Chew's Challenge

Day 5

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Participants: Chef G.W. Chew, Chef Tim Lawson, Tina Chew


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00:30 Hello, friends, my name is Chef Chew
00:32 and as I always say,
00:34 "Gonna give you something to chew on."
00:36 We want to welcome you again to the Chew's Challenge.
00:39 And I am excited.
00:41 We have come down to day number five.
00:43 This 28 day wellness journey,
00:46 this 28 day wellness experience,
00:49 something that you can tell your friends about,
00:51 something that you're gonna see something better very soon.
00:54 We're gonna get right into it again.
00:56 We're gonna get right into our introduction recipe
00:58 and again, my lovely wife is with me, Chef Chew.
01:01 How are you? Number two, right?
01:03 Chef Chew, number two.
01:04 And again, today we're making something
01:06 I like to say is really quick, really simple, really easy.
01:08 Okay. It's a quick quinoa stir fry.
01:11 All right. So... Quickly, you know about that?
01:13 I know about that. Yeah, I know about quinoa.
01:14 Come on now, you know about the quick quinoa stir fry.
01:16 Come on now. And so what we have here?
01:17 We have, what is this tool call?
01:19 Why don't you tell us what this tool is?
01:20 This is called not a crockpot...
01:22 Okay. But a rice cooker.
01:23 A rice cooker.
01:24 And normally when we think about rice cookers,
01:26 we actually a lot of times thinks,
01:27 the only thing we can cook inside a rice cooker is what?
01:29 Rice. Is rice.
01:30 But believe it or not, we can cook many other things.
01:33 Many of our grains that we actually eat,
01:35 we talked about few days ago about our quinoa,
01:38 as we're doing today, we talked about couscous,
01:41 we talked about millet, all of those grains can,
01:43 believe it or not, be cooked where?
01:44 Wow, in a crockpot.
01:46 Not a crockpot, come on now. I mean oh, sorry.
01:48 In a rice cooker. Rice cooker.
01:49 There we go, in a rice cooker, okay.
01:50 So we're gonna go ahead
01:52 and I'm going to show you guys how this works.
01:53 All right, so we have our,
01:55 and I guess I insert through our rice cooker here,
01:57 and we're going to go ahead and take the top off of this.
01:59 And we have some quinoa and this is really simple.
02:03 The recipe for this, you're gonna go ahead
02:05 and read the recipe, if you can.
02:06 All right, so what we have is:
02:27 All right, so as we look at these ingredients,
02:29 we're going to find that
02:30 the ratio for this grain is one to what?
02:33 One to one.
02:34 Not one no one, but... Two to one.
02:35 There you go, one... Or one to two, okay.
02:37 One to two. So one cup of grain to two cups of water.
02:39 Just want to let you guys know
02:41 when you cook a lot of these grains,
02:42 there's always a ratio,
02:44 one to one, one to two, one to three.
02:45 One cup of the grain
02:47 to two cups of water or whatever it might be.
02:48 So this is one to two.
02:50 So we're gonna go ahead and put our grain
02:51 right inside the bowl.
02:53 So we have our one cup of grain.
02:54 And then the water?
02:55 We got quinoa, and we'll have two cups of water here.
02:57 I'm gonna put that right inside of it just like that.
02:58 All right, and then we're gonna take it like that.
03:02 I want to put it on my rice cooker, okay.
03:04 All right and since this is,
03:06 you know, this is not at home, home,
03:09 but this is like, it's done.
03:10 Isn't that exciting? Well, there it is.
03:12 All right, so we have our finished quinoa,
03:13 I want you all to see this.
03:15 That looks good. It's nice and fluffy.
03:16 It's like little, kind of little balls.
03:18 It's really easy to do.
03:19 So it's really a nice grain,
03:21 it's kind of like a rice texture,
03:23 but it's kind of like little kernels though.
03:24 Okay. Real fluffy, okay.
03:26 So what we're gonna do, we're making a quinoa stir fry.
03:27 So we're gonna use this little later.
03:29 Right now we're gonna get some oil on this pan
03:30 and we're going saute some vegetables up.
03:32 Can I cut up anything?
03:33 All right, go ahead and start cutting up those vegetables
03:35 if you don't mind, please?
03:36 Go ahead and cut that onion up if you can?
03:37 All right.
03:39 So what we're gonna do, we have our onions,
03:40 we have our green peppers,
03:42 we have some mushrooms over here,
03:43 some green beans, garlic, little bit of seasoning, oil,
03:46 and we're gonna just make this taste so good.
