Chew's Challenge

Day 9

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Participants: Chef G.W. Chew, Chef Tim Lawson, Tina Chew


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00:30 Hello friends, my name is Chef Chew and as I always say,
00:33 "Gonna give you something to chew on."
00:36 Well, friends, we have come to day number nine,
00:38 and day number nine is a great day.
00:41 And 'cause we're gonna be making something
00:42 that's gonna be so delicious, so amazing,
00:44 something that you don't want to miss.
00:47 And my lovely wife Chef Chew, how're you doing, Chef Chew?
00:49 Doing good. Good to be here.
00:51 You know, this is one of our favorite recipes, isn't it?
00:52 My favorite.
00:53 Come on now, we are making a delicious recipe
00:55 I like to call it not so scrambled eggs.
00:59 Come on now, so you favorite lovers of eggs out there,
01:02 today we're making not so scrambled eggs.
01:04 Meaning we are making eggs but not eggs.
01:07 So we are making eggs from tofu.
01:09 Amen. Is that gonna be exciting?
01:11 Looks good. All right, all right.
01:12 So what we're gonna do right now,
01:14 we gonna go ahead and read our recipe,
01:15 people gonna get right into it, have some fun,
01:17 and lets do it all up.
01:19 Let's go and read the recipe if you can, Chef Chew?
01:20 All right so we have:
01:38 Oh, that sounds delicious. Oh, that sounds really good.
01:41 So each of these ingredients gonna give certain,
01:43 I guess we can say, have kinda,
01:45 do has its own part to play in this recipe.
01:46 Okay.
01:48 You know, we have turmeric here and turmeric is really awesome
01:49 because the turmeric actually gives a little color to it.
01:52 All right.
01:53 You know, turmeric is kind of like a really deep yellow.
01:54 Like yellow. Okay.
01:56 And so it's gonna kind of give that egg like look.
01:57 We're gonna use some of the peppers
01:59 and I had to sneak in a little bit of hot peppers,
02:01 you know, we didn't say it in the recipe
02:03 but I wanted to sneak a little bit
02:04 of the jalapenos in there, is that okay?
02:05 The hot stuff.
02:07 So this is something I had to do.
02:08 So don't get mad at me, okay, so I snuck it in here today.
02:10 So we have a jalapeno peppers and we also have bell peppers.
02:13 You can use any color of bell peppers you like.
02:15 Yellow bell peppers, you can use orange,
02:17 whatever you want use, red, any of them.
02:19 Okay, so we're gonna get started.
02:20 So we gonna do, we gonna layer the flavors, okay?
02:22 Okay.
02:23 We're gonna layer the flavors, I'm gonna chop up my heat,
02:25 little jalapeno here and remember,
02:27 when you use jalapeno,
02:28 if you keep the seeds in the jalapeno,
02:30 it's gonna obviously be a lot more,
02:32 a lot hotter you can say, okay.
02:33 That's right.
02:35 So I'm gonna put little oil in here.
02:36 That's right, that I grew up with on jalapenos.
02:39 I know Mexicans love the jalapenos, right?
02:41 Like the hot stuff.
02:43 All right, so we can go ahead,
02:45 we're gonna layer these flavors now.
02:47 So go ahead and give me the garlic if you don't mind?
02:48 Okay. All right, give me some garlic.
02:50 Here you go.
02:51 Go ahead and give me some of those jalapenos
02:53 if you don't mind please, right there?
02:54 All right. Well, all of them?
02:56 All of them. Put them inside of that please.
02:57 Oh, you want it hot. I want it hot, that's right.
02:59 I want it nice and hot.
03:00 We go ahead and break this up a little better, all right.
03:02 There you go.
03:04 All right, so little bit of, we have some peppers here,
03:07 some bell peppers.
03:09 I'm gonna chop this up.
03:11 Now why don't you gonna start doing if you don't mind,
03:12 we're gonna take the tofu,
03:14 take the tofu if you don't mind, please?
03:15 Okay.
03:16 And we gonna go ahead and start crumbling the tofu.
03:18 All right, go ahead and start crumbling the tofu
03:21 if you don't mind, please?
03:22 All right, you also want to remember to take the water
03:25 out of the tofu.
03:26 Exactly, out of the tofu.
03:27 All right, so go ahead
03:29 and just start crumbling it up, all right.
03:33 Does it matter how small?
03:34 You can crumble up nice and fine, just nice and fine,
03:36 just crumble up really good, okay.
