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Day 6

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Participants: Chef G.W. Chew, Chef Tim Lawson, Tina Chew


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00:30 Hello, friends.
00:31 My name is Chef Chew, and as I always say,
00:34 gonna give you something to chew on.
00:36 Well, we are at day number six of the Chew's Challenge,
00:41 and it's getting exciting.
00:42 We are learning some,
00:44 I mean, I say some awesome, awesome information.
00:47 And again, as we learn these things,
00:49 it's only gonna get better.
00:51 Remember, we're talking about the FORK system.
00:53 The F stands for faith,
00:55 the O stands for organization,
00:57 the R stands for recipes,
01:00 and the K stands for knowledge.
01:02 So again, my wife is here with me again, Chef Chew.
01:05 How are you doing, Chef Chew? Doing good. Thank you.
01:08 You know what's exciting,
01:09 Chef Chew and Chef Chew, Chew's Challenge,
01:11 I mean it's like, you know, it's a family affair.
01:14 What do you think? I love it.
01:15 You love it, huh?
01:17 And so today, what we're gonna be doing,
01:18 we're gonna get right into the recipe again.
01:20 We're making a pineapple date fruit soup.
01:23 Sounds delicious. Now hold up.
01:25 It's not a fruit salad. It's a fruit what?
01:27 Soup. So what's the difference? Soup.
01:28 Well, you know, normally
01:30 a salad is normally just simply cut up fruit.
01:32 You know, it doesn't really have a sauce on it.
01:34 It really pretty much is naked fruit.
01:36 Got you. That's just, you know, good.
01:37 But this is gonna be even better.
01:40 All right, so we're gonna make a pineapple date fruit soup.
01:42 Why don't you go ahead and read the recipe
01:43 if you don't mind.
01:44 Okay.
01:46 So we have...
02:04 Oh, that sounds really good.
02:05 So we're gonna find out
02:07 what's gonna make it become a soup.
02:08 And what we're gonna be doing,
02:10 we're gonna be making a delicious
02:11 pineapple date fruit butter.
02:13 Okay. So here we go.
02:14 We have our what? Our pineapples.
02:15 Our pineapples. And then we have our...
02:18 Dates. Are they pitted? Oh, come on.
02:20 I believe so. They're pitted dates.
02:21 So that means, she said, "Are they pitted?"
02:23 Meaning that most dates,
02:24 well, dates have seeds inside of them.
02:26 And you can buy them from most grocery stores
02:28 actually without the seed in it,
02:30 and so you can buy what they call pitted dates.
02:32 Is that correct? That's correct.
02:34 All right, I'm learning a little bit too, right?
02:35 And then we have our delicious fruit juice.
02:36 And what happens, all of these ingredients
02:38 simply go right inside of our gourmet blender, right?
02:43 Gourmet blender.
02:44 I guess the blender is not gourmet, huh?
02:45 You know, when you're a chef,
02:47 you like to call everything gourmet.
02:48 It just makes it sound good, huh?
02:50 He does. Come on now.
02:51 All right, so the fruit, so what's happening here,
02:52 we have the pineapples, the dates,
02:55 and what happens is that
02:56 the dried fruit kind of makes it
02:58 kind of get that nice buttery kind of texture
03:00 if you're following what I'm saying.
03:01 So the fruit kind of has all that liquid inside of it.
03:04 The juice is kind of inside the pineapple as well,
03:06 but that date is gonna give it more texture,
03:08 make it nice and good on the taste buds.
03:10 It's gonna be delicious.
03:11 And then we have the fruit juice
03:13 to kind of make it just...
03:14 In the meantime, you want me to cut?
03:15 Girl, what you got? Not yet, not yet.
03:17 We gonna do that in just a second.
03:19 All right, we're gonna blend it right up just like that.
03:21 That looks good. I like it. Really easy, really easy to do.
03:24 Almost done.
03:26 All right, there we go.
03:29 This is ready to go. That looks delicious.
03:31 All right, that's gonna be really good.
03:32 All right, so I'm gonna put this to the side.
03:34 So here we go.
03:35 So again, the great thing is we have our pear.
03:38 Take the sticker off of that please.
03:39 We have our banana. Sure enough.
03:41 All right, so this is like
03:42 getting it right from the store.
03:43 When you get it right from the store,
03:45 you get it all cleaned up, take your stickers off,
03:46 and you can get any fruits you like.
03:47 Again, you can use strawberries,
03:49 you can use peaches, you can use mangoes,
03:51 you can use pineapples, whatever you want.
03:53 Today we're gonna do banana, apple,
03:55 and pear. And pear.
