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00:41 Hello, and welcome to Behold the Lamb presents.
00:43 I'm Chris Shelton, your host
00:45 and on behalf of Behold the Lamb Ministries,
00:48 I welcome you to another wonderful hour
00:51 in the study of God's precious word.
00:54 Today's message is part 2 of a series
00:57 that we're calling, ''Religion and Politics."
01:00 Perhaps, we should have called it,
01:02 "Oil in Water."
01:03 Because so often,
01:04 they clash badly with one another,
01:07 it's a clash that, I truly believe
01:09 from the study of God's Word
01:11 is going to continue to wax worse and worse.
01:15 Morality has hit an all time low in this,
01:18 so called Christian nation of ours.
01:21 At one time,
01:22 laws will be passed by many people
01:25 who allow the Bible to be their moral compass,
01:28 their guide for direction.
01:30 This country was raised up by Christians,
01:33 who were willing to leave all other lands
01:36 in order to live in a country where they could worship God
01:40 and have complete religious liberty
01:43 and living out the principles of God's Holy red
01:46 as directed upon their conscious
01:48 by the Holy Spirit.
01:50 It is so heartbreaking to see the shift in our land,
01:55 a shift away from God's word as our moral absolute.
01:59 A shift so profound
02:02 that it is not uncommon to hear broadcasted,
02:05 that those uplifting God's word as correct
02:08 are now being labeled begets, non law abiding citizens,
02:13 narrow-minded, prejudice and so on.
02:16 They're being looked down upon more and more.
02:20 Those in political power, they're the ones
02:23 that are spirit heading changes in our laws,
02:26 that directly violate our Christian morals.
02:29 So ask yourself this question.
02:32 Is understanding God's will, as it pertains to the Christian
02:37 in dealing with politics important?
02:40 Friends, I truly believe
02:42 that it is much more important than we imagine.
02:46 So please stay tuned
02:48 as we begin our study with Pastor Kenny Shelton today
02:51 that is entitled Religion and Politics.
02:54 This is part 2,
02:56 but first we're so blessed to listen to a song
02:58 that is entitled, "If we ever,"
03:01 as sung by the Korean Men's Quartet
03:04 from the 3ABN Worship Center.
03:09 If we ever needed the Lord before
03:13 We sure do need Him now
03:16 Oh, we sure do need Him now
03:19 Oh Lord, we sure do need Him now
03:22 Oh glory, if we ever needed the Lord before
03:27 We sure do need Him now
03:30 We need Him everyday and every hour
03:38 We need Him in the morning We need Him in the morning
03:42 We need Him in the morning We need Him in the morning
03:45 We need Him in the night We need Him in the night
03:49 We need Him in the night We need Him in the night
03:52 Oh, we need Him in the noon day We need Him in the noon day
03:56 We need Him in the noon day We need Him in the noon day
03:59 When the sun is shining bright
04:02 If we ever needed the Lord before
04:06 We sure do need Him now
04:09 Oh, We sure do need Him now
04:12 Oh Lord, we sure do need Him now
04:15 Oh glory, if we ever needed the Lord before
04:20 We sure do need Him now
04:23 We need Him everyday and every hour
04:31 We need Him when we're burdened We need Him when we're burdened
04:35 We need Him when we're burdened We need Him when we're burdened
04:38 We need Him when we're sad We need Him when we're sad
04:42 We need Him when we're sad We need Him when we're sad
04:45 We need Him when we're happy We need Him when we're happy
04:49 We need Him when we're happy We need Him when we're happy
04:52 And when our hearts are glad
04:55 If we ever needed the Lord before
04:59 Oh glory, we sure do need Him now
05:02 Oh, we sure do need Him now
05:05 My Lord and Savior, we sure do need Him now
05:08 Oh glory, If we ever needed the Lord before
05:13 We sure do need Him now
05:16 We need Him every day
05:24 And every hour.
05:37 Thanks for joining us once again
05:38 here at Behold the Lamb.
05:40 You all have heard,
05:41 this is very, very important subject
05:43 one probably overlooked.
05:45 Maybe lot of years,
05:46 or maybe you've never really heard it before,
05:48 or put it in right context.
05:49 We're gonna be talking about religion and politics,
05:52 do the two mix.
05:53 What was the teachings of Jesus?
05:55 What does the Bible teach about Christians today?
05:58 There those who say, we have to get involved.
06:01 We must get involve as Christians.
06:03 There are others who say, you know, I don't know,
06:06 I don't know if it's right or not.
06:07 So they're in question
06:09 and then you have another group who says no.
06:10 We do not need to be involved at all in the political scene.
06:14 So we're going to be looking at God's word
06:16 when we're going to Spirit of Prophecy.
06:17 We're gonna see, what this tells us,
06:19 what we should do as God's last day people.
06:22 I want to do what God wants me to do.
06:25 If we read, now I want you to jot down.
06:27 We'll move rather quickly,
06:28 I love to be able to spend some more time with you.
06:30 But I'm gonna have prayer right now.
06:31 We're gonna get up
06:33 and then we're gonna get into the Word of God.
06:34 If you have your Bible, turn to Revelation 18
06:36 as we have prayer together.
06:40 Loving Father in heaven,
06:41 we truly thank You for the privilege of prayer.
06:43 We ask You that Your Holy Spirit now
06:44 would bless us with Your presence,
06:45 give us clearness of mind.
06:47 Be with each and every one of your people
06:48 that we may hear, we may understand
06:50 and we may respond
06:52 to what You've said in Your Word.
06:53 We thank You for hearing and answering prayer
06:55 in Jesus' name.
06:56 Amen.
06:58 Again, if we studied the Book of Revelation 18,
07:01 I wish we had time to read verses 1 through 8.
07:04 We would see very, very interesting things
07:06 going on in the world.
07:08 They become so corrupt
07:10 that God is challenging us as a people
07:12 to try to understand what is going on in the world
07:15 that we may take a positional stance.
07:17 I thought how interesting.
07:18 It reveals how dangerous
07:20 and if you're not feeling not as dangerous in the world
07:22 that we live and there maybe something wrong with us.
07:24 We need to, maybe go back and look at things again.
07:27 And I do believe this.
07:29 Those who understand what truth is,
07:31 this subject is vital.
07:34 In fact, there is a manuscript,
07:36 I want to put down 135 written in 1902, it says this.
07:39 Listen carefully,
07:40 "Makes the comment on Revelation 18:1-8.
07:43 Notice this, comment.
07:45 It says, "This is a terrible picture,
07:47 drawn by John, notice this,
07:49 to show how completely the powers of the earth
07:52 will give themselves, notice this, to evil."
07:56 Wow. It's going to show, notice.
07:59 "Those who know what truth is how dangerous it is
08:02 to link up with secret societies,
08:05 notice this, or to join them in any way
08:09 with those who do not keep God's commandments."
08:12 So right quick we're challenged
08:13 where the world will become so what?
