Chew's Challenge

Day 17

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Participants: Chef G.W. Chew, Chef Tim Lawson, Tina Chew


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00:30 Hello, friends, my name is Chef Chew
00:32 and as we always say,
00:34 "Gonna give you something to chew on."
00:36 Well, we have reached day number 17
00:39 of the Chew's Challenge.
00:41 And I tell you, friends, we've been having so much fun.
00:44 But you know how we like to do it,
00:46 we like to get right into the kitchen,
00:47 we like to get our hands dirty.
00:48 It's the day we gonna get off popping,
00:50 we gonna start popping some stuff.
00:51 And I got my good friend Chef Law.
00:53 How you doing, Chef?
00:54 And we're gonna be popping today, Chef Law.
00:55 How are you all doing good out there?
00:57 I was going... yeah, yes, yes. Popping with the popcorn.
00:58 That's right, popping with popcorn.
00:59 Well, what kind of popcorn we got here?
01:01 The great thing is,
01:02 man, we got two different flavors today, man.
01:04 So we got two for one special today.
01:05 Two for one special.
01:06 You got it, man, two for one special.
01:08 What we're gonna be doing,
01:09 we're making actually a delicious caramel popcorn.
01:10 And we also have a garlic not so butter popcorn.
01:13 Not so butter. Not so butter.
01:14 And that's like garlic not so butter, you know.
01:16 All right. We got to veganize it.
01:18 You know what I'm saying? Yes, yes.
01:20 So we're going... Making nice and healthy.
01:21 Exactly, exactly, so...
01:22 But still tasting good.
01:24 So, yes, that's right, that's right.
01:25 So go ahead and read the caramel popcorn recipe
01:27 if you can, please.
01:28 All right, let's read the caramel popcorn recipe.
01:38 All right, so they are the ingredients
01:40 making the caramel popcorn.
01:41 And we're gonna be using some interesting ingredients today.
01:43 We have our peanut butter, obviously,
01:46 a nice healthy source of fat.
01:48 Okay? Okay.
01:49 A nice healthy source of fat. We also have...
01:50 Some protein in there too.
01:52 It's actually protein... yeah, there you go.
01:53 And you know about that 'cause you've been working out.
01:55 You know, you've been having the protein peanut butter
01:56 shake, don't you?
01:57 Yeah, I try to get a little something.
01:59 You know what I'm saying. Even I'm catching up.
02:00 You know what I'm saying? I see you, I see you.
02:02 Anyway...
02:03 You got all ways to go, but I'll see you.
02:04 Okay, did you see how he treat me on here.
02:06 It ain't right, but it's all good.
02:08 Right here we got some molasses,
02:09 some of you all might not know, this is unsulphured molasses.
02:12 Unsulphured.
02:13 People probably have heard of blackstrap molasses.
02:15 Okay, so this is...
02:16 Talk to me about the unsuphur, what's the...
02:17 Okay, so it's great.
02:19 Obviously, molasses is known to be very high in iron,
02:20 but this is actually not the blackstrap molasses,
02:23 it's unsulphured so it doesn't have that bitter bite
02:25 like the blackstrap molasses has.
02:27 Okay. All right.
02:28 So we're gonna be using this as kind of a...
02:29 it's a type of a sweetener.
02:31 Again, they feed it to cows,
02:32 but you know we're not cows, obviously,
02:34 but it's okay, right.
02:35 We're gonna use it today. We're gonna use it today, man.
02:37 So we're gonna get this started really quickly.
02:38 Okay, go ahead. Okay.
02:40 We're gonna put the peanut butter
02:41 and the molasses, okay.
02:43 Okay. Right on this pan.
02:44 And what we got to do, we're gonna be heating this up
02:46 and we're gonna turn this almost like a,
02:48 almost like a sauce.
02:49 Like a paste.
02:51 Not a paste. Not a paste?
02:52 It gonna be more liquidy, more like a sauce.
02:54 Okay. More like a sauce.
02:55 And what happens
02:56 when the molasses kind of heats up,
02:58 it kind of gets more lucid.
02:59 It kind of starts to kind of like get more watery,
03:02 I won't say watery but kind of...
03:04 more liquidy, if that can make sense.
03:05 Right. This is kind of hot right now.
03:07 All right, let me turn this down a little bit.
03:11 All right, so you can see right here.
03:13 You all can see that it's coming down,
03:16 so I'm mixing it right into the...
03:18 Let me get that right here if you can.
03:20 All right.
03:22 There we go.
03:24 All right, so we got that right there.
03:26 Add little bit of oil in here.
03:28 Sometimes you may have to add little oil
03:29 in this case is just too little, too thick.
03:31 Okay. A little oil.
03:32 All right.
03:34 So there we go.
03:35 So I'm gonna let that sit for a while, okay.
03:37 Okay. Let that sit.
03:38 And what we're gonna do,
03:39 right here we have our popcorn popper.