03:56 So let's just go ahead and cut them really quickly
03:57 if we can, okay.
03:59 You can go ahead and cut up some of those.
04:00 All right, so we're gonna cut these pineapples up...
04:02 I'm sorry, not the pineapples but the apple and the pear.
04:05 We got to core it all. Get the core out of this.
04:07 So she's gonna get hers cored as well.
04:09 We don't want to have the core inside of here,
04:10 so we're gonna toss the cores to the side.
04:12 Do you want the skin?
04:13 Want the skin as well. Okay.
04:15 If you want to skin yours, you can.
04:17 I'd like to say you keep more nutrients in your fruit.
04:19 Sometimes some people don't like to use the skins
04:21 because sometimes they put pesticides and herbicides
04:23 and all that kind of stuff on the fruit.
04:25 So up to you what you like to do.
04:27 We're gonna cut them up, dice them up real nice.
04:29 All right.
04:31 And once we dice this up,
04:32 we're gonna get this right inside of here
04:33 and we're gonna get ready for this good old delicious
04:36 pineapple date fruit soup.
04:38 This is gonna be so good.
04:40 Oh, man.
04:42 He makes you want to eat it.
04:43 Yeah, you know.
04:45 All right.
04:46 All right, looking good, Chef Chew.
04:49 All right. All right.
04:50 Do you want these in small pieces?
04:52 Go ahead and put them up in there.
04:53 You can go ahead and cut them in small pieces.
04:54 Go ahead and put it inside of your bowl here.
04:56 Excuse me. You're in my way.
04:57 Oh, excuse me.
04:59 Ladies always just wanna tell you what to do, you know?
05:03 Anyway... Don't get started.
05:05 All right, I'm not getting started.
05:06 All right.
05:08 All right, so, you know,
05:09 she is chewing me up right now, y'all.
05:11 You know, I don't really like it,
05:13 but it's okay.
05:14 I don't mind if she chews me up, you know.
05:16 All right, so we're almost done here.
05:18 All right, so we're cutting the pears up.
05:19 Everything's looking really good.
05:22 Pears go right inside of there.
05:23 This looks like it would be fun with children.
05:24 That's enough, right here.
05:26 We're gonna go ahead and stop on that.
05:27 And we have our last ingredients.
05:28 Put the bowl right in the center.
05:30 I want everybody to get excited about this.
05:31 All right, so here we go.
05:33 We're gonna put our raisins inside of here.
05:34 All right, little raisins,
05:36 we're gonna put the almonds inside of that.
05:37 All of them?
05:38 All of them, please, all the almonds inside of that.
05:40 I'm gonna get me a nice little spoon here,
05:41 a nice little spoon,
05:43 and we're gonna get ready
05:44 to put this right inside of here.
05:46 Oh, that fruit, look at that fruit date butter.
05:48 That's gonna be so good. Nice.
05:50 Oh, man.
05:51 Put that right on top. Does it look good?
05:53 I love it. Come on now.
05:54 That looks really delicious. Yeah.
05:55 And I like too that it's thick.
05:57 That's right. Exactly, exactly.
05:59 And so here we go,
06:00 we're gonna mix that nicely inside of there just like that.
06:02 It's like, it's almost like a fruit stew.
06:04 Fruit stew, you think so? All right.
06:06 Come on now, we're gonna mix it up just like that.
06:08 Okay, it looks good.
06:10 Oh, this is gonna be really tasty.
06:11 All right, where's the fork? Where's the spoon?
06:13 Come on now, go ahead and get a fork really quickly.
06:15 You got to try this, Chef Chew.
06:17 Let everybody know how good it tastes.
06:18 All right, here you go, all right.
06:19 Go ahead and get a bite.
06:21 Go ahead and tell them how it tastes.
06:22 Okay. That's it right there.
06:24 All right, what do you think? What do you think?
06:25 Is that good? Is it delicious?
06:28 So there you go, your pineapple date fruit soup,
06:31 so delicious.
06:39 Hello, friends. We're starting out again with the F.
06:41 And you know what the F means. The F stands for faith.
06:45 Today, we're talking about above all things.
06:48 Again, above all things.
06:50 And I tell you, the Bible says that
06:52 "Faith is the substance of things hoped for,
06:54 the evidence of things not seen."
06:57 And the question that we want to ask is,
06:58 "What is this evidence that God is talking about?"
07:01 And I would like to say that evidence is God's word.
07:04 It is His promises.
07:05 And again, Chef Law, you're here today, buddy.
07:07 How are you doing, Chef Law? How you doing, Chef?
07:08 I'm doing good.
07:10 How are you guys doing out there?
