't know but there are many who do.
38:33 If not we do not recognize him period.
38:37 Why?
38:38 Because the Sabbath is to bring us
38:39 back to the Creator of heaven and earth,
38:42 the one who created us,
38:43 one who takes care of everything in this world.
38:46 Bible says, "In Him that we live,
38:48 we move, we have our being, every breath you take."
38:50 Those you are cursing God,
38:51 those you want nothing to do with Him,
38:53 you breath because He gives you that air.
38:56 You eat because what?
38:57 He puts life into the food
38:58 and in this little seeds and all of this.
39:00 It's all about Him, it's all about Him.
39:03 Do you see?
39:04 And He says, I want you to go back to Me.
39:05 And if you say, well, I don't want to go back to you,
39:07 then you're throwing Him out.
39:10 You will I'd ever vote Him out, like some people do.
39:11 Yeah, you vote Him out
39:12 because you won't follow what He said.
39:15 Well, I recognize there is a God,
39:17 don't you recognize God is to accept
39:18 what He said, you recognize Me,
39:20 it's a sign between me and you throughout your generations.
39:24 Friend, it's a heavy duty message.
39:25 No, it's not gonna be easy, people don't love you for it.
39:27 No, they are not gonna love you.
39:29 They're gonna hate you, probably they will.
39:32 But you know, I'd rather be loved by God
39:35 that all the world hate if that's the way that it is,
39:38 to be true and faithful to God.
39:41 Do you realize when we are about
39:42 this message and-- this message is given
39:46 the first angel's message in order to prepare us
39:49 for the judgment, you see,
39:52 and in order to prepare us for the judgment its necessary
39:55 that men should by the grace of God keep the law of God.
40:00 Do you see in order, we're talking about here
40:02 to prepare for this judgment,
40:04 it's necessary, you can't through it out.
40:08 You're audacity of man.
40:10 He won't fight you over nine,
40:12 but He fights you over the fourth one.
40:13 Why?
40:14 They all are they're not, that's what the Bible says.
40:17 You see, it's necessary in order to understand
40:19 this we need to understand this obedience
40:21 to what God has said.
40:22 Why? Because God said it, that's enough.
40:24 You tell me today, oh, well, I can't understand,
40:26 you know, I don't understand all these things
40:28 and so you know what?
40:29 You don't have to understand other than God loves you,
40:31 He died for you, and He said, I want to come back.
40:34 When I come back I want to take you to heaven
40:36 with Me for eternity.
40:37 Your option is burning in hell, there you go.
40:41 That's all of our option,
40:42 you're going one place to the other.
40:45 My Bible Book of Ecclesiastes 12:13,
40:49 Salmon the wise man on earth said this,
40:50 he said, "Fear God,"
40:52 do you remember that?
40:53 "Keep his commandments before this is the whole duty of man."
40:58 Man tries it takes away,
40:59 he tries that-- Bible said,
41:01 this is the whole duty of man.
41:03 What?
41:04 The law is going to be
41:05 the standard of character in the judgment.
41:10 The Ten Commandment law doesn't save you
41:12 but Ten Commandment law
41:14 is the standard that we look at,
41:16 you know, in world we call the law of books
41:18 and you go to court room, that's the standard
41:19 that would judge your character.
41:21 Have you been doing this or have you not been,
41:24 are you with me?
41:26 There is no other stand that's it,
41:27 the Bible is clear, just standard,
41:28 they can't be done away
41:29 with if just the standard in the judgment.
41:32 My Bible tells me Romans 12:13
41:35 "Doers of the law shall be justified."
41:38 Praise God.
41:40 And so without obedience to His Commandments,
41:43 no worship can be pleasing to God.
41:47 Did you get that? Did somebody get that?
41:49 Without obedience to God's Commandments
41:51 no worship can be pleasing to God.
41:56 Now you'll say what about faith?
41:58 Well, sure, faith is essential
42:01 in order to keep the law of God.
42:04 Because my Bible says, to me and I read
42:06 in the Book of Hebrew you do it too verse 6,
42:08 "Without faith it is impossible to please Him."
42:11 And then the Book of Romans 14:23 says,
42:13 "Whatsoever is not of faith is sin."
42:16 So we know without obedience to God's Commandments
42:20 which first angel's message is calling us
42:22 back to go be obedient, go back to the God,
42:25 you see God of creation.
42:27 No worship can be pleasing to God
42:31 without obedience to His commandments.
42:34 After all 1 John 5:3 the Bible says and what it says,
42:38 "This is the love of God," oh, I need o know more about that,
42:42 "This is the love of God, that we keep his commandments."
