Chew's Challenge

Day 20

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Participants: Chef G.W. Chew, Chef Tim Lawson, Tina Chew


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00:30 Hey, friends, my name is Chef Chew
00:32 and as I always say,
00:34 "Going to give you something to chew on."
00:36 Well, we've come to
00:37 day number 20 of Chew's Challenge.
00:40 And I tell you time is just moving so fast.
00:43 You know, they say, the old proverb,
00:44 "When you're having fun, time just goes by so fast."
00:48 Well, you know my good friend, Chef Law,
00:49 what's happening, Chef Law?
00:50 How are you doing, Chef? I'm doing wonderful, man.
00:52 How are you guys doing out there?
00:53 How's it going with you, man?
00:54 I tell you so today, man, we're going make something
00:56 that's really, really delicious.
00:57 Now you've got a bagel over here.
00:59 Now, you know, we like some bagels, man.
01:00 You're doing cool, brother.
01:01 You know what I'm saying, we're going to make...
01:03 I like to say, a chicken, egg, and cheese bagel sandwich.
01:05 Let me say it again, a chicken, egg, and cheese bagel sandwich.
01:09 Vegan style. Vegan style, that's right.
01:11 Let's go ahead
01:12 and what's the ingredients, Chef Law.
01:14 All right. Let's see what we're going to use today.
01:15 Okay? Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
01:16 We're gonna use:
01:26 And we have few more left,
01:28 what else we have for egg filling?
01:29 We have.
01:30 For the egg filling we've got:
01:36 All right, so right here,
01:37 we're talking about the different components here,
01:40 we got the bagel, right?
01:41 We got the good bagel.
01:43 All right, so I remember back in the day,
01:44 I used to go to some of the restaurants
01:45 in the morning time
01:47 and they had the egg and cheese bagels.
01:48 Bagels. Yeah.
01:50 So we're gonna, kind of,
01:51 do a mock version of that, is that okay?
01:52 Egg, cheese and chicken. That's it, brother. That's it.
01:54 So we're gonna go ahead and cut the pepper,
01:55 I'm gonna go ahead and do this one.
01:56 Somebody of y'all might not know
01:58 how to cut the pepper
01:59 and we're gonna show it how to do it.
02:00 Is there a special way you cut it?
02:02 So what I like to do, I like to cut the top part off here.
02:03 Cut the top. All right.
02:05 Cut the bottom part. All right. All right.
02:06 All right, then we cut in half. Okay.
02:07 And now we got the insides, all right?
02:09 And we just go ahead and carve those insides,
02:10 is that okay?
02:11 That's good.
02:13 Little bit of compost right there, okay.
02:14 Little bit of compost. What's compost?
02:16 Come on, compost, you know, those who have the garden,
02:17 you wanna save the produce you can.
02:18 We can give it to the chickens
02:20 or you can save it for the garden.
02:21 How you wanna do it, okay? Okay.
02:23 So we're gonna go ahead and dice this up.
02:24 Okay. All right. Just like that.
02:26 And we're gonna do some...
02:28 And I like to use,
02:29 I don't wanna have a serrated edge knife.
02:30 That's a better knife for chopping peppers
02:32 because a lot of times a straight edge knives
02:33 don't always cut them the easiest.
02:35 Is that okay? Okay.
02:36 But we got it, we got it, we're taken care of.
02:38 So it's a tough little vegetable.
02:39 Exactly. So go ahead and finish that up for me if you can.
02:40 Go and finish that pepper up.
02:42 I'm gonna add a little bit of oil on this, little bit of oil.
02:44 Let me turn down this a little bit.
02:48 All right, let me turn this down.
02:49 And what we gonna do?
02:50 We're gonna add our onions, and our peppers on here.
02:53 We're gonna get that sautéing. Is that okay, everyone?
02:55 Let's go ahead and do it up. All right.
02:56 Sounds good. Let's do it.
02:58 Go and chop that up, and go ahead
02:59 and get those onions going for me.
03:00 That's what I'm talking about,
03:02 a nice little sizzle, sizzle, sizzle.
03:03 That's right. That's right, like that.
03:05 All right. All right. Just like that.
03:09 Go ahead and bring those over there real quick,
03:10 we wanna go ahead and get that oil
03:12 so it won't burn up too fast.
03:13 All right.
03:14 Go and get the onions right there for me, please.
03:16 So right now, friends,
03:18 we're gonna put the peppers and the onions,
03:19 this is the base for the flavors right here,
03:21 all right.
03:22 Little bit of a seasoning on top of this, like this,
03:24 like that.
03:25 Come on now.
03:27 So again, we got the...
03:28 You can keep those, Law, like that,
03:30 keep it nice in the slice,
03:31 you don't want to cut them too fine.
03:32 I see. Just like that is fine.