07:11 We're talking about promises, man, from the Word of God.
07:13 So what is this promise
07:14 that God has given us in the Word today?
07:16 Well, first thing, let me ask you something.
07:17 Did you know that God has a wish list?
07:20 Oh, man, He has a wish list? He has a wish list.
07:22 Just like when you were a kid, there was stuff you wanted,
07:24 God has His own wish list.
07:26 Come on, He has his own wish list.
07:27 Let's find out what's on God's wish list.
07:29 Come on, let's see what you're talking about here.
07:30 "Beloved, I wish above all things
07:31 that thou mayest prosper and be in health,
07:34 even as thy soul prospereth."
07:36 3 John 2.
07:38 That sounds like a wish list that God has given us.
07:41 So what are we talking about here, man?
07:43 Now at the top of God's wish list,
07:44 He has two main things,
07:46 two main things He has,
07:48 He has your health and He has your soul,
07:50 and He has both of these in proportion to one another.
07:53 They are connected as it were. Come on now, together.
07:55 Together. Now listen to this.
07:57 God says, "He wished your health would prosper
07:59 even as your soul prospers." Come on now.
08:01 And God values your soul to such an extent
08:05 that he gave you His Son.
08:08 Not only the death of His Son,
08:09 but the life of His Son forever, for all eternity
08:12 on the throne of God,
08:13 there will sit in human form the Son of God.
08:16 This is how much God values your soul.
08:18 You're getting deep over here, brother.
08:19 You said in all eternity, Christ will be in human form.
08:22 He'll be in human form.
08:24 Man, you are getting kind of deep on me now.
08:25 That's the Bible. Come on, come on now.
08:27 I'm just trying to explain it.
08:28 I was just trying to explain it.
08:30 But you're saying that God, He Said He values our health
08:32 in proportion to our, I guess the soul is altogether in one.
08:36 And we just say, break it down, break this.
08:37 Well, He gave an infinite price for your soul, His Son.
08:41 And that's how much
08:43 He also wants you to be in health.
08:45 If you notice in the Bible,
08:47 all the miracles that Jesus did,
08:49 the most miracle that He did
08:52 out of any other miracle was works of healing.
08:55 And right after the day of Pentecost,
08:57 after the disciples received that fresh power,
09:00 endowment of the Holy Spirit
09:01 and after they preached and proclaimed Christ's name
09:04 and after 3,000 people were baptized,
09:06 the very first miracle that was done again
09:09 was the healing of the man at Gate Beautiful.
09:12 God values our health above all things.
09:14 Come on now.
09:16 So, friends, as Chef Law is explaining to us,
09:18 our soul, obviously, Christ died for it,
09:21 but Christ also values
09:23 that the life that we live here on this earth,
09:25 He wants it to be a blessing,
09:27 He wants us not just to experience
09:29 the blessing for ourselves,
09:30 but, Chef Law, He wants us to be a blessing to others.
09:33 A blessing to others.
09:35 Come on now, so we need good health for that, don't we?
09:36 We need good health for that.
09:37 Come on now, so talk to me some more,
09:39 give me some more about this health and soul.
09:40 Tell me some more about this.
09:41 Well, see when Christ paid the price for your soul,
09:43 anything you buy, it'll only have longevity
09:45 if you take care of it.
09:46 Come on now. All right.
09:47 You're getting deep for me now.
09:49 And so now the body is ours,
09:50 it's our gift that we may take care of it.
09:51 It is like a car, huh?
09:53 Come on now. It's just like your car.
09:54 The more you take care of it, the more you clean it,
09:56 the more you get it oil changed,
09:57 the more you put the right gas in the right car...
09:59 The longer it'll run,
10:01 and the better it will be. The longer it'll run.
10:02 It is the same thing with our body.
10:03 So our spirituality is connected
10:05 with our health as well.
10:07 And so I like how you put it though,
10:08 because God put it like this.
10:09 He said, "Listen, the soul is over here,
10:11 but the health is over here,
10:12 but they both in a sense, they kinda, they go together."
10:14 They kinda go together.
10:15 You can't have one without the other.
10:17 You can't have one without the other.
10:18 You can't just in a sense,
10:19 it say, I'm gonna read my Bible.
10:21 I'm gonna study the Word of God,
10:22 and all that kind of stuff,
10:24 but I can just eat whatever I want.
10:25 It don't work that way, you know.
10:26 Come on, man. You know, life would be great.
10:28 You can just do what you want
10:30 and I'll just read the Bible every day.
10:31 I can just do what I want.
10:32 God is a practical God. He is very practical.
10:34 So God says, "Listen, what you read,
10:36 He wants you also to..."
