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Avoiding the Mark of the Beast

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00:42 Hello and welcome to "Behold the Lamb Presents."
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton, your host
00:45 and we want to welcome you to our program today.
00:48 Today's message is the last message
00:50 in a five part series that we have entitled
00:53 "The Sabbath, A Test of Faith."
00:57 This last message is dealing with the topic
00:59 that has captured the attention
01:01 of millions of people for many years.
01:04 We've entitled this message
01:06 "Avoiding the Mark of the beast."
01:09 The mark of the beast deals with the subject
01:11 that strikes fear in the hearts of many.
01:14 We find this beast described in
01:17 the Book of Revelation Chapter 13.
01:20 Here we read that the dragon or the devil
01:22 gives this beast its power.
01:25 We also find that all the world wonders after this beast
01:29 and that a time has coming
01:31 when no man may buy or sell
01:34 unless they have the mark of the beast
01:37 in the right hand or in their forehead.
01:40 And though this beast is extremely popular
01:43 and well received by the world
01:45 the Bible is very clear
01:47 in Revelation 13 where it reads,
01:50 "And all that dwell upon the earth
01:52 shall worship Him,
01:53 his names are not written
01:56 in the book of life of the Lamb slain
01:58 from the foundation of the world."
02:00 With this understanding
02:02 that heaven will not be the home
02:05 of those who follow after this beast
02:07 and receive his mark.
02:10 Thousands of surface readers
02:12 speculate as to what they believe
02:15 this mark of the beast is
02:17 without rightly diving God's word
02:19 and comparing His prophecies with documented history.
02:23 Therefore many false theories have abound
02:26 and left millions of souls in jeopardy
02:29 of receiving the very mark they so fear.
02:32 I do believe that if you will stay tuned today
02:36 and prayerfully consider what Pastor Kenny Shelton
02:39 is about to teach through this message,
02:42 you will have a correct understanding of this beast,
02:46 his mark and how we as God's people will avoid it.
02:51 But first we are blessed
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02:54 and listen to a song in titled "I Am Thine, O Lord"
02:58 as played by Sister Jill Morikone.
06:02 Thanks for joining us once again,
06:03 Behold the Lamb.
06:04 As you heard already we have it really exciting program.
06:07 This is a must for God's people.
06:10 If you're one of God's people today,
06:12 regardless of where you maybe in your walk
06:14 with Jesus this is a must.
06:16 We're gonna be talking about avoiding the mark of the beast.
06:19 Naturally we have to define
06:20 what the mark of the beast really is
06:23 and we're going to do in this study.
06:24 So we need your prayers.
06:26 I'm gonna pray right now and I want you to join with me.
06:28 We need the power of the Holy Spirit.
06:30 We just have a short amount of time
06:32 to present this message
06:33 we pray at the Holy Spirit will help us.
06:34 Let's pray together, shall we?
06:37 Loving Father in heaven,
06:38 we thank You for the privilege of prayer
06:40 now we ask at your Holy Spirit now would take possession
06:42 of each of hearts and our lives.
06:44 Lord we need to hear form heaven,
06:45 I pray at you'd guide every word,
06:47 direct my heart, my life
06:49 as You forgive me if any sin,
06:51 anything my heart and life that needs not be there,
06:53 I need to hear Your voice today.
06:55 Open the ears and the hearts of your people today.
06:59 Lord, we're gonna thank You in advance
07:00 for what You're going to do in Jesus name, amen.
07:04 Well, praise the Lord, I'm glad that you have--
07:06 you're getting the habit of this,
07:07 getting your pencil and paper
07:08 and Bible and get everything out.
07:10 Because we'll move rather quickly through the study.
07:13 If you have your Bible I want you to turn it quickly
07:14 to Revelation Chapter 13 we are going to read--
07:17 I'd love to read all, I think what 18 verses.
07:21 Not be able to do that because of the time,
07:22 but you need to do that
07:24 because we're gonna be talking once again
07:25 avoiding the mark of the beast or about the mark of the beast.
07:28 Let's read that,
07:29 shall we just as we read this then we're gonna read
07:32 another passage that will go along with it.
07:34 Revelation 13:1 said,
07:38 "I stood upon the sand of the sea,
07:40 I saw a beast rise out of the sea,
07:43 having seven heads and ten horns, upon his horns,"
07:47 notice this were what?
07:48 Bible says, "Ten crowns, and upon his heads
07:51 the name of blasphemy."
07:53 Verse 2 "And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard,
07:58 and his feet as were the feet of a bear,
08:02 and the dragon gave him his power seat
08:04 and his great authority.
08:05 And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death,
08:09 his deadly wound was healed,
08:11 all the world wondered after the beast.
08:14 And they worshipped the dragon
08:16 which gave power unto the beast."
08:18 Notice with me here what's the Bible says,
08:20 this is verse 4
08:21 "And they worshipped the beast,
08:23 saying, Who is like unto the beast?
08:25 Who is able to make war with him?
08:28 And there was given unto him
08:29 a mouth speaking great things and blasphemy,
08:33 and power was given unto him
08:35 to continue forty and two months."
08:38 Notice verse 6
08:39 "And he opened his mouth to blasphemy against God,
08:43 to blaspheme his name, his tabernacle,
08:46 and them that dwell in heaven.
08:48 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints,
08:51 and to overcome them
08:53 and power was given him over all kindreds,
08:55 and tongues, and nations."
08:58 Notice what the said here,
08:59 this is heavy duty verse 8 and says,
09:01 "All that dwell upon the earth shall worship him,
09:04 whose names are not written
09:06 in the book of life of the Lamb slain
09:09 from the foundation of the world."
09:11 We might just leave at that finish those two verses
09:13 when you have the opportunity.
09:15 In these passage of scripture is awesome.
09:19 I'm talking about awesome study
09:20 that every person on the face of this earth
09:23 needs to understand.
09:24 So I'm gonna be praying that you walk to know
09:26 what truth is today.
09:29 If you're turning with me once again quickly
09:30 Revelation Chapter 14,
09:33 notice when you're talking about the mark of the beast
09:35 and the warning that God gives from His word.
09:39 Revelation 14:9, 10. Are you ready?
09:44 Revelation 14:9, 10
09:46 "And the third angel followed them,
09:48 saying with a loud voice,
09:49 if any man worship the beast and his image,
09:53 and receive his mark in his forehead,
09:55 or in his hand,
09:56 the same shall drink off the wine of the wrath of God,
09:59 which is poured out without mixture
10:01 into the cup of his indignation,
10:03 and he shall be tormented with fire
10:04 and brimstone in the presence of"
10:07 notice this "of the Lamb."
10:09 Please keep that in mind.
