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Participants: Steve Wohlberg (Host), Mike Carducci, Wayne Blakely


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00:09 Are you or someone that you love
00:11 struggling with same sex attraction?
00:14 And are you looking for answers?
00:17 If so don't move,
00:18 you've just got to watch this last edition of Coming Out.
01:09 Welcome to part 13 of a 13 part series
01:13 called Coming Out,
01:14 dealing with very important issues
01:16 that you need to know, that we all need to know,
01:18 that the world needs to understand
01:20 based on the Bible
01:22 and based on the message of the love of Jesus Christ.
01:25 We have covered so much ground in the last 12 programs
01:28 and we've decided to put this all together
01:30 at the very end with a program called Help Me.
01:34 Because lot of people are looking for help.
01:37 I need help in my life. You need help in your life.
01:39 There is a verse in the Bible in Psalm 46:1 which says that,
01:47 "God is our refuge and our strength
01:50 and a very present help in time of trouble."
01:55 God has helped me, He has helped so many people
01:57 and He wants to help you
01:59 and one of the ways that He helps people
02:01 is through other people,
02:03 and so we're going to focus on some resources
02:05 that you need to know
02:07 that will be very valuable for you.
02:09 And so you might want to grab a pen or pencil or your laptop,
02:13 get in front of your laptop if you want to start typing
02:15 or some of you might have voice recognition apps on your phone,
02:19 you can just talk into your phone.
02:21 But the point is to get ready to take some notes.
02:24 And if you don't have any notes
02:25 and if you just don't want to do that
02:27 you can always get the DVD
02:28 because all the information will be there.
02:31 I'm here again with, Mike Carducci,
02:33 and Wayne Blakely.
02:35 They are two of the five cofounders
02:37 of Coming Out Ministries
02:39 and we want to look to them and see
02:41 what they've got as far as resources to help people
02:44 that are struggling with same sex attraction
02:47 and multiple issues that we've been
02:50 thoughtfully and openly and honestly
02:52 discussing for the last 12 programs.
02:55 So, gentleman, again it's been great
02:58 and thank you for being with me and with us.
03:02 All of us, there's a lot of people
03:03 that have been watching this and will be watching
03:06 and looking to you for resources.
03:08 I would like to start with an email
03:12 that I received not too long ago,
03:17 that really touched my heart.
03:19 And I won't say who the person was who wrote this.
03:23 But anyway it says, "Dear, Pastor Steve,
03:26 just this past week my daughter revealed to me
03:30 that she is in love with another woman.
03:33 She left the man she has lived with
03:36 and now she is in a relationship
03:37 with this woman.
03:39 Can you direct me to some source of help
03:43 to understand this situation?
03:46 I'm very sad over this
03:47 but I have assured my daughter
03:50 that my love for her is the same.
03:52 Her early years she grew up in the strong Christian home
03:55 when she was, and he mentions her age
03:58 when she was little girl.
03:59 Her mother left and she grew up in various homes
04:03 none of which were good.
04:05 I was powerless because her mother had custody.
04:09 But I stayed true to God
04:11 and I tried to set a good example.
04:14 Then he goes on and talks about how this little girl,
04:16 she grow up in and she was even as a teenager
04:19 I'm assuming she was very active in serving the Lord.
04:23 She was going door to door selling books about Jesus
04:26 and then he says and now this.
04:28 Do you have any suggestions for me?
04:31 And then he gives his name.
04:33 You know, when I read that I thought wow.
04:37 You know, what would I do?
04:38 How would I feel if it was my daughter or my son?
04:42 And there's lot of people out there
04:44 that are struggling with this.
04:45 Not just people that are going through their own issues
04:47 but the parents who are trying to figure out
04:51 what do I do to relate to my child.
04:55 So I want to look to you,
04:57 both of you to give us resources
05:01 that people need and you've got a lot of them.
05:04 So, Wayne, why don't you just start out with,
05:07 share what's on your heart.
05:08 Well first, Steve, I just want to say thank you very much
05:12 for this incredible opportunity
05:18 and what we've found over these past several days
05:23 of filming here is that you're on the same page
05:26 as just we're and that's this page--
05:28 Yeah, the Bible.
05:29 The Bible and so what we share today
05:32 and what we want to help people see today
05:34 is that God has all the answers
05:36 so that's the number one resource.
05:39 When I grew, there weren't anybody,
05:41 there weren't any resources
05:43 to tell me how to deal with my feelings
05:46 and that's what is driving a lot of people
05:48 to make decisions like the one that you just read.
