Chew's Challenge

Day 25

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Participants: Chef G.W. Chew, Chef Tim Lawson, Tina Chew


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00:29 And we are at day number 25 of the Chew's Challenge.
00:32 And my name is Chef Chew and as I always say,
00:35 "Gonna give them something to chew on."
00:38 Well, today we have something that's gonna be so delicious,
00:40 we call it praise him peach cobbler, that's right.
00:44 Praise him peach cobbler.
00:45 And my good friend Chew Law, what's going on, Chef Law?
00:47 What's up, Chef?
00:48 How're you guys doing out there?
00:50 It's nothing like waking up in the morning
00:51 to some praise him peach cobbler.
00:52 Praise him peach cobbler.
00:54 Come on, it's like a double time.
00:55 That sounds good.
00:56 I mean, you wake up in the morning,
00:58 you get that bread, that man should not live
00:59 by bread alone but by every word
01:01 that receives with the mouth of God."
01:02 And then you go into the kitchen,
01:04 then you get some praise him peach cobbler.
01:06 I start smelling those peaches. Come on now, brother.
01:08 Come on now. That smells sugary right now.
01:09 That's right, that's right, that's right.
01:11 Yes, indeed.
01:12 So go ahead and go and give us ingredients today if you can?
01:14 All right, let's read what we have here today, we have:
01:32 All right, so this is a really, really simple,
01:35 actually simple dish.
01:36 The great thing is that you don't have to bake it.
01:38 You don't have to bake it.
01:39 So we're talking about a cobbler, no bake cobbler.
01:40 So the great thing is again, friends,
01:42 you do not have to bake it.
01:43 It's something that you can make it, and guess what?
01:45 Take it.
01:46 You can take it, but you can chew it my, friend,
01:48 that's right so we're gonna get the peaches on right now, okay.
01:49 All right.
01:51 Get the peaches on right now, all right.
01:52 So I'm gonna put all the peaches in here.
01:54 And we've done this before,
01:55 we've made fruit topping before,
01:57 we're gonna do another traditional fruit topping.
01:58 Now go ahead and turn this up. All right.
02:00 Turn that up, okay.
02:01 And what we have again, to do this,
02:03 we're gonna add our peaches here,
02:04 we're making kinda like a compo,
02:05 we're gonna add our raw sugar, all right.
02:07 Raw sugar.
02:08 Put that right inside of here,
02:10 and that's gonna actually cook down,
02:11 it will take a few minutes
02:12 and we're gonna let that go ahead and go.
02:14 And once that starts getting to a boil,
02:16 what we gonna do for that, Chef Law?
02:18 You remember all the steps after that?
02:19 How to be?
02:20 When that starts getting into boil,
02:22 I think we gonna put in...
02:23 The special, you know that ingredient that we do, right?
02:25 Come on now. Can you do it for me, Chef?
02:26 I haven't heard you doing it, Chef Law.
02:27 I gotta do one time for the people
02:29 if we can for our friends.
02:30 Oh, come on, Chef Law. No. I'm gonna do it today.
02:31 All right, now.
02:33 Little bit of coriander, all right,
02:34 put that in there as well.
02:35 We might do when we put it in there.
02:37 All right, that sounds good. So I'm gonna stir this up.
02:38 Okay. I'm gonna stir it up.
02:40 Okay.
02:41 And the great thing about this again.
02:42 It can be made in minutes.
02:44 Again, so it's gonna be in a few minutes,
02:45 we're gonna have this, it's already going to get hot.
02:46 So we got the coriander inside of there, we have the peaches.
02:48 You can smell it, come on now. That smells good.
02:50 Come on, that smells real good, doesn't it?
02:51 That's right, so I got this on high,
02:53 looking really good.
02:54 And we're gonna bring this to a boil.
02:56 Once this comes to a boil, we're gonna then
02:57 add our corn starch, mix it with,
02:59 what kind of water, hot or cold?
03:01 Cold water. Cold water.
03:02 Cold water.
03:03 And we're gonna mix it with the cold water...
03:05 And then we're gonna put it inside the peaches.
03:06 And once we do that, friends, we're gonna say praise Him.
03:11 Praise Him.
03:13 Oh, come on, you better sing a song, brother.
03:16 All right, let's make it first, I'm trying to get,
03:18 I'm trying to eat some of these.
03:19 So we got a nice little pan right here today,
03:21 we got a nice little dish here. All right, nice little dish.
03:22 And again, we're not putting inside of the oven,
03:24 so it's really easy to do.
03:25 Okay.
03:26 So what I need you to do, Chef Law,
03:28 is go and take some granola...
03:29 And just go ahead and coat the bottom of this,
03:30 bottom of our little dish here, okay.
03:32 All right.
03:34 So the great thing again, friends,
03:35 again, all we do is to simply,
03:36 you're making a nice little layered peach,
03:39 kind of like a peach cobbler concept,
03:41 but it's really, really delicious friends.
