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00:09 Homosexuality, the Bible, the Church and Jesus Christ.
00:13 That's our topic, so don't go away.
00:59 Welcome to Coming Out.
01:00 This is the beginning of a 13 part series
01:03 produced by White Horse Media
01:05 that deals with some very very hot and controversial issues,
01:09 dealing with homosexuality,
01:10 the Bible, Jesus Christ and the Church.
01:13 I'm here with Wayne Blakely,
01:15 who is one of the cofounders of Coming Out Ministries.
01:19 He lived for nearly 40 years
01:21 practicing in the gay culture and yet his life has changed.
01:27 He is here today as a different man,
01:29 as a new man and he is here basically to tell his story.
01:33 So Wayne, I really want to thank you for coming.
01:35 Welcome you.
01:36 I know its little bit cold here in North Idaho
01:39 as you can gather today
01:40 and that's why we have our warm hot tea, cheers.
01:46 So any way again thanks you for coming,
01:48 it's a privilege to have you and I know you got lot share.
01:50 Yes.
01:52 Thank you I'm so blessed
01:53 and and I'm overjoyed to every chance
01:56 I get to share, my testimony
01:59 about what God can do in peoples life's.
02:02 Now the word or the phrase coming out--
02:04 Yeah.
02:05 That's based upon Bible verses
02:07 and that's the the motto of your ministry.
02:09 That's right.
02:10 Want to share that testimony,
02:11 tell us briefly why you picked that verse?
02:14 Well, it comes right out of 1 Peter 2:9
02:17 which I'll read to you.
02:20 It's important to remember here to--
02:22 when Christ comes, is going to come
02:24 at the darkest point in our history.
02:27 So it makes sense that it said "His own special people,
02:30 that you may proclaim and the praises of Him
02:33 who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light."
02:37 So we wanted to give the true meaning
02:39 to the phrase Coming Out.
02:42 Okay, and that's a little bit of play onwards right?
02:44 Yeah.
02:45 Based on you know common binocular--
02:46 Yeah, usually the common idea would be
02:49 that one someone presents and says you know
02:51 that they are coming out and they basically say
02:54 I'm gay and that there's nothing
02:55 that you can do about it.
02:56 I mean, while we individually might be not be able to do
03:00 something about somebody's individual physical makeup,
03:04 we worship a God who is awesome and very powerful
03:07 and can draw us into His will instead of our own.
03:11 Well, we all have our stories
03:12 I have got mine and I'm not here
03:14 to tell it today, but you are.
03:15 So why didn't just go back
03:17 and I know you have to a lot to share
03:20 we don't have five hours for this testimony,
03:24 but we do have time so and I'm sure
03:26 people will be very interested to hear just give us a--
03:29 you know start at the beginning
03:30 and start walking us through what has happened in your life.
03:34 Well, you know there are many stories out there
03:36 and everybody story matters, this is just mine.
03:40 And I have a-- a birth mother
03:43 who was adamant during her pregnancy
03:45 that she was not going to have a baby girl.
03:48 She was so adamant about it
03:50 that when she did gave birth to me,
03:52 she went through a lot of postpartum depression,
03:55 a lot of anger and grief and before I was two years old
03:59 she took this out on me
04:00 by breaking my arm in two different places.
04:03 And just, just out of mere frustration
04:07 and and being angry on her part I guess--
04:11 you can imagine the impact that that would have on me,
04:14 at such a young age as at infancy.
04:17 My father was an Air Force career man
04:21 and so he saw the need to to get help
04:25 and he had a sister and brother-in-law
04:28 who were willing to adopt me.
04:30 They are today still strong groundly
04:35 biblical grounded Christians.
04:37 And so I went into their home and my dad--
04:40 I'll refer to my parents from now on
04:42 as my an uncle and my dad said
04:45 when we took you we had prayed about it heavily
04:49 and God gave me the impression
04:51 that He had a very, very special plan for you.
04:54 So your real mother wanted a girl?
04:57 Yes.
04:58 And you weren't a girl obviously
05:00 and so she-- I'm sure she had--
05:03 she must had a lot of another issues,
05:04 but she took that out on you.
05:05 Exactly.
05:06 And so you know what a--
05:08 what a horrifying things I cannot--
05:10 I can hardly imagine. She broke your arm?
05:12 He didn't set me. Yeah, I did--
05:13 how is that gonna set me up
05:15 for for falling in love with a woman.
