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Why Some Will Never Come to Christ

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00:42 Hello, and welcome to Behold the Lamb presents.
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton, your host
00:46 and what a blessing to have this hour to spend with you
00:50 and study today.
00:51 Today's message is entitled
00:54 "Why Some Will Never Come to Christ."
00:57 The title alone is intriguing to a Christian believer.
01:01 We have such an overwhelming burden for others to see
01:05 and feel and experience the love for Christ
01:08 and for the truth of His word just as we do.
01:11 Christ addressed this very issue
01:13 and it is recorded in the Book of Luke Chapter 16
01:17 and concluding with verse 21, where it reads,
01:21 "And He said unto him,
01:23 if they hear not Moses and the prophets,
01:26 neither will they be persuaded the One rose from the dead."
01:31 The One rose from the dead.
01:33 Christ is making a clear point here
01:36 that there are people in this world
01:39 that even though they were to witness
01:41 such a fantastic miracle
01:43 as someone to see is being brought back to life
01:47 before their very eyes,
01:48 they would still not believe in Him,
01:51 nor submit their hearts and their lives
01:53 in service to Him.
01:55 As impossible as this may seem,
01:58 they are so deceived by the enemy's delusions
02:01 that such an unexplainable event
02:04 as this will not induce a repentive spirit within them.
02:09 How sad, how very sad this must make our Savior,
02:13 how heart breaking it is to those of us
02:16 who are praying for the salvation of others.
02:19 But perhaps today,
02:21 today in our study together with Pastor Kenny Shelton,
02:25 we will gain a better idea
02:27 as to why their hearts are so hardened to the truth.
02:31 But first, as always,
02:33 we are blessed to listen to a song
02:35 that is entitled, "Were It Not For Grace."
02:38 Has sung by Sandra Enterman
02:40 and brought to us from the 3ABN Worship Center.
03:03 Time measured out my days
03:10 Life carried me along
03:18 In my soul I yearned
03:21 To follow God
03:25 But knew I'd never be so strong
03:31 I looked hard at this world
03:36 To learn how Heaven
03:39 Could be gained
03:44 Just to end where I began
03:48 Where human effort
03:52 Is all in vain
03:58 Were it not for grace
04:05 I can tell you
04:07 Where I'd be
04:11 Wandering down
04:13 Some pointless road to nowhere
04:18 With my salvation up to me
04:24 I know how that would go
04:30 The battles I would face
04:37 Forever running
04:40 But losing the race
04:44 Were it not
04:46 For grace
04:54 So here is all my praise
05:01 Expressed with all my heart
05:08 Offered to the Friend
05:11 Who took my place
05:15 And ran a course
05:17 I could not start
05:21 And when He saw in full
05:25 Just how much
05:27 His love would cost
05:33 He still went the final mile
05:37 Between me and Heaven
05:40 So I would not be lost
05:47 Were it not for grace
05:54 I can tell you
05:56 Where I'd be wandering down
06:02 Some pointless road to nowhere
06:07 With my salvation up to me
06:12 I know how that would go
06:18 The battles I would face
06:25 Forever running but losing the race
06:31 Were it not for grace
06:38 Were it not for grace
06:44 I can tell you where I'd be
06:50 Wandering down
06:52 That pointless road to nowhere
06:56 With my salvation up to me
07:02 I know how that would go
07:08 The battles I would face
07:14 Forever running
07:17 But losing the race
07:21 Were it not for grace
07:28 Forever running
07:32 But losing the race
07:37 Were it not
07:41 For grace
07:58 Thanks for joining us
07:59 once again here at Behold the Lamb.
08:00 We're very grateful and thankful
08:02 that you choose to have some Bible study with us
08:05 each and everyday.
08:07 We're thankful for those of you who have been writing in,
08:09 you're sending cards and letters
08:11 and questions and prayer requests,
08:13 for we appreciate each and everyone
08:15 and certainly your support of this ministry.
08:18 We love to hear the truth, don't we?
08:20 We believe in the truth.
08:21 And so I know many of you have such a belief
08:23 that you're willing to support that truth
08:25 and we thank you for that.
08:27 Now today, we want you to make sure
08:29 you get that pencil and paper.
08:30 We'll move rather quickly because of our time.
08:33 And as I always say,
08:34 I want you to check the pre-show.
08:35 I want to make sure what you're hearing
08:37 is the truth,
08:38 realizing we would just touch on little areas of this subject
08:42 and you can study a whole lot deeper
08:44 when you sat down between you and the Lord,
08:46 the Holy Spirit
08:47 and you can come to a real finalization
08:49 of this message.
08:50 The message for today,
08:52 "Why Some Will Never Come to Christ."
08:56 Oh, that's just such a sad thought.
08:58 I don't want you to be sad today,
08:59 I want you to be happy in Jesus.
09:01 But I want us to look at this study,
09:03 you know, from the eyes of heaven.
09:05 I want us to see why there are many
09:06 that will never come to Christ.
09:08 But before we do, we always want to pray.
09:10 So I'm gonna invite you to pray with me
09:13 and again, I always say, where you can at home,
09:15 and I've had people that write letters and say
09:17 "When you kneel, we kneel with you.
09:19 When you pray, we pray."
09:21 There'll be many who maybe,
09:22 would be listening going down the road,
09:23 be in the attitude of prayer
09:25 because we need the power of the Holy Spirit.
09:27 Shall we pray together.
09:30 Merciful, oh, God in heaven,
09:32 we thank You again for Your love today.
09:33 We thank You for the promise
09:35 that You would send the Holy Spirit.
09:37 Oh, how desperately we need the spirit of the Living God.
09:40 How our hearts and our minds
09:41 need to be put in the heavenward channel
09:44 that we may hear Your sweet voice today.
09:46 Forgive us of any sin,
09:48 cleanse us we pray from all unrighteousness.
09:50 May we hear and then may we respond
09:53 to Your voice to day
09:54 and for every person, every person who hears,
09:57 every person who's listening, every person who is watching,
10:00 may they to respond to Your voice.
10:02 May this be a joyous day in Jesus
10:04 and I thank You and praise You in Jesus' name.
10:06 Amen.
10:09 Ain't that wonderful that we can pray?
10:11 Ain't that wonderful that we can ask Holy Spirit
10:13 to come in our midst
10:15 and illuminate these beautiful truths
10:16 that God has given us in His Word.
10:18 Remember to prepare us for heaven.
10:20 I think this subject will be of interest to many
10:23 because I do believe there are many people
10:25 who are fooled.
10:26 Many people repent.
10:28 Many people say "Well, I've asked for it
10:29 for forgiveness."
10:31 But you know there's a lot of things
10:32 that are involved in this
10:33 and I pray that we'll be able to cover them
10:35 for true repentance and how what God will accept.
10:39 So I pray that your stand with me today on this subject.
10:42 The passage of Scripture
10:44 that I've read it many times in my life and it always,
10:48 once again I say, it makes me sad in this sense.
10:51 And you look in the book of Isaiah.
10:53 Isaiah 8:20.
10:56 I'm going to read or hear from Scripture.
