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Day 2

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Participants: Chef G.W. Chew, Tina Chew, Chef Tim Lawson


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00:30 Hello, friends, this is Chef Chew,
00:32 and as I always say,
00:33 "Gonna give you something to chew on."
00:36 Well, this is day number two of the Chew's Challenge
00:39 and we're going on an exciting journey.
00:42 When I tell you, friends,
00:43 have you noticed on this last show
00:44 we talked about the FORK system?
00:47 And remember that "F" stands for Faith,
00:49 the "O" stands for Organization,
00:51 the "R" stands for Recipes,
00:53 and the "K" stands for Knowledge.
00:56 And so again, remember this little system
00:58 because this is gonna be the key to learning
01:00 how to transition your life to a healthy lifestyle.
01:04 And you know I got somebody
01:05 again special to me again today.
01:07 And her name is Chef Chew, also known as Chef T.
01:10 How you doing, Chef Chew? Doing well.
01:12 Well, today, you know,
01:13 we're gonna be getting right into the kitchen again.
01:14 We have a simple recipe that we're gonna be doing.
01:16 Looks good.
01:17 And you know I like this kind of recipes,
01:19 you know that, right?
01:20 Why?
01:21 Well, you know, remember a few, may be about a few years back
01:24 when I was, had little job,
01:25 I was actually selling blenders,
01:27 you remember that?
01:28 I do remember.
01:29 And what did I actually do? Everyday I had to do what?
01:31 Demos, didn't I? That's right.
01:32 And I actually had to make this awesome whole juice
01:35 with these blenders.
01:37 And today we're gonna share
01:38 this fresh whole juice with you.
01:39 Are you excited? I'm excited.
01:41 Remember, I came home with the blender
01:42 and I started making this little concoctions
01:44 with the blender?
01:45 Almost every day.
01:47 Come on now, so we're about to get right into it, right now.
01:48 So let's go ahead and talk about
01:49 some of these ingredients,
01:51 why don't you go ahead and read it to everybody for us
01:52 if you don't mind, please.
01:54 Okay.
02:09 Oh man, that sounds really, really good, doesn't it?
02:10 Sounds really good.
02:12 Now you know the thing about this recipe is that,
02:14 it's kind of different than the normal
02:16 I guess whole juice
02:17 that you normally are familiar with.
02:19 Now I wanna explain to y'all why do we call it whole juice?
02:22 Now most of us have juicers at home
02:24 and in the juicers where you take
02:26 the fruits or your vegetables
02:27 and you put it through the little tube
02:29 and you smash it down and what happens?
02:31 Well, all the fibre gets put in one area
02:33 and then the juice in another.
02:34 Exactly, so the fibre goes more into the little basket.
02:37 Then all the juice comes out of the spout.
02:39 Right.
02:41 So what we're gonna do on this,
02:42 we're gonna have actually all the fibre
02:43 that's inside of the fruit,
02:45 it's gonna actually stay inside of the juice.
02:46 Okay.
02:48 That sound pretty good? Is it kind of like a smoothie?
02:49 It's kind of like a smoothie, but I like to call it a juice,
02:51 'cause it sounds a little better than the smoothie.
02:52 Whole juice.
02:54 All right, so and the thing about this is that
02:55 we're not adding bananas and stuff like that,
02:56 it's really again,
02:58 we want to highlight the juice and most of the juices,
03:00 the fruits that we're using has water already inside of that.
03:03 You know, it has a lot of,
03:04 you know, and since it has water with it,
03:05 so it helps to kind of make a juice type feel.
03:07 Does that make sense? Okay, yeah make sense.
03:09 So we have here, we have grapes,
03:10 have grapes with the seeds.
03:12 And again, we're using grapes with the seeds,
03:15 and it's important to understand that,
03:17 there is something called grape seed extracts.
03:19 Some of you all may have heard of it,
03:21 but if you go to health food stores
03:22 you'll find that it costs may be $30 to $40
03:25 for little bottle of this grape seed extract.
03:27 And some blenders believe it or not,
03:29 the grape seed can actually be,
03:31 actually blended up into a liquefied form
03:34 and you know that's like
03:35 really, really, really powerful.
03:37 And inexpensive.
03:38 And is it, what happens though,
03:40 it make something called proanthocyanidins.
03:42 Okay. It's a big word, I know it is.
03:43 But at the end of the day, it actually is a great,
03:46 great powerful fighter helping to fight against cancer,
03:49 it's actually good for the nervous system,
03:51 and so it's a really, really powerful agent
03:53 that we're gonna get out of these grapes.
03:55 So we're gonna go ahead and put it right inside of our blender.
03:57 We have our grapes here.
03:58 Go ahead and put this, take this top off.
