Chew's Challenge

Day 10

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Participants: Chef G.W. Chew, Chef Tim Lawson, Tina Chew


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00:30 Hello, friends, my name is Chef Chew
00:32 and as I always say,
00:34 "Gonna give you something to chew on."
00:36 Well, friends, we're coming along.
00:38 We are at day number 10 of the Chew's Challenge.
00:41 And things are getting more exciting each day.
00:44 I tell you, today,
00:46 we gonna be starting out with the breakfast
00:47 egg and cheese wrap.
00:49 Sounds good.
00:50 And my lovely wife is right here with me again.
00:52 And we're gonna work together, we're gonna make it together,
00:53 and we're gonna have some fun together.
00:55 Oh, that sounds really good, doesn't it?
00:57 But anyway, what we're gonna be doing,
00:59 again we're moving right along with this FORK system,
01:01 the "F" is for the Faith,
01:03 the "O" is for the Organization,
01:04 the "R" means Recipe,
01:06 and the "K" stands for Knowledge.
01:08 So, friends, I tell you, you wanna stay tuned
01:11 as we learn more about this FORK system.
01:13 But before I keep on going,
01:14 let's get it right through the recipe...
01:15 All right. Chef Chew, what do you say?
01:17 What do we do? All right.
01:18 So we're gonna be making a delicious breakfast
01:20 egg and cheese wrap.
01:22 Oh, that sounds good. Cheese.
01:24 Breakfast egg and cheese wrap.
01:26 And so let's go ahead and read the ingredients
01:28 so everybody know what we're doing. Okay?
01:29 Okay. So we have a...
01:51 Come on. Tortilla, tortilla.
01:52 Tortilla, tortilla. That's right, tortilla.
01:54 So we got a little...
01:56 I guess, it's a little Spanish...
01:58 Hispanic Latina flair. Flair.
01:59 It's okay.
02:00 But I tell, you know, we Americans love wraps.
02:02 You know, and I tell you what,
02:03 we can get a nice breakfast egg wrap
02:04 that's even better.
02:06 And so we're gonna make it healthy.
02:07 A few episodes ago,
02:08 we made a delicious not so scrambled eggs.
02:11 And so today, we're gonna be using
02:12 that right into our recipe
02:14 and making a delicious meal for us today.
02:16 Okay. All right.
02:18 So let's go ahead, we got our delicious veggie meat
02:19 and what I have here,
02:20 you can get this at most grocery stores,
02:22 they have vegan hot dogs.
02:23 Okay. Looks like a hot dog.
02:24 Looks like hot dog... is that real?
02:26 Beef frank, you think now. Okay.
02:28 Anyway, but it's a nice little hot dog here.
02:29 So we're gonna chop this up. All right.
02:32 So you can use other veggie meats as well.
02:33 Any veggie meat you want. Okay.
02:34 It doesn't matter,
02:36 which this pretty much need about one cup of veggie meat.
02:37 Whatever you like, you want to get ground beef crumble,
02:40 it doesn't matter.
02:41 So whatever you wanna use, you can use it.
02:43 You go and get that pan hot for us, if you can.
02:45 Okay. So I'm gonna cut all these up.
02:50 We got flying dogs, going everywhere.
02:51 Okay. That's pretty cool, huh. All right.
02:54 Let's go and slow it down here. I'm gonna move this oil here.
02:55 We're gonna go ahead
02:57 and get our onions cut up as well.
02:58 All right. Some onions cut.
03:00 Do you want me to go ahead and put that in?
03:02 Not yet. Okay.
03:03 Let me get this onion finished
03:04 and then you can get that on first.
03:06 So what I'd like do,
03:07 I always do like layer the flavors.
03:09 So we're going to put our onions on here first.
03:10 Looks good. All right.
03:12 So let's go ahead and give me the garlic,
03:13 if you don't mind.
03:15 Garlic. Put it in? Give me the garlic.
03:16 We're gonna put it in. Yeah. Put the garlic in. All right.
03:18 That's two cloves of chopped garlic,
03:20 already chopped up for us.
03:21 And I'm right here go and put the mushrooms in as well.
03:23 Okay. All right.
03:24 So mushrooms on there. All right. That sounds good.
03:26 Spinach? Spinach, throw the spinach...
03:27 Not yet, actually, we wanted to do the spinach last, okay.
03:29 All right. Okay. All right.
03:30 So we're gonna get this going. I always try to speed you up.
03:31 I know. I'm gonna throw a little salt in here as well.
03:33 Use a little salt.
03:34 Give me some of that chicken style seasoning,
03:36 if you can as well.