10:57 It's very short but notice.
11:00 Notice these words.
11:02 Bible says, "The harvest is past,
11:06 the summer is ended and we are not saved."
11:10 Notice those words.
11:13 "The harvest is past."
11:15 So that means there is a time of the harvest.
11:17 "The summer," time for the crop to gathering in.
11:20 "It's ended.
11:22 And we are not saved."
11:24 I'm not sure about you but I know in my heart,
11:27 this is a very sad thought.
11:29 A very sad thought 'cause I think in my own life,
11:32 I know you're thinking about yours,
11:33 I think of family and friends and children and relatives,
11:35 people we've labored, we work for that we love.
11:38 And many will realize what we're talking
11:41 about this passage of Scripture.
11:43 They had the opportunity.
11:45 That's why some will never come to Christ.
11:47 Because they must accept that opportunity
11:49 that Jesus gives them.
11:50 Many will simply not be saved
11:53 because they will not come to Christ.
11:56 I thought that kind of interesting
11:58 when you think about Jeremiah when he was writing this
12:02 that he was actually crushed in his spirit.
12:05 Because this was coming upon,
12:07 he was relating to himself to his people.
12:09 And it crushed his heart
12:10 to think that there'll be many
12:12 that would not be saved and come to him.
12:15 How sad.
12:17 But you must put yourself in that position today
12:19 and I must put myself.
12:21 There's too many who are careless
12:22 in the cause of Christ.
12:24 We don't think about anything or anybody else but ourselves.
12:27 We have to do, you know, is what the Bible tells us to do
12:30 we need to put what?
12:31 God first, others second, and ourself last.
12:34 You know, the thing that
12:36 we probably should think about today
12:37 is there's a judgment.
12:39 We know that.
12:40 And in that judgment we're talking about
12:42 the-- the lost will have a full realization
12:46 to the meaning of Calvary.
12:48 And what salvation has cost.
12:50 They will see that they have been lost.
12:54 They will see but it will be what?
12:56 Then it will be too late.
12:58 The last call has been made.
13:02 We emphasize that here at Behold the Lamb.
13:04 I want you to emphasize wherever you're at,
13:06 talking to people who are in the church.
13:08 That some time when we're having a meeting
13:10 it could be the very last call that the heaven is making
13:14 to get you into the fold, the very last call.
13:19 I found this over and over in Scripture as I read.
13:22 Jesus, these words to me are so sweet,
13:26 they touch my heart each time when Jesus says to me.
13:29 He says, you know, "Come and to me."
13:30 Matthew Chapter 11, if you're jotting them down,
13:33 verse 28.
13:34 "Come on to me, all ye that labor
13:36 and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."
13:41 What a promise.
13:43 What a promise that God makes to us through His Spirit.
13:46 Notice, it says come.
13:48 Is anybody heavy today?
13:50 Do you feel the weight of the world,
13:51 the weight of sin?
13:53 Is there something that maybe is crushing you today?
13:55 I wonder
13:57 if you having that weight, if you're uneasy,
14:00 if you are, you know, you're just you're feeling
14:02 a heavy weight on you all the time,
14:04 Jesus says come unto me
14:05 and I'm going to lighten that load.
14:07 I thought how interesting when you look up the word heavy
14:10 in the original language.
14:12 It talks about a person.
14:13 When you're heavy under a load
14:16 that this means you're going down.
14:19 When it says, heavy,
14:20 Jesus says, I'm looking at you you're carrying this load.
14:22 If I don't help you, you are going down
14:25 that's what the word means.
14:27 That means you've come to a point
14:29 that you cannot continue to carry the load anymore.
14:32 I don't know if any of you ever picked up
14:34 or do a little weights or whatever
14:35 but you put one hundred pounds on your shoulder,
14:37 you'll find out in just a little bit,
14:38 you're walking around, you won't be able to go.
14:40 You're going to go down.
14:42 You need some help to lighten the load.
14:43 Jesus says, "York up with me," how beautiful that is.
14:46 But when He says,
14:47 "You're heavy and you're laden."
14:50 Laden means, you're loaded.
14:52 Your load is so full
14:53 you can't put anything else on it.
14:55 You think you're going to fall apart,
14:56 you think you're going to just bust.
14:58 And then you're carrying a load.
15:00 He said, "Those of you are laden,
15:01 I will give you rest."
15:03 And a beautiful part about He said I'll give you a wrist.
15:05 He said I'm going to refresh you.
15:07 There's nothing like a refreshing drink of water
15:09 when your heart, you know, you're thirsty.
15:10 Jesus said I'm going to refresh you,
15:12 I'm going to lighten that burden.
15:13 But you have to come unto to me.
15:15 Why?
15:16 Some people will never come to Christ
15:18 because they will not accept the invitation,
15:21 "Come unto me."
15:23 Are you heavy laden today?
15:24 Why not lay those burdens?
15:26 You're going to go down
15:27 if you continue try to care them yourself.
15:28 Why not give them to Him?
15:30 That'd be a good time today.
15:31 Today is going to be the day, don't you think.
15:33 You know, Jesus said, "My burden,"
15:35 in that next verse there.
15:37 And verse 29.
15:38 Matthew 11.
15:39 He said, "My burden is light." I love that.
15:42 "My burden," He said is, "is light."
15:45 Now how can a person, think with me more,
15:47 how can a person
15:49 who has wandered away from God ever come back?
15:53 It's a sad thing to think about wandering away from God.
15:57 And remember when you're wandering away,
15:59 it's kind of like you're not in a rush
16:00 and you're not trying to speedily go away.
16:02 But you're just kind of wandering,
16:04 your meandering around, you're in your sleepy state.
16:06 And before you know,
16:07 you wondered so far away from Him.
16:10 You've made a lot of choices, you made a lot of decisions.
16:13 And your heart has become hardened
16:15 and you don't even realize.
16:16 You think you're just kind of wandering,
16:17 you're taking a little break
16:19 and you're going to take it easy for a while.
16:21 Think about it. How do we ever come back?
16:24 Let's put it simple today.
16:25 I'm simple minded
16:27 and maybe you like to hear things
16:28 that are simple and to the point.
16:30 If you've wandered far away from God,
16:32 there is only one way that you can come back to Him.
16:35 And we know who that is, don't we?
16:37 The Bible tells us there in Acts 4:12
16:40 that Jesus said,
16:41 and there is no other name, right, given.
16:43 It's a name of Jesus.
16:44 So somehow, someway
16:46 we're going to by the grace of God
16:48 call on the name of Jesus.
16:50 And you say, yeah, but what do I-- I call on his name.
16:53 First thing is what?
16:54 We call on the name of Jesus.
16:55 And we do what?
16:57 We are convicted as the Spirit speaks to us.
17:00 And there's this word called repentance.
17:03 Do you member on the day of Pentecost?
17:05 Oh, I tell you, when the Holy Spirit
17:06 was just ascending upon people
17:08 and bringing conviction upon them
17:10 and they felt the need to change their life
17:13 Acts 3:37, jot that down and look
17:17 because it's interesting,
17:18 because when the conviction came,
17:20 people did know what to do.