04:01 All right, oh, it looks good already, doesn't it?
04:03 Great.
04:05 All right, so here we got, what's this called?
04:07 That's strawberries.
04:08 Oh, we have some delicious strawberries.
04:09 And notice, what's so different about these strawberries?
04:11 You're keeping the stem on.
04:12 Isn't that sound kind of strange?
04:14 Yes.
04:15 But we got strawberries friends with the stems.
04:17 Strawberries with the stems.
04:19 Now the great thing is that the stems believe it or not
04:21 is actually high in chlorophyll.
04:24 Chlorophyll, and chlorophyll is excellent,
04:26 it's a natural blood purifier.
04:28 So we're gonna have the strawberries with the stems
04:30 right on top, if you are okay.
04:32 Now notice we have the oranges here,
04:33 have the oranges, we're gonna keep the oranges
04:35 with the skins on the orange, okay.
04:37 With the stems and with the skins,
04:39 and the skins kind of give you little bit extra fiber,
04:41 got that vitamin C, all right.
04:42 All right.
04:44 And right here what do we call this?
04:45 Pineapple.
04:46 Now what's so great about the pineapple?
04:48 Pineapple actually has bromelain.
04:49 Bromelain, what is bromelain good for?
04:51 It's very good, it's like an immune booster.
04:53 Okay, an immune booster, okay. Yeah.
04:54 Also I've heard is that it's good for cancer
04:56 and things of that nature as well.
04:57 Even arthritis.
04:58 Arthritis as well, okay, sounds good.
05:00 All right, now lastly we have a simple ingredient,
05:03 we like to use agave.
05:05 Agave is a natural sweetener, and natural cactus honey
05:09 which is really very awesome.
05:10 Is it better than regular honey?
05:11 Well, you know, I won't say it's better,
05:14 but it's another type of honey that can be used.
05:15 Okay.
05:16 You know, it has a very low glycemic level,
05:18 so it doesn't spike the blood sugar
05:19 as much as others sugars do.
05:20 Okay, so that means the diabetics can use it?
05:23 Exactly, exactly. All right.
05:24 We're gonna throw some water, some ice in here,
05:26 throw that inside of there real quick.
05:28 All right, we're gonna go ahead now
05:29 and go ahead and pack that down,
05:31 oh, it's packed up.
05:32 Let's go ahead and blend this up.
05:34 Oh, man, it's looking some kind of good.
05:37 Look at that right there. Oh, look at that.
05:41 Oh, oh, Chef Chew,
05:43 we forgot our special ingredient.
05:45 What is it? Spinach.
05:47 Spinach, you know,
05:49 we got to put some spinach inside of here.
05:51 Popeye will be very, very happy right now.
05:54 Take this off really quickly here.
05:55 Just put this in here please.
05:57 Oh, this is gonna be some kind of good.
05:58 You know we like to reduce that blood pressure, y'all.
06:00 Come on now, let's do it, just like that.
06:02 Oh, man, some kind of good, just like that.
06:06 Just like that. Oh, it's gonna be delicious.
06:11 All right, let's go ahead and put inside this cup and lets...
06:13 All right, I wanna taste this.
06:14 Taste this out,
06:16 this is gonna be delicious, y'all.
06:17 This is gonna be some kind of good.
06:19 Whoo!
06:20 All that good stuff,
06:22 come on, get a little sip of that please,
06:23 what do you say here?
06:25 Whoo!
06:27 Whole juice, is that delicious? You got to try that.
06:29 Oh, come on. That's nice.
06:33 That's nice, it has a chill to it.
06:35 Delicious.
06:40 Hello, friends,
06:42 we're at day two of the Chew's Challenge.
06:44 And we're moving right now to the Faith,
06:46 and remember that "F"
06:47 in the FORK system stands for Faith.
06:49 And I will tell you, faith is powerful.
06:52 Faith can move things.
06:54 Faith can change things and we want faith today.
06:57 So I'm asking you guys,
06:58 today we're gonna go right here,
07:00 talking about the power in the word of God.
07:03 Power in the word of God,
07:05 and I have my good buddy Chef Law,
07:06 and today man, we're talking about the power in the word.
07:10 Come on now, Chef Law.
07:11 We're talking about the power in the word of God.
07:12 God's word got power. Come on, power now.
07:15 Unlimited power.
07:16 What's the script that we're gonna look at today?
07:18 All right, like we said,
07:19 we wanna get all our answers from the Bible.
07:20 So let's read the scripture.
07:22 The Bible says "For the word of God is quick,
07:25 and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword,
07:28 piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit,
07:32 and of the joints and marrow,
07:35 and is a discerner of the thoughts
07:37 and intents of the heart."
07:39 Hebrews 4:12. Whoo!