05:50 That's why in a marriage you might leave the partners
05:54 because if you stuff your feelings
05:56 your whole life you get,
05:57 you get tired at some point of stuffing
06:00 and you just finally come out and say
06:01 that's it I'm gay I'm out of here.
06:03 But if we have resources today
06:05 that help us understand God's word that would really,
06:09 we believe that's really helpful.
06:11 So number one, I would say that that we're available,
06:16 we're so very available to share with you our testimony
06:21 either collectively or individually.
06:24 Revelation 12:11 says that they overcame him,
06:28 the enemy by the word of their testimony
06:30 and by the blood of the lamb.
06:32 And so we can go in,
06:33 you probably have been sparked with a few more questions
06:37 as you've watched these individual programs
06:40 and we're available to come
06:42 and to go more in depth on this topic of freedom--
06:46 And that applies to you and Mike and Pastor Ron as well
06:49 who is not here right now but in spirit he is.
06:51 That's right.
06:52 He's available too for presentations.
06:53 Yeah, the very next resource is this series
06:58 that you're watching right now,
07:00 it will be available for purchase.
07:02 So the Coming Out series is going to be a great resource
07:06 and we'd love for you to share it with your pastors,
07:08 share it with your friends,
07:11 people that you care about.
07:14 You know, we, one of the books that you used in
07:17 and you'll talk about a little bit later is
07:19 The Gay Gospel? by Joe Dallas,
07:22 and I would just like to share that he has also written,
07:25 actually he has written profusely another great book
07:28 it's called "The Complete Christian Guide
07:30 to Understanding Homosexuality"
07:33 and that is by Joe Dallas again.
07:36 We also have some other DVDs
07:39 that are available on our website.
07:41 And what is your website?
07:42 It's
07:44 Right.
07:47 One of the sets is called the Gay Puzzle,
07:50 Loving All God's Children.
07:52 There are six DVDs in here that cover 18 programs.
07:58 We breakout and we talk about various things
08:00 with regards to Christian homosexuality,
08:03 Life with God Today, The Download Culture.
08:07 So even a lot of things that may be,
08:08 we didn't even talk about during this series.
08:11 Another DVD set is called Coming Out... Really.
08:15 And this was a series of interviews
08:18 that was done in Australia with a young man Daniel Laredo
08:23 who is part of By Beholding His Love
08:25 which I'll be talking about here
08:26 in a couple of more minutes.
08:28 And so this again is about redemption from homosexuality.
08:31 Why were we gay?
08:34 And how did we find our way out of being gay.
08:37 Good. Great.
08:41 Mike Carducci has a website, his individual ministry,
08:45 under Coming Out Ministries,
08:46 we've three individual ministries,
08:50 Mike's is called Exceed
08:52 and his website is
08:56 and I have a website called Know His Love,
09:00 that's my personal individual ministry
09:03 which is at
09:05 I've written a number of articles for publications,
09:09 those are all available on that website
09:11 and have a blog on that website
09:13 again these DVDs are available there as well.
09:16 So the three of you, Pastor Ron,
09:17 and the two of you have your own websites,
09:20 your own ministries, your own resources.
09:23 But you've come together under the umbrella of Coming Out.
09:27 And the website again
09:28 for is that it?
09:30 That is it. Yes.
09:32 Okay, it's easy to find on the internet
09:33 if people just do a search Coming Out Ministries.
09:36 I found it a number of times click there I am.
09:38 Yeah. Right.
09:40 Two of the cofounders that were not present here
09:45 were Virna and Lisa Santos
09:47 and they have a ministry that's called By Beholding His Love.
09:51 So that's the whole five of you.
09:52 It's the Santos sisters and the three, the three men.
09:55 So two women, three men coming together, good.
09:58 Now here is the interesting thing about that,
10:01 is that we can talk when we go out
10:05 and we speak about homosexuality,
10:08 we can talk even about lesbianism.
10:11 But to give a much better view on that
10:14 to really speak from the female point of view
10:17 it's probably important to speak to women
10:20 because there's a kind of a different rout
10:22 sometimes to recognize that once gay
10:25 or the experiences they have
10:27 even while being gay that a guy probably doesn't always cover.
10:32 That is, would be more effective for a woman to cover.
10:36 So there are similarities.
10:38 Right, and something else to add is
10:40 Lisa and Virna are sisters
10:41 they grew up in the same house.
