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Day 22:

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Participants: Chef G.W. Chew, Chef Tim Lawson


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00:30 Well, friends, we're moving right along
00:32 and today is a special day of the Chew's Challenge.
00:34 And you know my name, my name is Chef Chew
00:36 and as I always say,
00:38 "Gonna give you something to chew on."
00:40 I have my good friend, Chef Law.
00:42 What's going on, Chef Law? How're you doing, Chef?
00:43 How're you guys doing out there?
00:45 Well, we are moving along, we've come to day number 22.
00:47 Day number 22, already, wow.
00:48 And I tell you, I tell you, man,
00:50 we're going to go to the place
00:51 where my Mom and Dad had their honeymoon, brother.
00:53 Is that right? Where is that at?
00:54 Come on now, we're gonna travel to Bermuda, my friend.
00:57 Bermuda? Come on now.
00:59 Okay, I'm ready for that.
01:00 I haven't been there yet myself but I tell you, today,
01:02 we're gonna make some delicious recipes...
01:04 All the way from Bermuda. Okay, from Bermuda.
01:06 Come on now. All right, let's get into it.
01:08 So we're going to have some fun.
01:09 So we want to give a special thanks,
01:10 we have a sponsor that actually has been
01:12 a part of this whole project here at the Chew's Challenge.
01:14 His name is Dr. Brent Williams. Okay.
01:16 He is a good friend of mine and he actually
01:18 has a health clinic in Bermuda called Hope Healthcare.
01:22 Again, his name is Dr. Brent Williams,
01:23 Hope Healthcare,
01:24 and we're gonna do these recipes just for him.
01:26 Is that okay? Absolutely, let's do it.
01:27 All right, so what we're gonna make?
01:29 This is a simple recipe right from Bermuda,
01:30 it's a simple split pea soup.
01:32 A delicious simple split pea soup.
01:34 And so go ahead and read the,
01:35 and read the ingredients for us.
01:37 Well, what we have here? All right, let's read off...
01:38 What we're gonna be using today.
02:00 Come on now. Let's get to it.
02:02 So we got a few special ingredients.
02:04 We gotta get going... All right.
02:05 We're gonna get these, the celery.
02:06 Let's get it chopped.
02:08 We're gonna chop the onions, we're gonna get it
02:09 right on to this, to the skillet here.
02:11 Can you do that for us? All right, let's do it.
02:12 Let's do it for us, if you don't mind.
02:13 All right, so what we're gonna do, friends,
02:15 as he's saying he is gonna go ahead
02:16 and chop up the celery, we're gonna add the flavor.
02:17 We've already cooked the split peas.
02:19 When you cook split peas, it's easy to cook,
02:22 you can cook it literally in about an hour,
02:24 45 minutes to an hour, cooking on about medium heat.
02:26 Make sure there is enough water inside of it,
02:28 and you're gonna have some hearty healthy split peas
02:32 when you're done.
02:34 So go ahead and throw that celery for me, Chef Law?
02:35 Come on now, brother. Throw it in there now.
02:38 Oh, yes, sir. Now hold them now...
02:40 Not the carrots here, not the carrots,
02:41 if you go ahead and get the onions
02:43 now if you can, if you don't mind?
02:44 Go ahead and chop the onions up.
02:46 So we're gonna slice these up nice and diced, okay.
02:49 We're gonna slice them up nice and diced.
02:51 Is that okay? That's all right.
02:53 Come on now, Chef Law.
02:54 So I'm gonna go ahead and add some of these flavors
02:55 that we're gonna have.
02:57 And here I have right here some garlic,
02:58 throw some garlic on top of the celery,
03:00 throw some garlic right on here, all right.
03:01 We have some thyme
03:03 and thyme is a really neat ingredient,
03:04 it's gonna give a nice little, a little small punch to it,
03:08 not too much of a punch.
03:10 Then we have some onion powder.
03:11 You can't go wrong with this, this is really simple to do,
03:13 not gonna do all of this.
03:15 Add a little more oil here.
03:17 You want half onion or all onion?
03:19 That should be good, you can start with that right now.
03:20 So go ahead and throw it in for me if you can?
03:22 All right. Yes, sir.
03:24 So we're gonna let that go ahead and saute it down.
03:29 Turn up a little bit. Okay.
03:30 All right, so we got the split peas,
03:32 you wanna bring them over if you can?
03:33 Okay. All right, so bring those over.
03:36 Now notice, we wanna show the split peas,
03:39 if you can see these right here.
03:40 Here we have again our cooked split peas
03:42 and they've been again, we've already drained them,
03:44 we've cooked them already
03:45 and we're gonna throw them in this pan right here, okay.
03:48 All right. Okay.
03:50 Now we got some water over here,
03:51 we are gonna add some water to it.
