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Daniel Chapter 6

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00:20 Hello friends!
00:22 Welcome to Books of the Book.
00:24 We are presently engaged in an
00:26 exciting study of the book of
00:28 Daniel and my name is Ty Gibson.
00:30 And I'm James Rafferty and right now we are transitioning
00:33 to a different power in Daniel
00:36 Chapter 6 and we are
00:37 transitioning from the power
00:39 of Babylon to the power of Media Persia.
00:41 We see in Daniel 2 these four kingdoms that are revealed to
00:46 King Nebuchadnezzar and we have moved from the head of gold
00:49 to the chest of silver.
00:51 Media Persia was a kingdom that was to follow Babylon
00:54 in this secession and Darius is the ruler.
00:56 He is establishing his kingdom in place of the Babylonian
01:00 kingdom and as he establishes his kingdom here in
01:03 verse 1 in and onward.
01:04 He decides that he is going to set as one of the
01:08 principal rulers, presidents in his kingdom.
01:10 One of those rulers was part of the kingdom of Babylon.
01:14 Who do you think that is?
01:15 Daniel of course.
01:16 Daniel and let's read here in verse 1, Daniel Chapter 6.
01:19 "It pleased Darius to set over the kingdom 120 princes,"
01:23 "which should be over the whole kingdom. "
01:25 "And over these," verse 2, "three presidents; of whom"
01:29 "Daniel was first; that the princes might give an account"
01:33 "unto them, and the king should have no damage. "
01:35 And it says in verse 3, "then this Daniel was preferred"
01:39 "above the presidents and princes, because an excellent"
01:42 "Spirit was in him; and the king thought to set him"
01:45 "over the whole realm. "
01:47 This is amazing, Daniel again emerges in this story as one
01:53 who distinguishes himself by virtue of his integrity.
01:58 He has purposed in his heart to serve God.
02:00 He has been faithful in his commitment to the Lord.
02:04 He has been faithful in his service to this foreign power,
02:08 even though he is a captive, a slave in a foreign land.
02:12 He serves with all his might and talent as though he were
02:16 in his own homeland.
02:18 Daniel is a person of incredible character and integrity.
02:24 This works itself out in the king, King Darius, of the
02:30 Medes and the Persians.
02:31 He recognizes Daniel and he determined in verse 3,
02:35 to sit Daniel over the entire realm, only second to the
02:39 king himself and this of course begins to arouse jealousy
02:43 in the hearts of those other presidents and princes that
02:48 are in the kingdom but don't have the same character and
02:52 integrity as Daniel.
02:53 So they begin to contrive and to lay a trap for Daniel.
02:57 What is so incredible about this is Darius recognizes in
03:02 Daniel this excellent Spirit.
03:03 He has already seen that he is capable and the whole
03:07 point is that we are in a political environment here.
03:10 Everyone is on the take.
03:12 Everyone has a price and Daniel doesn't.
03:15 Daniel is different from everyone else.
03:18 He has an excellent spirit and I would venture to say
03:21 that he has the Spirit of God.
03:23 He has an other centered, selfless Spirit.
03:26 So he is not into any of this for himself.
03:30 He is not thinking about himself.
03:31 When Darius looks at Daniel, he says there is a man I
03:36 can trust because there is nothing about him that is
03:39 going to make a decision that will benefit himself.
03:42 It is all going to be other centered decision-making.
03:45 I think that even though he is one of the 3
03:48 presidents, I think that I will set him above
03:50 all of the presidents.
03:51 I see that I can trust this man.
03:55 This is the essence basically of why these
03:58 presidents are upset.
03:59 These other presidents and princes are upset because
04:02 in the political environment everyone has a price,
04:05 everyone is on the take, and they are out to get
04:08 something for themselves.
04:10 As long as Daniel is head over them,
04:12 that is not going to happen.
04:14 Daniel doesn't even aspire to a higher position.
04:17 He is just doing his best.
04:19 He is being faithful.
04:21 He is being honest and
04:23 serving the king in what
04:25 ever capacity he has placed in,
04:26 and it is his integrity
04:28 that begins to elevate him in the estimation of the king.
04:33 These individuals who begin to conspire against Daniel James,
04:38 they begin to look at him and examine him, and even as his
04:42 enemies, it says down in verse 4, that he was faithful and
04:47 there was no fault that they could find in him.
04:50 He was other centered, selfless service, and he had
04:54 honor and integrity, he had obedience, he had purity.
04:58 All these characteristics of who Daniel was.
05:01 His person, appealed to Darius.
