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The Godhead -part 3

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Participants: Chris Shelton (Host), Kenny Shelton


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00:41 Hello, and welcome to "Behold the Lamb Presents."
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton your host
00:46 and I want to invite you to stay tuned
00:48 and join us as we study our final message
00:51 in a three part series that we've entitled "The Godhead."
00:55 In parts one and two we have examined
00:57 the scriptures along with Sprit of Prophecy
01:00 to glean information on God the Father and God the Son.
01:05 Today, we will be studying the third person
01:07 of the heavenly dignitaries, the Holy Spirit.
01:11 And perhaps just the name of this third deity
01:14 in and of itself has caused people to come
01:17 to conclusions about
01:19 this heavenly being that is in conflict
01:22 with the teachings of the scriptures.
01:24 In fact, people have left churches
01:26 over their misgivings about
01:28 this third person of the Godhead.
01:31 So is there ample evidence to keep us
01:34 from being so divided with one another?
01:37 First of all, God is not the author of confusion
01:42 and although we may never fully understand
01:45 all that there is to know about the Godhead,
01:48 we do believe that God has given us enough information
01:52 that we need not be deceived by the theories of men.
01:57 And I'm so thankful that Pastor Kenny Shelton
02:00 has taken the time to thoroughly study this issue
02:04 and rightly divide the word of God
02:06 in order to make it clear for those of us
02:09 who study along with him.
02:11 I know you will be blessed as we conclude
02:13 this three hour study on "The Godhead."
02:17 But first let's listen to a song
02:19 that is entitled "Shall We Learn To Be Friends"
02:22 as sung by Steve Darmody from the 3ABN Worship Center.
02:41 You are my sister
02:48 Even when I do not know you
02:54 You are my brother
02:59 Even when I do not show you
03:06 You're in my family
03:12 In Christ, you're kin to me
03:19 Now you are one with me
03:27 Shall we learn to be friends
03:42 You are my mother
03:48 when I fall and when I'm hurting
03:54 You are my father
03:59 Please forgive me my deserting
04:05 You're in my family
04:12 In Christ, you're kin to me
04:19 Now you are one with me
04:26 Shall we learn to be friends
04:41 I need you near me
04:45 When my hope is gone
04:52 Come lift me up
04:55 And help me carry on
05:03 Then when you're weak
05:06 You'll find me by your side
05:12 To comfort you
05:18 And see you through
05:27 You are my daughter
05:32 It matters not your race or nation
05:39 You are my son, my own
05:44 May we embrace in celebration
05:50 You're in my family
05:57 In Christ, you're kin to me
06:04 Now you are one with me
06:13 Shall we learn to be friends
06:40 Thanks for joining us here once again "Behold the Lamb"
06:43 and you've already heard this is a interesting subject.
06:46 In fact, this is a subject that is debated.
06:48 It's a subject it's called separation and division.
06:51 People have left the cause of Christ
06:54 because of not receiving proper instructions
06:58 of the office of the Holy Spirit.
07:00 Wow, as we get into this study
07:01 you are gonna see a lot of things
07:03 maybe you haven't seen before, maybe you have.
07:05 But we are gonna bring it together
07:07 in the simplicity of the Word of God
07:09 and the power of the Holy Spirit
07:11 because we need to understand this.
07:13 And you are gonna ask me,
07:15 why do we really need to understand the function?
07:17 I realize it's so far over my head
07:19 and maybe not over yours
07:20 but still yet God has left us enough information in His word.
07:24 Listen, this is interesting.
07:26 The enemy likes for us to commit
07:28 the unpardonable sin.
07:30 What is that sin against the Holy Ghost?
07:33 Would it not be in this subject
07:35 if we deny the entity of the Holy Spirit?
07:38 Would that not be a denial of the Holy Spirit?
07:42 Wow.
07:43 Would that not grieve the Spirit of God?
07:45 We need to rethink about this issue.
07:47 We are gonna go to prayer
07:48 and I want you to pray along with me
07:50 because this is so, so, so important.
07:53 Remember if you had some preconceived ideas,
07:55 let's lay them all outside.
07:57 Let's take our Bible
07:58 and let's get into the Word of God together.
08:00 Shall we do that?
08:02 I want to pray right now
08:03 and I like you to pray along with me
08:04 and I'm thankful for the prayer warriors
08:06 and you usually write in or some call
08:07 and say, I'm praying right with you.
08:09 Thank you for that.
08:10 And let's pray right now again for the unction of the spirit.
08:14 Merciful God in heaven, we thank You again
08:16 that we can call upon You in our time of need
08:18 and of course anytime.
08:19 But Lord, we have a need today specially on this subject.
08:22 It's just, it's so big, it's so huge
08:24 and I realize that we can't properly understand
08:27 all of that there is to know but You've given us
08:29 enough information that we may understand
08:31 and know what is truth.
08:32 So help as we pray, send that precious Holy Spirit
08:36 that we may have our minds, our hearts open
08:38 and we may receive maybe today in some lives,
08:41 some peoples lives that they might see it
08:44 little differently than they have before.
08:46 And, Lord, I'm gonna thank You in advance
08:47 for what You are going to do.
08:49 Thank you for those who watch and those who send in,
08:52 those who encourage us to continue on.
08:54 We give You praise and honor
08:55 and glory in Jesus' name, amen.
08:58 Again, it's so very important and I stress this every program
09:01 because I understand there is lot of information.
09:04 We are only gleaning today.
09:06 We are just taking a little bit of all the information that
09:10 you know, you can study and put together on it.
09:12 We take hours and hours and hours
09:14 but, you know, some of us need to be doing that.
09:16 And so through all the hours of study
09:17 try to condense it down here
09:19 in just a matter of some minutes
09:20 and it's gonna demand that
09:22 you study a little bit further long,
09:24 but then I know you will do that.
09:25 Because you know, again I mentioned
09:27 this subject has caused all kind of problems
09:29 and I don't want to cause any problems in your heart
09:31 and in your life.
09:33 So today as we look at the Holy Spirit,
09:34 we are not gonna spend a whole lot of time
09:36 of going into all the office
09:38 and all the function of the Holy Spirit.
09:39 Most of us probably understand that.
09:41 If you've been on the word
09:42 or you are follower of Jesus Christ you--
09:44 I'm sure you understand these things.
09:46 But we still need to mention some of the office
09:49 or the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
09:51 Remember the Bible said the Holy Spirit it guides us.
09:55 It's an influence in our lives, it's a gift, it's a fruit
10:00 that we need, it's an office,
10:02 it's an outpouring, it's inspiration
10:04 that we so desperately need.
10:06 It's the power that's been promised to us.
10:08 Jesus promised us the power
10:10 of the Holy Spirit and so I praise God for that.
10:13 And you know, I thought very interesting
10:14 the Holy Spirit has a personality, interesting.
10:18 And we need to be careful not to grieve the Holy Spirit.
10:22 Remember do not grieve the Holy Spirit.
10:25 Blessings will come to the church,
10:27 will come in your heart and in my heart
10:29 as we understand this subject.
