Chew's Challenge

Day 8

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Participants: Chef G.W. Chew, Chef Tim Lawson, Tina Chew


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00:30 Hello, friends, my name is Chef Chew
00:33 and as I always say,
00:35 "Gonna give you something to chew on."
00:37 Well, we have made it,
00:38 we have come to the second week of the Chew's Challenge.
00:42 And I will tell you,
00:43 we are learning some awesome, awesome things.
00:46 We are learning things that's gonna help you
00:48 to experience a better life and you don't want to miss it.
00:52 Well, obviously I have a beautiful lady
00:55 standing beside me here and I got to introduce,
00:58 her name is Chef Chew.
01:00 How're you doing, Chef Chew? Doing well.
01:01 Good to be here again. Well, hasn't it's been fun?
01:03 It has been really fun.
01:04 I mean, last week we went over
01:05 all those different stations in the kitchen,
01:07 we talked about all those faith,
01:09 all the faith baits, you can say those tips
01:11 about how to be connected to God.
01:13 I mean, all these things are helping us
01:15 to just know more about Jesus
01:18 and also to get a better experience in our health.
01:20 Isn't that fun? It's wonderful.
01:22 I'll tell you, I'll tell you,
01:23 well, today what we're gonna be doing.
01:25 We're gonna be going and learning some cool recipes
01:27 and we gonna get right into the kitchen right now.
01:28 Okay.
01:29 And we gonna be making a delicious,
01:31 scrumptious spinach salad.
01:33 Again a delicious, scrumptious, spinach salad.
01:37 I love your names. Come on, you like my name?
01:39 I love your names.
01:40 Well, scrumptious is a nice word,
01:42 I like to say scrumptious.
01:43 So anyway let's get some scrumptious spinach salad.
01:45 So why don't you go ahead and read the recipe for us
01:47 if you can, please?
01:48 All righty.
02:12 Oh, man, that sounds delicious.
02:14 Sounds really good.
02:15 I'll tell you, it's a simple recipe,
02:17 but it has a lot of flavor, we're gonna unpack it
02:18 and it's gonna be delicious.
02:20 All right, what do I do?
02:21 Well, we gonna get started here,
02:23 just give us some time, you know.
02:25 But what we have here, again we have our spinach,
02:27 we have all our cut vegetables that we gonna have
02:29 and we also have right here some parsley,
02:30 gonna add a nice little,
02:32 I guess you can say a little herb flavor.
02:34 I'm using fresh herbs, you know,
02:35 that's a thing that you can always do as you are cooking.
02:37 You can always go to the store and get fresh herbs.
02:40 I know you probably have parsley in your cabinet
02:43 or your spice rack, but it's always again,
02:46 go to the store and get some fresh herbs.
02:47 We gonna go ahead and get started.
02:49 Obviously we have our spinach here.
02:50 Why don't you go ahead and put that into the bowl
02:51 if you can, please?
02:53 All right. Go and put it into the bowl.
02:54 Go in.
02:56 All right, so what we're gonna do,
02:57 we gonna cut up these cauliflowers
02:58 into a little bite size pieces.
03:00 And when I'm gonna have you to get started with this,
03:01 you gonna actually go ahead and chop
03:03 or should I say grate the carrot,
03:04 grate the carrots right inside the bowl
03:05 with the spinach, is that okay?
03:07 Sure.
03:08 So I'm gonna cut this up, all right,
03:09 isn't it fun working together in the kitchen?
03:11 I love working with you.
03:13 Oh you do?
03:14 You see that?
03:16 It's on TV, it's great.
03:17 So I know that she loves working in the kitchen with me.
03:21 That sounds exciting.
03:22 I have to admit that,
03:24 I was very intimidated when we first got married.
03:25 Why would you be intimidated by me?
03:26 You thought I'm gonna chew you up?
03:28 Because you are a chef.
03:29 I'm not gonna chew you up, what do you expect, you know?
03:31 She loves that with a name like Chew, you know.
03:34 She was married into the Chew name,
03:35 isn't that exciting?
03:37 Oh, my. Come on now.
03:38 That's exciting.
03:39 All right. Is that enough? You want more?
03:41 Grate a little bit more,
03:42 just a little bit more, it's good.
03:43 Okay.
03:45 All right, let me finish up these carrots,
03:47 I mean, this cauliflower here.
03:49 Another way that I like to do the carrots,
03:52 you can actually take a peeler, you just peel.
03:56 Okay, yeah, that's true.
03:57 That's another good way of doing it.
03:58 That should be good. All right.
04:00 So I'm gonna now chop up this parsley
04:01 and we gonna put this
04:03 right inside of the bowl as well.
04:04 So I will put it right here.