03:38 Some layers, some of these flavors over here,
03:40 we have the onions on,
03:41 the garlic, the peppers, you're crumbling it up
03:43 and we're gonna be having some fun.
03:44 I can't forget my mushrooms, gonna put a few mushrooms
03:46 inside of it as well.
03:47 All right, see what that looks like.
03:49 It's really good.
03:50 Oh, yeah, it looks really good, looks really good.
03:51 Looks like egg to me. Looks like eggs.
03:53 All right, so put everything to the side here.
03:55 Now we're gonna layer some seasoning in here
03:57 if we can please, some seasoning?
03:58 We're gonna put the season,
04:00 a little bit seasoning on top of the vegetables
04:02 and we're gonna put the rest of it inside the eggs
04:04 with the turmeric, we can right here,
04:06 and put the little oil in there, please?
04:08 All right. All right.
04:10 All right, it's looking really good.
04:11 Okay, good.
04:13 All right, let's turn this up a little bit.
04:14 I want to get this going.
04:16 So we're gonna go ahead and layer this up,
04:18 mix it up just like that, looking really good.
04:21 So what kind of stuff can you do with just,
04:23 with scrambled tofu?
04:24 With scrambled tofu, believe it or not
04:26 in some of these episodes we're gonna be making
04:27 some actual sandwiches with them.
04:29 Okay.
04:30 You can make wraps, you can use it
04:32 and make some gourmet,
04:33 I like to call it a bacon egg and cheese wrap.
04:36 Oh, that's good.
04:37 You know, so we're gonna use some of the egg
04:38 and some of the fake bacon and some other things
04:41 and make a delicious wraps.
04:42 You can also use it in Mexican dishes.
04:44 Okay.
04:45 Believe it or not, you can make something called,
04:47 I like to say a Chimichanga.
04:48 Oh, that sounds real good.
04:50 With the little beans and eggs
04:51 and it's really awesome ingredient,
04:52 little recipe as well.
04:54 My kind of food.
04:55 Exactly, so now I'm gonna go ahead
04:56 and put this inside of here.
04:58 All right. Do you need another spatula?
04:59 That's all we need. Okay.
05:01 So we gonna let that flavor layered,
05:02 let these flavors go and mixed into this eggs, just like that.
05:05 It can cook, you know, cook down just like that.
05:07 That looks really nice. Looks really nice, huh?
05:09 Looks good, huh? Now am I gonna get to taste it?
05:11 You can get to taste it. All right.
05:12 All right, doesn't have to cook long, friends.
05:14 Like to say, two or three minutes you can
05:17 and we're not gonna have enough time to do
05:18 two or three minutes but you get the idea.
05:20 We are letting these saute up, let it brown down.
05:23 I like to cook it where it gets nice
05:24 and brown in the bottom with that flavor
05:26 kind of just burst out of it, it's gonna be really delicious.
05:28 I'm gonna turn this up a little bit more,
05:29 turn it up just like that.
05:31 Okay.
05:32 And I tell you, I don't know about you,
05:34 this is gonna be good.
05:35 I'm just taking it in right now.
05:36 Come on now, let's get a fork, we got to get ready for this.
05:38 I'm getting excited. Where is the fork at?
05:39 I think right over here. Get a little fork here.
05:43 There we go. Oh, man, this is gonna be good.
05:45 Let's get all stirred in there. I'm looking at those mushrooms.
05:47 Come on now, the mushrooms
05:48 looking really good right there.
05:50 Come on y'all, y'all just don't know,
05:51 it's gonna be good.
05:54 All right.
05:57 We can make burritos too, can we?
05:59 Burritos. Obviously, we can.
06:00 Don't mess the process up now.
06:01 Go and hold that fork for me, please?
06:03 All right. All right.
06:05 Yummy yum.
06:07 All right, go ahead and make that look nice,
06:09 make it look nice.
06:10 All right, y'all. Very hot.
06:11 This is looking really good. Hey, you took the fork from me.
06:13 I'm just gonna make it look really nice here now.
06:15 All right, look how good it looks, friends,
06:17 looks so delicious.
06:18 Nice, that's really nice.
06:19 Got the mushrooms, got the peppers and all that
06:21 but, you know, I gotta give you a bite.
06:22 You know, you just can't go without getting a bite.
06:24 Look at that, oh, get that bite.
06:26 Come on now, come on.
06:28 Oh, so delicious, so delicious.
