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Our March Back to the Vatican Part 2

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00:38 Hello and welcome to Behold the Lamb Presents.
00:41 I'm Chris Shelton, your host.
00:42 I wanna thank you for joining us.
00:44 Today's message is entitled,
00:46 "Our March Back to the Vatican," part two.
00:49 If you were with us in part one,
00:50 you learned much of the Bible's depiction
00:53 of the Vatican.
00:54 How the persecuted Christian church fled
00:56 from the Vatican's clutches
00:58 and became known as Protestants.
01:01 You also learned the prophecy
01:02 that the Vatican would receive a deadly wound,
01:05 but that deadly wound would be healed,
01:08 and the whole world, including Protestants
01:12 would again wonder after this power.
01:15 Pastor Kenny also provided evidence
01:17 that the Vatican's authoritative agenda
01:20 is still the same as it was before her deadly wound.
01:24 And as she continues to gain worldly power,
01:27 she will once again push to legislate precepts
01:32 that she has instituted,
01:34 claiming that she has the right to change times and laws
01:38 that God Himself instituted.
01:42 Friends, there is still much to uncover,
01:45 so that in so much as possible,
01:47 the very elect shall not be deceived.
01:51 It is time that we continue to study
01:53 to show ourselves approved unto God.
01:55 But before we join
01:57 Pastor Kenny Shelton for part two
01:59 of this important message entitled
02:01 "Our March Back to the Vatican."
02:04 Let's visit 3ABN and be blessed
02:07 by an inspiring and appropriate song
02:09 entitled "In Christ Alone"
02:12 as sung by our dear sister,
02:14 Yvonne Lewis-Shelton.
02:33 In Christ alone my hope is found
02:39 He is my light, my strength, my song
02:44 This Cornerstone, this solid ground
02:50 Firm through the fiercest drought
02:53 And storm
02:54 What heights of love, what depths of peace
03:00 When fears are stilled, when strivings cease
03:05 My Comforter, my All in All
03:10 Here in the love of Christ I stand
03:23 In Christ alone, who took on flesh
03:29 Fullness of God in helpless babe
03:34 This gift of love and righteousness
03:39 Scorned by the ones He came to save
03:44 'Til on that cross as Jesus died
03:49 The wrath of God was satisfied
03:54 For every sin on Him was laid
04:00 Here in the death of Christ I live
04:26 There in the ground His body lay
04:31 Light of the world by darkness slain
04:36 Then bursting forth in glorious day
04:42 Up from the grave He rose again
04:46 And as He stands in victory
04:52 Sin's curse has lost its grip on me
04:57 For I am His and He is mine
05:03 Bought with the precious blood of Christ
05:15 No guilt in life, no fear in death
05:21 This is the power of Christ in me
05:26 From life's first cry to final breath
05:31 Jesus commands my destiny
05:36 No power of hell, no scheme of man
05:41 Can ever pluck me from His hand
05:49 Till He returns to take me home
05:55 Here in the power of Christ I'll stand
06:00 No power of hell, no scheme of man
06:05 Can ever pluck me from His hand
06:15 Here in the power of Christ
06:24 I'll stand
06:37 Praise the Lord. Good to have you here.
06:39 Welcome to Behold the Lamb.
06:40 You've already heard our message for today.
06:42 I think it's really exciting.
06:43 This is part two of Our March toward the Vatican.
06:47 Think about it, March toward the Vatican.
06:49 Is the world turning toward the Vatican?
06:52 Are we following in the footsteps
06:53 of the Vatican,
06:55 rather than following in the footsteps
06:56 of Jesus Christ?
06:57 That's what we're going to learn more
06:59 about here in part two.
07:00 First of all, we're going to pray
07:01 as we always do.
07:03 Again, we welcome, we're glad you're here
07:04 with pencil and paper.
07:06 I'm going to talk about moving fast.
07:07 I praise God.
07:08 And I ask Him that we can move fast today,
07:10 but yet we can understand
07:11 because there's so much material
07:12 just had to just get just little tidbits,
07:14 and I pray that it'll be exactly what
07:15 the Holy Spirit will need to get in your heart
07:17 and your mind and your life.
07:18 I'm gonna pray with you,
07:19 for if possible just kneel with me
07:21 and pray together.
07:22 Loving Father in heaven,
07:23 thank You for the privilege of prayer.
07:25 Thank You that we can call upon You.
07:27 Lord, we believe in You.
07:28 We believe in the power of prayer.
07:29 We believe the Holy Spirit can come
07:31 and make these little simple words
07:34 that man may say,
07:35 but you can put them in the hearts
07:36 in the lives of us to see the importance of the hour
07:39 in which we live that Jesus is coming.
07:41 We need to be ready for that coming.
07:43 The way has been prepared.
07:45 You have revealed what's going to take place
07:47 what is taking place so that we can be ready
07:49 so we don't miss
07:50 the grand coming of Jesus Christ.
07:51 Thank you, Lord, for hearing and answering prayer,
07:53 minds open, hearts open,
07:55 things of the world shut down now,
07:57 as we spend time with You in Jesus' name.
07:59 Amen.
08:01 You have your Bibles, turn with me
08:02 to Book of Revelation 13, if you will.
08:04 Just gonna read one verse,
08:06 love to read them all, every time.
08:07 This is a second part of the March to the Vatican.
08:11 So there's be lot of things that we won't cover again,
08:13 we covered in the first part,
08:15 and we did previous to that
08:16 about the events that are taking place
08:18 in the world that we can relate to the coming of Jesus
08:21 and what is happening and taking place.
08:23 I'll say it now if I don't get to it,
08:25 the pieces of the puzzle are in place right now
08:29 before the Sunday laws
08:31 and we need not be embarrassed, ashamed about it.
08:33 I'm gonna use as I told you last time,
08:35 I'm gonna talk about Protestants.
08:38 We're gonna talk about Catholics.
08:39 We're gonna talk about
08:40 maybe those who are not on fire,
08:42 maybe those who are on fire.
08:43 What we need to do to prepare what's happening in the world,
08:46 what's taking place with our leaders
08:47 in the government,
08:49 and maybe our spiritual leaders.
08:51 Have your Bible to Revelation Chapter 13.
08:53 I'm going to read just verse 14,
08:55 Revelation 13:14,
08:58 I always say, this is what the Bible says.
09:00 Do you like to hear that?
09:01 This is what the Bible says.
09:03 This is the rule of our faith right here.
09:07 We need not try to mince about it,
09:08 try to fuss about it.
09:10 Because the Bible said in verse 14
09:11 of Revelation 13, it say,
09:13 "And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth,"
09:16 who is deceiving those who dwell on the earth?
09:19 The devil, the enemy,
09:20 "by the means of those miracles,"
09:21 we're gonna see more and more of that.
09:23 We're seeing them now.
09:24 People saying, that's proof that is truth.
09:25 It's not the enemy is working.
09:27 We have tried everything, right, by the Spirit,
09:29 by the word of God.
09:30 Notice, "By the means of those miracles
09:32 which he had power to do in the sight of the beast,"
09:34 who is the beast?
09:36 The papacy, somebody go ahead and say,
09:38 don't be ashamed, don't be embarrassed.
09:39 We'll look at it closer as we go along in here,
09:42 because over and over, you can see it
09:44 Revelation 13:1-10,
09:46 we can identify the papacy, the beast
09:48 without a shadow of a doubt,
09:49 and Revelation 13:11-18,
09:52 United States in Bible prophecy.
09:53 Boy, I wish we had time to go into all of that,
09:55 but notice what it says, saying to the beast,
09:57 saying to them that dwell on the earth
09:59 that they should make an what?