04:05 All right, I'm gonna chop with this parsley.
04:09 Kind of get a little bit more fine here.
04:11 Oh, that's nice.
04:12 This is gonna be delicious, this is gonna be really good,
04:13 all these fresh herbs coming inside of here.
04:15 Do you need something to mix this with?
04:17 We will, you can get something if you don't mind.
04:18 Okay.
04:20 All right, so we got some fresh herbs
04:21 going right inside of our bowl here.
04:23 So all of our vegetables are right into here,
04:26 we're looking really, really good.
04:28 That looks very nice.
04:29 Looks really good, huh? Sure it does.
04:31 All right, so put this back inside of here.
04:32 So here we have, at last we have some of our flavors,
04:34 our lemon juice, we have some sesame seeds.
04:36 Sesame seeds are really, really awesome,
04:38 little seeds you can get.
04:39 Believe it or not, when you make tahini,
04:41 it's actually made from sesame seeds.
04:43 People might not know that.
04:44 But again, we're gonna put some of these sesame seeds
04:46 right into the bowl, so I'm gonna throw
04:47 that right inside of there.
04:48 Okay. All right. What's next?
04:50 We have our lemon juice here. All right.
04:51 Everything is simple, we just mix it all together.
04:54 It's nothing complex about this,
04:55 some of our nutritional yeast flakes,
04:57 put some of that inside of here,
04:58 nutritional yeast flakes right there.
05:00 We have our garlic salt
05:01 to give a little bit of garlic little punch and little bit,
05:04 obviously give us some flavor with the salt.
05:05 I know that you like garlic.
05:07 I love garlic.
05:08 Garlic, you know, it's good for the breath.
05:10 Got to have a good breath, right?
05:12 All right and then lastly
05:13 we have some good old fashioned green olives,
05:15 it's gonna be really delicious.
05:17 You know, olives is a natural source of fat
05:19 and also we have the...
05:21 Remember we talked about the spinach.
05:22 Spinach is great to reduce the blood pressure,
05:25 high in potassium,
05:26 you don't wanna miss out on your spinach.
05:28 Popeye would be really happy right now, wouldn't he?
05:30 All right, so let's go ahead and mix all that up.
05:32 All right.
05:34 All right, so we gonna mix all that up.
05:35 It looks nice.
05:37 So all those sesame seeds, it's good old fiber in here,
05:40 and again I like to say color your plate like a rainbow.
05:43 So here we have some of our greens, our whites,
05:45 we have some of our oranges with the carrots,
05:48 we have some darker green with the olives,
05:50 it's gonna be really delicious, friends.
05:51 It looks really delicious.
05:52 We got the parsley, so the flavor is gonna burst out.
05:54 Okay, you are mixing too much, I wanna taste it.
05:55 All right, I'm coming, I'm coming,
05:56 now just give me some time here.
05:58 Ladies always want to rush us. You notice I rush him.
05:59 Always wanna rush, wanna rush me,
06:01 so we gonna put that on that plate, here we go.
06:03 All right, this looks really good. All right.
06:05 Look at that, friends. That looks nice.
06:06 Look at that, look at that.
06:08 All right, so I got to get you a bite of this.
06:10 All right, go and put that on the plate, just like that.
06:12 Make it look real nice, does that look good?
06:14 Yes, that looks nice.
06:15 All right, all right, so go ahead,
06:16 go ahead and get bite of that.
06:18 Let's see how it tastes. You know what I'm gonna do?
06:19 I'm gonna be nice.
06:20 You gonna feed me? I'm gonna feed.
06:22 All right, come on now, let me try that.
06:23 Are you ready?
06:26 How about that? That is delicious.
06:34 Well, friends, we're moving right along
06:35 and we have come again to the "F"
06:37 and you know what the "F" means,
06:39 the "F" stands for Faith.
06:40 Talking about this FORK system,
06:42 remember that "F" stands for Faith,
06:43 the "O" stands for Organization,
06:45 the "R" stands for Recipe
06:47 and the "K" stands for Knowledge.
06:49 But let's go ahead and move right into the faith.
06:50 Talking about this faith,
06:52 you know the Bible lets us know that it says that,
06:54 faith cometh by hearing
06:55 and hearing by the word of God.
06:58 We're talking today about "He holds you up."
07:00 He again holds you up and, Chef Law, I'll tell you,
07:03 God is great.
07:05 And so how're you doing today, Chef Law?
07:06 I'm doing it good. How're you doing, Chef?
07:07 How're you all doing out there?
07:09 Now we're talking today about "He holds you up."
07:10 "He holds you up."
07:12 Come on now, God holds us up,
07:13 what we're talking about here, man?
