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00:42 Hello, and welcome to Behold the Lamb Presents.
00:45 I'm Chris Shelton your host and as always we are thankful
00:48 to have this study time in God's word
00:51 with you again today.
00:52 And today's message is the first
00:54 in a three part series entitled "The Godhead."
00:58 I think it's only natural for us
01:00 as Christians to want to know and understand
01:03 more about the Godhead.
01:05 Unfortunately people over the years
01:07 have become militant at times, with varying beliefs
01:11 as to who and what makes up the Godhead.
01:14 This militant stands has lead many people
01:18 to become disillusion and leave the church body all together.
01:23 In fact we personally know of individuals
01:26 who have turned their backs completely on God
01:29 after being let astray
01:31 with the thoughts of the Godhead
01:32 that were not balanced for scripture
01:35 and the spirit of prophecy.
01:37 This is not God's will for sure.
01:39 He is calling all of us to a saving knowledge of Him.
01:44 So once again, once again we see
01:47 that the enemy has discovered a way to come in
01:50 and to twist the truth for his purpose of destruction.
01:55 So with this knowledge of what is happening
01:58 amongst God's professed people,
02:00 Pastor Kenny Shelton has felt God impressing him
02:03 to address this issue and to bring again to life
02:07 what God has revealed on this subject.
02:09 So prayerfully study along with us
02:12 as a secret of truth as we begin this study
02:15 on the Godhead with Pastor Kenny.
02:18 But first we are blessed to listen to a song
02:20 from the 3ABN Worship Center entitled
02:23 "More Like You" by Steve Darmody.
02:47 By chiseling the stones that built this house
02:55 And carving out a home I only dream about
03:01 You're painting me a view that I can't live without
03:08 I can't live without
03:14 But you're making me more like You
03:23 Creating me into someone who
03:29 Knows the awesome power of what love can do
03:37 You're making me
03:40 Making me more like You
03:51 By molding me the hands that desire to serve
03:58 And giving me the voice that wants to share your word
04:04 And offering the hope that I don't deserve
04:12 I don't deserve
04:17 But you're making me more like You
04:25 Creating me into someone who
04:32 Knows the awesome power of what love can do
04:39 You're making me
04:43 Making me more like You
05:01 You're making me more like You
05:08 Creating me into someone who
05:14 Knows the awesome power of what love can do
05:21 You're making me
05:24 Making me more like You
05:36 You're making me
05:40 Making me more like You
06:03 Thanks for joining us
06:05 once again here at Behold the Lamb.
06:06 As you've already heard this is an exciting series.
06:10 Don't want you to miss any of it.
06:11 Three part series, we're gonna be covering
06:13 the Godhead as you heard.
06:15 I hope you're just as excited as we are about it
06:18 and I tell you the blessings we think,
06:19 well, blessing is to get the message out but,
06:22 you know, praise God, the time that we spend in study
06:25 is such a blessing to us personally, and so,
06:27 you know, we praise God for that.
06:29 There is a lot of misunderstanding
06:31 on this subject
06:32 and some people are just not aware of it,
06:35 we wonder, oh, where have you been?
06:37 We need to approach this subject,
06:41 by the Holy Spirit,
06:42 through prayer, fasting, reading the scripture.
06:45 So we're gonna do that and we're going to look
06:47 at scripture and Spirit of Prophecy,
06:49 we're gonna put them together
06:50 and I know it's gonna be a blessing for you
06:52 as it's a blessing for us.
06:54 We once again appreciate you so very much.
06:58 I love those cards, I love those little letters
07:00 and sometimes there's little hearts
07:02 and little eyes and little smiley faces on there,
07:04 we take notice of all of that and we're just--
07:06 it tells us you are sending your heart to us
07:08 and we appreciate it.
07:10 We know that you're praying,
07:11 we know that you're doing more than that.
07:12 Many of you say, you know, these programs need to be on
07:14 because we believe that they're present truth.
07:17 We have a burden here at Behold the Lamb
07:19 is to present present truth.
07:22 There's a message that God has for His church,
07:24 for His people and it's called present truth.
07:27 And it needs to be--
07:28 it needs to go into all the world like never before.
07:32 We've come there's a lot of sliding backwards now
07:34 and God is encouraging us to move forward.
07:36 So we're gonna do that on this subject
07:38 by the grace of God, but always,
07:40 always we're gonna pray first.
07:43 And again once again as we pray,
07:44 I just want to thank you once again
07:45 for what you send to help us
07:47 to continue to make these programs.
07:49 So let's pray together that the Holy Spirit
07:50 now will help us as we study the word.
07:52 Let's pray, shall we?
07:55 Loving Father in Heaven,
07:56 we thank You for the privilege of prayer,
07:58 now we ask for the Holy Spirit,
08:01 we ask in the name of Jesus Christ
08:02 our Lord and our Savior.
08:04 We need to understand the subject more than
08:06 what many people even realize.
08:08 So I pray now that Your Holy Spirit will consume
08:10 each and every one of us, all of Your children,
08:12 our minds, our hearts will be open,
08:14 all preconceived ideas will be laid outside the door
08:17 and we just come humbly asking
08:19 You would teach us what is truth.
08:22 Forgive me of any sin You think in my heart and life
08:24 that needs not be there.
08:26 Oh, Lord, I don't need to be separated from You
08:28 so I just pray now that You'll be,
08:30 that You will come close to us
08:33 and that You'll let us to be Your mouthpiece today.
08:35 And I thank You for it in advance in Jesus name.
08:37 Amen.
08:39 You know, what a privilege
08:40 it is to be able to study God's word.
08:42 So get that Bible, pencil, paper out
08:44 and start jotting things down.
08:46 We'd love to spend hours on this subject,
08:48 it's so big, it's so vast but we prayed,
08:51 the Holy Spirit will help us to put it kind in the little,
08:53 we call it little nutshells,
08:54 and we'll be able to go over them
08:55 and then a lot of study on your part.
08:58 Okay, a lot of study.
09:00 What I'd like for you to do is remember
09:01 we don't take some by, well, the pastor said,
09:04 the elder said, what does God say?
09:06 That's why we're going in the word.
09:07 Godhead, say Godhead, what?
09:09 You know, what does that really mean to us, Godhead?
09:11 I really believe this with all my heart
09:13 and we're gonna look up about three passages in the Bible
09:16 where Godhead is used,
09:18 I think it's only three in the entire Bible.
09:19 But you know what?
09:21 I think it's a good position on which to build
09:23 what am I saying, it's-- the word is in the Bible.
09:26 Let's not use words that are not in the Bible.
09:31 Why do we do that?