10:01 An image to the beast.
10:03 Now here, here's the key,
10:04 which had the wound by the sword and did live.
10:08 You notice how it said that in Revelation 13:3.
10:11 reminds us again
10:14 about that wound that was healed.
10:15 In Revelation 13, what is it?
10:17 14 I think it says the same thing
10:19 about the wound that was healed,
10:21 so that we need not make any mistakes
10:23 to know who and what we are talking about here to reveal.
10:27 It's time, it's past time.
10:30 Because we see a so-called religion
10:32 in the world today that is a false religion
10:35 because it is not based upon Scripture.
10:38 Not individuals, I say again, God knows every heart.
10:41 I'm no judge about anything.
10:42 I'm just looking at the Word of God.
10:44 The Word of God says, these are My people,
10:46 they hear My voice and then they what?
10:48 They follow, they hear and they follow.
10:50 But when you find out if a church
10:51 has all these doctrinal beliefs,
10:53 and they're not founded on the Word of God,
10:56 there's trouble.
10:57 You can't really say that's religious.
10:58 You can't say that's a Christianity,
11:00 because it's to be Christlike, isn't it?
11:02 Not trying to be difficult,
11:04 but isn't it time that sometime we wake up
11:05 to the fact to say, "Well, this is real." Is it?
11:09 Is it a real Christian faith,
11:10 we'll follow what the Word of God
11:12 has to say in His Word.
11:14 That's Revelation 13:14.
11:16 Keep that in mind as we move right on.
11:18 I'm gonna read something here
11:19 from the Review and Herald quickly,
11:21 December 18, 1888,
11:23 this was said, notice this, I like this.
11:25 "As the time is coming
11:27 when the law of God, in a special sense,
11:29 is to be made void," in where?
11:31 "In our land.
11:32 The rulers of our nation will, by legislative," what?
11:36 "Legislative enactments enforce the Sunday law,
11:40 and thus God's people
11:41 will be brought into great peril.
11:44 When our nation, in its legislative council..."
11:48 How's the Sunday law is gonna be?
11:49 It's gonna be passed what?
11:50 Legislatively, right?
11:52 By our government, notice this,
11:54 "Shall enact laws to bind the conscience of men
11:57 in regard to their religious privileges,"
12:00 notice, "enforcing Sunday observance
12:02 bringing oppressive power to bear against those
12:05 who keep the seventh day Sabbath.
12:07 The law of God will," listen carefully,
12:09 "to all intents and purposes,
12:12 be made void in our land,
12:14 and then we have national," what?
12:16 "Apostasy which will be national apostasy
12:19 will lead to" what?
12:20 "By national, will lead to national ruin."
12:23 Once that sign into effect, we are in trouble plenty.
12:27 But changes you said,
12:28 well, I'll try to get on the ball
12:30 when I see this happening.
12:31 If you don't see it happening now,
12:32 more likely you're not going to get on the ball.
12:34 Please keep that in mind.
12:36 Notice something else right here,
12:37 history will be repeated.
12:39 This comes from the Signs of the Time,
12:41 May 6th, 1897.
12:44 Notice what it says, "History will be repeated.
12:46 The false religion will be exalted."
12:49 Did you get it?
12:51 "The first day of the week, a common working day,
12:53 possessing no sanctity whatsoever
12:56 will be set up as was the image at Babylon.
12:59 All nations and tongues and people will be commanded
13:02 to worship this spurious Sabbath."
13:04 Do you see how...
13:06 Oh, this is again very, very plain?
13:08 Now what do we do as a people?
13:10 Notice what we do as a people here
13:12 found in Review and Herald,
13:13 January 1st, 1889.
13:16 This just makes common sense.
13:18 This is what gets under my skin and maybe gets under yours
13:21 because I feel like we then as God's people
13:22 need to be in battle.
13:24 We need to fight this thing.
13:25 We're not gonna sit idly by
13:27 and let the man of sin do what he's doing
13:29 without that word in due season.
13:32 Spirit of Prophecy says this,
13:34 "Let not the commandment keepers,
13:37 keeping people of God be silent at this time,
13:40 as though they were gracefully accepted the situation."
13:44 Did you get it?
13:45 "There is a prospect before..."
13:46 Somebody is not gonna get this.
13:48 I want somebody to get this, please get this.
13:52 I'm saying, I can't do is just beg and plead,
13:54 somebody listen how this is going to get
13:57 because the Bible says so
13:59 and the Spirit of Prophecy says so.
14:01 We have two sources,
14:03 the main word source is the Word of God,
14:05 the great light.
14:06 The lesser light says the same thing.
14:08 Are you still there?
14:10 It said, "The prospect before us, is us,
14:13 of waging a continuous war.
14:16 We're doing what? We must wage a continuous war.
14:19 Notice this, at the risk of somebody, listen,
14:22 at the risk of imprisonment, of losing property,
14:26 and even life itself to defend the law of God
14:30 which is being made void by the laws of men.
14:33 That's pretty plain.
14:35 If we can't see that the law of God
14:36 is made void right now,
14:38 right by the law, by men today, something,
14:41 I'm just gonna say something's wrong with us.
14:43 We're not in the Word, we're not studying.
14:44 We're worrying in the world. We got our nose in the world.
14:46 We got our nose stuck in the world.
14:48 You see, and we need to have get it out of the world
14:51 because right now,
14:52 right this moment that we're living in,
14:54 the devil is working behind the scene
14:56 to make void the law of God,
14:58 which he's tried to do in heaven, did he not?
15:00 He came down this earth.
15:02 He's doing the very same thing right now.
15:04 We need to be aware of that.
15:05 Notice all the people of God,
15:07 this is found in Review and Herald,
15:08 August 9th, 1906."
15:11 All the people of God are now to stand
15:14 on the platform of," what?
15:16 "Truth, good,
15:17 as it has been given in the third angel's message."
15:21 When I say, I'm sickened by a group of people
15:23 who don't believe in giving three angels' message anymore.
15:26 For those who know, if you know what I'm talking,
15:27 I am not talking about people who don't understand.
15:29 I'm talking about,
15:30 I must say Seventh-day Adventist basically,
15:32 who understand we should be giving
15:34 the three angels' message.
15:36 We have to give that entirety.
15:37 We don't tone it down, we don't water it down,
15:39 we don't sugar it down.
15:41 Now's the time to give it with the most powerful and high
15:44 is that Revelation 18:1,
15:45 "Angel is coming down right now
15:48 to give power to the Word of God."
15:50 Listen, notice, I mean, how all the people of God
15:53 were to stand on the platform of truth
15:56 where you've got to know what truth is.
15:58 We've got to react to the truth.
15:59 We got to let the truth come in to convert us and to change us.
16:02 But we have to sense that in our hearts and in our life.
16:05 And it focuses around giving the third angel's message
16:08 or the three angels' message.
16:09 One of them is warning against the what?
16:11 The mark of the beast.
16:13 The mark of the beast will be, let's just get it out.
16:17 Let's just get it out,
16:19 the mark of the beast will be
16:20 when the Sunday law is passed will,
16:22 that mark of the beast is Sunday worship?
16:24 Did anybody get it?
16:26 It's not now
16:27 because it's not been passed as a law yet.
16:30 But it is for many
16:32 who understand the truth of the seventh day Sabbath.
16:34 Brother Mark, we don't, you don't have to worry
16:36 about a Sunday law.
16:38 If you are a Seventh-day Adventist
16:39 and you understood the truth
16:40 and you said okay, I stand for this truth
16:42 and then some reason you bowed out,
16:43 you went a different direction.
