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Participants: Chris Shelton (Host), Kenny Shelton


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00:42 Hello and welcome to "Behold the Lamb Presents."
00:45 I truly believe that we have a message today
00:47 that will be inspiring, encouraging
00:50 and be a blessing to each and every one of you
00:53 who choose to study along with us.
00:56 This message contains another small piece of prophecy
01:00 that is being fulfilled even as we speak today.
01:04 We have chosen to entitle today's message
01:06 "In a Few Months."
01:08 Allow me to read to you the very sentence
01:11 from the book "Early Writings" on page 67
01:15 that this title is taken from and this will help to begin
01:19 to put today's message into proper perspective.
01:23 "Said the angel, 'Deny self, ye must step fast.'
01:28 Some of us have had time to get the truth
01:31 and to advance step by step, and every step we have taken
01:35 has given us strength to take the next.
01:38 But now time is almost finished,
01:41 and what we have been years learning,
01:44 they will have to learn in a few months."
01:48 Wow. Time is almost finished.
01:51 We must step fast.
01:53 Others will have to learn in a few months,
01:56 just a few months
01:57 what has taken most of us years to learn.
02:02 This is a sobering prophetic message indeed.
02:06 Just those few words being really understood
02:09 under the unction of the Holy Spirit
02:12 begins to grieve the heart.
02:14 It helps us to examine our lives
02:17 and to think about the lives of our loved ones.
02:20 So get ready today
02:22 as we spend another exciting hour
02:24 with Pastor Kenny Shelton as he shares with us
02:27 just a few examples
02:29 of the fulfillment of this prophecy.
02:32 But first we are blessed to listen to a song
02:34 that is entitled "The Wonder of It All"
02:37 as sung by Emma McDonald from the 3ABN Worship Center.
02:51 I have found a grace to save me
02:58 In a vain and simple truth
03:06 I have made the sweetest journey
03:14 To the innocence of You
03:23 A place of what I never seek
03:27 And
03:31 It was really overwhelming
03:37 When the mountain seem too tall
03:40 How we seem like nothing more
03:44 Compare to the wonder of it all
03:55 There is a truth that's so amazing
04:02 It has turned my heart around
04:10 There is a peace that gives me comfort
04:17 When my head is hanging down
04:27 When the tiny thread of faith is nearly gone
04:34 Oh, it's always overwhelming
04:40 When the mountain seem to tall
04:44 And they seem like nothing then
04:47 Compare to the wonder of it all
04:55 Mysteries of God I'll never understand
05:03 The way this love can fill into soul
05:10 And just to think
05:12 I'm living in the palm of His hand
05:18 It's all my doubt and heart we need to know
05:43 When I lay down in the evening
05:50 And I close my eyes to rest
05:58 I can wake up in the morning
06:06 Knowing I've had His best
06:15 'Cause I know my worth of love around is deep
06:23 And I can't tell every man
06:28 How that every time I fall
06:32 He puts me up and I am safely
06:36 Held by the one who love it all
06:48 Held by the one who love it all
07:12 Praise the Lord.
07:14 Glad you joined us today here at Behold the Lamb.
07:16 We have an exciting program.
07:18 We are gonna be talking about prophecy.
07:21 Now again prophecy being fulfilled
07:23 before our very eyes.
07:25 Things are happening among God's people today
07:28 that may shock some of you
07:30 because it's been prophesied these things will take place
07:34 and they are and we have evidence
07:36 of these things and we have call.
07:38 People are calling in
07:39 and saying some marvelous things
07:41 how God is working in their life,
07:43 and it's so encouraged us that we got so excited,
07:46 we could hardly stand it around here.
07:48 We decided we want to share these things with you.
07:51 So I pray today that you will, you will be praying
07:53 as we are gonna kneel here
07:55 and have prayer in just a moment
07:56 because we are gonna talk about--
07:57 when something you say a matter of months,
08:00 you know, that's a short amount of time.
08:02 Let's see what this is all about
08:04 and we are gonna to God in prayer.
08:05 We are gonna ask for the Holy Spirit to help us
08:08 as we go through here
08:09 because we want this to be an encouragement to you,
08:12 so that you can be ready to meet Jesus.
08:13 Let's pray. Shall we?
08:17 Loving Father in heaven, we thank You again
08:18 for the privilege of prayer.
08:20 We thank You, we can call You our heavenly Father.
08:22 Today, we come in the name of Jesus,
08:24 we come claiming His blood.
08:26 We come boldly before the throne
08:28 because of who He is not because of us,
08:32 anything we've ever said or done
08:34 but we want to be covered by thy blood today.
08:36 Forgive us of our sins and mistakes,
08:37 anything we said or done
08:39 that's not pleasing in eyesight.
08:41 Lord, bless as now we pray open the ears, the eyes, the hearts
08:44 of everyone of Your children
08:46 that we may be inspired to greater heights
08:49 as we look to You the author and the finisher of our faith.
08:52 Bless us now we pray to this
08:54 and accompany us by the power of thy Holy Spirit
08:56 and we will thank You in advance
08:58 in Jesus' name, amen.
09:01 Isn't that wonderful, we can go to God in prayer
09:03 and we can pray
09:05 and know that God is going to hear
09:07 and going to bless us with His power.
09:09 How something I do-- I really want to read
09:11 before I get into this message and I just--
09:14 I found it, I was in my desk just before the program
09:17 and I saw it, I read it many times.
09:19 But this is actually was written in 1997, 1997.
09:24 Now we know that the devil is angry.
09:27 We know that he is trying to discourage God's people.
09:30 So we want to encourage you today
09:31 by some things that the Lord has allowed us to see, to hear,
09:35 and we want to give those back to you to help you.
09:37 But I was reading this here
09:39 because I remember a time back in 1997 in our church
09:43 that was going through a little difficult time.
09:45 The enemy was trying to come in
09:47 and he was trying to cause division and separation
09:49 and some different type of doctrine
09:51 and so on was being taught in the church.
09:54 And so we are taking stand for what was truth.
09:57 And very, very interesting not long after that,
10:00 oh, the Holy Spirit was good and all worked out wonderful
10:02 but my mother, my mother sat down one evening
10:05 and she wrote a little poem.
10:08 It's a page long here but you just bear with me.
10:11 This is special to me.
10:12 This is-- my mother wrote this
10:14 and she wrote it about the problems
10:15 that were going on.
10:17 Let me tell you, they are still going on today.
10:19 They are going on everywhere
10:20 but God's people are rising right to the cause.
10:23 He calls their names, were rising by the power of God
10:25 and were doing what?
10:27 Mighty things in the name of Jesus.
10:29 Notice what this whole page here
10:31 and I want you to just kind of think about every word
10:33 as I read this to you.
10:35 It says, one day old Satan came to earth to see
10:39 what he could do.
