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Day 3

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Participants: Chef G.W. Chew, Chef Tim Lawson, Tina Chew


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00:30 Hello, friends, my name is Chef Chew
00:32 and as I always say,
00:33 "Gonna give you something to chew on."
00:36 We wanna welcome you again to the Chew's Challenge
00:38 and we have arrived to day number three,
00:41 and it's gonna be an exciting journey.
00:44 We have some awesome, some awesome things
00:46 that you're gonna be learning
00:48 as we're going through the show.
00:49 Well, you know, as I like to get started,
00:50 we're gonna jump right into our introduction recipe.
00:53 But before I go there, I have to introduce to you
00:55 someone very special again in my life, Chef Chew.
00:58 How're you doing, Chef Chew? Doing well. How are you?
01:00 I'm awesome, you know, it's awesome
01:02 to have a team of Chef Chew and Chew.
01:04 And Chew.
01:05 You know, it was amazing, about 19 months ago
01:08 we had our first son and we call him also Chef Chew.
01:11 So we got Chef Chew, Chef Chew, and our little son Caleb,
01:14 he's Chef Chew and some more.
01:16 So, you know, that's how I would like to call it,
01:17 so we're one family,
01:18 the Chew Family, isn't that pretty cool?
01:20 That's right.
01:21 And so, you know, it's amazing that,
01:23 you know, God, I like to say, God gave me a name
01:25 that ends in a last name of Chew, you know,
01:27 it's kind of neat, a Chef Chew kind of,
01:29 that's my real name, everybody, Chew,
01:31 so if you didn't know that,
01:32 just wanna let you know that is my real name.
01:33 But anyway, I'm talking too much again.
01:35 Let's get to the recipe. Let's get to the recipe.
01:37 We're gonna go ahead now and we're gonna make something
01:39 really, really awesome,
01:41 I like to call it a cranberry pecan granola.
01:44 I want to let everybody know
01:45 what our first step of this recipe is.
01:46 All right, so our very first thing
01:48 that we're gonna do is make cashew cream
01:51 and it's half cup of cashews and half cup water.
01:55 Okay, half cup cashews and a half cup water.
01:57 We can also read the granola recipe.
01:59 And we have:
02:16 All right, all right.
02:18 So we're gonna get right into this
02:19 and again our first step
02:20 is to make a delicious cashew cream.
02:22 So what we're gonna do, why don't you go ahead
02:23 and grab those cashews for me if you don't mind?
02:25 Okay. Grab me the cashews.
02:26 So we have again it's gonna be one to one,
02:28 we have one half cup of cashews and one half cup of water.
02:31 We're gonna put this right into the blender.
02:32 All right, and the great thing about this,
02:34 normally in most granola recipes
02:36 they normally use oil,
02:37 so obviously we are having a no oil recipe.
02:41 So again this is a,
02:42 it can be a little bit different.
02:43 Some people might think it's more healthier,
02:45 but again we're using the natural fat
02:46 that's gonna be inside the cashews.
02:48 Sounds good.
02:49 So you're getting all those good nutrients
02:51 from the cashews.
02:52 We're gonna blend it up for about 30 seconds, okay?
02:53 Okay.
02:57 All right.
02:58 We're gonna blend until it gets nice and creamy.
03:00 Okay.
03:01 Let it go.
03:03 All right.
03:07 There we go, coming together for us.
03:11 It's almost done.
03:13 All right.
03:16 All right.
03:19 All right, we're almost there.
03:23 All right. Looks like milk.
03:25 It's kind of like a, almost like a milk,
03:27 exactly, exactly.
03:28 So we have our cashew cream.
03:30 What we're gonna do, we're gonna,
03:31 now we have our cashew cream base,
03:33 we're gonna add our rest of our ingredients
03:34 right into this cashew cream, this cream sauce, okay?
03:36 Okay.
03:37 So go ahead and pass me the fruit juice.
03:39 Here you go. I have my fruit juice here.
03:41 Pass me the sugar.
03:43 And this is again, this is a raw sugar,
03:45 it's actually the whole, the whole,
03:47 you can say almost like the wholegrain of the sugar
03:49 is not actually been processed.
03:51 Little bit of salt here.
03:52 All right, we're gonna go ahead and blend this up
03:54 for another about 30 seconds or so.
03:58 And this is going to be some kind of good.
04:00 Looks good. All right.
04:05 All right, so it's almost done. Okay.
04:07 You know like most restaurants have what we call
04:09 the special sauce.