03:52 Now the great thing I did this, 'cause this is a way
03:54 you can make your foods in advance.
03:56 You can cook split peas in bulk as we shared earlier...
03:59 Or I should say in advance and you can freeze them.
04:01 And again, you can use it for various recipes.
04:03 Okay? Okay.
04:04 So right here I have again my split peas right in here,
04:06 all right.
04:07 And we're gonna let this go, I will put this on high.
04:10 Then you're gonna say how easy this is.
04:11 Again, I've already cooked the split peas and mashed them,
04:15 got them out of the freezer.
04:16 I'll put them as it, I got to let them thawed overnight...
04:18 They're ready to go for the next day.
04:20 And boom, you can make a Bermuda split pea soup,
04:22 man, in minutes.
04:23 Come on now, let's do it. Okay.
04:25 Oh, yes, sir, looking really good,
04:27 looking really good.
04:29 All right, so what we wanna do now,
04:30 we wanna go ahead and grate some carrots...
04:31 Right into the split pea soup, okay.
04:33 Grate some carrots right into this split pea soup?
04:35 That's it, grating right inside the soup.
04:36 So this is gonna give a little bit
04:38 of an extra dash of color.
04:39 We want to make it look delicious,
04:41 man, is that okay?
04:42 So go ahead now and put it right inside the soup.
04:43 That's what I'm talking about.
04:45 The great thing about this is if I kept them whole,
04:46 we slice them, it will take a long time for it to what?
04:49 To cook, right? To cook.
04:51 Exactly, so when you grate it like this,
04:53 again you don't have to spend as long,
04:54 it can pretty much be eaten immediately.
04:56 So we just give a little color
04:57 with the carrots, just like that.
04:59 Come on man, you've been working out, bro.
05:01 Hey. Come on now, Chef Law.
05:02 What's going on, man?
05:03 What is going on is when you grate,
05:05 sometimes they will catch in the back...
05:06 All right now, okay, okay, okay.
05:08 All right. Come on now, Chef.
05:09 Come on now, all right.
05:11 Come on now, Chef. You're getting it.
05:12 You know, I gotta give him a hard time, right?
05:13 You know, I gotta give him a hard time.
05:16 Me and him go way back, way back.
05:17 Way back, too far. Too far. Come on now.
05:20 You know, we actually for about,
05:21 how many, about eight, nine years
05:23 we kind of probably didn't know where each other were, did we?
05:25 Yeah, didn't know.
05:26 Well, I thought he was back east too?
05:27 Yeah, I know he went back west, but we didn't know
05:29 where each other was, but now here we are...
05:30 Here we are.
05:32 Sharing a love of Christ together, man,
05:33 sharing some good foods, man, come on now.
05:35 And sharing some good food which all are great.
05:36 That's right, that's right. So we're good now, Chef Law.
05:37 Okay, are you sure? All right, I'm good, man.
05:39 So what we're gonna do right here, we're almost done.
05:40 We got our delicious, right here,
05:42 the celery on here, the onions.
05:45 Come on y'all, come on now.
05:46 I'm gonna put that right inside over here.
05:48 Oh, yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
05:50 Delicious. Right inside of that.
05:51 We're gonna go ahead and mix this up.
05:53 Now I believe right here, I believe we have a bowl?
05:57 Yes, we do.
05:59 Can you bring that for me over here?
06:00 And I tell you, we're gonna make this look really...
06:02 Oh, that look really nice
06:03 but I want you all to see this if you can.
06:05 Go ahead and see that for me, friends, do you see that?
06:06 Looks really good. Really, really good.
06:09 Really, really good, friends.
06:10 So right here, we're gonna put that inside of here.
06:14 And I think I gotta spoon over there for me?
06:16 Yes, indeed. Or is it for you?
06:18 There we go.
06:19 I think you had a right to first.
06:21 All right, y'all, look at this, I want you all to see this.
06:22 I want you all to see,
06:24 I made a little mess but it's okay.
06:25 Right here we got, right here
06:27 is delicious Bermuda split pea soup.
06:28 It's gonna be really tasty.
06:29 I'm gonna go ahead and eat this right here, friends.
06:31 Oh, it's gonna be so good.
06:41 Well, friends, we just had fun in the kitchen,
06:43 and right now we've come to the "F".
06:45 And you know what the "F" stands for,
06:47 the "F" stands for Faith.
06:49 And right here in my hand, I have the Word of God,
06:52 because the Bible says, "Faith cometh by hearing
06:55 and hearing by the Word of God."
06:58 So hope you're reading your Bibles, friends.
07:00 But listen to this, God says,
07:01 He will finish the work in our lives,
07:04 He is gonna finish a special work in our lives.
07:06 And today we're gonna be talking about this work,
07:08 that God Himself, Jesus Christ Himself promised
07:11 that He would finish inside of us.