10:37 He says to read it to hear it,
10:39 and to keep it. And to keep it.
10:40 And so what we hear by God grace,
10:42 by only by His grace, we have to do, what?
10:44 To do it. To do it.
10:46 So we need the strength, don't we, Chef Law?
10:47 We need the strength.
10:48 We need the strength,
10:50 He doesn't only want you to be a hearer of the Word,
10:51 He also wants you to be a doer, not deceiving your own self.
10:55 And I tell you, it's such a promise,
10:56 it's such a promise that we can receive this blessing,
10:59 this promise of above all things.
11:02 As Chef Law said, listen, He has a wish list.
11:04 And above all things,
11:06 no matter what you're going through,
11:07 let say, again, if it's diabetes,
11:09 if it's cholesterol, if it is arthritis,
11:11 your legs are aching,
11:13 God says, I'm gonna give you the health that you need.
11:16 So why don't you go ahead and close that
11:17 with a last little point, Chef Law?
11:19 Well, in our life, we have our wish list
11:22 and we pray to God
11:23 and we ask for a lot of things that we want.
11:25 We ask for help in our family, even our physical health,
11:28 even financial health,
11:29 and God blesses us
11:31 and He gives us everything we want,
11:32 but today, I want you to think about
11:33 that Jesus has His own wish list
11:35 and I think it is about time
11:36 that He gets what He wants on his wish list,
11:39 you, your spirituality, and your health.
11:47 Hello, friends.
11:48 We're moving right along in the FORK system,
11:50 and we've come right down to the O.
11:53 And the O stands for organization.
11:56 And today, we're gonna be having some fun.
11:57 We're gonna be talking about some great gourmet flavors.
12:02 All this week we've been going
12:04 over different stations in the kitchen
12:05 and we talked about a baking station,
12:07 we talked about a breakfast cereal station,
12:09 but today, friends,
12:10 we're talking about a flavor station
12:12 on how to set up your flavors in your kitchen.
12:15 And again, I have my good buddy here Chef Law.
12:17 What's going on, Chef Law. How you doing, Chef?
12:18 How are you doing?
12:20 Well, man, I tell you, you know,
12:21 it's nothing like getting some good food,
12:22 but you know, the key to getting good food
12:24 is guess what. Good flavor.
12:25 You got to have good flavor, right?
12:26 Especially with vegan food. Come on now.
12:28 The most important part of vegan food,
12:30 now what types of flavoring do I need though?
12:32 Well, to get started, you know,
12:34 obviously, most of us are familiar
12:35 with some of the basic flavorings.
12:36 Here we are talking about things like basil,
12:38 oregano, onion powder, garlic powder.
12:40 I like to recommend,
12:42 we can get one these little tools here.
12:43 It's actually a little spice rack.
12:45 In most of our supermarkets or stores, you can find them.
12:48 You can get a simple spice rack and get a lot of those,
12:51 you know, basic flavorings for your kitchen.
12:53 You know, so but then there are some special ones
12:55 we need to really focus on.
12:57 And many of these have to be purchased
12:58 at a health food store
13:00 or some of the supermarkets may have them as well.
13:02 Okay. All right. So let's look at some of them.
13:03 So right here, do you know what that is?
13:06 Looks like mayonnaise.
13:08 What's that? Mayonnaise? Yes.
13:09 Or Mayonnaise. Which one?
13:11 Mayonnaise. Mayonnaise, I heard that.
13:13 So right here we have actually, and the great thing about it,
13:15 you can actually buy a plant-based vegan mayonnaise,
13:18 believe it or not. That's what this one is?
13:20 That's exactly what it is. Okay.
13:21 So it doesn't have any dairy inside of it
13:23 which is actually,
13:24 the great thing is that the dairy has cholesterol
13:26 and so you want to reduce that cholesterol,
13:28 you can get dairy-free products
13:30 to help you to reduce the cholesterol.
13:32 Healthy food.
13:33 Exactly, right there, you know what that is right there?
13:34 It looks like sour cream. Exactly. Sour cream.
13:37 Sour cream is obviously...
13:38 Is that also non-dairy? Non dairy as well.
13:40 Everything we have here is non dairy.
13:41 So you can get non-dairy products.
13:43 Want to go also right keep on gonna to the non-dairy items.
13:46 You know what those are right?
13:47 This looks like cheese. Cheese exactly.
13:49 Looks almost like real cheese.
13:50 That's it, man, looks like real cheese.
13:51 You know, it's amazing
13:53 how much of the vegan items are kind of advancing
13:55 on flavoring and texture
13:57 and very similar to the real things
13:59 that we're normally used to.