03:42 That's all we need. That's all we need.
03:44 All right, so what are we gonna do?
03:45 Have some little room for that.
03:47 Okay, so right here, it's boiling already.
03:48 Chef Law, go and bring a bowl over here if you can?
03:51 All right, so go ahead,
03:52 we're gonna add our corn starch.
03:53 Add our corn starch.
03:55 All right, just add our cold water, friends.
03:56 Okay.
03:58 All right, go ahead and mix it together.
03:59 All right, that's what I'm talking about.
04:01 So notice here we have boiled peaches,
04:03 coming over here, it's boiling up real nicely
04:05 and right, what's gonna happen,
04:07 well just in about 30, 40 seconds,
04:08 it's gonna turn into a nice syrupy,
04:11 it's gonna start thickening.
04:12 So go ahead and throw it in there if you can?
04:14 All right.
04:15 There you go, come on, I heard you, Law.
04:17 You heard that? I heard you, brother.
04:18 Come on now. All right now.
04:20 So again, what happens with this stew
04:21 is it's gonna kind of be white, right when you put it in there
04:24 and as it starts boiling that white color is gonna dissolve,
04:26 'cause the corn starch is gonna begin to dissolve.
04:28 Okay.
04:29 And it's gonna turn it right into
04:30 the color of the coriander.
04:32 Okay, so it's gonna turn it to that dark color
04:33 and everything is going to look really, really nice,
04:34 really, really delicious.
04:36 You can see it, it's starting to work this.
04:38 It's starting to get that nice brown color.
04:39 I won't say it working magic,
04:40 but it's working what is supposed to do.
04:42 You know, what I am saying. It's working something.
04:43 Exactly.
04:45 And so it's starting to thicken up, friends,
04:46 that's what we want.
04:47 That's what I am talking about.
04:49 I'm singing my song man, I'm about to sing my song,
04:50 whoa look at that, look at here, come on y'all.
04:52 Starting to thicken up now.
04:53 Come on, that's now, now see that, friends?
04:55 See how it's nice and thick, nice and gel.
04:57 Gel like, that's what I'm talking about.
04:58 So pretty much ready, it's about ready to go.
05:00 We're gonna go ahead now,
05:02 I need the granolas there, I need some more granolas.
05:03 So you gonna need some more granola?
05:04 Need some more granola. All right.
05:06 What we're gonna do, we're gonna toss that
05:07 right on here... Okay.
05:08 And oh, look at that, look man, you just don't know, bro.
05:10 Yeah, just dropping that. Come on, just look at.
05:11 Beautiful.
05:13 Oh, come on, I like that, friends.
05:15 Come on now. So just like that. All right.
05:17 Now before we put that granola on there, what we're gonna do.
05:20 Actually go ahead and put a nice sprinkle,
05:22 don't put too much, just a sprinkle.
05:23 Just a little bit. Just a nice sprinkle.
05:25 Okay.
05:26 Come on, that looks really good now.
05:28 Nice little sprinkle, not too much, just like that,
05:29 nice little sprinkle, just like that.
05:31 Nice little sprinkle.
05:32 Now we're gonna add some raisins.
05:33 Again, the great thing about this,
05:35 you can do any dry fruits you like.
05:36 You can do, you got your apricots...
05:37 You got craisins... Craisins, you can do it...
05:39 Pomegranates.
05:40 With dry cranberries, you got dry pomegranates,
05:42 dry blue berries, any of that can go on top of here.
05:44 Okay.
05:45 We gonna go ahead and just like that.
05:47 All right. Come on y'all.
05:48 This is breakfast. Starting to look good.
05:50 This is not a dessert, this is breakfast.
05:53 That's why I say it, man.
05:54 When I say praise Him,
05:56 hey, look I'm about to saying it, y'all.
05:57 You are serious, huh. Praise Him.
06:00 Praise Him.
06:02 Yes, you got a spoon for me, man?
06:04 Praise Him, yes.
06:07 Come on, if we got no spoon, I know how to use my hands.
06:09 We can use this one. Okay, that's fine, that's fine.
06:10 There you go. Praise Him.
06:12 Oh, this is looking really good.
06:14 Come on now, little nuts on top of it, just like that.
06:16 You're gonna crack those nuts open just like that.
06:18 Little pecans. Oh, man.
06:19 Just like little pecans, and we're gonna go ahead, man,
06:21 I'm gonna give me a nice little bite of this.
06:23 Lovely.
06:24 I will feed you but you're not my wife.
06:25 I told you, you can do to me.
06:27 I can't be like that, but I'm gonna go here...
06:28 But you're doing me just good.
06:29 Just blow a little bit, delicious.
06:32 Some kind of good.
06:39 Well, friends, we are moving right along in the FORK system,
06:42 and we have come to the "F" and the "F" stands for Faith.
06:46 And remember the FORK system goes like this.