10:11 Here we see the wrath of God's going to be poured out
10:13 upon those who receive the mark of the beast.
10:16 If you don't know what it is, be praying,
10:18 we need to understand this subject matter.
10:21 Remember when we're studying this don't worry about
10:23 what you all will it deals with this--
10:25 it deals with worship,
10:26 it deals with who you give your legions to.
10:29 Did you notice that Bible said,
10:30 they worship the beast, so it has to do with worship,
10:33 it has to do with something that's religious,
10:35 please keep this in mind.
10:37 Question, what is the mark of the beast?
10:41 You see, does any one have
10:43 the mark of the beast right now?
10:45 What is the image to the beast?
10:47 Who's going to accept this mark?
10:50 How do we avoid this mark?
10:53 You see, how do we really avoid it?
10:54 Some people didn't realize how important this subject is.
10:58 You see, God went through-- you know,
10:59 I went to great links in scripture
11:01 to make it very clear
11:03 so that we could understand this issue.
11:05 We can make no mistake because our eternal life,
11:08 our eternal destiny rise upon making the right choice.
11:13 Remember the Lord holds no man accountable
11:15 for life that he doest have.
11:17 That's clear in scripture,
11:19 the Bible said in times of ignorance God wings at,
11:22 you remember reading that in Acts 17:30?
11:26 Today there is no excuse for us not to know what is truth.
11:31 You see many don't know Christ, may don't know bible prophecy,
11:35 because they refuse to listen, number one
11:37 they refuse to study
11:40 and they refuse notice this to accept
11:44 "Thus saith the Lord."
11:45 They are refusing, they don't want it.
11:48 You see, Revelation 14 is a warning,
11:50 God sends this warning out in love.
11:53 He concerning the mark of the beast.
11:55 Its' very simple, mark of the beast,
11:58 so we understand the beast,
11:59 we understand the mark or what this beast stand for
12:01 or what it's trying to do or you know,
12:04 to accomplish in religious world.
12:06 Now notice, inserting the mark of the beast,
12:09 what is it?
12:11 Is it a real message
12:12 that we really need for this hour?
12:14 I want you to listen carefully because if you miss this,
12:16 you may miss the whole premise
12:18 of what we're talking about here.
12:21 There can be no worship of the beast,
12:24 no receiving the Mark of the beast
12:26 until it is enforced by this lamb
12:29 like two horned beast
12:32 and then knowingly accept it by a person.
12:35 Okay, well, so you know, people say, oh,
12:37 mark of the beats, mark of the beats,
12:38 the people have the mark of the beats.
12:40 Pease keep that in mind it's gonna be
12:42 enforced by the lamb like beast that we realize
12:44 that United States in Bible prophecy.
12:46 In other words a person think about this,
12:48 when a person must accept the power
12:51 and all the changes it makes
12:53 in opposition to the requirements of God.
12:57 Now, wouldn't it be nice just go back
12:59 and let's do some review in time that we have.
13:02 Revelation 13:1 simply says,
13:03 "And I stood" John in vision
13:05 "I stood upon the sand of the sea,
13:07 and I saw a beast rising out of the sea."
13:11 Quickly what is sea?
13:12 Oh, you know this, you are the sea is the symbol
13:14 in Revelation 17:15 the Bile said,
13:17 "It represents peoples, and multitudes, and nations."
13:21 A beast in Bible prophecy
13:23 is symbol of a nation or a great power.
13:26 Read that in Daniel 7:17, 23.
13:31 Sometimes it represents a civil power
13:34 and sometimes it represents an ecclesiastical power.
13:38 Now notice, what we saying, church and state can be both.
13:42 So keep this in mind as we study.
13:44 Now when the beast comes out of the sea,
13:45 what is it saying?
13:47 This means, that it comes out of a heavy populated area
13:50 so we need to know where this beast
13:51 come form number one, before we identify it
13:53 and what area maybe in the world
13:55 a heavy populated area.
13:58 Now Bible says, the winds are blowing.
14:00 What does that mean?
14:01 If the winds are blowing upon the sea
14:03 Daniel 7:2, 3 says,
14:07 it means, that there are some political movement going on,
14:10 there is some civil strive
14:12 that's going on and changes our indicating.
14:16 Now keep this in mind as we go,
14:18 wind is blowing, strive things happening.
14:20 So if one studies Daniel 2:7, 8.
14:25 Now remember I'm referring a lot to Daniel
14:27 because you must study
14:28 the Book of Daniel and Revelation together.
14:30 It's very important one helps the other.
14:32 So we're going to be,
14:33 we're going to be looking in this study here
14:35 and first of all if we do,
14:36 we go back to Revelation Chapter 12,
14:39 so we're looking at Revelation 12,
14:40 Revelation 13, Revelation 14,
14:42 just as quickly as we possibly can.
14:43 This is going--
14:44 you gonna have to really do some studying on this.
14:46 Now notice, Revelation Chapter 12
14:49 what do we see?
14:50 We-- the dragon is introduced in this chapter.
14:54 The dragon of Revelation Chapter 12
14:57 and then of course the first beast is introduced here.
15:00 So what do we have?
15:01 All we have as a whole what is, what is it really mean?
15:04 We are talking about as a whole,
15:05 we're talking about the power of Rome
15:08 in two phases.
15:10 We are talking about paganism
15:11 and we're talking about people power.
15:14 This is heavy duty, you gonna have to do
15:15 some studying history will verify,
15:17 the Bible will back it up, we need really be studying.
15:19 So we have two symbols here, each have seven heads,
15:24 the Bible says, and ten horns, notice, seven heads.
15:28 Revelation 17:10 talks about the seven mountains,
15:31 do you remember that?
15:33 The seven kings.
15:34 So ten horns and represent what?
15:37 Ten kings or ten kingdoms, Daniel 7:24.
15:41 Now, I know you have to jot these things down
15:43 and then you try to put them all back together
15:44 when you have a lot more time.
15:46 John saw in Revelation 13:1,
15:49 he saw this leopard like beast, what did it have?
15:52 Seven heads and ten horns.
15:54 Symbolizing what?
15:55 There would be a power which exercises ecclesiastical
15:59 or we call it religious and civil authority.
16:03 So it's a combining of church and state,
16:05 so we are--
16:06 so we see this happening we are not sit ideally by,
16:09 we have a message to give and a warning to give
16:11 and we need to give that.
16:12 Keep this in mind now this is important point.
16:16 Let's look at just a little bit closer,
16:18 this prospect in which the symbol
16:20 or a way this begins in Revelation Chapter 12.
16:24 We have a symbol of governments,
16:27 oh, it's interesting.