07:14 It almost means the same as a phrase from where I am,
07:17 we usually like to say somebody holds this down.
07:19 Come on, oh, come on now.
07:20 But we're speaking in biblical language,
07:22 divine language and God said, He's gonna hold you up.
07:25 I like that. I like that.
07:26 So He's holding us down. He's holding us down.
07:28 He's gonna hold us up. He's gonna hold us up.
07:29 Come on now, that's what I'm talking about.
07:30 All right, so let's see
07:32 what the Bible has to say about it.
07:33 Let's go, let's go and see what we got.
07:35 The Bible says, "Fear thou not, for I am with thee:
07:37 be not dismayed, for I am thy God:
07:39 I will strengthen thee: yea,
07:41 I will uphold thee with the right hand
07:44 of my righteousness."
07:46 Isaiah 41:10.
07:48 That sounds like music to my ears.
07:50 It's beautiful music. Come on now.
07:51 Break this now to us, Chef.
07:53 One of the first things I want us to see and recognize
07:54 about this verse is that we do not have to have
07:57 any fear of failure or mistakes.
08:00 Come on now.
08:01 Because no matter what we may do that
08:03 it seems that we fail that
08:04 or seems we may make a mistake at.
08:07 God will not leave you. Why?
08:09 Because He said, He is gonna hold you up.
08:11 I like that. I like that.
08:13 But not according to how good you are,
08:14 but not according to what you will do right or will do wrong,
08:17 the Bible says, He's gonna hold you up
08:19 with the right hand of His righteousness.
08:21 His righteousness, not our own righteousness.
08:22 Not our own righteousness...
08:24 Or our own hands.
08:25 Not own hands, with His righteousness.
08:26 Come on now, and I like that, friends,
08:28 because we're talking about,
08:29 it puts the responsibility in essence on God.
08:30 We have to let Him have the responsibility,
08:33 that's our part to play but at the end of the day
08:35 our estimation of what, I guess what our mistake is,
08:39 or what we might think is right is not our to decide,
08:42 it is God's business to decide what that is.
08:45 Go ahead and break it down further for us, Chef Law,
08:46 what we got?
08:47 Now when I was kid we used to,
08:49 we wanna just see how gigantic this verse is.
08:52 When I was a kid, we used to sing the song
08:54 and it said, "He had the whole world in His hands."
08:55 Come on, I like that. Remember that song?
08:56 He had the whole world in his hands
08:58 Oh, come on then, you doing a little singing, eh?
09:00 Come on now, I won't bring it out for you, Chef Law.
09:02 I'm gonna hold that back, brother,
09:04 you know what I'm saying.
09:05 You are singing, you know what I'm saying.
09:06 All right now, so He had the whole world in His hands,
09:08 now the world is pretty big and now just look at this,
09:09 if He is strong enough and more powerful enough
09:12 to have the whole world in His hands,
09:14 and if there is anything wrong
09:15 that's going on has to do with economics,
09:17 I think His hand can cover it.
09:18 Come on now.
09:19 If there is anything wrong,
09:21 it that has to do with your health,
09:22 I think His hand can cover it.
09:24 He can cover it.
09:25 And if there is anything that goes on in this world,
09:26 His hand can hold it.
09:28 Now, that's a big hand.
09:29 Come on now, brother, that's a big hand.
09:30 That's a big mighty big hand. That's a big hand, come on now.
09:32 And that's strong hand. Come on now.
09:33 And that's exactly what you get with God,
09:35 you get big things and strong things,
09:37 and strength to keep going and keep looking.
09:38 Come on now, I want y'all to just picture in your mind
09:40 right now, if you've ever seen any pictures of the galaxy,
09:43 of the universe,
09:45 I mean the earth is a small spec
09:47 in the universe,
09:48 so you can imagine that God,
09:50 He has formed us in the palms of His hands.
09:54 So, Chef Law, we know that this world is so big,
09:56 but we know that God obviously,
09:58 it's nothing for God to do what?
10:00 To hold us up. To hold us up in His right hand.
10:01 Come on now, because the world is just so large.
10:04 It's so big and it's so vast
10:05 and there is billions upon trillions
10:07 and not only stars but galaxies
10:09 that have further billions and trillions of stars,
10:11 but the Bible says.
10:12 He calls them all by name.
10:14 That's how particular He is, that's how specific He is.
10:17 So every little detail of our life,
10:19 every little thing that we are feeling,
10:21 and every little thing that we're thinking,
10:23 God knows about it intimately because He is nosy?
10:25 No.
10:27 But because He is a perfectionist.
10:28 Come on now.
10:29 And He wants things perfect in our life,
10:31 and He doesn't want us to have any pain whatsoever,
10:33 that's not gonna lead to us
10:35 to a closer relationship with Him.
