Chew's Challenge

Day 27

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Participants: Chef G.W. Chew, Chef Tim Lawson, Tina Chew


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00:30 Well, friends, we've come down to day number 27,
00:33 only one day left.
00:35 You know my name.
00:36 My name is Chef Chew, and as I always say
00:38 going to give you something to chew on.
00:41 And I have my good friend again,
00:42 my good buddy Chef Law.
00:43 How you doing, Chef?
00:45 How you guys doing out there?
00:46 Chef Law we've come from long way, man.
00:47 Yes, indeed.
00:49 We're down to the, to the very end almost,
00:51 not, not, not just yet in but we're almost there.
00:55 It seems like we just started this week...
00:56 Exactly, 27 days is gone. It's gone.
00:59 And so what we're going to do today?
01:00 We're going to make it something I love, man,
01:02 you know, I love it my friend.
01:03 What's that? What's that?
01:04 We're making some delicious blueberry muffin.
01:06 That's right, friends,
01:07 blueberry muffins in the morning time
01:09 and we're going to use it, they're really, really good.
01:10 So get your taste buds going because we're going to have
01:12 some good old fashioned blueberry muffins.
01:14 All right.
01:15 So what's the ingredients, Chef Law.
01:16 All right, let's read our ingredients.
01:18 We're going to use:
01:38 Simple, very simple, right? Just simple.
01:40 So we got our dry ingredients
01:42 over here, I mean, have our what?
01:43 Wet ingredients.
01:44 Wet ingredients over here so, again you're my bacon partner,
01:47 right, so I want you to help me out of this recipe if you can.
01:49 So what would we start with here?
01:51 We just start by combining everything that's dry.
01:53 Okay, so let's just make it happen.
01:54 So what do we know, what's that?
01:56 The white flour and the...
01:57 And the wheat flour, okay.
01:58 So we start putting this together here.
02:00 Okay, and, friends, we got the white
02:01 in the wheat flour
02:02 and the simple reason is that the white in the wheat flour
02:04 kind of makes it little lighter muffin,
02:06 does that make sense?
02:07 Nice lighter muffin.
02:09 And we recommend again
02:10 the white flour looking kind of,
02:12 kind of if you have all white flour,
02:13 it's not as healthy as mixing the two.
02:14 It's not healthy, that's right.
02:16 Exactly, exactly, so what we've got right here, Chef Law?
02:17 This is that good sugar, raw sugar.
02:18 Now you put something white in here, what was that?
02:20 That was salt. That was salt. That was salt.
02:22 Now what happens if you forget the salt?
02:23 If we forget the salt? Yes.
02:26 Then you won't have any salt. Come on, now.
02:27 That's more than that.
02:29 It might not have any flavor you probably coming from.
02:31 Remember, the salt brings out
02:33 the sweetness in the food, okay?
02:35 Salt to see.
02:36 That's right, so the sugar almost
02:37 but if you don't have any salt,
02:39 that's how the sugar is kind of dead.
02:40 All right, do you remember what this is?
02:41 I think it's called as a baking soda.
02:43 It's baking soda.
02:44 But what's the specialty, what special about this?
02:46 It's a baking soda. What's special about this?
02:48 I think... Soda?
02:50 Is it soda?
02:51 No, it's not a baking soda, I don't think,
02:53 it's baking powder, right?
02:54 What special about this baking powder though?
02:55 It doesn't have aluminum inside of it.
02:57 Doesn't have aluminum.
02:58 Doesn't have aluminum inside of it, okay.
03:00 So what else we're working with?
03:01 And so we want to stir this together.
03:03 Okay.
03:04 Just get it all uniform, stir it together.
03:06 So everybody's nice and together.
03:08 All right, so we've got all the dry ingredients here.
03:10 All the dry ingredients. All right, that's good, okay.
03:12 And now we got the liquid ingredients up there.
03:14 All right.
03:15 And so we're going to pour our oil in here.
03:19 All right. And next we have the...
03:20 And we have the milk...
03:21 Okay, I think we're using almond milk right here.
03:24 And, friends, you can use any kind of milk you like.
03:26 Again, it doesn't have to be almond milk,
03:27 it can be soy milk, it can be rice milk,
03:29 you can even make cashew milk, whatever you want to use.
03:31 What else we got? We have the vanilla extract.
03:33 Okay, vanilla extract, all right.
03:35 And now we have the blueberries.
03:37 The blueberries, come on now.
03:38 And the great thing about the recipe, it can be what?
