Chew's Challenge

Day 16

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Participants: Chef G.W. Chew, Chef Tim Lawson, Tina Chew


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00:30 Hello, friends, my name is Chef Chew,
00:32 and as I always say,
00:34 "Gonna give you something, to chew on."
00:36 Well, hey, we're right here again on Chew's Challenge.
00:39 And we're right on day number 16.
00:41 That's right, day number 16.
00:44 It's exciting, we're moving forward,
00:46 we're having so much fun
00:47 and I have a good friend again,
00:49 Chef Law, what's happening, Chef Law?
00:50 How you doing, Chef? How you guys doing out there?
00:51 Doing wonderful man. Doing wonderful.
00:53 And today, friends, we have a special
00:54 sweet and sour for you.
00:55 You know, how we do, we get right into the kitchen,
00:57 we get our hands dirty.
00:58 So go grab your pens and your pads
00:59 and lets get right into it.
01:01 All right.
01:02 We're gonna be making a delicious recipe,
01:04 and we call this believe it or not,
01:05 sweet potato fries and chipotle apricot sauce.
01:08 That's right, sweet potato fries
01:10 and a delicious chipotle apricot sauce.
01:13 How does that sound, Chef Law?
01:15 Sounds delicious. Come on, now.
01:16 So why don't you go and read the ingredients for us?
01:17 Yes, of course.
01:19 All right, lets see what the ingredients are
01:20 for this recipe:
01:35 That's right, that's it, that's it.
01:37 So here we have a nice healthy, nice hearty...
01:40 Sweet potato.
01:41 Come on, sweet potato, that's right.
01:42 Not a russet or white potato, we have a sweet potato.
01:45 And many times when we think about French fries,
01:46 what do we think about?
01:48 We think about regular potatoes.
01:49 Think about regular potatoes.
01:50 And normally the, normally most potatoes
01:52 or for French fries, I should say,
01:53 how are they cooked?
01:55 They're cooked in oil, fried.
01:56 Exactly, fried. Deep fried.
01:57 So, deep fried, that's right.
01:59 And I tell you, we all love French fries that's been fried
02:01 but we wanna give you a healthy option.
02:02 And I tell you, this is really delicious,
02:04 it's really kind of different,
02:05 so it's not like the regular white potato,
02:07 so we're gonna be actually baking this sweet potato.
02:09 Baking it. Come on now.
02:11 Put that right inside the oven, so what we have to do,
02:12 in order to bake the sweet potato,
02:14 we have to do what first?
02:15 We have to cut it up I think.
02:16 Okay, okay exactly.
02:18 And one thing, so go ahead and start cutting up, Law.
02:19 All right.
02:20 And one thing we want to make sure
02:22 that you understand is that, if you cut it too thin,
02:23 one thing that happens with the sweet potato
02:25 it scribbles up really, really bad.
02:26 So we wanna cut them kind of thick.
02:28 And what we're gonna do,
02:29 we gonna cut them more like a...
02:31 I should say like a wedge.
02:32 You're having a hard time there, Chef Law?
02:33 You got to cut it from the top. Come on now.
02:35 It's easier if you slice it from the top.
02:36 All right now, and you got to be real careful
02:37 with this, don't you?
02:39 You got to be careful with this.
02:40 All right so, again you might want to be really careful,
02:42 make sure your knife is sharp,
02:43 we talked earlier about knife techniques,
02:45 and sometimes if the knife is dull,
02:47 you can end up doing what?
02:49 You can end up cutting yourself.
02:50 Exactly, so this is
02:51 one of those type of ingredients,
02:53 you wanna make sure you have a sharp knife
02:54 and do not put your fingers underneath of the blade.
02:57 No, even on the top.
02:58 We don't want no fingers in the food, right?
03:00 We don't want no fingers and all of that.
03:01 Come on now. Come on now.
03:02 So again the sweet potato is a tough vegetable to cut,
03:04 but again, make sure you have a sharp knife,
03:06 make sure your fingers don't go underneath the blade.
03:08 Tell them what size I am cutting.
03:11 Let them know what size they want to have.
03:13 So we're cutting down like little wedges thereabout,
03:15 probably about an inch wide.
03:17 So about an inch wide, wedge cut.
03:18 That's what we want to look for.
03:19 So some of you all like the wedge French fries,
03:21 we are making a delicious wedge French fries.
03:23 This is gonna be some kind of good, Chef Law.
03:25 It's going good. Come on now.
03:26 All right. All right, so we got that.
03:27 You can stop right there on that.
03:29 What are we doing now? So we have our sweet potatoes.
03:30 Go ahead and toss this as well into a clear bowl.
03:32 Okay.
03:33 Go and put inside of a bowl right there if you don't mind.
03:36 And so right now, we have our sweet potatoes
03:38 inside of the bowl.
03:39 And we're gonna add our ingredients
03:40 right on top of this, we have some olive oil.
03:42 Okay.
03:43 Olive oil, put olive oil right on top of that.
03:45 All right.
03:47 And rest of the ingredients we're gonna do
03:48 a little different, okay.