14:00 So now that's for my vegan kitchen,
14:01 I can almost get all of the same stuff I would
14:04 in a regular kitchen, the but non dairy.
14:05 Exactly, exactly. Okay.
14:07 And so that makes it really simple, so we got,
14:08 I'd like to say the mozzarella and the cheddar cheese
14:12 with a Z, the cheeze, you know, there you go, exactly.
14:14 Give me the cheese, please.
14:16 Come on now, come on, few more to go,
14:17 we have here on top,
14:19 this is our hickory smoke flavoring.
14:20 It gives it a nice little meaty flavor to our foods.
14:22 This is nutritional yeast flakes.
14:24 And the nutritional yeast flakes
14:25 kind of gives a nice buttery cheesy flavor to our foods.
14:28 Right here we have something called Bragg's Liquid Aminos.
14:31 Bragg's Liquid Aminos. Exactly.
14:33 Helps with getting that soy sauce flavor,
14:35 but is not fermented, so it's really awesome as well.
14:37 Right here we have some cayenne pepper.
14:40 And I tell you, man, you know...
14:41 Put some spice in there.
14:43 Come on, not just spice but I like to say some heat.
14:44 Some heat.
14:46 You know, you got a, it's gonna hit you right there.
14:47 Come on now.
14:49 Raised the temperature.
14:50 Not to much tough,
14:51 we don't want too much to eat in the food.
14:53 We want to just keep it a little mild
14:54 if you understand what I'm coming from.
14:55 Just a little bit.
14:57 Just a little mild, man, just a little mild.
14:58 Lastly, we have a few more items.
15:00 We have a chicken style seasoning.
15:01 And we have been talking about that
15:02 in some of our recipes, really awesome.
15:04 This is another one you can also purchase
15:05 from the health food stores, that beef style seasoning.
15:06 Kind of gives a nice beefy flavor, and lastly,
15:08 I like to bless everything with the little salt grinder.
15:11 You can just use this like that.
15:13 The salt, just like that, comes out really easy.
15:15 Yeah. The salt, nice and great. And makes everything...
15:17 What is this right here?
15:18 That is tahini, believe it or not.
15:20 Tahini is really awesome,
15:21 kind of gives it a nice bitter nut flavor.
15:23 And lastly, as we close out here, we have our oil.
15:26 And that kind of give a nice natural flavor.
15:28 And olive oil is really good to use
15:29 if you want to go with the nice natural oil as well.
15:31 Natural oil, it's a better oil. Exactly, exactly.
15:33 So, friends, this is about flavor.
15:35 This is about kitchen organization,
15:36 and we want you all to be prepared
15:38 to make delicious healthy food.
15:40 Yes.
15:46 Well, welcome again, friends.
15:48 We're down to the R in the FORK system.
15:50 Again, quickly, the F is for Faith,
15:52 O is for organization, the R for recipes,
15:55 and here we go.
15:56 Today, we are gonna be making something very delicious.
15:59 And since I'm making something so delicious
16:01 and it's actually simple Spanish rice,
16:04 you know I had to invite someone real special
16:07 to come along with me and do this one.
16:09 My lovely wife Chef Chew.
16:10 How are you doing, Chef Chew? Doing good.
16:12 Well, we're gonna be making today a simple Spanish rice.
16:16 Sure enough.
16:17 And since you're a Latina, right?
16:19 Is that Latina or Latino?
16:20 No, Latina. Latina, okay, Latina.
16:22 You know, we had to bring a Latina on this show
16:26 to show us how...
16:27 Or on the program I should say, to show us how we can make this
16:31 delicious, delicious, Simple Spanish rice.
16:33 I have to admit though.
16:35 What's that? Even though I'm Latina...
16:37 Come on now.
16:38 Not too many people have taught how to make Spanish rice.
16:40 I actually had to learn on my own.
16:43 You mean, you literally you're saying
16:44 your family didn't teach you how to make Spanish rice?
16:46 No, they made some good Spanish rice,
16:48 but they didn't show me how.
16:49 Oh, okay. So okay, well, that's okay.
16:51 What we know is inside of you,
16:52 we know, it's just gonna burst out of you.
16:54 So this is a tried recipe.
16:55 All right, tried recipe, okay.
16:56 So let's go ahead and read the ingredients
16:58 for everyone and let's see what it is.
16:59 I can go ahead and read them, we have...
17:23 All right.
17:25 So get us started here. We got a lot of going on here.
17:28 You have to show us what we need to do.
17:30 So what are we gonna do first? Okay, all right.
17:31 So one of the first things we're gonna do
17:33 is we're going to brown our rice.