03:40 Modify, right? It can be modified.
03:41 You can put strawberries...
03:43 Whatever your favorite food is just put in here
03:44 and then mix it up...
03:46 Exactly so, there you go.
03:47 So all we're doing is giving you a base recipe
03:50 that you can, you can do
03:51 whatever you want to do with it.
03:53 So what do we have right here? The applesauce.
03:54 Obviously have our applesauce.
03:56 Why is applesauce a good ingredient for muffin?
03:58 What does it replace?
03:59 Applesauce replaces the egg
04:01 that you usually put in the muffin.
04:02 Okay, the egg, okay so an egg gives the what?
04:04 The... The binding power.
04:05 The bonding power and it also gives us,
04:07 excuse me, a fluffy, kind like a fluffy flavor to all,
04:10 I guess not a fluffy flavor
04:11 but a fluffy balance to the muffins.
04:13 You don't want a hard brick muffin
04:15 that's going to be like a, like a brick
04:17 you can throw against the wall,
04:18 you don't want it like that, right?
04:19 No, you don't want to eat them like that.
04:21 Come on now, so what you're doing now?
04:22 I've ate some muffins like that so we're mixing up the liquid
04:24 and we're mixing it all together
04:25 just like we did to bind,
04:27 then we're going to combine them all.
04:28 Okay, let's go ahead and see it.
04:30 We're gonna put them all in this thing,
04:31 and we want to take this...
04:33 A spatula, okay. Spatula here.
04:35 We're going to just mix everything together.
04:37 Mix it all together. That's it? Mix everything together.
04:39 Real carefully, you don't want
04:40 to all food going all over the place
04:42 and this thing you don't want
04:43 to use your hand in this, right?
04:45 No, you don't want to use your hands on this one.
04:46 And one thing or two,
04:48 when you mix the muffins the more you mix,
04:49 if you mix it rigorously,
04:51 you activate the glutinous out of the recipe.
04:53 And the gluten is where the protein is found
04:55 inside the wheat
04:57 and you don't want a chewy mush, you know chewy...
04:59 Chewy muffins.
05:00 You don't want a chewy muffins,
05:02 something it shouldn't be chewy, if I'm coming from..
05:04 Chew says, something it shouldn't be chewy.
05:06 Now, y'all like that, don't you?
05:08 Something is to be fluffy not chewy, that's right.
05:10 All right. Okay. We're gonna take this.
05:11 And we're gonna get our pan. All right.
05:13 Just a second here. Okay.
05:14 Okay and so now we're going to transfer this
05:16 all to the pan.
05:18 We want to make sure it gets all mixed up here.
05:19 All mixed up there, okay, so make sure you mix it up
05:21 thoroughly, friends.
05:22 Make sure you mix it up thoroughly
05:24 and you see this consistency, you want this kind of
05:25 wet consistency here
05:27 because these are vegan muffins
05:29 so they're different than your traditional muffins.
05:31 And then all you want to do is take a scoop.
05:33 Oh man. Is that easy?
05:35 And we pre-spray the pan,
05:37 so don't forget to spray your pan.
05:38 Okay. It's like that.
05:40 So should you spread it all the way to the top
05:42 over, over the top possibly do it.
05:44 Depending on how big you want your muffins.
05:45 Or how small you want, if you want it nice...
05:46 So let's put a what?
05:48 Double or triple or quadruple or what?
05:49 It's going to just probably double in size.
05:51 Okay, double in size, okay.
05:52 Okay so, if you want that muffin
05:54 that kind of has those wings on it,
05:55 you probably want to bring it all over to the top, right?
05:57 Yeah, the little mushroom type.
05:59 Yeah, the mushroom, there you go, there you go.
06:00 So everybody if you want it where it just kind of,
06:01 this in nice small mini muffin.
06:03 You know you just put about halfway for,
06:04 you put it how you like it.
06:06 I think we have a finished muffin, don't we?
06:08 Oh, yes, we do.
06:09 All right, so finished muffins, let's see what we got, man.
06:10 And I think you did a good job on this, Chef Law.
06:13 Come on, come on, ya'll, that looks so, so delicious.
06:18 And I think I'm gonna have all this to myself,
06:20 man, and I know about that.
06:21 Me and my wife shall too, like go ahead, go ahead
06:23 and take care of this right here,
06:25 but I'll never do so, he did all his good work,
06:26 I don't want to do it like that.
06:27 Let's see what we got?
06:29 Go ahead, Chef Law, go ahead and grab one of those
06:30 if you can buddy.