06:48 The "F" stands for Faith,
06:49 the "O" stands for Organization,
06:51 the "R" stands for Recipe
06:52 and the "K" stands for Knowledge.
06:54 But right now we're talking about the faith
06:56 and you know how it is.
06:57 It says faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.
07:01 Today we are talking about being temperate in all things.
07:04 That's right, being temperate in all things.
07:06 Not a little bit of things, but all things.
07:08 But I have my good buddy here, Chef Law.
07:10 What's happening, Chef Law? How're you doing, Chef Chew?
07:11 What's going on?
07:12 How're you guys doing out there?
07:14 So today we're talking about temperance.
07:15 Temperate in all things. That's right.
07:17 This Bible is so lovely. Come on now.
07:18 So we won't go much on it,
07:19 we won't get into it and see what it has to say.
07:21 You mean chew on it, right? We're gonna chew on it.
07:22 That's right, brother. Come on now.
07:23 That's right, come on now.
07:25 I know, our text is taken from 1 Corinthians 9:25.
07:26 Okay.
07:27 And it says "And every man that striveth for the mastery
07:30 is temperate in all things.
07:32 Now they do to obtain a corruptible crown,
07:35 but we an incorruptible crown."
07:37 That's pretty heavy stuff right there.
07:38 It's pretty heavy.
07:40 So you have incorruptible crown
07:41 and you have the corruptible crown.
07:43 Corruptible crown.
07:44 Okay, so what are we talking about here, man?
07:45 Let's break it down.
07:47 Now, Paul is speaking in the context
07:48 of the Greek race... Okay.
07:49 And so he is using the analogies of the crowns.
07:51 Like the Olympics of the crowns.
07:52 Like the Olympics. Okay.
07:54 That's where, that's where the Olympics came from
07:55 as a matter of fact. Okay, okay, all right.
07:56 And so he is using analogy of a crown
07:58 and he's talking about
07:59 how athletes were kind of strict rigorous schedule
08:00 and diet they will put to self on...
08:02 Exactly. Years before the race.
08:03 They won't eat certain things, they won't go certain places,
08:06 they go to bed at the same time,
08:07 they train everyday and they are faithful.
08:09 And he is saying they're doing all this for a crown
08:11 that's corruptible,
08:13 for something that's gonna pass away.
08:14 Pass away, it's gonna hurt.
08:15 But we have something that's never gonna pass away.
08:17 Come on now.
08:18 And what he's trying to make the point is,
08:19 that health and life, the plans that you have,
08:21 they only can be maintained if you have self control.
08:26 Now this self control thing goes deep.
08:27 It goes to my whole experience, coming to the Lord.
08:31 Coming, okay.
08:32 'Cause what Paul is describing is
08:33 every man that strive it for the mastery,
08:36 whether of himself or things in this world,
08:38 he's saying that the measure of a man,
08:40 the measure of manhood is not maintained
08:42 on how you lose self control, but how you have self control.
08:45 Come on.
08:47 So the more manly, the more you're in control of yourself,
08:49 the more manly you actually are.
08:51 Come on now, I like that. I want to be a man, amen?
08:53 Amen, please.
08:54 I want to be a man. Got to be. Got to be.
08:56 And so, friends, as we are learning here,
08:57 as we're talking about something very simple.
08:59 We are talking about discipline.
09:01 Again, discipline is something that we all need
09:03 and sometimes it's very easy to be relax,
09:05 or to kind of just ease up a little bit.
09:08 You know, some times we just want to be, in a sense,
09:10 we want to just kinda, just do things, you know,
09:12 as it comes and as it goes and sometimes we lose,
09:15 we can kinda get careless on what we are doing.
09:18 And when it comes to health, I tell you,
09:19 it is important that we remember that,
09:21 the reason why we eat healthy,
09:23 the reason why we practice these lifestyle habits,
09:25 it's because God wants us
09:27 to be in the best condition possible,
09:29 not just so that we can look good and all good stuff.
09:32 He wants us to look good, He wants us
09:34 not to look good again,
09:35 but He wants us to have the mind
09:37 so that we can hear His voice.
09:38 He wants us to hear His voice.
09:41 Now is that important, Chef Law?
09:42 Now that's important to hear the voice of the Lord
09:44 is everything, 'cause like you say,
09:46 faith comes by hearing,
09:47 and hearing by the word of God...
09:48 And hearing by the word of God, amen.
09:50 I want to say a particular and specific message
09:53 to some of my young brothers out there.
09:55 Come on now.
09:56 So here on Dare to Dream,
09:57 we seek to reach those in the intercity.
09:59 Exactly.
10:00 And that's a little bit of lifestyle I came from,
10:02 the party, and the drinking, and having fun.
10:03 And what you're taught in the world is that
10:05 to be a man you have to lose your self control.
10:09 Somebody makes you mad, you have to defend yourself...
10:10 Come on now.
10:12 And so your life is, whatever somebody does,
10:14 you react off of it.
