Chew's Challenge

Day 23

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Participants: Chef G.W. Chew, Chef Tim Lawson, Tina Chew


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00:30 Hey, friends,
00:31 my name is Chef Chew and as I always say,
00:34 "Gonna give you something to chew on."
00:37 Well, friends, we've come to challenge day number 23.
00:39 That's right, challenge day number 23.
00:42 And I tell you, I tell you,
00:43 you should be feeling good right now,
00:45 you should be looking good right now
00:46 and all of that good stuff.
00:48 You know, I got me good friend Chef Law.
00:49 What's happening, Chef Law? What's up, Chef?
00:50 How're do you doing people out there?
00:52 Well, today, man,
00:53 we got something special to make.
00:54 Okay, what we got?
00:56 Well, today, friends,
00:57 we're gonna be making a delicious,
00:59 delicious wholesome rice pudding.
01:00 That's right, a wholesome rice pudding.
01:02 That's right, it's easy to do.
01:03 It can be done in minutes
01:04 and you know how we've shared with y'all before.
01:06 How you can take your grains, right?
01:07 And again you can have a rice cooker, right?
01:08 Right.
01:10 So imagine, we've had a rice cooker,
01:11 we've had our grains
01:13 and we put in the rice cooker and then boom,
01:14 it's already done.
01:15 Now we're going to make a healthy rice pudding.
01:17 Rice pudding.
01:18 That's right. All right, let's do it.
01:19 Come on now, go ahead, go ahead and what's the ingredients
01:21 that we are looking at today?
01:22 All right, let's find out what we're using today.
01:41 Now I'll tell you, brother, flavor...
01:43 Yes.
01:45 I don't know about you but I like some flavor.
01:47 It's got to have some flavors. You know what I'm saying.
01:48 You got to have flavor in life.
01:50 You know, sometimes in life, life can be so stale.
01:53 You know, you have stale bread.
01:54 You know, you want some bread that's fresh...
01:56 Yes.
01:57 And flavorful, now you know what I'm taking about, right?
01:58 So we've got some flavors today that we're talking about.
02:00 We have some vanilla, some maple.
02:02 We also got some coriander,
02:04 which is coriander is actually
02:05 really awesome because it's good,
02:07 it's kind of like another concept for cinnamon.
02:08 Okay.
02:10 Two different flavors,
02:11 we're going to add a different flavor.
02:12 You can use the coriander as well.
02:14 Then we're also going to be making
02:15 a delicious lemon zest.
02:16 All right, lemon zest. All right, lemon zest.
02:18 So what we got, we're gonna start with our rice
02:19 and we got some wholesome brown rice.
02:21 We're going to put this
02:22 into our pan here so imagine again,
02:24 it came out of our rice cooker.
02:25 We're gonna go ahead and put about three cups
02:26 of brown rice right inside of our pan here.
02:28 Okay.
02:30 And again, it's already, pretty much already cooked.
02:31 So it's really not really cooking it right now.
02:33 Really what we're doing,
02:34 we simply is adding a flavor to,
02:36 that make sense?
02:37 That makes sense. All right.
02:38 So what I have here next?
02:40 We've got some milk,
02:41 we're gonna get the milk inside of here.
02:42 All right, that's what I'm talking about,
02:44 that's what I'm talking about.
02:45 So what you're doing right here
02:46 is that we now want to go ahead and just add that,
02:48 got this going and mix this all together.
02:49 Okay.
02:51 Putting on low, it doesn't have to be high.
02:52 All right. If it's on too high,
02:53 it's gonna probably burn the bottom.
02:55 Okay.
02:56 So always trying to do is get it moist,
02:57 okay, get it nice and moist, all right.
02:59 Add little oil, oil adds a little fat,
03:00 so you can use butter as well friends out there.
03:02 You can use butter too, huh.
03:03 Exactly. Okay.
03:05 You know, but again, you don't have to use the oil,
03:06 you don't have to use the butter,
03:07 this is kind, I like to do that,
03:09 it give me a extra little possess of flavors,
03:10 is that okay?
03:11 Good fat.
03:13 Now so, friends, we want you to know that again,
03:14 breakfast is something
03:15 you can do quick in the morning,
03:17 it doesn't have to be complicated,
03:18 it can be done in seconds.
03:20 They can now well, seconds is kind of fast.
03:21 Seconds is super fast. Man, it can be done in seconds.
03:22 If you're eating some cereal.
03:24 There you go, come on now, brother.
03:25 But this can be done in minutes.
03:26 Maybe about three or four minutes,
03:28 maybe five minutes,
03:29 you can probably make this meal.
03:31 So we're gonna go ahead
03:32 and add a few extra things in here.