10:31 But I can guarantee you this that the Holy Spirit,
10:34 the power of God will not come upon individual
10:37 or in a church who rejects the truth of this subject.
10:42 So I'm sure that you are not gonna reject it
10:44 because you are gonna be studying
10:45 right along with me on this.
10:47 God's blessing will come to you, I know.
10:49 Let us give-- I like thought questions
10:51 so I'll maybe provoke some of you
10:53 but it's okay, I'll get you thinking along with me.
10:56 If we will, if we will just acknowledge today, what?
11:00 Number one, the power of the Holy Spirit.
11:02 So number one I want you to acknowledge
11:03 the power of the Holy Spirit.
11:06 Number two, I want you to say,
11:07 I want to be submissive to and molded by the Holy Spirit.
11:12 Two little simple things if we will do that,
11:14 we shall stand, notice this, complete in Him.
11:19 Two little things we will stand complete in Him,
11:21 we need that.
11:22 So the truth of the Holy Spirit is important, absolutely.
11:25 It's revealed clear, unmistakable lines
11:29 in the Word of God.
11:30 Now how do we that?
11:32 The Bible said, we study for truth,
11:33 we do line upon line, precept upon precept,
11:36 here a little and there a little.
11:37 You say, well, where do you find that?
11:39 Well, Isaiah Chapter 28 read verses 9 through 13
11:43 you will get little better just the whole thing there.
11:46 Now, for those of you who say, well,
11:48 you know, I really-- I think I understand it
11:50 but I'm not sure of it.
11:52 This is for you, of course, this is for all of us.
11:54 We can study this subject from Bible
11:57 and the Bible alone, understand the power
12:00 and understand the function of the Holy Spirit.
12:03 But for some of you we believe
12:04 in the Spirit of Prophecy so little clearer,
12:07 you know, in some of our minds, we will use the Bible
12:09 and Spirit of Prophecy on this subject.
12:12 Now remember every truth in the Word of God
12:15 must be proven from scripture.
12:16 This is right, this is what God would have us to do.
12:19 I'm thankful also for the Spirit of Prophecy
12:21 and I know that you are too.
12:24 I like, I love the Bible when I get into it
12:26 and I know you do too in Acts 5:32.
12:29 Jot it down quickly, Acts 5:32.
12:33 You remember the Bible says the Holy Spirit
12:34 or the Holy Ghost has promised to those who what?
12:38 Good. Those who obey Him.
12:41 Right off the reel we have a problem.
12:43 The Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost
12:45 has promised to those who obey him.
12:46 Majority of people just not obeying
12:48 how can you receive the Holy Ghost
12:50 if we are not being obedient
12:51 to what God has said in His word?
12:54 Interesting in 2 Corinthians 2:9
12:57 the Bible says, notice,
12:58 We need to be obedient in all things.
13:01 I'll read the whole verse, read it before,
13:03 read after you will see that's the principle
13:05 we need to be obedient in how many things?
13:08 All things.
13:09 Not just what suits your little fancy
13:11 or my little fancy.
13:12 We need to be obedient the Bible says in all things.
13:15 1 Peter 1:22, it says, we need to obey
13:20 the truth through the Spirit.
13:22 We need to obey the truth through the Spirit.
13:26 Jeremiah has something powerful to say
13:28 on this in Jeremiah 7:23, notice how it reads.
13:31 It says, notice simple bottom line.
13:33 "Obey my voice, and I will be your God."
13:37 What? Obey.
13:39 Always something about obedience here.
13:40 Lot of people want to throw it out.
13:42 The Bible is clear about obedience.
13:43 If you want the Holy Spirit,
13:45 we have to be willing to be what?
13:46 Obedient.
13:48 Now, you say, well, where do we start?
13:49 Oh, wonderful place to start is in John Chapter 16.
13:52 Now can we read all those verses?
13:54 No, we cannot.
13:55 But I want to point you to verses 7 through 14.
13:59 Now keep this in mind, John chapter what?
14:01 Good, you are jotting it down 16, 7 through 14.
14:05 Here's what Jesus promises.
14:07 Now does Jesus keep His promises?
14:08 Absolutely, He does.
14:10 He promised to send the Holy Spirit.
14:12 Here He says, I promised
14:14 to send you the comforter, notice this.
14:17 What would the Holy Spirit do?
14:19 The Holy Spirit, He says then would do what?
14:21 Would convict the world of sin, notice this and righteousness.
14:25 So conviction of sin is the function
14:28 of the Holy Spirit would convict
14:30 and also the function of the Holy Spirit
14:32 is to lead and guide us to teach us
14:34 what is right in righteousness and also what?
14:37 A judgment the Bible said.
14:39 And then in John Chapter 16 the Bible says,
14:42 the Spirit would guide us into all truth.
14:47 See we have a real problem there.
14:48 Guide us into all truth.
14:50 Why are there so many different people thinking
14:52 on so many different lines,
14:53 so many different areas and subject?
14:55 The Holy Spirit will not lie.
14:57 The Holy Spirit leads you
14:59 and guides you into all truth in me.
15:01 So what Spirit is leading today?
15:03 It's a good question for us to come up with.
15:05 In fact, the Holy Spirit, the Bible says
15:07 there in John 16, that the Spirit,
15:09 Holy Spirit would show us things to come.
15:13 If you will notice the work
15:14 that's going on in this world today,
15:17 notice, is left in the function
15:19 or in the hands of the Holy Spirit.
15:21 Notice that, He's talked about, He convicts the world of sin.
15:25 Convicts us of what?
15:27 Of righteousness and of judgment
15:29 would guide us into all truth.
15:31 And notice and the Holy Spirit then its function is to what?
15:34 Prophecy.
15:36 Would guide us and then would what?
15:38 Show us things to come.
15:40 That's prophecy, isn't it?
15:42 And then notice this, it caps it off here
15:45 the Holy Spirit then would do what?
15:47 Would glorify Jesus.
15:49 So the function of the Holy Spirit
15:50 then is to simply glorify, notice this,
15:53 we will talk more about, it represent Jesus Christ.
15:57 What an awesome thing to think about
16:00 is the work of the Holy Spirit in this world today.
16:04 In fact little credit is given to the Holy Spirit.
16:06 Many times we don't even think about the Holy Spirit.
16:08 I think we really need to.
16:10 So the Bible is very clear in principle
16:12 that the Holy Spirit then was promised to be,
16:16 listen carefully, put it together,
16:17 would be Christ representative.
16:22 The Holy Spirit would be Christ what?
16:25 Representative.
16:26 A representative then is not what,
16:28 would not be Christ but it would be somebody
16:30 who comes and represents someone else.
16:33 So His representative.
16:35 A little book called "Messages to Young People" page 55.
16:39 Notice just one little line here,
16:41 keep your mind open.
16:43 Notice what it says.
16:44 It says, "The Lord Jesus,"
16:45 notice "The Lord Jesus acts through"
16:49 notice "the Holy Spirit, for it is His representative."