10:41 He said, I will visit the Herrin Church
10:44 and sit right in the pews.
10:46 The Herrin Church has troubled me
10:48 for such a long, long time.
10:51 It's time that I get busy and work upon their minds.
10:55 These people used to love the Lord with all their heart
10:57 and their soul but I began to trouble them
11:01 because this is my goal.
11:04 I will start by hurting feelings,
11:07 then I will gossip all day long,
11:10 then I will crucify the pastor because he's been too strong.
11:14 I will discredit all of the principles
11:17 just what I can do.
11:19 It's not a very big job and this is very true.
11:23 Now notice this, it only takes the working off of hearts
11:27 just one or two.
11:29 While the people's out of unity,
11:31 I will tear this church apart.
11:34 Interesting, stay with me now.
11:35 Notice, I will tear this church apart.
11:38 Because they failed to read and they failed to pray,
11:42 I have slipped right into their heart.
11:45 But if they start to organize and get back all their love
11:49 and consider others feelings and think on things above,
11:53 notice this, then I will just have to leave them.
11:57 Interesting.
11:58 And let Jesus have His way because they already know that
12:01 He will come again some day.
12:04 So they must put aside these things
12:07 if they expect to go, notice this,
12:09 I wish that I had been different
12:12 but it's too late for me I know.
12:14 Talking about the enemy notice.
12:16 If I can't take this church with me
12:18 then others I must find because I'm very strong you see
12:24 but I will have to leave all behind.
12:27 Written by in the guidance of the Holy Spirit
12:30 and it was on Sabbath morning of July the 26th, 1997
12:34 by my mother Goldie Seddon Shelton.
12:36 So I thought it was very interesting
12:38 and she handed that to me and it's so talked about
12:40 the things that were going on.
12:42 And to me it was an encouragement.
12:44 I want to be an encouragement to you
12:45 because the enemy knows as long as we pull together
12:48 and we study the truths and we stand side by side
12:51 that the enemy has no power over us.
12:54 We have been seeing, we have been seeing
12:57 the hand of a mighty God
12:59 working here in these last days.
13:01 We talked that-- I believe that door
13:03 of probation is still open,
13:05 that God is still calling His people
13:07 and He is calling the 11th hour workers.
13:10 He is calling many in to the fold
13:12 to give this message out
13:14 and it's very interesting in our title "In a Few Months."
13:18 What does that really mean, in a few months?
13:21 Well, my wife read that if you remember
13:23 in the very beginning but if you allow me
13:25 I'm gonna take the book in "Early Writings" page 67
13:28 and read just a few--
13:30 Remember these are some foundation things
13:31 that we are going to be building on.
13:33 This tells where we are at in the history of this world.
13:37 We are gonna actually start on page 66.
13:41 Now bear with me as I read but those of you
13:43 who have been reading I believe that
13:45 you are going to understand.
13:46 Those of you are not
13:47 and some of this maybe over your head,
13:49 you maybe tuning in for the first time,
13:50 you say, I don't understand that bless your heart.
13:52 The Holy Spirit will help you too.
13:54 I know, I know the Holy Spirit is going to help you.
13:56 But here for many people who have been studying
13:58 this message for a long time this will ring true.
14:02 Notice what it says on page 66 and onward right here.
14:06 It says notice, "If so, you must die
14:09 and you must live to self."
14:10 This is the way it starting out.
14:12 We must die to self
14:13 and these words here are so familiar
14:15 especially in Adventism here's what it says.
14:17 "Get ready, get ready, get ready.
14:21 You must have a greater preparation
14:23 than you now have, for the day of the Lord cometh, both cruel"
14:27 notice this "with wrath and fierce anger,
14:29 to lay the land desolate
14:32 and to destroy the sinners thereof out of it."
14:35 And then it goes on to say, "Sacrifice all to God.
14:38 Lay all upon the altar..."
14:40 And talking about self, talking about property.
14:43 "All are living sacrifice."
14:46 I like this line and this rings true.
14:48 It's going to take all, we, you, me all of us.
14:52 "It will take all to enter glory."
14:55 You are not gonna be able to withhold anything,
14:57 it's gonna take all to enter glory.
14:59 Then it goes on about talking about
15:00 laying your treasures on up in heaven.
15:02 Now let me just go right down to here
15:04 and you heard some of it
15:06 at the beginning of the program.
15:07 Here's what it said.
15:08 "Said, 'Deny self, you must step fast.'"
15:11 Some of us who had time..." Notice this.
15:13 "To get the truth and to advance step by step...
15:17 "Notice what happens.
15:19 "Every step we have taken
15:20 has given us strength to take the next.
15:24 But now time is almost finished..."
15:27 Somebody listen.
15:28 "Time is almost finished,
15:30 what we have been years learning,
15:34 they will have to learn in a few months."
15:37 Did you notice the subject? In a few months.
15:41 So it's talking to us here notice that
15:43 there will be people coming in.
15:45 Some of us have been for years
15:46 and we still don't know what's going on
15:48 and some people is going to come
15:49 in just before probation close, just before Jesus comes
15:52 and they are gonna learn in a matter of months
15:55 what has taken us years.
15:56 The article goes on
15:58 because I want to finish it what it says.
15:59 Notice it, "They will have much to unlearn
16:03 and much to learn again."
16:04 Keep this in mind as I share some letters
16:06 with you here in a moment.
16:07 "Those who would not receive the mark of the beast
16:10 and his image when the decree goes forth,
16:13 must have decision now to say,
16:15 Nay, we will not regard the institution of the beast."
16:20 What an awesome time. We would have to step fast.
16:22 Why? Because time is closing up.
16:25 God's people are surfacing.
16:27 The Holy Spirit is reaching out and touching people
16:31 and drawing them into the cause.
16:33 Drawing them and oh, I'm amazed
16:36 as we get some of these phone calls, many, many,
16:38 where people just in a matter have--
16:40 listen to me carefully, in a matter of months
16:43 and in some cases
16:45 and I will read letter in a matter of weeks.
16:47 Didn't know anything about this message
16:49 in a matter of weeks they have already grasp
16:50 some of the vital truths
16:52 and they are following them by the grace of God.
16:55 What does that tell you?
16:57 That tells you we are nearing the end of time, doesn't it?
17:00 And so with nearing the end of time
17:01 we must realize, this must--
17:03 well, I want to work on your mind,
17:04 I want you to say, oh, we are maybe near
17:07 than what we thought because the Bible tells us
17:11 in the Book of Matthew verse 44.
17:13 "Therefore be you also ready..."
17:15 You remember that.
17:16 "For in such an hour as you think
17:18 not the Son of man cometh."
17:20 Be ready, get ready, take some steps
17:23 where people is gonna be coming in,
17:25 the 11th hour workers learning, learning, learning,
17:27 grasping the truths quickly.