03:33 All right.
03:35 So this is heating up right now.
03:36 Go ahead and give me one of those flavor,
03:37 we got vanilla and maple flavoring.
03:39 All right, this is the maple. Okay, oh, yes, sir.
03:40 Little maple right there. Okay.
03:41 That's what I'm talking about. Vanilla.
03:43 All right, I'm turning up a little bit,
03:44 put the vanilla inside of it here.
03:46 All right, so all the flavors are coming inside here,
03:47 friends, really easy to do, it's nothing complex,
03:49 all we're doing is just getting this,
03:50 again, flavor it up nice and good.
03:52 Okay. So we got some coriander here.
03:54 Put some of that inside of it just like that.
03:56 Delicious. Oh, come on now.
03:57 And that's going to give a nice little browner color to it.
04:01 Little brown color.
04:02 Come on now, brother...
04:03 It's nice good smell. Come on now.
04:05 Got that baking smell. Baking?
04:06 Like when you're baking the bacon.
04:08 Oh, I like baking.
04:09 Come on now, oh, bacon, not baking,
04:11 I got you all right, all right...
04:12 You must want some bacon.
04:14 Yeah, man, you know, I'm saying,
04:15 I ain't like some good bacon, brother,
04:17 but you know so, we're vegans, man, so...
04:18 Okay.
04:19 You know...
04:21 So the bacon got to get left out.
04:22 No, absolutely not.
04:23 Now you don't realize in a few days from now,
04:25 we're gonna be making a delicious BLT, my brother.
04:27 Oh, you're gonna make a BLT? We're gonna make the vegan.
04:28 Come on now, you don't know what the BLT is?
04:29 Okay.
04:31 The vegan BL, the bacon,
04:32 the not so bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich.
04:34 So don't exit out, the bacon's still on the menu.
04:36 That's it, brother, it's still on the menu.
04:37 Don't throw the pig out of the blanket, right?
04:41 Don't throw them out of the blanket, man.
04:42 No, don't throw, don't throw the pig.
04:43 Keep them in the blanket, brother.
04:45 Don't throw the pig. You can drown the pig though.
04:46 Oh, no, don't drown the pig, man.
04:48 Miss Piggy gonna be upset at you, brother.
04:50 All right, let's keep on rolling.
04:52 All right, so we're gonna do right now,
04:53 we've got our nice flavored rice pudding right here, okay.
04:56 The longer it cooks, it's gonna,
04:58 the starch is gonna come out of it too.
04:59 So if you want it more creamy,
05:00 you can add a little bit more milk,
05:02 you can let it sit a little longer
05:03 and that's going to kind of bring out
05:05 that nice pudding affect if you want that as well.
05:07 But if you don't have time in the morning,
05:08 go ahead and get it in here, all right.
05:10 Now what we're gonna do,
05:12 we're gonna go ahead and right now,
05:14 go ahead and add a little bit of the lemon inside of it
05:15 if you can, if you don't mind?
05:16 Breakfast rice.
05:18 That's right, little lemon in that.
05:19 We're gonna put that inside,
05:21 I wanted to go all the way through.
05:22 Now lemon zest, again, this has given a nice lemon...
05:24 that's right, the lemon what?
05:26 That's right, that's what I'm talking about,
05:27 that's good, that's good, not too much now.
05:28 Okay.
05:30 Little lemon zest right inside of there, all right.
05:32 Now we're gonna do just like that.
05:33 Okay.
05:35 And we're gonna chop this off,
05:36 go and clean that up a little bit.
05:38 So go ahead and clean it up just a little bit.
05:40 You gonna go ahead and top this off, friends.
05:42 What we're gonna do, we're gonna top this off,
05:44 and we got some good old fashioned
05:46 healthy hearty trail mix,
05:48 has a little bit of the Brazil nuts,
05:50 some dates, some pecans, and some sesame seeds.
05:53 All right.
05:54 All that's inside of here, friends,
05:56 we're gonna top that right on top
05:57 just like that, come on, come on.
05:59 Maybe some raisins on that right there,
06:00 little papaya...
06:02 That's good. That's what I'm talking about.
06:03 So again, easy to do,
06:04 can be made and literally made in minutes,
06:06 it's very tasty,
06:08 you got some coconut inside of here,
06:09 this is what I'm talking about, this is how easy it is
06:12 to make healthy vegan food, friends.
06:14 You don't understand that I'm about to eat this up.
06:16 And this how easy it is...
06:17 Come on, Chef Law. To take a bite of this food.
06:19 Go ahead now, brother. Go ahead and get a bit of that.
06:20 I'm gonna take a bite of this thing.
06:22 Oh, let me get some of that, man.