03:34 So I'm gonna go ahead and put this in here
03:35 and we're good to go.
03:36 That's all we need. That's actually all you need.
03:38 That's all we need. Okay.
03:39 So now what we're gonna do, friends,
03:40 I'm gonna go ahead and let the...
03:42 again the onions get nice and translucent
03:43 and what we're gonna do next is go ahead
03:45 and chop up our chicken, okay?
03:46 Chop up our chicken.
03:47 So right here we got some vegan chicken,
03:49 you can get this at most health food stores
03:50 and even some of our regular grocery stores.
03:52 You want this in strips or cubes?
03:53 Go ahead and kind of do it... dice.
03:55 Just go ahead and dice them up. We wanna do 'em dice, okay?
03:57 All right. Nice and fine Nice and fine.
03:59 All right, just like that.
04:01 Oh, man, that's what I'm talking about.
04:03 Nice and fine.
04:04 Nice little healthy protein
04:05 and we gonna add that to it just like that.
04:07 All right, move right along.
04:09 All right, that's all we need, that's all we need.
04:10 All right. You can stop right there.
04:12 So we want to let that go ahead and go.
04:13 And what we're gonna do next, we have some tofu,
04:16 and we're gonna make the egg filling, okay?
04:17 Go ahead and bring that bowl over here if you can.
04:19 All right. Get the bowl. Go ahead and smash that up.
04:22 Do that for me if you don't mind.
04:25 You wanna smash that up if you can.
04:27 All right, we're gonna add a little bit of oil in that.
04:29 Okay.
04:30 All right, one tablespoon of the chicken style seasoning,
04:33 go ahead and mix all that together if you can.
04:34 All right. All right.
04:35 I'm gonna go ahead and this...
04:37 Aw, this is looking good, y'all. Come on, y'all.
04:39 Come on now. Come on.
04:42 Now the egg is gonna find...
04:44 it's gonna kind of have like a nice creamy texture
04:46 because again we're using the tofu egg.
04:48 And again it kind of, almost it's kind of like a cheese
04:50 or something like a ricotta cheese.
04:52 It kind of has a cheese effect, plus egg effect.
04:54 Plus, egg effect.
04:55 Exactly, I'll put this over here real quick.
04:57 We'll get that on this side. Okay.
04:59 All right. Now, what we're gonna do next?
05:02 We'll go and put this out of the way.
05:05 All right, put this in the side right here.
05:07 What we're gonna do now,
05:09 we'll go ahead now and get our bagel, okay?
05:12 We're going ahead now.
05:13 We got our delicious egg and cheese,
05:15 and we got our cheese and we've got some nice...
05:17 I like to say, mozzarellas, not the mozzarella,
05:19 it's the mozzarella.
05:20 Is that okay? Mozzarella.
05:21 Come on, put that slice right there.
05:23 Oh, come on. Slice it nicely.
05:24 Come on, Chef Law, just like that, come on.
05:25 Nice big slices, don't be stingy.
05:27 Don't be stingy with the cheese.
05:28 You like the fat slices on it, man?
05:30 Come on now. Nice, the thick slices, huh?
05:31 Oh, yes, sir. Yes, sir. That's all we need.
05:33 All right, man.
05:34 It's looking really good, looking really good.
05:36 So we're gonna do now, this is almost ready to go.
05:38 Got our chicken with the peppers and the onions,
05:42 we got a nice egg filing, come on now.
05:44 Ooh, come on, y'all. Come on, y'all.
05:45 Let me get a good whiff. All right.
05:47 So we gonna put the egg, the egg on the bottom.
05:49 Egg on the bottom. Careful now.
05:51 Egg on the bottom. Okay.
05:53 All right, just like that. Like that.
05:56 Put the meat right on top of that.
05:59 Let's fill it on top. All right.
06:00 You got to be kind of delicate with this, if that's okay?
06:02 That's all right.
06:03 They might get a little messy it's all right.
06:05 We can clean that at the end. Messy foods are good foods.
06:06 The onion on top of that. That's all right.
06:08 Is that okay? All right. That's good.
06:09 So right there, just like that.
06:11 You want to put the cheese strips on top?
06:13 Cheese strips right on top. Okay.
06:14 Come on, y'all. Come on now.
06:17 Now that's just like there, right.
06:19 Okay.
06:20 Now we got the egg and cheese bagel.
06:21 I don't know about you guys,
06:23 but that looks some kind of good.
06:24 The layers of the egg,
06:27 the layers of the chicken with the onions,
06:28 and the peppers, and that cheese on it.
06:31 Now Chef Law, I gotta to get a bite as well,
06:32 is that okay, man?
06:34 Go ahead and do it.
06:43 Well, friends, we're moving right along,
06:44 we've come to the "F" in the FORK system
06:47 and the "F" stands for Faith.
