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00:39 Hello and welcome to Behold the Lamb Presents.
00:41 I'm Chris Shelton, your host,
00:43 and once again we're so thankful and grateful
00:46 that you have chosen to study with us.
00:49 Today, we're going to look at lesson four
00:52 in this wonderful study guide
00:54 written by Brother Richard Bland,
00:56 "Sharing God's Love: What the Bible Says."
00:59 And today's lesson is entitled "Living with Loss."
01:03 Living with loss,
01:04 you know, in this world we're born basically to die.
01:09 So there's always going to be lost.
01:11 We're always dealing with some kind of hurtful situation.
01:14 But as we see the closing scenes
01:17 of this world history come about,
01:20 we're seeing more and more disasters,
01:22 we're seeing terrorists common
01:24 and lives being taken as never before,
01:27 and there's more and more people
01:29 that are having to deal with this issue,
01:32 the issue of living with loss.
01:34 And it can be a very painful one.
01:37 So we want to go with Pastor Kenny
01:39 and see what the Bible has to say,
01:41 and what the Lord has laid upon his heart.
01:43 But before we do that,
01:45 I'm going to share just one Bible passage.
01:47 And this Bible passage is found in Psalms, it's 147:3.
01:53 And it reads, "He healeth the broken heart,
01:57 and bindeth up their wounds."
02:00 Brothers and sisters,
02:01 I believe God has answers for every dilemma
02:04 that we experience in this life.
02:05 So I pray that you'll stay tuned,
02:07 and study, and be blessed with us.
02:10 Thank you for joining us today here at Behold the Lamb.
02:12 We're very grateful and thankful
02:14 that you have chosen to spend some time with us
02:16 and study of the Word of God.
02:18 We look forward to this time being in your home
02:20 and we pray that you're looking forward
02:21 to spending some time with us here in the Word.
02:24 We're going to be looking at a wonderful subject
02:25 that you've already heard about in the introduction
02:28 about living with loss.
02:30 You know, how do people learn to live with loss?
02:33 Is there some kind of secret
02:35 because every one of us will go through it.
02:37 So today, we're going to look into God's Word,
02:39 and I'm sure it's going to be an encouragement,
02:41 strength to us,
02:42 since it's something that we hate to say it,
02:44 but we have to face it.
02:46 So today, as we look at this most important subject,
02:50 especially the hour in which we live,
02:51 we're going to ask God's blessing upon it.
02:53 I'm going to kneel and pray.
02:54 If you'd like to kneel with me,
02:56 those of you home sometime you can't.
02:57 So maybe you may be driving down the road,
02:58 whatever you might be listening,
03:00 but you can pray with me.
03:01 So let's lift our hearts to God,
03:02 shall we as we pray together.
03:07 Loving God in heaven, we thank You
03:08 for Your many blessings that You give to us.
03:11 We thank You for the promise
03:13 two or three are gathered together,
03:14 You'd be in our midst,
03:15 You promised to give us word in due seasons.
03:18 Today, we ask that Your Holy Spirit now
03:20 will come near each of our hearts and minds,
03:22 illuminate these beautiful truths
03:24 that we may be able to look
03:26 and be able to comprehend the things
03:27 that are going on in the world
03:29 and how they may affect each and every one of us.
03:32 And so we will know where to turn to,
03:34 we know that You have the answers,
03:35 lest now we pray everyone who's tuned in,
03:38 everyone who's listening,
03:40 each one here we pray in a special way
03:41 the Spirit of the Living God.
03:43 And will come alive in each and every one of us,
03:45 may we know that we've been with Jesus
03:46 in my prayer today,
03:48 in His name we pray and for His sake, amen.
03:53 Again, always our encouragement always is
03:55 make sure you have pencil and paper,
03:56 you have pencil and paper, you can jot these things down
03:59 because you'll notice
04:01 today our time is a little bit shorter than normal.
04:03 So we'll move as quickly as we can.
04:05 But try to, you know, go through the things
04:08 that's necessary as it's kind of building blocks
04:10 so that we can learn what the Word of God says.
04:13 I'm going to invite you to take your Bible.
04:16 This is very, very important
04:17 because when you talk about loss,
04:19 the one thing that first came across my mind
04:22 and I think would come across your mind also
04:24 is in the Book of Job.
04:26 Job suffered what? Loss.
04:29 And a lot of loss.
04:30 And so if we just look at it quickly today
04:32 and not spend a lot of time on it.
04:33 But I'm going to read several verses
04:35 I think it's imperative.
04:37 Since our subject is living with loss,
04:40 let's look and approach it the way that Job did.
04:43 You know, there's a lot of message
04:45 that have been spoken on this subject.
04:46 But let's just notice, Job Chapter 1, Job Chapter 1,
04:51 I'm going to start reading with verse 13.
04:54 And a lot of verses we could read
04:55 but we're going to do with 13 and onward
04:57 because this shows what happened to Job
05:01 in just evidently a matter of moments.
05:04 Sometime we have one little thing,
05:06 we hit our thumb with a hammer or stump our toe
05:10 and we're ready to give up,
05:12 you know, throw our religion out
05:14 and just go our different ways.
05:15 But look what this man went through
05:17 and let's examine
05:19 and we pray that it will help us.
05:21 So in Job Chapter 1 beginning with verse 13.
05:25 Here's what the Bible says, the Bible says,
05:27 "And there was a day
05:28 when his sons and his daughters
05:30 were eating and drinking and wine
05:33 in their eldest brother's house."
05:36 I might just mention here quickly,
05:38 I think maybe his sons and daughters
05:40 did this quite often.
05:41 I'm just going to throw that out to you,
05:43 you can throw it back if you want to.
05:45 Because later on we won't have chance to read it.
05:47 But Job as he knew that they were eating and drinking,
05:50 and nothing wrong with just eating and drinking,
05:52 but maybe a little celebrating going on,
05:54 maybe a little too much.
05:55 But what happened was Job was making sacrifices for them.
06:00 He said, just in case they sinned,
06:03 there was something that was going on.
06:04 And so he was making some sacrifices
06:06 and asking God to forgive them
06:08 and to get them on the right path.
06:10 So there they were eating and drinking
06:12 in their eldest son's home.
06:13 Now notice what happened,
06:15 "Then there came a messenger unto Job."
06:19 And notice, this messenger,
06:20 "He said, 'The oxen were plowing,
06:23 and they asses feeding beside them.'"
06:26 So you had some oxen very valuable,
06:30 you had some like donkeys then
06:32 and there was 500, he had 500 oxen,
06:37 he had 500 donkeys.
06:40 And notice what this man said,
06:42 "They were feeding and all of a sudden,
06:43 verse 15," and the Sabeans or the..."
06:47 These here could be descendants of Kush.
06:50 These could have been descendants,
06:52 a tribe they came down on them.
06:54 Notice what happened,
06:56 "Fell on them, and took them away,
06:57 yea, they have slain the servants
07:00 with the edge of the sword,
07:02 and I only am escaped alone to tell thee."
07:06 Interesting here if it...
07:08 Do we believe that the enemy was the one behind this?
07:11 Absolutely, but notice
07:12 even the enemy left one person alive
07:16 so that he could tell the bad news,
07:18 he wanted to go into detail of what happened,
07:21 he wanted to know
07:22 because not only was Job wealthy in material things,
07:24 but also in servants or people who worked with him,
07:27 his household was huge.