06:23 Come on, let's go and bite.
06:27 I'll tell you, friends, this is some kind of good.
06:36 Well, friends, we're going right
06:37 to the next section and we've come to the "F".
06:40 And the "F" stands for Faith.
06:43 And you know in the Bible,
06:45 in the Book of Hebrews it talks about
06:46 those mighty men of faith.
06:48 And one of those mighty men was a name,
06:51 a man by the name of Joshua.
06:53 And God gave Joshua a promise,
06:55 and he told Joshua to be of good courage.
06:59 For I will be with thee,
07:00 be with thee to whatever you go through.
07:03 And today, friends,
07:04 we're gonna learn how we can, what?
07:06 Be of good courage because God is the one who is in control.
07:10 And you know, I have a good friend
07:11 with me again,
07:13 Chef Law who's going to help us to understand this.
07:14 We're gonna unpack this together,
07:15 what's going on, Chef Law?
07:17 How're you doing, Chef, once again?
07:18 Feeling good, brother.
07:20 How're you guys doing out there?
07:21 So what are we talking about, man?
07:22 We're talking about being of good courage
07:24 for a particular reason.
07:25 Amen.
07:26 So God has a special
07:28 and He has a particular commandment.
07:29 That's right, commandment, come on now.
07:30 This is the commandment He is about to give us.
07:32 Come on now. That's right.
07:33 It's a law, right?
07:35 So let's look at this thing what we can find out.
07:36 It's a law.
07:37 Go on that, buddy. That's right.
07:39 So Chef Law about to give you all God's law.
07:40 That it, amen, I like that, I like that.
07:41 So it's a particular commandment.
07:43 Come on now.
07:44 And this commandment says,
07:45 Joshua 1:9, "Have not I commended thee?
07:47 Be strong and of good courage,
07:48 be not afraid,
07:50 neither be thou dismayed for the Lord
07:51 thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest."
07:55 That's music to the souls' ears.
07:56 Music to your ears.
07:58 Come on, what are we talking about, brother?
07:59 Now we're talking about now, we're talking about fears.
08:02 There's a lot of reasons people don't do things in life.
08:04 Some might be money,
08:06 some might be motivation, some people say,
08:08 you know, they might even be lazy
08:09 and say they don't do it
08:11 but one of the primary reasons we don't do things,
08:13 try new things,
08:15 or even accomplish things in our life
08:16 is because of fear.
08:18 Fear paralyzes us.
08:19 Fear constrains us. Constrains us.
08:21 What happened in the Garden of Eden
08:23 when this world was created,
08:24 when Adam and Eve first fell into sin,
08:26 one of the first emotions that the Bible expresses
08:30 is that they were afraid, they had a fear.
08:32 Come on now.
08:33 And they were afraid of the wrong thing.
08:35 Come on.
08:36 They were afraid of God, and so we have a fear of God.
08:40 A fear of, if God is so good, why is everything so bad or...
08:44 And so, we have a fear of coming to God
08:46 and God wants us to destroy this fear
08:48 by letting us know that He's with us.
08:51 I like that, I like that.
08:52 And that is encouraging for us because a lot of times,
08:55 friends, image of God, or sometimes
08:58 we look at God's nature of being this God.
09:00 Some people like to say Godzilla.
09:02 You know, God is,
09:03 God is going to zap us if we don't do things right.
09:06 If we don't do what He says at times we are fearful,
09:09 and sometimes as a result of having
09:11 that wrong understanding of who God is,
09:13 we don't do what He says and we find that God wants us
09:15 to know that the things that He's asked us to do
09:18 is for life, is for life and it's for our benefit,
09:21 so there's no reason to be afraid.
09:23 So, friends, remember, as you take upon these lessons,
09:26 these laws of health,
09:28 remember it's for God has given it to us
09:30 for our benefit.
09:31 What else do we have, Chef Law?
09:32 We need to understand a principle
09:34 that God wants us to conquer our fears.
09:38 He will help us conquer these fears
09:40 by giving us strength and courage.
09:42 But there's a way we get strength and courage,
09:44 only one way.
09:45 Come on now, how do we do that?
09:46 The Bible said He's with us, whethersoever he goeth.
09:50 See last show we talked about Jesus coming to cleans us
09:51 from our sin.
09:52 Come on now, exactly.
09:54 But the Bible didn't end there,
09:55 it says Jesus shall be called Emmanuel
09:58 which means God with us.
09:59 With us, amen.
10:01 God wants you to know that there's never been a time
10:03 in your life where you have been alone.
10:05 There's never been a time in your life
10:06 you have been through anything by yourself.
10:08 There's never been a time
10:10 where somebody has done anything bad to you
10:12 and God has not felt sympathy and empathy with that cause.