16:45 You're going to different things.
16:46 You are held accountable
16:48 because you knew, you see, you don't need a Sunday law.
16:50 Other people, Sunday law is gonna waken them up
16:53 to the event, the oh-oh.
16:54 And think about when we're saying this right now,
16:56 people are gonna say, we're talking about prophecy,
16:58 we're talking about things
16:59 that's going to happen in the future.
17:01 When you see it take place,
17:03 you need to go ask these people, right?
17:05 This is going to be our opportunity
17:07 to be awake as a church
17:08 and because people are going to come and say,
17:10 "How did you know that?
17:11 You preached that before it ever took place?
17:13 This is why it needs to be said right now.
17:15 So people will come and they will listen.
17:18 Oh, we've gotta be focused right now
17:21 because what is it?
17:22 The Sabbath is the great test, is it not?
17:25 The Sabbath is the great test of the people, notice this,
17:28 will have to take before they are sealed.
17:31 I know there's some little difference
17:33 you got to think about it here.
17:34 Spirit of Prophecy talks about here,
17:35 we're talking about written in Letter 11, written in 1890.
17:42 Notice this,
17:43 "This is the test that the people of God
17:45 must have before they are sealed."
17:47 What is it? It's a test on the Sabbath.
17:50 Did you get it?
17:51 "When after the law is passed,
17:52 all who proved their loyalty to God
17:54 by observing His law,
17:56 refusing to accept a spurious Sabbath,
17:58 that's Sunday,
18:00 will rank under the banner of the Lord God Jehovah,
18:03 and will receive the seal of the living God."
18:06 Listen, "Those who yield the truth..."
18:08 And there's many are yielding the truth every day.
18:11 You know what they understand this truth in Sabbath keeping.
18:13 They don't want to do it because of their job.
18:15 They don't want to do it because of their family.
18:16 They don't want to do it
18:18 because of various different reasons.
18:19 They want to live like the world
18:20 and in the world and have the world.
18:22 I'll tell you what?
18:23 The devil wants you to have it too.
18:25 So just keep it saying, I want it, you get it.
18:26 Let me read all my lines of love.
18:28 "Those who yield the truth of heavenly origin
18:31 and accept Sunday as Sabbath
18:33 will receive the mark of the beast."
18:35 Is that pretty simple?
18:37 That's simple. That's very simple.
18:39 Why people don't want to talk about it?
18:41 Because you have a lot of good people love Jesus
18:43 with all their heart.
18:45 We realize they go on that day, we realize it,
18:46 they've always thought, you know why?
18:48 I tell you why.
18:49 Because the papacy got involved.
18:50 And they did what?
18:52 They changed the Sabbath to the Sunday,
18:53 the first day of the week, for over 1000 years
18:57 before there ever was a Protestant.
19:00 Over 1000 years
19:01 before the Protestants could come up at you,
19:03 that's just the Baptist and Methodist Church of God,
19:07 all these other folks that we see weren't in being,
19:09 they weren't here.
19:10 And the papacy changed it while they could.
19:12 And naturally after 1000 years,
19:14 you think it's not covered in a bunch of, may I say trash?
19:17 Is that all right?
19:19 Garbage, we'll get more bold maybe if we need to.
19:23 And here we need to see what's...
19:24 That's why people don't know
19:25 and they haven't heard and their grandpa and grandma
19:28 and great grand and all and forth,
19:29 they never heard of it.
19:31 But God said in these last days,
19:33 there will be people those gonna bring it
19:34 to the forefront.
19:35 Praise God for that.
19:37 Amen.
19:39 I mean, this is the time, think about it.
19:41 We march to the Vatican, every delusion,
19:45 at least in my opinion, every delusion
19:47 that's now being brought in.
19:49 The plainest truths that can be taught
19:51 in Scripture and God's Word
19:54 is covered what I just talked about
19:56 is a bunch of manmade theories.
19:58 See, man has covered God's truth
20:01 and God says to His people uncover these truth.
20:05 And we must do that.
20:06 How do we think that we can go on
20:08 and not uncover these truths?
20:09 Because, well, do you know,
20:11 our sister may get mad at us
20:13 or our brother may get mad at us.
20:14 You know,
20:16 well, you don't force anything on anyone
20:17 but they'll come a time
20:19 God will give you that opportunity
20:20 to give that truth to them
20:21 if they're open and they want to hear that.
20:24 Be praying for that.
20:26 Deadly errors,
20:27 why are we talking about this subject?
20:29 Because there's deadly errors are presented as the truth.
20:33 Did you get it?
20:34 Deadly errors are being presented
20:36 by the dozens and the hundreds in most churches today,
20:39 let's be honest.
20:41 And there's a lot of, means in Adventism too.
20:43 I don't let Adventism get out.
20:44 People say well, because you're one you gonna.
20:46 No, I want to hit it on.
20:47 I'm gonna hit the nail on the head
20:48 if that's the way it is.
20:50 We've got to do it because the Bible said
20:51 call sin by its right name,
20:53 where they be in the church or outside,
20:54 did you get it?
20:56 One or the other we have to do that
20:57 because God asked us to do that.
21:00 Deadly errors presented as truth.
21:03 Oh, and you know why?
21:05 And then as they present these errors,
21:06 then they're going to pass laws
21:07 to try to make us to accept them.
21:10 What will you do?
21:11 Most of you, bless your heart, you know,
21:12 you can't come to church when there's no, you know,
21:14 no kind of pressure or anything applied.
21:16 You want to sleep in,
21:18 you want to do everything else to do,
21:19 besides come and fellowship and learn the hour
21:22 in which we are living right now.
21:24 Think about it,
21:25 you think that you're gonna get on the ball
21:26 when you see that it might cost you your life,
21:28 it might cost you some jail time.
21:30 You think you're gonna do a thing?
21:32 Not if you're not preparing right now.
21:33 That's gonna be my thought on that, okay.
21:35 You've got to be preparing right now.
21:37 We find the simplicity we talk about,
21:39 simplicity of true godliness.
21:42 Notice the simplicity of true godliness
21:45 is buried against,
21:47 we're talking about buried by beneath tradition.
21:50 Did you get it? And I call tradition trash.
21:53 Is that okay? Amen
21:56 Tradition is trash. Amen.
21:59 I need more than someday who want to per say amen.
22:02 Tradition is trash.
22:05 Millions will be lost
22:06 because they believed in trash tradition.
22:10 We know where tradition came from.
22:11 I'm just talking about we got to be frank about this
22:13 if it's all right.
22:15 Let me just read two passages right quick.
22:16 I made big statement.
22:17 What does the Bible say?
22:19 Matthew, verse 15,
22:21 Matthew 15:6, the Bible said,
22:24 "Thus you have made the," what?
22:26 "The commandments of God
22:28 of non effect by your tradition."
22:31 What have you done with the God's law,
22:33 but because of tradition you've made of non effect.
22:36 People don't think we have to keep it.
22:37 You don't need to do anything with it.
22:39 You don't need to worry about it.
22:40 It's what Jesus comes back and said, Matthew 15:9,
22:43 you know this well,
22:45 "But in vain do they worship Me,
22:47 teaching for," what?
22:48 "Doctrines the commandments of men."
22:51 Jesus says, "It's in vain that you worship Him,
22:54 teaching for doctrines the commandments of men."
22:56 So if men are saying this is truth,
22:58 and this is what we think now on this,
23:00 we've changed it to this now.
23:02 Jesus says, "I don't accept that kind of homage.
23:05 I don't accept that kind of worship.
23:08 It's made null and void by your tradition."
