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Daniel Chapter 7

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00:01 Welcome back friends, we are Daniel Chapter 7.
00:03 We have identified a power
00:05 that in the context of the
00:07 book of Daniel so far, is
00:09 seeking to undermine the new covenant.
00:12 Now what I say that Ty, we just expressed it,
00:15 but we didn't really prove it, so right now what we
00:17 want to do, with our viewers is take them to the book
00:20 of Hebrews Chapter 8.
00:21 We want to identify what the new covenant is so that we can
00:25 look at the principles of the new covenant and then go back
00:28 to the book of Daniel and identify that theme in Daniel,
00:32 and understand how it is being undermined,
00:34 or attacked by these powers that have been prophetically
00:37 predicted to do so.
00:38 Hebrews Chapter 8:6 clearly establishes what the new
00:44 covenant is, now it says, "but now had he obtained a more"
00:47 "excellent ministry, by how much more also he is the"
00:50 "mediator of a better covenant, which was established"
00:53 "upon better promises. "
00:54 "For if that first covenant had been faultless, then"
00:58 "should no place have been sought for the second. "
01:00 "For finding fault with them, he said, behold, the day is"
01:04 "come, saith the Lord, when I will make a new covenant"
01:07 "with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah:"
01:08 "not according to the covenant," verse 9, "that I"
01:11 "made with their fathers in the day when I took them by"
01:14 "the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt; because"
01:16 "they continued not in my covenant, and I regarded them"
01:19 "not, saith the Lord. "
01:20 "For this is the covenant" verse 10, " that I will make"
01:24 "with the house of Israel after those days,"
01:26 "saith the Lord; I will put my laws into their mind,"
01:29 "and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a"
01:32 "God, and they shall be to me a people:" and they shall"
01:35 "not teach" verse 11, "every man his neighbor,"
01:37 "and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord:"
01:39 "for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest. "
01:42 Verse 12, "for I will be merciful to their"
01:46 "unrighteousness, and their sins and their iniquities I"
01:49 "will I remember no more. "
01:50 There it is.
01:51 I love this because over and over again we see that the
01:55 most prominent feature of the new covenant, 5 times
02:00 God says I will, I will,
02:02 I will, I will, I will.
02:04 God is telling us that the
02:07 old covenant was based on
02:09 weak human promises.
02:11 Faulty promises! Yeah Faulty Promises!
02:14 Promises that could be kept.
02:15 Our promises to God, as pertains to righteousness and
02:19 salvation, and obedience are like ropes of sand.
02:23 We are incapable of ourselves to keep the law of God.
02:28 We are morally bankrupt and God says, this is the covenant
02:32 that I'm going to make.
02:33 I will do these things and the way I am going to do it
02:38 is step one, I'm going to write my law in your heart,
02:43 in your mind.
02:45 Amen, yes this is crucial at this builds the
02:49 connection with Daniel.
02:50 Some of our viewers may be wondering what does this have
02:53 to do with the prophecy of Daniel Chapter 7?
02:56 But you will remember that in Daniel Chapter 7,
02:59 the characteristic that we focused in on regarding the
03:02 little horn is that it would intend to change the times
03:05 and laws of the most high God.
03:08 The little horn power is attacking the new covenant in
03:13 that it is attacking the plan of God by which the new
03:17 covenant of His law written in our hearts
03:20 would be fulfilled.
03:21 God intends to do this, the little horn is seeking
03:24 to intervene in order to prevent the fulfillment
03:28 of the new covenant.
03:29 And this is not the first time this attack on this
03:31 new covenant experience was made in the book of Daniel.
03:34 In Chapter 7 is another attack from another direction.
03:38 All through these first chapters God's new covenant
03:41 experience has been attacked as it concerns the
03:43 relationship God wants to have with His people.
03:46 Satan has sought, working through princes, and rulers,
03:48 an ungodly men to undermine relationship.
03:50 That is part of this new covenant experience.
03:53 Yet God has prevailed every step of the way.
03:55 We have saw that first of all, in the book of Daniel,
03:59 through a process God led Nebuchadnezzar to a new
04:03 covenant experience of relationship with Himself
04:06 based on faith.
04:08 Then we saw that God led Darius through an experience
04:13 of new covenant faith.
