Chew's Challenge

Day 24

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Participants: Chef G.W. Chew, Chef Tim Lawson, Tina Chew


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00:30 Hello, friends, my name is Chef Chew
00:32 and as I always say,
00:33 "Gonna give you something to chew on."
00:36 Well, friends, we've come to challenge day number 24,
00:38 and I tell you we're almost done.
00:40 But guess what?
00:41 We have a little bit more to go,
00:43 but we're gonna get right into the kitchen.
00:44 What's going on, Chef Law? How're you doing, Chef?
00:45 How're you guys doing out there?
00:47 Well, today we're gonna be making a delicious quick
00:49 and easy chicken salad.
00:51 That's right, quick and easy chicken salad.
00:53 Quick and easy, all right.
00:54 It's gonna be really delicious, it's gonna be a lot of fun
00:56 and I tell you, friends, let's get your pens,
00:58 get your pads out and let's get ready to get going.
01:01 So Chef Law, why don't you go ahead
01:02 and read the ingredients for us, if you can please?
01:04 All right, let's see what we're gonna be using today.
01:05 We're gonna be using...
01:30 All right, so this is a little easy recipe.
01:33 Okay, a lot of us love our traditional chicken salads,
01:36 we're gonna veganize it today.
01:38 And we have some simple ingredients,
01:39 we gotta chop up.
01:40 So right here we have our breaded chicken
01:42 that you can get from most grocery stores.
01:43 Okay.
01:45 Even, mostly at normal grocery stores
01:46 you might not even have to go to health food stores,
01:47 you can find vegan again chicken products, okay.
01:50 So we're gonna ahead and dice this up,
01:51 if you can, Chef Law?
01:53 Go ahead and dice our breaded chicken up, okay.
01:55 And it doesn't have to necessarily be breaded,
01:56 friends, you can actually use tofu
01:59 that you can cut in cubes and sauteed on the griddle,
02:02 and you can also use other chicken products that,
02:05 they are found inside the store as well.
02:06 So he's dicing them up, just like that,
02:08 little small chunks.
02:10 And we're gonna toss that inside of our bowl
02:12 once he gets these done.
02:13 So, Chef Law, you like chicken salad, friend?
02:16 I love chicken salad. Come on now, brother.
02:17 It's nothing like a chicken salad with the mayo
02:20 and the relish on the bread, I tell you this is...
02:22 I like to make a sandwich with them.
02:23 Come on, that's what I am talking about, brother.
02:25 With lettuce and tomatoes. That's it.
02:26 And this can also be used for in a drip,
02:27 you can use it on crackers,
02:29 and you can also use it on lettuce,
02:30 you can make a lettuce chicken wrap as well.
02:32 So there's many different variations
02:34 that could be done with this recipe
02:35 that we are doing.
02:36 So we have a few other things that have to be cut up,
02:38 we have our scallions here,
02:39 we're gonna go ahead and dice our scallions up.
02:41 Now why do you use scallions for, Chef Law?
02:43 I usually use them in everything,
02:45 I usually use those and onions...
02:46 Okay.
02:48 And garlic and I fry them up
02:49 and put them in a lot of things.
02:51 That's what I'm talking about.
02:52 So go ahead and put that inside of that,
02:54 if you can, little scallions right there?
02:55 Okay.
02:56 All right, so we have some celery,
02:58 go ahead and cut up our celery if you can?
02:59 Our celery there, sir. Here we go.
03:00 Now celery, friends, adds that little bite,
03:02 that little back bite on the chicken salad,
03:05 so you can't go wrong with this,
03:07 again the celery acts like a little,
03:08 nice little bite to the celery, I mean, to the chicken salad.
03:11 We also have some relish, we need some moistness to it,
03:13 so we have a relish and we also have our...
03:15 Mayonnaise. Mayo.
03:16 There you go, there you go.
03:18 Go ahead and just throw that mayo inside of there, friend.
03:19 Throw that mayo inside of there.
03:21 Okay, let me throw in there. All right.
03:22 And so here we have again, remember,
03:24 last time we made an herb sandwich spread,
03:26 and when we're sharing with you guys,
03:28 that we need a little of acidity,
03:29 so we're gonna add right here some lemon juice,
03:31 add little bit of acidity to it,
03:32 it gives the nice little tang, little tang here to it.
03:35 We have some, right here some oil right here,
03:37 we're gonna add little bit of that oil to it right there.
03:38 Okay, little bit of oil.
03:39 Go and start stirring together if you can for me, please?
03:41 So now he's gonna stir together.
03:43 So it's a simple recipe.
03:44 Again, it can be made in just a few minutes
03:47 and that's the great thing about these recipes.
03:48 Again because you can make them in the morning time
03:50 before you go to work.
03:52 We always encourage you, make it maybe on a Sunday
03:54 and make a, you know, enough meals
03:56 that can last you for a few days
03:57 and this is one of those recipes
03:58 that can be done that way.
