Chew's Challenge

Day 11

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Participants: Chef G.W. Chew, Chef Tim Lawson, Tina Chew


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00:30 Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.
00:32 This is Day Number 11 of the Chew's Challenge.
00:36 And my name is Chef Chew, and as I always say,
00:40 Gonna give you something to chew on.
00:42 Well, friends, we are moving right along.
00:44 We're getting in shape, looking good, feeling good,
00:47 all of that good stuff, I tell you.
00:49 It's getting really, really,
00:51 really exciting and, you friends,
00:53 you don't want to miss out today
00:54 because we're gonna make us some gourmet food,
00:56 we're gonna be talking about some faith,
00:57 we're gonna be learning about some organization,
00:59 and we're gonna get some knowledge.
01:01 That's what it's all about.
01:03 But, hey, you and I have a special guest,
01:05 a special friend...
01:07 As always.
01:08 Actually, it's my lovely wife, Chef Chew.
01:09 What's going on, Chef Chew? Not much.
01:11 We're back again in the kitchen,
01:12 we're having some fun, and I tell you, God is good.
01:15 What do you think? You must like some tabbouleh.
01:18 Oh, come on now, come on now, well, today,
01:19 we're talking about a Couscous Tabbouleh,
01:22 kind of like a Mediterranean dish,
01:23 it's really very neat, it's really simple to make.
01:26 It's actually a grain-based salad.
01:28 A grain-based salad...
01:30 Okay. All right. And it's good.
01:31 You don't want to miss this one.
01:33 It's gonna be tasty,
01:34 so let's look at the ingredients.
01:35 We have...
01:52 Oh, man. That sounds good.
01:56 Ooh, that sounds really good, I tell you.
01:58 And we got extra ingredients here.
01:59 We're gonna make this tabbouleh salad taste
02:01 so, so good.
02:02 And so we're going to get started.
02:04 We're going to go ahead and dice some of our ingredients up
02:05 and I already see we have some what here, what is this called?
02:07 Scallions. Scallions.
02:08 Scallions are like, kind of like baby onions,
02:10 onion that hasn't fully matured.
02:12 But we're kind of using more of the stem of the actual onion
02:16 and it's going to make a nice,
02:18 kind of like not as strong as onions,
02:19 but a nice slight kind of like onion taste
02:21 but not as strong.
02:23 Okay, all right.
02:24 Okay, so I'm just gonna chop these up, okay.
02:25 You forget I'm Mexican. Huh?
02:27 You forget I'm Mexican. I grew up on these.
02:29 Oh, you did grow up, yeah, you know,
02:31 I don't always know all these things.
02:33 I'll learn more about the espanol culture every day,
02:35 all right?
02:37 We'll use some of the base of the bottom.
02:38 Okay, yeah.
02:40 Want some of that.
02:41 So that's going to be going to side.
02:43 Get these out of the way.
02:44 So we're going to move that to the side here, okay.
02:46 So go ahead and get started by putting
02:47 the couscous inside of the bowl.
02:49 All right. All right.
02:50 Right inside the bowl here. It's nice and fluffy.
02:52 Oh, nice and fluffy, okay.
02:53 And so we have here our couscous,
02:55 and again, this is one of our ancient grains.
02:57 And again, we've showed you all last week,
02:59 in our different stations,
03:00 we talked about some of the grains
03:02 and this is one of the grains
03:04 that you wanna make sure you have in your kitchen.
03:05 It's actually, believe it or not,
03:07 it's whole wheat, believe it or not,
03:08 and it doesn't look like wheat, obviously,
03:10 but it's actually whole wheat
03:11 and it's actually a really neat grain,
03:13 it kind of cooks in about five minutes.
03:15 You put about two cups of boiling water,
03:19 and pretty much two cups of the couscous
03:21 in this about five minutes, it's done.
03:22 That's fast. It's done. Really simple to do.
03:25 And so, I wish I could do it for you today
03:26 but wouldn't have enough time but it's already been made,
03:29 really easy to do, now what we're going to do
03:30 is add our ingredients to them,
03:32 so I'm going to go ahead and put our onions
03:34 right inside of here.
03:35 All right. Do you want these cut?
03:37 We can go ahead and cut some of these in half.
03:39 You don't have to always cut a cherry tomato.
03:40 These are some of our good old tomatoes.
03:42 So we're going to go ahead and put those right in there
03:43 as well.
03:45 All right. Cut 'em right in half.
03:47 Looks pretty already. Looks really good, doesn't it?
03:49 All right.