03:49 So go ahead and put your hands now if you can,
03:51 I like to get my hands dirty, you know, what I'm saying.
03:52 I like to keep my hand looking real good,
03:53 if you understand where I'm coming from, friend.
03:55 'Cause you will be playing around in the kitchen.
03:56 Oh, come on man, I won't be acting like that, brother.
03:58 I won't be acting like that.
03:59 You got to give your food some love.
04:00 You know, the pretty guys, you know,
04:02 we got to get them dirty, you know, what I'm saying.
04:03 You got to give your food some love.
04:04 You know what I'm saying, we got to get the guys dirty.
04:06 You know, what I'm saying. Move out of my way, Chef Law.
04:07 Move out of my way, brother? It's all right. It's all right.
04:08 All right now. Move out my way, brother.
04:10 Don't hurt yourself.
04:11 I don't want you to get hurt on the show.
04:13 All right, come on now, brother.
04:14 They don't know about Chef Chew right here.
04:15 You know, I've been working out,
04:17 doing some good stuff so.
04:18 It's all right if you all don't know,
04:19 'cause I don't know either.
04:21 Go ahead.
04:22 All right, anyway, come on.
04:23 Get back to focus now, all right.
04:25 Okay. What are you gonna do? We're gonna spray it down.
04:26 Make sure you spray it down, friends.
04:28 Okay. Why are we spraying?
04:29 Because you don't...
04:30 Again if you don't spray your pan down,
04:32 the food can stick to the pan.
04:33 So it will be a hard time getting it off
04:34 so, it's kind of like a quick release.
04:36 We'll just put 'em on here. Exactly.
04:37 Just like that.
04:39 Okay. All right.
04:40 Move this out the way,
04:41 and what we're gonna do, right here we have our salt,
04:43 now we're gonna go ahead, now while you're doing that,
04:44 I'm gonna go ahead take my salt,
04:46 and we're just gonna salt it just like that,
04:47 evenly on top of it.
04:49 Okay. Just sprinkle it.
04:50 Sprinkle it right on top of it, just like that, all right.
04:51 Really simple to do. Okay.
04:53 All right, sprinkle just like that.
04:54 Then we have our oregano,
04:55 we're gonna sprinkle this right on top, just like this.
04:57 Okay. All right.
04:58 Little bit on each. Exactly, exactly.
05:00 Don't be stingy.
05:01 All right, that's gonna go in oven
05:02 for about 30 minutes on about 350, all right.
05:06 So go ahead and put that to the side, Chef Law,
05:08 go and put inside of the oven I should say.
05:09 All right. All right.
05:11 I'll put it inside the oven here.
05:12 All right, so right here, friends, we're gonna make our
05:13 chipotle apricot sauce.
05:15 All right, so we have our apricot, right here.
05:16 Apricot jelly, I should say.
05:18 Right here we have some orange juice, all right.
05:21 Pour orange juice right inside of there,
05:22 and then we have lastly some
05:23 chipotle pepper, just like that.
05:25 It'll give a little kick.
05:26 Little kick, that's it, that's very simple.
05:28 That's gonna be our sauce for the...
05:29 We're gonna mix this up here?
05:30 Mix it up, just stir it together just like that.
05:32 Okay. Just like that, man.
05:33 Really easy to do. Just like that.
05:34 And again, this is a easy recipe that you can do,
05:37 you can use different types of jams and jellies.
05:39 We want to use apricot today.
05:40 Again, you can use grape jelly, you can use apple jelly,
05:43 you can use pineapple preserves,
05:45 whatever you want to use, you can use it.
05:46 And again, it makes a really delicious sauce,
05:48 a nice, a little hit to it.
05:50 You know, what I'm saying, Chef Law.
05:51 Little power.
05:53 Little power, that's right. All right.
05:54 Little bam, you know what I'm saying, so...
05:56 If you guys can see that...
05:57 Just like that. That's how it's done.
05:58 It's really good.
06:00 Just the consistency, it's like the thick sauce.
06:01 Exactly. Kind of like a dipping sauce.
06:02 Exactly, exactly.
06:04 So we have our finished product that we have.
06:05 All right, I'm gonna pull out here.
06:07 Okay.
06:08 Little finished product, right here,
06:09 friend, we have a nice finished product
06:11 that we're gonna bring out here.
06:12 Here we have some sweet potatoes,
06:13 already been baked.
06:15 Really delicious, and we have
06:16 some delicious apricot chipotle sauce right here.
06:17 Now, I'm gonna go, why don't you go ahead
06:19 and grab one of those, Chef Law?
06:20 Oh, I just grab one of these.
06:22 Go ahead and grab one of those, man.
06:23 Dipping in here. Come on now.
06:24 That's what I'm talking about. Let's see.
06:26 See what's going on. Come on.
06:27 Ooh, come on y'all, you don't know
06:28 what y'all missing, some kind of good.
06:30 That is delicious.
06:38 Well, friends, we just had a wonderful time
06:40 in the kitchen,
06:41 but right now we have to move right along.
06:42 We've come to the "F", and the "F" stands for faith.
06:47 And I tell you, God wants to give us a lot of faith.
