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00:38 Hello and welcome to Behold the Lamb presents,
00:41 I'm Chris Shelton, your host,
00:42 and I want to thank you for joining us today.
00:45 Today's message is entitled Life After Death.
00:49 It is lesson number 11
00:50 in this wonderful Bible study guide
00:52 that's entitled
00:53 "Sharing God's Love Makes You Happier
00:56 What the Bible Says."
00:58 You know, with so many homes in America,
01:01 we have as many as three, four, five Bibles
01:04 or more just lying around our homes,
01:06 but people really never rarely pick them up.
01:10 We really don't know what's inside.
01:13 Is there life after death?
01:15 Are there hopes?
01:16 Has God left something in His Word just for you,
01:19 just for me?
01:21 You know, a couple of family members
01:23 have approached myself and my husband of late
01:26 dealing with a lot of stress.
01:28 They're stressed out because they keep thinking,
01:31 interesting, both of them, keep thinking about death.
01:35 They know that they're getting older,
01:37 and with all the questionable things
01:39 that are happening in our world today,
01:42 they both have said
01:43 that they just keep thinking about dying,
01:46 and they're not comfortable with that thought, not at all.
01:50 Can you have peace? Can you have a comfort?
01:54 Is there a hope of life after death?
01:57 Before we answer these questions today
01:59 with Pastor Kenny Shelton,
02:01 we're going to visit the 3ABN worship center
02:03 and listen to a song that is entitled,
02:06 "He Hideth My Soul," by Diane Anders.
02:28 A wonderful Savior
02:33 Is Jesus my Lord
02:37 A wonderful Savior to me
02:44 He hideth my soul
02:49 In the cleft of the rock
02:53 Where rivers of pleasure
02:57 I see
03:01 He hideth my soul
03:05 In the cleft of the rock
03:09 That shadows a dry, thirsty land
03:17 He hideth my life
03:22 In the depths of his love
03:26 And covers me there with his hand
03:34 And covers me there with his hand
03:54 A wonderful Savior
03:59 Is Jesus my Lord
04:03 He taketh my burden away
04:11 He hodelth me up
04:15 And I shall not be moved
04:19 He giveth me strength as my day
04:27 He hideth my soul
04:32 In the cleft of the rock
04:36 That shadows a dry, thirsty land
04:44 He hideth my life
04:49 In the depths of his love
04:53 And covers me there with his hand
05:01 And covers me there
05:05 With his hand
05:09 He hideth my soul
05:14 In the cleft of the rock
05:18 And covers me there with his hand
05:26 And He covers me there with his hand
05:48 Thank you for joining us once again
05:49 here at Behold the Lamb.
05:50 As you have already heard,
05:52 you know, there's some good news
05:53 and there's some good news as we study this subject here
05:55 for today is Life After Death.
05:58 So there's going to be some questions
05:59 as we're going to answer from the word of God,
06:01 but, you know, there's many, you don't have these answers.
06:04 And so we want to make sure we get these out to you
06:06 to give you something to think about, give you hope,
06:09 and give you encouragement today.
06:10 You are our encouragement too by the way at Behold the Lamb
06:13 because, you know, of your prayers
06:14 and your support,
06:16 the phone calls, and, you know, the orders, you know,
06:18 just everything that comes in, we praise God for that
06:21 and we praise the God for you,
06:22 continue to pray for this ministry
06:24 as we go around the world giving the gospel message,
06:28 you know, to everyone who hears,
06:30 the people who can watch it,
06:31 they can see it around the world.
06:33 That's exciting, isn't it?
06:35 And really, we're just simply filling
06:36 the gospel commission that has been given to us
06:39 to go into all the world and do what?
06:41 Preach the gospel, teach the gospel, so I mean,
06:44 sometimes I think that we forget
06:46 what awesome opportunity to be able to praise God
06:49 that we have this privilege
06:51 to be able to go into millions of homes that we know not up,
06:54 not until the Jesus shall come, but that's all right
06:57 'cause we know that people are there
06:58 and wanting to hear the message.
06:59 Once again, before we get into it,
07:01 we're going to pray.
07:03 We always pray and we're going to kneel up
07:04 here and I ask you,
07:06 well, you can at home,
07:07 many of you do 'cause you write us
07:08 and you tell us that you kneel with us and have prayer,
07:10 and I'm so thankful for that.
07:11 Those of you who may be going down your road,
07:12 you're listening to CD and so on and so forth,
07:15 you say, "I still pray,
07:16 I'm driving
07:18 but I'm still praying with you."
07:19 We really thank you for that, let's pray, shall we,
07:20 for the Holy Spirit?
07:23 Our Loving Father in heaven as we come before Thee,
07:25 we sense our need of a Savior,
07:28 we sense our need of power that we do not have,
07:30 a wisdom that we do not have,
07:32 understanding that we do not have.
07:35 The Word simply says we come into You
07:36 and You will give it to us,
07:37 and so we ask in faith believing.
07:39 Bless the Word as it goes out, touch every heart, every life.
07:42 Oh, Lord, we give You praise, give You honor,
07:44 and give You glory.
07:45 We thank You
07:47 that what we're talking about today,
07:48 life after death, is so very important.
07:52 Help us to understand it today,
07:53 and we thank You in Jesus' name, Amen.
07:59 So the question simply would be,
08:00 I'll put an is in the front of that question.
08:03 Is there...
08:04 just think with me
08:06 'cause I'm going to challenge you
08:07 with some questions.
08:08 Is there life after death?
08:10 Just think about that.
08:12 Is there something beyond the grave?
08:14 I hear a lot of people say, "No, there's not."
08:16 But is there something beyond the grave?
08:19 Can the question that what I'm asking,
08:21 can it be found in the Word of God?
08:24 Rather than just what men are saying,
08:25 can we go to the Word of God
08:27 and find out the truth on this subject?
08:29 Well, I believe we can.
08:30 And I believe that
08:32 it's going to be very, very clear
08:33 because we'll do line upon line
08:35 and precept upon precept
08:36 here a little and there a little.
08:39 But we must remember when we study this,
08:41 which might be simple for each one of you.
08:44 But it's not simple for millions
08:46 because many, I will say literally millions,
08:48 believe that there is not life after death.
08:52 They believe you come here, you live, you die, that's it.
08:55 Of course, there are many who believe that there is,
08:57 and so we need to take that in consideration.
09:00 Let's begin with a couple of surveys.
09:03 I think it's important that we begin with surveys
09:05 because, again, we're surveying not just,
09:08 you say, "Well, it's just people."
09:10 We're going to survey here
09:12 individuals, pastors, ministers,
09:16 and those who are going to seminaries
09:17 and going to be pastors,
09:19 and listen to what they have to say
09:21 when you ask some of these questions.
09:23 I thought it was very, very interesting.
09:24 Number one,
09:25 survey was taken here of 521 ministers
09:30 and laity 521, survey was taken.
09:34 These questions were asked.