10:15 God has been with you
10:16 and He wants to be with you even deeper
10:18 than you can even know and you could ever imagine.
10:20 Come on now.
10:21 Man, that's, I tell you, friends,
10:23 that is the good news, the gospel.
10:25 The gospel.
10:27 We have a God that is intimate, who's personal,
10:29 who understands what we go through
10:31 at the most intimate level.
10:33 I know it's been so many days, we've been almost three weeks,
10:36 a little bit over three weeks into this program.
10:38 A little bit of three weeks of learning these things
10:41 and sometimes we may have made mistakes,
10:43 or we might not have been able to keep on the plan
10:46 or whatever it might have been but we know something,
10:48 even though if we made a fall,
10:51 even though we might have not stuck with it,
10:53 the way that we might have wanted to,
10:54 God is still there
10:56 and God is telling you today to get back,
10:58 get up and go with it because He is with us,
11:01 there's no reason to be afraid.
11:02 And, Chef Law, I want to say this too
11:04 is that when we understand that God is with us,
11:07 we find ourselves starting to understand
11:09 that we have power now.
11:10 We've got more power than we had before.
11:12 Exactly. That's right.
11:13 And so we find ourselves as we understand His power,
11:14 we found ourselves being able to do the things
11:17 that He's asking us to do.
11:18 We find that courage and strength to do things.
11:20 Come on.
11:21 We find this new power rising up
11:23 and then coming from above
11:25 and we say, "Wow, I can do this.
11:26 It wasn't that hard."
11:27 Exactly, it wasn't that hard. It wasn't that hard.
11:29 And so, friends, we want you to know that, listen,
11:30 put your trust in God.
11:31 Whatever fear you might have, He is able to do exceeding,
11:35 abundantly above what you can ask of think.
11:44 Well, friends, we've come to the "O" in the FORK system.
11:47 And the "O" stands for Organization.
11:50 Well, today we're talking about
11:51 something that's really important.
11:53 We're talking about personal organization.
11:54 And there's some things we want to help you to understand
11:56 that is really important.
11:57 And I have my good friend here Chef Law.
11:59 What's happening, Chef Law? How're you doing, Chef?
12:00 How're you guys doing out there?
12:02 Well, Chef Law, we're talking today
12:03 about three things
12:04 that we have to take account of.
12:06 Okay. Three things.
12:07 Three things.
12:09 That we've got to take account of, friends.
12:10 And we want you all to understand
12:12 what these three things are.
12:13 All right, now.
12:14 So like I said, we want to say today,
12:16 we want you to reduce, reduce, reduce.
12:17 Those three Rs... All right.
12:18 The reduce, reduce, reduce.
12:20 Let me tell you a quick little story.
12:21 When I was a little kid, I remember when I was a kid,
12:22 my parents had, was having some financial times, right?
12:26 Okay.
12:27 And a lot of times you have tough financial times.
12:29 If you go to public schools
12:30 you end up having to get free lunch, right?
12:32 Yeah, yeah.
12:33 So my parents wasn't, it didn't go into the hole that bad,
12:36 but I had to get reduced lunch.
12:38 Got to get reduce lunch. It was called reduced lunch.
12:39 Okay.
12:41 And I told the lady and she said,
12:42 "You're gonna be on..."
12:44 And at first I was paying full price.
12:45 So you can imagine me coming in line,
12:46 and the lady said, "No,
12:48 today you're gonna be paying reduce."
12:49 And I've got tired of paying reduced lunch.
12:51 I was tired of and I said, "Reduce, reduce, reduce."
12:55 I was upset. Upset of paying a lower price.
12:57 Upset of paying a lower price,
12:58 I don't know what was wrong with me, man.
13:00 So today we're talking about lowering something.
13:01 We're talking about something that we shouldn't do in excess.
13:03 We're talking about the oil, talking about the salt,
13:07 and talking about the what, Law?
13:08 That's the sugar. The sugar.
13:09 So these three things are things
13:11 that Americans, we love.
13:12 But guess what?
13:14 It's not bad ingredients, is bad when it's done,
13:15 guess how, friends?
13:17 Too much excess. Too much.
13:18 Too much of it. Too much excess.
13:20 And so a lot of times we use way too much oil.
13:21 Way too much. Come on now.
13:22 Way too much.
13:24 When I think, I'm gonna eat Mr. Potato,
13:25 you know Mr. Potato, right?
13:27 I know Mr. Potato.
13:28 We put a lot of fat on Mr. Potato, don't we?
13:29 We put a lot of fat on Mr. Potato.
13:31 Put all that oil on him, we put that...
13:32 Especially, if he goes into French fries.
