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Daniel Chapter 2

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00:22 Hello friends and welcome to
00:23 Books of the Book.
00:25 We are studying the
00:26 book of Daniel and we are in
00:27 Daniel Chapter 2.
00:29 My name is James Rafferty and I am Ty Gibson, James's co-host
00:33 for this series of programs on the book of Daniel.
00:36 We just love the book of Daniel
00:38 James, because it is not only a
00:40 prophetic book that points
00:42 forward to events that pertain
00:44 to the end of human history
00:46 which ushers in the second
00:48 coming of Jesus and that glorious period into the future
00:51 that we all long for.
00:53 We love the book of Daniel because it is a book that
00:57 presents vital principles for character development, vital
01:01 principles to guide our lives spiritually and to have a
01:06 relationship with God.
01:07 It is a book that chronicles a story of Daniel's relationship
01:12 with God and it is a book that Chronicles the relationship
01:17 of King Nebuchadnezzar with God, a relationship that
01:20 King Nebuchadnezzar, at first, never even knew he was having.
01:24 God was pursuing him and finally got this king's attention and
01:27 Nebuchadnezzar became a worshiper of the true
01:32 God of heaven.
01:33 It is a book that shows the heart of God.
01:35 It shows us how to have this relationship with God.
01:37 We see that especially now as we move into Daniel Chapter 2.
01:42 We've begun to see a picture of God right here in Daniel 1.
01:46 As we move to Daniel chapter 2 this picture begins to unfold.
01:51 We looked at in the first chapter the idea that God was
01:55 going into captivity with His people, He was afflicted by
01:59 their afflictions and He was humbling Himself before this
02:03 heathen monarch allowing Himself to be small in the
02:09 sight of this ruler.
02:10 Now in Daniel chapter 2 with Nebuchadnezzar, in the 2nd year
02:16 of his reign, it says in verse 1 of Daniel 2.
02:19 Nebuchadnezzar has a dream and in this dream he was troubled.
02:23 So much so that he wakes up, perhaps in a cold sweat,
02:27 he wakes up in the middle of this dream but he can't remember
02:31 what he dreamed.
02:32 Now here is a picture of it.
02:33 We are going to find out if this dream is of God.
02:36 We are going to find out that Nebuchadnezzar was given this
02:39 dream by Divine Revelation.
02:41 We are also going to find out the reason why he could not
02:43 remember it, is also from God.
02:45 God gives Nebuchadnezzar a dream then he cannot remember.
02:48 What is the purpose?
02:49 The purpose is God is seeking to awaken Nebuchadnezzar to his
02:53 need of something more than just these gods of
02:57 stone and wood.
02:59 There are two things going on here.
03:00 There is as we said in the previous program,
03:02 in Daniel chapter 1.
03:03 The whole book of Daniel runs along two tracks, if you will.
03:07 There is this storyline of Daniel's experience as a captive
03:10 of Babylon, and a story of Nebuchadnezzar's conversion.
03:13 Then there are the prophecies that unfold.
03:15 Well Daniel 2 reveals that there are 2 things taking place
03:20 here, we tend to see that Daniel
03:22 2 each just revealing world history in advance.
03:25 And it is, but not only is world history,
03:29 in advance, coming to our attention in the prophecy
03:33 of Daniel 2, God is also, in the process of getting
03:38 Nebuchadnezzar's attention.
03:40 Speaking to him, so He is working for the conversion
03:44 of king Nebuchadnezzar and simultaneously He is giving a
03:48 prophecy to the world and all who will read down to our very
03:52 day, could read this prophecy and learn these vital truths.
03:56 I think is incredible that God is pursuing this king
04:00 in this manner.
04:01 Now most people in the world I won't say most people
04:04 because I don't know most people
04:05 I'm not a judge and I don't know most people.
04:06 But a lot of people in this
04:08 world have no need of God.
04:10 Nebuchadnezzar has no
04:12 need of God.
04:13 So he thinks!
04:14 He is a ruler with absolute
04:16 power and he has all the wealth that money can buy.
04:19 He has no need of God, he has a dream,
04:21 he can't remember the dream, but it really troubles him.
04:24 Have you ever had a bad dream you can't, you wake up and are
04:26 just troubled and perhaps you can't even remember it,
04:29 yet you feel it's significant?
04:30 He has a dream and can't remember that dream.
04:32 He know is it significant, he knows it is.
04:34 It troubles him and he calls for all his wiseman and they all
04:38 come in and he basically tells them I had a dream in want you
04:41 to tell me what it is.
04:43 They cannot do it.
04:44 Well they have no idea what his dream was of course.
04:47 So here is a man who is used to getting his way.