16:55 That didn't say Christ spirit or God spirit,
16:57 it said the Holy Spirit.
17:00 It's His representative.
17:03 In fact, it gets little clear as we go John 16:7 says,
17:07 Jesus says this, He said, it's expedient.
17:09 Notice this, it's better for you.
17:12 It's going to be an advantage to you, for you.
17:15 It's going to be profitable to you,
17:17 that's what expedient means here.
17:19 For you that I go away.
17:20 Jesus says it's going to be, let's keep this in mind
17:23 because Jesus said it's better that I go away.
17:25 How could it be better that He goes away?
17:28 Oh, then he begins to explain
17:29 why it's better that He goes away.
17:31 He says, "For if I go not away,
17:36 the Comforter will not come unto you,
17:39 but if I depart, I will send him unto you."
17:43 How wonderful.
17:45 Jesus said, if I-- but if I go I'm gonna send
17:48 you a Comforter, I'm gonna send you someone
17:50 that's going to stand in My place.
17:51 I'm going to send someone to represent Me.
17:54 Wow.
17:55 You see, you think about this--
17:57 let's go back just a little bit,
17:58 turn a few pages back.
18:00 Okay, can we do that?
18:01 Do you remember this?
18:03 Jesus said this in John 16:7.
18:06 Now what He said? He said what?
18:09 "It is expedient for you that I go away."
18:11 Now what does He talking about?
18:12 Now He is talking about here, expedient that I go.
18:14 He was talking about what?
18:16 He'd come into this earth, living and dying what?
18:19 Coming out of the tomb and then going back to heaven.
18:23 Who was waiting for all of this to transpire
18:25 and take place before it really poured?
18:27 The Holy Spirit.
18:28 The Holy Spirit then and we read that
18:31 in Acts Chapter 2.
18:33 Disciples were what?
18:34 They were in the upper room and they were praying.
18:37 You remember that?
18:38 And they were up there for 10 days,
18:39 they're praying for outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
18:42 It's kind of interesting
18:43 when you think about this right here.
18:45 They prayed, oh, God, we need the power of the Holy Spirit.
18:48 And notice this, that time Jesus was in heaven
18:51 and He was also added His intercessory prayer to this.
18:55 He wanted to send that spirit.
18:57 He want to send it in great measure
18:59 because He knew that we would need it,
19:00 that His people would need it.
19:03 Think about this.
19:04 We say, well, how come we say
19:06 a while ago is expedient for you that I go.
19:08 You remember what Jesus certainly
19:09 while He was here on earth,
19:12 He couldn't be everywhere at once.
19:14 Could He?
19:15 When He came He was fully human
19:16 and fully certainly divine, but remember,
19:18 He couldn't be at every place at once.
19:20 Where Jesus walked that's where He was at.
19:23 Say He went over here, that's where He was at.
19:26 See before Him coming down to here
19:28 we will find out here in a moment
19:29 He could be everywhere but not anymore.
19:31 He came down to this, to this earth.
19:34 He took on humanity.
19:36 And so here He said, it's gonna be
19:37 an advantage to you,
19:39 it's gonna be profitable for you.
19:41 I can't be everywhere at once.
19:44 He said, I want to leave you something
19:46 that's very special.
19:47 He said, I'm gonna go to the Father
19:49 and I'm gonna send the Holy Spirit to what?
19:52 To be My successor on earth.
19:55 He was going to leave.
19:57 Now remember when Jesus come out--
19:58 We will read this in just a moment.
19:59 You remember Thomas, well, Doubting Thomas?
20:03 Oh, how much Jesus gave up for us, we will--
20:06 Oh, we will never learn in this life.
20:08 It's too much for us but we have a little piece
20:10 that fits together it's how wonderful it is.
20:13 You see, but let' think about the Holy Spirit.
20:15 The Holy Spirit then is not cumbered with the,
20:19 with the personality of the humanity.
20:21 The Holy Spirit is a spirit.
20:23 Jesus while He was on this earth,
20:25 remember one place at one time.
20:27 But now the Holy Spirit would represent Christ.
20:31 So the Holy Spirit then could be
20:32 in all places at the same time.
20:36 Wow.
20:37 So after resurrection, you know what?
20:39 After resurrection when Jesus came up,
20:41 He would bear the marks of what?
20:44 Of humanity for eternity.
20:47 So it's kind of interesting when you say,
20:48 well, that's-- in the Bible it says
20:50 the Spirit of Jesus, the Spirit of God.
20:53 Really?
20:54 Interesting when Christ went back,
20:56 He was in flesh and right in bone.
20:58 He could no longer ever be everywhere
21:01 at once like He could before He came down here
21:03 and gave that up for you and for me.
21:05 But He's not-- I have to send you
21:07 to the Holy Spirit because Holy Spirit
21:08 can be everywhere it wants
21:10 and everybody is gonna need help
21:11 and I can't do it anymore.
21:12 I can only be in, wow, one place.
21:14 So how can He give something that
21:15 he doesn't possess anymore?
21:17 Wow.
21:19 I mean that's an awesome thought.
21:21 Think it through, pray it, pray it through.
21:23 Remember He say well, I'm not sure that's the way.
21:26 You remember we talked about Doubting Thomas
21:28 and you can read that in John 20:27.
21:31 I'm gonna just read that for you here.
21:33 It said, when Doubting Thomas said,
21:34 well, I'm gonna have to see, I'm gonna have to touch,
21:36 you know, I'm going to have to lack of faith
21:38 but notice what it-- Jesus said to him,
21:40 how wonderful what a loving my Savior
21:43 that you serve and I serve.
21:45 He could have said, man, that's the way you are.
21:46 Hey, bye-bye. He didn't do that.
21:48 He said, come on over here.
21:49 He said, notice, "Reach hither thy finger,
21:52 and behold my hands, reach hither,"
21:55 notice it "thy hand, and thrust it into my side."
22:00 notice it "thy Jesus is assuring old Doubting Thomas
22:03 and you can read that in verse 25
22:05 where Thomas is asking this question of John Chapter 20.
22:08 Now notice Luke Chapter 24 says it
22:11 just a little different but same principles here.
22:12 Notice verse 39.
22:14 It say, it puts this way.
22:16 "Behold my hands and my feet,
22:19 that it is I myself."
22:22 Beautiful.
22:24 He goes on, He said, "handle me, and see"
22:27 notice this "for a spirit hath not" what?
22:30 "Flesh and bones, as ye see me have."
22:33 Jesus said, I'm not a spirit. I have flesh and bones.
22:36 He can only be in one place. One place at one time.
22:39 Just here, over here or--
22:42 See why He want to send us a Comforter.
22:44 Think about it. The Holy Spirit has attributes.
22:49 The Holy Spirit has characteristics.
22:52 It's not just some kind of an influence or somebody--
22:56 notice this the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is omnipresent.
23:01 Think about omnipresent, what's that mean?
23:02 Well, we just talked about
23:04 Holy Spirit can be everywhere at once, praise God.
23:08 John 14:17 read that, jot it down.