10:43 And yet both girls have entirely different,
10:46 you know, roads to travel
10:48 in the area of their lesbian lifestyle.
10:51 One was very covert you know,
10:53 she kind of hid everything that was going on
10:55 and the other one was very over marching in gay pipe race
10:59 and being very active in the gay lifestyle, so what's--
11:02 I read Lisa's testimony couple of nights ago
11:04 and it was very, very moving.
11:05 Yes, yes both of them have powerful testimony.
11:07 And had a daughter
11:09 Virna Santos had a daughter with her same sex partner.
11:12 So today as she has chosen Jesus Christ and to follow Him,
11:17 there's still the daughter to be concerned about to
11:19 so that's interesting that they share the testimony about how,
11:23 what is life like today
11:24 and what is happening with the child
11:26 that's part of this.
11:28 So it's amazing.
11:29 Yeah, I've said this before that I wish
11:32 that we would had a female, female voice in this series
11:36 but even though we haven't,
11:37 a lot of the principles are still same
11:38 but they're not all the same because men,
11:40 men and women are quite different.
11:42 And you know, women can be mysterious
11:44 and I'm still learning about my lovely wife.
11:47 Not sure.
11:48 You know, she is sometime a mystery to me
11:50 but she is precious.
11:51 And so anyway it's very,
11:53 it's good that we are sharing
11:56 not only that there are resources
11:58 specifically for men, from men
12:00 but that we want to cap this off with the fact
12:04 that there are women out there
12:06 that other women can go to
12:09 and learn things that they need and are helpful to them.
12:14 So I'm glad for that.
12:15 We need both genders to make this--
12:17 Right. Right.
12:18 Completely the image of God.
12:19 All right.
12:20 With modern technology today and for those of you
12:23 who are wanting instant media,
12:26 you can go to YouTube
12:27 and you can look up, Mike Carducci,
12:30 you can look up Wayne Blakely,
12:31 and we have a presentations that are there,
12:34 that are pretty easy to locate
12:36 and there are multiple ones.
12:37 So any one of them that you click on
12:39 will probably you know, lead you to another one.
12:42 Great. Great. Those are the --
12:44 Lot of people go to YouTube these days.
12:45 Yeah. Oh yeah.
12:46 I do a lot, I'm searching for something,
12:48 I want to find you know, a talk or a subject,
12:51 whether health subject or a Bible subject
12:53 or looking for a person, I often go to YouTube
12:55 and it's amazing.
12:58 The valuable information is there,
12:59 although of course you've to pick and choose
13:01 because there's a lot junk out there,
13:03 but there is good, there are good things
13:06 if you, if you search.
13:07 Right. Right.
13:08 And, Mike, I know you've got a number of resources too.
13:11 Okay, I'll start off with Ron's.
13:13 Pastor Ron Woolsey, he's been a pastor for over 20 years
13:16 and in addition to the Bible which he,
13:18 well, we all agree is first and foremost in our walk with God.
13:22 But also he talks about this book here,
13:24 Steps to Christ and this, it might be,
13:27 I agree totally with Ron, this is totally my first aid kit.
13:32 If I'm in any kind of despair or not understanding something,
13:36 I go immediately to this and this reconnects me back to God,
13:40 it's a quick easy little pocket reference
13:42 you can throw in your car, in your bag you can,
13:45 I give it out all the time
13:46 because it's been a huge support and resource for me.
13:50 That book is available from White Horse Media, we have it.
13:52 Yes.
13:53 And I love that book too.
13:55 It's been translated in over a hundred languages,
13:57 that little book on the basics of the Christian life.
14:00 You know, I have such days were I've been discouraged
14:03 and I've come home,
14:04 it's actually available online video too,
14:06 you can search it that way.
14:07 I've actually played a chapter 7
14:10 in this book about discipleship when I'm falling asleep
14:14 and it just has beautiful things to be said.
14:16 Right. Wonderful.
14:17 Well, my favorite quote, "Do not wait to feel
14:18 that you're made whole.
14:20 But say I believe it, it is so not because I feel it
14:23 but because God has promised."
14:24 Amen. A powerful vow.
14:26 And also, Ron has a book that he wrote in a pseudonym
14:30 it's called, That Kind Can Never Change! Can They?
14:33 And it's by Victor J. Adamson,
14:35 which is a pen name for Pastor Ron Woolsey.
14:38 I read that book, it's fabulous.
14:40 Yes, it's also available in Spanish.
14:42 And we'll have that available as well
14:44 on, our website.
