Chew's Challenge

Day 28:

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Participants: Chef G.W. Chew, Chef Tim Lawson


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00:30 Hello, friends, my name is Chef Chew
00:32 and as I always say gonna give you
00:34 something that you want.
00:36 Well, friends, we come to the last day
00:38 of the Chew's Challenge
00:39 and I tell you my heart is so sad
00:41 but it's also so glad.
00:43 I'm so happy that you have made it this far.
00:45 And I got my good buddy again Chef Law.
00:47 What's happening, Chef Law? How you doing, chef?
00:49 How you guys doing out there?
00:50 I'm so proud of you stuck with it 28 days...
00:52 Come on. To help them...
00:54 Come on now, Chef Law.
00:56 It's nothing like it because you guys are literally,
00:57 you stayed with this.
00:59 You've gone through this FORK system,
01:00 the F, the O, the R, and the K.
01:02 you probably thinking about it in your dreams by now, friends.
01:04 You're having so much fun but do you know something
01:06 we're not done yet.
01:07 We got to get right back into the kitchen.
01:09 And today we're gonna make something called
01:10 a not so egg omelet.
01:13 It is gonna be some kind of delicious.
01:15 Hey, Chef Law, why don't you go ahead
01:17 and read the ingredients, if you can for us.
01:19 If you don't mind please. All right.
01:20 Let's see what we're gonna have on this not so egg omelet.
01:22 The ingredients we're gonna use today are...
01:41 All right, all right, So we have our,
01:43 the tofu, the oats, and the water,
01:47 and that's gonna kind of act as the egg if that make sense.
01:50 Okay. That's going to be our egg.
01:51 We have to make, the egg has to bind together
01:53 and the oats is going to have a binding power to the tofu.
01:55 Okay. Is that okay? Let's go ahead really quickly.
01:57 Let's go and get the onions chopped up.
01:59 All right. All right, go ahead now.
02:00 And if you can grab the tofu? Okay.
02:02 And what I'm gonna do is get these onions sliced
02:04 just like this.
02:05 Okay.
02:07 And I'm gonna get this on a griddle.
02:08 So we can get this stuff cooking.
02:09 All right, so let me get this going
02:11 and what I want to you do is go
02:12 and put the tofu inside of the...
02:14 Blender? Inside of the blender for me.
02:15 Not the oats? Not the oats, just tofu for me.
02:16 Okay. All right.
02:19 So I got the onions in the...
02:21 now I'm gonna put the green peppers in there.
02:25 Turn that down just a little bit.
02:27 Let that sautee just nicely. Okay.
02:31 All right.
02:33 So now we want some water in here.
02:34 Yes, indeed. All right.
02:36 We're gonna blend this down. All right.
02:38 Just like that.
02:39 Going one side of board, if you can for me please,
02:41 watch the onions and the green pepper.
02:42 No problem. Let me slide by here.
02:44 All right.
02:47 Here you go, Chef Law.
02:50 Here you go. Thank you, Chef.
02:52 All right.
02:53 So right here we have a nice little paste
02:55 and what I'm gonna do right now
02:56 just add little binding power to the oats.
02:58 I mean to the tofu mixture. Okay?
02:59 Little binding power right there, okay?
03:01 I'm gonna add a little bit of chicken-style seasoning
03:03 right inside of this that's gonna give us
03:04 some nice flavor, all right.
03:05 So we're gonna do that right there.
03:07 Come on now.
03:10 Add some water in here.
03:13 All right.
03:25 All right.
03:26 Looking really good, really good.
03:28 Right here.
03:37 All right.
03:39 All right, friends.
03:40 So we got a nice little mixture right here, friends.
03:41 Nice little mixture.
03:43 I'm gonna go ahead right here and go ahead
03:45 and grab this right here to kind of get
03:46 some of this off the sides here.
03:48 And sometimes, friends, it's kind a like pancake,
03:51 looking for a pancake consistency.
03:52 And sometimes we find that if the oats are little bit,
03:55 little bit too thick,
03:57 we're gonna put little bit more oats in there
03:59 to get more binding power.
04:01 Is that okay? Okay. Okay. No problem.
04:02 Little more binding power right there.
04:03 Just little bit more binding power.
04:06 All right.
04:10 Now we're looking. I want it to be nice and thick.
04:12 Okay?
04:14 Again, you're getting a pancake consistency,
04:17 that's one I'm working on right now.
04:18 And now, once I get that.