05:16 You know I have the damage
05:17 that I really been done at an early age.
05:20 And so I was at the age of three,
05:22 I was running around the house at my parents screaming
05:26 I don't want to be a boy I want to be girl.
05:28 So I was still trying to get her affirmation, her approval.
05:33 And that began to lay a dark cloud
05:37 over my adolescence years.
05:39 Yeah, your, your adopted parents,
05:42 they they had a Christian--
05:43 you said they were Godly they believe the Bible,
05:45 they went to church.
05:46 So as you shifted from your real mother
05:50 and father to this new family.
05:51 Yes.
05:52 You-- you were thought the Bible
05:54 as you were growing up is that correct?
05:55 Christ was in our home, 24/7.
05:59 My parents you know we--
06:01 we you know had worship in the morning,
06:04 we prayed before meals, we studied God's word
06:08 and so what better place for me to be
06:11 than in a place where God was-- was definitely present
06:15 and I believe that God placed me in that family,
06:17 but I arrived with some significant problems.
06:20 So you learned the stories of Jonah
06:23 and Moses and the biblical stories,
06:27 and I'm sure they-- they affected you
06:29 and did as a little boy,
06:30 did you make a decision
06:31 that you wanted to be follower of Jesus?
06:33 I did and I was baptized, I mean--
06:36 At what age? I believe, I was 10.
06:41 And I was going to Christian school,
06:44 and I would go to Church and from--
06:47 from the very first day of school,
06:49 I was different than most of the other boys
06:51 and so I have-- I was effeminate.
06:54 I didn't know that I was any different than any--
06:56 I had no clue that other--
06:58 you know guys were not wired
07:00 the same I-- way I was wired,
07:02 but I was bullied and harassed and teased
07:05 and went home from every day of school,
07:08 you know crying nearly every day,
07:11 standing in front of a mirror
07:12 punching myself in the face and blaming God and saying
07:15 why was I made a boy
07:16 when I was supposed to be a girl,
07:18 like this was God's fault.
07:20 It didn't set me up for a very bright future.
07:23 My parents began to reach out to the Church,
07:25 they began to reach out to schools
07:27 and say we know what should we be doing
07:29 and they got no help.
07:31 There weren't resources in the Church to deal with,
07:34 and I'm sure you were just-- I can hardly imagine--
07:36 I mean I grew up in the Hollywood hills
07:38 and my mother didn't break my arm
07:40 and I was you know close to my mom
07:42 and close to my dad
07:44 and I went through the developmental stages
07:47 of growing up and yes, in my teenage years
07:51 I went off the D-band which is another story
07:54 and then the Lord rescued me,
07:56 but I-- you know I never had
07:57 any kind of trauma like you had into--
08:00 do you attribute, your, your feminine manifestations
08:07 as you are growing up, which you're teased for,
08:10 your attribute that and to--
08:12 I'm mean, I'm just curious with that,
08:14 do you see that as a gene issue
08:15 or do you see that as a mother issue,
08:19 you know depending upon--
08:20 based on what happened to you with your mom.
08:21 Right.
08:22 I think from here was I would guess
08:25 that it was probably conditional,
08:27 but I think it's also important that we remember that it's--
08:30 that I can't go into same blaming my mother
08:32 and saying that, that's why I became gay.
08:36 I think that is shaped, it definitely conditioned
08:38 and shaped my feature have big factor and there was--
08:41 you know the prenatal impressions
08:43 that she had had something to do with that too
08:46 and it's also important to remember through out time,
08:49 that they-- you know there's a contention today
08:52 that God made me gay and so I--
08:54 my response today is that God only made two perfect people,
08:58 that's Adam and Eve.
08:59 And then after sin we were born with fallen nature,
09:03 and we have the stain of sin honest,
09:06 we have the sins of our father's on us.
09:10 And so through out time
09:11 God is still looking for this peculiar people.
09:14 So at what-- at what age?
09:17 I guess it was very very young
09:19 when you started showing feminine characteristics,
09:23 did you-- at what age did you noticed
09:25 that you were attracted to men, to boys instead of to girls?
09:31 Right, there was never a time
09:32 that I can recall that I wasn't,
09:35 I began to act out in the second grade.
09:38 I remember that I would go into the boys bathroom
09:41 and want to play doctor with the boy in the bathroom,
09:45 no one knew that was going on,
09:48 but it began to say it to me I began to know
09:50 that there was something wasn't quite right.