04:11 So this is what I like to say,
04:12 this is a good old fashioned special sauce here.
04:14 And we're gonna mix this right into the granola.
04:16 And I want to...
04:17 Chef Chew, to go ahead and put that all together.
04:19 With this or my hands?
04:21 Well, you can use, you can use a spoon this time, right.
04:22 All right.
04:23 No need to get too dirty today. All right.
04:25 Now for those that would like to have a variety,
04:27 you can actually use any kind of fruit juice
04:29 like pineapple juice, right?
04:31 Apple juice.
04:32 Exactly, pineapple juice, apple juice,
04:34 I even use grape juice sometimes.
04:35 Grape juice.
04:37 So you can, again be creative,
04:38 you wanna get into the kitchen and have a lot of fun.
04:40 This is oh, this is oh,
04:41 this is smelling so kind of good.
04:42 I got to use my hands. Come on now.
04:44 You know, I've got a little song I like to sing
04:45 as we do this, that's called fruits and grains.
04:47 It goes like this, it says, fruits and grains
04:50 and vegetables
04:52 not sand seeds is all I need.
04:56 It tastes so good, so good to me.
05:00 Let's not live to eat but let's eat to live.
05:05 Oh, man, we're gonna eat to live today, aren't we?
05:07 Yes, we are, this looks delicious.
05:08 We're gonna eat this good old fashioned granola
05:09 and it's looking really delicious.
05:11 Oh, man, we're gonna put this right on our pan, all right.
05:12 Okay, I'll let you do that.
05:14 All right, get your hands cleaned up.
05:15 Put little oil on this just like that.
05:17 Wipe it down on this just like this.
05:19 And what we're gonna do is very simple,
05:20 you can put this on at night or you can put it on in the day
05:24 for like 250 degrees for about
05:26 or maybe hour and half, two hours, okay?
05:27 Okay, all right.
05:29 And the key is you don't want it to burn,
05:30 and again if you keep it on low temperature,
05:31 normally it doesn't burn.
05:33 Do you wanna put this in now or afterwards?
05:34 Not yet, not yet, we'll put that afterwards.
05:36 Okay, all right.
05:37 All right, so right here we're gonna put this now
05:38 into the oven.
05:40 Again 125...
05:41 I'm sorry, 250 degrees about an hour and a half
05:43 to two hours or you can leave it on overnight
05:46 at about maybe 150 degrees, 170 degrees overnight.
05:49 All right.
05:50 All right, put inside the oven here.
05:51 Now, we obviously have our finished product
05:54 and we have our finished granola.
05:56 What I want you to do, Chef Chew,
05:57 is put this inside of the bowl right here please.
05:59 Okay.
06:00 And we're gonna add our last ingredients.
06:02 We have our delicious pecans and granola.
06:04 I'm sorry, pecans and dried cranberries.
06:06 All right.
06:08 Mix that all inside of this just like that.
06:09 Oh, this is some kind of delicious.
06:11 It's okay to be a little messy sometimes.
06:12 Exactly, exactly.
06:14 So here we go, so we have our, right here.
06:16 Mix that together for us, if you don't mind?
06:18 We're just about done, I tell you,
06:19 look at that delicious cranberry pecan granola.
06:22 I tell you, friends,
06:24 we can wake up in this in the morning time
06:26 and it will be, it's gonna be very, very delicious.
06:28 So again, make this at home,
06:30 the delicious cranberry pecan granola.
06:39 Hello, friends, we've come to day number three
06:42 of the Chew's Challenge again.
06:43 And we're talking about Faith.
06:45 Remember the FORK system, the "F" stands for Faith.
06:48 And I tell you, today we're gonna be learning
06:50 about some great things.
06:51 And remember, the Bible is our foundation.
06:54 The Bible is what we need to get through this.
06:57 And I tell you, God wants us to walk by faith,
07:01 He wants us to live faith, and He wants us to eat faith,
07:04 He wants us to believe in Him.
07:06 And today I have my good buddy again Chef Law.
07:08 How're you doing, Chef?
07:10 So what are we talking about today, Chef Law?
07:11 Today we're talking about, "I can do all things."
07:14 Today is motivation station, today is motivation.
07:17 Come on, motivation?
07:19 If you need some motivation... Come on now.
07:20 Today is the day to pay attention.
07:22 Come on now, okay.
07:23 So what's the scripture for today?
07:24 What's the scripture we're talking about?