06:31 So we gonna go ahead and eat one of these friends.
06:33 You want to eat. This gonna be delicious.
06:34 Come on, ya'll.
06:40 Well, friends, we come again to the F and
06:41 the F stands for Faith.
06:44 You know Bible says something really interesting about faith
06:46 and it's going to be a little heavy for you
06:47 so pay attention here.
06:49 The Bible says, "Whatsoever is not of faith is sin.
06:54 Whatsoever is not of faith is sin."
06:56 So what are we talking about, Chef Chew.
06:59 Well listen to this, as we learn from God,
07:02 God then says, listen, you've learned from me
07:04 and not only have you learned from me, but I guess what,
07:06 I've given you all so my spirit
07:08 and I'm also gonna give you power and so therefore,
07:11 you have all the tools that you need to follow me.
07:14 So now, as we understand this,
07:16 God now expects us to live as He's taught us.
07:19 So today we're talking about eating to God's glory.
07:22 So what's going on, Chef Law, how you doing?
07:23 How you guys doing out there?
07:25 Now isn't that awesome now that the gospels
07:28 is like the power of the word of God, the two-edged sword.
07:30 Two-edged sword.
07:31 As we learn of it, we also what held accountable for.
07:35 So now what are we talking about today eating to,
07:37 eating to God's glory.
07:38 Well, let's read the text and let's jump right into it.
07:39 All right, let's look at it.
07:41 1 Corinthians 10:31
07:42 "Whether therefore ye eat or drink,
07:45 or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God."
07:50 Now this word glory has a special meaning.
07:53 Amen. Amen.
07:55 It has a Bible meaning but I want to do
07:57 with the actual word in the text.
07:58 It actually means to form an opinion
08:01 or view about someone.
08:03 So what the text is saying is eat what you eat
08:08 makes you form an opinion or view about God has a direct,
08:11 direct effect on you.
08:13 Come on now.
08:14 And so your diet is attached to your spirituality.
08:17 Well, what you can eat can so affect your mind
08:20 and so affect the what, what, how you think and how you act
08:24 that you can begin to judged God
08:28 differently than you normally would.
08:30 So are you saying garbage maybe garbage in garbage...
08:32 Out. Is that real? Is that true?
08:34 It's exactly true and exactly true
08:37 they say you are what you eat.
08:39 And so if you don't eat correctly
08:40 chances are you won't think correctly
08:42 and chances are you won't have a correct emotions
08:44 or act correctly either.
08:46 And, friends, Chef Law is making a point
08:48 that you don't want to miss
08:49 because again in the very beginning of time,
08:51 God made man from the dust of the ground,
08:54 that dust was the earth.
08:56 And we have to understand the foods
08:57 that we eat that's going to build up
08:59 this earth in our bodies
09:00 if you understand where I'm coming from
09:02 has to come from things
09:03 that are made of from, made from the earth.
09:05 So we eat things that aren't coming from that,
09:07 that plants or the soil that God has given us,
09:10 we're going to find us not having that again that,
09:13 that thinking or the actions that God wants to have
09:16 so it's a deep principle that you're talking about here,
09:17 Chef Law.
09:19 It's a very deep principle because it goes into God
09:20 being loving and Him wanting the best for us.
09:22 But if we believe that we can eat
09:24 whatever we want when we have found a better way
09:27 or something better then we believe in that
09:29 God doesn't really want what's best for us.
09:30 That He doesn't mind, if we destroy our bodies
09:33 but God has an opinion about what we eat
09:35 and He also wants you to eat
09:37 the healthiest food possible for you.
09:40 So the healthiest food possible for you.
09:42 Some things people might not be able to get a hold to,
09:44 might not be able to eat,
09:45 but the healthiest things
09:47 you can get your hands on you should eat.
09:48 And nowadays in this society healthy food,
09:51 there's a lot of access in a lot of places,
09:54 in certain places.
09:55 Exactly, and that's a very good point
09:56 as you're making, Chef Law, because again a lot of times,
09:59 sometimes you might have a friend that
10:01 might be at a level you might say
10:04 that you might not be at.
10:05 Just know that all of us are on the progressive,
10:07 a progressive walk with the Lord.
10:09 As we learn, as we grasp principles,
10:11 we try to live by those principles.
10:13 If you don't have it yet,
10:15 don't, don't try to rush into it
10:17 or you don't do it right,
10:18 but try to take step by step by step by step
10:21 walks with the Lord,
10:22 and you're going to find that
10:23 it's going to be a joyful experience.