09:35 This, by the way,
09:36 was at the National Convention Council of Churches...
09:41 the National Council of Churches
09:42 held in Miami, Florida.
09:44 So this was a big deal.
09:46 And so they just went around surveying and saying,
09:48 what do you think about this question
09:50 and that question,
09:52 let me give those to you right now.
09:53 So asking some pastors to say this, it says,
09:57 "A little more than half believe that Jesus is divine."
10:02 Only half of the pastors believe that Jesus is divine.
10:07 Did you get it?
10:08 These are out pastoring, these have churches,
10:11 but only about half of them said,
10:12 "Well, we believe that Jesus is divine."
10:15 That means the other half didn't believe He's divine.
10:17 Second question, they were asking, it says here,
10:21 "Only one fourth thought biblical miracles
10:25 literally happened."
10:27 How sad there are ministers, they say,
10:29 "Well, the Bible says there's miracles,
10:32 but we don't believe their literal miracles."
10:34 How sad?
10:35 That gives me hope, doesn't it to you?
10:37 That gives me encouragement to know
10:38 that God worked miracles back then,
10:40 He can work the same today because we need his miracle
10:43 working power.
10:45 How sad if you don't have that hope.
10:47 Third question, "One third declared" and says,
10:50 "that the devil definitely doesn't exist."
10:55 One third of the ministers say,
10:56 "Well, the devil definitely doesn't."
10:58 So that means there must have been several in the valid
11:00 decision thinking, "Well, I don't think he really does."
11:02 They just didn't come out as bold
11:04 as some of these pastors.
11:05 "We don't believe the devil exists."
11:07 Well, you're playing right into his hands,
11:08 you're in trouble.
11:10 He definitely does exist.
11:11 Number four, notice, only 62%...
11:15 This change is in another survey
11:16 in just a minute,
11:17 "62% look forward
11:19 with complete certainty to life after death."
11:23 Well, that sounded pretty good.
11:25 But really, if you think about it,
11:26 every pastor should look with certainty, right,
11:29 100% that there's life after death,
11:32 100% of the pastors says, obviously the devil does exist,
11:36 100% of them also say these miracles in the Bible
11:40 really happened, isn't that right?
11:42 And, you know, 100% I'll just say,
11:44 I believe that Jesus is what?
11:47 I believe He's divine.
11:48 Every one of them ought to say, these are men that's going out
11:51 into the congregation in the churches
11:53 spreading these lies and this poison.
11:55 Think about it.
11:56 That Jesus was not divine, how could He be my Savior.
12:01 Another survey, this was in a seminary,
12:06 you know, where people are going to be pastors.
12:08 Once we talked about were what,
12:10 these were already ministers out there working.
12:13 These individuals were going to the seminary
12:15 because they were going to be pastors very shortly,
12:18 and here's what they said,
12:20 this was printed up in the little magazine book
12:23 called "The Red Book Magazine" several years ago.
12:27 And it came out and said, you ought to know
12:29 what these people going to college to be ministers,
12:32 what they think.
12:34 On this survey, notice what it says here,
12:36 and they sent out they said the top pollster
12:38 or would somebody go out and knows how to poll people
12:41 to make sure they can,
12:42 you know, ask the questions and get the answers.
12:45 Here's what they said interesting,
12:46 "Of the ministers in training,
12:49 56% rejected the virgin birth
12:53 of Jesus Christ."
12:57 That's a lot.
12:58 Seventy one percent rejected
13:01 that there was life after death.
13:04 This was different, 71%,
13:07 that's almost three out of four,
13:08 isn't it, almost?
13:10 Rejected, imagine that, oh, life after death,
13:13 54% rejected the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ.
13:17 How do they have hope?
13:20 We're looking here at hope.
13:21 We're looking at life after death.
13:23 And it certainly has to do with the resurrection
13:24 of Jesus Christ.
13:26 But more than half said, "Well, we don't even believe
13:27 that there was a resurrection of Christ."
13:29 Well, what do they believe?
13:31 What are they studying?
13:33 Notice this here, this will blow your socks
13:35 right off of your feet, notice,
13:36 "Ninety-eight percent rejected
13:39 that there would be a personal return
13:41 of Jesus Christ."
13:43 They're going to learn surely how to preach the Word of God
13:46 and learn what is true,
13:48 98% say we don't believe that He's coming back.
13:54 What's going on here?
13:55 One more just good food for thought here.
13:58 Here's one individual going again to the seminary here,
14:02 and he started out like this.
14:04 He said, "There is nothing..."
14:06 Say with me.
14:08 "There is nothing I can absolutely affirm."
14:13 You'll see where this comes into play in just a minute.
14:16 Asking him a question about doctrine and teaching
14:18 and different things, as studying the Bible,
14:20 he simply says,
14:21 "Man, I tell you, there's nothing
14:23 I can absolutely affirm."
14:25 A 25-year-old student said,
14:27 who was next week going to be awarded
14:29 the bachelor of divinity degree
14:32 from New York's Union Theological Seminary.
14:37 In a few weeks, he was going to graduate and he said,
14:40 "I can't find anything here. I can't find anything."
14:44 So we see the survey, 521 ministers,
14:48 62% said there is life after death.
14:52 And then the next survey said, notice this,
14:54 there was only 29% that said that they believed
14:57 in life after death.
14:59 Interesting.
15:00 And then one soon to be minister,
15:03 one soon to be that's going to go out
15:05 and be on the pulpit,
15:06 teaching supposedly God's people some truth,
15:09 he just simply said,
15:10 "There's nothing I can absolutely affirm
15:13 in Scripture."
15:15 What do you mean?
15:16 It takes when you're talking about here
15:18 or you're talking about a bachelor of divinity degree,
15:21 it takes anywhere from three to five years,
15:25 and some people will advertise
15:27 "Well, we can do in 18 months and some 2 years,"
15:29 but just, you know, just on the general 3 minimum
15:32 and up to 5 years of studying here,
15:36 and he said he couldn't find anything.
15:38 What do you mean he couldn't find anything?
15:42 He couldn't find anything that he could affirm.
15:45 And you realize the courses that they take,
15:48 they take courses such as, and maybe they shouldn't,
15:50 some of them, philosophy.
15:52 We have to be careful about that
15:54 and make sure we gear that up with the Word of God,
15:57 philosophy.
15:58 And they take courses in Bible studies
16:02 during these three to five years,
16:04 they take theology.
16:06 They take ministry courses in ministry,
16:10 they take courses in Christianity.
16:13 They take courses in other people's religion,
16:17 other religions.
16:18 I can remember many years ago I was only maybe 16,
16:21 17 years old
16:22 and I worked at Demaretti Buick-Chrysler Plymouth dealer,
16:25 in West Frankfort after school, high school.
16:28 As soon as I get out, in 5 minutes,
16:30 be in line there and work there till they closed at night.
16:34 But I can remember there was a man there and he...
16:37 Some of you still know, Ron Cummings,
16:39 Pastor Ron Cummings.
