Chew's Challenge

Day 14

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Participants: Chef G.W. Chew, Chef Tim Lawson, Tina Chew


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00:30 Hello, friends. My name is Chef Chew.
00:32 And as I always say,
00:34 "Gonna give you something to chew on."
00:37 And we have made halfway through our program.
00:40 This is Challenge Day number 14.
00:44 Wow! Isn't that exciting?
00:45 Isn't that exciting?
00:47 I tell you as we keep going on this program,
00:49 we're gonna have some fun, we're gonna be learning
00:51 more and more as we keep on this challenge,
00:54 28 days but now we're at day 14.
00:56 Isn't it exciting, Chef Chew?
00:58 That's almost halfway through.
00:59 Almost halfway through, isn't it?
01:00 That's pretty good.
01:02 I'll tell you, every single day we are progressing
01:03 to a higher state of eating, isn't it great?
01:06 Glorious.
01:08 Glorious, glorious, glorious.
01:09 Well, today, friends,
01:10 we're gonna jump right again into our recipes.
01:12 We're making a delicious rosemary corn muffins.
01:17 Rosemary corn muffins. Sounds good.
01:19 Now you know my mama makes some good corn muffins.
01:22 I don't know about you.
01:23 Some good cornbread, right?
01:25 Do I make some good cornbread?
01:26 I mean, I'm telling about my Mama right now.
01:28 I mean, I like you too but what I'm saying,
01:29 I'm talking about Mama right now.
01:30 All right.
01:32 And Mama makes some good cornbread,
01:33 good cornbread muffins, okay.
01:34 I'm sure she does.
01:36 But she never adds rosemary to them.
01:37 But you do.
01:38 But you and me, and you and we do.
01:40 How does that sound?
01:41 So that's something we can add to the flavor.
01:43 So go ahead and read the ingredients to this recipe,
01:44 would you, Chef Chew?
01:46 All right, so we have:
02:06 Oh, man. Sounds delicious.
02:08 Doesn't it sound delicious?
02:10 Now you remember a few shows back,
02:12 or few programs back
02:13 remember when we talked about the baking station?
02:15 Yeah.
02:16 And we talked, Chef Law, and we actually said
02:18 that there's two what?
02:19 Two sections to baking
02:21 or two, you can say two parts or two ingredients,
02:24 two ingredient sections to make.
02:26 Let me guess? What are they?
02:27 The wet and the dry.
02:29 All right, the wet and the dry exactly.
02:30 Okay.
02:31 So right here, we have our wet ingredients,
02:33 and then we have our dry ingredients.
02:34 So again when you're following recipes for baking,
02:37 some of you who might be novices
02:38 or you never have gotten your hands in the baking.
02:41 Remember, it's very simple,
02:42 you always have a liquid ingredient
02:43 and a dry ingredients
02:45 and you'll mix each of those up separately
02:46 and then what do you do?
02:48 And then you put them together.
02:49 There you go, you put them together.
02:50 Oh!
02:52 Put them together.
02:53 I love it, I just love it, oh, come on.
02:55 So we're corn muffins,
02:56 Rosemary corn muffins.
02:58 You're crisp and roll, that's it, that's it,
02:59 you're getting it so.
03:00 I'm gonna mix the liquid
03:02 and I'm gonna mix and you're gonna mix the...?
03:04 Dry.
03:05 And then we're gonna mix it together.
03:07 Have fun.
03:08 Girl, you're talking my stuff today.
03:11 All right.
03:12 That's not what I'm talking about,
03:13 so go ahead and mix those liquid,
03:15 I mean, dry ingredients for us if you can.
03:16 I'm gonna go ahead and start whisking
03:19 the liquid ingredients.
03:20 All right, the milk and the oil.
03:22 All right. All right.
03:24 Like that.
03:25 And go ahead and put the rosemary in.
03:27 All right, go ahead.
03:28 Not yet, no, no, no, not the rosemary yet.
03:29 Okay. Okay.
03:31 See, I'm glad I ask questions.
03:32 We will, we will in a second.
03:33 I'm just gonna keep on stirring,
03:35 that's how we got to do.
03:36 We got to keep on stirring
03:38 and then we're gonna mix it together.
03:41 You just don't know what I'm talking about.
03:43 We're gonna mix it together.
03:44 How does that sound, Chef Chew?
03:45 Sounds good to me.
03:47 All right, let's go ahead and mix it together.
03:48 All right. All right, let's do it.
03:51 Here we go.
03:52 All right, just like that, all right.
03:54 All right, so you'll go take this one.
03:55 I'm gonna take this one,
03:57 and we're gonna mix it together.