14:45 Okay.
14:47 Also he has a website
14:48 that's also on our
14:52 and his ministry is
14:58 Also he has many books
15:00 about two books worth on that website
15:02 that can help addressing the gay issue.
15:05 Also he has, Exploding the Gay Myth, by Ron Woolsey,
15:08 it's a testimony also in CD.
15:11 Compassion Without Compromise,
15:13 which is a four part DVD special
15:15 that he did with Shawn Boonstra for It Is Written television.
15:21 All right in some of the resources
15:23 that have really helped me,
15:24 I remember coming out of the gay lifestyle,
15:27 I wasn't interested in giving up my boyfriend or my identity.
15:30 But what happen is I started to,
15:32 to watch these testimonies of other men
15:34 that have come out of homosexuality
15:36 and one of the testimonies
15:37 that really impacted me the most was probably
15:40 a man named Sy Rogers, and just watching his testimony
15:43 I couldn't believe the power of God in his life
15:46 and that was when I first started to realize
15:49 that if God could help him, that God could help me as well.
15:52 And so Sy Rogers has incredible videos
15:55 and things that have helped me
15:57 that I've also gone to some of his resources
15:59 and you can go to
16:00 sy_rogers_videos.html
16:07 for any resources there as well.
16:09 Or they can probably do a search.
16:10 Okay. Sy Rogers and find him.
16:11 Oh, good, but that saving you a lot of time
16:13 than the rest of these.
16:14 He's available on YouTube too.
16:15 Right. Right. There's some incredible--
16:17 Sy Rogers. Yes, that's right.
16:19 Excellent, excellent.
16:22 Also the GYC, Generation of Youth for Christ 2014,
16:26 if you go to and look up
16:30 knowing the difference it takes you right to
16:32 the Gay Puzzle which was a presentation
16:34 that Coming Out Ministries did just in January.
16:38 Also Power to Cope radio,
16:42 you can look it up on the internet
16:44 and they also have three interviews,
16:46 three part interviews
16:47 that I did with this lady in Key West, Florida,
16:49 that had this radio program and I'm talking,
16:52 I shared some things with her
16:53 that I've never shared with anybody else before.
16:56 It was amazing, the interview process.
16:59 Also two years ago I was interviewed by old man
17:03 new man lifestyle conflicts part one and part two,
17:07 you can look that up on the internet as well.
17:10 And so those are some of the--
17:12 And your track, you've a track.
17:13 Oh thank you, thank you, Steve.
17:14 Share. Oh, yes--
17:17 This is my track, a track that I put out is called
17:20 homosexuality and Holiness, one man's journey.
17:22 And basically what it is,
17:23 it's a testimony track which you can give out,
17:26 it also has our resources on the back
17:27 and how to get in contact with us
17:29 and we sell these on my website for,
17:33 you can get a pack of them
17:34 if you want to have them for your church,
17:35 we have them available.
17:37 And, Mike, for those who don't have internet access,
17:39 what's your phone number?
17:40 What's the phone number of your main website
17:42 of Coming Out Ministries?
17:44 For Coming Out Ministries, we don't have a phone number.
17:46 Okay, just give us phone number,
17:47 somebody can call, they don't, they're not online.
17:49 I usually. Yeah.
17:52 Because I'm the detailed man.
17:54 Okay.
17:55 You can reach any one of us,
17:56 I'll pass the word along,
17:57 even if you just want one of the three, I promise.
18:00 Okay. 360-936-8514.
18:06 Got it, okay, now you mention the Pure Passion website--
18:08 I heard about that just cover that quickly,
18:10 and then share some stories
18:11 about people that have been helped.
18:13 Sure, Pure Passion VIMEO
18:15 and for some reason you've to put in the VIMEO
18:18 after Pure Passion.
18:19 But they have over 200 testimonies and stories
18:24 and presentations about what God's intimacy is like
18:28 and what I do is, I'll just turn them on
18:30 and I'll just go through the house and do you know,
18:33 whatever I'm doing and just listen to them,
18:35 they're powerful testimonies about all kinds of sexual sin.
18:39 As a matter of fact I choose the acronym name Exceed
18:41 because it's not limited, the homosexuality,
18:44 we're not just battling with one area of sexuality.
18:48 Exceed stands for excellence in Christ
18:50 through evangelism to the erotically defiled.
18:53 And because my issue wasn't just limited to homosexuality,
18:56 we speak on, on premarital sex, abortion,
19:01 we talk about adultery,
19:05 addiction to pornography, masturbation.