06:50 And the Bible says this, it says,
06:51 "Without faith, it is impossible to please God."
06:55 Again, without faith, it is impossible to please God.
06:59 And you better believe it.
07:00 We want to learn how to please God.
07:02 And God is telling us today to press toward the mark,
07:05 to press toward that mark of His high calling.
07:08 Today we're gonna be talking about this
07:10 and I have a good friend again, my good buddy,
07:12 Chef Law, what's happening?
07:13 How are you doing, Chef? I'm doing good, Brother.
07:15 How you doing? How you guys doing out there?
07:16 Yes, sir, so we're talking today
07:18 about pressing toward the mark.
07:19 Pressing toward the mark.
07:20 So we're gonna see what the Bible has to say about it.
07:22 It's gonna be very interesting topic.
07:23 That's right.
07:24 I love this verse,
07:26 I love what it says, let's get into it.
07:27 Amen.
07:28 is where the verse is found.
07:30 It says, "I press toward the mark
07:32 for the prize of the high calling of God
07:35 in Christ Jesus."
07:38 Come on now. Pressing toward the mark.
07:40 Pressing toward the mark. So what is the mark?
07:42 What is Paul saying
07:44 when he says he presses toward the mark?
07:46 Well, the mark is a goal. Yes, that's right. Okay.
07:48 Paul is using the languages as if he is running a race.
07:50 Running a race, that's right.
07:52 But he's not running a race
07:53 without a definite goal in mind.
07:55 Come on now. I like that.
07:56 Success in any line of your life,
07:59 in anything that you do,
08:00 you must have a definite aim, and a definite goal in view
08:04 that you're trying to reach.
08:06 I like that. I like that. I like that.
08:07 So in these 28 days, that he is saying,
08:09 we have this definite aim.
08:11 We have an aim that God is going to give us a spirit
08:15 that we're gonna be in Christ as we talked about,
08:17 and God is gonna work a transformation in our hearts,
08:19 number one, and also begin to work a transformation
08:22 in our life
08:23 that we might be healthy not just for ourselves
08:26 but most importantly, be healthy
08:28 that we might serve God at a higher level.
08:30 What do you say about that, Chef Law?
08:32 That's the goal. That's the goal.
08:33 That's the mark. That's it. Amen.
08:35 And so when you're making your goals in life,
08:37 one of the things you wanna remember to do is,
08:38 you wanna remember to set short goals
08:41 and long-term goals.
08:42 I like that.
08:43 If you have just the long-term goals
08:45 it can seem pretty dreary, like you're never reaching it.
08:46 Exactly.
08:48 And when you have those short-term goals
08:49 and you set it, it builds up your confidence.
08:51 That's right. It builds up your faith.
08:53 Your faith. Come on now.
08:54 Because you guys go through something,
08:55 you guys experience something.
08:57 Exactly.
08:58 But these goals should always have Christ in view...
09:01 Come on now. Come on now. And a prize in view.
09:04 'Cause you can set a goal...
09:06 Exactly.
09:07 And not have really a prize that you can attain to decide
09:10 I've matched this goal.
09:11 Exactly.
09:13 So what is the prize that we're gonna experience
09:15 in this whole tuning?
09:16 What is the price that we're gonna experience
09:18 in these 28 days?
09:19 What is very interesting is, oh, it's the same prize
09:20 that God promises in the Bible.
09:22 God promises eternal life. And that's very interesting.
09:26 You can't have life without having health.
09:29 To have life you have to have health.
09:31 So even down here on this earth, if my goal,
09:34 which would be a very foolish goal
09:35 was just money.
09:37 Say that was my goal.
09:38 It would be almost impossible for me
09:39 to enjoy that money without being healthy.
09:41 If my goal was to be a good father,
09:43 raise my kids, I wouldn't be able
09:45 if I wasn't healthy these certain things I couldn't do.
09:47 Exactly, exactly.
09:48 So we want you to know these 28 days to in do,
09:51 that's why we're trying to integrate health
09:52 and your spirituality
09:54 because to even enjoy your relationship with God,
09:57 your relationship with your family,
09:58 your relationship with your friends,
10:00 health is a big factor on that list.
10:02 Exactly, exactly.
10:04 And some of y'all might be out there
10:05 and obviously, we wanna experience health.
10:07 And sometimes, you know, on a realistic view,
10:11 sometimes we've done things to ourselves
10:12 that it might not be an easy recovery.
10:15 But I tell you, the Lord says press toward the mark.
10:17 Even though we might have made mistakes,
10:19 even though we might even have,
10:20 as it says, a thorn in our side
10:22 that it seems that it won't go away.
10:24 Just know that we can build upon
10:26 the latter days or the last days that we have
10:29 or make them the best days of our lives.