03:59 Together, this is so sweet.
04:00 Look at that, look at that, look at that.
04:04 All right, go ahead, go ahead
04:05 and finish it all if you can, okay?
04:06 All right. All right.
04:08 Husbands and wives need to try this at home.
04:09 That's right.
04:10 If you're lacking love, mix some rosemary corn muffins.
04:14 And you'll have a happy marriage.
04:16 It's gonna be exciting.
04:17 How great is that?
04:19 All right, keep on going, let's mix it, mix it all up,
04:20 mix it all up.
04:22 Just like that. I need some muscles.
04:23 Come on now.
04:25 All right. That's what I'm talking about.
04:26 I can do it. You got it.
04:27 All right, come on now.
04:29 Hey, friends, again,
04:30 we've just mixed again the liquid ingredients
04:31 and the dry ingredients together.
04:33 We're getting that rosemary corn muffins,
04:35 after it's mixed just like this,
04:36 now we want to add some of the rosemary,
04:38 not all of it
04:40 but some of the rosemary right inside of this, okay?
04:41 Okay. Just like that.
04:43 Now we're gonna add it in there.
04:45 And some of y'all who like to go with the fresh items.
04:47 You can also use fresh rosemary as well.
04:49 It's not against the rules, you can use fresh rosemary.
04:51 You can get it from most supermarkets as well,
04:53 and I tell you, it's gonna be delicious,
04:55 it looks really good, Chef Chew.
04:56 You did a great job.
04:57 And remember, we have
04:59 the aluminum free baking powder.
05:01 Why is aluminum free baking powder so good?
05:04 Well, you tell me.
05:05 Come on now you know about it, right?
05:07 Because again it's aluminum-free.
05:08 It doesn't have the aluminum inside of it.
05:10 Well, again aluminum is not the best ingredient.
05:12 So let's go ahead and spray this up real quickly.
05:13 Okay, where's the spray? There it is.
05:16 Okay, spray this up right now
05:17 and we're going to put it in here,
05:18 put a few of them in here, okay?
05:20 Go ahead and put those too. Okay.
05:21 You can't get all of them. We're gonna put a few.
05:23 All right, just like that.
05:25 You wanna make sure it comes up to the top
05:27 so then when it rises, it has that kind of like,
05:30 I don't know what you call it like a lump?
05:31 Yeah, there you go.
05:33 Like so it kind of has, so it's gonna finish
05:34 right over top of the pan. Yeah.
05:36 That's how you want it.
05:37 So looks like, you have a large muffin.
05:38 Exactly, you want to kind of have
05:40 the, the mushroom look, right?
05:41 Yeah, the mushroom look, there you go.
05:42 All right, we won't let it flat
05:45 and you're going to find it again
05:46 the baking powder is gonna help it to rise,
05:48 and again you put it in the oven
05:50 again for just about,
05:51 I'll say 25 minutes on about 350 and watch it.
05:54 Just make sure it doesn't burn.
05:56 You're gonna have some delicious muffins.
05:57 And I think I have some already ready to go.
05:59 Oh, yes, exactly. Got to remind him.
06:01 Put a little fresh mush, fresh rosemary right on top,
06:03 just like that. Looks good.
06:04 And now we're gonna bring out our final product here.
06:06 And, friends, it's so delicious.
06:08 It's so good. I'm ready to try these.
06:10 Look at that, look at that, look at that.
06:13 We're gonna get a bite.
06:14 Come on, Chef Chew, won't you get a bite of that?
06:15 Together?
06:17 I will let you eat this time. Come on, mixing together.
06:18 Go ahead and try, go ahead and try.
06:20 Come on.
06:22 Come on, it's good.
06:31 Well, friends,
06:32 we just had a wonderful time in the kitchen.
06:34 But now we have to come and get some faith,
06:37 and remember the FORK system.
06:39 The "F" stands for Faith,
06:40 the "O" stands for Organization,
06:42 the "R" stands for Recipe
06:43 and the "K" stands for Knowledge.
06:45 Today's faith subject is gonna be really, really awesome.
06:48 We're talking about something
06:49 that I believe is super, super important.
06:52 Talking about God's power
06:54 but its power you're gonna find as we study today.
06:57 You're gonna find that it's found in His Spirit
07:00 not by my might but by God's Spirit.
07:03 And you know I have a good friend of mine
07:05 who's gonna help us to understand this.
07:06 What's going on, Chef Lawson? Hey, chef, how you doing?
07:08 Yes, sir, I'm doing good man, doing good.
07:10 Are you ready?
07:11 I'm, I've been ready, man.