16:40 He was going to take theology to be a pastor
16:42 and he became a pastor.
16:45 But he said to me,
16:46 since I got acquainted with you,
16:48 I thought it was very, very interesting
16:50 because I have to write a thesis,
16:52 I have to write on paper on other religions,
16:55 and I'm studying Seventh-day Adventist.
16:58 Interesting.
17:00 They study other religions.
17:04 But here, this poor fellow getting ready to graduate,
17:07 what happened?
17:08 He couldn't find anything
17:10 that he could affirm in Scripture.
17:12 Why would he even...
17:13 Why would he graduate?
17:15 Why would you want it...
17:16 Would you want him as your pastor?
17:18 I don't think, other words, he couldn't...
17:19 anything in scripture, he couldn't find.
17:21 See, that's just baffling my mind.
17:23 I want to go over it, and over it,
17:24 and over it
17:26 'cause I can't get it through my own mind
17:27 that he can affirm one thing in scripture.
17:29 I can affirm a lot of things in Scripture, can't you?
17:35 Life after death,
17:36 let's see what the Bible has to say,
17:38 we're looking at what man's talking about,
17:40 and you know what, so far, I'm discouraged.
17:43 Is anybody with me?
17:45 Little discouraged with some of those answers,
17:46 I'm really discouraged with these answers
17:49 because they will make sure the ones who have
17:51 these wrong answers will be trying to feed them
17:53 to the people all the time.
17:56 Let's see what the Word of God has to say
17:58 about life after death.
18:00 Let's look at Paul to begin with.
18:01 Remember Paul, Paul was coming to life's end.
18:06 He was getting ready to die.
18:09 And so interesting,
18:10 as he was coming to the end of his life,
18:12 even at the end of his life,
18:14 knowing what he was getting ready to go through,
18:16 he was setting an example.
18:18 How would Paul set an example?
18:21 Because as he was going to his death,
18:23 he had people who followed with him.
18:26 They wanted to walk with him and try to encourage him,
18:29 but they were discouraged and they were crying.
18:31 They were all upset
18:33 because what was getting ready to happen
18:34 to their beloved leader.
18:37 And so Paul then began to encourage them.
18:41 He was saying, "Don't get discouraged
18:43 because God has promised in his work,
18:45 there something after this life."
18:48 There's something... what?
18:50 After this life.
18:52 And they couldn't see for the tears and the sorrow
18:55 and we don't want to lose him, many times the way we do,
18:58 not wanting to lose loved ones.
19:01 And so Paul was repeating to them promises in scripture
19:06 that would comfort them and cheer them along the way.
19:09 But he said he wanted to make real sure
19:12 that they understood that these things
19:14 were going to happen,
19:15 especially those who would follow Jesus.
19:18 Jesus, in fact,
19:20 he said it himself win John 15:20.
19:22 He said, "If..."
19:24 notice this, "If they have persecuted me,
19:27 they will..." what?
19:29 "If they persecuted me," he said,
19:31 "they will persecute me."
19:33 Well, they persecuted Me, they're going to persecute you.
19:37 Man, let's...
19:39 but He's going to say,
19:40 don't get discouraged about that.
19:42 All the live godly in Christ Jesus
19:44 shall suffer persecution,
19:45 things are going to happen in this life.
19:47 But don't get discouraged
19:48 because there's a life hereafter.
19:50 This is what Scripture is teaching to us right now.
19:52 Jesus made it clear.
19:55 He began to assure them
19:57 and which we want to be assured today
19:58 that all the promises that God has made in His Word.
20:02 You know, he's going to say
20:04 they're all going to come to pass,
20:05 every one of them, he said.
20:08 He said there'll be difficult times,
20:09 rather may be difficult times hit you.
20:12 There may be things come upon you
20:13 that you can't believe,
20:15 trials and tribulations and temptations.
20:18 You may even come to a point
20:19 that you have to give up something
20:21 that you really like in this world.
20:24 He didn't say it was going to be easy,
20:26 He just said it's going to be,
20:27 but He said this, God is faithful.
20:29 Here's a man that's going to get killed.
20:32 He's going to His execution.
20:34 And he's looking around and says to them,
20:36 "Don't get discouraged, God is faithful."
20:39 How many of us would say that
20:40 if we were on our little last walk,
20:42 you see, to probably get our head chopped off,
20:44 whatever it might be, burn at the stake,
20:46 you know, whatever it might be, shot, whatever it might be,
20:48 but you're going to lose your life,
20:50 and he's looking around them and said, "God is faithful."
20:53 And how wonderful that would be,
20:54 we need to be saying this thing, God is faithful.
20:58 His Word is true.
21:00 One passage of Scripture in 2 Corinthians 1:20
21:03 is just an awesome, awesome passage.
21:06 2 Corinthians 1:20.
21:09 It starts out, "For all the promises of God,"
21:11 do you like this?
21:13 How many of them?
21:14 "All the promises of God in him are..."
21:17 I noticed this, it says, "Are yea."
21:19 What do you mean yea?
21:21 Yea means yes, doesn't it?
21:22 All the promises of God are yes.
21:25 Did you get that?
21:27 They're all yes,
21:28 all the promises of God are truth.
21:31 We're talking about there in the Greek,
21:33 it says all of His promises are truth,
21:37 they're truly, you see, the truth.
21:40 And in Him, amen is what the passage he says.
21:43 And then I love Romans 4:21 says this.
21:47 Romans chapter 4:21.
21:49 I mean, this really magnifies things.
21:52 Notice what it says.
21:53 It says, "What He had promised, He is able also to perform."
22:00 See, this is what He's promised, see.
22:02 He's promised everlasting life,
22:04 He's promised something beyond the grave.
22:07 He's promised and He said,
22:08 "I'm going to keep that promise.
22:10 Everything that I promised to you, I can perform it."
22:13 I like somebody say that, don't you?
22:16 You're going to invest money and somebody's going to say
22:17 I can promise you,
22:19 you're going to get your money back plus,
22:20 come on now.
22:22 This is what we want to hear,
22:23 not you're going to lose everything.
22:25 We're going to think positive here.
22:28 And certainly, you know why we can think positive
22:30 because of James 1:17,
22:32 because the Bible says in James 1:17,
22:35 "With Him," with whom?
22:37 "With God, there's no variableness,
22:39 neither shadow of turning."
22:43 See, that's beautiful, so He's promised it,
22:45 He's not going to change his mind.
22:46 There's no variableness,
22:48 He doesn't get up on the wrong side of the bed
22:49 as it were.
22:51 He's not grouchy, He's not, you know...
22:53 "It's how I feel today,
22:54 so everybody's going to get it."
22:56 Aren't you glad you serve your God,
22:58 who said He loved everybody today, every day, same way,
23:00 all day, every day and never changes.
23:04 That's beautiful. No shadow of turning nothing.
23:08 Christ object lesson, page 148.
23:11 This goes along with some passage of scripture...
23:13 we talked.