17:22 They didn't know which way to turn.
17:23 And they said. "What shall we do?"
17:26 Do you remember that? "What shall we do?"
17:27 You know, what I think about this,
17:29 my Brothers and Sisters,
17:30 how long has it been since you said what,
17:32 what shall we do?
17:34 How long has it been since you,
17:35 oh, since you cared enough to say, "What shall we do?'
17:40 Our problem many a time,
17:42 we think we have all the answers.
17:44 And we don't really need any help.
17:46 But when conviction comes
17:48 that change needs to take place,
17:50 the first words that came out at Pentecost,
17:52 the people were began to say, "What shall we do?
17:55 What shall we do?"
17:56 And you know what, Peter was there.
17:58 You know, what his first word
17:59 that came out of his mouth quickly,
18:01 He didn't have to say, let's see now
18:02 what should we do.
18:04 First words out of his mouth was, "Repent."
18:08 Read that in Acts 2:38 "Repent."
18:11 And he says, "For the remission of your sins."
18:13 This is the only thing that separates us from God.
18:16 This is what separates you from being happy in Jesus.
18:19 This is thing that separate.
18:20 There's so much misery and problems
18:22 in the world today.
18:23 Because sin has separated us and God is calling us back.
18:27 Remember he calls.
18:28 "Come unto me, Come unto to me."
18:30 He sends the Holy Spirit.
18:31 Holy Spirit is always working on us,
18:33 bringing conviction, right,
18:34 challenging in us to come to Him.
18:37 He wants to take those sins away.
18:40 And what must I do,
18:41 it's is what must I do to be saved.
18:43 It starts at "Repent for the remission of sin."
18:47 And of course, you remember.
18:48 Let's give an illustration.
18:50 John the Baptist in Matthew 3:1 and 2.
18:54 Let me just read that if you will,
18:55 and jot it down, Matthew 3:1 and 2.
18:58 The Bible said.
19:00 "In those days came John the Baptist."
19:01 Do you remember?
19:03 "Came John the Baptist,
19:04 preaching in the wilderness of Judea,
19:06 and saying," verse 2,
19:07 he says "Repent," notice,
19:09 "ye, for the kingdom of," what?
19:11 "Of heaven is at hand."
19:13 He wasn't talking about the second coming of Jesus.
19:16 He was talking about the first coming of Jesus.
19:19 Jesus was going to establish something here
19:21 that those who believed in Him
19:23 could become by the grace of God,
19:25 sons and daughters of God.
19:28 That applies to you today.
19:29 That applies to me.
19:31 By the grace of God
19:32 we can become sons and daughters of God.
19:36 How wonderful.
19:38 You say your life is miserable.
19:40 Then you're in misery,
19:41 you're doing all the wrong things.
19:43 That's why Jesus says, "Come on to me,"
19:45 and what" "you can be my son, you can be my daughter."
19:48 He treats you like royalty.
19:50 Your life will be easier.
19:52 You won't be getting in all the messes
19:53 that we seem to sometime get into,
19:55 when we think we're big enough
19:56 to make our own choices and our own decisions.
20:00 Interesting, I love the-- I love the Prophet Isaiah.
20:03 Oh, I'm telling you, he just really lays it down
20:05 and I, some of you who, we spent some time together,
20:09 I like to just lay it down
20:10 and then let the Holy Spirit help you
20:12 me to decide what we need to do.
20:14 Isaiah, have your Bible, jot down Isaiah 55:6-9.
20:19 Here's is so exciting to me
20:21 that regardless of who we are, what we've done,
20:24 God still extends an invitation.
20:26 Remember while the door is still open.
20:29 The day the doors open, invitation is extended.
20:33 Isaiah talks about it and he extends two things
20:36 that I want you to grasp today
20:38 that we desperately have to have
20:40 is grace and mercy.
20:43 He extends these to you and to me today.
20:46 I want to think about that just-- just for a second.
20:49 You know, 2 Corinthians 6:2
20:52 simply says, you know, today is the day.
20:55 So we don't put it off
20:56 and worry about tomorrow, the next week.
20:57 Today is the day that we seek him.
21:01 Now notice how Isaiah said it.
21:02 That's the first word that he uses.
21:04 He says.
21:05 "Seek ye," what? Good.
21:08 "Seek ye the Lord while He may be," what?
21:11 Found.
21:12 So notice the word, we seek, while He can still be found
21:15 because the time is coming
21:16 when your not be able to find Him any more.
21:18 It's gonna be too late.
21:19 The harvest is past, do you remember?
21:22 And the second, notice what he says,
21:24 he says, "Call ye upon him, while, while He is near."
21:30 So while he's near, while he is close,
21:32 while he's working upon you, call upon him.
21:34 Don't get far away from Jesus.
21:36 Stay close to Him.
21:38 Seek Him while He may be found.
21:40 This is right here,
21:41 "Call upon Him while he is near."
21:45 My Bible tells me,
21:46 you can read this in the Book of Psalms 46:1.
21:50 It says that we are, "He is a very present help."
21:55 So you notice in the seeking and the calling,
21:58 He's a very present help.
22:00 That means He's right there.
22:01 When you need in the most, He's right there for you.
22:03 He's right there for me.
22:06 Verse 7 says this.
22:08 Isaiah 55, we read 6. now 7.
22:10 Notice this.
22:12 "Let the wicked forsake," What? "His way.
22:15 And the unrighteous now his, what?
22:17 His thought.
22:19 "Let the wicked."
22:20 Did you notice the call is given to the unrighteous
22:22 and to the wicked to come?
22:24 And when I read the book of Acts 3:19,
22:27 the Bible is very, very clear.
22:30 Because it simply starts out once again,
22:32 "Repent and be converted."
22:35 Jesus ask you and me every day of our life
22:37 to repent and be converted or be changed.
22:40 We're going to talk more about that conversion.
22:42 Many people do not, they do not know
22:44 whether they've been converted or not.
22:45 They don't know. They can't.
22:47 They say, well, there's no, there really not a gauge,
22:49 I really don't know.
22:50 Oh, the Bible is clear.
22:52 Spirit of Prophecy is clear
22:53 about whether you've been converted or not.
22:55 And I pray we have time
22:57 to get into some of those saying
22:58 because it's so, so, so important.
23:00 Bible says he's talking to you, what?
23:02 The unrighteous and he's talking to return.
23:05 Notice what He says here, the unrighteous
23:07 and He's talked about the man and his thoughts.
23:09 We need to give our mind of Christ
23:11 because they need to be His thoughts and not ours.
23:13 "Let him return unto the Lord," the Bible says,
23:16 and He will have mercy upon him.
23:19 You think God's not going to give you mercy.
23:21 Oh, my Brothers and my Sisters,
23:23 the Bible says, the Bible says
23:24 "You return to Him and God's gonna show you mercy.
23:27 Notice this.
23:29 For He will abundantly pardon."
23:31 Notice that word, He will abundantly pardon.
23:35 It helps us to understand
23:36 when you say, well, abundantly.
23:37 It's a full pardon that He gives you,
23:40 completely full.