07:41 That sounds like some powerful stuff.
07:43 That's some powerful stuff. Come on now, talk to us now.
07:45 Give us some more of it now, Chef Law.
07:47 All right, so it says the word of God is quick,
07:49 which means it's alive,
07:51 it's powerful, it's a living thing,
07:55 and it's sharper than any two edged sword,
07:57 you use double side, you know that?
07:58 Come on, double sided.
08:00 Break this down for us, break it down for us.
08:01 The word of God is double sided.
08:03 The word of God would do for you exactly
08:04 what you needed to do.
08:06 If you need a word of healing,
08:07 the word of God has a edge
08:09 that will heal all your troubles...
08:10 Come on now. And give you peace.
08:12 But if you need correction,
08:14 if you need the rod of correction
08:16 like my mom used to say...
08:17 Come on now.
08:18 My mom is from North Carolina. Go ahead now.
08:20 You know, so she used to bring the switch out.
08:21 The switch out, now hey,
08:23 don't talk about those switches man now.
08:24 She said, it hurt her more than it hurt me...
08:26 Go ahead now. I didn't understand that part.
08:27 Go ahead now, so God will,
08:28 you're saying God will kind of bring some correction on us...
08:30 He will bring some correction in you.
08:32 Not to hurt, but to heal, right?
08:33 But to heal. Come on now.
08:35 And so it has two sides, there's double sides.
08:36 That's right, that's right.
08:37 So we were talking today, friends,
08:39 about this power in the word of God,
08:41 and God's word, friends,
08:42 if you understand this, God is trying to heal us up.
08:46 And so what are the things, Chef Law,
08:48 does the word of God do for us in these 28 days?
08:51 What can they do for us?
08:52 Well, this sword, you see we learned yesterday
08:54 that God wants to make all things new.
08:55 Exactly.
08:57 But He wants to take away the old habits.
08:58 Exactly.
08:59 And so what we need now, through our life
09:01 we haven't been seeing good, we need power,
09:02 we need this kind of power glasses.
09:04 That's right.
09:05 So that word of God, that sharp edge
09:07 is gonna be used now to help us detect
09:11 which things are negative
09:12 and which things are old in our life
09:14 that God wants to take out.
09:15 Come on, that's powerful.
09:16 So it kind of makes us have I guess,
09:18 it gives us a clarity of mind.
09:19 So we can see clear on understanding what we,
09:22 in the sense what we need to change.
09:23 Exactly, the Bible also says that,
09:24 it says "It cuts to the soul and the spirit."
09:28 So it actually lets us know what thoughts you are thinking
09:31 and what emotions you are having in,
09:33 are they positive emotions or are they negative emotions.
09:35 Come on now.
09:37 Not only that, it lets you know your motive, your intent
09:40 'cause you can do the right things
09:42 for all the wrong reasons.
09:43 I like that, I like that.
09:44 And I like to say that, you know,
09:46 God not only does He in a sense correct,
09:47 but He always brings a solution,
09:49 meaning that again, God says listen.
09:52 The word is powerful like you said,
09:53 it's full of power.
09:55 So even though I'm gonna cut you up,
09:56 I'm gonna come inside of you
09:58 and change some of those things that might not be right,
10:00 I'm also gonna give you a solution.
10:04 Isn't that man? That is powerful.
10:05 Well, nobody goes into the hospital
10:07 getting surgery doesn't think
10:09 that they're gonna be sewn up afterwards.
10:10 Come on now. I like that.
10:11 Or they are gonna be better afterwards.
10:13 And so the word, God uses His word,
10:14 'cause He is a great physician.
10:15 So He uses His word to do the same thing.
10:17 I like that.
10:18 He takes you in the surgery,
10:20 but then He mends you up afterwards
10:21 and then this is what He do,
10:22 He takes care of you step by step.
10:24 He'll feeds you... Come on.
10:25 He'll rub your head, He'll guide you.
10:27 Come on now.
10:28 That's the kind of relationship Jesus wants with you.
10:29 Man, that's what I'm talking about.
10:31 Friends, friends, you have to understand this.
10:32 Friends, God wants us to just to love Him,
10:35 and He has given us this Bible to give us a guide.
10:38 We share with you all that we want you again each day
10:41 to read a chapter in the Book of Matthew.
10:43 Today is number two, remember Matthew has 28 chapters
10:47 and today, please, if you can, take a little time,
10:49 take five minutes, all it takes
10:50 and read chapter two of Matthew and I guarantee you,
10:53 as you see Jesus Christ, as you see Him in the manger,
10:56 as you see Him as a baby
10:58 and as you gonna see Him to grew up
10:59 as this man of God, our Savior, your heart will be touched.