08:15 So corrupt that we're challenged
08:17 not to link up in any secret societies
08:19 or join with anyone
08:21 that does not keep the commandment of God.
08:24 That's pretty heavy duty, isn't it,
08:25 since the majority of the world find it nine is sufficient
08:28 and made, you know, they think it is.
08:30 But God says all ten's very, very important.
08:32 You remember we're just going quickly as we can.
08:35 In the building of the Tower of Babel.
08:37 You remember that in Genesis 11?
08:39 This gives us little background as we go,
08:41 because we're going to have to look,
08:42 should we vote, should we be involved in politics
08:44 and so on and so forth.
08:46 We find it after the flood, what happened?
08:48 As soon as men repopulated the earth,
08:50 what did they did do?
08:51 They went right back in rebellion against God.
08:55 Apostasy when it comes in, there is always division.
08:59 There is always separation that comes in.
09:01 And then we find that people rebel against God,
09:04 they begin to look for other people
09:06 that are rebelling just like they are.
09:09 Very interesting.
09:10 We look for people who are sympathizing with us,
09:12 who think like we're thinking.
09:14 and so, a confederacy has come together,
09:17 that just mean they're joining together against that
09:20 which is right.
09:21 And so we find confusion, we find rebellion,
09:25 we find the same thing existing in the world today
09:29 that existed at the time of building the Tower of Babel.
09:33 Would you like to hear a quote on that?
09:34 Let's go and take a little while to read this,
09:37 but I want you just think on it with me for just a moment.
09:40 Remember, it tells,
09:42 if you like parallel this is quite a parallel.
09:44 What went on at the building
09:45 and what's going on right now in our society
09:48 that we live in today.
09:50 Little article found in little Review and Herald 12/10, 1903.
09:55 Now these is couple of paragraphs long,
09:56 don't like to read all of that, but I'm going to,
09:59 every word I want you to hang on to.
10:01 Every word I want you to listen to
10:03 'cause this is referring to building of the Tower of Babel
10:06 and the mindset of people
10:07 who are rebelling against the truth.
10:09 How they'll join together
10:10 against those who want to keep what is truth.
10:13 It said, "This confederacy was born of rebellion against God.
10:18 The dwellers on the plain of Shinar
10:20 establish their kingdom of self-exaltation."
10:23 You see it? "Not for the glory of God.
10:26 Had they succeeded, notice,
10:28 a mighty power would have borne sway--"
10:30 What would it have done?
10:32 Notice, "Banishing righteousness,
10:34 inaugurating a new religion.
10:37 The world would have been demoralized."
10:40 How? Notice this.
10:41 "The mixture of religious ideas and erroneous theories
10:46 would have resulted enclosing the doors, to notice, peace,
10:50 and happiness, and security.
10:52 These suppositions, erroneous theories, notice.
10:56 what did they do?
10:57 If they were carried out and perfected,
10:59 or was brought to be perfected would have directed the mind
11:03 from allegiance to God or his divine statues,
11:07 and the law of Jehovah, notice this,
11:09 would have been ignored and forgotten.
11:13 Determined men, inspired and urged on
11:16 by the first great rebel--"
11:18 Who's that? The devil.
11:19 "Would have resisted any interference
11:21 with these plans or their evil course."
11:24 Does that sound like today?
11:26 "And in the place of divine precepts--"
11:28 I'm reading on, notice this.
11:30 "They would have substituted laws
11:32 framed in accordance with desires of their selfish hearts
11:36 in order that they might carry out their purpose."
11:40 Do you see what was happening in the world today?
11:42 This is exactly what's taking place right now.
11:45 Now, will we follow this?
11:46 Simple question, will we follow the council of God
11:48 or we going to follow, you know,
11:51 what the world is doing?
11:52 Are we going to rebel like they did at the Tower of Babel?
11:55 Are we gonna follow what God says?
11:57 Sometime we want to do what we want to do,
11:59 because we think that we have a better plan than God has.
12:03 You don't, you might think you do, but you don't.
12:05 Psalms 33 gives us some real good information here,
12:09 verses 10, 11.
12:10 Notice these words.
12:12 "The Lord bringeth the counsel of the heathen to what?
12:15 Sure, to nought:
12:16 he maketh the devices of the people of none effect.
12:20 The counsel of the Lord standeth for ever,
12:23 the thoughts of his heart to all generations."
12:26 Man's gonna fall apart, God's not gonna fall apart.
12:29 God inspired this word, right?
12:30 He's gonna bring it to pass exactly as he says in his word.
12:34 Now we must look.
12:36 In our approach of this question
12:38 about religion and politics.
12:41 It affects God's church.
12:42 It affects God's people around the world.
12:46 And you know, here's, here's--
12:48 I want you to think this through with me
12:49 just a little bit.
12:51 You know, if we're thinking about truth.
12:53 Is there people that,
12:54 how can we get involved with other people,
12:57 who don't believe the way we believe?
12:59 I find there is a mixing all the time.
13:01 We want to get involved with this group
13:03 and that group and the other group.
13:04 They don't believe the way that you believe
13:06 and it's causing division, it's causing some rebellion
13:09 and it's causing some confused minds.
13:12 You know, how can we agree and join in with a group
13:16 that doesn't believe in keeping God's law.
13:19 The Bible is very clear in Amos 3:3, it says,
13:22 "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?"
13:26 And I have a good illustration of that
13:28 and you know from the Word of God.
13:29 The Bible said, "Enoch walked with God
13:32 in all his duties of daily life."
13:34 Patriarchs and Prophets 85 says this, talking about this,
13:38 about Enoch, it says here.
13:40 He was distressed,
13:41 will you think go back that far,
13:43 how could a man be distressed?
13:44 "He was distressed of the increasing wickedness
13:48 of the ungodly."
13:50 I'm distressed about the ungodly nation
13:52 that we live in, aren't you?
13:54 It distresses me, it perplexes me.
13:56 When we have a way out,
13:58 when we should know the Word of God.
14:00 But notice with Enoch here.
14:02 "He was distressed
14:03 about the wickedness of ungodly fearing, notice this,
14:06 fearing that their infidelity
14:08 might lessen his reverence for God."
14:11 How many people you hang around with
14:13 is lessening your reverence and respect for God?
14:16 I'll tell you they'll do it if they are not godly people.
14:19 The article goes on, it says, "Enoch avoided contact
14:22 or constant association with them,
14:25 wow, and spent much time in solitude,
14:28 giving himself to meditation and prayer."
14:32 Think about that.
14:33 This the key to just taking hold of God
14:36 and keep hold of him.
14:38 We have to have some solitude, quiet time.
14:41 The devil so arranged this world
14:43 where is no quiet time.
14:44 It's going on and on from one call,
14:46 one text, on, on, on, on, on.
14:48 We got to put him down. We got to shut him off.
14:51 We don't have to have contact with the world as it were.