17:35 But before we do that, I want you to go ahead
17:37 and start cutting up some onions.
17:39 Some onions, okay. So we could get that sauteing.
17:40 All right, sounds good to me.
17:41 Now the reason why we need to do the browning of the rice
17:44 is because for some odd reason in our culture
17:48 when we do dishes that have noodles or rice,
17:52 browning them brings out the flavor.
17:54 Are you serious?
17:55 You mean, like Grandma Brown, you know, Grandma Brown, right?
17:58 Yes, Grandma Brown.
17:59 All right, so you're gonna do a Grandma Brown
18:01 on the Spanish rice here?
18:03 Yes.
18:04 And as a matter of fact, let me see,
18:05 we need to kind of switch this real quick.
18:07 Okay, all right.
18:08 All right, I put it in the wrong pan.
18:10 That happens. Okay.
18:11 What we're gonna do is go ahead and put that in here
18:13 once I take this out.
18:15 Okay, so we're gonna put the rice
18:16 inside of the other pot. Yes.
18:17 All right, so this is our, I guess, we say a sauce pan,
18:19 and then we have our, I guess, kind of like a...
18:21 Our pot where we're gonna actually boil the rice in.
18:24 All right, all right, it's okay.
18:26 All right. All right.
18:28 It's okay to have a little bit of rice in there.
18:30 All right, so we're gonna get the onions in here?
18:32 Yes. The onions, the garlic... All right.
18:34 All right, I'm gonna turn this up just a little bit.
18:37 Okay.
18:38 And we're also going to put our oregano.
18:40 Oregano is a very special seasoning.
18:42 Oh, I like that.
18:44 So these are some of your,
18:45 I guess, Latina ingredients, huh?
18:48 I guess the oregano, and we have the...
18:51 What else do have here? The cumin.
18:53 And garlic. The garlic.
18:55 All right, come on now.
18:57 I kind of added the cumin.
18:59 Okay, okay, the cumin is little added touch, okay.
19:01 Yes.
19:03 I'm gonna get some of these onions cut up.
19:04 All right.
19:06 Another dish that we make is called down fideo.
19:08 Fideo, okay.
19:09 You pretty much do the same thing.
19:11 Okay.
19:12 Like you would do with Spanish rice.
19:13 What is fideo?
19:15 It's a noodle dish. Okay.
19:16 Some people mistake it for spaghetti,
19:18 but it's not spaghetti.
19:19 Okay, okay.
19:20 It doesn't taste anything like spaghetti.
19:22 All right, all right.
19:23 All right, so how long do we let this, I guess, saute down?
19:25 Just a little bit. Okay.
19:27 So that the flavors can unite. Okay.
19:29 Can we put the rest of this in there?
19:30 Sure enough.
19:32 All right, let's put this inside of here.
19:33 This is the garlic I guess.
19:34 And you want to watch your rice
19:36 'cause you don't want it to burn.
19:38 All right, and we need a little salt, right?
19:41 Put the salt.
19:43 We can put the salt in when we...
19:44 Okay, not yet, okay.
19:46 When we blend everything. Okay, that sounds good.
19:48 All right.
19:49 All right, looking good.
19:50 It's starting to brown down this here.
19:53 Okay.
19:55 Now some people...
19:56 Where does this go?
19:58 Some people just use water.
20:00 But I actually like to use a vegetable broth.
20:03 It makes the rice taste so much better.
20:04 Ooh, so we got more flavor inside of this.
20:06 A lot more flavor. Come on now.
20:07 Okay, inside of the blender? Yes.
20:09 All right. Not all of it.
20:10 Okay. Just enough to blend the...
20:13 Tomato paste.
20:14 Yes, the tomato paste. Okay.
20:16 As well as the onion. Okay.
20:17 All right.
20:19 Oh Lord, it's starting to spill on me just a little bit.
20:22 Is that good? Yes.
20:23 All right. Okay.
20:24 Go ahead and take care of that for me.
20:26 You mean, saute it? Yes.
20:27 All right, this is smelling good.
20:29 The garlic and the onions are just sizzling.
20:31 They're smelling so good.
20:33 And we're putting in tomato paste
20:35 to give it that red nut flavor, but red.
20:42 I guess we are not browning the rice.
20:44 Browning the rice, okay, we're browning the rice.
20:45 There's a difference. Okay, okay.
20:46 Browning the rice, okay,
20:48 smelling really good here, y'all.
20:50 Oh, this is looking so kind of good.
20:51 Come on, what's next, what we got to do next?
20:53 I want you to put that inside of the blender
20:54 and we're gonna blend that.
20:56 Oh, the onions are going into the blender?