11:03 And I tell you, friends,
11:04 the Bible lets us know also in the Book of John,
11:06 it says that "Jesus is the word,
11:09 and the word is God."
11:11 Talk about that for us really quickly
11:12 as we close out now.
11:14 Now the most powerful part about the word of God is that,
11:16 it's not just the book of messages,
11:18 it's actually connected to a person.
11:21 So this power that you gonna get
11:23 is found only in Jesus Christ,
11:25 it's found by virtue of a relationship with Him.
11:29 And so it's not just the word of God
11:30 that's gonna light your way and guide you,
11:32 it's Jesus personally through His word
11:35 that's gonna guide you step by step,
11:37 that's gonna lead you in changes in your diet,
11:39 that's gonna lead you in changes in your habit,
11:41 that's gonna lead you in changes in your family
11:43 for the rest of your life.
11:45 That's the thing, amen, amen.
11:54 Welcome back, friends,
11:55 we have come down again to the "O"
11:57 of the FORK system.
11:58 And remember the "O" stands for Organization.
12:02 And I tell you today we're gonna be talking about
12:04 how to set up a simple fruit salad station.
12:07 This is something you do not want to miss.
12:10 And I'm gonna introduce again to you all,
12:12 my buddy here, Chef Law.
12:14 Now Chef Law, isn't this exciting?
12:16 Now, this is exciting.
12:17 I had fun with the station last time,
12:19 I'm ready to set up this station,
12:20 what we gotta do, Chef?
12:21 Well, listen.
12:23 We got some grapes here, we have delicious pineapples,
12:24 strawberries here, apple, pears,
12:27 and a little bit of nice delicious,
12:29 when I say delicious, I mean delicious, orange.
12:32 Come on now, sounds good, doesn't it?
12:33 Delicious and nutritious.
12:35 So I like that, that sounds really good.
12:36 So we're gonna start and keep it simple.
12:37 We got our trays right here with the lids.
12:39 Go and put the grapes right inside the tray.
12:41 All right.
12:42 Now remember we're talking about kitchen automation.
12:43 Kitchen automation again is a process to expedite how?
12:47 What is expediting? Saves your time and money.
12:51 There you go, saves your time and money.
12:53 We need to save time and money these days, right?
12:55 My pockets need some time and money.
12:56 Come on now, I love it, I love it, I love it.
12:57 So we're gonna go ahead right now
12:59 and I'm gonna cut these pineapples
13:00 and we're gonna get this right inside these trays.
13:01 Okay.
13:03 We got the strawberries right there,
13:04 and I tell you again, you want to save time,
13:06 so what you do, friends,
13:07 you go right to the grocery store,
13:09 buy these fruits, cut them up,
13:11 just put them in your refrigerator,
13:12 it's very easy to do, it's very simple.
13:15 Really simple. I'm flying through this.
13:17 Now I'll tell you, come on now.
13:18 Now do I want to chop these,
13:20 or do I want to put them in whole,
13:21 how do I want to do this?
13:23 Now we want to chop them up. Okay.
13:24 But there is a special little secret
13:25 we got to do to actually keep it so it won't turn brown.
13:27 So go ahead and start chopping up for me.
13:28 I'll explain what I'm talking about here.
13:30 Okay, all right.
13:31 So again, we're gonna, he's gonna cut up this,
13:32 take off the sticker,
13:34 don't cut, put the sticker in now.
13:35 All right, we ain't gonna do it like that.
13:36 Come on, now. Come on, now.
13:38 We're gonna do, but we're gonna do it right.
13:39 We're gonna do it right, all right.
13:41 So go ahead cut it up. Okay.
13:42 Now so what he's gonna do,
13:43 he's gonna cut this up in little small pieces
13:45 and again, the thing that we normally finds,
13:46 we put apples, when we cut apples
13:48 what does it begin to do?
13:49 It begins to turn brown.
13:51 So we have to have a way
13:53 to stop this from turning brown.
13:54 So what is the answer here?
13:56 Let me explain it,
13:57 we're gonna use a simple ingredient.
13:58 What is this right here, Sir?
14:00 It looks like lemon juice.
14:01 It's lemon juice. Exactly, lemon juice.
14:02 Now how is that going to stop these from turning brown?
14:04 Well believe it...
14:05 You gotta break this down for me.
14:07 We gotta break it down, so believe it or not
14:08 when you actually cut up things like pears, apples,
14:10 something starts to happen,
14:11 it's an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase.
14:15 Polyphenol oxidase
14:17 and what happens it works like metal.
14:18 If you ever leave metal outside
14:20 and it starts to rain on it, what happens?
14:21 It starts to turn what? It starts to rust.
14:23 It starts to rust,
14:24 so the fruits do the same exact thing.