17:28 Not debating over and we are saying
17:30 well, you know, I'm not sure if this is going to be accept--
17:33 they hear them,
17:35 they are honest in heart, they are praying.
17:37 Remember all these folks, all these folks
17:39 that are calling in have been praying as mentioned
17:41 in the beginning of the program.
17:43 They have been praying what is truth
17:45 and they are willing to walk in the truth
17:46 and it's a matter of lifestyle changes
17:49 so different to them but yet they are willing to do
17:52 and what an encouragement it is because it helps me to know
17:55 that we are nearing the end of time.
17:56 This is a sign, this is the point,
17:59 this is something God has given this church
18:00 so we can say, yes!
18:03 Yes, this is it, just before probation closes.
18:06 Most people don't know that. They don't want to hear.
18:08 The devil is trying his best to stop it
18:10 but you know what, he can't.
18:12 Let me just share a few things with you.
18:14 Now remember in a few months
18:17 this letter here it comes from California.
18:18 We won't mention names,
18:20 we don't want to embarrass anyone
18:22 but it's very interesting they call in.
18:24 we have to stop packs of, you know,
18:25 stop this packs of this all kind of people calling in
18:28 and have a request and they are wanting the DVDs
18:31 and they are wanting CDs
18:32 and they are wanting to know more about Jesus.
18:35 So we are grateful and thankful
18:36 for these especially when they began to relate
18:39 what God has done for them.
18:41 It's encouraging isn't it?
18:42 Now notice this
18:44 and what it's talking about here.
18:45 Now this individual here has just accepted
18:47 the message of Adventism for few months.
18:51 What's our title? In a few months.
18:54 In just a few months
18:56 and oh, if we just had time to go
18:58 and just talk about all these things.
19:00 Here's what was happening with this person here.
19:02 This person, California, they were praying
19:04 for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
19:07 They were praying that the Spirit of God
19:08 will just get a hold of them and just encourage them
19:11 and strengthen them
19:13 and do something marvelous in their life.
19:15 And so they were just praying
19:17 and they would get up early of the morning.
19:18 There's been several hours of praying
19:20 that God would lead them into truth.
19:22 They could find truth and had a study
19:24 and pray for the power of the Holy Spirit.
19:28 Said he was praying one morning,
19:30 says praying for the power of the Holy Spirit.
19:31 Oh, I want the Holy Spirit to come.
19:33 I know the Holy Spirit convicts and teaches us
19:35 and gives us victory in our life.
19:37 Gives us power to witness and I want that power,
19:40 I'm not sure how that can be attained.
19:43 I'm just-- I'm praying about it.
19:45 So she was impressed to go and turn on the TV set
19:49 and she turned on 3ABN and as she turned 3ABN
19:52 on the Behold the Lamb was on.
19:55 And interesting notice, she was praying for what?
19:59 For the power of the Holy Spirit.
20:01 How can be accomplished in the life
20:03 and what was "Behold the Lamb" talking about.
20:05 It was talking about the Holy Spirit,
20:06 the power of the series of the Holy Spirit.
20:10 It answered every question that that women had.
20:13 How encouraged she became
20:15 and she began to look at these things
20:16 and she said, "Oh, this is exactly what I want.
20:20 This is exactly what I've needed
20:22 so that I can continue to grow for Jesus."
20:25 Do you realize this lady here we're talking about here,
20:28 still had things in her life
20:31 that should not have been there?
20:32 Let me just-- just name the couple of them
20:34 'cause she told me about it and I wrote them down.
20:37 She is praying for the power of the Holy Spirit.
20:40 She begins to see that series of "Behold the Lamb."
20:42 She began to follow them
20:43 and put them in practice by faith.
20:45 All because God gave her victory
20:47 over the cigarettes,
20:48 He gave her victory over the tobacco, the alcohol,
20:51 and other things in her life.
20:53 The Spirit of God began to give her victory
20:56 through the power of the Holy Spirit
20:57 and she was praising God because she said,
20:59 I praise God that I've found 3ABN.
21:02 I'm thankful that I've found "Behold the Lamb."
21:06 See God is working on people
21:07 who are praying for what is truth.
21:11 Interesting in a matter of months,
21:13 so immediately she goes and finds her a church.
21:15 But sometimes you know, you get churches
21:17 and all churches are not alike
21:18 and some of you won't like to hear that
21:20 but it's true.
21:22 But God's bringing people in who are enlightening
21:24 their minds so quick they can detect,
21:28 now stay with me just a minute.
21:29 They can detect some of you who've been on the pews
21:32 almost all of your lives
21:34 and you are not really converted.
21:36 These people are converted when they come in
21:38 and they are not trying to just look at people.
21:39 They know they'll look to Jesus
21:41 but it's very obvious that we are not doing the things
21:43 that we should be doing.
21:45 Now it's a matter of salvation.
21:47 But we need to be obedient to the word of God.
21:50 And so they can become discouraged
21:52 but we encourage them here
21:54 to take their eyes off of the men
21:55 and put them on Jesus.
21:57 Let me tell you what a change took place
21:59 in these individuals' life.
22:01 Read something and jotted in down
22:02 as I was thinking on this and praying about this.
22:05 3 Testimonies, 270.
22:06 This may be a little bit heavy duty for some.
22:09 Why?
22:10 Because we are rejecting things
22:12 that we know that we should be doing.
22:14 Here it says, "God's displeasure
22:16 is upon His people, He will not manifest His power
22:20 in the midst of them while sins exist among them
22:23 and are fastened on those in responsible positions."
22:27 Wow, we have an obligation.
22:30 This is the point.
22:32 The Holy Spirit is calling people, bringing them in,
22:33 they are running in a matter of months,
22:35 what has taken us years to learn
22:38 and some of us years we've been learning
22:40 and we've been doing
22:41 and listen, it shouldn't take years,
22:43 it shouldn't take me years.
22:44 The Holy Spirit can teach us more in five minutes
22:46 than learned men of the world can in life time.
22:49 But we've been lazy and God's calling in people
22:51 to help finish this work
22:53 and they are saying we know these things.
22:54 The Holy Spirit is telling us truth
22:56 and they are willing to walk in these things.
22:59 Called another individual or an individual called in
23:02 and said we are learning so much.
23:04 Talking about tuning into 3ABN. We are learning so much.
23:09 What an encouragement and we are talking about
23:12 something when people that are in near--`
23:14 A little more elderly.
23:16 But they are so exited about the coming of Jesus
23:20 and as they are attending the church,
23:21 they are finding out that there's more than
23:23 just going to church, sitting on the pew
23:24 and we say doing nothing.
23:27 They feel a calling of the Spirit to go
23:30 and to warn the world of the coming of Jesus.
23:33 So they began to, this lady here,
23:35 just a matter of months, what?
23:37 We're going to give studies.
23:39 "I want to go give Bible studies,
23:41 I want to try teach others what I've been learning here
23:43 in just a matter of a little bit of time here,
23:45 few months, I'm learning and I want to share it."