04:22 Okay, looking really good. All right.
04:26 So what I'm gonna do now, Chef Law?
04:27 I'm gonna go ahead.
04:28 I got a nice pancake consistency.
04:30 Look like pancakes to you? Okay. Yeah.
04:31 Can you, guys, see that out there?
04:32 Little pancake consistency right there.
04:34 All right, what I'm gonna do now,
04:35 put out right here little oil into pan right here.
04:37 All right. Little oil in the pan.
04:38 This is an interesting recipe,
04:40 it's not a easy recipe but I tell you,
04:41 you guys are good enough
04:42 to do this kind of stuff by now.
04:44 About 28 days. Come on. Come on now.
04:45 So right now we're gonna go ahead,
04:47 make sure this is turned up real quick.
04:48 All right. So looking good.
04:50 Turn off the pan on this one, if you don't mind.
04:53 Little bit, not too much oil.
04:54 Take a little bit of oil out, all right.
04:56 Okay.
04:58 Don't want it too oily on that one.
04:59 There we go.
05:01 That's what we're looking for right there.
05:03 All right.
05:04 So what's gonna had to happen on this one, friends,
05:06 I'm gonna have to let this just cook now.
05:09 All right, let it cook down just like that.
05:11 You can turn it off, Chef Law.
05:12 So what I'm gonna do right now, Chef Law,
05:14 is put this delicious onions and peppers
05:16 right into this egg omelet.
05:17 All right. Go ahead. So just like this.
05:19 One side, just like that. All right.
05:21 Oh, doesn't that look good, Chef Law?
05:22 Delicious. Come on.
05:24 So I'm gonna flip this side over just like that.
05:25 That's looking better. Uh, come on now.
05:27 Oh, come on, man. Come on, brother.
05:29 Not so late. Come on.
05:30 Just like that. Okay.
05:32 Spread it down and let's clean up our space really quickly.
05:34 Oh, man, you just don't, no, Chef Law,
05:36 I won't get into this one today.
05:38 All right, let's put there, leave that cutting board.
05:39 I need a cutting board down. We can chop here.
05:41 Actually, I'm good, I got the plate right here, man.
05:42 Okay. Got the plate.
05:44 Now we're gonna let that to simmer down
05:45 just like that, friends.
05:47 Oh, this is looking good.
05:48 Man, let's take everything off, man.
05:49 We got this, this is just a last recipe right here.
05:51 And an introduction right here,
05:53 we want to move everything out the way.
05:54 Put this one up there. Come on.
05:57 Look at it right there.
05:59 Now look at that, y'all, that looks good.
06:03 So I want to take this right here,
06:05 put this on a plate.
06:08 Come on now.
06:10 Just like that. Okay.
06:11 Come on now. Little bit of onions left over.
06:14 Now, friends, this is a meal for all of us today.
06:19 Now I'm not gonna take a bite of this
06:20 'cause I want y'all just to imagine
06:22 that you're eating it out here, friends.
06:23 I want you to just imagine how good this food can be.
06:27 See you got to understand when you eat this way, friends,
06:29 is nothing like it, it's the best.
06:31 It's God's gift to us.
06:34 So I encourage you, friends, go in that kitchen
06:36 and make this vegan omelet.
06:37 You would not be dissatisfied.
06:46 Well, friends, we're moving right along.
06:48 We've come to the F,
06:49 and you know what the F stands for,
06:50 you know, exactly what it stands for.
06:52 It stands for faith.
06:54 And this is our last opportunity
06:56 to share some faith.
06:58 And I tell you, when you understand faith,
06:59 we have to talk faith, we have to walk faith,
07:02 and most importantly we have to believe it.
07:04 We got to believe that God can do the impossible.
07:07 God spoke this world into existence from nothing.
07:10 And so God has taken us, taken us from what we are,
07:13 from where we were,
07:15 and now He's bringing us to something better.
07:16 And today, we're talking about how Paul said in the Bible,
07:19 how he fought that good fight of faith.
07:22 And I got my good buddy here is Chef Law.
07:23 What's happening, Chef Law? How you're doing, chef?
07:25 How you, guys, doing out there?
07:26 Come on, man, this is it. This is it.
07:28 This is the last faith opportunity
07:30 we have with our friends out there.
07:32 The last time to sharing the good faith of Jesus.
07:34 Come on now, so let's get right into it, man.
07:36 Let's go ahead and get right into it.