23:42 It's a continued pardon.
23:44 It's an exceedingly helpful,
23:47 when we talk about in our relationship with Christ,
23:49 it goes above and beyond abundantly.
23:52 It's heaped over.
23:53 Did you notice that?
23:55 It's plenteous.
23:56 It's everything we need when God says,
23:58 "I will abundantly pardon
23:59 or I will abundantly forgive you.
24:01 I will," notice the word, "I will abundantly spare you."
24:06 Are we really worthy to be spared or we're not.
24:08 But because Jesus had died for us
24:10 we've become worthy because of Jesus Christ.
24:13 He said you are worthy. Praise God for that.
24:14 Verse 8.
24:16 He said, Jesus said, no, God said,
24:17 "My thoughts are not your thoughts.
24:20 Neither are your ways my ways.
24:24 Is it interesting
24:25 when a statement like this is made
24:27 that, what do you mean?
24:28 God's not thinking the way that we think?
24:30 Praise God that He's not.
24:32 Somebody needs to listen up to me.
24:34 Because man, man thinks about me, my eye, my time.
24:39 And it's interesting.
24:40 My time, I've got to do what I got to do down here.
24:42 God is thinking about time,
24:44 But he's thinking about eternity.
24:46 Aren't you glad?
24:47 Man's thinking about time right now.
24:49 God's thinking about where you're going to spend eternity.
24:51 I am thankful.
24:54 Man is selfish.
24:56 See I'm glad that God doesn't think the way we are
24:58 cause we are selfish and self-centered
25:00 and what does God do?
25:02 God is always thoughtful and mindful
25:04 of His creation and His creatures.
25:06 How different in our thoughts, think about that.
25:10 We think about mankind here.
25:11 You know, we get-- we talk about
25:13 he's-- everything we can get this world.
25:16 You have no people,
25:17 I'm just gonna get all I can in this, in this life.
25:19 Think about the difference in the way man thinks.
25:21 I'm going to get what I can out of this.
25:23 And what does God say?
25:24 I'm going to give everything that I can for mankind.
25:28 Totally the opposite.
25:30 Praise God that we serve the one
25:31 who thinks differently than we do.
25:34 But we need to be thinking like Him, don't we?
25:37 You see, what assurance.
25:38 When I read this scripture, I get an assurance.
25:41 I get-- I read them and I say, "Oh, praise God.
25:44 This helps me to understand
25:46 God's willingness to receive me.
25:48 Think about it or to receive the repenting sinner.
25:52 So yes, there's a work for it, we need to repent.
25:54 We come to Him.
25:55 The Holy Spirit is working upon us.
25:57 Now remember, regardless of how far away that we have
26:01 made, some of us have run away, some have walked away,
26:04 some has meandered away,
26:05 some are just kind of died away,
26:06 some of wandered.
26:08 But regardless, God says, "I want you back."
26:10 That's beautiful.
26:12 Interesting note.
26:15 While a person,
26:17 you may found this to be true in your own life.
26:20 I can relate somewhat and I've talked to many people
26:22 who is at-- when they first begin to wander away from God,
26:26 it seems like, uh, things are better.
26:29 Things are better.
26:30 Things are going a little bit better for me now.
26:33 It seems like now because there are no restrictions
26:37 as it were, that I've got the world by the tail.
26:40 But the-- what?
26:42 You have the world by the tail
26:43 or tail around the world have you.
26:47 And so we begin to think differently
26:49 as we separate from God.
26:51 And the reason the person feels this way is
26:53 because I'm doing what I want to do.
26:57 Ain't that interesting.
26:58 Once again it goes back to the original,
27:00 goes back to the beginning.
27:02 I'm doing what I want to do.
27:03 So we think that we've got the world
27:05 and everything is going our way.
27:06 But I tell you this, my Brothers and Sisters
27:08 and many of you will find it out,
27:09 all of us will find out, but in time.
27:12 All of this, I think, I like,
27:14 I wanted to do begins to unravel.
27:17 It begins to fall apart.
27:19 God give us time.
27:21 He gives time for things to work out
27:23 as He's calling and calling.
27:25 His judgment doesn't fall immediately.
27:27 And you think because you've escaped for a year
27:29 or two years or five years, that it's not going to happen.
27:32 Listen God doesn't work on a timetable like we do.
27:35 God is still seeking
27:36 and He works until there is no opportunity
27:38 for you to ever come back till your heart is so hardened.
27:41 But although certain, maybe years later
27:43 things begin to unravel, things are exposed.
27:46 You find out that your life has completely fallen apart.
27:50 Now you don't know what to do.
27:52 Things have changed.
27:54 You've wandered away from Him.
27:56 And now things have changed, your hopes and your dreams,
27:59 they've all, they say turned to ashes.
28:01 There's no one to turn to.
28:02 All of friends that you thought you have
28:04 in the wrong places they're all gone.
28:06 Maybe cause your money's gone.
28:09 But all of a sudden you're thinking,
28:10 "What do I need to do?
28:11 I'm all alone now.
28:14 Now what?"
28:15 Listen, I tell you, my Brothers and Sisters,
28:17 if you'd just listen carefully,
28:20 you will still hear that same voice
28:25 that was calling you many months, years
28:27 or whatever might be ago.
28:29 That's same still sweet small voice,
28:32 trying to woo you back into a relationship with Him.
28:35 It's the voice that you rejected.
28:38 But now you realize that there's no other way.
28:41 We need to come back to Him.
28:42 He's still calling loud and clear.
28:47 Jot down this passage of Scripture
28:48 because I really believe that it pertains to us.
28:51 It's in the book of Micah.
28:53 Not the one, the book that's used,
28:54 you know, a lot, about a lot of people but oh,
28:56 there's some powerful things in a book of Micah.
28:58 Micah 2:10, let me read what the word of God says.
29:02 It tells us, it says talking about this wicked one.
29:04 We departed we ran here, we're there.
29:06 He says, "Arise," notice, "ye, and depart
29:10 for this is not your rest,
29:13 because it's polluted," noticed that,
29:16 "and it shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction.
29:21 That means a grievous destruction.
29:24 God is saying, please don't let this happen.
29:26 Please come back to me.
29:28 Depart, this is not what he wants for you.
29:31 This is not your rest.
29:33 He says He's gonna give us that rest.
29:34 He's gonna give that, you know what, refreshment.
29:36 But the enemy says, "Well, I'll give you that.
29:38 God said don't that.
29:39 It's grievous, it's sore.
29:42 There's a story told of a man one time.
29:44 He wanted to accept Jesus Christ.
29:47 He want to be a Christian.
29:48 There's a lot of people like that in the world.
29:50 And you may be one of those,
29:51 you just, you've talked and you've talked
29:53 and you've talked and you squirmed
29:55 and you attend church and you're in and you're out,
29:58 you're hot, you're cold as it were.
30:00 But you know this guy here just said you know what,
30:02 I need to make a change in my life.
30:04 He thought he came up with that.
30:05 But I tell you he did not.
30:06 The Holy Spirit was working inside of him and drawing.