10:25 It's going to be so joyful that you're going to start
10:26 seeing the benefits
10:28 and you're going to be excited about it.
10:29 So again, you've learned a lot in these last
10:31 26 almost 27 days now and I tell you,
10:34 just take one thing at a time you're going to see God bless.
10:38 What else we have, Chef Law?
10:39 Well, we have, we want to talk about
10:41 the chapter of Matthew that we're on to.
10:43 Come on now, okay.
10:44 See today is day 27 so we're on Matthew 27.
10:48 And if you have read it this morning then you know,
10:51 but if you haven't read it, I'll give you a precursor
10:53 Today's chapter has to do with the crucifixion of Christ.
10:56 Come on now.
10:58 And when Jesus came down to this world,
10:59 what He came to do was to form an opinion
11:03 in your mind about God.
11:05 And as Christ says, "I am the bread of life."
11:07 I want you to munch and eat...
11:08 Not chew.
11:10 And chew on this chapter today
11:11 so that you can form a right opinion about God,
11:14 so you can see that God is so loving that
11:16 He wants to be with you forever and to do this,
11:18 He's put all your sins on Christ,
11:20 so that the guilt of and the condemnation
11:21 and the power of those sins have no more grasp
11:25 or hold upon you.
11:26 See God wants the healthiest things for you
11:28 not only in your eating habits but also spiritually.
11:32 And so I want you to think on these things today.
11:35 Think of where you've come in this last month.
11:37 I'm so proud of you in these 27 days,
11:39 God is proud of you too.
11:41 Remember He wants the healthiest things for you.
11:43 He wants the best for you because He loves you.
11:51 When we come down to the O in the fork system
11:54 and the O stands for Organization.
11:55 This week we're talking about personal organization,
11:58 we're talking about ourselves.
12:00 And I'll tell you, friends, it's important that
12:01 we take care of ourselves because God gave us
12:04 a responsibility to do that.
12:05 And my good friend Chef Law is with me today.
12:07 How are you doing Chef? How you guys doing out there?
12:09 And today we're talking about something
12:10 I'll tell you is important, very important
12:13 actually talking about being positive, being positive.
12:16 You know ironically while on this 25,
12:20 this 28 day challenge, you know I've experienced some,
12:22 some hardship.
12:24 You know sometimes in life you,
12:25 you have things that are unexpected.
12:27 And you have people around you that
12:29 you know are counting on you to, to be encouraging
12:31 if that make sense?
12:33 You know so, on this program I got a call.
12:35 Got a call from my dad.
12:37 And I got a call that my dad had had cancer.
12:40 And I tell you, friends, it was,
12:41 it was challenging to know that my dad came down
12:44 with literally stage four cancer,
12:47 and you can imagine
12:48 as we were having all this fun
12:50 and, and you're living with this reality
12:52 that your dad, my dad has cancer.
12:54 Cancer in the lung, cancer in the liver,
12:57 cancer in the brain
12:59 and it was a very serious thing.
13:01 But the only thing that he said to me is that
13:02 he didn't even want to tell me, Chef Law.
13:04 Because he didn't want me to stop what I was doing.
13:06 Oh, yeah.
13:07 But you know as a son when you know
13:09 that your dad is sick, what you got to do, Chef Law?
13:11 You got to stop everything.
13:12 You got to stop everything and go home.
13:14 But what I learned and being around my dad,
13:15 the only thing that he said, he said, son,
13:17 he just gave me the encouragement to say,
13:19 "Everything's going to be all right."
13:20 Regardless of what happens to him,
13:22 he wanted me to just be positive.
13:23 Yes, right.
13:24 And even when I came around him in that experience
13:26 and he's going to the,
13:28 to getting this cancer treatment,
13:30 the thing that he wanted most importantly from me
13:32 was to do what?
13:33 Be positive. Be positive. Be positive.
13:34 And so I share that with you, friends, is that
13:36 in life at times we go through trials and tribulations,
13:39 we go through problems that was unexpected,
13:41 but in it all we can know that what?
13:43 Someone higher than us is in control, amen.
13:44 He's in control.
13:46 He's in control, and God expects from us
13:47 as being to be a light even in a dark place,
13:50 if that make sense?
13:51 As a matter of fact, light shine brighter
13:53 when it gets to...
13:54 Come on now. Come on now.