03:37 Throw some of that on there.
03:39 Looking really good. All right.
03:40 So we're gonna ahead and flip it up as like that.
03:42 Looking good. Look at that.
03:43 That looks good. That looks good.
03:45 Look real good.
03:46 That's what I'm talking about. So...
03:48 I tried to give you this and, you know,
03:49 you're trying to get your chef skills on.
03:50 Hey, you know, it's all good. It's all good.
03:52 You got to have fun in the kitchen. Okay.
03:53 So we're gonna let that saute.
03:55 I'm gonna go and throw this hot dogs inside of here.
03:58 Yeah.
03:59 We'll get those sauteed as well.
04:01 All right.
04:02 Go and turn this up a little bit.
04:04 All right.
04:06 I'm gonna go ahead and get your tortilla together.
04:07 All right. You can do that.
04:10 That sounds really good. Hear that sizzle on there?
04:12 It sounds good, huh?
04:14 Looks good. It looks good, doesn't it?
04:15 Doesn't look good as good as you,
04:17 but you know, hey, it's all good.
04:18 You know, you got to just love your wife.
04:20 Come on, brothers. You have to love your wives.
04:22 Amen. That's what I was talking about.
04:24 Little bit of cheese,
04:25 we'll throw some cheese in here.
04:27 A cooking show and a mayor seminar at the same time.
04:28 Hey, it's all good.
04:29 You wanna make sure, we keep that love in the home.
04:31 We got to keep it spicy. Amen. Amen.
04:33 Let's go and put this inside here as well.
04:35 Okay. All right.
04:36 So we're gonna fold the rest of these ingredients
04:37 inside of this, okay.
04:39 So the onions are nice and they're sauteing. Okay.
04:41 The garlic is inside of there,
04:43 the meat is all layered inside of there.
04:45 We got the eggs on top.
04:47 Do we put anything on the tortilla?
04:48 Actually, we're gonna throw the cheese on the tortilla.
04:51 So go ahead put the cheese right on the tortilla.
04:54 Put the cheese...
04:55 Go and get two of them if you can.
04:57 Got it. Get one more for us.
05:00 One more.
05:03 Oh, that looks good.
05:05 That's what I'm talking about. All right.
05:08 I'm gonna go ahead, really quickly...
05:09 Actually go ahead... Just do one, we don't have...
05:11 Let's go ahead and do one, okay.
05:12 Okay. All right. No problem. Let's go ahead and do one.
05:13 I put that on here just like that.
05:15 Can I put cheese on the top too?
05:17 Not on the top. That's actually enough.
05:18 We don't put too much. We don't wanna jam pack it.
05:19 Okay. Okay.
05:21 I'm gonna go ahead and fold this up.
05:23 I'm gonna throw it on this pan on the side over here.
05:25 Let it just brown on that side right there.
05:27 That looks good.
05:28 Go ahead and get our plate for us, if you don't mind.
05:29 Sure.
05:31 I'll move this over so everyone can see the good food.
05:34 Looks really good. All right.
05:36 So we're gonna go ahead
05:37 and flip this on other side here.
05:39 Browning is always important. Exactly.
05:42 That's what solidifies the tortilla, right?
05:44 Exactly. When you brown it.
05:45 It brings those flavors all inside of that.
05:47 Looks really good. Okay.
05:49 Let's go ahead, put it just like this.
05:54 All right. All right. Go and get a knife.
05:57 We're gonna and cut this. Here you go.
05:58 All right.
06:00 Oh, man, that's really good.
06:02 Oh, it looks so good. Can I have some?
06:04 Come on, friends. Chef T. Can I have some?
06:07 This is looking good right here, I tell you.
06:09 Come on, now. Come on.
06:11 I got to get a bite of that too.
06:12 Come on don't eat all the food up, girl.
06:14 Come on.
06:17 Oh, man, breakfast egg wrap.
06:21 You got to try that.
06:24 This is delicious.
06:25 I say you, friends, you wanna make this today.
06:28 Make it to taste, even if it's night time,
06:30 make this breakfast egg wrap because it's delicious.
06:38 Well, friends, moving right along to the "F",
06:41 and the "F" stands for Faith.
06:43 And today, we're talking about
06:44 one of my favorite subjects Through Water and Fire.
06:49 That's right. Through Water and Fire.
06:51 And the question that we wanna ask is,
06:53 can God bring us through the water?
06:55 And can He bring us through the fire?
06:57 And, you know, I got to bring my good buddy on this
06:59 to share with us, how God can work those miracles.
07:02 How are you doing, Chef Law? I'm good.