07:26 It's gonna be taken out of Philippians 4:13,
07:27 and it's a short scripture but a powerful scripture.
07:30 It says, "I can do all things through Christ
07:33 which strengthens me."
07:36 So we wanna break that down and see what that means.
07:38 It says, "I can do all things through Christ
07:42 which strengthens me," so God is all about motivation,
07:45 God wants you to be motivated,
07:46 which your motivation is in Him.
07:48 Come on now. It's being in Christ.
07:50 In Christ.
07:51 Is having that relationship with Christ.
07:52 And through that relationship by virtue of it,
07:55 all the things that you tried to do and you failed
07:58 and then you picked up, but might have put down.
08:01 Now with His power, you can finish this.
08:02 Come on now.
08:04 It's like a car not having enough gas
08:06 to get to his destination, but it needs, it needs,
08:08 it needs the right amount.
08:10 And Jesus is that right amount. Right amount, I like that.
08:12 Protection in life for us to finish.
08:13 I like that.
08:14 And so on the first day,
08:16 we talk about all things being made new.
08:17 Right.
08:18 Yesterday, we talked about power in the Word of God.
08:20 Right.
08:21 Now today, we're saying, we're moving right along
08:23 as we have Christ in us,
08:24 as we have the Word of God now in our hearts.
08:26 Right.
08:28 Now you're saying that the motivation can be
08:29 in the right place.
08:30 We have the right ingredients now to, to build on,
08:32 that's what you're saying for us?
08:33 That's right. Come on now.
08:35 We have the right ingredients to fall back on now
08:37 that now we don't have to worry and feel so down on ourselves.
08:41 We don't need to know about how we're gonna do things.
08:43 Now we have our 'how'
08:45 and we can just walk in the power of the Lord.
08:48 Friends, I tell you, God wants us.
08:50 He wants us to have again
08:52 our motivation in the right place
08:53 because all these 28 days
08:56 God wants us to experience a healthier experience.
08:59 Each day He wants us to be made new,
09:02 He wants us again to have that motivation
09:04 when we wake up in the morning.
09:06 And so, Law, tell us some more about this,
09:08 "I can do all things through Christ."
09:10 Tell us some more about this?
09:11 Well, first we want to start with,
09:14 what we're starting on the show
09:15 is we're gonna start about health.
09:17 Amen. And so we're on this journey.
09:18 Amen. We're on this challenge.
09:19 Come on now.
09:21 And we've got to change some things
09:22 and we're learning how to fix our vegan kitchen
09:23 through organization,
09:25 we're learning how to make vegan recipes,
09:26 and some of the stuff might be hard and challenging
09:28 but now we know,
09:30 we've got the tools to see with Christ,
09:31 even what we eat, even what we take in our bodies,
09:34 we can still do all things through Him.
09:36 He'll motivate us to live healthier lives
09:39 and happier lives.
09:40 Come on now.
09:41 We need some strength, man,
09:43 because again we are weak human beings.
09:45 If you like me weak, yeah, I know, that's right.
09:48 And, you know, a lot of times, friends,
09:50 I'm being real about this, there's a lot of times
09:52 we found ourselves stuck in a rut,
09:54 stuck in habits that we are not happy about,
09:56 stuck in things that you know, something, we're not,
09:58 sometimes we don't want anybody to know about it,
10:01 and at times we have to stop looking at me,
10:04 stop having to pity party about what I'm not doing right,
10:07 and point our mind to who, Chef Law?
10:09 Who we need to look at?
10:11 We need to look on Jesus Christ.
10:12 Come on now, man.
10:13 That's the whole point of motivation.
10:15 The key factor to motivation is not looking where you're at
10:17 but looking at your goal.
10:18 Come on now.
10:20 Being in love with that goal and striving towards that goal,
10:21 then it makes, you know that where you're at
10:24 is not where you're always gonna be.
10:26 And where you're at is just a, it's a stepping stone,
10:28 it's a stairs as it were just to get to the top.
10:31 And so when you keep your eyes on Christ and you focus,
10:33 you have that motivation not only by beholding
10:36 you become change
10:37 so that whatever you're trying to transform yourself into,
10:40 which is Jesus Christ.
10:42 Right, that's right, that's right.
10:43 Keeping your eyes on Him will help you do more.
10:44 Come on now.
10:46 So again, God is our motivation, friends.
10:48 We need Jesus, I mean, this is as simple as that.
10:51 And we remind it to you again,
10:52 we wanna go back again to the Bible.