04:00 We also gonna add some relish in here.
04:01 Come on now. Come on now, brother.
04:02 Starting to look good now.
04:04 Starting to look good now, come on now.
04:05 Coming together now, all right.
04:07 That's what I'm talking about. All right.
04:08 We got a little bit of chicken style seasoning,
04:09 we're gonna add that right there.
04:11 You know, that's right. Got it, got to have the flavor.
04:12 We got chicken style seasoning,
04:13 we got some salt right here, all right, little salt.
04:15 Little salt and get some of that salt
04:16 on right there brother.
04:17 Now we're looking good.
04:19 Now again you can add different types of herbs,
04:20 we're gonna today use parsley, you can use oregano,
04:22 you can use Italian seasoning,
04:24 any kind of herb you like you can put inside of that,
04:25 that gives nice little color to it as well.
04:27 So we got that inside of there.
04:28 How're we looking, Chef Law? We're looking real good.
04:30 All right, so we're gonna add
04:31 little bit more chewiness to it,
04:33 is that okay, Chef Law?
04:34 Oh, yeah.
04:35 All right, so we gonna go ahead...
04:37 Since your name is Chew, I think that's okay.
04:38 There you go.
04:39 So go ahead and chop some olives
04:41 if you can for me, please?
04:42 So again we're gonna add
04:43 a little bit more chewiness to it.
04:45 And again, in the past we have used breadcrumbs
04:46 in these kind of recipes, so you can use breadcrumbs,
04:48 you can use walnuts, pecan, different types of nuts
04:49 and you can make different variations of the same recipe.
04:51 But right now, we're gonna add a little bit of chew,
04:54 with our olives.
04:55 How does that sound, Chef Law? It sounds delicious.
04:56 Come on now, brother.
04:58 All right, let's get them in there.
04:59 Now, so we're gonna throw that in there.
05:00 Now we're talking.
05:02 I'm gonna go ahead and finish this off.
05:03 Okay.
05:05 All right, so it looks really good.
05:06 Let's go and clean up our area if we can, Chef Law.
05:07 And what we're gonna do with this, friends,
05:09 is that we have right here a,
05:11 we brought a pita pocket with us.
05:13 So a lot of times,
05:14 again you can use this on crackers,
05:16 you can do a little dollop, you can put it on bread,
05:18 you can put it on a sub sandwich,
05:19 however you wanna do it.
05:21 So what we're gonna do, cut that pita pocket in half
05:22 if you can, Chef Law?
05:24 Cut it in half, one for me, one for you.
05:25 How does that sound? That sounds good.
05:27 Come on now, brother. You know, to live is to give.
05:29 Now come on, brother. There you go, that sounds good.
05:31 To live is to give. All right.
05:33 What we're gonna do is, cut it right in half,
05:34 just like that.
05:37 Cut it right in half. All right.
05:40 So go ahead and put this on here.
05:41 Now I'm gonna go ahead and stuff.
05:43 What's up, with that, Chef Law, come on.
05:44 It already had it pretty big. You gave me the big piece.
05:47 What was going on, man?
05:48 I gave you big piece, you look real hungry.
05:50 So go ahead now, brother, so go ahead and stuff me,
05:51 can you stuff it up for me for me?
05:52 All right.
05:54 Go ahead and stuff it up for me, if you don't mind, please?
05:55 So we're gonna stuff this right in here, friends,
05:56 it's really easy to do.
05:58 My Mother says,
05:59 "She loves chicken salad inside of a pita pocket."
06:01 You can't go wrong with that.
06:03 Come on, let me get some for you, Chef Law.
06:04 You know what, you know, you want some more of that.
06:06 Come on now, little bit more. Okay.
06:07 All right, that's one for me. Hold this for me.
06:10 Now you gotta, I'll help you,
06:11 I'll hold it for you, you go ahead.
06:13 One for me, one for you, brother. Come on now.
06:15 Little bit inside of that just like that.
06:16 All right, come on now. Yes, indeed.
06:17 That's it, that's it, all right.
06:19 That's it. Looking good.
06:20 Okay.
06:21 All right, I'll take the small one man,
06:23 it's all good.
06:24 You know I'm trying, I'm going a little healthy diet plan.
06:26 You're on a little diet, okay.
06:28 All right, Chef Law, so get a little bit right.
06:29 All right, let's taste this, see what it's like.
06:30 Oh, man.
06:39 Well, friends, we just come out of the kitchen
06:41 and now we're moving right into the "F"
06:43 the "F" stands for faith.
06:45 And you know, the Bible says something very interesting
06:47 in the Book of John,
06:48 He says that our faith can make us whole.
06:52 God says, our faith can make us whole.
06:55 And we want that wholeness as we study God's word,
06:57 because Jesus has promised to give us that wholeness.
07:00 Today we're gonna be studying God's word
07:02 and we're gonna be looking at how God says
07:04 that He will help us to keep our commitment,
07:07 He will help us to keep our commitment.