13:33 You got the added cheese on top
13:35 and all that oil inside of that cheese,
13:36 all that oil, all is inside of that Mr. Potato.
13:37 The sour cream, it has the oil in it, all that fat.
13:39 Taste good. It's good, all right.
13:41 Sounds good. Not too much though.
13:42 You understand where I'm coming from, friends?
13:43 But it's not good for you.
13:45 So what kind of things does too much fat do to our bodies?
13:47 And so too much fat, I mean
13:48 it even helps us gain extra weight...
13:51 So this can make overweight, what else?
13:52 Overweight, clog arteries. Clog arteries, exactly.
13:54 So again, heart disease,
13:56 number one thing that too much fat can do for us.
13:59 Here we have the salt.
14:00 Now salt obviously, friends, is good.
14:02 We need salt. We need it.
14:03 But salt in excess can lead to things
14:04 such as what, Chef Law?
14:06 The salt in excess can lead to things
14:07 such as hypertension.
14:09 Exactly, hypertension. And it'll be bad for you.
14:10 And, friends, remember the salt helps to retain water
14:13 in your blood.
14:14 And so when there's too much volume of water,
14:16 and then you've got the fat working on the other side
14:18 and the fact causes all that plaque
14:20 to build up in your arteries,
14:21 you got so much volume of blood with the water in the blood
14:25 in those small little canal with that plaque building up,
14:28 what happens?
14:29 The pressure, guess what?
14:31 Builds up. Builds.
14:32 Come on now, so we've got some problems.
14:33 So then we have lastly, the sugar here, friends.
14:35 That's some good sugar too.
14:37 The sugar, we gotta have some sweetness, right?
14:38 We need some sweet, right? We gotta have sweetness.
14:39 But sweetness, too much sugar, what does it turn into?
14:42 Too much sugar can turn into diabetes.
14:43 Exactly.
14:45 And it can also make you more sluggish.
14:46 Exactly.
14:48 Tricks your brain into thinking
14:49 you have a lot of carbohydrates,
14:50 it's when you just have this sugar,
14:52 the body sends out insulin
14:53 and then it actually takes more glucose
14:55 from your body, making you sluggish.
14:58 There you go, exactly.
14:59 And that's why some of those people
15:00 have to have a soda at lunch, soda at breakfast...
15:03 Come on now.
15:04 And then a soda again when they get off the work,
15:06 'cause they're going up and down.
15:07 Then their snacks and all the other stuff, so,
15:09 oh, I ain't go say that about no more, but friends,
15:13 on our last day, we've got a special treat for you.
15:15 The last of 28 day challenge, we're going to have a healthy,
15:17 a healthy ice cream.
15:20 Ice cream bonanza. Ah, it's gonna be good.
15:21 It's gonna be good.
15:23 So, friends, again, we don't want to eat in access,
15:24 that's the only thing we're saying today,
15:26 we don't want to say you can't have any oil,
15:27 we don't want to say you can't have any salt.
15:28 We don't want to say you can't have any sugar.
15:30 All we're saying is that,
15:31 we're saying let's practice temperance.
15:33 That's right. God has given us our bodies.
15:35 He's given us these temples
15:36 and he wants us to take care of these bodies.
15:38 So, friends, remember, reduce, reduce, reduce.
15:47 Hey, friends, we've come down to the "R" in the FORK system.
15:50 You know what the "R" stands for?
15:52 The "R" stands for Recipe.
15:54 And today's recipe, friends,
15:55 is gonna make my name sound so good.
15:57 Chef Chew, we're making a delicious Asian,
16:00 that's right, an Asian orange chicken stir fry.
16:02 And Chef Law is with me again, Chef Law.
16:04 What's going on, Chef Law? How're you doing, Chef?
16:05 How're you guys doing out there?
16:07 Many times, me and you Chef Law,
16:08 we spend many times going
16:09 to the nice Asian, Chinese restaurant, man.
16:11 Yeah, right around my neighborhood.
16:12 Exactly, exactly.
16:14 And a lot of times, you know,
16:15 it's hard to get a good Asian meal at times, isn't it?
16:17 Yeah, really.
16:19 You know, but in California
16:20 we kinda got a good luxury out there, don't we?
16:21 We got luxury, we can get Asian meal anytime we want.
16:23 Anytime.
16:24 And they always have the vegan food.
16:25 Yes, they do. Delicious.
16:27 But sometimes you don't have access to these things,
16:28 and you can also make it right at home.
16:31 And so today, friends,
16:32 we're gonna show you how to make
16:33 a delicious, delicious, when I say delicious,
16:35 it's going to be to chewy.
