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The Godhead -part 2

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00:41 Hello and welcome to "Behold the Lamb Presents."
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton, your host and I want to welcome
00:47 each and every one of you
00:48 to another insightful study of God's word today.
00:52 Today's message is the second message
00:54 in a three part series that we are simply calling
00:57 "The Godhead."
00:58 In part one of the series we looked at God, the Father
01:02 and we'll touch upon that just a bit more today.
01:05 But our main focus for today's study
01:07 will be upon God the Son.
01:09 And what better way to prepare our hearts for the study
01:13 then to read to you John 1:1-4.
01:17 "In the beginning was the Word,
01:19 and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
01:23 The same was in the beginning with God.
01:26 All things were made by him,
01:28 and without him was not any thing made that was made.
01:32 In him was life, and the life was the light of men."
01:36 This is so beautifully begins to describe God the Son.
01:40 Pastor Kenny will share with us a fuller meaning of this,
01:44 these verses and much more today
01:46 as we begin part two of "The Godhead."
01:50 But first we are blessed with the song entitled,
01:53 "The Eternal Life" as played by Brother Ron Woolsey
01:56 from the 3ABN Worship Center.
04:39 Thanks for joining us again here at "Behold the Lamb."
04:41 And we want to say right up front
04:43 we just really appreciate you
04:45 and those of you who are viewing
04:46 and those who are writing
04:47 and those who are sending those love gifts
04:49 and you're praying, we appreciate you so very much.
04:51 We want to continue that line of thought
04:54 and that kind of line of study
04:55 that we're been doing in God's word
04:57 which we call present truth.
04:59 Well, this subject-- no exception,
05:00 we're gonna be talking about the Godhead.
05:02 Some of you maybe never heard that term before
05:05 but we pray and we do this three part series
05:08 that you will understand better the Godhead.
05:09 Why?
05:11 Remember for every truth,
05:12 God has-- the enemy has a counterfeit
05:15 and certainly has a counterfeit of the Godhead.
05:18 So we're gonna be looking at very closely this issue
05:21 based upon God's word in the Spirit of Prophecy.
05:23 And again we thank you for joining us,
05:26 thank you for keeping us in prayer.
05:28 Now always before we get into our study,
05:30 what do we do?
05:32 Yes, some of you've been writing and calling and said,
05:33 you appreciate, you know,
05:35 the prayer naturally before we open
05:37 the pages of God's word.
05:39 Because we want Him to speak to us, don't we?
05:40 We need to hear from God.
05:42 So I'm gonna kneel
05:43 and going to have prayer and where you can,
05:45 you can kneel with me there at your home
05:46 and some of you won't be able to--
05:48 but you can pray along with that the Holy Spirit
05:50 will just open our hearts,
05:52 our minds and all the people around the world
05:55 that hear this message
05:57 that the spirit with the living God
05:58 will just touch their hearts
05:59 and bring them to the further cross.
06:01 Let's pray, shall we?
06:04 Our kind loving heaving Father,
06:05 we do thank You for the privilege
06:07 and it is the privilege to have prayer.
06:09 You said, we can come boldly to the throne of God
06:12 not because of who we are but because of Jesus Christ.
06:15 Lord, I thank You for that blood,
06:16 thank You for Calvary.
06:18 Today, we plea, we beg
06:20 for the power of the Holy Spirit
06:21 to consume each and every heart,
06:23 every life, how we need to hear from heaven.
06:27 Just pray the things of this world
06:28 will just go strangely down that we spend this time
06:31 in Your presence and we desire
06:33 to know what truth is
06:34 and we desire to follow that truth.
06:36 We need the Holy Spirit.
06:38 I ask that You'll forgive me of any sin,
06:40 anything in my heart and life that needs not be there.
06:42 Oh, Lord, we need to be clean.
06:44 Need to hear Your voice and I pray as You speak
06:45 to each and everyone of us that we will take the message,
06:49 this important message of the Godhead.
06:51 It is important
06:52 that we understand what truth is.
06:54 Help us we pray.
06:55 We commit ourselves in thy care and thy keeping.
06:57 Bless Your people, we pray in Jesus name, amen.
07:03 Again get a pencil and paper it's always good to have,
07:06 so you can jot things down.
07:07 I'm a thorough believer that you need to test
07:10 everything that's being said.
07:12 Regardless the man said,
07:14 well, I'm a preacher and I'm an evangelist,
07:15 I'm this, I'm that.
07:17 Well, that's wonderful.
07:18 But we need to what,
07:19 step in and we need to write things down,
07:21 we need to study.
07:22 The Bible said to show ourselves approved unto God.
07:26 Remember, we say at the beginning of the program
07:27 for every truth the enemy has what?
07:29 He has a counterfeit.
07:31 So this-- there's no exception.
07:32 So this we find as there's many counterfeits in the world today
07:37 and any many faced about this subject.
07:41 It can be cleared up,
07:42 all we have to do to study the Bible,
07:43 line upon line, precept upon precept.
07:45 And we'll been using Spirit of Prophecy,
07:47 I'm unbeliever in Spirit of Prophecy,
07:48 that will be new to some of you.
07:51 And we're not trying to scare you off
07:53 or make you afraid.
07:54 But wow, what a wonderful gift to God's last day church,
07:58 we need that desperately.
08:00 Well, you know,
08:02 in the first part this is the second,
08:03 so in the first part,
08:04 we came to grips with this that God has testing truths,
08:08 testing truths for every generation.
08:11 He always has, He brings out this truths
08:13 and He challenges us to accept them by His grace
08:17 and by His strength.
08:18 God has leading a people,
08:20 He's leading them step-by-step. Why?
08:23 So that He can test, prove what's really in the heart
08:28 'cause sometime we have a lot of lip service
08:30 and we do a lot of talking sometime.
08:32 But God is putting testing truths out there
08:34 to really see what you really think about
08:36 and what's really in your heart
08:37 and how you are going to respond.
08:40 There are things that we will hear like new light.
08:44 Oh, if you don't believe this and you don't accept this
08:46 and oh, oh, while you-- heaven will never be your home.
08:50 Remember we test all new light.
08:52 They say there's new Solemn said, "under the sun."
08:55 So it's maybe new to us or to new to sometime
08:58 when you get into the some subject matter here
09:00 but we need to realize that it's in God's word,
09:02 it's established in God's word.
09:04 So new-- and theologically you're looking at
09:07 there's going to be doctors,
09:08 there's going to be teachings
09:10 and that going to be counseling on the rise.