03:51 Go ahead and add some other ingredients
03:52 while I chop these up.
03:54 What do you have there, some parsley?
03:55 Okay, so, we have our parsley. Okay, some parsley.
03:56 Actually, I want to cut some of these up if we can.
03:58 I'm going to cut some of these up.
03:59 Is that okay?
04:01 I'm going to cut some of this parsley
04:02 right in here.
04:03 They give more flavor I think too
04:05 when you cut up the fresh herbs.
04:06 Want to get them nice and chopped up.
04:09 That's going to be really delicious, ah?
04:11 All right. You want the hot stuff?
04:12 What's the hot stuff?
04:14 What's the hot stuff? The cayenne.
04:15 You all like some heat on here, right?
04:17 Always. All right.
04:18 Go ahead and put it inside of there.
04:19 All right.
04:21 All right.
04:22 What else do we have? We have some oil.
04:23 All right, some oil, okay.
04:25 And we have some cheese, some vegan cheese.
04:27 Not cheese, not cheese, that's going on top.
04:29 This is going on top.
04:30 Okay, how about the lemon juice?
04:31 Go ahead and put the lemon juice inside of it.
04:33 All of it? All of it.
04:34 Just like that. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
04:35 I love it, I love it, I love it.
04:37 All right, so what I'm going to do here,
04:39 keep this aside.
04:40 Oh, this looks really...
04:41 We have some secret going on.
04:43 Come on now, this looks really, really good.
04:44 Oh, oh, oh. Let me get here.
04:47 All right. I love my wife.
04:48 My wife, she likes to get right into the kitchen.
04:50 So go ahead and stir it up for me if you don't mind.
04:52 Thank you.
04:53 Go ahead and stir it up for me if you don't mind.
04:54 Okay. Looks really good, huh?
04:56 Looks nice.
04:57 And I tell you, a lot of these things can be done again,
04:59 in minutes.
05:00 Again, it's only been about, what,
05:01 five minutes? Sure.
05:03 And you can already see, we have everything
05:04 already kind of chopped up and prepared, but again,
05:06 a lot of these recipes can be done in 10 minutes or less.
05:09 So we can start this healthy lifestyle, I mean,
05:11 in 10 minutes or less.
05:12 I mean, isn't that exciting?
05:14 You can start the 28-day journey
05:16 in just 10 minutes or less.
05:18 I mean, you have no excuses, I mean, come on,
05:20 10 minutes is no time,
05:22 no time to give any more excuses.
05:24 It is time to get our what?
05:26 To get our health, to get our health together,
05:28 and I tell you, when you finish these 28 days,
05:30 you're going to be looking good,
05:31 feeling good, and all that good stuff.
05:34 All right, so we've got a little more ingredients
05:36 to put inside.
05:37 All right. Cheese. All right?
05:39 Go ahead now, put this cheese right inside there.
05:40 All right. All of it?
05:41 Man, go ahead and put all of it in there.
05:43 I tell you, this is going to be really good.
05:44 Look at that, ooh, look at this.
05:45 This is looking so good. That's nice.
05:47 And I tell you, friends. You don't wanna miss this.
05:49 I tell you, this is gonna be so good,
05:51 you don't wanna miss it, and I tell you,
05:52 this is looking really good for my taste buds.
05:54 I don't know about you guys,
05:55 but I want some of these couscous tabbouleh
05:57 and I'm going to go ahead and get a bite of this.
05:59 Can I give you some?
06:01 You're sure you want some of this?
06:02 All right. Let's do this.
06:03 Ooh.
06:06 That's good, isn't it?
06:07 Let me go ahead and taste this.
06:09 Come on now.
06:10 I love the tangy parsley.
06:12 That's nice.
06:15 That is delicious. I mean, it is so good.
06:17 And it has that kick.
06:19 Got the cayenne in there, it has a nice heat in the back,
06:21 I mean, the tomatoes, I tell you, make this today.
06:25 You're going to love it, friends.
06:26 It's going to be good and delicious.
06:34 Hey, friends. We're moving right along.
06:36 We've come to the "F",
06:38 and the "F" stands for Faith,
06:40 and today, we're talking about leap over the wall.
06:44 That's right, leap over the wall.
06:47 Can you believe it?
06:48 Do you think that I can leap over a wall?
06:50 Well, I'm going to show you how I can do it
06:52 and how also, how you can do it.
06:54 'Cause, friends, we know we have a God that is powerful.
06:57 We have a God that is able to do miracles.
07:00 We have a God that loves us and Chef Law
07:02 is going to talk about leaping over this wall.
