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Daniel Chapter 9

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00:01 Welcome back friends to our study of Daniel Chapter 9.
00:04 James now we have come to the time portion of the prophecy
00:07 where we pointed out that Daniel himself was sick
00:10 for a number of days.
00:12 He was just astonished and
00:15 amazed by the vision.
00:16 He didn't understand it, we see that he humbled himself
00:20 before the Lord and identified with the sin of his people
00:23 rather than feeling arrogant and above them.
00:26 That state of mind prepared him to receive the answer to
00:31 his prayer, Gabriel comes now to explain the vision and
00:36 begins to break it down point by point,
00:39 he explains the time prophecy.
00:41 The key element here to this
00:43 time prophecy is in verse 25.
00:44 "Know therefore and understand"
00:46 "from the going forth of the"
00:47 "Commandment to restore and to"
00:49 "build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince. "
00:51 That word Messiah means the Anointed One.
00:54 When you go to the New Testament there are two key verses,
00:57 one of them is in Luke chapter 1, and the other one is in
01:01 Luke chapter 3.
01:03 One is in Luke chapter 3, and 1 is in Luke chapter 1.
01:08 Or excuse me chapter 2.
01:10 The one in Luke 2 verse 1 it directs us to the time
01:14 when Jesus was born.
01:15 It says here, "it came to pass in those days that there"
01:17 "went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that"
01:20 "all the world should be taxed. "
01:22 This gives us a time frame for the birth of Jesus Christ.
01:26 It was the time frame of Caesar Augustus.
01:29 Shortly after Caesar's death we have another ruler in Rome.
01:35 In Luke chapter 3, now Luke, when he wrote the gospel,
01:38 Luke was more of a historian.
01:39 This is why he makes reference to the Caesar's, the rulers in
01:44 the kingdom when Jesus was born.
01:46 In this case in Luke chapter 3, Jesus was baptized.
01:51 It says here in Luke 3 verse 1, "now in the 15th year
01:54 of the reign of Tiberius Caesar, Pontius Pilate being"
01:58 "governor," and so on.
01:59 In that year, the 15th year of the reign of
02:02 Tiberius Caesar, which is by the way a historical date
02:06 that you can find anywhere and verify anywhere.
02:10 You read in this context that in verse 21,
02:13 "all the people were being baptized by John the Baptist. "
02:17 "That Jesus also being baptized and praying, that heaven"
02:20 "was opened, and the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily"
02:24 "shape, like a dove upon him. "
02:25 This is the anointing, the Messiah confirmation,
02:30 or the fulfillment of that prophecy.
02:32 He is being anointed and a voice from heaven comes and
02:35 says, "this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. "
02:38 And it says in verse 23, "and Jesus himself began to be
02:41 about 30 years of age. "
02:44 So Jesus is 30 when He is anointed.
02:46 This is 27 A.D. when He was anointed.
02:49 That was 483 Years, that is what the prophecy said,
02:51 69 weeks.
02:53 If you take 27 from 483 you go all the way
02:56 back down to 457.
02:57 So for 457 would be the beginning date that is referred
03:02 to in chapter 9 of Daniel verse 25, "know therefore and
03:05 "understand that the going forth from the Commandment"
03:09 "to rebuild and restore Jerusalem until- - -."
03:13 "Messiah the Prince will be. "
03:15 So very clearly here we have 457 B.C. reaching forward to
03:21 27 which is the year in which Jesus was anointed as the
03:25 Messiah for Ministry, He began His public ministry.
03:29 Exactly, exactly! It is all biblical.
03:31 Luke 2, Luke 3, right here in the confirmation of this
03:35 prophecy, now when you go from that point onward,
03:38 you find another week in verse 26.
03:41 "After three score in two weeks," which is inconclusive
03:43 in the seven weeks, "Messiah shall be cut off. "
03:46 "But not for Himself," now, can about the baptism Ty.
03:49 That phrase cut off is not referring to His being
03:52 anointed by the Holy Spirit.
03:53 This phrase is talking about something entirely different.
03:56 I think this is probably the most crucial verse of
04:00 the book Daniel because it refers to none other than
04:04 the cross of Jesus Christ.
04:07 When it says the
04:08 Messiah shall be cut off,
04:09 I think is incredibility
04:11 insightful and beautiful.
04:12 The prophecy then says, "but not for himself. "
04:16 If not for Himself then for who?
04:18 The obvious answer is that Jesus was cut off,
04:22 that is crucified.
