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00:41 Hello, and welcome to Behold the Lamb presents.
00:43 I'm Chris Shelton, your host.
00:45 And I'm so thankful that you have chosen to join us
00:48 for what I believe will be a very informative
00:51 hour of study today.
00:53 You know when I was growing up, I can recall hearing others say
00:56 that if you wish to keep peace
00:58 between your family and friends,
01:00 never talk about religion or politics.
01:03 This saying certainly does hold true,
01:06 either of these two subjects can become
01:09 a real point of contention in most circles,
01:12 but hopefully not for many Christians,
01:15 and because of the importance of these two topics,
01:18 today we're beginning a two part series
01:21 that is entitled, Religion and Politics.
01:24 Now hold on, wait a minute, please resist the temptation
01:29 to turn off your TV or your radio
01:31 or to change that channel.
01:33 Just ask yourself this question.
01:35 If God does have something to say
01:38 about the coexistence of religion and politics,
01:41 shouldn't we want to know His thoughts?
01:44 Aren't His thoughts to be our thoughts
01:46 as a child of the King?
01:48 And beside, if it wasn't of importance
01:52 for our relationship with Him,
01:53 most likely He wouldn't have bothered
01:56 to mention anything about it
01:58 or the combination of the two in scripture
02:01 or in a Spirit of Prophecy,
02:03 so I hope that you would be brave enough to stay tune
02:06 as we begin part one of Religion and Politics.
02:10 But first, we're so blessed
02:12 and so thankful to visit the 3ABN Worship Center
02:15 and have our hearts lifted towards heaven
02:18 as we listen to a song that is entitled
02:21 "Oh, Let Me Walk With The Thee"
02:23 as sung by Christian Berdahl.
02:33 O let me walk with Thee, my God
02:40 As Enoch walked in days of old
02:47 Place Thou my trembling hand in Thine
02:54 And sweet communion with me hold
03:01 E'en though the path I may not see
03:08 Yet, Jesus, let me walk with Thee
03:23 I cannot, dare not, walk alone
03:30 The tempest rages in the sky
03:38 A thousand snares beset my feet
03:45 A thousand foes are lurking nigh
03:51 Still Thou the raging of the sea
03:58 O Master! let me walk with Thee
04:14 If I may rest my hand in Thine
04:22 I'll count the joys of earth
04:28 But loss And firmly
04:32 bravely journey on
04:38 I'll bear the banner of the cross
04:45 Till Zion's glorious gates I see
04:53 Yet, Savior, let me walk with Thee
05:01 Till Zion's glorious gates
05:09 I see Yet, Savior
05:14 let me walk with Thee
05:34 Thanks for joining us here once again Behold the Lamb.
05:37 As you heard in the introduction,
05:39 we're going to be talking about religion and politics.
05:42 Wow, how many times this upsets a lot of people.
05:47 And after all as a Christian we've been taught
05:51 and we realize in Bible prophecy,
05:53 that we need, there needs to be a separation
05:55 between church and state.
05:58 So how does God look at?
06:00 How does heaven view when we get involved
06:03 with the religion and politics?
06:05 You know, I've often sat around
06:07 and listen to people talk about politics
06:10 and most generally they never really stay real calm,
06:14 they get kind of excited.
06:17 Their mom and dad was a Republican,
06:18 or their mom or dad was a Democrat,
06:20 whatever it might be.
06:21 And somehow they feel that
06:23 they are regardless of what the party stands
06:25 for or what it does.
06:26 This is in our blood, this is what we are.
06:29 And we take a real decided stand.
06:32 You know is that really healthy
06:34 as the Christian, as a Bible believer?
06:36 Is it really scriptural?
06:38 Should we really just really be involved in
06:41 who is elected office or who is not?
06:43 Or offer some just wonderful arguments
06:46 as it were about the Christian world,
06:49 how we need to be involved to make sure that
06:52 we have the right people in the right place,
06:53 and so the right laws are passed.
06:55 Is that really what scripture teaches?
06:58 Is that really what Jesus taught?
07:00 I think this is very appropriate
07:01 because somewhere, somehow round the world,
07:03 even in this country, there is an election.
07:06 Even in a presidential election,
07:08 whatever it might be that there are people who,
07:11 they're adamant about getting involved,
07:13 they're adamant about getting to the polling place
07:15 and we have to vote and offer to say,
07:17 if you don't vote and this country falls apart,
07:19 you are to blame.
07:20 And you know they just can't really say it normal,
07:22 they just have to really all of the sudden,
07:24 it's like the blood pressure goes up
07:26 and people just kind of, want to be combat even.
07:29 Is this really healthy?
07:30 We're going to look to see what the word of God says,
07:31 but first we're going to pray about.
07:33 I want to give you food for thought,
07:34 I'm going to kneel and have prayer,
07:36 and I want you to pray too.
07:37 You may think this is not important, but it is.
07:40 It plays a very, very important part
07:42 in Bible prophecy about God's last day people,
07:46 His church, and how they're going to be involved,
07:48 and what they're going to be doing
07:49 and can we be involved in everything that's going on.
07:52 Let's just see what the word of God has to say,
07:53 but let's pray first.
07:54 Pray with me, will you?
07:57 Loving Father in heaven,
07:58 again we thank You for the privilege of prayer,
08:00 we thank You that we may invite the Holy Spirit
08:03 to consume our hearts, our thoughts, our minds.
08:05 May we view this subject the way heaven views it.
08:10 Not the way we were raised,
08:11 not the way we were seeds
08:13 that were planted in our minds and our hearts
08:15 and then we have to be this side or that side,
08:18 but which side are we really are?
08:20 So I pray that through the instruction
08:22 and the power of thy spirit our minds will be emptied
08:24 and just lay things aside right now,
08:27 just listen to what you have to say to us
08:29 that we may be on the right path
08:31 because this too is the subject
08:32 maybe you think it's not important
08:34 but there is a truth and there is a lie
08:37 from the enemy, a deception.
08:39 So may we, as we approach Your throne,
08:41 as we invite Your Spirit,
08:43 we pray that we will find out
08:44 what truth is in Jesus' name, amen.
08:49 Again, it's important that we have pencil and paper
08:51 and so on and so forth and write some things down.
08:54 Had a tendency sometime to go rather quickly.
08:57 And I do want to encourage, you know,
08:58 we're so thankful for the cards and the letters
09:00 and support that you send to Behold the Lamb.
09:02 We're so grateful and thankful.
09:04 We love to hear from you.
09:05 You know, lot of you view same things,
09:07 that's good, that's wonderful,
09:08 but you never send your phone number,
09:10 you can send your phone number
09:11 if you want when I have extra time.