06:50 Not just a little bit of faith,
06:51 but I'm talking about a lot of faith,
06:53 so much faith that we can have strength.
06:56 And today, we're talking about not only having strength,
06:58 but having, again, it says, having that might.
07:01 And again, when we serve God, friends,
07:03 we have to serve God with all of our might.
07:07 And today my friend Chef Law is gonna help us to understand
07:10 what it really means to serve God
07:12 with all of our might.
07:14 What's going on, Chef Law?
07:15 How you're doing buddy? How you doing, Chef?
07:16 Good to see you again. Come on now.
07:18 How you guys doing out there?
07:19 So we are talking about serving god
07:20 with all of our might.
07:22 We're talking about serving God with all of our might.
07:25 We're talking about now practical application
07:27 to a lot of things we've been talking about.
07:28 Come on now.
07:29 So let's read the Bible and see
07:31 what the Bible has to say about it.
07:32 Amen, let's do it.
07:34 Ecclesiastes 9:10 says
07:35 "Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do,
07:37 do it with all thy might, for there is no work,
07:40 nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom,
07:43 in the grave, whither thou goest."
07:46 And the first thing we need to understand is
07:48 God is faithful.
07:50 He will always do his part, but we must do our part.
07:53 Come on now.
07:54 We cannot save ourselves but we have to work with God
07:57 in his plan to save us.
07:59 You see, if you go to school
08:02 and you get all the knowledge you want in the books,
08:04 and even if you have somebody else
08:06 that's coming to help you out of situations,
08:07 say your house blew down or you broke your money,
08:10 you'll still find yourself in that situation
08:13 unless you get the tools you need
08:16 to help work yourself out of that situation.
08:18 Amen. Amen.
08:19 And so what Chef Law is saying, friends, is that
08:21 it's God's part but it's also our part.
08:24 What is our part to play?
08:26 And again, it's not about us
08:27 trying to do it in our own strength,
08:29 but God has given us some responsibility.
08:31 Now, what are we talking about here, Chef Law?
08:33 So we're talking about theories and application.
08:37 Come on now.
08:38 So we're talking about theories
08:40 and then we're talking about the application.
08:41 Like we say, you can have the knowledge,
08:43 you can even think positive, you can read the scriptures,
08:45 but nothing takes place on one thing.
08:47 And that is hard consistent work.
08:50 It's almost like, when God told Noah to build ark,
08:53 there was a huge flood coming upon the earth.
08:55 That's true, come on now.
08:56 And God told Noah to build the ark,
08:58 He gave Noah the plans, He gave Noah the resources.
09:00 The resources, the materials
09:02 The resources to build it, He told him
09:03 what type of wood to get.
09:04 Exactly.
09:06 And none of that took the substitute for Noah
09:08 going outside day by day, getting the hammer
09:11 and hammering each nail into that ark.
09:14 Ooh! I like that, I like that.
09:15 And, friends, when it comes to our health,
09:17 this is a powerful, powerful practical application,
09:20 because God is telling us, listen,
09:21 we're learning all of these, these secrets on longevity.
09:25 We're learning all these principles
09:26 on how to have this healthy, healthy lifestyle.
09:29 But if we don't actually practice these things,
09:31 if we don't actually go in the kitchen,
09:33 and try the recipes,
09:35 and talk about it to our friends and family,
09:37 get excited about it,
09:38 were gonna find ourselves
09:39 not experiencing the blessing that God had in store for us.
09:43 So there is a part that we must play.
09:46 So what else can we learn from this, Chef Law,
09:48 about all of our might?
09:49 Well, when we're going through this 28 day challenge
09:51 where we're teaching you to eat healthy,
09:53 and be a better you,
09:54 we're actually teaching you principles that are hard work
09:57 because health is a gift.
09:58 Exactly.
09:59 But it takes work to keep yourself from getting healthy,
10:02 and it takes work to keep yourself healthy
10:04 if you already attained it.
10:05 Exactly, exactly.
10:07 But it's easy to be unhealthy.
10:08 That's exactly right.
10:10 You know, just like it's easy to spend money,
10:11 but it's hard to make some.
10:13 That's right. That's right. Come on now.
10:14 It's easy to just get a house and live in it,
10:15 but it's hard to fix it up
10:17 and keep working on the faucet if it breaks.
10:20 I mean, come on, man, I tell you,
10:21 some of those things that we like to eat sometimes,
10:23 friends, I mean, it's enjoyable,
10:25 I mean it's like, man, that delicious donut,
10:28 you know, what I'm talking about.
10:30 Some donut with that big bowl, not that small bowl,
10:32 nice and you can't eat it,
10:34 but that big bowl of ice cream
10:36 at like 12 o'clock at night,
10:37 you know, what I'm talking about, right?
10:39 It's easy to eat it. Now, you understand.
10:41 Are you talking from experience...?
10:42 Hey, come on, man,
10:44 don't let him know what's it all about.
10:45 Are you talking from theory
10:46 or you talking from the application?
10:48 You know, I'll tell you, I've come a long ways
10:49 by the breadth of the land.
10:50 Amen. Amen, amen, amen.