10:36 You know, and God's, I guess you cans say
10:38 His perfectionism is not about in a sense
10:41 just trying to make us just to do what He says.
10:42 Amen.
10:43 God, yes, He obviously He wants us to be obedient,
10:45 but at the same time
10:47 God wants us to be motivated from love,
10:49 not from duty.
10:50 That's right, that's right.
10:51 He said it, yes, and we should do it,
10:53 but God wants us to do it because it is right,
10:54 because it's the best way,
10:55 it's the, really, it's the only way.
10:58 And so, Chef Law, go ahead
10:59 and give us a little closing thought
11:00 as we talk about He holds us up.
11:03 Well, let's talk, well, let's give a closing thought
11:05 about that now.
11:07 We all need support in life,
11:09 and we all have various support groups,
11:10 but there is none support group like God's support group.
11:13 He wants to hold you up
11:15 and even though how many people you may have
11:17 in a support group, God's support group is bigger.
11:19 The Bible says, He has thousands upon thousands
11:22 and ten thousands and ten thousands of angels.
11:25 There is no situation in life where He can't help you,
11:27 there is no problem in life
11:29 where He can't strengthen you to go to.
11:31 So as you go through this week in this day remember that
11:33 God is there to strengthen you and hold you up.
11:36 Amen.
11:43 Well, hey, friends, we're moving right along.
11:45 We've come to the Organization, the "O" in the FORK system.
11:49 And so today we're talking about something
11:50 that's going to be really, really exciting.
11:52 We're talking about how to use a knife.
11:55 Different knife techniques and also the parts of a knife.
11:59 And I'll tell you, it's important to know
12:00 how to use your knifes,
12:01 because a lot of times people get hurt every single day
12:05 because of having their knifes too dull
12:07 or they might not know how to use it properly,
12:09 so we just wanna give you some simple tips
12:11 on some simple knife techniques.
12:13 And I got a good friend again,
12:15 Chef Law, how're you doing, Chef Law?
12:16 How're you all doing again?
12:17 Now, Chef Law, you went to culinary art school, right?
12:19 Yes.
12:20 And they probably taught you a whole lot of stuff in there,
12:21 in the school, right?
12:23 They told me little,
12:24 they told me some things about the knives there.
12:26 Little things, okay.
12:27 Let's go and talk about some of the knives.
12:28 What kind of knife is this, Chef Law?
12:30 That is a chef knife. Okay, a chef knife.
12:31 Some times they call it also a French chef knife,
12:32 I believe as well.
12:34 Right.
12:35 And what kind of things can you do
12:37 with a French chef knife?
12:38 Well, you can cut, you can chop, you can skin,
12:39 really a lot of things you can do.
12:41 Lot of things, okay, okay,
12:42 so pretty much this is a major tool
12:43 that we normally use in the kitchen.
12:45 It's a major tool, actually in culinary school
12:46 the first thing you do when you get to school,
12:48 they put a knife in your hand and make you chop.
12:50 Make you chop, okay, so we probably can do some dicing,
12:53 some slicing, some mincing, all kind of things.
12:55 We also have another knife
12:56 and sometimes I have a hard time saying this,
12:58 is it santokyo?
13:00 Santoku.
13:01 Santoku not santokyo, right.
13:03 Not santokyo.
13:04 Might be from Tokyo but not santokyo.
13:06 Okay, all right now,
13:07 and the great thing we learned about the santoku knife
13:09 is that it actually is great
13:10 because it's good for cutting Asian vegetables.
13:12 And so in Asia, in Tokyo,
13:15 in those places this is a knife that normally is used.
13:17 Another knife we wanna talk about
13:18 today is our paring knife.
13:20 Paring knife. Now what is this used for, Chef Law?
13:21 Well, that's going to be used for peeling and cutting things,
13:25 sometimes when you're cutting,
13:26 if people are trying to make fine cuts or artistry,
13:32 they use a paring knife.
13:33 I got you, so it's a really simple knife to use
13:35 but a very powerful tool in the kitchen, right?
13:36 Very powerful, very sharp. There you go, exactly.
13:38 So this knife right here,
13:39 we call this the veggie meat knife, right?
13:42 Well, it's a steak knife.
13:43 Come on, no, no, it's a veggie meat knife.
13:45 What are you taking about, man?
13:47 We don't call it the fake steak knife.
13:48 Now, come on, I call it the veggie meat knife.
13:50 So again, we are eating veggie meat
13:52 so we call this the veggie meat knife,
13:54 also known as a steak knife, huh.
13:56 All right, all right, so,
13:57 right here we have another tool,
13:58 we wanna talk about.
14:00 What is this called right here? And that's your stiletto.