23:14 You've heard about the rainbow,
23:16 the rainbow around God and around the throne of God.
23:20 There's a reason for that "Rainbow round about the throne
23:23 is an assurance that God is true
23:27 that in Him there is no variableness,
23:29 neither shadow of turning."
23:31 Aren't you glad about that?
23:33 You say, "Well, I'm not sure about the shadow,"
23:34 we don't have time to go into all that.
23:36 Read Revelation 10:1 if you will
23:39 because there was a rainbow above his head
23:41 if you remember there.
23:43 Revelation 4:3 talks about the rainbow.
23:46 Ezekiel 1:26-28
23:51 talks about the rainbow.
23:52 So we're sure we're talking about that rainbow,
23:54 a promise that God makes to us notice.
23:58 Here's what the article goes on
23:59 Christ object lesson 148 says this,
24:02 see if it's not true.
24:04 It says, "We have sinned against him," right?
24:07 But remember, there's a rainbow around the what?
24:09 The throne.
24:11 It's an assurance that God is true, okay?
24:14 It's true 'cause what He says is true.
24:15 But we've all sinned.
24:17 We've come short of the glory of God.
24:18 But notice that
24:20 we are undeserving of His favor.
24:23 But when we come to Him, and we do what,
24:25 we confess our unworthiness and our sin,
24:30 "He has pledged himself," this is good news.
24:34 "He's pledged himself to give heed to our cry,"
24:37 Lord, I need some help.
24:39 All you have to say is, "Lord I need some help,"
24:41 we forget that day in and day out,
24:43 because the devil hits us little here,
24:46 the children may, you know, come against us,
24:48 the grandkids may come,
24:49 you know, you may go against yourself,
24:51 all kind of things going on,
24:52 we forget that He's only a prayer away, just one cry.
24:56 This is good news.
24:59 And then we have, as we cry to Him,
25:01 we have a high priest, aren't you glad?
25:03 Our high priest.
25:05 You know what it is?
25:06 When we cry to Him, "Lord, I need help,"
25:08 He remembers every promise
25:09 that He's ever made to His people,
25:11 every one of them.
25:12 And He says, "I can perform those.
25:14 I can fulfill those."
25:15 And He says, "You've reminded Me
25:17 of what I promised to you, and I'm going to produce."
25:20 He's ever mindful, the article says, I love it.
25:23 He's ever mindful of His covenant.
25:26 If God makes a covenant with you,
25:28 you make a covenant with God, He's ever mindful every day,
25:31 regardless of how beat up you think you may be,
25:34 or I may be, everything in the world is going wrong,
25:38 God says He's faithful, isn't that wonderful?
25:41 He is faithful.
25:43 Paul said something like this in 2 Timothy 1:12.
25:47 I love this. I love this.
25:49 2 Timothy 1:12, the Bible says,
25:52 "I know and whom I have..." you know this.
25:55 "I know who I have..." what?
25:56 "I know and whom I have believed."
26:00 Then he goes on and says, "I'm persuaded."
26:02 So we need to be persuaded, do we not?
26:06 Not just I know, but I'm persuaded
26:09 in that I love Jesus Christ.
26:11 I'm persuaded that He's coming back,
26:13 I'm persuaded that there's life after death.
26:16 I'm persuaded there's something better going on here.
26:20 This says here, Paul said, "I'm persuaded that
26:22 he is able to keep that
26:24 which I have committed unto Him."
26:26 He's able to keep us safe, He's able to secure us.
26:30 You notice that?
26:31 He's going to watch us,
26:32 that's what we're talking about, keep us,
26:35 He's going to preserve us.
26:37 See, we're preserved every day by the grace of God, aren't we?
26:40 Other than that, we wouldn't be preserved,
26:42 the enemy would take you right on out.
26:44 He'd take me out if he had that opportunity.
26:46 But God is there to preserve us. Why?
26:49 Because we have committed ourselves to Him,
26:52 He's promised to take care of it.
26:53 We're looking at promises.
26:55 We're looking that, God said,
26:56 "I'm going to take care of you."
26:57 And if I said something, then I'm going to fulfill it,"
26:59 so that's what we're leading up to this, we're going here.
27:02 Here is what Paul is saying overall.
27:04 Here he's saying, look here, "I'm looking beyond this world,
27:08 I'm marching now right to death,
27:11 I'm marching on to death,
27:13 but I'm looking beyond the death.
27:14 I'm looking beyond the sword right now.
27:16 I'm looking to another world."
27:18 Man, that's what we have to do even in this life.
27:21 We can't look at the mess
27:22 that sets before us in this world.
27:24 I've got to look beyond this world.
27:25 I've got to breathe beyond this world.
27:28 I have got to hope beyond this world.
27:30 I've got to have faith beyond this world
27:33 because there's nothing here.
27:36 And Paul made it very clear.
27:37 "I'm looking beyond.
27:38 I'm looking to my heavenly home.
27:41 Even though I'm just about to die,
27:42 I'm looking with great joy, and happiness, and expectation
27:47 of what lies ahead."
27:49 So Paul's telling us
27:50 there's something beyond the grave.
27:53 "There's something beyond it
27:54 because I'm not worried about when I die."
27:56 Wow.
28:00 Here soon to be martyred, you think that's not...
28:04 Try to... You can't...
28:05 I don't know, we can't put ourselves in his shoes
28:06 unless it's really there,
28:08 but try to think along
28:09 getting ready marching right now
28:11 to be martyred.
28:14 He doesn't worry about the pain, he doesn't say,
28:16 "Oh, I'm going to make it through that,
28:18 and what kind of a mess it has to be."
28:20 He's looking at...
28:21 He just sees a sword.
28:22 He's not worried about the sword.
28:24 So what?
28:25 Come on.
28:29 Not worried about the pain that he's talking about here,
28:32 but by faith, he looks
28:33 beyond this world to his eternal home,
28:36 isn't that it was all about?
28:37 And I guarantee you everyone that died and martyred,
28:41 you know, when time has passed,
28:42 you ever die for the cause of Christ,
28:45 I guarantee they declared this,
28:47 He is able to save to the uttermost.
28:50 He wasn't worried about that life
28:51 right then there because we're all going to die.
28:55 If Jesus doesn't come, we're going to all die.
28:59 We have to have this hope
29:00 that there's something beyond the grave.
29:03 That's what the Bible said, Hebrews 7:25, right?
29:06 Just read up, "He is able to save to the uttermost."
29:09 I praise God for that.
29:11 John then comes along and he agrees with Paul.
29:14 So we're seeing truth come together
29:16 being John says, this is it, Paul said, this is truth.
29:18 We're starting to get the truth here,
29:20 aren't we?
29:21 He writes in John 6:40.
29:24 John 6:40, and he said, "This is the will of Him."
29:29 I like the way it starts, "And this is..." what?
29:31 "The will of Him that sent me that everyone which..."
29:34 notice this, "Seeth the son," John 6:40.
29:37 And then you have to... not only...