03:41 That smells good from here.
03:42 Now the great thing it smells really good, that popcorn,
03:43 I mean, that caramel, the peanut butter,
03:45 and molasses, kind of makes it like a caramel flavor.
03:46 It's not the exact caramel you get in the stores,
03:48 it's a lot healthier than a normal caramel.
03:50 So this is nice healthy one.
03:51 Exactly, so popcorn popper, we're gonna put that in there.
03:54 We're about to start popping, man.
03:55 Is that okay? Let's do it, man, Let's do it.
03:57 All right, so let me go ahead, let me go ahead
03:58 and put this on, if you don't mind.
03:59 All right.
04:01 Oh, there we go.
04:02 That's how you do it, right.
04:03 That's how you do it. There you go.
04:05 Let it pop, right. Let it pop.
04:06 Is that the right way to do this, friends?
04:08 Of course, this is not the right way to do it, okay.
04:10 So we're gonna put a top on here now.
04:11 But...
04:13 Man, does that come off? Come on now.
04:14 Hold up. I can't get this on here right.
04:15 Okay, here we go. Is that right there?
04:19 That's it, you probably need something
04:20 to catch the popcorn, don't you?
04:21 Man, oh, man. I tell you.
04:23 You didn't get the right tools for me, man.
04:25 You know what I'm saying.
04:26 I asked him to get the right tools
04:28 but he didn't even get me the top.
04:29 I don't know what to say so, since we didn't have it,
04:31 I got to do it right here for you.
04:33 We already got it pre-made.
04:34 Is that okay? That's good.
04:35 All right, so we already got it pre-made.
04:37 That's good.
04:38 We're gonna put the popcorn popper to the side
04:39 'cause somebody forgot the top.
04:41 Because it didn't pop right. Exactly.
04:42 Somebody forgot the top.
04:44 So I'm gonna add little more oil in here
04:45 just to kind of get it more loose.
04:46 Okay. Okay.
04:48 This is what we're gonna do now.
04:49 How long you wanna cook that for?
04:50 It's just to get it...
04:52 almost just to get it melted really.
04:53 Okay, so as long as it melts in there.
04:54 Just to get it melted, exactly.
04:56 Okay. Just to get it melted.
04:57 Okay. Okay.
04:59 Just to get it melted.
05:00 All right, so what I'm gonna do now,
05:01 we're gonna add this right into the popcorn.
05:03 Mmm.
05:04 Like that.
05:05 All right.
05:07 Now go ahead and stir that up for me if you don't mind?
05:08 Okay.
05:10 I'm gonna pour it in a paper bowl.
05:11 You pour it inside a paper bowl.
05:12 Okay, there you go. Pour inside the paper bowl.
05:14 Just have to stir.
05:15 All right, go and put it inside a big bowl.
05:16 Stir it up.
05:18 So he's stirring that one for us, friends.
05:19 So we got the caramel popcorn,
05:20 will get his hands inside of that,
05:22 and that's gonna come out really tasty, okay.
05:23 Right here what I have, right here next,
05:25 we have our non to butter popcorn.
05:26 We can pour the ingredients off of this if you can, please.
05:27 The not so butter popcorn.
05:29 Okay so right here we have:
05:38 So this is what we have for the yummy
05:40 not so butter garlic popcorn.
05:42 And so we gonna add our ingredients,
05:44 we have a little bit of our garlic right here, of course.
05:46 We gotta have some garlic, right, Chef Law?
05:48 The garlic and onions you always got to have it.
05:49 That's looking really good, brother.
05:51 Oh, yeah, it's looking good.
05:52 We got the chicken, the chicken style seasoning,
05:53 I'll put that right inside there just like that.
05:55 And on top of that, man,
05:56 that's gonna be really, really good.
05:58 Not so butter. Not so butter, man.
05:59 So the garlic and the olive oil
06:01 is gonna give that buttery flavor
06:02 with the chicken style seasoning,
06:04 and that's gonna give that nice buttery taste, man.
06:06 And pour it just like that. All right.
06:08 Then we have the parsley
06:09 gonna go right on top of that just like that.
06:11 Oh, this is looking so good.
06:12 I don't know what you all thinking.
06:13 So you already got that mixed up.
06:15 I'm gonna put little more oil on that.
06:16 Just gonna mix this up just like that, man.
06:18 Come on, y'all. Come on, y'all.
06:20 Y'all don't know about this.
06:22 Come on now.
06:24 Got some good looking popcorn.
06:26 Come on now, so I guess that bowl's for you
06:29 and this bowl is for me.
06:30 Until I get tired of this bowl. Come on, all right.
06:32 Then I'm gonna get some from your bowl.
06:33 All right, now, come on now, so...
06:34 All right, so we're gonna go ahead and get a bite of this.
06:36 Okay. Come on now.
06:37 I'm gonna get some of the garlic,
06:38 you tell me how yours taste, all right?