07:13 You're ready for that?
07:14 I woke up this morning, man, feeling real good.
07:15 Yeah.
07:17 And I tell you when you get that word inside of you, man.
07:18 I mean, you just want to just get on, get on going.
07:19 It's like a power boost, isn't it?
07:21 It's like a power boost,
07:22 that's what I'm talking about, Brother.
07:23 Let's get something on mind
07:25 so let's begin our text for today.
07:26 Okay. And then let's break it down.
07:28 Zechariah 4:6,
07:29 "Then he answered and spoke unto me, saying,
07:32 this is the word of the Lord unto Zerubbabel,
07:34 saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit,
07:40 saith the Lord of Hosts."
07:43 That sounded real good.
07:45 That sounded real good, Brother,
07:48 not by might but by my spirit.
07:50 But by my spirit.
07:52 Come on now, let's break it down for us, Chef Law,
07:53 what we're talking about here, bro?
07:55 Well, it goes, all goes back
07:56 into the great plan that God has for you and me.
07:59 He doesn't only want us to live on this earth
08:02 and do things ourselves,
08:04 He wants to be so close to us
08:05 that in every aspect of movement of our life,
08:09 He wants to be involved in it. Come on now.
08:11 And He's involved in it by His Spirit.
08:13 See in our own strength,
08:14 we don't have enough strength to accomplish anything
08:18 that we set out to do even though we might think.
08:20 That's true.
08:21 It's like you said earlier about the rose of sin.
08:23 We can make promises and we can break them.
08:24 And we can, we can try things and get discouraged
08:27 but God never lies. Come on now.
08:28 God never changes,
08:30 whatever He says
08:31 and whatever He says He will do,
08:33 that is what He does.
08:35 He wants to give us this power of His spirit.
08:38 So, friends, as we look at this,
08:40 friends, we're gonna have to understand
08:42 that God wants to give us His Spirit.
08:44 The Bible even says above any other gift,
08:47 any other gift
08:49 God will give us a spirit above any other gift.
08:51 And even Jesus promised
08:53 that He would also send His spirit.
08:54 Isn't that right, Chef Law? That's what Jesus promised.
08:56 Come on now. That's right.
08:57 So let's talk about the spirit in the context there,
08:59 overcoming things on His life. Right.
09:01 And let's use the example of Jesus.
09:03 We see when Jesus was moving and doing things on this earth
09:06 when He was overcoming the devil.
09:07 It was not a time
09:08 where He was not filled with the spirit
09:10 empowered the world. That's true.
09:11 Come on now, let's talk about it.
09:13 Bible says that He was born by the Spirit,
09:14 that He was led by the Spirit.
09:16 The Bible even says He offered Himself
09:18 through the eternal Spirit
09:20 and then the Bible says in Romans 8
09:21 that He rose by the Spirit. Come on now.
09:23 So you see that Jesus lived His life living,
09:26 moving, breathing by the power of God's Spirit
09:29 and the same life He offers to us.
09:31 You see on your road to help on this 28 day challenge.
09:34 Twenty eight day journey.
09:36 God is taking it so He can 28 days give you more,
09:39 28 days give you more until your cup runneth over.
09:41 Come on now.
09:43 He wants your road to health to be a human effort
09:44 and a divine effort combined in one.
09:46 And so, friends, I would encourage you
09:48 pray for the Spirit.
09:50 Remember, each day
09:51 not only starting in these 28 days
09:53 but for our life experience.
09:56 God wants to pour out His spirit in our hearts.
09:59 And it might be strange to some of us.
10:00 We may have never heard that concept before.
10:02 But just know that God convicts us.
10:04 That little small voice that speaks to us,
10:06 that's the Spirit of God
10:07 and you can ask God's Spirit to help us
10:10 in whatever thing that we go through.
10:12 So in this whole challenge, these 28 days,
10:15 how can the Spirit help us, Chef Law?
10:16 Well, the first and the most important thing
10:18 I want to say about the Spirit.
10:20 I want to introduce him the way Jesus introduced.
10:22 Right now you've been going through a lot of changes.
10:25 You've been on a road it might seem difficult,
10:27 but when God sent His Spirit,
10:29 He gave Him a specific name
10:30 and he called that Spirit the comforter.
10:33 And so if there's mental challenges
10:34 you're going through,
10:35 if there's physical challenges on these 28 day challenge,
10:38 if the road is getting tough
10:39 and it seem like it's going to be long,
10:40 not only does God want to give you His Spirit and power
10:43 but He wants to give it so it comforts you.
10:46 We're going back to that word peace again.