16:37 Come on, y'all, it's gonna be
16:38 delicious orange chicken stir fry.
16:40 So what's the ingredients, Chef Law?
16:41 For the Asian sauce, you're gonna need:
17:02 Now for the orange chicken we have:
17:25 That sounds some kind of good, my brother.
17:27 Some kind of good.
17:28 So what we're gonna do right here,
17:30 we're gonna go ahead and make our base Asian sauce, okay.
17:31 All right.
17:32 And we have a few ingredients, we're gonna put in,
17:34 we have our chicken broth, okay.
17:35 So I'm gonna go ahead and put this inside of here.
17:37 Oh, come on, that's what I'm talking about.
17:39 I love it, nice, hot pan, ready to go.
17:41 So what we're gonna do,
17:42 go and slice those onions up if you can, Chef Law?
17:44 All right. Go and slice the onions up.
17:46 And we also have... Diced or sliced?
17:47 Go ahead and dice them up if you can, please?
17:49 I've got some Bragg's
17:50 we're putting this inside of here.
17:51 All right, I got some sugar I'm gonna add in here, okay.
17:53 Okay.
17:55 Some nice healthy, again, in moderation, right?
17:58 Little moderation, gonna add sugar.
17:59 All right. So you add sugar into it, huh?
18:02 Exactly. Okay.
18:03 Sugar as well 'cause what happens
18:05 is that we want to make it nice and sweet.
18:06 So it won't be too acidic if that make sense, okay.
18:08 Yeah, okay.
18:09 All right, what we're going to do also,
18:10 I'm gonna go ahead
18:12 and turn this pan on right here.
18:16 Turn that pan on right here.
18:18 There we go. There we go, got that going.
18:20 So we're gonna go ahead.
18:21 On this side, we're gonna add our onions, our garlic.
18:24 Oh, yes, onions and the garlic. All right, onions and garlic.
18:25 That's my favorite.
18:27 And we also have some ginger as well, okay.
18:28 Okay.
18:30 All right, so I'm gonna get that on,
18:31 throw some onions down here.
18:33 Let me help you out.
18:34 Go ahead, thank you, help me out.
18:35 Oh, yeah.
18:37 Little bit of garlic on here. Yes.
18:38 All right, this is gonna be the base flavors, friends,
18:40 we'll be gonna get going here.
18:42 So we're gonna let that saute just a little bit here.
18:44 Let that saute but just a little bit.
18:47 We'll turn this up, feel a little bit of heat here.
18:50 Make sure this one is on really good.
18:54 All right, now we're looking really good.
18:55 So again, if you know anything about Asian food, friends,
18:57 it's all about the sauce.
18:59 The sauce has to be delicious
19:00 and we want to make sure the sauce
19:01 is coming along really well.
19:03 Get that sauteing and what we're gonna do,
19:04 let it saute for about maybe about a minute and half.
19:07 And we're gonna toss it right inside here
19:08 for the base flavor.
19:09 Okay. Toss right inside.
19:11 That will soak some of that flavor, okay.
19:12 Soak some of that flavor, exactly.
19:14 All right. All right.
19:15 So what I'm gonna do now? Throw this in here.
19:16 Now we can go ahead and bring over
19:18 rest of those ingredients, leave the linguini.
19:19 Leave the linguini. Okay.
19:20 All right, we're gonna go ahead and get the chicken right here.
19:23 All right, we got, right here we got some or the chicken
19:26 and the Asian medley right here.
19:28 Throw little cayenne inside of it as well.
19:32 Look cayenne,
19:33 that's brought them nice and good.
19:34 Good spice. That's what I'm talking about.
19:36 Yes, indeed.
19:37 Oh, yeah, little oil on that, little oil on here.
19:39 Well, right now, Chef Law,
19:40 we got to put the cornstarch right inside of it.
19:42 You know how I like this,
19:43 we're gonna need a little bowl if we can,
19:44 we got a little bowl here. Right here.
19:46 All right, so we're going to put little cornstarch here,
19:47 little water, you got a fork for us?
19:49 That's here. Okay.
19:52 Actually, I can just use it, Chef Law.
19:53 Okay. We're gonna use it right here.
19:54 So, friends, you want to make sure
19:56 the water is cold
19:57 and you want to mix it right on up, just like that.
19:58 Don't do it too hard, it might spill out.
20:00 And we're gonna say, just like that, right?
20:02 Yeah, just like that. All right now.
20:03 All right, pour it in there.
20:05 Now watch what happens right here,
20:06 this is gonna be a little,
20:07 just like that, friends, come on now, you know,
20:09 what I'm talking about, right?
20:10 I'm gonna keep on stirring it, right?
20:11 I'm gonna keep on stirring,
20:13 can you stir for me, Chef Law, please?