09:52 By the time I was 13--
09:53 This was all in a Christian school was it?
09:55 Yes.
09:56 It was a bathroom in a Christian school.
09:57 Yes, yes.
09:58 At 13 I was reading the Word of God
10:00 and the reference to this homosexuality.
10:02 I would find that we are going,
10:04 this God is talking about homosexuality
10:07 as it's not part of His plan and yet I have these feelings,
10:10 where did they come from?
10:12 I didn't ask for this.
10:13 So you don't feel like you choose them,
10:16 they were just there.
10:17 Exactly.
10:18 But I think it's so important to go back again
10:21 and see that from our very first breath
10:24 Satan is available and he is active
10:27 about warning to deceive us
10:29 through our feelings because he--
10:30 it's all about the great controversy.
10:32 Whether he can win or whether God can say
10:35 there will be a people who will seek Me.
10:39 So at some point as you were getting older
10:41 and you started wrestling with these feelings,
10:44 because you are reading the Bible
10:45 and you were conflicted.
10:47 Yeah.
10:48 And then I guess it some point you made a decision
10:50 that you were going to-- to go with those feelings.
10:53 Yeah.
10:54 Was that easy decision to make?
10:55 Did it just feel like it was just natural
10:57 or did your conscious bother you
10:59 or did you just find the conclude
11:00 that you know this really is why I'm and--
11:05 Actually, you know, a guy that I was introduced to me
11:09 made a proposition to me or a proposal to me
11:12 that the church was the very reason
11:15 that homosexual-- he was saying
11:16 that church bred homosexuality.
11:19 And I said how is that?
11:20 And he says 'cause look
11:21 you're a gay I'm gay I got to school with guys
11:24 that are gay to Christian collage
11:26 and the church tells us that homosexuality is sin,
11:29 and that's it, it's cut off nobody says
11:31 what you are supposed to do with it.
11:33 What about the feelings
11:34 that you have are very real to you,
11:36 in fact in most church cultures we don't talk about feelings.
11:40 And so it's not just homosexuality
11:42 that we are looking at, we are looking at any symptom--
11:44 temptation or any sin issue
11:47 where God is asking us to surrender.
11:50 So looking back you don't really feel like
11:51 you had a safe place to go
11:55 where you could talk about these issues.
11:56 If you did, do you think that you would have done that?
11:59 I sure do.
12:00 Today Coming Out Ministries exists
12:03 so that we can began to educate churches
12:06 of any denomination, of any group
12:09 of believers in Christ to show,
12:12 how we can reach out to people.
12:14 James 5:16 tells us to come
12:16 and confess our sins one to another
12:18 so that we can have healing.
12:19 We don't do that today
12:21 'cause we are so afraid of the gossip.
12:23 So we have got to come to a point
12:24 where we have confidentiality clauses,
12:27 where we can sit down with that small group of people
12:30 and say this stuff stays inside this room,
12:32 but I need your prayers
12:33 and I'm willing to pray for you.
12:35 Do you think it's safe to say that
12:36 in the church today a lot of times
12:39 the response towards someone like you know,
12:42 what you are going through is is just not helpful.
12:46 I mean, it's, you know, people read the Bible
12:48 and they if they don't have those feelings,
12:51 they read what the Bible says
12:52 and it's it's very easy to become judgmental
12:57 and harsh and even mean or cruel.
13:01 And so I think the church has some growing to do,
13:06 and obviously-- I mean
13:07 as you would now or a strong Christian
13:12 I'm sure you look back on your life growing up
13:15 and you know the person you are today looks back
13:17 on the person you were back then
13:19 and I'm sure you want to go back
13:20 to that person if you could and your arm around him
13:22 and say you know I love you
13:24 and have compassion on you and let's,
13:26 you know, let's see
13:27 if we can find a solution to your conflict.
13:31 Yeah, you know as I look out --
13:33 And probably wish more people will like that.
13:34 As I look at this ministry today,
13:36 I see a couple of things.
13:37 I see the church needing to heartfully say,
13:41 you know, I'm sorry, I was ignorant,
13:44 I didn't know how to reach out to you.
13:46 And what I would ask today from the gay culture
13:48 and the gay community who are largely outcast
13:51 from the lot of church environment
13:53 would be to come back and say I forgive you.
13:56 My understand that you had ignorance
13:58 and that you didn't know how to reach out to me,
14:00 there's a lot-- that we haven't understood
14:02 about God's word, but it's practical to our life today.