23:11 This is why we need to talk about it in my opinion.
23:14 This is why it needs to be going about, you know,
23:17 like a wildfire among Seventh-day Adventist too
23:20 as well as the whole world, we understand that.
23:23 These issues are and they will continue
23:25 to affect us and to affect the world
23:28 that we live in.
23:29 Joseph Mede, anyone familiar with Joseph Mede?
23:31 Yes.
23:32 An Anglican Puritan, wasn't he?
23:35 And you know what?
23:36 He gave some wonderful insight about not only in his day,
23:40 but he gave some insight about our day.
23:43 You know what he was talking about?
23:45 There's some years ago
23:46 we're talking with the colonies,
23:48 and America was just beginning,
23:49 he was seeing a lot of things and he wasn't quiet about it.
23:53 He continued, he was concerned
23:55 with the situation at that time.
23:57 We call him with the Turks or Muslim.
23:59 Did you get that? The Muslims.
24:01 He was concerned about it and he said,
24:03 he said that Muslim is a false religion.
24:06 And he spoke plainly about Islam.
24:08 It's a false.
24:10 And he said, you know what?
24:11 It is the enemy of Christianity.
24:13 See, that's pretty heavy duty back then
24:15 because you certainly lose your life
24:16 for making that kind of a statement.
24:18 Islam is an enemy of Christianity,
24:21 but then he got bold and he said,
24:22 now, wait a minute here.
24:24 Now look, notice this.
24:26 He said, there's something else here.
24:28 But the main battle he said of the church
24:31 was against the harlot system of Rome.
24:36 What happens to the church?
24:38 Does you what he said, "Man, Islam, that's bad news."
24:41 He said, right here,
24:42 "Man, it's gonna be enemy of the church,
24:43 but I'll tell you what's worse to the church."
24:45 He said, "It's the false harlot system of Rome."
24:49 Man, that was heavy duty.
24:51 So we today must be aware of what's going on.
24:55 We must be aware of what power
24:58 is surging up right to the front right now
25:01 and the world is wandering after
25:03 with glassy like eyes.
25:05 They can't see it for what it is.
25:08 Somebody needs to be telling them,
25:09 don't you think so, what's going on right now?
25:12 The Great Controversy on page 560 says this,
25:16 "Jesus before us in the hour of temptation,"
25:19 notice it says,
25:20 "which shall come upon the world
25:21 to try them that dwell upon the earth."
25:23 So just before us is the hour of what?
25:26 Of temptation that shall come upon the world to try them
25:30 that dwell upon the earth."
25:33 Notice this, you can read that in Revelation 3:10.
25:36 Notice, "All whose faith is not firmly established
25:40 on the Word of God will be deceived and overcome."
25:44 How is your faith?
25:46 Think about it, yes, everybody. How's your faith today?
25:48 Is it really established upon the Word of God?
25:51 If not, we will be deceived and overcome.
25:54 Great Controversy again, page 580 says,
25:56 "History testifies
25:58 to her artful and persistent efforts
26:01 to insinuate herself..."
26:03 Who is this talking about? Talking about the papacy.
26:06 Notice it, "History testifies
26:08 to her artful, persistent efforts
26:10 to insinuate herself into the affairs of nations,
26:14 having gained a foothold, to further her own aim,
26:18 even at the ruin of princes and people."
26:21 Did you get it? Have you seen it today?
26:23 What's the papacy been doing?
26:24 What's Rome been doing?
26:25 Insinuate, pushing itself into the forefront in what?
26:28 Not only just church or religious
26:30 as it were activity, but in politics.
26:32 We're gonna prove that,
26:34 all kinds of things in here we have time to get into,
26:35 it'd be more to blow your mind wide open
26:38 of what's happening that we just don't,
26:39 we just say well, okay, we see it, we understand.
26:41 This is signs of the time. This is prophecy.
26:45 Great Controversy 581 says this, we're talking about here,
26:47 "She," which is Rome we're talking about here,
26:50 "is silently growing into power.
26:53 Her doctrines are exerting their influence
26:56 in legislative halls,
26:59 in the churches and in the hearts of men."
27:02 See, we realize they're infiltrating.
27:03 Do we get it? We're in the legislative hall.
27:06 You see that the Vatican is pushing
27:08 toward that legislative action?
27:10 Are they going to the highest sources of the world?
27:11 They're going to the government, the lawmakers?
27:13 Absolutely.
27:14 Are they pushing their power as it were
27:16 into the churches today to believe what they've set up
27:19 a tradition they say is the truth.
27:21 My-my, he is pushing himself in the hearts of men.
27:25 Because men's hearts you see,
27:27 they look and see the pope and they see different wonder,
27:29 saying, "Wow, this must be something to this."
27:33 We need to look closely at these issues.
27:37 Now we know,
27:38 more and more we see so called Protestant America
27:41 joining together with Roman Catholicism.
27:43 Have you seen America and Rome coming together?
27:47 I'm talking about life and death issue.
27:48 You miss all these things here and you can't put it together
27:50 when it comes to pass,
27:52 you might as well just wave goodbye.
27:55 I can't say it any plainer than that.
27:56 I'm not trying to be ugly about it,
27:58 but I'm telling you, it's serious issues
28:00 that we're talking about.
28:01 What?
28:03 Protestants and Catholics are coming together,
28:05 Rome knows how to do it.
28:06 Rome knows how to good, let's do this
28:09 for the common good of the world.
28:11 And then you feel like you're not very good
28:13 if you don't accept what they're a little common,
28:16 get you on the common things
28:17 and then they're gonna get you on the other.
28:20 Notice that they hawked that in,
28:21 joining together for this...
28:24 Save the world, have you heard that?
28:27 Protestants and Catholicism are joining together.
28:28 It sounds good on the surface,
28:30 but you need to know
28:31 what's underneath and what's behind it.
28:34 You know there's some houses
28:35 that look good on the surface.
28:38 But when you begin to crawl underneath that house
28:40 or somebody with me,
28:41 crawl underneath that house and you get look at
28:42 all the termite damage underneath it.
28:45 You look at the structural faults
28:47 of the footing and the foundation,
28:48 you don't have much of a house there.
28:52 They call it, they're coming together
28:53 to save the world.
28:55 We could call this if we want to,
28:56 a cultural battle if we want to do.
28:59 We can call it a coming together
29:01 for a common cause.
29:02 Are you still there?
29:04 Such as, we've mentioned it several times
29:06 the global warming thing,
29:08 the feeding of the hungry, inequality.
29:12 These are good on the surface, they may be,
29:14 even fighting communism, which a papacy has done.
29:18 These things I've mentioned here,
29:19 that's what they've been doing for a longer time
29:21 to get us feel that we all join together
29:23 for a common good
29:24 and but they call interesting in some of the writings
29:26 they call the common good is Sunday observance.
29:31 Yeah, coming together for the common good
29:35 part of represent is Sunday sacredness.
29:38 So a law needs to be passed.
29:39 We need to have our minds in tune
29:41 with what's going on here.
29:42 Hopefully we can discuss that a little more as we go.
29:46 Fighting these things seem good on the surface,
29:48 but we must not forget Rome.
29:52 We must not forget where Rome came from.
29:54 And we need not forget where Rome is headed
29:57 and for the whole world, remember that.
29:59 See, some of us don't get this
30:01 that the pope thinks that he is the religious head
30:04 of every church,
30:05 your church that you go to.
30:07 The church is that our church here?
30:09 He said, he's the head of all the pastors,
30:12 all the priests and all the elders,
30:14 he's the head over all of them.
30:17 We know he's not.