03:48 Put this right inside of here, you are doing it really good.
03:50 So she's cutting up peppers for us.
03:52 And we just want to take one little section of,
03:54 she's cleaning it out, doing a wonderful job, Tina.
03:56 Thank you. I learned from the best.
03:58 I mean, Chef Chew, you're just doing such a wonderful job.
04:01 You know, I tell you, I don't know,
04:03 who taught you all that stuff?
04:06 Well, sometimes we do work in the kitchen together.
04:08 Come on now, you know,
04:09 I like to say God is our teacher, amen.
04:11 He is.
04:12 God is the one who gives us the wisdom for all things.
04:14 Amen? Amen.
04:15 All right, so we've got the onions here,
04:16 that should be enough onions.
04:18 I mean, there's enough green peppers for us.
04:19 Okay. All right.
04:21 We're gonna let that cook down just a little bit.
04:22 All right, go ahead and give me the rest of the ingredients
04:23 if you can, please?
04:25 All right, you need the green beans?
04:26 Go ahead and put them all inside of it,
04:27 if you don't mind?
04:29 Okay. Let that, cook all that down.
04:30 Green beans. Mushrooms. Got the mushrooms here.
04:32 Oh, man, give me some of that garlic.
04:33 Give me some hit on that, that's what I'm talking about,
04:34 I love it, I love it.
04:36 All right. Seasoning?
04:37 Seasoning right on there. All right.
04:39 And to top me off,
04:40 we gonna put little bit more oil on here,
04:41 pass the rest of that oil over there,
04:43 if you don't mind?
04:44 Let put this oil right on top of that, all right.
04:45 That looks good.
04:47 Let that season up, this is nice.
04:48 And what you can start doing is,
04:50 I'm gonna shake this up a little bit.
04:51 Start getting the quinoa
04:52 right on the plate if you can, please?
04:54 Sure enough.
04:55 Let this saute down pretty nicely just like that.
04:56 So does all of the grains
04:59 that you cook in the rice cooker
05:00 come out fluffy?
05:01 Well, most of them do.
05:03 Normally, sometimes they do stick together,
05:04 they clump together,
05:05 and sometimes you have to fluff them up.
05:07 So we can just take a little fork some time
05:08 if they're sticking together really bad.
05:10 Take a fork and just fluff it right around now,
05:12 and it comes out nice and fluffy.
05:13 So this is gonna be really good.
05:15 Oh, man. All right, that's nice.
05:16 All right, so we got that right here.
05:17 And one thing, when you cook quinoa,
05:19 you have to actually rinse the quinoa first.
05:22 So that's one thing to mention,
05:23 you take like a little strainer that doesn't have a lot of,
05:25 not too bigger holes, wire, mesh
05:27 or something like that and you strain,
05:29 you wash the quinoa first
05:31 because it can get a really bitter flavor
05:33 if you don't wash it first.
05:34 Okay. All right.
05:36 This is the tip. So this is almost done.
05:37 Looks good. You know, really good.
05:39 And since the vegetables, you know,
05:40 the green beans is already been steamed.
05:42 And so they already, at this point
05:44 they don't have to be cooked for too long.
05:45 Okay, so this will be almost done in about
05:47 another 30 seconds.
05:48 All right, so we're gonna let that cook so.
05:50 Again, really easy to do, quick quinoa stir fry.
05:54 You can actually use other vegetables.
05:55 Oh, you've got the fork out already.
05:57 All right, so we're gonna go ahead
05:58 and get ready to plate this up.
06:00 This is a looking really good. Look at that, come on now.
06:03 All right, so we're gonna put that on the plate.
06:05 Come on, taking too long. All right, come on now.
06:06 Look at that. All right.
06:07 Come on now, you can get all this good.
06:09 Here we go.
06:11 All right, look at that...
06:12 That's nice. There's pepper's on there.
06:14 Looks really good, looks really good.
06:15 So who's gonna get a bite? Me!
06:17 All right, you get a bite. Go ahead and try.
06:19 See how it tastes. Ladies first, right?
06:20 Ladies first, there you go.
06:21 Got a green bean, little bit of quinoa on there.
06:23 How is it taste?
06:24 Come on now, it's looking real good.
06:26 That's what I'm talking about. Looking real good.
06:28 Felling real good, I tell you, 28 days of wellness,
06:30 this is exciting.
06:38 Well, friends, we've come to the "F" in the FORK system.