29:38 So you say, "Well, I've seen Him.
29:40 I know He exists."
29:41 That's not enough. That's not enough.
29:43 I've heard people say,
29:45 "Well, I know there's a supreme being."
29:47 That's not enough. Are you still with me?
29:50 That's not...
29:51 It's not enough to say, "I know Jesus."
29:54 It's not enough to say, "I know He exists."
29:56 I've heard people say that, they don't go to church,
29:58 they don't claim anything.
30:00 They're living for the devil
30:01 and they say they're living for the devil.
30:02 But they say, "I believe that
30:04 there's maybe a higher power, something, but I don't know."
30:06 There's something beyond that. That's not enough.
30:08 Jesus said, "Anyone who sees," what?
30:12 Anyone who sees, "Believeth... Seeth the son,
30:15 and believeth on Him, may have everlasting life."
30:20 So you see, you understand,
30:21 you accept Him but then you believe, right?
30:24 Believe on Him. They have everlasting life.
30:26 Notice this, and now actually what John was saying,
30:28 and Jesus said, "Now I will raise him up at the last day."
30:33 If there's not life after death,
30:35 then why are we worried about raising up
30:37 after the last day or after Jesus comes,
30:39 there'd be no need,
30:41 whether if there's no life after death.
30:44 But Jesus proclaimed that.
30:46 He's talking about those who died, life after death.
30:51 Notice Paul here,
30:52 and this is what we have to center on is his life,
30:54 his hope, his dreams, everything was centered around
30:58 the second coming of Jesus and the resurrection.
31:02 I wonder if that's the way and maybe it is for us today.
31:07 I wonder if that's the way it is,
31:08 everything is centered around the second coming of Jesus
31:14 and spending eternity with Him.
31:17 I just wonder if that's going through our minds right now.
31:22 I wonder if we're so excited about
31:24 finally being able to meet Jesus,
31:27 the life giver.
31:29 Being able to put your arms around
31:30 and give Him a big hug and say thank You.
31:32 "Thank You
31:34 because you're the only reason I'm here,
31:35 because I'm not worthy to be here.
31:38 There's nothing I've ever done that makes me worthy,
31:40 can't earn it
31:41 but because of the blood of the Lamb.
31:44 First Selected Messages 300,
31:45 our time's winding down quickly.
31:48 First Selected Messages, 300, listen carefully.
31:52 "If through faith man becomes one with Christ,
31:55 he can win everlasting life."
31:58 There's condition, do you notice?
32:00 What do we need to become? Become one.
32:02 We need to become one with Christ.
32:05 That means we need to be like Christ.
32:07 Look at our life this week.
32:09 Look at your life yesterday,
32:10 or the day before, whatever it might be.
32:12 And this is all for us, self examination.
32:15 No one needs to be examining, judging no one else.
32:17 That's not our job or anyone else.
32:19 But just examine your own self.
32:21 Am I one with Christ?
32:23 Has my life shown that I'm one with Christ
32:26 when I handled this situation?
32:29 Has my life shown that I'm one with Christ when I said or did?
32:36 Everlasting life can be one if we are one with Christ.
32:40 Notice this, you've heard it or read before,
32:42 but all this is always touched my heart when I read,
32:45 "God loves those who are redeemed
32:47 through Christ."
32:49 If you are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb today,
32:52 if you are redeemed, right,
32:55 then God loves you, as he loves his own son.
32:57 That's amazing, man. You've got an end there.
33:01 You've got some pool.
33:05 Interesting, God loves those who are redeemed
33:07 through Christ, even as He loves His own son.
33:10 I couldn't figure that out for the longest time.
33:13 How can He love a mess like me like He loves his own son?
33:18 Oh, I can't figure it out. So, Lord, what is it?
33:21 What a thought.
33:22 How deep can it get to say when God loves us?
33:26 He loves us like He loves His own son
33:28 when we've been redeemed by His son.
33:34 Wow. What power?
33:37 What power is afforded to us than strength?
33:39 How God looks at you as He looked upon Jesus Christ.
33:44 That's all power, isn't it?
33:46 There's no defeat that way.
33:49 And I said to myself, "Well, can God love the sinner
33:53 as he loves his own son?"
33:55 And my answer has to be yes.
33:57 Yes, because not only Spirit of Prophecy says so
34:00 but the Bible says so.
34:02 You say, "Well, where might that be?"
34:03 Christ has said it.
34:05 He means exactly what he says.
34:07 This is what we're trying to prove,
34:08 life after death,
34:10 Christ means what He says,
34:11 He says there's life after death.
34:12 So there must be.
34:15 John 17:26, John 17:26,
34:19 the Bible becomes so clear to us.
34:21 Notice Jesus speaking, He said, "I have declared unto them
34:25 thy name," who's that?
34:27 Jesus said, "I've declared," who?
34:29 "I've declared to them thy name," God's name.
34:32 Notice this,
34:33 "And will declare it that the love," notice this,
34:36 "wherewith thou hast loved me may be in them, and I in them."
34:42 That tells you right then and there,
34:44 God loves us like He loves his own son because what?
34:47 Christ is living within, Christ is inside,
34:50 God loves us because Christ is in.
34:52 Man, that's beautiful.
34:54 Man, that's deep.
34:56 I'll never get to the bottom of that one.
35:00 God honors those who obey Him.
35:04 Obedience, obedience, obedience,
35:06 that's what it is in Scripture.
35:07 Over and over and over, and most of the...
35:09 the world says and other churches will say,
35:11 "We don't have to worry about being obedient.
35:13 We don't have to obey
35:14 all your legalistic, all your...
35:18 I mean, somebody needs to wake up
35:19 because scripture over and over and over
35:22 talks about, "We love Him, we want to obey Him."
35:26 You know, you can go passage after passage,
35:28 we won't do that because of our time,
35:30 but I think of the one that's in Jeremiah 7:23.
35:33 Jeremiah 7:23.
35:35 He said, "I want you to obey my," what?
35:37 You remember? "My voice and I will be," what?
35:41 "I'll be your God, and you will be my people."
35:46 Did you notice?
35:47 "Obey my voice, then I'll be your God,
35:51 then you'll be my people."
35:53 Not before while you're in disobedience.
35:56 You're not God's people, I'm not God's people,
35:58 as it were, a person, can't be unless I obey His voice.
36:08 And then He goes on to end of that verse,
36:09 He says, "And then I'll be with you."
36:12 That tells me He's not going to be with me
36:14 if I'm disobedient.
36:15 He can't be.
36:17 He'd still love me, he'd still be working in my behalf.
36:18 But He can't do
36:19 what he wants to do in my behalf
36:22 because I'm rebelling against Him.
36:24 You remember that in the book of Psalms 18:18-22.
36:30 Psalms 18:18-22,
36:33 David was saying something brilliant here.
36:36 Regardless of his life, and where he was at,
36:38 and when this happened, and that happened,
36:40 just listen to these words, they're amazing.