30:18 But he claims that and so he's trying to reclaim
30:21 his little prostitutes and his little harlots,
30:24 who have left the mother church,
30:26 and he's trying to draw us back.
30:29 The papacy is the one that tried
30:31 to squelch the reformation, as you well know,
30:34 because they were being exposed.
30:36 And today, we need to do more exposing.
30:40 Great Controversy 563 says this.
30:44 Now, how do we think about Rome today
30:46 in the Catholic Church
30:48 and I've seen TV specials on this and says what?
30:50 Well, Rome's not the way that it used to be.
30:52 It's different. It's changed, and we accept it.
30:55 How many of here, we accept it now more than
30:57 no matter what happened in the past,
30:59 I don't understand that.
31:00 Now, Great Controversy said this many years ago.
31:03 Listen, "Romanism is now regarded by Protestants
31:07 with far greater favor than in former years."
31:11 But my question comes back to you,
31:12 has Rome really changed?
31:15 See, we're looking at all these things
31:16 going on in the world right now.
31:17 Has Rome really changed?
31:19 Or does Rome have an agenda that's going to include you
31:22 and me and the world and those
31:23 who especially honor the seventh day Sabbath,
31:26 the God of creation?
31:28 It's going to do it as I stand here.
31:30 It's going to happen, it's going to take place.
31:33 Great Controversy 571 says, "The Roman Church now,"
31:36 notice, "presents a fair front to the world,
31:40 covering with apologies,
31:41 her records of horrible cruelties."
31:43 Many years ago,
31:44 it would never admitted that their Dark Ages,
31:47 killing between 50 and 100 million Christians,
31:50 feeding them to the lions, tearing up their children,
31:53 doing all this here
31:54 just because they would not accept the Catholic Church,
31:57 is that simple enough.
31:59 You didn't accept their rules and their regulations,
32:01 this is what happened to you.
32:02 They want that power again, not only in the church,
32:05 they want it in the government,
32:07 and they're coming back to rule the world.
32:09 If you and I are gonna sit back
32:11 and let them do it, we've got to expose
32:14 what Bible said we got to do it.
32:15 We can't sit back right now.
32:17 Notice, covering with apologies reading
32:19 on her record of horrible cruelties.
32:21 "She was clothed herself with a Christlike garment,
32:26 but she is unchanged.
32:28 Every principle of the papacy
32:30 that existed in past ages will be" notice,
32:34 "exists today."
32:35 Did you get it?
32:36 Everything, now when you say, but why, what?
32:39 Let's prove it.
32:41 How can we say,
32:42 well, they have, they said they've changed
32:43 and they put documents out and we've changed.
32:45 We're sorry for what has happened,
32:46 what is taking place,
32:48 but the Bible is clear, they have not changed.
32:49 The Spirit of Prophecy is clear that they have not changed.
32:52 You know, how you'll find out.
32:54 You say, we not read not only from Spirit of Prophecy,
32:56 not only from the Bible,
32:57 but what, from their own writings.
32:59 Notice this,
33:00 how does the church apologize for her deeds,
33:02 her horrible deeds in times past
33:04 when she boasts of infallibility.
33:08 How can you apologize for something
33:10 when you say we're infallible, we don't make mistakes?
33:14 Something's crooked here.
33:17 Something's dirty.
33:19 Something's hidden underneath the rock here
33:20 needs to be brought out.
33:21 Great Controversy 50 says it, page 50,
33:24 "It is one of the leading doctrines of Romanism
33:26 that the pope is the visible head
33:28 of the universal church of Christ,
33:31 invested," notice it,
33:33 "he's supposed to be invested with supreme authority
33:35 over bishops and pastors."
33:36 You heard me saying that while ago, notice it,
33:38 "In all parts of the world.
33:41 More than this,
33:42 the pope has been given the very titles of Deity.
33:46 He has been styled 'Lord God the Pope'
33:50 and has been declared infallible.
33:54 He demands homage of all men."
33:57 Did you get, he demands what?
33:59 Homage of all men around the world,
34:02 this is what they've been working at.
34:04 Ever since they lost their power,
34:06 the deadly wound,
34:07 you remember us reading a passage, what was it?
34:08 Revelation 13:3, 12, 14, deadly wound was healed.
34:12 We are at the time,
34:13 I'm talking about the deadly wound was what?
34:15 Deadly wound is healed
34:16 and all the world wonders after the beast,
34:18 they follow after the beast in the footsteps
34:20 by accepting some of their dogmas,
34:22 their traditions, their falseness, that lies.
34:26 God doesn't teach that from the Word of God.
34:28 He said the seventh day is a Sabbath
34:29 of the Lord thy God.
34:30 Naturally, that's just one of them we understand.
34:32 Listen carefully please to this,
34:34 same claim, you say,
34:36 well, that sounds different to me.
34:37 The same claim was put on Jesus when He went to the wilderness.
34:42 Do you remember that?
34:43 Of temptation.
34:45 Remember what devil said,
34:47 "If you'll just bow down and worship me,
34:50 I'll give you the world." Remember?
34:52 That's what the devil says today.
34:53 I'll give you the world and everything in the world.
34:56 Because he says the world...
34:57 He said the world his is, but you know what?
35:00 Ever since Calvary I beg to differ with you.
35:03 Ever since Calvary, Jesus dying on the cross,
35:05 he won back the world for us.
35:08 Ain't that wonderful?
35:09 And certainly has salvation in mind
35:11 for each and every one of us, I wonder.
35:13 So the devil is lying again. Why?
35:14 'Cause he can't tell the truth.
35:16 And how's the devil work?
35:18 He works through organizations, he works through people.
35:20 He didn't come out with his ugly head down
35:22 and show you what he is really like.
35:24 Because you'll say,
35:25 "Well, I want nothing to do with that."
35:26 He put on what? We read while ago.
35:28 He puts on like an angelic garb,
35:29 he puts on like a robe of, you know,
35:31 of goodness and righteousness.
35:33 And therefore we say, well, I heard people say,
35:35 well, they're Christian, they're Christian.
35:37 If they're Christian, they do the things
35:38 that Christ would do.
35:39 If they do that not what Christ would do,
35:41 they're not Christian.
35:42 I'm not good. Okay. You got that?
35:44 But the Bible talks about it in this.
35:48 Great Controversy, 564 on infallibility.
35:51 Notice this,
35:53 "So far from being relinquished,
35:55 this claim was affirmed in the 19th century."
35:58 Oh, that long time ago,
36:00 "19th century with greater positiveness
36:02 than ever before.
36:04 As Rome asserts that the church never erred,
36:09 nor will it according to Scripture, ever err."
36:13 So how can you apologize for something
36:14 and say we never did err though?
36:20 You've got to think this thing through
36:22 because it means we'll have to make decisions.
36:27 We have to make decisions when we hear these things.
36:30 That comes from, now listen,
36:32 that comes from their own writings.
36:33 Did you get it?
36:34 We do not err nor have we ever erred.
36:38 That comes from the Institute of ecclesiastical history
36:41 book number three, interesting century two,
36:44 part two, chapter two, section nine, note 17.
36:47 Now, it's too much.
36:49 Nobody will get that
36:50 but that came from their own writings.
36:52 Did you get it? See, a change is taking place.
36:53 This is what concerned me.
36:54 There's a change that's taken place.
36:57 But now who's, but who changed?
36:59 Who has changed?
37:00 Great Controversy 571 says, notice this,
37:03 "It is not without reason that the claim
37:05 has been put forth in Protestant countries
37:08 that Catholicism differs less widely
37:12 from Protestantism than in former times."
37:16 Notice this, "They said there's a change."