09:13 I love to call those who want to get involved
09:15 in this ministry and just talk to you for a little bit,
09:17 and sometime we get busy, we neglect that,
09:19 I want you to know that we're thankful for you,
09:22 praise God for you.
09:24 You know, as we talk about religion and politics.
09:27 I want us to think along the line
09:28 and have your Bible, I want you to turn with me.
09:31 Again this first part,
09:32 we're going to be on a foundation.
09:34 We're going to try dig it deep based on the word of God,
09:37 and sometime just based on good common sense
09:40 and principle of God's word, that will help us to decide
09:44 what we need to do, and how we need to do
09:47 when it comes to politics.
09:50 In fact, this is interesting how almost everybody
09:53 wants to be involved in politics.
09:55 Listen carefully and most generally here's
09:57 what we come up with,
09:59 "Well politics, man it's, well that's crocked.
10:02 Oh, they pull it, they tell you one thing and they do another."
10:05 I've heard all kind of things that goes on during an election
10:08 and name calling and so on and so forth,
10:10 but lot of times we come to this conclusion
10:13 that in politics there's a lot of fabrication,
10:17 there's a lot of, may I say just lies go on.
10:20 We try to say this is what we're going to do
10:22 when we get in office, we hardly ever accomplish that
10:25 so I think most of us in agreement
10:27 that in the political realm,
10:29 there's not a whole lot of truthful things
10:31 and I know many people get in there
10:32 and they mean well.
10:34 They have a right heart,
10:35 they want to do the right thing,
10:37 but all of you get in this political machinery,
10:39 it will cut you up if you're not careful.
10:42 Very interesting thought, you have your Bible,
10:44 I like you to turn with me to the Book of Mark 12.
10:48 Mark 12.
10:49 This is a good principle, this is a good foundation
10:51 and we'll be able to real spring from this,
10:54 notice with me Mark 12,
10:56 we're going to read two verses,
10:57 I wished you would read the whole chapter
11:00 because it's so, so very important
11:01 but I think these verses will help us
11:04 to see the position
11:06 and we'll talk more about this little bit later on.
11:08 The Jesus took when He was confronted
11:11 to render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's.
11:16 Notice with me verse 14, Mark 12.
11:19 Here's what the Bible says.
11:21 And when they were come notice this,
11:23 very Pharisees and action again.
11:26 Pharisees always trailing around,
11:28 always following Jesus,
11:30 always trying to get him to commit.
11:32 You know an air with maybe just a word or a deed,
11:36 something that they can hold him accountable,
11:37 for something they can get rid of him.
11:39 Put him out of existence.
11:41 So here they were again. Here come these Pharisees.
11:44 In those verse 14 it says.
11:46 "And when they were come..."
11:47 Notice this, "When they were come,
11:49 they say unto him..."
11:51 Notice how they do it,
11:52 they knew exactly what they were up to.
11:54 You know what, sometimes Christians,
11:56 so called conduct themselves like this,
12:00 they try to set you up,
12:02 they try to catch you in something,
12:04 they try to set the stage.
12:06 They knew what that were doing,
12:08 they were trying to get all on the good side of Jesus
12:10 to catch him off guard because they called him "Master,
12:14 we know that thou art true, interesting,
12:17 if he were true and they believe that they will be
12:19 following him, wouldn't they?
12:21 And this says "Thou carest for no man."
12:23 If you isolate that you say what,
12:25 Jesus, he didn't care for anyone.
12:27 That means he didn't put, man,
12:28 he doesn't have, he doesn't say.
12:29 Well, this man here is, you know,
12:31 we have him up here,
12:32 we have another man down here,
12:34 you know, everybody is equal with God.
12:35 He cares for everyone the same.
12:37 "For thou regardest not the person of men..."
12:40 His positioned or he is thinks he might be.
12:43 But it said to Jesus,
12:44 he teaches the way of God and truth.
12:47 Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar, or not?
12:51 What an interesting thing,
12:53 I kind of want to challenge that sometime myself
12:55 because they're talking about paying taxes.
12:58 Now that anybody in the world is little more
12:59 aggravate about taxes than me, I would like to know it.
13:03 No matter what you do, you're taxed.
13:05 And we realize this is part of what they approach Jesus with.
13:09 We have our own personal thoughts on that, I'm sure.
13:11 But they were going to try to catch him on this.
13:14 Now if we just get down to verse 17 quickly, notice.
13:18 "Jesus answered and he said unto them..."
13:22 Now what did he ask to do first?
13:24 He asked them to give, what?
13:26 Give me a penny, give me a coin.
13:28 How brilliant, how brilliant?
13:32 Should we pay to, here, look, do you have a coin,
13:34 let me see, you had a penny.
13:37 Whose picture is on there?
13:39 The super inscription is on there?
13:41 And notice what he said,
13:42 Jesus answered in verse 17, said unto them.
13:46 Render to Caesar, you know this well,
13:48 the things that are Caesar's,
13:49 and to God the things that are God's
13:52 and they marvel to him.
13:54 They were shocked because they thought
13:55 they had him cornered,
13:57 one way they were going to get him,
13:58 if he went the other way,
14:00 they were going to get him too. But he didn't.
14:02 And so we come to the conclusion here
14:05 as Jesus answered this.
14:07 He rebuked number one the hypocrisy,
14:10 and we could say the presumption
14:15 of these Pharisees and he stated a principle.
14:18 I want you to notice this, keep this as we study.
14:20 He stated a principle,
14:22 a principle that clearly defines the limits,
14:27 notice the word, underline,
14:28 the limits of man's duty to the civil government
14:32 and his duty to God.
14:34 Right here, Jesus defines my duty
14:38 to the civil government, and my duty to him.
14:43 This will be a foundation,
14:44 this will be a good place to springboard,
14:45 wouldn't you think?
14:47 And then he goes on to let them know the Pharisees, the Jews,
14:51 since they were living under the protection of what?
14:57 Of the Roman government.
14:58 In other words, they were eating from the table
15:00 of the government there, they should render,
15:03 notice the Bible, it comes out,
15:04 the render, the power
15:08 that was in being which was Rome,
15:09 and so if Rome said that we are going to tax you,
15:11 then you're living there, you have to pay those taxes.
15:14 Jesus said, render to him.
15:16 This is support they claimed.
15:18 Now notice if it stop there, we may be in trouble,
15:21 but it did not stop there.
15:23 He went on and notice the principle here
15:25 that as long as that, you render to Caesar,
15:28 to the government as long as it does not conflict
15:31 with our higher duty is our duty to God.
15:35 So the principle is always there,
15:37 we obey the laws of the land
15:39 as long as they don't conflict with the laws of God,
15:42 when they do, we have to take God's side.
15:45 Hope that makes sense to you.
15:48 What powerful passage of scripture,
15:51 what we can draw from these things.