07:04 How are you doing, chef?
07:05 What's up? How are you doing, man?
07:06 I'm doing good. If you know me, I'm rolling it.
07:08 That's right, rolling along, man?
07:09 You know, we've been, we've been,
07:10 we've been chewing the word, my friend.
07:12 Yes, indeed. If you know what I'm saying.
07:13 We've been getting into the word,
07:15 this last, last week,
07:16 and we've been going over all these spiritual principles,
07:19 but today is going to be really exciting.
07:22 Why don't you go ahead and get us started on this
07:23 if you don't mind.
07:24 All right, let's read this
07:26 and see what the Word of God has for us.
07:27 It says, "For by thee I have run through a troop,
07:30 and by my God I have leaped over a wall,"
07:34 Psalms 18:29.
07:37 Now the first thing we wanna see,
07:39 we've all hit walls in our life.
07:41 Exactly.
07:42 We've all either been going at a fast pace or at a slow pace
07:45 and then somewhere down the line,
07:46 we've just hit this wall.
07:48 We hit this, this thing, we just couldn't get over,
07:50 whether it was picking bad relationships,
07:53 whether it was being bad with money,
07:55 whether it, just whatever it was in our life,
07:57 we've hit these walls
07:59 and we all need help to get over these walls.
08:01 Come on now.
08:02 Everybody, today's culture kind of says, "I can do it."
08:05 "I can do everything, I don't need anybody"
08:08 as it were but everybody needs some kind of help,
08:10 and God has the help
08:12 that we need to get over these walls.
08:13 Exactly, exactly.
08:15 You know, a lot of times, you know,
08:16 going to my previous life, and when I was actually,
08:18 you know, doing a lot of running, I was an athlete,
08:21 and we were saying, we hit a plateau.
08:22 We hit a point where our times wouldn't get any faster,
08:25 if I was lifting weights,
08:26 I couldn't get to this next pound weight.
08:28 You know, so at times in our life,
08:30 we hit this point where it seems
08:31 that we can't get any advancement,
08:33 but as you're saying, Chef Law, that there is someone
08:36 who can help us to get over these walls.
08:39 What are you saying here, my bro?
08:40 What are you saying here? Okay, let's see.
08:42 There is someone who can help us
08:44 but there's something in particular we need to do.
08:46 Now, lions are ferocious, all right?
08:48 Come on now, they're real ferocious.
08:50 And they hunt something in the African plain
08:52 called gazelle.
08:54 Come on now.
08:55 Now a gazelle can jump 10 feet in the air. Did you know that?
08:59 Ten feet in the air.
09:00 But yet at a zoo,
09:02 a 3 foot wall can keep a gazelle caged in.
09:04 What? Why is that? You know why?
09:06 Because since the gazelle can't see
09:08 where its feet are going to land,
09:10 it won't jump.
09:11 Are you serious? It won't jump.
09:12 So if it can't see
09:14 where its feet is going to land,
09:15 it's not going to jump? It won't jump.
09:17 That's just, that is... Break that down, bro.
09:19 To get over this walls,
09:21 to get over these walls in our lives,
09:22 it's going to take faith.
09:24 It's going to take faith in what we can't see.
09:26 It's going to take faith in God.
09:27 I like that.
09:28 It's going to take some situation where we say,
09:30 "I don't see how this is gonna help.
09:31 I don't see how this is gonna work,
09:33 Lord, everything is going wrong."
09:34 But have faith in God and take that leap of faith in God only.
09:37 Not only He wants to give you,
09:39 not only He wants you to take a leap of faith,
09:40 He wants to strengthen you,
09:42 and help you to take that leap of faith
09:45 so you can get over that wall and on to the track.
09:47 That's what I'm talking about.
09:49 That was beautiful
09:50 because we're talking about leaping into something
09:52 that we don't know what's going to happen.
09:54 And as we have started this 28-day journey,
09:57 sometimes some of these things
09:59 that we're talking about,
10:00 we're talking about vegan cheese,
10:02 talking about vegan veggie meats,
10:04 and some of the stuff seems really, really like,
10:06 "Oh, Chef Chew, I understand what you're saying, brother,
10:10 but, but I don't know how that's gonna taste.
10:13 I don't know how I'm going to feel.
10:14 I'm just so used to eating my ice cream."
10:18 But I tell you, God has always given us some solutions.
10:21 He has given us.
10:22 For everything that we love to do, He has what?
10:23 Something better.
10:25 Something better. You know it.