06:41 And the "F" stands for Faith.
06:44 Today, we're talking about a new heart will I give you.
06:47 A new heart will I give you.
06:50 That's right,
06:51 Jesus has promised to give us a new heart.
06:54 And again, we're talking about faith.
06:55 The Bible says that God can make all things new.
06:58 He can make all things new in our heart
07:01 and He's promised also, friends,
07:03 to give us a new heart.
07:04 And, Chef Law, you're gonna be talking today
07:06 about this new heart.
07:07 Yes, indeed.
07:08 And I tell you, it's going to be amazing.
07:10 It's going to be amazing. Come on now.
07:11 So what comes out now?
07:13 What's the scripture for today, man?
07:14 All right, let's just read the scripture
07:15 and get some power from that word like you heard it...
07:17 Let's do it, man, let's do it.
07:19 All right, the Bible says,
07:20 "A new heart also will I give you
07:22 and a new spirit will I put within you:
07:25 I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh,
07:28 and I will give you a heart of flesh."
07:31 Ezekiel 36:26.
07:34 That sounds so awesome.
07:37 Did you know that God is in the business of giving?
07:41 Come on now. He's a gift giver.
07:42 Come on now, He's a gift giver. He's gift giver.
07:44 He's not like Santa Claus. Come on, not like Santa, right?
07:46 He is better than Santa Claus. Come on now. Come on now.
07:48 Santa Clause ain't got nothing on the Lord
07:50 when he gives a gift.
07:52 Well, let's talk about this heart
07:54 that He wants to give you.
07:55 What're we talking about, man?
07:56 When the Bible speaks about a heart,
07:58 it's speaking about our feelings
07:59 and our emotions and also our thoughts.
08:01 God wants to give you a new way of thinking,
08:03 a new way of looking at things.
08:05 So the heart, and that's, it's symbolically,
08:08 I guess in a sense represents like you said the feelings,
08:10 what else was it?
08:12 The thoughts. The emotions. The thoughts and the emotions.
08:15 So that in essence is what happens in the, I guess...
08:17 Mind.
08:18 The mind, okay, am I with you now,
08:19 I'm with you now, okay.
08:21 So what you see that
08:22 you might could be in a bad situation,
08:23 but you could have the mind state
08:25 to say that you won't let this situation
08:27 make or break your day.
08:29 Right, okay.
08:30 And so God wants to give you a new way of thinking
08:32 to know that, you have all His power.
08:33 Come on now.
08:35 You have all His motivation that He's with you,
08:37 that He's gonna change and make things new.
08:39 And so He wants you to think differently,
08:41 think more positively,
08:42 He wants to take that old heart away,
08:44 give you a new way of thinking.
08:45 I like that.
08:46 So He's not taken the heart out of us,
08:48 but putting a new physical heart,
08:49 that is not a heart transplant, that's the...
08:50 No, not a heart transplant. No. Not physically.
08:52 But spiritually you're talking about.
08:53 The spirit.
08:55 Come on, I like that, I like that.
08:56 But during these 28 days though,
08:57 what we want to do is almost give you a new heart.
09:00 When we change your diet and we put these fresh foods
09:03 and fresh fruits in your diet, we want to change the blood,
09:06 and your heart, and your system.
09:07 I like that.
09:09 And I tell you, what you're saying is
09:10 so important because again, 28 days is not a long time.
09:13 It is kind of a long time
09:15 but it really isn't compared to our,
09:16 I guess, the years of life that we have to go through.
09:19 So our goal, our intention is
09:21 to inspire you with new and fresh ideas
09:24 that are based on the Word of God.
09:25 So what else can we learn from this new heart, Chef Law?
09:28 Well, you see when you have a new mind,
09:30 you start looking at things in a whole different way,
09:32 in a whole different perspective.
09:34 So you might have the same,
09:36 old life or the same old ideas and friends,
09:39 but now you can look at them in a different way
09:41 where you can have a,
09:43 you can get more out of what you do have.
09:44 I like that, I like that.
09:45 You can start looking at the more positive things
09:47 than the negative things.
09:48 Everybody has something in their life
09:50 that's not agreeable,
09:51 that they wish they can change but just the same,
09:54 everybody has something in their life
09:56 that somebody else doesn't have.
09:57 Come on now, I like that. I like that.
09:59 That you can be happy about,
10:00 that you gonna be positive about.
10:01 So you know, friends, a lot of times
10:03 we look at it in a sense like look at a rose bush,
10:05 we like to say we have the thorns
10:07 and then on a rose bush there's thorns,
10:09 but guess, what?