42:45 The audacity of men today say,
42:47 well, that's not the love of God its something else,
42:48 God said, it's the-- we love Him,
42:51 this is the love of God that we keep His commandments.
42:55 When we are just by faith accept that.
42:58 May not be able to explain it all,
42:59 but that's what's the Bible says.
43:01 It's because we've thrown the Bible out,
43:02 our only standard of righteousness.
43:04 We set up our own little standards.
43:06 Oh, Lord, help us.
43:08 Book of Proverbs 28:9 the Bible says, "He that turneth away,"
43:11 listen "his away his ear from hearing the law,
43:14 even his prayer shall be abomination."
43:18 Can be any planer than that?
43:19 Is that what the Bible said?
43:20 Yes.
43:21 The Revelation 14 just does something,
43:24 it makes a call, the call is to you, the call is to me,
43:29 it's to every person on this planet.
43:32 There is a call specifically that God is making to you.
43:38 He is calling you on the phone, somebody listen to me.
43:42 He is emailing you, He's texting you,
43:47 and all the other stuff,
43:48 He is trying to get your attention,
43:50 are you still with me?
43:51 He is making a call to you personally to say,
43:54 oh, Kenny, oh, Brother Terry, Brother Jay,
43:56 you know, brother-- Sister Chris,
43:58 listen God saying the call to worship Him as Creator.
44:04 And think about what the result of this call,
44:07 what the result of this call,
44:09 remember the call is made
44:10 and a call is always made what?
44:13 So there can be a response.
44:15 What is a preacher get down preaching a message,
44:16 he makes a call of what?
44:18 So the people have an opportunity
44:19 to respond to that call.
44:21 God gives the call, He gives the message,
44:24 and then He wants you to respond.
44:26 What would be the results of that call?
44:28 There will be a group,
44:30 I'm convinced by the Word of God,
44:32 that will buy God's grace, being keeping His law.
44:36 And thank God we have an as good with the Father.
44:39 That probation is not close, we can come to the Father,
44:41 we can confess our sins,
44:42 His faithful and just to forgive us our sins
44:46 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
44:48 You might say, I'm too filthy, you're not too filthy.
44:50 I've done too much, no you haven't done too much.
44:53 There is no sin that is bigger than our God that we serve.
44:55 I'm thankful for that, I accept that grace,
44:57 I thank you God for it.
45:00 Seventh-day is a Sabbath,
45:02 it Bible says, the Lord thy God.
45:04 Memorial once again of His creation,
45:08 if we keep this in mind, notice keep it mind
45:11 and then we must act upon it.
45:16 As we act upon this, this is a true reason
45:19 why worship is due to God, why?
45:22 Because it is memorial to His creation,
45:24 this is why we by God's grace we keep it.
45:27 Romans 6:16 says, "Know ye not,
45:30 that to Him whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey,"
45:34 notice "His servants ye are to whom ye obey."
45:37 So you are servant to the one that you obey
45:39 and you have two powers, you either obey God
45:42 or you obey the devil.
45:44 Think about it.
45:47 Bible goes on it says, "Whether in sin unto death,
45:49 or of obedience unto righteousness?"
45:52 Friend, I say today, the seventh-day Sabbath
45:55 lies at the very foundation of divine worship.
45:59 God instituted the Sabbath, He instituted in Eden,
46:03 long time before there ever was a Jew
46:05 so you can't say today well, it's for the Jews.
46:09 Please don't say that. Bible is pretty clear.
46:13 And so as we study this first angel's message
46:16 and we are coming to a close,
46:18 the Seventh-day as mentioned as I sign that God is Creator.
46:24 And as long as He is Creator it will continue,
46:30 it will continue to be the day that we are to worship on,
46:34 the Sabbath sign between God and man.
46:36 A sign of the loyalty to the true God
46:40 when all the false God's are in the world today.
46:42 If you are not serving the true God,
46:44 you are serving a false God today,
46:46 I'm not trying to be smart,
46:47 I'm not trying to be ugly about it,
46:48 but its truth, you either serving the true God
46:51 or you're serving a false God.
46:53 False God that the enemy is set up,
46:55 there is only true God,
46:56 there is billions of false God's out there.
47:00 And many are choosing that false God,
47:02 God help us today, keep our eyes on you.
47:04 That's why God's is calling us back
47:05 to the Revelation 14, this first angel's message.
47:09 He is giving a warn that we do,
47:11 is giving a call out message in second angel's message
47:13 and a third angel's message about mark of the beast.