23:48 And starts going knocking on doors
23:49 and trying to get Bible studies and then you know, set out
23:53 and I felt a calling to start passing out some books.
23:58 No one else assume that church was passing out book,
24:00 no one was seem to do anything.
24:03 She said, you know, Holy Spirit impressed me,
24:05 you go out if you are the only one.
24:08 Think about this.
24:10 Somebody new comes in, all of this is new to them
24:11 but they were empowered by the Spirit of God,
24:14 and they are saying, "Oh, I need to do these things,
24:17 I'm learning, it's changed my life.
24:19 It's changed every thing, my direction and I love it
24:22 and I just want to share it with others.
24:24 So, what the lady told me is going to interest you.
24:26 I'm not waiting on a meeting or board meeting
24:29 to say I can't pass out or I can't, I'm going on
24:31 because the Holy Spirit has asked me to do that.
24:34 Wow, how encouraging that is.
24:37 How encouraging is the Holy Spirit,
24:39 it inspires.
24:41 But you know what?
24:43 Some of us are not doing it but I'm gonna warn you.
24:44 Listen, the Holy Spirit is going to bypass
24:47 those of us who are not listening.
24:49 Let me read you another quote
24:50 that I thought kind of went along with
24:51 what we're talking about here.
24:53 Again, we hear this wonderful news
24:54 of what God's people are rising up
24:57 and just going forward and doing exactly what God said
25:00 to "Go ye into all of the world,"
25:01 get this gospel out.
25:03 But some of us are not rising up
25:04 and Second Selected Message 16, notice what this says.
25:09 It says, "God's Spirit..." Notice.
25:11 "Will pass by those who have had
25:13 their day of test and opportunity."
25:17 What?
25:18 The Spirit is going to "Pass by those
25:20 who you have had their day of test and opportunity,
25:24 but have not distinguished the voice of God
25:27 or has appreciated the moves of the Spirit."
25:30 Notice this.
25:32 Underline this, look it up, read it for yourself.
25:34 It's gonna encourage you.
25:37 If you are not been encouraged, well, this will encourage you
25:38 because notice this, "Then thousands,
25:43 then thousands in the eleventh hour will see
25:47 and acknowledge the truth."
25:49 There are those who had opportunity,
25:51 they haven't seized it.
25:53 They are doing nothing about it
25:54 but God is going to raise in the last days,
25:56 thousands upon thousands that will hear this truth.
25:59 They'll acknowledge it, they will accept it.
26:02 The eleventh hour workers oh, don't you want to be
26:04 one of those" Well, I do.
26:06 This is exciting when I see people.
26:08 We are talking many people,
26:09 we are talking in their 70s working for God.
26:13 Oh, what an encouragement that is.
26:15 When I hear about their lifestyle,
26:18 things of the past, things that they used to do.
26:20 They turn on 3ABN, many times just to get
26:23 "Behold the Lamb" and we love it
26:25 because they call so we know that
26:26 they are watching "Behold the Lamb."
26:28 They'll say, my life has changed.
26:31 My family hardly recognizes me, I've so changed, why?
26:36 Because I've fastened my eyes, my heart on Jesus
26:40 and I become so encouraged and my life has changed.
26:42 I'm not the same and that's exactly
26:45 the way it should be as a Christian.
26:47 When you accept Christ in your heart,
26:48 you should not be the same
26:49 and if you're still the same you were
26:51 when you accepted, something is wrong.
26:53 And when we get these calls, such an encouragement.
26:56 Let me share another one with you that it's just,
27:00 it's so encouraged me that just brings tears
27:02 to your eyes and to your heart.
27:05 We are talking about a lady here in her 80s.
27:08 80s.
27:10 She calls.
27:12 She lives in Nevada
27:14 and she'd been there about 50 years.
27:17 She found, listen carefully.
27:19 She found 3ABN three months ago.
27:25 She's been there 50 years,
27:27 the signal's been there a long time,
27:30 she could've gotten years ago but she didn't get it.
27:33 Three months ago, she tunes in
27:34 and she sees the program on there,
27:36 many of the programs and also "Behold the Lamb"
27:40 and she begins to watch them and the Holy Spirit says,
27:43 when truth was spoken, this is truth walk ye in it.
27:46 How difficult it would be for this lady?
27:50 Why?
27:51 Well, as a young girl you know, maybe in her teens
27:54 and so on and so forth, she met the man that
27:58 she was going to marry.
28:00 He was a Catholic man.
28:01 He was you know pretty staunch,
28:03 we call it in the family and so and so forth
28:05 and so they counseled together before the marriage
28:07 and he convinced her that
28:10 she needed to become of his faith,
28:11 the Catholic faith.
28:13 And she agreed that'd be fine
28:16 and so then they had four children
28:18 and they raised all four children
28:20 in the Catholic schools and raised them
28:22 in the Catholic church and they graduated,
28:24 went to college and man, they've got
28:26 you know, big jobs, good paying jobs
28:28 and anyhow, you know what?
28:31 This could be 60 years or so.
28:34 But now, 80 years old, little over 80 years old,
28:37 she hears these truths.
28:41 As soon as she hears these truths,
28:42 she said this is what I've been praying for.
28:45 This is what I've been looking for all these years.
28:48 "I've been looking for this the Seventh day Sabbath.
28:52 I've accepted that in my life.
28:53 I observed the Seventh-day Sabbath
28:55 now, in a matter of what?
28:57 Three months.
28:59 I was talking to her on a Friday,
29:01 and it's very interesting.
29:04 She said, well, when I was getting later on a Friday,
29:05 she said, "Well, now you have to get things
29:07 kind of in an order here
29:08 because," listen to me, "this is preparation day."
29:12 Wow.
29:14 She's never been thought these things
29:15 before by anything or anybody till she said
29:18 "I just happened to turn," listen I just happened to turn.
29:21 She was praying, the Holy Spirit would use her.
29:24 She wanted to be saved in God's kingdom.
29:26 She wanted to know the truth.
29:28 She wanted little something more in her life.
29:30 Even at this age, she wanted more.
29:33 And she said, "By accident, I found 3ABN."
29:38 You see, it had been there all the time for years
29:40 but she hadn't found it for some reason.
29:43 Sometimes we don't find these things
29:45 because we are not ready and we won't accept them.
29:47 That it's a certain time in our life,
29:49 sometimes the truth really hits and we make a decision.
29:53 She's a Sabbath keeper.
29:54 Listen, no one has visited her that I know of.
29:59 She has no one that coming down
30:00 and trying to convince her of anything.
30:02 She's just on her own saying,
30:03 "I looked up at a Seventh-day Adventist Church to go to."
30:07 Wow, on their own? Why?
30:10 She's been watching, she's been reading
30:12 and been studying and said, this is truth.