36:43 We all look in this life, we look for rewards.
36:47 We like think there's more than that,
36:48 we look at heaven, that's gonna be a reward.
36:50 We're thinking about it and we want...
36:51 we look on our car, we go buy something,
36:53 "Oh, I got 100 points in my rewards.
36:58 I'm gonna cash in my rewards,
37:01 my reward points."
37:04 Here's what David said,
37:06 he said, "The Lord rewarded me,"
37:09 Psalms 18:20:22.
37:11 "The Lord rewarded me according to my righteousness."
37:15 Now if anybody knew about this, David knew it.
37:18 We don't have any, what?
37:19 Righteousness within of our own.
37:22 It's the righteousness of Christ,
37:23 we're rewarded
37:25 because we have the righteousness of Christ.
37:26 Because when God looks at us, He sees Jesus rather than us.
37:30 That's why he loves us.
37:31 Oh, this is wonderful when you think about it.
37:34 And then David went on and said,
37:36 "According to the cleanliness of my hands
37:39 both He recompensed me."
37:42 Notice this, why...
37:43 How did he get rewarded?
37:45 He said, "For I have kept the ways of the Lord,
37:49 I've not done wickedly,
37:52 not wickedly departed from my God.
37:56 For all His judgments were before me,
37:58 and I did not put away his statues from me."
38:02 His laws.
38:04 He said, "God rewarded me
38:05 because I did not put away His laws from me."
38:08 Statutes, laws, Ten Commandments.
38:11 People putting away, yeah,
38:12 the Ten Commandments out of the way and asked,
38:14 I think God's going to reward them,
38:15 he can't reward you in disobedience.
38:17 He can't reward me in disobedience.
38:21 Man, just look at it truthfully
38:22 and, you know, the mama said,
38:23 if the shoe fits wear it, if it don't,
38:25 then don't worry about it.
38:28 I've asked the question before, I asked it again.
38:30 When does a human...
38:32 Really as a human being, we're pretty much worthless.
38:34 What are we worth?
38:35 If we dissect the body and get rid of what we have,
38:37 $2 or $3 in it, brother, what we're made out of,
38:40 go back $2 or $3.
38:42 But when does a person really become a worth something?
38:45 When do I become valuable?
38:48 When do you become valuable?
38:50 Think about it.
38:52 We become valuable when we accept Jesus Christ
38:55 as our Lord and Savior.
38:57 What do you mean?
38:59 Without Christ, we're really not valuable at all.
39:02 When Christ comes in, we're very valuable
39:04 because all of heaven was given, right?
39:08 Through Jesus Christ, all of heaven was given.
39:11 Priceless gift was given for us.
39:14 And we invite Him to come in, we're priceless
39:18 because of who he is.
39:20 It's...
39:21 that's good news.
39:24 When we just simply accept that sacrifice,
39:27 we have light and we have life.
39:32 And then through faith, we become one with Christ.
39:35 Oh, isn't that wonderful?
39:37 And then we can win everlasting life.
39:40 Jesus said in John 6:35, moving along,
39:42 15 minutes or so, stay with me.
39:44 John 6:35 says this, this is so familiar.
39:48 "Jesus said, I am the bread of," what?
39:50 He said, "I am the bread of life.
39:52 He that cometh to me shall..." in no what?
39:54 You're not gonna get hungry.
39:56 "He that believeth on me shall never," what?
39:58 "Thirst," and it goes on. Jesus said, "Just come to Me."
40:02 This is what we need to be doing today.
40:04 The world has a problem after problem after problem.
40:07 We're going everywhere except toward Christ.
40:09 We're going away from Christ.
40:10 He said, "Come unto Me, I'm the bread of life.
40:13 Come and chew on me for a little bit,
40:15 come and taste and see if I'm not good.
40:18 And you'll never hunger again.
40:20 Come, and I'll give you something to drink,
40:21 you'll never thirst again."
40:23 But see, what we say we want all those things, but do we?
40:26 Do we really want these things?
40:28 Do we really want some kind of life after death?
40:30 Or we want to just believe that we're here and we die,
40:32 and that's it, and there's nothing else.
40:34 On John 6:35, Spirit of Prophecy,
40:38 Christ's Object Lesson makes this comment
40:40 on John 6:35, listen to this comment.
40:43 "We are to draw constantly from Him,"
40:45 does that make sense?
40:47 "We draw constantly from Him, partaking of Him,
40:49 the living bread that came down from heaven.
40:52 If we keep the..." I love this.
40:54 "If we ever keep before the Lord."
40:57 Notice if we ever keep Him before us...
41:00 If we ever keep him before us, did we get that?
41:03 We say it enough, we're going to get it.
41:05 Here is the condition,
41:07 if we ever keep Jesus before us,
41:10 didn't say behind us,
41:11 didn't say to the right, didn't say to left.
41:13 If we ever keep Jesus before us, notice this,
41:16 "Allowing our hearts to go out
41:18 in thanksgiving and praise to Him,
41:20 we shall have a continued freshness
41:24 in our religious life."
41:25 You want your religious life
41:27 to be fresh or just old, stale, nothing.
41:29 I want it fresh, don't you?
41:32 Fresh bread, not day old bread, day old donuts,
41:34 whatever might be, I want it fresh.
41:36 But the only way I can keep my experience
41:38 rich and deep and fresh
41:40 is if I ever keep Him before me.
41:43 If you can tell in the Christian's life
41:44 when Jesus is not ever before them,
41:46 it's because they get stale.
41:49 They begin to do things they shouldn't be doing.
41:51 You know that.
41:52 We can't possibly get stale
41:54 if Jesus has ever before us and we're looking to him,
41:57 we're beholding the Lamb of God.
42:00 Many look to the world
42:02 to give them some kind of satisfaction
42:04 as you will know.
42:06 I tell you today,
42:07 they're looking in the wrong direction.
42:08 The world cannot give you anything
42:10 but some kind of temporary falsehood
42:12 that the enemy will drag it right out
42:14 from under your feet.
42:17 All that can satisfy the needs
42:20 of my life and of your life today,
42:22 the longing of the human soul.
42:24 See, there's something in the soul
42:26 that's longing for something different
42:27 or something in me that longs
42:28 for something different than what this world offers.
42:31 How about you?
42:33 Or something inside,
42:34 there's always longing for something different
42:36 than what's offered to us in this life.
42:40 I think that's a good...
42:41 that's good.
42:43 That's the Holy Spirit working,
42:44 and we're looking for something else.
42:45 We're looking for something outside of us.
42:47 We're looking for Christ.
42:50 Life after death.
42:54 As mentioned before, life after death,
42:56 many believe that's just it, you live you die
42:59 and then nothing beyond the grave.
43:00 But I'm telling you, the Bible says differently.
43:04 In Paul's day, you wonder why he wrote the way
43:06 he wrote some time.
43:08 But I'm figuring out more and more
43:09 as I read and study the Word of God,
43:11 he wrote because there was questions
43:13 that people had in his day.