15:54 I do believe this, if we read Isaac 9:6.
15:59 It talks about, we're talking about Jesus, the King of kings.
16:02 It talks about here,
16:03 the government would be upon his shoulders.
16:06 We're talking a heavenly government.
16:09 We're talking about a savior here.
16:11 We're talking about
16:12 and really that word is translated an empire,
16:15 that he would have power over,
16:17 he would have,
16:18 he would prevail over the enemy.
16:20 So it's a different kind of government
16:22 that Christ was talking about
16:24 than what we talk about in this world.
16:27 If you take Webster's dictionary for instance,
16:30 and you just look up government,
16:32 interesting thought.
16:34 It is pretty simple, it just says,
16:36 it's an authoritative direction of the affairs of men.
16:40 So when you say government, you have somebody
16:42 that's authoritative, somebody's in authority here.
16:45 And they are giving direction over the affairs of men
16:49 in a community, so they rule, they have administration over.
16:54 Interesting, that's government, politics.
16:58 You know what should we do with politics?
17:00 Do we really just get involved with politics?
17:04 How can we combine them together
17:05 or does a Bible say that
17:07 we should not combine it together,
17:08 when may I just use this here
17:10 when the evangelical world is really standing straight
17:14 and say we've got to get Christians into office, wow.
17:20 It sounds good on the surface, doesn't it?
17:23 But you realized, there is a responsibility,
17:26 we going to point out that responsibility
17:28 that you have and I have when we vote.
17:33 Should a Christian really vote?
17:35 Oh, I know you talk politics,
17:37 you get the mild meekest person,
17:39 they get hot around the collar, they can't stand it.
17:42 But this we need to pay attention
17:43 because there's a truth in God's word.
17:46 See, many people I believe has tried
17:48 to gain a correct view about being involved
17:52 in the political world, think about it.
17:54 And as followers of Jesus Christ,
17:57 should we understand or do we need to understand
17:59 the importance of our position.
18:03 Should we maintain a position, especially in the world,
18:07 where most people think that it's all right.
18:10 They say its' my duty, it's my duty to vote.
18:14 Still we look at as there are other people
18:18 that say admirably we should not be involved at all.
18:23 Who is right?
18:24 Surely there is a right and surely there is a wrong,
18:27 especially when we go to God's word.
18:29 To me there is not any such thing,
18:31 not any such thing we are looking in here and say,
18:32 these are great, we can't figure it out.
18:34 Why would God give us something in the word of God,
18:36 it say we can't figure out right and wrong.
18:38 That's a lie of the devil.
18:41 Not that we don't want to figure it out,
18:42 because we don't want to change our life.
18:44 So will you have those who says it's my duty,
18:47 on the other hand you say, that don't be involved at all.
18:51 In fact I've seen this.
18:52 Some church members, people go to church to same,
18:56 you know, playing place they've been together for years.
18:59 And they just cannot discuss political matters.
19:02 They just can't do it.
19:05 When they start talking about politics,
19:07 all of the sudden there is division,
19:08 there are people get,
19:10 may be lose their patience a little bit
19:11 and they feel like when you say politics,
19:13 I'm demanded to take a side.
19:16 I want to go one side or the other I have to.
19:19 Not so much as what is right,
19:23 not so much as this is the right.
19:25 I'm looking at the whole total thing
19:26 and what is right based on the word of God,
19:29 this is what I must do.
19:30 But based on maybe a party.
19:34 What is...
19:35 not for people say, well I don't know
19:37 if it's really right or wrong or not,
19:38 but that's my political party,
19:39 that's where I'm going to stand,
19:41 I'm going to live, I'm going to die
19:42 by my political party.
19:44 Sometime issues become so strained,
19:47 even among brothers and sisters and church people,
19:50 that some people get hot around the collar
19:53 you can almost see the smoke coming out
19:56 when they're talking about politics.
19:58 And you know what?
19:59 Some people have left the church.
20:02 They've left the cause of Christ
20:04 because they couldn't get along
20:05 because they fussed and fought over political questions.
20:09 Wow.
20:11 Many often discuss worldly issues
20:15 and they even debate these worldly issues
20:17 rather where they will.
20:20 But when it comes to the knowledge
20:22 of the Word of God,
20:24 sometimes it's just simply lacking,
20:26 they just don't have that knowledge.
20:28 Think about how sad that we can talk about the political scene
20:33 all around the world what's going on,
20:34 we can talk about,
20:35 we know what's going on in every area.
20:39 But we don't know, you know,
20:41 where to find the Book of Genesis in the Bible.
20:44 Something's not quite right.
20:46 It's the enemy pushing us into a corner somewhere
20:48 as he is trying to get us to be more political than religious.
20:52 I might use that loosely.
20:55 He's working here in a way that maybe we haven't seen
20:58 because listen, people have been killed
21:02 over the political question,
21:05 people have attempted murder.
21:08 Things that we may never know in this life
21:10 when it comes to politics and who sits
21:13 on the throne as it were.
21:15 Or should we've been more concerned about God
21:18 sitting up on the throne as a Christian?
21:20 Who should I be supporting?
21:21 Who should I be spending time?
21:24 It's just a good food for thought.
21:27 How does heaven view this issue?
21:31 That where we spend so much time,
21:33 people get on the computer,
21:35 they spend hours and hours arguing with people
21:37 they went to school with, or complete strangers
21:41 about issues that it does not matter
21:43 what you think about it.
21:45 It doesn't matter about your position.
21:47 The people in the high, you know,
21:49 elected this office is basically gonna do
21:51 what they feel they need to do.
21:53 They scratch each other's back.
21:55 They get you to vote for something,
21:56 they want to pass and you vote
21:58 for something they want to pass.
22:00 And sometime they call a lot of...
22:02 Oh, we'd be careful now, lot of pork going on.
22:05 I think some of you get it, rest of you won't get it.
22:08 What's really important to us?
22:13 Certainly our work as Christians,
22:15 I don't think there's a debate, there shouldn't be a debate.
22:17 Our work should be to get this gospel
22:20 preached into all the world.
22:21 This is where I need to be spending my time.
22:23 The good news of Christ's soon return
22:26 in the clouds of glory.
22:27 This is our mission.
22:29 This is our goal.
22:33 Is it to save perishing souls from ruin, I think so.
22:38 Isn't the life that I live, should it not be
22:41 a life of service to my fellowman?
22:46 Tell others about Jesus and his coming.
22:49 What does this, all of this really mean?
22:52 Does this mean...
22:54 Let me just kind of pose you a little question.
22:56 We're talking about spending time politics,
22:58 spending time religion or church
23:00 or studying in the Word.
23:03 What does it really mean?
23:04 Should we spend our time by trying to put
23:09 someone in a public office
23:12 or someone in heavenly places?