09:13 And so we need to be in focused with the Holy Spirit,
09:15 focused with the Word of God.
09:18 There are others who are going to come by
09:19 and they're going to say,
09:20 well, you know, these are some old truths.
09:22 Well, Praise God.
09:23 But sometimes with those old truths,
09:24 they're throw in some--
09:26 listen carefully some old traditions.
09:28 But we're not worried about traditions
09:29 because Jesus said "In vain do they worship Me,
09:32 teaching for doctrines the commandments of men
09:34 or men's traditions."
09:36 So we need to be careful about all of these teachings
09:39 because they're going to be on the rise
09:41 and the Godhead issue
09:43 has been on the rise for a long, long time.
09:46 Now many who watch, many who watch,
09:51 you know, time from programming as it goes on,
09:54 you realize that we say things many times
09:57 and it's not to meant to be difficult,
09:58 it's not meant to be the heart or we have a burden
10:02 to get this message out
10:03 because there either is a truth or it's a life from the devil.
10:06 And you'll say, well,
10:08 we can't be deceived on this issue.
10:10 You remember-- just think about this.
10:11 There will be millions that will be deceived,
10:14 the Bible says, here in the last days, about what?
10:16 The message that being presented.
10:19 You say, well, how can that be?
10:21 Listen, our parents Adam and Eve in the garden.
10:26 They received a lie instead of obeying what is truth.
10:31 They were deceived in the garden.
10:33 So now think you're beyond that
10:35 or I'm beyond that we need to be in the Word of God.
10:37 Remember Adam and Eve
10:39 then exchange the truth for a lie.
10:42 So remember if this is not the truth
10:44 then it has to be a lie.
10:45 So the Godhead issue at least in the--
10:48 we talk about in the beginning of the early advent,
10:51 Adventist believers.
10:53 Many, many, many, many, many.
10:55 Now we're talking about the 1840s
10:57 and middles and so on so forth.
10:58 So this Godhead you will say,
11:00 well, that last couple of years
11:01 it's been going on
11:03 since the beginning of the early Adventist,
11:06 from beginning time for century.
11:08 So we can look at this subject
11:09 and we need to dissect it properly.
11:12 So we realize that the--
11:13 they called about the Arian, the issue.
11:16 And we found out that which many times
11:19 this has been taught by our pioneers.
11:23 They had the Arian belief,
11:25 they had the teaching they came out
11:26 on a different denominations and different churches.
11:29 And, so this was kind of in their mind
11:31 and their headset.
11:32 Well, let's think about this for a moment.
11:35 If this is so and I call the Arian,
11:38 I call it a heresy, not a truth.
11:42 What you might want to say,
11:43 well, what does that really mean?
11:45 Well, first of all if we look at the Arian heresy,
11:47 it denies the deity.
11:49 What? Of the Holy Spirit.
11:52 Also it denies Christ.
11:54 They say that Christ there was the time when Christ was not.
11:58 There was a time that He came into being.
12:00 Is that what the Bible really teaches?
12:04 Well, many of our pioneers believed
12:05 that in the beginning
12:06 but as a spirit of prophecy and further study,
12:09 they change their commitment
12:10 and they change their doctrine and their teaching.
12:13 Praise God for that.
12:14 If you have your Bible,
12:15 please I want you just turn with me John 8:12.
12:20 I've got here in my Bible,
12:21 I hope you have your Bible and you look this up to.
12:24 I love this passage John 8:12.
12:28 Jesus said, notice, "I am the light of the," what?
12:33 "I am the light of the world."
12:36 Jesus was making a statement here,
12:37 "I am the light," notice this, "of the world."
12:41 Christ declared at this point
12:43 and time His oneness with God and His relationship to man.
12:49 But how interesting this was in John Chapter 8,
12:52 as you look at this,
12:53 all kind of things were going on
12:55 when Jesus was making these statements.
12:58 We've realized there if we look in John Chapter 8
13:01 and which some of the later verses
13:03 in there 44 on down to the end.
13:06 They-- as He talk to the Jews,
13:08 they said to Him that He is devil.
13:11 Can you possibly imagine that people on earth
13:14 and talked and walked with Jesus?
13:16 Can you possibly imagine they call Jesus,
13:18 well, He must have the devil?
13:20 Jesus said, I don't have a devil.
13:24 He said, if you need to keep My sayings.
13:26 They said, oh, wow, what do you mean
13:27 going to keep your sayings?
13:29 He said, keep My sayings, you'll never die.
13:30 And so there was a process that was going on.
13:32 They said, well, you think that you're,
13:34 you know, Abraham, you're better than Abraham.
13:36 And he said before Abraham was I am, I am.
13:42 Wow, what a thought.
13:45 Thought what He was doing here?
13:47 The oneness with God, His relationship with man.
13:50 In fact, in John 1:4, "In him,"
13:54 I think this was read in our opening.
13:55 "In him was life," the Bible says,
13:57 "and the life was the light of men."
13:59 Remember, and Jesus was life.
14:03 Think about what we've talked about as the pioneers
14:05 were trying to decide for what truth
14:08 on this subject of the Godhead.
14:10 I don't like it by the way,
14:12 I don't like it to call the trinity.
14:13 I'll just be honest with you.
14:15 I believe that's another word for the catholic faith.
14:16 And so I like the word Godhead
14:18 because Godhead is used three times in scripture
14:20 and we'll see where those places are uses it.
14:24 And so we look at the John 1:4,
14:27 "In him was life and the life was the light of men."
14:31 So in Him was life.
14:33 Was there ever time that the,
14:35 you know, Christ was not with the Father?
14:39 Was there ever a time? Was He created?
14:43 Well, that's the issue. Some people say, yes, He was.
14:46 And He came into being of sometime
14:47 in the history of the world.
14:51 Is that what the Bible really teaches?
14:54 First of all we just read, in Him was life.
14:56 What does it mean is life?
14:58 I mean, just a little bit of life
14:59 or that mean something
15:01 that He's had from all eternity.
15:02 John 1:1, 2 remember,
15:05 "In the beginning was the," what?
15:07 "Was the word, the word was with God,
15:09 and the Word was God.
15:11 The same was in the beginning with God."
15:14 See Christ here we see made all things.
15:18 The Bible teaches that Christ made all things.
15:20 It stands to reason to me if,
15:22 you know, it says Christ made all things
15:24 that He had to exist before all things.
15:28 That makes sense to you.