13:56 And so, friends, I come to you with joy today,
13:58 even though yes my father is,
13:59 is has gone through his illness but I tell you, Chef Law,
14:02 him being positive he's gone from only able to stand up
14:05 for one hour in a day, now,
14:07 he's actually driving again, can you imagine?
14:08 Okay. He's rolling.
14:09 He's rolling he's driving again and so I have to say,
14:11 "Praise the Lord".
14:13 And so I tell you, friends, a merry heart do with good,
14:17 like a medicine.
14:18 A merry heart do with good like a medicine.
14:21 And so some of you all might be going through
14:22 similar situations, you might have a loved one
14:24 who may be having, who might have cancer.
14:26 You might even yourself may be dealing with,
14:28 let's say cancer or even some other illnesses.
14:30 Just know that God is in control.
14:34 You see... Go ahead, Chef Law.
14:35 You can't change everything
14:37 that's going to happen to you in life,
14:38 but you always can control how you will react to it.
14:42 Nobody can take your smile away as I say,
14:45 nobody can make you frown if you don't choose it.
14:47 Amen. Amen. Should always be positive.
14:48 And so we want you all to understand that.
14:50 Yes, life has its problems.
14:52 Life has disease but you know even in disease
14:55 we learn as we've been talking about our faith.
14:57 We've learned that God somehow some way spoke life
15:00 into existence.
15:02 He said, "Let there be light."
15:03 And in the Bible in the Book of John, it says,
15:05 "The light was the life."
15:07 The light and the life are the same thing.
15:09 Remember we read that. Yes, we read that.
15:10 So when God said, "Let there be light."
15:11 He also was saying to us.
15:13 Let there be a life. Let there be life.
15:16 Let there be positivity that makes sense.
15:19 And one thing you want to understand, friends,
15:21 as we're closing here right now is that
15:23 positivity can only come only come
15:25 as we keep our minds on Jesus Christ.
15:28 Here's a promise by the law it says this,
15:30 "Though will keep him in perfect peace
15:33 whose mind is stayed on thee..."
15:35 And then it says, "Because he trusted in thee."
15:38 We want you all to understand that,
15:39 listen as we finish up these 28 days,
15:42 trust in the Lord with all of thine heart
15:44 and lean not untrue, thine own understanding.
15:54 Well, friends, we come down to the R in the fork system.
15:57 You know what the R, you know what it is?
15:58 The R stands for Recipe
16:00 and today we're going to make something really quick,
16:02 really simple but really, really delicious
16:04 it's called a Delicious Olive and Mushroom pizza.
16:08 That's right, olive and mushroom pizza.
16:09 What's going on, Chef Law. How you doing, Chef?
16:12 How you guys doing out there?
16:13 Well, friends, I tell you, you want to learn
16:15 how to make this simple pizza
16:16 because again it's going to add a nice little repertoire
16:18 to your, to your chef,
16:20 to your chef skills, isn't that right?
16:22 You may learn it all these simple recipes
16:24 and as you've been learning them.
16:26 We hope you're eating them, we hope you're sharing them
16:27 with your family, your friends.
16:29 And I tell you, as you do this, you're gonna feel good,
16:31 you're gonna look good and all of that good stuff.
16:34 So we're going to go ahead and get stared, Chef Law.
16:37 What are the ingredients for the day, Chef Law?
16:38 All right, let's see the ingredients
16:40 we're gonna use today
16:41 for our thin crust olive mushroom pizza.
16:57 All right. All right.
16:59 And also we have:
17:09 All right so, friends, this is going to be good.
17:13 I don't know about you guys but it's going to be good.
17:16 You like pizza, Chef Law?
17:17 Yes, I love, one of my favorites.
17:18 Come on now, one of your favorites
17:20 so I have a little well I do this.
17:21 I had a restaurant some time ago
17:23 and we had a really neat way of how we made our pizzas.
17:25 We're going to follow that
17:27 same kind of styles, is that okay?
17:28 So we would grab the onions to begin,
17:29 you grab the peppers after that.
17:31 We're going to go ahead and slice these up.
17:32 We don't want to dice them,
17:33 we want to make them sliced, all right.
17:35 We're going to slice our peppers,
17:36 we're going to slice our onions.
17:38 We're also going to add our spinach
17:40 and our basil in there and our mushroom,
17:42 we're going to saute all the veggies
17:44 okay, y'all follow me here.
17:46 We're going to do what?
17:47 We're going to saute all the what?
17:48 Veggies.
17:50 All the veggies, so some of y'all may have
17:51 not ever recognize in a restaurant,
17:52 they have something called the pizza cold station,
17:55 you know you should be aware of that Chef Law
17:56 the pizza coast station.