10:54 Again, we're today at challenge day number three
10:57 and we wanna go to the Book of Matthew 3.
11:00 And I tell you, friends... That's right.
11:01 You might read today about John the Baptist
11:03 and some of the things that he was doing,
11:04 and how he was sharing the Word of God,
11:06 but He was sharing it friends to heal.
11:08 And we need, friends, we need Jesus
11:10 because He is our motivation.
11:12 Any last thoughts for us, Chef Law,
11:14 before we close out here?
11:15 We just want to remember, as you're starting this journey
11:17 that you'll need faith but remember,
11:19 faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.
11:22 So as the Word of God has power in it,
11:24 take that Book of Matthew and drink it in today.
11:27 Remember, that you can do all things through Christ
11:30 who will strengthen you.
11:31 This is a promise, God is gonna change you,
11:34 He's gonna transform you,
11:35 and He's gonna give you habits for a lifetime.
11:43 Well, hello, friends, we've come down
11:45 to the "O" in the FORK system.
11:47 Remember the "O" stands for Organization.
11:49 And today we're gonna be making something
11:51 that's gonna be really, really cool.
11:52 It's actually a breakfast cereal station.
11:55 Again a breakfast cereal station.
11:57 And again I have my good friend again, Chef Law.
11:59 How're you doing, Chef Law? How're you doing, Chef?
12:00 Well, man, we're gonna get right into this.
12:02 We've got a lot to cover in a short amount of time, okay?
12:04 Let's do it.
12:05 All right, so here we have our grains,
12:06 we're making a breakfast cereal.
12:08 So most of us eat oatmeal in the morning, right?
12:09 Oh, I'm a cereal man. Oh, come on now.
12:10 So what we're gonna do to make these breakfast cereal stations
12:12 just like the other stations, we have all of our grains,
12:15 all of our nuts, our dried fruits,
12:17 our sweeteners, and we have a little bit of flavoring,
12:19 say, vanilla and some honey
12:21 and some coriander's a really cool flavoring.
12:23 And we're gonna put them
12:24 all inside the bins, is that cool?
12:25 That sounds good. Let's start them out, okay.
12:27 Let's do it.
12:28 So right here we have our oats, you wanna pass me the oats
12:30 if you don't mind, please?
12:31 Here you go. It's gonna go right here.
12:32 All right, so the next ingredient
12:34 we're gonna have I believe that's quinoa.
12:35 Can you get that for me, please?
12:36 Quinoa.
12:38 Quinoa. All right.
12:39 And quinoa is a really, really neat ingredient.
12:40 It's actually a grain, it's an ancient grain,
12:43 and it's actually made similar to oats.
12:45 A little bit of water and pretty much boil it
12:48 and it's done in minutes.
12:49 It's gonna be really easy to make.
12:51 Also we have next some millet,
12:52 if you don't mind getting the millet?
12:53 All right. All right.
12:55 Millet, right here. So we have some millet here.
12:56 All right. Okay.
12:57 Go ahead and get the millet if you don't mind?
12:59 All right, so millet is, again is another ancient grain,
13:02 again it's really awesome for breakfast items
13:04 and we're gonna show you how to make
13:05 these a little bit later on
13:07 in some of our shows coming up soon, all right.
13:09 Next we have couscous.
13:11 Couscous is like a wheat, it's actually a wheat,
13:14 that's actually can be made in less than five minutes.
13:17 It's really, really awesome grain
13:18 that we're gonna be showing you guys how to use as well.
13:20 So we have couscous, all right.
13:22 And lastly, we have grits
13:24 and this is actually the whole grits.
13:26 You remember, if you ever had the,
13:27 I guess we call them the hominy grits.
13:29 Hominy grits.
13:30 We have, this is actually the whole grain,
13:32 which is actually really, really awesome, really tasty.
13:34 Is it better for you or it's just
13:35 the different grain in the hominy?
13:37 Actually, the greatest thing is that
13:38 it has a lot more fiber for you.
13:39 And that's the greatest thing for you,
13:41 so it's really, really good.
13:42 Fiber power.
13:43 Fiber power, man, you can't beat it.
13:45 All right, so we got the corn grits.
13:46 Okay.
13:48 Put that inside of this, and go ahead and lid
13:49 all them up please if you don't mind?
13:50 All right, let me close them all.
13:52 And again when you buy these ingredients,
13:53 normally you go to the, a bulk foods
13:54 in pretty much your stores, you go to a bulk food section.