09:32 Could that be possibly the enemy, working,
09:35 trying to twist things just a little bit, giving it,
09:37 you know, a little different thought than it should be?
09:39 Let's go to the scripture,
09:40 let's read where these words are used
09:42 and then by the grace of God, we look up scripture
09:45 and we can find out what they really mean.
09:47 I believe that we live
09:49 in the last hours of earth's history.
09:51 There is no doubt about it.
09:52 I believe we live in the time now
09:54 where everything that cannot be,
09:57 you know, shaken, right?
09:59 That cannot be shaken, it's gonna remain,
10:00 but everything that can be is going to be shaken out.
10:03 So are you gonna hold on fast?
10:05 We're in the shaking time, you got to hold fast.
10:09 Jesus wants us to and the only way
10:11 we hold fast is through faith in Him,
10:12 about understanding what truth is of His word.
10:15 Remember, everything that cannot be shaken will remain.
10:20 And I want to be a remainder, don't you?
10:22 I want to be one of those that remain for the calls of Christ.
10:24 You know, I believe this, God leads His people.
10:27 We're talking background on foundation.
10:29 God leads His people on, remember, a step at a time.
10:33 Please keep that in mind.
10:34 Now what do you mean by a step at a time?
10:36 Well, a step at a time is God sends test,
10:39 He sends one test after the other
10:41 and by the grace of God
10:42 when we gain victory in that area, right,
10:46 and the test is given and victory is there for us,
10:48 then God sends another test.
10:51 How wonderful that is, right? He sends another test for us.
10:54 We pass that one, what does He do?
10:56 He sends another test. We're talking steps here.
10:59 What does that mean?
11:01 It simply means that each test that comes to us
11:03 and we pass it by the grace of God.
11:06 The scrutiny of God as it were, what?
11:08 Comes closer and closer to us.
11:11 Remember, He is looking closer, He is wanting to help us more.
11:15 He is wanting to encourage us more.
11:17 When one's passed, He sends another.
11:19 Praise God for those tests and trials
11:21 that we're going through.
11:22 Individually we're being tested like no other one.
11:25 God's got His watchful eye on it.
11:27 And we--
11:29 it's for a certain amount of time only God knows that,
11:31 you say, I'm going through tests and trials now,
11:32 I don't know what I'm going to do.
11:34 But let me tell you, God is testing us to see
11:36 if we're willing to give up the idols
11:39 that we hold in the place of Him.
11:41 Are we willing to give up those idols,
11:44 those wrong beliefs?
11:47 Are you willing to give up those wrong beliefs?
11:50 Are you willing to be--
11:51 the Bible talks about being purified by obeying the truth.
11:55 You remember looking to that in 1 Peter 1:22, remember--
11:59 we remember we are purified by obeying, what?
12:02 The truth, so it's very important.
12:04 If not, there will be a sentence,
12:07 a sentence that was going to be pronounced honest
12:10 and Hosea talks about that when you read Hosea 4:17.
12:14 Bible simply says they are joined to their idols,
12:17 let them alone.
12:19 So what does that tell?
12:20 That tells there's a time, God tests,
12:21 He proves His people, after a time
12:23 if we do not change and we're not willing to accept
12:26 what is truth and to be purified by,
12:28 God said, "Leave them alone,
12:29 they are joined to their idols."
12:30 I know you don't want that and I don't either.
12:33 In this study I'm convinced of this,
12:35 I found a little statement
12:36 that I'd like to read to you in second "Selected Messages."
12:39 Now many of you will know that, those of you,
12:41 some people write and say,
12:43 well, what does those little things mean?
12:44 Those little magazines?
12:45 Bless your heart, I'm glad you do,
12:47 you keep writing, we'll let you know.
12:48 These are very, very important. God inspired messages.
12:50 Second "Selected Messages" page 109.
12:53 I want you to listen these words.
12:55 This is what we're talking, the Godhead here
12:57 but I want you to see what's happening.
12:58 Here is what it says.
12:59 "Those things which have been--"
13:01 Are you with me?
13:02 "Those things which have been, will be repeated.
13:05 Old controversies will be revived,
13:10 new theologies will be
13:11 continually arriving, or theories."
13:15 New theories will be constantly, what?
13:18 Arising.
13:20 Old things are going to come back.
13:22 So has this the Godhead issue,
13:24 has it been going on for a long time, has it?
13:29 And you say, well,
13:30 it seemed like it's been quite for a while.
13:31 Remember they'll keep coming back,
13:34 it'll keep coming back,
13:35 we're gonna be tested on these things.
13:37 False teachers are going to arise as we will know
13:40 and they are going to be talking
13:42 about the common and the impure,
13:44 we know that, against what is true and what is holy.
13:48 Always that, just two sides of the question,
13:50 good and evil, right and wrong.
13:52 It'll always be that way, there is no middle ground.
13:55 But you know what?
13:57 There is people today
13:58 who had rather believe a lie than the truth.
14:01 Very interesting thought and you say,
14:02 well, I'm still in the truth, you mean,
14:04 I would rather believe a lie? You know what?
14:06 Truth was discarded by Adam and Eve in the garden.
14:12 Truth was what? Discarded.
14:14 This is where it all begins.
14:15 And many times people begin to study the word a little bit
14:18 and pretty soon they see a truth,
14:19 they're not sure and all of a sudden they discard it
14:21 and say, well, this is easier to believe this.
14:23 Interesting.
14:25 Let's look back, shall we?
14:27 And I think this is very important
14:28 in our foundation that we are building.
14:31 Because many people gather information
14:34 and they start presenting it as a truth,
14:36 we need to find out in this moment,
14:38 in Adventism especially,
14:40 we talk about in the early Church,
14:43 many teachers think about many teaching were developed
14:47 and they were regarded as truth about the Godhead.
14:52 So in the early stages, yes, this subject was, what?
14:56 People were studying it,
14:57 they want to know about the Godhead,
14:59 they want to know about the deity of Jesus Christ.
15:02 Think with me, one major teaching,
15:05 one major teaching developed in the fourth century.
15:09 This is called Arianism, I mean, many of you--
15:12 you know this.
15:13 Interesting why this teaching came about
15:18 and who is the author of this teaching.
15:21 What does it mean?
15:23 What is the concept of Arianism?
15:25 What is it?
15:26 Well, it's simply the teaching that brings forth the idea
15:29 that there was a time, notice,
15:31 there was a time when Christ was not.
15:34 There was a time somewhere in the history of the world
15:36 before that Christ wasn't there.
15:40 Is that a truth compared to scripture?
15:42 Is that realty a truth?
15:44 Think with me for a while.
15:45 And then the teaching goes on to say,
15:48 okay, what we believe is that
15:50 there was a time in the history of the world
15:53 that Christ was created.