07:14 And you know, I have my good buddy here, Chef Law,
07:16 and we're gonna be talking about this today, Chef Law.
07:18 How're you doing, Chef? I'm doing good, man.
07:19 How're you guys doing out there?
07:20 So we're talking about the work that Christ says,
07:22 He's gonna finish. Come on now.
07:24 The finish work. The finish work.
07:25 Now yesterday we talked about Him
07:26 being the author and finisher.
07:28 But He has given us another promise
07:30 in another place in the scripture talking about
07:32 what He's gonna do.
07:33 He said it twice because He wants you
07:35 to know this is His goal...
07:37 Come on now. To Finish that.
07:38 That's right. Exactly. To finish it.
07:39 So let's read what the Bible says,
07:41 Philippians 1:6 says,
07:42 "Being confident of this very thing,
07:45 that he which hath begun a good work in you
07:48 will perform it until the day of Christ Jesus."
07:52 God wants you to know that He always finishes
07:54 what He starts.
07:56 He hasn't started anything that He is not gonna finish
07:59 and the thing that He started doing
08:01 when He brought Christ down to this earth
08:03 was cleansing from sin.
08:05 Come on now.
08:06 So ultimately Christ wants to cleanse us from our sins?
08:10 He wants to cleanse us from our sins.
08:11 Now notice this, the second time,
08:14 I didn't say the first, the second time
08:16 you are introduced to Jesus,
08:18 introduced to Christ it's in the Book of Matthew.
08:20 And that might sound confusing but it won't later.
08:22 The second time you're introduced to Him
08:24 is when He comes to this earth
08:25 and that book says, "Call His name Jesus,
08:28 for He shall save His people from their sins."
08:31 Come on now. Amen.
08:32 So He came to save you from your sin,
08:34 not in your sin or around your sin
08:35 but from it, from the power of it,
08:37 from the presence of it, and from the penalty of it.
08:40 Come on now, I like that, from the power,
08:42 from the presence, and the penalty.
08:43 Come on now.
08:44 Friends, you got to listen to what Chef Law is telling us.
08:47 He's given us some food for thought.
08:48 He is letting us know that listen,
08:50 Christ wants to take us from our sins.
08:53 That means, whatever gutter, whatever pit,
08:55 whatever slime you've been in,
08:57 Christ is saying to us He can what?
08:59 Loose the bondage. Yes.
09:01 He can set us free.
09:03 I tell you, that's some good news.
09:05 I don't know about you, Chef Law,
09:06 that is some good news.
09:08 That's great news. Come on now.
09:09 So what else do we have about
09:10 Christ finishing that work in us?
09:12 What else can we look at?
09:13 Well, the first time Jesus is introduced,
09:14 now Christ said, He is going to finish the work.
09:16 He said, He is going to do this cleansing from sin,
09:17 but has He given us any sign
09:20 that He even has the power to do this?
09:21 Come on now.
09:23 So Colossians says, Colossians 1 says that,
09:25 "Christ created all things." Come on.
09:28 So actually the very first time
09:29 we're introduced to Jesus is in the Book of Genesis...
09:32 With Him creating the heavens and the earth.
09:34 Come on now. And the Bible says...
09:36 "He created the heavens in six days
09:38 and He rested on the seventh day."
09:40 The seventh-day Sabbath is a sign
09:42 of the finished work of creation.
09:44 Come on, I like that.
09:45 And the same power that God used in creation,
09:47 He is going to use to create you into a new creature...
09:50 He is going to use to create you into a vessel of love,
09:52 He is going to use it to wipe and wash away your sins.
09:56 And so the seventh-day Sabbath is a sign, a memorial
09:59 that God can finish the work.
10:02 So every week you have a memorial
10:03 of a finished work taking place.
10:05 Come on now, and, friends, looking at that seventh-day,
10:08 it was a symbol of rest, of rest or you can say
10:11 a cleansing, a rest from sin.
10:13 And so ultimately, God wants us to rest in Him.
10:16 God wants us to realize as He did in those six days,
10:19 He made the heavens and the earth
10:20 and again He put a seal on it, on that seventh day,
10:22 God wants us to stick with this journey.
10:24 We got 28 days,
10:26 and we're just moving right along
10:27 and we're almost done.
10:29 And God is going to say, it is finished soon with this.
10:32 He is gonna say, listen, those 28 days have been done
10:34 but next, I want you to go ahead
10:36 and move on even higher, higher places,
10:39 to a higher, a higher ground as the song says.
10:43 Yes. And so, Chef Law...
10:45 God has something great for us, doesn't He?
10:46 He has something better. Come on now.
10:47 He always have something better for us.
10:49 Come on, any last points you want to do
10:51 to close this point up here?
10:53 Yes, we want you to understand some important truths about
10:56 what we just talked about here.