13:56 And you can buy these in bulk, save a lot of money,
13:58 and you can just simply buy them, take them home,
14:01 put them in these containers,
14:02 and store them in your cupboard.
14:04 It's really, really easy to do.
14:05 And the last ingredients that we have here,
14:07 we're not gonna bend these up, but we have our almonds here,
14:10 all right, that's some almonds.
14:12 And then we have some walnuts, okay.
14:14 We have some delicious dried cranberries here.
14:17 And we also have some dates,
14:19 and all of these can be purchased again
14:20 at your local grocery stores.
14:22 And lastly, we have some,
14:23 what is this right here, Chef Law?
14:24 That is sugar. All right.
14:26 Organic sugar. Organic sugar. All right.
14:27 That's right.
14:28 Little bit of turbinado sugar, which is actually raw sugar
14:30 that's not been processed.
14:31 Oh, okay.
14:33 And we also have a really awesome flavor,
14:34 a kind of similar to cinnamon, it's called coriander
14:36 which is really, really neat.
14:38 All right, what's this right here, Chef Law?
14:39 It's honey. Do you like honey, man?
14:40 Oh, yes. Come on now.
14:42 It's just as sweet as me.
14:43 Come on now. So I like it.
14:45 Come on now, as sweet as you, man, go ahead now.
14:46 You don't want to be too sweet now.
14:47 Come on now. All right.
14:49 And next we have a little bit of vanilla.
14:50 Okay.
14:52 And you can use things like lemon flavoring,
14:53 you can use other things, but the key here
14:54 is what we have here is all about organization.
14:56 Okay.
14:57 All right, and we learn something,
14:59 when you organize
15:00 what is greatest thing that helps you do?
15:02 What's one of the great things that organization,
15:03 what does it do for?
15:04 It saves you time and money. Saves you time and money.
15:06 And so that's the great thing, so again all the ingredients
15:09 are put up, put here,
15:10 and all you have to do is put them into your cabinet.
15:12 Okay.
15:13 Organize them nice and neat, you wake up in the morning,
15:15 get some water or use a rice cooker or any oven
15:18 and just put the grain on, let it cook and bam,
15:21 you've got a delicious breakfast cereal
15:22 right in the morning.
15:24 And so, it's really, really easy to do.
15:25 That was real easy,
15:27 that was real fast, it was real simple.
15:28 Do you have any kids? I have three daughters.
15:29 Oh, cool, man, well, this would be perfect for you.
15:31 And they are cereal monsters. Come on now, cereal monsters.
15:33 This is right at my alley, right.
15:34 Exactly, exactly.
15:35 So again we want to tell everybody
15:37 as we close here that it's easy to make these things
15:39 and remember kitchen organization.
15:42 Kitchen organization.
15:48 Hello, friends, I'm excited today
15:50 we're gonna be making a delicious gourmet recipe.
15:53 I want you all to remember our system.
15:54 We have the FORK system,
15:56 the "F", the "O", the "R", and the "K".
15:58 And today, we are at the "R",
16:01 and again the "R" stands for Recipe.
16:04 Now remember this,
16:05 as you make these delicious recipes,
16:06 our whole intention is for you to learn,
16:09 how to do these things right at home?
16:11 We don't want you to go away after these 28 days,
16:13 not having any idea of how to eat healthy.
16:16 We want you to go away with confidence,
16:18 knowing how to make these delicious recipes.
16:21 But today we're gonna be making something
16:22 I like to call a sunrise cereal with gourmet toppings.
16:26 So let's imagine, waking up in the morning,
16:28 waking up to something delicious,
16:30 waking up to something that's gonna be so fresh,
16:33 so healthy, full of fiber, full of nutrients,
16:36 it's gonna be a blessing.
16:38 So I like to say, when you wake up in the morning,
16:40 you wake up, you get in your knees,
16:41 and you say a prayer to the Lord,
16:43 you get some of that, that delicious Word of God,
16:46 and then you got to get some of that delicious bread of God.
16:48 I like to say the bread that God gave us,
16:50 which is the fruits, and the grains, and the nuts,
16:52 and the vegetables.
16:54 What we're gonna make, let's go ahead
16:55 and get write this recipe right here.
16:56 If you notice, here we have some oats
16:58 and we also have some couscous.
17:00 And remember, this comes back to the recipes
17:03 or actually I should say the "O" of the organization.
17:05 And we had those that system that we developed,
17:07 which allow you to make a delicious cereal station.
17:10 So we're gonna be using these ingredients today.