15:29 Sure, He had to exist
15:31 before all things if He made all things.
15:34 Let me make this statement here.
15:35 God, we talked about the Christ was God essentially.
15:39 And in the highest sins the Bible teaches.
15:43 He was God from all the eternity.
15:46 Yet, a distinct person. Yet, one with the Father.
15:52 You see that blows some minds
15:54 and it shouldn't as we go on
15:55 and do the study here together, the Godhead.
15:58 What about the Godhead?
16:00 What consistent of?
16:02 Some people say, well, it just two, two individual.
16:04 The Godhead that my Bible teaches
16:06 is there's three in the Godhead.
16:09 The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
16:12 Now remember in order to be able to try to change
16:15 that you have to change the Word of God.
16:18 You have to try to change the Word of God,
16:20 if you're trying to say there's not three
16:22 there's just two
16:24 and that there is no Holy Spirit.
16:26 And you are trying to take for those of you
16:28 who understand the subject here
16:30 and you've been studying along or maybe Adventists belief
16:33 we need to look at
16:35 very carefully here the Holy Spirit.
16:38 Is the Holy Spirit part of the Godhead or is it just,
16:42 you know, the Father Spirit or is the Jesus Spirit?
16:45 A surface reader may come up will that
16:47 but I'll pray that we come to little better conclusion
16:49 based upon God's word as we study this together.
16:52 We said, Christ made all things,
16:54 we know, and then we have the Godhead here,
16:56 Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.
16:58 Notice, so the word Godhead is found how many times?
17:01 Three times in the Bible.
17:04 Let's just go over those quickly.
17:05 Have your Bible jot these things down, Acts 17:29.
17:09 Let me read that to you, Acts 17:29.
17:12 Now remember Godhead here in the original language
17:15 means divine or God like.
17:18 Hope that make sense to you.
17:19 Notice, it says here,
17:21 "We are the offspring of God,
17:24 we ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto gold,
17:28 or silver, or stone, or graven by art or man's devices."
17:34 So we see when we look at
17:35 we don't try to create a doctrine or teaching
17:37 or something that's not even found in the Bible
17:39 but the Godhead,
17:40 Godhead the word God is in the Bible.
17:43 So we're looking at it and what it means.
17:45 Second, Romans 1:20, divinity.
17:49 That's what Godhead means in this passage.
17:51 Says, "For the invisible things of him
17:54 from the creation of this world,"
17:56 pay attention notice, "are clearly seen,
17:59 being understood by those things that are made,
18:02 even his eternal power,"
18:05 notice "eternal power" and what?
18:07 "Godhead, so that they are without excuse."
18:11 Wow, what a thought, well, without excuse.
18:14 Power, Godhead, there's something going on here
18:17 that we need to understand.
18:19 In Colossians 2:9, the third time
18:23 that Godhead is used and the word Godhead here
18:26 means deity or God like.
18:28 Okay, deity or God like.
18:31 And this was read and notice what it says,
18:33 "For in him dwelleth all the fullness
18:36 of the Godhead bodily."
18:39 In him, who? In Christ. Is that what it says?
18:44 Dwelleth all the fullness and if you look
18:46 at that word fullness, it's interesting.
18:48 It talks about what fills up or the contents of the Christ.
18:54 All of it dwelleth in Christ.
18:56 Notice, so in Christ then is all the glory,
19:00 then now the Father.
19:02 All the glory, the Father what?
19:04 In Christ Jesus, interesting.
19:06 He as the Jesus Christ
19:08 is the expressed image of His Father.
19:11 The attributes of God, you're seeing are seen in Christ.
19:17 Christ dwells in the fullness of the Godhead the Bible says.
19:22 What did that do?
19:23 That enabled Him to live, you know, without sin.
19:27 How wonderful that is and that's challenging us today
19:31 that God is calling us through His son,
19:33 through the power of the Holy Spirit
19:34 to live the life.
19:36 What?
19:37 About sin by the grace of God same way that Christ
19:41 gained that victory.
19:43 So the question might be for us today,
19:46 do we want to be partakers of this fullness?
19:51 Do you really want it today?
19:52 Are you really excited about it today that you've
19:55 come to know God better?
19:56 You come to know Christ better?
19:58 And all that surrounds the Godhead,
20:02 the power was available to us today,
20:04 the victory that God wants to give you and me
20:07 through Jesus Christ his Son.
20:09 Why?
20:10 So we may be overcomers that's what the Bible teaches.
20:13 One man said, one time, he said,
20:15 everything begins with God.
20:18 Well, that's pretty good wouldn't you think?
20:20 Everything begins with God.
20:23 So we think of God, we think of eternity, eternal.
20:27 We think of God,
20:28 we take-- we're thinking about the rule of the universe.
20:32 We think of God,
20:33 we think about the self existing one.
20:36 We think about the ancient of days.
20:39 Oh, that gets us excited, doesn't it?
20:42 And, yet the Bible teaches that Christ
20:43 has one with the Father.
20:46 We're gonna get more detail, Christ, one with the Father.
20:48 How can this be?
20:50 But God and Christ are two distinct personages.
20:56 Two distinct, not the same, two distinct.
20:59 Wow, read I think John 7:17.
21:05 It gives you little more information on it.
21:08 So we think of God, I think about One who,
21:10 you know, He says, He dwells in the light unapproachable.
21:14 God, magnificent, ancient of days.
21:18 He's invisible the Bible teaches the mortal eye.
21:22 He is filled with infinite love
21:24 and I think this ought to hit home for some of us
21:27 God is filled with infinite love for His creation,
21:30 for His creatures.
21:32 Praise God for that.
21:34 God is one of the three eternal heavenly dignitaries,
21:38 notice that.
21:40 God is part of the three of the highest powers of heaven.
21:45 God is one of the three living persons
21:48 of the heavenly trio.
21:50 You can read those
21:51 and certainly in Evangelism page 615 so on.
21:54 Inspiration, when I say inspiration
21:56 we're talking about the spirit.
21:58 Inspiration with the Spirit of Prophecy
22:00 speaks of one God, stay with me on this.
22:03 It speaks of one God.
22:05 It does not teach three God's but notice,
22:10 at the same time we will see that one God then includes,
22:15 notice this, the Father, the Son,
22:17 and the Holy Spirit which are mysteriously notice
22:22 that beyond the human mind,
22:24 mysteriously--
22:25 remember all three personalities united as one.
22:30 Well, that's difficult for us to get to our head, isn't it?
22:34 Think about it.