10:47 He wants you to have peace during these 28 day challenge.
10:50 And every day that passes by is another layer
10:53 on the great brick built over your life
10:56 that God wants to layer on peace in your life.
10:59 To give you rest,
11:00 to give you, to give you rest from your problems,
11:02 to give you rest from anxiety, to give you rest
11:04 from any troubles that you're having,
11:06 not only does the Spirit want you to accomplish
11:09 the 28 day challenge, accomplish your health,
11:12 accomplish any other aspect in your life,
11:14 while you're accomplishing it,
11:16 He wants you to have a certain mood,
11:18 a certain mind state
11:20 and a certain peace about your life.
11:23 So as you move through this 28 day challenge
11:25 and also as we continue to read the Book of Matthew,
11:28 ask the Lord for the comfort of His Spirit,
11:30 so you can have peace and rest.
11:38 Hey, friends, we're moving right along,
11:40 and right now we are again at the "O".
11:42 And the "O" stands for Organization.
11:46 I tell you the FORK system is coming together.
11:48 We're right here and we're moving right along
11:50 day number 14 of our challenge,
11:52 and right now we're the last day of our kitchen tools.
11:57 In this rep, this episode is gonna talk about our griddle
12:01 and the griddle, Chef Law, is going to be exciting.
12:03 I love the griddle, man. I love the griddle too.
12:04 Come on, now.
12:06 I tell you this is a really inexpensive tool
12:07 that it takes maybe like $20.
12:09 You can get a really inexpensive griddle.
12:11 That's under $20.
12:12 Okay, under $20 and you can have a tool
12:13 that can help to save you again time and what?
12:16 And money.
12:17 Come on now, kitchen automation equals kitchen organization.
12:21 All right, that's what I'm talking about.
12:22 So let's talk about this griddle, okay?
12:23 Now we noticed here now,
12:25 you and I work in restaurants, right?
12:26 I work, yes.
12:28 Okay, so when we work in the restaurant,
12:29 we normally have what we call a flat griddle, right?
12:30 Mm-hmm.
12:32 It's like a flat griddle, we call it, right?
12:33 A flat griddle.
12:34 A flat griddle kind of so, but the flat griddle has a what?
12:36 A nice hot plate on it.
12:37 And it's normally anywhere from four feet
12:39 maybe sometimes as low as two feet, right?
12:41 Right.
12:42 And we can spray it down,
12:44 put all of our vegetables on it,
12:45 and it comes out.
12:46 I mean, you can put anything on it,
12:48 saute your pancakes.
12:49 You can put your onions, and your peppers,
12:50 and anything you want that can saute
12:52 and it comes out, I mean, just so perfect.
12:55 Nice.
12:56 So what they created is a little tool
12:57 called the griddle.
12:59 We can get the same effect what?
13:00 Right at home. Right at home.
13:01 I'm talking about restaurant quality food
13:04 right at home.
13:05 Come on now, so get us started.
13:07 So how can we use this tool?
13:08 Tell us a little bit about this?
13:10 All right, so first what you want to do is
13:11 it comes with an attachment. Okay.
13:13 So you wanna plug this in.
13:14 Plug it in?
13:15 Because you need power. Exactly, exactly.
13:17 It's like connecting to the load.
13:18 You gotta be plugged in to get the power, okay?
13:20 Come on, you got to plug that.
13:21 Come on now, with that faith, come on, I like that.
13:22 So once you plugged in to get the power,
13:24 then it gets hot.
13:25 It gets hot. It gets nice and hot.
13:26 Come on now, you're talking about adding plug
13:28 into the power and that can get hot.
13:29 Just like you can plug into the load
13:31 and be a hot Christian.
13:32 God, I like that, I like that.
13:33 And then you got to spray some.
13:35 And them I'm gonna spray on here.
13:36 And what you gonna spray on there is oil.
13:38 Come on now.
13:39 Then you got to spray some oil on it.
13:41 Oh! God, he talks about that Holy Spirit, right?
13:42 Let's spray some oil on all of that.
13:44 Come on, now I got some,
13:45 we got some vegetables on there cut up.
13:46 Got vegetables there on the top of the recipes
13:48 there should I say.
13:50 Just like that. Oh, it's looking real good.
13:52 We're gonna chop up just like that.
13:53 That is squash. I like that.
13:55 We're gonna chop up a couple of these onions here.
13:56 I like that. Oh, yes, sir.
13:57 Come one now.
13:59 When you hear that sizzle,
14:00 that means you know you're cooking.
14:01 Now you're cooking. Come on now.
14:03 You're cooking, do you hear that?