23:18 Did you get that?
23:20 Should we spend our time trying to put someone, where?
23:23 In public office or trying to put
23:26 someone in heavenly places.
23:28 Because it takes time,
23:30 we are accountable for our time.
23:33 And you say, well, I can really make a difference, really.
23:36 Think about all the years that Christians have voted
23:38 and look at the mess this country is in
23:40 and continues to get worse.
23:43 There is no hope for this country
23:45 outside of Christ.
23:47 And so Christians need to do their part,
23:49 God's gonna take care of things,
23:51 I can guarantee you this.
23:53 You know when Isaiah was talking
23:54 about the government is on his shoulders,
23:57 that means the weight of the world, he's in control.
24:00 He sits on the throne.
24:03 He sets kings up and he takes them down.
24:05 But we think, no, we're gonna vote,
24:06 we're gonna do, really.
24:08 Remember there is an accountability here,
24:10 that some of us maybe have never looked at,
24:11 we're gonna get into it.
24:13 The Apostle Paul makes this very, very clear.
24:16 Oh, I tell you, I just love the Word of God
24:18 because it becomes so clear
24:19 if you just open and begin to study it.
24:21 The Holy Spirit would just enlighten you.
24:23 Paul made this statement in 1 Corinthians 3:9,
24:27 it says simply, this is part of the verse,
24:30 he said, "We are laborers together with God."
24:34 He didn't say we were laborers together with this group
24:37 or that group or over here,
24:39 and that doesn't mean that we're not to work with
24:41 and so on and so forth,
24:42 but notice where we spend our time and our energy
24:44 and our means and the hours that we have to live.
24:48 We are laborers with whom?
24:50 Together with God.
24:52 How awesome?
24:53 People say, oh, I'd love to work for a President,
24:55 oh, I'd love to work for a Governor,
24:56 I'd love to work... I'm working with God.
24:58 How about you?
24:59 I'm a co-laborer with him, together with him.
25:02 Wow, how awesome?
25:05 Now that verse is as exciting, but I want to read
25:08 just a comment about this verse and it's found in,
25:11 I'd like the little book called Acts of the Apostle,
25:13 page 303.
25:15 Now remember, I'd love the Spirit of Prophecy
25:17 and I would be using the Spirit of Prophecy,
25:19 it helps me to understand the Word of God
25:21 because they were always gel with scripture,
25:24 and the devil tries to get you say,
25:26 well, let's not use this, let's just use it.
25:29 Keep your mind, your heart open.
25:31 If it differs from scripture, we have to throw it out,
25:33 if it doesn't just accept it as something good.
25:36 Here's what this verse talks about in 1 Corinthians 3:9,
25:39 "We're laborers together with God."
25:41 It tells us this,
25:42 "United with Christ, the greatest teacher..."
25:46 See, who's gonna argue that point?
25:48 No one, we are to unite with who?
25:51 We are to unite with Christ.
25:54 Some of us might say, you know what?
25:56 I'm united with this group and I'm united with that group,
25:58 I'm united...
26:00 we are to be number one, united with Christ,
26:03 the greatest teacher.
26:06 See Paul had been enabled to communicate lessons
26:10 of divine wisdom here in Acts of the Apostles 303.
26:13 What did Paul do?
26:14 He communicated lessons of divine wisdom.
26:17 Notice these words,
26:18 which met the necessities of all classes.
26:22 So what the Bible teaches,
26:24 what Paul was teaching will meet,
26:25 notice this, the necessities of all classes,
26:28 all others,
26:30 which were to be applied at all times,
26:34 didn't change and all places around the world
26:38 that God knows, and under all conditions.
26:41 So what the Bible teaches, what Paul was teaching here,
26:44 regardless if we're talking about politics, you know,
26:47 religion and politics, whatever we talk about,
26:48 the Bible becomes clear.
26:51 The lessons that he taught, they're for all classes,
26:53 that means everybody, high, low, rich, poor,
26:55 bound, free, we know that.
26:57 They're to apply all times, there's no well,
27:00 you used to it and not at all,
27:03 all places, under all conditions.
27:06 So that helps us to set that stage
27:08 and build a little bit of concrete,
27:10 little bit thicker here, so we have a good platform.
27:13 We are to then, Bible says, yoke up with Christ,
27:16 how wonderful that is.
27:18 We are to yoke up with who?
27:19 With Christ, we are to do his work
27:22 in the world and not the world's work.
27:26 Got to be interesting thought.
27:28 And let me tell you, you say, well,
27:29 we can do both, you can't have it both ways.
27:32 Wow.
27:33 What do you mean we can't have it both ways?
27:35 Number one, the Bible's very clear,
27:37 we're to yoke up with Christ,
27:38 we're to unite with Jesus Christ.
27:41 We're to do his work.
27:43 We're to do the work of winning souls
27:46 to the kingdom of God, not the world's work.
27:49 Somebody is saying we're talking about politics,
27:50 it's the world's work, yes.
27:54 There's a difference and I think
27:55 we'll get to that in just a moment.
27:56 There's a big difference,
27:58 there's a thing that's called common,
27:59 there's a thing that's, that's sacred.
28:01 But as Christians do we really know the difference
28:03 or in some cases do we really care?
28:08 We're to yoke up with Christ, do his work.
28:11 In fact the Bible's very clear in Matthew 6:24,
28:14 listen carefully you've read it.
28:16 It simply says, No man can serve what?
28:18 Good, "No man can serve two masters."
28:22 Now remember, many time we put more emphasis,
28:24 more time, more energy,
28:26 more means in having someone elected to office than
28:30 we are to try to win a soul to heaven to Jesus.
28:33 How does heaven view that?
28:35 Oh my, you can't serve two masters.
28:39 Well, you say, well, we'll try to get a balance.
28:41 Find somebody who's in politics and let me see
28:43 if you can find a balance.
28:47 There's a line that's drawn.
28:49 I kind of like a line,
28:50 how about you, some of you?
28:52 Sometimes say, here's, here's the line right here.
28:54 You've ever had that happen while you were growing up?
28:58 Did someone said they gave you a dare?
29:01 They came up to you and they took their little foot
29:02 and they just made a line across here
29:04 and said I dare you to, to cross that.
29:07 Well you know what?
29:08 Really when I was growing up and somebody before they could
29:11 probably get that line drawn, I was already on them.
29:14 I knew what they were getting ready to do, so I did it first.
29:16 Look out, they're drawing a line
29:18 and it said don't cross that line
29:20 because if you do, here's what I'm gonna do.
29:23 Or don't ever dare me not to cross the line because,
29:26 that point of time I did, many of you the same way so,
29:29 there's that line drawn between Christians and the world.
29:34 Did you get it, church?