22:35 All three, three persons distinct
22:39 in the Godhead mysteriously combine
22:42 and put together as they become one.
22:45 Wow.
22:47 Let's just examine just a few statements.
22:50 You have your Bible again John 8:59.
22:54 John 8:59, Jesus said, now notice this,
22:59 this starts to fit "Jesus said unto them,
23:02 Verily, verily, I say unto you,
23:05 before Abraham was, I am."
23:11 Notice what Jesus just said, He said, I am.
23:15 What a thought?
23:18 Go back in Old Testament, do you remember?
23:20 And let's think about that for a moment.
23:22 God was referred to as, I am.
23:25 Here Jesus was saying before Abraham was,
23:27 I am, what?
23:29 Because the Jews were giving Him
23:30 a quite of going over here,
23:32 they want to stone Him, they want to kill Him.
23:34 Because He said before Abraham was I am.
23:37 Oh, so you are greater.
23:39 They picked up stones,
23:41 they were gonna cast and kill Him
23:43 that He escaped out of their midst.
23:45 Very interesting.
23:46 On that passage of scripture,
23:49 I want to read something from "Desire of Ages"
23:51 I think its beautiful 469 and 470.
23:53 If you follow along, notice this.
23:56 It said, "Silence fell upon the vast assembly.
24:01 The name of God,
24:03 given to Moses to express the idea of," what?
24:06 "Of the eternal presence, had been claimed by,"
24:11 notice, "His own by the Galilean Rabbi."
24:14 Jesus had claimed the same name.
24:18 This was bothering people.
24:20 He had just announced Himself
24:22 Jesus did to be the self existent one.
24:26 Not coming into being at sometime
24:28 or some point in history.
24:30 Eternal, self existence.
24:32 Notice, he who had been promised to Israel.
24:38 Micah 5:2 tells us, "Whose goings forth"
24:42 talk about Christ "Whose goings forth has been
24:44 from old and from days of eternity."
24:48 The King James Version in the margin
24:50 will say there from everlasting.
24:54 So there's something about when you say,
24:56 well, Christ came into being
24:57 He was at that's not a truth.
24:59 He says always been.
25:01 Jesus right here when He said,
25:03 before Abraham was, I am.
25:06 Think about it.
25:08 Jesus claimed here at to be one with God.
25:13 And because He said, He was one with God,
25:15 they wanted to stone Him, they wanted to kill Him,
25:17 they were going to take His life if they could.
25:20 Now notice with me if you compare
25:22 some scripture in John 10:33,
25:25 the Bible says and it says, and because thou,
25:29 "Because that thou being a man, makest thyself God."
25:33 They looked at Jesus and said,
25:35 you are a man, you are making yourself as God.
25:38 "Desire of Ages" 470 makes this comment on that.
25:41 It says, "Because He was," interesting "Because He was,
25:45 He avowed Himself to be, the Son of God."
25:49 Wow.
25:50 So we have the Father and the Son
25:53 are all of listen-- one substance.
25:57 Jesus said, not just what He said in His word,
25:59 "I and my Father are one" in John 10:30.
26:05 Say, we can't mistake what's being said here.
26:08 Jesus said, "I and my Father we are one"
26:11 the same substance.
26:13 "I and my Father." Listen to the statement.
26:16 This might jar you just a little bit
26:18 but maybe you need to jot just a little bit
26:20 to get us think here little bit.
26:22 This was found in little magazine article
26:24 called "Signs of the Time" in 1120,
26:26 notice this in 1893 this was written.
26:30 "The words of Christ were full of deep meaning
26:33 as he put forth the claim"
26:35 notice "that he and the Father were one substance,
26:41 possessing the same attributes."
26:44 Wow.
26:46 Attributes is what?
26:47 But be characteristics.
26:50 Him and the Father two separate entities beings
26:54 but yet they were one in substance.
26:57 They possess exactly the same attributes
27:00 or the same characteristics.
27:03 Wow, that's pretty heavy duty.
27:05 So again we look at the I am,
27:08 refers then this will blow some of you're mind
27:10 that I am refers to both Christ and God,
27:14 the heavenly Father.
27:15 Both are self existent.
27:18 I am, though is what? Is one.
27:21 Wow.
27:23 Little book called "Education" helps us to understand
27:25 as we look page 178.
27:28 Now this is going to have reference to,
27:31 you can look it up when you have
27:32 time to Ezekiel Chapter 10.
27:34 They were wheels you remember and angels
27:36 and things that were going on.
27:37 So listen carefully at this.
27:39 "Heavenly being, sustained and guided
27:42 by the hand beneath the wings of the cherubim,
27:45 were impelling these wheels, above them,"
27:48 notice "upon the sapphire throne,
27:52 was the Eternal One."
27:55 Now let's ask a question what--
27:57 how many sat upon the throne?
28:00 Let's hear your answer.
28:01 How many sat upon the throne?
28:02 We have to say there was one that sat upon the throne.
28:06 It says, the Eternal one.
28:08 But the Eternal one is also the great I am.
28:12 Wow.
28:15 I think we've already seen as we look here the I am,
28:18 includes Christ,
28:20 it must includes Christ as well as the Father,
28:22 as we've studied and you can study it
28:24 in John Chapter 8.
28:26 So the Eternal one then must include
28:28 both the Father and the Son even in these passages.
28:31 Let me give you a couple more jot them down
28:33 and read these when you have the opportunity.
28:35 Ezekiel Chapter 1, read verses 4 and 26.
28:39 And then in Ezekiel 10:8,
28:43 you'll see how they come together here.
28:45 Now let's get some more illustrations here
28:47 and let's try to put it together.
28:48 Little complicated probably for some
28:50 but if you really begin to ask the Holy Spirit to help you,
28:52 it begins unwind and you begin to see
28:55 how simple this is.
28:57 God notice who gave the Ten Commandments,
29:00 let's go that.
29:01 Included notice, included both
29:03 the Father and the Son, interesting.
29:07 Wow, what does that mean?
29:10 God who gave the Ten Commandments
29:12 has spoken off as number one what?
29:14 The Eternal one.
29:16 Read that "Patriarchs and Prophets" in 329.
29:20 So this eternal one once again is what?
29:22 Both the Father and the Son.
29:25 Now let me read you another quote
29:26 from "Evangelism" 616.
29:28 Notice what it says here.
29:30 Some of you may have never read this before others
29:32 who are new and watching maybe 3ABN and so on,
29:35 so maybe a little bit and you say,
29:36 oh, I don't quite get just jot things down
29:38 begin to really study to show yourself approved unto God.