37:18 So the Catholicism is what?
37:20 They say it's changed.
37:22 Has it really changed?
37:23 Who has changed?
37:25 "But the change,
37:26 we have to look at the change is not,
37:28 you know, in the papacy."
37:31 Think about it.
37:32 "Catholicism," notice this,
37:34 "indeed resembles Protestantism now."
37:39 Did you get that exists why?
37:41 "Because the Protestantism is so degraded,
37:44 it is so lowered since the days of the Reformers."
37:48 You see, it's not elevated up like we should be
37:51 elevating the truths of God's Word,
37:52 regardless of who it hits or who it hurts.
37:54 That's all of us.
37:56 Now we read it,
37:57 this isn't going to be a blessing,
37:58 praise God for, they'll say, oh, it hurt.
38:00 When we say, oh, it hurts, a truth that hurts
38:01 because you don't want it.
38:04 Does that make sense? Yes.
38:05 Whether they're telling the truth, oh,
38:07 my mother always said, man,
38:08 you stomped on my foot today, but praise God, it's the truth.
38:10 It's good.
38:11 It might hurt,
38:13 but we recognize that it's right
38:14 and we want to follow it.
38:15 You want heaven to be your home?
38:18 Yeah.
38:20 So we realized the purpose
38:21 of just going over some of these things
38:23 is see how Catholicism or Rome
38:26 is trying to take over America.
38:28 And we must be aware of this. Why?
38:31 Because the Catholicism has its roots
38:34 in just about everything that exists in this world.
38:37 Much more than you recognize,
38:39 maybe even realize
38:40 unless you've been reading a lot on it.
38:42 The papacy is exactly what prophecy said
38:44 that it would be.
38:46 The apostasy of the latter times,
38:48 did you get that?
38:49 The Bible says, I wish we had time to read it.
38:51 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4,
38:54 exactly the apostasy of the latter times.
38:58 See, we need to review, at least to me the positions
39:01 and the thoughts of those reformers
39:04 and those believers of old, the puritans,
39:07 get back to when it was pure.
39:08 Get back to when it was right.
39:10 Get it back when people love the truth.
39:13 Think about, there're people coming to this country,
39:15 they came to this country for what?
39:17 For religious freedoms, praise God.
39:20 And you know what?
39:21 They came here to escape and there's no doubt about it.
39:24 It's clear, it's not trying to talk
39:26 and they came to escape the papacy.
39:29 That's why they came from Europe to this country.
39:31 That's why God opened the doors of United States of America
39:33 and said, come on in because of the tremendous persecution,
39:36 because of the Dark Ages you see,
39:38 exactly the time that the papacy would exist,
39:40 we realized that.
39:42 I wish we had more time, we don't have the time.
39:44 I'd love to go into because it's so important
39:46 that God said this horrible power,
39:49 the one that the dragon gave him his power,
39:50 his seat and his authority would be set up
39:53 and when it came up, it would be,
39:55 we realized Rome was broke down right into...
39:58 Rome for ten kingdoms, ten toes of the Daniel 2.
40:01 Is that right?
40:02 And the Bible said, we need to be very careful
40:04 about that little horn that came up among the Ten.
40:06 You remember?
40:07 So it's easy in history to find out.
40:10 If there's only ten kingdoms in the whole world,
40:13 history would certainly bear a fact
40:14 to every one of us, and it does.
40:16 So we don't have to guess,
40:17 we just say, well what happened?
40:19 Bible say, when this little horn power came up,
40:20 he was different than the others.
40:22 He had eyes like the eyes of a man
40:23 and a mouth speaking blasphemies.
40:25 When he came, that man, he would be a political power
40:27 and he would be a religious power.
40:29 But when he came up,
40:30 he's gonna try to change things.
40:32 Did you get it?
40:33 And when he came up, it said, oh, there's ten kingdoms.
40:36 Oh, he's gonna, he's gonna up,
40:38 three of them are going to be uprooted.
40:39 History would bear a fact to those three.
40:41 History bear a fact the Ostrogoths,
40:43 the Heruli and the Vandals.
40:45 You say, well, and the Bible said,
40:46 oh, it's going to last 1,260 years,
40:48 the Dark Age period.
40:50 This is why we can talk freely about the papacy.
40:52 When it was this,
40:53 God gives identifying marks about this papacy.
40:55 What happened was three of Ostrogoths,
40:57 Heruli, Vandal came up, the last part.
40:59 Why did those three go down when the papacy came up?
41:03 Because they refused to accept the papal way.
41:05 What's the papacy always done in the ages?
41:07 They do away with you.
41:09 So you look at the prophets and say
41:10 when the last one of those, that third one went down,
41:13 that's when the prophecy began,
41:14 538 AD at 1260 years, at 42 months,
41:19 at a time and the times in the dividing of times.
41:21 Are we still there?
41:22 They're all the same period of time there,
41:24 1,260 years lead you to what?
41:26 1798.
41:27 The Bible said there be, we read it three times,
41:29 a deadly wound will be given to this power.
41:32 Exactly in 1798,
41:34 French General Berthier marched across Europe,
41:36 took the pope into captivity, he died in captivity,
41:38 he stripped him of his power, you see,
41:41 just exactly what they said a deadly wound.
41:43 But here's the problem, It said, but, oh,
41:45 the deadly wound was healed, 1929,
41:49 the deadly wound was healed on outward,
41:51 the Vatican was given back and the property
41:53 and so on and so forth by Mussolini.
41:55 And the papacy,
41:56 the wound was beginning to heal.
41:58 The pope himself said when he addressed Congress,
42:00 and right there he said,
42:02 we don't want the deadly wound to remain open.
42:04 How does he know that?
42:06 What has he been reading?
42:09 I'm glad he's reading something,
42:10 but you see what I'm saying?
42:12 If he knows this, he needs to know,
42:13 look at himself.
42:15 We need to look at the organization,
42:16 we need to find out what's going on here
42:17 because he knew.
42:19 The Bible said there's apostasy of the latter days.
42:22 Lord have mercy.
42:24 Who's going to continue to give this message
42:26 when the time comes that you're gonna have
42:28 to pay the piper?
42:34 How many will do it here in these last days,
42:37 deadly wound healed.
42:40 Every day, every day,
42:42 there's something new developing.
42:44 Is that true?
42:46 Every day, the world, isn't what we say,
42:49 the world is out of whack.
42:52 The world is out of place.
42:54 It's not like it used to be, you know that, it's different.
42:58 The enemy is trying to work tomake himself God
43:01 just like he said he was going to do
43:03 where everybody would what?
43:04 Everybody would worship him rather than God.
43:07 I've often said, remember, he said,
43:08 "I'm going to be as God."
43:10 Remember, God said,
43:11 "The seventh day is a Sabbath of the Lord thy God."
43:13 The devil says, "Well, I'll make my own day."
43:15 Are you still with me?
43:17 And I'll have people that will worship me on my day.
43:19 Well, it ain't the seventh day
43:20 if you don't mind me saying it that way.
43:23 So he chose what?
43:24 The first day of the week.
43:26 What do you think and all the encyclicals
43:27 and Laudato si' you know,
43:29 all that talks about in there that we need a day of rest
43:31 and we need Sunday as a national day,
43:33 legislative day of rest.
43:35 Man, he's talking about it right now.
43:36 He's talking to the presidents about it.
43:38 He's talking about the legislators with it.
43:40 He's addressing Congress whether what more do we need.
43:42 God help us to see where we are at.
43:45 Yes, it could go on for a little time
43:47 or it could be very, very short.
43:48 But the problem is now, we've got a job to do.