10:52 So something just, we'll finish this concept
10:54 of all about might.
10:55 Close it up here, Chef Law?
10:56 You see God, there is no substitute for hard work,
10:59 friends, out there.
11:00 And so God always wants us to know that why because,
11:03 just like our health,
11:05 our relationship with God takes work.
11:07 You can be in a marriage if you will with someone,
11:10 you can have a relationship with your children,
11:12 but you have to be intentional,
11:14 and you have to work at it for that relationship to grow,
11:17 and so that it can be the best that it can be.
11:20 And it's the same thing what our spirituality.
11:22 It's the same thing in our relationship with God.
11:24 So as you sit, and you take your time,
11:26 and you read the Book of Matthew,
11:28 and you go over your chapter for the day,
11:30 think on God, and think of what you can do intentionally,
11:33 what He might be trying to tell you through the Bible,
11:36 to work on you and all those relationships.
11:44 Well, friends, we're moving right along,
11:46 we've come to the "O" in the FORK system.
11:48 Remember that "F" stands for Faith.
11:49 The "O" stands for Organization.
11:52 The "R" stands for Recipes,
11:53 and the "K" stands for Knowledge.
11:55 Right now, we're talking about organization.
11:57 And today, we're talking about breakfast meal planning.
12:01 Again, breakfast meal planning.
12:02 And I have my good buddy, Chef Law,
12:04 what's happening, Chef Law?
12:05 How you doing, Chef? How you guys doing out there?
12:06 You know, breakfast is the meal that we should eat like a how?
12:09 How should we eat for breakfast?
12:11 Like a queen, like a prince, or how?
12:12 We should eat like a king.
12:13 Like a king. That's right.
12:15 And we've talked about this before,
12:16 because breakfast in the morning time,
12:18 in the morning your stomach is ready to just,
12:19 I mean, enjoy some food,
12:21 however, if we eat late at night,
12:23 which at times I had been guilty.
12:25 If you eat late at night,
12:26 you don't wanna eat anything in the morning.
12:27 So typically in the American lifestyle,
12:29 we find ourselves eating very, very late,
12:32 so in the morning time we find our self eating how?
12:34 Now in morning in breakfast, we just grab a little something
12:36 'cause we're not hungry.
12:37 So then you have the pastry, or the donut,
12:39 and we have the coffee,
12:41 and that kind of thing, which is not ideal.
12:43 And again, I'm not, I'm not...
12:45 Again, I'm learning like everybody else out there, okay.
12:46 So again we all are learning together.
12:48 So we have to sit and say, how can I get this
12:52 kingly breakfast in the morning time, right?
12:54 It's my favorite meal of the day, man.
12:56 Exactly, exactly.
12:57 So we're talking about meal planning.
12:58 So we wanna look at some of the components
13:00 that makes up a breakfast meal.
13:02 So what are some of these that we're having, Chef Law.
13:03 We got some fruit right here. Okay.
13:05 And then we have some cheese. Okay.
13:08 And then we have some grains. Okay.
13:09 And we have a three different types of proteins.
13:11 Exactly, exactly.
13:12 Some sausage, some hotdog, and good old faithful tofu.
13:15 That's exactly, so again
13:17 we're talking about the components.
13:18 Now in the morning time we like to say in the morning,
13:20 eat a lot of fruit.
13:21 The fruit is, I mean,
13:23 you don't have to do any cooking to it.
13:24 You can just get it out of the store,
13:26 if you got some fruit trees, praise the Lord.
13:28 You can just pick it off the tree.
13:30 Or again you can just get, again we have grapes here,
13:32 we have apples, we can do pineapples,
13:34 we can do what else?
13:35 Give me some names. Whatever kind of fruit.
13:37 Mangoes, strawberries,
13:39 blackberries, blueberries, come on now.
13:42 All kind of berries.
13:43 Kiwis, all of that, again, no preparation,
13:45 just grab them and eat it.
13:47 If you have children, I'm telling you,
13:48 make a little fruit salad.
13:50 We told you guys how to make some fruit salad already.
13:52 You can make it in all kind of different ways.
13:54 And so, again, you have your fruits.
13:55 Next we have our protein.
13:57 Again, a lot of times people say,
13:58 okay, for breakfast you're vegan,
14:00 what do you gonna have for breakfast protein?
14:02 Normally what do we do for protein for breakfast,
14:03 what's normally?
14:05 Normally we have eggs and meat. Exactly, eggs and meat.
14:06 Bacon, things like that. Exactly.
14:08 So we've already shared with you
14:09 how to make a delicious,
14:11 I guess we can call it not so scrambled eggs.
14:13 And we used the tofu for that, right?
14:15 We used the tofu for that.
14:16 And we're gonna show you guys later on
14:17 how to make a delicious not so egg omelet.
14:19 It's gonna be really delicious, okay.
14:21 Good. Exactly.
14:22 Here we have sausage patties,
14:23 here we have some veggie hot dogs,
14:25 and so what you'll find in most stores today.
14:27 You can get all these ingredients for your protein.
14:29 You can go right into the healthy aisle of the store,
14:33 and find so many different vegan proteins.