14:01 Okay, your stiletto.
14:03 So what do you do with stiletto?
14:04 And this is what you use to sharpen your knife.
14:05 Give us an example. In between sharpen.
14:07 Okay, so tell how to use this?
14:09 You can use it up or you can use it down,
14:10 so if you use it down you go from side to side.
14:13 Okay. If you wanna use it up.
14:15 And what it does?
14:16 It helps the knife to get sharp or?
14:17 It keeps it nice and sharp and then after you do that,
14:20 you wanna wipe it off,
14:21 'cause you don't need want any kind of metal
14:22 that it may pass.
14:24 Any metal, so we don't want to get metal to our system,
14:25 I know steel, right.
14:26 We don't want it.
14:28 I'm one, I'm kind of steel you know what I'm saying,
14:29 see all that muscles right there.
14:31 You don't want this steel in you.
14:32 Come on now, go ahead now, okay, all right.
14:33 We gonna cut up some things real quick.
14:35 We gonna use our French chef knife
14:36 and we don't wanna get our hands in there, right?
14:37 No.
14:39 All right, so we wanna, when you cut
14:40 you wanna do a simple rocking motions just like this.
14:41 All right.
14:43 All right, rocking motion, you kind of push it down or you can
14:44 have your hands right there as a guard.
14:46 So when you have it as a guard,
14:47 you can use it to kind of get the thickness
14:49 of the actual whatever you are chopping.
14:51 Is that correct? What size you want?
14:53 What size you want, so I'll just wanna rock it
14:54 and kind of move down just like that.
14:57 That's good, you're pretty good with that knife.
14:58 Well, I'm learning, man, I'm learning, I'm learning.
15:00 And so we wanna dice some things up
15:02 and another thing you can do is
15:03 just simply just chop this like that.
15:05 And just pushing and feed it right through, so we'll see.
15:10 Now when you chop like that
15:11 you wanna have your knife really sharp.
15:13 Very sharp.
15:14 Now tell us some kind of things that can happen.
15:16 What I say in closing here
15:17 we want to make sure the knife is sharp
15:18 because if it's too dull, you can do what?
15:21 You got to force it down and when you force it down
15:24 that means you gonna cut your finger on accident,
15:25 is that correct?
15:26 That's exactly right.
15:28 There you go, exactly so, friends,
15:29 these are some simple techniques,
15:30 some simple parts of how to use a knife
15:32 and I'll tell you, it is important to use this tool,
15:34 because guess what?
15:36 We're using a lot of vegetables,
15:37 a lot of fruits, and a lot of veggie meat.
15:40 So you better learn how to use these tools and I tell you.
15:42 So learn about kitchen organization.
15:51 Hello, friends, we've come down to the "R" in the FORK system.
15:54 And the "R" stands for Recipe.
15:57 This is a quick recap that "F" stands for Faith,
15:59 the "O" stands for Organization,
16:01 the "R" stands for Recipes
16:03 and the "K" stands for Knowledge.
16:06 I'll tell you, friends, we're learning so much,
16:08 we're learning so much good things,
16:10 but today we're gonna get right back into the kitchen
16:12 and I have my good buddy Chef Law with me.
16:13 How're you doing, Chef Law?
16:15 I'm doing good, I'm in the kitchen,
16:16 so I'm all right.
16:17 Well, today this is an advanced recipe, man,
16:19 this is gonna be something that you don't wanna miss.
16:21 We're gonna be making some delicious crispy chicken
16:23 and vegetable kebabs,
16:26 crispy chicken and vegetable kebabs.
16:27 We're gonna make it really extra crispy,
16:29 how does that sound?
16:30 That sounds good.
16:31 Come on now, we gonna be, it's gonna be delicious.
16:33 Sounds delicious.
16:34 What we're gonna do today, we're gonna be having,
16:35 we have something called tofu,
16:37 and some of y'all may not be familiar with tofu,
16:38 tofu is made from soy beans
16:40 and it actually go through a process
16:42 and they curdle it up almost like cheese
16:44 and so what happens,
16:46 it comes as this little block as we see right here,
16:47 a little block,
16:49 this little block can actually can be taken
16:51 and it makes a nice meaty like texture when you cook it.
16:53 All right. All right, does that sound good?
16:54 Sounds good to me.
16:55 We got some, a few vegetables, here we have some mushrooms
16:57 and some squash and some cauliflower,
17:00 but we gonna go ahead very quickly
17:01 and read the ingredients for the...
17:02 for everybody out there.
17:04 Let's go and read the ingredients,
17:05 I'll go ahead and read it.
17:43 Sounds pretty good, huh? Sounds delicious.
17:44 All right man, so let's get started.