10:10 There's also roses on it. Yes.
10:12 So we focus on the thorns, we missed the blessing.
10:15 We missed the roses.
10:16 Smell that they're fresh peak, when they're fresh red rose,
10:20 you can receive the blessing of the rose, amen.
10:23 And you don't even notice the thorns.
10:24 And you won't even notice the thorns.
10:25 We won't even notice it, man.
10:27 So is there any last things
10:28 you want to give to us on this topic.
10:31 One last thing I want to say
10:33 why it's so important to have a new mind,
10:36 everything starts with the mind.
10:38 Every decision you make, every,
10:41 even your decision to watch the show right now,
10:44 you had to first start in the mind.
10:46 So God wants to give you a new mind.
10:47 So while you're making these new decisions,
10:49 as you read in the Book of Matthew,
10:51 as you're changing your diet, and changing your lifestyle,
10:54 He wants you to be able to make correct decisions
10:56 about everything that goes on in your whole life.
10:59 I like that. I like that.
11:01 And I tell you, we want to remember again
11:02 as we always like to share y'all,
11:04 we're reading through the Book of Matthew.
11:06 And today we are at Chapter 5 of Matthew
11:09 and I believe Chapter 5 is talking about God's beatitudes,
11:13 those blessings.
11:14 All those blessings of how God says
11:16 blessed on the meek,
11:17 blessed all those that are or who like to give in essence.
11:20 He talks about all those things.
11:22 He says, it's more blessed to what?
11:23 To give than to what? Receive.
11:25 To receive. That's right.
11:26 So, friends, go to your word,
11:27 learn about this faith and I tell you,
11:29 the more you spend time with God,
11:31 the more power you are going to have.
11:33 So we want to you all to know that God is powerful.
11:37 He is full of faith
11:38 and He wants you to experience abundant living.
11:48 Hello, friends, we have just come to the "O"
11:51 in the FORK system.
11:52 And again the "O" stands for Organization.
11:55 And we're excited again.
11:56 So we're gonna be learning another simple system
11:58 on how to speed up our kitchen.
12:00 And so today we're going to be talking about
12:02 how to make a simple station,
12:05 it's our bean and pasta station.
12:07 Well, Chef Law, how're you doing again, buddy?
12:09 I'm doing great.
12:10 Well, you just gave us a little bit of faith.
12:11 That's right.
12:13 Now we're about to go to some organization.
12:14 Organization.
12:16 Come on, that's gonna be really exciting.
12:17 Some faith in work. All right.
12:18 So what do we got here?
12:20 All right, so right now, what we're gonna to do,
12:21 we have pastas here.
12:22 And we're gonna go ahead and take our big beans,
12:24 we have big beans with this,
12:25 'cause the pasta can sometimes be kind of big.
12:26 And so right here we have some whole wheat spaghetti.
12:28 All right, we want to take it out box here.
12:29 Can you go ahead and use this knife
12:31 and cut this in half for me, if you don't mind, please?
12:32 All right. Cut it right in half.
12:33 So we have our pastas obviously,
12:35 all we're doing again is what?
12:36 We're making it all simple.
12:37 We want to make the kitchen station
12:39 as simple and efficient as what?
12:41 As possible. As possible.
12:42 All right, it's breaking, well, I guess,
12:43 we can do it with our hands.
12:45 We just have to break it with our hands.
12:46 Here we go, look at that, man. It's got better.
12:48 You know, I was that strong, did you?
12:49 I didn't. Come on now.
12:50 You didn't know that, did you?
12:52 I know that... All right.
12:53 No plastic will stand in your way.
12:54 All right, so go ahead and get the other bins for me
12:56 if you don't mind?
12:57 So right here we have linguini and again,
12:59 we like to say to make it simple.
13:00 When you make these simple stations like pastas,
13:01 or beans, or even your grains, just pick five.
13:03 Pick five ones you like and then use all those five,
13:05 put them in little bins.
13:07 And again, it simplifies your kitchen.
13:08 This is a linguini pasta
13:10 which is a little bit smaller than
13:11 your regular spaghetti pasta.
13:13 Go ahead and take the garden rotini.
13:14 Here we go.
13:16 All right, so we got the garden rotini right here.
13:17 Put that inside of it,
13:19 you can go and grab the other ones.
13:21 Got our garden rotini, go ahead and get the other ones started,
13:22 you can start it.
13:23 We have our whole wheat, what's that right there?