16:28 The government coming together
16:30 with the dragon Revelation Chapter 12,
16:33 and the leopard like beast
16:34 and the two horned beast of revelation 13,
16:37 I know it takes a lot of study,
16:38 that's why you can't really
16:39 hard to do this study in one time,
16:40 but it's gonna--
16:41 I hope it's gonna reprove you to get into the Word of God
16:44 and study these things out.
16:46 As we look at this prophecy, this same line prophecy,
16:49 it continues on in Revelation Chapter 14,
16:53 the powers all persecute God's church.
16:57 This is a key, these powers that we been talking about
17:00 there in Revelation Chapter 12, Revelation 13, Revelation 14,
17:05 they all persecute God's church or God's people.
17:09 Revelation 13:7 tells us that.
17:11 Remember this prophecy opens with the church
17:15 under the symbol of a woman.
17:17 You remember in Revelation Chapter 12,
17:18 saw woman on the moon.
17:20 You remember? Sure.
17:21 Yeah, ready to give birth to what?
17:24 Child or to Jesus.
17:25 You remember that? New Testament.
17:27 Here the dragon then stood before right the woman
17:30 which is the church, the dragon is the devil,
17:33 stood before the church,
17:34 right, the woman and he tried to kill the man child
17:37 and certainly that would be,
17:39 wouldn't that be Jesus?
17:40 Absolutely in Matthew we talk about Matthew 2:13,
17:44 and Herod tried to kill Jesus as He was born.
17:47 You know, it didn't work,
17:49 praise God for that because the bible said,
17:51 there in Revelation 12:5
17:53 "He was caught up to God and His throne."
17:56 Praise God, he still in control.
17:58 Then we see the church later on you got stay with,
18:01 we see the church a little bit later on,
18:03 it suffers more and more form the dragon,
18:06 the dragon again is the enemy.
18:09 In the scene John sees
18:11 the prophet begins to see something.
18:13 He looks forward as he begins to look forward in time,
18:16 he sees this persecution power.
18:18 He sees all the enemies of God
18:20 coming against the church, God's people.
18:23 Keep that in mind.
18:24 So in Revelation 13:1 we see the leopard like beast.
18:30 He works notice this, in the place of the dragon,
18:34 the leopard like beast in Revelation 13:1
18:37 works in the place of the dragon or the devil.
18:40 Interesting, from the power
18:43 this church suffers persecution the Bible says, what?
18:47 1,260 years,
18:49 the dark ages that we are talking about, sure.
18:52 And then the church has another conflict
18:55 with this two horned beast.
18:58 Then Jesus comes, God's people you see,
19:01 they stand together then on Mount Zion,
19:03 they gain a victory.
19:05 But remember we're tracing the powers,
19:07 we're tracing 12, 13 and 14 of Book of Revelation
19:11 and we see God's people coming forth, victorious.
19:14 But there is a persecuting power
19:15 of the devil is against God's last day people.
19:19 Interesting in this prophecy,
19:20 it changes with different beast,
19:22 you notice that with the enemy,
19:24 but with God's people it always remains the same.
19:27 It always appears the same
19:29 in all the vision God's true church,
19:32 always identified the very same way.
19:34 You know that in Revelation 12:17,
19:36 God's true church.
19:38 You see all the other persecutors,
19:39 all the enemies of God say
19:42 they persecuting the true church.
19:44 What is it?
19:45 It's simply a false or an apostate church,
19:48 it's a counterfeit.
19:50 The counterfeit always fights against the truth.
19:54 So keep this in mind as we go most generally you say,
19:57 well, how do you know?
19:58 Well, most generally we can find through history
20:00 and trace it down
20:02 that the civil power as it were on its own
20:05 does not generally
20:06 go against the people of God or you say,
20:09 Christian individuals.
20:10 It's takes a little prompting, form the Christian world
20:14 so unless controlled
20:16 by the counterfeit religious system.
20:19 So usually the state doesn't go against
20:21 as were the Christian
20:22 and the movement unless a counterfeit or a religious
20:24 so called system put pressure on them to do it.
20:28 Kind of interesting thought.
20:29 So why does--
20:30 what does the dragon then really represent?
20:33 Well, simply surely primarily it represents Satan,
20:37 Revelation 12:9, it's very simple to find out.
20:39 And secondarily, we see that it's a Roman empire
20:43 in it's pagan form to begin with,
20:46 interesting, but it changes.
20:48 You see it's always changing. The enemy is always changing.
20:51 He doesn't want himself to identified.
20:53 Here we begin to seeing a new element come to light.
20:57 All the other you know, were just powers and so on.
20:59 So this now comes to light
21:00 with civil and religious power coming together,
21:05 a counterfeit religious system that Satan has inspired.
21:11 Interesting so the dragon, Satan then disguises paganism
21:16 with a false system of religion.
21:20 How interesting?
21:21 Very interesting we always said what?
21:23 The enemy is just a counterfeiter,
21:25 isn't that right?
21:27 He counterfeits every truth that God has,
21:29 and so God has a true religious system as it were.
21:33 God has truth, the devil then what?
21:35 Has a counterfeit.
21:36 So he introduces his counterfeit system of worship,
21:40 interesting and then we're talking about the beast
21:43 and all of these things.
21:44 So you don't want to miss these things.
21:46 Why did the enemy persecute the church?
21:49 Sounds like a very simple question
21:51 but why did the enemy really persecute the church?
21:54 Think about it,
21:56 well, number one is because God's people
21:58 were really multiplying.
22:00 Remember when persecution came
22:01 because God's people are active,
22:03 when we're active in the church
22:05 right the devil starts that persecuting.
22:07 So we find out that God's people were multiplying,
22:10 they were teaching the truth
22:12 and they were exposing the superstitions, idol worship
22:16 and manmade doctrines and traditions.
22:19 The enemy cannot stand to be exposed
22:22 but remember this false religious system
22:25 is built on paganism,
22:26 it's built--
22:28 may I say the doctrine of devils
22:30 and yet the whole world is wondering after,
22:32 they don't want to hear anything.
22:34 God help us to see the importance of this message.
22:37 So as we read the Book of Revelation,
22:38 we see this leopard like beast of Revelation 13,
22:42 it's starts out then just simply here
22:44 so we understand it the Roman empire,
22:46 we see that.
22:47 But again a change develops.
22:50 A religious element is what? Is added.
22:53 The beast we look at is only different form the dragon
22:57 and then that it represents a religious aspect
23:01 or people think that it has religion written on top.
23:05 That makes this power more and more than just civil,
23:09 but it's talking about civil and religious church
23:14 and state coming together.
23:16 Please remember when the church and state comes together
23:19 the minority always suffers persecution, remember that.