17:13 Now I'm gonna read the recipe to you
17:15 for our sunrise cereal with gourmet toppings.
17:17 This is what it is.
17:38 All right, so what we have here is a simple process
17:41 on how to make a delicious simple cereal
17:44 in the morning time.
17:45 And we're gonna start out with the oats.
17:46 Right here I have water right here already started,
17:48 it's gotten kind of hot right here,
17:50 we're gonna turn it back on.
17:51 We're gonna get it boiling here.
17:52 And what we're gonna do, when you make oat, I guess,
17:55 when you make oatmeal normally sometimes oatmeal can get
17:57 kind of mushy and sometimes it's kind of sticky,
17:59 and that's not too delicious.
18:01 We want oatmeal to come out where it comes out nice
18:04 and kind of has a nice chewiness
18:06 but not too mushy.
18:07 And what we're gonna do, we're gonna let this water boil
18:09 and let that get started here.
18:10 Let the water boil.
18:12 And what we're gonna do also, we're gonna go ahead
18:13 and get some of our toppings ready to go.
18:15 If you notice here, we have our bananas here,
18:17 we also have some delicious mangoes,
18:19 and we have some pineapples.
18:20 So I'm gonna go ahead and put this on,
18:22 I'm gonna go ahead and chop them up,
18:23 little bit pineapples here.
18:24 And this is gonna be toppings that's gonna go on top
18:26 of our gourmet sunrise cereal, it's gonna be really delicious.
18:30 I'm gonna cut that in half,
18:31 so here we have some pineapples,
18:33 got some mangoes here.
18:34 And again, it's very easy to do.
18:36 Takes minutes to do in the morning time,
18:38 cut your fruit up,
18:39 cut your any kind of fruits you like.
18:41 We got our mangoes, our pineapples,
18:43 we have our bananas, I mean, whatever you want to do.
18:46 Peaches, nectarines, I mean, you can put grapes,
18:48 strawberries whatever you like, it doesn't really matter.
18:52 So what I'm gonna do next,
18:53 I'm gonna go ahead and put my oats
18:55 inside of my water here, all right.
18:58 It's really simple, really, really simple.
19:00 Put the oats right here in the water just like that.
19:03 Kind of get a little stir up just like that,
19:05 stirred up just a little bit.
19:07 All right, and what's gonna happen is this.
19:10 Let it cook for about a minute or two,
19:12 and once it kind of cooks about a minute or two,
19:14 all you're gonna do is put a cover on it
19:17 and just let it sit for about 20 to 25 minutes.
19:20 Again, just put it right into the water,
19:22 cook it for about two minutes
19:23 and then you're gonna turn off the heat,
19:25 and let it to sit for about 25 minutes,
19:28 and this is the key to not having mushy oatmeal.
19:31 And I tell you, when I grew up, when I was a young kid, my Mom,
19:34 I used to always tell my Mom, I want some huckle meal.
19:36 So I don't call it a huckle meal anymore,
19:37 I like to call it oatmeal.
19:39 Well, here's a finished recipe of some huckle meal.
19:42 How does that sound?
19:43 All right, and you notice here that this right here
19:45 is actually again, it's chewy, is not mushy,
19:48 and that's what we want.
19:50 You don't want again mushy oatmeal,
19:51 when it comes out like this, when you put the milk on it,
19:53 when you put the other ingredients on it,
19:55 it has a really nice bite.
19:57 So what I'm gonna do next is I'm gonna get my bowls,
19:59 and we're gonna go ahead now
20:01 and plate our delicious sunrise breakfast cereal.
20:04 And also I just want to mention too,
20:06 we're gonna make another one with our couscous.
20:08 Let me get to make this for you
20:09 but this is simply what you can do
20:10 is one cup of grain to one cup of water,
20:13 the same just like the oats, same exact concept
20:15 and it comes out nice and fluffy
20:17 with delicious couscous.
20:19 And again, it's really easy to make,
20:21 it can be made in minutes and again
20:22 about five, seven minutes,
20:24 you can have some delicious couscous.
20:26 Also what I'm gonna do, get my bowl, all right.
20:30 I got my bowl for my couscous here
20:31 and bowl for my oatmeal.
20:33 So I'm gonna go ahead and take my oats right here,
20:34 put my oats right inside of the bowl here,
20:37 just like this, right inside the bowl.
20:40 Fluff it up a little bit.
20:42 And again, it's nice and chewy, it's not mushy.
20:44 This is exactly what we want, just like that.