19:07 And so basically it includes every thing
19:10 from seeking from grade schools to universities,
19:13 pastors' meetings, singles retreats,
19:15 men's ministries.
19:17 And so again Pure Passion also addresses all kinds of that
19:21 and it's a powerful tool that I use in my presentations as well
19:25 Okay, I like to hear just a couple of quick, quick stories.
19:28 Okay.
19:29 Of how peoples lives
19:30 have been impacted by your ministry.
19:33 This is actually in our opinion very sad.
19:36 At the GYC just a two months ago,
19:39 we got this note, this handwritten note
19:41 that was handed in and it says,
19:43 I know this, I'm supposed to be anonymous,
19:45 but if you want to get in contact me,
19:47 if there is any hope my name is,
19:49 and he gives his information and he goes on to say,
19:52 what do you do?
19:53 When you've tried all the suggestions for overcoming
19:56 but you just can't seem to shake it.
19:58 What do you do when you feel hopeless?
20:00 What do you do when you feel rejected by your family?
20:03 What do you do when you fell so discouraged
20:05 that you never want to try again?
20:07 What if you've tried counseling and it didn't work?
20:10 What if you've done claming scripture
20:11 and memorizing but it seems futile?
20:14 What if you want to live,
20:16 but kill yourself at the same time?
20:18 What if you already have attempted?
20:21 What do you do when it's all you can think about?
20:24 What do you deal with being molested?
20:26 How do you deal with being molested?
20:28 How could I ever be changed and happy?
20:31 I've tried everything.
20:32 This is the last time I'll ever try again.
20:36 And I'm telling you when Pastor Ron received this note
20:38 and he shared it with us, we were all moved
20:40 because each one of us can identify
20:43 with exactly what this person, this young man was feeling.
20:46 What was so powerful is we had,
20:48 we had people that were homosexual, lesbian
20:51 and bisexual in our group.
20:53 What was so powerful,
20:54 we had mothers and fathers who were terrified
20:57 that somebody might see them in our conferencing.
20:58 Yet they came to us anonymously asking
21:01 what can we do for our children.
21:03 And so for this young man, he counseled with Pastor Ron
21:06 for a couple of days during our, our presentations
21:10 and I believed that Pastor Ron has been in touch with him
21:14 and with his family members to find out how he's doing
21:16 because again we all identified with absolutely every statement
21:20 that was made and I believe that God has much more for us
21:23 than we can possibly imagine.
21:25 And if this person was encouraged,
21:26 even some of the homosexual people
21:29 in our presentations talked about,
21:31 how we talked about the love of God and connected
21:34 and felt that this was a valuable ministry to present
21:38 You know, another valuable resource and we communicate
21:42 and have for quite a while now
21:44 with individual people who struggle,
21:46 who want to get in touch with us through Facebook.
21:49 So you can lookup Michael James Carducci
21:52 Junior. Junior.
21:54 Right.
21:55 Wayne Blakely, Ron Woolsey, 21:58,
21:59 enter into a conversation with us,
22:00 we're willing to, to point you to resources to give you help,
22:05 give you strength each and every day as you face this
22:07 because we know that enemy fights against us
22:11 and people think that we've to have a fall you know,
22:14 it's like there is an analogy given that, you know,
22:18 if you drop the soap you're not out of the shower
22:20 and so it's just wonderful
22:22 to be able to put back in contact with people
22:25 who will lift you up, pray for you and encourage you.
22:28 Also in Facebook there is,
22:31 those who struggle with homosexuality,
22:34 do you remember that?
22:35 The exact name of the forum.
22:36 Yes.
22:37 I'm sorry, I don't remember exactly.
22:38 Well, we get some incredible testimonies on there as well.
22:41 But if you Facebook us,
22:42 we can definitely put you in touch with, with that forum.
22:44 Our community. That's right, that's right.
22:46 And you've both told me that you and,
22:50 that you've really,
22:51 you wish that these resources were available when you were--
22:56 It would have helped us so much.
22:57 Coming out, trying to come out. Yes.
22:58 But this is really what people need, you know,
23:00 and now God has, God has I mean
23:03 there're so many things here
23:05 and God has provided help to people.
23:09 Right. Help is on its way.
23:10 They are saying, help me God please help me--
23:11 How many times do I pray that prayer?
23:13 You know, the tide has changed a little bit because you know,
23:15 you're getting, you're getting so much about
23:16 what liberation looks like.