07:29 One of the richest man
07:31 as it were at that point in time.
07:32 And so the enemy let one live
07:35 so he could run back and tell Job,
07:37 he said, "Man, you just lost 500 oxen.
07:40 You just lost 500 donkeys.
07:42 And all of the servants who were out there,
07:44 your workers, maybe part of your household.
07:46 They're all gone, I'm the only one left."
07:51 Well, that would startle some of us here, want to say,
07:53 we start counting right quick with our calculator.
07:56 Whoo, my that's so much ahead of all this right here.
07:59 But all of a sudden he didn't have time
08:00 to even do that.
08:01 He didn't have time for even soak into his brain
08:03 because you'll notice what happened.
08:05 Verse 16, "While he was yet," what?
08:08 "While he was yet speaking there came another,
08:11 and said, The fire of God is fallen from," where?
08:15 "From heaven, hath burned up the sheep,
08:18 and the servants,
08:20 consumed them, and I only am escaped to tell thee."
08:24 Once again a disaster and what?
08:26 Only one left, the enemy lead off of him
08:29 so he could go back and try to crush Job.
08:33 Remember, the sheep now, there was 7,000 sheep
08:38 that were destroyed just like that
08:40 and it doesn't say how many human beings
08:43 and so one right on top of the other, verse 17.
08:47 And notice, "While this man was still speaking
08:50 there came," what?"
08:53 There came another, and said, "The Chaldeans made out,
08:57 notice it says, three bands, and fell upon the camels,"
09:01 which were 3,000 camels, notice,
09:05 "and have carried them away, yea, and slain,"
09:07 here again what, the servants, everybody was there,
09:11 "with the edge of the sword, and I'm the only one he said
09:13 that has come along to tell you escaped."
09:16 Now notice in verse 18, "While he was yet speaking..."
09:20 Now that seemed to be enough, doesn't it?
09:22 Right then and there way too much.
09:24 Now he said, "While he was yet speaking,
09:25 there came also another one, and said, oh, oh,
09:29 notice how it progressively it seemed to get worse.
09:32 It said, "Thy son, and thy daughters
09:34 were eating and drinking."
09:36 And remember, he had what?
09:38 He had seven sons and three daughters,
09:42 ten children.
09:45 And so the enemy wasn't happy
09:47 with just taking the animals and the servants,
09:49 he went right as close as he could get to Job.
09:52 And there's a reason we'll look at that
09:53 he didn't get to Job.
09:54 But notice, the Bible said,
09:56 "Thy sons and daughters were eating and drinking wine
09:58 in thy elders brother's house.
09:59 And, behold, there came a great wind
10:01 from the wilderness,
10:03 and smote the four corners of the house,
10:06 and it fell upon the young men, and they are dead,
10:09 and I am escaped alone to tell thee."
10:13 Four calamities right on the neck of the other
10:16 before you could get the words out
10:18 something else happened to Job.
10:21 And then the bottom line or the straw would be,
10:25 you've lost seven sons, and three daughters,
10:28 ten children at the same moment,
10:30 plus your everything
10:32 you've worked for all your life.
10:34 Everything was gone, the bank account was drained.
10:37 We're talking about here living with loss.
10:39 This man had some severe loss.
10:41 But notice, notice what the Bible said there
10:44 in verse 20.
10:46 Soon as Job heard this,
10:47 I guess he rolled over and said,
10:49 "I've had enough, I'm going to curse God."
10:51 No, look what the Bible said.
10:53 "Then Job arose, and he rent his mantle,
10:56 he shaved his head, fell down on the ground."
10:59 And what did do?
11:00 The Bible says, "He worshiped,
11:04 'And said, Naked came I out of my mother's womb,
11:07 and naked shall I return thither:
11:09 And the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away,
11:12 blessed be the name of the Lord."
11:15 Talking about learning to live or living with loss.
11:19 He said, "I came in with nothing,
11:21 and I'm going to go out with nothing.
11:22 And I say that to each one of you.
11:24 Everyone that's in hearing or viewing is you may come in,
11:27 you come in the world, right?
11:28 You come in naked, you don't have anything really,
11:30 you may work all your life, you've accumulated a lot,
11:33 but when you leave,
11:34 you're going to leave with nothing.
11:35 You're not going to have anything,
11:37 you can't take it with you,
11:38 all you take with you is certainly is your character.
11:40 And man what a character we see here,
11:42 a character that was been developed over the years
11:45 of his relationship with God.
11:47 Notice that and he said, notice what he said here,
11:50 "In all this Job sinned," what?
11:55 Nor charged God foolishly."
12:00 Think about it.
12:02 He just didn't get carried away and said,
12:03 "Well, this is the way God's going to do me,
12:05 then I'm just not going to have anything
12:06 to do with Him."
12:08 He didn't do that at all.
12:09 I came in with nothing,
12:11 I'm going to go out with nothing.
12:13 And blessed be the name of God.
12:16 Very interesting words
12:17 that which he had to offer there.
12:19 Now notice, you say, okay, there was a loss,
12:22 oh, indescribable,
12:24 most of us couldn't describe it.
12:25 We would have a very difficult time,
12:27 God forbid, to be one child
12:28 and with our grandma, or a mother,
12:30 or dad whatever it might be, our wife, our companion,
12:33 it seems to too big a burden to bear.
12:37 But here all of this at once, turn with me,
12:39 you're there in Job just to Chapter 6
12:41 just quickly four verses I want you to look on.
12:44 Tell me here as we read it that Job was not hurting.
12:48 Tell me he was not experiencing this thing called loss.
12:51 Notice, Job 6:1 reading on.
12:56 He said, "Oh that my grief were thoroughly weighed."
13:00 He's wanting can you weigh...
13:03 Think about it, can you weigh it?
13:04 Can it be weighed out?
13:06 I don't know.
13:07 Notice, "Thoroughly weighed,
13:09 and my calamity laid in the balances thereof.
13:13 For now..."
13:15 Notice this, "For now it would be heavier
13:18 than the sand of the sea:
13:22 therefore my words are swallowed up.
13:27 For the arrows of the Almighty are within me,
13:30 the poison whereof drinketh up my spirit,"
13:34 notice, "the terrors of God do set themselves
13:37 in array against me."
13:40 Is it possible that he was hurting,
13:44 experiencing loss, if my grief could be weighed?
13:49 Have you ever been through some time like that,
13:51 that you're wondering, that you're hurting so bad,
13:54 you'd say, "If I could just weigh out my grief?"
13:56 I just put it on a scale and I try to weigh,
13:58 you know, how heavy would it be?
14:02 How could he go through this?
14:06 He said, "It's heavier than the sand of the sea."
14:12 More than he could almost possibly take
14:16 living with loss.
14:19 The Book of Ecclesiastes 3:6,
14:24 there's always wisdom
14:25 as we look in the Book of Ecclesiastes.
14:28 And it simply says here that a...
14:30 "It's a time to get..."
14:31 That means there's a time to gather
14:34 and there is a time to lose.
14:37 Simply put the beginning of that verse.
14:39 There's a time that we get in life.
14:42 There's a time that we gather in life,
14:43 but there also comes a time in life that we lose.
14:48 That's exactly what Job had said, wasn't it?
14:49 It's time that he had come in with nothing yet,
14:51 but he had lot
14:52 and then all of a sudden it's taken away.