14:04 That's it. Okay.
14:06 I like that.
14:07 So the great thing is that
14:08 you can take a lot of different ingredients
14:10 on the griddle.
14:11 And the great thing is like things like
14:12 wrasse can be put on here and to kind of brown them.
14:14 You can put again
14:15 all your different types of vegetables.
14:16 I mean, it can go as much as you want.
14:18 It also, it makes a great, great for grilled cheeses.
14:20 Oh, that's true. You've kids at home?
14:21 Like, I got three daughters, we like real cheese,
14:24 we want to use the vegan cheese like we say before,
14:27 put it right on the griddle.
14:28 You can make it brown around the top.
14:29 How about pancakes? Great for pancake.
14:31 Pancakes, I tell you, man, omelets.
14:32 Omelets.
14:33 We're gonna tell you
14:35 how to make a vegan omelet, man.
14:36 Vegan omelet is coming, you don't wanna miss that.
14:37 You don't wanna miss the vegan omelet.
14:39 So again
14:40 all these things are going right on top of this griddle,
14:42 we turn it down just a little bit here.
14:43 And again the key to this is that again,
14:44 you wanna layer the flavors on here
14:46 even on this we're not going to do it right now,
14:47 later on we will.
14:48 We can throw our seasons on top of this.
14:50 Right.
14:51 We can this, I mean, just layer the flavors right in there.
14:53 So it's really exciting what you can do with this.
14:54 And it's nice because since it's a whole hot plate,
14:56 when the food cooks on it, it gets even distribution.
14:59 Exactly, even distribution, okay,
15:00 a little different in the pan like here, right?
15:02 Right.
15:03 This is a skillet, right? This is a skillet.
15:05 And again,
15:06 you normally got to kind of keep turning it and turning it
15:07 on this right here,
15:09 automatically kind of has that effect.
15:10 It has that effect.
15:11 You got to move the food around it.
15:13 Exactly, exactly, exactly, just move it around.
15:14 It's like so, again, friends,
15:15 we're learning about kitchen organization.
15:17 These tools are so important
15:18 because it's gonna help you to save time and money.
15:21 And we like to say
15:22 kitchen automation equals kitchen organization.
15:26 And these things, friends, if you practice them now,
15:29 I tell you it's gonna be lessons for a lifetime.
15:33 So remember,
15:34 get in your kitchen and get organized.
15:43 Well, friends, we're moving right along.
15:44 We've come down to the "R" in the FORK system,
15:48 and the "R" stands for Recipe.
15:50 And I'm about to give you something to chew on.
15:53 And that's right, something to chew on.
15:55 We're about to make a delicious,
15:57 when I say delicious,
15:58 I'm talking about a delicious meat substitute.
16:01 And it's called the mighty Mac.
16:03 And we can take this mighty Mac,
16:05 put it into a sandwich, you can slice it,
16:07 you can dice it however you want.
16:08 It can be used in stir fries, on pizzas.
16:10 I mean, this meat substitute is something that
16:12 you want to learn how to do.
16:13 'Cause remember, we're trying to go vegan.
16:16 Vegan means, guess what?
16:17 Meat free, and sometimes that sounds
16:19 kind of sad to some people.
16:21 But I tell you,
16:22 when you reduce that cholesterol,
16:23 when you start losing some of that.
16:25 So as a friend of mine says
16:26 dropping some of those blessings.
16:28 You're gonna find that,
16:29 you're gonna be excited because you're gonna look good,
16:32 feel good, and all of that good stuff.
16:35 So let's go ahead and read our ingredients.
16:59 I tell you, friends, this is gonna be good.
17:02 And again I wanted to just make a note here that
17:04 each of these ingredients have a purpose,
17:08 again each of these ingredients have a purpose.
17:11 And again, we're gonna talk about the garbanzo beans.
17:13 The garbanzo beans kind of gives,
17:16 I guess, you can say that nice filler,
17:17 it's kind of like the meat of the,
17:20 of the mighty Mac.
17:21 If you understand where I'm coming from,
17:22 it's the meat of the mighty Mac.
17:24 And so this is gonna be the base ingredient for this.
17:25 We're gonna add a little bit of walnuts as well.
17:27 We have some walnuts here, and the walnuts,
17:29 I like to say is really neat
17:30 because it's gonna kind of give
17:31 a nice kind of more meaty texture
17:33 to the recipe.
17:34 So we're gonna chop those up, dice them up,
17:36 and throw them in the recipe.
17:37 And I tell you the walnuts again
17:38 gives a nice little meaty kind of texture
17:40 to the recipe.
17:41 The oats again, we talked about the oats previous.