23:18 But I can tell you that in growing up you know,
23:21 there was hardly a day that I came home from school
23:23 that I wasn't sobbing.
23:25 You know, I would stand in front of the mirror
23:27 and punch myself in the mirror and say,
23:28 why God did you make me a boy
23:30 when I was supposed to be a girl?
23:32 My parents didn't know what to do,
23:34 the church didn't know what to do.
23:36 But today God has opened up people's eyes
23:38 and so and there, you know, it's just wonderful
23:41 that He has given us this testimony.
23:43 He has given us a way out and He has put us in touch
23:46 not only with being a resource but giving resources to people
23:51 to help them find their way.
23:52 Powerful. Wonderful.
23:53 Well, we've got a couple of minutes left.
23:54 Is there anything else you want to, you want to share,
23:58 just concluding remarks and then I'll go back to the Bible
24:01 and share one final verse.
24:03 One thing that really sit out when you were reading
24:05 Revelation 12:11 is the rest of the verse talks about
24:08 how they overcame him by the blood of the lamb
24:10 and awarded their testimony.
24:11 And what impact it does was to think that my dirty ugly story
24:15 has the power to help people overcome the enemy,
24:18 but the verse goes on and says, and they love not their lives
24:21 even to the death and what I realizes
24:23 is that we all have a testimony and whatever that is
24:27 that what we found is the more we tell that story,
24:29 the more we testify of how Jesus Christ has delivered us.
24:32 I'm telling you the more healing I get,
24:34 the more affirmation I get from the people
24:37 that I feared the most and I'm just telling you that
24:40 that if you can be brave enough
24:42 that there is power in your testimony
24:43 and every one has one.
24:45 You know, there is not all that much joy
24:47 in sharing your dirty laundry.
24:49 No.
24:50 We should avoid, we try to make this a clean series
24:52 and so we need to avoid going into too much but--
24:55 Right but, but--
24:56 Enough that people can relate to.
24:57 We're willing to be transparent,
24:59 we're willing to stand up in front of people
25:01 and let them know that we connect with where they,
25:05 where they are, where they've been,
25:06 and where God can lead them and take them to.
25:09 Amen. Amen. That's right.
25:10 We all have our stories and, you know,
25:13 it's amazing how God can take,
25:16 can take a wounded messed up ruined life
25:20 and rebuilt that life and then use the darkness
25:25 that you've been in to actually become a testimony
25:28 to bring light to somebody else.
25:30 Amazing.
25:32 I never thought that God would take me from the gutter
25:33 and put me in the pulpit.
25:35 You know, He took Peter, Peter denied Jesus,
25:37 he denied Him three times and what a bitter thing
25:40 for him to do and yet that testimony is in the Bible
25:42 and people have read that testimony
25:44 and it has helped them to realize
25:46 that if I have denied Jesus like Peter,
25:49 there's still hope for me.
25:51 Amen.
25:52 And also to read that and say, I don't want to do that,
25:54 you know, Lord help me not to do that,
25:55 so God can take our sin
25:58 and He's just so big and so marvelous,
26:00 He can even take our sin and He can turn it around
26:03 and He can use it to be a blessing to others.
26:07 Well, I would like to finish up this series with a Bible verse
26:12 in the book of Mathew
26:15 Chapter 11, Mathew 11:28.
26:20 These are the words of Jesus Christ.
26:22 Now we want Jesus to be the center of everything we do.
26:24 Amen.
26:25 And this verse is Jesus' appeal to us,
26:28 He's calling us and it's an invitation.
26:32 Jesus said, "Come to Me, all you who are weary
26:37 and burdened, and I will give you rest."
26:42 We believe we know that Jesus Christ has real power
26:47 that His word has power, His love has power,
26:51 His death on the cross for our sins has power,
26:53 His resurrection has power, His Holy Spirit has power
26:57 and whatever you're struggling with,
26:58 whatever your battles, your difficulties,
27:00 however, much you've fallen in the sin,
27:02 we just want you to know that Jesus through this program,
27:05 through us, through this book, through His word,
27:09 He's reaching out to you and He's saying,
27:11 come to me, come to me, I can help you, I can forgive you.
27:15 I can change your heart, I can change your life,
27:17 I can give you peace that no one else can give
27:20 but Jesus Christ.
27:22 Come to Him now,
27:23 so He can help you get ready for heaven.
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27:36 or write to White Horse Media,
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27:44 are each available to conduct a seminar in your area.
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