04:15 And of course we see that Daniel exemplifies the new
04:18 covenant relationship with God and his three friends.
04:22 Step by step through the entire narrative of
04:24 the book of Daniel.
04:25 But over and over again we see laws and principalities
04:27 seeking to undermine and disconnect that relationship,
04:30 that dependence, that faith relationship that these men
04:33 have with God.
04:35 So as we summarize this is really powerful because you
04:38 look at the first aspect of the new covenant.
04:41 There are five, there are five aspects here.
04:44 First 1, is what God will do, His power!
04:47 Number 2, His law is involved in the new covenant.
04:50 Number 3, notice what it says here in verse 11.
04:53 "And they shall not teach every man his neighbor,"
04:56 "and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord:"
04:58 "for all shall know me from the least to the greatest. "
05:01 That is talking about His Spirit.
05:04 It is talking about the unction of the Holy Spirit.
05:06 1 John says we have an unction from the Holy One and
05:08 we do not need any man to teach us.
05:10 But the Holy Spirit teaches us, now let's clarify this Ty.
05:13 It doesn't mean friends that we don't need pastor's,
05:16 we don't need teachers, we don't need elders in the church.
05:19 What it means is that we do not have to rely upon men
05:22 to be our teachers.
05:23 Men can help us and direct us, confirm what God is
05:27 teaching us, but our main teacher has to be the Lord.
05:31 It has to be the Holy Spirit.
05:32 God is promising us, He's going to do it, and He is going
05:35 to put His law in our hearts.
05:36 He is going to be doing it through His Holy Spirit with
05:39 His unction and we don't need to depend on man to teach
05:42 us, verse 12, and "He is going to be merciful to our"
05:45 "unrighteousness and He is going to forgive our sins. "
05:48 So it is not only His law, is not only His Spirit,
05:51 it is not only His power, it is also His mercy, it's His
05:54 grace that is going to be part of this new covenant
05:57 experience.
05:58 And finally, in the context of all of this, it says there,
06:02 in verse 10, "I will be to them a God and they shall be"
06:05 "to me a people. "
06:06 Relationship, the foundation of whole new covenant is,
06:09 number 5, relationship, God wants to have a relationship
06:12 with us, it is powerful isn't it?
06:13 A relationship in which He is the One Who is achieving
06:17 our salvation, He is the one by His grace that is writing
06:21 His law in our hearts.
06:22 Who is overcoming the sin problem, and delivering us from
06:26 sin through His mercy and forgiveness and giving us a
06:30 clear understanding of His love for us.
06:33 Which, in turn, draws us into a relationship with Himself
06:37 and empowers us to receive God's law into our hearts
06:42 and into our minds.
06:43 This is very important Ty because by definition 1 John 3:4
06:47 says, sin is transgression of the law.
06:50 Jesus came to save us from
06:51 our sins, so He came to save
06:53 us from transgressing the law.
06:55 Both in the sense of being saved
06:57 from the things that we have
06:59 done in transgressing God's law and in an ongoing
07:01 experience of transgressing God's law.
07:03 So we don't have to murder anymore, we don't have to
07:05 steal anymore, we don't have to take God's name in vain.
07:08 We don't have to break His Sabbath.
07:09 We don't need to covet our neighbors goods.
07:12 God wants to put His law of love into our hearts.
07:14 That is part of the new covenant experience that God wants
07:17 us to have and this is what Satan is seeking to undermine
07:21 through the powers, the secular powers, that are identified
07:24 here in the book of Daniel as well as the professed
07:28 religious powers that come into play as we move down
07:31 through the history of time.
07:32 So we are seeing here in Daniel
07:35 Chapter 7 is a picture of the
07:37 great controversy as it plays
07:40 out in human affairs at the
07:42 end of time.
07:43 We see that the crucial issues that are involved in this
07:48 great controversy, center on God's plan and objective to
07:53 establish and fulfill the new covenant in the
07:57 hearts of His people.
07:58 And the little horn power seeking to intervene and
08:01 prevent the fulfillment of the new covenant through
08:05 exercising force in the name of God, through defaming
08:08 or blasphemy in the name of God, and by changing the law of God
08:14 and the time in God's law.
08:16 These are the characteristics of the little horn.