10:27 He is a God of giving us ways
10:29 of doing things in a better way.
10:31 So go ahead, go ahead and close it up for us,
10:32 about this leaping over this wall.
10:34 Close it up for us, Chef Law, if you can.
10:35 You might be going through some things,
10:37 it might be some trials you're having,
10:39 it might be a situation you're having,
10:41 it might be a stronghold in your life spiritually,
10:43 maybe every time you pick up the Bible
10:45 and you try to read it, you just don't understand
10:47 or other thoughts keep coming into your head.
10:50 Maybe you know God and every time you try
10:52 to stop a certain sin in your life,
10:54 it just seems so hard to get over this particular sin,
10:57 maybe it's the relationship that you're having,
11:00 maybe on this 28-day challenge, it's the dietary changes
11:03 and you just can't see
11:05 how you're going to get over it.
11:07 Well, this week, I want you to take that leap of faith.
11:10 I want you to ask God specifically
11:12 what He wants you to do and how He wants you to do it
11:14 and I want you to trust in Him,
11:16 and I want you to walk in His power
11:18 and in His strength and when those doubts arise,
11:22 you just call on the name of your Savior,
11:24 'cause like we saw before,
11:25 through the water or through the fire,
11:27 He's gonna be there with you.
11:29 He'll never leave you, He'll never forsake you.
11:31 And I know that this is true because He never left me
11:34 and He never left Chef Chew either.
11:36 Trust in the Lord.
11:43 Hey, friends, since we're moving right along
11:46 and we've come down to the "O"
11:48 and the "O" stands for organization.
11:51 And so this week, we're talking
11:52 about the different kitchen tools
11:53 that we need in the kitchen.
11:55 We talked already about some of our knives.
11:57 We talked about pots and pans.
11:59 We talked about the food processor,
12:01 and now, we're gonna talk about a blender,
12:03 and blenders are a critical, when I say critical,
12:07 a critical tool for the kitchen,
12:08 you need to go buy a blender if you don't have one today.
12:12 And, Chef Law, how are you doing, buddy?
12:13 I'm doing great.
12:15 I tell you, man, you know,
12:16 isn't it true that every vegan chef needs a blender.
12:18 If you are vegan
12:20 and you're trying to start your vegan challenge with us,
12:22 one of the tools you need is a blender.
12:25 Exactly.
12:26 It's gonna save you time and money.
12:28 Exactly, so as we look at this blender, remember,
12:30 we're teaching you principles, I guess in a sense,
12:32 day-by-day, and as we go day-by-day,
12:35 we want to seek to kind of try and learn these things
12:37 day-by-day, right?
12:39 So tell me something about blenders.
12:40 Are they all the same? Are they different?
12:42 Does it matter what kind of blender I get?
12:44 We've actually had that question.
12:45 Believe it or not, I used to be a blender salesman,
12:47 believe it or not. Is that right?
12:49 I have a lot of experience in selling blenders.
12:50 I was the guy at the store who'd accompany you
12:52 and will try to get you to buy a blender,
12:53 so I kind of got a little bit
12:55 of experience in talking about a blender.
12:56 So let's go ahead and talk about,
12:58 like I said, some of the parts of the blender.
12:59 Okay, let's see.
13:00 And right here obviously is the...
13:02 The blade. The blade.
13:03 Okay, and so this blade
13:04 obviously has four points to it,
13:06 some blades only have two points,
13:07 depending on the kind of blade it is.
13:08 Well, this kind of blade actually chops the food up
13:10 and what happens is that there's a big powerful motor
13:12 inside of this blender that's going to spin around,
13:15 I mean, it goes at, I mean, literally,
13:17 maybe 300 revolutions per minute,
13:18 I mean, so it's turning, and turning,
13:20 and turning, and turning, and turning,
13:21 and it's chopping that food down into what?
13:23 Into either a paste or a liquid,
13:25 whatever you're trying to get accomplished in here,
13:27 so the blade is very important.
13:29 Here we have this little rubber,
13:30 this little rubber band
13:31 that goes at the bottom of the blender.
13:33 Okay, now what's this?
13:34 Now, again, this is like, it's a gasket you can say,
13:35 now what happens is it stops the liquid
13:37 from seeping through.
13:39 Now, again, a lot of times, these,
13:40 right here will get messed up, in most stores,
13:42 you can ask for this little gasket if you lose it
13:44 or you mess it up or I guess,
13:46 cut it or something like that,
13:47 you can always go and get another one, okay?