30:08 But he began to think that works was kind of part of it
30:12 and he'd always heard this church members say,
30:14 "Well, if you're going to follow Jesus
30:15 you've got to give up everything."
30:17 Well, that's true, isn't it?
30:18 But notice how this man took it.
30:21 He said, "Well what I need to do
30:22 then have relationship with Christ
30:24 is I must give up everything that I have.
30:28 I must deny myself."
30:30 Well, he will seem to be on the right road
30:32 but something happened.
30:34 What did he do? Well, he gave up his houses.
30:37 He gave up his land. He gave up his business.
30:40 And yet, there was still no peace.
30:43 He could not find peace. He wanted peace.
30:46 He had had enough of the world. I need some peace.
30:49 And he gave all of these things up
30:51 and he said but up but I find no peace.
30:54 So finally, he decided I need to talk,
30:57 I to need talk to Lord about it.
31:00 Well, he gets on his knees and he said, "Lord, I've given,
31:02 I've read this, you deny yourself.
31:04 I've given all these things up but I don't have any peace.
31:07 And God said, "Yes, you have my friend.
31:08 But you haven't given me your sins."
31:12 Isn't that interesting?
31:13 God doesn't need your houses, doesn't need your land.
31:16 Really it all boils down to what?
31:17 He-- well, always say, He wants your heart.
31:19 But He wants your sins
31:21 because that's what separates you from Him.
31:23 Give Him your sins. Your life would change.
31:26 You'll be so much better off, you'll be happy,
31:27 you'll find that peace, you'll find contentment.
31:30 Praise God.
31:32 So you will have to be asking why, what do I need to do.
31:37 Salvation can return to your house
31:40 if salvation has left.
31:41 If that blood on the doorpost somehow has been sanded down,
31:45 it's gone, it doesn't exist anymore,
31:47 you can reapply afresh.
31:50 Salvation can return.
31:51 And you know why I know it can return
31:53 to someone who has completely turned their back on God.
31:56 They try to use God, they'd use their fellowman,
31:58 they try to use the church.
32:00 But God says. You can come back.
32:02 Beautiful book of Isaiah once again, 44:22.
32:06 Notice what he said, just a couple of words.
32:08 Oh, how powerful.
32:09 "Return unto me, for I have redeemed thee."
32:14 Wow.
32:15 Once again, the arms of love of Jesus are what?
32:18 They are begging to you, come.
32:21 He says right here, "Return to me,
32:23 for I have redeemed thee.
32:24 I paid a price for you. You are valuable.
32:26 I want to share eternity with you.
32:28 I know what you said. I don't know what you've done.
32:30 I know are horrible it is.
32:31 But I forgive you, come return."
32:35 Salvation, wonderful.
32:37 But let me tell you this, my Brothers and Sisters,
32:39 here's exactly what the enemy is gonna tell you.
32:42 The enemy's gonna say something like suggested you.
32:45 Well, that sounds like a pretty good move
32:47 but let's wait.
32:49 Let's wait until you know, let's not,
32:52 let's not really give our life to Christ just right now.
32:54 And let's not start going to church just yet.
32:57 Oh, yeah, later on we'll do that.
32:59 See the devil, he screwed, you know he's rough around-
33:03 But he still knows what he's saying.
33:05 He still knows what-- he's a liar
33:06 there's no doubt about it.
33:07 But he will tell you, don't be going to church,
33:09 don't really give your life to Christ, yet.
33:11 That will come in time
33:13 but let's try to get everything worked out first.
33:16 You've heard this before.
33:17 Let's make yourself better, let's make yourself right,
33:21 let's make sure that you're good enough
33:25 to come to Christ.
33:27 Make sure that you're good enough to come to God.
33:29 What does that mean?
33:33 Is there something that we-- have we missed here?
33:37 Is it really consistent with the Bible to--
33:39 let's wait just a little while
33:41 till get all this stuff worked out or not.
33:44 So question, so, what if you wait?
33:47 So you say, "Okay, I've come to that point,
33:48 I know I need to change and I need to do this
33:50 but, but I'm going to wait just a little while
33:52 because I've got this, I've got that.
33:55 But I'm going to wait till I'm good enough
33:56 and then I will come.
33:58 The answer is simple to that question.
33:59 You will never, never come to Christ.
34:03 You will never come to Him.
34:04 If that's your thinking,
34:06 the devil will keep you in that line
34:08 for years down the road.
34:10 Well, I'm not quite yet. I'm not quite yet.
34:13 He said, "Come as you are."
34:15 Come as you are give your life to him.
34:17 You know what Satan is going to do.
34:19 When you say I want to make a change
34:20 I want to do something for Jesus.
34:23 I want to get right, I want to be used,
34:25 I want to help finish His work, I want to get my life right.
34:27 The devil points and look at you
34:29 and he said, "Joe, I tell you what,
34:30 you look at your filthy garments.
34:33 And let me tell you the garments that you have on
34:35 until you give them to Christ, they are filthy.
34:36 And they are rotten because everybody, the Bible said
34:39 "All have sinned and come short."
34:41 But you read that, haven't you,
34:42 in the Book of Zachariah Chapter 3 about Joshua?
34:46 Do you remember?
34:47 The old devil coming against Joshua.
34:49 And he said look at his-- how can you use him,
34:51 look at is filthy garments, talking about his life,
34:53 how filthy, how dirty, how sinful.
34:56 You are defiled by a sin. You're worthy of death.
35:00 That's exactly what the enemy is saying.
35:02 He's worthy of death. He's done worse than I've done.
35:06 Look what you did to me, you cast me out.
35:09 Listen, my Brothers and Sisters,
35:10 don't just try to stand toe to toe with the enemy.
35:13 You let Jesus do that.
35:15 Don't, don't try to get it on your--
35:16 and all you need to do is by what Jesus' example
35:19 that He gave to us, is what?
35:21 The word, just simply begin to quote Scripture.
35:23 Let me just give you a couple simple ones
35:25 if it's all right.
35:26 Jot this down because, remember,
35:28 when you come to him,
35:29 the devil is going to meekly say what?
35:31 "You're not good enough.
35:32 You're gonna have to wait a while.
35:34 And you're filthy, your rotten,
35:35 you've done so many rotten things
35:37 that God will never accept you into the family."
35:39 He is a liar. Because of Bible says so.
35:42 And I'm so thankful.
35:43 The devil is a liar but God is not.
35:45 He says, "Come unto me. Call, I will answer."
35:50 So what do-- what is going on here?
35:53 What must your response be?
35:55 In the Book of New Testament John 6:37,
35:59 Just such a beautiful, beautiful statement.
36:02 I've had to draw on this many times
36:04 and I'm sure you've had to draw on it.
36:06 If you haven't, why don't you do it today.
36:08 The Bible simply says, "Him that cometh to me."
36:13 Now remember he didn't point who that--
36:14 all the things you've done, good, bad, ugly, He didn't say.
36:17 He said, "Him that cometh to me,
36:19 I will in no wise cast out.
36:23 Why are you looking for excuses,
36:25 my Brothers and Sisters?
36:27 Why are you trying to read?