10:15 But the Bible is saying
10:17 that no matter what somebody does to you,
10:19 you can have control of yourself
10:21 because if you react of what anybody does to you,
10:23 they actually have control of you
10:25 and you don't have control to yourself.
10:26 Come on now.
10:27 And so everything that you've been taught
10:29 is been twisted and misconstrued.
10:30 A man that has control of himself
10:32 just like Christ did
10:34 under the persecution of the cross
10:36 when He could still pray for his enemies.
10:37 Come on.
10:38 When He could still say "Father forgive them."
10:40 He controlled His emotions, and He controlled His thoughts,
10:43 and this is the kind of man we want to be.
10:45 Come on, that is a beautiful message, saints.
10:47 I tell you, God wants us to know
10:49 that He can give us this kind of control.
10:52 Again, under any circumstance,
10:54 no matter what someone might do to you,
10:55 no matter how you might feel, again,
10:57 even when you don't feel like even going forward
10:59 in this challenge, God says
11:00 "Get up, wake up, I can give you the power."
11:03 Yes.
11:04 And again, what happens, He comes into, I remember,
11:05 I used to be a racer, I used to actually run,
11:07 when I was in high school.
11:09 I remember running that race
11:10 and some times at the very last part of that race
11:14 you will be so tired,
11:16 but something will come in called adrenaline.
11:17 And I tell you that adrenaline will kick in
11:19 and then you start striving,
11:20 you start striving, and you start striving,
11:22 that adrenaline that God has given us
11:24 is called the Spirit of God.
11:25 Amen.
11:27 When you have lost control, God says,
11:28 I'm gonna fill you with My Spirit
11:30 and when that Spirit comes in,
11:31 you find yourself striving not by your might,
11:34 not by your power,
11:35 but you start striving with the power of God
11:37 and that power can help us to be temperate in all things.
11:47 Well, friends, we've come to the "O" in the FORK system.
11:51 And the "O" stands for Organization.
11:53 You know we've been talking about personal organization.
11:56 I'm talking about taking check of ourselves.
11:58 Today we're talking about self control,
12:00 taking control of your health
12:02 but being responsible at the same time.
12:04 I have my good buddy here, Chef Law.
12:06 What's going on Chef Law? How're you doing, Chef?
12:07 How're you guys doing out there?
12:08 Well, first, Chef Law, I'll tell you, you know,
12:10 God says that we're like priests and kings, right?
12:12 You know that's right.
12:13 And I'll tell you, we got a delicious spread
12:15 right in front of us, don't we, Chef Law?
12:16 Looking nice. Yes, indeed.
12:18 Come on now, and I'll tell you,
12:19 you noticed something, Chef Law?
12:20 This is all for me my man. Is that right?
12:22 This meal right here is made just for me.
12:23 I'm gonna have all of this in just one good breakfast,
12:27 I'm gonna have four pancakes, I got me,
12:29 that praise him peach cobbler, or we saying praise Him,
12:32 you understand what I'm coming from.
12:34 You gonna be saying something. Go ahead now.
12:35 I don't know if you...
12:37 Go ahead, that's all mine right there, brother.
12:38 You know, so what we gonna understand, friends,
12:39 we are making a important point.
12:41 Wow.
12:42 When we have healthy food... Right.
12:43 Many times we just feel that we can eat
12:45 all the healthy food we want.
12:47 You know, what I am saying, I'm coming from, right?
12:48 Because it's healthy.
12:50 You know they came out years ago
12:51 with something called the sea salt.
12:53 Anybody heard of sea salt? Yes, I heard of sea salt.
12:54 You know, sea salt, when sea salt came out,
12:55 everybody just started saying,
12:57 I can eat as much salt as I want.
12:58 Started drowning in the foods.
13:00 Go ahead now, they started having that natural sugar,
13:01 let's say I can have as much what?
13:03 Sugar as I want. Natural sugar as I want.
13:05 They said the olive oil is the best oil.
13:07 They said, I can just drench all the olive oil on it.
13:08 Drench everything with olive oil.
13:10 And we find, friends, that God is calling us
13:12 to a lifestyle of moderation.
13:14 Is that true, Chef Law?
13:15 That's right, moderation, temperance, self control.
13:16 Exactly, exactly.
13:18 So even though we're kings, a king can have anything
13:20 that he really wants, in his land you can say.
13:23 Right.
13:24 If he wants the good food, he can get what?
13:25 The best food. The best food.
13:27 He got the best chefs.
13:28 If he wants to go and go to the nicest place
13:30 where he wants to go,
13:32 he can do any of that, couldn't he?
13:33 Yes, he could.
13:34 But sometimes, friends,
13:36 sometimes God has to put a little bit of what?
13:37 Restrain on us. Restrain on us.
13:39 'Cause the thing is this,
13:40 if we eat too much, what happens?
13:41 If we eat too much,
13:43 we start to overwork our digestive system...
13:44 Okay.