14:55 Now, what does it mean to lose something?
14:58 I mean, that's kind of maybe silly question you think about,
15:01 but what does it mean to lose something?
15:03 You know, Paul made it very clear
15:06 in Philippians 3:8,
15:09 he said, "I have suffered the loss of all things."
15:14 I mean, that's quite a statement to me.
15:17 Man of God says,
15:19 "I have suffered all the loss of all things."
15:23 Is anyone here...
15:26 Has anyone ever lost something?
15:29 Everyday I'm losing something, I don't know about you,
15:32 whether you misplace that or whatever.
15:34 But we're in a kind of constant searching mode
15:38 anymore around here.
15:39 We're always looking for something,
15:41 we've lost something, we've misplaced something.
15:44 And the lost can be devastating.
15:48 Then there are different kinds of loss.
15:51 For example, someone runs in and said, "I've lost my keys."
15:56 Anybody whoever lost their keys?
15:57 Oh, yeah.
16:00 I think they have a deal now, right?
16:01 That you can, if you lose your keys or something,
16:03 you can push, and make some noise or something,
16:05 let you know where they're at.
16:07 That's good thing.
16:08 But you could say, "I lost my keys."
16:10 And it could be a temporary loss
16:13 or it could be a permanent loss.
16:15 You may never find them again, but they're just keys.
16:19 And in the case of the keys,
16:21 there may come a time that you find them
16:24 and then everything is returned back to normal.
16:28 But there's certain kind of loss
16:29 that never returns back to normal.
16:34 Certainly things can change.
16:37 Few more examples just quickly to talk about loss.
16:40 A person can lose their temper.
16:43 It'd be nice if you lost your temper
16:45 that you'd lose it to extent you'd never find it again.
16:48 Somebody... Well, I lost of all you guys.
16:53 Wouldn't that be nice?
16:55 Well, I lost my temper
16:57 and I hope I never find it again.
16:59 Usually you means you just lost your temperament,
17:01 isn't that right for a second,
17:02 if you're not careful, a lot will come back.
17:04 But that could be one kind of loss.
17:06 And lot of times, I heard somebody say,
17:07 "Have you lost your mind?"
17:09 Have you ever heard that?
17:11 They said that to me a few times?
17:12 Have you lost your mind?
17:14 Most often I'd say, "Yes, that right?"
17:16 Some people get so panic over. We lost the game.
17:20 We lost the game.
17:22 It's like the world had come to an end.
17:25 Some come home at night
17:26 and they have a little pink slip.
17:28 They say, "Oh, honey, I've lost my job."
17:30 There's different kinds of loss and affects us differently.
17:35 You know, some of us can lose time or waste time,
17:39 but it's still a loss.
17:41 But then we have the bottom line,
17:43 you might say the loss of life.
17:46 The loss of life, how do you replace that?
17:50 But again, any kind of loss can be damaging,
17:53 it can be hurtful, it can be lasting.
17:58 How do we deal with it as God's children?
18:00 There must be a way to deal with this thing called loss.
18:03 No one wants something that you love to be lost
18:07 or separated from.
18:12 It can affect every area of your life.
18:14 And that means mentally, physically, spiritually,
18:16 and financially.
18:18 Because many people say, "I've lost it all,
18:20 everything I've worked for, my 401k, whatever it might be,
18:24 my savings."
18:26 There are millions who got up,
18:27 you know, a few years ago that had money in the bank,
18:30 million dollars and more in their savings,
18:32 and it was gone overnight.
18:35 Everything that mom and dad had worked for and grown old.
18:38 And that's all that they were counting on.
18:40 It was gone, it was lost. They couldn't get it back.
18:44 It affected them in a lot of different ways.
18:46 Some committed suicide,
18:49 others were never the same again,
18:51 or others who were 75 and 80 years old,
18:53 went to McDonald's or Walmart
18:57 to try to find a job so they can eat.
19:01 Was at work for years, and hoping to be able to retire
19:04 and have enough to live on.
19:06 Dealing with losses, something as I mentioned before
19:08 that we all must face in this life,
19:11 for one time or the other
19:12 we were going to have to face it.
19:13 So how do we deal with it?
19:15 How is it that we deal with loss?
19:18 Well, there are others, too many different ways,
19:19 but I'm going to suggest as I always do,
19:22 and you would do the same is we go to the Word of God.
19:25 And we find out how to deal with loss
19:28 because it's not easy.
19:30 It's a terrible, lonely situation
19:32 when we lose something that we care about,
19:35 and that we love.
19:36 Is there a way that we can something
19:38 we can find in the Word of God
19:39 that helps me to deal with loss?
19:41 Is there something in the Word of God
19:43 that can help me to cope, you see with loss.
19:46 Or is there something in the Word of God
19:49 that can help me to defeat loss,
19:51 completely reverse it.
19:54 How many here are familiar with Fanny Crosby?
19:59 She is what?
20:00 We talked about a little while ago.
20:02 She's a prolific songwriter, a blind young lady,
20:07 is written so many of our songs that we love
20:09 and that we grew up on, very gifted.
20:12 The Holy Spirit had to be working
20:13 through this young lady.
20:16 She was asked one time by, we know this name very well,
20:20 Dwight L. Moody.
20:21 She was asked by Dwight L. Moody said,
20:23 "Could you share some of your Christian experiences
20:27 with the group that they had there.
20:29 Share a little bit about your faith?
20:32 Share a little bit what keeps you going
20:34 through different kinds of experiences of life
20:37 and maybe some heartache."
20:40 She said, "You know, there is one hymn,
20:44 there's one hymn that I've written
20:46 that I've never published,
20:48 published many, many, many, many hymns,
20:50 but there's one hymn that I keep for myself
20:53 that I've never published.
20:55 And I call it my soul's poem.
20:59 This is my soul."
21:01 See, everybody is a little different,
21:02 and they have something that can help them
21:04 during their time of loss,
21:05 and said, "This is my soul's poem."
21:09 Sometime when I'm troubled, and sometime when I'm sad,
21:12 and once I'm going through a loss,
21:14 I bring this to my mind,
21:16 and I go over these words, it brings comfort to my heart.
21:21 It makes me happy when I've been sad,
21:24 just these words,
21:25 and then she began to recite it,
21:28 she began to...
21:29 And those who were there, she was reciting this,
21:32 tears fill the eyes of many who were there,
21:35 tears were streaming down the cheek
21:37 as she simply recited this song,
21:40 and some of you will know, and it starts out like this.
21:43 "Some day the silver cord will break,
21:47 and I no more and now shall sing.
21:51 But, O the joy when I shall awake
21:54 within the palace of the King.
21:57 And I shall see Him face to face,
22:01 and tell the story saved by grace."
22:06 What a beautiful song inspired that
22:09 she didn't want to publish at that time,
22:11 because that was her soul's poem.
22:15 And she could recite that and just think with me,
22:18 she was about 25 years of age,
22:21 just a young lady when this took place.
22:24 But at 25 years of age and blind young lady,
22:27 she realized in that song
22:30 that the first face that she would ever see
22:32 would be that of Jesus,
22:34 that gave her hope and gave her such encouragement.
22:38 The Bible encourages us, it's an encourager.
22:42 In the Book of Psalms 147:3.
22:47 Psalms 147:3, quickly, let's look at these verses.
22:50 Time's going by quickly. Notice what the Bible says.
22:53 Psalms what? 147:3.