07:11 Do you believe that, friends?
07:12 Do you believe that God is able to help you
07:14 with your commitment to serve Him,
07:16 your commitment to eat healthy?
07:18 Well, today let's see what God has to say.
07:20 And I have a good friend again,
07:21 Chef Law, what's going on, Chew Law?
07:23 How're you doing? What's going on, Chef?
07:24 Yes, sir.
07:25 How're you guys doing out there?
07:27 So we're talking about commitments today.
07:28 We're talking about keeping the commitment.
07:29 This is going to be very interesting.
07:31 Amen. Okay, okay.
07:32 So let's see what the Bible has to say.
07:33 Amen.
07:35 2 Timothy 1:12, "I know whom I have believed,
07:36 and I am persuaded that he is able to keep that
07:39 which I have committed unto him against that day."
07:44 Come on now.
07:45 Persuaded, believe, come one, what we're talking about now?
07:47 Well, we wants to know that God is a covenant keeping God,
07:50 He makes promises and He keeps His promises.
07:52 Amen.
07:54 But it's something important we want to know about
07:55 that word commitment.
07:57 It actually means deposit. Deposit, like a bank deposit?
08:00 Like a bank deposit. All right, now.
08:01 So we're talking about some wealth now,
08:03 but we're not talking about,
08:04 worldly wealth for the wealth down here,
08:05 we're talking about an everlasting wealth.
08:07 Come on.
08:08 So Paul, says he knows that God is gonna keep
08:11 what He's deposited out there.
08:12 Deposited, I like that.
08:13 And nobody can break in the God banks.
08:15 There is no divine,
08:16 there is no heaven bank robbers.
08:18 Come on, He is an armor guard, doesn't He?
08:19 Yes, He has an armor guard. I like that.
08:21 Satan tried but he failed. Come on now.
08:22 He can't break into the heavenly bank...
08:24 So whatever in your life you deposit and give to God,
08:28 He's gonna keep it until that day.
08:30 Come on now.
08:31 You're gonna find out what that day.
08:33 Come on now.
08:34 And, friends, do you really understand
08:35 what God is saying here?
08:37 Do you understand that God is able to again,
08:38 to keep those promises that you have given to Him.
08:41 He's able, 'cause listen,
08:42 your promises are only the things
08:45 that He's asked you to do.
08:46 Meaning that God says listen,
08:48 I want you to be in good health.
08:49 And you're saying "Lord, help me to be in good health."
08:51 And so it all again, his part, our part,
08:53 when your promises are combined with God's promises,
08:56 it's a powerful combination and He will then help us
08:59 to keep what He's promised
09:01 and also what we have promised with Him.
09:03 What else we got, Chef Law?
09:04 We're talking about a give and give relationship.
09:07 Oh, give and take.
09:09 Because God has given us things,
09:10 now give and take, but we would give and give.
09:11 Come on now, all right now, come on now.
09:13 You see, it's a circle.
09:14 Everyone's giving in God's circumference
09:17 and the way He sees things, everyone gives to the other.
09:19 Amen. Amen. And does so has life.
09:21 So what God wants to do is, He wants to give you life,
09:24 He wants to give you health, and we have been talking about
09:26 this whole 28 days a better you, a happier you,
09:29 a healthier you but when you get healthy,
09:31 what God gives you,
09:33 He now wants you to commit and give back to Him.
09:35 Come on now.
09:36 By having faith in Him... Come on now.
09:38 And He will keep it, that He will grow it,
09:39 that He will nurture it, and then He will raise it.
09:41 Amen.
09:42 And that's important for us to understand that
09:44 when God gives us something, He gives us an essence, a gift.
09:48 But that gift, any gift that we get
09:50 and the many of us have open our presents up
09:52 and some times, you know, when we were little kids,
09:54 sometimes you just wanted to hold that gift to yourselves.
09:56 But we found as we are maturing in our experience
09:59 that it's always a gift that's given to us,
10:03 it's only that the best thing comes when we what?
10:05 When we share that gift.
10:06 And so, friends, understand this,
10:08 God wants us to take those things
10:10 that He has committed to us, to what?
10:12 To give it now and share it with others,
10:15 that's the blessing that we can obtain
10:17 even on the higher stay.
10:18 Come on now. Amen. That's a beautiful blessing.
10:20 Any other, any other points we want draw out of this,
10:23 of this scripture here?
10:24 You know, there is always more points,
10:26 you know, how good this thing is.
10:27 Come on now, brother.
10:29 So we wanna say, He says, He will keep it unto that day.
10:30 Amen.
10:31 Now that day Paul is speaking in reference
10:33 unto the day of the Lord,
10:34 well, the day of Christ, the second coming.
10:36 Second coming.
10:37 Now this is important, I want you guys
10:38 to listen to me carefully, Paul says,
10:40 "I'm gonna give something to God,
10:42 I'm gonna deposit in the bank and He's gonna keep it for me
10:45 until that day, until Jesus comes back to this earth."