23:23 And sad to say in the Book of Revelation
23:24 we see that the Protestant movement,
23:26 is the one we're always looking at Catholicism
23:28 or always looking the Chaotic church,
23:30 and we're always pinpoint yeah,
23:31 they are waiting by there is no doubt about it.
23:33 But the Protestant are the one
23:34 that makes the image to the beast,
23:36 make these laws you see.
23:38 So we need to be very careful but we need to be exposed,
23:41 we need not stand ideally by when we see the time before us,
23:44 we need to lift up our voice like a trumpet.
23:47 You see as we look at this power,
23:49 this beast we find this beast power
23:52 that the world is wondering after,
23:53 listen that the dragon
23:55 gave him his power, his seat and great authority
23:58 that's what the Bible said, that's Revelation 13:4.
24:02 And people says, we need to tone it down,
24:03 we need to be careful what we are talking about.
24:05 The Bible says, that it has to do with worship,
24:08 a false religious system based on paganism
24:12 and the majority of the world
24:13 wondered after the beast, they accept his teaching
24:16 and they're not written on the Lamb's books of life,
24:17 you cannot remain silent.
24:19 You have to be clear on these issues.
24:21 We are not trying to make judgment pass upon the man
24:24 but religious organization.
24:26 Mark of the beast what is it? Please stay with me on it.
24:31 Here we go, let's do some identifying some more.
24:33 What power succeeded pagan Rome?
24:35 Well, most of you know, its papal Rome, sure.
24:39 So Satan works through this leopard like beast,
24:43 the beast whose wound was healed,
24:46 do you remember Revelation 13:3?
24:48 Sure, the beast that the whole world wondered after.
24:53 The beast which spoke blasphemies,
24:56 the beast that killed the saints of God,
24:58 Revelation 13:5, 7.
25:01 A power that lasted 1,260 years,
25:05 Revelation 13:5, this-- listen,
25:09 this all happened before the two horned beast appears
25:14 you remember coming out of the earth
25:16 or the United States in Bible prophecy.
25:19 Please keep that in mind.
25:21 So this leopard like beast,
25:23 this little horned
25:25 of Daniel 7-- 8:20, 24, 25
25:31 symbolizes the very same power the papacy.
25:35 You can't miss it.
25:36 You spend some time,
25:37 oh, brothers and sisters, please spend.
25:38 Let me just give you
25:40 just quickly six points to consider.
25:42 Please consider these points because we're gonna talk--
25:43 we have to identify the beast,
25:45 then we have to identify what that beast powers been up to
25:47 and how the world would follow after it.
25:49 Notice, little horned was a blasphemy famous power,
25:52 a blasphemed Daniel 7:25, Revelation 13:6.
25:57 This beast made war with the saints,
26:00 Daniel 7:21, Revelation 13:7,
26:04 it had a mouth speaking great things,
26:06 Daniel 7:8, 20, Revelation 13:5,
26:10 the little horned arose form pagan Rome,
26:14 the beast of Revelation 13:2 arises also at the same time.
26:19 The little horned then continued a time,
26:21 a times and a dividing of times.
26:24 That's 1,260 years,
26:26 easy to see in the Book of Daniel 7:25,
26:30 Revelation 13:5,
26:32 42 months you see,
26:34 a time of times of dividing of times,
26:35 please keep this in mind.
26:37 And then at the end
26:38 of the 1,260 years the Bible said,
26:41 a deadly wound would be given to this little horned power.
26:45 Daniel 7:25 at the end of this time,
26:48 this leopard like beast we are talking about here
26:50 was led into captivity and it died by the sword.
26:54 You remember Revelation 13:10?
26:56 It led into captivity and therefore this fulfilled
26:59 the prophecy we are talking about here
27:01 or by the Pope when he was taking into captivity
27:05 and he was exiled and we realize
27:07 that at the end of 1,260 years where 1798.
27:11 Bible prophecy fulfilled,
27:13 you can't miss who the beast is and what the beast is up to.
27:17 So this power does what?
27:19 It speaks blasphemies and again people have
27:21 very little concept of blasphemy.
27:24 Do you remember? Let's just go over it again.
27:26 The Jews said that Jesus spoke what?
27:28 Blasphemy. Well, what was He doing?
27:31 They said, Jesus, you're speaking blasphemy.
27:33 Well, the Book of John 10:33 the Bible is very clear.
27:37 Its' the talk about Jesus "Thou being a man,
27:41 makest thyself God."
27:43 So speaking blasphemy
27:44 is a man trying to make himself as God.
27:48 Luke 5:21,
27:51 "Who can forgive sin, but God alone?"
27:54 So it would be what?
27:55 A blasphemer is a man, assuming the what?
27:59 The prerogatives of God and takes what,
28:02 the titles of deity.
28:05 Wow, and it deals with religion not computers,
28:10 not little chips, not little here that.
28:12 Who we worship?
28:14 Is there such a religious movement
28:17 in the world today
28:18 and been there for long time that claims these prerogatives?
28:22 Revelation 13:11 we didn't read Revelation 13:11-18
28:26 you need to do that,
28:27 United States in Bible prophecy,
28:29 no time to go into detail on that,
28:32 because this beast was coming out of the earth
28:33 and it had two horns like a lamb
28:35 and it was speaking, what?
28:37 Like the dragon. So you know what we need to do?
28:39 You need to call,
28:40 we did several hours on United States
28:43 and Bible prophecy,
28:44 so you need to call in for those DVDs and boy,
28:46 you'll see how it really fits together.
28:48 American prophecy, we won't have time to do that.
28:51 So now why are many today,
28:54 they're not proclaiming this message?
28:57 This is crucial, this is life and death issue,
29:00 and yet no-- we does--
29:01 very few people are proclaiming it
29:03 in the world today and warning the world.
29:06 Maybe it's possibly because they've rejected
29:09 the clear council of God.
29:11 We find that all over the world today.
29:14 We find it in the church and outside the church,
29:16 we just reject the council of God.
29:19 They have slided the prophecies,
29:22 the prophetic portions of the Bible,
29:24 they just slided, they done away with it,
29:25 they don't want to hear it.
29:27 And what does it do?
29:28 Prophecy reveals the conflict between the kingdom of God
29:33 and the kingdom of Satan.
29:35 Does that make sense? Absolutely, it does.
29:38 You see, many have lost touch,
29:40 many have lost touch with Christ.
29:43 They've chosen another leader, how sad that is?
29:48 And many have chosen it without realizing it,
29:50 that's why God said,
29:51 I'll raise the people that would expose this power,
29:54 before that day come.
29:55 Do you remember?
29:58 I want you think with me just for a moment.
30:00 You might and say, well,
30:02 you know, I go to this church or that church
30:03 and you know and they seem to be on fire.