13:49 Obviously, at the top, we have the head here
13:51 and this is the motor base
13:53 and this motor base is a little different
13:54 than other motor bases.
13:55 Some motor bases have little buttons, some may, it may say,
13:58 speed three, speed two,
14:00 it might have different settings on there
14:01 but this is simply up and down, on and off.
14:04 That's all.
14:05 All you get on that one, is a one speed.
14:07 And so it's really simple but it gets the job done, Okay?
14:09 All right. It sounds good.
14:10 And last, we have the jar, okay?
14:12 And this jar, we had a notice on the jars,
14:13 most jars have the...
14:15 What is that on it right there?
14:16 It looks like measurements.
14:18 Exactly, the measurement.
14:19 So a lot of times, we feel that we have to get our cup measures
14:22 and all the different things,
14:24 you can actually just use the blender
14:25 and it makes it a lot more simple
14:27 at times when you have to do recipes,
14:29 so it's really very easy to use.
14:30 Quick and easy. That's it, man, that's it.
14:31 That's the best. Let's move this other way.
14:33 we're gonna close up here on this other blender.
14:35 This is other blender, I want to talk
14:36 about another little simple tool.
14:38 There's another little tool here called the "pulse button."
14:40 Okay. The pulse button, okay?
14:41 And what does the pulse button do?
14:43 Pulses. It pulses, all right.
14:46 Come on, man, you got it. It's like the heart, huh.
14:48 The heart goes, boom-boom, boom, boom.
14:50 So when you hit it, it just goes boom,
14:52 it's not on though but when you hit,
14:54 it's going to turn off for a little bit
14:55 and when you cut it off, it's gonna stop,
14:57 and that is really important
14:58 depending on what you want to do.
14:59 Some recipes calls for like a slight chopping effect
15:03 or things of that nature, and you can just pulse it
15:04 and just get it to the consistency you want.
15:06 For example, when you're making sauces and stuff like that,
15:08 you can hit a little pulse like that
15:11 and just keep on doing it
15:12 until you get it to that right texture.
15:13 So it keeps you from over-chopping the food?
15:15 Exactly, there you go, exactly, exactly, man.
15:18 So, again, the blender makes all your sauces,
15:21 makes your cheeses.
15:22 It can make all type of things like guacamole,
15:24 all of those things can be made with the little simple blender.
15:27 Also, those morning smoothies, that fresh whole juice,
15:31 come on now, come on, you can even make soups
15:33 with some blenders.
15:34 So it's really exciting.
15:36 So, friends, we're talking about kitchen what?
15:38 Organization. Organization.
15:39 Come on now, kitchen organization,
15:41 or we like to say,
15:42 kitchen automation equals kitchen organization.
15:50 Oh, oh, it's gonna be so delicious.
15:53 We're talking about the "R"
15:55 and the "R" again stands for recipe.
15:58 I'll tell you the FORK system is so interesting,
16:01 we can learn all of these simple tips and techniques
16:04 and I'll tell you, it's getting more exciting by the day.
16:07 So right now, we're about to learn
16:08 about how to make a delicious soy-oat burger.
16:12 You're like, what? A soy-oat burger?
16:15 Is this guy serious?
16:16 I am dead serious. It's good.
16:19 Chef Chew, isn't this good? It's good.
16:21 Come on now, we're talking about the soy-oat burger,
16:23 because I'll tell you, this burger is made with beans
16:26 and is made with grains.
16:28 It's gonna be good.
16:29 Come on now, what do you think about this?
16:31 Sounds good to me.
16:33 Come on now, isn't it going to be good?
16:34 Where's the bread and the tomatoes and lettuce?
16:35 We're just going to make the burger today,
16:37 not the bread and all that kind of stuff.
16:38 We're just going to give them the burger today, is that okay?
16:40 So what we're going to do,
16:41 we're going to show you about the...
16:43 talk about really quickly, we're going to give you
16:44 the ingredients in just a second.
16:46 We're going to talk about the soy bean.
16:47 We're going to show you a little bit about this.
16:48 I have a song about these soy beans.
16:50 Can I sing for you? Sure.
16:52 Come on now, we like to say, we have a product,
16:54 we like to call it, better than me,
16:56 but this is our better than burger.
16:58 It goes like this...
16:59 It's better than chicken and it's better than beef.
17:01 It's better than fish and it's better than cheese.
17:05 Cheese. Oh, yes.
17:06 Oh, yes. It's so good to me.
17:11 But what do you make it from?
17:12 Well, we make it from gluten and we make it from beans.
17:15 We make it from nuts and we make it from seeds.