10:57 Now the seventh-day Sabbath
10:59 is not only a sign of God's finished work
11:02 of creation of God's finished power,
11:04 it says, it's a day He set aside
11:06 where He could spend special time with you.
11:07 I like that.
11:09 A day where He wants to be with you,
11:10 and this correlates again in Matthew
11:11 because not only is He called Jesus,
11:13 but He is called Immanuel, He is called God with us.
11:16 And God wants you to know that He wants to be with you
11:18 for all eternity.
11:20 So in His busy schedule of creating the universe,
11:22 of creating the heavens, of marshalling
11:25 and dealing with our lives and helping us out,
11:27 He's created a special day of 24 hours,
11:30 where you can sit and rest with Him.
11:32 Friends, I encourage you to call in
11:34 or phone in or write in to the Dare to Dream network
11:37 to find out more about this beautiful day
11:39 that God wants to spend and relax with you.
11:48 Well, friends, we've come down to the "O" in the FORK system.
11:51 You know what the "O" stands for,
11:52 the "O" stands for Organization.
11:55 Well, right now we're talking about personal organization.
11:57 For this last week Chef Law,
11:59 we're gonna be talking about ourselves.
12:01 Ourselves? That's all right. Is that okay? Come on now.
12:02 So how're you doing, Chef Law? I'm doing great.
12:04 How're you guys doing out there?
12:05 Cool, cool, cool.
12:06 Well, today we're talking about getting active.
12:08 Active. Getting active.
12:09 And that's kind of getting active,
12:11 and we're talking about exercise
12:12 but this is more than just exercising too.
12:14 But we want to focus on exercising.
12:15 So, Chef Law, do you exercise, Chef Law?
12:17 Yes, I exercise. All right, come on now.
12:19 I tell you, you know, friends, my friend Chef Law,
12:22 when I come over to his house,
12:23 he is always sitting there, at the end of the day
12:26 he has a little routine that he does.
12:27 Come on, Chef Law. A little routine.
12:29 A little push-ups, right, Chef Law?
12:30 Little push-ups. A little chin ups.
12:31 Little pull-ups. Okay, pull-ups. Come on now.
12:33 Little pull-ups and then I run a little.
12:34 Little bit of run, so we're going
12:36 on run together sometimes.
12:37 And so again, we're talking today about exercising.
12:39 And I want to let you all know that again,
12:40 exercising is something that
12:42 you can do really easily in your day.
12:44 Again, at lunch time, most of us have a little break
12:47 or even in the evening time, a 30 minute walk
12:49 doesn't take a lot of time, does it?
12:51 A 30 minute walk doesn't take a lot of time.
12:52 It takes 30 minutes.
12:55 People just can't walk, walks really are one of the most
12:58 healthiest exercises you can do.
12:59 Exactly. And it's great...
13:00 because you can always find time
13:02 to just walk a little bit.
13:04 Exactly, and walking is something that can be done
13:06 in a sense like multitasking. Yes.
13:08 You can actually go for a walk, you can even,
13:09 also reading a book might be difficult,
13:11 but you can go on a walk and go on a talk.
13:13 Go on a talk. Go on a talk with your spouse.
13:15 Go and spend time with your spouse.
13:16 And my wife, my wife Chef Chew and my little son, Caleb,
13:19 sometimes, we walk him
13:21 and we just have a good conversation,
13:22 so exercise can be done.
13:25 Exercise can be done, it can be fun,
13:26 you can integrate other stuff into it like you were saying.
13:28 Exactly, and one thing I found, friends,
13:30 sometimes we have a really stressful day,
13:32 things might not go the way you want it to go,
13:34 and you're just feeling tense.
13:36 And I found, man, some of those days I found
13:38 where I just go out and go for a little jog
13:40 or even go for a walk or just do something physical.
13:43 I find that my stress just kind of releases
13:46 and my attitude, my attitude just gets...
13:49 Changes. It changes.
13:50 You know, what I'm saying. It changes something better.
13:51 And it ain't not like a sour chew.
13:53 Okay. And it ain't like a sour...
13:54 A sour chew. A sour chew.
13:55 It ain't good to be around a sour chew.
13:57 You don't want to be around a sour chew but I tell you...
14:00 Let me tell you, you sure do it...
14:01 Go ahead now, Chef Law. Go ahead now, Chef Law.
14:03 What else does getting active do for us?
14:05 Well, getting exercise does a lot for you actually.
14:07 Exercise stimulates neurogenesis.
14:10 So when you exercise, it actually grows new neurons.
14:13 Come on.
14:14 Actually some elementary schools...
14:15 The brain? The neurons in the brain.
14:17 Come on now.
14:18 Some elementary schools are experimenting with having
14:19 PE classes their first period
14:21 before the kids even start school.
14:23 Okay. Wow, wow, wow. It also helps with depression.
14:25 Depression, okay.