10:49 And I want you to know, that He is coming back...
10:51 That's right.
10:52 For people without spot, without wrinkle,
10:54 that look just like Him that have the character of love
10:57 that He has.
10:58 But God cannot keep anything that you haven't deposited,
11:02 God cannot keep anything that you haven't committed unto Him.
11:06 So if you're looking at this,
11:07 and you have been doing this 28 day challenge
11:09 or if you've just tune in to Dare to Dream
11:11 for the first time now,
11:12 I want you to really ask yourself,
11:14 what have you committed to God?
11:16 Have you committed your life to Him?
11:17 Have you committed your family to Him?
11:19 I want you to say, don't delay.
11:20 Without delay commit your life to God right now.
11:23 Amen.
11:24 Give it to Him, because He will keep it,
11:26 He will save it and you will not only have health
11:28 and life in this life
11:29 but life everlasting and forever more.
11:31 And so my appeal to you today
11:33 as you read the Book of Matthew is to ask God,
11:36 get down on your knees and give your heart
11:38 and your life to God, and He will not disappoint you.
11:42 And at that day,
11:44 when Christ comes back in the clouds of glory,
11:47 you can say, "Lo, this is my God
11:49 in whom I have waited."
11:56 Well, friends, we're moving right along to the "O"
11:58 in the FORK system.
12:00 You know what the "O" stands for?
12:01 The "O" stands for Organization.
12:03 And right now we're talking about personal organization.
12:06 We're talking about drinking
12:08 those eight glasses of water per day.
12:10 And I got my good buddy here, Chef Law.
12:11 How're you doing Chef? How's everything?
12:13 How you guys doing out there? Yes, sir, yes sir, man.
12:14 Everything is lovely. Yes, sir.
12:15 I mean, right here we got eight bottles of water.
12:17 Eight bottles. That's right, man.
12:18 And so I'll tell you, a lot of times
12:20 it's very difficult to drink eight glasses of water a day.
12:22 That's right.
12:24 A lot of times we have our sodas
12:26 and all our sweet juices.
12:27 Juices.
12:28 You know, you get your coffee...
12:30 You have all these different things
12:31 that a lot of times have a lot of sugar inside of it.
12:34 It may even be caffeinated. Right.
12:36 Or it may even have a lot of extra ingredients.
12:37 You know, one thing
12:39 that's really popular today are those energy drinks.
12:40 Oh, yeah.
12:41 You know, it's a lot of stuff inside of those drinks,
12:43 I would say you that, cause you to get migraines,
12:45 sometimes you get false energy, you can say.
12:47 Right, okay. You know.
12:49 And so today we're talking about
12:50 the benefits of simple, pure, I can't say free anymore.
12:54 H2O.
12:55 Come on now, free but hey,
12:56 you might get to buy it in the bottle but it's okay.
12:58 But I tell you, it works miracles.
12:59 So what are some of the benefits of water?
13:01 You know, any good benefits in water?
13:03 Well, I know it helps with cardiovascular disease.
13:06 Okay.
13:07 It helps with, I think it helps with weight, doesn't it?
13:09 It definitely helps with weight, exactly.
13:11 It reduces... It releases like a enzyme in the body
13:14 that helps to actually help with the weight control.
13:16 Weight control.
13:17 And believe it or not, friends,
13:18 some of us suffer from headaches, I know I have.
13:20 Many times in the night time,
13:22 I know if I haven't gotten enough water,
13:23 I wake up kind of feeling dehydrated
13:25 and I had kind of have like a little minor headache
13:27 at the same time.
13:28 And so what we find, friends,
13:30 is that one of the greatest causes of migraines
13:32 and headaches is due to having, due to being dehydrated.
13:35 You're gonna understand this
13:36 that our body is made of about 70% water.
13:39 Seventy percent.
13:40 So if we are made up of water, what do you think
13:42 that we need to be able to live?
13:44 I think we need these eight glasses of water.
13:46 Exactly, exactly, exactly.
13:48 So again, water helps with again,
13:50 it helps with, talking about dehydration,
13:52 talking about helping with the digestive system.
13:53 Okay.
13:55 It's talking about helping with also transporting nutrients
13:56 to the cells in the body.
13:58 Okay.
13:59 Now, how fast I can drink this? I think, I don't know.
14:01 Twenty seconds?
14:03 I'll give you... What do you think?
14:04 What do you think? Well, it takes you 20 seconds.
14:05 Oh, let's see how fast I can do it.
14:07 Now I tell you, reason I am doing this, friends,
14:08 because a many times we feel that
14:10 in order to drink water we got to add lemon juice,
14:11 which is good.
14:13 Lemon juice is great to add inside your water,
14:14 but again it's not that hard.
14:16 Even if your stomach might say "No, I don't wanna drink it",
14:18 just say to yourself "I need this."
14:20 This is life giving power to me.
14:22 So watch this, see how easy this is.
14:23 Let's see how easy it is to drink some water.