43:51 We need to understand that our time is short.
43:53 But again, probation is closing.
43:54 I want to say it, every meeting,
43:56 probation is closing.
43:57 It may close for you today. It may close for me today.
44:00 What are we gonna do?
44:01 The day you say you want the world,
44:03 the devil says I'll give it to you.
44:05 You want the world, I'll give it to you.
44:07 He's showing the man the world
44:09 and saying look how wonderful this world is.
44:11 And you know what?
44:12 When he shows man,
44:14 if he's not has eyes singled to the glory of God.
44:15 When he shows you the world, you'll say, I want it.
44:18 I want it. I want it. Why?
44:22 He makes it look so good on the outside,
44:23 you see, so we said we want the world.
44:26 If your spiritual, you're not gonna say that,
44:27 you don't want that world.
44:30 And then the devil then, when you say that,
44:31 he brings you under his dominion.
44:34 You are under his control when you say,
44:36 I want the world, he says,
44:37 "Good, you're mine, come on over here."
44:38 You're no longer God's because God said,
44:40 the world is enmity between...
44:42 The world's enmity between you know, the God and us.
44:45 We don't want that. Praise God.
44:48 Heaven sees this earth, I guarantee you today,
44:50 heaven sees this earth is filled with violence,
44:53 it's filled with crime.
44:55 Men are trying to pass laws to get things straightened up.
44:58 Talk about climate change all the time,
44:59 and all these things going on.
45:01 I wanna mention more about that as we go on
45:02 just few more minutes right here.
45:04 But if violence and crime feel the land
45:05 just like it did in Genesis Chapter 6,
45:08 you remember that?
45:09 Verses 11 through 13,
45:10 the Bible said
45:12 before the flood, you remember?
45:13 What was the earth?
45:14 Filled with violence and crime,
45:16 and the time for the last mourning
45:17 must be given right now.
45:21 I don't think that Noah was just sitting around saying,
45:24 well, you need to get ready.
45:25 And I think he was sounding an alarms what I think.
45:28 I think he took every opportunity
45:29 to tell somebody that things were happening in the world
45:32 and just open your eyes
45:33 and when you see these things happening,
45:35 you're gonna know that it's even at the door,
45:37 you're gonna know that
45:39 you have to take a positional stance,
45:40 you can't just stand around anymore
45:42 and look around your hands out, well, what am I gonna do?
45:44 What am I gonna do?
45:45 Get in the service of the Lord, that's what He wants you to do.
45:48 What do you mean we give a warning message?
45:50 You're warned against the power that we're talking about,
45:53 we're warned against the power
45:54 that the deadly wound was healed
45:55 and all the world wondered after the beast,
45:57 Revelation 13:8, and they are those whose names
45:59 are not written in the Lamb's book of life.
46:01 I can't say it any faster than that to try to get in.
46:03 That I'm interested in the world because what?
46:06 The majority of the world,
46:07 their names are not written in the Lamb's book of life.
46:09 That's a concern.
46:11 It's not just about right
46:12 and you're right and this group is wrong, blah, blah.
46:14 We've got a lot to learn. We've got a lot to grow on.
46:16 We understand that, we don't know everything.
46:18 But I guarantee you we know enough
46:19 based upon Bible prophecy that we understand this power
46:22 and what this power is trying to do to the world
46:25 and we've step back so many years
46:27 and have done nothing and deny
46:30 that it's even gonna happen in some sense.
46:33 How could we deny the prophecy like this?
46:37 I'm gonna tell you, my brothers and sisters,
46:38 their blood will be on your hands
46:40 and I don't want it on my hands.
46:41 I have enough to answer for, you know,
46:43 I thank God that He has a blood
46:44 that's able to cleanse us whiter than snow, aren't you?
46:47 6 Testimony 17, 6 Testimony 17 says,
46:51 the light we have received, here's direction for us.
46:53 "The light we have received upon the third angel's message
46:57 is the true light."
46:59 How can anybody in Adventism
47:00 who understand the commandments of God say,
47:02 Well, I think this light's changed now,
47:04 it's not like it was before.
47:05 Read these things.
47:07 Notice this, what am I talking about?
47:08 The light we've received upon the third angel's message
47:11 is the true light.
47:13 What incorporates into three angel's...
47:14 What wound up in the third angel's message?
47:17 The mark of the beast,
47:18 Sabbath Sunday issue, did you get it?
47:21 The mark of the beast
47:22 is exactly what it has been proclaimed to be.
47:25 Not all in regard to this matter
47:27 is yet understood,
47:28 nor will it be understood
47:30 until the unrolling of the scroll.
47:32 What does Rome say about the mark of the beast?
47:37 The mark of their authority, do they say anything?
47:39 Absolutely. Rome says this, notice this.
47:42 This comes from Thomas HF.
47:45 He's a chancellor of Cardinal Gibbon
47:47 in the letter to regarding the change of the Sabbath.
47:49 These are things
47:50 that the Catholic Church wrote themself.
47:52 People asking them,
47:53 what about this change of the Sabbath?
47:55 Here's what they said,
47:56 "The change of the seventh day Sabbath is Sunday,
47:57 the first day of the week.
47:59 It says, "Of course, the Catholic Church
48:01 claims the change was her act.
48:04 Is that bold? See, that's bold.
48:07 Why can't we be bold back?
48:10 It's not trying to get even, it's not trying to hurt anybody
48:13 but they're bold, they said we, of course,
48:16 the Catholic Church claims that change was her act,
48:18 because Daniel 7:25 said this Catholic power
48:21 would think to change times and laws.
48:24 It's right, all set up.
48:25 Would be nice to go into Babylon, Medo-Persia,
48:27 Greece and Rome and get down and break those things down.
48:30 Notice this, but here's the highlight of this article,
48:33 and the act of changing the Sabbath
48:35 to Sunday is a mark of her ecclesiastical power,
48:39 authority in religious matters.
48:41 It's what?
48:43 Yeah, we're talking about the mark of the beast
48:45 in here in their own writings, they say, that's a mark.
48:48 That's our mark.
48:50 This is what we're noted for.
48:52 This is what gives us power in the word,
48:54 world in religious matters.
48:55 Because we took God off of the throne,
48:57 we put ourselves on there.
49:00 We know what God wrote with His finger?
49:01 They know what God wrote with His own finger.
49:04 They know but yet they said no,
49:06 we're above God, we're above the Bible.
49:08 I wish we had time to read all of those quotes
49:10 from their own writing.
49:11 It'll blow your mind, you'll think what?
49:13 You won't sit idly by anymore.
49:14 You're gonna be on fire.
49:15 You're gonna have birds underneath your seat.
49:17 Are you still with me?
49:19 Again Rome says this, notice this right here.
49:21 This is given by Enwright, Father Enwright,
49:24 it says here from the Redemption College,
49:26 Kansas City, Missouri.
49:28 Again, he says, "It's changed.
49:30 Sunday changed for Saturday is the mark of our authority,"
49:34 notice this, to overrule God's law."
49:38 Can you imagine the audacity?
49:40 They write it down in their own writing
49:42 they say this is what...
49:44 They say mark.
49:46 We're talking about the mark of the beast,
49:47 the mark's very simple, mark is that,
49:49 Mark has to do with what?
49:50 The image to the beast is Saturday, Sunday issue.
49:53 Let's say that's our mark, we did that.
49:57 No, we did it to overrule God's law
50:00 to show that we're higher than God,
50:02 that the pope is God on earth, did you get that?
50:05 Now you say,
50:06 "Well, I don't know about that."