22:56 Notice this, two lines,
22:58 "He healeth the broken in heart,
23:02 he bindeth up their wounds."
23:06 How powerful those words are.
23:10 But we have to reach out in faith and claim those
23:12 because He said it,
23:14 when you hurt, you've got to say,
23:15 "I'm hurting.
23:17 I'm broken. I need to be healed.
23:20 I need a touch from the Master."
23:22 Look at it closer,
23:24 just those words for just a moment.
23:26 It starts out, "He healeth..."
23:29 I thought how wonderful that is it.
23:30 You know what that means really in the Hebrew?
23:33 He's going to heal. He healeth positive.
23:36 He's going to heal. He's going to cure.
23:40 He's going to repair me. He's going to repair you.
23:45 He's going to make me healthful again.
23:49 These are words we need to hang on to.
23:51 He's going to repair. He's going to heal my defects.
23:56 And notice the other word and my hurts,
23:59 isn't that beautiful?
24:00 See, that's the promise in He healeth.
24:03 Then it goes in all these directions.
24:04 I'm going to heal you where you're hurt.
24:07 I'm going to heal those defects.
24:08 I'm going to heal that which is broken
24:11 that needs to be repaired,
24:12 because God doesn't want us to be in that kind of shape.
24:16 I'm going to cure you.
24:17 He says, "Therefore, He healeth the broken."
24:19 And notice that word in the Hebrew
24:21 where you studied just a little bit.
24:23 It talks about when broken, God's looking at us and said,
24:26 "Kenny, you're in pieces.
24:28 You're in pieces."
24:30 See it's different if you have something broken,
24:31 there's one or two little pieces.
24:33 But when you have piece of glass or something,
24:34 and it shattered,
24:36 they say there's a million pieces
24:37 laying out through there.
24:38 God understands that, but He said,
24:40 "I know that you're in pieces, but I can heal you.
24:44 I know, I'm going to help you
24:46 because I know you've been crushed."
24:49 If you've ever went through some kind of loss,
24:50 sometime you feel like there's a heavy weight on you
24:53 that you've been crushed.
24:54 Those who have lost loved ones very close to them.
24:56 You feel a crazy heart to even breathe some time.
25:00 You feel like you've been crushed,
25:01 you're in 1,000 pieces.
25:03 And God said, "I'm going to heal you
25:05 because you're broken.
25:07 I'm going to heal that."
25:08 Notice the next word is heart. That certainly is the mind.
25:11 God says, "I'm going to heal the inner man."
25:14 Because that's where, sometimes it doesn't show
25:16 so much on the outside,
25:17 but on the inside, that's where God is...
25:20 He could look right inside of man.
25:22 He sees that you're broken.
25:23 He sees you're in a 1,000 pieces.
25:25 He need, sees that you need to be repaired.
25:27 He sees you're going through some kind of sorrow
25:31 and heartache.
25:32 And he says, "You know what?
25:34 I realized that inside is your seat in your mind,
25:37 the seat of emotions."
25:39 And what you're going through. Why?
25:41 Because He's been there.
25:43 He says, "I'm going to work on the heart,
25:45 I'm going to work on the conscience.
25:47 I'm going to work on your understanding
25:50 to help you to get through this time of need."
25:52 And then He says,
25:54 "Now I understand all of these things."
25:55 Now, somebody, "Now I need to bind you."
25:59 You know, if you've ever broken arm or a leg or head anything,
26:02 you know what?
26:04 It's nice to have the thing reset.
26:06 You've got to have it reset
26:07 in order for it to be normal again.
26:10 And then it can even be, by the way, a broken leg or arm
26:12 can be stronger than it was before,
26:14 by the way it heals.
26:16 But if you have someone just to set it
26:17 and it's not bound properly, are you still with me?
26:22 If you don't bind it, or put it in a cast properly
26:25 and keep it in the position that needs to be in,
26:27 you're going to be in worse shape than you were
26:28 and you never heal right.
26:31 God said, "Now I know what you're going through.
26:33 Now I'm going to bind you."
26:35 Notice that, "I'm going to bandage you up
26:38 is what that word means.
26:39 I'm going to bandage you up.
26:41 I'm going to make some ties so that keeps you in place,
26:46 so that you heal better than you ever were before."
26:48 How wonderful that is.
26:49 I'm going to bind those wounds.
26:52 That simply means again in Hebrews,
26:54 "I'm going to bind your sorrow.
26:56 I'm going to bind your hurt. I'm going to bind your pain.
27:00 I'm going to bind your injury.
27:02 I'm going to bind that grief that you have.
27:05 And I'm going to turn it into joy."
27:07 That seems almost impossible.
27:08 I know, but God said it can happen,
27:09 and it can happen.
27:11 Desire of Ages, page 329 says this.
27:16 Desire of Ages, 329,
27:18 "Whatever your anxieties and your trial..."
27:21 So I'm appealing to each one,
27:24 "Whatever your anxieties and..."
27:27 Notice this, "And your trials,
27:29 spread out your case before the Lord."
27:32 Now it doesn't mean bring it to Him in a box,
27:34 and just leave it there, and leave the lid on it.
27:36 He said, "Spread it out
27:38 everything that you're going through."
27:40 He already knows it all.
27:41 But it's good for us to lay it out
27:43 and tell Him this is a way I feel.
27:46 He knows that it's good for you.
27:48 It's good for me to be able to tell it to Him.
27:51 Spread it out before the Lord. Notice this.
27:53 "Well, I've got a heavy burden God,
27:56 it's so heavy."
27:57 Notice what Desire of Ages says, "The heavier..."
28:00 So you think you have
28:02 the heaviest burden in the world.
28:03 Well, listen up, "The heavier your burden,
28:05 the more blessed the rest."
28:09 The heavier what?
28:10 Your burden, the more blessed your rest.
28:13 How beautiful that is in casting them up
28:16 on the burden bearer.
28:20 Is he not what? He's our burden bearer.
28:23 He doesn't want you to have to carry that burden.
28:25 He doesn't want to see you crying at night.
28:27 He doesn't want to see you torn apart.
28:29 He doesn't want to see you in a 1,000 pieces.
28:32 And He said, "Let me carry it for you.
28:34 But you're going to have to come,
28:36 you're going to have to ask.
28:37 Let me bind it up.
28:39 Let me fix it up for you
28:41 those who are going through loss."
28:44 In the Book of Romans 8:18-28.
28:48 Read all those when you can.
28:50 We're going to concentrate on three or four verses
28:51 because of our time we can't do it.
28:53 But notice these verses, Romans Chapter what?
28:55 Eight, we would read through 18-28,
28:58 verse 18 note through 28 says this,
29:01 "For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time
29:04 are not worthy to be compared
29:06 with the glory which shall be revealed in us."
29:10 Who's speaking here?
29:12 We say, "Paul." Notice what it's saying.
29:15 "For I reckon that
29:16 the sufferings of this present time."
29:18 It's almost like what we go through it.
29:20 It's really not worth talking or mentioning about worthy
29:23 to compared to the glory
29:25 that one day we're going to be able to see
29:27 with the heaven, right?
29:29 We look at the suffering and things
29:30 that we go through in this life.
29:31 It's not hardly worth looking at
29:33 because of what is before us.
29:35 So we need to be looking what's before us
29:37 rather than what is behind us, or over here to the side.