17:45 We gonna go ahead and cube up our tofu,
17:47 can we do that please?
17:48 All right.
17:49 And go ahead, if you can get a knife, you have a knife?
17:51 We get you a knife right here.
17:53 All right, I can get you a knife right here,
17:54 I want you to go ahead and cut the mushrooms in half,
17:56 if you can if you don't mind, please?
17:57 No problem.
17:59 All right, so we gonna cube the tofu,
18:00 really quickly here.
18:02 Gonna cube these up,
18:04 get these ready
18:05 and this is gonna be really delicious,
18:07 friends, really delicious.
18:09 So I'm cutting them in a little kind of like a,
18:11 almost like steak like slices
18:13 and I'm gonna cut them right in half
18:14 and then we gonna cut them in little cubes,
18:16 so we gonna just like this.
18:18 I'm actually gonna stack them up just like that on these.
18:20 Make it little faster, wanna stack them up,
18:23 just like that, all right.
18:25 Now we have some cubes on the way.
18:27 All right. It looks pretty good, huh?
18:30 All right.
18:31 So we go ahead and just stick with that for now.
18:33 We're gonna cut some squash up, it's gonna be for our kebabs.
18:35 All right, so we gonna slice these up.
18:41 That look good, huh? Nice and nice, nice cubes.
18:43 All right, come on now,
18:44 that's what I am talking about, man.
18:46 All right, so let's move these out the way.
18:47 Move these, we're not gonna be using these.
18:49 Move the squash if you don't mind, please?
18:50 Okay.
18:51 And we have some cauliflower here, we're gonna be using.
18:53 So what we're gonna do next, man,
18:54 we gonna move this out of the way
18:56 for a second here.
18:57 And we gonna make our breading, is that okay?
18:58 Let's do it.
19:00 All right, so let's go ahead and do that,
19:01 I'm gonna move it back here for a second.
19:02 All right, so we gonna go ahead and get a bowl
19:04 and we're gonna make our breading,
19:05 and our breading is pretty simple.
19:07 We gonna go ahead and crumble up this,
19:08 just like this, crumble up this just like that.
19:11 This is corn flakes. These are corn flakes.
19:12 All right, and the corn flakes will give the crispiness
19:14 to the recipe, okay.
19:15 Okay.
19:16 All right, so we have some breadcrumbs,
19:18 go and give me some of that breadcrumbs right there.
19:19 Give it a little crunch.
19:21 A little crunch, go and put that in
19:22 right inside just like that.
19:23 Okay.
19:25 We have some flour here,
19:26 throw some flour inside of that, all right.
19:27 Then we have some corn starch and baking powder, okay.
19:29 All right.
19:30 Corn starch, go and throw it in there
19:32 if you don't mind, please?
19:33 Corn starch and baking powder.
19:34 All right, so we gonna go ahead and mix this right up,
19:36 right just like that.
19:37 So this is the breading for the crispy chicken.
19:38 And again, if you ever go to some of the restaurants
19:40 you find that nice breading on there,
19:41 this is a simple way to do.
19:42 We have all those simple ingredients in here,
19:44 the corn flakes and the baking powder,
19:46 all these different things,
19:47 we gonna mix that just like this, okay.
19:49 Okay. It looks good. All right, looks good, huh?
19:51 All right, so we gonna use that in a second
19:52 right along with our milk.
19:54 Let's go ahead and grab our vegetables in that bowl
19:55 if you don't mind?
19:56 No problem.
19:58 All right, so we gonna flavor this up,
19:59 flavor, put the flavoring on it
20:01 and then we gonna put this right on to the griddle, okay.
20:02 So give me that bowl right here.
20:04 We gonna put the tofu in here.
20:07 All right, we have our squash.
20:10 Everything just right in the bowl?
20:11 Right in the bowl. All right. Just like that, all right.
20:14 Then we have our cauliflower,
20:16 little bit of cauliflower in here.
20:17 What you wanna do is go and give me the seasoning
20:19 and all the different ingredients?
20:20 Okay. All right.
20:22 Go and mix all that on just like that.
20:24 All right, just like that.
20:26 Those seasoning on there.
20:28 All right, we gonna flavor that up. Yeah.
20:29 Some of you all might be familiar
20:31 in making chicken at home
20:32 and this is a really simple way
20:34 of how you make regular chicken,
20:35 put the seasoning on it,
20:36 you flavor it up this nicely, and then you what,
20:38 you have to put, put it on the breading, right.
20:40 Put it on the breading. Put it on the breading.
20:41 Okay, so we are doing the same as that process,
20:43 little garlic powder just like that.
20:44 All right, little garlic powder,
20:46 friends, little salt.
20:48 All right, little salt,
20:50 and then we have some Braggs
20:51 so we gonna sprinkle that right on there, okay.