13:46 And it starts to be bad for us,
13:47 we start to be tired and just lazy...
13:51 Exactly.
13:52 Just awful and then we actually don't get that much done.
13:54 Exactly.
13:55 So what happens it also, remember we always like to say
13:56 our diet is also interconnected with our spirituality.
14:00 So we want to make a good point that,
14:01 even though it's good food,
14:03 if you eat too much of something even good,
14:05 it's gonna have an, as Chef Law says
14:07 it's gonna make a serious affect on your brain.
14:09 That's right. And again...
14:10 Our most important thing that we wanna have
14:12 is our personal organization,
14:14 is we want to have the clearest mind possible,
14:16 not only to serve God
14:18 but also to be able to help others, friends.
14:20 Is that important, Chef Law?
14:21 That's important, in the times which we're living
14:23 where everything happened and everything going on,
14:25 you want your mind as clear as possible,
14:28 not only so you can hear the voice of God,
14:29 but you want to enjoy the life you have down here.
14:32 You don't want be tired all the time,
14:35 hurting all the time, it's not a good way to live.
14:37 Exactly, exactly, exactly.
14:39 And I'll tell you, friends, when you find that
14:41 when you listen to the body, the body know me naturally,
14:43 the body will tell you
14:45 when it's a little bit too much.
14:46 Or even before you get to that point
14:48 where it's actually, you're getting to that point
14:49 where you feel as if you're about to overeat the body,
14:51 the body would normally say "I am what?
14:53 "I'm satisfied" I'm satisfied.
14:54 Not full, remember that. But I'm satisfied.
14:56 I'm not full, but I'm satisfied.
14:57 You feel that hey, I don't have to eat anymore,
14:59 I feel really good.
15:01 If you eat until you're full,
15:02 more than likely you gonna feel what?
15:03 Sluggish afterwards.
15:05 So we recommend on a very serious note friends,
15:07 eat until you're satisfied. Till you're satisfied.
15:09 And again, if you eat until you're full,
15:11 more than likely you gonna have some impact.
15:12 So, friends, why are we sharing this?
15:14 Because we want you, we want you
15:16 to use the healthy food not to work, what?
15:18 Against you, but to, what?
15:20 Work for you. For you, that's right.
15:22 We want you to look good, we want you to feel good...
15:25 And all that, as we say all that good stuff.
15:27 And what's the good stuff?
15:28 The good stuff is that you can be a, what?
15:30 A witness to your friends, to your family,
15:32 to your co-workers, and most importantly,
15:34 you can be a witness to the angels.
15:36 That's right. Come on, you know that?
15:37 There's angels out here that we can't see, friends,
15:39 but they are here.
15:41 And I'll tell you, so remember kitchen organization helps
15:43 for also a good life and a really healthy mind.
15:53 Hey, friends, we're moving right to the "R"
15:55 in the FORK system.
15:56 You know what the "R" stands for?
15:57 The "R" stands for Recipe.
15:59 And today we're gonna be making
16:01 something that's really, really unique.
16:02 Something y'all maybe out there who love to eat,
16:05 who maybe still eating a lot of different meats
16:07 and you wanna find out, can I actually have
16:08 some of the things that I have, so been used to.
16:11 Well, today we're gonna show you something again,
16:12 a little different, little different
16:14 but tasty at the same time.
16:16 And I have my good buddy here Chef Law.
16:17 What's going on, Chef Law? How're you doing, Chef?
16:18 How're you guys doing out there?
16:20 Now, you was telling me, Chef Law,
16:21 that your mom is from Louisiana.
16:22 Is that correct? Is it Louisiana?
16:24 No, no, she's from North Carolina.
16:25 Did she live in Louisiana? Or your dad was from Louisiana?
16:26 No, no, South Carolina.
16:28 I thought you got Creole, were you?
16:29 No, yeah. Okay.
16:31 Actually, yeah. Okay.
16:32 He is from the South Carolina.
16:33 So South Carolina and Creole, okay all right.
16:35 But some of y'all who might be from Louisiana
16:38 and the Cajun country, you might be familiar
16:40 with something called gumbo.
16:42 You heard of gumbo? I heard of gumbo.
16:44 All right, so we're gonna make a mock gumbo today,
16:46 a sweet gumbo soup.
16:48 Okay. And it's gonna be really tasty.
16:49 Sweet gumbo soup. Sweet gumbo soup.
16:51 So go ahead and read the ingredients
16:52 that we are gonna be using to make, Chef Law.
16:53 Let's see what we're gonna be using today
16:55 for our sweet gumbo soup.
16:56 We're gonna use:
17:19 All right, all right.
17:20 So we got our sweet potatoes in this recipe,
17:22 we have some bell peppers, some celery, some ginger,
17:25 and some onions or to say leeks.
17:27 Okay, and then we have some meat slices,
17:30 and we got some ham actually.
17:31 Again, some vegan ham and we like to recommend that,
17:34 you know, ham can be really, really fattening,
17:36 really high in cholesterol.