29:41 The glories that await you
29:42 because this is a temporary thing.
29:45 Notice what it goes on.
29:46 It says, verse 26,
29:48 "Likewise the Spirit also helped our infirmities."
29:51 Who helps us? The Spirit. Good.
29:54 "For we know not what we should...
29:57 Yeah, should pray as we ought:
30:00 but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us
30:04 with groanings which cannot be uttered."
30:07 Notice, even groanings is a groan is a sigh.
30:11 It has to do with...
30:13 It really means standing even close to...
30:15 When you're praying, and you're in pain,
30:18 and you trying to get through,
30:20 that's when He's the closest to you.
30:21 He standing close by you.
30:24 It's a groaning, it's like grief.
30:27 You're grieving, He's grieving with you.
30:29 When you cry, He cries with you.
30:31 You see, this is how close our Savior is to us,
30:34 as our elder brother.
30:35 Groanings that cannot be uttered.
30:37 We'll look at those close in a minute, 27.
30:39 "He that searches the heart,"
30:41 that we know one that search the heart,
30:43 "Yes, the one that searches the heart knoweth
30:45 what is the mind of the Spirit,
30:47 because he maketh intercession
30:49 for the saints according to the will of God."
30:52 I'm glad we have someone, right,
30:54 making intercession for us,
30:55 according to the will of God, and not my will.
30:58 We'll be ourselves in a big mess, wouldn't we?
31:00 We turn it over to God, verse 28,
31:02 this is the one that most are familiar with
31:04 is and we know that all things do what?
31:08 Work together for good them that love God,
31:11 and then who are called according to His purpose.
31:15 All things work together for good.
31:17 And you know what? That's not easy.
31:19 People say, "Oh, well, just all things work together
31:21 when someone's died,
31:22 and someone's lost, something..."
31:24 That's not as easy
31:25 as it is quoting in that scripture.
31:28 Think about it.
31:30 That takes faith to believe
31:32 what God has left for us to read, all things.
31:36 And it comes to the point we can't figure out
31:38 why it's happened.
31:39 But we know that God has a plan.
31:42 We can't see all the ins and the outs.
31:44 But we know that God has something to help us
31:46 along the way because He says,
31:48 "By faith, all things work together for good."
31:52 Well, how can good come out of this
31:53 that might be what would say,
31:55 "No, I don't know, but God says it will."
31:57 There's the difference,
31:58 I don't know how He's going to do it.
32:00 I'd like to know sometime
32:02 when things were getting down and out.
32:04 And you're just like, "Just speak to me, Lord.
32:07 Just tell me so I'll know."
32:10 But He says, "All things work together for good."
32:13 You see, Paul here in Romans 8, starting with 18,
32:17 Paul was speaking of something
32:19 that he knew was taking place in his own life.
32:22 He was talking about painful experiences and loss.
32:26 He knew that there was more to come.
32:28 Look what this man had been through.
32:30 See, for suffering loss and going through it,
32:33 we need to look at those who have went through it,
32:34 just like we looked at Job.
32:36 We'll talk about him a little more in a moment,
32:37 if we have time.
32:39 But notice Paul here realized,
32:40 he was going to what he'd been through was brutal.
32:42 But he had more brutal things to go through yet.
32:45 And the end result, he was going to have to die.
32:49 He was going to have to die.
32:51 But you know, how he looked at these things,
32:53 maybe it will help us.
32:55 He began to look to realize that
32:56 while we live on this earth is a short time.
33:00 It's a very short time,
33:01 if you really stop and think about.
33:02 Someone says, "Well, it seemed like
33:04 we've been here."
33:05 It passes rather quickly.
33:07 And so Paul begin to look at and say,
33:08 "This is just a season."
33:10 And so I have to look beyond what's happening right now
33:13 and to the realities of heaven.
33:16 His encouragement was based upon
33:18 as you read through the passage there.
33:21 His courage was based upon the second coming of Jesus.
33:26 Did you get it?
33:27 To encourage that, the encouragement that he took
33:30 from all of what he's going through
33:31 and what he's had to go through yet was based upon,
33:34 I know that Jesus is coming back,
33:37 the second coming.
33:39 And he began to think about Christ power,
33:42 Christ perfect character.
33:44 It was an encouragement to him.
33:46 As Titus 2:13 says,
33:48 "The second coming of Christ is our blessed hope."
33:52 See, if you don't have a blessed hope,
33:54 you're not gonna be able to make it through.
33:55 I'm not going to make it through.
33:57 If I don't see something
33:58 beyond what's going on right now, I'm in trouble.
34:01 If there's not something better
34:02 than what this world has to offer, I'm in trouble.
34:05 If there's something I need to reach out by faith
34:08 and grab a hold of it is the second coming of Jesus.
34:11 This world is soon to pass away.
34:13 Jesus is coming and He promises eternal lie.
34:16 These old things will be passed away.
34:19 How wonderful? What a promise that is?
34:22 And then Paul was looking and thinking in his mind,
34:25 and he said, "Oh, glory be to God,"
34:28 because he realized there in, what?
34:30 1 John 3:2, he said,
34:31 "One day, one day I shall see Him as He is."
34:37 Do you long for that?
34:38 And when you're going through loss,
34:40 it encourage us one day, one day soon.
34:43 I'm not always going to feel the way I do right now today.
34:45 Right now I'm miserable
34:47 and things just not going right.
34:48 But I know what the Word says,
34:49 God helped me to make it through
34:51 for this moment and this day,
34:52 and it will get better in time as time goes by.
34:56 And I'm going to be able to see Him as He is.
35:00 He said, "I'm going to be able to have
35:01 a real revelation of Jesus Christ.
35:03 I'm going to have a real revelation
35:05 of the splendor, and the glory,
35:07 and the eternal realities of heaven."
35:10 Think about that. And the throne of God.
35:12 Read that in Acts 7:9.
35:14 Read that in the Book of Revelation
35:16 21:10 and 11, and 23, and 24,
35:21 where it's talking about the Holy City,
35:23 the New Jerusalem,
35:25 it's talking about the Lamb is going to be there,
35:28 and that the Lamb is the light of that city.
35:30 That gives you hope and encouragement.
35:32 Revelation 22:5,
35:34 "And there'll be no night there.
35:36 There's going to be no sorrow there.
35:37 There's not going to be anything shut away
35:38 from you or for me."
35:41 Paul makes it very, very clear in his writings
35:44 for those who are going through loss
35:46 that the only, the Christian...
35:48 Listen carefully,
35:49 "Only the Christian because of the Word of God
35:54 can explain the mysteries of suffering."
35:57 Did you get that?
36:00 Only the Christian can explain because of the Word of God,
36:04 the mysteries of suffering, sorrow and of loss.
36:09 You know, 1 Thessalonians 4:13 says,
36:11 "Remember, that you sorrow
36:12 not as others who have no hope."
36:15 We have sorrow,
36:17 but it's a different kind of sorrow
36:18 than those who don't know Christ,
36:20 those who have no hope.
36:21 Yes, it hurt. Yes, it's a mess.
36:23 No, we don't want to go through it.
36:26 But think about this.
36:27 We don't sorrow as those who have no hope.
36:30 We have hope that we will see our loved ones again.
36:33 We have hope that God can restore.
36:36 Things may be taken away for today,
36:37 and may be double replaced tomorrow.
36:40 We may have more than we ever had,
36:41 if that's what God wants.