07:03 How are y'all doing out there? Yes, sir.
07:05 Through Water and Fire.
07:07 So this is...
07:08 I tell you, I've been through a lot of trials in my life.
07:10 I'm still young but I've been through some trials.
07:12 You know, we talk about water and fire,
07:13 that's our subject.
07:15 Look, we're talking about,
07:16 how God can bring us through the storm.
07:18 So let's break this down for us, Chef Law.
07:21 God is not a fairytale God.
07:24 There's nowhere in the Bible
07:25 where it says if you come to God,
07:26 or give your life to God,
07:28 everything is gonna be a 100% all good
07:31 and everything is gonna get better.
07:33 Come on now. But God does promise something.
07:35 Come on. Let's read what God promised.
07:37 Let's see what He says. Come on now.
07:38 The Bible says, "When thou passest through the waters,
07:41 I will be with thee, and through the rivers,
07:43 they shall not overflow thee,
07:45 when thou walkest through the fire,
07:47 thou shalt not be burned,
07:49 neither shall the flame kindle upon thee."
07:52 Isaiah 43:2.
07:54 That's power packed my, bro. That's power packed.
07:56 What we're talking about here? Yeah, that is gem.
07:58 One of the first things
07:59 I want us to know and recognize about trials
08:03 is that God will be with us in the midst of the trial.
08:07 Come on now. Yes, sir.
08:08 And in His presence,
08:10 the Bible says is fullness of joy.
08:11 Come on now.
08:13 And so when we lean on His arms,
08:14 when we lean on those everlasting arms as it were.
08:17 Even when we're going through the midst of a trial,
08:19 there is still something we can learn
08:21 and something we can gain, even from a hardship.
08:23 Exactly.
08:24 And, friends, what Chef Law is talking about
08:26 is absolutely true,
08:27 especially as we go through talking about
08:30 changing our lifestyle, changing our habits.
08:32 Because again, sometimes, some things we are addicted to,
08:35 some things we love to eat,
08:37 sometimes we like getting that donut
08:39 and those sweets at the wrong hours,
08:41 at the wrong time,
08:42 and it's hard to give those things up.
08:44 It's a trial of our faith, and the question is,
08:47 are we gonna believe in this word,
08:49 are we're gonna believe in Jesus,
08:51 who can do what?
08:52 Who can help us through that fire and water.
08:54 Come on now. Come on now.
08:56 And it so... It connects so well
08:57 with what we're trying to do here in our health.
08:59 Exactly. Exactly.
09:00 Let me tell you, let me tell you a quick story
09:01 about what the Bible says
09:03 about three extraordinary young men.
09:06 Early on in their life,
09:07 they got separated from their home,
09:09 separated from their family,
09:10 separated from their support group as well.
09:12 That's right. Exactly.
09:13 And so when they were separated from their support group,
09:16 they had one decision to make,
09:17 what they would eat and what they would not eat.
09:19 Come on. Come on now.
09:20 And they chose to eat a healthy diet,
09:23 do you know that?
09:24 Come on now.
09:25 Because they wanted to choose to make right decisions.
09:27 Come on.
09:28 Later on in life, those same three young men
09:30 had to go through a trial that had to do with fire.
09:33 Come on.
09:34 There was a king,
09:35 and the king wanted them to worship a certain statue.
09:37 And when they would not worship the statue,
09:39 he commanded that they be thrown into a fiery furnace.
09:42 Come on.
09:44 But then just at that moment something powerful happened.
09:45 Come on now.
09:46 When they went into the furnace,
09:49 there was another figure in the furnace with them
09:51 and the Bible records that it looked like the Son of God.
09:54 Come on now.
09:56 Through their fiery trial, Jesus,
10:00 He saw them through their trail and He say, you know,
10:02 I'm not gonna send an angel,
10:03 I'm not going to command that it be stopped,
10:06 I gonna get off the throne,
10:07 and I'm gonna come down there myself,
10:09 and I'm gonna through there with them.
10:10 And that's the kind of God we serve.
10:12 I tell you.
10:13 I tell you, friends, we having a Holy Ghost time in here.
10:16 Amen. Did you hear that?
10:17 It said it looked like the Son of man.
10:20 I tell you when Nebuchadnezzar saw that,
10:22 he was amazed because, yes, Christ Himself, Jesus,
10:25 our brother, our friend, our best friend came down
10:29 to be with us in our most difficult experience.
10:33 And what He do that still is a day for us.
10:35 Can He do it for me? Can He do it for you?
10:36 Can He do it for those out there, Chef Law?
10:38 Well, the Bible says,
10:39 that He is the same God yesterday,
10:42 today, and forever.