14:55 Enoch was afraid that it would lessen his love,
14:59 and his reverence for God
15:00 when he dealt with the wrong people
15:02 that didn't love God, supremely.
15:04 Patriarchs and Prophets 86 continues, says this.
15:07 "The antediluvian world rejected the warnings of him
15:11 who walk with God."
15:13 How sad.
15:14 They rejected the man who walked with God,
15:18 they rejected his warnings.
15:20 Now notice what it says,
15:21 "So will be the last generation.
15:25 They're gonna make light of the warnings
15:27 of the Lord's messenger."
15:29 Are they doing it now? Absolutely, they are.
15:31 They're laughing and they're heckling say,
15:33 well, this can't be so.
15:35 Listen, this statement is so powerful,
15:38 I don't want you to miss it.
15:40 It should help us though to make right decision,
15:43 right choice
15:44 on how we're going to address this political question.
15:48 Somebody said well, I'd just do what I've always done.
15:50 You need to listen up.
15:52 You want to follow the Word of God,
15:53 I want to follow the Word of God.
15:54 Let's put it together here, shall we?
15:56 Should I, should I vote
15:57 while we're gonna get real specific on that
15:59 in just a moment.
16:00 But before we do, I want to read something here
16:02 from Seven Testimonies 107.
16:05 It said, "There are those who,
16:07 in order to carry out their plans,
16:09 have their words deny their faith."
16:12 Do you ever had that,
16:14 where your words denied your faith?
16:16 You know, we're talking, talking,
16:18 but our word somehow come back to get us.
16:20 "This shows how little dependence
16:21 can be placed upon human wisdom and judgment."
16:25 That reminds me of 1 Corinthians 3:19.
16:28 "For the wisdom of this world,
16:29 the Bible said is foolishness with God.
16:32 For it is written,
16:34 He taketh the wise in their own craftiness."
16:36 Very interesting, Jesus just declares it without me,
16:40 you can do what?
16:41 You can do nothing in John 15:5.
16:43 Without me what? You can do nothing.
16:46 Without Jesus you'll not be approved of God.
16:50 See, we have to take time in our study and in our lives,
16:54 to study our own motives.
16:57 Why are we doing what we're doing?
16:58 Why are we walking the way that we are walking?
17:01 We have to make sure that our lives are in harmony
17:02 with the Word of God.
17:05 Manuscript 49, 1898 says this.
17:08 Now this starts getting little bit more,
17:10 come on you charred the milk,
17:12 let's get into some meat, shall we?
17:15 Says, "No business is to be undertaken."
17:18 Did you get that? No business.
17:20 I know there's gonna be some who say,
17:21 well, my business is an exception.
17:23 I just have to say, no, it's not.
17:25 Your business is not an exception.
17:27 "No business is to be undertaken,
17:30 even in ordinary life, if it corrupting
17:35 in the influence upon the senses."
17:38 You know the God give us, you know, corrupts our eyes,
17:40 you know, our ears, and our taste, and our feel,
17:43 and so on and so forth.
17:45 We can't get involved in any of those things,
17:47 because the devil is out to corrupt those things
17:50 that God has given us.
17:52 Again, seven Testimonies 107 says this,
17:55 let our people, here what it boils down to.
17:58 "Let our people beware
17:59 of belittling the importance of the Sabbath
18:03 in order to link up with unbelievers."
18:05 Now listen, we'll have time to go right into it,
18:08 unbeliever will say, well, no, they're believer there be.
18:10 An unbeliever in Spirit of Prophecy simply says,
18:13 one who does not believe in Three Angels' Message.
18:16 That's makes it pretty clear as far I'm concern.
18:18 So we quit giving this stuff all the time.
18:20 Well, they're believer, they're believer.
18:21 We're talking about how can two agree less unless--
18:23 How can they walk together unless they agree?
18:25 We're not in agreement.
18:27 We may be working together and doing things,
18:28 but secretly people are thinking different things.
18:30 They're really not in harmony.
18:32 They're not in unity. Spirit cannot be poured out.
18:34 But notice what happens.
18:36 "Let our people beware of belittling what?
18:38 The importance of the Sabbath
18:40 in order to link up with unbelievers.
18:43 Let them beware of, notices this,
18:45 departing from the principles of our faith,
18:49 and make it appear
18:50 that it is not wrong to conform to the world.
18:54 Let them be afraid--
18:56 Let them be what?
18:57 Let them be afraid of heeding the counsel of any man,
19:00 whatever his position may be, who works counter to that
19:04 which has God has wrought
19:06 in order to keep His people separate from the world."
19:09 We don't understand the term.
19:10 We don't understand what it is to separate from the world.
19:12 I don't think we do.
19:14 We like to have the worldly things that are in the world,
19:16 we think we can have all friends of the worldly friends
19:18 and still be what God wants us to be.
19:20 The message is and will always be
19:23 separation from the world.
19:25 I know there is a balance
19:26 and some of you really want to balance some.
19:28 Read in the Word of God.
19:29 We go, we seek to say that which is lost.
19:31 We understand, we work to get them.
19:32 But we don't have to hang around all the time.
19:35 We should be afraid that we're gonna lose our reverences
19:37 for the message that God has given us.
19:40 I believe this, this quote is worthy of our notice.
19:43 Surely it applies in some areas
19:47 maybe that we have concerns on today.
19:50 I do believe this with all my heart.
19:51 God is asking his people to be courageous.
19:55 He's asking us to have his mind and his heart.
19:58 He's asking us to use self control
20:02 in the giving of this last day message
20:04 and to act out Bible principle.
20:07 Well, there's a lot passage,
20:08 lot of things could be given on,
20:09 we don't have time,
20:11 you need to do some study on that.
20:12 God is challenging us, God is calling us.
20:14 Again seven Testimonies 108 reads this way,
20:17 "To bind ourselves up by contracts
20:20 with those not of our faith is not in the order of God."
20:26 I know I can hear you right now,
20:28 some are jumping off the couch
20:29 and you're just having your fit.
20:31 Well, just have your little fit.
20:32 Hopefully you'll get over and you'd still love.
20:35 Did you notice what it says,
20:37 "To bind ourselves up in what, in contracts,
20:41 any kind way that we're bound up,
20:42 with those not of our faith is not in the order of God.
20:46 Certainly we are to treat with kindness and courtesy
20:50 those who refuse to be loyal to God,
20:53 but we are never, never to unite with them,
20:56 certainly in this area,
20:57 in any council regarding vital interest of His work."
21:01 Now, would it be well for us
21:04 to see how Jesus handle the issues
21:06 because we're talking about voting.
21:07 We're are in the season.
21:09 Every time you turn round,
21:10 there is some kind of somebody might be running for office
21:12 we need it, well, we need to get involved in Christians
21:14 then, you need to get involved in others.
21:16 How did Jesus handle this?
21:19 How did Jesus respond to political matters?