06:40 All right. I'll let you know.
06:41 Let's see how this is tasting.
06:46 That's good. That's a nice substitute.
06:49 I'm popping away, y'all.
06:50 This is some, some, some kind of good.
06:53 Some kind of good. That's what I'm talking about.
06:54 Not so butter popcorn,
06:56 then we have the caramel popcorn.
07:04 Well, friends, we've come down to the "F" in the FORK system.
07:07 You know the "F" stands for Faith.
07:09 But I tell you, we just enjoyed some yummy, yummy popcorn.
07:12 Wasn't it delicious?
07:14 Well, you didn't get to try but hopefully you can.
07:16 But notice, when you make popcorn,
07:18 the popcorn kernels have to go inside the popcorn popper
07:21 and understand this, it has to go in the popcorn popper.
07:24 And today, friends,
07:26 we have to learn how to go inside of Christ.
07:28 And we're talking about today in our Faith section,
07:30 we're talking about walking in Christ
07:33 and we wanna be like the popcorn
07:35 that goes in the popcorn popper.
07:37 And I got my friend today
07:38 who's gonna show us how we can walk in Christ.
07:41 Amen. How you doing, Chef?
07:43 Come on, Chef Law, we're gonna be popping today, brother.
07:44 Come on now.
07:46 Let's talk about popping in Christ, brother.
07:47 Come on now, what are we talking about?
07:48 Let's go to our text.
07:50 All right, all right, that was easy.
07:51 Let's break it down.
07:52 It says, Colossians 2:6,
07:54 "As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord,
07:57 so walk ye in him."
08:00 Now you know I was talking about that popcorn, man.
08:03 You know that yummy popcorn we just had earlier on.
08:05 Now what does it mean to walk in Christ,
08:08 what are we talking about here?
08:10 When the Bible says to walk in Christ,
08:11 it means to live as He lived.
08:14 Anytime you understand the Bible,
08:15 and you're trying to understand the scripture,
08:17 it's good to go to the Bible, because it explains itself.
08:20 Amen, amen.
08:21 And so since we're doing our 28-day challenge,
08:24 we'll go back to one of the first days we did
08:26 and we read a scripture that said,
08:28 "If any man be in Christ is a new..."
08:32 Creature. "Is a new creature."
08:33 That's right. Amen.
08:34 So just like Jesus had to come down to this world
08:36 and get created as it were and then put on human flesh,
08:40 so when we're in Him, we get created,
08:42 we become a partaker of the divine nature.
08:46 So again, we're referring back to the very first day.
08:49 If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature,
08:52 so we have to be by God's grace,
08:53 we all, if we asked Him, we become a new creature.
08:57 But now, friends,
08:58 we have to now start walking with Him,
09:00 He's made us new but it doesn't stop
09:02 or it doesn't just stop with being made new,
09:04 we have to what?
09:05 Walk with Him.
09:06 So break it down for us, Chef Law.
09:08 What are we talking about here?
09:09 Well, it says, "As you received Him,
09:11 walk ye in Him."
09:13 And so the way you received Him
09:14 is the way you continuously walk in Him.
09:17 And that word walk is a very particular walk,
09:19 it means to pass on, to conduct.
09:22 So the Lord wants you to conduct your life
09:25 just the way you receive Christ at the first time.
09:28 And the Bible says
09:29 that, "Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith."
09:32 Amen. Come on now.
09:33 And you receive Christ by putting all your faith
09:35 and all your trust into Him,
09:36 but it wasn't just faith
09:38 where you sat back and did nothing,
09:39 'cause once you receive that faith in Christ,
09:41 you also receive the power to walk in Him.
09:44 So faith and power,
09:46 and as you live your life day-by-day
09:48 in the same faith and power, in Christ,
09:52 you will become a new creature day by day.
09:56 And, friends, when we look at this in comparison to,
09:59 I guess, our health walk, you know that Christ,
10:01 He was very intentional about His health.
10:04 Christ, He took care of Himself, obviously,
10:06 He says that our bodies
10:08 are the temple of the Holy Spirit.
10:09 And so we understand that Christ,
10:11 He is the one again who formed us.
10:13 So when we understand this, we have to do what?
10:16 We have to walk in His ways, walk in His plans.
10:19 And again, Christ's plans are what?
10:21 Are His... found in His what?
10:22 Found in His word. In His word.
10:24 And so remember, faith cometh by hearing
10:26 and hearing by the what?
10:27 By the word of God. Amen.
10:29 So tell us so any other points you wanna give us
10:31 on what it means to walk in Christ,
10:33 any other points you want to give us?
10:34 Friends, we're talking about having faith in Christ
10:37 and power in Christ.
10:40 So as you receive Christ Jesus walk ye in Him.
10:43 So as we're going through this 28-day challenge,
10:45 we're on day 17
10:47 and we want you to read Matthew 17.
10:49 Now this is a powerful chapter.