10:43 That's right.
10:45 And so I wanted you to know,
10:46 Noah might have had to go through the flood,
10:47 those three Hebrew boys
10:49 had to go through their fire as it were.
10:51 Jesus had to go through the cross,
10:53 the disciples, Paul and Silas,
10:55 they all had to get persecuted,
10:56 but through it all God was with them,
10:59 and He stuck with them.
11:00 God doesn't always promise ease and comfort,
11:02 but what He does promises
11:04 that He will go through the fire
11:06 and through the trials with us.
11:08 And He promises that you will be better after the trial
11:11 than you were before because He's a healer.
11:14 He is a great physician. That's right.
11:16 But He's also a potter. That's it.
11:18 And a potter has to put the clay in his hand
11:20 and he has to shape it, and he has to mold it,
11:23 and he has to leave it in the sun
11:24 to let it cook for a little bit.
11:26 But afterwards, it's a beautiful piece of art
11:30 that holds water and holds whatever else God wanted to.
11:34 And so as you're going through anything in this week,
11:37 if you're going through, remember that God is gonna go
11:39 through it with you
11:40 and He's gonna shape you into His lovely image.
11:48 Hello, friends, we're moving right along.
11:50 Right now we're down to the O,
11:52 and you know what the O stands for,
11:54 it stands for Organization.
11:56 Remember the FORK system
11:57 is a pretty cool system to learn,
11:59 how to eat healthy on these 28 Days.
12:02 Well, today we have a little simple thing
12:03 we're gonna be teaching you all about,
12:05 we're talking about pots and pans,
12:06 and how to choose them.
12:08 Pots and pans and how to choose them.
12:09 So my buddy again, Chef Law.
12:12 How is it going? How are you doing, Chef?
12:13 How you, guys, doing? Yes, sir.
12:15 Man, we're back in the kitchen again,
12:16 going over some simple tips here, we have some pots,
12:19 some pans and all kind of good stuff, huh.
12:21 Now, this is important
12:22 when you're cooking to have something to put it in.
12:23 Exactly, exactly, exactly.
12:25 So let's go ahead and get started,
12:26 right here we have a what,
12:27 you know, what this pan is called?
12:29 It's a saute pan.
12:30 Actually, it's called a skillet. Skillet?
12:32 It's a little different than a saute pan, believe it or not.
12:33 Little different.
12:34 We have another saute pan over here,
12:36 but this is actually a skillet, believe it or not.
12:37 And skillet, obviously,
12:38 we've been using this a whole lot, huh.
12:40 We've been putting some of our onions
12:41 and our mushrooms and lot of our things as well...
12:42 Bringing up...
12:44 You do saute in a skillet,
12:45 but it's a little different than a saute pan,
12:47 from a technical standpoint.
12:48 Okay. All right.
12:49 So again you can put your all in here...
12:51 A lot of times, you find us again,
12:52 sauteing different vegetables, but again,
12:54 we're gonna go through the saute pan,
12:55 next we'll see the difference.
12:56 Okay. So here is our saute pan.
12:59 Oh, yes, so the difference here is that in this pan, okay,
13:02 you can actually do I guess sauces.
13:04 You can saute it first and then you can do
13:06 like your tomato sauces in here and simmer it.
13:08 And you'll notice that
13:10 and the difference of these two pans
13:11 is that the skillet has a kind of a rounded edge,
13:13 where as the saute pan has more or less like a, I guess,
13:16 you can say straight edges.
13:18 Cylindrical. Exactly. More of a cylinder edges.
13:20 And so in this pan again, you can put soups
13:22 and sauce inside of here and let it simmer down.
13:24 It's a little bit different
13:26 than what you can do inside of a skillet.
13:27 So kind of acts like a small pot as well.
13:28 Exactly.
13:30 So you can saute and put...
13:31 Again sauces in there and let it cook down.
13:32 Okay.
13:34 Next we're gonna to go to our, we have our little, I guess,
13:36 you can say our sauce pan.
13:37 And we haven't made a lot of sauce,
13:39 but as we continue on this program,
13:40 we're gonna make some sauces.
13:41 Okay.
13:43 So we have a mini, I guess, you can say a small saucepan,
13:44 and I got some little larger saucepan.
13:46 And obviously, what you do in saucepans?
13:48 Man...
13:49 Come on. You know what to do with it.
13:51 Do you make sauces?
13:52 You know, we gonna be make some sauces. Okay.
13:54 So obviously, we also cook grains.
13:55 Okay.