14:26 It releases certain hormones, endorphins
14:28 that make you feel better.
14:29 Exactly.
14:30 You go out and jog, you feel excited, you got energy.
14:32 Exactly, exactly.
14:33 So exercise helps with that thing.
14:35 So, friends, we want you to know that getting active
14:36 is very important.
14:37 We live in a society today where hypertension, diabetes,
14:40 obviously even very serious complications like cancer,
14:44 those things can come from that sedentary lifestyle
14:47 that a lot of times we as Americans enjoy.
14:49 Yes.
14:51 And sometimes we enjoy things but what happens in due time,
14:54 notice now what I'm saying, in due times,
14:56 that's one like a prophecy.
14:57 Catches up with us.
14:59 You know, what a prophecy is, right?
15:00 It's something that's predicted before.
15:01 Exactly, so it's like the body has laws in place.
15:04 And so what happens is like
15:06 when you don't follow a certain law,
15:07 it is bound to have a certain consequence.
15:10 And our goal for you our, friends,
15:11 is that we want you to know that
15:13 God has given us certain laws in our bodies.
15:15 Yes. One of those laws is exercise.
15:17 Exercise.
15:19 And if you follow God's exercise plan,
15:20 you're gonna find that you're gonna feel good,
15:21 you're gonna look good.
15:23 Well, you don't wanna look too good
15:25 'cause you don't want everybody looking at,
15:26 you know where I'm going now.
15:27 You know what I'm saying. Anyway, we'll leave that aside.
15:29 You know what I'm saying,
15:31 we want to look good for the Lord, amen.
15:32 That's right, that's right. But anyway, friends...
15:34 Glory to His name. Glory to His name.
15:36 Go ahead, get out there, have some fun,
15:37 get your exercise on, friends.
15:39 Get active.
15:40 And I tell you, you're gonna feel so good and I tell you,
15:41 you also gonna look good for Jesus.
15:49 Well, friends, we've come down again to the "R"
15:52 in the FORK system, and the "R" stands for Recipe.
15:55 And you know today we're making something
15:57 really, really special.
15:58 We're actually having some delicious Bermudan recipes.
16:00 And I tell you, we're gonna go to a Bermuda breakfast meal
16:04 and it's gonna be so delicious.
16:06 And I got my good friend again, Chef Law.
16:07 What's going on, Chef Law? How're you doing, Chef?
16:09 How're you guys doing out there?
16:10 Good, good, good. Well, again friends.
16:11 We're gonna be making a Bermudan,
16:13 a Bermuda breakfast meal and it's gonna be so tasty.
16:15 And so I tell you, we have some interesting ingredients here...
16:19 And you don't want to miss this today.
16:20 So let's start... It's going to be good.
16:22 So let's go ahead
16:23 and read the ingredients for our viewers, is it okay?
16:25 Let's see what we're going to use today.
16:27 We're gonna use:
16:52 Come on, now, this is going to be
16:54 a meal for a champion, man.
16:55 All right, this looks fun to me.
16:57 A meal for a champion.
16:58 As I was sharing with you, friends,
16:59 we have a special sponsor,
17:01 we want to just say thank you too,
17:02 his name is Dr. Brent Williams...
17:03 From Hope Healthcare in Bermuda.
17:05 And I tell you, I wanted to share a delicious breakfast
17:07 so that everybody can
17:08 get a taste of Bermuda, is that okay?
17:10 That's all right.
17:11 So what we have here, we're gonna be making
17:12 a cod fish, okay?
17:14 And so again, how do you make a vegan cod fish?
17:15 I don't know. Well, let's find out.
17:17 Okay, so it's pretty interesting, right?
17:18 Yes, it is. Okay.
17:19 And so we have some other ingredients,
17:21 we have some potatoes. Okay.
17:22 This goes typically a standard our breakfast,
17:23 you'll find on a Sunday breakfast
17:25 is a cod fish with potatoes,
17:26 but then there are some other things
17:28 like bananas...
17:29 Bananas. Okay. Avocados.
17:30 There is a sauce we're gonna do as well.
17:32 So right here we have our fish,
17:33 the fish we're gonna be making right here.
17:34 And what we are gonna do, we're gonna actually,
17:36 we have some flour
17:37 and we're gonna put this inside our bowl,
17:38 we're gonna bread this fish.
17:40 Okay. Okay.
17:41 And we're going to have some kelp.
17:43 Now kelp is actually a, what? You know what kelp is?
17:44 Kelp is a plant. It's a plant.
17:45 And where does the kelp grow? It grows in ocean.
17:47 There you go. Grows in... It's an ocean plant.
17:49 There you go. It's an ocean plant.
17:50 It's a water plant.
17:51 So it's actually a seaweed, friends.
17:53 And so that seaweed in the ocean
17:55 is going to give us that fish flavor, is that okay?