36:43 Nothing's impossible with God.
36:45 You know, ever since the beginning,
36:48 ever since the man and then you had nature,
36:52 creation,
36:53 it's continually been suffering.
36:56 And we realize that suffering is going to continue
36:59 until Jesus comes back.
37:01 Because when the entrance of sin came,
37:03 everything began to suffer, everything began to die.
37:08 And so we realized
37:09 that will continue till Jesus come.
37:11 And we'll thank God
37:12 for the intercession of the Holy Spirit.
37:14 Isn't wonderful, thank God
37:16 for the intercession of that Holy Spirit
37:18 that helps to hold us together.
37:23 The Holy Spirit helps to hold us together.
37:26 This is what we need to be held together
37:29 when we're going in different directions
37:30 and we're not sure which way to go.
37:33 Paul doesn't say and never does he say in the Word
37:37 that the Spirit removes our infirmities, does he?
37:40 You know, sometime I like to say,
37:42 "Well, Lord, just take this away now,
37:43 I don't want to deal with it.
37:44 I don't want to have to go through this."
37:46 Certainly is anyone ever
37:48 kind of thought along those lines?
37:49 I don't need this now.
37:50 I don't need anything else.
37:52 I've heard people say, "I don't want anything else."
37:55 But nowhere in scripture does it say,
37:57 "He's going to take away the...
37:58 removes our infirmities."
38:00 But He helps us and gives us strength to overcome.
38:04 Gives us what we need to get through that valley.
38:08 And man, I'm telling you,
38:09 there's a lot of valleys out there.
38:11 But, you know, if you go through a valley
38:12 and I go through a valley is because God sees that
38:15 I need to go through that valley.
38:17 If heaven is going to be my home,
38:18 that's why I need to rejoice in that valley
38:21 as well as I rejoice on the mountaintop.
38:24 Paul goes on, he says,
38:25 "You know, you don't even know what we should pray for.
38:28 Used a word ought.
38:30 You know what you ought to pray for.
38:32 I always said as a little child, I said,
38:34 "We didn't forget praying then."
38:37 About seven or eight years ago, I forget praying.
38:38 I don't need to pray,
38:40 but I don't know what I need to pray for.
38:41 Why I pray?
38:43 None of you do stuff like that but me I know.
38:46 This phrase should be read.
38:48 We can read it like this
38:49 really in the original language.
38:50 This phrase says should be translated.
38:53 We don't know what we should pray.
38:56 And another is, we don't know how to pray.
38:59 See, said ought
39:01 'cause we don't know what ought,
39:03 but then what was it, come back
39:04 literally pray as it is necessary.
39:08 Pray as necessary.
39:10 Sometimes we don't know necessarily
39:12 because we were too selfish or self centered
39:15 because of our spiritual condition
39:17 we don't know how to pray or what to pray for
39:19 because we can't take self out of it.
39:22 We can't take all that selfishness out.
39:25 We don't know what's best for us.
39:27 But God does know that, the beginning and the end.
39:30 Therefore we have to submit to Matthew 26 tells us 39,
39:35 "Not as I will, but as thou wilt,
39:38 as an end result, suffering."
39:42 Yes, it's going to happen.
39:44 But we need to learn to pray. Why?
39:47 Bible said all things again, what?
39:49 Work together for good.
39:51 You can also translate that,
39:53 see if it makes a little easier to understand.
39:55 I don't know that it will
39:56 and God works all things for our good.
40:00 God does what?
40:01 He works all things for our good.
40:04 How many times have you heard it said,
40:06 "Nothing can touch the child of God,
40:08 except the Lord promises?"
40:10 Anybody ever heard that?
40:12 No, nobody can take,
40:13 nobody take you out of God's hand, right?
40:15 Nothing can touch the child of God
40:17 until you know the Lord gives permission to do so.
40:20 Where do we find that?
40:21 Well, you know, go to the Word of God.
40:23 We were looking in Job Chapter 1 quickly,
40:25 we'll only have five minutes or so left.
40:26 Notice, in the Book of Job,
40:28 we were looking about what Job went through,
40:30 and the loss, and the heartache,
40:32 and how he stayed true to his God.
40:35 You know, if you look at Job 1:12, you'll see this.
40:39 Notice, this you can know for sure
40:42 that nothing happens in your life,
40:44 unless God gets permission, is the way he dealt with Job.
40:48 I think Brother Mark brought that out,
40:49 as we were talking about,
40:51 even in the children's story here
40:52 that God's in control, isn't He?
40:55 He's still in control.
40:56 Notice this here, it says, "And the Lord said," Job 1:12,
40:59 "And the Lord said, "Unto Satan, behold,
41:03 all that he hath is in thy power."
41:07 Think about, all, he said Job, "All that he has, right?
41:10 All the Job has, he's telling to Satan is in your hand.
41:13 That's what power means in your hand.
41:15 Only up on him, put not forth thine hand."
41:18 So Satan went forth from the presence of the Lord.
41:22 So notice this,
41:23 Satan has to have permission to get to God saints.
41:28 Think about it.
41:29 He had to go, Satan had to go to God and say,
41:33 of course God threw Job's name out there to say,
41:35 "Okay, here's a righteous man, now you may go to him."
41:39 But notice what it says, as soon as God said go,"
41:42 Satan jumped out right quick.
41:43 So I want to get him right now.
41:45 But notice in Job 2:6, again, this comes up.
41:49 And the Lord said unto Satan,
41:52 "Behold, He is in thine hand, but save his life."
41:57 Now, the saved right there simply means preserved.
42:02 Notice that, and the Lord said to Satan, behold, what?
42:05 He's in your hand.
42:07 Take Job, he's in your hand, but you cannot take his life.
42:11 God is still in control even in times of sorrow,
42:15 even in times of loss, God is still in control.
42:17 The devil can't do anything.
42:19 And certainly unless we step out on his ground,
42:21 then we're in trouble.
42:23 But when we are God's people, living for Him,
42:25 doing everything we know
42:26 by the grace of God and live for Him,
42:28 nothing happen, nothing touches the apple of His eye
42:31 until He gives permission.
42:32 Praise God for that.
42:34 Desire of Ages, page 471 says this,
42:38 "The history of Job
42:41 has been shown that suffering is inflicted by Satan,
42:46 and is overruled by God for the purpose of mercy."
42:50 God can overrule.
42:52 God can say that's enough.
42:54 God can say that's it.
42:56 If you're His child, or you His child today,
42:58 He certainly promised to help us
43:00 in our time of need.
43:02 We won't have time to finish everything,
43:03 but I noticed there was a lady
43:09 on her deathbed.
43:11 And there's three things word called,
43:15 and held in camp, well known songwriter,
43:20 again, the lover of the Word of God,
43:22 the day that she passed away,
43:24 she called in for the secretary,
43:26 one who worked with her
43:28 and said read the Word of God to me,
43:29 is precious during life has to be precious to the end.
43:32 Read Isaiah 42,
43:35 and the friend began to read it.
43:37 And as the friend begin to read Isaiah 42,
43:42 notice when she came to verse 6,
43:45 the woman said, "Stop."
43:47 Barely a whisper, "Stop."
43:49 It says there that the Lord have called the
43:52 in righteousness,
43:54 and will hold thine hand, and we'll keep thee...
44:00 She said in just a whisper,
44:03 "Called, held, and kept.