17:18 Ah, seeds. Oh, yes.
17:20 Oh, yes. It's so good to me.
17:25 Ooh, that is sounding good.
17:27 I didn't know you can sing like that,
17:28 Chef Chew, girl, you need to stop this.
17:30 You need to stop it. I've got secrets.
17:31 So we're talking about beans today.
17:33 Go ahead and read the recipe for us if you can, please.
17:34 All right. So what we have is...
17:55 Okay. Sounds really good.
17:57 So we've got a combination of, I guess, again, the beans,
18:00 the grains, and it seems like the seasonings, okay.
18:01 And the seasonings. That's very simple.
18:04 You know, so it's a lot better than the meat, isn't it?
18:06 I think so. Yes. Go ahead.
18:08 As a matter of fact, the reason why we have oregano and cumin,
18:11 this is my little secret.
18:13 I don't know how many of you have enjoyed...
18:15 Oh, now, it sounds like some Espanol-Latino food,
18:19 doesn't it?
18:20 Let's see what we get. Okay, what is it all about?
18:22 When I was young, I used to love chorizo
18:24 and I have found that mixing oregano and cumin
18:28 gives a chorizo flavor.
18:29 Okay, chorizo,
18:30 it's like the Mexican sausage kind of thing?
18:32 Something like that. All right, we're cool.
18:33 We appreciate your input from your Latina culture.
18:37 All right, so put the beans inside the blender, right?
18:38 Yes, and about one and a half cups of water.
18:40 All right, so this is two cups, and we're going to use
18:42 one and a half cup, is that okay?
18:43 All right, so let's get that right.
18:45 You want to have a little bit left over
18:46 so that you can blend some more if it gets stuck.
18:49 Okay, cool.
18:50 We're going to start with that? Is that cool?
18:52 We're going to start with that. All right, let's do it.
18:54 Bam!
19:01 Earlier in our organization section,
19:02 we talked about pulsing.
19:04 So I may try a little pulse, see, boom, boom, boom, boom,
19:07 all right, then little bit like that.
19:09 All right, let's do it, keep on going.
19:11 Little more water? I think so.
19:12 All right. Little more water.
19:16 Take the top off. Go ahead.
19:19 Oh, yeah, oh, yeah. That's coming really good.
19:21 Is that good? Uh-huh, turn it off.
19:23 Let's go ahead and add the seasoning.
19:25 Add the rest of the ingredients, okay, cool.
19:26 All right. All right.
19:27 It's like that.
19:29 That's the chicken style seasoning,
19:30 we have the garlic and the onion powder,
19:31 all right.
19:33 You cannot forget the cumin and oregano.
19:34 Come on, the Latina, the Latina, come on.
19:38 All right, my wife is here, a little bit of salt here.
19:41 All right. Arriba, arriba.
19:42 Arriba, arriba.
19:43 Muy bueno. It's gonna be muy bueno.
19:46 So do I actually... Blend it. Yes.
19:48 Blend this up again? Okay, cool.
19:49 Yes, and then you'll probably want to add
19:51 the rest of the water.
19:52 Okay. All right.
19:54 This is pretty simple. Here we go.
19:55 It is, it's fast.
19:57 Pulse it?
19:58 You can go ahead and blend it.
20:00 All right.
20:02 That's pretty simple. That's it.
20:03 All right.
20:08 Done.
20:09 All right, so what will be the next?
20:10 So we go ahead and we put this in the bowl.
20:12 All right, put it right in the bowl just like this?
20:13 Yep.
20:14 All right, so we have the bean mix
20:16 with all the different seasonings, is that cool?
20:18 Yes. All right. All right.
20:19 And then, after this, you're going to take your oats.
20:23 Oh, come on now.
20:25 So the oats is actually a really key ingredient
20:27 because the oats actually serves as a natural binder.
20:30 Again, we make these different types of burgers
20:33 and these different kind of mock meats,
20:35 you have to have a binder to hold it together.
20:37 So the oats are going to what? Hold it together.
20:40 Ooh, you're talking my language over here.
20:42 You're so funny. Hold it together.
20:43 See, we got to come together every day with our ladies,
20:48 gentlemen, right, you've got to come together,
20:50 pray with your lady,
20:51 you got to have a lot of fun with your lady,
20:53 and also you want to make sure you let her know
20:55 that you love your lady.
20:57 Come on now, you've got to hold it together,
20:58 that's what I'm talking about.
21:00 That's why I married him.
21:01 Come on now, you go ahead, girl,
21:02 talk about that now.