13:26 This is our whole wheat...
13:27 Macaroni, come on now. Macaroni.
13:28 Macaroni elbows.
13:30 Making that macaroni and cheese,
13:32 oh, that's what I'm talking about.
13:33 All right, boom, boom, boom, that's it.
13:36 Last one, we have the penne pasta,
13:37 the penne pasta right here.
13:40 All right, the last one is right there.
13:42 All right, that's done.
13:43 You got all your different pastas right here.
13:45 All right, so we've got spaghetti pasta,
13:46 linguini pasta, the garden rotini,
13:49 we have the macaroni noodles and the penne pasta.
13:51 So now we have a last, so we're gonna into our beans,
13:53 we got our pinto beans, go and bring the pinto beans.
13:55 This is great for your Mexican dishes especially.
13:57 Here's the pintos.
13:58 If you go to a lot of restaurants,
14:00 you're gonna find this one of the major beans that they use.
14:02 So we have our pinto beans.
14:04 Next, we have our yellow split peas.
14:06 Yellow split pea, go ahead
14:07 and bring that inside of the bin if you can?
14:09 Making little messy, but that's okay.
14:10 It's okay.
14:12 Sorry to get little messy in your kitchen.
14:13 Yeah, sometimes it's get little messy.
14:14 I know this.
14:16 But you got to work through it, right?
14:17 That's right. That's it.
14:19 Because this is gonna save you time
14:20 when you're not gonna to get messy
14:21 when you're making it
14:23 'cause everything's gonna be organized.
14:24 Yes, there it is. All right.
14:25 So go ahead get the last, we got three more to go,
14:27 let's go and dump the rest of them in.
14:28 Little bit of red beans right here.
14:30 Red beans, all right.
14:31 That's just like that,
14:32 and lastly we got some red lentils
14:34 and we have some delicious gourmet black beans.
14:38 This is gonna be really, really, tasty.
14:39 Delicious, gourmet black beans. We'll put that right there.
14:42 Come on now, Law, this is looking real good.
14:45 We got all of our beans,
14:47 color your plate like a rainbow, all right.
14:49 And once again, it was real quick and easy.
14:51 All right, so go ahead and put our lids on,
14:52 let's finish this up.
14:53 Put our lids on here if we can.
14:55 Okay. All right.
14:56 Let's clean this up just a little bit.
14:58 All right, put our lids on here and we're gonna close this up.
14:59 I tell you, this is simple,
15:01 less than five minutes we made our stations.
15:03 We wanted to be really simple for you, guys
15:05 because we want you to learn
15:07 how to make your kitchen very, very, efficient.
15:11 I tell you, when you learn these simple tricks,
15:13 you're gonna find that this is gonna make you
15:15 I mean like a chef.
15:17 I mean like a real chef.
15:18 Remember, why do we like to use station, Chef Law?
15:20 Because it saves us time and money.
15:22 Come on, save us time and money because...
15:24 'Cause I'm running out of. Come on now, I heard that.
15:27 So we like to say, kitchen organization is
15:29 what it's all about, the "O" is for...
15:31 Organization. Organization.
15:32 So please, please, take these little simple tips,
15:35 just don't listen to us, practice them.
15:37 We like to say, we like to practice what we what?
15:39 What we preach. What we preach.
15:41 All right, thank you, y'all.
15:48 Hello, friends, we're back and right now
15:50 we're about to go to the "R" of the FORK system.
15:53 And as I like to say,
15:54 "Gonna give you something to chew on."
15:57 This recipe is gonna to be really, really interesting.
15:59 It's actually, some ingredients you might not be familiar with,
16:02 we talked about a little bit earlier in our beans,
16:05 in our organization
16:06 and it's gonna be really, really, awesome
16:08 when you see this recipe.
16:09 It's called a minion lentil soup.
16:12 Armenian lentil soup and this recipe is phenomenal.
16:17 And so what we have here, if you'll notice here,
16:19 I have some cooked red lentils and right beside of me
16:21 I have uncooked red lentils.
16:23 And it's really interesting 'cause, you know,
16:25 you kind of think that the red lentils
16:26 will come out kind of red,
16:28 but they kinda don't, they kinda turn yellow.
16:29 So it's kinda interesting but nevertheless,
16:31 it is red lentils.
16:33 So what we're gonna do, in this recipe,
16:35 I'm gonna go ahead and read the recipe for you all,
16:36 so you can understand the ingredients
16:38 that we're gonna be using.
16:39 So here's the recipe...