29:35 There is a line that is drawn between Christians,
29:39 God's people and the world, there's a big line there,
29:42 we need to understand there's a line there.
29:45 And a Christian knows
29:46 when to stop short of that line,
29:49 the world does not know how to stop.
29:51 They simply step over the line, why?
29:53 To gratify self, we want to, we want to be involved.
29:57 You see there is no neutral position.
30:00 As much as we might like a neutral position,
30:02 there is no neutral position in the cause of Christ.
30:07 And I know some Christians, they feel strong,
30:10 strong about the condition of the world
30:12 and the mess they're in.
30:14 I feel strong about the conditions,
30:16 I feel strong about this world and where it's headed,
30:18 and what's going on with people.
30:20 Things are happening in the world,
30:21 I'm telling you, it's just, it's so sad.
30:23 Things are just happening, people are dying by the,
30:26 by the thousands, there's earthquakes,
30:27 there's fires, there's floods.
30:30 Just on the news, the longer you go,
30:31 cars floating by, water over the...
30:36 People dying by the hundreds and thousands.
30:38 I'm cautious and I'm thinking about all these issues.
30:44 Man does not have the answers,
30:45 he keeps thinking to raise taxes,
30:48 do something else.
30:50 We've got to continue to go forward
30:51 but how long can that exist
30:53 before all blows up in our face?
30:56 But I am aware of these conditions,
30:57 that I am aware of a change,
30:59 every politician since I've been born,
31:01 I'd be able to comprehend has promised a change.
31:04 And there really has been no change.
31:06 We've grown deeper in debt.
31:08 It's getting worse and worse.
31:10 So do we really want to be in something
31:12 that's never going to bear really the fruit?
31:14 That people running for office say
31:17 this is what we're going to do?
31:18 We get in the office, this is what we're gonna do,
31:19 this is what we're gonna do.
31:21 How many really do that's involved that did not,
31:22 if they don't accomplish that, that's a lie, is it?
31:25 And do we become involved in that?
31:31 What really needs to change, my brothers and sisters,
31:35 what really needs to be changed?
31:38 The world, listen, the world is to be changed
31:41 or the people of the world.
31:45 See, it's pretty close,
31:46 the words are similar but notice,
31:48 does the world need to be changed
31:50 or the people of the world?
31:54 And how does that come about?
31:56 Can it come about?
31:59 Keep some of these, just these quick thoughts
32:01 there in your mind because we realized,
32:04 remember, you can't serve God and the world.
32:07 Some people say, you know, I think it's possible.
32:09 Notice this statement if you will with me
32:12 and again we want a balance.
32:14 It's very important as a Christian
32:16 to be balanced Christian.
32:17 Regardless of your thoughts,
32:19 regardless of how you were raised,
32:20 regardless of how you were taught,
32:22 we always go back and we lean on the Word of God, and say,
32:24 what does the Word say always?
32:26 And then we give away with all these other things.
32:28 Oh, little book,
32:29 oh, I love this little book called Mount of Blessing.
32:31 Everybody needs to have one.
32:33 It's kind of a daily devotional and just gives you
32:35 what you need for that day.
32:37 I just wish everyone in the world
32:38 would just be on the same page
32:40 as it were just open that page for the day.
32:42 What a blessing would be page 94
32:45 gives us statement, notice,
32:47 says, "He who does not give himself wholly to God,
32:51 oh my, is under the control of another power.
32:55 He who does not give himself how?
32:58 Come on, wholly,
33:00 he who do not give himself wholly to God
33:02 is under the control of another power.
33:05 He is listening to another voice
33:09 whose suggestions are entirely different character.
33:14 Now notice this, interesting words,
33:16 you can preach a lot of sermons on this,
33:17 some of you preachers out there.
33:19 Half and half.
33:22 I think when I was introduced possibly
33:24 to half and half as many years ago,
33:26 when they first came up with a,
33:27 used to have whole milk all the time
33:29 and I think they've come up
33:30 with something called half and half.
33:33 That mean that wasn't real,
33:34 it wasn't a real McCoy, was it?
33:35 But notice, the enemy has something different for you.
33:39 If you do not give yourself
33:40 100 percent, the devil comes in.
33:44 Jesus said, he who is not with me is against me.
33:46 How do we say, well, I'll take 99 percent,
33:48 the devil can have one.
33:50 Absolutely not, that's what the Bible teach you,
33:52 we're wholly his or we're not, and if we're not...
33:54 we say, oh, we are, we go to church, we do all...
33:56 If you haven't given yourself wholly to him,
33:58 no reservations, no holding back.
34:01 The enemy is talking to you and you're thinking it's God.
34:04 Remember, he's gonna talk
34:05 and say some little sweet things
34:06 have you these nice little good things.
34:08 Think that you're still being led by the Spirit of God,
34:10 but notice how it says, "Half-and-half service places
34:14 the human agent on the side of the enemy."
34:17 So if you are half and half, I'm 50-50,
34:19 you can say I'm 70, you know 70-30,
34:22 still on the side, I'm 90-10
34:24 still on the side of the enemy.
34:28 And notice what it says, "On the side of the enemy
34:30 as a successful ally of the hosts of darkness."
34:35 You don't want to be on the side of the enemy,
34:36 I don't want to be on the side of the enemy,
34:38 but I've to get myself wholly to him,
34:40 I have to be open to what the spirit is saying.
34:43 Again the Mount of Blessings, page 94, 95 says this
34:46 'cause I heard people,
34:47 all they give you some dandies on this.
34:50 They're talking about somebody who's a genius.
34:52 Oh, man there must be a God given genius over here.
34:55 Somebody is talented is what the article says
34:57 knows the talent, sympathy,
34:59 even generous person, they're giving all the time,
35:02 notice this, somebody doing kindly deeds all the time,
35:06 may oh, may become notice this decoys of the devil.
35:11 Did some of you get that?
35:12 A genius may be a decoy,
35:15 doesn't have to be of the devil.
35:17 Somebody very talented can be a decoy of the devil,
35:20 because you say, man,
35:22 that kind of talent has to be God given, really.
35:25 This person is very sympathetic in time of crisis,
35:28 and somebody's hurting or somebody
35:29 and they're there and they're giving sympathy
35:30 which we should do that.
35:32 But sometimes the enemy, he doesn't mind that
35:34 because you find this sympathy here
35:37 and then you look and you, say,
35:38 oh, well that must be from Jesus.
35:42 Wow.
35:44 But notice, the decoys of Satan
35:49 and he does this to entice, notice,
35:51 other souls over the precipice of ruin for this life
35:57 and the life to come.
35:58 So he can use the genius, he can use talent,
36:00 he can use sympathy, he can use generous
36:02 people giving all the time, kindly deeds.