15:55 I don't know people today
15:56 are supposed to know the truth today just like,
15:57 well, Christ was not always with God,
16:00 there was a time that He was created.
16:04 Think about what being said,
16:06 do you mean there was a time that our Savior Jesus Christ,
16:09 was He a created being?
16:11 Arianism, that's what it teaches.
16:14 Where did it come from?
16:16 It's still thought by many churches today,
16:19 it's believed by a lot of individuals and much of it
16:22 because we're confused,
16:24 because we really don't know what truth is.
16:27 So many churches are claiming, well, this is right, this is--
16:32 I want you to think with me,
16:33 we need to realize if we're looking for truth
16:36 and I want to emphasize it over and over all the time.
16:38 If you're looking for the truth,
16:40 you have the Bible and you have Spirit of Prophecy.
16:43 Some of you will get that, some of you may not.
16:46 We got sources here
16:47 that we need to be looking into, the Bible.
16:50 Bible, Spirit of Prophecy is about as clear as it can be
16:53 on this subject but if it is, why are so many confused?
16:58 If it's really clear and if it really just,
17:00 you know, just comes out in one, two, three,
17:02 why is that they were confused?
17:04 Why is there division?
17:05 Why is there separation among God's people
17:08 in the world today?
17:09 And in Adventism?
17:11 I want you think with me on that.
17:12 Consider this if you will.
17:14 Now remember when you consider something
17:16 that means you're gonna have to take some of those ideas
17:18 that's going through your mind right now
17:20 and put them over here on a shelf
17:21 if you will and put on your thinking hat with me.
17:25 We must consider this because of the way
17:28 that we have even developed this teaching
17:30 and these thoughts about the Godhead.
17:33 Now remember there is one specific group
17:36 and I'm gonna talk about this group and I'm gonna say,
17:38 there is a little group called Adventist or Adventism.
17:43 This was part of the,
17:44 we call it the Second Advent Movement.
17:48 This was in the early days,
17:49 you know, you understand as I began to talk.
17:51 Many people in the beginning of the Advent Movement
17:55 came out of different churches.
17:58 They came out, remember,
17:59 the call was want to learn the truth is what
18:00 to come out of my people.
18:02 And so many people with this, you know, with this doctrine
18:05 and then teaching that Christ was created,
18:07 that He was not always with the Father and so on,
18:09 you know, it came out some of these other churches
18:11 and they all began to come together
18:13 and began to call themselves, you know, second--
18:15 you know, believe in second coming of Jesus
18:18 and they want to be ready for that.
18:20 So as they came out,
18:21 all these different people they had different thoughts,
18:24 different theologies and it's very, very interesting
18:27 on the subject of the Godhead and so when they came out,
18:30 they brought these thoughts with them.
18:32 Now I'm gonna prove that in just a minute.
18:34 You say, well, I didn't know.
18:36 They brought all these things in here
18:37 and they began to join the Advent Movement.
18:40 You see, a lot of times there's people
18:42 who come out of-- be careful here now,
18:45 other churches and they join
18:46 the Adventism God's last day Church,
18:50 but many times they don't lay all the luggage down,
18:53 they bring some of their stuff
18:54 that they were thought many years ago
18:56 and maybe not necessary, they try to lay it down
18:58 but those old thoughts keep coming back.
19:01 And then they began to really relate those thoughts
19:03 to the church people and so on and so forth.
19:05 And many minds become confused
19:06 because we are not studying for our self.
19:09 I thought how interesting this is,
19:12 that we can see in these early days
19:16 the subject of the Godhead that these people--
19:19 now remember most, almost all,
19:22 the most of the leaders of the Second Advent Movement
19:27 after 1844 were Arian in their belief.
19:31 Did you get that?
19:32 Almost all of the people after 1844, in the beginning
19:37 Advent Movement had these Arian thoughts.
19:40 Well, what that mean then?
19:44 Because they wrote articles, didn't they?
19:46 Sure, they printed up some of these things
19:48 and sometime people are going back
19:50 and they're reading these in their early days of Adventism
19:52 and they're saying,
19:53 oh, this is what the Church teaches,
19:55 why are we teaching this now?
19:57 Let me give you a couple of examples.
19:58 I'm gonna give you some name brands in Adventism.
20:02 Uriah Smith.
20:03 Uriah Smith, this is taken from a Biblical Institute
20:07 in 1878, page 184.
20:10 Here's what Uriah Smith wrote.
20:14 He said in one of his articles,
20:16 now remember this is right after 1844,
20:18 they're coming out from other faiths and denomination.
20:20 He wrote that Christ was a created being.
20:25 I want you to get the concept with me
20:26 while I'm talking about here, this makes sense
20:29 because people can go back to his first writings and say,
20:32 here's what he talked.
20:34 Remember, an Adventism as a group was coming together,
20:37 God was teaching, you remember
20:39 what we talked about God is leading his people, what?
20:41 Good, a step at a time, into more truth.
20:45 So we had to be careful
20:46 where we gather our information.
20:48 So he said He's a created being and he didn't believe,
20:52 now listen to this, he didn't believe that Christ
20:55 we say is the alpha and omega
20:58 except when it came to the plan of salvation.
21:01 Kind of an interesting thought, even Uriah Smith,
21:04 he was unwilling to say and you can kind of put this
21:07 in lot of different thought pattern
21:08 if you want to, but he thought this.
21:10 There's a phrase that talks about
21:12 the one who is and the one who was
21:15 and the one who used to come that could have
21:18 or could pretend to Jesus Christ.
21:21 Because He's had hard times and,
21:23 well, that might apply
21:24 because he didn't believe that he always was.
21:27 Huh, interesting.
21:29 Another name you might remember
21:31 was D.M. Canright and J.N. Lanton Borough.
21:34 Do you remember some of these names here?
21:36 You know, what they had their-- they had the position
21:38 that the Holy Spirit was not really a personality.
21:43 Now we're talking about in the beginning.
21:44 They're learning, they're coming out
21:46 from a different background coming in
21:48 and they begin to write.
21:50 They said what?
21:52 He's not really a person.
21:55 But He's some kind of a divine essence.
22:00 He's some kind of a divine influence.
22:03 Interesting.
22:04 If I mentioned to you J.H. Waggoner or E.J. Waggoner,
22:09 father-son, here's some of the things
22:11 that they said even, notice this.
22:13 They said "The Holy Spirit is that--"
22:16 listen to this "is that awful, mysterious power which proceeds
22:21 from the throne of the universe."
22:24 That's taken from the Spirit of God and its office
22:28 and manifestation on page 9.
22:31 Interesting the writings at this time,
22:34 but let me tell you right in front they begin to change.