21:23 This is the most important point,
21:24 if you can't get anything else, this is important.
21:27 After all is he not our example in all things.
21:31 Sure, he is. No one's gonna argue that.
21:34 1 Peter 1:20 or 1 Peter 2:21 and 22
21:39 the Bible says, "For even hereunto were ye called:
21:43 because Christ also suffered for us,
21:46 leaving us an example."
21:47 I'm just gonna leave with that because of our time.
21:49 He left us what?
21:50 An example in all areas of life that we can be safe.
21:55 We can feel safe in following in the footsteps of Jesus.
21:58 Don't deviate from it.
21:59 Don't think it's all change, he left us an example.
22:03 In fact, if you read John 13, we see Jesus, this is simple,
22:07 but we see Jesus doing what?
22:08 He is washing the disciple's feet
22:10 and he said, "I'm leaving you what?
22:11 Good. "Do as I've done to you."
22:14 I'm leaving you what? A good, an example.
22:16 And certainly 1 John 2:6, Bible says,
22:19 "He that saith he abideth in him
22:21 also to walk as he walked."
22:23 We ought to do what?
22:25 If we say we abideth in him, then walk as he walked,
22:27 it's very simple.
22:29 So how did Christ walk
22:31 when it comes to political matters?
22:34 Well, it becomes very clear in scripture
22:36 and Spirit of Prophecy.
22:37 Desire of Ages says this 509,
22:38 and I have to do reading, notice this.
22:40 You're saying today, I know what you're saying.
22:43 Well, it was different back then.
22:46 Let me tell you, the world is dirty today,
22:49 the world has its issues.
22:50 But let me tell you in the days of Christ
22:53 exactly the same things were going on inside the church,
22:57 outside the church, in the political arena
22:59 that's going on today,
23:02 and Jesus, notice how he dealt with it.
23:05 Because, I mean, I felt this for you,
23:06 I've talked to many sincere Christians
23:08 and hopefully we'll have time to talk more about that
23:10 who say the world is in such a mess,
23:12 Christians, we have to rise, we have take control,
23:16 because the world is in such a mess.
23:18 Notice how it was in the days of Christ Desire of Ages 509,
23:22 "The government under which Jesus lived
23:26 was corrupt and oppressive."
23:29 Well, amen. Somebody with me.
23:32 Does that not say today,
23:33 you want to know the parallel, do you?
23:35 Sure, it is.
23:36 Notice, "Corrupt and oppressive,
23:38 on every hand, notice this,
23:40 on every hand they were crying abuses--"
23:44 Well, they're crying today abuses,
23:46 we're abused here, we're abused here,
23:47 we left out here, no one's paying any attention.
23:50 Extortion, oh, you know it, intolerance,
23:55 grinding cruelty, we know that.
23:58 Notice this but, "Yet the Saviour
24:01 attempted no civil reforms."
24:06 Did he not care? Absolutely.
24:09 Did he, does he have a heart for all of us one?
24:11 Absolutely, but notice there is a reason
24:14 why he did not attempt any civil reforms.
24:17 Notice, "He did not attack the national abuses,
24:22 nor condemned the national enemies.
24:26 He did not interfere, notice this,
24:28 with the authority
24:30 or the administration of those in power."
24:32 See Christians today,
24:34 we're going to go and we're gonna take over.
24:35 We're gonna vote people and all
24:37 and we're gonna get rid of all this unbelief.
24:38 Jesus knew everything
24:40 and yet he knew what was going on in the world,
24:43 it was horrible, he came in a time
24:44 in one of the darkest hours of earth's history.
24:47 He came down when it seem to be no hope for this world.
24:50 How sad, but it is the way it is right now, but notice,
24:55 he didn't try to have any civil reform,
24:57 he didn't do any marching, he didn't do any demonstration.
25:00 He didn't try to change the government.
25:02 Notice why?
25:03 As a Christian, we need not try to whoo,
25:06 to change the government,
25:07 we need to try to change our own hearts and lives.
25:10 There is a difference in the kingdom
25:11 you see of this world and the kingdom of Christ.
25:14 This is what we're looking at here.
25:15 Keep focus with me.
25:18 The article goes on to say this,
25:19 "Not because He was indifferent to the woes of men,
25:24 but because the remedy did not, notice this,
25:27 the remedy did not lie in merely in human
25:30 and external measures.
25:33 To be efficient, the cure, notice,
25:35 must reach men individually, and must regenerate the heart."
25:40 What was Jesus focusing on?
25:41 He passed all the laws you want,
25:43 get all the Christians you want,
25:44 so called Christians in office is not gonna change anything.
25:46 Laws will be passed to hurt the minority always.
25:50 It's always been that way.
25:53 Jesus knew the law was better than any of us,
25:55 yet he did not interfere in the government in the least.
25:59 Wow, I mean, in the spiritual things of God
26:04 can never be in harmony with the spirit of the world.
26:07 They're two totally opposite poles,
26:09 notice that,
26:11 two principles directly opposite to each other.
26:14 1 Corinthians 2:14 says, "The natural man does what?
26:19 Receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God:
26:22 for they are foolishness to him:
26:25 neither can he know them, because they are what?
26:28 Spiritually discern."
26:31 Jesus cared, he knew what was going on,
26:35 he knew the world was in a mess,
26:36 the only hope was for Jesus to come down to this world.
26:41 And notice, he still did not get involved
26:44 in the political world.
26:47 He backed way from that.
26:48 Notice what the Bible says in Luke 20:25,
26:52 and this is one you could read at the beginning,
26:54 you can read in the middle, you can read at the end,
26:57 when Jesus was shown the coin, you remembered and said,
27:00 you know whose is this and Jesus simply said what?
27:03 Render to Caesar, the things that are Caesar
27:05 and the things are God unto God,
27:07 so he made it clear then the things of God,
27:09 they're different than the things of the government.
27:12 God's kingdom is different and we need to be careful
27:14 what kingdom we're trying to ride,
27:16 work in and be involved in,
27:17 and how much responsibility we have when we do,
27:21 even though we might try
27:22 to make the world little bit better.
27:25 I think this may be next quote--
27:28 It's couple of paragraphs but just bear with me.
27:32 I believe this with all my hearts so let's put it,
27:34 this what I was talking about.
27:36 There are many honest, sincere,
27:38 beautiful Christians in the world today.
27:41 They think they can make a difference in the country.
27:45 They think they can make a difference in the world
27:48 and even in our legislative halls,
27:51 if they get involved in politics
27:53 or they elect the right person in the office.
27:56 They really believe it with all their heart.
28:00 But you know what?
28:01 We think about the making of laws
28:03 and enforcing them, they feel this, making laws,
28:06 enforcing them will make the world a better place
28:09 to live in.
28:11 So, many people will simply tell us right now,
28:13 we need Christians in office, we need Christians in what?
28:18 In the government.