08:19 But we see here in Daniel 7 the promise that in this
08:22 great controversy, in this conflict that the Saints
08:25 of the most high God, the people of God emerge from this
08:29 conflict with the little horn, they emerge victorious.
08:32 They emerge victorious in the sense that it says the
08:36 kingdom is given over into the hands of the Saints of
08:40 the most high God and judgment is made in their favor.
08:44 This is the outcome of the judgment.
08:46 Amen, and we can identify Ty, it is very important for us
08:49 to identify, New Testament, last book of the Bible,
08:52 who are the Saints, Revelations Chapter 14:12,
08:56 "here is the patience of the Saints. "
08:57 Who are they? "These are they that keep the Commandments"
09:01 "of God and the faith of Jesus. "
09:03 So you have a group of people in the end of time that
09:05 have full faith in Jesus, a relationship with God, anointing
09:08 of the Holy Spirit, their sins are forgiven by
09:10 the blood of Jesus Christ, and yet they are reliant on
09:13 God's power and they keep His Commandments, keep His law.
09:16 The law is being challenged in Chapter 7 and verse 25.
09:20 The law is being changed and this is really subtle
09:22 because there are a lot of people today who feel like
09:25 they are keeping God's law, but because the law has been
09:27 changed, guess what?
09:28 They are not keeping God's law.
09:30 That's right and it is incredible to notice that the
09:34 identification of this end time people is not an
09:37 identification that they simply keep the law.
09:40 This isn't a law keeping
09:43 legalistic people, nor is this a
09:45 people that disregard the law in
09:48 favor of faith in Christ.
09:50 As they keep the Commandments of God and have the faith of
09:54 Jesus, these are like two oars on a rowboat in which as
09:59 they move in tandem, in unison, those two oars of faith
10:04 and works, obedience and faith move in unison and
10:08 develop Christian character in balance.
10:12 But we need to understand that it is not just balance
10:15 James, the keeping of God's Commandments is in fact,
10:18 the result of faith.
10:20 We are saved by grace through faith in Christ alone.
10:23 There is no virtue, there is no merit, there is no
10:26 salvation in keeping the law of God.
10:28 But those who enter into new covenant relationship
10:32 with God will in fact, keep the law of God because it has
10:36 been written in their hearts.
10:37 You know I am really glad you clarified that Ty.
10:39 There is a little bit of
10:41 confusion about this in
10:42 relation to New Testament.
10:44 There are a lot of people
10:45 who believe that in the old
10:46 Testament we were saved by law, so in the Old Testament
10:50 you have a people that kept God's law.
10:53 When Jesus came, when the Messiah came, they rejected Him.
10:56 They did not exercise faith in Him.
10:57 Now you come past the cross, you come past the New Testament
11:01 church, and you come to the Christian believer today.
11:04 You know many Christians today believe that we are living
11:06 in a covenant, they called the new covenant, that means
11:09 we are saved solely by grace and therefore, because we
11:12 are saved by grace, we don't keep the law of the
11:15 Old Testament.
11:16 In other words, Jesus has done away with the law.
11:19 This is not what the Bible teaches, and this is not
11:22 what we believe, and this is not what the book of Daniel
11:24 and the book of Revelation is telling us.
11:26 We find here, is we find here a people who not only place
11:29 their faith in Jesus, but they also keep the law.
11:31 God is looking for a people who will not only accept the
11:35 Messiah, but will also allow that new covenant promise to be
11:38 fulfilled in their hearts and in their lives.
11:41 Daniel 7 closes on a note of victory James.
11:45 We had here a very clear result of the great controversy
11:49 between good and evil.
11:50 In verse 26, speaking of the judgment and its effect
11:54 on the little horn, Scripture says that the court or the
11:58 judgment shall be seated and they shall take away his
12:01 dominion, that is the dominion of the little horn,
12:05 to consume and destroy it for ever.
12:07 And then in verse 27, "then the kingdom and dominion and the"
12:11 "greatness of the kingdoms under the whole heaven shall"
12:15 "be given to the people of the Saints of the most high God"
12:18 "and his kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. "
12:21 It is our prayer that you would be a part of that final
12:25 victory and the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Savior
12:28 Jesus Christ.


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