10:51 Christ is on the mountain about to be transfigured.
10:54 And we want you to walk in Christ
10:55 and be changed and be formed into His image.
10:58 And He's given you the faith and the power to do so.
11:01 What do you think about that, Chef?
11:02 I tell you, that transfiguration process,
11:04 I mean, Christ was in His Father.
11:07 You know, so we look at Christ as what?
11:09 As our example.
11:10 And so, friends, again,
11:12 Christ is our number one example.
11:13 When we understand who Christ is,
11:15 Christ came to this earth and humbled Himself,
11:18 but He relied completely on His Father,
11:20 and He was in essence in His Father.
11:22 And so for us, friends, if we need the extra boost,
11:25 if we need power,
11:27 we wanna have that daily experience of joy in life
11:31 just know that we can be in Christ.
11:33 And I like to say like that popcorn we had earlier,
11:35 Chef Law, that yummy popcorn.
11:37 I can't get it off my mind, man.
11:38 I mean, when you think about the popcorn,
11:41 the popcorn kernel, it just goes inside,
11:43 inside of the popcorn popper, and then when it goes
11:47 inside of the popcorn popper, it does what?
11:50 Pops out, fluffy and delicious and good.
11:53 And, friends, we can experience that today.
11:55 We go inside of Christ and we're gonna pop out
11:57 with that joy, with that life, and that love.
12:00 And I tell you, friends, it's gonna be so,
12:02 so some kind of good.
12:04 I tell you, let's have faith in Christ.
12:13 Well, friends, we're moving right along.
12:15 We've come down to the "O" in the FORK system.
12:18 And the "O" stands for Organization.
12:20 And you know how we do it.
12:22 We like to get in here and learn some secret tips
12:24 on how to organize our kitchen.
12:25 What's going on, Chef Law? How you doing, Chef?
12:26 Hey, we don't want to forget no one.
12:28 How are you guys doing out there once again?
12:29 We're moving right along, huh? Yeah, we're moving right along.
12:30 Well, today, friends, we're talking about the...
12:33 how to do a lunch and dinner meal plan.
12:35 Lunch.
12:36 And as again, what we're gonna do
12:37 is we're gonna discuss some of these ingredients
12:39 and we're gonna show you how you quickly can
12:41 begin this lunch and minner...
12:42 this lunch and dinner, I'm sorry, meal plan.
12:44 And so we have these ingredients
12:46 and let's go ahead and name a few of these off.
12:48 Right here we have our protein, we have right here...
12:49 What is that, Chef Law? That's some ground beef.
12:52 Ground beef. Exactly. Vegetarian ground beef.
12:54 So remember, most of us we are not vegans,
12:57 we normally eat food such as chicken,
12:59 we normally eat our beef,
13:00 we normally eat our, what else, fish.
13:02 Turkey, fish.
13:03 Turkey and those kind of things, okay.
13:04 And so what we have here, we have the ground beef
13:06 and we have our chicken for our protein.
13:08 What else do we have on this nice little platter here?
13:10 We got some vegetables, we got some corn and olives.
13:13 Okay, so let's start right here,
13:14 so the vegetables, obviously.
13:16 So what we wanna bring out is that normally, again,
13:17 we have our protein on that plate.
13:19 We also recommend having a nice fresh salad.
13:21 I tell you, I've been getting in the mood lately
13:23 in having fresh salads as much as possible.
13:25 I mean, literally, I get a big bowl of kale,
13:28 spinach, the lettuce mix,
13:30 add my olives into it, all that kind of stuff, man.
13:32 You can have that, man, literally everyday if you want.
13:35 You know, I like to do like a salad a day if you can.
13:37 You know, exactly. That's good.
13:38 Sometimes you got a good dressings, salad dressings.
13:40 Now that's what I'm talking about.
13:41 Now we're talking some good stuff, exactly.
13:42 So again, I got some, just to show us here,
13:44 we got some kale, spinach right here,
13:45 but again, remember, we got all kind of
13:47 different types of vegetables we can use.
13:49 Talking about adding broccoli into it.
13:50 We can do some squash, we got our carrots,
13:53 we have the green beans, zucchinis.
13:55 All of that can be made, put inside of your salad.
13:57 Any kind of vegetables you like.
13:59 So here we have some grains as well.
14:01 And we've been talking about our grains,
14:02 how important our grains are.
14:03 We have our, I feel rice by here.
14:05 And we also have some corn. We got some corn, okay.
14:06 And again, other grains you can use, quinoa,
14:09 you can also use...
14:11 What some other grains that we can think...
14:12 you thinking of other grains?
14:13 Couscous. Couscous, exactly.
14:15 So those type of grains
14:16 can also be used as well, friends.
14:17 And so again, these are simple.
14:19 Lastly, we have some bread here.
14:21 Again, sandwiches.
14:22 Can't go wrong with sandwiches, right?
14:24 Sandwiches are the best.
14:25 Exactly, can't go wrong with the sandwiches.