36:28 And I know that you are trying to read something
36:30 into these passages of scripture that's not there.
36:34 You're trying to say yeah, but he,
36:35 no there's no yeah, but,
36:37 if you believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God
36:39 then we have to say the Bible said,
36:41 He that cometh unto me I will in no wise,"
36:43 what" "Cast out."
36:46 And certainly, if you look at Psalms 51:7.
36:50 It's beautiful. It says "purge me with hyssop."
36:53 Purge me means purify me, oh, God.
36:56 Cleanse me. "Purge me with hyssop."
36:59 You know what, hyssop out there,
37:00 what he could do with his hyssop.
37:02 Well, here the Psalmist
37:03 is symbolically using hyssop as what?
37:05 A clinching agent.
37:07 And it is kind of
37:08 I think a greenish grey little, little plant
37:10 and at the end, there's little white flowers
37:12 and its fragrance smelling and, I tell you, you smell it.
37:16 "Oh, man, that smells so good,
37:19 smell something like I think this peppermint.
37:21 And so we look, he said you know, "Come on to me."
37:24 "Purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean."
37:26 The Bible said, "Wash me.
37:28 And I shall be whiter than snow."
37:32 I don't know what else Jesus would need to say
37:34 or what to do than he's already said and done
37:37 to say, just, just come on.
37:39 Come on, let me take responsibility for you.
37:42 You've wandered the street, you've laid in the gutter,
37:44 you played the prostitute, you played the harlot,
37:46 you've done everything you possibly can,
37:48 you're on drug.
37:49 But He says, "Come on.
37:50 I love you just like I love anybody else.
37:52 Come on in. I'm a clean you up."
37:55 He said here, "I'm gonna cleanse you,
37:57 I'm going to purify, I will make you white as snow.
37:59 I love that.
38:02 So what is it here? Let's look at, I think.
38:04 What you-- once again, our first step, then what?
38:07 Is we wandered from God is simply come to Jesus
38:09 is a stair step of repentance it says.
38:12 Immediately when you repent of your sins,
38:15 they arms of Jesus just wraps around you.
38:20 And think what the Bible talks about it here.
38:22 The Bible said "He hears the cry of a contrite it heart.
38:27 Have you read that, Psalms 34:18?
38:29 "The contrite soul."
38:32 I want you listen very carefully
38:33 what that really means.
38:37 I wonder if my soul is contrite.
38:40 I wonder when I repent
38:44 and I know He put His arms around me
38:46 and says he will accept me.
38:49 But he hears the cry of the contrite
38:52 When I read these words, that means in the,
38:55 in this passage of Scripture in the Old Testament,
38:58 I thought, "Wow.'
39:00 Contrite here it means,
39:02 "He hears the cry of the one," listen.
39:05 "Who has been crushed to powder."
39:09 Wow.
39:12 Have we come that far in our life
39:15 in close connection with Jesus
39:18 that we love Him that much, that what?
39:21 And we're so sorry that we've done the wrong thing,
39:23 we've been crushed.
39:25 It hurts, 'cause its sin is crushing it.
39:28 We want it out. We want to cleanse from what?
39:30 I have to be, notice this, crush to powder.
39:34 Contrite means crumbled.
39:38 You see, no longer I but Christ,
39:40 my relationship's gonna be humble.
39:41 This is the cry He said that He that he will hear.
39:45 I'm crumbled.
39:46 It means, I've been bruised, humbled.
39:50 In other words, I thought they we're just beat to pieces.
39:55 That's how our heart must feel
39:57 when we do things that we shouldn't do.
39:59 When we're really repenting and God will hear it,
40:02 and God will accept it.
40:03 We have to come to that point that is, oh, it hurts us.
40:06 We're so sorry that we did it. That we won't go back to it.
40:10 Oh, friend, is that been your response to the Savior
40:14 who's saying come unto me?
40:17 Is that the one that says come on,
40:19 our watch you make you wider than snow?
40:21 Is that really how you feel about your life
40:23 and your past sins?
40:26 See repentance, we've talked about repentance.
40:29 Repentance leads to confession.
40:34 Please think that.
40:35 And then confession to forsaking of sin,
40:40 ain't that interesting?
40:41 Shall we do that again?
40:43 What is that, when we talk about repentance leads to what?
40:45 Confession and confession leads to what?
40:48 Forsaking of sin.
40:50 Let me read just a little article, few lines,
40:53 found in the Acts the Apostle, page 324.
40:57 It starts this way. Says repentance.
40:59 "Repentance which is provided," notice
41:02 "repentance is provided by the influence of grace."
41:06 Wow, we couldn't even do it on our own.
41:09 But the grace, right,
41:10 grace of Christ power of Spirit working in
41:12 and through us when we didn't even want it.
41:14 Notice, "it's produced by the influence of grace
41:17 upon the heart."
41:19 Notice, unmerited favor, isn't that right?
41:21 Notice what it will do.
41:23 It will lead to confession and forsaking of sin.
41:27 Paul talked about this himself
41:29 when he said godly sorrow worketh what?
41:32 Repentance to salvation.
41:34 Do you remember reading that? 2 Corinthians 7:10.
41:37 Did you get that?
41:39 Godly sorrow, really being sorry
41:42 for when you say, "Oh, I'm sorry.
41:43 I repented." That means you will not return.
41:46 You will not do it again by the grace of God.
41:49 That's how you're hurt.
41:50 You've seen what it has done, you've seen what it's cost.
41:53 You don't want it anymore.
41:54 You've see what it's done to Jesus
41:56 and you don't want to do it anymore.
41:58 It's not worth it. You want to give it to Him.
42:01 So when Paul's talking about this godly sorrow,
42:05 you know what it'd do?
42:06 Godly sorrow breaks down human pride.
42:10 You see our pride sometime prevents us from saying,
42:13 I'm a sinner, I need Jesus. I'm a failure.
42:17 But he wants to make me more than that
42:18 he was made me a victor."
42:21 Why is that we can't see what He wants to do.
42:23 But when we're really sorry, well, our break,
42:26 godly sorrow breaks down the human pride.
42:29 It softens me.
42:31 When I was too hard before I say why is harder than nails.
42:34 Only the love of Jesus
42:36 and the power of the Holy Spirit
42:37 can soften us, it subdues us, it refines us
42:42 and it molds our characters.
42:45 But they can't be until there's a godly sorrow
42:48 for the life that we used to live.
42:52 Testimonies to Ministers, Page 441,
42:55 please notice this.
42:58 And I'm a believer in this. I'm a believer in this.
43:01 It says there must be a thorough conversion.
43:04 There must be what?
43:05 We're talking about a thorough conversion.
43:07 "Oh, well, I'm converted I'm converted
43:08 but I still haven't, I'm done still doing it."
43:10 There must be a thorough conversion
43:12 among those who claim to believe present truth.
43:17 If I said who believes present truth,
43:18 all the little hands would be going up and say,
43:20 "Ooh, praise God, Man.
43:21 I'm a present truth believer."
43:24 It's interesting among those who say
43:25 I believe in present truth and we should believe in
43:27 and there's a time and this is the time.