17:57 All right, so we're gonna go ahead.
17:58 And we know friends that, you know,
18:00 all fishes have different flavors but you know,
18:02 we're gonna do the best we can, is that okay?
18:03 And we got some kelp right there,
18:04 we're gonna add it right there.
18:06 And we're gonna again, what we are gonna do now?
18:07 We're gonna go ahead and bread this.
18:09 We're gonna go ahead and dip a little bit in our milk here.
18:12 We got our milk right here, we're gonna go ahead,
18:13 go ahead and do that for me, Chef Law.
18:15 We're gonna put it in our milk,
18:16 we're gonna bread it just like that.
18:18 Okay.
18:19 All right, all right,
18:20 so we're gonna put this in a second on to our,
18:22 right into our pan over here
18:24 that's nice and hot for us, all right?
18:26 So go ahead and bring those over if you can, Chef Law?
18:28 Yes, indeed.
18:30 So go ahead and bring that right over here if you can?
18:31 All right, it's time to get sizzling.
18:33 All right. So we are not frying it.
18:35 What we're gonna do is,
18:36 pretty much you go and put it on it if you can?
18:37 We're not gonna fry,
18:39 we're just gonna kind of Sauté it
18:40 right inside the skillet here, okay.
18:42 Go and put it right inside of it
18:43 for me if you can, Chef Law?
18:44 Looking really, really good.
18:46 So here we got our cod fish, okay, friends, our cod fish.
18:47 And we're gonna right here is well,
18:48 we have some potatoes, we're gonna add in here.
18:50 We have some baby potatoes
18:51 and we're gonna slice these in half, all right.
18:54 Slice these in halves just like that.
18:55 So I already boiled these. Okay.
18:57 It's already been boiled, okay. All right.
18:59 And we're gonna go ahead, if you can,
19:00 bring me that bowl over here?
19:02 And we're gonna add a few ingredients on this.
19:04 This bowl here? Yes, sir.
19:06 All right.
19:07 We're gonna move this out of the way.
19:08 Go ahead and throw these in the bowl if you can, Chef Law?
19:10 I'll move all these out of our way for us
19:11 right here, please.
19:13 And so what I'm gonna do is add a little bit of oil,
19:15 a tad bit of oil and some salt on here,
19:17 we're gonna salt this a little bit, just like that.
19:19 A little salt, little salt in here.
19:21 All right.
19:23 Let me help you.
19:24 Well, help me out there if you can, Chef Law.
19:26 Thank you.
19:27 You got to hit the top, all right,
19:28 there you go, there you go.
19:30 It's good to have a good friend here to help you out
19:31 a little bit, all right.
19:33 There we go.
19:34 We're gonna put these right in here as well.
19:35 Okay. All right.
19:37 We're gonna fry them up.
19:38 There you go, sauté those up just like that.
19:39 Looks like they're all ready.
19:41 Put them on the side right here.
19:42 Now what we have now... Okay.
19:43 We're going to have our avocado, right?
19:45 So Chef Law is gonna show us how to cut an avocado, okay.
19:46 Now you've been to Bermuda, Chef Law?
19:48 I have not been to Bermuda.
19:49 You haven't been to Bermuda, right.
19:50 So you sure, you know what you're doing, man?
19:52 I don't want, I don't want us not do this right, Chef Law.
19:53 Come on now. It's easy, cut your avocado.
19:55 All right.
19:56 Take your knife, let me show you guys.
19:58 So you cut the top off first.
19:59 So you cut the top off, show you guys a little trick.
20:01 There is a seed inside, so you can just twist it.
20:03 Okay.
20:04 Okay, and the avocado comes off like that.
20:06 Now you can use the part without the seed...
20:08 But if you want to use the part with the seed...
20:09 Come on now. Take your knife.
20:10 Put it right in and twist it and the seed pops right up.
20:13 What?
20:15 Chef Law, man, you've been going,
20:16 you must have been to Bermuda already, man.
20:17 You over here showing off like that, man.
20:19 All right. Oh, this is looking good, man.
20:21 And little cod fish coming over here.
20:24 That's right. If you got your avocado.
20:26 If you got it right like it is supposed to,
20:27 the skin should peel right off for you.
20:29 That's it.
20:30 So go ahead, so we're gonna slice those up, right?
20:32 Okay. All right.
20:34 Slice them up.
20:35 Come on now, looking really good.
20:37 You want big slices, little slices?
20:38 You know, not too big but nice slender slices, I should say.
20:41 That's perfect. That's perfect.
20:42 Okay.
20:44 Man, the fish is looking good, then we got the cod fish
20:45 right here, Chef Law.
20:47 Does it got that fishy smell? Oh, come on.
20:49 That seaweed, well,
20:50 I've smelled a seaweed, brother.
20:52 Come on now. All right.