07:37 2 Timothy 4:7, "I have fought a good fight of faith,
07:41 I have finished my course, I have kept the faith."
07:45 I've kept the faith.
07:46 Come on now, talking about faith.
07:48 We're talking about faith. Come on now.
07:49 Let's unpack this, man. What we understand here.
07:51 Well, let's talk about this.
07:53 You guys have been on a journey the last 28 days.
07:57 And now you've come down to the last wire,
07:59 and so the Bible text
08:00 that we're describing is about Paul.
08:03 Paul right now is in prison,
08:05 he's about to die for his faith in Christ,
08:07 and look what kind of faith he had.
08:10 Come on now. He's not complaining...
08:11 He's is not wary, he's saying,
08:13 he knows in whom he has believed.
08:15 Amen. He's believed in God.
08:16 God is capable, he's fought this good fight.
08:19 Now there are all types of fights
08:20 you can have in your life.
08:21 Some of them are bad but this one is good,
08:23 this is a spiritual fight that we're all in,
08:26 make no mistake about it.
08:27 But Paul fought it the right way.
08:29 He fought it by using the stance we had earlier,
08:32 you know, with no hands.
08:33 No hands. He let God fight it for him.
08:36 And you've been down this 28-day journey
08:38 and I hope you've been letting God fight for you.
08:40 Amen. Amen.
08:42 Fight for you and give you a new you,
08:43 and a better you.
08:44 No matter what mistakes you made in the past 28 days,
08:46 you can still take these principles
08:48 and continue them even after we're done.
08:50 Come on now.
08:52 And that's what it's really all about.
08:53 We want you, friends, to understand that
08:54 you don't have to stop today.
08:57 You know, sometimes we start something
08:58 and we're just waiting for it to be over.
09:00 We hope, we hope, we hope that this is not the end,
09:04 it's only readied the foundation
09:06 for the race that the God is calling you upon,
09:10 because we want you to have, again,
09:12 we want you to have habits
09:13 that's gonna last for a lifetime.
09:16 It is important, friends,
09:17 that you go away from this today
09:19 and remember that the word of God,
09:21 the Bible says faith cometh by hearing
09:22 and hearing by the Word of God.
09:25 So give me some more about this fighting,
09:27 this good fight of faith, Chef Law...
09:28 Well, in this good fight of faith
09:29 especially in these 28 days
09:31 we hope you didn't just change for 28 days
09:33 and stop and go back to your old ways.
09:35 We hope this was an everlasting change,
09:37 a change for your whole life.
09:39 We hope that you enjoy this lifestyle
09:41 and that you continue.
09:42 Now, one thing we wanted to know for certain.
09:44 This Chews Challenge, this 28-day challenge
09:47 was a battle and the battle is over.
09:49 Exactly. But the war is still not over.
09:51 Come on and the war. Come on now.
09:52 As long as you're breathing, you still got a war.
09:54 You still got that health
09:55 that you got to be intentional about.
09:57 You still got that spirituality that relationship with Jesus
10:00 that you got to work on day-by-day,
10:02 moment-by-moment, step-by-step.
10:04 So never think that the war is over
10:06 because the enemy of all souls,
10:07 the devil himself, he's still fighting.
10:10 But you don't have to fight
10:11 and you don't have to be afraid of him.
10:13 He's a defeated foe.
10:15 I want you to know that you just completing
10:17 these days showed that no matter
10:19 what he's tried to have you do in your whole life,
10:21 God can make you and change you
10:25 into something brand new.
10:26 Exactly. Exactly.
10:27 And sometimes, you know, you think about a war.
10:29 You know there was a man by name of David in the Bible.
10:31 Yes, indeed.
10:32 And the story about David talks about
10:34 how David had a battle with all the nations
10:36 of the earth came against the children of Israel.
10:38 And David and his army, they won the battle,
10:41 they won the battle against all the nations in the world.
10:44 But you find that after the war,
10:46 you find that David kind of started relaxing.
10:50 He took his eyes off of the one
10:51 who gave him the power to do what he had did.
10:54 He started looking at things
10:56 that he shouldn't have looked at.
10:57 And he started doing some things
10:58 that he shouldn't have done.
11:00 And we find that as a result of that, he fell into a trap.
11:03 And that trap was called sin.
11:05 And so, friends, we want you to understand
11:07 that God doesn't want us
11:08 to repeat the mistakes of David.
11:10 Yes, David had a heart after God
11:11 but we can learn from David's mistakes
11:13 and realize that, yes, we have done a battle,
11:16 we have overcome a battle, we have learned in this battle.