14:26 Let's see.
14:31 Less than ten seconds, already got one glass down.
14:34 Okay.
14:35 Now, I'm getting...
14:36 Come on now, brother. You sure that is water?
14:38 I want to start dancing, but I can't dance,
14:39 I'm not gonna do that now, brother.
14:40 Come on now.
14:42 You're getting little too excited.
14:43 Getting too excited now, I'm getting too energized.
14:44 But, friends, that's what it does.
14:46 Let me make sure this is just water.
14:47 Go ahead. Come on, Chef Law.
14:49 All right. Don't say that.
14:50 Now we know we don't drink alcohol now.
14:51 Alcohol, we don't do that now, friends.
14:53 But listen, the great thing is that's what your body does
14:55 when it gets the water, it gets excited inside.
14:56 Rejuvenated.
14:58 It gets rejuvenated, it's bringing life to the body.
14:59 Life to the body.
15:00 Your body cannot go without water,
15:02 it can go without other things, without food for a long time
15:04 but water, it can only last for a short amount of time.
15:06 Okay.
15:07 So, friends, we want to encourage you
15:09 that water is again, it helps to reduce
15:10 so many different diseases,
15:11 it gives you a clarity of mind, clear thinking.
15:13 Many times our minds are confused,
15:14 we can't understand why can't I think clear,
15:16 because you might not be getting enough water.
15:18 You need that water to help your body to be hydrated,
15:21 so that you can feel good,
15:23 look good and all that good stuff.
15:24 And so remember this, some of our organs are
15:27 even over almost 90 percent of water.
15:29 Ninety percent water. Wow! Ninety percent water.
15:31 So again, the body needs the water.
15:33 Lots of water.
15:35 So again, we have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
15:37 I would drink the last one
15:38 but I'm not gonna be
15:40 intemperate here, you know what I'm saying.
15:41 I think forward this information.
15:43 Go ahead now.
15:44 I'm gonna start drinking my water here so.
15:45 Go and start drinking yours.
15:47 So, friends, again, it's not that hard,
15:48 Chef Law says, "Listen, drink eight glasses,
15:49 stay away from some of those, those bad sodas
15:52 that has all those high fructose corn syrups
15:54 and drink that delicious good natural healthy water.
16:03 Well, friends, we have come to the "R" in the FORK system,
16:06 and the "R" stands for recipes.
16:08 And today we're gonna make something
16:09 that's all time favorite.
16:11 Everybody loves old fashion pancakes.
16:13 And I have my good buddy here today,
16:15 Chef Law, what's happening, Chef Law?
16:16 What's going on, Chef?
16:18 How're you guys doing out there?
16:19 Come on now.
16:20 So we're making a delicious blueberry pancakes,
16:22 and we're gonna make a delicious maple topping
16:23 to go right along with it.
16:24 And this is really easy to make.
16:26 I mean, it's really pennies on the dollar.
16:27 And again, it's really something
16:29 that's you're gonna really enjoy
16:30 with your family and your children.
16:31 So go ahead, Chef Law.
16:33 Can we go ahead and read the ingredients?
16:34 All right, let's see what we're gonna be using today.
16:37 We're gonna need for the blueberry pancakes...
16:53 Now for the maple topping we need...
17:04 All right, all right.
17:06 So we got some interesting ingredients
17:08 I wanna point out here, okay.
17:09 Okay.
17:10 So one of the ingredients
17:12 we wanna point out for the pancakes is that,
17:13 everybody loves the fluffy pancake, right?
17:15 Everybody loves the fluffy pancake.
17:16 Okay, you don't want a hard frisbee pancake, right?
17:17 No, that ain't a pancake.
17:19 So in order to make vegan pancakes,
17:20 again normally in regular pancakes
17:22 you will use your eggs,
17:23 and obviously so that kind of gives it that nice fluffiness.
17:25 Right.
17:26 And so what we have to do, we have to use an ingredient
17:27 called egg replacer.
17:29 You can find that at most health food stores.
17:31 Most of your regular grocery stores
17:32 probably won't have it, you can ask them,
17:34 actually you can ask them to get it,
17:35 but again health food stores will be the one to get it.
17:38 And we have something called egg replacer.
17:39 We also gonna use the baking powder
17:41 which is gonna give it a nice slight rise...
17:42 Okay.
17:44 Which is gonna be really important.
17:45 So go ahead if you can, please put the flour
17:47 inside of that bowl if you can?
17:48 All right, and we're gonna add all of our dry ingredients,
17:50 it's almost like baking,
17:51 we're gonna add our dry ingredients,
17:53 then we're gonna add our liquid ingredients.
17:54 So here we have our,
17:56 I believe right there should be our baking powder.
17:57 And now we're gonna add our energy egg replacer, okay?
17:59 Okay.
18:00 All right, so we have some salt
18:02 to kind of give a nice little flavor to it.
18:04 All right, little salt right here.
18:06 And then we have our old simple natural raw sugar.