22:37 So those are some names that we understand
22:39 in Adventism pretty well,
22:41 as they came out of other church
22:43 to begin with they had some different thoughts.
22:45 And they brought those thoughts with them and,
22:48 you know, they said really Jesus life,
22:51 they taught that the life of Jesus
22:53 was derived from the Father.
22:55 Oh, very interesting thought,
22:58 life was derived from the Father.
23:01 Let me give you another name
23:02 that might kind of blow your mind just a little bit.
23:04 It shouldn't, we all begin somewhere
23:07 and so as they're beginning, James White, James White,
23:09 interesting, Joseph Bates, you know,
23:12 in the beginning they were members
23:14 of the congregational Christian church
23:18 and they changed the timer too before they began to accept
23:21 the Second Advent Movement.
23:22 So they had all these teachings that were out before them
23:25 and they held very closely
23:28 to the Arian belief of Christ nature.
23:32 So what am I saying?
23:34 That we need to be careful as we look for truth.
23:39 We use what?
23:40 Two sources. Bible, Spirit of Prophecy.
23:42 Now let me try to get a little bit
23:43 closer to home with you, if you don't mind.
23:46 See, many have sent me material
23:48 and I'm not sure how to say this,
23:52 you know, I want to be, you know,
23:53 I appreciate people who are watching, people--
23:55 even if you have a different opinion, a different belief,
24:00 many people feel compelled, they'll say, you know what?
24:02 What he's teaching,
24:04 and when we get through all three of these this series,
24:07 you know, you're gonna say wow, it's either truth or it's not.
24:10 So what you will be compelled to do,
24:12 you're gonna say, man, I've got books this thick and,
24:15 boy, he needs these so I'm going to send them.
24:18 Did you realize these controversies
24:20 we're talking about here has been going on,
24:22 probably most of you who want will send them
24:24 is probably been going on for more years
24:27 than you were born.
24:28 Are you still with me?
24:29 So I've been receiving that kind of material
24:31 for a long, long period, many, many, many years.
24:35 I've done my best to look at it by the grace of God.
24:39 So I'm trying to say nice, you send it if you want to,
24:42 but you know what?
24:43 You got to go through the study Bible and Spirit of Prophecy
24:46 and here's what really happens, we'll think about it.
24:50 They'll send that information and here's what they'll say,
24:52 lots of material-- remember,
24:55 because someone has information
24:58 this thick doesn't mean its truth.
25:01 The enemy is good about compiling things all up
25:03 and twisting it all together
25:04 and putting in a big thing and say,
25:06 "Look at all the information we've got."
25:08 That doesn't mean its truth.
25:09 Jesus presented truth
25:11 and sometimes in one and two and three words.
25:13 And sometimes it's just a matter of,
25:16 this is what the word says,
25:17 by the grace of God I believe that.
25:19 I believe-- by faith I believe that.
25:21 So, you know, they send the material
25:24 and then they'll say this, look,
25:26 if you want to know the truth on this,
25:29 you look at what the pioneers said.
25:33 Let me just-- let me tell you boldly
25:35 if I might do this.
25:36 I don't read in the Bible
25:38 or whatever anyplace else that I'm supposed to
25:41 if I'm searching for truth to look
25:43 what somebody else said, the pioneers of the church.
25:47 We should be able to get the truth but you see,
25:50 if we look to the pioneers, we're looking to men,
25:52 and if we go back far enough in the beginning of Adventism,
25:55 you'll find they had some wrong doctrines and teachings.
25:58 And if you try to get it before they made their change
26:00 and bring it over, there's confusion.
26:02 I can see why, I hope you can understand it.
26:05 So as we look at this thing here they'll say
26:06 the pioneer said such and such on this particular subject.
26:10 I'm saying we need to be careful,
26:12 please, be careful because nowhere in scripture,
26:15 remember, to say if you want to know truth,
26:17 go back and see what pioneers taught.
26:19 No, you find truth, well,
26:21 in Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy.
26:24 We need-- it's nice to go back.
26:26 I'm not discouraging or trying to take away,
26:28 praise God for the pioneers,
26:30 but we need not look to them for truth,
26:32 we looked to the word of God.
26:35 We become confused because of all this stuff
26:37 that we try to bring in that
26:38 we shouldn't be bringing in now.
26:40 You know, why are we so confused?
26:44 Why don't we understand what the real source,
26:47 you see, of truth is?
26:48 And where we can find it? Prove a point.
26:52 How we know?
26:53 And let me tell you, I believe this,
26:54 there was many, many, many good godly men and women
26:58 that were advocating teachings,
27:01 the teachings that they thought was truth but listen,
27:04 but eventually they changed their opinion and their mind.
27:08 Why?
27:10 There were strong in this belief to begin with,
27:12 but how could they?
27:13 You see, all of a sudden they'll start step at a time
27:16 they begin to change their position and many times
27:19 when we're looking for the Godhead subject,
27:21 we're still looking back and saying
27:22 this is what they thought.
27:24 Let's follow them all the way around the circle, shall we?
27:27 And see where they ended up.
27:29 I've often heard it's not necessarily where ooh,
27:32 where you start but it's how you finish,
27:34 are you with me?
27:35 Not how you start, it's how you finish.
27:37 Let's keep these things in mind.
27:39 Now, you know, again step at a time.
27:42 Now one of the main reasons
27:44 that many of these men change their mind,
27:46 let me just give you that
27:48 so before we really go on with it.
27:50 Their point, a view,
27:52 is because in the last part of the 19th century,
27:55 in fact in around 1898,
27:59 there was a book that's published,
28:00 oh, it's one of my favorites.
28:02 One of my favorite books that was published.
28:05 And it's called "Desire of Ages."
28:09 Desire of Ages.
28:11 Oh, what a beautiful book on the life of Christ.
28:15 Once this book was pub-- remember,
28:17 Adventism was getting a start after 1844, you know,
28:21 so, you know, around almost 50 years you find out here
28:24 comes a book not too much was said
28:26 on the Godhead doctrine up till that point.
28:29 They had no place really changes that took place
28:32 but now all of a sudden
28:33 here come this book called Desire of Ages.
28:36 It clearly stated Christ-- listen, four things.
28:41 It clearly stated Christ position,
28:43 His place, His power and His authority.
28:47 Wow, think about it.
28:50 And the Holy Spirit, Ellen G. White spoke,
28:54 notice this, of the Godhead and talked about
28:58 three persons in the Godhead.
29:02 Wow, well, all these men
29:04 who had different thoughts in the background,
29:06 I'm gonna say wait a minute, we're all in a same boat here
29:09 but why is this coming out now?