23:11 Psalms 139:7-12, everywhere at once.
23:15 Wow.
23:17 Now remember that's an attribute of the Holy Spirit.
23:19 Another attribute of the Holy Spirit
23:21 is that what is omniscient.
23:23 Now notice what does that mean.
23:26 That means knowledge, that means infinite knowledge,
23:29 wisdom knowing all things.
23:32 Notice how this is fitting together.
23:34 These are things that Christ had, right, that God has.
23:36 Now, the Holy Spirit has these three,
23:38 omnipresent, omniscient, notice this read that
23:41 in 1 Corinthians 2:10, Romans 11:33
23:48 and then just a little more study
23:50 you can go back to 1 Corinthians 2:10-12.
23:55 Think about the Holy Spirit
23:57 has infinite knowledge knowing all things.
24:01 Can be everywhere at the same time.
24:03 That just blows your mind, doesn't it?
24:05 Wow. Praise God.
24:07 You see, why Jesus said, I can no longer,
24:10 I can no longer be everywhere.
24:11 When I came down to this earth, this is it,
24:13 I carry humanity back with me.
24:15 That's how I identify.
24:17 And so if I don't go away, you won't have this power.
24:21 Wow, how good He is.
24:22 And then three certainly almighty.
24:26 We are talking about almighty God, omnipotent.
24:28 You say, oh, I've heard that word before.
24:30 Doesn't that mean, almighty?
24:32 Is that it mean all powerful?
24:33 The Holy Spirit then is not,
24:35 is not limited to anything, it's all, he is all powerful.
24:39 How beautiful that is.
24:40 Read that in Genesis 1:2,
24:43 Job 33:4 and Luke 1:35.
24:49 Now again are there more passages?
24:52 Absolutely.
24:54 These are just a little foretaste
24:56 of what we are studying about.
24:57 I pray that you are going to be really excited about.
25:00 Think about omnipresent,
25:01 omniscient and omnipotent, almighty.
25:04 These are attributes of the Holy Spirit.
25:06 When some people says,
25:08 well, Holy Spirit is really not a person.
25:10 Well, how can it have these attributes if it's not?
25:14 Wow.
25:15 Aren't you thankful Holy Spirit is all knowledgeable,
25:17 can be everywhere it wants, why?
25:19 Because if Holy Spirit it wasn't over here somewhere
25:21 and all these other millions and billions of people,
25:23 you know what, couldn't help them.
25:25 I'm so thankful for that God knows what's best.
25:27 Doesn't He?
25:28 I was reading a little, God call it a "Manuscript 125."
25:32 This is written September 4th, 1907.
25:35 Listen carefully. This is, listen to this.
25:37 "Those who reject the Spirit of truth"
25:41 notice "place themselves under"
25:43 notice "the control of the spirit
25:46 that is opposed to the word and works of God."
25:50 Please keep that in mind.
25:52 I'm gonna have to go if some of you miss that
25:53 boy, did you miss it.
25:54 A chip gone.
25:56 Notice this, "Those who reject the Spirit of truth."
25:58 See what happens, you will say,
26:00 oh, well, no, I'm not rejecting the spirit of truth,
26:02 it's God's spirit, it's Jesus' spirit.
26:04 Really, it's not a personal entity?
26:08 Is it be-- can we--
26:09 if we are rejecting this personal entity,
26:10 the Holy Spirit, is that not rejection of truth?
26:14 Think about it.
26:15 "Those who reject the Spirit of truth place themselves
26:17 under the control of the spirit
26:20 that is opposed to the word and works of God."
26:24 This is little more heavy duty than what most people think.
26:28 I find people just mounting up, just big old volumes,
26:31 you know, these papers this thick
26:32 and book and writing all kind of stuff
26:34 and getting in all kind of detail,
26:35 it still does not line up with the Word of God.
26:39 Line upon line and precept upon precept.
26:42 Doesn't matter how much material you have,
26:43 does it balance with scripture?
26:44 Balance with the Spirit of Prophecy?
26:47 See, the Bible is so clear, the Holy Spirit,
26:50 listen is a divine person.
26:52 Now you read that, I know in Matthew 28:19
26:56 where it says, "Go ye therefore,
26:58 and teach" how many?
26:59 "All nations" and doing what?
27:01 "Baptizing them" notice this
27:02 "in the name of the Father,
27:04 and of the Son, and of the" what?
27:06 "The Holy Ghost."
27:08 Now think about that, you have a lot of people
27:10 and many people get hung up on this, I understand.
27:13 Everything they do is in the name of.
27:16 If we understood this principle,
27:18 we wouldn't have all these other issue.
27:19 This is simple, simple issue.
27:21 When it says in the name of
27:23 and it does mention three not two, not one but three.
27:27 In the name of, what does it mean?
27:28 Three names, three persons, the word name--
27:31 let's just do it simple.
27:32 The word name in the Greek means literally
27:37 or figuratively authority or character.
27:42 So in the name of, the name then symbolizes what?
27:45 The authority of.
27:47 So it says, go baptized, right,
27:50 in the name of, that means in the authority of
27:53 or in the character of.
27:56 Let me read you something, may this will help you.
27:58 The rendering if you look up and you--
28:01 how the Greek was written out.
28:03 It reads a little differently
28:04 than the one it would English the way that we speak.
28:06 But notice how it reads here, rendering of the Greek is this.
28:10 In heaven and upon earth having gone
28:14 then the disciples, all nations, baptizing them
28:19 into the name, the what?
28:22 The character of or the authority of
28:26 the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
28:29 So still naming three and to do away with that
28:31 we are going to have to really
28:33 just take the scripture and start just ripping
28:35 pages out I would assume.
28:38 Because when I see three of that
28:39 and I don't take very-- little child can count
28:41 one, two, three, right.
28:43 Now notice who are still with me here.
28:45 When we talk about the Godhead,
28:46 we are talking about Godhead 3.
28:49 All right, God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
28:53 When we talked about this we looked up in Acts 17:29
28:56 we won't do that`
28:57 but it's talking about God likes.
28:59 So the Godhead means here in Acts 17,
29:01 the Godhead, God like.
29:03 In Romans 1:20 the Bible talks about here,
29:06 the God-- it mentions Godhead
29:08 it's talking about divinity.
29:09 And the third one is in Colossians 2:9
29:12 and it says deity or godly.
29:15 Now let's give you a couple examples
29:17 in scripture, you can just read,
29:18 there's lot more of these but you can see
29:20 the three separate entities in this passage.
29:24 If you are looking for you will see it.
29:25 Notice with me Luke Chapter 24, jot it down,
29:27 we got like a lot of material to cover.
29:29 Luke 24:48, 49.
29:32 Here we see three persons involved.
29:35 Bible says, "And ye are witnesses of these things.
29:38 And, behold," notice this "I," Who I?
29:41 Jesus "send the promise" who is the promise?
29:44 That's the Holy Spirit. "Of my Father" what?
29:48 God "Upon you" notice this and he says,
29:50 "but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until the" what?