10:31 So regardless of what your experience
10:32 may have been,
10:34 just know that God always can renew,
10:36 He can restore and one day, come on now,
10:39 one day God is going to take away this old
10:42 and put on something new.
10:43 I don't know, y'all.
10:45 You know what I'm talking about this, Chef Law.
10:46 Come on now, you know, what I'm talking, Chef Law.
10:47 Something new, man, the prize, brother, come on now.
10:49 Something better. Something better, that's right.
10:51 Like we say that health in this life
10:52 is just a little, is a little precursor
10:54 to that eternal health that Christ is gonna give us.
10:57 And it's so beautiful
10:58 because for us to live with God forever.
11:00 Jesus came down to this world
11:02 and He decided to be apart from the Father...
11:04 Come on now.
11:05 For us to experience the glory and the riches of the heaven,
11:08 He came down here and He became poor.
11:10 And what He wants to give to you
11:11 is this eternal life,
11:13 this eternal wealth of health where death will be no more,
11:16 where sickness will be no more,
11:17 where separations from the families
11:19 and friends would be no more.
11:20 So as you enjoy this piece of having getting healthy,
11:24 feeling good about yourself, looking better about yourself,
11:26 always keep in mind and in goal
11:29 that Jesus still has something better for you
11:32 and that something better is eternal life.
11:35 Amen. But it's found only in Christ.
11:37 So as you read your Book of Matthew today,
11:39 and as you meditate on these things,
11:41 remember that God wants you to live with Him eternally
11:45 in a relationship of love.
11:47 Amen.
11:53 Hey, friends, we're moving right along.
11:55 We've come to the "O" in the FORK system.
11:57 And you know what the "O" stands for?
11:59 The "O" stands for Organization.
12:02 Now understand this,
12:03 today we're talking about something
12:05 that's really, really important.
12:06 And I've invited a special guest to join us
12:08 and you don't wanna miss who our special guest is.
12:11 But today we're talking about nutritional facts panel.
12:14 That's right, nutritional facts panels.
12:16 In every product in the store, it's required by our law
12:19 to have a nutritional facts panel.
12:21 And I have a few products in front of me
12:22 and you're gonna find that on this product,
12:24 you're gonna find that
12:25 it's right on the side of the box.
12:27 On this product where I have right here,
12:28 it's on the back of the box.
12:30 So you'll find that many different products,
12:31 it might be on the back, it might be on the bottom,
12:34 it might even be on the side.
12:35 But I tell you, as you understand
12:37 that nutritional facts panels are very important
12:40 because it tells you what is actually...
12:43 not actually, it tell you what is in the food,
12:45 and it also tells you
12:47 how much of the nutrients it has inside of the food.
12:50 So I'm gonna invite my special guest here
12:52 and his name is Mr. Nutritional Facts.
12:55 So how're you doing Mr. Nutritional Facts?
12:58 Well, I guess you can't talk to me
13:00 but it's okay,
13:01 but we're gonna ask him a few questions,
13:02 and we're gonna look at this and find out, friends.
13:04 We're gonna find out how many servings,
13:06 we're gonna see the calories,
13:08 we're also gonna see the fat content,
13:10 and we're gonna learn something about these facts.
13:13 Let's look at it very quickly, so it says,
13:14 how many servings do we have, Mr. Nutritional facts?
13:16 Well, it can't talk.
13:18 So he has serving size, one cup
13:20 and it says he has two servings per container,
13:23 so in this product, friends,
13:25 it has two cups of product inside of this package.
13:30 So what we're gonna find is
13:31 how many calories are in one cup.
13:33 Let see what it says.
13:35 It says in one cup of product, it has 280 calories.
13:39 Now in the American diet,
13:41 they recommend that our daily value,
13:44 you'll find it should be about 2000 calories.
13:47 And that can sometimes vary depending on your weight,
13:49 depending on your size obviously,
13:51 but they recommend about 2000 calories per day
13:54 in our food content.
13:56 Let's find some more information now.
13:57 And so we have the fat,
13:58 it has the total fat and it says 13 grams.
14:00 It has saturated fat at 5 grams and trans fat at 2 grams.
14:05 So here we're talking about the saturated fat.
14:07 What is saturated fat?
14:08 The saturated fat is the fat
14:10 that's solid at room temperature.
14:11 Also, the trans fat is also solid
14:15 at room temperature as well.
14:16 So these fats aren't always the greatest,
14:19 but again you're gonna find that even some of our nuts,
14:21 even some of our oils have a level of saturated fats,
14:24 so it's not...
14:25 Again, it's not an evil thing, but we wanna, again,
14:27 we wanna lower that as much as possible.
14:31 Let's see what else it has inside of here.
14:32 Oh, boy, it has cholesterol.