18:10 And I want to make point is,
18:11 the raw sugar is a good ingredient,
18:13 it's actually the whole raw sugar
18:16 or the whole sugarcane I should say.
18:17 Okay. And so it's really healthy.
18:19 And then before we go there, what I'm gonna do is make our,
18:21 get our maple topping on, okay.
18:22 And some of y'all have gone to many pancake houses,
18:25 and you find that they come out
18:26 with something called maple syrup.
18:28 Right.
18:29 And a lot of times we think that we're getting the what?
18:31 Real maple syrup.
18:32 The real maple pure syrup, that comes from the tree.
18:34 That's not the real deal, huh?
18:35 And if you have understood it,
18:36 that's not the real deal, friends.
18:38 You're gonna find that it is made
18:39 with high fructose corn syrup.
18:40 And lot of times again,
18:42 if they use that, that real maple syrup
18:44 it will be really expensive for them,
18:45 so lot of times they don't usually use that, do they?
18:47 No, they try to save some money.
18:49 Exactly, so we don't wanna save money per se,
18:51 but we do wanna actually make a maple topping
18:53 that's gonna be made with
18:55 actually the raw natural sugars, is that okay?
18:56 Okay, let's go.
18:58 So right here I have some real maple syrup
18:59 from the trees, okay.
19:00 I'm gonna mix this. All right.
19:02 Mix these dry ingredients together.
19:03 All right, that's good, that's good.
19:04 So I'm putting the maple, the maple flavoring in here.
19:06 We got the maple syrup as well.
19:08 I'm gonna do a little bit of sugar inside of here as well.
19:10 All right, a little bit of sugar here
19:12 and we got us some water as well which is gonna kinda,
19:14 kinda stress this out a little bit.
19:15 I'm gonna turn this on medium heat, let this go.
19:17 Let it just kinda simmer for us,
19:19 while we are doing everything else.
19:21 Can I see that as well?
19:22 Now go ahead and add the milk if you can.
19:24 Add the milk right inside of that.
19:27 All right, so that should be heat enough for us.
19:31 All right, so go ahead and mix that in there,
19:33 if you can.
19:34 So, friends, right here we have our base pancake mix,
19:37 he has the milk inside of him.
19:38 I'm gonna go ahead and add the blueberries in there,
19:39 if you can.
19:41 Okay. All right, so there we go.
19:42 That's right, just like that.
19:43 Go and mix it together,
19:45 you don't have to be scared of it.
19:46 You ain't hurt the flour, brother.
19:49 All right, you got some more milk over here.
19:50 All right.
19:53 I'm gonna add little water, is that okay?
19:55 Okay. Add little water to this.
19:56 It's a little, little too thick,
19:58 you know, sometimes with the pancake,
19:59 sometimes it could be a little too thick,
20:01 add little bit of water
20:02 or you can add little extra milk if you need to.
20:03 I'm gonna turn this up for us.
20:05 All right, we're looking really good, friends.
20:06 We'll turn that up.
20:07 We go ahead and spray this down right here,
20:09 looking really good, so go and show them the consistency
20:11 if you can, if you don't mind?
20:12 Okay, you're gonna be having something like this.
20:14 Exactly, so you don't want to be too thick,
20:16 obviously you don't want it to be too watery.
20:18 We want that good pancake consistency.
20:20 That's what we are talking about, okay.
20:21 So go ahead now.
20:22 We have a measuring, a measuring utensil here, okay.
20:25 When you do pancakes
20:26 I like to use a quarter cup measure,
20:28 that gives you a nice evenly round pancake.
20:30 So we're gonna go ahead and do this right here.
20:32 Make sure this is hot.
20:34 All right, we're gonna turn this down.
20:35 One thing with the sugar or with the maple topping,
20:38 we don't want to cook it too hot, okay.
20:39 Okay. No problem.
20:40 All right, so we're gonna put this on here.
20:43 All right, go and turn that up on high if you can?
20:46 All right, I'm gonna go and add just a little bit more
20:48 right in the center, okay.
20:49 Yes, indeed, make it nice in there.
20:51 All right, so there we go. Nice size pancake.
20:53 All right, there we go. Delicious.
20:54 All right.
20:57 So this is taking some time to heat up here.
20:59 So hopefully it comes on lot faster now.
21:03 I guess it's taking its time.
21:05 So we gotta wait just a little bit on that,
21:06 so hopefully it speeds up for us.
21:08 Let it cook.
21:09 Exactly, hopefully it speeds up.
21:10 And so right here, friends, we have our pancakes,
21:12 it's on the griddle right now.
21:13 And hopefully again, we're gonna let it sit
21:15 for just a second here,
21:16 then we're gonna just flip it around.
21:17 And again, we got some good pancakes
21:19 in the morning time.
21:20 That's right.
21:21 You can't beat good pancakes, right?
21:23 It's one of my favorite pieces of breakfast
21:24 is eating pancakes.