06:37 Hello, friends, we're moving right along,
06:39 and we've come to the "F", and the "F" stands for faith.
06:43 And today's topic is gonna be really, really interesting.
06:45 We're talking about don't draw back.
06:48 That's right, don't draw back.
06:51 And, friends, I can tell you sometimes
06:53 when you go on a journey,
06:54 it is very easy to want to give up,
06:56 but I can tell you that God wants us to have the faith
07:00 that lasts for a lifetime, amen?
07:02 You know, that's right. So what's going on, Chef Law?
07:03 How're you doing, Chef?
07:05 Come on now, man, we got...
07:06 What's going on, Chef Chew?
07:08 A powerful, powerful subject today, right?
07:09 How you guys doing out there? Yes, we do.
07:10 So go ahead and get it started. Don't draw back.
07:12 The Bible says, "The just shall live by faith:
07:16 but if any man draw back,
07:18 my soul shall have no pleasure in him.
07:21 But we are not of them that draw back unto perdition,
07:24 but of them that believe to the saving of the soul."
07:28 Hebrews 10:38-39.
07:31 That's some serious, serious scriptures right here.
07:34 What are we talking about now?
07:35 Now the first point I want us to get is,
07:37 finishing is just as important as starting something.
07:41 Come on now. Come on.
07:42 So the finish, to start something is important
07:44 'cause if you never start, you never go on the journey.
07:46 Exactly, exactly.
07:47 But it's not, so the starting is also
07:50 is important as finishing.
07:51 Come on now. Come on now.
07:52 Because what's point in starting some
07:54 if you won't finish it?
07:55 That's what I'm talking about.
07:57 You know, friends, I'll tell you,
07:58 what he is saying is so important and Chef Law
07:59 and myself we used to be runners
08:01 and we had a lot of experience in running races.
08:03 We used to run cross country which is about three miles,
08:06 and I'll tell you we can be member,
08:07 when we used to go on those long runs
08:09 and some of the guys will start out really, really fast
08:11 but what happens at the very end
08:13 they will get tired and they would give up.
08:15 What we've learned that if we can stick with the race,
08:17 if you can just stick with it, Chef Law, at the end,
08:19 if you kind of preserve that energy,
08:21 you can have a big boost at the end.
08:22 Come on now, what are we talking about now?
08:24 That's right, you do have a big boost at the end.
08:25 It doesn't matter if you ran two miles the best
08:27 and three miles the best,
08:28 but that last mile you didn't run at all...
08:30 Come on now.
08:31 You still not gonna win the race.
08:32 Exactly, exactly, exactly.
08:34 But one of the most important things
08:35 that's gonna help you,
08:37 that's gonna help you on your journey,
08:38 that's gonna help you win the race,
08:39 that's gonna help you not to draw back is just
08:41 what the text says, "The just shall live by faith."
08:42 Faith.
08:44 If you do not believe you can do something,
08:46 you never will accomplish it.
08:48 Come on now.
08:49 Everything starts like we said before right here in your mind,
08:52 and right here in your mind with your choices.
08:55 So your belief system is important
08:57 and faith is the Christian secret weapon as it were.
09:00 Come on now.
09:01 Faith gives the Christian ability
09:03 to see things that are unseen.
09:05 Come on now. Come on now. Did you hear what he just said?
09:08 Faith allows, that says, Bible says,
09:10 "The faith is the substance of things hope for,
09:13 the evidence of things not seen."
09:15 And you know something, Christ says,
09:16 He wants above all things that we might, what?
09:19 Prosper. Prosper and be in health.
09:20 As our soul prospers. Come on, as our soul prospers.
09:22 As our soul prospers. So we got to have it, by what?
09:24 By faith and believe it even though
09:26 we might not be able to do, what?
09:27 To see it.
09:29 Even though we might not be able to see it.
09:30 Come on now, so what else we're talking about, Chef Law?
09:31 We have, we know that we need to persevere
09:34 and trust in God that He will save us.
09:36 Not only spiritually
09:38 but physically in our health as well.
09:39 Come on now, come on.
09:40 So as we don't want to draw back in faith,
09:42 we don't want to draw back during these next days
09:45 either as we continue our Chew's Challenge.
09:47 So as it might get a little hard,
09:49 as it might get a little tough,
09:50 remember, day 28 is the day you got your eyes on,
09:53 and Jesus Christ is the person that you have your focus on
09:57 and finishing is what you have in your mind made up on.