13:56 We can even do some small boiling in here,
13:58 if we want to boil like your cereals
13:59 and some of those things can be cooked inside of here,
14:01 your rice, and your quinoa can be cooked
14:03 inside of these small saucepans.
14:04 A lot of it's pretty straightforward.
14:07 And next we have a, I guess, you can call a stock pot.
14:09 Stock pot.
14:11 You know in this, we do a lot of your, you know,
14:12 your major soups, your beans, anything large you wanna cook,
14:15 you got to boil it or let it cook and simmer down.
14:17 Remember, we don't want to cook
14:19 the collard greens for too long.
14:20 You know, you want to cook in a salad, which pan?
14:22 You wanna cook inside of a saute pan.
14:23 There you go, a saute pan. You got it.
14:25 Not the skillet but a saute pan. That's right.
14:26 You got it. Come on now.
14:28 You're getting it right. You're getting it right.
14:29 A few more, we're gonna talk about a few pans.
14:30 All right. Y'all know what this is, right?
14:32 Come on, y'all. You all know what this is?
14:33 What's this called? That is a muffin pan.
14:36 A muffin pan. Obviously, a muffin pan.
14:38 And a muffin pan is obviously good
14:39 because you can, you can cook your cupcakes,
14:41 things of that nature,
14:42 certain type of desserts you can put
14:44 inside of your muffin pan as well.
14:45 You might as well call this a sweet pan.
14:46 Come on now. Sweet pan, go ahead now.
14:48 You wanna sweet, right.
14:49 We're gonna be making a recipe
14:51 called the rosemary corn muffins.
14:52 And that's going to be really, really good
14:53 if you show us online.
14:55 Okay. Right here.
14:56 We also have, I guess, you can say, a simple,
14:57 a cake pan almost.
14:59 And the greater thing about this is that,
15:00 see this right here is a insert.
15:01 We can actually take this like this and it comes off.
15:04 Okay. So we're gonna go ahead and do it.
15:06 And then voila!
15:08 So you get that nice rounded edge on your cake,
15:10 if you're gonna make a nice...
15:11 I guess a pound cake.
15:12 And this is a good little tool,
15:14 you can remove it and it's really easy to use.
15:15 So this is something you can get
15:17 at different stores as well.
15:18 And then lastly, we have our nice,
15:20 we can say a nice little deep dish baking pan.
15:23 And we use this for like our lasagnas,
15:25 our mac and cheeses, and enchiladas,
15:28 you can just layer the flavors, all in there just like that.
15:31 And I'll tell you, man, you want to get organized.
15:32 And there's obviously more pans and pots as you can choose.
15:35 But we just want to introduce you to a few
15:37 that we're going to be using on this show.
15:38 So, friends, again, remember that kitchen what?
15:41 Automation.
15:42 Automation equals kitchen organization.
15:44 That's right.
15:46 Kitchen automation equals kitchen organization.
15:54 Hello, friends, we've come down again
15:56 to the "R" in the FORK system.
15:58 And the "R" stands for Recipe
16:00 and you don't wanna miss this recipe
16:02 because we're making something
16:03 that's going to be some kind of good.
16:06 We're talking about a creamy Italian spinach wrap.
16:09 It's gonna be creamy, it's gonna be delicious.
16:11 But it's also gonna be healthy.
16:14 That's right. All together healthy.
16:16 So I got my friend here again, that is my friend,
16:19 my lovely wife is gonna be right on with me today.
16:21 I'm glad you fixed that. All right.
16:23 Go ahead now, I'm more than a friend,
16:25 but, hey, we got to be friends first, right?
16:26 I agree. All right.
16:27 So let's get into this recipe,
16:29 we're talking about a creamy Italian spinach wrap.
16:32 Can you go ahead and read the instructions
16:34 or the ingredients as it say for this recipe?
16:35 Sure enough.
16:37 So we have...
17:14 Sounds like a lot but it doesn't look like a lot.
17:16 Of course, not. It's actually very simple.
17:18 We have filling, we have our dressing,
17:20 and then we have our tortilla and cheese.
17:22 So it's not too difficult.
17:23 Steps. Just few steps, okay. Simple steps.
17:25 So we're gonna start with the first step,
17:26 and our first step, we're gonna cut up our onions,
17:29 put our squash in here,
17:30 get our spinach on, and our garlic.
17:31 Okay. You get the flavor starting to simmer.
17:33 Is that okay? Okay. All right.
17:34 So we're gonna go ahead and chop this onion up.
17:35 And I love...
17:37 I'd tell you, I love the onions so.
17:38 Let's go ahead and get chopping.
17:44 Pretty good there, huh. All right.
17:45 Let's go and get some oil on here, spray.