20:14 And that's, it's right on up now, come on, y'all,
20:17 that's looking good.
20:19 Put little barbeque sauce right here on this.
20:20 Oh, this is going to be good.
20:22 Come on, y'all. Come on.
20:23 That's what I'm talking about.
20:25 Now, Chef Law, we're gonna have to do...
20:28 Come on now.
20:29 Come on now, y'all, looking really good.
20:30 Saute little bit now.
20:32 So bring this over here, Chef Law,
20:33 go ahead and get the linguini on the plate
20:34 if you don't mind for me?
20:36 Little bit of that Asian sauce on top of that right there,
20:38 friends, looking good.
20:39 Okay. Come on, come on.
20:41 Little linguini on a plate, that's what I'm talking about.
20:45 Come on, y'all.
20:46 I'm gonna get these round right here.
20:47 How're we looking, Chef Law?
20:49 I tell you over here, it's looking really good to me,
20:51 I don't know about y'all, friends,
20:52 looking really good over here.
20:54 All right, we got the linguini going on.
20:56 So right here, friends, we got the orange chicken
20:58 with little bit of barbecue,
21:00 I like to say barbecue chew sauce,
21:02 is that okay?
21:03 That's all right. Barbeque chew sauce.
21:04 A little bit of the orange on it.
21:06 But we actually forgot orange.
21:07 Go ahead and get the orange zest
21:09 for me, Chef Law?
21:10 The last step on here,
21:11 we're gonna put a little bit of that orange on here.
21:13 Oh, that's looking good. Come on.
21:14 Got a nice smell.
21:15 Come on, that's what I'm talking about.
21:17 Nice aroma to it. That's it, that's it.
21:18 Now go ahead and put a little orange zest on that
21:20 if you don't mind?
21:21 Little orange zest, that's right.
21:22 Looking really good, friends, looking really good.
21:25 I'm gonna get me a little fork right here.
21:27 Me and my friend, that's what I'm talking about.
21:29 Now, friends, this is a meal for a king.
21:31 You know, something God says there, friends,
21:33 we are priests and kings, amen? Amen.
21:35 So this is a meal for a king, and my king brother,
21:38 here Chef Law, come on Chef Law,
21:39 give me right there, Chef Law?
21:41 Go ahead and get your fork, Chef Law.
21:42 I'm gonna get my fork man.
21:43 Then we gonna go ahead and enjoy, come on now.
21:45 All right, let's get involved.
21:46 I want that piece of chicken, man.
21:48 Oh, yes, sir.
21:52 Delicious, man.
21:59 Well, friends, we've had an exciting program again.
22:01 I tell you, it is so fun
22:03 as we're going to Chew's Challenge.
22:04 And I tell you, today we're going to now close it up
22:07 and we're going to go right to this "K".
22:08 You know what the "K" stands for?
22:10 The "K" stands for Knowledge.
22:12 And I'm encouraged because I learned as I read the Bible
22:15 that it says that God will teach us knowledge.
22:18 He will give us instruction.
22:20 The wise man Solomon let us know
22:22 that God will give us understanding in Him,
22:25 but we're learning now,
22:26 right now we're learning that God has also given us
22:28 these health principles, amen?
22:30 Amen. So I got my friend, Chef Law.
22:31 What's going on, Chef Law? How're you doing, Chef?
22:32 How're you guys doing out there?
22:34 So you know what we do right now, right?
22:35 It's question time. Question time, amen.
22:36 All right, let's see what we got.
22:38 Question number one:
22:39 God wants us to conquer our fears, true or false?
22:43 I tell you, I don't know, if you, Chef Law,
22:45 ever been in a time when you seen a dog outside...
22:48 Yeah. I don't know about you, right.
22:50 Right.
22:51 And you know, when that dog comes,
22:52 friends, at times,
22:54 when that dog is there it's like, oh, man,
22:55 you don't know what to do.
22:56 Sometimes we just freeze.
22:58 Oh, I know what to do, it's time to run the other way.
22:59 That's what you needed to do.
23:00 Have you ever frozen a dog, okay?
23:02 Or you've been afraid? No, I never froze, I ran.
23:03 Now you know, if you run the dog
23:05 gonna chase that if you know it, right?
23:06 It didn't catch me though.
23:07 It didn't catch you though, go ahead now.
23:09 You know so, so when that dog comes,
23:10 I tell you, friends, we have to realize
23:11 that even when a dog, the pit bull slobbering,
23:14 it's slobbering all over the place,
23:16 we can even know that guess what?
23:17 Jesus says, you know, something I am with you,
23:20 whithersoever you goeth.