30:06 Man, they are just you know,
30:07 that hoping and howling heaven a wonderful time,
30:09 they've a lot of zeal.
30:12 Well, think about it nothing wrong
30:13 with having some godly zeal,
30:15 but you know the churches having,
30:16 they say, zeal and everything sees to be going with Him,
30:19 you know when they are off track with the truth,
30:22 you know, it could becomes a very difficult to decide
30:25 what is right and what is wrong?
30:27 What do you think about it,
30:28 the track of truth we need to be following,
30:32 but all these excitement in some places people are
30:34 is exchanging that excitement for what is truth?
30:37 You can't that never work, we can't do that.
30:39 They have a form the Bible says of Godliness
30:43 but they deny the power they're off.
30:45 Have you read that in 2 Timothy 3:5 sure you have?
30:48 See, to me it's sad,
30:50 it's sad in the world to look around
30:52 at the many of the Protestant churches today,
30:54 may be all of them,
30:55 as it acts it's part in this prophecy.
30:59 Remember it needs to be exposed because,
31:00 there are as many
31:01 good godly people that just don't know
31:04 because the devil has done a good job,
31:08 counterfeiting and calling something religious.
31:10 You-- many of you so hoodwinked out there today,
31:12 you think because on a sign out front
31:15 it says church or prophecy
31:17 or whatever it might say come and join,
31:19 that is God's church.
31:20 No, it's not.
31:22 The enemy basically is running the churches today
31:25 because we are not following the councils of God.
31:27 If you don't follow God's council,
31:28 you're following the council of the enemy.
31:31 They're denying the power of God.
31:33 We've lost real power in the church.
31:36 Where is the power in the church today?
31:39 If we don't follow the council of God,
31:40 there can be no power in the church.
31:43 There maybe movement and excitement and shouting
31:45 and saying you having a wonderful time,
31:47 but listen you are changed in the body, mind, soul,
31:50 ready for heaven when you were sanctified
31:52 by knowing what is truth.
31:54 You identify the enemy.
31:56 And when you identifying the enemy
31:57 let me tell you,
31:58 set yourself up for a lot of temptations,
31:59 you set yourself up
32:01 I'm telling you definitely that the enemy will attack you.
32:05 Oh, I want you to keep that in mind,
32:07 denying the power.
32:10 We need to see that the church today
32:14 is turning to the state to help supply its lack.
32:20 How many times you've seen in the world
32:21 that we live in today?
32:22 Think about it, how many times
32:23 that the Christian world basically Protestantism,
32:26 we go it's abortion or whatever it might be there,
32:30 we go to the state and we're saying,
32:33 can you tell us what's right?
32:34 Can you tell us what's right?
32:36 Let's pass the law, let's pass the law.
32:39 It maybe right within itself
32:40 but you never for religious things
32:42 you don't go to the state and ask them to pass the law.
32:45 They really don't want to, but we as Christians
32:47 keep throwing it back to the state.
32:49 That's called church and state uniting together.
32:53 And then when you do
32:54 that's where the enemy can really work,
32:56 dear friends and we see it all the time in many areas
32:58 don't have time to mention but you know,
32:59 what I'm talking about, church and state.
33:02 There will be a formation to the image of the beast
33:04 there is no doubt.
33:07 And if we don't worship that the law is past
33:10 and if we do not worship that beast,
33:14 we should be kills what the Bible said.
33:17 So what is that then the mark of the beast?
33:20 What really is that the mark of the beast?
33:24 You see, the church is to be preparing
33:26 for the second coming of Jesus, do you believe that?
33:28 I believe it.
33:30 And so Christ wants His people,
33:32 we must be entirely separated from paganism
33:36 and from the papal errors and corruption.
33:39 We've got it totally separated them
33:41 and a reform must be made
33:43 even in this church and all the churches
33:46 on the Sabbath issue the Seventh-day Sabbath.
33:49 We have to have a reform.
33:51 Some of you are almost said, sorry, Sabbath keepers.
33:55 And I must stay with it.
33:57 You see, we live in this world today
33:59 we need the help of the Holy Spirit.
34:01 We need to be guided.
34:02 The mark of the beast is the change
34:04 which this beast attempts to make in the law of God.
34:08 To concerning what?
34:09 The Ten Commandments, the moral law,
34:12 the only law in the universe
34:15 that's immutable and perpetual obligation,
34:18 the only one, interesting.
34:20 Because Daniel 7:25 said this beast power
34:22 would think to change times and laws.
34:25 Oh, how God has exposed this power in time
34:29 after time after time
34:30 and we close our minds and our hearts to it.
34:33 Hear the facts.
34:34 Let's just go few facts, shall we?
34:36 This is based upon evidence of scripture,
34:40 on evidence from the Roman catechism,
34:44 by Vatican II press?
34:46 Are you still with me?
34:48 That the Catholic Church has changed the day
34:50 of the Sabbath
34:51 from the Seventh-day of the week
34:53 to the first day of the week.
34:56 Their testimony is clear, the Bible testimony is clear.
35:03 So what are we doing with this clear information,
35:07 the change of Saturday to Sunday?
35:10 They say it very interesting
35:12 was made by the authority of the Catholic Church
35:15 and it's based upon the apostolic tradition.
35:20 Let me tell you dear friends, and I'm not going to stutter,
35:23 God help me that Sunday is a child of the papacy,
35:29 Sunday is a child of the papacy.
35:32 The Seventh-day Sabbath and I'll say this in nice way,
35:35 hope you know what say, is a child of what?
35:36 Of God, think about it the Seventh-day Sabbath.
35:41 The Bible warns what was going try to do.
35:45 Prophecy declares the only shadow of a doubt
35:48 that this power would think to change times and law.
35:51 You see, the church, the Roman Church
35:53 indented to do this.
35:55 They did it by design, they do it,
35:59 it was gonna take some time but they had a design,
36:01 they had a plan that they were going to what?
36:04 Try to make this change. And then what happened?
36:07 Then the enemy the Bible said, gave him his power,
36:10 his seat, and great authority.
36:12 Who you're gonna serve today?
36:14 So what's new to you? So that it challenging to you?
36:18 Why not accept that challenge, say God help us today.
36:21 This is so important.
36:23 Remember the enemy, the devil gave this power,
36:26 this beast his seat and his authority.
36:31 He's having what?
36:32 Some kind of religious organization as it were right,
36:35 that the enemy is the head of-- sure you don't want that?
36:40 Oh, I'd never go to church, I never do this, really?
36:43 All you have to do is just keep some things
36:44 they instituted and you are part of,
36:47 accept you as part of it.