14:27 The fruits begin to rust and so what we're gonna do
14:29 to prevent it from browning,
14:30 we're gonna use a little bit of lemon juice.
14:33 Lemon juice, all right.
14:34 We're gonna put that right on just like that, just like that,
14:37 on the pears as well.
14:38 Okay.
14:39 And again, just to keep for few days,
14:41 put a little lemon juice on there
14:42 and you can even have more fun with this,
14:44 you can use lime juice,
14:45 you can use again pineapple juice,
14:47 you can even use grape juice, believe it or not.
14:49 Grape juice to do the same thing?
14:50 Exactly, what happens is that the inside of the grape juice
14:53 and lime juice there is something
14:54 called ascorbic acid with stands for vitamin C.
14:56 Vitamin C.
14:58 And vitamin C, and what happens is that the oxygen reacts
15:00 on the vitamin C before it reacts on the fruit.
15:03 And so what happens, it doesn't rust.
15:05 So it's kind of pretty scientific
15:07 but it's kind of simple.
15:09 And so the key is again,
15:10 we're setting up a simple fruit station
15:12 that's very, very simple to do,
15:14 and again what is this do we right here?
15:15 We have our grapes, we have our strawberries,
15:17 we have our oranges, our pineapples, our apples,
15:21 our pears, man, you can wake up at the morning
15:23 and what can you do?
15:24 Feel like I'm in the garden and eat them.
15:26 Come on, man, I love that.
15:27 Even picking them, picking all manner of fruits.
15:29 All that manner of fruit. That's right.
15:30 Come on now, so God has given us
15:31 all these fruits to give us something better, huh?
15:34 Beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful.
15:35 So again, friends you know,
15:36 and when you do this just remember,
15:38 just take your time, plan it out, make it simple,
15:41 organize, that's the key.
15:43 So remember the "F", the "O" for Organization.
15:52 Hello, friends, we're going right along in our FORK system
15:55 and right now we're coming down to the "R".
15:57 And remember the "F", the "O", the "R",
16:00 and the "R" stands for Recipes.
16:03 Now remember this, we want you all to learn in these 28 days
16:06 how to cook.
16:07 It's important that when you finish,
16:09 you have no excuses
16:10 that you can't live this healthy lifestyle.
16:13 So what are we gonna do today?
16:14 We're gonna make for you something I like to say is
16:16 very, very delicious, and I have my friend here,
16:18 my friend again today, Chef Law.
16:20 What are we making today, Chef Law?
16:22 Now today on our vegan menu,
16:24 we're gonna make grilled pineapple quesadillas.
16:27 Awesome. Delicious.
16:29 That sounds good, doesn't it? It does.
16:30 Now normally we think of quesadillas,
16:32 we normally think about, you know, a chicken quesadilla,
16:34 or beef quesadilla, you know, those kind of things,
16:36 but we're making a pineapple quesadilla?
16:39 Fruit and quesadilla,
16:41 it doesn't sound like it goes together.
16:42 It doesn't sound like it goes together, does it?
16:43 It doesn't sound like it'll work.
16:45 But I'll tell you,
16:46 we use some of this good old vegan cheese...
16:47 Come on now.
16:49 And these pineapples and those mangoes here,
16:50 and we're gonna saute some onions and some cabbage,
16:52 I'll tell you it's a bad combination
16:54 we're talking about today, man.
16:55 Well, that's enough talking, let's get to cooking.
16:57 Oh, let's get to cooking, all right.
16:58 So right here we have our good old fashioned onion,
17:00 we're gonna saute some onions.
17:01 And I like to teach you
17:02 a little trick right here, okay.
17:04 Little trick right here. Right here we have the what?
17:05 What's that on there right there?
17:06 That's the stem in the onion.
17:08 Okay, many of us, when we cut onions
17:09 we find ourselves tears and we're crying,
17:11 almost like we've lost our dog or something.
17:13 I mean, you know, you start crying.
17:15 But we don't want to have that happen,
17:16 so what we find is that you can keep the stem on it
17:18 and it actually prevents you from crying as fast.
17:21 It kind of slows down that process.
17:22 So you won't cry as fast,
17:24 but you might do a little tears.
17:25 Might do a little bit? A little bit.
17:27 So we're gonna cut it up,
17:28 we're gonna slice them up, all right.
17:30 All right. Slice just like that.
17:31 All right, and we don't want to dice them,
17:32 we want to keep them whole.
17:35 And what we're gonna do, we're gonna go ahead
17:36 and put little oil in our pan, all right.
17:39 Oh, man, this is going to be good.
17:40 Go and throw that on it for me if you don't mind?
17:41 Oh, I'm gonna throw these onions in the pan.
17:43 Put that right on that for me if you don't mind please?