28:21 Well, I'm not saying that not necessarily the truth
28:23 right there but notice, but,
28:26 the heart must to be true to Christ
28:29 and his laws put into action in each of our lives
28:35 or we shall be exactly the way the Jews were
28:38 in the days of Christ.
28:41 You see, they wanted to do what?
28:43 They wanted the world to be governed by their manmade laws
28:48 instead of God's laws.
28:51 Do you see the same thing today,
28:53 you see that parallel today.
28:55 Men want man's laws, they don't want God's laws.
29:00 And when you get Christians together
29:01 and you get them in all,
29:03 well, they think they want to do the right thing,
29:04 but they still want to legislate,
29:06 they still want to make,
29:08 you cannot make this world better by laws.
29:10 We have never learned that evidently by the millions,
29:13 we have on the books.
29:15 Is God's Ten Commandments law
29:16 that he has for us to look into
29:19 to see where our failures are at and then look to him
29:21 to gain the victories that we need.
29:25 This next quote is just interesting,
29:26 again Desire of Ages, 509, says this.
29:30 This is what I've just been talking about, notice,
29:33 "Today in the religious world there are multitudes
29:37 who, as they believe,
29:39 are working for the establishment,
29:40 notice this, for the kingdom of Christ."
29:44 Many people do what?
29:46 Christians they believe that they're working
29:47 for the establishment of the kingdom of Christ,
29:51 notice this, "As an earthly temporal kingdom."
29:54 They're thinking about, notice this,
29:55 the false doctrine and the false teaching
29:57 that cannot be substantiated from the Word of God.
30:00 Thousand years of peace on this earth,
30:03 and they're seeing that take place,
30:04 they think peace and safety and oh,
30:07 more jobs and everybody's gonna happier,
30:08 everything's gonna workout real good.
30:11 Interesting thought,
30:13 but they think they're working toward this end here
30:16 the establishment of the kingdom,
30:18 "They desire, notice, to make our Lord the ruler,
30:23 notice, the ruler of the kingdom of this world."
30:27 Interesting, but notice how the article goes on,
30:32 it says, "The ruler in its courts,
30:35 its camps, its legislative halls,
30:38 its palaces and its market places.
30:42 They expect him, talking about Jesus Christ,
30:44 to rule through legal enactments,
30:47 enforced by human authority."
30:51 And here's what they say, well, listen,
30:53 "Since Christ is not here will help him,
30:56 interesting, he is not here in person,
30:58 they themselves will undertake this act in His stead,
31:03 they're going to execute laws of His kingdom.
31:08 They're going to try to establish such a kingdom,
31:10 of what, the Jews desired in the days of Christ.
31:14 They would receive Jesus, notice this,
31:16 the Jews would have received who,
31:18 they would received Jesus, had he been willing
31:20 to establish his temporal kingdom or dominion,
31:24 to enforce what they regarded as the laws of God."
31:28 Interesting thought here.
31:31 Listen to this what Jesus said,
31:34 that's found in John 18:36, but he said,
31:37 "My kingdom is not of this world:"
31:40 Wow!
31:43 Jesus would not accept any earthly throne,
31:48 but here is that, may be a key.
31:49 I pray that will, will help us, give us a little bit more light
31:54 on what we're talking about here
31:56 and it's gonna be clear as we go,
31:58 so stay with the program you may, and I'll say,
32:00 well, I'm not digging what all, listen carefully.
32:03 Desire of Ages, 509 says this,
32:06 "It's not by the decisions of courts
32:09 or councils or legislative assemblies,
32:14 not by the patronage of worldly great men,
32:18 is the kingdom of Christ established,
32:21 but by the implanting, see if this make sense,
32:23 but by the implanting of Christ's nature in humanity
32:26 through the work of the Holy Spirit."
32:29 See Jesus understood the difference in the world,
32:31 right, kingdom of the world,
32:33 and his kingdom of righteousness and grace.
32:36 He had no part with that of the world.
32:38 That's not what he came.
32:40 He realized changes had to take place what?
32:41 It's not by laws, and manmade laws,
32:43 and all these, the fallacies is going on,
32:46 but by Christ living in our heart,
32:48 we need to be focused on these things.
32:50 In fact, in John 1:12-13 the Bible says,
32:54 it tells of the power that would change the world.
32:57 Oh, I want to see that, I love to be a part of that
33:00 and we see that his power is changing hearts and life.
33:04 The Bible says, "As many as received him,
33:06 you know this, to them gave he what?
33:09 Good, he gave them power to become the sons of God,
33:13 even to them that believe on his name:
33:15 and which were born, not of, notice, of blood,
33:18 nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man,
33:21 but of God."
33:22 Take time to jot those down and read those.
33:24 You see how much sense it makes.
33:27 Does the world need change? Absolutely, it needs change.
33:32 But you know many feel that these changes, you know,
33:36 only way that can take place is
33:37 if we get involved with politics
33:39 or get involved in the government.
33:42 Get involved in the political scene,
33:44 I hear that all the time.
33:45 Well, you don't care then if you don't vote
33:47 and you don't get, you don't care.
33:50 Interesting there is responsibility
33:53 when you take a side.
33:54 There is responsibility
33:56 when you spend time on some kind of a earthly kingdom
33:59 as it were and not the kingdom of God.
34:02 You become accountable for certain things
34:04 that we'll read here in a moment.
34:08 Desire of Ages, 510 says, "Now, as in Christ's day,
34:11 the work of God's kingdom lies
34:13 not with those who are clamoring for recognition."
34:18 You see it today, people are clamoring for the highest seat.
34:22 Did they not do that in the days of Christ?
34:24 They want to be recognize, they want the highest position,
34:26 they want to, you know, be involved,
34:28 they want to be recognized and they wanted to be supported
34:31 as it were by and called by name by earthly rulers
34:35 and human laws, but notice these,
34:39 "But with those who are declaring
34:40 to the people his name, notice,
34:43 those spiritual truths that will work
34:47 in the receivers the experience of Paul:"
34:50 Notice there is people who would present the truth
34:52 and notice how this gels with what Paul said
34:55 there in Galatians 2:20,
34:57 Paul said this as an end results,
35:00 "I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live, good,
35:05 not yet not I, but Christ liveth in me:"
35:09 Interesting, if that takes place what will happen?
35:12 Then we're going to labor
35:14 and we're going to work as Paul did
35:16 for the benefit of mankind
35:17 but it sure weren't in politics, was it?
35:19 He didn't waste his time on that.
35:21 Jesus said he, he had nothing to do with it.
35:23 He didn't get involved in anything,
35:24 he wasn't in a political world at all.
35:26 Is he our example, or is he not?
35:27 You can say he is my example, but if you do the opposite,
35:30 then you're not doing what Jesus lived
35:32 and taught down here, are you?
35:34 It's a question we are faced with.
35:38 After all are we not his ambassadors?
35:41 2 Corinthians 5:20 says,
35:43 "Now then we are ambassadors for Christ,
35:47 as though God did beseech you by us:
35:50 we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God."