17:07 Oh, this is gonna to be really, really interesting.
17:09 A lot of ingredients but I tell you,
17:11 we can make it a lot of fun, but very simple.
17:13 So again, we have our dried beans
17:16 and also our again our cooked beans.
17:18 And so what I'm gonna to do, since we don't have time
17:20 to actually cook the dried beans,
17:21 I'm gonna go ahead and start out with
17:23 the already cooked beans,
17:24 I'm gonna put it right inside of my water.
17:25 So I'm gonna have my water here,
17:27 ten cups of water, gonna mix this right inside of here.
17:30 Mix this right inside of here.
17:31 We're gonna get this started, okay.
17:33 I'm gonna get this going, just like that.
17:37 It is right inside of here and that's gonna get started.
17:40 And the rest of the ingredients,
17:41 we gonna get them sauteing and get them going.
17:46 All right, so here we go, pan is hot
17:48 and we're gonna have some fun.
17:50 So we're gonna put this to the side and notice here,
17:52 we have our different ingredients
17:54 and I have some dill weed, I have to chop this up fine.
17:56 And this is gonna go into our dish.
17:59 Some dill weed here.
18:00 We're gonna go ahead and chop it up nice and fine.
18:04 And dill weed, you can get it in the most grocery stores,
18:06 in the herb section.
18:07 And again, it's really easy to find.
18:08 Just ask them, if you don't know where's that,
18:10 just ask the individual there, "can I get some dill weed?"
18:13 And again, it's a fresh herb, really good.
18:15 I'm gonna put this right inside of our pot here.
18:17 Fresh herbs, right inside of the pot.
18:19 All right, the rest of the ingredients,
18:20 I'm gonna actually put right on to our saute pan here,
18:23 we're gonna get this nice and saute it,
18:25 get some extra flavor here.
18:27 I'm gonna put some tomatoes in here.
18:28 We're gonna go ahead and saute these up.
18:29 Oh, that's nice, really nice.
18:32 You got tomatoes right on here.
18:34 I love the sizzle, love the sizzle.
18:36 I love it, love it.
18:37 So put some spinach on top of here.
18:39 And the spinach is gonna cook down really quickly.
18:42 All right, so we have our different ingredients,
18:43 we have our chicken style seasoning,
18:44 have our Braggs,
18:46 all this is gonna go right on top of here.
18:48 Little Braggs right here.
18:49 All right, have our garlic powder
18:51 and sea salt here, all right.
18:54 Few last ingredient, a little bit of cumin,
18:56 it's onion powder here, lemon juice,
18:58 gonna throw all this right inside of here.
19:01 And we're gonna get that nice and going just like that.
19:03 Nice and sauteing
19:05 and this is gonna be put right into our soup here,
19:07 this is awesome.
19:09 Now listen, I'm gonna let this sit for
19:10 about two or three minutes.
19:12 Let this cook, I'll say about two minutes
19:14 and what I'm gonna to do right now,
19:15 we're actually gonna go back to a few days ago,
19:18 on our first day we made something
19:19 called a simple salad station.
19:21 And I'm gonna make a delicious salad to go with this recipe.
19:24 So right here, if you remember we made all those,
19:26 cut up all those different vegetables
19:27 and we cut it up nice and neat, put it in the containers.
19:30 So right here I have my vegetables ready to go
19:32 and we're gonna have it as a nice combination
19:34 with our delicious Armenian lentil soup.
19:36 So let's see what I have here.
19:37 As we, cucumber see, oh, this is gonna be delicious.
19:39 Some carrots, little bit of onions,
19:42 some green olives and some lettuce.
19:44 So right now what I'm gonna do,
19:46 gonna go and turn this like this,
19:48 get my plate out right here.
19:50 Making a nice salad for the family.
19:52 My wife is gonna be excited when I make this dish.
19:54 She's gonna be really excited when I bring this out.
19:56 Okay, so we got little lettuce,
19:58 gonna put that right into plate.
19:59 Now see how easy this is.
20:00 Everything's already cut up,
20:02 you don't got to go through a lot of trouble and making,
20:03 cutting everything up,
20:05 and going through the refrigerator,
20:06 trying to find everything.
20:08 Everything is nice, and neat, and organized.
20:09 Our cucumbers are ready to go, nice, sliced cucumbers,
20:12 put it right on top of there.
20:14 I tell you, this is gonna be so delicious, I tell you.
20:18 Oh, man, little onions on top of here,
20:20 nice, just like that.