14:34 So we probably know that this recipe or this product
14:37 I should say, does it,
14:39 it probably has meat inside of this product,
14:40 'cause one great thing about vegan foods,
14:42 there is no cholesterol in any vegan products.
14:46 So in this product,
14:47 it obviously must have some type of dairy,
14:49 or some type of meat inside of this product.
14:51 Let's see what else it says.
14:53 It also has carbohydrates, 31 grams.
14:55 It also has fiber.
14:56 Now fiber obviously, friends, is very important.
14:59 We need our fiber, don't we?
15:00 We wanna keep on moving.
15:02 If you're gonna say where I'm coming from.
15:04 Sometimes we might not be moving,
15:05 and we find that,
15:07 "hmm, I'm not gonna go there," but we find that,
15:09 hey, if you get some grains,
15:10 if you get some oats in your diet,
15:12 some of those things that's high in fiber,
15:14 you're gonna find yourself quick in releasing.
15:16 And you understand where I'm coming from.
15:18 Let's look at a few more things left.
15:19 It has a little bit of protein, about 5 grams of protein.
15:22 And so here we see again,
15:24 this product obviously again is not a vegan product,
15:27 but I want you all to meet Mr. Nutrition Facts,
15:30 and I want you to get a clear understanding
15:32 on what's on this panel.
15:34 Because again,
15:35 once you understand what's on it,
15:37 you can understand how to be an intelligent,
15:38 an intelligent shopper when you go through the stores.
15:40 So, friends, here's a little tip again.
15:42 We wanna have understanding so that we can shop the way
15:45 that God wants us to shop
15:47 and that we can put the best foods in our bodies
15:49 that are possible.
15:56 Well, friends, we're moving right along.
15:58 We had a special guest,
15:59 Mr. Nutritional Facts in our organizational section.
16:02 But right now we've come to the "R"
16:04 and you know what the "R" stands for?
16:05 The "R" stands for Recipe.
16:07 And I've got my good buddy back again,
16:08 Chef Law, what's happening, Chef?
16:10 How are you doing, Chef?
16:11 How are you guys doing out there?
16:13 Did you get to meet Mr. Nutritional Facts?
16:14 I did meet him when he was on his way out.
16:15 Okay, I got you. Okay, okay, okay.
16:17 That's right. That's right.
16:18 Well, I tell you, man,
16:19 today we're about to get some nutrition.
16:21 Okay. Yes, indeed.
16:22 I'm gonna ask you a few questions right now,
16:23 is that okay?
16:25 All right, that's cool, let's go.
16:26 In the breakfast time right,
16:28 when you eat a good breakfast, right?
16:29 Now isn't it good...
16:30 What do you like to eat for breakfast?
16:32 Let me ask you that question.
16:33 One of the main things
16:34 I really like to eat for breakfast is
16:36 I like took to have my fruits during breakfast time.
16:37 Come on now.
16:39 I gotta have fruits during breakfast time.
16:40 Exactly.
16:41 Now today, man, we're gonna do something
16:43 even special for y'all.
16:44 Now, Chef Law,
16:45 so he love to get his fruits for breakfast.
16:47 Love 'em. And I'm right along with him.
16:48 Me and my wife, Chef Chew too, we love our fruits as well.
16:49 So today we're gonna make something called a Rainbow.
16:51 That's right. A rainbow.
16:52 Color your plate like a rainbow.
16:54 Now I remember one time I was driving,
16:56 driving across country, going to California.
16:59 And in California it doesn't rain that much,
17:01 isn't that right, Chef Law?
17:03 Well, it rains a little bit in Northern California.
17:04 In Northern California, but not a lot, right?
17:05 Well, I guess the whole, rest of the big state...
17:07 It doesn't rain a lot. There's no drought.
17:09 I was coming home driving all the way across country
17:12 and I came to California,
17:13 we got right there in the Central Valley.
17:15 And I remember, man, it was a snowstorm,
17:17 not a snowstorm, it was a rainstorm that came.
17:21 And it came in the evening time right around about 7:30.
17:24 But man, it was in the summer time
17:26 when I looked to my right, I tell you it was a rainbow.
17:29 Beautiful. Come on now.
17:31 You know the rainbow is a promise,
17:32 you know that, right?
17:33 Oh, I know the bow. Come on, and the bow, right?
17:35 The bow of promise. Come on, that's right.
17:36 So God says that He will not destroy the earth
17:38 again by water.
17:39 No.
17:40 But I gotta tell you, God does also keep His word.
17:42 He says one day is gonna be what?
17:43 It's gonna be destroyed.
17:44 It's gonna be destroyed by fire.
17:46 But God says, listen,
17:47 we need to be talking about the faith again.
17:49 God says that we can be saved.
17:50 Guess what? You know how?
17:51 If you got the fire in you. Come on now.