14:27 Again, lunch, you can do wraps, quesadillas.
14:29 I love wraps. You know what I'm saying?
14:30 All of that can be done... I'm from California...
14:31 Exactly.
14:33 So I like to wrap it up as much as I can.
14:34 And so, friends, what we're sharing with you
14:36 is the simple things.
14:37 Again, just pick out those things you like,
14:38 put it into a meal plan menu,
14:40 you write out everyday,
14:41 day one, I'm gonna have this,
14:42 day two, I'm gonna have this,
14:44 day three, I'm gonna have this for lunch.
14:45 And what you do, you make it in advance.
14:46 You can make sandwiches for the week.
14:48 You can make three sandwiches.
14:49 You know, on a Monday, that'll last you for Tuesday,
14:51 on a Thursday, and then on a Friday.
14:53 You know what I'm saying? You got everything set up.
14:55 You know what I'm saying?
14:56 So again, these things again,
14:57 we wanna stress the planning is critical.
15:00 We have two more things we wanna share.
15:02 Right here, we have some... Anybody know what this is?
15:03 Those are mushrooms. Mushrooms.
15:05 Mushrooms are excellent.
15:06 Mushrooms are excellent
15:08 because they are good source of protein,
15:09 and again, you can crispy these up.
15:10 We've showed you some of those recipes already,
15:12 but you can mushrooms for another meat substitute.
15:14 And then we also have our fat right here.
15:15 We have our oil right here, okay.
15:17 Okay.
15:18 We recommend again using,
15:19 the olive oil is an excellent oil.
15:21 You can also use other oil.
15:22 You can use soy oil if you want to use soy oil,
15:24 that grape seed oil.
15:25 There's many other oils you can choose from.
15:27 So again, friends,
15:28 we wanna make sure that we got to gain a good balance.
15:30 God has given us a great balance.
15:32 And we didn't have on here the beans,
15:33 you can choose any of those beans,
15:35 again for your good delicious lunch and dinners.
15:39 But friends, remember this, kitchen automation
15:41 is all about organizing your kitchen.
15:43 So get in the kitchen, have some fun,
15:45 and make that plan.
15:52 We're moving right along, friends.
15:53 We've come to the "R" of the FORK system.
15:55 And the "R" stands for Recipe.
15:58 And today's recipe is gonna be so delicious.
16:02 When I'm talking about something good,
16:03 I'm talking about something that's gonna be so good,
16:05 you might actually smell it through the TV.
16:07 I'm just talking about
16:08 something that's gonna be so good,
16:10 and me and Chef Law gonna have some kind of fun.
16:11 What's going on, Chef Law?
16:12 Hey, how are you guys doing our there?
16:14 What's going on Chef?
16:15 And you know, my last name, Chef Law, is Chew.
16:16 Is Chew
16:18 And sometimes people get...
16:19 It's kind of Asian. They get confused at time.
16:21 They think they're gonna see an Asian guy
16:22 but they end up seeing a black guy.
16:24 You know, and so it's kind of interesting,
16:26 you know, I got the last name Chew.
16:28 I don't talk Chinese, don't talk Korean,
16:31 but I can just talk a little bit of good,
16:32 good sofu talk, you know what I'm saying...
16:33 Do sofu talk, all right.
16:35 That's what I'm talking about,
16:36 but today we're making something called
16:38 a authentic Japanese ramen noodle soup.
16:40 And some of us might be familiar
16:41 with something called may be oodles and noodles,
16:43 you heard of oodles and noodles?
16:44 I heard of oodles and noodles, yes.
16:45 You know and that's, that's, you know, that's the,
16:47 that the processed version of something
16:48 that was actually really delicious
16:49 that you can find in the Asian culture,
16:51 we're gonna make today.
16:53 So go ahead and read it. We got a fresh version now.
16:54 The fresh version,
16:55 go ahead and read a recipe for us, Chef Law?
16:57 All right, let me read the recipe here.
17:22 All right, so we got to get right into it,
17:24 we don't have a lot of time, we'll go right into it, okay.
17:25 All right.
17:27 So go ahead, go ahead
17:28 and start getting those onions for me,
17:29 the onion and the ginger.
17:31 Go ahead and start slicing that up, okay?
17:32 All right.
17:33 So I'm gonna, while you're doing that
17:35 I'm gonna start grabbing and put the oil right in here.
17:36 All right, put the oil right in here.
17:37 I'm gonna go ahead and throw on our pan here,
17:39 we have our delicious minced garlic,
17:40 I'm gonna go ahead and throw that right here,
17:42 okay, right here.
17:43 That's what I'm talking about, lot of sizzle, lot of sizzle,
17:44 lot of sizzle.
17:46 Oh, little, little bit of hot going,
17:47 go ahead and slice it up for me, Chef Law,
17:49 if you can please, all right?
17:50 All right. Go ahead and slice it up, okay?