29:12 Almost every one of them changed their position quickly
29:17 as God servant begin to pin these words down.
29:20 They weren't prideful, they'd really didn't know
29:23 but once God servant begin to pin these words down,
29:26 you see over the years, it took some years
29:29 but you know what, these same men,
29:31 they had confidence built up in the Spirit of Prophecy.
29:34 And they believe Ellen White was the prophetess of God.
29:37 And then what she's saying was the truth
29:39 and so they bowed to that.
29:41 Why don't-- well, some of us,
29:42 you know, we realize we need sometime
29:44 as it we're about let go some of our preconceived ideas.
29:47 And so as we see here they begin to change, why?
29:51 Because her statements were contrary
29:52 to what they used to believe.
29:56 Very interesting,
29:57 gift of prophecy, Spirit of Prophecy.
30:00 You say, well, I'm not really sure about that,
30:02 so I know for some of you it'd be difficult here
30:04 but read about-- Revelation 19:10,
30:06 you can read about the gift of prophecy,
30:08 the Spirit of Prophecy.
30:09 Revelation 22:8, 9, just a few things.
30:12 Revelation 12:17,
30:14 a gift that God left to His last day church.
30:16 We need it so desperately now because of what--
30:20 how the enemy's been working in the world.
30:22 You know, again we said over and over and you hear
30:25 it said everyday that people are calling
30:27 dark light and light dark.
30:28 We were so confused.
30:30 Every man just whatever he thinks
30:31 is right in his heart, that's what he does.
30:33 God's given us the truth in His word.
30:36 Now let's approach the subject
30:37 maybe more powerfully than you ever have before.
30:41 And I know it's difficult when you just said
30:43 I've really taken a stance and I've studied.
30:46 I remember people say, I've studied this,
30:47 I've exhausted this subject.
30:49 You can't exhaust anything
30:51 when it comes to the cause of God.
30:53 Let me just boldly say that,
30:54 I can't either, no one can in this life.
30:56 All you are doing is just scratching little bit there
30:59 that God has revealed to us.
31:00 We'll see more of that little bit later on.
31:02 And me too will learn through the ceaseless ages,
31:05 there'll never be a time
31:06 that we're not learning at the feet of Jesus.
31:09 So don't say I'm exhausted, I know it all.
31:12 Let pride go, put it out here on the table
31:14 and just say, okay, what's going on here?
31:16 Let's look at it, let's start,
31:18 let's do it on this subject about the Godhead.
31:21 First of all it's beyond the mind of man.
31:25 When you talk about the Godhead,
31:26 it's just really all beyond.
31:28 You say, okay, if it's beyond the mind of God,
31:30 then why are we fooling with it?
31:32 Why-- why are we going to stay?
31:33 Man, I can't understand that what it is,
31:35 now we need to keep in mind here,
31:38 in Romans 11:33, 34,
31:43 you know, and certainly when you read all these things
31:45 you'll just simply say, you know, the Bible says what?
31:48 "God's way are past finding out."
31:52 You remember that?
31:53 And then verse 34 said, well,
31:55 "Who can know the mind of the Lord?"
31:58 Who have known the mind of the Lord?
32:00 So right quick we're set in our place that,
32:02 you know, his ways are past finding out,
32:05 no one knows God's mind,
32:06 it's way above of everything that we can ever think of,
32:08 it's just too much for the human mind.
32:11 But yet sometimes we think we've got God figured out.
32:17 We must not go beyond or go any further than
32:22 what the Bible has spoken.
32:24 And many people do, they're doing it right now,
32:26 many, the doctrines and the teachings,
32:28 they're projecting.
32:29 If they can't get it to work out,
32:31 they're overlapping prophecy and all kind of stuff.
32:33 Friend, we don't need that,
32:35 we've got the message God gas given us
32:36 and we need to give it to the world.
32:38 We're letting it decay, we're letting it rot,
32:41 how sad to say how we have changed
32:44 and God's calling us back.
32:46 I know He's calling us back. He's calling me back.
32:48 I know He's calling you back.
32:50 We've got to get back the way God has set it up.
32:54 Do you remember as we read scripture,
32:56 the Bible says, you know, what God has revealed,
33:00 you know, it's for our study.
33:02 Now 1 Corinthians 2:10 says
33:05 "The spirit searcheth all things,
33:09 yea, the deep things of God."
33:13 Are you getting into the deep things of God?
33:17 And when I say, well, what God has revealed is for our study,
33:21 remember, He has revealed things in here
33:23 and what He has revealed is for our study.
33:27 We need not indulge in any kind of speculation
33:32 regarding His nature or the Godhead.
33:36 In fact may I just say in these short words,
33:39 He is above all discussion.
33:44 You say, well, then I don't have to really worry about it--
33:47 Oh, yeah, we balanced the word.
33:49 Deuteronomy 29:29, the Bible said
33:53 "The secret things belong to the Lord our God."
33:58 Okay? Now, well, does it go on?
33:59 Yes, it does, notice what it says.
34:02 "But those things which are--"
34:05 come on, good, "revealed belong to us
34:09 and to our children for ever."
34:12 So there's things that we can't we figure out,
34:14 it's too much for mankind but God says
34:16 I will reveal those things and they are for you
34:18 and they're for your children.
34:20 Please keep this in mind.
34:22 The enemy is at work like never before.
34:25 I've never seen it in my lifetime.
34:27 Every angle, every day is on and on,
34:30 there's a battle that's going on,
34:32 it's raging, it's ferocious.
34:35 Land, sea and air, disaster,
34:37 everything you can possibly think of tells me
34:39 that Jesus is coming.
34:41 And the enemy is trying to destroy our love
34:44 and our faith in God, in the truth of scripture.
34:48 He is trying to undermine
34:49 the faith of God's last day people.
34:52 And let me tell you, there's always
34:54 a certain group of people that's ready to try to catch
34:57 any kind of new idea that's thrown out.
35:00 May I say it like this regardless
35:01 how ridiculous that it is.
35:04 I hope you are with me.
35:06 There's always that little group
35:08 and then the little group starts telling somebody else
35:10 and everybody says, well, you know, we heard.
35:12 Do you-- do we not know
35:14 why we've been called the last day people?
35:16 And what our message is?
35:17 And what we should be focusing on?
35:19 You know, God have, God have mercy on us.
35:22 God said I'll reveal these things to you.
35:24 They're for you and for your children.
35:27 Many people today you see it over and over
35:31 they misapply scripture.
35:33 I mean how many of you think--
35:35 how many of you are praying everyday,
35:36 God help me to understand scripture?
35:39 I pray and I realized I'm very limited in every area.