17:37 So again, if you want to get on a vegan ham,
17:40 is I'm telling you, it's gonna a lot more, what?
17:41 Healthy for you, right? Healthy for you.
17:43 Then we have also something called shrimp.
17:45 And you guys might be like what in the world
17:47 you got a vegan shrimp?
17:48 We actually got a vegan shrimp, that's right.
17:50 And so this is something actually we didn't know
17:51 in the Bible, it talks about shrimp in the Bible,
17:54 and it actually doesn't recommend
17:56 that we eat shrimp, believe it or not.
17:57 It says that's an uncleaned meat,
17:59 because these actually,
18:00 what do they actually do in the sea?
18:01 They're like the garbage men of the sea.
18:04 Exactly. They're scavengers of the sea.
18:05 Exactly, exactly.
18:06 So they will clean up all the waste
18:08 from the other animals, okay. Exactly.
18:09 So we gonna go and start cutting up our stuff.
18:11 And so, friends, we just want to give you something better.
18:13 We're not trying to say hey, don't do this, don't do that,
18:15 we just want to actually show you
18:16 just a better way of living.
18:18 Is that okay, Chef Law? That's all right.
18:19 So we're gonna go ahead
18:20 and throw some of this inside of our pan.
18:22 We're gonna get some of our...
18:23 Go and start cutting onions up or the leeks I should say.
18:25 Okay. If you can for me?
18:27 So I got the celery right here. Chef Law is gonna get the...
18:30 Oh, yeah, that's what I'm taking about,
18:31 I love the sizzle sound, I love the sizzle sound.
18:33 So we have a nice leek, it's kind of like an onion.
18:36 Really kind of has a nice little punch to it
18:38 and it's gonna give us a really delicious flavor
18:40 to the food here.
18:42 I'm gonna get that in here, all right.
18:44 While you're doing, I'm gonna get
18:45 the sweet potatoes over here while you're getting
18:47 the vegetables cut up, all right?
18:48 All right. All right, there we go.
18:49 That's what I'm talking about, friends.
18:51 We have the sweet potatoes coming,
18:52 just really tasty, put a little water here
18:55 so it kind of be like a soup.
18:57 Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
18:59 That's what I'm taking about, just like that.
19:02 All right, so we got that.
19:04 We got some ham right here, Chef Law,
19:05 that we're gonna be cut, get it cut up.
19:07 So go ahead and just dice it up for me real quickly.
19:08 Okay, this ham? Exactly, exactly.
19:10 I'm gonna thrown the shrimp in here
19:11 while you're doing that.
19:13 Throw the shrimp in here, looking really good.
19:16 And we got our vegan shrimp, we have our celery,
19:19 we have our leeks going on right here.
19:22 I'll tell you, man, this is going to be
19:23 some kind of delicious my friend.
19:24 All right, go ahead. I got the ham, right here.
19:26 Got the ham over there. Got the ham. Oh, man.
19:29 Oh, boy. Add little salt in here.
19:33 That's what I'm talking about.
19:35 You smell that flavor?
19:36 So what we got to do also, get the little ginger,
19:38 julienne cut on a ginger.
19:39 Okay. And we got the peppers coming.
19:42 That's what I'm talking about, Chew Law.
19:43 So, friends, again, you want to make sure again
19:45 we put these different ingredients inside of here,
19:46 we got the mixture of the vegetables
19:49 with the different meats,
19:50 and we're going all the way down to Louisiana,
19:52 all the way down to Cajun country, friends.
19:53 Down South. Down South.
19:55 That's what I'm talking about.
19:56 Aren't you from the country? I'm from the country, brother.
19:58 You're from the country, country?
19:59 I'm an old fashioned country boy.
20:00 Okay. That's right, that's right.
20:02 From Caver County, all my people
20:03 are from Caver County, I want to say hello
20:04 to you all out there at Caver Country.
20:06 That's right, you don't know about that, brother.
20:08 Yeah, I don't know about that. Let's put red peppers for me.
20:11 Go and give me some ginger if you don't mind?
20:12 I'm a city boy. Come on now.
20:13 You ain't no city boy. City boy.
20:15 You know when I got to Sacramento,
20:16 they didn't think they're from the city.
20:17 They don't know where they are from, man.
20:20 All right y'all, so we got right here
20:22 inside of our sweet potatoes, we have right here,
20:24 we're gonna be adding some of our country style
20:26 chicken style seasoning I should say
20:27 right inside of that.
20:29 We're gonna turn this up right here.
20:31 All right, let's turn up just nice.
20:32 I'm gonna go and start stirring it up.
20:33 So go ahead and give me that ginger, Chef Law?
20:35 And so we're gonna let this cook for about another minute.
20:38 That's about, it's good enough right there.
20:39 We're looking really good, that's all we need.
20:40 So go ahead and clear all that out for me if you don't mind?
20:44 All right, so letting that saute
20:45 just like that, friends.