14:35 Lastly we have a few last items,
14:37 we have our grain.
14:38 What's the faithful grain right there?
14:39 That's the faithful oatmeal.
14:41 Faithful oat. Come on now.
14:42 Oatmeal is good, it's delicious,
14:43 you can mix a lot of things with it and it's filling.
14:45 Exactly.
14:47 It gives you filling in the morning
14:48 and you have fuel for the rest of the day.
14:49 Exactly, and we showed you guys,
14:51 we're trying to make that glorious oatmeal,
14:52 we also can do different types of cereals.
14:53 We showed you in the cereal and grain station,
14:55 all the different grains you can actually use,
14:57 quinoa and millet, and in bulgur wheat,
14:59 all those can be eaten for breakfast.
15:01 Lastly we have some fats.
15:02 We have right here a avocado.
15:04 You can go on a sandwich in the morning time,
15:06 with your eggs, or your scrambled,
15:07 not so scrambled eggs.
15:08 You can go on it, and this is sandwich
15:10 with some toasts with some little bit of avocado spread.
15:11 And that's a good fat, that's brain food.
15:13 Exactly, the brain food. That's it, man.
15:14 Then we have some nice vegan cheese.
15:15 And vegan cheese is another thing
15:17 that's kind of like additive,
15:18 a good fat that can go on top of your sandwiches,
15:20 and things of that nature.
15:21 So again, these are the components of how,
15:23 what makes a meal.
15:25 Pick your grains, get your fruits,
15:26 get a little protein,
15:28 and as we learn these recipes, you can put it all together.
15:30 Now, I'm telling when you get this system done,
15:31 when you get a plan together,
15:33 you're gonna find yourself feeling good,
15:35 looking good, and all that good stuff.
15:38 And the food's gonna be tasty. That's it, brother.
15:39 And the food will taste good, that's right.
15:41 So again, this is kitchen organization
15:43 and we like to say kitchen organization
15:45 means kitchen automation.
15:53 Well, friends, we have come down
15:54 to the "R" of the FORK system,
15:56 and the "R" stands for Recipe.
15:58 That's right, the "R" stands for Recipe.
16:01 And we have a delicious recipe
16:02 that we are gonna be doing today.
16:03 I call it my delicious tex-mex casserole.
16:08 And I tell you, Brother Chef Law,
16:09 what's going on, Chef Law?
16:11 What's going on, Chef? How you guys doing out there?
16:12 Come on now.
16:13 And you know my lovely wife Chef Chew, right?
16:15 Yes, I know who is she.
16:16 So, you know, she's Mexicana, you know, what I'm saying.
16:17 Yeah, that's right. Spanish lady.
16:19 I gotta, I have to come and show you
16:20 some of the Mexicana flavors today, my friend.
16:22 You gotta show me some skills that she taught you.
16:23 Come on now. Exactly, exactly, exactly.
16:25 So we're not getting into that, man,
16:27 so again we are making a tex-mex casserole,
16:29 so again it's very simple to do,
16:30 grab your pens, grab your pads and lets get right through it.
16:33 Why don't you read the ingredients for us, Chef Law?
16:35 All right, let's read the ingredients
16:36 to the tex-mex casserole.
16:38 You need...
16:58 All right, that sounds like it's gonna be so delicious.
17:01 Sounds good.
17:02 So what are we gonna do, we gotta get moving,
17:03 we got a little bit of time to do this.
17:05 All right. What are we gonna do?
17:06 We're gonna go ahead and get our pan,
17:08 little oil in here, all right.
17:09 Get the sizzle on.
17:10 Get the sizzle on, you know, how we do it, bro.
17:12 Yes, indeed.
17:13 All right, so we're gonna put our meat substitute,
17:14 so again, we said meat substitute,
17:16 and what that simply says is that
17:17 you can use whatever kind of meat substitute that you like.
17:18 That you like.
17:20 You can even use tofu in the recipe if you wanted to.
17:21 You can use a chicken substitute,
17:23 I'm using today a what?
17:24 What is this right here? That's crumbles.
17:25 The ground beef crumbles. Ground beef crumbles.
17:27 Exactly, there you go,
17:28 ground beef crumbles, just like that.
17:29 Already on there, all right. Okay.
17:31 All right, so we're gonna go ahead,
17:32 we're gonna put this to the side.
17:34 We're gonna slice the onion up as well.
17:35 We got a big pan, I should have cut the onions first,
17:37 but it's okay, the pan is big enough.
17:40 We want the pan that, we want this onion to get saute
17:42 properly so, go and turn that up a little bit.
17:45 Just like that.
17:47 So right now, he gonna slice our onions up,
17:49 gonna put this on this side of the grill.
17:51 Get that going just like that.
17:53 All right, come on, Chef Law.
17:54 Come on, use your skills on that, Chef Law.
17:56 You know, Chef Law is a chef,
17:58 he really went to a couple of art school,
17:59 he's actually a healthy gourmet vegan chef.
18:04 Isn't that right, Chef Law? That's right.
18:06 Amen. Did a little something.
18:07 Come on now. Praise the Lord, that's what I'm talking.