29:41 This is beautiful little book called "Evangelism"
29:43 page 616 makes this comment.
29:45 Notice, when, notice when they,
29:49 "When they came to Sinai,
29:52 He took occasion to refresh their minds
29:54 in regard to His requirements.
29:57 Christ and the Father,"
30:00 listen carefully "standing side by side upon the mount,
30:06 with solemn majesty proclaimed the Ten Commandments."
30:12 Interesting as you really begin to study
30:14 'cause if you're surface reader
30:15 say oh, yeah, these grants were given
30:17 by the Father or say, well, Jesus gave.
30:19 Notice, they were standing side by side, they are one,
30:22 inseparable and thought were action deed.
30:26 What a God that we serve.
30:30 What a loving Savior that we have as we focused
30:33 on the second person of the Godhead
30:36 even little bit more here today.
30:39 Interesting in 1 John 5:12, notice the Bible says this,
30:44 "He that hath the Son hath life,"
30:47 I might you heard that I am sure.
30:49 "He that hath" what?
30:50 "Hath the Son," hath what?
30:52 That says to me if you don't have the Son,
30:54 you don't have life.
30:56 See some of you think you're going through this world
30:58 and if you don't have Jesus Christ
30:59 as your Lord and Savior, you really don't have the life.
31:02 You're just existing.
31:03 The Bible says, "He that hath the Son hath life."
31:06 And certainly more than reference to this life
31:09 but and the life to come.
31:12 Jesus warning to get to us and He's warning to speak to us
31:16 and He makes it plain here in John 11:25.
31:20 "Jesus said, I am the resurrection,
31:23 and the life."
31:26 Do you realize these words? Have you ever thought of it?
31:28 These words could only be spoken by deity.
31:32 Well, He couldn't be in created,
31:34 He couldn't be,
31:35 you see come and existence at some point of time,
31:37 some kind of an essence, a created being.
31:40 These words could only be spoken by deity
31:44 on the resurrection of life.
31:46 "He that hath the Son hath life."
31:49 Only a person who was equal with God
31:53 could make this statement.
31:56 Interesting "Desire of Ages," page 785 says.
32:00 Notice, oh, I loved to hear about the resurrection.
32:02 I loved to hear about Jesus coming out of the tomb.
32:06 You know, I love that song,
32:07 "I serve a risen Savior He's in the world today."
32:10 Some of you need to be serving.
32:11 Some of you need to make that decision today.
32:14 We're talking about something here
32:15 that maybe just might overwhelmed the mind at times
32:18 but I wanted to come close to you,
32:20 I want you to be able to understand
32:21 the relationship of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
32:25 How would all three are working
32:28 for your salvation and for mine.
32:31 They're interested in you. They're interested in me.
32:34 They each have a job to do.
32:37 Now notice "Desire of Ages" 785,
32:39 it says, "When the voice" notice this
32:42 "of the mighty angel was heard at Christ's tomb."
32:45 Notice what the angle is saying?
32:47 "They Father calls Thee," notice,
32:52 "the Savior came forth from the grave,"
32:56 listen "by the life that was in Himself."
33:02 Did you get it?
33:04 He said, I am, people have Me they have life.
33:07 Notice how He came out thy Father calls thee
33:11 and notice Savior came forth of the grave.
33:14 Right, He came out of the grave
33:15 in the life that was in Himself.
33:18 Now you say, well, I'm not sure but listen.
33:21 "Now was proved some truth of these words"
33:25 in John 10:17.
33:28 Listen carefully in John 10:17. This was beautiful.
33:31 We just read something might blow some minds and say, boy.
33:34 Notice, I, Jesus said, "I lay down My life,
33:40 that I might take it again."
33:43 Jesus said, I lay it down no man can take it.
33:46 I lay it down and I will take it again,
33:49 notice this.
33:51 And then John 10:18 says, notice this,
33:54 how your Lord and your Savior mighty and powerful.
33:57 Says here "No man taketh it from me,
34:01 but I lay it down myself."
34:04 Notice this, "I have power to lay it down,
34:07 and I have power to take it up again."
34:10 What a Savior you serve. No man can take His life.
34:15 No power that can defeat Him.
34:19 And He said, I willingly lay down Myself, what?
34:21 Because without Him,
34:23 you and I won't have a chance for salvation.
34:26 I willingly lay down My life, no, no man can take it.
34:31 And then notice what it says here
34:33 "I have power to lay it down
34:34 and I have power to take it up again."
34:37 Notice He's taking about full humanity
34:39 and He's talking about full divinity together
34:45 but yet separate.
34:47 Full humanity and divinity.
34:51 See divinity didn't die
34:53 at the cross, you can't kill it.
34:56 That's why He said I have power and its inside.
34:59 Notice this, I love that passage.
35:02 See this prophecy when we read it fulfils
35:05 what Jesus said to the priest
35:07 and the rulers were always at Him,
35:09 always attacking Him when they said,
35:11 this is John 2:19, listen carefully what it says.
35:15 Jesus said, you remember He said,
35:17 "He said, destroy this temple,
35:20 in three days I will raise it up again."
35:23 Oh, they be, oh, yeah, right, oh,
35:27 took us what was that 46 years, 47 years
35:30 to built this temple in three days
35:32 you are gonna built it again.
35:33 Can't you see Him hackling and laughing
35:35 at the King of kings and Lord of lords?
35:40 It was certainly taking about His death and His burial
35:42 and His resurrection in three days.
35:43 He came back. Praise God, He came back.
35:45 What?
35:47 He won the victory over the devil.
35:49 He's given you and me and you another opportunity,
35:51 a second chance
35:52 and many of you're blown in that second chance.
35:54 Oh, you can see it.
35:56 The great I am always been, always.
36:02 Destroy this temple I'll raise it up.
36:04 "Desire of Ages" 530 makes a comment on this.
36:09 Now notice it says,
36:10 "In Christ is life, original,"
36:16 somebody stay with me,
36:17 somebody's not going to get this.
36:19 "Desire of Ages" page 530, are you still there?
36:21 "In Christ is life," that just what the Bible is what--
36:24 "That He hath the Son hath life."
36:27 1 John 5:12.
36:29 Now Spirit of Prophecy, "In Christ is life,
36:31 it's original, it's unborrowed,"
36:34 He didn't get it from anybody, "and it's underived."