04:23 He gave His life, a sacrifice for sin, not for Himself
04:26 but for us, this highlights the self-sacrificing,
04:30 other centered, self giving love of Jesus
04:33 manifested at the cross.
04:35 I can't keep quiet.
04:36 While you're saying all these things, you understand,
04:37 I keep quiet any other time.
04:39 This is the corner Stone,
04:41 the foundation stone of Christianity.
04:44 This is the truth about all of the truths.
04:46 He was cut off but not for Himself.
04:47 You know it is amazing that you could summarize the whole
04:50 plan of salvation in that simple phrase.
04:53 This is speaking of Jesus Christ finishing transgression,
04:56 making and end to sin, making reconciliation for iniquity,
04:59 everlasting righteousness, sealing up the prophecies,
05:02 sealing up the vision,
05:03 and preparing to anoint the most holy Place.
05:05 Very similar language used in Hebrew 9:26 where it says
05:08 that He, the Messiah, Jesus, will appear once at the end
05:12 of the ages to do away with sin, to put away sin,
05:15 by the sacrifice of Himself.
05:18 Again here we see this idea that the Messiah is crucified,
05:22 but not for Himself.
05:23 He gives Himself a sacrifice for sin.
05:26 What verse is that again?
05:28 Hebrews 9:26, Hebrews 9:26!
05:30 So in that context, that New Testament context,
05:33 you have again a confirmation of what is taking place here.
05:36 Now notice when this takes place, in verse 27, again going
05:39 back to a prophecy about the Messiah.
05:42 It says "he will confirm the covenant with many for 1 week"
05:46 "and in the midst of the week" the middle of the week.
05:48 "He will cause the sacrifice oblation to cease. "
05:51 It's the same thing all over again.
05:52 It is telling us that when Jesus is crucified,
05:56 the sacrificial services that had been going on for
06:00 centuries, in Hebrew history,
06:02 will be brought to a conclusion.
06:04 Brought to an end, Why?
06:05 Because Jesus is the fulfillment of all those typical
06:09 or symbolic sacrifices.
06:12 That is exactly what happened when He was on the cross.
06:15 Friends, that temple, the curtain of the temple was rent
06:17 in two from top to bottom.
06:19 It was a thick curtain.
06:21 It was rent in two and that
06:23 whole system of sacrifice came
06:25 to and end and it was fulfilled by Jesus.
06:27 Why in the midst of the week?
06:28 Because when you look at the 70 weeks, only 69 of them
06:32 had been fulfilled so far.
06:33 There is still one left, that last seven week period is
06:36 still to be fulfilled in the context of the life of Jesus.
06:40 He is anointed at the beginning of the last seven weeks,
06:43 27 A.D., and in the middle of that week, 31 A.D. He dies
06:46 on the cross for our sins and the sacrificial system
06:49 comes to an end.
06:50 At the end of that last week, that 70th week, A.D. 34,
06:55 the gospel goes to the Gentile world.
06:57 The language in verse 27 of
07:00 Daniel 9 James, it says that,
07:01 "He," that is the Messiah,
07:03 "shall confirm the covenant. "
07:06 This is crucial.
07:07 This is referring to the new covenant.
07:09 Jesus came to our world to fulfill, to confirm, to ratify,
07:16 to accomplish the new covenant.
07:18 Which refers back to verse 24.
07:20 The 7 points of Daniel chapter 9 verse 24, those seven points
07:25 to finish transgression, make an end of the sin, make
07:28 a reconciliation for the people, bring in everlasting
07:31 righteousness, seal up the vision, seal up the prophecy,
07:34 and anoint the Most Holy.
07:35 All of those delineated items are brought together under
07:40 this one heading, confirm the covenant.
07:43 The new covenant is fulfilled to completely accomplish in
07:47 the person of Jesus Christ as He comes to the middle
07:51 of the 70th week and is crucified.
07:53 Praise God! This is why this prophecy is the most powerful
07:56 prophecy that you could find in the book of Daniel,
07:59 probably in the whole Bible.
08:01 This brings together and summarizes the whole plan
08:04 of salvation and directs our minds and our hearts and our
08:07 hope completely and entirely to Jesus Christ and what He
08:10 would accomplish within the 70 week period.
08:13 Amen, and it is just fabulous.
08:14 I want to also look at the words we have already mentioned
08:20 and read here, "that the Messiah shall be cut off. "
08:22 I want to mention something about this James.
08:24 I think as Bible students we need to understand what the
08:29 words mean that we are reading,
08:31 and what their historic background is.