18:09 That's good enough for us right there.
18:10 All right, here we go.
18:11 Gotta go and put this on this side.
18:13 Go ahead and slice, put it right there.
18:14 So when you got this big griddles like that,
18:15 you can always use both sides of the griddle
18:17 whatever you're looking for.
18:18 Got to have the onions.
18:19 Got to have the onions, man, so let that,
18:21 we're gonna let that settle for a little while, all right.
18:23 And in just a second here we're gonna put some corn
18:25 inside of here and some garlic.
18:26 I'm gonna put some garlic on here right now.
18:28 All right, little garlic on there right now.
18:29 All right. That's right. That's right.
18:31 Come on now, Chef Law.
18:32 And I'm gonna do a little extra right now,
18:33 I'm gonna get a little sauce,
18:35 now just a little bit to get it started.
18:36 You got to sauce it ever little bit?
18:38 Little sauce on it, just like that, all right.
18:39 Put the sauce on there. Like that, all right.
18:40 Just like that.
18:42 Let that go just like that. Come on.
18:43 Okay, let it cook just a little bit.
18:44 Come on, you smell that?
18:46 Come on, now bro.
18:47 Come on now, Chef Law. Tex-mex.
18:48 Tex-mex, brother. Come on now.
18:50 Your wife taught you good. Yeah, she taught me good, man.
18:52 All right, so what we have here right,
18:54 we got some white wheat tortillas right here, right.
18:55 And so again a lot of times,
18:58 these look very nice and healthy, right?
18:59 They are not broken up.
19:01 A lot of times you might have tortilla shells
19:03 like it's broken and starting to get apart.
19:05 You had that happened before?
19:06 Yeah, I had that happened before.
19:07 And so sometimes you have leftover tortilla shells,
19:09 and you can always use them for recipe like this.
19:11 This is like a leftover tortilla recipe,
19:14 we wanna call that, okay.
19:16 Gather up the fragrance of the recipe.
19:17 Gather the fragrance and let nothing behind.
19:18 Nothing behind. All right.
19:20 All right, so we're gonna slice these like that.
19:21 Okay. All right, just like that.
19:22 Looks good.
19:24 All right.
19:25 It don't really matter how it looks,
19:27 but I want you to do right,
19:28 go and oil that pan down right here.
19:29 Okay. You can spray that now for me.
19:31 All right I'll saute that up.
19:32 Go and put it all together just like that, all right.
19:34 Okay, I'm gonna add the corn in that, that onions is
19:37 kinda look little lucid if you follow me.
19:39 Yes. I'm seeing that.
19:41 The colors coming out of that, all right.
19:42 Okay. Now it's starting to get color.
19:43 Exactly, exactly.
19:45 Go ahead and mix that together. Okay.
19:46 What are we gonna do with these strips here?
19:48 Oh, we're gonna go ahead and put it on a bottom.
19:49 Okay.
19:50 And we're gonna kind of do it just like lasagnas,
19:52 it's kind of like a Mexican lasagna,
19:53 pretty easy to do.
19:54 Go ahead and layer that bottom just like that.
19:56 All right, need some more?
19:57 Yeah, we need some more strips here.
19:59 All right, some more strips.
20:00 Cut it up nicely. Like that.
20:02 Watch your hands.
20:03 Remember to watch your hands, safety first.
20:04 Exactly, watch the hands. Exactly, exactly.
20:06 All right, go ahead.
20:07 And even if again, they're broken up,
20:08 some might look like lasagna
20:10 sometimes one might break in half.
20:11 You still can use it, it's not gonna hurt anything.
20:12 That's right.
20:14 If it overlaps a little bit, it's gonna be,
20:15 the crust is gonna be a little thicker,
20:17 that's all that's gonna happen.
20:18 Nice and thick at the bottom. That's all that's gonna happen.
20:19 Let's innovate.
20:21 Innovate, cut it up, that's right.
20:22 So I'm putting here, so I'm putting some here.
20:23 You see how it looks, you wanna show everybody
20:25 how it looks.
20:26 You can see that already like just like that,
20:27 and you can see how the bottom is again,
20:29 is layered just nice.
20:30 Again, so the bottom is layered up just like that,
20:32 and right now we're gonna, when this is cooked,
20:33 we're gonna put that right on top of this, okay.
20:35 Okay. Put on right on top of this.
20:36 So let's go ahead and move this out of the way.
20:38 Okay.
20:39 Actually we gotta cut up one last thing, real quick.
20:41 Okay.
20:42 Go ahead and cut the cheese up if you can, if you don't mind.
20:43 All right. Slice cheese.
20:45 Go ahead and cut it up nice and fine if you can.
20:46 Nice slices, huh? Nice slices, okay.
20:47 Nice slices, just like that.
20:49 Exactly, so we're making nice slice cheese,
20:50 so you can buy these vegan cheeses at the store.
20:52 It comes in a block,
20:54 okay all of this looks like, little bit like tofu,
20:55 to some degree.
20:57 Tofu is bean curd, if you know it's bean curd.