17:44 All right, it's gonna nice and sizzle, I like that sound.
17:46 I love it. Love that sound. Little sizzle.
17:48 Little sizzle, that's what I'm talking about, little sizzle.
17:50 All right, now we got some cabbage
17:52 and we're gonna slice the cabbage up,
17:53 same thing slice it up.
17:55 All right, now we're gonna slice this cabbage up
17:57 just like that.
17:58 Go ahead and throw that on there for me
18:00 if you don't mind please?
18:01 Okay. Throw the cabbage in there.
18:02 All right, let's go ahead and stir it up a little bit.
18:04 Go ahead and throw that right on there, Law, for me.
18:06 Anything left on the board? You know it.
18:07 Don't let, no fragrance be lost, my man.
18:09 All right... All the frag...
18:10 All the frag, little salt on that, just like that.
18:12 All right.
18:13 Oh, man, this is coming really good.
18:14 We're cooking now.
18:16 Oh, that's what I'm talking about.
18:17 Let's go.
18:18 All right, so that salt's gonna bring out the flavor here.
18:20 We can already smell it.
18:21 I wish, I wish we had a smell TV, man.
18:23 Yeah.
18:24 You know, we can just smell it all on it just like that, huh.
18:25 It's 2014, so anything is possible.
18:27 Maybe it might be possible to get that, okay.
18:29 So why don't you go and cut up the mangoes for us
18:30 if you don't mind?
18:31 Cut the mangoes up, cut the cabbage, I mean,
18:33 cut the pineapples up.
18:34 Okay.
18:35 All right, go ahead and cut it up for me.
18:37 Here goes the mangoes.
18:38 All right, we got that right here,
18:40 we gonna throw that on top of here.
18:41 Mangoes are already cut up actually,
18:42 so we gonna put that right on top, just like that.
18:44 Cut the pineapples up.
18:45 All right, let throw those pineapples
18:46 right on top of here, if you don't mind?
18:48 Right on top of that, man, let it all infuse.
18:50 This is gonna be good. That's it, that's nice.
18:53 Oh, yes, Sir.
18:55 That smell TV is sounding real good at this moment.
18:57 Come on now. Come on now.
18:58 Now again this is simple recipe.
18:59 All we have left is salsa, tomatoes, and the cheese.
19:02 Okay, so what are we gonna do again,
19:04 we're gonna get ready and we're gonna have some fun.
19:06 All right. Are you ready for this?
19:07 All right, I'm always ready for fun.
19:09 All right, what is this right here called?
19:10 That's called the tortilla. All right, so tortilla.
19:12 What I'm gonna do? I'm gonna wipe my board down.
19:14 All right, wipe it down. Get it nice and dry.
19:16 Let me move this knife for you.
19:18 All right, wipe up board down here.
19:21 All right, go and place the tortilla on top of that
19:22 if you don't mind?
19:24 Okay. Just like that.
19:26 All right, go and get two, I gotta have one for you,
19:27 I don't want to eat all the food, man.
19:29 I'm glad you're a good man. There you go, man.
19:31 Yes, indeed.
19:32 I don't mind sharing this little bit, all right.
19:33 You mean, sharing is caring.
19:35 All right, so what are we gonna do, right on that,
19:36 on the back end here we're gonna add little sauce
19:38 just like that, layer little line just like that.
19:41 Just a little bit.
19:43 And actually this is pizza sauce, I'm sorry.
19:44 Little pizza sauce. Okay.
19:47 A little pizza sauce just like that.
19:49 All right, so again we have the ingredients that we had,
19:52 we had the cabbage on here, we had the mangoes,
19:55 the pineapples, the onions.
19:57 Okay, what we're gonna do now,
19:58 we're gonna take these ingredients
19:59 and just layer it right on top, is that okay?
20:01 Okay. Layer right on top.
20:03 So we're gonna let that brown for just about
20:05 another 25, 30 seconds.
20:06 Okay.
20:07 Let those flavors go through here.
20:09 All right.
20:12 Go ahead and let those flavors go in here.
20:15 Now this smells delicious. It looks delicious, man.
20:17 You know, I was a little,
20:20 the fruit in the quesadilla at first like...
20:21 You know...
20:22 But when you smell them cooking,
20:24 the flavors and the aroma just brings out here.
20:25 Come on now, exactly, exactly.
20:27 You know, the pineapple, mangoes
20:28 kind of give nice little acidity to the recipe.
20:30 Now we're gonna go ahead,
20:32 that cheese is gonna layer right on there,
20:33 just like that.
20:35 Now I love all these colors here.
20:36 Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. They're so vibrant and alive.
20:38 Oh, yeah.
20:39 And that's what kind of food you want.
20:40 You want your food to be living food.