14:05 Can we come together and such His word together
14:08 regardless what's in we have and be the sons
14:11 and daughters and the church family
14:13 that God intended us to be.
14:14 Right.
14:15 So regardless of what your mother did to you,
14:18 breaking your arm and, you know,
14:20 the trauma you went through and the feelings you developed
14:23 and you know the feminine side
14:25 and all of these struggles that you went through,
14:27 you are still a human being that was created and is loved--
14:33 loved by God and the God has plan for your life
14:36 and I think it's-- mean it just speaks to me
14:38 that whatever background we have,
14:40 that we need to look at each other in that light
14:43 you know weather it's homosexuality
14:45 I didn't personally I didn't go through
14:47 those kind of struggles as a teenager,
14:49 you know, whether it's genetic
14:50 or whether it's mom and dad or whether it's environment,
14:52 what ever it is the mystery of it all,
14:56 when I was a teenager that's was not my struggle,
14:59 but I had other struggles and I plunged off in to alcohol
15:03 and into smoking marijuana and a very wild life
15:07 as a teenager and then I was 20-years-old
15:09 I found the Bible and the Lord filled me
15:12 and called me out of darkness and into His life.
15:14 And so whatever I think we want to make statement
15:17 that whatever issue someone's going through,
15:21 there is a commonality among us all
15:24 that we are all according to God's book,
15:26 we are all sinners and we all need a Savior.
15:30 It is important for us to note, that bitterness from--
15:33 'cause of the way someone might have treated us.
15:36 My mother, my natural mother,
15:39 the church or somebody else or even if I abuse
15:43 that takes place bitterness doesn't give us
15:47 the right to justify our sin.
15:49 God is still calling us deeper, He is asking us to forgive.
15:53 And so no matter how many times it takes to forgive,
15:56 if we put our faith in not trusting Him,
15:58 it's amazing what God can do
16:00 on the other side of the brick wall
16:01 that we can't see through.
16:03 So just looking at your timeline,
16:06 what age approximate were you when you left
16:12 your reading of the Bible
16:13 or may be I don't if you can did leave
16:15 the reading of the Bible,
16:16 but at some point you took the plunge.
16:18 I did.
16:19 In to a life that, you look back on now with regret.
16:23 I was 18 and I went looking for love
16:26 in all the wrong places and today
16:29 I would say that is important for us to--
16:31 actually come back and give the true definition to love,
16:35 the love that we're really looking for,
16:37 because I went into so many places
16:39 for so many years.
16:40 You mean 40 years.
16:41 Yeah, and it wasn't well, it wasn't the love
16:43 that God was trying to show me
16:45 but God let me go in all those directions
16:49 that led me into affairs with white men
16:56 led me into prostitution for 12 years.
17:00 it led me down a lot of dark roads a criminal--
17:07 and now I have a criminal past, because of having been arrested
17:11 and yet God kept paying in on to me.
17:13 I went after all the drugs I went after you know
17:17 whatever it was that would bring pleasure to my life.
17:19 Now I know that this isn't
17:21 the same case for every individual
17:24 who is in the gay culture today,
17:25 but this is what deal is--
17:27 Some down taking that kind of plunge.
17:29 Satan doesn't care, how he can deceive us,
17:31 if-- as long as he can deceive us with something.
17:33 So even in monogamous same sex relationship,
17:37 even if you only had one lover in your life
17:40 that is not according to the plan
17:42 that God has for you it's still not God's will
17:46 and it's also may not be God's will that--
17:48 that you actually even marry.
17:50 And so as I come to God's word
17:53 and look at today God is asking from me
17:56 to accept His plan and put my full faith
17:59 and my trust in Him today.
18:01 I mean that's what He is asking of me today,
18:04 but He said I gonna let you go,
18:06 I gonna let you search
18:08 'cause until you can come to that conclusion,
18:11 I'm not a God that treat someone as a robot.
18:14 I honored your choices, I will-- I not a God of force.
18:18 So to make long story short,
18:21 what happened at the end of those 40 years
18:23 that turn your life around.
18:24 At the end of my 40 years
18:26 I came to a place in and sitting
18:28 in my bedroom in front of my computer
18:30 and I contemplated one day my destiny
18:34 and I thought Wayne, what if you got
18:36 at the end of the road here for you?
18:38 You are still living, you are completely disease free.
18:42 You should be dead and all of your friends are--
18:47 and I simply heard God say it to me can you hear Me know?