05:04 Darius saw these because
05:05 Darius himself, I think, was
05:07 developing these characters
05:08 in his own heart and mind.
05:09 We will see that as the story progresses.
05:11 So it is amazing when you think about it, it is amazing
05:14 that some one could stand in a political realm, a
05:18 political environment and enemies can't find fault.
05:21 There is a lot of mudslinging that goes on
05:23 in a political environment.
05:24 As soon as someone is aspired to a certain position,
05:27 the other opponent is going to get the garbage on
05:31 that person and get it out in the public.
05:33 So here we see the presidents and princes trying to
05:37 find something on Daniel.
05:38 They are trying to get something on him and they
05:40 can't find anything.
05:42 He is standing before his enemies without fault.
05:44 So in verse 5 they come to
05:46 the only conclusion they can
05:48 and that is that they are
05:50 going to seek to find fault in Daniel.
05:52 It says in verse 5 "to find fault in Daniel"
05:55 "concerning the law of his God. "
05:59 They know that Daniel is faithful, that Daniel is
06:03 filled with integrity and if they are going to trip
06:06 him up, if they are going to trap him, they are going
06:09 to have to somehow capitalize on his strengths,
06:12 not on his weaknesses.
06:14 They cannot see any weaknesses.
06:15 It is amazing so they come before the king,
06:18 they assemble before the king and they praise him,
06:21 they flatter him, O Darius live for ever.
06:24 Then they speak a lie, and in every political situation
06:28 you have about a 90% truth and just a little bit
06:31 of a lie, that is taking place here, verse 7.
06:34 "All the Presidents of the kingdom, the governors,"
06:36 "and the princes, the counselors, and the captains,"
06:38 "have consulted together to establish a royal statute,"
06:41 "and to make a firm decree, that whosoever shall ask a"
06:44 "petition of any God or man for 30 days, save of thee,"
06:47 "O king, he shall be cast into the den of lions. "
06:49 Now that is not true.
06:50 All of the princes and governors have not consulted
06:54 together, they left one person out.
06:56 Daniel has not been included in this consultation for
07:00 a deliberate purpose.
07:01 But the president believes, the king I should say,
07:04 believes them.
07:05 He trusts them and thinks that they have his well-being.
07:09 He is flattered, this is a great idea the king is thinking,
07:14 you mean 30 days?
07:16 Everyone will be focused on me and nobody will be able
07:19 to recognize any gods authority or any other human beings
07:23 authority except for me, that's a great idea.
07:25 Pride is intoxicating, pride can cause us to do things, or to
07:29 be deceived into doing things we wouldn't normally do.
07:32 So that is what they are using, they are using the
07:34 intoxicating influence of pride.
07:36 This is the influence that Satan, our enemy used to gain
07:40 our obedience and allegiance.
07:42 It is the same influence they are using
07:43 here towards Darius.
07:45 And yet we know that the king, in this instance,
07:49 just like Nebuchadnezzar, is one upon whom the Lord
07:53 has taken an interest.
07:55 The Lord wants the heart of king Darius.
07:58 He wants to bring him to himself for eternal salvation.
08:02 You see in the king that he is inclined to the Lord.
08:06 Yes, in fact maybe more so than Nebuchadnezzar was.
08:10 We will see these principles later on.
08:12 It behooves us to recognize how that even good people,
08:15 people who are inclined in the right way, and when I say
08:19 good I use that term loosely.
08:21 How much they, we can, can be influenced deceptively.
08:27 How pride can be used to intoxicate us and mislead us in
08:32 a way that causes us to make decisions to make choices
08:38 that are not in harmony with God's will.
08:40 It can be hurtful to other people.
08:41 The king was a smart guy, but you can see here that
08:43 appealing to his pride, his arrogance and their flattery
08:48 skewed his reasoning power and he doesn't even see
08:52 what they are up to.
08:53 Somehow he is blind to their plan because we learn,
08:56 as the story goes on, that the king of course favors
08:59 Daniel, he doesn't want any harm to come to Daniel.
09:02 That's why he placed him above his kingdom.
09:03 The moment that he realizes what is taking place,
09:08 it says there in verse 14 that the king "was greatly"
09:13 "displeased with himself. "
09:15 This is an indication that here is a man with a true heart,
09:22 who has sensitivity to the moving of
09:25 God's Spirit upon him.
09:26 He is displeased with himself.
09:28 This is the king, he doesn't need to be displeased with
09:31 himself, but Daniel's life is of value to the king and he
09:34 realizes that he has been tricked, he has been deceived.