30:13 I want to walk in this truth.
30:15 But now she says this,
30:17 "I have a burden for my children.
30:19 What am I going to do?"
30:21 What am I going to do, four grown older children
30:26 and she almost was crying on the phone and what, what?
30:30 "I know, I taught them the wrong thing.
30:35 My first response was, "Did you know
30:37 you were teaching them the wrong thing?
30:39 She said, "No, I didn't.
30:40 I thought I was doing the right thing."
30:41 I said, "Don't you worry,
30:43 God's going to handle it for you."
30:44 God is going to handle it. Why?
30:46 Because you were doing the best, you knew how to do.
30:49 God will honor that.
30:51 God's going to honor those prayers
30:52 of this faithful mother who has a burden, why?
30:57 To give to her children what has affected her life.
31:00 What has changed her life, she's not the same.
31:05 And then she said something interesting.
31:08 You know, she said, "I'm learning so much
31:10 so fast right now, all these beautiful truths,"
31:13 and she said, "right now I'm studying in the word.
31:16 Listen, I'm studying in the word about
31:18 clean and unclean food.
31:22 As God reveals it to me,
31:23 that's why it's going to be in my life."
31:25 It's all that it takes.
31:27 Just praying for God to lead and guide you into truth
31:31 and then as he reveals that truth,
31:32 say, "Thank you, Lord for it."
31:34 Don't say I can't, I won't.
31:36 God reveals to those who are honest in heart
31:38 and they will follow Him.
31:41 She said, "I'm just learning these things.
31:45 Do you think it was an accident?
31:47 You think it was an accident,
31:49 this lady just tuned in or just found 3ABN?
31:53 Not at all.
31:55 We are sending her more information.
31:56 We are sending her more DVDs
31:58 and things that will help her to encourage.
31:59 She is not out there alone.
32:02 We're trying to help her find some other people that
32:03 will be a help to her.
32:06 What a blessing when you hear these things.
32:08 Remember, she learned in a matter of months,
32:11 more than some of us who'd been there for years.
32:16 Probation is about to close. Jesus is soon to come.
32:21 Let me share another one that we've talked about here
32:23 for two or three weeks at least around here.
32:25 I'm talking two or three weeks now.
32:27 Remember, one of the signs of the coming of Jesus
32:29 before probation closes,
32:31 the eleventh hour workers come in
32:33 and they do what?
32:34 Come on, somebody.
32:35 They learn in a matter of months.
32:37 And they have to unlearn and learn again what truth is.
32:39 But they do it in a matter of months.
32:41 They don't dilly-dally around like
32:43 some of you have been doing in the church.
32:45 For years you've heard the message
32:46 but you can't explain anything.
32:49 You really don't know what you believe.
32:50 What's wrong?
32:52 How are these people learning these things?
32:54 Because they've opened their heart
32:55 and their mind to the Holy Spirit
32:57 and the Holy Spirit is speaking
32:58 to their voice into their heart.
33:00 Let me share another with you.
33:03 We've been talking about this mission
33:04 two or three weeks with the lady in New York.
33:08 Interesting because, this lady has been
33:12 going through some tremendous things.
33:15 I mean some of the tremendous things.
33:16 She's bee going, you know, "I had some problems,"
33:18 and then, I won't go into detail
33:20 but trouble in her own home and in her marriage
33:23 and her husband's had left her
33:26 and she got hit by a car and all kind of things.
33:29 She's was about to lose everything
33:31 and didn't know where she'd have a place to live
33:32 and I think she was a Messianic Jew, I think.
33:37 And all of her life, a Christian lady,
33:40 but so many bad things had happened.
33:41 She didn't know what was going to happen next.
33:45 No money, no hurry, no place to live
33:47 and just practically didn't leave her with anything
33:49 and she began to cry out to God.
33:51 She's got a little room I understand.
33:52 They called that a prayer room and she went in that.
33:54 Some of us need to have a prayer room.
33:56 Some of us need to have a designated spot
33:58 where we go and we spend time with God
34:00 and God's going to hear.
34:02 We need to designate some time that we pray every day,
34:06 morning, noon or night.
34:09 She began to cry out to God.
34:11 Everything seemed to be against her.
34:12 Nothing seems is going to work out.
34:15 She needed direction. She wanted to know about truth.
34:20 God, I need to know why all these things are happening.
34:22 I just don't, I don't know what to do.
34:28 And so, that one day she decided to sit,
34:30 now remember, she had a TV, that's about all she had left,
34:32 not very many of these things of this earth.
34:35 As far as I understand,
34:37 it didn't have an outside antenna,
34:38 it didn't have cable, didn't have satellite dish,
34:40 didn't have any way to get a signal into the house.
34:44 She could just play some tapes I think with it.
34:46 That's about it.
34:47 She got ready and turned it on and go watch some tapes,
34:49 entered, somebody play close attention.
34:52 This is three and four weeks old.
34:55 She turned the TV on, 3ABN came in to her home.
35:02 There was no way, no way for that signal
35:05 to get in that house and "Behold the Lamb" was on.
35:11 It changed her whole life.
35:13 It gave her direction and answered the questions
35:15 that she had.
35:18 She was so encouraged by it.
35:21 She said, "I tell you, as soon as I heard about
35:23 the Seventh-day Sabbath, how wonderful.
35:25 I've accepted the Seventh-day Sabbath
35:29 and I can't help it, I wanted to tell others
35:32 and I'm going to be giving them Bible studies."
35:34 It's very difficult when you're--
35:36 I think it's a walker or wheelchair
35:37 that she's still in from the accident.
35:39 "But I want to tell others and I'm going to give
35:41 some Bible studies and I want to pass out books,
35:43 I want to do something."
35:44 And she said it was by accident, this came in.
35:49 Was it? Not at all.
35:53 Two or three weeks later, after her first contact
35:56 with "Behold the Lamb" here, she's still getting that signal
36:00 in her house and she shouldn't.
36:03 Is God able?
36:05 Yes, she's learning in a matter of weeks,
36:07 matter of months, what has taken us years
36:09 and she's accepting it, she embody
36:11 or just grasping around and hugging this truth.
36:14 She called me last week in Sabbath morning.
36:17 She said, "I don't know exactly,
36:19 I don't know exactly how to say this
36:22 because of my religion in past.
36:24 But would you be my pastor?"
36:29 How interesting?
36:31 "I don't know if God would ever allow me
36:32 to come to your area or whatever it might be
36:35 but I just, I feel the unction of the Spirit."
36:38 Others who have called her at specific times
36:41 and met with the needs that she had at that very moment
36:44 when she was questioning some thing.
36:45 Somebody from the office would call
36:47 and it was perfect timing.
36:49 God's timing is always perfect timing.
36:51 Signals that shouldn't be,
36:53 truths in the matter of just weeks.
36:57 Probation is closing. Jesus is soon to come.