21:04 Is that all, you just mix it together?
21:05 That's it. Get out the pan. Bring out the pan.
21:07 Come on. Bring out the pan, that's what I'm talking about.
21:08 Bring out the pan. Bring out the pan.
21:11 Now what we're going to do, we're going to go ahead
21:12 and just put it right on top of here.
21:13 We want to spray. You've got a spray?
21:15 I don't know if I got any spray but it's okay,
21:16 we're just going to put it right on top of there today.
21:18 All right. So what are you doing now?
21:20 Now, all right.
21:21 Some people wonder now,
21:22 how do you make this into a burger?
21:24 All right, so you can measure it out.
21:25 You can use a third cup, measuring cup,
21:28 you could use an ice cream scoop,
21:30 or you can use a little container like that.
21:32 It's all right. All right.
21:33 Just put it down like that. So you see how I did that?
21:36 And all you do is pat it down.
21:38 Oh, that's simple, that's very simple, oh, cool,
21:40 can I make a meat ball out of this too?
21:41 Oh, sure.
21:43 I mean, I don't know if it'll...
21:44 It may not hold as good. It may not hold.
21:45 I guess if you added more oats,
21:47 you probably can turn it into a meatball.
21:48 More oats.
21:50 So more oats give more binding power,
21:51 you can turn it right into a meatball recipe as well.
21:52 So you go ahead and put some little more
21:54 and do another burger.
21:55 And I think we have
21:56 already one that's already ready to go,
21:58 what do you think? We do, let's bring it out.
21:59 Okay, let's go ahead and bring that,
22:00 Go ahead and make another one for them.
22:02 Let' see how it looks.
22:03 We'll just pat it down, just pat it down
22:05 just like that.
22:06 All right.
22:07 That looks pretty good, and it's simple.
22:09 It looks really good. Look at that.
22:10 it looks really good, really good.
22:11 It's nice.
22:13 You can make any shape, quarter-pounder,
22:14 I guess you can make a third-pounder,
22:16 I mean, kind of, all kind of, whatever you want, I like that.
22:17 I like that. Whatever you want to do.
22:18 Go ahead and move that bowl,
22:20 we want to let them see how this looks.
22:21 This is going to look so good. And this is it, this is it.
22:22 It's really simple.
22:24 We have our delicious soy-oat burgers.
22:25 No cholesterol, friends.
22:26 All healthy, guilt-free, and it's made with some beans.
22:29 Oh, who would have ever imagined
22:31 that beans would taste so good?
22:33 I'll tell you, that is some bad beans.
22:38 It is delicious. Can I taste one?
22:40 Hold on, let's get some lettuce.
22:41 Oh, no, no.
22:43 I'm trying to fix it. It's delicious.
22:46 Good, good, good.
22:47 Um.
22:54 Well, friends, we've come to the end of Day Number 11,
22:58 and you know what we're talking about now,
22:59 we're talking about the "K"
23:01 and the "K" stands for knowledge.
23:04 I'll tell you, I want my knowledge
23:06 to be increased
23:07 but in order to increase my knowledge,
23:09 I have to do what?
23:10 I have to review.
23:12 I have to go over what I've learnt.
23:14 So we wanted you to also remember these things
23:16 and that's why I have my lovely wife here, Chef Chew.
23:19 What's going on, Chef? Chef Chew.
23:21 So silly.
23:22 How are you doing, Chef Chew? Doing good.
23:24 You know, so you know what we'd like to do,
23:25 we like to recap, review,
23:26 and we'd like to ask our three questions.
23:28 Okay.
23:29 Isn't that going to be exciting again?
23:30 It is.
23:32 So why don't you to go ahead and get us started
23:33 on these questions.
23:34 What's question number one? What does it say?
23:36 All right, so question number one is,
23:37 we all need help to get over the walls of life.
23:41 Is this true or is it false?
23:43 That's sounding good.
23:44 Do we need help to get over the walls of life?
23:47 And the answer, friends, is absolutely, what is it?
23:50 It's true.
23:51 We definitely need help
23:53 to get over these walls of life.
23:55 Many times we have our problems,
23:56 all the issues that we go through
23:58 and we need someone who can help us.
24:00 Now who is that person that is going to help us
24:02 through these walls of life?
24:03 None other than Jesus Christ.
24:05 Come on now, none other than Jesus Himself
24:07 and Jesus is absolutely able to help us
24:11 to overcome any difficulty that we go through.
24:13 Isn't that right, Chef Chew? It's true.
24:15 Come on now, so what's question number two?