29:54 "Thou be endued with power from on high."
29:57 So what is the power? Two places here.
30:00 Well, let's let the Bible do it.
30:02 Certainly the power will be Holy Ghost power,
30:04 wouldn't it?
30:05 Acts 1:8, notice "Ye shall receive power,
30:09 after the Holy Ghost has come upon you."
30:13 Power here, so we see Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
30:17 John 14:16, 17 we see mentioned again
30:22 three different Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Comforter.
30:26 John 16:13-15 read all those verses
30:29 while you can do all three.
30:31 Listen, this is interesting.
30:33 In John 15:26 if we look at it dramatically,
30:37 if we look at, it's in the masculine.
30:40 So again, you English speaking
30:41 you will understand that and you can study
30:43 and you can look it up.
30:44 Now notice with me "Manuscript 66, 1899"
30:48 this was written.
30:49 Now remember this is speaking of the Holy Spirit.
30:53 Notice this we need to realize the way it starts out.
30:56 "We need to realize" this is plain.
30:58 "We need to realize that the Holy Spirit
31:01 is as much a person as God is a person."
31:05 Wow.
31:07 The Holy Spirit is as much as a person
31:09 as God is a person
31:12 and He is walking through these grounds.
31:13 Now think about that.
31:16 To deny, and to get away from the separate entity,
31:18 the Holy Spirit say its not separate entity.
31:20 You are denying Spirit of Prophecy,
31:21 you are denying the Word of God.
31:23 We're having to twist it, we have to mutilate it
31:25 because it says here that the Holy Spirit
31:27 is much a person as God is a person.
31:31 "Special Testimonies" series B number 7 page 62 and 63.
31:35 I'll just read just part of it.
31:37 "There are three living persons of the heavenly trio,
31:41 in the name of these three great powers-
31:43 Father, Son, and Holy Spirit."
31:47 See, to me it-- because it's just simple.
31:50 It's one, two, three.
31:51 What did we do with the scriptures?
31:53 What did we do with the Spirit of Prophecy?
31:56 See, we must be careful, I mentioned this before.
31:58 We must be careful that we are not committing
32:00 you see the unpardonable sin
32:02 or the sin against the Bible talks about the Holy Ghost.
32:06 That's the rejection of the Holy Ghost.
32:08 Have you read that in Matthew 12:32?
32:11 I'm sure, you have. There is a warning there.
32:14 Have you read it in Acts 3:14, 15?
32:17 Or the Book of Ephesians 4:30?
32:20 It's talking about rejection of the Holy Spirit
32:23 or deny that the Holy Spirit really exist.
32:25 You'll say, well, I'm not denying it exists.
32:27 You are denying if you are not accepting
32:29 it as the third person of the Godhead.
32:31 Wow, you could be in trouble
32:33 and you didn't, maybe didn't even realize that.
32:36 Let's do some more study shall we, as we go on here.
32:38 Little book and I love this book
32:40 called "Patriarchs and Prophets" page 405.
32:44 Notice the functions that we get into the Holy Spirit.
32:47 "It is through the agency of the Holy Spirit that
32:50 God communicates with man."
32:53 Now how does God communicate with man?
32:54 Certainly through the word.
32:55 The God uses the Holy Spirit here with man.
32:58 Notice "Those who deliberately
33:01 reject this agency as satanic,"
33:04 you will say well, I'm not doing satanic.
33:06 If you don't believe its truth
33:07 and it must err so it must be satanic.
33:09 Think about it.
33:11 "Have cut off the channel of communication
33:14 between the soul and Heaven."
33:17 Those who reject this truth of the Holy Spirit,
33:20 you cut yourself off between the soul and heaven.
33:23 This is heavy duty.
33:25 Devil wants us think it's not soul
33:26 and its real simple going the other way.
33:27 No.
33:29 He doesn't want you, he didn't want you
33:30 to have the power of the Holy Spirit.
33:32 He doesn't want the Holy Spirit
33:33 to convict you of sin.
33:35 He doesn't want the Holy Spirit to give you victory.
33:36 We will talk more about these things.
33:38 Remember the Holy Spirit is alive
33:39 and well and working here on this earth,
33:42 we need the Holy Spirit.
33:44 Notice "Manuscript 20" written in 1906.
33:48 Notice once again.
33:49 Here to deny this subject, to deny
33:52 what we are talking about here is to deny
33:54 and have to throw out
33:55 and twist the Spirit of Prophecy.
33:58 Notice how it reads here.
33:59 It says "The Holy Spirit is a person."
34:03 Well, that's all I need to do.
34:05 I can go sit down. The Holy Spirit is a person.
34:07 It's either truth or it's a lie?
34:09 You are challenged with it if you think differently.
34:12 I'm challenged with it and I want to believe that
34:14 Holy Spirit is a person.
34:16 Why?
34:17 "Because He beareth witness with our spirits
34:20 that we are the children of God."
34:21 Don't you love that?
34:24 "The Holy Spirit has the personality."
34:26 If there was some kind of an influence,
34:27 it wouldn't have a personality.
34:29 It wouldn't be a person. Would it?
34:30 Interesting.
34:32 "Else He could not bear witness with our spirit."
34:35 Now notice, how this continues on.
34:38 "And with our spirit we are the children of God.
34:42 He must be" I'm reading on, notice.
34:44 "He must also be a divine person,
34:48 else He could not search out the secrets
34:51 which lie hidden in the mind of God."
34:54 Have you read that in 1 Corinthians?
34:55 I know you have to 9 to 10 and 11.
34:59 As you read that searching out these things.
35:02 So we see the Holy Spirit then is a person,
35:05 the Holy Spirit has a personality,
35:08 the Holy Spirit is divine, divine person.
35:11 Wow, praise God for that.
35:13 And get little bit more as we go here
35:14 in "Manuscript 145, 1901" notice this.
35:19 Again "The eternal heavenly dignitaries"
35:22 just mentions Him eternal heavenly dignitaries
35:25 "God, Christ and the Holy Spirit."
35:29 So remember if the Holy Spirit then is simply what they say--
35:33 Is simply Christ spirit or it's God's spirit.
35:37 How do Christ give something that
35:39 He didn't have?
35:40 After He came out of the tomb, what?
35:42 When He came down to this earth, wow.
35:46 How can He give what He doesn't have?
35:48 He can't be at every place He wants anymore.
35:52 So has to be a separate entity
35:53 when you think because Jesus can't be.
35:55 He is in heaven right now.
35:57 He is in the flesh and bone, we just read that.
36:00 So how can He give the spirit?
36:01 He doesn't have that spirit.
36:02 He gave that up for you and me
36:04 and so the Holy Spirit,
36:05 a separate entity is coming down, doing the work.
36:08 Praise God for that, that's wonderful.
36:10 He said, oh, it's gonna be good for you.
36:12 Its better that I go, that I leave
36:14 so I can send you the Comforter.
36:17 This is good, this is good thinking here.
36:20 Remember, you know, Christ and humanity
36:23 cannot be every place at once.