17:58 And that's a pretty much a, a station
18:00 and a pizza restaurant and they have all the veggies
18:03 pretty much that they use for the, for the pizzas.
18:06 And normally what they do
18:08 they normally just put the pretty much
18:09 the vegetables on there raw.
18:10 Okay. Does make sense? Right.
18:12 So what we're going to be doing,
18:13 we're going to actually saute the vegetables first
18:15 and we're going to add an extra burst of flavor
18:18 to the recipe, is that okay?
18:20 Sounds good.
18:21 All right, so I'm going to go ahead now,
18:22 get this on the grill, on the stove in a skillet here,
18:25 and we're gonna about to just get this,
18:27 oh, man it's about, ooh, come on, ya'll,
18:29 that's what I was talking about,
18:31 already sizzling.
18:32 Already sizzling, already sizzling.
18:34 Come on now.
18:36 That sounds like music to my ears.
18:37 And the great thing is that when you put it on the...
18:39 when you actually saute this now.
18:40 It's gonna actually what?
18:41 It's gonna start to, the water is going to do
18:43 what from the vegetables?
18:44 It's going to start to evaporate.
18:46 It's going to evaporate, I was going to sweat out,
18:47 so that means the amount of vegetables
18:49 that we have is going to reduced tremendously, isn't it?
18:51 It's going to reduce tremendously.
18:52 And so, it's going to be reduced now.
18:54 So we're going to turn this up nice and loud here.
18:56 Oh, yes, that's what I want. That's what I want.
18:57 And so we want to get that like,
18:59 go ahead and keep those in slice if you can, okay?
19:01 Slice the tomatoes. I slice tomatoes, okay.
19:03 And so this is little different you could dice,
19:04 but I want to keep it nice and slice, okay.
19:07 We're making enough about ten pieces right here,
19:09 but it's all good right here, you know, what I'm saying.
19:10 There you go brother, there you go.
19:12 Nice and slice. All right.
19:15 Put that in it just like that.
19:17 And again, all we're doing is making a quick stir fry.
19:20 We're going to sauce our piece up and I tell you,
19:22 friends, we're gonna be eating some heavenly,
19:24 heavenly, heavenly mushroom olive pizza.
19:26 Let me throw these mushrooms in here if I can.
19:29 Throw these mushrooms in here.
19:31 All right, so we got our tomatoes now,
19:33 all I have left, go ahead, throw me the spinach
19:35 right there some of that bays
19:37 that's mixed in there as well.
19:38 Throw that right on top of this, Chef Law?
19:39 That's what I'm talking about.
19:41 I got some season right here, I'm going to throw in here.
19:42 Now, I've got to get those olives, olives.
19:44 I want it to be fresh, we're not going to cook the olives.
19:46 Go ahead and slice some of those olives now, friend.
19:47 Sliced olives.
19:49 You can buy them already sliced we got whole olives
19:50 and we're going to slice those up
19:52 and that's not going to be cooked in this, okay.
19:54 All we want to do is simmer it down looking really delicious,
19:57 really, really tasty, friends, that's what I'm talking about
19:59 that's exactly what I'm talking about, so I'm going to go ahead
20:01 and mix it all this up really nicely.
20:04 So this is almost like a twice cooked pizza almost.
20:07 Kind of like so, exactly.
20:08 So all we doing pretty much when it goes inside the oven
20:11 it's pretty much we just want to get the...
20:13 pretty much it's kind of getting the cheese melted.
20:15 I mean getting crust kind of High, does that make sense?
20:17 Sounds good. Exactly, exactly.
20:20 All right, friends, man, this is looking good, Chef Law.
20:23 You're almost done, I got to bake this one, man.
20:25 Look at the cheese going to melt when it hits the...
20:28 When the food is heated.
20:29 Come on, now. Come on ya'll.
20:31 I feel good. Delicious.
20:33 Did you do a pizza for your family?
20:35 Yes. We do, we do pizza sometimes
20:37 Okay, okay, okay. Every now and again.
20:39 Come on now, all right so we're doing this,
20:41 friends, we're doing this, it's going to be
20:42 so exciting ya'll it's going to be delicious.
20:44 I tell you we're coming down to almost one day left
20:47 and tomorrow, friends, in the Recipe section
20:49 we've got a special treat for you.
20:51 I'm telling you right now tomorrow go to the store
20:54 and buy some vegan ice cream.
20:56 I want you to enjoy this with me please.