37:00 This is a sign in a matter of months
37:02 people are calling in, these are true.
37:05 Very interesting what she said.
37:08 She says, "God reveals the truth,
37:09 I told them by God's grace,
37:11 I will walk into all those truths,
37:13 regardless of the change that has to take place.
37:15 I'm sharing with family, I'm sharing with anybody
37:17 that I can share with.
37:18 I'm so excited, I cannot tell you."
37:21 In fact, she was so excited, we got excited around here.
37:24 Happened to talk to her, I think it was Sister Karen
37:27 and Debby and my wife and myself.
37:29 We set on speaker phone and we talked to her.
37:32 It brought such joy to our hearts
37:33 to realize not only
37:35 she is fulfilling Bible prophecy,
37:36 but such woman or a man of God, any of these people who,
37:39 the Holy Spirit has worked on,
37:41 they are coming out and they are being separate.
37:43 And they are following Jesus with their whole heart.
37:45 They are not dilly-dallying around like many,
37:47 some of you maybe have doing or maybe I'm doing.
37:50 Are you still with me?
37:53 By the grace of God, we won't be following.
37:55 We won't be doing what the world is doing.
37:57 We are going to separate from the world.
37:58 We are going to beg dare to be different.
38:01 Interesting, this lady said, I found it just fascinating.
38:06 She said, "Years ago," you think God's not at work?
38:12 And you know what?
38:13 It takes some times years,
38:15 how sad, years of the working of the Holy Spirit,
38:18 working of the Holy Spirit, not giving up on you.
38:22 It's when you give up on the Holy Spirit, it's trouble.
38:25 Years ago, somebody had come to visit.
38:29 Somebody was giving away books
38:32 and somebody gave couple of books
38:35 and those books were put up on the shelves
38:37 and they you know, we call it gathering dust
38:39 and not looked at for years and very, very interesting,
38:44 after seeing these truths and hearing them,
38:46 the Holy Spirit is saying,
38:48 "This is the way, walk me in it."
38:49 "Yes, I'm accepted by God's grace."
38:53 So I began to dig a little bit into something,
38:55 just to find out and I went down
38:57 and I found a couple of books
38:59 and I looked those books that has been given years earlier
39:01 but had never read these books
39:03 and just kind of opened the first page
39:04 and it said, all written in 18, I forgot, 1897 or something.
39:09 Oh, I knew right then."
39:12 She said, "I wanted to know about identifying marks
39:14 that God's last day church
39:15 and the Spirit of Prophecy is one of those
39:17 and it was two books written by Ellen White.
39:23 Wow, God was there all the time,
39:28 books that had already been given there.
39:31 God knows your heart if you are really looking
39:33 and you're really ready to follow him.
39:36 He will make a way.
39:37 But too many of you are holding on to the things of this world.
39:40 You'd like to have heaven, you'd like to have the world,
39:42 it doesn't work that way, you know that.
39:46 These people that are calling
39:47 in a matter of months, matter of weeks,
39:50 and have given all to Christ.
39:53 They are willing to follow Him.
39:56 They are willing to do by the grace of God.
39:57 We can't do it, we are not talking
39:59 being a matter of works that are done.
40:00 We know you are saved by grace through faith.
40:03 But we will be obedient
40:04 and we will walk in His footsteps.
40:07 These are so exciting when people call
40:10 and say, "This is what's happening in my life."
40:15 People are calling from positions and schools
40:20 and different things, in high positions.
40:21 I won't mention any more about that.
40:23 But they are wanting to know, really what truth is
40:25 because a different direction,
40:27 it seems that some are going and they are saying,
40:30 "Can you help us on these issues?"
40:34 But how interesting because that little
40:37 "Review and Herald" article, February, the 25th, 1902
40:42 and this is Christ our righteousness, Pg123.
40:45 So we need to keep these things in mind.
40:47 Now remember, we are hearing the beauty
40:49 of the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit
40:50 being poured out upon people.
40:52 They are taking a stand
40:55 and yet, what does that say for us
40:56 who've been around a long time in this movement.
40:59 Now remember, if you are not in this movement,
41:00 it maybe little deep for you,
41:02 still just let the Holy Spirit speak to you.
41:04 There is many of you who know it's true
41:05 but you are not doing it yet
41:07 because you've been watching 3ABN.
41:08 You've been watching, you've been hearing the truth
41:10 for a long time and you are not doing it.
41:11 You are rejecting this Holy Spirit.
41:13 Please don't do that. Today is a day.
41:16 In this little book I read this it said,
41:18 notice this, "God rebukes His people
41:21 for their sins, that He may," what?
41:24 "That He may, humble them." Ain't that beautiful?
41:28 That, "He may humble them,
41:30 and lead them to seek His face."
41:32 What does God always want?
41:33 Sometime things come out, sometime things are said,
41:35 sometime things are done,
41:37 it seem like it's a nightmare that we are going through.
41:38 God wants you back.
41:41 God wants you back
41:42 and He's calling His last day people in.
41:45 Now notice what it says, "He will strengthen them
41:49 in reformatory action," He's warning us to change.
41:53 He want a reformation.
41:55 "Lifting before them, a standard against the enemy."
41:59 Notice this, listen. It's powerful.
42:02 Then, ooh, glory, notice that God's going to lift a standard.
42:09 The Bible talks about a standard that
42:11 God's people supposed to be lifting a standard,
42:12 not lowering it, not trampling on it,
42:15 but lifting a standard for the world to see.
42:18 And it says, when God's people here,
42:20 He writes, He's calling them back.
42:22 He rebukes them for the sin,
42:23 But He's going to give them victory.
42:25 And when they were ready to change,
42:27 notice what God is going to do.
42:28 I'm going to lift a standard against the enemy.
42:31 The enemy is defeated.
42:33 The enemy can't come against God's people.
42:34 Notice what it says here, "Then a multitude,
42:40 not of our faith, seeing that God is with His people,
42:47 will unite with them in serving the Redeemer."
42:51 That gives me spiritual goose bumps right now.
42:54 We wanted to know where is God's people?
42:58 What's going to happen here in these last days?
43:01 It's when we decide by the grace of God,
43:04 that we are willing to change, that we are willing to reform
43:08 and only the Holy Spirit can do that inside.
43:10 When we want to follow Him with our whole heart,
43:12 our whole mind, our whole soul,
43:14 notice what's going to happen,
43:16 God said, "I'm going to lift a standard against the devil.
43:20 I'm going to lift a standard against the devil."
43:21 Listen, that devil cannot come past that standard.
43:24 He can't even get close to that standard.
43:26 God said that at that time
43:27 I lift the standard up, to what?
43:29 To His people that are going be lifting up
43:30 the truths of God's word here in these last days.
43:33 Then there's going to be a people,
43:34 not of our faith, not of this faith,
43:37 they are going to see that God is working for His people.