11:18 But as Chef Law is saying, we have to continue in the war
11:22 and the war is for our souls.
11:24 You had to realize there is a real enemy
11:26 and his name is called the Devil
11:28 and the Bible lets us know that the enemy against souls
11:31 is seeking to devour all of us.
11:33 But we have Jesus Christ, our advocate.
11:36 Come on now.
11:37 Jesus Christ our advocate who has given us power,
11:40 power above all things.
11:41 He says, "Listen, I will be with you,
11:43 whether so ever you go with,
11:45 be not afraid neither be dismay."
11:47 So, friends, we want to let you know that we love you.
11:49 We realize that God has called you.
11:52 And remember that God wants us to finish this fight.
11:55 Finish this fight with Him, this fight of faith.
12:04 Well, friends we've comedown
12:06 to the last O in the FORK system, the last O.
12:09 We're talking about organization
12:10 and we've been talking about this week
12:12 personal organization.
12:14 And I have my good buddy again Chef Law.
12:15 What's going on, Chef Law? How're you doing, Chef?
12:16 How are you, guys, doing out there?
12:18 Today, we're gonna talk about something really simple,
12:20 something really simple but I tell you
12:22 is something is very, very difficult at times.
12:24 We're talking today, Chef Law, about being consistent.
12:27 That's right, being consistent. What are we talking about?
12:30 What does it mean, Chef Law,
12:32 to be consistent with something?
12:33 What does that mean?
12:35 Do the same thing at the same time, all the time.
12:37 All the time.
12:39 So sticking with something, right?
12:40 Keeping your mind focused on a definite aim,
12:43 and actually following through with it.
12:45 And I tell you, friends, at times it can be
12:47 very challenging to do that.
12:49 And I tell you what we want to,
12:50 I guess, leave with you today is that,
12:53 you've learned all of these things.
12:54 We've been saying a little slogan.
12:56 We wanted you to learn habits that's gonna last for how long?
12:59 A lifetime. Lifetime. For a lifetime.
13:01 Habits that's gonna last for a lifetime.
13:03 So we've went through all these organizational principles.
13:05 All these organizational...
13:06 We started out on the first week talking about...
13:08 How to... What?
13:09 How to setup the kitchen, right?
13:11 We talked to you about the salad station,
13:14 we had the bean station.
13:16 We had the grain station. And we had a fruit station.
13:19 And we had a fruit station as well.
13:20 Talked about fruits as well.
13:22 We showed you how to make those stations in the kitchen.
13:24 And so that concept was why, why did we do that?
13:26 Because that's gonna help you to be consistent.
13:29 You have a system now in place that's gonna allow you
13:32 just to go right into the refrigerator week in
13:34 and week out and make a fresh salad just like that.
13:37 Bamm! Just like that. Isn't that exciting?
13:39 Exciting. Good.
13:40 And in the second week we wanted to show you guys,
13:42 how to use those kitchen tools, right?
13:44 We went to the kitchen, we were showing you
13:46 how to use your knives, how to use the crock-pot.
13:48 What else did we showed them, Chef Law?
13:50 Showed them how to use the blender,
13:51 how to use the griddle.
13:52 All these tools that can help you
13:54 be consistent making the same meals everyday,
13:57 easy, fast, and affordable.
14:00 That's it. That's it. Exactly.
14:01 And we learned about
14:03 how we can get kitchen organization,
14:04 we can also have what?
14:06 Kitchen automation. Kitchen automation.
14:07 And so we're talking about all these things.
14:09 In the third week, we came down, friends,
14:11 and we started talking about the meal plan
14:13 and then we started talking about the food itself.
14:15 We started talking about principles about
14:17 buying by the ounce, buying it bulk.
14:19 I'm talking about if you buy in bulk you can what,
14:22 save about $6 a year.
14:24 All those raisins, you know what I'm talking about.
14:26 He says, "$6 dollars a year." That's right, man.
14:27 And he's gonna get some...
14:28 And I was gonna give them roses for my lovely wife Chef Chew.
14:31 I'm so glad I stopped you. Go ahead now, brother.
14:33 Come on now.
14:34 He just don't want to stand and see.
14:36 See, life is about the simple things, man.
14:37 It ain't about the big bang, the big power.
14:40 It's about the simple things, Chef Law.
14:41 It's about the simple things and you simply better
14:43 now getting those $6 roses to your wife.