17:43 And we said that the oats is good
17:44 because it's like a binder.
17:46 And again, there's some other ingredients
17:48 we're gonna learn about in the future
17:49 on how to bind our meat together.
17:51 But we're gonna use oats for this recipe,
17:53 and again it's gonna bind it together.
17:55 We also have some seasonings here
17:57 which they give some flavor to it.
17:59 We have some onions.
18:00 We have some Bragg's liquid aminos
18:02 and a little bit of salt.
18:03 So I'm gonna go ahead and get started here,
18:05 I'm gonna slice these onions up.
18:07 Just like this, slice them up.
18:11 Slice them up just like that.
18:12 And I'm actually gonna put these
18:14 on to our griddle here.
18:18 And so remember last episode, or last section of this show,
18:21 we talked about in the organizational section.
18:22 We talked about our griddle.
18:24 And we're gonna use the griddle on this recipe,
18:26 believe it or not.
18:27 So I'm gonna go ahead and get those on,
18:29 just like that.
18:31 We're gonna saute those up nice and fine
18:35 and make them look really, really good.
18:38 It's gonna be delicious, a little oil on here.
18:43 All right, so we're gonna get that started right there,
18:46 and next what we want to do is
18:47 mix all the rest of these ingredients
18:49 right inside of our blender.
18:50 All right, so put the garbanzo beans in here,
18:52 garbanzo beans.
18:54 We have our chicken style seasoning.
18:56 We have our salt here, and then we have our Bragg's,
19:00 and then we're gonna put some water
19:02 right in here as well,
19:03 and turn this into a paste.
19:06 All right, so remember, friends,
19:07 if you don't have a blender,
19:09 go out and get a blender because again,
19:11 it's a key ingredient
19:12 for our key tool for your kitchen.
19:15 So I'm gonna go ahead and blend this up.
19:16 Okay?
19:19 All right, about 30 seconds.
19:37 Looking good,
19:39 it's looking really, really good.
19:40 All right, so that's just about right.
19:43 Again we're gonna have a nice,
19:44 simple, kind of like a nice paste.
19:47 And we're gonna put the oats right into this
19:49 and that's gonna give it that binding,
19:51 that binding power.
19:52 And again, friends, we wanna be bound.
19:54 We wanna be bound to Jesus.
19:56 So let's go ahead and put this right into here, okay?
19:58 Put this right in here, actually take this water out.
20:02 We're gonna put
20:04 the rest of this right inside of here.
20:06 And we're gonna put the oats right into this as well.
20:08 We'll move this out of the way.
20:11 Put the oats right in here,
20:13 and this is gonna bring it all together.
20:16 And then we're gonna throw some oats,
20:18 I mean, throw these onions on top of here,
20:20 and throw those right into here.
20:21 Oh, man, this is gonna be good, really good.
20:23 I'm telling this is gonna be really good.
20:25 All right,
20:26 throw that right on top of there just like that.
20:28 And we're gonna start mixing this together.
20:29 And again,
20:31 now we're gonna have our patties that we can form.
20:33 And again the oats is gonna,
20:35 again it's gonna suck up all of that liquid.
20:37 It is gonna nice and turn this into a nice,
20:39 simple patty that we can make this into, okay?
20:42 Just like that, all right.
20:43 And great thing is oats is a powerful binder
20:47 because it sucks up all the liquid
20:48 and what happens is that as it sits even longer,
20:51 it kind of becomes more,
20:53 you can work with even better,
20:54 it kind of becomes more
20:55 able to shape into different shapes
20:57 how you wanna do it.
20:58 So again, if you want to let it sit
21:00 for 10 to 15 minutes,
21:01 it's gonna be able to be shaped into meatballs
21:03 and other different type of shapes
21:04 you like to do it in too.
21:06 So here we go, almost done here, okay?
21:08 So what am I gonna do?
21:10 I'm gonna go ahead and take these,
21:13 put some on the griddle here.
21:16 Just like this,
21:17 and again we can cook these right on the griddle.
21:20 It may take about 10 minutes on each side
21:23 or you can also put it
21:24 right inside of the oven if you like,
21:26 however you want do it.
21:27 I'm gonna go ahead and form these really quickly
21:28 into a simple little, kind of,
21:30 like almost like a sausage patty size.
21:32 All right, just like that,
21:34 really simple to do, just like that.
21:38 You can spin right on the griddle
21:39 just like that, I'm gonna turn this up.
21:40 All right, so it's really simple, friends,
21:42 really, really simple.
21:44 It's really easy to do. All right, so there you go.
21:47 Got them right on the griddle,
21:48 just saute in.