04:50 A man who has everything at his fingertips that he needs and
04:53 now he has a need for something that is really troubling him.
04:57 And no one can deliver his need.
05:00 No one in his kingdom that can take care on his need.
05:04 Or so he thinks, so he calls all the wiseman before him,
05:08 assuming that in their great
05:10 Babylonian education and wisdom
05:13 and the fact that they are in
05:14 touch with Babylonian gods,
05:16 he assumes that in answer is forthcoming, but they repeatedly
05:20 tell him king, tell us the dream
05:23 we'll tell you the interpretation.
05:25 The king says no, you tell me the dream so I know that the
05:30 interpretation that you give me is actually true.
05:32 Nobody can help him in the Babylonian realm of knowledge.
05:37 The Babylonian realm of religion and spirituality, but then
05:41 there is that captive Daniel, he is there behind the scenes
05:44 and he is not brought in at first, he is not one of the
05:48 wisemen that are brought before the king at this point.
05:52 He is pursuing his education, his three-year university
05:56 education that Nebuchadnezzar has plugged him into.
06:00 Absolutely, Nebuchadnezzar was giving him 3 years, according
06:03 to Daniel 1:5, that he would be nourished, provided for,
06:06 educated and then he would come in at the end of that time
06:09 and he would be tested, but going back to your point Ty,
06:12 and it is a powerful one.
06:13 Nebuchadnezzar is now feeling his need.
06:16 Nebuchadnezzar is recognizing just a little bit, that all the
06:21 power in the world, and all the money in the world,
06:24 and all the education of the world, cannot satisfy
06:27 our deepest needs.
06:28 This is the message in Daniel Chapter 2.
06:31 It doesn't matter how powerful you are, it doesn't matter
06:33 how educated you are, it doesn't matter how rich you are
06:36 none of that can satisfy your deepest need.
06:39 God is revealing this to Nebuchadnezzar, He is showing
06:44 Nebuchadnezzar through a dream.
06:45 Through a dream!
06:47 Nebuchadnezzar he is not getting it yet of course, he's upset,
06:51 he's mad. Okay, here's a king who he is
06:55 throwing a temper tantrum.
06:56 Here is someone who is use to getting his way and he is upset
06:59 and what does he do?
07:00 He sends out a decree to all the wisemen in Babylon,
07:02 your dead!
07:03 You are going to be killed by morning.
07:06 So this news comes, of course, to Daniel and he is 3 friends.
07:09 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego because those who are
07:14 commissioned to take the lives of all the wisemen show up
07:18 at their place of living.
07:21 They say to them, we have got to execute all the wiseman of
07:27 Babylon and you are among them.
07:29 Daniel knows that his God is a revealer of secrets that His God
07:35 can in fact give not only the dream, but the interpretation
07:42 of the dream.
07:43 This is incredible! Daniel presupposes that God is
07:49 able to solve this problem.
07:51 He believes that the Lord can and will intervene so he calls
07:55 upon God in prayer with his friends, that God in mercy,
08:00 will intervene.
08:02 You know what is really interesting, don't you think
08:05 that Daniel probably thought that God has a purpose
08:07 in sending me to Babylon.
08:09 God has a purpose in everything that is happening here.
08:12 It looks bad, but God has a purpose.
08:14 When this decree comes forth rather than being afraid,
08:18 because he is in this 3 years of training, not really part of
08:20 the wiseman yet, he is in this 3 years of training.
08:23 So he says when this decree comes forth,
08:24 he says could this be it?
08:26 Could this be it? He is not really so much
08:29 afraid of the decree because in his heart he knows God has
08:33 a purpose and so rather than say oh no and getting scared,
08:38 he says, what's troubling the king?
08:40 What's the king's problem?
08:42 Maybe this is an opportunity for God to help Nebuchadnezzar.
08:48 With that kind of an attitude he moves into mode 2.
08:52 Of course they give him the time
08:53 the opportunity, the king does, he moves into mode 2.
08:55 Let's have a prayer meeting.
08:56 Because Daniel doesn't know what is going on.
08:58 I love the way that Daniel 2:18 describes the approach of Daniel
09:05 and his 3 friends to the Lord.
09:08 It says that they might seek mercies from the God of heaven.
09:13 Daniel and his friends have a view of the character of God
09:18 that it's just beautiful.
09:19 They do not see God the way the pagan nations see God
09:25 as a vindictive tyrant and a micro managing control freak
09:30 kind of ruler.
09:32 Daniel thinks of God and says God is the kind of God who with
09:36 tender mercies we can call upon.