36:06 The enemy can use those as decoys,
36:08 we have to line up with the Word of God, don't we?
36:12 We have to line up with the Word of God.
36:14 I hope somebody is lining up with that Word of God today.
36:18 See we must also consider our influence as a Christian,
36:24 our influence as a Christian.
36:27 Not to bind it up, notice this, with unbelievers,
36:32 are you still with me?
36:33 So as a Christian, you have a mighty influence.
36:38 It can be for good or for evil, but you do have a influence.
36:42 You say, well, I'm not an influence to anybody,
36:43 yes you are.
36:45 You are an influence one way or the other.
36:48 And then we're told that we're not to be what,
36:50 to bind that influence up with unbelievers.
36:54 Romans 14:7,
36:56 "For none of us liveth unto himself.
36:59 The Bible says no one does what?
37:01 No one lives unto himself.
37:02 Well, I'm just taking care of myself,
37:04 nobody knows I don't have any friends,
37:05 no one, that's what the Bible said.
37:07 You may think you are but you're not.
37:09 You may not get out very often, you know what the neighbor say,
37:11 I've got a neighbor over here, he didn't get out very often.
37:15 Well nobody sees what I do.
37:17 Well, they go to town once a week.
37:18 And they can pretty much tell you
37:20 what you bring home in your groceries ha,
37:22 interesting thought.
37:24 I noticed this is kind of interesting book
37:27 called Gospel Workers, it's very very,
37:29 it's very good, page 396.
37:30 Now, this is several paragraphs,
37:32 I don't like to read all of this,
37:34 but if you'd just bear with me,
37:36 you just bear with me because this is heavy duty,
37:40 this sets more of a stage because
37:41 we're gonna come to grips with this,
37:43 we're gonna come to grips,
37:44 can we as a Christian really be involved in politics?
37:47 Should we really be voting?
37:49 Do we have responsibility if we do vote?
37:52 How does heaven view it?
37:54 Can it be held against us?
37:56 For whatever that person elected to office
37:58 that we helped, how accountable are we?
38:01 That's pretty heavy duty when you think about it.
38:03 Many times in this life we say,
38:05 well, I don't want to get involved with this over here
38:06 because if I get involved with this and over here
38:09 but I may be accountable there.
38:10 They're gonna point at me when something goes wrong,
38:12 they're gonna point...
38:13 interesting.
38:16 Gospel Workers, 396,
38:22 the Bible said before that we, what,
38:24 for no man liveth unto himself, and notice this right here
38:28 what it says Gospel Workers, 396.
38:30 "Let those who are tempted to take part in politics."
38:34 This is who I'm talking about here.
38:36 I don't know exactly how much time we have left right here,
38:39 but I certainly need to find out
38:41 because this required a paragraph right here.
38:44 Notice, "Let those who are tempted to take part,
38:50 tempted to take part in politics,
38:53 remember that every move they make has its influence.
38:57 Stay with me.
38:58 Did you get that?
39:00 If there is anyone who is tempted
39:01 to take part in politics listen,
39:05 remember that every move they make has
39:09 its influence upon others.
39:11 That's biblical too.
39:13 Our influence, everything we say,
39:14 everything we do our deeds,
39:16 there's an influence upon others.
39:18 And notice how this gets
39:20 because I've heard a lot of preachers,
39:21 they love to stay in the world especially
39:22 all over different churches,
39:24 they love to do political things in the pulpit.
39:27 This is one of the first things
39:28 they ever talk about religion and politics.
39:30 Although we shouldn't have, we should have them separated
39:32 because the pulpit is not a place
39:35 as a political or a stance to vote
39:37 for this one or that one.
39:39 That's not what the pulpit is for.
39:40 We should never be bringing it out.
39:43 Reading on, "When the ministers or others
39:46 in responsible position make remarks
39:49 in regards to these matters, notice,
39:51 when they make a remark,
39:52 they cannot gather up the thoughts
39:55 they have planted in the human minds."
39:58 You know, you may say something to somebody is very clear up,
40:00 this guy over here, he takes it completely opposite,
40:03 this in here takes it different than that one,
40:04 this near goes off to deep end,
40:06 there's others who may be able to balance it,
40:07 this person can't balance it.
40:10 You can't pick up those thoughts
40:11 once you make those in the mind.
40:13 Notice, "Under Satan's temptations
40:16 they have set in operation a train
40:20 of circumstances leading to results little dreamed of."
40:25 See influence, people being influenced
40:28 and they react on those things how their mind takes it.
40:32 Now it gets a little simple for us.
40:35 "An act, something we do, a word, a thought
40:39 cast into the minds of the great
40:42 concourse of humanity,
40:45 if it bears the heavenly endorsement,
40:49 will yield a harvest, this is beautiful,
40:51 of precious fruit, but if it is inspired by Satan,
40:57 it will cause the root of bitterness to spring up,
41:00 whereby many will be defiled.
41:04 Then let the stewards of God's grace..."
41:05 Who's that?
41:07 It's all of us sinners, stewards of God's grace,
41:08 notice, "In any line of service,
41:12 beware how they mingle the common with the sacred."
41:17 The subject on this article was let those tempted
41:21 to take part in politics remember.
41:26 Notice what it says, in any line of service,
41:29 that's politics to it, anything you serve,
41:32 notice beware how they mingle,
41:34 there is common, doesn't mean it's wrong,
41:36 it's just common and that which is sacred.
41:39 We need not mingle politics and Christianity together,
41:44 they do not go together at all.
41:47 Jesus made that very clear to talk with,
41:49 will be more on that.
41:52 Say it to me here because pretty,
41:53 pretty least clear in my mind,
41:55 that we're not to take part in the political,
41:59 in political area or the arena.
42:01 We can't really do that as Christians
42:03 because if we do and we're advocating this,
42:06 we're advocating that,
42:08 we'd little know what the results are going to be
42:10 when that person gets in office and the things
42:12 that they'll pass laws and so on and so forth.
42:14 It hurts many people, don't tell what's gonna happen.
42:18 Do we become accountable?
42:19 Absolutely.
42:22 You see, people are not to join
42:26 or come together in any kind of confederacy with the world.
42:30 Now what does that mean?
42:31 That says, Kenny, you are not to join into any confederacy,
42:35 any kind of an agreement, anything that will tie you
42:39 to anything of this world.
42:42 Ain't that interesting how we've tied our self
42:44 to a political party?
42:48 Some of us have tied to a political party
42:50 more than we are to our church in the cause of Christ.
42:55 Right there, we certainly have problems, do we not?
42:59 So we need to be careful about this confederacy,
43:01 so we'll look at that.
43:05 So we're not to form any kind of an alliance,
43:09 that means what, any kind of an agreement,
43:11 any kind of a document we sign with those who are unbelievers,
43:17 did you get it?