17:54 All right, I'm gonna start grabbing it.
17:55 Go ahead. Be careful. All right.
17:56 Don't wanna, don't wanna burn myself,
17:58 I mean, not burn,
17:59 I don't wanna cut myself, is that right?
18:01 Yeah, that's right. Exactly, exactly, exactly.
18:02 That's what I'm talking about, all right.
18:04 You got to be careful.
18:05 So go ahead, go ahead and help me out real quick.
18:06 So what we're doing right here, we're caramelizing our garlic,
18:08 we're caramelizing our onions
18:09 and this is gonna be the base flavors here, friends,
18:11 the base flavors going right inside of it,
18:12 okay, going right inside of it.
18:14 Really easy to do, okay.
18:15 Now we got the ginger, you're slicing the ginger up,
18:18 and again the garlic,
18:19 the ginger and the onions is that base flavor,
18:23 I'm telling you this is gonna be so delicious,
18:25 come on now.
18:27 Smell-O-Vision.
18:29 Come on y'all. Y'all smell it out there?
18:30 Now that smell good.
18:32 I can't wait to, I can't wait...
18:33 That's what I'm talking.
18:34 We'll start getting that ginger sauteing.
18:36 Let me go ahead and grab some of that right there, okay.
18:37 All right. All right.
18:38 That's what I'm talking about, just like that.
18:40 Flip it around just like that, all right.
18:42 I'm gonna add little bit of seasoning in here,
18:44 little bit of seasoning on top of that.
18:46 And again, we're layering the flavors.
18:48 We talk about this a lot. We're layering the flavors.
18:50 It's so critical that's to layer the flavors
18:52 in this recipe is so critical, okay.
18:53 Throw the rest of that in there.
18:54 All right.
18:56 Go ahead, now,
18:57 we're gonna start chopping up our bok choy,
18:59 and first and before we even do the bok choy,
19:00 we're gonna go ahead
19:01 and put our mushrooms into this pan, okay.
19:03 Okay. So we got a hot pan right here.
19:05 Let me go ahead
19:06 and add our mushrooms over here if we can.
19:08 Mushrooms right on top of that. That's what I'm talking about.
19:11 Mushrooms right into pan. Like that.
19:12 Go and add the mushrooms right inside of it,
19:14 that's what I'm talking about.
19:15 All right so, friends, again all we're doing
19:17 is getting our based ingredients,
19:18 now we're about to get
19:19 our vegetable starting over here,
19:21 that's gonna start cooking over here,
19:22 okay, just like that, just like that.
19:24 So we got bok choy.
19:26 Bok choy is an Asian vegetable.
19:27 Again you can get it at most stores that bok choy.
19:30 Again you might have
19:31 other ingredients you could add, yes,
19:33 you can add spinach to this recipe
19:34 if you wanted to, even cabbage if you wanted to.
19:36 We're gonna use some bok choy.
19:37 And you notice it has the white stem
19:39 and the green part, okay.
19:40 So we're gonna put that right inside over here,
19:42 that's gonna cook now really quickly, okay.
19:44 So go ahead and put that right on top of that,
19:45 cut that open, all right.
19:47 Oh, man, there's a lot going on,
19:50 a lot of flavor going on.
19:51 I'm talking about getting something to chew on.
19:53 That's what I'm talking about, brother.
19:54 Oh, y'all watching TV
19:56 but I wish y'all could smell this.
19:57 Come on now. Come on.
19:58 Now what I'm gonna do on this one,
20:00 I'm gonna add rest of my seasons in here.
20:02 I'm gonna put my, my season, my country style season here,
20:06 chicken style seasoning, add little bit of cayenne.
20:08 The cayenne is so critical.
20:10 The cayenne is gonna give this recipe a nice kick.
20:12 Nice kick, yeah.
20:13 When you eat it on the back of your throat
20:15 it's not gonna be too hot,
20:16 but it's gonna be a nice little...
20:19 just like that.
20:20 Can you do that, Chef Law?
20:21 Say...
20:23 That's what I'm talking about, Chef Law.
20:24 Go ahead now.
20:25 Come on now, that's what I'm talking about.
20:27 I got the bok choy chopped. Chop it up just like that, bro.
20:28 Throw it in there.
20:30 Definitely having a good chef in your team up,
20:31 a good sous-chef is they call, right?
20:33 All right. That's what I'm talking about.
20:34 So we got the ginger and garlic coming right here.
20:36 All right, that's almost done.
20:38 Let me go and throw that right in there
20:40 and this is second here, all right.
20:42 Okay.
20:43 All right, so, what we have left,
20:44 I'm gonna go ahead now and add this braggs,
20:46 that's gonna add a nice simmer effect.
20:49 And when I did that, that cayenne has hit me like...
20:52 All right.
20:54 So you got the full force on kick.
20:55 Oh, I'm getting it, I'm getting it, man,
20:57 getting that full force.
20:58 So that's cooking down just like that.