36:38 Underived, you say, well, I-- that means His life,
36:42 the power He has in His life did not come
36:43 from any other source it was in Him.
36:46 It's always been in Him. Beautiful, in Christ is life.
36:50 Today, in Christ is life for you and for me.
36:54 In Christ its original, it's unborrowed,
36:57 He didn't take it from anybody,
36:59 it wasn't given to Him by anybody.
37:01 The divinity of Christ to the believer today
37:05 I'm telling you
37:07 is the assurance of eternal life.
37:08 That just thrills my heart today.
37:11 Divinity of Christ, who He is and the power
37:15 it gives me assurance of eternal life,
37:18 hope for eternal life.
37:20 How beautiful that is John 1:1 as we read notice,
37:24 "In the beginning was the Word,
37:26 and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."
37:31 How can we miss construe?
37:32 How can we take this and through it out?
37:34 What kind of Bibles, you know, believers are we?
37:37 Are we really line upon line and precept upon precept?
37:40 The Bible says, now remember don't go beyond this
37:44 and say, well, yeah, but here it's talking about
37:46 when the earth was created.
37:48 It didn't say that.
37:49 We can't go that. We can't go that route.
37:51 We've got to go back and say what the word?
37:53 "In the beginning was the Word,
37:56 the Word was with God, and the Word was God."
37:58 Who was the word? Certainly, Jesus Christ.
38:00 Praise God for the word that we have here.
38:03 But it says, He was what?
38:05 In the beginning. Wow.
38:09 I can't put numbers on that I'm sure
38:13 and I sure love Titus 2:13, the Bible says,
38:16 "We're looking for that, that blessed hope."
38:19 Any of you're looking for that blessed hope?
38:21 What is the blessed hope?
38:22 That's a coming of Jesus, isn't it?
38:24 To take us home.
38:26 This could not take place at all
38:28 unless Christ was willing to come down, take on humanity.
38:33 Live the victorious life
38:34 where I failed, where you failed,
38:37 all on the condemnation of death
38:40 until Jesus came and shed His blood on Calvary
38:43 and He invite you to take His life, He offers it to you.
38:46 A free gift, why not, covered by the blood,
38:49 whiter than snow.
38:51 I look forward to that blessed hope,
38:53 that glorious appearing the Bible talks about here
38:56 of the great God and Savior.
38:58 Notice this, it says, great God and Savior Jesus Christ.
39:03 These are things that should excite your heart.
39:07 You know, little article on the "Signs of the Times,"
39:09 jot it down August 29th, this was written in 1900.
39:13 Please listen carefully as I read it to you.
39:15 Because we're talking about the pre-existence of Christ.
39:18 We're talking about that never was the time
39:20 that He didn't exist.
39:21 And that's way beyond your mind,
39:23 don't try to think you can think it through
39:24 and you can count some time here because you can't.
39:27 It's impossible,
39:29 it's mysterious to us in this the flesh.
39:33 Notice what this article says,
39:35 "In speaking of His pre-existence,
39:37 Christ carries the mind through dateless ages.
39:42 He assures us that there never was a time
39:48 when He was not in close fellowship
39:51 with the eternal God."
39:54 See why don't we drop some of these preconceived ideas
39:56 and some of these thoughts.
39:58 They're never was a time that Christ
40:01 was not in close relationship with the eternal Father.
40:06 So why are we trying to say
40:07 that whether was the-- He didn't say that.
40:10 The Bible does it say, we even reading passages,
40:12 He's always been.
40:15 There never was a time notice.
40:18 "He whose voice the Jews were then listening
40:22 had been with God as one brought up with Him."
40:26 Interesting.
40:28 "Desire of Ages" 207 again says,
40:29 "Jesus claimed equal rights with God."
40:34 Think about it.
40:36 "Jesus claimed equal rights with God."
40:40 Wow.
40:42 "In doing a work equally sacred,
40:46 and of the same character."
40:49 Oh, wow.
40:50 "With that which engaged the Father in heaven."
40:55 In John 5:18, 19 this becomes clear to us.
40:59 Notice this, "Therefore the Jews sought
41:02 the more to kill Him,
41:04 because He not only had broken the Sabbath,"
41:06 talking about Jesus here.
41:08 Again the Jew right people on His path
41:10 all the time trying to get rid of Jesus,
41:12 our Lord and Savior.
41:14 The Jews sought the more to kill.
41:15 Now notice so we get this squared away,
41:18 the Jews understood
41:19 what we're talking about right here.
41:21 They understood it very well.
41:23 And most of us say,
41:25 well, I'll tell you I'm not sure what--
41:26 they understood it knows, they sought to kill Jesus
41:29 because He had not to them had broke,
41:31 Jesus never broke the Sabbath.
41:33 He is the author of Seventh-day Sabbath.
41:36 He honored it. He kept it.
41:38 I've kept my Father's commandments He said,
41:40 the Jews said, while You broken it.
41:41 Why?
41:43 Because He did some healing. He did some good things on it.
41:46 But notice the article goes on,
41:47 "but said also that God was his Father,
41:51 making himself equal with God."
41:54 So the Jews said, you said that He is your Father
41:58 and because you said,
41:59 He is your Father then that made,
42:01 you say, you are equal with God.
42:03 Wow.
42:07 Interesting in the Bible
42:08 as very, very cleared Philippians 2:6.
42:11 "Who, being in the form of God,
42:14 thought it not robbery to be equal with God."
42:19 That's what the Bible says. Equal with God.
42:23 Wow.
42:24 And verse 19 goes on of John 5:19 say this.
42:30 Now when they confront to Jesus with this they said,
42:32 well, You, think You are equal with God then.
42:34 Well, we need to stone You, we're gonna kill You,
42:36 You broke the Sabbath anyway.
42:39 But Jesus answered and He said in the face of this mob,
42:43 "He said unto them, verily, verily, I say unto you,
42:46 The son can do nothing of himself,
42:50 but what he seeth the Father do,
42:53 for what things soever he doeth,
42:56 these also doeth the Son likewise."
43:00 You see the one and the same.
43:03 Jesus came down here and what?
43:04 He emptied Himself completely of self
43:06 and He was filled with the Father.
43:09 So we say, you know,
43:10 and the disciples said one time,
43:11 well, show us the Father, He cried--
43:13 I'm sure too it went down His cheek
43:14 He said, I-- have I been with you so long.
43:19 Have I been with you so long and usually say show us
43:21 the Father have I not shown you that?
43:24 Jesus came to show us what?