17:48 You want me to help you out here. All right.
17:49 So go ahead and bring me some of that spinach
17:51 if you don't mind.
17:53 Some of that spinach.
17:54 Go ahead and bring that spinach over here if you can.
17:56 Please, some of that spinach.
17:57 All right. Here we go.
17:59 Some of that spinach over here.
18:01 All right. Looking really good.
18:03 Go ahead and bring me some of the garlic.
18:04 Leave it right there.
18:05 Bring me some of that garlic right here.
18:07 Hey, maybe I wanna cut too.
18:08 Go ahead and cut the squash up. Come on. Get into it.
18:10 Let's get going. Let's get going.
18:12 All right.
18:13 Give me some of that squash here, please.
18:14 Do you want it all?
18:16 No, I just need about a little bit,
18:17 about a half of it.
18:19 It's good. All right.
18:20 I'm gonna throw a little seasoning on here, everyone.
18:21 We got the chicken style seasoning
18:23 is gonna layer this flavors on here.
18:24 And what are we gonna do, we gonna get this
18:26 kind of starting to get brown
18:27 and then we're gonna just put it on a low heat.
18:30 So it won't get too brown. All right.
18:32 Stir the flavors in there just like that.
18:35 Is that enough? Oh, looking really good.
18:36 Let me turn this down some.
18:39 Turn this heat down something like that.
18:41 All right. We're looking good. Looking good.
18:43 Let's take this off for you. All right.
18:44 Go and move the cutting board out of the way,
18:45 if you don't mind, please.
18:47 Okay. Move it out of the way.
18:48 All right. So that's that simple.
18:49 So we got again, we layered the flavors,
18:51 we got the spinach in there, we have the onions,
18:53 we have the squash, we have the garlic,
18:55 and that's gonna be the good old fashioned
18:58 filling for this recipe.
18:59 It's gonna be really, really tasty.
19:00 So next, we're gonna be making...
19:02 Smells good. It smells really good.
19:03 So we're gonna be making next our dressing.
19:04 Is that okay? Okay.
19:06 And our dressing is really simple.
19:07 It's actually, I call it a creamy Italian dressing,
19:10 and it's really simple to make.
19:12 There's a little bit oregano to give it that Italian,
19:15 you know, I don't know how to say Italian words,
19:17 but we're gonna figure out later.
19:18 But anyway...
19:19 Italiano.
19:22 I guess, that's how you say, Rom Romino.
19:24 Anyway, little cashews, right.
19:26 The cashews are excellent because the cashew is again,
19:28 friends, it's an emulsifier.
19:29 Emulsifier.
19:31 It's gonna lock again the ingredients together.
19:33 It's gonna, this make them combine together
19:34 that oil and that lemon juice has to be bound together.
19:37 So we're gonna put it together. Okay.
19:39 Little oil right there.
19:41 All right. Got little lemon juice.
19:43 And that all kind of gives it that nice kind of...
19:45 I guess you can say that nice smoothness to it,
19:48 if you want that smoothness.
19:49 Again, since we have lemon juice,
19:50 if you don't add little bit of sweetener,
19:52 it's gonna be a little bit too tangy.
19:54 So depending on how much tanginess you want,
19:56 you can put that amount of sugar you want,
19:58 you kind of put little less or put little more.
20:01 Little bit of seasoning,
20:02 again to kind of give a nice little flavor to it,
20:04 full of flavor.
20:06 And then we have the oregano here.
20:07 All right, gonna throw that right in there.
20:08 That looks good.
20:10 All right, going to throw a little water in here.
20:12 All right. Little water like that.
20:14 And then we're going to blend this right on up.
20:16 Start it just like that.
20:18 Oh, yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
20:20 Do you think this is done? I think, you can turn it off.
20:26 All right.
20:27 This is very simple.
20:29 All right.
20:33 Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. So this is looking really good.
20:37 They got the dressing ready to go.
20:38 You see that, friends, looking really good.
20:40 Go and pass me one of those, if you can,
20:42 one of these cups right there if you don't mind, please.
20:44 Sure.
20:46 One of these cups got the dressing here.
20:47 Oh, it looks pretty good. Oh, that looks really good.
20:49 Really good. Really good. Really good.
20:50 So you can put that on over salad too.
20:52 Over salad, it can be on whatever you want.
20:54 Exactly, exactly. Exactly.
20:56 So what we have here, we have right here
20:58 we're gonna put some cheese on here.
21:00 Oh, man, this is gonna be good.
21:02 All right.
21:03 Something really good.
21:05 I wanna make sure that.
21:06 Some cheese on that just like that. All right.