14:47 Go ahead now, brother. Go ahead now, brother.
14:48 You know that in the last week we're talking about personal.
14:50 Personal organization. Yes, indeed.
14:52 Again, we want to let you guys know as we've been talking
14:54 about in our faith section
14:55 that we can do all things through Christ.
14:57 As who?
14:59 There you go, that's the most important part.
15:00 Through who strengthens us.
15:02 And so, again, as we trust in Christ,
15:05 He's gonna give us the power to be what?
15:07 Consistent. Day-by-day. Consistent.
15:09 He's gonna give us the power to what?
15:11 To stick by, as it says to endure unto the end.
15:14 And so, friends, we need God to help us
15:16 because again, we've learned all of these things,
15:19 all of these recipes, all of these concepts,
15:22 all of these ways of how to improve our health,
15:24 how to just be a witness to everybody.
15:26 But guess what, friends?
15:27 It's gonna go back tomorrow, the next week after that,
15:30 the next year after that.
15:32 And the question for us is this,
15:34 are we gonna stick with it?
15:35 Are we gonna let us go to the side
15:37 and say, I learned about that stuff
15:38 but, I heard about this guy Chef Chew
15:42 and Chef Law and but...
15:44 You know, man that other food was so tasty but...
15:48 But you know something, we can say today
15:50 that God is our strength
15:52 and God is gonna help us to be consistent.
16:00 Well, friends, we've come to the last R
16:03 in the FORK system.
16:04 And you know what the R stands for.
16:06 The R stands for recipe, isn't that right, Chef Law?
16:09 Recipe. How you doing, Chef?
16:11 Come on now. How you, guys, doing out there?
16:12 Now, friends, I told you yesterday to go the store
16:15 and buy some special ingredients.
16:17 I told you to get that delicious not just ice-cream,
16:20 to get the vegan ice-cream.
16:22 That's right. Ice-cream. There is gonna be a treat.
16:23 That's right, the vegan ice-cream,
16:25 I told you to get the all natural
16:26 without the corn syrup, the best sweetener,
16:28 get the nice natural root beer
16:31 because we're gonna make something today, Chef Law,
16:32 that's gonna be some kind of good.
16:34 That's what we're talking about.
16:36 We make a delicious, friends, a delicious
16:37 root beer vegan ice-cream.
16:40 A root beer vegan ice-cream float.
16:41 Root beer vegan ice-cream float.
16:42 Come on now. All right.
16:44 A root beer vegan ice-cream float
16:45 is gonna taste some kind of good.
16:48 Come on now.
16:49 So, friends, I hope you got the cups
16:51 because right here we have two cups in front of us.
16:54 And these, right here, are special cups.
16:56 Come on now, chef. Right.
16:58 It's been a long journey, chef, eh?
16:59 Special cups. Come on now, special cups.
17:01 And then we also have some other cups over here
17:03 for other special friends.
17:04 Who, who, again, we like to say to all of us friends that
17:07 there's people who have been working behind-the-scenes,
17:10 isn't that right, Chef Law?
17:11 Kind of like angels. That's exactly.
17:13 These are little unseen angels on Dare to Dream.
17:15 On Dare to Dream. Exactly.
17:17 And at first again, Sister Yvonne Lewis,
17:19 the general manager of Dare to Dream Network...
17:23 Has been so supportive on this program.
17:25 She's been on the program herself,
17:26 feeling good, looking good, and all that good stuff.
17:29 Lovely lady. But today, friends...
17:31 We're gonna celebrate,
17:32 we're gonna have a good time together.
17:33 Come on, Chef Law. Good food in a good time.
17:35 That's it. Exactly.
17:36 So let's go ahead and get into, let's go ahead
17:38 and read our recipe, Chef Law.
17:39 All right, let's see what we're gonna use today.
17:40 We're gonna use a root beer float vegan ice-cream
17:42 you need...
18:01 You're talking modern language, not bad.
18:04 Now, I like some root beer, brother.
18:05 Oh, is that's your thing? Now, friends...
18:07 You can go the store and get a natural root beer.
18:09 I do this probably like once every
18:10 maybe once or twice a month.
18:12 Give me a nice little root beer.
18:13 I try not to do it too much because, you know.
18:15 Wasn't only two days.
18:16 You know, go ahead now, brother.
18:17 But now the thing is the great thing on this is that
18:19 I told you about reading labels, right.
18:20 You're gonna find that on this, it uses natural sweetener,
18:23 doesn't use the high fructose corn syrup.