35:42 But I pray everyday God help me to know
35:43 what truth is and help us to do so work on my heart
35:46 and then help me through I can give it to somebody else.
35:49 We need to be praying for that every day
35:51 because the enemy is taking and twisting the scripture.
35:56 And many people do it and you know what?
35:57 I think many of them, they're intending too.
36:00 They love Jesus, they're not--
36:02 they just don't know the real truth of the issue
36:04 so they're trying to twist things
36:06 to make it say something it's not.
36:07 And let me tell you,
36:08 those who are twisting scripture
36:10 will be caught in that thing
36:12 I call the big old net of satan.
36:14 Satan has a net and he's trying to take it right now
36:18 and throw it over the people of God
36:20 to keep them confined where they cannot spread this
36:23 Three Angels message to the world.
36:26 Do you believe he has a big net?
36:27 You better believe it.
36:28 And he knows just exactly how to use it
36:31 and who to use it on.
36:32 He's going to use it, number one, to destroy.
36:35 He's going to use it to deceive.
36:37 I don't want to be destroyed. I don't want to be deceived.
36:40 Let me give you just a little bit example
36:42 of what I'm taking about here.
36:43 Let's look at the history and we should know this well.
36:46 We look at the history of the Jewish church.
36:48 You remember that, the nation I should say.
36:51 And you remember what happened there,
36:53 it's being-- actually
36:54 it's being repeated today by those
36:57 who claim to believe present truth.
37:00 Did you focus on that?
37:02 The history of the Jewish nation is being repeated
37:06 by those who claim to know present truth today.
37:10 That should alarm us.
37:12 Lord, help us.
37:15 Let me say that's how simple it seems to be for us today
37:18 but they're confused.
37:20 Notice, they were supposed to be familiar with scripture.
37:24 They were suppose--
37:25 like we are today about the Godhead.
37:27 What happens when you die? Sabbath?
37:28 All of these-- we should know.
37:31 Let me tell you this before I go on,
37:33 there's people in the world today,
37:34 I can't quite get this, we say, well, Adventism.
37:39 Well, you've got the-- you have the liberals,
37:42 the liberal liberals.
37:44 You have the conservative
37:45 and the conservative conservatives.
37:47 Well, how can that be truth?
37:49 How can you have, you say, well, we're all one body
37:52 but they're liberals and we're conservatives?
37:54 That means you're thinking differently.
37:56 You are operating differently, you're doing different thing,
37:59 how can we honor the God of heaven?
38:00 You don't need to be
38:01 as a conservative or as a liberal,
38:03 you need to be a follower of Jesus Christ.
38:05 And with that, my brothers and sisters,
38:07 God will lead us into all truth.
38:10 Now think about it with me,
38:13 if we are being deceived today by the enemy,
38:18 if he's pulling the same shenanigans
38:20 that he pulled on the Jewish nation,
38:24 who are supposed to be what? Familiar with scripture.
38:28 They had the Old Testament scriptures, yes, they did.
38:31 They spent much time in scripture,
38:34 lot of counsel, they worked together,
38:36 they pretty much said, man, we've got it memorized.
38:41 They had it in their heart. They had it in their mind.
38:44 And many before them had done a lot of searching.
38:48 And they were talking about the coming of the Messiah,
38:51 think about it, but what did they come up with?
38:56 They studied the prophecies about referring
38:58 to the second coming of Jesus, you remember, in the clouds.
39:02 But what did they do?
39:04 They-- what they read about
39:06 the second coming of Jesus, they did what?
39:08 They referred to his first coming.
39:12 How could that be?
39:13 It's clear, it's straight, it's pointed scripture
39:17 but they misapplied it.
39:19 So that's why many of it, what, majority said what?
39:22 We don't believe Jesus has come yet,
39:25 because they misapplied.
39:26 Is it possible today that we're following
39:28 in the footsteps and we're misapplying scripture
39:31 and Spirit of Prophecy?
39:32 Twisting it to make it say what we wanted to say?
39:36 Maybe not even really trying to do,
39:38 it is just coming out that way
39:39 because we're searching maybe in some of the wrong places.
39:42 Oh, I can see how the enemy was happy
39:47 as he through his big net over the Jewish nation
39:50 and he's throwing it over many of us today.
39:53 He's caught, the enemy's catching them
39:56 and he wanted them to believe something that was wrong
40:00 and what happens when you do that?
40:03 Jesus then when He came to this earth,
40:05 He did not come as they expected Him to come
40:10 and so they lost heart.
40:12 They lost their faith and you know
40:15 what their words were?
40:17 Oh, shall we look for another?
40:20 Remember, He didn't come the way they thought,
40:22 He come as a baby in a manger.
40:24 They thought He's gonna come
40:26 in the clouds of glory and setup his kingdom,
40:27 all this is what they were looking for
40:29 and He didn't so, we've got to look for somebody else now.
40:31 Even John the Baptist, you remember?
40:34 John the Baptist there in Luke 7:20.
40:37 He sent two of his disciples or two men to Jesus
40:41 and with this question.
40:43 Notice the question.
40:45 It says, "Art thou he that should come?
40:49 Or look we to another?"
40:53 Interesting.
40:54 Should we look somewhere else? Misapply scripts?
40:57 There is no need to misapply but they did,
41:00 the enemy caught him in the net.
41:01 He's caught many Adventists, many Christians in the net.
41:06 We need to breakthrough that net.
41:09 Let's get it right by the grace of God in this study.
41:11 Let's get it right about the Godhead,
41:14 regardless of what we once believe
41:16 then I say on the weight of evidence.
41:19 Let's weight it out.
41:22 Not the evidence of men and not what men believe
41:27 and what men teach or their position.
41:30 Well, we're talking about the inspired word of God,
41:34 the Spirit of Prophecy, the Bible.
41:37 If we really, really understand, we really study,
41:42 you realize there would be no division in this movement.
41:45 There's too much division.
41:47 We're always here
41:48 and we need to be united together.
41:49 We need to shoulder rub together.
41:51 That's about the farthest thing
41:52 from what I'm thinking right now, God helped me.
41:57 It seems to be one church against the other,
42:00 confusion on every hand.
42:02 This church teaches this, this church--
42:04 not God's last day church used to be that way.
42:08 Christ prayed for the unity for us
42:11 to come together on these teachings.
42:14 We need to really, really be in attitude
42:16 to prayer much more than
42:17 we ever have in our entire life.
42:20 I believe it, I believe.
42:23 By the grace of God we just let the spirit come in,
42:28 ask for what is truth, it will come.
42:33 But because today some people believe
42:36 they know more than other people,
42:39 that they spend more time searching
42:43 and going back to the Greek and the Hebrew
42:45 and going back to this and going back to that,
42:50 they're not willing too prideful to come back and say,
42:52 now what do you think about this?