20:59 That's what I'm talking about.
21:01 Oh, it's looking so good.
21:03 Don't play we're looking good, man.
21:05 Come on now, that's what I'm talking about.
21:06 All right, so now what I'm gonna do...
21:08 What we're gonna do now?
21:09 We'll go ahead
21:11 and take the ginger, and the garlic, and the onions,
21:12 we're gonna add it
21:13 right on top of that just like that.
21:15 Go and put that inside of it. Get it all, and get it all.
21:16 Get it all though. Let no be loss now.
21:17 Let no be loss. Come on now.
21:19 That's what I'm talking about. Come on, y'all.
21:21 Y'all know what you're missing.
21:22 So we're going to throw this up
21:24 just like that,
21:25 we're gonna add some of this, this noodles,
21:27 got some noodles right here, friends.
21:29 I'm gonna put that right inside of this just like that.
21:31 Oh, come on y'all. Come on y'all, come on.
21:34 So we got the noodles right here...
21:35 Delicious. Just like that.
21:37 And what I'm gonna do,
21:38 I'm gonna add little water here, okay,
21:39 just like that, little water, that's it just like that.
21:42 Now we're gonna and mix up.
21:43 Go and thin it for us if you don't mind, Chef Law.
21:45 So right here, friends, we have a delicious ramen,
21:48 ramen authentic, ramen noodle soup,
21:51 just like they do in the Asian places you know.
21:54 They might think I'm Asian when they say,
21:55 Chew but right here, friends,
21:57 we're gonna go ahead and let the flavors come on.
21:58 Okay, let look at this.
22:00 Let's go ahead and see all, oh, yes, sir.
22:01 Come on now. Come on. That's right, that's right.
22:04 Oh, yeah, go ahead
22:06 we got the more season right here,
22:07 little more seasoning.
22:09 You can't go wrong with the seasoning...
22:10 Almost season on top of that. Cool, that's it, that's it.
22:12 I'm gonna eat some of this straight out of the pan.
22:15 Come on now, little bowl right there.
22:17 Come on, y'all. It's looking good.
22:19 Now, Chef Law, why don't you, why don't you go ahead
22:20 and just get the little bit of that,
22:22 you know, you want just like mommy used to do it,
22:23 get right off the pot.
22:25 Yeah, right off the pan.
22:26 Come on now, go and get it, get it.
22:27 Let me give you a best real quick.
22:29 Come on now. Come on now, Chef Law.
22:30 Is that good, Chef Law?
22:31 Little best one that, Chef Law, come on now.
22:33 Hold on, I'm busy. Go ahead now.
22:34 Now I'll tell you later. That's what I'm talking about.
22:36 Oh, come on y'all.
22:37 That's what I'm talking about,
22:38 this authentic ramen noodle soup.
22:40 It is so delicious. I mean, it's so good.
22:42 I tell you, friends, you don't wanna miss it.
22:49 Well, friends, we've come down to the close of day number 17.
22:54 We're moving right along and you know,
22:55 we are at the end of the FORK system,
22:57 and the "F" stands for Faith,
22:58 the "O" stands for Organization,
23:00 the "R" stands for Recipe
23:02 and the "K" stands for Knowledge.
23:05 And here's where we get to come together
23:07 and ask some questions.
23:08 It's not a game show,
23:10 we're asking questions that I tell you, friends,
23:11 it's going to be important.
23:12 Questions that's gonna give you,
23:14 again the lessons that we hope
23:16 and we pray that's gonna last for lifetime.
23:19 So again we want this to be information
23:21 that you can use, but again it can build you up.
23:22 And you know,
23:24 I have my good buddy again Chef Law.
23:25 What's going on, Chef Law? What's going on, Chef?
23:27 How are you guys doing out there?
23:28 Go and get it started, Chef Law.
23:30 All right, question number one, here we go rolling right along.
23:33 To walk like Christ means to what?
23:36 Three choices,
23:37 A, talk like Christ, live as Christ,
23:40 or to eat as Christ?
23:43 That's a, that's kind of tricky question, man.
23:46 You know, you broke it down to me earlier,
23:47 you're gonna have to help us out.
23:48 It says, we can either talk like Him...
23:50 Talk like Him.
23:51 Live as Him or we can eat like Christ.
23:53 Eat like Christ. So help us out on this one?
23:54 That's a little tricky question but if you're living as Christ,
23:58 then you are talking like Him.
23:59 Come on now. You're eating like Him.
24:01 Come on now, I like that, I like that.
24:02 It's to walk as Christ means to live the life He lived.
24:04 Okay.
24:06 Through His power. Through His power.
24:07 So everything else comes what? Comes in it.
24:09 Comes in naturally, amen. It comes with that.
24:10 So the priority you can say,
24:12 the principal thing is to live like Christ.
24:15 I like that, I like that, so what's question number two,
24:17 Chef Law?