36:50 Let's just do a couple of quote,
36:51 well, dozens and dozens but let's just do it here
36:53 just for so we can think about it.
36:55 This is taken form called a new catechism
36:59 of Christian doctrines and practices.
37:02 Now notice, it's found under the subject
37:05 of the third commandment
37:06 because we realize that papacy did what?
37:08 Yeah, they changed all the commandments
37:09 and got them out of the orders.
37:11 So but here we're talking about the Seventh-day Sabbath.
37:13 And hear what it says here,
37:15 then they ask the Catholic Church,
37:16 which day was the Sabbath?
37:20 They talk about the seventh-day Sabbath.
37:22 They said, the seventh-day Sabbath.
37:23 Then they, do you keep the Sabbath?
37:26 Church said, oh, no, we don't keep the Sabbath.
37:28 We keep the Lord's Day.
37:31 And how sad even many of you today
37:33 you read the Bible in Revelation 1:10,
37:36 John said, I was in the spirit on the Lord's Day.
37:38 Let me tell you when you said,
37:39 that doesn't say Saturday or Sunday,
37:41 it doesn't it, but you said, oh, it's Lord's day Sunday.
37:44 That's not true at all.
37:46 I'm not trying to be difficult,
37:47 I'm not trying to be hard but listen somebody,
37:49 there needs to be an alarm go off.
37:51 This is kind of study is that we are,
37:53 it doesn't say which day,
37:54 I was in the spirit on the Lord's Day.
37:57 But when I read my Bible in Mark 2:28 the Bible said,
38:01 "The Son of man is Lord of the Sabbath."
38:05 The Lord's Day is the seventh-day Sabbath.
38:07 The Lord's Day is not Sunday.
38:09 We need to use the different passage in that,
38:10 if we are gonna have some kind of argument
38:12 which are none in scripture.
38:15 Talking about the first day of the week who changed it?
38:17 What's clear?
38:18 The Catholic Church changed it in the book
38:21 called the Christian--
38:22 The Catholic Christian Instructed.
38:24 So it's a book about instructions we read this.
38:27 What word has you for keeping Sunday?
38:30 Preferably the ancient Sabbath, which was Saturday.
38:34 You know, what they say, boldly they say,
38:36 we have for it,
38:37 the authority of the Catholic Church,
38:39 so for the authority of the change from Sabbath
38:42 to the first day of the week
38:43 we have the authority of the Catholic Church
38:45 and the apostolically traditions it said here.
38:49 Apostolic traditions?
38:51 Do we not read the Bible bless our hearts,
38:54 Matthew 15:9 Jesus said, "In vain" right?
38:59 "Do they worship me, teaching for doctrines
39:01 the commandments of men tradition."
39:06 Again we find in the abridgment
39:08 of the Christian doctrine here little book it says--
39:11 question always ask, same one over and over,
39:13 how prove you that the church have power
39:16 to command theist and holydays?
39:19 The Catholic Church says,
39:20 by the very act of changing the Sabbath,
39:23 that's Seventh-day of the week, and to Sunday notice this,
39:26 which Protestants allow
39:29 and therefore they finally contradict themselves,
39:32 papacy is laughing in your face Protestants.
39:36 Did you get it? They are laughing in your face.
39:39 We made the change Protestants follow they formerly
39:43 contradict themselves by keeping Sunday strictly
39:47 and breaking most other fees commands
39:49 and it by the same church.
39:52 So we are following when we do that we're keeping what?
39:54 The day of the beast, interesting, it's very clear.
39:59 So Catholics plainly acknowledge
40:04 that there is no scriptural authority
40:06 for the change that they make.
40:08 They say what?
40:10 That it rest holy upon
40:12 the authority of the church, interesting.
40:16 No, that's rest on the Bible, what the Bible says here,
40:19 not the authority of the church,
40:21 not of some man, not of some tradition.
40:25 Interesting when we study this---
40:27 when prophecy tells us about a certain power
40:30 shall think try to change times and laws,
40:33 and then this power reveals itself
40:37 and it attempts to change times and laws
40:39 openly claims that they have done it.
40:43 What other proof do we need? It's open, it open and shut.
40:49 And why wouldn't we listen? Why most there because what?
40:52 Spiritual things are spiritually discerned
40:54 and you are-- we just not listening anymore.
40:57 We need to open our hearts and our minds
40:59 this is life and death,
41:00 God's wrath is going to be poured out
41:02 on those who follow after the beast,
41:04 who said, he think to change times and law.
41:07 He instituted Sunday.
41:11 And many honest heart I realize are going
41:13 and have no idea but why don't you have an idea,
41:15 don't you read the same Bible?
41:18 Don't you read the Bible or does--
41:20 you say it doesn't make a difference?
41:21 I keep everyday a like.
41:23 You cannot keep the seventh-day like any other day.
41:25 It's a day set us aside is blessed and sanctified.
41:28 The devil comes long and said, I can't have this,
41:30 reminds him the God, reminds him the Creator,
41:31 reminds him the Jesus Christ, I'm gonna change it.
41:34 I'm gonna have my own day,
41:37 I know it's difficult to swallow,
41:38 but get angry if you want,
41:40 but I don't really have you angry
41:41 and get into the Word of God
41:42 and by the grace of God I see you in the kingdom.
41:46 This is Bible prophecy we need to be understanding.
41:49 Why are so many confused about going to church on Sunday
41:54 the first day instead of the real true worship day
41:57 of the seventh-day, why?
41:59 When I ask this question
42:00 here is the most popular answer that we get,
42:02 most often as given.
42:04 Jesus rouse on that day, so now we go to church
42:07 it's an honor of the resurrection,
42:09 interesting.
42:11 Oh, yeah, it's wonderful,
42:12 praise God for the resurrection.
42:14 But you know what it baptism,
42:16 baptism is an honor of that resurrection.
42:19 You read that in Romans 6:3, 4.
42:22 It can't be both, Bible says, like this,
42:25 "Know ye not, that so many of us
42:26 as were baptized into Jesus Christ
42:28 we were baptized into his death?"
42:31 Verse 4, ah, notice,
42:33 "Therefore we are buried with Him in baptism unto death
42:36 that is like Christ was raised up
42:38 from the dead by the glory of the Father,
42:41 even so we also should walk in newness of life."
42:46 Keeping Sunday that's recon,
42:47 nothing to do keep it in Sunday.
42:48 Nothing is changed. I have to say again, why?
42:52 Why are so many people confused about which day
42:56 that we should be keeping?
42:58 Think with me just for a moment,
43:00 see Paul made this statement
43:01 and he did in the 2 Thessalonians 2:3,
43:04 he said, "Let no man deceive you,"
43:06 the devil is the deceiver.