17:53 The fire can't burn you up when it comes.
17:54 That's what I was talking about.
17:55 Amen. Come on.
17:57 The fire, friends, is that Holy Spirit.
17:58 But guess what? We gotta get into the recipe.
17:59 We're gonna make a delicious rainbow fruit soup.
18:01 So what we're talking about today, Chef Law?
18:02 We're talking about...
18:04 Let's look at the recipe and see what we got today.
18:05 We're going with:
18:17 Now we got a special ingredient.
18:19 You'd say that lastly, the chia seeds Chia seeds.
18:23 That's right, the chia seeds.
18:25 Somebody of you all might remember the chia pet,
18:28 but right now we're gonna be using the chia seeds.
18:30 Okay.
18:31 That's right, and the chia seeds is what was,
18:33 what creates the chia pet but they kind of found out
18:36 that rather than making a pet, let's eat it.
18:38 Let's eat it. Not just eat it.
18:41 Let's chew eat it. How about that?
18:42 You know what I'm talking about, right?
18:43 So what we're gonna do? We're not gonna talk about it.
18:45 So go ahead and get my banana ready
18:46 if you can, we'll slice our banana up.
18:48 We're gonna make nice real slices of banana
18:50 and just throw right inside of our bowl.
18:51 We're gonna make a delicious, what I'm saying, sir,
18:53 a delicious fruit soup.
18:54 Can you do that for me, please? Okay, let's do it.
18:56 I'll move that out of the way for you, go ahead.
18:57 Slice it up.
18:59 So right here we got most of the fruits
19:00 already ready to go.
19:01 Right here, we have a banana, and bananas are excellent,
19:03 excellent source of fiber, friends,
19:04 excellent source of potassium, very delicious.
19:07 And so we're gonna add that right inside the bowl.
19:09 What we're gonna do?
19:10 We're gonna add our pineapples here.
19:11 Pineapples are excellent source of bromelain.
19:13 Okay.
19:15 Really good for women, breast cancer, you know,
19:16 breast cancer comes around at times.
19:17 All right.
19:19 It's a disease that obviously we don't want.
19:20 So you ladies out there,
19:22 again bromelain is found in your pineapples,
19:24 very excellent for you, very delicious.
19:25 What we've got here?
19:26 We've also got here some peaches.
19:28 Some lovely peaches.
19:29 Can't go wrong with the peaches, right?
19:30 Then we got the grapes, okay.
19:32 The grapes, and grapes are excellent.
19:33 Grapes have the grape seeds
19:34 actually, it's also really good as well.
19:36 Some of you all out there, buy the grapes.
19:38 Sometimes it has a little seed inside it
19:39 but the seeds are really good for you as well.
19:41 They are good for you. Really good for you.
19:42 So you should eat the grape seed.
19:43 Well, you actually add daily,
19:45 you wanna blend it up if you can,
19:46 and that's gonna unleash the nutrients
19:47 inside of the grape seed, okay?
19:49 Okay. Blend it up.
19:50 All right, so I'm gonna go ahead right here,
19:52 we got nice little fruit medley.
19:53 We got some coconut, some nuts, some raisins,
19:54 some dates put that all of a sudden as well,
19:56 that's gonna look really good.
19:58 Now lastly, we're gonna make a fruit sauce.
20:00 Okay? Okay.
20:01 So what we're gonna use? We have some dry fruit here.
20:04 Okay, we've got some apricots, all right.
20:05 Got some dry fruit and we're gonna
20:06 put the dry fruit inside the blender.
20:08 Now what I wanna show you is that
20:09 you can make a fruit sauce with any dry fruit,
20:11 any fruit juice will make it delicious...
20:14 Fruit sauce. Okay.
20:15 So any dry fruit and any fruit juice
20:19 can make a delicious fruit sauce, okay?
20:21 So we're gonna add some...
20:22 We got some orange juice right here.
20:23 You can use any juice you like, there's no set rule to this,
20:25 you can use grape juice, pineapple juice, orange juice,
20:27 whatever you wanna use.
20:29 Or my favorite apple juice.
20:30 Come on, apple juice, "juicy juice apple juice,"
20:32 come on all of us.
20:33 My son, his first words that my son said was apple,
20:35 his first phrase was apple juice.
20:37 Apple juice.
20:38 You know, that goes kind of funny,
20:39 "apple juice, dad, apple juice."
20:41 Isn't it?
20:42 All right, so right here we're gonna throw this
20:44 right inside our chia seeds.
20:45 Okay.
20:46 So what's going to happen is that the chia seeds
20:48 is gonna actually give this almost like a,
20:49 sort of, kind of, give it like a slimy,
20:50 not slimy, slimy but...
20:52 Thicken it up a little.
20:53 Thicken it up is gonna be, okay?