09:39 We can get on our knees before this God, tell Him of our needs,
09:43 and He will hear our prayers and be eager to answer our prayers.
09:48 Let's clarify something here, Ty for viewing audience to make it
09:52 very, very clear, Daniel and his 3 friends are no better
09:55 than anybody else, they are no better
09:57 then the wisemen.
09:58 They are humans, but the point
10:00 is that they are humans who see
10:03 God in a different way than the
10:06 others do.
10:07 They reach out to God,
10:09 desiring mercy from God,
10:12 in fact anyone can do that.
10:14 What we found here, what we find here is that initially
10:21 verse 18, he is seeking mercies from God that Daniel and his
10:25 fellows should not perish with the rest of the
10:28 wiseman of Babylon.
10:29 Even in Daniel, and even in believers, there are these
10:35 selfish aspects of our nature that are present in our
10:41 approach to God.
10:42 They're perishing but we need to pray that we do not perish
10:46 with them, but you know what happens when God's mercy is
10:50 revealed? When God sheds His light and truth?
10:53 When God gives us more of an understanding of who He is
10:55 and what He is doing? How He is orchestrating things?
10:57 Do you know what happens?
10:58 Verse 24, "therefore when Daniel went in unto Arioch,"
11:02 this is after he gets the understanding of the dream,
11:05 he praises God and thanks God it says when he goes into Arioch
11:09 "whom the king had ordained to destroy the wisemen of Babylon:
11:12 he went and said thus unto him; Destroy not," who?
11:18 the wisemen of Babylon.
11:20 The wisemen of Babylon! Do you see how the love of God
11:23 in the mercy of God actually eradicates every visage of
11:27 selfishness from our heart.
11:28 So even as we are seeking God and following God and believers
11:32 in God, those aspects of selfishness that are there, even
11:37 those are diminished by God's mercy.
11:39 Yet we have to remember these were Daniel's captors.
11:42 Daniel is a slave in a foreign
11:44 land, Daniel finds himself
11:46 in a very unpleasant situation.
11:50 He could fear it easily adopt an attitude of antagonism
11:54 against the wisemen of Babylon.
11:57 He has no spiritual agreement with obviously, and he could
12:01 adopt an attitude of prejudiced
12:02 and arrogance, he could ask the Lord, hey God I want to
12:06 understand this, just preserve me and my 3 friends and go
12:09 ahead and destroy the rest of them.
12:11 Yeah, self preservation. All those religions are bad
12:13 my religion is good. Yeah exactly!
12:14 All those denominations are bad, my denomination is good.
12:16 Who cares about them?
12:19 What's beautiful here James, that in verse 24, Daniel shifts
12:24 his attention to preserving, preserving the
12:27 wiseman of Babylon.
12:28 Why? Because of the grace of God because of the mercy of God.
12:32 This is the key.
12:34 This is not a natural phenomenon
12:36 we cannot be as Daniel was
12:38 naturally, Daniel it seems
12:40 the hint in verse 18,
12:41 is Daniel it seems is not
12:43 necessarily that way.
12:44 But one more of the mercy, and more of the grace, and more of
12:48 the blessing of God come upon us then more of the self is lost.
12:52 It's diminished more and more and it is powerful because
12:56 you see as Daniel continues on you see he is giving an answer
13:00 to the king, and an answer to Arioch, and you see as he is
13:04 brought in before the king, in fact just in the context of
13:07 these verses, first of all Daniel seeks an answer in his
13:10 prayer meeting and they all pray and it is revealed
13:12 to Daniel, verse 19, and then what does Daniel do?
13:15 Verse 20, 21, 22, 23, all of these verses are directing us
13:21 to what Daniel does in response of this,
13:23 and what does he do?
13:24 He prays, praises God, he blesses God, he sings God's
13:28 praises, it is not an issue even to himself anymore.
13:32 He's lost in this atmosphere of praise and worship to God.
13:37 It's just amazing that as the story unfolds, that as Daniel
13:42 comes before the king,
13:44 you would think with his life
13:46 threatened that he is number one
13:49 objective would be to just come
13:51 straight into the king's presence and immediately give
13:54 the dream and interpretation and it almost looks like he's on
13:57 shaky ground here because the first thing that he says,
14:00 he comes before the king and the King says, are you the one?
14:05 Are you one of these individuals that can reveal the secret of
14:09 Kings dream and Daniel doesn't immediately tell the dream and
14:13 interpretation, he immediately directs the
14:15 attention to the Lord.
14:17 What he does, what he does, hold that thought right there
14:20 what he does is an incredible revelation of a human being
14:23 who is infected, saturated with the grace of God.
14:28 Don't go away we will be right back to talk about this.


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