23:22 So know that God can,
23:24 as the Bible says stop the mouths of lions.
23:26 Yes.
23:28 We know that God says, listen, I'm going to be with you
23:30 and I'm going to give you power.
23:31 So do not fear, amen. Do not fear.
23:34 So will God help us with our fears, brother?
23:35 That's right. It's true. Amen. It's true.
23:37 He wants us to conquer our fear.
23:38 That's right, amen.
23:40 All right, now let's go to question number two.
23:41 It's the multiple choice question.
23:43 What are we to reduce? You have three options.
23:45 A salt, B, fat, or C, all of the above?
23:50 We talked early about the reduce, reduce, and reduce.
23:53 Now you know, reducing sometimes
23:55 could be challenging.
23:56 Some, you know, we live in a country
23:58 where everything is at our ease.
23:59 I mean it's like right there you can grab it
24:01 and you know we learned about how those,
24:03 the salt, the fat, and the sugar
24:05 are what the taste buds crave.
24:08 And we find that sometimes
24:10 it's an over exaggerated taste buds
24:12 and we find ourselves wanting too much of these things.
24:15 We learned that too much salt can lead to hypertension.
24:18 We learned that too much fat can lead to heart disease
24:21 as well as diabetes, and many other diseases.
24:24 So obviously God wants us to be temperate in all things.
24:27 All things.
24:29 So the answer to this, friends, is all of the above.
24:31 God want us to reduce that salt,
24:32 God wants us to reduce that fat,
24:34 and we didn't put in there
24:35 but God also wants us to reduce that sugar.
24:38 So what's question number three, Chef Law?
24:39 All right, let's go to question number three:
24:41 What makes the orange zest?
24:43 You have three choices.
24:44 A juice, B, the peeling, or C,
24:49 the white skin of the orange on the inside?
24:51 Come on now, Chef, help us out with this, Chef Law,
24:53 what's that zest in that orange?
24:55 What makes that zest?
24:56 What gives you that zest in that orange,
24:58 the answer is actually B, it's the peel.
24:59 The peeling, okay, and so why is that?
25:01 What you do is you get a grater, you can get a zester.
25:03 Okay.
25:05 Or you can use a regular cheese grater.
25:06 Okay. And you grate the outside.
25:08 So what's power packed in that peel?
25:10 What comes out in that peel when you zest it?
25:12 It has a lot of flavor in that peel.
25:14 Okay, okay.
25:15 So when you zest it, you get that concentration
25:17 and the flavor that's in the peel.
25:18 Come on now, exactly.
25:19 And it gives you that orange punch.
25:21 There you go, I like that, the orange punch.
25:22 The orange punch.
25:24 I like that and, friends, understand this,
25:25 in that orange peel, there's actually oils as well.
25:27 And that oils carry that flavor,
25:29 as you said the concentration of flavor.
25:30 Yes.
25:32 But you know something, we know
25:33 that there's some concentration somewhere else
25:34 and we found that as we study God's word,
25:37 there's some concentration is that, did I say it right?
25:39 Consecration?
25:41 You actually, it's some consecration...
25:43 Oh, now, come on now, there you go.
25:44 Concentration, sanctification,
25:45 and some justification in there.
25:47 Go ahead now, brother. I like that...
25:48 It's everything.
25:50 We're just having a good time over here,
25:51 but there's some consecration, I still didn't say it right,
25:53 you know, so...
25:54 It's some concentration... There you go, thank you.
25:56 And it's sweet actually.
25:58 Now God doesn't want you to have that much sugar
26:00 but when it comes to His word,
26:01 He wants you to have a sweet tooth
26:02 'cause the Bible says
26:04 it's sweeter than the honeycomb.
26:05 And the Bible also says, oh, taste
26:07 and see that the Lord is good.
26:09 Blessed is the man that trusted in Him.
26:12 I like to say, "Blessed is the man
26:14 that chews on Him."
26:16 You got to understand, God wants us to chew on His word.
26:18 God wants us to chew on Christ.
26:21 He wants us to chew on who He is
26:23 because when we digest who He is,
26:25 we can then, believe it or not,
26:27 we can begin walking like Christ.
26:28 We can begin talking like Christ.
26:30 We can begin living like Christ.
26:32 And we can also begin this journey,
26:34 all these 28 days eating like Christ
26:36 and experiencing the blessings that Christ has for us.
26:40 God wants us to experience something better, friends,
26:44 and I guarantee you if you follow His plan,
26:46 you will enjoy the life that He's promised to us.
26:50 Well, anyway, friends, my name is Chef Chew.
26:53 My name is Chef Law.
26:55 And as we always say,
26:56 "Gonna give you something to chew on."


Revised 2017-06-19