10:00 Exactly.
10:01 You know, I was, I had a opportunity to feed a lady
10:03 and was going through that,
10:05 through a pretty much almost 30 days,
10:07 you know, she got about,
10:09 almost about round the same time
10:10 for about eight, nine days.
10:11 Eight, nine okay.
10:13 And she was like, "Chef Chew, it's getting kind of tough."
10:14 You know, and I had to let her know that listen,
10:16 she had to just dig a little deeper,
10:18 ask the good Lord to give her some strength,
10:20 and I tell you she lasted, she actually did,
10:22 she went past 28 days,
10:24 she went all the way to 45 days.
10:26 Wow.
10:27 And I tell you within those 45 days,
10:28 Chef Law, she lost over 40 pounds.
10:31 Over 40 pounds in 45 days, wow! That's what I'm saying.
10:34 She lost over 40 pounds
10:37 and it was amazing to see the results.
10:40 So when you are saying don't give up, don't draw back.
10:42 Sometimes we want to give up,
10:44 sometimes we don't want to keep on with it.
10:46 So what do we got to do, Chef Law,
10:47 how do we stick with this thing?
10:49 We got to know that every mile,
10:50 every kilometer is measured in the centimeters
10:54 or the inches you take...
10:55 I like that. Before you finish the mile.
10:57 Come on now. And so perseverance is the key.
10:59 Study day by day, not persevering,
11:02 however tough it is today, remember,
11:04 that today we'll have a end
11:05 and tomorrow will be a new bright beginning
11:08 where you can finish the race,
11:10 where you can have victory in Christ Jesus,
11:12 where you can have your faith strengthened,
11:14 and your faith renewed,
11:16 and remember that God wants you to be one of those
11:18 that believe unto the saving of the soul.
11:22 But you don't have to trust in your own righteousness,
11:25 you can trust in God's righteousness,
11:26 you can trust in God's power, you can trust in
11:29 what Christ has done by virtue of His death on the cross,
11:33 and I tell you, friends, in my life and in Chef's life
11:36 it has been enough to finish the race.
11:45 Hello friends, we're moving right along
11:47 all the way down to the "O",
11:49 and the O stands for Organization.
11:52 And I'll tell you this FORK system is awesome.
11:55 We are learning about all these awesome tips
11:58 about how to eat healthy, how to look good,
12:00 all of that good stuff and I'll tell you
12:02 as you keep learning these things,
12:03 you're gonna be an expert over here in your kitchen.
12:06 And I'll tell you today, we're gonna have some fun.
12:08 I got my good buddy Chef Law with me today.
12:10 How're you doing, Chef?
12:11 I'm doing good...
12:13 We got a lot of, we got a lot of quick one or two.
12:14 We got a lot of, I mean, this is a big pieces
12:15 we're putting here, huh.
12:17 A lot of heavy-duty machinery?
12:18 Heavy-duty, we got a little small one, you know.
12:20 Now we got the senior and the junior.
12:21 The senior and junior, that's right, man.
12:23 Okay, all right, The senior and junior.
12:24 So the big one right here is actually
12:25 called a food processor
12:27 and this is actually also called a food processor.
12:28 Okay.
12:29 And these food processors are neat tools
12:31 and I would recommend to every plant based vegan chef,
12:35 you want to make sure you get your food processor
12:37 because if you want to have some,
12:39 I guess you can save some speed in the kitchen...
12:42 Okay. This is a great tool to use.
12:43 Great tool, okay. So let's go and talk about it.
12:45 What makes this food processor so great?
12:48 How does it work? How does it work?
12:50 So if you notice here we have different blades.
12:52 All right, now this is called,
12:53 you know what kind of blade this is called
12:54 for the food processor?
12:56 Slicing blade.
12:57 Okay, what letter does that make? What kind is that?
12:59 Is that the right way? Is that kinda?
13:00 It makes a...
13:02 What do you think? Okay, S.
13:03 An S, exactly. Yeah, okay.
13:05 So they call it an S blade. S blade, okay.
13:06 And the S blade believe it or not,
13:07 when we use the food processor, this can actually in the sense,
13:10 almost in the sense makes things like hummus,
13:12 you know, if you wanna make, almost like a puree...
13:14 Okay.
13:15 Okay so you can take beans or even nuts or even like rice
13:18 and blend it into a fine paste.
13:19 Okay.