20:59 Buy some vegan ice cream and buy yourself a natural
21:02 all natural root beer soda.
21:04 Not the soda that has a corn syrup
21:07 and we want a all natural root beer, okay,
21:09 all natural. You can get that in most health food stores,
21:11 I want you all to enjoy tomorrow with us
21:12 if you can, okay?
21:14 All right, what we're going to do?
21:15 We're going to put the salsa in the pizza
21:16 if we can, Chef Law. We're almost done.
21:18 All right. Put the salsa on the pizza.
21:21 All right, we're going to finish it right on up.
21:25 Put the salsa on there.
21:26 Just like that. All right.
21:28 That's it, I'll take one of those
21:30 that's what I'm talking about.
21:31 So we're going to put that right in this like that.
21:33 Oh, that's looking good.
21:35 Come on now, look at that, so again the sauteing is the,
21:37 is the secret here to this recipe, friends,
21:40 you want to saute the vegetables first,
21:42 I'm telling you, it's going to be so delicious,
21:43 so delicious.
21:45 Go and add a little bit of them,
21:46 I mean the olives on it, Chef Law if you can please.
21:48 Okay. Little bit of olives on there.
21:50 What about the diced?
21:52 We're going to add the seasoning,
21:53 go ahead, I got to put olives on it,
21:55 we got to put the cheese on it too.
21:56 The olives on there... Exactly, exactly, exactly.
21:58 Looking really good, friends,
21:59 I'm gonna get some more of this veg fried look.
22:02 All of the vegetables, one or two pieces.
22:04 Come on now, that's what I'm talking about.
22:06 Now we want to...
22:07 We're not gonna eat this today, friends,
22:09 but, we're going to show you how good this looks.
22:10 All you got to just put in the oven for about
22:12 maybe about what, five, six minutes.
22:14 That's all you got, look at that,
22:15 look at that, look at that.
22:16 Delicious.
22:18 Right there you have, let's go ahead and show,
22:19 go ahead and show them, Chef Law.
22:21 Bon Appetit.
22:22 Modern flavors, it's nice and layered.
22:23 Looking very delicious, friends.
22:25 Looking so delicious.
22:26 You just don't want to miss it, it's easy.
22:28 It can be done in minutes.
22:29 So go in the kitchen
22:30 and make some good old fashioned pizza.
22:38 Well, friends, we've come again to a end of another day,
22:42 day number 27.
22:43 Only one day left
22:45 and I'll tell you my heart is just burdened
22:47 because I'm going to be missing you all.
22:49 But hey, you know something.
22:50 It is okay, because at this point
22:53 I'm saying you know something
22:54 God has called me to leave you with him
22:56 because he has now...
22:58 he's already started you and again
23:00 he's going to finish you all the way
23:01 until the day of Jesus Christ.
23:03 But right now we're talking about K
23:05 and K stands for Knowledge.
23:07 So we're about to get some knowledge.
23:08 So I have my good buddy again, Chef Law,
23:10 what's happening Chef Law?
23:11 How you doing, Chef Chew? How you, guys, doing out there?
23:12 So... Knowledge. Knowledge man.
23:14 Let's get some, okay. Question number one.
23:16 Okay, let's do it.
23:17 What kind of food does God want us to eat?
23:21 A. Is it a tasty food?
23:24 B.
23:25 Is it greasy chips and French fries or C.
23:28 The healthiest food?
23:29 Man, I tell you
23:31 that's a hard question right there brother.
23:35 It shouldn't be hard... It shouldn't be hard.
23:37 We got to be honest, you know what I'm saying.
23:38 But it's a little bit hard.
23:39 Some things we love to eat, I tell you something.
23:41 I have a hard at times with French fries, friends,
23:43 and, and I tell you.
23:44 Sometimes you know it's better to bake them you know
23:46 but sometimes it's convenient going to the store.
23:49 It's convenient and it's tasty. You know it's tasty too.
23:52 You know but I know there's a, there's a better way
23:54 and so we recognize that God has given us
23:57 an optimal way and obviously,
23:58 the greasy foods aren't the best,
24:00 you know, the tasty foods aren't always the healthiest
24:04 but we obviously we should strive,
24:06 we should strive by all of God's grace.
24:08 Not always easy.
24:09 We should strive by His grace to eat the what?
24:11 The healthiest food that we can obtain.
24:13 And sometimes that again depending on your circumstances
24:15 that can...
24:16 sometimes you might have the best access to the best,
24:19 but do the best that you can.