43:30 There need to be a thorough conversion among us.
43:33 Wow. And of course, everyone.
43:37 If not, notice, we'll go on,
43:39 "They will fall in the day of trial."
43:42 If there is not a thorough conversion and repentance,
43:45 forsaking of sin in the day of trial
43:48 and I tell you, my Brothers and Sisters, it will come.
43:50 You'll say it's not going to come.
43:52 You'll say you don't want to get involved.
43:54 The day of trial and test will come.
43:56 And if we're not thoroughly converted,
43:59 we will fail, we will fall in that day of trial.
44:03 God's people must reach a higher standard
44:06 than we've ever seen or heard ever before.
44:09 We must ask God to elevate us. We must take that standard.
44:12 It has been thrown down and dirty covered
44:14 and raise high for the world to see.
44:17 How do we do that?
44:20 We're encouraged to reach a higher standard.
44:23 I believe by faith we can reach that higher standard
44:26 that God has for us.
44:28 He wants us to be elevated.
44:30 He wants is a big climbing to work toward heaven.
44:32 He wants to give us that victory.
44:34 He's there for us. He's listening for our cry.
44:38 And you have a contrite heart?
44:40 Is there really crushing you because you've done something
44:42 you know you shouldn't.
44:43 And when you repent, you know you repented.
44:45 And by the grace of God You will not return.
44:47 So remember, if you've returned,
44:49 you have never had a contrite heart.
44:52 Think about it.
44:53 The enemy wants to fool you all.
44:55 Don't let him fool you. So what do we do?
44:57 We talk about-- what does the Bible say?
44:59 This is where we go back, raise a standard.
45:02 The Bible says in 1 Peter 2:9.
45:05 I've always like this passage of Scripture.
45:07 The Bible says, "Ye are a chosen," what?
45:09 Good. "Generation." You're a royal priesthood.
45:13 God looks at us and I'll be nice about it.
45:16 He looks at the scum of the earth.
45:17 That's me.
45:19 And he looks at me and said,
45:20 "Well, because of Jesus Christ, you've accepted Him,
45:22 you are a royal priesthood.
45:25 Royal means kingly.
45:27 So what the Bible said we'll be?
45:29 Ooh, "kingly priesthood."
45:32 That means you're of a sacred order.
45:34 It's no longer you, but it's Christ.
45:36 Things have changed. You're elevated, right.
45:39 Breathing air of heaven.
45:41 How wonderful that is, a royal priesthood.
45:43 Notice, he says a holy nation. Did you get that?
45:46 Holy nation means exactly what it says
45:49 and for those of you just keep trying to sidestep all this,
45:52 you need to stop it.
45:53 Bless your heart.
45:54 I know you don't really mean to.
45:56 And I'm not try to be difficult with you.
45:57 But when this Bible talks about holy or blameless
46:00 or undefiled, well, it means a little something.
46:03 The Bible says just exactly what it means.
46:05 When it says here, Holy nation, it does mean pure nation.
46:09 It does mean a blameless nation.
46:11 It means a clean, it means, means innocent.
46:14 It means modest.
46:15 It means perfect in Jesus Christ.
46:18 Notice this, a peculiar people.
46:20 You are a purchased possession is what my Bible tells me.
46:24 You know what that means, purchased possession?
46:26 That means you are in a saving relationship
46:29 with Jesus Christ because of Him.
46:31 To be in a saving relationship, there is joy, there is peace,
46:34 there is contentment in the midst of the storm
46:37 that we are living in.
46:39 Oh, my Brother and Sister, I think about true repentance.
46:43 Let me just say this because I hear this a lot.
46:46 I hear this a lot.
46:47 Because remember, we've been talking about true repentance
46:50 makes no attempt to justify self.
46:55 Did somebody hear me?
46:57 True repentance never tries to justify yourself
47:02 for what decision or choice that you made.
47:06 You'll never do that.
47:07 True repentances will not do that, justify self.
47:09 If a person does you can be sure that sin--
47:14 because they won't give it up as dead in their morally.
47:17 They can't really hear the voice of God anymore.
47:21 The person has done wrong.
47:23 But he doesn't even discern it anymore
47:25 because his heart has become hardened.
47:27 He doesn't even realize the evil
47:29 that he has committed.
47:30 He's turned the Holy Spirit off.
47:32 And I'll say this and yes,
47:34 unless the Holy Spirit of the living God
47:35 begins to come in and you will open your mind
47:37 and your heart,
47:40 so that you're not blinded to that sin,
47:43 your confession that you make is not sincere
47:46 and it is not in earnest and God will not accept that.
47:50 Notice with me, every time,
47:54 every time, that's anybody,
47:57 that's any of us who does this
47:59 that we begin to confess our guilt.
48:01 And then we make an excuse for our choice or our action.
48:07 And here's how we do. We might say.
48:09 Well I wouldn't have done it but,
48:12 well, the circumstances and--
48:15 the circumstances were thee, so that's why did it.
48:18 You realize it's a matter of right and wrong
48:21 not circumstances.
48:22 Circumstances are not to control a child of God.
48:26 You are controlled by the grace of God circumstances.
48:29 That's why we're, we're children of the King.
48:32 We'd have to worry about what's happening in the world
48:33 and we have to make our-- It's right and wrong.
48:35 Do the right thing.
48:38 God said I'm going to help you to do the right thing.
48:40 So we bring on somebody needs to listen.
48:43 We bring on problems in our own life
48:45 and then we want to blame everything and everybody else.
48:48 You're been around somebody like that maybe you've done,
48:50 I think maybe I might have done it.
48:53 I'll give you just a little short
48:54 quick illustration of this.
48:56 We bring things on ourself
48:57 and then we can't really figure out
48:58 why we're miserable why things are not going good.
49:00 There were two men.
49:01 These two men work in construction together.
49:04 Are you still with me? All right, good.
49:07 Two men work in construction.
49:08 Every day they got their little box of lunch,
49:10 you know, they sat down, they open their lunch
49:12 and they began to eat.
49:14 And this man opened it up and he--
49:17 notice with me what he said I don't want somebody
49:19 writing a letter and say, yeah, but why can't you.
49:21 He opened his lunch box there was a cheese sandwich.
49:27 And he looked at the cheese sandwich,
49:28 he told his but buddy he said, "Oh, brother,
49:31 not another cheese sandwich."
49:33 Man didn't say anything
49:35 didn't want to get in, involved
49:36 you know, blah, blah.
49:37 Next day come back open a box.
49:39 "Oh, man, a cheese sandwich.
49:41 I'm getting so sick of cheese sandwiches,
49:43 I can't hardly stand it."
49:46 Man thought maybe I should say something,
49:48 his buddy, he thought well, maybe.
49:49 Maybe I won't.
49:51 Another day goes by the man opens his box.
49:53 I cannot believe another cheese sandwich.
49:56 I tell you I hope I don't ever want to see
49:58 another cheese sandwich.
50:00 His buddy thought you know what, I'm just.
50:02 I need to say something here because this-- went too far.
50:04 He said, "Oh, friend, why don't you tell your wife
50:10 to make you something different?"