47:16 We are going to study that next time,
47:19 the fifth part of this series, the mark of the beast.
47:22 You have one or the other seal of God
47:23 and the mark of the beast,
47:24 oh, friend, what's it gonna be?
47:26 If somehow the few moments that we have to mister,
47:29 if we could cut-- take some dots
47:31 and start connecting these three angel's message
47:33 without going to the second, relating the third
47:35 at this point if we could do it.
47:37 We would see number one this,
47:40 this it's call the everlasting gospel,
47:42 come on once again it refers to--
47:45 these are principles here, these are prime.
47:47 It refers to the second coming of Jesus
47:50 and the judgment hour that we are now living in.
47:53 Remember if you really believe
47:55 you're in the hour of God's judgment,
47:56 you're gonna keep spiritually, you're gonna want to keep,
47:59 may I say pray it up in the right way.
48:02 Do you really believe
48:03 that we are in the hour of God's judgment?
48:06 First angel's message once again brings us
48:08 Seventh-day Sabbath to call us back to the Creator.
48:11 Call to come out of the falling churches
48:14 is second angel's message.
48:15 Come out of those churches,
48:16 they are not preach in the truth,
48:17 they are not preach this message,
48:19 most people never heard of it, why?
48:20 Because they are not reading the Bible.
48:22 Because some of you pastors are saying
48:23 stay out of the Book of Revelation shame on you.
48:26 I don't mind telling you that, shame.
48:30 It's a Revelation of Jesus Christ,
48:32 have you not read it?
48:34 I'm talking about the salvation of millions of people here,
48:37 so no going to be merciful not say anything, no,
48:40 you have to, if you love your fellow man,
48:41 you gonna have to proclaim it.
48:44 Call to come out, the fallen churches
48:47 who reject the truth along with many others.
48:52 It's a warning against keeping a false Sabbath.
48:56 That means any other day
48:57 besides the Seventh-day is a false Sabbath,
49:00 you are keeping it and we say, we're keeping it religiously.
49:03 You can't because God blessed the Seventh-day,
49:05 He did not bless the first day,
49:07 He did not sanctify the first day,
49:09 but I tell you I must say,
49:10 oh, Lord help is a day that the enemy has made.
49:14 And all the world wandered the beast power
49:16 they wandered after the beast,
49:18 they are those whose names are not written
49:19 in lamb's book of life.
49:21 How about challenge you, how about strategy,
49:23 I hope you are upset.
49:24 That way you get into the word, you look and you see.
49:27 We're gonna discuss
49:28 that mark of the beast in our next program.
49:32 If you find the group of people here in this last days,
49:35 proclaiming this message we been talking about
49:37 in the nutshell quickly, about the time of Christ coming
49:40 and we believe that is near even at the door,
49:43 you will have found the right church,
49:45 you will have found the truth in God's word.
49:47 As the Bible said in Revelation 14:12 hear,
49:50 is they "here are they that keep
49:52 the commandments of God, and have the faith of Jesus."
49:57 My friend, the Seventh-day Sabbath,
49:59 this is old as the world itself.
50:02 It's a proved of God, the Jesus,
50:05 the angels, the Holy Spirit.
50:08 Genesis 2:1-33,
50:10 Job 38 read that 6 and 7 when you have time.
50:14 Job brings to the point, he says, that one--
50:16 when a foundation of the world the earth was laid,
50:20 "When the morning stars sang together,
50:23 all the sons of God shouted for joy?"
50:27 The Sabbath was laid the foundation of the world.
50:32 Demands are respect, demands are reference,
50:34 it demands are obedience.
50:36 It's not ordained by any humans,
50:39 there is no human tradition involved,
50:41 it was established by God Himself.
50:43 Commanded by His word,
50:45 Revelation 14 first angel's message,
50:47 drawing us back to the Creator, and preparing us
50:50 for His coming for we are in the hour of God's judgment.
50:54 Our time is about gone I want to pray with you,
50:56 I'm challenging today by the grace of God,
50:59 get into the word, get into the word.
51:02 And I do want to say before we have close in prayer.
51:05 We were encouraged by the phone calls,
51:07 we're encouraged you know,
51:08 by the letters and encouraged by your support.
51:11 That could be a whole lot more,
51:12 some of you say, you love the truth,
51:13 if you do you're gonna help us continue to get it out.
51:16 That means, you can't just somebody, well,
51:17 I love it, I'm glad that you are presenting the truth,
51:19 but you are not willing to do anything about it.
51:21 Its hearing but you're not doing.