43:39 What are they going to do?
43:41 They are going to unite with them,
43:44 eleventh hour workers.
43:45 Ooh, you could be one of them.
43:47 Why not? Why are you holding back?
43:51 For those of you who are not doing anything
43:52 and you've known this message for a long time,
43:54 oh, I'm telling you,
43:55 you are wearing it thin with the Holy Spirit.
43:57 You're wearing it thin, don't. It may be your last call.
44:02 Find some people here in the matter of months
44:04 another person here, very, very interesting,
44:07 from Minnesota, they are calling
44:10 and then they just say things like it
44:11 and we don't realize that it has nothing to do
44:12 with the mankind around here
44:14 but the truth that's being spoken.
44:16 The devil hates it.
44:18 He hates all people who's telling the truth,
44:21 giving the message of Three Angels
44:23 here in these last days,
44:24 lifting up that standard against the enemy.
44:27 The devil hates them
44:29 and he's doing his best to get rid of them.
44:31 But I called this, this person called, he said,
44:34 "we love 3ABN, we love Behold the Lamb Ministry
44:40 and we found it on YouTube.
44:42 We began to love
44:43 and fall in love with Jesus again.
44:46 We love it.
44:49 We watched, we called in, we ordered the DVDs
44:51 and we are not only watching on TV
44:52 but then we watch it over the DVDs
44:54 and we're watching at home.
44:55 They are encouraging to us.
44:57 We bring people overnight watching with us,
44:58 we're encouraged.
45:00 We want Jesus to come.
45:01 We want to be ready for Jesus to come."
45:04 These are encouraging.
45:06 This helps to keep us going to realize that
45:10 there are people who are honest
45:12 and true of heart, Matter of months,
45:15 sometime weeks that are accepting this message.
45:18 What are you doing with it?
45:20 What am I doing with it? That's so encouraging to me.
45:23 Let me tell you another one quickly.
45:24 Our time is kind of running past right now but notice.
45:27 I tried to get a hold of a person, the man,
45:30 who had called a long time ago
45:32 and somehow he slipped through the cracks
45:34 and sometime I do that but you stay with it.
45:37 If you have a question or comment
45:38 or something you need, if you don't hear it back
45:39 and in a reasonable amount of time,
45:41 you put that call in again.
45:42 Please do that. You will help us.
45:44 Call again, keep calling till you get what you need.
45:49 And anyway, this guy tried, I tried to call him back
45:52 and I called this, I called this number,
45:54 you know, his number is left on the piece of paper
45:56 that I have here so I tried to, I dialled the number
45:59 and all of a sudden I hear a voice on there
46:00 and said, you know,
46:02 that number is no longer in operation.
46:07 Uh-huh, and then the one on the other end said,
46:11 let me give his new number.
46:14 And so I jotted down the new number.
46:19 And so I thought well, this is good here.
46:20 I didn't think anything about it.
46:22 This is wonderful 'cause I needed to talk with him.
46:23 He had some questions,
46:25 and I needed to get back with him
46:26 and I called him and I said,
46:28 this is Kenny Shelton with "Behold the Lamb."
46:30 Huh, how did you, how did you get my number?"
46:34 Oh, I called the old number that you'd left before
46:39 and somebody came on there
46:40 and said, that number is no longer,
46:42 you can't reach him but I'll give you a new number
46:45 and I've called it, that's, I've got you, don't I?
46:47 "Yeah, yeah, that's me."
46:49 He said "but it can't be" and I said, what?
46:51 "No," well, how come?
46:54 "Because that was cancelled over two months ago."
46:58 I said what? "Oh, yeah.
47:01 And for a while I put that announcement on there tried to
47:03 but, two months ago that was over with.
47:06 It's not on there anymore."
47:07 I said, oh, yes, it is. "No, it can't be."
47:10 You tell me the Holy Spirit can't work.
47:12 You tell me that Holy Spirit can't do these things.
47:15 When there is people who need some answers
47:17 or there's people who need the power of the Spirit.
47:20 Now there is people who want to hear from Jesus.
47:23 We could guide them to the word of God.
47:26 Anything is possible through Him,
47:28 that's what the Bible said,
47:29 oh, I was so encouraged by that.
47:30 I said, thank you, Lord. I'd like to share another.
47:32 We got time to share another.
47:34 Oh, I wish I could share all of them.
47:35 I'd have a big stack if I did, but notice.
47:38 These individuals here who were watching TV
47:40 there from Nebraska, just watching TV one night
47:44 and here's what that they said.
47:45 They said, we got bored, we just got bored watching
47:48 what we were watching
47:50 and we decided that we were going to turn on,
47:51 somebody listen, Dare to Dream,
47:54 certainly from 3ABN, Dare to Dream.
47:58 Oh, yeah, "And we saw "Behold the Lamb,"
48:03 we were impressed to turn to Dare to Dream
48:05 and "Behold the Lamb was on.
48:07 We didn't know we had a program on Dare to Dream
48:09 and you know what the subject was,
48:10 one we were interested in and we wanted to know about?
48:13 Women's ordination and right then
48:17 and there we knew the Holy Spirit was working.
48:19 It answered the questions that we had
48:24 and pretty soon the man came on there.
48:27 He said, you know as I looked on that,
48:28 I took my wife and seen the opening
48:31 with your wife on there, with Sister Chris on there
48:35 and said, you know what, there, just uplifting mattered all,
48:38 It just should be normal that we do as Christians.
48:40 He said, "You know what?
48:42 She speaks and she acts
48:43 and she dresses like a Christian."
48:48 Wow, then he said, you got him preach,
48:51 preach a message to her and it seemed,
48:54 it looked as the Holy Spirit,
48:55 we knew the Holy Spirit was there
48:58 and it looked like a preacher,
49:00 it sounded like a preacher, why?
49:02 Because we're getting so careless
49:03 in the pulpits anymore,
49:05 that we're coming in our tennis shoes
49:07 and were coming in our under shirts
49:09 and our jeans, in our jeans and some kind of suit coat,
49:12 no tie like you are going to some kind of a party.
49:14 Shame on you, pastors, you elders,
49:16 if you are doing that.
49:18 They are people who are serious about God and relationship
49:20 and God requires the best that we have.
49:24 You will say to me, well, that's the best that I have.
49:26 No, it's your choice.
49:28 You had to pay for that,
49:29 you could have paid for something different.
49:30 Come on now. It makes a difference.
49:34 Your witness makes a difference is my point here.
49:39 Why did they become bored,
49:40 because they needed some questions answered
49:42 and the Holy Spirit said, turn, turn what?
49:44 It's four or five choices you could get there
49:46 but turned Dare to Dream,
49:48 at that point, at that time, at that second.
49:51 This is what we needed and they called in
49:52 and they ordered that.
49:54 They said another thing,
49:55 I wanted them being encouraged with what?