13:21 And things of that nature, so the S blade is used
13:23 especially for a lot of different recipes
13:25 and we're gonna be showing you some tips in the future
13:26 on how to use this recipe, okay.
13:28 Or how to use this blade I should say.
13:29 Okay.
13:30 We also have another blade here.
13:32 This is our, and everybody know,
13:33 you know what this is?
13:35 Looks like a...
13:36 It's not a driving wheel, right?
13:38 All right.
13:40 Psychedelic blade, I don't know.
13:41 Okay, so this blade is actually,
13:42 this makes our shreds.
13:44 If you know we had the zester and the shredder or the,
13:46 I mean, we took the carrots and we took the lemons...
13:48 This is the same model.
13:49 This kind of the same system,
13:51 but it's plugged in the foretop of the machine.
13:52 And again, it's gonna make all those fine shreds,
13:54 it's making your carrot shreds, you can take your radishes,
13:56 you can take any of those items
13:57 you want to shred up nice and fine,
13:59 this is the perfect tool for that.
14:01 So if I don't have time to do
14:02 all that by hand with my knives...
14:04 Exactly.
14:05 I can take this blade and shred up everything nicely
14:07 and get it uniformly.
14:08 Exactly, if you wanna, as we like to say,
14:10 dress to impress, you know...
14:11 Yeah, right, right.
14:13 But we don't got to impress nobody,
14:14 'cause the only person we need to impress is guess who?
14:15 Come on, talk about it.
14:17 Come on now, you know about that faith now, Law,
14:18 you've been talking about that faith.
14:19 Talk about it.
14:21 The only person we need to impress the saints out there,
14:22 we need to impress God and Jesus Christ.
14:24 Amen. That's it. That's it.
14:25 So again, this blade will give you
14:26 that fine shred though.
14:28 It makes it look good for presentation.
14:29 And then we have right here,
14:30 this blade right here is used for, you know,
14:32 what this is used for?
14:33 Chopping or cutting it looks like.
14:35 Well, actually slicing, okay. Slicing.
14:36 So it makes those nice little slice, fine cuts,
14:37 it gives you that perfect shape.
14:39 This can be adjusted to make whatever size
14:40 or whatever thickness you want also as well.
14:41 Whatever thickness I want.
14:43 Exactly, so...
14:44 These will give me the same sizes
14:45 every time I use them, huh?
14:47 Exactly. Okay.
14:48 So you're gonna get consistency when you make your food.
14:50 I can look like a professional with these in the kitchen.
14:51 Come on, like a professional, man,
14:52 that's what I'm talking about.
14:54 And then lastly we have a little,
14:55 nifty little tool here,
14:56 we have our nice little, small little,
14:58 I guess you can say food processor.
14:59 This is a really neat tool, I like to use it,
15:01 especially like chopping nuts.
15:02 And some times this can take a lot of time to clean.
15:03 So sometimes if you just want to use this
15:05 little small food processor and again, it's an S blade,
15:07 it's all it has on this machine,
15:09 but again you can chop up things really quickly,
15:11 make a quick hummus, make a quick salsa,
15:13 anything like that, a quick paste,
15:14 even nut butters can be done inside of here.
15:16 So it's a neat little tool to have.
15:18 And again, it helps us save time,
15:20 help us save money.
15:22 And again, if you want to become a...
15:24 I can say a professional chef at home,
15:27 you want to get some of these tools.
15:28 A little investment, but I tell you
15:30 it's better to spend money today than have to spend money
15:33 on those bills for those doctors tomorrow.
15:35 That's right.
15:36 And I tell you, friends, we want to look good,
15:38 we want to feel good,
15:39 and we want to be good for Jesus.
15:47 Well, friends, we're moving right along
15:49 and we're at one of my favorite parts of the show.
15:52 We've come down to the "R" of the FORK system.
15:54 And the "R" stands for Recipes.
15:57 And today's recipe is gonna be so, so delicious.
16:01 We're talking about how to make healthy condiments,
16:04 and we are focusing on mustard.
16:06 That's right, mustard.
16:08 And we're gonna be making a delicious homemade mustard
16:11 and homemade mustard is a lot,
16:12 I like to say it's a lot more fresh
16:14 than your store brought mustard
16:15 because you can add some special ingredients
16:17 and we're gonna have a power ingredient in today.
16:19 And we also gonna be making a delicious, healthy,
16:22 I say healthy honey mustard without the dairy,
16:27 and it's gonna be delicious.
16:29 A delicious honey mustard.