21:26 Do you make pancakes for your daughters, Chef Law?
21:27 No, I don't make them.
21:28 My wife is the, she is the pancake queen.
21:30 Okay, okay.
21:31 So she makes the pancakes at home.
21:32 Come on now. Come on now. That's her area.
21:34 So right now it's starting,
21:35 it's starting to bubble just a little bit right now,
21:36 you kind of see it bubbling right there.
21:38 It's starting to sizzle right here.
21:39 There you go. Come on, y'all. Come on, come on, griddle.
21:41 It's going to take a little time in there,
21:42 but it's just coming along.
21:43 Oh, it's almost done. Let's do it, let's do.
21:45 Oh, it looks so good. Look at that, Chef Law.
21:46 Come on now, Chef Law.
21:47 Come on now. That's just right.
21:49 Nice and brown around the edges,
21:50 that they go for about two more seconds.
21:52 Let's get another plate if you don't mind?
21:53 Get a little smaller plate right here.
21:54 Okay.
21:56 And now we're gonna go ahead, man,
21:57 and put this on the plate just in a second here,
21:58 let it go ahead and just sizzle down.
22:00 Got the maple syrup, man,
22:01 this is gonna be a good wholesome breakfast,
22:02 my brother.
22:04 Looking delicious, I can't wait to try that syrup.
22:05 All right, come on now. That's what I'm talking about.
22:07 Oh, looking good. See how it rolls up just like that.
22:08 It looks nice and fluffy, doesn't it?
22:09 All right, let's go ahead
22:11 and put it on the plate right here.
22:12 All right. All right, let's do that.
22:13 Come on, y'all. Go and start cutting that.
22:15 Go and cut it, cut a few pieces of it
22:16 if you can, Chef Law?
22:18 Go and cut that for me if you can?
22:19 That's what I'm talking about, Chef Law.
22:20 Go and cut, cut a nice little piece,
22:22 so we're gonna enjoy this.
22:23 Come on, y'all.
22:24 I'm putting away, I pour that syrup on there,
22:27 just right on there, just for me.
22:29 Pour right on there. Oh, yeah, that's just for me.
22:31 All right, I'm gonna get that one on the edge right there.
22:32 Can I get that, Chew Law? You, please.
22:34 Oh, man, this is going to be...
22:35 Y'all look at that fluffy, come on.
22:39 Delicious.
22:46 Well, friends, time is just going by so quickly.
22:50 We have come to a end of another day
22:52 of Chew's Challenge day 24.
22:55 I tell you it's like, as they always say, it's like,
22:57 it says all she wrote and I don't know who wrote it,
23:00 but I tell you those days have been written away
23:02 and now we're moving on to a new day.
23:04 But before we move on to the next day,
23:06 we have to now and guess what?
23:07 Ask some questions.
23:09 We have to get some knowledge, so we're here right at the "K",
23:11 and the "K" again stands for Knowledge.
23:13 And we're gonna go over these three questions,
23:15 these three questions to, in an essence to reconfirm
23:18 what we have been learning.
23:20 And you know, I got a good friend again
23:21 to do that with us, and that's Chef Law.
23:23 What's going on, Chef Law?
23:24 How're you doing, Chef? Come on now. What's going on?
23:25 How're you guys doing out there?
23:27 I tell you, isn't time just moving so fast?
23:28 It's moving speedily. Come on, man.
23:29 It's moving quick but that's all right.
23:31 Well, it's moving fast.
23:32 You know what I'm saying,
23:33 so hey Time moves so we move along with it.
23:35 That's it, man.
23:36 I tell you, so we've been having a good time here
23:38 on Chew's Challenge, huh?
23:39 We're having a great time. That's right, that's right.
23:40 Day 24. Going strong. Day 24, man. That's right.
23:42 So what are we gonna do?
23:43 Let's go and ask our questions, man.
23:44 All right, let's go to question number one:
23:46 What should we decide to commit to God?
23:47 And once again, you have three choices.
23:49 A, is health, B, is life or C, all the above?
23:50 Come on now.
23:51 So what did you commit,
23:53 what did you deposit in the bank of heaven?
23:54 Amen. Deposit. Come on, the banks.
23:55 Now obviously, number one is our what?
23:57 Our life, amen. The life, yeah.
23:58 Our life, it covers everything.
23:59 But and right now we're talking in this program
24:02 as well as about our health.
24:03 Specifically.
24:04 And again, specifically we're talking about our health,
24:06 so number one, our life will also right now, we're saying,
24:08 "Lord, take my health and let it be,
24:11 consecrated Lord to thee."
24:13 We want to put our health deposited as Chew Law said,
24:16 into that bank of heaven
24:17 and God is going to restore us to be whole.
24:20 And so, the answer to this is all of the above,
24:23 our health and our life is being deposited
24:26 into God's bank account, amen?
24:27 Amen. Come on now.
24:29 All right, question number two:
24:30 Not drinking enough water
24:32 can cause you to become overweight?