24:18 All right, question number two is,
24:19 what is the secret to a lunch or dinner meal planning?
24:23 Three choices again,
24:25 A, is it make foods ahead of time,
24:28 B, is it make foods in the morning
24:30 before you go to work
24:32 or is it C, buy foods from the closest
24:34 fast food restaurant?
24:35 Oh, man.
24:37 We're already talking about the fast food restaurant.
24:38 Come on now, you know, and I'm telling you,
24:39 in today's society we love convenience.
24:42 A lot of times we like to get things what,
24:43 right in where we were,
24:45 when we see it, we don't like that.
24:46 Lot of times again we talk
24:47 so much about planning and organization.
24:49 And I tell you, friends,
24:50 we like to say the best way is not to get it,
24:53 you know, in a sense when it's convenient
24:55 or even to do it right in the morning
24:56 when you wake up,
24:58 because you might not feel like doing it in the morning.
24:59 So we like to just... Might not have time.
25:01 Might not even have time.
25:02 The baby might be crying
25:03 or you might got to take care of the dog,
25:05 who knows what's going to happen.
25:06 So the most important way or the best way we like to say,
25:09 make it watch them, how do we do it, Chef Law?
25:11 Make it before time.
25:12 Make it ahead of time, exactly. Make it ahead of time.
25:14 All right, so what's question number three?
25:16 All right, question number three.
25:17 Bok choy is a Mexican vegetable?
25:21 Again, bok choy is a Mexican vegetable?
25:24 Is that true or is that false?
25:27 Now you know my wife again, you know, Chef Chew,
25:29 number two is she's a, she's a lovely Mexicana lady,
25:31 if you know where I'm coming from.
25:33 Now, does your wife...
25:34 Now, hold on,
25:36 I got a confession to make, y'all.
25:37 You know a few programs back I had a,
25:39 I said something that I shouldn't have said.
25:42 I talked about a other wife
25:43 but I got to bring this point out correctly.
25:45 All right, make it plain.
25:46 You might not remember this,
25:47 you might be new to the program today
25:49 but I want to let you all know
25:50 I have one beautiful lovely wife, amen.
25:53 Come on now, brother, you know what I'm saying.
25:55 And she's a beautiful Latina lady.
25:56 Amen.
25:57 And I tell you, so we're talking about bok choy
25:59 is it a Mexicana vegetable
26:00 or is it another kind of vegetable?
26:03 You know, we made our delicious stir fry today, friends,
26:05 that actually you know, wasn't just a stir fry
26:07 but it was actually a stir fry
26:09 that we put inside of a delicious, a delicious,
26:11 now follow me now, that there was a gourmet soup
26:14 that we made today, wasn't it?
26:16 And that soup, friends, was so some kind of good,
26:18 but again, the key we want to make
26:19 is this is that Mexican vegetable bok choy
26:22 or is it another kind of vegetable?
26:23 What kind of vegetable is that, Chef?
26:24 Do you know, Chef Law?
26:26 Well, if I had to go right for the name,
26:28 I would say it's definitely not a Mexican vegetable.
26:30 All right, not a Mexican vegetable.
26:31 And so my last name is Chew, friends,
26:33 and that kind of has a little Asian twist to it.
26:36 So we like to say it's a Asian vegetable.
26:38 It's Asian vegetable. That's right.
26:39 So again...
26:40 Good vegetable. Good vegetable.
26:42 So remember the bok choy is a type of Asian vegetable.
26:45 And so, friends, again we like to have fun,
26:48 you know to eat healthy and have a sour face,
26:51 I mean, wouldn't that be kind of messed up,
26:53 Chef Law?
26:55 You've got to enjoy all facets to live the life...
26:56 Come on now.
26:57 You've got to have temperance
26:59 and you've got to do things the right way
27:00 but life is supposed to be enjoyable
27:01 and God wants you to enjoy...
27:03 So eat with the smile... That's right, exactly.
27:04 Come on now.
27:06 Live with the smile and change this 28 day
27:08 with the smile even when it gets rough.
27:10 Come on.
27:11 And I think that's a very important principle
27:12 that he's saying here.
27:14 Again we don't want to be a burden
27:15 and many times when we think about health,
27:17 it always comes across many times
27:19 in our brains just like, man, I gotta change this,
27:22 I gotta stop doing this,
27:23 and we start putting on all these things
27:26 that I can't do.
27:27 But we don't realize that,
27:28 when we actually begin going the way
27:30 that God has called us to,
27:31 He starts giving us again something better,
27:34 He begins, Chef Law, to give us guess what, life.
27:36 Life.
27:37 And I tell you,
27:39 He not only wants to give us life
27:40 but He says, He wants to give us life how,
27:42 more abundantly.
27:43 More abundantly.
27:44 And I tell you, friends, you go to understand this.
27:46 My name is Chef Chew. And my name is Chef Law.
27:49 And as we always say,
27:51 "Gonna give you something to chew on."


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