18:26 Or the sugar. Exactly.
18:28 Some of you y'all, we haven't talked much about the sodas
18:30 but this is a good alternative to your sodas.
18:32 So let's go ahead and get this started, Chef Law.
18:34 Okay. So we got our vegan ice-cream.
18:36 Go ahead and get our two scoops right inside
18:38 of each of these cups, if you don't mind.
18:39 It's time to get some vegan ice-cream.
18:40 Oh, what's going on, Chef Law?
18:42 We're not getting no ice-cream into this?
18:44 You got the big bowl, brother. I told you that.
18:47 Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, that was at home.
18:48 Go ahead now, brother, it's all good.
18:50 Let me do that over there. You're so excited, man.
18:53 Go ahead and give me two scoops in that, Chef Law.
18:54 Come on now you're acting on me now.
18:56 All right. All right. Now what we got?
18:57 What we got? One scoop right there.
18:58 Oh, come on, yo.
19:01 That's a biggest scoop, Chef Law.
19:02 We got to save some for everybody else now.
19:04 Just two scoops. Hey, that's how it's coming on.
19:06 All right. Now, but this time make sure.
19:07 I'm just letting nature takes it course.
19:08 I hope you, friends,
19:10 are getting your ice-cream right now,
19:11 your vegan ice-cream right now.
19:13 And as we gonna enjoy this. What we got here?
19:14 We got some carob chips. Okay.
19:16 We're gonna go ahead and toss that inside up here.
19:19 Okay.
19:20 And I tell you, friends, we told you about
19:22 how the carob chips are good alternative for chocolate.
19:24 It doesn't have dairy inside of it.
19:26 One of the best. Doesn't have the caffeine.
19:27 Exactly, so put that inside of this just like that.
19:29 All right, what's you got right there, Chef Law?
19:30 Is this coconut flakes?
19:32 Go ahead and put that in there, Chef Law.
19:33 Coconut flakes you just drizzle them in.
19:35 Okay. Come on now.
19:36 I'm talking and looking some kind of good.
19:38 Let me go add. Let me go and make it healthy.
19:40 This is not traditional of adding bananas,
19:42 but I told you I said, listen, we want to make sure
19:44 we keep it as healthy as possible, right?
19:45 So we want to do some bananas right here.
19:47 We want to slice them up just like that.
19:49 All right. Just like that. Come on now.
19:51 I love this banana. That's right. That's right.
19:53 So go ahead and put half of these in one,
19:54 I'm gonna put half in the other.
19:56 That's what I'm talking about, you all.
19:59 Got some bananas going on. That's right. Come on now.
20:01 Man, please, come on.
20:03 Then we got right here, we have our carob mounds
20:05 and we're gonna chop these up.
20:07 Go and chop now, if you don't mind, Chef Law.
20:08 And chop those that are right there.
20:10 Chop some of these carob mounds up.
20:12 And this is kind of like a...
20:13 What is it compared to this to, Chef Law?
20:14 What were these be compared?
20:16 I compare this to when you have...
20:18 Like, kind of like chocolate candy, kind of like.
20:20 Well, like choc chocolate the way I'm having them.
20:22 Okay. I got you.
20:23 I got to say that the chocolate...
20:25 The candy I guess some of the bars.
20:26 Chocolate strips. Chocolate strips. I got you.
20:28 Okay. That's exactly right. Okay.
20:29 So we got the all natural chocolate,
20:31 that's should be enough right there, Chef Law.
20:32 Look at that, friends. Look at that. Come on now.
20:35 This is looking good.
20:37 This one right here,
20:38 I'm gonna eat this really here, friends.
20:40 It's going to be delicious come on.
20:43 So I'm telling you, you got to go out there, friends,
20:44 and get yours make sure you get yours right now,
20:47 even after this program is over, even right now
20:49 or you even making it right now,
20:50 you might be eating yours right now
20:52 but I tell you, friends, I got my root beer float.
20:54 Let me go ahead and open this up.
20:55 I need something to make sure my hands
20:57 don't get hurt on this one right here.
20:59 Here you go. I got some for you.
21:00 Okay, let me see that right here, Chef Law.
21:01 Let me open this up, friends. All right.
21:03 Let me see how this is going to be now.
21:04 I'm gonna had to, you know, let's go ahead
21:06 and enjoy this, my friends.
21:08 So go ahead, I'm talking to this.
21:09 All right. Come on. Hold up now, yo.