42:54 As we study we need counsel,
42:55 we need to talk with others on the subject.
42:59 But sometimes we think that
43:01 we're just little smarter than everybody else.
43:03 You probably have people like that,
43:04 you probably know people like that.
43:08 And so we tend to twist
43:10 and we tend to ignore inspiration.
43:15 Praise God for inspiration,
43:16 spirit of prophecies that He's given to help us
43:18 when we read the scripture
43:20 and it's a little bit difficult,
43:21 the Holy Spirit gives us understanding
43:23 so that we need not misinterpret.
43:26 There's no excuse for this misinterpret.
43:29 We're reading the same thing why are we so divided.
43:32 And if you say, some of you're saying it right now,
43:34 you say, well, I thought
43:35 we were all together on this thing.
43:38 We're gonna have to check you out.
43:40 We're gonna have to check you out because there is--
43:42 the unity is just not there.
43:46 So many different beliefs that you can go
43:48 six miles down the road to the same church
43:51 and they're teaching something almost totally different.
43:52 What's wrong with this?
43:54 Something is not right, not trying to be ugly about it,
43:57 I'm just trying to say you'll find--
43:59 We receive too many phone calls,
44:02 too many people in tears.
44:05 Too many people crying their eyes out.
44:09 People, 70, 75, 80, 85, they're calling,
44:12 people 90 years old are calling with tears.
44:16 They've never seen such a mess
44:19 and they can't figure out why there's such a mess.
44:21 Because we're leaving the truth on the ground
44:23 rather than elevating it.
44:25 We just ask you a question,
44:28 what was one of the major problems
44:31 that the Jews had with Jesus?
44:33 Oh, you could name a lot of them I'm sure.
44:36 What was one of the major, major problems
44:39 that Jews had with Jesus?
44:42 They wanted to kill Him over this problem.
44:47 It was over the fact of His deity.
44:51 Huh?
44:53 He claimed to be the Son of God.
44:55 He claimed to be equal with God.
45:00 They wanted to kill Him over this issue.
45:04 And I'll be careful what I'm saying here
45:06 but I think there are some people
45:07 when they get into this issue, they almost want to...
45:11 over this issue, so now I'll just leave it there.
45:15 Jesus said He was equal with God.
45:20 Wow, what a statement. He was eternal.
45:25 He was Jehovah God.
45:29 How? How can that be?
45:32 You remember in John 5: 18, 23, notice this.
45:37 Here's what the Bible says, it says
45:38 "Therefore the Jews sought the more to kill Him"
45:41 listen, scripture says,
45:43 "because He not only had broken the Sabbath,
45:49 but said also that God was His Father,
45:53 making Himself equal with God."
45:57 They wanted to kill Jesus because He said
46:02 I'm the Son of God.
46:04 He's my father.
46:06 He was telling them the truth.
46:08 He made himself equal with God
46:09 and though they couldn't stand it.
46:11 Verse 23 of John Chapter 5, notice this,
46:15 and it said "That all men should honor the Son,
46:19 even as they honor the Father.
46:22 He that honoreth not the Son honoreth not the Father
46:27 which hath sent him."
46:29 Did you get the power of these words?
46:35 Jesus was talking to them and he said to them
46:39 all men should honor the Son
46:41 even as they honor the Father, why?
46:44 He that honoreth not the Son
46:46 honoreth not the Father which's in him.
46:49 Man, this is big what was Jesus saying here.
46:53 We're confused on it too.
46:54 What do you mean He drives us one with the Father?
46:56 How do you-- what do you mean
46:58 He's equal with the Father?
47:02 Please remember this, Praise God,
47:04 Jesus lived a sinless life.
47:07 The victorious life, He was appointed as the judge.
47:11 He defends His people.
47:13 He alone judges
47:15 the righteousness of His people.
47:17 He created us and let me tell He created us
47:21 at an infinite cost to himself as to redeem us.
47:25 What a Savior.
47:27 Philippians 2:6, the Bible says,
47:30 "He who, being in the form of God,
47:33 thought it not robbery to be equal with God."
47:37 How is it that we become confused on things
47:39 and we're just beginning so clear cut,
47:41 the Bible is clear.
47:43 He was in the form of God, notice that, and He thought--
47:47 Jesus Himself thought it not robbery to be equal with God.
47:52 We shouldn't have a problem with that issue.
47:55 See, Christ and His position
47:57 with the Father is one of equality.
48:01 They're equal-- how can they be?
48:05 Because He was equal with the Father,
48:06 you realize this enabled Him
48:08 to become the sin offering for transgression.
48:13 This really goes back, just starts digging deep.
48:16 See, all men, the world needs to know or can know of God.
48:23 How He-- who He is and His character
48:26 by looking at by looking at the life of what?
48:27 Of Jesus Christ,
48:29 by looking at the character of Jesus
48:30 they can know God.
48:32 Wow.
48:34 Some people say, well, there's just one--
48:35 there's three gods,
48:36 we're gonna get into all of that.
48:39 So how interesting.
48:40 John 1:18, the Bible says, think with me.
48:45 "No man hath seen God at any time" interesting,
48:49 "the only begotten Son,
48:51 which is in the bosom of the Father,
48:54 hath declared him."
48:55 I tell you if there's one scripture in the Bible
48:57 that people can just absolutely twist
48:59 so there's hardly nothing left of it,
49:01 this is one of them and it shouldn't be
49:03 because they're trying to make it say something
49:06 that it's not saying.
49:07 "No man has seen God at any time,
49:11 the only begotten."
49:13 Oh, he was God
49:14 and He was somewhere along the--
49:16 the word begotten, just do some study on it.
49:20 It means the unique one.
49:22 The unique one, the only one, the very God,
49:27 the one is what that means right there.
49:30 And it says well, yeah, but it said it's in his bosom,
49:33 kind of an interesting thought there.
49:37 You remember, the relationship of the Father
49:40 and of the Son is quite an intimate association
49:45 that you and I maybe
49:47 we just can't get it in our mind.
49:49 Saying that what-- God, Jesus,
49:52 they know each other like no one else knows.
49:55 And it says it from the bosom, I thought how interesting.
50:00 It's kind of-- it's a word that you say yeah,
50:02 but they were talking about in his bosom.
50:05 It's an idiom, you know what that is,
50:07 you look it up in the dictionary,
50:08 you see what it simply means.
50:09 It's talking about it's having a different meaning
50:12 than from that of the literal.
50:14 So it has a different meaning, didn't mean,
50:17 you know, really coming from the bosom
50:19 but because of their intimate relationship,
50:21 they were-- one another,
50:23 couldn't separate.