43:08 He said, "Don't let deceive by any means
43:10 for that day shall not come, except there come," what?
43:14 "A falling away and the man of sin is to be revealed,
43:19 that son of perdition." Verse 4 says,
43:22 "Who opposes and exalt himself above all that is called God."
43:27 So this power then right,
43:28 it says, we are gonna be above, what did the devil say?
43:31 What did the devil say?
43:33 I am gonna be at above God, right?
43:34 I'm gonna sit on His thrown. So what did he do?
43:38 He used the organization,
43:39 had religion on the outside of it
43:41 and some of we can't get it through our head,
43:42 we look if it's in the Bible
43:44 then praise God, that's honored.
43:47 But these are all manmade traditions
43:48 all these teachings everything,
43:49 very little of ever humanized was scripture at all
43:52 and yet we call it religion.
43:55 "This beast power would oppose and exalt himself
43:57 above all that is called God, or that is worshipped,
44:01 so he as God,"
44:03 the Bible said, "Sitteth in the temple of God,
44:06 showing himself that he is God."
44:10 So there be a religious organization
44:13 as it were rise up with the man at the head of it
44:15 and the man that the head of it says,
44:17 he occupies the place of God on this earth.
44:20 There is only one power, it's a papacy you know that.
44:22 May I just read you little quote here
44:24 quickly on this before I say anymore, on this?
44:28 Pope Leo XIII, Pope Leo XIII in 1894 said this,
44:33 we hold-- talking about the Pope,
44:35 "We hold upon this earth the place of God Almighty."
44:39 Pretty clear, isn't it?
44:42 From the Catholic Mirror the bible says,
44:44 in September 1983 says this,
44:48 "The Catholic Church for over one thousand years
44:51 before the existence of a Protestant, by virtue,"
44:55 they say, "of her divine mission,
44:58 changed the day from Saturday to Sunday."
45:01 The Catholic Mirror, says this in July 1895,
45:05 it says, The Pope-- oh, somebody hang on,
45:07 "The Pope is not only
45:09 the representative of Jesus Christ,
45:12 but he is Jesus Christ Himself, veil of flesh."
45:19 Now you say, you think it's not blasphemy,
45:21 you think that's not--
45:22 how sad that is not only
45:24 the representative of Jesus Christ,
45:26 but he is Jesus Christ himself.
45:28 You see the Bible makes us so clear,
45:30 is there any another religious denomination
45:33 that said where whatever in the world
45:35 that has that at their head.
45:37 No, it's easy to understand.
45:42 H.F. Thomas, chancellor of Cardinal Gibbons
45:46 made this statement,
45:48 when he was asked about the change,
45:49 he said, "Of course the Catholic Church
45:51 claims the church, this change was her act,"
45:55 notice this, "And the act is a mark
46:00 of her ecclesiastical authority in religious things."
46:03 We're talking about we're avoiding the mark of the beast,
46:05 it's very simple to avoid it.
46:07 But we have to understand what it is,
46:08 but you be able to avoid it.
46:11 Roman Catholic Church in its own writings,
46:14 the change of the seventh-day
46:15 to the first day of the week is the--
46:18 her act is a mark of her ecclesiastical authority,
46:22 mark of the beast.
46:25 Pagan Sunday then is the mark of the beast of the papacy.
46:32 Interesting in one little article
46:34 from the Catholic Press in Sydney,
46:36 Australia made just little common it says,
46:39 Sunday is the Catholic institution.
46:43 Do you remember we are saying nothing about them
46:44 they haven't this all in own print,
46:46 they boast of it, they say,
46:47 we have the power to do these things.
46:50 Interesting but the seventh-day is the Sabbath,
46:53 seventh day is where God puts places
46:56 His seal upon His people.
46:58 They honored Him, they keep that day.
47:01 God's gonna place a seal
47:02 on those who honor Him and keep His day.
47:05 So I want you to think the mark of the beast
47:07 will be applied when?
47:10 The mark of the beast will be applied when?
47:12 When Sunday keepers enforce notice this,
47:15 they force the government to pass the law.
47:19 That all people must keep
47:20 the first day of the week, or Sunday.
47:24 You realize Sunday laws are on the book today?
47:25 Sure you do, they're called blue laws,
47:27 they're all over the place, its nothing so out of sort,
47:30 there is not going to happen.
47:32 But things happening in the world today
47:33 you can see how easily this can happen.
47:36 Saturday the seventh day true is God's day,
47:40 the God's day for His people.
47:42 False day Sunday belongs to the enemy
47:45 working through the papacy.
47:47 Even interesting you can go to Funk & Wagnalls,
47:49 encyclopedia of religious knowledge.
47:51 You know what they say about this?
47:53 They have no acts to grind.
47:54 They say, "Sunday" first day of the week,
47:56 "day of the sun,
47:58 adopted by the early Christians as a day of"
48:00 word adopted did you get it?
48:03 Then it says,
48:04 "No regulations for its observance
48:07 are laid down in the New Testament
48:10 nor, indeed, is its observance even enjoined."
48:14 Wow, nothing in scripture they say,
48:17 then why are we doing it?
48:19 For those of you who say,
48:20 I guess you're saying that everybody then
48:24 that goes to church on Sunday has the mark of the beast?
48:27 No, listen to me carefully, not now, no.
48:31 Sunday keeping is not yet the mark of the beast
48:35 and it will not be until the law is passed
48:38 causing men to worship on the false day Sunday.
48:42 You know, they made void the law of God,
48:45 do you remember reading that in the Bible?
48:46 Comes the time I make void the law of God.
48:49 They think they are going to and then until each person
48:53 shall be convinced of the truth,
48:55 and they trample upon the evidence the Lord
48:58 will not withdraw His grace from them.
49:01 Why because He's gonna make it clear,
49:03 He is gonna give you an opportunity
49:05 to learn what truth is,
49:06 then you can trample on it
49:07 and then you do not accept it, oh, yeah, I notice it.
49:10 The Sabbath question will be the issue
49:13 of the great conflict
49:15 which all the world will act apart.
49:18 When the Sunday law is passed my dear friends,
49:21 and you have sufficient light to make a decision
49:25 if we continue to keep Sunday the first day of the week
49:30 the man of sin, right?
49:33 The enemy, the papacy then the observant of that day
49:37 will calls a person to receive the mark of the beast.
49:41 When you are enlighten to it,
49:43 when you understand it you can say,
49:44 I'm gonna avoid it,
49:45 I'm not gonna be you know, dealing with it,
49:46 you already accountable.
49:50 Paul said this power, this man of sin,
49:53 the papacy, would show himself to be God,
49:57 surely its clear.
49:59 Paul said, this man of sin would last a long time.