16:30 So stay tuned and watch what we're talking about here.
16:32 So what we're gonna do?
16:33 We're gonna read our ingredients
16:35 and get our hands right into the kitchen.
16:36 Let's go ahead and read our ingredients today.
16:49 Next for our honey mustard we have:
17:04 All right, so we're gonna go right at it,
17:05 we gonna get right into it,
17:07 and we wanna talk about some of these ingredients here.
17:08 Again, we have something called horseradish.
17:11 Horseradish is a coral root and it has a nice kind of,
17:15 kind of like pungent flavor to it,
17:17 a nice garlic flavor, and so most of the times
17:19 when you go into the store,
17:20 they normally don't use horseradish
17:21 but I want give this mustard a nice special kick to it,
17:24 is that okay?
17:25 And next we have some turmeric,
17:27 and obviously the turmeric is gonna give it
17:28 that nice yellow color.
17:30 So we want to definitely make sure we use that turmeric
17:32 for that yellow color.
17:33 That lemon juice is gonna actually replace vinegar.
17:36 Normally a lot of the condiments
17:38 that you find have vinegar in it,
17:39 but we're gonna go with a different type of acid,
17:41 I like to say a little more healthier acid
17:43 and that acid again is lemon juice.
17:45 And then we have a little bit of apple juice
17:47 to give a light slight, a slight taste of sweetness
17:50 to the recipe.
17:52 So it's really simple.
17:53 All we do is use our simple little blender here,
17:56 put all of the ingredients inside of here
17:57 and it's going to be delicious.
18:00 And I want to make a really quick tip before I blend this.
18:02 When we cook these recipes, when we make these recipes,
18:05 remember this, you want to eat the best foods
18:07 as possible for you.
18:09 Meaning, as you learn these things,
18:11 you gonna take your time and seek to implement them.
18:13 Sometimes it's not easy to change but, hey,
18:15 sometimes change isn't easy
18:17 but sometimes change is always for the best.
18:19 So again, as you learn some of these recipes,
18:21 remember that, change is for the best.
18:24 So let's get started here, okay.
18:26 So we gonna get our blender top off of here,
18:28 put our horseradish inside of here.
18:31 Oh, this is gonna be good.
18:33 Delicious, all right.
18:34 Little lemon juice here, little bit of honey.
18:37 I mean, apple juice, I'm sorry.
18:39 Honey is for the next part, and then we have our turmeric.
18:41 All right, just like that.
18:43 All right, and so we're gonna blend this
18:45 for about 30 seconds.
18:46 This gonna mix it all together, so it will be really delicious.
18:48 Okay, let's see how it goes.
19:00 All right, this is about, voila.
19:12 If you have more time, you can actually blend this
19:15 a little longer and the longer you blend it,
19:16 it kind of almost whips up, kind of like,
19:19 like almost give them that better texture.
19:21 So it's gonna be a little bit more runny right here
19:22 but if you blend it just a little longer,
19:24 it's gonna give a better texture for us.
19:25 I'm gonna pour this out right into our bowl here.
19:29 Pour right into our bowl here.
19:31 And again, so just remember, it's little runny right now,
19:32 but if you blend it just a little longer,
19:34 it will give you a better texture
19:35 and make a little bit more whipped inside the recipe.
19:38 And so next again,
19:40 I want to move these ingredients to the side,
19:41 and we're gonna actually
19:42 make a delicious honey mustard, okay.
19:45 And so obviously honey mustard is obviously sweet mustard,
19:48 but it kind of has a little bit more mayo
19:50 and some other ingredients, obviously some honey,
19:52 and again, it's gonna be very delicious, okay.
19:55 So again, we have our mayo, we have our honey,
19:57 we have a little bit of cayenne to give a little bit of heat,
20:00 have a little bit of celery seed,
20:01 and then a little bit of salt.
20:03 And this is a very simple ingredient.
20:04 So we're gonna use the same blender again,
20:06 gonna pour these right into it.
20:08 So we have our mayo and remember, you can either,
20:13 you can definitely can get these mayos from your healthy,
20:16 sorry from your health food store.
20:18 You can get your mayo.
20:20 And again, they have different types of mayo,
20:21 you can purchase from your health food stores,
20:23 and a dairy free mayonnaise which you want to look for.
20:26 Then we have our celery seed here.
20:28 All right, little bit of salt here.