20:42 Oh, yeah. Oh... That's all right.
20:43 I'm gonna break nothing up here.
20:45 All right, so we're gonna cut this off.
20:46 So now, we're gonna add our cheese on top,
20:47 if you're okay.
20:49 Little cheese, just like that.
20:50 Little bit of cheese. Little cheese.
20:52 And this is something called diet cheese,
20:53 you can get it at different health food stores,
20:55 very awesome shredded cheese.
20:57 If you can't find diet cheese, you can get other cheese
20:59 that you can find from other stores.
21:00 Okay. All right, other vegan cheeses.
21:02 Put the tomatoes on top just like that.
21:04 Okay. All right, just like that.
21:07 All right, now I'm just gonna smash it down,
21:08 we're gonna smash it down, man.
21:10 This is the funniest part.
21:11 And then we have a little move,
21:13 we like to call it Grandma Brown.
21:14 You ever heard of Grandma Brown?
21:15 Grandma Brown's in town, huh? Come on, man, Grandma Brown.
21:17 So what is Grandma Brown?
21:18 Well, the thing is this, when you want to unleash,
21:20 unleash the flavors on quesadillas or wraps,
21:23 we have a little move, we like to call it Grandma Brown.
21:25 All right.
21:26 That means, we're gonna brown up
21:27 our recipes here, okay.
21:29 Go ahead and bring those quesadillas over here, okay.
21:30 We're gonna brown up both sides,
21:32 gotta be careful here.
21:34 All right, whoo!
21:36 All right, brown up both sides, just like that.
21:40 Okay. Just like that, all right.
21:45 So what you're gonna do is brown one side...
21:46 Brown one side.
21:48 And flip it over and brown the other one.
21:49 Exactly. Okay.
21:50 We will brown the other side. Let it go like that.
21:53 Now this will add more flavor to the food...
21:54 Exactly.
21:56 It's locking the flavor that's already there.
21:57 It locks in the flavors, man.
21:59 All of the flavors getting locked in.
22:00 Okay. All right, just like that.
22:01 Oh, it looks good, man. Yeah, that looks good.
22:04 Remember, your food got not only to taste good,
22:06 it's gotta look good too.
22:07 That's it, man.
22:09 Put that ingredients, some of them fell out, that's okay.
22:10 All right.
22:11 All right, so go ahead now,
22:13 we're gonna cut these quesadillas in half.
22:14 Okay.
22:15 And we're gonna put it on that plate
22:17 and we're gonna be ready to go.
22:18 Just like that, just like that.
22:21 Oh, it's looking really good man, really good.
22:24 Oh, yes.
22:26 All right, you gonna put on top of this plate.
22:28 Now I'll tell you man,
22:29 this is gonna be a meal for a king.
22:32 Whoo! Look at that right there.
22:34 A meal for a king.
22:35 The grill pineapple quesadillas looking really good.
22:39 Delicious. Looking really good.
22:41 I don't know about you guys, why don't just take that,
22:42 why don't you show the audience how that looks,
22:44 go and take that plate and show them
22:45 how it looks right there for me if you don't mind?
22:47 Now I want you all to see exactly how it is looks,
22:49 delicious, doesn't it?
22:50 Looks some kind of good.
22:52 Whoo, this is some kind of good.
22:54 Delicious. That's it.
23:02 Hello, friends, we have come down
23:04 to the last part of our program.
23:06 And remember, we're down to the "K"
23:08 in the FORK system.
23:09 And the "K" stands for Knowledge.
23:12 And remember this that God wants us to know,
23:15 He wants us to know and He has promised that
23:17 He will give us His Holy Spirit actually,
23:19 His Holy spirit which will teach us all things.
23:22 But as we like to do it, we want to recap
23:24 what we have learned in our episode.
23:26 And I have my lovely wife,
23:27 Chef Chew and Chef Chew's gonna ask us some questions
23:31 and we gonna learn some wonderful thing
23:33 as we recap what we have learned.
23:34 Go and start with question number one, Chef Chew.
23:36 All right, so question number one is,
23:37 God's word has no power, is it true or is it false?
23:44 That will be like, kind of like easy answer
23:47 but it's not that easy because sometimes I think, you know,
23:50 we might not feel that God has power,
23:52 obviously the answer is God word has what?
23:55 It has power. Power, definitely.
23:57 It's definitely true, but the thing is,
23:58 do we believe it?
24:00 You are right.
24:01 Well, what we're gonna do now?
24:03 Let's go ahead and go to question number two.
24:04 All right, so question number two is,
24:06 which fruit should not be stored in the refrigerator?
24:11 Is it A, apples, is it B, bananas,
24:14 or is it C, blueberries?
24:17 Well, I think man this is a tough one.