51:23 Someone encourage you to do it a little something,
51:25 you need to get that love gift
51:26 and you need to put it an envelope and send it
51:28 to Behold the Lamb, would you do that?
51:30 It helps us to continue to make these kinds of messages.
51:32 If you love the truth, you will support it.
51:34 What you love, you support.
51:37 And you believe it? Sure you do.
51:38 I want to pray for you in our last minute,
51:40 I'm gonna kneel have closing prayer.
51:41 Would you pray with me?
51:42 I know its heavy duty and I know
51:44 some of you might get your feeling hurt,
51:45 I didn't meant to do it, but I tell you,
51:47 I pray the Holy Spirit, will work upon you,
51:48 as this is working upon me.
51:50 Merciful Father in heaven,
51:51 we thank You for the privilege of prayer,
51:53 thank you for Your precious word,
51:54 thank You that You remind us the hour in which we live.
51:56 There is no excuse for us not to know
51:58 where we are at the stream of time,
52:00 and the message that we are to proclaim to the world.
52:02 Oh, Lord, help us, give us Your spirit we pray
52:05 that we might hear, we might see,
52:06 we might understand, as a people wherever we at
52:09 and do what You've ask us to do in Jesus name, amen.
52:13 Again we appreciate everything that you folks do,
52:17 and I want you to continue to pray for us here
52:19 that this message can go and it is.
52:21 It's going to the world.
52:23 Isn't that what you've always wanted?
52:25 Some of you been in the moment for years and years you know,
52:28 when it just did seem like it, when and where,
52:30 now the opportunity through 3ABN
52:32 and through the program Behold is going around the world,
52:35 where you not helped as it continue
52:38 to keep this go until Jesus shall come.
52:41 These messages will not get easier,
52:42 they're gonna become more difficult.
52:44 God help us.
52:45 We love you, we look forward
52:46 to spending some time with you.
52:47 Pray for us we'll see you next time.
52:52 Welcome back.
52:53 Wow, what a powerful and solid message
52:57 Revelation 14 has for each and every one of us.
53:01 The saddest part of this message
53:03 is that it falls on so many deaf ears and hearts
53:07 that have been harden by the beast and his image.
53:10 Oh, how God's heart of love must ache
53:12 to see masses of His children
53:15 being let astray by the enemy of souls.
53:18 We really have no idea to what depths his deceptions
53:22 and his lies really, really go.
53:25 Our only safeguard is in Christ Jesus.
53:29 Allow Christ to come into your heart and your mind
53:32 and to fill you with the truth of His word.
53:35 John 8:32 reads, "And ye shall know the truth,
53:40 and the truth shall make you free."
53:42 The truth will set you free from the bondage of sin,
53:46 it is sin that separates us from God and sin will keep us
53:50 from entering the portals of heaven.
53:52 With this understanding there is no wonder
53:55 why God is calling us out of sin.
53:58 His plea for us is to come out of her,
54:00 my people, that ye be not partaker of her sings,
54:04 and receive not of her plagues.
54:07 This call is found in Revelation 18:4.
54:11 The question to all of us then becomes
54:14 what will we do with His call?
54:16 What will you do
54:17 with this message you've just heard?
54:20 Well, one thing that we hope you'll do
54:23 after having heard the message is give us a call here
54:26 at "Behold the Lamb Ministries"
54:28 and ask for your Daniel 8:14 prophecy timeline pamphlet.
54:32 We would love to send you one to help further
54:36 with your studies along the subject line.
54:38 We only ask that you'll consider giving us
54:41 small love gift of any amount for this to help cover
54:45 the cost of mailing and while you're at it,
54:48 we hope that you also consider ordering
54:50 this complete series entitled The Sabbath, the Test of Faith.
54:54 This set contains five hours of study
54:58 which covers the Origin of the Sabbath,
55:00 the Law and Grace, How to Keep the Sabbath,
55:04 Revelation 14 and finally avoiding the Mark of the Beast.
55:08 You don't want to miss owning any of these messages.
55:12 This series is being offered to you
55:14 for a love gift of just $35 or more
55:17 here in the United States.
55:19 Additional shipping fees will apply outside of the US.
55:23 You can simply call us here at Behold the Lamb Ministry
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55:33 or you may write to Behold the Lamb Ministries,
55:36 PO box 2030, Herrin, Illinois, 62948 or email us.
55:42 Email your order
55:43 at beholdthelambministries
55:46 or you may also order these messages
55:49 on our website at www.
55:55 Until next time, friends, may our precious Lord
55:58 continually to richly bless you and yours.


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