20:47 All right, then we have some milk right here.
20:50 Some nice dairy free milk, you can use almond milk,
20:52 soy milk whatever you like,
20:54 I'm gonna pour that right on top of this like this,
20:56 it's gonna give a nice moistness to it,
20:58 just like that.
21:00 And again, the last part is really easy,
21:01 I'm sure you can figure this out.
21:03 We're gonna actually be using some walnuts today,
21:05 little bit of walnuts on top of here,
21:07 little bit of walnuts just like that,
21:09 little bit of walnuts.
21:10 I'm gonna have some, some, some dried cranberries,
21:13 some dried cranberries just like that.
21:14 Really easy to do, all right.
21:17 I'm gonna top it with a little bit of sweetener,
21:19 you don't want to have unsweet oatmeal,
21:21 if you like it not sweet, it's okay.
21:23 I'm gonna put a little bit of the raw organic sugar
21:25 right into this, all right, just like that.
21:27 And lastly, I'm gonna top it off
21:29 with some of our mangoes and our bananas.
21:32 And again, it's very simple.
21:34 I'm gonna close it again with this next one, really quickly.
21:37 Got a little bit of a couscous,
21:39 little bit of a couscous just like that, all right.
21:43 Little bit of our milk again, little bit of milk,
21:46 pour the milk right into this just like that,
21:47 really easy to do.
21:49 I'm gonna put some pecans this time, pecans on top,
21:53 pecans on top just like that.
21:54 Little bit of cranberries again, all right.
21:57 This time I'm gonna do little bit of granola,
21:58 add little bit of granola on top of this.
22:00 I tell you, it's easy, easy, friends,
22:03 you can do it anytime in the morning,
22:05 again it takes minutes to do it.
22:07 Little bit of bananas, I'm gonna close this up.
22:09 Oh, this is looking so good. Little bit of bananas.
22:12 Perhaps put some mangoes on here too,
22:13 that won't hurt, all right.
22:15 Put some mangoes on there,
22:17 and we're gonna close that up just like that.
22:19 And I'm gonna top it off
22:20 with little bit of cranberries make it look nice and good.
22:23 I tell you, friends, this is delicious.
22:24 So here we have right here our sunrise cereal
22:28 with our oatmeal
22:29 and then we have also our delicious couscous.
22:31 And I tell you, it is easy to do,
22:33 it can be made in minutes.
22:35 And I tell you, when you do this at home,
22:36 you can wake up with all of that fiber,
22:38 you can wake up with all of that nutrients,
22:40 and it's gonna be some kind of good.
22:49 Well, friends, we've come down
22:50 to the close of day number three.
22:53 And I tell you, this is where we get to go back
22:56 and recap what we've learned.
22:57 And remember, we're at the end of the FORK
22:59 and the "K" in the FORK stands for Knowledge.
23:02 And we need knowledge because the Bible lets us know,
23:05 it says, God says that, it says that,
23:07 "We are destroyed for a lack of knowledge."
23:10 And we don't want to have a lack of knowledge.
23:12 We want some knowledge so that we can be informed
23:15 on how to experience
23:17 this healthy 28 days of wellness.
23:19 And again, my lovely wife is here again
23:21 and we're gonna recap these questions,
23:23 Chef Chew, how about that?
23:24 All right, I'm ready.
23:25 All right, let's go ahead and go
23:27 to question number one, Chef Chew.
23:28 All right, so question number one is,
23:30 God wants to motivate us to live healthier lives.
23:33 Is this true or is it false?
23:35 Well, I think I can say
23:38 I know that God wants to motivate us
23:42 to live a healthier life.
23:43 Healthier life. That's right. So the answer is true.
23:45 True.
23:46 Come on now, the answer is true.
23:47 So what does question number two say?
23:49 All right, so question number two is,
23:51 quinoa should be washed before cooking?
23:54 Again, is it true or is it false?
23:56 Well, I tell you, I've had some quinoa
23:58 that can taste really, really bitter, friends.
24:01 And I'm telling you today, it's important to make sure
24:04 that you wash your quinoa and again you can use a little,
24:08 I can say like a little wire mesh,
24:10 that can you can do it in or little cheesecloth.
24:13 And so again, the answer is definitely what, Chef Chew?
24:15 It's true. That's right.
24:17 It's true. Please, wash your quinoa.
24:19 So what's question number three?
24:21 All right, question number three is,
24:22 how long does the oatmeal have to sit in boiled water
24:26 before eating?