21:50 All right, you can make them again any shape you like.
21:52 You can make big patties, small patties.
21:54 I did little almost like a sausage type
21:56 of a little small sausage patty kind of texture right there.
21:59 All right, now I have some finished product here.
22:01 I wanna get these out, some finished product here.
22:03 I'm gonna get these out.
22:04 And I tell you, friends, it looks exciting.
22:06 It looks really exciting.
22:08 We have some finished products here
22:09 made us a nice little burger shapes.
22:11 And this is the finished product here.
22:12 We have again we call our mighty Mac.
22:14 You can slice these, you can dice them,
22:17 you can even crumble them right now,
22:18 and put 'em inside of your spaghetti
22:19 however you like it.
22:21 It is delicious.
22:22 It doesn't matter, friends, you can have fun
22:24 making these delicious meat substitutes.
22:26 And I tell you once you start get in the kitchen
22:28 making these things,
22:29 you're gonna find
22:31 that you're not eating any cholesterol.
22:32 You're not eating a lot of that fat,
22:34 and you're gonna find as you're gonna feel lighter,
22:36 you're gonna feel good,
22:37 and you're also gonna look good and all of that good stuff.
22:46 Friends, we've come down
22:48 to the last part of day number 14.
22:51 And I'd like to say we've come to the half time,
22:53 but I tell you it's exciting because we made it this far,
22:56 but we have this section now, we're talking about the "K".
22:58 You know, what the "K" stands for.
23:00 The "K" stands for Knowledge.
23:03 And we have to ask God to give us this knowledge.
23:05 And I tell you, if we ask him, he will always give us things
23:08 that's gonna help us in our life.
23:10 And, you know, I've invited my good friend here
23:12 to talk about this knowledge.
23:13 You know who he is.
23:14 He's my good buddy here Chef Law.
23:16 What's going on, Chef Law? How you doing, Chef?
23:17 How you guys doing out there?
23:18 So now we're gonna be talking about these questions
23:20 to recap what we've been learning now.
23:21 We got some questions and we got some answers,
23:22 and we want to see
23:24 how much you guys remember it.
23:25 Come on now, so go ahead and start it.
23:27 So let's just start with our first question,
23:28 question number 1:
23:29 In our own strength, we can do everything.
23:32 You know, sometime we wake up in the morning, it feels like,
23:35 you know, we can get in the shower,
23:36 we can get in the car, we can go to work,
23:37 we can make the money so it feels like
23:39 we got a little bit of strength on.
23:40 And, you know, I tell you that, that whole idea that we can,
23:42 we can do it, we can do it ourselves,
23:44 or I can do it.
23:45 A lot of times we find ourselves, Chef Law,
23:47 in a lot of problems, don't we?
23:49 Oh, yes. I found myself in a whole lot.
23:50 Come on now and, friends,
23:51 it's important to get this point
23:53 because again many times we feel that we can do it.
23:55 Sometimes we feel that we can do it
23:57 and we forget about the one who helps us to do it.
23:59 The one who gives us the power to do it,
24:01 so the answer to this question,
24:02 what's the answer to this question,
24:04 Chef Law?
24:05 Answer to that question is a big resounding false.
24:07 Come on now, all right now. That's right.
24:09 In the strength of God, we can do every thing.
24:12 That's it, that's it. Come on now.
24:13 So now let's look at question number 2:
24:15 What type of leavening was used in a rosemary corn muffins?
24:20 A, yeast, B, baking powder, or, C, baking Soda.
24:25 And that seems like a little tough one.
24:26 That's a nice little question,
24:28 you know, we have some bakers out there, right?
24:29 That, you know,
24:31 some of y'all might like going into the kitchen,
24:32 so this is a good trick, tricky question,
24:34 but not too tricky.
24:35 We made a muffin, right?
24:36 And typically muffins...
24:38 We made a good muffin.
24:39 A good, and that was it, man,
24:40 that muffin was really delicious.
24:42 That rosemary was nice little dab in there,
24:43 but believe it or not again, usually when you make bread,
24:46 you normally use what kind of leavening?
24:48 When you usually make bread, you use a baking soda.
24:51 What? Chef Law, what?
24:54 Man, Chef Law, you should know this answer.
24:56 When you normally make bread, friends,
24:58 you normally have to use yeast.
25:00 Yeast is the normal,
25:01 so I don't know what Chef Law
25:02 is thinking about it right here.
25:04 So the bread is not, is raised with the yeast,
25:05 and the muffin is typically, Chef Law,
25:07 believe it or not?
25:08 It's not raised with the baking soda
25:10 but it's risen typically with the what?