43:16 And he was inspired by the Holy Spirit
43:17 to write these things down,
43:19 not only for them but for us today.
43:21 Some people believed in Paul's day,
43:24 they sure believed that
43:25 Christ was coming, in Paul's day.
43:27 I mean, they had this hope.
43:29 They had this fire burning inside their gut.
43:31 Are you still with me?
43:32 They had a burning inside their mind and heart.
43:34 Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming.
43:36 And then as time went on,
43:37 some slip in the grave, some died.
43:39 And then they began...
43:41 You know, there's other people,
43:43 they thought they were going to see Jesus coming,
43:44 we're not gonna be able to see Jesus coming.
43:48 It's impossible to see Jesus come,
43:50 this is what they thought.
43:52 If we die, then that's it.
43:55 We won't get to see Jesus
43:56 coming in the clouds with glory.
43:57 So Paul writes these encouraging words.
44:01 He says, "Regardless of whether you're alive
44:03 or whether you sleep,
44:05 when Jesus comes,
44:07 the righteous will be able to see Him
44:10 coming in the clouds."
44:11 Revelation 1:7, "Every eye shall see it.
44:14 Behold He cometh with clouds, every eye shall see Him."
44:17 You see these are the promises, there's something after death,
44:21 there's something here, something we can't,
44:23 oh, don't miss it.
44:25 Jesus comes in the clouds.
44:27 He said, "You're not going to miss it
44:30 if you're righteous and you're sleeping."
44:33 And so under inspiration,
44:36 Paul pinned these words that are so...
44:39 I said...
44:40 I think they read, I think more than maybe
44:42 in all the other verses.
44:43 In here, I'll try to find it right now.
44:45 1 Thessalonians chapter 4,
44:48 it's one of my favorite verses in scripture.
44:51 1Thessalonians 4:13-18.
44:55 I believe it's... Yeah, 3-18...
44:56 13-18.
44:58 These are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful verses.
45:01 It gives you hope that there's something, where?
45:03 Something beyond the grave.
45:05 There's hope here.
45:06 1 Thessalonians 4:13,
45:09 "But I would not have you to be ignorant,
45:11 brethren, concerning them which are," what?
45:13 "Asleep, that you sorrow not,
45:15 even as others who have no hope."
45:17 This is good.
45:19 "For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again,
45:21 even so them also which sleep in Jesus
45:24 will God bring with him."
45:26 Verse 15.
45:28 "For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord
45:30 that we which are..." what?
45:32 "Alive and remain," notice this,
45:34 "Unto the coming of the Lord, shall not prevent them
45:37 which are asleep."
45:38 It says even though you're asleep in Jesus,
45:40 you're still gonna be raised up in time to be able to see Him
45:42 coming in the clouds of glory,
45:44 the people in Paul's day didn't know that,
45:46 he was comforting them, as in comfort to you.
45:49 Verse 16 says,
45:50 "For the Lord himself shall descend
45:52 from heaven with," what?
45:53 "With a shout,
45:54 and with the voice of the archangel,
45:56 and the trump of God, and the dead in Christ
45:57 shall rise first.
45:59 And then we which are," what?
46:01 "Alive and remain be caught up
46:03 together with him in the clouds,
46:04 to meet the Lord in the air,
46:06 so shall we ever be with the Lord.
46:09 Therefore, comfort one another with these words."
46:11 There's something beyond the grave here.
46:13 There's something going on here.
46:15 Even if we rest and we die, don't worry about that.
46:18 We want to make sure we're one with Christ
46:20 when we go into that grave.
46:21 We guarantee we're going to come up
46:23 so that we're not prevented.
46:24 So we'll see Him coming in the clouds of glory.
46:26 Why? Because we died in that hope.
46:28 We died with that encouragement.
46:30 We want to see Jesus coming in the clouds of glory.
46:32 We want to be caught up to meet Him in the air.
46:35 Oh, I tell you how wonderful that promise is.
46:38 The promise is sure.
46:40 The righteous will hear the trumpet sound.
46:43 They will respond.
46:45 They're going to put on immortality
46:47 at the coming of the Lord to meet Him in the air.
46:49 This, my friend, is life after death.
46:53 In fact, Jesus tells us, He's prepared a place for us
46:55 to live quickly.
46:57 Isn't that interesting?
46:58 If there be no life after death,
47:00 why would Jesus,
47:02 you know, inspire man to write down John 14:1-3?
47:06 You know, "Let not our hearts be troubled, right,
47:08 believe in God, believe also in Me.
47:10 In my Father's house," what, "are many mansions.
47:12 If it were not so, I would have told you."
47:13 He said, "I go to prepare a place for you."
47:15 Why would He go prepare a place if there's no life after death?
47:20 It'd prove the Bible to be a fallacy, wouldn't it?
47:22 A lie.
47:23 But He said, "No.
47:25 I prepared a place for you. Your name is over the door.
47:27 Man, don't miss it."
47:29 Do you think about that?
47:31 Your name is written, I believe, on the doorpost,
47:34 over the door.
47:35 It's your house.
47:37 "I prepared a place for us, especially for you.
47:39 Man, don't miss it."
47:42 Paul writes these words
47:43 of, certainly, encouragement.
47:47 And it encouraged me today,
47:49 it encouraged the people back then I'm sure.
47:54 "I'm coming back,"
47:58 for us today.
47:59 We don't want to miss that, do we?
48:01 Jesus said in John 17:3, John 17:3.
48:06 He said, "This is," what, "this is life.
48:10 This is," what,
48:11 "this is life eternal
48:13 that they may know Thee
48:15 the only true God and Jesus Christ,
48:17 whom Thou hast sent."
48:22 Everything that Jesus ever said,
48:24 anything that Jesus ever did while He was here,
48:27 you know, there was a purpose.
48:30 What would that purpose be?
48:32 I believe He wanted to fasten the word truth
48:34 to each one of us.
48:36 He wanted us to know what is truth.
48:37 He wanted to put that truth
48:38 in the minds of every follower of His.
48:41 Why? So they might be saved.
48:44 He wants us to love the truth, and know the truth,
48:47 and then to follow the truth that we might be saved
48:50 because He told us, right, in Luke 19:10.
48:53 Did He not say?
48:55 He simply said He came to teach us
48:57 or He came to what?
48:58 "Seek and save those which were lost."
49:01 The whole purpose of Christ coming is to seek
49:03 and save those who are lost.
49:06 There's life after death. He's coming.
49:08 He's seeking us, right?
49:10 He said, "I've got something better for you."
49:13 We want to make sure that we, by faith, grab ahold of that.
49:15 Philippians 1:20-21 says this.
49:19 Philippians 1:20-21.
49:22 Five minutes or so, stay with me.
49:24 "So now also Christ shall be magnified in my body,
49:28 whether it be in life or by death."
49:30 Philippians 1:21, "For me to live," remember it's Paul,
49:32 "For me to live," what,
49:34 "is Christ and to die is gain."