18:52 She said all of your friends are dead,
18:54 you have friends that didn't make it.
18:57 Probably over 100 acquaintances and over 40 close friends.
19:02 Wow, they were they all dead? Yes, every last one.
19:05 And it's miracle that--
19:06 Yeah, it's I had do sit, I mean I didn't have to,
19:09 but I did sit and said, wow, God,
19:13 I don't know You, I have blamed You,
19:17 I have criticized You, I have said You
19:19 made me this way and yet I really don't' know You
19:22 'cause I haven't poured over this.
19:24 I haven't studied this from a redemptive stand point
19:28 and asked what Your will for me, really is?
19:30 And did you begin to feel like you know
19:32 in spite of bitterness and all the struggles
19:34 that may be He was looking out for your life
19:37 because you are still alive, with all your friends were dead
19:40 and now you still alive and hey, wait a minute,
19:42 you know may be He, may be He is there,
19:44 and He does still love me.
19:46 That's called the power of prayer
19:48 because my parents break from me,
19:52 for all those years and many others.
19:57 And so the thing is this that God doesn't force anyone,
20:00 so never think that your prayers go unanswered.
20:03 God is waiting for you to be receptive of the Holy Spirit.
20:08 He was waiting for me to come to a point in my life,
20:11 that I would say God, what are Your answers
20:14 rather than me thinking that I could manage
20:18 to feel my way out through this life.
20:20 So you you discovered grace. I sure do.
20:23 The meaning of grace, sitting there
20:24 in front of your computer during that sober moment,
20:27 you looked at your life, you looked at your past,
20:29 you looked to your friends, you looked at yourself,
20:31 you realized you are still alive
20:33 and that there was someone up their watching over you.
20:35 And I'm sure you knew
20:37 that parents had being praying for you.
20:38 Yeah. So that probably all just--
20:40 there was in a epiphany moment when--
20:41 what did you do?
20:43 Did you get on your knees?
20:44 Did you pray a prayer, read a book what you do?
20:47 Nobody is clobbered to the foot of the Cross.
20:49 And you know I sat there and I thought,
20:52 all right God, I haven't thought about You
20:55 for so long in this way
20:57 and I did I got to my knees and I said,
21:02 I don't know how You could forgive me for my past
21:04 because I have done some pretty awful,
21:06 terrible things, that I'm sure hurt my Creator,
21:11 but I said, I know that You say
21:13 that the power of the blood is this,
21:15 that You died for me while it was still a sinner.
21:18 So you remember those Bible verses
21:19 that you had learned
21:21 when you were growing up in church.
21:22 And I'm assuming during those most of 40 years
21:24 you weren't reading the Bible,
21:26 you weren't thinking about those things
21:28 you just pretty much put behind you
21:30 and went on and then had a revelation
21:32 that it's time to come back.
21:35 I was very revealing, I got up off my knees
21:39 and I got in to the shower.
21:41 And while I was in the shower I thought, what time is it?
21:45 And I looked at the clock
21:47 and I knew I could to make it to a church down the street
21:52 because the services were gonna begin at 11 o'clock.
21:55 I walked in, I sat in the back pew,
21:57 I took a Bible with me
21:58 that I hadn't opened in 35 years.
22:01 The Pastor directs says to Philippians 4:13
22:04 I open the Bible and my friend from 35 years earlier
22:08 has written at the top and at the bottom,
22:10 Wayne can do all things.
22:12 Wow.
22:14 Well, I was sitting there thinking,
22:16 this isn't coincidence.
22:18 I haven't opened this Bible, who would knew
22:21 that he went to direct us to that verse that day?
22:24 And so God began to really shape up my life
22:27 and convict me, that I want--
22:28 Wow your name was on that verse?
22:30 Yes, absolutely.
22:31 My, and how many years ago was that?
22:33 Since been five years.
22:34 Five years, and now you are one
22:36 of the co-founders of Coming Out Ministries
22:40 and just briefly in a nutshell,
22:42 what is Coming Out Ministries about?
22:46 You know there haven't been any in resources in churches
22:48 and so we go to churches today
22:50 or to universities or schools
22:53 that we are invited to, we first share our testimony's,
22:57 as creditability's so people know
22:58 that we have a little bit of back ground about
23:01 where we are coming from and we reach out to parents
23:04 and loved ones and to gay individuals
23:06 themselves to say that God does have a different plan
23:10 and He does want us to love each other,
23:12 but love doesn't mean that we compromise His truth
23:14 and God has the answers in there in His word
23:17 and it also involve self denial.