20:53 Come on, I love it.
20:54 That's what I'm talking about, man.
20:56 I can smell it. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
20:57 Okay, so, right, and also, friends,
20:58 we're gonna also add another dish
21:00 to the breakfast meal in Bermuda.
21:01 They also use a boiled egg.
21:03 Now, obviously as vegans, we can't eat a...
21:07 Boiled egg. Boiled egg.
21:08 But I had to boil a friend of mine,
21:10 I got a friend right here and his name is Mr. Potato,
21:12 is that okay?
21:13 Mr. Potato. So I had this.
21:14 You know, I can't use the egg
21:16 and I haven't yet figured that out yet,
21:17 but we got a mock hardboiled egg.
21:21 Is that okay? All right.
21:22 So we're trying our best over here, okay?
21:24 So go ahead and move these to a side,
21:26 we're almost done here.
21:27 Get your plate. We're gonna go ahead.
21:28 Go ahead and put our avocados in if you can, please?
21:32 And I'm gonna start getting, the fish looking really good.
21:34 Oh, it's looking really good.
21:36 We got the fish, the potato is coming, friends.
21:38 We're gonna put this right on the plate, right here.
21:41 Come on now.
21:43 So we got the fish, we got the boiled eggs coming,
21:48 the avocado.
21:49 Oh, this is gonna look good, friends.
21:51 And we got a sauce that goes right on top of the fish, okay?
21:55 Okay.
21:56 Potatoes on the side right here.
21:58 Can you cut that banana? We got a banana.
21:59 Nice little, you know, we got to have our fruit
22:01 for breakfast, right? Amen.
22:02 Got to have that fruits, so we got the healthy fat.
22:04 We got the bananas has the potassium
22:08 and a good fruit, we got the protein in the fish,
22:10 we got the hardboiled egg,
22:12 another aspect of a nice healthy fat protein, okay?
22:16 How we're looking, Chef Law? We're looking good.
22:17 We're looking good. So go ahead...
22:19 One more banana?
22:20 And put that banana on that side over here
22:21 if you can, right? Okay.
22:23 Go ahead and just cut it in half for me. That's all.
22:24 Give it a nice little slit.
22:25 Okay, that's what I'm talking about. Oh, yes, sir.
22:27 Now, friends, this is really looking good.
22:28 We got one last thing to do, we got little sauce right here,
22:30 we're gonna put on this fish.
22:32 Fish. Come on now, just like that.
22:33 Just a little bit. Just like that.
22:35 Just like that, okay. Okay.
22:36 Now we're looking really good.
22:37 So I'm gonna go ahead and get a bite of this.
22:39 I want some fish, bro. I want some cod fish too.
22:40 Some cod fish.
22:41 Let me get some of the sauce on here, man.
22:43 All right now. Little cod fish for you, bro.
22:44 All right. Come on now. That's it.
22:45 You want one of these potatoes...
22:47 Go ahead. Okay, go ahead. Let's go ahead and eat it.
22:48 Double handed. Double delicious.
22:56 We're coming to a close of another day.
22:58 We're gonna put a little bowtie on this program
23:00 and it's so sad to say good bye.
23:03 But we've come to the section now,
23:04 where we're talking about the "K".
23:06 And you know what the "K" is talking about,
23:07 the "K" stands for Knowledge.
23:10 And we learn as you've been going through these programs
23:12 that God wants to increase our knowledge,
23:15 God wants us to become informed
23:17 so that we would be able to continue
23:20 and establish habits
23:21 that's gonna last for a lifetime.
23:23 So you know, I have my good friend again Chef Law.
23:25 What's going on, Chef Law?
23:26 How're you doing, Chef? I'm doing wonderful.
23:27 How're you guys doing out there?
23:29 So we got three questions that we need to be talking about.
23:30 Let's talk about it.
23:32 Let's go ahead and get started, man.
23:33 Question number one: What work does God
23:34 want to finish in our lives?
23:36 You have three choices.
23:37 Is it A, work of prayer, B, work of health,
23:40 or C, cleansing of sins?
23:42 So you were just talking to us today earlier about this,
23:46 this the work that Christ is going to finish in our lives.
23:48 Work that Christ is going to finish.
23:50 So help us out on this. What are we talking about here?
23:51 The work that Christ came to finish is a twofold work.
23:55 One, it was to save us from our sins,
23:57 cleanse us from our sins
23:59 and it was to dwell with us, abide with us.
24:02 Immanuel, God with us.
24:03 So the work is number C, letter C, cleansing from sins.
24:07 Cleansing from sins, exactly.
24:09 We have a beautiful promise in Christ,
24:11 He's gonna cleanse us from our sins.
24:13 It's a beautiful gift, man, we can't beat it.
24:15 It's beautiful. Amen, amen.
24:16 So what's question number two?