50:07 Well, let me read from the Christian record,
50:09 September 1st.
50:10 I mean, the Catholic record, September 1st, 1923,
50:14 they wrote this,
50:15 "The church Rome is above the Bible
50:18 and the transference of Sabbath observance
50:20 is proof of the fact."
50:23 Remember, he shall think to change time.
50:24 Well, you can't change what God has set up.
50:26 But here it's where we're living in that hour,
50:28 living in that day,
50:30 we're living right now in this time
50:31 when the world is looking at this issue
50:33 through the economy and through
50:34 you know that we're talking about climate change rule,
50:37 you know, equality.
50:39 Yeah, environment, yeah, everything you can think of,
50:41 people are looking at it and saying man,
50:43 if we just change things now.
50:46 But we gotta have a day of rest.
50:47 We got to have one day shut off
50:48 in seven here or the country is not,
50:50 there's three or four different legislators that said.
50:52 One said, I read the other day,
50:53 we have 10 years before this is done.
50:55 If we don't do it,
50:56 the world is gonna be coming to an end.
50:58 Another said 11 years, another city 12 years.
51:00 They're looking at something setting a time,
51:02 I can guarantee you,
51:03 the devil would have you
51:05 to set a time that's in the future
51:06 and that will come sooner than that.
51:08 They can come very quickly.
51:12 Absolutely right now that's what it meant,
51:15 if you look at the Laudato si', you know,
51:18 from the papacy downer.
51:20 He just writes and there's so much
51:21 how we need that day of rest.
51:23 And the world needs to rest.
51:25 The environment needs to rest.
51:27 People need to rest.
51:29 The family needs to rest. Are you still there with me?
51:33 Another one here I thought from father Enwright said this
51:35 from the Catholic Church, He said,
51:37 "It was the Holy Catholic Church
51:38 that changed the day of rest from Saturday to Sunday,
51:40 the first day of the week,
51:42 and has compelled all to keep Sunday."
51:45 Man, if that's not bold,
51:47 my lands of love somebody help us.
51:49 That's about as bold as you can get here.
51:51 We're going to skip over a lot of different things here.
51:53 I won't go into four minutes or so left over.
51:55 Man, there's so much information
51:56 here that makes your head, they say makes your head swim.
52:00 Let's just boil down to just a few moments
52:02 here we're talking about,
52:04 look at things that what's really changed
52:05 between Protestants and Catholics, notice,
52:07 there's a little article in the USA Today.
52:10 Notice what it said, Special Edition.
52:12 It said, "Few relationships in the US political history
52:15 had changed more over time
52:17 than between the presidents and the popes."
52:19 The latest being September 23rd sit down at the White House,
52:23 President Obama and Pope Francis.
52:25 It's a vivid illustration
52:27 of how the church and the US have changed over the past,
52:30 notice, two plus centuries.
52:33 Obama is a eleventh consecutive president
52:35 to meet with the pope.
52:37 Going back to Dwight Eisenhower,
52:38 stay with me, meeting with the pope
52:40 John XXIII on December 6th, 1959.
52:44 Before then only one president had ever met with a pope
52:47 was Woodrow Wilson, you remember in 1919.
52:50 Why?
52:51 Because they begin to meet with him
52:52 because the papacy or the Catholic
52:54 many people were fleeing to this country,
52:56 and all of a sudden they became voters
52:58 and because they become voters,
52:59 there were big voter box in the Catholic area and what,
53:03 legislators want the votes.
53:05 Think about it.
53:06 Pope's meanwhile were losing what?
53:07 They were losing their political power
53:10 they had amassed for centuries.
53:12 Now, they wanted to rule,
53:14 when they ruled kingdoms literally
53:16 and they want to rule the world again
53:18 not only in religious, but in the political world.
53:20 This is prophecy for our very eyes,
53:22 my brothers and sister.
53:24 John F. Kennedy, you remember him?
53:26 First president, I think was the only Catholic president
53:28 that I know of, may be others
53:30 to be elected president of the United States.
53:32 He met with PopePaul VI in 1963.
53:36 Keep thinking about this
53:37 as a relationship between the White House, notice,
53:40 and the Vatican has evolved.
53:42 Popes have been increasingly, notice this,
53:44 seen as honest brokers in international diplomacy.
53:50 What is it?
53:51 We are supposed to be a church,
53:52 but they're getting involved in government
53:54 just like the Bible said, identifying mark.
53:56 They persecute and kill God's people,
53:57 they did there in the Dark Ages.
53:59 They'd last 1260 years.
54:00 You see all these things right here, we just,
54:01 we have to keep that all balanced in our mind.
54:03 Now notice again,
54:05 just a few more areas here we see.
54:06 USA Special Edition, September of 2015 said,
54:10 Popes have been involved and, notice this,
54:12 do you think they're not involved?
54:13 "Popes have been involved in the Middle East negotiations,
54:16 the Cuban Missile Crisis 1962, they were involved.
54:20 The Iran hostage crisis of 1979 and 80 they were involved.
54:25 Under Polish born Pope John II,
54:27 especially the church aggressively confronted
54:30 communism in Poland and elsewhere.
54:32 Pope Francis supplied space in the Vatican City
54:35 for meeting between members of Obama,
54:38 notice, administration
54:39 and the Government of Cuba, you remember that?
54:41 Not long ago.
54:43 Listen, there's more.
54:45 The popes began to emerge in 1950s as mediators, my.
54:49 Obama, who spoke with Francis at the Vatican in 2014,
54:52 says he wants to discuss their mutual interest
54:55 in combating climate change.
54:57 The President has also praised Francis
55:01 for advocating effects,
55:02 fighting poverty, income equality.
55:05 All this adds up to the US Vatican alliance
55:08 and we are marching toward the Vatican.
55:12 Ronald Reagan said, you know,
55:13 "If you want him by on your side,
55:15 you need to have the Catholics on your side."
55:16 He fought the moral majority.
55:18 He fought the American Civil Liberty Union on that too
55:22 which said it was one of the greatest
55:23 secret alliances of all time.
55:26 1979, Pope John Paul II visited President Carter
55:30 to discuss Communist China and Middle East.
55:32 You see, little horn was different than other, right,
55:34 you see it?
55:36 George Bush holds the record for papal visits which was six.
55:38 President Trump met with him in 2017.
55:42 And you know what he said?
55:44 It was an honor of a lifetime.
55:46 It was an honor of the lifetime.
55:48 Pieces of the puzzle are in place.
55:51 The world is ready for national Sunday law.
55:54 Developing at the foundation is climate change, the economy,
55:58 morality, common good, families, day of rest,
56:02 natural disasters, human,
56:03 talking about hurricanes, and tornadoes,
56:06 and flooding, and fires by land and sea and air.
56:09 This is no time to be silent. This is no time to be silent.
56:12 These things are all talked about right now.
56:14 It's going to be passed. It's going to be passed soon.
56:17 We want you to be ready for that,
56:18 we're not gonna have time.
56:19 We're going to pray soon as we close here.
56:21 But we love you and thank you for joining us.
56:22 We'll see you next time.
56:25 Hello and welcome back, friends.
56:27 To present messages such as this
56:29 is done only by the inspiration and power of the Holy Spirit.
56:33 God wants His people to be aware
56:35 of the signs of the times.
56:37 We are almost daily witnessing
56:39 either personally, or through the media,
56:42 events that will continue to draw the world
56:45 closer to fully adopting and passing laws
56:49 that will totally change the narrative
56:52 of what living in a country
56:53 and having freedom of religion truly means.
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57:52 Until next time, may our precious Lord continue
57:55 to richly bless you and yours.


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