21:11 Let me take my time. Wait one minute.
21:12 Let me take my time now. Don't hurt yourself.
21:15 Come on. Come on, man.
21:17 You said, you've been doing in pushups, man.
21:19 Come on now.
21:21 All right, that was you talking about, man.
21:23 Too much fun out there now, brother.
21:24 You know what I'm talking about..
21:26 That's exactly what I'm talking about.
21:27 That's right. Come on, root beer.
21:28 Yes, indeed. All right.
21:30 The root beer. Let me take yours.
21:31 Come on now. That's right.
21:33 Come on now.
21:34 So let me go ahead now and get me a little bit
21:36 of that my spoon right here in my pocket.
21:38 I see where my spoon is. Come on now, yo.
21:40 I don't got one.
21:41 You don't get the spoon, brother?
21:43 I got two, right here for you, man.
21:44 That's right. That's I'm talking about.
21:46 See, I had a couple of prepared for Chef Law
21:47 because he wasn't ready for this.
21:48 He wasn't ready for this, y'all.
21:50 We, man, please, we're gonna enjoy this, Chef Law.
21:52 Come on now. It's looking good.
21:54 Give me one of these carobs right here,
21:56 one of these bananas.
21:58 Oh, yo.
21:59 I tell you, if you, guys doing it at home go ahead
22:01 and grab it, go ahead and grab it.
22:02 We're gonna eat it together, if you want...
22:03 Twenty-eight days celebration right here.
22:05 That's it. That's it. I'm gonna give me nice banana.
22:06 You all made it. Let's go ahead, Chef Law.
22:07 All right. Let's go.
22:11 Oh, man, it's so delicious, so tasty, so good.
22:16 Friends, recipes are awesome.
22:18 These are God recipes healthy for all of us.
22:21 It's so, so... Delicious.
22:29 Well, friends, this is it.
22:31 We've come to the end of the 28-day journey.
22:35 Chew's Challenge 28 days to wellness.
22:37 But, friends, we have learned so much together.
22:39 We have fought this good fight of faith together.
22:42 And I tell you that God is excited,
22:44 He is so happy in heaven.
22:46 I can tell you, if were in heaven right now,
22:48 we would see the angels rejoicing
22:50 on what God has done.
22:52 We've come down to this last part
22:53 and you know what the last part is.
22:55 We have the K, the K stands for what, knowledge.
22:57 The F stands for faith, the O stands for organization,
23:00 the R stands for recipes, and the K stands for what?
23:03 It stands for knowledge.
23:05 Today we have one simple question
23:06 that we're gonna ask.
23:08 One simple question
23:09 and we understand this question,
23:10 and we're gonna say praise the Lord.
23:12 And my good friend again, Chef Law.
23:14 What's happening, Chef Law? How you doing, chef?
23:15 I'm doing wonderful, man. How you, guys, doing out there?
23:17 Well, this is it, Chef Law. This is it.
23:18 You know, it's always hard to say goodbye.
23:21 Good bye.
23:22 You know, but, you know, in life it comes that time,
23:24 when you get on that airplane
23:26 or when you're about go in the airplane
23:28 and your parents are there, your family is there,
23:30 and you have to say, goodbye.
23:32 And this is that time but we want to leave you all
23:34 with some, some hope.
23:36 With some tips and just some last words if I might say.
23:40 We almost feel like Christ,
23:42 as He was talking to His disciples.
23:44 Want to give you some last words of encouragement.
23:46 So we don't want to say good bye
23:47 but we want to say, see you later.
23:48 Because if we don't get to see you down here
23:50 that we hope to see you in the Kingdom.
23:52 That's right. That's exactly right.
23:53 And so we know that day is coming.
23:54 So, let's go ahead and read our question if we can, Chef Law.
23:56 All right. Let's read our last question.
23:59 And it's a question not only posed to you guys
24:01 but it's posed to ourselves.
24:02 Who should we thank for getting us
24:04 through these 28 days, back to health,
24:07 back to wellness, and back to a better of you?
24:10 Should be a, Dare to Dream Network,
24:12 b, the Lord, c, our sponsors or d, all the above.
24:17 Come on now.
24:19 That's a heavy question my, friend.
24:20 Yes indeed. Come on now.
24:22 And so we have to say, you know, the answer to this...
24:24 what we're gonna just take it little slow if we can.
24:26 You know what I'm saying.
24:27 So we're gonna first startup by taking guess.