50:02 He would have power over almost all the Christian world.
50:07 The power, this power, this mystery of inequity,
50:10 the papacy, we're gonna teach false doctrines
50:14 that they receive from paganism.
50:18 We realize they lasted 1,260 years
50:20 talking about the dark ages came the theology of Rome.
50:28 Papacy, paganism, doctrine of devils,
50:34 oh, friend, God help us, see the reformation came,
50:38 praise God for the reformation during the dark ages.
50:42 The reformation dispelled some false doctrines,
50:48 but not all of them.
50:50 And there remains many more to be exposed.
50:53 God said, I'm gonna raise up at people.
50:55 They're gonna hear My voice, they're gonna break what?
50:58 Start digging down and taking the dust off
50:59 this beautiful truths
51:00 and they're gonna raises standard high.
51:03 They're gonna cry loud and spare not.
51:05 No, the world is not gonna love them,
51:06 most of the people in the church won't love them.
51:09 They say they're extremist.
51:11 They're sounding alarm,
51:12 that need to sound but God is already sounded in His word.
51:17 It's clear what's going to take place.
51:20 Please don't sleep through it, so many false doctrines,
51:24 so many drunk with the wine, you see.
51:27 Why we drinking from the cup of the enemy
51:30 when we could drink be drinking from the fountain
51:32 of the living waters of Jesus Christ?
51:34 Oh, how much happy you would be in this world?
51:37 You say, yeah, but how do I avoid,
51:40 how do I avoid this mark of the beast?
51:42 Oh, it's just so simple,
51:43 I'm just trying to write quick leave it to the lamb,
51:46 Bible is very clear there is only going to be one group
51:50 that will avoid the mark of the beast
51:52 because the Bible said,
51:53 all of the world wondered after the beast,
51:55 and then those whose names are what?
51:56 Not written in the Lamb's book of life,
51:58 please keep that in mind.
52:00 But then it goes on to identify
52:01 there is only one little small group
52:03 of little remnant group of people
52:05 and anybody can be in there.
52:06 We are not trying to say, well, this denomination just be,
52:08 who you can be in it.
52:09 The Bible is very, very clear on it,
52:11 it identifies it in Revelation 12:17,
52:13 Bible said, "The dragon was wroth to woman,
52:16 and went to make war with the remnant of her seed,
52:17 who keep the commandments of God,
52:19 and have the faith or testimony of Jesus Christ."
52:22 God identifies His last day church,
52:26 He identifies it and know it what?
52:28 His last day people are doing by the grace of God
52:31 they're keeping His commandment,
52:33 they're elevating the law of God,
52:35 a transcript of His character.
52:37 Think about this with me where that man of sin
52:39 is trying to take out the fourth commandment
52:41 and replace it with the false day of worship.
52:44 God said there will be people arise
52:45 in last day that we'll what?
52:47 Be repairer of the breach,
52:49 they'll proclaim the message
52:50 that the people will be compelled to pail to hear
52:53 and then to respond one way or the other.
52:56 I know the Holy Spirit
52:58 is gonna work on your heart in your life,
52:59 its maybe the first time
53:00 you've ever heard of it, but God knows.
53:02 He knows the honest in heart.
53:03 Most of you won't do it, you won't respond,
53:05 you don't want to get involve
53:06 you think you gonna get out of free and clear, you will not.
53:09 The Bible is clear, it's there it's in written,
53:11 we need to be compile with that.
53:13 Bible is so clear in Revelation 14:12
53:16 the Bible ends up says,
53:17 "Here is the patience of the saints,
53:19 here are they that keep the commandments of God,
53:21 and have the faith of Jesus."
53:24 Last chapter of the book of the Bible, Revelation 22:14
53:26 "Blessed are they that do his commandments,
53:29 that they may have right to the tree of life."
53:31 Friends, you don't have a right to the tree of life,
53:33 no way, you ever, until by the grace of God,
53:36 you elevate those commandments back up.
53:38 They don't save you.
53:39 They simply point out what sin is
53:41 and drive you to the Master.
53:43 Isn't that wonderful to know that?
53:44 We're not trying to preach salvation by works
53:47 and if you do this and do that,
53:48 no, by the law it's the knowledge of sin.
53:51 What we're sinners, we need the grace of God
53:54 and we need to come before Him and acknowledge Him
53:56 that fourth commandment what?
53:58 He is our Creator, He is our Redeemer,
53:59 He is our Sustainer.
54:01 Friends, the mark of the beast when the law is finally passed
54:04 in the land of mark of the beast,
54:06 it's certainly Sunday observers,
54:08 there is no doubt about it.
54:10 There is no about it.
54:11 Would you pray with me before we close,
54:13 that the Holy Spirit will help us to understand,
54:15 we have much more information,
54:16 a lot of things we could send you if you need them.
54:18 Need more information?
54:19 I want you to give us a call, we'd be glad to talk with you.
54:22 Let's pray about this shall we right quick?
54:25 Loving Father in heaven,
54:26 we thank You for the wonderful word
54:28 that You've left for us,
54:29 oh, it may upset some Lord, we pray your Holy Spirit,
54:32 will clam them down help them to get into the word
54:34 compare line upon line, precept upon precept.
54:37 We thank You for reminding us,
54:39 we thank You for warning us of this apostate power,
54:42 and what Protestantism is going to be done
54:44 or Catholicism is going to do,
54:46 and besides all of that there is only one group
54:48 those who are willing to obey by the grace of God,
54:50 all the commandment including the seventh-day Sabbath.
54:53 Thank You for hearing,
54:54 thank You for answering prayer in Jesus name, amen.
54:59 Have any comments or question,
55:00 I want you to be sure and again and call
55:02 we appreciate all that you folks do and your support.
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55:22 And then what? Jesus is going to come.
55:25 I want to spend eternity with you,
55:26 would you pray about it today?
55:28 I'll see you next time.
55:32 Hello and welcome back.
55:34 Friends, this has been a life changing message
55:37 that dragon has so skillfully confounded
55:39 and utterly deceived the minds of millions of wonderful people
55:43 all over this planet of ours as to who God really is
55:47 and what we are to be like
55:50 if we're to be a part of His kingdom.
55:53 Listen, as I read just two verses
55:55 as found in Revelation 13:6, 7.
55:59 "And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God,
56:03 to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle,
56:06 and then that dwell in heaven.
56:08 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints,
56:12 and to overcome them and power was given him
56:15 over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations."
56:20 Friends, this is no small spiritual warfare
56:23 that we are in the midst of and it is past time
56:26 that we proclaim the truth of God's word
56:29 for the saving of souls.
56:31 Therefore we pray that you'll make the effort
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