49:56 And they want to support this.
49:58 Listen, "Behold the Lamb
50:00 is not afraid to call sin by its right name.
50:04 It has nothing to do with individuals,
50:05 it's the power of the Holy Spirit.
50:07 We have to call sin by its right name.
50:10 We live in that hour
50:12 when it's so desperately important,
50:13 when people are just watering things down
50:15 to where it means nothing anymore.
50:18 No difference in the sacred and the common but there is.
50:23 And they were just so encouraged
50:25 and these people here, we're talking about,
50:27 they are starting to write letters
50:28 and things they see this not going on right properly
50:31 and they are beginning to stand up
50:33 for the cause of Christ.
50:36 Second Selected Messages,
50:38 let me just read this right quick
50:39 and I know our time is about gone.
50:40 Three seventy eight says this, because we weren't,
50:44 we are neglecting some things in this movement.
50:48 Do I find joy in that? Absolutely not.
50:51 But if you are going to be what God wants you to be,
50:53 you are going to test everything by the Bible,
50:56 regardless of what's taking place
50:57 inside the church or in a classrooms
50:59 or wherever we are going here and there
51:00 but it still has to be biblical.
51:02 You can't just make it up
51:04 because the majority wants to do it.
51:05 Majorities are usually and they're wrong.
51:07 Notice what it says here, two SM, 378,
51:12 "The neglect to bring purity and truth into practice
51:16 will grieve the Spirit of God and weaken them
51:22 because God is not in the midst to bless them."
51:25 Did you notice that?
51:27 If you know what truth is, and you are not following that,
51:30 you are grieving the Spirit of God
51:32 and he can't be where he wants to be,
51:33 Spirit to bless you and it goes on.
51:37 Notice that is says, "Internal corruption
51:41 will bring the denunciations of God upon the people
51:45 just as it did upon Jerusalem.
51:49 You think it can't happen in this moment.
51:51 You think it can't happen in your life?
51:52 You better think again. Please think again.
51:55 God's speaking to you.
51:57 If you hear this, my voice, God is speaking to you.
51:59 It's not my words, God's speaking to you.
52:02 You want His blessings, don't grieve the Spirit of God.
52:05 God is working, He's calling people here in these last days.
52:08 In a matter of moments, matter of months,
52:13 matter of weeks.
52:16 I could read you a lot of more
52:17 we're not going to have time to do that
52:19 but I'm so encouraged by these people
52:22 whether they'd be younger or older.
52:24 They are hearing truth
52:25 and they are just following it by the grace of God.
52:29 Let me tell you, those of you
52:31 who are making that decision right now,
52:32 please give us a call.
52:34 We need those blessings, we want those blessings.
52:36 We want to hear how God is just working you over for His cause,
52:40 how the Spirit of God just filling you with it.
52:42 "Well, I don't know if we should
52:44 or why we're living in this time
52:45 or living in another."
52:47 Sin is sin, God's calling us out,
52:48 separating the people.
52:51 You can't have the enemy working inside.
52:54 He's calling us to be pure and to be holy
52:56 and He is calling these last day people out.
52:59 And it is encouragement to us here
53:02 who are working for Jesus
53:04 to know that God's people are hearing.
53:07 Now notice this, and they are responding.
53:10 If you are responding to the voice of God,
53:12 if you are responding, do you know
53:15 that the doors of probation is about to close,
53:18 you know that you've been grieving the Holy Spirit.
53:20 You say, "Well, I really haven't been doing anything."
53:22 That's exactly right. You haven't been doing a thing.
53:25 You're grieving the Holy Spirit.
53:26 You're rejecting because the Spirit says,
53:28 "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel."
53:30 Get this work done.
53:32 Accepting truth just as God reveals it to you.
53:35 By God's grace you are going to accept it.
53:38 This will encourage those around you.
53:40 This will be an encouragement in your life.
53:42 They'll be encouragement ministries around the world
53:44 that love the truth.
53:46 Our time is about gone and I want you,
53:47 oh, I want to pray with you
53:48 'cause I just feel it in my heart and my mind
53:50 as people are making that decision right now.
53:52 You are one of those who sat back,
53:54 you haven't done anything for a long time,
53:55 you haven't called, you haven't done anything.
53:58 But you're going to do it now
54:00 because you realize this is the signs of the times
54:02 and there's many calls like this.
54:05 Would you pray with me right now?
54:07 Would you just pray,
54:08 last moment that we have together?
54:10 Holy Spirit, work upon this heart.
54:11 Let's pray.
54:12 Merciful God in Heaven,
54:14 we thank You for the privilege of prayer.
54:15 We thank You for the encouragement,
54:16 thank You for the people who want to know
54:18 what truth is and thank You for you said,
54:20 You are going to pour the Spirit of God
54:22 out upon these people.
54:23 They are going to come, they are going to join
54:25 the last day remnant people.
54:26 Lord, I thank You for hearing, thank You for answering prayer.
54:29 Thank you for the conviction
54:30 that you put upon people right now
54:31 for making that choice,
54:33 for making that decision for you and I,
54:34 thank you in Jesus' name, amen.
54:39 Please remember, this is a sign,
54:42 a clear sign that Jesus is coming.
54:45 Don't put off any longer
54:47 and you know, here "Behold the Lamb"
54:49 we're blessing to you and bringing the truth
54:52 you know, won't you prayerfully consider
54:53 what you can do to support
54:55 so that we can continue to bring these timely messages.
54:58 You see I believe in present truth,
54:59 not water down, not dale but present truth.
55:02 Help us to get it into the home.
55:04 God's getting a lot of opportunities
55:05 to reach millions and millions of people,
55:07 help us do it, shoulder up with us, pray for us
55:10 and we're going to pray for you.
55:11 Until next time, God bless you, see you then.
55:15 Welcome back, friends.
55:17 The Spirit of God is moving and becoming more evident
55:20 as we are drawing closer to Christ's second coming.
55:24 On this same thought, so is the enemy.
55:28 He too is working in every form
55:30 you can possibly think of within and without
55:34 all the various churches, to confuse the minds of those
55:38 whom God is so lovingly calling out of sin.
55:41 It has been very evident to us for several years now
55:45 that when a person sincerely begins to ask
55:48 God to show them what truth really is,
55:51 it is at that very moment, at that point,
55:55 that their life will begin to take a dramatic step
55:58 and line up with scripture and help, it also helps them
56:01 to understand scripture as never before.
56:04 We must weigh all miracles and all questions,
56:08 all of doctrines with the word of God.
56:11 God's people will be worshiping Him
56:13 in Spirit and in truth, two things,
56:16 Spirit and in truth as taught in the Bible.
56:20 Our prayer today for you
56:22 is that this message has been anointed
56:25 by the Holy Spirit and has touched your heart
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58:01 continue to richly bless you and yours.


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