50:13 Man looked over him he said or number one,
50:16 I'm not married.
50:18 And number two, I make my own sandwiches.
50:21 Now somebody not with me you missed the whole thing.
50:25 Did you get what we're talking? Did you get the point?
50:29 Lot of time we create our own problems.
50:34 We made it, we made a choice, we did something over here
50:37 and we're really the ones to blame.
50:40 We want to blame the church, we want to blame the pastor,
50:42 we want to blame everybody else in the world
50:44 but maybe we've made that cheese sandwich.
50:49 God calls for His people here in the last days too.
50:51 I'm telling you right now. He's calling us home.
50:54 Beautiful book if you don't have it, "Desire of Ages."
50:57 We're not gonna get too much farther because of our time
50:59 but I want you to listen this.
51:00 Page 456. Desire of Ages.
51:03 It says, "And like Israel, the Jews, Pharisees,
51:07 notice had not put their will,
51:10 the power of choice," this is important.
51:11 Remember you get up in the morning.
51:13 Put your will, right, give it to Christ.
51:15 Give it to the Holy Spirit. Think about that.
51:19 That's the power of choice
51:20 where I can't make a good choice on my own.
51:23 Commit our wills to Jesus Christ
51:24 the first thing.
51:26 The Jews didn't do that, Pharisees didn't do that.
51:28 "They didn't put it on the side of God's will,
51:30 they were," listen, "they were not seeking to know the truth.
51:35 But, they're trying to find some excuse for evading it."
51:41 You have a fine neighbors and friends and people
51:43 you try to give them the truth and they keep making
51:44 all kinds of excuses, why they can't,
51:46 they can't come, they can't, they can't study,
51:48 they can't do, they're always busy, blah, blah.
51:51 Those things will come back in the judgment.
51:53 They'll be wishing and you will too
51:54 those of you who are listening
51:56 and maybe you're guilty of this.
51:57 A million times over if I might say that
51:59 that you finally said you know, I need to listen.
52:02 I need to give it a shot,
52:03 I need to learn more about Jesus,
52:05 I need to give my life to him.
52:07 Notice what they're doing.
52:08 "They were just trying to evade the truth.
52:11 Christ showed that there was
52:12 this was why they did not understand His teaching."
52:15 Why is it that many people don't understand the teachings
52:18 which is so clear in the Word of God.
52:19 Because we don't want to understand it,
52:21 because we don't want to study.
52:23 We're looking for excuses right quick not to do
52:26 what it that thus sayeth the Lord
52:27 tells us that we should do.
52:29 They didn't understand the teaching of Jesus.
52:31 So notice this. Here's our point.
52:33 So with genuine repentance and humiliation.
52:37 And even searching out for truth,
52:39 those of we are looking no excuse can be made.
52:43 We cannot make excuses.
52:45 No self justification for our actions.
52:50 So we need to learn something from this.
52:53 Not, don't be blaming somebody else.
52:55 Because you made a choice and because of your actions.
52:59 I want to be, don't you?
53:01 I want to be looking for what, I want to know what truth is.
53:03 I want to love the truth. I want to proclaim the truth.
53:05 I want to live the truth.
53:07 Truth is certainly Jesus Christ, isn't it?
53:10 One quick example here,
53:12 we're gonna have to have prayer, times is gone
53:13 but you know, Paul gave such a beautiful illustration
53:17 in his life.
53:18 He didn't blame anything or anybody.
53:20 You read it when you have the chance.
53:22 Acts Chapter 26:10.
53:25 He said exactly what he was
53:27 till he gave his life to Jesus Christ.
53:29 You know what he said? He said I persecuted people.
53:32 I hunted them down, right. He helped destroy them.
53:36 He owned up to what he did
53:38 but he said I did it in ignorance.
53:40 Many of you doing things is not in ignorance today.
53:42 You know better. You know better.
53:45 And God holds you accountable
53:47 and he owes me accountable today for my sins.
53:50 But we need to own up to it and come to Him
53:54 and of course, Paul was quick to say and 1 Timothy 1:15.
53:58 He talks about "Christ Jesus came into the world,"
54:01 notice this, "to save sinners of whom I am chief."
54:05 How many times have you read that?
54:08 He said, Jesus came into the world
54:10 to save sinners and I'm the chief.
54:11 Oh, so easy to say
54:13 well, I'm the worst sinner in the world, I'm over--
54:14 and somebody points out something wrong in your life,
54:16 oh, you just blow up.
54:18 Well I'm not really rude that. Well, you are you know it.
54:20 Are you telling the truth?
54:23 He said on the chief of sinners that means the foremost,
54:25 that means the worst, that means in time
54:27 and place and order.
54:29 Friend, I need to pray. Our time is gone.
54:30 I want to pray for you because I know somebody
54:32 has made a change in their heart
54:33 and in their life.
54:35 Would you just pray with me right now
54:36 as you rededicate your life to Jesus?
54:38 Let's pray, shall we?
54:40 Loving Father in Heaven,
54:41 again, we thank You for your precious word.
54:43 We thank you for the power of the Holy Spirit,
54:45 You've been convicting hearts, lives and minds
54:48 and we realized along with conviction,
54:49 forsaking of sin,
54:51 we realize there needs to be a reformation.
54:53 There needs to be a change that takes place.
54:54 We're no longer the same ever again
54:56 because we've got to have Jesus living in our hearts
54:58 and in our minds.
55:00 Thank you, Lord, for those who made that decision that choice.
55:02 In Jesus' name we pray and we thank You. Amen.
55:06 Ain't that really wonderful to know that
55:07 as we make that decision
55:09 and that we can turn our lives over to Christ
55:10 and He will receive us just as we are?
55:13 Be willing to walk with Him each and every day.
55:16 Friend, we thoroughly thank you
55:19 for what you do for this ministry
55:20 and helping us to get the message to the world.
55:22 We believe in not doing less we believe in doing more
55:25 and Jesus has given us that,
55:26 His Spirit has given us that opportunity.
55:28 Help us shoulder up with us.
55:29 Let's finish this work so that we can go home together.
55:32 Don't you want to go home?
55:34 Let's finish this work let's get together.
55:35 We love you and God loves you
55:37 and thanks for those decisions today
55:39 and we'll see you next time.
55:43 Hello, Friends and welcome back.
55:45 It is our prayer that none of us
55:47 will find ourselves amongst this group
55:50 that will never in this life fall on their knees
55:53 and proclaim Christ to be their Lord and their Savior.
55:58 Oh, we realize that a day is coming
56:00 after the second resurrection that indeed every knee will bow
56:05 and every tongue will confess that Jesus is LORD.
56:09 But at that time, it's too late to receive the just reward
56:13 that He so wanted to give us.
56:16 Pray and never cease praying for the conviction.
56:19 And the conversion of yourself and for your loved ones.
56:23 Well, the door of probation is yet open.
56:26 Listen to the Holy Spirit as He speak into your heart
56:29 to come in and then join the family of God.
56:33 This is a decision that you will never ever regret making.
56:38 And I hope that you'll allow us to help.
56:41 This message has been made available to send to you
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