20:54 We'll make it like a sauce. Like a gel.
20:56 That's what I wanna say, a gel, okay?
20:57 We gotta blend this up. Here we go, like that.
21:00 Come on, y'all. All right now.
21:03 We will do it about 30 seconds.
21:08 Oh, man, this would be good, Chef Law.
21:09 It's looking, turn it more now. Oh, yeah.
21:14 All right.
21:16 Now we're talking.
21:18 All right, so we've got nice little fruit sauce here.
21:20 We're gonna put this right inside of our...
21:22 Come on, y'all, this gonna be good, come on now.
21:24 Come on, y'all. All right now.
21:26 Come on now.
21:27 And I could add little more juice to this, but it's okay.
21:30 We're gonna go ahead and mix this
21:31 all together right here, okay?
21:33 Well, go ahead and mix that together
21:34 if you can, Chef Law?
21:35 All right. Let's mix it together.
21:37 Mix that together just like that.
21:38 Now, you got the chia seeds, again, friend,
21:40 I must be sharing with you all that the chia seeds
21:41 kind of gives it again that nice,
21:42 kind of gives it like a gel kind of texture.
21:44 So you again, put those chia seeds in there,
21:46 it's very excellent, very nutritious,
21:49 power packed with anti-oxidants.
21:51 Again I believe was a guy in South America those Aztecs
21:55 who eat the chia seeds
21:56 and it will give them energy for miles
21:58 and they would run 40 and 50 miles in a week.
22:01 And they will eat those chia seeds.
22:03 We're gonna go ahead
22:04 and put that inside of this bowl.
22:06 Oh, man, it's gonna be so good.
22:07 Man, breakfast time is gonna be a blessing.
22:09 Hmm, breakfast time is gonna be the best time for this.
22:11 Come on, y'all.
22:12 Now we got, again, the raisins, the coconut, the dates,
22:16 the peaches, the grapes, I can't even talk anymore.
22:21 There's so many things inside of this thing, man,
22:23 and I tell you, man, uh, I'm gonna let you have
22:25 some of this, I'm gonna be nice.
22:27 All right. To live is to give, right?
22:28 I gotta give it away. To live is to give.
22:29 Go ahead.
22:31 Go ahead, Chef Law, and see how that taste.
22:32 All right. Let's see here. Come on, how's that, Chef Law?
22:35 Is that good, brother? It's good.
22:37 Come on now, brother. Is it good, Chef Law?
22:38 It's good.
22:39 Come on now, so again the chia seeds
22:41 give you the gel,
22:42 we got the rainbow so remember,
22:44 color your plate like a rainbow.
22:46 Give the reds, the whites, the yellows,
22:48 all of those things and you're gonna feel so good.
22:50 You're gonna look good.
22:52 I'll tell you, you're gonna have all of that good stuff.
22:59 Well, we've come to the close of day number 20
23:02 and I tell you, it is so sad to have to end this program.
23:05 But we have something special,
23:07 we come down to the "K" of the FORK system.
23:10 You know what the "K" stands for.
23:11 The "K" stands for Knowledge.
23:14 And remember this, in the Bible it talks about
23:16 "Seeking for knowledge as for hidden treasures."
23:18 And I tell you, as we learn about this,
23:20 we're gonna be learning some things again
23:22 to recap all the things that we've done in this show.
23:24 To make it something that we can actually
23:26 put 'em through our minds and hopefully,
23:28 hopefully prayerfully, we can remember it.
23:30 And so again I have my good buddy again, Chef Law.
23:32 And we're gonna be going ahead and doing some questions.
23:34 How about that? How are you doing, Chef?
23:36 We're gonna get some questions? Yes, sir. Let's do it.
23:37 Information in our brains. That's right.
23:38 Let's go to question number one.
23:40 Let's do it.
23:41 Who should always be in our goals?
23:42 When we make goals, who should always be in?
23:44 You have three choices, A, Jesus, B, the Holy Spirit,
23:48 or C, all the above.
23:51 That should be an easy question.
23:53 What do you think about that?
23:54 We'll do easy questions 'Cause we know
23:56 that the Bible says that there are three
23:57 that bear record in heaven, right?
23:58 Three that bear record. It says Jesus...
24:00 Right, very right.
24:01 It says, God the Father, right? God the Father.
24:03 Then it says the...
24:04 Who is the last one, the God,
24:06 the other trinity as the Bible says?
24:07 There's the sweet Spirit in this.
24:08 Amen. Amen.
24:10 So obviously the answer will be what?
24:11 All of the what? Answer would be all the above.
24:13 All the above.
24:14 So we want Jesus to be in our goals, friends,
24:16 and we also obviously, we need the spirit.
24:18 The Spirit is what gives us the power to do...
24:20 We need that power.