24:29 So who is number one? Dare to Dream Network.
24:31 No. I love Dare to Dream.
24:33 It's number one on the list. That's number one on the list.
24:35 But we want to startup with the number one,
24:37 who's given us all.
24:38 Oh, do you talking about my friend, my savior.
24:41 There you go. Exactly.
24:42 The one that loves me more than anybody?
24:44 All of us got to say to the Lord, almighty.
24:46 Amen. We got to say, thank you.
24:47 Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, God, the Father.
24:50 Thank you, Holy Ghost for being with us.
24:52 For getting us through these 28 days.
24:54 He gave us the strength to complete it.
24:55 He gave you the strength to complete it,
24:57 and he's gonna give you more strength
24:59 to keep this lifestyle up
25:01 until He comes in a clouds of glory to take us home.
25:03 Amen. Amen. Amen.
25:04 And so next we want to thank, as you just said,
25:06 who you want to thank next, Chef Law?
25:07 Dare to Dream Network. Dare to Dream Network.
25:09 I got to tell you, we love Dare to Dream Network, friends.
25:11 You know, there's a wonderful,
25:12 wonderful director here Dr. Yvonne Lewis.
25:15 And I tell you there is a, there is a team
25:17 behind the scenes almost like the angels.
25:19 So you can't see the angels but, friends,
25:21 in doing this program there are people behind cameras
25:23 even as I'm speaking that are working.
25:25 There're people that are helping
25:27 and keep things together here.
25:28 And we have to say, praise God for this wonderful ministry.
25:31 I tell you, if you can, if you have some little bit
25:33 of pennies in your pocket, some dimes, even some dollars,
25:37 maybe even some $100 bills.
25:39 Pull them out, give a little donation
25:42 for this wonderful opportunity for us to learn these things.
25:45 If you've been blessed, send a little donation
25:47 into this wonderful ministry that God may sustain in that
25:50 we can put out more programs like this.
25:52 Amen? Amen. Amen. Amen.
25:54 And lastly there is a one more thing...
25:56 Or one more people I would guess so,
25:58 persons we want to acknowledge.
25:59 That's right.
26:01 What's the last one called, Chef Law?
26:02 The last one is called our sponsors.
26:03 Our sponsors, our sponsors.
26:05 And, friends, we have had some individuals who helped us.
26:08 Again these things cost financing,
26:10 they cost money to do these things,
26:11 and there is one individual we want to acknowledge
26:13 is a gentleman by the name of Dr. Brent Williams,
26:16 all the way from Bermuda.
26:18 He's a doctor at the Hope Healthcare...
26:22 Hope Healthcare doctor, wellness clinic.
26:24 And again we want to say thank you Dr. Williams
26:27 for your support and helping us to do this program.
26:29 And so I say, Chef Law, I'm excited.
26:32 I'm excited. I'm glad, I'm glad, I'm glad.
26:34 I'm proud of the people.
26:36 I'm glad you guys stuck it through.
26:37 I'm glad you guys been working,
26:38 you've been learning even if you slip.
26:40 I'm glad that you came to this point,
26:43 the last 28-day of the challenge.
26:44 Exactly. Exactly.
26:46 And that you finish, you've completed it.
26:47 You set one of those goals and you met that goal.
26:50 So you can set any goal in your life
26:51 and meet it under the power and the strength of Lord.
26:53 Exactly. Exactly. And, friends, God is amazing.
26:57 You have to realize this is that it's not about us.
27:00 God says, listen in the very end of time,
27:03 God is coming for a harvest
27:06 and that harvest is going to be a divine harvest.
27:08 That harvest is gonna be made of people
27:10 from all around the world, from every, the Bible says,
27:12 every nation, every kindred, every tongue, and every people.
27:16 And God has a message for His people,
27:18 in His last days.
27:20 And the great thing that God says,
27:21 I want you to do what?
27:22 Give glory to me.
27:24 And we've learned that, friends,
27:25 as we put our health first.
27:27 As number one, put God first. We give glory to God.
27:31 So at the end of the day regardless of what happens
27:33 to these bodies, we know that one day
27:36 God is gonna give us something new.
27:38 God is gonna give us something better.
27:40 God is gonna give us a new mind, a new heart.
27:42 And one day, friends,
27:44 we're gonna be with Him forever.
27:45 So we close on this
27:47 and you know my name is Chef Chew.
27:49 And my name is Chef Law once again.
27:52 And as we always say,
27:53 gonna give you something to chew.


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