43:18 Oh, they are believer, they are...
43:20 Well, they're unbeliever,
43:21 they don't believe the same what you believe.
43:23 And it gets little bit more pointed as we go on here,
43:26 so notice with an unbeliever,
43:30 and so you think of the scripture you say,
43:31 well wait a minute, 2 Corinthians 6:14,
43:35 unequally what, yoke together.
43:38 We're not to enter any kind of an agreement,
43:41 a contract with anyone, what...
43:45 unequally yoked together,
43:46 doesn't believe the same with unbelievers.
43:50 They can be times we've signed
43:51 little documents with unbelievers,
43:54 wow, and then the article goes on to say,
43:58 those who do not love or fear
44:01 God, those who are...
44:08 do not love or fear God.
44:11 Then I read in the Bible
44:12 and you can do it Ecclesiastes 8:13,
44:14 but notice what the Bible says,
44:17 "But it shall not be well with the wicked,
44:20 neither shall he prolong his days, which are a shadow,
44:24 notice, because he feareth not before God.
44:29 So we're not to enter into contract or an agreement
44:32 or we're gonna work for, or we're gonna try to put
44:34 somebody over here, we're gonna do this or that.
44:36 Number one, if they are an unbeliever,
44:39 and really just to be real honest
44:41 when we look at an unbeliever is really classified,
44:43 unequally yoke, is one who does not believe
44:44 in the Three Angels' Message.
44:48 Think about it.
44:49 One who does not love or fear God,
44:51 the Bible says, oh, and those who oppose truth.
44:55 See it gets little bit clearer.
44:56 We're not to enter in agreement
44:58 with those who what?
44:59 Who oppose the truth,
45:01 almost the whole world opposes the truth.
45:06 We're very limited than where we might
45:08 come into unity and agreement
45:10 and then to sign papers as it were or make an agreement.
45:12 When you say that?
45:14 Anybody who opposes the truth because that goes to my mind
45:18 rather quickly, 2 Thessalonians 2:4,
45:22 the Bible talks about here, talks about the man of sin.
45:26 "The man of sin is the one who opposeth and exalteth himself,
45:29 notice that, did you see it?
45:31 above all that is called God."
45:34 So we find that we can't be involved
45:36 with those who oppose truth.
45:38 The man of sin, people there opposing the truth,
45:40 it doesn't matter just kind of believe what you want to be?
45:42 How could you get together with him and say well, yeah,
45:45 that's good, we want you in office.
45:46 You don't love the truth, you're an unbeliever,
45:47 you don't fear God, you don't love God.
45:49 Wow.
45:51 And of course, it's very popular to be
45:53 a Christian in public office whether you really are or not.
45:57 I hear them get on there and the politician to say
45:59 foul words and stuff and they're gonna say,
46:00 well, I belong to such and such church,
46:02 I'm a Christian.
46:04 What kind of a Christian are we talking about here?
46:08 And then we're not to use any kind of an agreement here,
46:11 or kind of a confederacy as it were with any person,
46:15 notice this who exalts tradition above scripture.
46:22 Anyone, so that really starts to eliminate, doesn't it?
46:25 Matthew 15:9, you know, it talks about there,
46:29 "In vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines
46:34 the commandments of men or tradition.
46:36 So you have people who are out there running here,
46:38 but they believe differently, they don't believe in,
46:40 you know, nine commandments or you know are binding maybe,
46:43 but, you know,
46:44 but one certainly not has been changed,
46:47 which is a tradition of men.
46:50 So how can we bind together with them
46:52 because we're certainly not in agreement
46:53 about the teachings of the Word of God,
46:58 and we're certainly not to have an agreement with.
47:00 And I'm talking about, we're talking about
47:01 a political scene here,
47:02 about those who think that they can accomplish more
47:06 by working with the world than they can accomplish
47:09 by working with God.
47:11 You know there's people like there.
47:13 I think we can accomplish a whole lot more,
47:15 you know if we,
47:17 you know if we go ahead and join him,
47:19 you've ever heard that, we'll join him for a while
47:21 and we'll see, kind of see how it goes,
47:22 I think we can do more work if we stay here and do this.
47:26 God's Word says absolutely not,
47:30 to work along with the world because the Bible says,
47:32 and this is one passage, 1 John 2:15,
47:35 it says, "Love not the world, what,
47:37 neither the things that are in the world."
47:40 So we're not to love the world nor the things
47:42 that are in the world,
47:43 but yes some of us are so involved in things
47:46 that are going on in the political question,
47:48 oh, we love the world.
47:52 It's ruling in our homes, it's ruling in our life,
47:54 it's taking up our time.
47:57 And then remember, we have to join a party,
48:00 did you get it?
48:01 We have to register, all of these things
48:05 are quite interesting,
48:07 when we're not to bind any kind of confederacy
48:10 or any kind of a, an allegiance,
48:12 any kind of an agreement,
48:14 did all of us get what we're talking about here?
48:17 No agreement with what?
48:18 Unbelievers.
48:21 No agreement with those who do not love God or fear God.
48:27 We don't enter in agreement with those who oppose truth.
48:30 None with those who exalt tradition above plain
48:33 thus saith the Lord.
48:35 None, you say we'll work the way the world works here
48:38 because we'll get more done that way.
48:40 Counterfeit of the devil.
48:42 6 Testimonies 17, notice this.
48:46 This is very, very interesting as it comes back
48:48 to what we've just been talking about.
48:50 "There is to be no change
48:53 in the general features of our work.
48:56 People say, well, we live in a different time,
48:57 we gonna need to do different things,
48:59 we need to be more involved.
49:00 "There is to be no change
49:02 in the general features of our work.
49:05 It is to stand as clear and distinct
49:08 as prophecy has made it.
49:11 We are to enter into no confederacy with the world,
49:17 supposing that by so doing we can accomplish more."
49:20 Did you get?
49:22 This is what we've been talking about here.
49:24 "Men of all ranks and capacities,
49:27 with their various gifts,
49:29 are to co-operate harmoniously for a common result.
49:34 They are to unite in the work of bringing in what,
49:37 the truth to the people, each working
49:40 for fulfilling his own special appointment."
49:44 This is quite good.
49:45 We're all to come in perfect unity and harmony to do what?
49:48 For the cause of Christ.
49:50 Doesn't say anything about politics,
49:52 get involved in all these messes,
49:53 and all these lies, all these twists and tales,
49:55 all this mess is going on.
49:58 It's for the cause of Christ.
50:00 The devil is trying to get us so involved with things
50:02 that are going on in the government,
50:03 things in the world today,
50:04 that we've forgotten why we are here.
50:08 Special appointment, he's appointed you,
50:10 you're special to him to do a special work.