35:56 You might say, well, at this point
35:57 I've got a pretty good,
35:59 you know, idea of what's going on
36:00 and what's been said on the religion
36:02 and politics on the issue.
36:04 Well, there's some things that's lot clear
36:06 that we probably should touch on.
36:08 I know you want to know too.
36:10 Seven Testimonies 252, remember, we all,
36:13 we have the example of God's people in scripture.
36:17 We have the example of Jesus Christ
36:19 dealing with politics.
36:21 We will see also examine those who got involved
36:24 with things they should not have got involved with
36:26 and what happened to them.
36:27 Interesting, I wish we had time to go into lot of,
36:29 we won't, we'll use two or three of those.
36:32 Seven Testimonies 252,
36:34 we have a lot of preachers standing in a pulpit,
36:37 preaching it more about who we should elect in office
36:39 than they're talking about, talking about Jesus Christ,
36:42 and how to get ready for heaven.
36:44 If you are one of those pastors today,
36:46 you need to listen this carefully.
36:48 Says, "Gospel ministers are to keep their office
36:51 free from all things secular or political,
36:57 employing all their time and talents
37:00 in lines of Christian effort."
37:02 Does that make sense?
37:04 Preacher, you got no business getting up in the pulpit
37:06 and we see him day in and day out.
37:09 Don't care if you're in the Advent movement
37:10 or any other kind of the movement,
37:12 all you're trying to do
37:13 is trying to persuade the congregation
37:14 how to vote and what they should vote for.
37:17 How do you really know what truth is?
37:19 How do you really know what's going to takes place
37:21 as you have heard it, or you are presenting it?
37:24 Could you mess a lot of people up?
37:26 Oh, good.
37:28 The preachers should be free from all of this,
37:31 anything secular, anything political, free up.
37:35 Another beautiful book, Gospel Workers,
37:37 listen to this carefully, page 393.
37:40 This really gets right down to, you say,
37:41 well, you know I'm not involved too much, now notice,
37:44 "Every teacher, minister, or leader in our ranks
37:50 who is stirred with a desire to, notice this,
37:53 ventilate his opinion on the political questions,
37:57 should be converted by a belief in the truth,
38:00 or give up his work.
38:03 His influence must tell as a laborer together with God
38:06 in winning souls to Christ,
38:09 or his credentials must be taken from him.
38:12 If he does not change,
38:14 he will do harm, and only harm."
38:16 That's about as clear as you can get.
38:20 That's about as clear as you can get.
38:22 We often say
38:23 and just don't want too get to involved with it,
38:25 lot of political leaders,
38:26 you'll say, well, they're politicians
38:28 so you expect a politician to lie all the time.
38:30 How do you know what they're telling the truth?
38:31 How do you know what to take a stand on?
38:33 How did you know what to tell to other people
38:36 what they should vote on, what they shouldn't vote on?
38:38 It's something that we need to stay clear of,
38:41 not just politics, ministers and teachers,
38:44 all others, we have responsibility.
38:48 Again nine Testimonies, notice this, 218, gets clear,
38:52 "Again and again Christ had been asked
38:55 to decide legal and political questions."
38:59 Let this make sense again and again
39:01 he was put in the position
39:03 you have to make a statement on some kind of legal
39:05 or political question.
39:08 Notice this, "But he refused to interfere
39:11 with temporal matters.
39:14 He stood in our world
39:15 as Head of the great spiritual kingdom
39:18 that He came to our world
39:19 to establish the kingdom of righteousness."
39:23 He knew the difference in the kingdom of this world,
39:25 and the kingdom of righteousness.
39:27 He knew why he came. Do you know why you are here?
39:30 I guarantee you it's not to be involved
39:31 in all this mess that's going on in the world today.
39:34 This seems to be at least clear to me,
39:36 I don't know how it is to you,
39:38 that is a follower of Jesus Christ will not,
39:42 will not even address political questions.
39:46 Man, have we all been caught in that from time to time
39:49 but it's not too late to change.
39:52 Let me read Gospel Workers 292 on that.
39:55 Notice what it says.
39:57 It's talking about are we to talk about political,
39:59 or politics or so on.
40:01 Here's what it says. "What are we to do, then?"
40:04 Here's the answer.
40:05 "Let political questions alone."
40:10 Even I can understand that, leave them alone.
40:12 Now some of you're not going to do it anyway,
40:13 because you think you know everything
40:15 about what's going on?
40:16 And you're gonna, why don't you follow up
40:17 the Word of God, the Spirit of Prophecy.
40:19 Won't you follow what God says?
40:20 Won't you follow your leader which is Jesus Christ
40:22 who had nothing to do with those things?
40:25 See this passage fits at least to me
40:27 pretty much exactly with 2 Corinthians 6:14,
40:30 which you know well.
40:32 "Be ye not unequally yoked together with what?
40:35 Good, with unbelievers, notice this,
40:38 for what fellowship hath righteousness
40:40 with unrighteousness?
40:42 And what communion hath light with darkness?"
40:47 See, think about this,
40:48 we look in the political world and the government
40:50 and all the stuff that's going on, all that's--
40:55 I love to go in detail, I'm not much gonna do.
40:57 You understand what I'm talking about?
40:59 How do you really know what is truth?
41:01 How do you know what they're promising
41:02 they can bring to pass?
41:04 Most of them can't do it.
41:06 They want to tell you what you want to hear.
41:09 And then, we go and tell everybody else,
41:10 and we all become involved in something
41:12 rather than what he said, he said,
41:13 "Go Tell It on the Mountain that song says.
41:16 Go tell about Jesus.
41:17 "If I be lifted up from the earth
41:19 will draw all men unto me."
41:20 As Christians, we're followers of Jesus Christ,
41:22 let the political questions alone and lift up Jesus,
41:26 talk to people about Jesus, study the Word of God,
41:29 instead on internet all time
41:30 talking about this politician said,
41:31 I'm gonna vote for him.
41:33 I'm gonna vote for that and right there.
41:34 Lord, have mercy on us.
41:37 I say that because you gonna be held accountable.
41:41 You're accountable for your time, just like I am,
41:43 use it wisely, my brothers and sisters.
41:47 2 Corinthians 6:17 just says,
41:48 "Wherefore come out from among them,
41:50 and do what?
41:52 And be ye separate, saith the Lord,
41:54 and touch not the unclean thing,
41:56 and I will receive you."
41:57 So if you're touching the unclean what?
42:01 He can't receive you,
42:03 don't touch the unclean then I'll receive you.
42:07 This is a matter we have to look and say okay,
42:09 by the grace of God, I can do this.
42:12 Ever since talk about the politics,
42:13 and who we should elect,
42:15 I need to be talking about Jesus.
42:16 I need to be talking about the spiritual kingdom
42:18 of righteousness that he came.
42:20 Jesus did not get sidetracked, not one instance day.