20:53 So I need you to get your hands dirty, Law,
20:54 can you put, can you get some, get your hands right into it
20:56 and mix all together if you don't mind?
20:58 It's all right with me.
20:59 Mix it all together for me, please?
21:01 Get your hands dirty, man.
21:03 Some times you gotta get your hands dirty in the kitchen.
21:05 That's the fun part about getting into the kitchen.
21:07 This is the fun part.
21:08 All right, so I'm gonna get the pan rolling, okay.
21:10 And when we gonna bread this out,
21:11 oh, that looks good, man.
21:13 All right. That's what I'm talking about.
21:14 Oh, yes sir.
21:16 Yes, sir. All right. Okay.
21:17 So we gonna keep your hands as you get there,
21:19 I can't get my hands on,
21:20 I'm gonna let your hands get dirty.
21:21 Is that okay? Yes, it is.
21:23 So go ahead and take this right here,
21:24 put into the breading if you don't mind?
21:25 Put right into the breading. Just one big scoop?
21:27 Just like that. Okay.
21:28 And actually before you put in the breading, I'm sorry,
21:29 put it, dip it in the milk also if you don't mind?
21:31 There right in the milk for us and then put into the breading,
21:32 okay.
21:34 Just like that, it's good, put it right in the breading.
21:36 All right, let's keep 'em, put in some more,
21:37 you can do some more.
21:38 Go and put some more in there, in the milk,
21:41 put right into the milk
21:42 and then put it right into the breading
21:43 just like that.
21:45 All right, just a little, more handful,
21:46 and we can get this right,
21:47 and we gonna put it right into the...
21:49 Look at some of these tofu chunks in there.
21:50 All right, so I'm gonna go ahead and get these started.
21:53 You can hold that right there just like that.
21:56 All right.
21:58 Just do that, start just like that. All right.
22:00 Go and put that inside if you don't mind?
22:02 There you go.
22:03 When you're just putting them like that, man,
22:04 but you know some thing,
22:06 we can't cook all this on the show today,
22:07 so I got a finished product.
22:08 Okay, so go and clean up for me if you don't mind, okay?
22:10 Go and clean up for me, little finished product here,
22:13 all right.
22:14 Go and grab the Shish kebabs, if you don't mind?
22:17 The kebab sticks, now friends it's very simple, we're done,
22:20 here is the finished product, got the squash on here,
22:22 just like that.
22:23 We have the delicious cauliflower,
22:26 we got some tofu we gonna put on top of it just like that.
22:28 Looking really good, friends.
22:30 Oh, that looks... Oh, come on, Chef Law.
22:32 Look at that. That looks lovely.
22:33 This is, come on now. Look at that right there.
22:35 Look at that. Loving it, loving it.
22:37 Let me see it. Let me just see it.
22:38 I won't feed you, man, but I just can't.
22:40 So good.
22:42 Good, delicious.
22:49 Well, friends, we're wrapping up challenge day
22:51 number eight, and I'll tell you,
22:53 this is going by so fast,
22:54 but it's so exciting
22:56 and right now we are down to the "K".
22:57 You know what the "K" means.
22:59 The "K" stands for Knowledge.
23:01 And again, the Bible says He wants,
23:02 God wants our knowledge to increase.
23:05 But in order for our knowledge to increase we have to review,
23:08 we have to stay in tune with Him,
23:10 we have to take time
23:12 and continue learning about His word,
23:13 continue learning about who He is,
23:15 and continue learning about the wonderful truths
23:18 that He has for us
23:19 when it comes to eating healthy.
23:21 And you know, how we like to do it, Chef Chew?
23:22 How're you doing again, Chef Chew? Doing good.
23:23 And again what we gonna do, we gonna talk about
23:26 some of these questions,
23:27 we gonna get a little recap gonna going.
23:28 Okay.
23:30 And we gonna learn more about
23:31 how to have that healthy knowledge.
23:33 All right. How does that sound?
23:34 Good. So go ahead, question number one.
23:36 All right, let's go to our first question.
23:37 God will never leave us, is that true or is it false?
23:43 God will never leave us. God will never leave us.
23:45 That is, it sounds like music to my ears,
23:48 God will never leave us
23:51 and you know for sure that it is absolutely true.
23:54 True.
23:55 Friends, I want y'all to understand this,
23:57 God will never, never, never leave us.
24:01 He says to us look, He's our friend,
24:03 He's our best friend, He's our companion,
24:06 He is our Dad, He is like our,
24:09 He says He's even better than a mom,
24:12 I mean, who God is, is just amazing, I'll tell you.
24:15 We can't beat it. What's question number two?
24:17 All right our second question.