25:11 It's raised with.
25:13 Come on now, what's answer, Chef Law, help me out Brother.
25:14 Come on.
25:16 No, I'm learning just like all of you guys.
25:17 So...
25:18 All right, the answer is, friends,
25:20 out there is baking powder.
25:21 And we encourage you all when you get the baking powder,
25:23 you wanna make sure,
25:25 you use the aluminum free baking powder.
25:27 And that's the better baking powder,
25:28 doesn't have the aluminum
25:30 which again is not good for the brain.
25:31 We want to keep those brain cells,
25:33 so anyway let's go to question number 3, Chef Law.
25:34 Go for the digestive system. There you go. All right.
25:36 Let's go to the third question.
25:38 Question number 3: Is the griddle
25:40 is an excellent tool
25:42 for sauteing your vegetables?
25:43 Is this true or is this false? Come on now.
25:46 So is the griddle multifaceted?
25:48 You could use it for different things.
25:49 You can definitely use with different things
25:50 but I tell you, it really helps to expedite
25:52 some things in the kitchen.
25:53 And I tell you, friends, if you have a griddle,
25:55 if you don't have one,
25:57 I should say go buy it because I tell you,
25:58 it's gonna save on your dishes,
26:00 It's gonna save on your time,
26:01 but the answer to this, Chef Law,
26:03 what do you think it is, Chef Law?
26:04 I think that the answer would be true.
26:06 That's right. You're exactly right.
26:07 Griddle does this thing.
26:09 The griddle does this thing,
26:10 so remember you can get any of those vegetables,
26:11 your broccoli, you can get your squash,
26:13 you can get your asparagus,
26:15 you can even use things, believe it not,
26:16 like Brussels sprouts,
26:18 any of those things you can season it up
26:19 with little olive oil,
26:21 little bit of flavor, little bit of seasoning,
26:22 put it on that griddle.
26:24 Let it just brown on that griddle.
26:26 And get a little sizzle on there, that's right.
26:29 And we talked about layering those flavors,
26:31 you can add that nice flavorings on there.
26:33 And I tell you, you're gonna have something
26:34 that's gonna taste good, that's gonna look good,
26:36 all that good stuff.
26:38 You know, what I'm talking about?
26:39 You're gonna feel good. There you go.
26:40 And it's good, it saves you time,
26:42 'cause you could cook other things
26:43 on the stove as well.
26:45 Exactly, exactly, exactly, so, friends,
26:46 again our whole point of why we are here?
26:48 We want to you again
26:50 to experience God's beautiful health plan.
26:52 These 28 days,
26:53 we have reached the half time point.
26:55 Halfway point.
26:56 Come on now. It's half time.
26:58 You know football games.
26:59 You know, they have the what?
27:00 The halftime.
27:02 The basketball games, they had what?
27:03 The halftime, sure.
27:04 They normally have a show when they do,
27:06 but we're not here to have a show,
27:07 we're here to say, "Praise to the Lord."
27:09 Yeah.
27:10 Well, he is there, amen, hallelujah, amen.
27:11 I'm getting too excited to hear, friends,
27:13 but you understand where I'm coming from.
27:14 Again, we had to thank God that he's brought us this far.
27:17 Again, the journey at times seems tough.
27:19 The road seems that sometimes it almost seems impossible.
27:22 You might be feeling like,
27:23 "Man, this is a lot of information."
27:24 You might feel that man,
27:26 I'm not just getting it just so,
27:27 but remember it doesn't matter
27:29 how it might be going in a sense today.
27:31 Just pick it up tomorrow.
27:33 Again, this is the journey that again
27:34 we're trying to establish habits,
27:36 Chef Law, that's gonna last for a lifetime.
27:37 What do you think about that?
27:39 Last for a lifetime, I think, that's exactly right,
27:41 but I got to disagree with you on the halftime show.
27:44 We all gonna have a halftime show.
27:45 It's going to show the power of God,
27:47 and we're so happy.
27:48 We made it to this point
27:50 that we want you all to shout hallelujah.
27:52 Amen, hallelujah.
27:53 And this is like a depositor reminder
27:56 that God's gonna,
27:57 he bought you halfway,
27:59 and so he's gonna bring you through the rest of the way.
28:00 Come on now.
28:01 So it's alright for you to get up
28:03 and have a little halftime.
28:04 A little halftime.
28:05 Come on, little halftime, all right.
28:07 You know how we do it, friend. My name is Chef Chew.
28:09 And my name is Chef Lawson.
28:10 And as we always say,
28:11 gonna give you something to chew on.


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