20:23 Okay, little olives.
20:26 All right, cut off some of these carrots right here.
20:30 Cut them fine, all right.
20:35 Cut nice and fine.
20:38 Gotta get some carrots,
20:39 I always says that carrots help your eyes
20:40 to look really nicely.
20:42 All right, that looks really good.
20:44 So here we have our fresh salad made in seconds.
20:46 All right, fresh salad made in seconds.
20:48 I'm gonna cover these back up, get them out of the way
20:50 and we're gonna have a delicious soup
20:52 almost ready to go.
20:53 Let's go and see how our soup is going over here.
20:56 Our ingredients are looking really good,
20:58 looking really good.
20:59 So we're gonna move all this out the way.
21:02 And we're gonna get ready to get our soup
21:04 and this is going to be tasty, I can't wait for this.
21:06 Oh, man.
21:08 So everything is sizzling over there,
21:09 tomatoes and all the flavors, and the spinach.
21:11 It's gonna be really delicious, so we're gonna go ahead
21:13 and put this out of the way here, all right.
21:17 All right, so here we go.
21:19 So this right here, we're gonna put this
21:21 right inside of this bowl,
21:23 this is gonna be good, just like that.
21:25 I'm gonna mix it all together. Oh, this is a delicious soup.
21:29 Oh, you don't know how good it smells.
21:30 So what I'm gonna do lastly,
21:31 gonna put it on top of my bowl here.
21:34 So we got this right here,
21:35 gonna move this all off the way here.
21:37 This is gonna be really tasty, it's gonna be really good.
21:40 The bowl right here,
21:42 the family is gonna be really excited, y'all.
21:44 All right, so here we go.
21:46 Put that right inside of it just like that.
21:48 Nice soup.
21:50 Oh, nice soup for nice hot, I guess, cool day.
21:54 And so it's really simple.
21:55 So right here we have our delicious salad here.
21:58 We have our delicious Armenian lentil soup,
22:00 all those flavors are just popping out of this recipe.
22:04 We have the delicious dill weed
22:05 to give it that nice hit of herb.
22:07 We also have the spinach which gives again,
22:09 we always like to say, the spinach is excellent
22:11 to reduce your high blood pressure.
22:13 If you have high blood pressure,
22:14 it can go away.
22:16 Just go ahead and eat some spinach,
22:17 that potassium is powerful.
22:18 And in those beans,
22:20 all that fiber in those beans and remember,
22:21 your beans give you a natural source of protein.
22:25 So again, you don't have to always have to go to the meat,
22:27 you can also transit your meat
22:29 and get some delicious healthy beans.
22:31 So this is Armenian lentil soup
22:34 and our delicious fresh simple salad made in seconds.
22:37 Oh, it's delicious. Oh, it's some kinda good.
22:47 Well, friends, we just got out of the kitchen,
22:49 cooking the delicious Armenian lentil soup
22:52 and now we're coming to the "K".
22:54 And you know the "K", what does it stand for?
22:56 It stands for Knowledge.
22:58 And I tell you this has been an exciting day.
23:01 So you know how we do it. We like to ask some questions.
23:04 We want you to remember what we have been learning.
23:07 We want you to know
23:08 exactly how to do this for the long call.
23:11 So it's gonna be an amazing journey, friends.
23:13 So I tell you,
23:15 I have my lovely wife with me again, Chef Chew.
23:17 How're you doing, Chef Chew? Doing well.
23:19 You know how we like to do it, right?
23:20 We like to get in here and ask some questions,
23:22 why is it so important to ask questions in life?
23:25 Because it's not just about
23:26 what you know it's what you remember.
23:28 Come on now, so the more you repeat, the more what?
23:31 The more you remember.
23:32 Exactly, so we like to go over these things.
23:34 It deepens the impression.
23:35 It deepens the impression, exactly.
23:37 So the more we discuss these things,
23:38 the more we're going to be able to take this
23:40 into the future for the long haul
23:42 and have habits for what?
23:44 Life time. For life time.
23:45 So go ahead and ask the first question for us
23:47 if you can, please?
23:48 All right, so our first question is,
23:50 God is in the business of keeping things to Himself,
23:55 is it true or is it false?
23:57 Well, I know I can say that,
23:59 I know that God is not a selfish God.
24:02 And we talked earlier about God,
24:03 He will give us, what?
24:05 A new heart. A new heart.
24:06 So obviously, God does not keep things to Himself,
24:09 so the answer is what?
24:11 False. False.