42:24 I'm being nice for us maybe to notice the,
42:26 the word fellowship there in 2 Corinthians 6:14,
42:30 means no participation, and it means no partnership.
42:35 So we have a groupers seeking Christ,
42:38 and his righteousness can have no union,
42:40 they can have no participation, they can have no partnership,
42:45 they can't support,
42:47 they shouldn't be working for or with unbelievers or infidels
42:52 people who do not believe the message
42:53 or keeping the commandments of God.
42:56 So though we, we identified with him,
42:58 I don't want to be identified with the things of this world.
43:02 Let's get little bit clearer shall we?
43:04 You say, well, that's pretty clear already.
43:05 Well, let's clear it up.
43:07 Some of you making little bit muddy,
43:10 I think by the way, you're thinking right now.
43:13 We want to get it right, don't we want to plea,
43:14 I want to please Jesus.
43:17 Remember, Christ is in control.
43:19 God is in control of this world.
43:21 He sets up kings, and he takes them down.
43:25 Oh, but my vote is important.
43:27 God's still is in control, whether you vote
43:30 or whether you don't vote, God will allow certain things,
43:34 and certain things he will intervene,
43:36 because he's written the book,
43:38 and he tells exactly what's gonna takes place,
43:39 and he bring it to the pass.
43:41 Don't be so concerned about this world,
43:44 and things in this world.
43:45 Be concerned about the things of God.
43:48 Gospel Workers 395 said,
43:51 "There is a large vineyard to be cultivated,
43:55 but while Christians are to work among,
43:57 notice, unbelievers, they are not to appear like worldlings."
44:03 Notice, "They are not to spend their time talking politics
44:08 or acting politics."
44:09 Are you still with me?
44:11 "For so by doing they give the enemy opportunity
44:15 to come in and cause, oh, notice this,
44:19 variations he's talking about here,
44:20 we're separated and discord."
44:24 Variance of one another.
44:26 When we're talking these things,
44:27 church members have left the church
44:29 because of political questions.
44:32 How can this be?
44:34 Should we not be focused on the things of God?
44:35 Do we not believe that Jesus is coming
44:37 and we need to be ready?
44:39 Does this not make sense? Let's get little clearer yet.
44:44 Gospel Workers 395 said,
44:46 "God's children are to separate themselves from politics."
44:50 I can't get any clearer than that.
44:52 God's people are to separate from politics.
44:55 Jesus already said it. Jesus already lived it out.
44:59 Jesus was challenged with it, he left it alone, right.
45:02 Because this is not your kingdom Christian,
45:05 this is not your kingdom, this world is not.
45:08 He is trying for a higher, better place
45:09 where we need to spend our time and our energy and our means.
45:13 So, "God's children must separate, notice,
45:16 himself from politics,
45:18 from any alliance with unbelievers.
45:22 They are not to link their interest
45:25 with the interest of the world."
45:27 Does that make sense?
45:29 Right now, you Lord have mercy,
45:32 you can't turn a radio, you can't turn TV,
45:34 you can't turn news, you can't turn anything.
45:37 You hear about two people.
45:40 What they are saying about each other.
45:43 That's all you hear about,
45:45 that's the interest of the world.
45:47 I know who is in charge, don't you?
45:48 I know who is in charge.
45:50 And it's not the people who will be elected to office.
45:52 God will overrule, he will overturn,
45:54 overturn the Bible tells us.
45:57 We are not to link our interest with interest of the world.
46:01 Notice this, "Do not take,"
46:04 well, "Do not take part in political strife.
46:09 Separate from the world,
46:11 refrain from bringing into the church
46:13 or the school ideas that lead to contingent and disorder."
46:18 Man, that's, that's just so clear to me.
46:21 I don't think I have any question on that.
46:24 I'm sure plain information for you also,
46:27 but your heart and mind has to be open.
46:28 Why?
46:29 Because you've been taught different
46:31 than this all your life.
46:32 Mummy and daddy, granny and grand
46:34 they fought for years with everybody.
46:35 They don't talk to neighbors and friends anymore
46:37 because of political question.
46:41 But information we needed should, should we vote?
46:44 Let's get down to it, shall we? Should we vote them?
46:48 We are not to leak up with any society
46:49 or anybody who doesn't keep the commandments of God,
46:51 for many, you know, contracts with
46:53 and we had to stay away, be separated,
46:55 not get, you're tied into the things of this world
46:58 and what's going on in the world.
47:00 Man, every time I say, you look,
47:01 you know what's going on in the world
47:02 over, and over, and over, and over.
47:04 The devil's trying to tie up your time.
47:06 He's trying to tie you
47:07 and get you involved until probation closes
47:09 and you are lost for eternity.
47:11 Don't let him do it.
47:12 But the grace of God say, "It doesn't matter,
47:14 my God shall supply."
47:16 He is in control.
47:18 Let's just look in, you know,
47:20 we have clearer council on this.
47:23 But somebody's gonna refuse do it anyway.
47:26 But let me just give you quick three
47:28 that refused the council of God.
47:29 You remember, one was David and Solomon,
47:33 you remember and Israel, what happened there?
47:35 You go over some of these points,
47:37 you'll find out.
47:38 God, notice this,
47:39 God erects barriers of safety for his children.
47:41 And if you go past those barriers,
47:43 around those barriers or break them down,
47:45 you get yourself into trouble.
47:47 The results are separation from God, do you notice?
47:50 David, though he sincerely repented
47:52 and he paid a price,
47:55 God forgave him but you know what?
47:58 It didn't turn David's people
48:00 around from transgressing God's law.
48:02 David plant some seeds and man, they bore some fruit.
48:04 Even though he turned around, the people didn't.
48:07 How about Solomon?
48:08 He start out with strict obedience to God,
48:10 but eventually he became broke down,
48:13 he broke down the barrier
48:14 that God had put around him the wall,
48:17 to protect him, he let it, how did he do it.
48:19 Listen, he wanted to get involved,
48:22 notice this with me, he want it to get involved in politics.
48:26 Wow!
48:28 He desired political power, read it for yourself,
48:31 and building up of self
48:33 and he made alliances with other nations.
48:37 He associated with idolaters
48:39 as like many you're doing today.
48:40 He married the heathen wives, they corrupted his faith,
48:45 God choose him to be a leader, and to lead.
48:51 And many followed his leading,
48:55 notice, though he repented later.
48:58 Notice this, it did not prevent the evil seed sawn
49:02 and they produced a harvest.
49:04 Did you get it?
49:05 Even though we change, we have to be careful,
49:07 we have to be so careful.
49:09 What do we do, voting as a Christian?
49:12 Two Selected Messages 336 and 337,
49:14 "We are not as a people to become mixed up
49:17 with the political questions.
49:19 All would do well to take heed to the Word of God,
49:22 Be ye not unequally yoked together
49:23 with unbelievers in political strife,
49:26 nor bind them up in their attachments.