50:13 So once again, let's clarify.
50:15 People say, well, I don't really haven't heard
50:16 this word confederacy, what really is a confederacy?
50:20 Manuscript 29, 1911, you can certainly look it up
50:23 for yourself in dictionary.
50:25 What's a confederacy?
50:27 Confederacy is a union of men, notice this,
50:29 in a work that does not bear the stamp of pure,
50:34 straightforward, unswerving integrity.
50:37 Did you got, how interesting.
50:39 It's a union of men.
50:40 We can't join with a union of men, notice that,
50:42 working together that does not bear
50:45 the stamp of the spirit, that is the truth,
50:47 did you get it?
50:48 Straightforward, unswerving integrity.
50:52 Our leaders today talk about integrity,
50:54 talk about the truth
50:55 and with all these kind of things right here.
50:58 And we realize in the political world, what a mess it is.
51:02 But yet somehow we want to take a stand
51:05 and we're learning and we're digging in,
51:07 we're just now started to unravel some things that may,
51:09 just may make the hair on the back
51:11 of your neck stand up.
51:13 Because maybe some of us have done these things
51:14 and maybe we want to, maybe reevaluate.
51:19 John in the Book of Revelation, I wish we had more time,
51:22 we don't do it till Revelation 18,
51:23 maybe on a second part we might,
51:25 Revelation 18, if you read just verses like 1 through 8.
51:31 Wow, when you read those verses,
51:33 it's gonna make you just stop,
51:35 it's gonna make you think, where is this world headed,
51:39 what is soon to take place, it reveals how dangerous
51:44 it is for each one of us those
51:46 who has received truth to form an alliance with the world,
51:52 and the government is the world.
51:54 The government even in right
51:55 we're talking about the dictionary
51:56 is talking about man, is talking about things
51:59 that take place in the community.
52:00 When Christ is talking about the heavenly, you remember.
52:04 So we look out at here and we say oh, we can't do it..
52:06 Manuscript 135, 1902 says this,
52:10 it makes a comment on these verses
52:12 which is Revelation 18,
52:13 hopefully, we'll get a chance to read those 1 through 8,
52:17 it says, "This terrible picture,
52:20 drawn by John is to show how completely, notice this,
52:24 how completely the powers of this earth
52:27 will give themselves over to evil.
52:30 As end result, the Bible prophecy predicts
52:32 that you're the government
52:33 all is giving yourself over to what?
52:35 To evil.
52:39 "And shall show that those who have received the truth
52:42 how dangerous it is to link up with,
52:45 oh, oh, secret societies or to join them themselves
52:48 in any way with those who do not keep the commandments."
52:53 That is just about as clearer as it can get.
52:56 But you know what?
52:58 There is many out there, they're just going,
52:59 oh, well, it doesn't matter.
53:00 It does matter, Jesus matters, Jesus has made it clearer.
53:04 And we're just scratching right now
53:06 what we're gonna cover in our second part.
53:09 You want more information,
53:10 there is plenty more information,
53:12 notice this.
53:13 The Bible says that the world is going to be what?
53:15 It's evil and it's going to get worse.
53:19 How dangerous it is to anyone
53:21 who believes the truth to join up
53:23 with any kind of secret societies
53:27 or to be a part of something,
53:28 or any way be involved with anyone
53:32 who does not believe in keeping the commandments.
53:34 And that's all of them, that's all ten.
53:37 Wow.
53:40 You remember in building
53:42 the Tower of Babel, in Genesis 11,
53:46 we find that after the flood, as soon as the earth
53:50 had been repopulated that man continued
53:54 to rebel against God.
53:56 Did you get, the world was destroyed.
53:59 Notice this, back to the flood.
54:01 Soon as men came back, they continued
54:02 just doing the same thing that they were.
54:05 Why?
54:07 Apostasy always leads to division.
54:10 Apostasy from God and going to men
54:13 and things of this world is apostasy.
54:16 There will be division, and certainly
54:19 we find there are confederacy or they're joining together,
54:23 they begin to notice,
54:25 they begin to fight against God.
54:27 So we're trying to get people, oh, let's all be one,
54:28 let's all do this.
54:30 As the end result, Bible prophecy is that
54:32 all this group will turn on those
54:34 who are faithful as a end result,
54:36 that don't keep the commandment,
54:37 all of them by the grace of God.
54:39 Well, I hope you see the importance of this subject
54:42 because many have been fooled,
54:43 many had even never thought about it.
54:45 We gonna look at it little bit more and little bit more
54:47 about the Tower of Babel and the confederacy
54:50 and so on and so forth.
54:52 But I want to pray with you, we only have a minute left.
54:54 I want to pray with you before we close.
54:55 It's very, very important that
54:57 we keep our minds and our hearts open.
54:58 So we pray together, let's kneel as we pray.
55:02 Merciful Father in heaven, again,
55:03 we thank You for Your precious Word.
55:05 We thank You for the outpouring of Your Spirit.
55:07 We pray that the hearts and minds
55:08 of Your children will be open.
55:10 May we receive that which You have for us.
55:12 May the Word of God just be paramount.
55:14 Not what mom and dad, somebody else did
55:15 but we want to follow the Word, the living God
55:17 and we thank You in advance
55:19 for what You are doing in the hearts
55:20 and lives of each one in Jesus' name.
55:22 Amen.
55:24 You know, how wonderful it is that
55:26 we can go to the Word of God
55:27 and we can find out these truths.
55:29 And we want to just take a second or two here,
55:30 just again thank you for your paryers
55:32 and your support of Behold the Lamb Ministries.
55:35 We're very grateful and thankful
55:36 to be able to come into your home
55:37 on a regular basis.
55:39 Be able to spend some time with you,
55:40 be able to, you know, make new friends together,
55:42 but keep us in your prayer, we need them
55:44 and we certainly your offering.
55:46 So as God blesses you, you know, bless other.
55:49 We love you and we'll see you next time.
55:53 Hello and welcome back friends.
55:55 Religion and politics, oil and water.
55:58 Some things were never meant to blend cohesively together
56:02 as though they were one.
56:04 However we all need a good foundation
56:06 as to how God expects us
56:09 as his children to live in a world
56:12 with the decisions we make concerning
56:14 both religion and politics is so very important
56:18 to our daily lives.
56:19 They both play a vital role in shaping our goals
56:23 for the present and for the future.
56:25 Therefore it only makes good sense
56:27 from a Christian standpoint,
56:29 from a Christian point of view to seek God
56:32 for his wisdom and understanding,
56:34 and properly balancing the two.
56:37 I know that many of you will
56:38 want to have these messages
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57:55 My, dear friends, until next time,
57:57 may our precious Lord continue to richly bless you and yours.


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