43:26 The Father and what the Father is like.
43:30 Jesus came and represented the Father
43:32 as we'll get into the Holy Spirit
43:34 came and represented the Son.
43:37 How interesting this is?
43:40 Jesus said, I can't do anything on my own.
43:44 One thing I do is--
43:46 that's what the Father has shown me.
43:49 Here was the big problem.
43:51 The nation of the Jews called God,
43:53 notice the difference in the one word, their Father.
43:57 The Jews called what?
43:59 The whole nation called God, their Father.
44:02 Jesus said, My Father. They want to kill Him.
44:07 See, they wouldn't have been so mad I don't think
44:10 they would have been so mad at Him,
44:12 if He had said, the same relationship
44:16 I have the same relationship with Him as you do.
44:19 But see, He didn't.
44:21 And Jesus certainly wouldn't go and lie.
44:23 But then they began to accuse Him of what?
44:24 Of blasphemy.
44:27 This was-- this you remember
44:28 this showed that they understood Him
44:31 and making the claim
44:32 that He was the Son of God in the highest sins.
44:37 They understood it. He said, wow.
44:41 Then Jesus, He began to answer this charge of blasphemy.
44:45 He said, you know for doing this the work
44:48 of which you accuse Me.
44:50 Notice He says that I am the Son of God.
44:53 What does He mean? He said I am the Son of God.
44:56 One with Him in nature, one with Him in wheel,
44:59 one with Him in purpose.
45:02 Wow.
45:03 Two distinct entities, powers.
45:09 Think about that.
45:11 Yet, they were one.
45:13 Jesus has simply said,
45:15 "the Son can do nothing of Himself
45:17 but what He sees the Father do."
45:20 When Jesus came to serve,
45:21 He came for you and He came for me.
45:26 He came to redeem this world.
45:29 So Jesus came,
45:31 He surrendered self completely to the Father's will.
45:37 He depended upon the Father's power.
45:41 Christ was emptied of self.
45:43 Filled with the Father.
45:45 Isn't that interesting why He says to you and to me
45:47 that our biggest enemy once again is self.
45:49 He says to deny self take up the call.
45:52 He knew, He knows today you, me,
45:54 all of us every person on this planet,
45:57 your biggest enemy is yourself.
46:00 Self gets in the way.
46:02 Jesus said, emptied Himself of self
46:03 and He was filled with the Father.
46:06 In fact, remember what Jesus said,
46:07 we'll show you, "For as the Father,"
46:09 notice this "For as the Father hath life in himself,"
46:13 notice, "so hath he given the Son
46:15 to have life in himself."
46:17 Wow.
46:20 So Jesus has life within Himself.
46:25 And that's why Jesus said, verily, verily, I say unto you.
46:30 Wow, what a courage it took for her Lord and Savior
46:33 stand in the midst of His murders throne
46:37 and say to them,
46:39 knowing how they felt about Father Abraham.
46:43 He said before Abraham was, I am.
46:48 Interesting.
46:49 The name of God, I am.
46:53 What is He expressing?
46:54 Eternal presence.
46:56 But now Jesus comes along, He claims what?
47:00 Oneness.
47:01 Himself to be self existent.
47:06 Think about that.
47:08 He now claims that it was too much for them to deal with.
47:12 But now Jesus as we continue, Jesus now becomes what?
47:16 Flesh for us.
47:20 He became flesh.
47:22 He took our nature.
47:25 Jesus, our Lord, our Savior.
47:27 How wonderful.
47:29 He took our nature.
47:31 I want you to concentrate on this
47:33 for a little bit of time
47:34 that we have here because this is so, so very important.
47:37 There's misconceptions about this,
47:39 about the nature of Christ.
47:40 It's not to be just a whole big study on it at this point.
47:42 But I want you to listen carefully.
47:44 Bible says in Hebrews 2:14.
47:48 "Forasmuch then as the children
47:50 are partakers of flesh and blood,
47:53 he also himself," Jesus,
47:55 "likewise took part of the same."
47:58 Now why are you saying, it was different.
47:59 It wasn't quite like it.
48:01 The Bible said, it was the same.
48:04 That what?
48:05 "That through His death he might destroy him
48:07 that had power over death, the devil."
48:11 Praise God.
48:12 Jesus came and took what?
48:14 Took the flesh. Our nature.
48:18 He lived the life, human nature, imagine.
48:22 Hebrews 2:16 let's go, "For verily he took not on him
48:25 the nature of angels,
48:27 but he took on him the seed of Abraham."
48:30 Making it clear
48:32 how Jesus put Himself out there for you and for me
48:35 with the chance of never going back to heaven, that's right.
48:40 Oh, what a thought.
48:42 "Signs of the Time," May 29, 1901 says this.
48:47 "He" Christ "was to take His position
48:50 at the head of humanity by" notice this here's the key
48:55 "by taking" notice this
48:57 "the nature" so that man's nature
49:00 "but not the sinfulness of man."
49:03 He took man's nature but not the sinfulness of man's nature.
49:08 So I-- Hebrews 2:17 says,
49:11 "Wherefore in all things it behoved him
49:14 to be made like into his brethren."
49:18 Why do we read things like this
49:20 and then we say, yeah, but He had an edge.
49:23 He had something that we don't have.
49:25 He had powers, He can have that we didn't have.
49:28 Fully human, fully divine, a separation.
49:32 Remember, Jesus used nothing, nothing.
49:35 That's not available to you today to have in me.
49:38 Not one thing that He used,
49:39 if He did, He could not be my example.
49:41 He could not be my substitute if He had an advantage over me.
49:44 He fully took notice this, He took our nature
49:48 but not the sinfulness of that nature.
49:51 "Manuscript 21," 1895, notice this.
49:55 Says, "He came as a helpless babe,
49:57 bearing the humanity we bear.
50:00 He met man as man,
50:03 and testified by His connection with God that divine"
50:06 notice this "divine power was not given to Him
50:10 in a different way to what it will be given to us."
50:14 Wow.
50:15 "In His humanity He understood all the temptations
50:19 that will come to man."
50:21 You remember reading that in Hebrews 4:15,
50:24 tempted in all points like us.
50:26 Yeah, but He couldn't have it.
50:27 The Bible says, we need to come to grips with that
50:30 and say, thank You Lord.
50:32 Hurrying right by, "Manuscript 1," 1892,
50:35 "He" Jesus talking here,
50:37 "was connected earth with heaven,
50:41 and finite man with the infinite God.