21:08 I'm gonna go ahead and get another for you, is that okay?
21:11 I know you like to eat, is that okay?
21:14 Are you trying to tell me this?
21:15 No, I'm not trying to say anything.
21:16 I don't want to know how much you actually eat at home.
21:18 We don't want to know too much of that, huh.
21:20 Go ahead and get another one of these.
21:21 Okay.
21:22 See if we can get this off.
21:25 All right. Here we go.
21:26 So we got two tortillas here,
21:27 go and layer that cheese right on top of that just like that.
21:29 And again we got our shredded cheese,
21:31 we're gonna go ahead and put the squash
21:34 and all the flavors on here.
21:36 That looks really good.
21:37 Looks really good, really simple to do.
21:38 Really good.
21:40 And what we're gonna do is put little bit of that dressing
21:41 on top, not too much.
21:42 It's just a little bit of dressing.
21:44 Just a drizzle, right?
21:45 All we need is little bit to kind of get it nice.
21:47 Okay. All right.
21:48 Looks really good. There you go.
21:49 Looks really good.
21:51 Go ahead and fold that up one if you can.
21:52 Sure.
21:53 Fold that up for me, if you don't mind.
21:55 I got to bring my Latino skills here, over here.
21:56 Come on now, fold it up for me, please.
21:58 Okay. Fold it really nice.
22:00 Make it look really good.
22:01 That's what I'm talking about. You folded that perfect.
22:03 I'm gonna call these mini wraps.
22:05 Exactly. The mini wraps. You got it. It's okay.
22:08 Go ahead, it's breaking a little bit but that's okay,
22:10 just go ahead and roll it up.
22:11 All right.
22:13 I got it. You got it.
22:14 So sometimes the tortillas might break a little,
22:16 but it's okay.
22:17 So now we have our two wraps here.
22:18 All right. And we're gonna cut both of these.
22:20 Oh, it's gonna be delicious.
22:22 I got one for you and one for me.
22:25 What if I want both of them?
22:26 Come on, now you can't have two, all of these.
22:28 You see how good that looks?
22:30 Look at that, look at that, look at that.
22:31 It looks really good. Oh, that looks so good.
22:33 Look at that right now. Did you see that?
22:34 It looks so good.
22:36 I tell you, we got to just eat this together.
22:37 Is that okay? Count of three. Count of three.
22:38 One, two, three. One, two, three.
22:45 Delicious, yo, this is so good.
22:55 Well, friends, we've come down to the "K",
22:57 and the "K" stands for what?
22:59 It stands for Knowledge.
23:01 And again, I'm enjoying this FORK system,
23:04 the "F" stands for Faith,
23:05 the "O" stands for Organization,
23:07 the "R" stands for Recipes
23:09 and the "K" again stands for Knowledge.
23:11 And today, we're about to get some knowledge.
23:13 We're about to review what we have learned.
23:16 And, Chef Chew, how you doing, Chef Chew?
23:18 I'm doing good. It's good to be here.
23:21 Oh, my.
23:22 We start dating, we start dating.
23:23 We're on television. Hey, it's okay. It's okay.
23:25 It's okay.
23:26 So how you're doing, Chef Chew? Doing good. Thank you.
23:27 You know, we like to get over
23:29 what we've been learning in our, and I guess, in our...
23:30 doing our program here
23:32 and we've been learning some amazing things today.
23:33 We have been.
23:35 So we made early a breakfast egg and cheese wrap,
23:37 was that delicious?
23:38 That was good. Come on now. You know it was good.
23:40 we had a good time eating that breakfast egg and cheese wrap.
23:41 And did we made another recipe,
23:43 we made a creamy Italian spinach wrap,
23:44 which is really very delicious.
23:46 And we learned about those pots and pans.
23:48 Learned about which ones to used for what.
23:50 And so we're learning so much good information.
23:52 Lot of education. Exactly. Exactly.
23:54 So now it's time to review.
23:56 Now it's time to learn some...
23:58 and kind of put this into our brain,
24:00 so it can just lock in there.
24:01 You understand what I'm saying.
24:03 It's not just what you know, it's what you remember.
24:04 Oh, I like that. I like that.
24:06 So go and give us question number one, Chef Chew.
24:07 All right.
24:09 Question number one:
24:10 God will go through trials with us,
24:12 is that true or is it false?
24:15 Let me just say it again,
24:16 God will go through trials with us.
24:20 That sounds good, doesn't it?
24:21 And absolutely, the answer to that, friends, is true.
24:24 Yes, God will go through trials with us.