49:37 He's saying there's got to be something after this life.
49:39 Did you get it?
49:40 There's something after it because even if I die,
49:42 it's going to be gain.
49:44 It's going to be better when Jesus comes.
49:47 How does a person magnify Christ?
49:53 How would you magnify Christ?
49:56 Wouldn't it be one way by simply
49:58 making the Lord great in the mind
50:01 and the eyes of other people?
50:03 Lifting up His name be,
50:05 you know, if I be lifted up from the earth,
50:06 making Him great to other people?
50:09 We magnify Him.
50:11 Paul's talking about, "I could magnify Him in life
50:12 and magnify Him even in death."
50:15 Says how is that in life?
50:18 By our witness, what we do,
50:21 our activities could magnify,
50:24 right, to tell about Jesus, goodness,
50:26 and His love and death by trusting in Jesus
50:29 and His promises of a future life, life after death.
50:34 And of course, we know that we leave our influence.
50:38 Even after we're gone, we're dead, and buried,
50:41 our influence lives on.
50:42 You know that.
50:44 A good godly life goes a long way.
50:46 The Bible says in Revelation 14:13, it simply says,
50:49 "And their works do follow them."
50:52 Revelation, what, 14:13.
50:54 "And their works do follow them."
50:58 Influence.
51:00 Paul said, "For me to live is Christ."
51:03 And I have to ask today, really,
51:05 for you to live or for me to live, is it Christ?
51:08 If not, why not?
51:11 Paul rested in assurance of having eternal life
51:14 because he said, "For me to live is Christ
51:16 or Christ living through me."
51:20 Think about it.
51:21 Those are awesome, powerful words.
51:25 He was so bound up in Christ.
51:27 And I invite you today to be bound up in Christ
51:31 of what we do and what we say,
51:34 our plans that we have, our hopes,
51:37 our thoughts, everything centered in what?
51:40 In Christ.
51:43 That's what Colossians 3:3-4 tells us.
51:45 Quickly. It says.
51:47 "For ye are dead..." Colossians 3:3-4.
51:49 "For ye are dead and your life is hid with Christ in God."
51:54 Colossians 3:4.
51:55 "When Christ, who is our life, shall appear,
51:58 then shall ye also appear with Him in glory."
52:00 There's life after what? Life after death.
52:03 He said because you're going to appear with Him, where?
52:05 In glory.
52:06 When He comes, praise God,
52:08 our life has to be hid in Christ.
52:11 We can be assured there's life after death.
52:14 Paul tells us about this.
52:15 We don't have time to go in through it.
52:17 You know, He's coming back.
52:19 We just need to get ready for that great day.
52:21 Paul, he talks about death, and remember, it's a mystery.
52:23 So I'm gonna show you a mystery,
52:25 which means simply a secret thing.
52:28 If we should die or if we fall asleep,
52:31 do we have the hope that heaven will be our home?
52:34 That might be the question for us today.
52:37 Are we prepared
52:39 for the finishing touch of immortality that will be given
52:43 to each and every one of us?
52:44 Are we really prepared for that day?
52:45 We think we are, we talk it, but are we really?
52:48 Just have a heart to heart between you and God.
52:51 Are you really, today, right now, today,
52:53 are we ready to meet the Lord in the air?
52:56 Read 1 Corinthians 15:51-55 when you have time.
53:00 Read 2 Corinthians 7:1.
53:03 And these give you such encouragement and such hope
53:06 because we all... 2 Corinthians 5:10 says,
53:08 "We all must appear
53:10 before the judgment seat of Christ."
53:13 I tell you this, my friends, wealth and position and title,
53:16 they're powerless to gain favor with God.
53:19 Let's not be today, in our last few seconds that we have,
53:23 let's not be as Paul was pleading.
53:26 Here was Paul in Acts 24 and 25,
53:29 Paul was pleading for Felix.
53:33 He was pleading for him to give his life to Christ.
53:37 And what did Felix say?
53:39 There was a Bible study going on,
53:40 there was something going on, the Holy Spirit was working.
53:43 And Paul was pleading for the life of Felix.
53:45 And Felix simply said what?
53:47 "When I have a more convenient
53:50 season, I'll call for you."
53:53 If you ever had that working with somebody in Bible study,
53:56 they'll say, "I can't make the decision right now.
53:58 But little later on,
53:59 next month, next week, next year,
54:00 I'll be able to do this right here."
54:02 Oh, friend, notice, convenient season is right now.
54:05 It's not later.
54:07 Notice, he said, "I'll call for you."
54:08 He never did call for him again.
54:11 He rejected his very last offer of mercy.
54:15 Never was he ever to receive another call from God.
54:18 That was his last call. God help us.
54:21 There's life after death, my friend, don't miss it.
54:24 Whatever you do, don't miss it.
54:26 It's not worth it.
54:28 We're going to have closing prayer
54:29 and we'll probably go out with prayer
54:31 with about 15 seconds left.
54:32 Let's pray for those who are making that decision right now.
54:34 Father in heaven, I thank You for Your word.
54:36 I thank You for the power that You afford to Your word.
54:38 Now for those who are making that decision,
54:40 right now, there is life after death.
54:43 And I want to make sure I see You
54:44 when You come in the clouds of glory.
54:45 And I thank You and praise You. In Jesus' name, amen.
54:50 Hello and welcome back, friends.
54:51 Oh, how I hope and pray that that has given you such peace,
54:56 such encouragement, such hope, and direction for your future.
55:00 We've got to get our Bibles out and we've got to dust them off
55:04 by taking time to study them on a daily basis.
55:08 And in closing, I want to share with you a story
55:12 about a personal friend that Jesus had
55:14 while He was living here on this earth.
55:16 And that's the story of Lazarus.
55:19 Let's read from the book of John 11:21-25.
55:24 "Then said Martha unto Jesus, 'Lord, if thou hadst been here,
55:28 my brother had not died.
55:30 But I know that even now,
55:33 whatsoever thou wilt ask of God,
55:35 God will give it thee.'
55:37 Jesus said unto her, 'Thy brother shall rise again.'
55:41 Martha saith unto him..."
55:43 Friends, you see, Martha knew her Bible.
55:46 She knew the scriptures.
55:47 She went on saying,
55:49 "I know that he shall rise again
55:51 in the resurrection at the last day.
55:53 Jesus said unto her,
55:55 'I am the resurrection and the life.
55:59 He that believeth in me, though he were dead,
56:03 yet shall he live.'
56:05 " Jesus is our life.
56:07 He's our hope.
56:08 He's our direction. He's our everything.
56:11 He's the breath that we breathe moment by moment, day by day.
56:16 He longs for us to believe and accept Him.
56:20 And in doing so, we may face death not in fear
56:24 but knowing that when our eyes open again,
56:26 our first sight will be that of seeing our Lord
56:29 and Savior Jesus Christ.
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57:53 May our precious Lord continue to richly bless you and yours.


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