23:19 Again whether we are afflicted with same sex attraction,
23:23 adultery, overeating, pride
23:25 whatever the case may be God has the answers.
23:28 He asks for us to put our faith and our complete trust in Him,
23:31 not just in the morning
23:32 when we have worship or in the evening
23:34 we have a prayer before we go to bed,
23:36 but He wants contact and communication
23:39 with me constantly 24/7.
23:42 I'm not safe for a moment with out Him.
23:44 So you trusting Him daily?
23:45 Yeah, and so we share this
23:47 with people today and people are--
23:49 people who are being convicted or seen,
23:52 they are those who are opposing this message,
23:55 but it's a message it's because that they--
23:57 they are living in a life of deception
23:59 that they been convinced by the enemy
24:02 or by themselves, that their way is the right way
24:07 and that their feels equal truth
24:09 and the thing is that our feelings
24:11 can often equal to deception.
24:13 So not everybody is pleased
24:15 with what you are doing, but many are--
24:16 Not everybody. Many are responding.
24:18 Yeah.
24:19 You are reaching people, you touching people,
24:20 I'm sure you could tell stories of people
24:23 that have gone these similar things
24:25 as you been through and who are happy
24:29 to have a resource in you and in Coming Out Ministries
24:33 that you didn't get when you were a boy
24:37 going through these-- some of these same struggles.
24:39 Recently, a gentleman who had to been
24:42 at one of the seminars that I had given,
24:45 called me on the phone,
24:46 he says I want to help get you on to a university,
24:48 but first I want to know how many souls
24:50 that you have saved?
24:51 And I said, you know, I said this is a Noah message.
24:56 I really-- I have no idea,
24:58 I said can't tell you one that I know,
25:01 that has come to to fully surrender and the--
25:04 because of me, and I said you know
25:06 it's not my job to save souls, that belongs to God,
25:10 it's just my job to plant seeds.
25:12 Right Noah's job was to preach.
25:14 Yeah.
25:15 How many got in the boating from a human perspective
25:18 we might say well, it wasn't very successful.
25:20 He only had you know his own family
25:23 really got in the boat
25:24 and all these people rejected what he had to say,
25:28 but I thought about that
25:29 and if you look at the stream of time
25:31 how many sermons have been preached
25:32 on the story of Noah
25:34 and how many peoples life's have been touched
25:35 by realizing this man got in the ark
25:38 and he was saved from the water
25:41 because he made the right choice.
25:42 And so I think Noah's the effective message
25:45 has gone far beyond
25:47 anything that he, that he understands.
25:49 Well Wayne, we are, we're down here
25:51 the end of our program one.
25:54 We will be hearing a lot more from you
25:56 and we have got other stories to hear
25:59 and issues to discuses and--
26:01 This is exciting.
26:02 It is, its exciting and we as we wind this up
26:04 I want to share few texts that have just impressed me
26:06 as I looked around the verse
26:08 that you-- I have made your motto,
26:12 about coming out of darkness in to His,
26:14 in to His marvelous light.
26:16 Just going back a previous chapter
26:18 it talks about-- Peter talks about those whose--
26:20 whose souls have been purified.
26:23 The God has a purification work
26:24 that He wants to do in all of us,
26:26 purified through the truth.
26:28 Chapter 1 verse 23 talks about being born again,
26:31 however we are born with whatever our problems,
26:35 we still need to be all of us need to be born again.
26:38 It talks about the word of God
26:40 that lives and abates forever.
26:42 About in chapter 2 verse 11 the importance
26:44 of "abstaining from fleshly lusts,
26:47 which war against the soul."
26:49 Verse 12 talks about
26:50 "having your conversation honest among the gentiles,
26:54 and we are as they may speak against you
26:55 as evildoer yet by your good works
26:58 when they see them they will glorify God
27:00 in the day of visitation."
27:02 And I want you to know that our is to be honest
27:05 in everything that we do.
27:06 On a honest conversation, we are committed to the Bible,
27:09 to the Word of God, to lifting up Jesus
27:12 and to presenting His grace,
27:13 His love and His power to change a life,
27:16 even your life and my life
27:18 and Wayne's life and all of our lives.
27:20 So we got more to come, Coming Out is coming back
27:26 so we hope that you stick with us
27:27 and join us next time.
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