20:59 Again, we just cut it up nice and fine just like that,
21:01 and we're gonna layer that on top of our,
21:03 on top of our product.
21:04 Come on, Chef, you're taking long time, boy.
21:05 Come on, what's happening now?
21:07 So you got to move in proportion
21:09 to how the food is cooking.
21:10 Come on, man. Come on, man.
21:12 I think I got it, let me lay it and I'll let you know.
21:13 Come on man, you are taking too much time already.
21:14 You don't wanna move too fast.
21:16 I got this guy in the kitchen with me, man.
21:17 You don't wanna move too fast,
21:18 you wanna move right in proportion to the food,
21:20 so everything is done at the same time.
21:21 So we can eat at the same time. Come on, man, all right.
21:23 You know, I like this guy, you know,
21:24 we go back a long way.
21:25 Come on, Chef Law, let's go and finish this up, okay?
21:27 I can't believe ourselves. Let's finish this up.
21:28 Go ahead and take this, right here.
21:29 We're gonna layer this now, finish this up really quickly.
21:31 What are we gonna layer with? Whether with this?
21:33 Just like that. Okay.
21:34 All right, hold that for me, I'm gonna turn this off.
21:36 All right, go ahead, go ahead and start layering it for me.
21:38 All right. Little bit time.
21:40 We got little bit of time, go ahead
21:41 and start putting that on the side of there.
21:43 I'm gonna now happy to do one layer real quick.
21:44 Okay.
21:45 I'm gonna put this right here, just like that.
21:47 Little sauce on top of that. Okay, all right.
21:48 Just like that, all right.
21:50 Go ahead now and put some cheese on here.
21:52 Okay. Little cheese.
21:53 Layer with the cheese. Little cheese, just like that.
21:55 Authentic tex-mex.
21:56 All right, cheese in the middle.
21:58 Little white seeds right there on top of that.
22:00 Getting a nice contrast. Like that, all right.
22:01 Just like the nice contrast.
22:03 Now we're gonna put inside of here,
22:04 hold on, I want this to look really nice at the end, okay.
22:06 Okay.
22:08 All right, I'm gonna put this to the side, right here.
22:09 All right.
22:10 Make it little really nice, okay.
22:12 Okay, so go ahead and put the rest of that on,
22:13 if you can, Chef Law.
22:15 Okay, layering on here. Layer down just like that.
22:16 Oh, yes. That looks really nice, huh.
22:17 Oh, yes.
22:19 Really nice, I'm loving it. It's gonna be delicious.
22:20 I'm loving it, y'all. This is what I'm talking about.
22:21 This is what cooking is all about.
22:23 It has to look good, it has to taste good,
22:25 it has to, I'm talking about some kind of good.
22:27 That's what I'm talking about. Ooh!
22:29 Come on y'all, you all don't know
22:30 what we are talking about here, friends.
22:32 All right, so what we're gonna do now.
22:33 We're just gonna top some cilantro on top of here.
22:35 Little cilantro right here. Just on top, just like that.
22:38 Little cilantro, little couple of these twigs like that.
22:41 Okay.
22:42 Real simple, all right so it's looking really good, friends.
22:44 This is how you do it.
22:46 Right here we have again our delicious
22:47 tex-mex casserole, some kind of delicious.
22:50 Delicious.
22:57 Well, I'll tell you friends, we've had an exciting journey.
22:59 But I have to say, we are at the close of day number 16,
23:04 and I'll tell you it's going, you know,
23:06 when you're having fun, it say goes by so fast.
23:08 We have come down to the what,
23:09 to the "K" and the "K" stands for Knowledge.
23:13 And we've been learning so much knowledge
23:15 in these last two weeks.
23:17 We've been learning all about God's secrets,
23:20 and God's health plans or health tips,
23:22 to help us to become
23:24 a healthy, healthy, healthy,
23:26 and also by God's grace a healthy Christian.
23:29 And so I like to say this, friends,
23:31 God wants us to learn this information
23:33 and I tell you, I got a good friend with me
23:35 again Chef Law,
23:36 who's gonna help us to understand these things.
23:38 What's going on Chef Law? How you doing Chef?
23:40 How you guys doing out there?
23:41 So we got some questions again right,
23:43 three questions all right.
23:44 We got three questions, and we will give three answers,
23:45 so let's roll right into it.
23:47 Come on now. Lets roll into it, okay.
23:48 Question number 1: We need to work hard to stay healthy.
23:51 Now is that true or is that false?
23:53 You know, I'll tell you, I've been doing little exercise
23:56 myself lately, right.
23:57 Oh, you've been doing that thing.
23:59 I mean, not a lot of running, you know what I mean,
24:00 trying to just get my little exercise on, you know.
24:01 All right.
24:03 But I found that, again it doesn't come easy.
24:04 You know, nothing that's worth waiting for
24:07 is gonna come easy.
24:08 So we find that hard work has to be put into it.
24:10 Has to be.
24:12 Sometimes I don't, when I get up in the morning,
24:13 I don't feel like doing it.
24:14 Sometimes, you know, I might feel little aches and pains
24:17 and I don't feel like doing, but guess what,
24:18 I got to do what?