09:38 He doesn't want Daniel to be subjected to this deception
09:42 and this harm, he wants Daniel to be delivered.
09:45 Absolutely and what is powerful about this story,
09:48 as you are looking at the
09:49 king you see in many
09:51 instances a type of Christ.
09:53 You see the Spirit of Christ
09:54 and His attitude the way he
09:56 responds and you know God's spirit is working on his heart.
09:58 He is responding to that.
10:00 You also see in Daniel something that is interesting.
10:02 I don't know if you have ever experienced this Ty.
10:05 I have been in situations, as a Christian, as a believer,
10:09 where I have been uncomfortable, perhaps, praying publicly.
10:13 I travel a lot, I'm in an airport and getting some lunch.
10:17 There are people all around me and I am not sure if people
10:21 are going to look at me funny, or think funny things
10:23 if I pause and pray.
10:25 Daniel here is a powerful testimony of the necessity
10:30 to connect with God in prayer.
10:32 In all times and in all situations.
10:33 He is not sitting in an airport, it is not a little
10:37 thing for Daniel, this is huge.
10:38 This decree goes forth, it is signed and it goes forth.
10:42 No man can ask a petition of any gods save of Darius.
10:46 When it goes forth it says in verse 10, "when Daniel knew
10:50 that the writing was signed," he knew it was signed.
10:52 "He went to his house," his windows were open,
10:56 he didn't close them.
10:58 "His chamber windows were opened towards Jerusalem,"
11:01 "he kneeled upon his knees three times a day, and prayed,"
11:04 "and gave thanks before his God, as he did aforetime. "
11:07 Now what is incredible about this, it is not just that he
11:10 prayed, not that he just prayed even though his life was
11:13 at stake, here I am wondering if I should pray
11:16 for my lunch in an airport.
11:17 His life is at stake, if he prays he is dead.
11:20 But he does it openly, just like he did before time.
11:24 He does not close his windows and shut the doors.
11:27 He doesn't openly and when he prays he says,
11:30 thank you Lord, thank you.
11:32 You know what he is saying, he is saying, thank you Lord
11:34 because I know that You have a plan in all of this.
11:37 As bad as this looks, as difficult as this seems,
11:41 as great of a trial, friends that may be coming
11:45 upon you in your life.
11:46 As dark as your circumstances may be, you can praise
11:49 the Lord because that is no time for you to sever your
11:52 connection with God.
11:54 That is no time for you not to pray.
11:55 When you are most needy, when you are most overwhelmed,
11:57 when you are most discouraged, that is the time to
11:59 maintain that connection with God and to thank God
12:01 because He is going to do something powerful
12:04 through you to His glory.
12:07 So James, Daniel knows that
12:09 the decree has gone forth.
12:11 He knows his life is in
12:13 danger and he understands
12:15 his situation, but he is unwavering in his faithfulness.
12:20 He is free from fear.
12:23 He absolutely is unwavering and he is not concerned with
12:29 the outcome, he is not himself engaging in counter
12:33 manipulation maneuvers in order to save himself.
12:37 As you pointed out earlier, Daniel is governed by a
12:41 deep-seated other centeredness.
12:44 He is genuinely concerned for the king, and he is as
12:48 evidenced, in previous chapters, he is even concerned
12:53 for his enemies, those who are contriving against him.
12:57 Daniels heart is set upon faithfulness to his God and
13:00 a genuine concern and love for his fellow human beings,
13:04 even his enemies.
13:06 He just precedes as is his daily habit to kneel down and
13:10 pray, he is not concerned with the outcome for himself.
13:14 He is confident that God has a whole matter in hand.
13:17 This is powerful Ty, because basically what Daniel is
13:20 doing he is saying, I don't trust in earthly powers.
13:24 I don't trust in the favor of kings.
13:26 I don't trust in my situation or circumstances.
13:29 Daniel could think will I could figure this out.
13:31 I have been made number one ruler even though I came from
13:34 Babylon, I have a lot of pull and influence with the king.
13:37 He doesn't trust any of that because that can perish in
13:40 a moment, it can perish in a day.
13:41 His complete trust and loyalty is with God.
13:45 I think it is a powerful testimony.
13:47 I think that is what God is wanting for you and me friends.
13:49 I think God wants us to put our complete trust in Him
13:53 and not in the circumstances of life.
13:55 Not in the favor of kings, or princes, or presidents.
13:59 He wants us to put our complete trust in Him.
14:02 Then we can have joy and peace and we can know that
14:04 the outcome is going to be good and positive
14:06 for Him and for us.
14:08 Don't go away we will be right back!


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