24:19 A dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife?
24:23 Now, is this true or is it false?
24:26 Now, I don't know about you,
24:27 have you ever cut yourself in the kitchen?
24:29 I have cut myself in the kitchen.
24:30 You know, we do a lot of cooking, don't we?
24:31 We sure do.
24:33 And we have a lot of times, we gonna go get a Band-Aid,
24:34 because why, because we have cut ourself.
24:35 And we learned, as we're learning in this week
24:37 about different tools.
24:38 We learned that a dull knife is way more dangerous
24:41 than a sharp knife.
24:43 And so again we learned that answer obviously is true.
24:46 But the question is this though,
24:47 is it how can we prevent this from happening?
24:49 What do we have to do? We have to sharpen our knives.
24:51 All right, we have to sharpen our knives, exactly.
24:52 And so, friends, if you don't have a knife sharpener
24:55 make a, go to the store today or go to some time this week
24:58 and get a simple knife sharpener,
24:59 it can be a finger saver.
25:01 If you understand what I am talking about,
25:03 not a life saver but a finger saver, okay.
25:05 So what's question number three?
25:07 All right, so our third question.
25:08 What makes the breading crispy?
25:11 Is it A, flour, B, baking powder, or is it C,
25:15 corn flakes?
25:17 Talking about crispy chicken. This is kind of tricky too.
25:19 I know, it's something we talking about crispy chicken.
25:21 So we gonna go and get the answer for this one,
25:23 friends, if you don't know, the answer is C
25:25 and it is corn flakes.
25:26 And you gotta understand this, I don't know about you,
25:28 I grew up eating a lot of not vegan chicken
25:31 but again chicken.
25:33 And I'll tell you, I used to love
25:34 this getting the chicken
25:36 and I'll tell you it had to be crispy for me.
25:37 I don't know about you guys,
25:39 when I learned how to make this crispy chicken batter
25:41 for vegan chicken it was like awesome.
25:43 You know I like to say it, Chef Chew,
25:45 I got a little slogan like to say, don't I?
25:46 I say, it looks like chicken, it tastes like chicken
25:48 but guess what?
25:50 It's not chicken, crispy on the outside
25:52 and white in the middle, oh, it's delicious.
25:55 And that's what it's all about, vegan cooking can be what?
25:58 Can be a lot of fun. Sure can.
26:00 Now we got a little song that we sing, don't we?
26:01 You know about a little song that we sing,
26:02 our fruits and grains song.
26:04 Oh, definitely.
26:05 You know about our fruits and grains song?
26:07 Let's go and sing it for them,
26:08 go and let's sing it together if we can.
26:09 All right, it just go like this, it says:
26:11 Fruits and grains, and vegetables,
26:13 Nuts and seeds is all I need
26:17 It taste so good, so good to me
26:21 Let's not live to eat, but let's eat to live
26:26 Friends, I want you to understand
26:28 that eating to live is what is all about.
26:30 We have to take our time
26:32 and learn these awesome principles
26:34 about what it means to eat to live.
26:36 You meaning that listen,
26:37 all those foods that might not be the best,
26:39 those things sadly to say
26:41 can do something that's called death,
26:43 and we want to live,
26:44 so we have to take our time and learn day by day,
26:48 these wonderful principles.
26:49 Isn't that right, Chef Chew? It's true.
26:51 Now I'll tell you this,
26:52 sometimes change is difficult, isn't it?
26:54 It is very difficult. Why is it sometimes difficult?
26:57 Because we personally don't want to make that change
27:00 and we are so used to doing certain things,
27:03 we're creatures of habit.
27:04 Exactly, creatures of habit and sometimes, you know,
27:06 we are stubborn.
27:07 That too. Sometimes we have a hard head.
27:09 I was trying to be nice.
27:10 You know, that some times Chef Chew,
27:11 you could also be stubborn sometimes,
27:13 I don't want, I was just, any way I'm just,
27:16 you know, I love you girl.
27:17 You know, I love you girl.
27:18 Let's keep on with the show. You know be cool, right.
27:20 All right any way, friends, you know sometimes
27:21 we can get stubborn,
27:23 and sometimes we want our own ways
27:24 and sometimes even in marriage we sometimes go in our own way.
27:27 But what we learned to do is that
27:28 we have to yield up our wills.
27:30 That's right. We have to give up our wills.
27:32 Sometimes I have to say, you know, something baby,
27:33 you are correct.
27:35 So anyway, friends, we love you out there
27:37 and again we want you all
27:38 to continue on this Chew's Challenge
27:39 and again my name is Chef Chew.
27:42 And I am Chef Chew too.
27:44 And as we always say,
27:46 "Gonna give you something to chew on."


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