24:20 You got to work hard. I got to work hard.
24:21 I got to stick with it.
24:23 So we found, friends, that in this health plan,
24:24 the same principles are true.
24:26 In order to be able to become healthy,
24:27 you have to stick with, you have to work hard at it.
24:30 But we already learnt that number one,
24:32 God, is the one who gives us the strength to do it.
24:35 What's question number 2, Chef Law?
24:37 Question number 2 is:
24:38 Are the sweet potato fries, fried or baked?
24:42 Come on now. Are they fried or baked?
24:45 I had to be honest, Chef Law.
24:46 I like some French fries, every now and then,
24:49 I got to be honest, you know, what I'm saying.
24:50 Yeah, that's right.
24:51 We all are thriving to learn something better,
24:53 little, a little better way of eating,
24:55 if you follow where I'm coming form.
24:57 Yeah, I know what you're saying.
24:58 I know exactly what you are saying.
25:00 You know, you go to some of the fast food places
25:01 and they got the good golden fries,
25:02 they're nice and crispy and crunchy.
25:04 With oil dripping. The oil dripping, man, come on.
25:05 Don't talk to me now, brother. Don't talk to me now.
25:08 You know, hey, we all have weakness
25:10 but you know, something
25:11 God always gives us something better,
25:12 for our weakness isn't it?
25:14 That's the point. That's the point.
25:15 Something better. Come on, now.
25:17 Something better, so we learned how today,
25:18 how to make the sweet potato fries.
25:19 We had a little nice chipotle apricot sauce.
25:21 But we know, we cut them up,
25:22 cut them in little kind of like little, little pencil strips.
25:25 So if you call it like that. Little strips.
25:26 What do we do with them, what do we put them at, Law,
25:28 what place in the kitchen do we put the straws at?
25:31 We put them in the oven. In the oven, that's right.
25:33 We put them in the oven. Put them in the oven.
25:34 So again the straws or the sweet potato fries,
25:38 they wasn't fried, but they were baked.
25:40 So I like to say sometimes, you know,
25:42 rather than frying it,
25:43 go ahead and put them inside the oven and bake it.
25:45 And it's still gonna taste some kind of good.
25:46 It's still gonna taste good. I'm gonna eat some of that.
25:48 That's right, man. That's right.
25:50 Question number 3, it's our last question.
25:51 Let's look at it.
25:53 Breakfast is the least important meal of the day?
25:56 True or false. Now I heard this all my life.
25:58 Go ahead now, Chef Law.
26:00 So I want to, I don't even want to know the answer
26:02 to this question, I want to know the reason why?
26:03 Come on now, and that's a very important
26:05 'cause I'll tell you in the American lifestyle
26:07 we at times we learn earlier that,
26:09 again the morning time is the hustle and bustle time.
26:12 We got to get up, we got to get our kids ready for school.
26:14 We got to go to work and it seems that again,
26:17 we kind of just skip past that breakfast meal.
26:19 But we found, we found that Chef Law, in the morning time,
26:23 we've had that rest at night,
26:25 and so now we can break the fast
26:27 in the morning times.
26:28 So our stomachs are in a more better condition
26:31 to receive a larger amount of food.
26:33 And so we find that in the same time,
26:36 in the morning time, we can also,
26:38 we need that energy for today.
26:39 We find that we're tired, and we gotta now get some,
26:42 some I guess to be re-energized,
26:43 because we got a big day ahead.
26:45 So obviously, in the morning time
26:47 if there is a meal that we don't want to miss,
26:49 what meal should that be, Chef Law?
26:51 It's gonna be that first meal in the morning.
26:52 So is it important?
26:54 Is it important, so that question is false.
26:56 Come on man. It's not the least important...
26:57 Not the least important... It's the most important.
26:59 It's the most important. Exactly, exactly.
27:00 And so, friends, again,
27:01 we're learning these simple tips.
27:03 We're learning these principles of health.
27:05 And again the breakfast meal we were learning how to do,
27:07 we've been learning all these gourmet lunch/dinner meals.
27:11 Good food.
27:12 And that, man, good food, my mouth is still dripping
27:15 when I see at that fries, brother.
27:16 I don't know about yours.
27:17 My mouth is still having little drip, drip.
27:19 You follow where I'm coming from.
27:20 But, I'll tell you this, you can remember that
27:23 and when you remember how good it is.
27:25 Again, remember that, you have a responsibility
27:27 to guess what, not keep it to yourself
27:29 but, guess what, Chef Law?
27:30 Share with somebody else.
27:31 Everything we're teaching you,
27:33 every principle that you are learning
27:34 day by day on these shows,
27:35 it's not only to make a healthier you,
27:37 but for you to go out and tell somebody else.
27:39 And so, friends, we want you to be a,
27:41 I guess you can say a missionary,
27:43 I like to call it the missionary Chef for Jesus.
27:45 Go and tell friends, your family,
27:47 whoever you come in contact with
27:48 about God's health plan.
27:50 But guess what? My name is Chef Chew.
27:52 My name is Chef Law.
27:53 And as we always say,
27:55 "Gonna give you something to chew on."


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