24:12 False, there you go exactly.
24:14 So, friends, remember this,
24:15 God wants to give us the best things.
24:17 He wants to give us things
24:19 that are gonna be for our best good.
24:21 He doesn't always give us what we want.
24:23 But He always gives us just what we, what?
24:25 Need. What we need.
24:26 So that's what I'm talking about.
24:27 So what's question number two, Chef Chew.
24:29 All right, question number two:
24:30 Why is it good to purchase whole wheat pasta
24:33 rather than white pasta?
24:35 Is it A, more fiber, B, less fiber,
24:40 or C, less carbs?
24:41 Ah, we're talking about some good stuff now, aren't we?
24:44 We learned about the whole wheat.
24:45 The whole wheat, believe it or not, friends,
24:47 is very, very full of nutrients.
24:49 But a lot of times, we can get the white pasta sometimes
24:52 because it taste a little better,
24:53 sometimes, we like the, you know, the texture of it.
24:55 Even the texture, definitely.
24:56 Exactly, but we want to say, when you go into the stores,
24:58 it's better to get the whole wheat pasta, why?
25:01 Because, again, the answer is A because it has more, what?
25:04 Fiber.
25:06 Fiber and remember this, the fiber is good
25:07 because the fiber helps to keep you moving.
25:11 You understand what I'm talking about, right?
25:12 It keeps you moving
25:14 because you want to have good movements.
25:15 Remember, I don't want to kind of get too detail
25:18 but constipation is a very serious thing
25:20 in this country.
25:22 So remember this,
25:23 get as much fiber as possible to keep you moving.
25:26 So what's question number three, Chef Chew?
25:28 All right, question number three:
25:29 The spinach is placed
25:31 into the Armenian lentil soup recipe at the very end,
25:35 is that true or is it false?
25:37 If you remember correctly in the "R" which stands for...
25:40 Recipe.
25:42 We did this wonderful soup recipe
25:43 and we sauted our vegetables up,
25:45 we put all the different ingredients,
25:47 we also put, what?
25:48 The spinach inside of it.
25:49 The spinach in the...
25:51 Middle.
25:52 Middle of the recipe, there you go.
25:53 So again, friends, the answer to this is that
25:55 the spinach does not go at the end,
25:58 it goes at the middle of the recipe.
26:01 And so I tell you, friends,
26:03 we've been talking about all these different things.
26:05 Remember we have the FORK system.
26:06 The "F" stands for what? For faith.
26:08 The "O" stands for Organization.
26:10 The "R" stands for Recipes.
26:12 And the "K" stands for what? For Knowledge.
26:14 This is an awesome system.
26:17 I tell you this system is gonna help us
26:19 to start that new journey, Chef Chew, what do you think?
26:21 It's wonderful. It's a step by step process.
26:24 Come on, that's what I'm talking about,
26:26 a step by step process.
26:27 And, friends, as we learn these things,
26:29 we need to know these kind of principles
26:30 because we want to be able to have longevity.
26:33 We want to be around for a long time.
26:35 I mean my mom, my mom is so excited
26:37 because she's a new grandparent.
26:38 We have our little son Caleb Chew and I tell you,
26:41 it's such a blessing because my mom gets to see him,
26:44 it's like, hey, she wants to be around for the long haul.
26:47 She doesn't want to die early, you know what I'm saying.
26:49 So how do we start that process?
26:51 We have to what? Begin to eat healthy.
26:53 We have to begin to think healthy.
26:54 We have to have to take care of our bodies
26:57 because God wants the best for us.
26:59 And I was so excited, Chef Chew,
27:01 when we talked about earlier in the faith section
27:03 about that new heart, because you know,
27:05 more than anything else God's greatest gift for us
27:08 is giving us...
27:09 A new heart. A new heart.
27:10 I tell you, you know, do we deserve it?
27:12 We don't but He is more than willing to give it.
27:15 Come on now, and I tell you,
27:16 God is also willing to give us a second chance,
27:19 a third chance, a fourth chance...
27:21 A seventh chance. Come on, a seventh chance.
27:23 The Bible says again,
27:24 if a righteous man falls seven times,
27:26 God is willing to do to what?
27:28 To pick us up, amen? That's right, amen.
27:29 So God is in the, He's in the business of forgiveness.
27:32 So, friends, I leave you with that.
27:34 And I want to say, my name Chef Chew.
27:37 And I'm Chef Chew too.
27:38 And as we always say,
27:41 "Gonna give you something to chew on."


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