24:16 What does it say? All right.
24:18 So question number two is,
24:19 a blender is crucial to a vegan kitchen
24:22 because it helps to make dairy-free sauces and cheeses.
24:26 Is this true or is it false?
24:30 Now I can tell you, the answer is true.
24:33 And, friends, we have been making some delicious sauces,
24:34 we've been making the pineapple fruit sauce,
24:37 the pineapple-date sauce, I should say,
24:38 we made that creamy Italian sauce,
24:40 and so we've been seeing
24:42 how this blender is so crucial to a vegan kitchen.
24:45 It's very powerful.
24:46 And I'll tell you, we're going to have much more recipes
24:48 and as you continue, after these 28 days are over,
24:51 you're gonna find that
24:53 that blender is going to be your secret little tool
24:55 to help you to eat healthy.
24:56 So what's question number three, Chef Chew?
24:58 All right, last question is,
25:00 the soy beans have to be soaked to make soy-oat burger recipe.
25:04 Is this true or is it false?
25:06 So you have this on the recipe, Chef Chew,
25:07 so give us some information, what's the answer to this one?
25:10 It is true. They do have to be soaked.
25:13 What does the soaking do for the beans?
25:14 Well, it makes them soft so that you can blend them.
25:17 And I'll tell you, that recipe was really delicious,
25:20 that soy-oat burger, I tell you.
25:22 You want to know why? Why was that?
25:23 'Cause they had some of my Latino mix in it.
25:25 Go ahead, girl, now you put
25:26 that oregano inside of it and that cumin inside of it.
25:30 And I'll tell you, friends,
25:31 you want to have fun in the kitchen,
25:32 it is important that you go into the kitchen,
25:35 get those tools, get those, start those stations in place
25:38 and just have some fun.
25:40 You're going to find,
25:41 as you continue on this journey,
25:42 the more you practice,
25:44 the longer you're going to be able to keep it
25:45 and we don't wanted this to be something
25:47 that they just do for maybe a week or two,
25:48 even a month or even two months.
25:50 No.
25:51 We want it to be something
25:52 that lasts for how long, Chef Chew?
25:54 A lifetime.
25:55 A lifetime, a lifetime,
25:56 because God wants us to be healthy.
25:58 He wants us to be fit.
25:59 He wants us to look good, to feel good,
26:02 and all that good stuff.
26:04 Come on now, so I'll tell you, friends,
26:06 we have to keep on keeping on,
26:08 and as we keep on keeping on,
26:10 we're going to be able to share with other people
26:12 how they can also, guess what?
26:14 Keep it on, isn't that right? Right.
26:15 So I'll tell you, God is good.
26:17 And so, friends, we're coming down to a close here
26:19 and we're going right now to... We're in day number 11,
26:22 is that right, Chef Chew?
26:23 I think so.
26:25 And I'll tell you, Chef Chew, we've just been learning
26:26 so much in these last 11 days, haven't we?
26:29 We have been.
26:30 You know, but I want to close out in some fun, is that okay?
26:32 Sure.
26:34 We're going to sing a little song.
26:35 We're going to sing our song, our better than song
26:36 and it's talking about our, those soy burgers,
26:38 those bean burgers that we made.
26:40 Can we sing our song together?
26:41 That's some bad beans. Come on, bad beans.
26:42 Let's do it, girl.
26:44 It says,
26:45 It's better than chicken and it's better than beef.
26:46 It's better than fish and it's better than cheese.
26:49 Cheese? Oh, yes.
26:52 Oh, yes, it's so good to me.
26:56 Well, what do you make it from?
26:57 Well, we make it from gluten and we make it from beans.
27:01 We make it from nuts and we make it from seeds.
27:04 Seeds? Oh, yes.
27:07 Oh, yes, it's so good to me.
27:11 Girl, you're just so funny, you're just so funny.
27:14 I'll tell you, I'll tell you.
27:16 When you say, they're some bad beans.
27:18 I say, you can do so much, friends,
27:21 with the natural food ingredients
27:22 that God has given us.
27:24 Remember, God made us from the dust of the earth
27:27 and God said, "Man was made very good."
27:29 And that dust is where those plants,
27:32 talking about this plant-based food,
27:34 those fruits and grains and nuts are growing in
27:36 and that's what we need to eat to be healthy,
27:38 so that we can look good, and all of that good stuff.
27:41 But anyways, my name is Chef Chew.
27:44 And I'm Chef Chew too.
27:45 And as we always say,
27:47 "Gonna give you something to chew on."


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