20:57 Yes, so all the flavor can just come together.
20:58 Are you serious?
21:00 You actually blend sauted onions?
21:01 Most certainly.
21:02 This is like the first time I've ever done this,
21:04 like literally.
21:05 I mean, this is really neat.
21:07 All right, so we're gonna blend this all inside of here.
21:09 Now I just want you to look.
21:11 I want you to look here.
21:13 It's not all the way brown, but it's starting to get brown.
21:16 Okay, okay. Okay.
21:17 I'm gonna go ahead and start this blender.
21:18 Is that okay? Sure enough.
21:20 All right.
21:22 Is that good? It is.
21:23 All right, perfect. All right. All right.
21:25 And so we're gonna put it inside of here?
21:27 I want you to pour this inside of here.
21:28 Okay, pour this inside of here, okay.
21:31 That sounds really good.
21:33 And we're gonna add the rest.
21:34 Of the broth. The rest of the broth.
21:35 Okay, so how long does it cook?
21:37 It can be anywhere from 30-40 minutes.
21:41 Oh, that was real good.
21:43 Now one thing I really want you to know is that...
21:45 Remember when you were talking about the one to one?
21:48 Well, with this recipe actually,
21:51 you have to do three to one.
21:54 And that's because it's brown rice.
21:56 Normally, Spanish rice is made with white rice.
21:59 Okay, okay.
22:00 So that's why you need a little bit more water.
22:01 Little bit more water.
22:03 Okay, so this is gonna cook for how long?
22:04 About 30-40 minutes.
22:06 30-40 minutes, okay, okay.
22:07 So I think we have a finished product, don't we?
22:08 We sure do. Okay.
22:10 Let me bring it out.
22:11 So why don't you bring out and see this
22:12 delicious, simple, Spanish rice.
22:14 Oh, this looks so good.
22:15 Let everybody see this, let everybody see that here.
22:17 Look at that.
22:18 That looks beautiful? Come on now.
22:19 Oh, it looks, deliciouso.
22:22 Delicioso.
22:24 How do you say it? Oh, oh.
22:25 Delicioso. All right, there you go.
22:27 So are we gonna try it out.
22:29 Are we gonna taste it? Oh, man. Definitely. Where's the fork?
22:30 Let's get a fork here, okay? Let's get a fork here.
22:32 I got it. I got it. All right, get the fork, okay.
22:34 Let's go ahead and taste this. Let me see how good this is.
22:37 Spanish rice. Yes, yes.
22:42 Oh, this is good.
22:44 What about the cilantro?
22:45 Okay, muy bien, there you go, muy bien.
22:49 Very delicious.
22:57 Well, friends, we've come to the last part
22:59 of our Chew's Challenge day number six.
23:02 And we're talking about the K, and the K stands for knowledge.
23:07 You know, again, we have been talking about knowledge,
23:09 how God wants us to remember.
23:11 He says to us, "Remember, remember, remember,
23:14 don't forget the things that I've told you,
23:16 and as you understand these things,
23:18 you are gonna be able to practice these things."
23:21 And again, my wonderful wife Chef Chew.
23:23 How are you doing, Chef Chew?
23:24 Doing well, thank you.
23:26 We've been having fun today, haven't we?
23:27 We have been.
23:29 And we made today a simple Spanish rice
23:30 in the kitchen together.
23:31 I tell you, we had some of that Latina good food.
23:34 Isn't that awesome? It is.
23:36 Actually, let me correct you.
23:37 What's that? Not Spanish but Mexican rice.
23:39 Come on now, girl, Mexican rice, not Spanish,
23:42 we called it simple Spanish rice today.
23:44 So it's okay.
23:45 So go ahead and read our first question for us
23:46 if you don't mind.
23:48 All right, so the first question is
23:49 what is at the top of God's wish list?
23:52 Is it A, health, is it B, spirituality,
23:55 or is it C, both?
23:57 Oh, that's a power-packed question.
24:00 I know the answer.
24:01 At the top of God's wish list? What is it?
24:03 Is it A, again, health
24:05 or is it B, spirituality, or is it both?
24:07 Which one is it? Which one is it?
24:08 It's both. Come on now, it's both.
24:09 So God wants above all things
24:11 that we might prosper in our health.
24:13 And be in health. And also in our soul.
24:15 So He wants it all, all to be good.
24:18 Amen. He wants it all. Amen.
24:19 What's number two for us today?
24:21 All right, second question,
24:22 nutritional yeast flakes add a salty flavor to the food.
24:26 Is it true or is it false?