49:28 There is no safe ground
49:30 in which they can stand and work together.
49:33 The loyal and the disloyal have no equal ground
49:36 on which to meet."
49:37 Fundamentals of Education, I'm gonna have to hurry up,
49:39 there's few moments and minutes left.
49:41 Fundamentals of Education, 475,
49:44 "We cannot with safety vote for political parties,
49:48 for we do not know whom we are voting for.
49:51 We cannot with safety take part in any political schemes.
49:55 We cannot labor to please men
49:57 who will you use their influence
49:58 to repress religious liberty,
50:00 and to set in operation oppressive measures
50:04 to lead and to compel their fellow men,
50:05 notice this, to keep Sunday as the Sabbath.
50:08 The first day of the week is not a day to be reverenced."
50:12 Gospel Workers 392 says,
50:14 "The people of God are not to vote
50:17 to place such men in office, for when they do this,
50:21 when we vote, when we vote, notice this,
50:24 for when they do this,
50:26 they are partakers with them in their sins
50:29 which they commit while they're in office."
50:31 Is that clear enough.
50:34 When we vote and put somebody in office,
50:36 we be, we're partaker of the decisions they make
50:39 and their sins.
50:40 So what are we to do?
50:42 Let the political question alone,
50:44 Gospel Workers 393,
50:45 "Those who stand as educators, as ministers,
50:49 as laborers together with God in any line, notice,
50:53 have no battle to fight in the political world.
50:57 Their citizenship is in heaven."
50:59 Interesting Gospel Workers, notice this, 395,
51:03 "God's children are to be separate themselves
51:06 from politics, from any alliance unbelievers.
51:09 They are not to link up their interest
51:11 with the interests of the world."
51:12 I hope this is clear.
51:14 I want to just go quickly, Gospel Workers, 396,
51:18 "Let those who are tempted to take part in politics,
51:20 remember
51:22 that every move they make has its influence on others.
51:27 Then let the stewards of God's grace
51:30 in any line of service,
51:31 beware how they mingle the common with the sacred."
51:36 Politics is what? It's common. The word of God is sacred.
51:40 You can't mingle the two together.
51:43 Testimonies to Ministers 337.
51:46 Now, notice he's talking,
51:48 I know it gets little bit, little plain here,
51:50 Testimonies 337, says, "When he talks,"
51:53 or talking about the pastors, talking about pastors,
51:57 "When they talks, they shepherd about politics to the people.
52:01 "He is mingling the common with the scared."
52:04 Is somebody still with me?
52:06 "He dishonors God,
52:09 for He has now real evidence from God
52:11 that he is speaking the truth.
52:13 How dare they advance ideas
52:16 when they do not know certainly whence they came,
52:20 or that they are the truth?"
52:22 Wow! That's pretty heavy duty, isn't it?
52:25 We don't know.
52:26 Somebody saying this is the truth,
52:28 this is the way it's gonna be.
52:29 You don't know that for sure and you're advocating it.
52:31 And it causes the disasters, it's a mess,
52:33 you become responsible.
52:36 When you vote and you put into office.
52:41 Fundamentals of Education 477 says,
52:43 "The teachers in our church in the school
52:47 who distinguish themselves by their zeal in politics,
52:51 should be relieved of their work
52:53 and responsibilities without delay,
52:56 for the Lord will not co-operate with them."
52:59 Did you get that?
53:01 Teachers in the church, in the school, when you say,
53:05 oh, they're always talking about politics,
53:07 there is zeal for politics.
53:08 They should be relieved off their work,
53:10 and responsibility without delay
53:13 'cause God's not gonna cooperate with him.
53:14 Fundamentals of Education 484, just a couple more,
53:18 time is running out, notice,
53:20 "God calls upon teachers in our schools
53:24 not to become interested
53:26 in the study of political question.
53:30 Take the knowledge of God into our schools."
53:34 I want this to make sense to you.
53:37 Why are we here my fellow Christians?
53:41 Is it here to build up the kingdom of this world?
53:44 Or is it build up the kingdom of Christ?
53:47 Do we have that much time that we can go out,
53:49 and try to built something up that's built on lies
53:52 and deception, or can we built something up
53:55 that's built upon truth and righteousness,
53:57 that will change our hearts and change our lives.
54:00 Remember, when we vote,
54:03 you take responsibility for what that person you vote
54:06 does well in office.
54:08 And remember, every little thing you say,
54:09 well, they didn't, leaves an influence.
54:11 Every decision they may call in office
54:14 leaves an influence on countless,
54:15 hundreds and thousands of people.
54:18 You become accountable for that too
54:19 and I become accountable.
54:21 Don't worry about, we put somebody in office,
54:23 God knows.
54:25 Remember, he sets them up and he takes them down.
54:28 Friend, today, I want to pray with you before we end,
54:31 because I think this is such an important subject.
54:33 Remember it either is truth or it's not the truth.
54:36 It is the right thing to do
54:38 or it's not the right thing to do.
54:39 If I have nothing else, this is a best possible,
54:41 I have Jesus.
54:43 I have the example of Jesus Christ,
54:45 how he dealt with the political question.
54:47 How he left that alone
54:49 because he came to build up the kingdom of God.
54:50 You know, why you're here as his ambassador?
54:52 To follow in his footsteps. Absolutely.
54:54 Can we just pray about this?
54:56 If you've done the wrong thing before,
54:57 God will forgive you.
54:59 Let's just pray about right now
55:00 and make a right choice, shall we?
55:02 Loving Father in heaven, we thank You
55:04 for the truth of Your word maybe hurtful to some,
55:06 but Lord because we see this may we rejoice
55:08 and be exceedingly glad,
55:10 because You're presenting things
55:12 that we need to know
55:13 here in this closing hours of earths' history.
55:15 Thank You for hearing, answering prayer
55:16 and those who've made that decision in Jesus name.
55:18 Amen.
55:21 We want to encourage each and everyone of you
55:24 to stay in the Word of God.
55:26 We want to encourage you
55:27 to continue pray for Behold the Lamb.
55:30 You know, support Behold the Lamb,
55:31 we needed to keep the programs on the air.
55:33 We need to hear what is truth.
55:36 The axe need to be laid to the root right off the tree,
55:39 sin needs to be rooted out,
55:40 it can only be as we look to Jesus
55:43 who is the author and the finisher of our faith.
55:45 We love you, God loves you,
55:46 and we look forward to seeing you next time.
55:50 Hello, and welcome back, friends.
55:52 Religion and Politics, you have now been given scripture
55:56 and Spirit of Prophecy quotes
55:58 to guide your decision in this area.
56:01 Let's not be as the common politician.
56:04 Let's not strive to be a people pleaser.
56:07 Let's all strive to please God,
56:10 out of a heart of love and obedience.
56:13 What do you say?
56:15 We pray that you'll agree with us here today,
56:18 and to reaffirm your correct decision.
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