24:27 We learned about the three Hebrew boys
24:28 and how when they were in that fiery furnace,
24:31 when Nebuchadnezzar, the King, put them in the furnace,
24:34 the Bible says that,
24:35 "Inside of that furnace was the Son of Man."
24:38 Meaning that Christ was there right with them.
24:40 And so we know, we can rest assure
24:43 that God to whatever we're going through,
24:45 when it comes to any change in our life,
24:47 God can help us through those trials.
24:49 So what's question number two, Chef Chew?
24:50 All right.
24:51 Question number two:
24:53 Which type of pan is best for making stir fries,
24:56 is it A stockpot, B skillet, or is it C saute pan?
25:03 Oh, that's a good question. That's a good question.
25:06 We learned about the different pots
25:07 and we learned that the skillet has those rounded edges,
25:10 and the saute pan has the, in the sense, those, I can say,
25:13 those straight edges on the pan.
25:14 And so we learned how to do the stir fries
25:16 to kind of flip it up like that,
25:18 we need something called, friends, the skillet.
25:20 So the answer is B, it's the skillet.
25:24 So the skillet helps you with your skill.
25:26 There you go. Oh, I like that.
25:27 Oh, go ahead, girl, you needn't stop there right there, girl,
25:29 you needn't stop there please, go anyway.
25:31 What's question number three? All right.
25:32 The question number three:
25:34 What is the last step in locking the flavors
25:37 into the wrap, is it A browning the wrap,
25:41 is it B baking the wrap, or is it C folding the wrap?
25:44 Come on, now.
25:45 You know, how I like to talk about this right here,
25:47 it's all about locking the flavors together.
25:50 Girl, you need to stop that right there.
25:52 Go ahead now, so in order to lock the flavors in there,
25:54 we had to go through a process called browning the wrap.
25:57 I like calling it grandma brown.
25:59 Do you know about grandma brown?
26:00 I know about grandma brown.
26:01 The answer is A, it's browning the wrap.
26:03 But again grandma brown, I like to call it that
26:05 because again to get this like a power move
26:07 at the end of the recipe whenever you make a wrap.
26:10 Just put a little bit of that oil in the pan,
26:12 put the wrap right onto it,
26:14 just about 10, 15 seconds on each side
26:16 and the flavor just starts sizzling,
26:18 it starts oozing in,
26:19 it starts tasting so some kind of good.
26:22 And it's not only with wraps but also with sandwiches.
26:26 Come on, now. You, girl, you need to stop that down.
26:28 I tell you, she makes some good food in the morning time,
26:30 especially.
26:31 I enjoy it with my wife,
26:32 and I get to wake up to a good meal
26:34 from my wonderful wife.
26:36 And, friends, some of your wives out there,
26:38 if you have husbands who might not wanna change,
26:41 who might not wanna make that transition with you.
26:44 I tell you, just learn these recipes
26:46 and surprise them.
26:47 Don't even tell them what it is, just say,
26:49 "Baby, I got some good breakfast for you
26:51 and please just try."
26:52 And I guarantee you, any husband
26:54 that wakes up to a good meal from his wife,
26:56 I guarantee you he is going to be excited.
26:59 You know what I'm talking about,
27:00 since it is you right there, girl.
27:02 I do know. Come on now.
27:03 You know what I'm talking about, right.
27:04 Come on, now. So, friends, it's all about having fun.
27:07 Remember, when we're going through this experience
27:08 in this 28-day wellness journey,
27:10 we got to have fun.
27:11 What do you think, Chef Chew? We do.
27:13 It can't be some boring, I don't wanna do it,
27:15 it's gonna be nasty, I don't know.
27:17 You know, all of those excuses,
27:19 we can think about a lot of excuses, can we?
27:20 We can. And, you know what?
27:22 Also there is a lot of people they would like to make fun
27:25 even with the changes that we're making.
27:27 Come on now. Come on now. But, you know what?
27:29 We have to keep our eyes on the price.
27:30 Come on now.
27:31 Eyes on the price because remember,
27:33 the reason why we're not eating the meat, all of the cheese,
27:35 and dairy because those things have cholesterol.
27:37 Those things have things that...
27:39 If you trying to reduce that cholesterol,
27:41 that blood pressure, you take some of those things out,
27:43 and again you ain't got to do it cold turkey,
27:45 you got to do it overnight, you can take it step by step.
27:47 And as you do it step by step, you're gonna start seeing
27:50 those step by step results, isn't that right?
27:51 That's right.
27:53 But anyway my name is Chef Chew.
27:54 And I'm Chef Chew too.
27:56 And as we always say,
27:57 "Gonna give you something to chew on."


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