08:32 As I looked into this and studied it James, I found out
08:35 that the words "cut off" will be cut off which we identify
08:39 as referring to His crucifixion.
08:40 Those words "cut off" are used frequently in Scripture
08:44 and they refer all the way back to an experience that was
08:48 had by Abraham in Genesis 15.
08:52 In Genesis 15 Abraham received a vision and he was told
08:55 in this vision to take sacrificial animals and
08:59 to sever them in two.
09:01 To cut them in half and to pattern these animals on the
09:05 ground, each half across from the other forming
09:08 a path, as he did that,
09:10 the vision continued and Abraham saw the Lord in the form
09:15 of a pillar of fire pass through those pieces as they
09:20 were cut off, as they were cut in half.
09:22 The Lord passed through to confirm the covenant.
09:25 This is incredible because it indicates, at this early
09:28 stage of salvation in history, in this vision to Abraham
09:32 that in order to save the human race that the Godhead
09:36 Itself would have to undergo an excruciating, horrible
09:40 agony of separation within the Godhead.
09:42 In fact, the son of God would have to be separated from
09:47 the Father and the Holy Spirit.
09:48 Their fellowship would be severed, but this incredible
09:53 sacrifice, not for Himself, but for you and I and the
09:57 whole human race.
09:58 It would be a sacrifice of separation between Father,
10:02 Son, and Holy Spirit, what an incredible manifestation
10:06 of self giving love on our behalf.
10:08 Amen, now this prophecy deals with the Messiah and what
10:11 He was to accomplish, but it also deals with the temple.
10:14 It's rebuilding, in which Jeremiah was very interested in,
10:17 and its final destruction in 70 A.D.
10:19 Jesus actually quotes in Matthew chapters 23 and 24.
10:24 He actually quotes, or references to the book of Daniel
10:28 in reference to this very prophecy.
10:29 He says in Matthew 24:15, "and when you shall see therefore
10:35 the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel,
10:38 the prophet, stand in the holy place, whoso reads,
10:42 let him understand.
10:43 Jesus was wanting us to understand this prophecy.
10:45 He is understanding or recognizing that this
10:48 abomination of desolation is also spoken of
10:51 in the context of this prophecy.
10:53 You see after Jesus fulfilled a sacrificial offerings and
10:56 the temple curtain was rent in two, the temple was no more
11:00 to be the direct ways of mediation for sins.
11:05 Jesus in heavenly sanctuary, the holy place and being
11:08 anointed now was to be our Mediator.
11:10 After that this temple was going to be destroyed.
11:12 Jesus even told us of this in the context of Matthew 24.
11:16 He said that not one stone would be left on another
11:19 that would not be thrown down.
11:20 So what Jesus is saying here is that you need to understand
11:23 about this abomination of desolation, Why?
11:26 Because according to Matthew 24, 3 times Jesus warns of
11:30 false prophets and the end of time who had a false
11:32 interpretation of these very prophecies.
11:34 That is what is happening right now friends.
11:36 Jesus tells us in no uncertain terms in Matthew 23:37,
11:40 "Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets,"
11:44 "and stones them which are said unto thee, how often"
11:47 "I would I have gathered thy children together",
11:49 "even as a hen gathered her chickens under her wings,"
11:52 "but ye would not!"
11:53 "Behold your house is left into desolate," verse 38.
11:57 "For I say unto you, ye shall not see me henceforth,"
12:00 "till ye say Blessed Is He That Cometh
12:02 In The Name Of The Lord. "
12:04 Until the end of time, until Jesus returns the temple
12:07 in Jerusalem was to be left desolate and our eyes would
12:10 be directed to the heavenly sanctuary.
12:12 These words that you have shared here James,
12:14 from Matthew 23 and 24, are directly, and as you mentioned,
12:19 refer back to Daniel 9:27 in the latter part that says,
12:22 "on the wings of abominations shall be one who makes"
12:26 "desolate," the language Jesus used referring to this verse.
12:29 "Even until the consummation," that is the conclusion of
12:33 human history in the second coming of Jesus.
12:35 "Which is determined and is poured out upon the desolate"
12:39 the final judgment of this desolating power that is
12:43 brought to view in the book of Daniel.
12:45 Absolutely, so there you have it friends.
12:46 What we see here is a two fold prophecy, the temple
12:50 and the Messiah and it is our hope that you will recognize
12:53 that this prophecy points us to Jesus Christ as the one
12:57 time sacrifice for all sins.
12:58 Amen!


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