44:08 I can now rest in that promise."
44:12 And she died, she fell asleep.
44:15 How wonderful to say,
44:17 "He's called us, He's held us and He's going to keep us."
44:21 How wonderful our time of loss no matter what it is, you know,
44:26 God's promise that He's called us,
44:29 He's going to hold us,
44:30 and He's going to keep us in the palm of His hand.
44:34 You know, as we close the day, I want to pray for you,
44:36 I want you to be praying for us here
44:38 that the Holy Spirit of the Living God
44:39 will touch you, because some of you
44:41 are going through heartache,
44:42 you think you'll never get through,
44:43 but the Word of God here
44:45 just what little we touched on here,
44:46 it guarantees us
44:47 that He's going to see us through.
44:49 Would you like to pray one more time,
44:51 I'm going to kneel up here and just pray for you
44:53 as a Holy Spirit comes into your heart,
44:55 into your life that things begin to change.
44:57 Let's pray right now. Shall we together?
45:02 Merciful Father in heaven, we thank You again
45:03 for Your Word that's encouraged us,
45:06 even at a time of loss when our heart is broken,
45:08 we've been crushed, went into 1,000 pieces.
45:11 We say now, there's no way to get out of this mess,
45:13 You have 1,000 ways.
45:15 We realized that You can come
45:17 into our hearts, in our lives, in our mind,
45:18 You can change us, You can mold us,
45:20 and You can make us after Your image
45:23 that we can look and say, "Oh, lo, this is our God,
45:25 one of these days that He's coming back
45:28 where He's going to save us."
45:30 We pray that You'll keep this hope
45:31 instill in the hearts, and the minds
45:32 of those who are suffering loss right now.
45:35 I pray that they'll look to you and they'd be healed.
45:37 And as I look to You,
45:38 the author and finisher of our faith,
45:40 we know one day soon You're going to come
45:42 and You're going to take the faithful home.
45:43 Bless us we pray to that and give courage, strength,
45:45 and faith in Jesus name we pray and for His sake, amen.
45:49 Hello and welcome back.
45:51 Friends, I pray that the message of Pastor Kenny
45:54 just gave living with loss was something that gave you
45:58 encouragement and hope.
46:00 And isn't it awesome that today I have Pastor Kenny here.
46:04 We're going to talk a little bit more about
46:07 living with loss and some of the other messages
46:10 that are in this wonderful Bible study,
46:12 sharing God's Love: What the Bible has to say.
46:16 And I've been telling you each time we open this program
46:18 that it was written by Brother Richard Bland.
46:20 And Richard Bland is back here to visit with us today.
46:24 Brother Richard, there are people in this world
46:27 that even the loss of loved ones,
46:31 many times there's people
46:33 that aggrieve themselves to death
46:34 because they feel they have no hope.
46:37 So how important was it to get something like this
46:41 into their hands so we can give them hope.
46:43 It was so important that we took upon ourselves
46:47 after doing over 25 million of Bible lesson
46:50 to come up with something that everybody could use
46:54 and get them what 25 question that most people want to know.
46:58 And that's what we did. We went through many questions.
47:01 I mean, that the top 25 that people want to know.
47:04 For example, number one is stress.
47:06 Everybody has stress.
47:08 We put the answers in out of their Bible.
47:10 Every text is out of the Bible.
47:12 So what kind of Bible you have.
47:15 You can use this, it's designed for a Bible.
47:18 The Holy Bible, any kind of Bible
47:20 and that's the reason why
47:21 nobody's turning down and we haven't...
47:24 Right now in America,
47:25 125 million of those are printed.
47:27 So everybody can have one.
47:29 So you can't say you gonna be left out.
47:30 That's right.
47:32 And there's so many wonderful Bible promises.
47:33 When I started the program earlier,
47:36 I quoted actually
47:37 one of your first Bible passages
47:40 that you have on living with loss
47:42 and that was Psalms 147:3.
47:45 And everybody can claim this,
47:47 we claim this and I encourage you to claim this,
47:50 "He healeth the broken heart and bindeth up their wounds."
47:54 There are people that have tremendous wounds.
47:57 We've had disasters with earthquakes,
48:00 we've had hurricanes, we've had fires,
48:04 everything is record setting right now
48:06 because we're seeing the Bible being fulfilled.
48:08 These are the birth pains.
48:10 We're told it's going to draw worse, and worse, and worse.
48:13 We have terrorism on every corner.
48:16 So I think these messages, these lessons
48:19 they need to get out as fast as possible.
48:21 And, Brother Richard, you have another ministry too,
48:24 we're here from Behold the Lamb ministries,
48:25 but you have another ministry.
48:27 Tell us about your ministry?
48:28 Our ministry is United Prison Ministry,
48:30 and United Prison ministry,
48:31 we provide free material to every prison
48:34 in the United States and many foreign countries.
48:37 But let's speak about the United States we are.
48:39 In the United States,
48:41 we now have come up with a system
48:45 where not only the prisoners can learn the Word of God,
48:48 but their family members and they back home
48:50 because we found
48:52 when a prisoner get out of prison,
48:53 if you go back to the same environment,
48:54 in the year or two, he's back in prison.
48:57 So these lessons that you have in your hand are designed
49:00 for them and the family members to get it,
49:02 and we made it so economical
49:04 even though they costs $5 a piece.
49:07 We have designed in so that when they get them in bulk,
49:11 they can save money by even getting just $1 piece.
49:14 Amen. Can you imagine that?
49:15 Good. Yes, I can.
49:17 Twenty five Bible study, you know...
49:18 I can 'cause we bought some and we're giving them away.
49:22 I can really imagine that. Yeah.
49:24 And that's what we want everybody to do is looking for.
49:26 So if you have a doctor, if you have a business,
49:29 you need to get these and put in your office
49:32 for the purpose of letting your customers have this.
49:35 I was just telling them,
49:36 my personal dentist
49:38 who I didn't think was much of a Christian,
49:40 I hate to say that,
49:41 but I didn't know of any church affiliation that he had.
49:44 When he looked at these, he said,
49:45 "You know, I'm glad you put these in my office."
49:48 So much so we only gave him about a couple of hundred,
49:51 but he give me $1,250 down just last week
49:53 because he was so impressed.
49:54 Amen. Amen.
49:56 Now, on top of that another businessman
49:59 that I had never met before,
50:01 he was so impressed with these lessons here,
50:03 he said, you know one thing, he gave me a check,
50:06 you would not guess how much that was for?
50:08 Well? $10,000.
50:10 Praise the Lord. He sent me card.
50:11 I want people to know what this Word of God is.
50:15 So if you out there, you can call this number,
50:18 area code (205) 755-4744.
50:24 I'll repeat that again,
50:25 area code (205) 755-4744.
50:31 Or you can look it up
50:32 United Prison Ministry,
50:36 Either way, or writers us,
50:38 PO Box 8, Verbena, Alabama 36091.
50:43 That's United Prison Ministry or UPMI, and you can get this
50:47 or you can contact Behold the Lamb,
50:49 they have the address here.
50:51 But make sure that you get it and share
50:54 because we found out this, if you want a blessing,
50:56 pass out the lesson.
50:57 Amen. If you want a blessing, what?
50:59 Pass out the lesson.
51:01 And if you care, you will share.
51:03 If you care about your neighbors,
51:05 if you care about your friends,
51:07 if you care about your children,
51:08 if you care about anybody in your family,
51:10 you will share these lessons with them.