24:28 Is it A, 15 to 20 minutes, is it B, 3 to 5 minutes,
24:32 or is it C, 45 to 60 minutes.
24:35 All right, so this might be little tough one to remember,
24:36 but remember this,
24:38 it is important that your oatmeal,
24:40 your oat sit in that water for at least 15 to 20 minutes,
24:44 15 to 20 minutes,
24:46 doesn't have to go for a full hour,
24:47 but a good 15 or 20 minutes.
24:49 So again just take a little time in the morning,
24:50 put that water on a boil, put those oats in,
24:53 let it boil for like two, three minutes
24:54 and then let it sit again for that
24:56 15 to 20 minute timeframe, and guess what?
24:58 You're going to have not that mushy oatmeal,
25:01 you're gonna have that, what? That chewy like that.
25:04 Oatmeal. Yes, chewy oatmeal.
25:06 So we all want chewy oatmeal, friends,
25:08 we want to have that oatmeal that's gonna be nice and chewy
25:10 and good in the mouth, isn't that great?
25:12 Come on now, that's what I'm talking about.
25:13 Sounds and looks good.
25:15 And so we learned a lot of good things today.
25:16 We learned some things in the faith section.
25:18 We talked today about,
25:20 I can do all things
25:21 through Christ which strengthens me.
25:23 Which strengthens me.
25:24 You know, and Christ wants to strengthen us...
25:25 He sure does.
25:27 Because we need the right motivation,
25:28 but we need that power,
25:30 we need that strength through Christ.
25:31 And because we are weak in of ourselves.
25:33 And exactly, exactly. That's right.
25:34 And a lot of times,
25:36 we don't recognize how weak we are.
25:37 That's true.
25:39 Sometimes we start something
25:40 and when we start having a little bit of success,
25:41 we start saying, you know, I can do it, I can do it.
25:44 And what happens, when we start doing it,
25:45 we find that just like that, that Bible story about Peter.
25:48 That's right.
25:49 Peter was walking on the water
25:51 and he found himself, friends...
25:52 Took his eyes off Christ.
25:53 Exactly, he found himself in just a,
25:55 in just a little short time, took his eyes off of the Christ
25:57 and he found himself sinking in the water.
26:00 And, friends, we don't want to sink,
26:02 we want to be able to walk on the water to do the things
26:04 that might seem impossible, so that means that listen,
26:07 you might be suffering again from some habit
26:09 that you're not proud of,
26:11 some habits that you don't want nobody to know,
26:13 but remember this,
26:14 our strength is found in Christ.
26:16 And some of us, you know, we might have issues, say,
26:19 for example, we might have a little blood pressure issue.
26:21 Yes.
26:23 We might be suffering with again,
26:24 maybe you want to just shape off a little pounds,
26:25 you follow what I'm saying?
26:27 You know, sometimes, especially the ladies
26:28 get a little conscious about the weight,
26:30 but it's okay, again,
26:31 because again we can do all things through, Chef Chew?
26:33 Through Christ. Through Christ.
26:35 That's right.
26:36 And so Christ is our foundation.
26:38 If we can get anything for you to understand
26:40 in these 28 days,
26:41 remember this that Jesus is the answer,
26:43 Jesus is the one who can help us to do anything.
26:47 I tell you, I'm excited, I am excited.
26:51 You should be.
26:53 You know, hey, you know, as we learn these things,
26:55 you can't help but to be excited.
26:56 And we want, we want everybody out here to know this is that,
26:59 as you practice, as you,
27:01 as you learn these things, friends,
27:03 is that it's gonna be an amazing journey, meaning,
27:06 it's not gonna just be one day, two days, three days,
27:09 we have a lot more days to go.
27:11 So meaning that,
27:12 we want to establish habits for how long?
27:14 For a lifetime. For a lifetime.
27:15 Why is that so important? Who wants to be sick?
27:18 I tell you, I know, I don't want to be sick.
27:20 Of course.
27:21 And I love Jesus Christ
27:23 because He has given us a solution.
27:25 I'll tell you, friends,
27:26 as you start this journey we're now at,
27:29 coming to day four and I tell you,
27:31 just remember this,
27:33 that God does not want to bring any of the diseases on,
27:37 of this world, He wants us to have life everlasting,
27:40 He wants us to experience health.
27:42 And so listen, my name is Chef Chew.
27:44 I'm Chef Chew too.
27:46 And as we always say,
27:48 "Gonna give you something to chew on."


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