20:30 And remember, the recipe said three teaspoons of salt,
20:34 don't use tablespoon
20:35 because it will be way too salty,
20:37 you don't want to do that.
20:38 And we gonna add some honey in here.
20:41 Honey's gonna give a nice little sweetness there.
20:43 I don't know about you guys,
20:44 I'd say I love some honey mustard.
20:46 I remember, I used to go to some of the restaurants,
20:47 some of those fast food restaurants
20:49 and I would always get honey mustard.
20:51 I had a friend, I'll tell you, all he would eat,
20:53 he would ask for a lot of honey mustard.
20:55 I mean, not like this one little container of it,
20:57 I mean, like ten of them, literally I'm not exaggerating,
21:00 ten containers of honey mustard.
21:01 And so I'm sure he would love this.
21:03 We gonna add a little bit of mustard in here.
21:06 Little bit of mustard, just like that.
21:09 All right, little bit of mustard right there,
21:11 and we're gonna blend this down.
21:13 And we're gonna have this wonderful recipe, thanks.
21:15 Wonderful recipe here, go ahead and blend this down.
21:18 All right, let's do it.
21:21 That looks good.
21:22 Oh, yes, looks really good. Go ahead and clean it up.
21:27 I'm gonna pour this to a bowl.
21:30 All right, looking really good here.
21:42 Voila, it's done.
21:44 So here we have our honey mustard,
21:46 really simple to do.
21:48 Really simple. Oh, it looks so good.
21:52 It looks so good, look at that.
21:54 A nice, nice creamy texture, nice creamy texture.
21:58 If you want a little bit more thick,
21:59 you can add some cashews
22:01 if you wanted to make it more thick
22:02 if you wanted to, but this is a nice texture,
22:04 gonna be very delicious.
22:05 And I tell you, this is gonna be some kind of good.
22:09 You know, we had a few shows ago,
22:10 we had our actual crispy chicken
22:13 and our kebabs and this would be excellent
22:15 with something like this and we're gonna show you all
22:17 as we continue going in our recipe sections on
22:19 how to make some delicious mock meats.
22:21 And I'll tell you, we're gonna have some healthy veggie meats
22:23 that we can make from scratch,
22:25 and you can make sandwiches with this
22:26 and I'll tell you, it's gonna be delicious.
22:28 So I tell you,
22:30 here's the simple taste of some healthy condiments
22:33 and you can do it right at home.
22:35 It can be very inexpensive
22:36 because you can make it from scratch.
22:38 So, friends, please, please run these things
22:41 and seek to be a witness to all of your friends
22:43 and your family.
22:50 Well, friends, we are coming now
22:51 to the close of program number nine.
22:54 And we've been talking about all these wonderful things
22:57 and we are down to the "K" in the FORK system.
23:00 Remember, the "K" stands for Knowledge.
23:03 And God wants our knowledge to increase.
23:05 But how does our knowledge increase?
23:07 That means we have to do, what?
23:08 We have to review
23:10 and as we review these things today,
23:12 we're gonna be asking again our three questions.
23:15 Three questions so that you can understand
23:17 how to experience longevity.
23:20 How're you doing, Chef Chew? I'm doing well.
23:22 You having a good time? I am.
23:23 I tell you, we've been learning so much.
23:25 We have been. It's been so exciting.
23:27 You know, today we talked about the food processor.
23:29 I mean, that was like an amazing journey seeing
23:32 all of that big tools and little small food processor,
23:35 I mean, we're just learning so many neat things.
23:36 Talking about don't draw back,
23:38 I mean, God is like amazing, amen?
23:40 Sure enough.
23:41 So let' go and get into our questions.
23:43 Go and give us a first question if you can?
23:44 All right, so our first question is:
23:46 Finishing is as important as what?
23:50 A, starting, B, endurance, or C, perseverance?
23:55 Wow, wow, that's the one
23:57 that we definitely want to pay attention to.
23:58 And that's tricky, that's a tricky question.
24:00 It's the tricky one, huh?
24:01 So finishing is just as important,
24:02 I think the answer is as starting.
24:06 That's right.
24:07 We learned, friends, that again,
24:09 just to start something
24:10 but not to finish something is not,
24:13 I mean, it's okay but God wants us to be an overcomer,
24:17 He wants us to go all the way to the end and not look back.
24:21 And just remember that God is the one
24:23 that is going to give you the strength, and the power,
24:25 and also the right motivation to accomplish it.
24:27 What's number two?
24:29 Go ahead, you had something you want to say?