51:12 Behold the Lamb.
51:14 That's why we have taken upon ourselves
51:16 to do each and every one of these
51:18 in a one hour Bible study with our viewing audience.
51:22 And, of course, we offer these as well.
51:24 You know, each program is offered for a love gift
51:27 of just $8 or more.
51:28 And when they call in, they're going to get
51:30 at least one of these for free.
51:31 So we have...
51:32 We've just determined we're going to give them away
51:34 for free.
51:35 But I love what you said
51:37 because we're both faith based ministry,
51:38 3ABN is a faith based ministry.
51:41 And as you partner up with any of these ministries,
51:44 you're partnering up with heaven.
51:45 You know that we're told that there'll be stars
51:47 in the crowns of those who just by support
51:51 are enabling those of us who are willing
51:55 to get these messages out
51:57 and into the hands of our friends and our loved ones.
51:59 And Pastor Kenny, you have been...
52:01 This was the fourth in a series of 25.
52:04 Yes. And this was living with loss.
52:06 We've already done stress management,
52:08 defeat loneliness, the healing of sorrow.
52:12 So, Pastor Kenny, why are these important?
52:14 Why should people want to know about living with loss?
52:18 Why would they want to know about how to quit smoking?
52:20 Successful parenting?
52:22 Why would they want to know as I turn the page
52:24 what happens to man after death?
52:27 Or where sin came from?
52:29 Or which day is the Lord day?
52:30 Why would people want to know that?
52:32 Why should they know that?
52:33 Yeah, well, you know, I think we're all in agreement
52:35 that we live in this hour of earth's history,
52:38 where all kind of things are happening in abundance.
52:41 And again, we have to deal with stress,
52:43 we have to deal with sorrow.
52:45 If we live in this world, we're going to deal
52:46 with the issues we were just talking about here.
52:49 And these are issues that kind of
52:51 reminds me like what Christ,
52:52 you know, somebody came asking for bread, or they needed help,
52:56 He helped them first,
52:57 and then He gave them the bread.
52:58 That's right.
53:00 So here, people, we knew,
53:01 there's meat of the Word out there,
53:03 we understand that there's truth in there.
53:05 But people are having to deal with sorrow and grief,
53:08 money issues, stress, suicide,
53:11 you know, all these things are on a hand.
53:13 And so these lessons help us to know how to deal with them
53:16 the way God says we need to deal with them.
53:19 Not how some man might say, but God says in His Word,
53:22 and if we deal with the way God says,
53:23 it's going to work out.
53:25 Amen.
53:26 You know, I have to jump in there
53:27 because you said, I know there's meat
53:29 of the Word out there.
53:30 And I know there's some difficult,
53:32 in fact, I've even asked you sometimes,
53:33 where'd you get that information?
53:34 And I know it came from the Holy Spirit.
53:36 You know, and in my mind, this is meat of the Word.
53:41 'Cause if we don't raise our children properly,
53:43 if our marriages are destroyed,
53:45 if we're destroying our body temple,
53:47 we're all going to be lost.
53:49 You know, you need to have all of these things.
53:52 And sometimes they're overlooked.
53:54 And these are the issues, these are the troubles,
53:57 the stress, the trials that we live by day by day.
54:02 You know, this is our family life,
54:04 how do we do it?
54:05 Is there hope?
54:06 You know, there's many people that have given...
54:08 I mean, think about the thousands
54:10 that we hear of young people,
54:12 young people, teenagers,
54:13 and early teens that are committing suicide.
54:16 They have no home,
54:18 they're not being raised in a Christian family.
54:21 These to me are still meat of the Word
54:23 and I think we need to get the videos,
54:25 we need to get the lessons,
54:28 and you can tell us this is interdenominational,
54:31 every faith can get it.
54:32 They can just look it up in their own Bible,
54:34 there are no commentaries, no man's insertions,
54:37 you didn't put anything
54:39 on what you thought that passage may.
54:40 You didn't even tell us
54:42 what Strong's Concordance meat as well.
54:44 You just let the Bible speak and of course, the Holy Spirit.
54:48 And I believe you encourage people in here
54:50 to pray for the Holy Spirit's guidance, right?
54:52 In fact we do.
54:54 In fact people have asked me, "So what do you think of this?
54:55 I say, "What do you mean I think?"
54:57 God will lead you and guide you.
54:58 In fact, He made you.
55:00 So He knows exactly what it takes for you
55:01 to understand His scripture.
55:04 And like I tell the people in prison, you know,
55:06 over 7 billion people in the world
55:08 and this thing
55:09 that little space on the thumb there,
55:11 is seven over seven billion different prints,
55:13 we got these who is dead, plus those who live now.
55:16 We can thank for bringing the people
55:18 who are already dead.
55:19 But God can do that
55:20 so if you want to know the answer,
55:22 you get on your knees and go to the Lamb of God,
55:24 and He will give you the answers
55:26 of what you're going to find out here.
55:29 In fact, back He said, "There are many stories
55:32 that you're going to need
55:34 because God has designed this for you."
55:35 Not only for you, for those whom you know,
55:38 and your family members.
55:39 That's right.
55:40 And you know if you want to have this hour message
55:43 of living with loss,
55:45 all you need to do is contact us here
55:47 at Behold the Lamb Ministries.
55:48 Our phone number is here
55:50 in the United States at Central Time
55:52 and it is area code (618) 942-5044
55:57 or you may send us an email and that is
56:00 BeholdTheLambMinistries
56:03 Or visit us on our website
56:05 www.Behold
56:10 And, friends, if you want to have
56:12 just the message is going to be offered to you
56:15 for a love gift of $8 or more.
56:17 You can call in and even ask about our sharing price.
56:19 The ladies that answer the phone though
56:21 they'll be happy to tell you
56:22 what the sharing price is all about.
56:24 So if you want to get a group of 10 or 20 DVDs
56:27 and you want to have these Bible studies along with it,
56:31 just call, we'll give you whatever you need.
56:34 And I think this is a good witnessing tool,
56:36 both the DVD, the message,
56:38 and putting these
56:40 you can make these your own personal little ministry.
56:42 So call us, we'll give you
56:44 Brother Richard Bland's information again.
56:47 Or, Brother Richard,
56:48 why don't you just tell us one more time,
56:49 what is your phone number?
56:51 Okay, area code (205) in America,
56:53 (205) 755-4744.
56:57 And we're Central Time too.
56:59 That's (205) 755-4744.
57:04 And I want to also say this,
57:07 or you can put on contact
57:12 Either way or go to our website
57:17 Many things you will find out there.
57:18 And then too, I want to share this with you.
57:20 At the end of these studies here,
57:23 we have over 500 Bible texts of the stories
57:26 in the back of the Bible that you go to immediately.
57:29 In fact, I was talking to a lady just other day
57:31 who grew up a Christian, she said,
57:33 or parents rather, over 55 years old, she said,
57:36 "She loved this, got to keep this as a keepsake.
57:38 So any well-known stories about,
57:40 you can go to it quickly and it tell you
57:42 where's it's found without you going through
57:44 the 773,692 words to find, did you said amen?
57:48 That's right.
57:49 This is a power pack study guide.
57:52 It really is.
57:53 Don't put off tomorrow what you need to do today.
57:57 May our precious Lord continue to bless
57:59 each and every one of you.


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