50:24 Two separate entities.
50:27 What a thought. Bible says God is light.
50:33 And then it goes on and says in these words,
50:36 John8:12, look at that, jot it down, John.
50:40 Jesus said, "I am the light of the world."
50:44 Jesus declared, listen, His oneness with God
50:48 and His relationship to man.
50:50 He said I am the light of the-- what?
50:53 Of the world. Of the world, interesting.
50:57 In John 1:4 it becomes clear, notice these words.
51:00 The Bible said "In him was life,
51:04 and that life was the light of men."
51:08 And then we began to tweak it
51:10 just a little bit in John Chapter 1 and 2.
51:13 The Bible said "In the beginning was the Word,
51:15 and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."
51:19 Wow, the same was in the beginning with God.
51:23 How can we misunderstand these things the Bible said?
51:26 Notice, in the beginning was the word.
51:28 We know the word is Jesus Christ.
51:31 In the beginning was the word and the word was God.
51:35 Wow, the same was in the beginning with God.
51:43 So we can say, well, there was a time that He came
51:45 and He was with God from all eternity.
51:50 In the very beginning, yeah,
51:51 we say, well, yeah, yeah, just--
51:52 don't go beyond what He has revealed to us.
51:56 See, we realize Christ made all things,
51:58 therefore if He made all things,
52:00 He had to exist before all things.
52:03 I hope that makes sense to you.
52:05 Christ was God essentially in the highest sins.
52:11 He was with God from all eternity,
52:14 a distinct person yet one with the Father.
52:18 That's pretty clear, don't you think?
52:21 We think about the Godhead, the Godhead, let me see
52:26 we just have a couple of minutes left.
52:28 The Godhead consisted the Father and the Son
52:31 and the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit.
52:35 And so we started to study of the Godhead,
52:37 we have two more very important in this series.
52:40 We have three parts so you don't want to miss
52:42 any of these because the foundation's being laid
52:44 and we're digging in deep about the Godhead right here,
52:46 we look at here, but remember only found
52:48 three times in scripture and we're gonna give those
52:52 when we have more time in our next lesson,
52:54 three of these things.
52:55 Three scriptures, talks about the Godhead
52:58 and the meaning of the Godhead.
53:02 It always means divine. It always means God like.
53:07 It always talks about divinity.
53:10 Friends, I need to know more about this subject,
53:12 I don't know about you.
53:14 The devil has come in
53:15 and smeared it all over the place
53:17 but I believe God's gonna raise the people
53:18 that will bring it clear and straight to the point
53:21 where we may see this subject.
53:23 It's very, very important, very important.
53:25 Especially those who say there is no Holy Spirit.
53:29 What a subject that's going to be,
53:31 what time that we spend, you know, God's gonna bless us
53:33 because there's people who really want to know.
53:36 Maybe you're one of them today, maybe you're one of them.
53:39 And you're praying and you are thanking God
53:43 that we had this opportunity do a little bit of studying.
53:45 I want to pray for you and those of you who may be
53:47 walking around ringing your hands saying, boy,
53:49 I don't know what we're gonna do to--
53:50 why don't you just go through all three parts,
53:52 I need you to call in and get the whole series.
53:54 And then the other little, you know,
53:56 we have a flower, we have things on it,
53:58 all kind of stuff that we won't have to read here,
54:00 information that will help you.
54:02 But I want to pray with you right now,
54:04 it's very important that we pray,
54:05 the things that we're learning,
54:07 things that we're being reminded of,
54:09 that the Holy Spirit will bring them to your heart
54:10 and to your mind.
54:12 We need to see the truth on the subject of the Godhead.
54:16 Would you pray with me?
54:17 I'm gonna kneel,
54:18 I want you kneel with me where you can.
54:20 Let's pray together.
54:21 Loving Father in Heaven,
54:22 we thank You once again always for the privilege of prayer.
54:24 We thank You for these beautiful truths.
54:26 Thank You for loving enough that You've made it clear
54:29 anyone who wants to know what truth is,
54:31 You're gonna reveal it to them through the Holy Spirit.
54:33 We thank You for those years and eyes and hearts and minds
54:37 that's been open right now and we're gonna give
54:39 You praise and give You honor and give You glory
54:41 and we're thankful for Father and the Son
54:43 and the Holy Spirit, in Jesus name, amen.
54:47 We want to just to encourage you here
54:48 in these last few seconds to,
54:49 you know, continue, you have questions
54:51 and I realize many of you do, many of you are sending books,
54:54 you're sending all kind of stuff and sometime
54:56 it's just difficult to get back, it's just--
54:58 you know, there's only so much time.
54:59 Don't get discouraged, if you really need to,
55:02 you need to just keep calling or keep sending,
55:04 do whatever so that, you know, if you have questions
55:06 by the grace of God we can go to the word of God
55:08 and have your questions answered.
55:10 You are very important,
55:11 God loves you, we love you here.
55:12 And we just ask if you are excited about these truths
55:16 and present truths as being presented,
55:17 then you are gonna want to what?
55:19 Stand shoulder to shoulder with us.
55:20 The only way we can present
55:21 these things like this is with your help.
55:24 And we ask it you would do that
55:25 through the power of the Holy Spirit,
55:27 you pray about it, see what you can do to help us
55:28 to continue the programs.
55:30 We're glad we've spent this time with you
55:32 and we'll see you next time.
55:35 Hello and welcome back.
55:37 I hope you felt the tugging of the Holy Sprit,
55:40 to want to learn more
55:42 as we continue this series on the Godhead.
55:45 In referring to Christ, Colossians 2:9, 10 reads
55:50 "For in him dwelleth
55:51 all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.
55:54 And ye are complete in Him,
55:57 which is the head of all principality and power."
56:00 And in Christ's Object Lessons, page 115,
56:04 we find this inspiring description of Christ
56:07 as part of the Godhead.
56:09 "He is the brightness of the Father's glory
56:12 and the expressed image of His person.
56:14 The glory of the attributes of God
56:16 is expressed in His character.
56:19 Every page of the Holy Scriptures
56:21 shines with His light."
56:23 What beautiful truths are given to us on the Godhead
56:26 and what a wonderful promise that we,
56:29 you and I can find completeness in Christ.
56:32 But there is more to come in these studies.
56:35 We will be going past the preconceived ideas
56:38 of our early pioneers
56:39 to what God revealed to them as truth.
56:42 A truth that we hope,
56:44 we all adopt and adopt in faithful living.
56:48 And we also hope that you want to continue studying
56:51 along with us and that you will have a desiring your heart
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57:57 Dear friends, until next time
57:59 may our Precious Lord continue to richly bless you and yours.


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