20:47 We got the soup going on over here, the sweet,
20:48 the sweet potato soup right here going on.
20:50 We're gonna add the meats to make it that gumbo soup now.
20:53 And I'll tell you, it's gonna be really tasty, friend,
20:55 really tasty, really tasty.
20:57 And so again, the sweet potatoes already has been
20:59 nice and hot and right now we have
21:01 the sauteing going on right here.
21:03 Go and get the bowls, and I got one bowl for you
21:05 and one bowl for me, how's that sound?
21:06 That sounds good. That's right, that's right.
21:08 Oh, yeah.
21:09 Oh, yeah, y'all. It's looking really good.
21:12 For another 10 seconds, 15 seconds here.
21:15 Oh, looking nice and brown on the ham right there,
21:17 the vegan ham, we got the vegan shrimps sauteing.
21:19 Everything's going to caramelize.
21:20 That's right caramelizing, really good.
21:22 That flavor is starting to set in.
21:23 Add little more oil, that's right, just like that.
21:26 Little bit longer, I want to just get that flavor
21:28 just good, man. Go ahead.
21:29 The ginger is coming out and the flavor.
21:31 Can you smell it? Let it cook.
21:32 Come on, y'all. Don't rush it, let it cook.
21:33 Y'all can smell through the TV, can you?
21:35 No, it's looking good. And I tell you...
21:36 It's looking really good y'all, looking really good, friends.
21:37 Okay, it's time to eat, man. All right.
21:41 Well, throw this inside of here just like that.
21:42 Now again, you know, if you want to let this sit
21:44 for another 30 minutes you could.
21:46 You know, we obviously right now,
21:47 we just want to eat this and enjoy, right?
21:49 But you could let it cook
21:50 for a little longer if you like.
21:51 You actually don't have,
21:53 because again we sauted it first,
21:54 got the flavors bursting out of it.
21:56 The sweet potatoes already cooked.
21:57 So again, it's ready to go.
21:59 Looking really, really good
22:00 and so it's nice and simmering, man.
22:01 I'm telling you, this is gonna be tasty,
22:03 we got our gingers,
22:04 I should say our sweet gumbo soup.
22:07 Sweet gumbo soup.
22:08 So I got the shrimp in there,
22:09 got the ham coming in there, Chef Law.
22:11 You got a spoon for yourself, friend?
22:13 Yes, indeed. All right.
22:14 Let me get that right there for me.
22:15 All right, oh, it's looking good.
22:17 Oh, it's looking good y'all, looking good.
22:19 So I got to get me a nice... Nice flavor.
22:21 Come on now, smells good, huh?
22:22 Get me one of these sweet potatoes.
22:24 All right, somebody give me a bite.
22:25 All right, let's get a bite.
22:26 This for y'all, we love you guys out there.
22:28 I'm about to get my good old fashioned
22:29 good eating on right now. All right.
22:31 Nice piece of shrimp right there, whoa.
22:36 Some kind of delicious.
22:44 Well, we've come to another end of a day
22:46 of the Chew's Challenge.
22:47 And we're at day number 25 and I'll tell you,
22:49 it's been so fun, so exciting doing these recipes,
22:52 we did the praise him peach cobbler,
22:54 but now we gonna talk about the K.
22:56 You know what the "K" is. The "K" stands for Knowledge.
22:59 And remember, friends,
23:00 God wants our knowledge to increase.
23:02 He wants us to be informed.
23:04 It is very important that we go away
23:06 after these 28 days are over and we know how to do this.
23:09 Because God wants us to have habits
23:11 that's gonna last for a lifetime.
23:13 But I have my good buddy again, Chef Law.
23:15 What's going on, Chef Law? How're you doing, Chef?
23:16 How're you guys doing out there?
23:17 Man, I'll tell you, this is exciting
23:19 because now we get to do, what?
23:20 Knowledge. Knowledge, that's right.
23:22 Knowledge is power. Knowledge is power, man.
23:23 So let's get some powerful questions.
23:25 So we're gonna ask some questions, right?
23:26 We're gonna ask some power questions right there.
23:27 Let's do it man. Let's go ahead.
23:29 All right, we have question number one:
23:30 What is the greatest control you can have in life?
23:32 You have three choices, is it A,
23:34 controlling someone else's mind,
23:36 is it B, controlling your diet, or is it C,
23:40 controlling yourself, self control?
23:41 Come on now. Which is the greatest control?
23:44 You broke it down a little earlier,
23:45 you talked about now,
23:47 my control is kind of dangerous, man.
23:48 You know what I'm saying?
23:50 And believe it or not, friends, this is a very serious thing.
23:53 I mean it's a real, real thing
23:55 that people can sometimes control somebody else's mind.
23:57 Now I'm not a psychologist out here
23:59 but, it ain't a fun thing to go through
24:01 if you follow where I'm coming from.
24:02 You know, what I'm saying and sometimes you know
24:04 we don't realize, if you follow where I'm coming from.