24:18 Question number two or is:
24:19 Breadcrumbs are good for making the food dry?
24:24 True or false?
24:25 That's kind of a tricky question, isn't it?
24:28 Yeah.
24:30 You know, we make, you know, use breadcrumbs.
24:31 I mean, normally many of us might be familiar
24:33 with breadcrumbs in making, let's say meatballs.
24:36 And obviously, when you add the breadcrumbs,
24:38 it's actually helping to add a little bit of binding power.
24:42 And believe it or not,
24:43 once the liquid hits that breadcrumb,
24:45 it actually gives, believe it or not,
24:46 a little bit of moistness to it.
24:48 So again, when using breadcrumbs,
24:49 it's helping for binding
24:51 and it also is gonna have that moisture from the water,
24:53 or whatever you're using.
24:55 So it actually is not gonna help it to be dry,
24:57 it's going to give a little moistness to the food.
24:59 So the answer for this is, pause,
25:01 is not gonna help it to be dry.
25:02 It's gonna help it actually to be as a binder
25:04 and it's gonna add a little bit of moistness
25:06 when the liquid hits the breadcrumbs.
25:08 That's interesting.
25:09 You know, a little bit of education there.
25:11 A little bit of science in there, okay.
25:12 Little science. There we go, exactly.
25:14 Okay, question number three.
25:15 Okay. Let's roll.
25:17 Getting active helps you do the following.
25:19 Makes people want to look at you,
25:22 helps you to have a better attitude,
25:24 or it raises your blood pressure?
25:26 Come on now.
25:28 And so what is getting active doing exercise?
25:29 Come on. And you know, when you're working out,
25:31 you know what I'm saying, you know.
25:32 You feeling good.
25:33 You start feeling good, you know what I'm saying.
25:35 You start walking differently.
25:36 You know, how that is, you know.
25:37 And you know, the lady that are sometimes, you know,
25:39 I can't even go there, brother.
25:40 We'll leave that alone. You know, what I'm saying.
25:42 Yeah, I think what you're saying.
25:44 So we don't look good for people don't wanna,
25:45 that we're happy we don't wanna look at us,
25:47 I mean, it ain't not wrong people, you know,
25:48 looking at you but we don't do it for that purpose.
25:51 That makes sense. Right.
25:53 And obviously, you know, when we work out,
25:54 believe it or not the exercise actually
25:57 is a great reducer of guess what?
25:59 Our blood pressure.
26:01 It reduces the stress
26:02 and the stress causes adrenalin
26:03 to start pumping in our blood,
26:05 and which also can cause the blood pressure to rise.
26:07 So again, when you exercise,
26:09 it naturally can reduce the guess what?
26:11 The blood pressure.
26:12 It naturally reduce,
26:14 and it also could do something else.
26:15 I had a member in my family that was suffering
26:17 from depression, if you believe it.
26:18 And the exercise helped with the depression.
26:21 Come on.
26:23 It releases certain chemicals in the body
26:24 that actually made them feel better,
26:26 made them feel happy.
26:27 Exactly, exactly.
26:28 So again, friends, when you understand this answer,
26:30 when you start exercising, when you start getting active,
26:33 you actually have a better attitude.
26:36 And we need a better attitude because again there is
26:38 too many of us in this world who are sad...
26:41 Yes. We're just dreary.
26:43 I mean, we just don't have a happy face.
26:45 And you know,
26:47 God wants above all things was chosen to be happy.
26:49 To be happy.
26:51 You know, He doesn't want us to...
26:52 Sometimes we just wake up upset, nothing even happen yet.
26:54 Come on, that's true, man. You pop out the bed.
26:56 You're waking up as the long morning
26:57 with greatest frantic like,
26:59 well, I got a billions today, you know.
27:01 And God says listen,
27:02 He wants us again to have that positive attitude
27:04 because He wants us, most importantly, friends,
27:06 to be a blessing to others.
27:08 A blessing to others.
27:09 It's not about us, it's not about us.
27:11 Lot of people as we start eating healthy food for them,
27:13 they'll say, look at how he is eating.
27:14 And so we can start feeling good about ourselves.
27:17 It ain't about that, friends,
27:18 the most important thing God is trying to do in us
27:21 is that we might become like Him.
27:23 God wants us to take upon his image.
27:27 Remember, we learned that Christ created us.
27:29 He was the one that created us but in the Bible He says,
27:30 He created us for his glory,
27:33 and God wants us to be like Him,
27:36 to speak like Him, to live like Him,
27:39 to eat like Him, to walk as He walked.
27:42 And so, friends, this is beautiful.
27:44 God, again, Jesus is the answer.
27:46 But anyway, we got to go, friends.
27:48 And my name is Chef Chew.
27:50 My name is Chef Law.
27:51 And as we always say,
27:53 "Gonna give you something to chew on."


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