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Daniel Chapter 6

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00:01 Welcome back to our study of Daniel Chapter 6.
00:03 James we are discovering some incredible things here.
00:05 I want to point out that it
00:06 is a common misconception that righteousness by faith or
00:11 salvation by grace through faith is a New Testament truth,
00:16 and that it is not in the Old Testament.
00:18 Those people back in the Old Testament they were saved by
00:20 keeping the law and there wasn't the faith factor for
00:24 salvation and deliverance in the Old Testament that we
00:27 have in the New Testament.
00:28 But here we see both in King Darius as well as in Daniel,
00:32 we see a beautiful exemplification of justification
00:38 by faith, righteousness by faith,
00:40 salvation by grace through faith.
00:41 First of all, in the King, he says, to Daniel, as he
00:45 realizes that this law has gone forth and it can't be
00:49 changed because the law of the Medes and the Persians
00:52 is a law that is irrevocable and cannot be changed.
00:56 He says to Daniel, in verse 16, "your God", Daniel,
01:01 "whom you serve continually, He will deliver you. "
01:05 There is a confidence there in King Darius.
01:09 He knows something of Daniel's God.
01:13 Yes the principles that you are talking about are all
01:15 the way through this Chapter.
01:16 You see faith being
01:18 manifested by not only the
01:20 King but Daniel.
01:21 For example in the context of the decree being written,
01:24 Daniel, by faith, goes to his room, the windows are open
01:28 and he is praying towards Jerusalem.
01:29 While he has faith and confidence in God he is taking
01:33 action, he is doing something.
01:34 He is working in harmony with that faith.
01:37 Yes and you see faith and works mingled also in the King.
01:41 While he says in verse 16, "your God whom you serve
01:47 continually, He will deliver you. "
01:49 That is a very strong manifestation of confidence and
01:52 faith in Daniel's God.
01:53 But then it says in verse 18 that the King engages, through
01:59 the night, in fasting and he is obviously troubled.
02:04 It says "his sleep went from him. "
02:06 So he is a little stressed out about this.
02:08 He likes Daniel and doesn't want to see Daniel be thrown
02:10 into the lion's den and be executed.
02:12 And yet he is confident.
02:16 We know that he is expecting Daniel to be delivered,
02:20 because he doesn't just say this whole thing is a
02:23 disaster, he goes to sleep, no he doesn't just go to sleep
02:28 but he is praying about it maybe?
02:31 It doesn't say that he is praying about it, but he has
02:33 learned something from Daniel.
02:34 He is at least fasting and immediately when morning comes
02:38 he rushes, the Scripture says, he went early, he arose
02:42 early in the morning and "went in haste to the lions den. "
02:47 "He spoke into the lions den with a lamenting voice. "
02:52 "And he says, Daniel, servant of the living God,"
02:56 verse 20, "has your God, whom you serve continually,"
03:01 "been able to deliver you from the lions?"
03:04 So that is a question.
03:05 Who is he talking to and why is he even saying that
03:07 if Daniel is dead?
03:08 Obviously this is works, working with his faith.
03:12 If he doesn't have works he doesn't go to lions den.
03:15 If he doesn't have works he doesn't talk because he's
03:18 be talking to nobody, he'd be talking to dead bones,
03:20 he would be talking to a skeleton.
03:22 So he has works, but these works are not the reason
03:24 why Daniel is saved.
03:26 Daniel isn't saved because he has been fasting through
03:28 the night, Daniel isn't saved from the lions because
03:31 he goes to the lions den the next morning and opens,
03:33 or rolls away the stone and talks to him.
03:35 Daniel is saved by faith in God.
03:38 God is the only One who can save Daniel.
03:40 God is the only one who can save us.
03:42 We are saved by grace through faith,
03:44 but it is the gift of God, it is not of works
03:46 lest any man should boast.
03:48 But we are his workmanship, Ephesians 2:8-10 says,
03:51 "created in Christ Jesus unto good works. "
03:54 Obviously the faith of Daniel, and the faith of Darius,
03:57 have led them to good works, to corresponding works.
04:00 The king had to be extremely gratified James, when he heard
04:03 the voice of Daniel speaking back, "O king live for ever,"
04:07 verse 22, "my God sent his angel and shut the lions"
04:12 "mouth so they have not hurt me because I was found"
04:16 "innocent before him and also O King, I have done"
04:20 "no wrong before you. "
04:22 He had a conscience void of offense.