24:36 True or false?
24:37 Oh, that's a interesting question.
24:38 So you would think that, you know,
24:40 we say that when you drink water,
24:42 you normally what, retain what?
24:43 Especially, we have a lot of sodium in your life, right?
24:45 Retain water. Retain water.
24:46 So you think about that water weight, right?
24:47 So you would say, if I drink water,
24:49 I would also what?
24:50 Get overweight.
24:51 You will get overweight, but believe it or not, friends,
24:53 science has proven that, there is like a,
24:56 something that the body preps,
24:58 and when you actually drink water
24:59 and actually believe it or not, it helps to,
25:01 help you to lose weight, believe it or not.
25:04 So pretty interesting thing, and so the easy thing
25:07 just to understand this, God wants us to guess what?
25:09 To drink those eight glasses,
25:11 drink those eight glasses a day.
25:12 And sometimes it's hard,
25:13 sometimes you wanna drink the soda,
25:15 sometimes you wanna drink the juice or whatever else,
25:16 the coffee, just drink some good old fashioned,
25:19 it's not free anymore, but drink some water
25:22 if you understand where I'm coming from.
25:23 So go ahead, friends,
25:24 just drink that good old fashioned water.
25:26 Question number three, what do we have, Chef Law?
25:27 All right, let's go to question number three:
25:28 What special ingredient is used to make pancakes fluffy?
25:32 Is it A, flour, is it B, egg replacer,
25:35 or is it C, the milk?
25:37 That's an interesting question.
25:38 How to get them pancakes fluffy?
25:40 So we want that fluff, we don't want those,
25:41 we don't want those hard pancakes, right?
25:42 We don't want no Frisbees.
25:44 You don't want no Frisbees, huh?
25:45 Frisbee pancakes, we want them to be nice and fluffy.
25:47 Go ahead now.
25:48 So we learned, friends, about that ingredient,
25:49 a special ingredient called egg replacer.
25:51 And it's a ingredient that you can get at most of your,
25:53 your natural health food stores.
25:55 If you can't get it, go without it,
25:56 it still gonna taste good but if you can get
25:58 that egg replacer, it gives you that nice extra fluffiness.
26:02 You know, we don't want that hard frisbee pancakes,
26:05 we want that good fluffy stuff.
26:07 But I gotta say this Chef Law, you know some things in life
26:09 we don't want to be fluffy, you know what I'm saying.
26:11 No, you know some things in life...
26:12 Some things in life aren't meant to be fluffy.
26:14 It's like me, I ain't meant to be fluffy.
26:15 Oh, come on, brother. There you go, anyway.
26:17 I'm gonna be just like I am.
26:19 That's right, don't be fluffy, brother.
26:20 No fluffy, amen. No fluffy to see you, right.
26:21 No fluffy. Amen.
26:23 And one thing that I like to say that, when we look at God,
26:24 God is not a fluffy God, God is a God that is,
26:27 He is a real God, saints.
26:28 He is not a puff-puff God.
26:30 He is a God that again created the world.
26:33 He is a God that understands what we're going through
26:36 and we can count on God for whatever we need.
26:38 And so, friends, I am telling you,
26:39 as you go in this plan again, this 28 day journey,
26:42 we're moving right along,
26:43 we're right coming up to day 25.
26:46 I mean, 25, 25 days is going by so fast.
26:49 Remember that God isn't fluffy, He is a God that what?
26:52 He keeps His promises...
26:54 He keeps His promises.
26:55 He keeps those commitments. He keeps those commitments.
26:56 That bank account, Law. That bank account.
26:58 Have you deposited something in that bank account, Chef Law?
27:01 What I deposited in the bank account
27:03 is my whole life.
27:04 Amen.
27:05 When Lord Jesus came back down and He saved me from the mess
27:08 I was in, I gave everything to Him.
27:09 Come on now, Chef Law.
27:10 And I found out that like you said, no He isn't fluffy,
27:13 He's a God of love and He's also a God of justice
27:15 and He is a God of mercy.
27:17 And if you decide to commit your life to Him,
27:19 He would change it only for the better.
27:22 Mark my words, your life will be changed
27:24 only for the better, not for the worse.
27:26 God loves you and He wants to give your heart to Him.
27:28 Amen.
27:29 So, friends, we have a promise there, there listen,
27:32 what ever you put in God's bank account,
27:33 it's gonna come back tenfold.
27:35 Tenfold.
27:36 Because God, He doesn't work on plan of addition,
27:38 He works on the plan of multiplication.
27:39 Amen.
27:40 Because as we are blessed, we now share with someone else
27:43 and then now that person's, guess what?
27:45 Gonna share with someone else
27:46 and it just keeps on multiplying and multiplying
27:49 and multiplying enter the Kingdom.
27:50 But listen, friends, we got to go.
27:52 My name is Chef Chew. My name is Chef Law.
27:55 And as we always say
27:56 "Gonna give you something to chew on."


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