24:20 You know, fruits, some fruits can kind of turn brown,
24:23 when they kind of get cool.
24:24 It's true. And I think the answer is B.
24:27 Bananas. It's bananas, exactly.
24:29 So when you put bananas in the refrigerator,
24:30 what happens to the bananas?
24:32 They turn brown and mushy.
24:33 They get kind of brown and mushy and I mean,
24:35 you want to make banana nut bread, you know, maybe.
24:36 It's one thing.
24:38 You can do it that way
24:39 but obviously put them the banana,
24:40 leave them out on the countertop.
24:42 That's right.
24:43 You know, and one thing we like to recommend also, friends,
24:45 don't wait till the bananas kind of look like a cheetah.
24:47 You might want to eat it
24:48 not when it's get too, too sweet
24:50 especially if you are diabetic.
24:51 So again when it starts to turn that nice yellow color,
24:54 go ahead and eat it then.
24:55 Go ahead and go to number three if you can?
24:57 All right, so question number three is,
24:59 what type of vegan cheese did we use
25:02 in the grilled pineapple quesadillas?
25:04 Was it A, sliced, was it B, cubed or C, shredded?
25:10 All right, now, we're trying to remember what we did now.
25:12 You know, I like to,
25:13 when the cheese gets on that grilled pineapple quesadillas,
25:15 we wanted it nice and it just melt all the way through,
25:18 so we had to sprinkle a it on, right?
25:21 So obviously, the sprinkled cheese
25:22 would be the what?
25:23 The shredded cheese.
25:25 The shredded and so the answer is friends, the answer is C,
25:28 it's shredded cheese.
25:29 And, friends, I tell you,
25:30 it's exciting making these delicious recipes.
25:34 And I'll tell you, each, each program
25:36 that we're gonna be doing,
25:38 we're gonna be learning so much, the recipes,
25:40 and the recipe section
25:41 are gonna be filled with information,
25:43 so that you can understand
25:45 how to live this 28 day wellness challenge
25:48 and not just for today, Chef Chew,
25:50 but we want to have habits that's gonna last for what?
25:52 A lifetime.
25:53 A lifetime, 'cause God wants us to start this new journey.
25:57 So we talked today about God say that, what?
25:59 There is power in His word.
26:01 Amen. Come on now.
26:02 So that means that listen, friends,
26:04 we can get strength from God's word,
26:05 we can get strength and be able to live out these principles.
26:09 And you know, one thing we also want to piggyback on is that,
26:12 it's that, we don't have to try to do everything all at once.
26:14 No, we don't, it's a step by step process.
26:16 Exactly, meaning that it's a 28 day journey
26:19 and each day we're gonna be teaching principles.
26:21 So as we learn the principles,
26:23 we seek by God's help to do what?
26:25 To implement them. That's right.
26:26 You know, none of us, you know,
26:28 we didn't start eating healthy overnight.
26:29 Not at all.
26:31 And are we still learning, Chef Chew?
26:32 We sure are, just like a baby, right?
26:33 Come on now, we're still learning, exactly,
26:35 and we have a little son named Caleb, don't we?
26:36 We sure do.
26:38 And I tell you, he is amazing, he is 18 months right now,
26:39 and we're seeing him what?
26:41 Grow day by day. Step by step.
26:42 And so as we see him grow,
26:44 God wants us also friends to grow with Him.
26:46 He wants us also to learn
26:48 of all these great simple lessons and simple tips.
26:51 And so, friends, I want to encourage you again,
26:54 go to the word of God, read the Book of Matthew.
26:56 Remember, we're in day two, so read day two today.
26:59 And also so you can go to the grocery stores,
27:02 get some of these ingredients
27:03 and start practicing on how to eat this way,
27:06 because as you learn these things,
27:08 you're gonna be starting to look good,
27:10 you're gonna start feeling good,
27:12 and all of that good stuff.
27:14 So tomorrow is gonna be a fun day, isn't it, Chef Chew?
27:16 It is.
27:17 We're gonna be learning some great things.
27:19 And I tell you,
27:20 we want to encourage the audience out there to what?
27:22 To get excited.
27:24 I tell you when they get excited,
27:25 what happens, you start to be a what?
27:26 A witness to who? That's right, to others.
27:28 To others. Definitely.
27:29 And I tell you it's important, friends, to be a witness
27:32 because as we are a witness, we actually got,
27:35 we actually get what?
27:36 We actually get health, that's right.
27:38 Come on now, we get health.
27:39 We actually receive a blessing by what?
27:41 Being a blessing to others.
27:42 Come on now, so we like to say, my name is Chef Chew.
27:45 And I'm Chef Chew too.
27:47 And as we always say,
27:48 "Gonna give you something to chew on."


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