36:26 Now remember this,
36:28 this is some of you still confused.
36:29 It's interesting, some people go back
36:31 and say that the pioneers and the different ones.
36:33 We've talked about this in the first part
36:35 but I want to bring it up again.
36:36 We want to say, oh, some of you are,
36:38 you know, the Arian doctor, you need to be careful
36:40 because you are up to your eyebrows in it
36:42 and you don't even know it.
36:44 Yeah, we are gonna challenge you with it, absolutely.
36:47 See previous parts of this series
36:49 the Arian heresy we call it and I call it a heresy,
36:53 we address it the time.
36:55 Right, now, it's not gonna allow for it,
36:57 I can tell you that right now but I can say this.
36:59 It is a heresy.
37:01 It is not right, it is from the pits of hell,
37:03 it's from, pits from the devil.
37:05 And why?
37:06 Because the Arian teaching the heresy denies notice,
37:10 the deity of the Holy Spirit.
37:12 Wow.
37:14 Are you denying the deity of the Holy Spirit?
37:16 You better go check about
37:17 where you got this teaching from.
37:21 Over hundred year, hundred and fifty years,
37:23 some of our pioneers in the early movement
37:26 coming from many different denominations
37:27 and many backgrounds they be coming into the truth
37:31 that we're studying about the Holy Spirit and the power
37:34 and the influence of the spirit.
37:36 And they said in the beginning of Holy Spirit is not a person.
37:41 Wow, why?
37:43 I will even give you some of the names,
37:44 you can go back and say E.J. Waggoner has said that
37:47 E.T. his son, Uriah Smith.
37:51 That's just a few who believe this teaching.
37:53 Uriah Smith actually taught in the early days
37:56 and I'm talking about 18-- about 1878 here
38:00 and I will just read you a quote.
38:01 If you don't mind I will do that.
38:03 This is from the Biblical Institute page 184.
38:06 It says the spirit, talking about the Holy Spirit,
38:09 "Is a mysterious, notice, influence emanating
38:13 from the Father and the Son, their representative
38:17 and the medium of their power."
38:20 Wow.
38:21 Difference of opinion you see,
38:24 continue to go on for quite a few years
38:26 but about the end of the 19th century we find out that
38:30 the view of the Holy Spirit began to be made clear
38:33 and it gonna be recognized as, as what?
38:36 The third person of the Godhead.
38:39 That's wonderful.
38:40 A divine person "Evangelism 617."
38:45 Let me just tell you something, I've told this out
38:46 so you can see we have to be careful
38:48 where things begin and how they start out.
38:50 But remember God who starts it somewhere
38:52 and then He begins to lead and guide us
38:54 into what Holy Spirit, into all truth.
38:57 Let me tell you, I've seen a lot of people
38:59 who reject the deity, the third person of the Godhead.
39:03 And you know what?
39:04 Many of them go out
39:05 from the movement of Christ and Adventism
39:08 and they just go out and leave and they flee.
39:09 They fall apart.
39:12 You can put that together if you think about it.
39:14 In fact, in Review and Herald article
39:16 this is in 1896, even this article
39:21 in 1896 notice this spoke--
39:24 you see, they were coming out
39:26 and the Holy Spirit was leading and guiding
39:28 and they came to the knowledge of the truth.
39:30 But this point in time that's why people are confused
39:32 because you go back and say the pioneer said.
39:34 Be careful, use a Bible and Spirit of Prophecy
39:37 that's all you got to be using.
39:39 You can prove anything you want
39:40 if you take it out of context but notice this,
39:42 spoke as Christ as having two births,
39:46 one in eternity and one in the flesh.
39:49 We know that's not true, interesting.
39:51 Who taught us about that?
39:53 Well, E.J. Waggoner and Prescott taught that
39:56 even for a while and then they came
39:58 to the knowledge of the truth in the Spirit of Prophecy.
40:00 Certainly God was giving light to His people.
40:02 Let's just quickly, let's go
40:03 we are talking about the Holy Spirit.
40:05 Holy Spirit then is a personal being.
40:08 The Holy Spirit is the third person
40:10 of the Godhead, how beautiful.
40:12 Now listen to some of these things
40:14 and let's see if the Holy Spirit were just
40:16 some kind of an essence, some kind of a little power
40:19 or emanating from something
40:20 and not an entity within itself.
40:21 Think about what this really means.
40:24 The Holy Spirit this blows people's minds.
40:27 The Holy Spirit was present at creation.
40:32 Wow.
40:35 I'll read you a little bit more a little bit later.
40:36 Holy Spirit was present and had a part in creation.
40:42 Interesting, wow.
40:45 The Holy Spirit was present at Christ baptism.
40:49 Matthew Chapter 3, you remember that?
40:52 The Holy Spirit certainly was present there.
40:55 The Holy Spirit was present at Pentecost.
40:59 You remember, Acts 22:33, so the Holy Spirit,
41:04 you see, was present and working in behalf of man
41:07 and sometime we reject that power, that entity.
41:11 The Bible is clear that the Holy Spirit has knowledge.
41:15 How can how kind of essence
41:16 or power whatever-- the Holy Spirit has knowledge.
41:22 Read that in 1 Corinthians 2:11.
41:26 The Holy Spirit has a will, wow.
41:31 2 Corinthians 12:11, the Holy Spirit has a mind.
41:35 The Book of Romans 8:27 says,
41:38 think about the Holy Spirit has what?
41:40 Has knowledge, it has a will, it has a mind.
41:43 Romans 15:30 says, the Holy Spirit has love.
41:48 Somewhat personal, doesn't it?
41:51 Personality?
41:52 As much a person is God is the person.
41:56 Notice these characteristics.
41:59 The Holy Spirit has communion with us as,
42:01 well, 2 Corinthians 13:14 communicate.
42:05 The Holy Spirit, the Bible said can grieve.
42:08 How can you grieve an essence,
42:09 something to say you don't know what it is?
42:11 Must be a person.
42:12 Can be grieve the Bible said.
42:14 Ephesians 4:30 the Holy Spirit can be insulted.
42:19 Do you remember that?
42:20 Oh, I wish we had time to read everyone of these
42:22 and put them more in context but you can do this.
42:24 Hebrews 10:29,
42:26 the Holy Spirit can be insulted.
42:28 And let's say, the Holy Spirit can be lied too.
42:34 You remember that in Acts 5:3, 4.
42:38 See this is so important what the Holy Spirit does.
42:42 The Holy Spirit notice, applies the benefits
42:46 of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ or Calvary
42:50 and makes this sacrifice effective.
42:53 Notice that, effectual, effective.
42:57 What do you mean?
42:58 Effective in us.
43:00 The Holy Spirit puts inside of us.
43:04 Certainly Christ died
43:05 but the Holy Spirit is taking that
43:07 what Jesus did for us in putting it inside,
43:10 making it effective.
43:12 The Holy Spirit communicates to us
43:14 the very life of Jesus Christ.
43:18 What is the Holy Spirit's function?
43:19 Holy Spirit didn't come to--
43:21 Oh, so many passages you can look up.