24:06 You don't realize it. But I'll tell you...
24:07 If one person you want to control your mind,
24:09 that would be Jesus Christ, amen.
24:10 That would be Christ. Praise His name.
24:12 So what's the answer here? What are we talking about?
24:14 Well, the greatest thing you could control is yourself.
24:16 Amen. That's right. Self control.
24:18 You might not be able to decide
24:20 what happens in everything in life,
24:22 but you can always decide what you will do
24:24 and what you won't do, so self control.
24:26 Come on now and we learned that the strength of a man
24:28 is his ability to have that self control.
24:31 I mean, it's not best based on you reacting and showing your,
24:34 recall your manliness by taking somebody out,
24:38 that ain't true manhood.
24:39 We learned that self control or being allowing God
24:42 to control you is what it's all about.
24:44 Amen, that's right. What we got?
24:45 So what's question number two, Chef Law?
24:47 Question number two is: How is ginger used?
24:49 You have three choices again.
24:51 Is it used as a spice, is it used as a herb,
24:54 or is it used as all of the above?
24:55 Come on now, now we had that sweet ginger soup, brother.
24:58 That sweet ginger soup was so delicious.
25:00 And you know what, the ginger was sweet.
25:01 Go ahead now, go ahead now.
25:02 So you learned about ginger and obviously yes,
25:05 ginger can be used medicinally.
25:07 You know, a lot of times if I have a stomach ache,
25:09 you believe it or not you can take a ginger
25:11 and boil it right in some tea and make a ginger tea
25:15 and it's excellent for relieving the stomach pains
25:18 or soothing the digestive system.
25:21 But it also, believe it or not,
25:23 we found that it also is a great herb,
25:25 kind of gives a nice little punch to the recipe,
25:27 you follow where I'm coming from.
25:28 So the answer to this is what?
25:30 All of the above. All of the above.
25:31 It's a herb and it's a spice.
25:34 Now, what else we got, Chef? We got question number three...
25:37 Question number three, last question here we go:
25:39 When mixing water into corn starch,
25:41 what temperature should the water be?
25:44 Three choices again, A, hot, B, cold, or C, warm?
25:49 All right, so we're talking about little science right now.
25:51 We're talking about those little science.
25:52 A little science, friends. A low educational science.
25:54 Again when you use corn starch,
25:55 again sometimes we are not cognizant about
25:58 what temperature the water should be,
25:59 but we learned that the water should be cold.
26:02 Cold water. Again if the water is hot.
26:04 The cornstarch kind of gets little clumpy,
26:07 and it kind of starts kinda just gets into a big blob.
26:10 And so what you find is that, I can't break it down
26:12 exactly how it works
26:13 but make sure the water is cold.
26:15 It's really simple, turn on the water on cold,
26:17 mix into that corn starch,
26:18 and then put it into that mixture.
26:20 As we like to say when you put into the mixture,
26:22 it's gonna say, just like that. Can you do it for me, friends?
26:26 Just like, try it at home.
26:27 Anyway, I got to say God is good.
26:30 So God is giving us little these simple recipes,
26:32 these recipes not only does it apply to our health
26:35 but it's also as we've been learning
26:37 He gives us recipes for life.
26:39 We learned that today that again,
26:41 if we surrender ourselves to God,
26:42 it's a recipe for guess what?
26:44 Self control.
26:46 If we put our mind upon Christ, now all we can have that recipe
26:50 for having that sweet peace, that passes all understanding.
26:54 See, Chef Law,
26:55 God has recipes that is amazing.
26:57 He's got good recipes.
26:59 Come on now, and God has recipes,
27:00 brother that guess what?
27:01 Has saved you and me from the pits of sin.
27:03 He saved me. Come on, brother.
27:04 He's saving me right now. Come on now.
27:06 He's got a recipe for you tomorrow
27:07 and I'm trying to follow His recipe, friends.
27:09 And shouldn't we be so grateful for that?
27:11 Man, we should be...
27:12 You know, let me tell you, let me just tell you something.
27:14 Go ahead now, Chef Law. Can I chew on goodness of God?
27:16 Chew on the goodness of God, I like that.
27:18 We should be not only grateful,
27:19 well, we should show our gratitude and praise to God.
27:22 Amen, like praise him peach cobbler?
27:24 Not only that God is worthy like praise him peach cobbler.
27:26 Amen. That's right. I'm shouting hallelujah...
27:27 To just thanking God for another beautiful day
27:29 and for all the things that He has given us.
27:31 Amen, amen.
27:32 So, friends, we want to say praise God for who He is.
27:35 He has given us these 25 days to eat healthy,
27:38 to live healthy, to see another day of life.
27:40 Yes. But, friends...
27:41 We know we're at the end and we got to say good bye.
27:44 So my name is Chef Chew. And my name is Chef Law.
27:47 And as we always say,
27:49 "Gonna give you something to chew on."


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