04:24 He has walked in integrity.
04:26 He knows that God is going to deliver him.
04:29 I think Daniel was confident from the very beginning
04:33 of this whole situation, he knew that God would be
04:36 faithful and deliver him.
04:37 It even says down in verse 23, "no injury was upon him. "
04:44 And I love these words James,
04:46 "because he believed in his God. "
04:51 Righteousness by faith, salvation deliverance by virtue
04:54 a faith in God's goodness and power to deliver.
04:58 Not by virtue in any confidence that
05:00 Daniel had in himself.
05:01 There is so many parallels here to the plan of salvation.
05:04 So many glimpses into the heart of God.
05:07 For example, in verse 23 it said, "then was the King"
05:10 "exceedingly glad for him. "
05:11 We are delivered from a lion, when we choose salvation,
05:14 when we chose to have faith in God there is joy in heaven
05:18 over one sinner there is joy in heaven.
05:20 Darius is a type of God in this sense that he is
05:23 exceedingly glad when Daniel exercises his faith
05:26 and finds salvation in his God.
05:28 God is exceedingly glad when we exercise faith and find
05:32 salvation in Him.
05:33 Also it says that his sleep went from him.
05:35 When we look at the big picture of the character of God,
05:38 the Bible teaches us that God doesn't slumber or sleep.
05:42 He is interested in us and working in our behalf 24/7,
05:45 365 a year, He is continually working in our behalf.
05:49 He fasted, Jesus said I will not drink of the fruit of
05:53 this vine, grape, until I drink it anew with you
05:56 in My kingdom.
05:58 We have these types of Christ, these types of God that are
06:00 seen in the attitude, in the heart, in the spirit of
06:04 Darius towards Daniel.
06:05 There are other parallels as well on the negative side
06:08 of this story.
06:09 Those who enter into this betrayal of Daniel and seek to
06:15 pressure and trick the King into executing Daniel,
06:20 we can see characteristics here of the enemy of our souls
06:25 and how he works to entrap us into thinking that would
06:29 drive us away from God.
06:30 For example James, what about the idea here that the law
06:35 of the Medes and the Persians is unchangeable.
06:38 God's laws are unchangeable, God's laws cannot be set
06:43 aside and yet God's mercy triumphs over justice because
06:47 where sin abounds grace much more abounds.
06:50 The devil continually is trying to drive us away from
06:54 the Savior, away from salvation by pressing upon us our
06:58 guilt and a sense of condemnation and separation from
07:02 God by trying to get us to believe our sin is so great
07:06 that even God, by His grace can't save us.
07:09 In fact, God's law is unchangeable and justice must
07:11 be executed and there is no forgiveness with God.
07:15 Yet Darius reveals that yes the law can't be changed
07:20 but at the same time there is mercy in the heart of God.
07:23 Daniel is saved by virtue of God's mercy, not because
07:27 Daniel is righteous in and of himself.
07:29 I really like that because when you look at the context
07:32 of this story in light of the plan of salvation,
07:35 you find here in verse 14 that when the king realized
07:40 what he had done, "he was sore displeased with himself. "
07:44 In the big picture of the great controversy, God recognizes
07:48 what we have done and He takes responsibility for our
07:52 sin, He takes upon Himself the consequences of our
07:56 iniquity and allows us to experience the mercy rather
08:00 than the justice of the sentence.
08:02 So what we see in God is, we see this blending of
08:05 mercy and justice.
08:06 He doesn't do away with His law, the law is the very
08:09 essence and foundation of who He is.
08:11 God is love, Jesus said the greatest Commandment is to love
08:13 God and the second is to love your neighbor as yourself.
08:16 So the government of God needs this stability of law,
08:20 but it must have mercy in the context of the fact that we
08:23 are sinners and there is only one way we can be saved.
08:26 That is by the grace and mercy of God.
08:28 King David gives us a beautiful insight to this balance
08:32 between justice and mercy
08:34 when he looks forward to
08:36 prophecy to the cross and he
08:39 says that mercy and truth kissed
08:43 each other at the cross of Calvary.
08:45 When we look at what happened to the Lord Jesus Christ
08:49 in those final hours of His life, what we see is the
08:53 heart of God manifested.
08:55 We seek God eager to save, to deliver.