43:22 It didn't come to testify itself.
43:24 It came to everything what?
43:26 It testified of Jesus Christ,
43:27 represented Jesus in all things.
43:29 Jesus came down here and He represented who?
43:31 God in everything.
43:33 Jesus didn't represent Himself at all.
43:34 He represent the Father, right
43:36 and now the Holy Spirit does nothing
43:37 but represent Jesus Christ.
43:38 That's why you can say
43:40 it's God spirit and Christ spirit.
43:43 Wow.
43:45 Separate entity but a function.
43:49 Think without this, you have Calvary,
43:52 you have the atonement, you have the sacrifice.
43:55 Calvary.
43:56 But without the Holy Spirit it wouldn't be effective
43:59 because we wouldn't say,
44:01 we wouldn't have the drawing the wowing
44:03 of the spirit to work upon our heart and mind
44:05 to give our life to Jesus Christ.
44:08 Oh, how we need that Spirit of God.
44:11 See the Holy Spirit helps to bear
44:14 the fruits of the spirit.
44:15 You read that in Galatians 5:22, 23.
44:20 We have to have the fruits of the spirit.
44:23 And only the Holy Spirit can help us
44:25 to attain those fruits that power.
44:28 How wonderful. What do we do?
44:30 Christ is in heaven, He is in the flesh,
44:33 we need the Holy Spirit so we can understand
44:34 what these fruits of the spirit
44:36 and how they need to be operating in our life.
44:39 The Holy Spirit qualifies me, it qualifies you,
44:42 it qualifies us for service.
44:44 You realize the power of the spirit here?
44:47 It qualifies men for service to wok for Jesus Christ.
44:51 It gives us power for witnessing and conversion.
44:54 Praise God.
44:56 You remember the power in Acts 1:8,
44:58 you receive power after the what?
45:00 Come on, the Holy Ghost has come upon you, absolutely.
45:04 You read that in Acts 13:2-4
45:07 and Acts 15:28 read that.
45:12 The Holy Spirit gives life to the church.
45:15 There's lot of churches there--
45:17 I won't say they are in a mat,
45:18 well, I will go ahead and say it anyway,
45:20 they are in a mat
45:21 well because they don't have the power of the Holy Spirit.
45:22 They are rejecting the Holy Spirit,
45:24 they are throwing the Holy Spirit out.
45:25 There could be no power in the church.
45:27 There can be no conviction of sin.
45:28 There can be no victory without the Holy Spirit.
45:32 We need to be praying for that spirit each and every day.
45:35 See the Holy Spirit-- remember gives what?
45:37 Gives to the church
45:40 1 Corinthians 12:7-11, read that.
45:43 The Holy Spirit does what? Does the church need gifts?
45:47 Yes, when you come in and there is a gift
45:49 that you have, like build the church.
45:52 The Holy Spirit has given you that gift
45:54 to use it for God's for His honor and for His glory.
45:57 Found a little article, I thought very interesting
45:59 and called the Southern Watchman,
46:02 that's November the 28th in 1905.
46:06 Notice once again, it's going back
46:07 and covering some of the stuff.
46:09 It says here "Christ is represented
46:12 by the Holy Spirit."
46:15 Didn't say His spirit and other spirit.
46:17 "Christ is represented by the Holy Spirit."
46:22 Wow.
46:23 What is represented mean again?
46:25 It means one who stands in the place
46:28 or serves as an agent.
46:31 So it's not Christ spirit,
46:33 He is human, right, He is in flesh.
46:35 Please keep this in mind.
46:37 Another book "Gospel Workers, 222"
46:39 "Gospel Workers, 222" says this.
46:41 "The Godhead" here we go, listen.
46:43 "The Godhead was stirred with pity for the race,
46:47 the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
46:51 gave themselves to the working out
46:53 of the plan of redemption."
46:56 I heard people say, oh, Holy Spirit had
46:57 nothing to do with the plan of redemption.
47:00 All three notice this, Father, Son, the Holy Ghost
47:04 gave themselves to the working out
47:05 of the plan of redemption, why?
47:08 Because it would involve all three.
47:10 God and it involve Christ coming down here,
47:12 living the victorious life, dying on Calvary
47:15 and then going back in the flesh
47:17 and then the representative,
47:18 right, the Holy Spirit separate entity
47:21 would be down here and do the work that
47:23 needs to be done to convert the world.
47:26 Wow, how wonderful that is.
47:27 Praise God.
47:30 A little book, a devotional book
47:31 called "Sons and Daughters of God" 28 says
47:34 "The Holy Spirit is a person, for He beareth witness
47:38 with our spirits that we are children of God."
47:40 Oh, we have to hurry, oh, we run out time.
47:41 Got a mountain of information here.
47:43 "Education" page 134, it say,
47:46 "Only by the aid of the spirit" now notice this we talked about
47:49 in the beginning of creation, notice this.
47:52 "Only by the aid of that Spirit
47:55 who in the beginning "was brooding'"
47:57 that means would shake, that would move,
48:00 that would flutter "'upon the face of the waters,"
48:04 and by the Word by whom 'all things were made.'
48:09 Only" listen "by their guidance
48:12 can the deepest truth be discerned."
48:16 Wow.
48:17 Again you need some word study in doing.
48:19 It's very simple to find out.
48:21 See some people have question
48:23 and they try to isolate some passage.
48:25 I might have time to give you one just here quickly.
48:27 I have had a call on this and I said, oh,
48:28 but let me tell you, I'll tell you I have found,
48:30 I have found what?
48:32 Listen, when you have a mountain of truth
48:33 and clear information friend,
48:35 don't trade that for one passage of scripture
48:37 that might seem to say something little different.
48:40 You've got all of this and you trade it for--
48:42 let me just give you one quickly.
48:44 John 20:22, remember.
48:47 Now remember when you are looking for truth
48:48 what do you do?
48:50 It's one passage, you know, line upon line,
48:52 precept upon precept here, there a little
48:55 and we have to be very, very careful
48:56 in order to find out what truth is.
48:59 Now as we look at this passage John 20:22
49:02 and I'm trying to hurry with it.
49:03 Now it says, it said, see I told you the Holy Spirit
49:06 is just God's spirit or Jesus spirit
49:08 because this proves it.
49:10 This doesn't prove it, come on, look here.
49:12 It says "And when he had said"
49:14 when Jesus said to them "He breathed on them,
49:17 and saith unto them, receive the Holy Ghost."
49:21 See, He breathed on.
49:23 Let's look at in the light of truth here.
49:25 There was a partial fulfillment
49:27 of this promise of the Holy Spirit
49:29 and we realize that was given.
49:31 And in John Chapter 14 we realize that
49:33 16 through 18 and then 16:7-15.
49:38 The full outpouring of the spirit we understand
49:40 was 50 days later, Acts Chapter 2.
49:42 But listen, let's look back at this passage
49:45 from the original Greek rendering.
49:48 Notice how it reads.
49:51 And this having said he breathed.
49:55 You know, what that means?