24:28 Now we talked earlier about our flavor station
24:31 and we mentioned that nutritional yeast flakes
24:33 is a very important ingredient,
24:35 but we found that it doesn't really give a salty flavor,
24:38 it gives a cheesy and a buttery flavor.
24:40 So the answer is false. That's right.
24:42 It does not give a salty flavor to the food.
24:45 So what's question number three?
24:46 All right, question number three.
24:47 When cooking Spanish rice, do you A, Boil the rice first,
24:52 B, brown the rice in a skillet first,
24:55 or C, cook the rice in the oven first?
24:59 Now, you know,
25:00 I'm not qualified to answer this question, okay?
25:02 So why don't you tell us, break this down for us,
25:05 what's the right answer for this one?
25:06 The answer has to be B.
25:08 You have to brown the rice first.
25:11 That's actually a very key thing in Spanish cooking.
25:14 Okay, so browning the rice first
25:15 kind of gives a more nutty flavor to it.
25:17 It does.
25:18 It kind of brings out the aroma
25:20 and all that kind of stuff, right?
25:21 You know, we need aroma in the relationship.
25:24 Hold on, hold on, the flavor.
25:26 All right, the flavor, I like the aroma, come on now.
25:28 Flavor is good too, right? Talking about food.
25:29 Flavor is good too, right?
25:31 So, friends, we want everybody to know that God wants us
25:34 to have that flavor in our relationship.
25:36 He wants us to feel that, hey, you know something,
25:38 He wants us to be above all things.
25:40 He wants us to be in health, He wants our soul to prosper.
25:43 He just wants us just to experience longevity,
25:46 to experience an abundant life.
25:48 Isn't that so, Chef Chew? It is.
25:50 I tell you, God loves us with...
25:52 It says with all...
25:54 Everlasting love. Everlasting love.
25:55 And I tell you, friends,
25:57 today we talked about a lot of good things today.
25:58 Again, we talked about those flavors,
26:00 and again, we want you today to go to your health food store,
26:04 go to your supermarket and get some of those ingredients.
26:06 Remember some of those things.
26:08 We had the Bragg's Liquid Aminos,
26:10 we talked about the hickory smoke flavoring.
26:12 These are key things that you have to go and get
26:15 because as we start learning these recipes.
26:17 If we don't have the ingredients,
26:19 sad to say, you might not be able to do, what?
26:20 You probably won't be able to do the recipes.
26:22 It's true.
26:23 So we want, again, we want you all you to go
26:24 and practice these things
26:26 because we want for these 28 days
26:28 for you to just experience a blessing.
26:31 Does God want a blessing for us, Chef Chew?
26:32 He does, a big blessing. Come on, a big blessing, girl.
26:35 You know, you're a big blessing to me, you know that, right?
26:37 I appreciate that. Come on now.
26:38 You know, friends, again,
26:39 we want to keep that love just going strong.
26:42 You know, it is a relationship.
26:44 You see how my wife and I
26:45 how we just talk about our relationship.
26:46 We got to be in love,
26:48 and that's the thing that we want to parallel
26:49 because God wants us to have a relationship with Him.
26:52 He wants us to be in love with Him.
26:54 And again, if I want my spouse to be happy,
26:56 I want my son to be happy,
26:58 and God wants us, guess what, to be happy.
27:00 To be happy.
27:02 And so what do we have to do? We have to do what?
27:03 We have to take time.
27:04 We have to spend time together, don't we?
27:06 That's right.
27:07 We have to take time and go on little walks.
27:08 We got to send little love letters together.
27:10 You know, you know what I'm talking about, Chef Chew.
27:11 And that's what you call flavor.
27:13 Come on. Right? Flavor.
27:14 Ooh, girl, you're talking my talk now.
27:15 That's what I'm talking about.
27:17 See that flavor right there, everybody?
27:18 That's the kind of flavor that we need with God.
27:20 So I want to remind you one last thing
27:22 before we close out for this day.
27:23 We want y'all, again, to read the chapter,
27:25 chapter 6 in the book of Matthew.
27:27 Remember, every single day in these 28 days
27:30 read one chapter, again,
27:31 so that you can have that close relationship with Christ
27:34 so that you can have that flavor,
27:35 that flavor to be popping and bubbling
27:37 and just cooking love.
27:39 That's what I'm talking about.
27:40 That sounds really good, doesn't it, Chef Chew?
27:42 It does. Come on now.
27:43 So you know something? We got to close it up.
27:45 We got to put a little bow on it,
27:46 we got to wrap it up, we got to say good bye.
27:48 But you know, my name is Chef Chew.
27:51 And I'm Chef Chew, too.
27:52 And as we always say...
27:54 BOTH: Gonna give you something to chew on.


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