08:58 We see God exercising mercy and grace and at the same
09:01 time we see that Jesus, is in fact,
09:05 bearing our sin and dying.
09:06 If the law of God could have been changed, the cross would
09:11 have been completely unnecessary.
09:12 God would have just changed His law to accommodate
09:15 fallen man in his sin.
09:17 The fact is that God's law is the foundation of His
09:20 Government and really a transcript of His character.
09:24 It is the essence of what love is, God's law is.
09:28 So God's law can't be laid aside anymore then God's
09:31 character can be changed, anymore than God's love
09:35 can be laid aside.
09:36 He maintains the integrity of His law and the cross
09:40 proves that the law of God is immutable and yet that
09:43 the mercy of God is able to save in spite of our sin.
09:46 And yet we see this in the story to, we see an
09:48 unchangeable law and unchangeable principle,
09:50 and yet we see salvation for Daniel.
09:53 We also see the justice.
09:54 We see here as we read in
09:56 verses 24 and 25, it says
09:58 here, "and the King commanded,"
09:59 "and they brought those men"
10:01 "which had accused Daniel and a cast of them into the"
10:03 "den of lions, them, their children, and their wives;"
10:06 "and the lions had the mastery of them, and brake"
10:09 "all their bones in pieces ever they came"
10:10 "at the bottom of the den. "
10:12 And what you find here is you find justice.
10:14 The reason why the king is so severe with these men is
10:17 because they have lied over and over again to the king.
10:20 They lied in verse 7, "all the presidents came together", and
10:22 all the presidents hadn't come together.
10:23 They lied in verse 13, "they answered and said before"
10:26 "the king that Daniel, which is of the children of the"
10:29 "captivity of Judah, doesn't regard thee O King. "
10:32 Daniel did regard the king.
10:34 He was the only one that was regarding the king.
10:36 He was the only one that was faithful to the king and so
10:38 the king realizes, when this whole story unfolds,
10:41 he realizes these men have deceived him, they have lied
10:44 to him, and they are the ones that should reap the
10:47 consequences of their own actions.
10:48 The Bible in Revelation says that those who are in the
10:51 lake of fire, those who are lost in the end.
10:53 Those who receive the justice and the consequences of
10:56 their actions are inclusive and those people are liars.
10:59 What God is seeking to reveal to us in this context is
11:04 don't connect with and become one with the sinful wicked
11:09 lying element in your nature and the nature
11:12 of those around you.
11:13 They, their wives, their children, if we become
11:15 children of the devil, if we are married to the devil,
11:18 if we are connected with the devil because the place of
11:21 torment, place of hell and punishment, the place of
11:23 annihilation has been reserved for the devil and
11:26 his angels, not for any human being.
11:28 If we refuse the mercy and love of God.
11:31 If we refuse to connect with God and forsake all of our
11:34 sins and give them to Jesus, then we will be included
11:38 with the devil in that judgment.
11:41 Those who betrayed the king and Daniel weren't anymore
11:46 sinners than Daniel himself, or the king,
11:49 or Nebuchadnezzar.
11:50 They had the opportunity for salvation as well as
11:55 every other sinner, but they did not avail themselves
11:59 of the grace of God.
12:01 They were not perceiving, they were not receiving,
12:04 and they were not accepting the grace of God by which
12:08 they themselves could have been delivered.
12:10 As Chapter 6 of Daniel comes to a conclusion James,
12:14 we have something similar to what we find with
12:17 Nebuchadnezzar and that is that Darius begins to bear
12:20 testimony and he sends out a memo, a letter to every nation
12:27 and people group, and language group on the earth and
12:30 he says, like Nebuchadnezzar before him, peace be
12:33 multiplied to you and then he begins to extol
12:36 the God of heaven.
12:38 You know what he is wanting to do here?
12:39 He is wanting to do what we were just talking about.
12:42 He is wanting people to make a decision for God.
12:44 He doesn't want them to end up like his wise men ended up.
12:47 I want you to know about this God and take a stand
12:49 for this God because He is the God of gods.
12:52 He is the King of kings.
12:53 He is the living God, Darius proclaims.
12:56 He is steadfast for ever.
12:58 He says that his kingdom is a kingdom that will endure
13:03 forever and he says that He is a God who delivers and
13:06 He is eager to deliver every one of us dear friends.
13:10 Turn to Him and you also, like Daniel, will be saved.


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