50:45 Jesus," notice this "the world's Redeemer,
50:48 could only listen, could only keep the Ten Commandments
50:52 in the same way that humanity can keep them."
50:56 There's not excuse.
50:57 He was giving nothing special.
51:00 He was willing to comedown here
51:02 because He loved you so much and He loved me.
51:04 It's good to know His nature,
51:06 it's good to know
51:07 that we have such a powerful, powerful Godhead
51:11 that's working in our behalf.
51:12 Christ, Jesus,
51:15 part of the Godhead, Holy Spirit.
51:18 Jesus sinless took our nature
51:22 and He took it in our deteriorated condition.
51:25 Read that first "Selected Messages 253."
51:28 He took it in his fallen condition,
51:31 "Early Writings 150," "Desire of Ages 112."
51:35 Why? Why did He do all this?
51:39 To satisfy the demands of God's broken law.
51:42 What would it take to redeem us from that?
51:45 It would take one equal with God.
51:48 One that possessed the same attributes.
51:52 One that would represent God to follow man
51:56 so in order for Jesus to me man substitute.
51:59 Notice this, He must have man's nature fully.
52:04 Wow.
52:05 And yet, at the same time partakers of divine nature.
52:10 Hebrews 2:9, we're winding down but notice.
52:14 "But we see Jesus," oh, I like Hebrews 2:9.
52:17 "But we see Jesus,"
52:19 notice "who was made a little lower than the angels
52:23 for the suffering and for death,
52:24 crowned with glory and honor,
52:26 that he by the grace of God
52:28 should taste death for every man."
52:30 He was willing to go to Calvary for you.
52:32 He's willing to go to Calvary for me,
52:34 for the world because there's not hope without Him,
52:37 if you don't have Him in to day the day
52:39 and the one to know that He came down here.
52:42 We would see Jesus.
52:43 Why He came down to be lower made than the angels.
52:47 Angels would have to help Him.
52:49 "Patriarchs and Prophets, 65" says,
52:52 "As Jesus would take our human nature upon Him,
52:56 His strength" notice this "would not be equal to them,"
52:59 we're talking about the angels here.
53:02 "But that angels were to minister to Him,
53:05 through His death, fallen man might be reconciled to God."
53:10 Through His death.
53:11 Friend, don't let His death just go in vain.
53:14 The cross of Calvary,
53:15 if we do not accept that would it not be in vain?
53:19 Would you not accept it today as your Lord and Savior?
53:22 Christ existed from all the eternity,
53:25 "Acts of the Apostles 389."
53:26 Bible is clear.
53:30 I want to pray with you
53:31 because of the last couple of minutes we have.
53:34 More information here
53:35 but we need to concentrate on today seeing Jesus
53:38 just a little clear then we've never seen Him.
53:41 What He was willing to give up
53:42 come down here to take man's nature.
53:46 Deteriorated after 4,000 years.
53:49 He had no edge.
53:51 He didn't have to accept--
53:53 exercise any power that we cannot have today.
53:56 He kept His Father's commandments
53:57 just exactly the way by God's grace today
53:59 and we can through His power, His Strength.
54:02 Next time we're gonna be talking about the Holy Spirit,
54:06 third person of the Godhead.
54:09 This is really the big issue.
54:11 This is really
54:12 what's going on in the minds of many people today.
54:14 Say, we just don't understand it.
54:16 Well, we want you to understand it based upon what?
54:18 The Word of God, the Spirit of Prophecy.
54:20 This will help us, this will help us to see.
54:24 Beyond a shadow of a doubt,
54:25 they were three distinct entities in the Godhead.
54:30 Yeah, one in purpose.
54:31 Can we pray about that today?
54:33 Those of you who made that decision,
54:34 I know you made one.
54:37 See, how much He loves you, He died for you.
54:39 He said, I'm coming back.
54:40 How much He gave up.
54:42 But He says you are worth it.
54:43 Let's pray about that today, shall we as we kneel?
54:47 Our Father in Heaven, we thank You for Your word,
54:49 we thank You for Your Son.
54:52 We thank You for the Holy Spirit.
54:54 Thank You for God, our Father.
54:56 We pray in a very special way
54:57 as we've heard the word spoken from on high today.
55:00 We've read from Your word
55:02 that we will accept this truth and be glad in it.
55:04 Thank you for those who have made that commitment
55:07 to follow You right now
55:08 closer than they never had before.
55:09 So I pray to you, bless them in a very special way.
55:11 Thank You for hearing, thank You for answering
55:13 prayer today and for Your power in Jesus name, amen.
55:18 Now we realize the subject is
55:19 probably pretty difficult for some but continue to study.
55:22 If we can help you in anyway, you be sure
55:23 and call with your questions your comments
55:25 and we do enjoy hearing from you.
55:27 And, you know, if we've blessing in any way to you,
55:31 now please, you know, don't forget,
55:32 you know, be able to sit down and send little love gift
55:34 to Behold the Lamb that we may continue
55:36 to bring these programs to you.
55:37 We love you, God bless you and we'll see you next time.
55:42 Hello and welcome back, friends.
55:44 What a beautiful study and understanding of Christ.
55:48 You know that there are millions to this day
55:50 who think that Christ was just a good man
55:53 who once lived and performed very loving deeds of kindness.
55:57 He did become a man
55:59 but He was indeed so very much more.
56:02 We need to know this so that,
56:04 that it will strengthen our faith
56:07 and the saving knowledge of God
56:09 who is lovingly calling each and every one of us
56:12 to serve Him with our whole hearts.
56:15 In closing allow me to read this paragraph
56:17 as found in the book, the "Desire of Ages"
56:20 and it's on page 17,
56:23 "It is God's design that this longing of the human heart
56:27 should lead to the one
56:29 who alone is able to satisfy it.
56:32 The desire is of Him that it may lead to Him,
56:36 the fullness and fulfillment of that desire.
56:39 That fullness is found in Jesus the Christ,
56:43 the Son of the Eternal God.
56:45 For it was the good pleasure of the Father
56:48 that in Him should all the fullness dwell,
56:51 for in Him dwelleth
56:53 all the fullness of the Godhead bodily."
56:57 Friends, look to Jesus to fill your every longing.
57:01 He's just waiting.
57:03 He's just waiting to hear from you.
57:06 And if this series of messages
57:08 is something that has touched your heart in a special way
57:11 and you would like to add them to your study library,
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57:55 Until next time, friends,
57:57 may our precious Lord continue to richly bless you and yours.


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