24:21 Amen. That's right.
24:22 Let's roll in the question number two:
24:23 A positive attitude can be achieved through what?
24:26 Is it A. Talking to God?
24:28 B. Talking to your dog or C.
24:31 Talking to your best friend on the phone.
24:34 I think all of those got good friends, right.
24:36 We got some good friends.
24:37 Sometimes we be going through a problem,
24:41 We're going through the trial, and who do we talk to?
24:43 We talk to our best friend. Our best friend.
24:44 Then usually what happens is the blind leading the blind.
24:46 Come on now.
24:47 They don't know how you got into it,
24:49 and they can't get you out.
24:50 And we'd be still in the same pitiful condition.
24:51 We're still in the same condition.
24:53 We're still in the same condition.
24:54 And some times you know we don't even got
24:56 that friend to call.
24:57 You know what I'm saying and you talk to little buster
24:58 there and buster is slobbering,
25:01 you know he's just slobbering away
25:03 and he's saying, and you say mm-hmm,
25:06 and you think you got
25:08 some good information but guess what?
25:09 You're still in the same condition.
25:11 But there is a God in heaven.
25:12 There is a God in heaven says, He's open up the sanctuary.
25:14 He says, "He will hear us when we cry."
25:17 So, friends, we need somebody to talk to,
25:18 who can we talk to, friends?
25:20 We can talk to God, prayers on two conditions,
25:22 it's not only about you asking.
25:23 It's about God giving.
25:25 If God wouldn't give, there will be no need for prayer
25:27 so he says, "Ask of me and I'll give you."
25:30 Come on, I like that.
25:31 So we got one more question Chef Law?
25:32 One more question.
25:34 Question number three:
25:35 Olives are a great source of carbs.
25:37 Is this true or is this false? Come on, now.
25:40 Now you know carbs at times gets a bad rap.
25:43 You know everybody says,
25:44 "No carbs, and you know low carbs
25:46 and all these carbs,
25:48 you'll be learning that carbs as we're talking,
25:49 but carbs are something that we need,
25:51 we need carbs for energy, right?
25:53 So we want to get good carbs but the olives, believe it
25:57 or not isn't a source of carbs or carbohydrates.
26:00 It's actually, believe it not,
26:01 as this is mostly a source of healthy fat.
26:04 Healthy fat, exactly so again,
26:07 sometime we think fat is all bad,
26:09 but we learned that we need fat,
26:11 fat as you know small quantities
26:14 fat is good for the body
26:15 and olives are a great source of fat
26:17 because it has a natural oil inside of the olive
26:20 which gives a great natural source of,
26:22 of olive, I'll just say of fat for our body.
26:25 So again, friends, go to the olive.
26:27 I love olives.
26:28 There's all kind of types of olives
26:30 but just put them on your salads,
26:31 just eat them with a handful of them
26:33 and again, it gives you a nice source of fat
26:35 and it's really, really delicious.
26:36 So, so Chef Law, we've been learning so much.
26:38 We've been learning so much.
26:40 And we're almost at the finish of this race.
26:42 We're almost at the finish line.
26:43 We got that one last lap to go.
26:46 That's it just, just one more 24 hour period,
26:49 and will be there,
26:51 will be there at the end of our challenge.
26:53 And so, I'm so excited.
26:54 I'm so excited for you Too, friends.
26:56 Exactly, now, I'm sure you all of you, if you've been on it
26:58 from the very beginning since day one.
27:00 I'm sure you're feeling the results
27:01 you're seeing the results, you're experiencing,
27:04 we're praying that you're experiencing
27:06 a revival in your life
27:07 because we want most importantly for you
27:09 to be connected with Christ.
27:11 We want also for your health to continue to, to mature.
27:14 Because I believe God has even,
27:17 even a higher plan for you to go on.
27:19 Some of y'all might be, be wondering
27:21 that you might go to the doctor's next weekend
27:23 and the doctor's going to be so excited to see what?
27:26 What God has done for you? So don't be ashamed.
27:28 Go and tell the doctor what God has done
27:31 because most importantly we have one physician
27:34 and what is his name.
27:35 He's the great physician.
27:37 He's the great physician, say his name again.
27:39 Jesus Christ the righteous.
27:41 Amen, amen.
27:42 So, friends, connect with Christ
27:44 and He is the answer.
27:45 And my name, friends, is Chef Chew.
27:46 And my name is Chef Law.
27:48 And as we always say, "Going to give you
27:50 something to chew on."


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