49:57 He breathed.
49:58 It says, here in the Greek that means
49:59 he having said this, He took a breath.
50:03 He took a breath and said to them
50:05 receive the Holy Ghost.
50:07 You know, like we are talking to somebody, sometime ago,
50:09 well, He breathed and had nothing to do
50:12 with giving His spirit the time, think about it.
50:18 "Sons and Daughters of God" comment on John 20:22 says,
50:23 "By the heavenly gifts the Lord
50:24 has made ample provision for His people.
50:27 'Receive the Holy Ghost.'
50:29 This is the greatest gift of heaven.
50:32 Christ imparts to them through the Holy Spirit"
50:35 notice this "His own" notice this, listen,
50:37 "His own sanctification.
50:40 He imbued them with power,
50:42 that they might win souls to the gospel.
50:45 They were to be one."
50:48 Here we see my friend, the Holy Spirit
50:50 is not just we say God spirit or Christ spirit,
50:53 it is the third person of the Godhead.
50:56 "Manuscript" 27, 1/2, written in 1900 says,
51:00 the "The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost,
51:03 powers infinite and omniscient,
51:06 receive those who truly enter into the covenant
51:08 relationship with God."
51:10 See, this is good.
51:12 This helps to put our minds at peace
51:13 with the office of the Holy Spirit.
51:15 In fact, "Desire of Ages" 669 says this quickly.
51:18 Now notice this, we touched on the bitter notes.
51:22 "The Holy Spirit is Christ's representative,
51:24 but divested of personality
51:28 of humanity and independent thereof.
51:31 Cumbered with humanity," listen to this
51:33 "Cumbered with humanity,
51:35 Christ could not be in every place personally.
51:39 Therefore it was for their interest
51:42 that He should go to the Father."
51:44 Are you still with me?
51:45 "And sent the Spirit to be His successor on earth.
51:49 No one" oh, listen "No one could then have
51:53 any advantage because of his location
51:56 or of his personal contact with Christ.
51:59 By the Spirit the Savior would be accessible to all.
52:04 In this sense He would be nearer to them
52:07 if He had not ascended on high."
52:10 Well, powerful.
52:12 Whole sermons can be preached on that.
52:14 "Desire of Ages" 670,
52:17 "The disciples still failed
52:18 to understand Christ's words in their spiritual sense,
52:22 and again He explained His message.
52:24 He said, "By the Spirit, He said,
52:26 He would manifest Himself to them."
52:30 See in John 16 Jesus said the spirit
52:33 doesn't speak about himself,
52:35 it's gonna speak about Jesus Christ.
52:37 I want to be clear as we close here.
52:39 Listen again John 16 Jesus tells
52:41 this wonderful gift He is going to give.
52:44 This is a Southern Watchman, November 28th, 1905
52:47 reveals this important, important truth
52:49 and we need to weight--
52:51 remember weight of evidence here, weight of evidence.
52:53 "What gift could He" Jesus
52:55 "bestow rich enough to signalize
52:58 the grace of His ascension
53:00 to the mediation and His throne?
53:02 It might be worthy of His greatness
53:04 and of His royalty.
53:06 He determined to give His representative,
53:09 the third person of the Godhead.
53:12 This gift could not be excelled.
53:16 He would give all gifts in one,
53:21 therefore the divine Spirit, that converting,
53:23 that enlightening, that sanctifying power,
53:27 would be a" oh, boy, "be a donation."
53:29 He would give it. Praise God.
53:33 You see, we live in this world
53:35 where there is so much confusion,
53:36 there need not be.
53:38 When the Bible is talking about
53:39 three and the, Spirit of Prophecy
53:41 talking about three, three means
53:43 three, three, separate right, entities and powers.
53:48 Wow.
53:50 Why not today if you've been thinking about,
53:51 you know, we might need to just re-examine.
53:54 We might get on our knees right now
53:56 and say, oh, God, forgive me.
53:58 I've been going the wrong direction
54:00 and I need the Holy Spirit.
54:02 I need that power. I want that power.
54:06 And because somebody has come along
54:07 with some lie and twisted things up,
54:11 that I went the wrong direction.
54:12 Today I want to come back.
54:14 I ask for forgiveness and please empower me
54:16 with the Holy Spirit.
54:18 Would you pray with me right now?
54:19 I'm gonna pray with you. Just a minute or so left.
54:21 I want to pray that you make that move
54:23 and you do it right now.
54:24 Don't grieve the spirit. Don't reject the spirit.
54:26 Let's pray. Shall we?
54:28 Merciful Father in heaven,
54:30 we thank You for Your Holy Spirit,
54:31 we thank You for that conviction.
54:33 Pray right now for those who maybe going
54:35 through a dilemma right now and they are just oh, my--
54:37 we thank You for that Holy Spirit
54:39 that's gotten their attention.
54:41 They are gonna make that change back right now to You.
54:43 They are recommitting their life
54:45 and their heart to You.
54:46 They are inviting the Holy Spirit to come
54:47 in once again and convict and convert and empower them.
54:51 Lord, I thank You for that conversion experience
54:53 for each and every one for that renewed hope
54:56 and encouragement.
54:57 Bless us now, we pray this and we thank You
54:59 for this beautiful truth in Jesus name, amen.
55:04 Again mountain of information,
55:06 this is just touched on just a few things
55:08 and I pray that it's-- maybe encourage you,
55:10 maybe just, maybe agitate you just a little but.
55:12 But I pray you get into the word.
55:14 We thank you for watching,
55:15 we thank you for, you know, tuning in every week
55:18 and, you know, we continually need your support.
55:19 So please do that.
55:21 Pray for us and we will see you next time.
55:25 Hello, and welcome back.
55:26 Isn't it wonderful the gifts that
55:28 God has left with His church?
55:31 We are so blessed to have so much information
55:34 from which to glean from.
55:36 The problem is that we just do not study
55:39 as we should most of the time.
55:41 So much confusion would not occur
55:44 in our churches if we would just take the time
55:47 to read all that God has left for us
55:50 on this subject as well as many others.
55:52 And what wonderful promises that are being found
55:55 as we study about the Godhead.
55:58 Listen to this promise
56:00 as we draw our study together today to a close.
56:03 It is found in "Special Testimony"
56:05 series B number 7, it's on pages 62 and 63
56:10 and it was written back in 1905.
56:13 "There are three living persons of the heavenly trio,
56:17 in the name of these three great powers,
56:19 the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,
56:22 those who receive Christ by a living faith are baptized,
56:27 and these powers will co-operate
56:30 with the obedient subjects of heaven
56:32 in their efforts to live the new life in Christ."
56:36 Can you imagine, the three greatest powers
56:40 to ever exist are interested in co-operating
56:44 with little old us,
56:46 in order that we might be saved.
56:49 Amazing to say the least.
56:51 What a matchless love
56:53 they have for each and every one of us.
56:56 So, friends, if this series of messages
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57:57 Until next time, friends, may our precious Lord
58:00 continue to richly bless you and yours.


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