24:21 The goals that Christ has asked us to accomplish.
24:22 So remember that as we continue to press forward.
24:24 All right. Now, let's go to question number two.
24:27 What do chia seeds do for the rainbow fruit soup?
24:31 All right, now you got three choices again.
24:33 They help thicken the soup, they make it really sweet,
24:37 or they make it look like a chia pet.
24:39 A chia pet. Come on, man.
24:42 That's pretty funny.
24:43 I wanna do it with the chi, chi, chi...
24:45 I remember things not rolling, get all fluffy.
24:47 Do you have one of them, Chef Law?
24:49 Does it look like I had a chia pet?
24:50 Come on now. Come on, man.
24:51 I thought you had one of those, Chef Law.
24:53 Am I looking a little cheaty? Go ahead.
24:54 Go ahead now, brother. Go ahead now.
24:56 So we know that the chia seed is the powerful antioxidant,
24:58 very powerful seed.
24:59 Super food.
25:00 I think it came from the...
25:02 What was that, the trial some...?
25:04 Aztecs. Yeah, Aztecs. Exactly.
25:05 Gives you all that running strength and so forth
25:07 but we did that fruit soup, it was delicious
25:10 and we found that it didn't make it sweet?
25:13 Well, the fruit kind of made it sweet.
25:15 Exactly, exactly.
25:16 And we know it didn't grow hair, did it?
25:18 It stared growing, right?
25:19 It didn't do that so obviously, friends,
25:21 did you find that the chia seeds actually,
25:25 it makes the soup kind of thicken.
25:27 It's kind of a natural thickener for the soups.
25:29 So it's a pretty neat, a little addition
25:31 to your fruit salads or any other type of thing
25:33 you need to thicken as well
25:35 and give a nice nutrient boost to it as well.
25:37 So what's question number three, Chef Law?
25:38 All right, question number three, here we go.
25:40 It's always best to buy the product
25:42 that has the cheapest price per ounce.
25:45 Is that a yes or is that a no?
25:47 That's an excellent, excellent question.
25:49 Yeah, I'm ready to answer.
25:50 You know, many times when we get products,
25:51 sometimes we learnt about our reading labels,
25:54 and sometimes we find that some products have ingredients
25:57 that aren't always the healthiest.
25:59 Okay.
26:00 Sometimes as a result of buying or seeing,
26:02 heavy ingredients that are not the healthiest,
26:04 you find that the ounce price might be really, really cheap.
26:08 Might be cheap
26:09 because the ingredients are cheap.
26:10 Exactly.
26:12 But sometimes also you'll find too that,
26:13 sometimes the ounce price might be a little higher
26:16 because of the quality of the ingredient.
26:17 But sometimes the good quality products
26:20 might also have a cheaper price per ounce.
26:22 Okay.
26:23 You know, so the answer technically is no.
26:27 Always if it has a, you can say a cheaper price per ounce,
26:30 doesn't mean it's always gonna be the best product.
26:33 But always again, watch those ounce prices
26:35 because again if a good quality product
26:37 has a cheaper price per ounce, go ahead and get that product.
26:40 Isn't that right? Get more bang for your buck.
26:42 Exactly, exactly.
26:44 So we had a lot of fun today, didn't we?
26:45 Yeah we did. We always do.
26:47 You know, and so we're learning
26:48 as we've been talking about that.
26:49 We want quality, man. We want quality.
26:51 You know, quality is most important
26:54 for all of us because, you know,
26:55 God wants us, again He says,
26:57 "Above all things that you might what?
26:59 Prosper and be in health."
27:02 Then he says, "Even as thy so prosper..."
27:05 And you know, when you look at that principles
27:07 that God wants our health to prosper
27:08 but He says, listen, I want you
27:10 to have also that quality of the Spirit.
27:12 He wants you to go a little deeper
27:13 than just the health,
27:14 He wants that health to only be a,
27:16 as you can say,
27:17 almost like an inroads
27:19 to the deeper inner self of man.
27:22 And so, Chef Law, I tell you,
27:23 God wants the best for all of us, man,
27:25 I don't know about...
27:26 What do you think about that?
27:28 He is a God that loves the best.
27:29 Amen.
27:31 When He created everything, He said everything was good,
27:32 everything was good.
27:33 Come on now.
27:35 God is a God of quality
27:36 and that's what He wants for you and me.
27:37 And that's what He wants for you too out there, friends.
27:39 Never forget that God wants the best for you
27:40 and He wants the best for your life,
27:42 and during these 28 days,
27:44 He is gonna give you something better
27:46 and we're gonna show you something better.
27:47 That's right.
27:48 So, friends, my name is Chef Chew.
27:50 My name is Chef law.
27:51 And as we always say,
27:53 "Gonna give you something to chew on."


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