24:30 Well, I just wanted to say that even if you do draw back,
24:33 don't give up.
24:34 You get right back up again and keep going forward,
24:37 as long you keep that goal right before you.
24:39 That's a really, really good point
24:40 because sometimes we, sometimes we do faultier.
24:41 We do.
24:43 Sometimes we start something
24:44 and for whatever the reason is we get,
24:46 we might get discouraged, we might just,
24:48 whatever, we might lose our focus but again,
24:50 like you're saying, if we fall God will, what?
24:53 He will pick us up and holds us up, amen?
24:55 Amen. So what's question number two?
24:58 All right, so question number two:
25:00 Which blade on a food processor is good for making hummus?
25:04 A, dicing blade, B, slicing blade,
25:08 or C, S blade?
25:10 All right, now you all, you know, I mean,
25:12 the hummus is like a paste, right?
25:13 Yeah.
25:15 It's like almost like a nice like smooth...
25:17 Like a pate type.
25:18 Like a pate, smooth texture,
25:19 and we know that the answer for this one,
25:21 we're gonna say it's C.
25:23 And the answer is the S blade.
25:25 Remember, the S blade is the blade
25:27 that looks kind of like this, it's really, really sharp
25:29 I have cut my finger on that blade before,
25:31 so you want to be really, really careful with that blade.
25:33 But again that blade can whip around and make hummus
25:36 and guacamole and mix up rice into just paste,
25:39 so it's a really, really neat tool.
25:41 So go ahead, what's number three,
25:42 question number three, what do we have?
25:43 All right, question three:
25:45 In making the mayo base which ingredient,
25:47 which ingredient emulsifies the recipe?
25:51 Is it A, oil, is it B, lemon juice,
25:54 or is it C, cashews?
25:57 We're talking about emulsification.
25:59 I like that word, Chef Chew.
26:01 You know, that word means
26:02 we're gonna bind things together.
26:04 Together.
26:05 I see you smiling over, you know,
26:06 what I am talking about?
26:08 I know, I know, I know.
26:09 So that emulsifier, that emulsifier,
26:11 it takes ingredients like, what?
26:12 Like the oil and the lemon juice...
26:14 And the water. And the water, and then, what?
26:16 It brings it all together. Together.
26:18 So that ingredient that does that,
26:20 friends, is the cashews.
26:22 The cashews can emulsify all of those ingredients
26:26 that cannot mix.
26:27 And I'll tell you in a relationship sometimes,
26:29 Chef Chew, you know how it is, sometimes do we have at times,
26:32 do we have disagreements at times?
26:33 We do have disagreements.
26:34 And so the only way that we can get through
26:36 we need an emulsifier, ain't that right?
26:37 Yes, we do.
26:39 Yeah, you know something I'll tell you, friends,
26:40 you can call on the name of who?
26:42 Jesus. On the name of Jesus.
26:43 And Jesus, friends, will emulsify
26:45 whatever the problem might be
26:46 and we are learning about health, right?
26:47 We are learning about health, friends,
26:49 and that Christ can emulsify anything in your life.
26:52 He can bind anything and take it away.
26:54 He can bring together His heart into your heart
26:57 so that you can do what He has asked us to do.
26:59 And again, friends, all you have to do is believe.
27:02 All you have to do is call upon His name
27:04 and I'll tell you, Chef Chew, it's exciting
27:07 when you allow Christ to be your emulsifier in your life.
27:10 It's true, amen. Isn't it? Isn't it?
27:11 I tell you, hasn't He done so much for us?
27:13 He has done a whole lot, in my own personal life too.
27:15 Come on now, you have a story to tell
27:16 and I wish we had the time to talk about
27:19 how God has brought you from where you were,
27:21 and God has brought into what you are right now.
27:23 Isn't He amazing God?
27:24 He is amazing and if He can do it for me,
27:26 He can definitely do it for you.
27:27 Come on now.
27:29 And I tell you, if you going through something
27:30 in your health right now,
27:31 you might be struggling with whatever you're going through,
27:33 you might have some type of problem in your health,
27:35 and you don't have the answer,
27:36 the doctors can't give you the answers,
27:38 just call upon the name of Jesus Christ.
27:40 And so, friends, I leave you with that today,
27:41 but again my name is Chef Chew.
27:44 And I'm Chef Chew too.
27:46 And I tell you friends and as we always say,
27:48 "Gonna give you something to chew on."


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